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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/27/19)

The final SmackDown of 2019!



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Yowie Wowie! Who’s heading to the Royal Rumble?

With 2019 ending, the final SmackDown of the decade goes big with a big WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat! Will it be King Corbin, The Miz or Daniel Bryan facing Bray Wyatt in the New Year?



  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS The Miz VS Daniel Bryan; postponed and changed.
  • Six Man Tag: Braun Strowman & The New Day VS Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn; Strowman & The New Day win.
  • Mandy Rose VS Carmella; Carmella wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match: The Miz VS Daniel Bryan; No Contest.
  • Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke VS Sasha Banks & Bayley; Banks & Bayley win.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS The Miz VS Daniel Bryan; Bryan wins and will challenge The Fiend, Bray Wyatt for the title at the Royal Rumble.


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is already in the ring and playing under the spotlight. When he says, “We Need Elias,” say “Yes We Do.” Detroit plays along as Elias says 2019, regrets we’ve had a few. Bayley’s haircut and Shane McMahon, too. There’s nothing Elias is dreading, because this show won’t have the Lana Lashley Wedding. There’s a Moment of Bliss, Corbin VS Bryan VS Miz! Who is going to face The Fiend? At Royal Rumble, everyone will be watching Elias. Gather around the TV, they’re in Mo Town, and Friday Night SmackDown starts right now.


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS The Miz VS Daniel Bryan!

Why wait to make this a main event? This is happening NOW! And as Elias said, only one man can face the nightmare that is Bray Wyatt’s Fiend! Who heads into the New Year with a golden opportunity?

As the Wolf King makes his entrance, he has his sedan carriers let him down so he can speak. “Daniel Bryan, I see you out here, and I see you chomping at the bit!” But this is Corbin’s kingdom, and they do things Corbin’s way. All the fans like Bryan, because the “bottom feeders” are just jealous of Corbin. Corbin makes this very simple for everyone: Yes, Bryan and The Miz have families, Bryan and Miz are terrible fathers, and Bryan and Miz want after Bray Wyatt, and Bryan and Miz are former champions who have main evented WrestleMania. But if either thinks they can beat Corbin, then maybe The Fiend ripped out some of Bryan’s brain.

What Bryan should do is step aside. It is a disgrace that King Corbin has to compete for this opportunity. He earned this opportunity by beating Roman Reigns twice! No one else has done that since Roman’s return. The WWE Universe should BEG Corbin to vanquish The Fiend! Only the strongest and most fearsome superstar should be champion, and that’s Corbin. Detroit boos because they disagree. Corbin continues his ride to the ring as he continues to talk down to Bryan. Bryan’s a nice guy, but he’s just not championship material anymore. Just like The Miz, who plays action hero in movies but isn’t that tough in real-life. Corbin is the only one who can beat Bray, and the one who can-

Wait, Roman Reigns’s music plays?! Roman is not supposed to be here! The sedan tips and Corbin falls off! Corbin shouts at his men, but they run away! Roman is there! UPPERCUT! Roman stalks Corbin around the way and gives him m ore uppercuts! Detroit is fired up but Corbin rams Roman into barriers! Then whips him, only for Roman to reverse and send Corbin into barriers! Roman locks ‘n’ loads, LEAPING SUPERMAN PUNCH! The Big Dog takes aim and lets out the battle cry! But Corbin runs away into the crowd! Security and referees stop Roman from chasing Corbin because the match still needs to happen. Win or lose, will Corbin survive into the New Year with Roman “chomping at the bit,” too?


SmackDown returns and Corbin is FURIOUS!

Did you see what Roman did? Postpone the contender’s match! Do what the King says! Who is running this show?! Is Corbin going to get his way?


Six Man Tag: Braun Strowman & The New Day VS Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn!

Awwww~ MO TOWN~! Clap for your world famous 7-time champs, and feel~ the power~! The Power of Positivity teams up with the Monster Among Men to get some payback on the salty Secret Santa that is “The Great Liberator.” Sami still hasn’t made good on that WWE Intercontinental Championship match, but will he and the King of Strong Style have no choice after this last match of the year?

The teams sort out and the Swiss Cyborg starts against Big E. Detroit rallies for the New Day as Big E and Cesaro tie up. They go around, Cesaro headlocks but Big E powers out to his own. Cesaro powers out but Big E runs him over! Tag to Kofi, and Kofi runs to leap frog over Cesaro for a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps on Cesaro but Cesaro kicks back. Cesaro tags to Nakamura and Nakamura fires off a strike fest! Nakamura runs, things speed up and Kofi hurdles to back elbow! Kofi clotheslines Nakamura out then builds speed, but Sami trips him up! Nakamura gets in to hit a BACK STABBER! Tag to Sami and Sami officially returns to in-ring action as he stops Kofi down! And rains down rights! Sami lets up to taunt Big E but the ref keeps Big E out.

Sami whips Kofi out of the ring and taunts Strowman, allowing Cesaro to BLAST Kofi over the desk with a European Uppercut! Strowman and Big E come over and Sami keeps his team back. Team Sami eggs Kofi on as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Cesaro has Kofi in a chinlock. Kofi fights his way up and reaches for his corner, but throws haymakers to get free. Cesaro shoves, Kofi goes up and dropkicks Cesaro down! Both men crawl, Cesaro tags to Nakamura and Nakamura slide kicks Kofi down! Nakamura sits Kofi up for swift kicks and then a facelock. Tag to Cesaro, Cesaro climbs up to drop ax handles on Kofi. Cesaro gut wrench suplexes Kofi down, covers, TWO! Cesaro clamps right on with a chinlock! Fans rally up, Kofi fights his way back up and throws body shots. Kofi jawbreakers free, but he’s still on the other side of the ring. Kofi leaps for his corner but Cesaro catches him! Kofi sunset flips, TWO, and Cesaro BLASTS Kofi again! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Nakamura and Nakamura drags Kofi up for a facelock. Nakamura suplexes for a gourd buster then rams in knees to the head and shoulders. Sami taunts Kofi as Nakamura wraps on a chinlock. Nakamura grinds Kofi down but fans rally up. Kofi fights to his feet again, throws elbows and reaches for his corner. Nakamura steps in to get the cobra twist! And Nakamura taunts Big E, right down to copying the SPANKS! Big E gets in but the ref tells him to go back on. Nakamura lets Kofi go to hit Big E from behind! Kofi gets up, catches Nakamura, SOS! Fans fire up, Kofi and Nakamura crawl, tag to Cesaro! Cesaro goes after Strowman but gets caught! Sami goes around to swipe at Strowman, and distract him from the tag! Cesaro WRECKS Strowman with the dropkick! Sami’s team has isolated Kofi, but Kofi back drops Cesaro!

Cesaro tags Nakamura as Kofi crawls, and Nakamura runs in to club Kofi on the back. Nakamura whips Kofi corner to corner, Cesaro EuroUppers! Cesaro sets Kofi up for Nakamura’s SLIDING GERMAN! Sami loves it as Nakamura covers, but Big E barrels in to break it up! Big E throws Cesaro out, ducks Nakamura’s kick but not the heel! Nakamura aims from the corner, but Kofi STOMPS him down! Both men are down and fans fire up! Strowman returns to the corner! Kofi and Nakamura crawl, hot tag to BRAUN! The Monster Among Men rallies on Sami’s team, but Sami gets clear! Strowman whips Nakamura corner to corner then runs in for a corner splash! Fans are thunderous, and Strowman goes to take a lap! Strowman runs around the way to BLAST Nakamura, BLAST Cesaro, and chase Sami!

Sami runs around commentary and to the ramp, Nakamura DYNAMIC DROPKICKS Strowman down! Nakamura puts Strowman in, takes aim from the corner, but runs into a LARIAT! Strowman staggers to his feet and vows to end it here! Strowman scoops but Cesaro saves Nakamura. Cesaro springboards and uppercuts Strowman down! The ref shouts at Cesaro but Big E drags him out, to RAM him into barriers! Sami sneaks the pancake platter to Nakamura! Sami distracts the ref but Kofi takes the platter back to SMACK Nakamura! Strowman scoops, MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, Strowman and the New Day win!!

Winners: Braun Strowman & The New Day, Strowman pinning

The Monster pins the Rockstar, and now he has a shortcut right to the Intercontinental Championship! Sami claims there was cheating, but he’s one to talk. Will Sami have no choice but to serve Nakamura up on a silver platter?

Kofi asks for the “scary music” to stop so that he can speak to the Monster Among Men. Fans don’t realize that the Monster has “a great set of hips on him!” The world needs to see what the Monster Hips can do! Big E adds that someone will #GetTheseHands, but tonight, Detroit will #GetThisDance! The New Day’s music plays and they encourage Strowman to unlock the hips. Strowman pushes the two aside, fans chant “Get! These Hips!” Not one to disappoint his fans, Strowman BREAKS IT DOWN! Will Strowman be feeling even funkier once he has the Intercontinental Championship?


BREAKING NEWS: Baron Corbin REFUSES to compete!

The King is spoiled, but the WWE management is not going to let him get his way. Corbin is OUT of the Contender’s match! It will just be The Miz VS Daniel Bryan, winner takes on the Fiend! One of the greatest rivalries this decade has a new chapter, who wins in the end?


Mandy Rose finds Sonya Deville backstage.

Fire & Desire should be together ringside, but Sonya says it isn’t really fair after Mandy wasn’t ringside last week. Mandy explains again that Otis’ sweat got all over her. Sonya says it’s fine, she just has some posters to finish signing. Speaking of Otis, Mama Dozovic saw Mandy give him a ham and a kiss. In return, she made holiday fruitcake. That’s so sweet. A gift in return for last week, and Otis apologizes for being all sweaty for that hug. It’s fine, sweat happens. But she has a match, so see him around? Otis wanted to say more but couldn’t get it out. Will Otis still have a shot before the year ends?

Mandy Rose VS Carmella!

The FABULOUS Princess vows to remind us all why #MellaIsMoney! But will she hit the jackpot or bust in trying to sweep Fire & Desire?

SmackDown returns, and it seems Sonya is still working on those posters. Mandy goes it alone against Carmella.

The bell rings and Mandy circles with Mella. They tie up, Mandy knees low and powers Mella to a corner. Mandy rams her shoulder in over and over, but backs up at the ref’s count. Mella dodges and moonwalks, to the delight of Detroit. Mella waistlocks but Mandy elbows out and tackles Mella down! Mandy rains down rights then drags Mella up to whip. Mella bounces off buckles and into a dropkick! Mandy hits a Knee from a Rose! Cover, TWO! Mandy wraps Mella up in a straitjacket and thrashes her about. Mella endures and fans rally up. Mella fights her way up but Mandy throws her down! Mandy taunts Mella and pushes her around. “You will never look like me!” Mella SLAPS Mandy! “I don’t wanna lok like you!” Mandy SLAPS back! Now it’s a scrap as Mella throws hands!

Mandy pushes Mella away but runs into an elbow and a BOOT! Mella hops up, huricanranas and clotheslines! Cover, TWO! Mandy gets to a corner but Mella is on her, only to get yanked into buckles! Mandy drags Mella up, whips, but Mella slips around to a crucifix cover, TWO! Mandy gets one of her own, TWO! Mandy Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Mella blocks the takedown to get a backslide, TWO! Mandy waistlocks but Mella bucks her off, FABULOUS KICK! Cover, Mella wins!!

Winner: Carmella, by pinfall

And the FABULOUS Sweep is complete! Mella is money, but will she have gold in the New Year?


Sheamus speaks.

A champion doesn’t wait to knock, he kicks down the door. Sheamus closed the door, and those who filled the void were “men just waiting to take advantage of the opportunities.” “Men who were less than, men who were inferior, men who will never be worthy of the name ‘champion.'” Men who are not worthy of facing him. Nine months ago, he left, but now he’s back. And the Celtic Warrior vows to bust down the door on a whole new SmackDown!


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match: The Miz VS Daniel Bryan!

The Wolf King is running scared from The Big Dog, so he won’t get to have his chance. Will the A-Lister or the Yes Movement take advantage of this opportunity?

The bell rings and Bryan circles with Miz. They tie up, Bryan headlocks and spins around to hammerlock. Miz slips out to headlock but Bryan powers out. Miz runs Bryan over but Bryan sits up quick. Bryan and Miz circle again and tie up with knuckle locks. They go shoulder to shoulder, Bryan drops and breaks one grip to wrench Miz down. Miz rolls back but Bryan wrenches him again. Bryan has the hammerlock but Miz elbows free. Miz runs but things speed up, Bryan hurdles and KICKS Miz down! Bryan drags Miz up and wrenches to a shoulder breaker. Bryan bumps Miz off buckles to give corner Yes Kicks! Bryan runs corner to corner but Miz puts him on the apron. Miz slips out to trip Bryan up! Fans are mixed as Miz drags Bryan back up, to snake eyes on the barriers! Miz puts Bryan in and lines up a shot, but Bryan dodges to dropkick a leg out. Bryan lines up a shot but Miz dodges, things speed up again, double crossbodies collide! Both men writhe and roll to ropes, but Corbin’s “royal guards” attack!

No Contest

Corbin refuses to let these two fight without him, but Bryan and Miz dump the guards out! One gets a FINALE, another gets a KNEE PLUS! Bryan and Miz both know who to blame, but what do they do?

Baron Corbin explains backstage that what he did is “justice.” Everyone knows it! And save questions for Roman Reigns, who attacked. The Rabid Dog is making SmackDown unsafe. Roman was asked to leave the building, and that puts Corbin at ease. Corbin feels up for competing after all. But here come Bryan and Miz! A brawl breaks out at gorilla and Corbin goes running away! Will order be restored after the break?


BREAKING NEWS: The Triple Threat returns!

Baron Corbin’s bravery came back when Roman left, and Bryan and Miz aren’t going to let him off the hook. We’re back where we’re started, but who is left standing as THE #1 Contender when it’s all over?


SmackDown Presents: A Moment of Bliss!

Alexa and her best friend, Nikki Cross, return to co-host the Goddess’ talk show and get Detroit fired up. In case you didn’t notice, their show is back! And yes, they have their coffee. Cheers. Nikki introduces their guest, the Sassy Southern Belle, Lacey Evans! Lacey joins Bliss-Cross on stage, and she thanks them for having her. Alexa notes Lacey has stood up to Sasha Banks and Bayley, but things got out of control last week. The Boss was taunting Lacey’s six year old daughter to her face. But Lacey made Sasha pay for some of that, and it was only because Dana Brooke kept her back that she didn’t beat the Boss & Smug connection down harder. Lacey is proud of her daughter for being a fighter. Sasha crossed a line you should never cross.

Lacey’s daughter means everything to her. When she saw Sasha get in her daughter’s face, she snapped. Lacey speaks for every parent in the world, “the last thing you do is you mess with a child.” Especially when Mama Bear Mode comes out. “If that ain’t the truth, than I don’t know what the hell is.” Detroit agrees! Lacey says there is nothing she would not do to someone who gets between her and her child. If Dana wasn’t there, Sasha would not have walked out of that arena. Lacey appreciates being on this show, but she is aware of what can happen. She will not let “two nasty things” attack her when they lack what it takes to be real role models. Lacey politely excuses herself and prepares for her match right now! She and Dana will go against Banks & Bayley, will things pick up where they left off last week?

Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke VS Sasha Banks & Bayley!

But as Dana makes her entrance, Sasha and Bayley attack! Lacey may be a good mother, but she’s a terrible tag partner. Lacey goes to help Dana and the fight is on, on the stage! Dana clubs Bayley down while Lacey is after Sasha! The referees hurry out to break this up, but Lacey is not backing down easy! SmackDown goes to break as things sort out, just how much fiercer will this get?

SmackDown returns and Lacey starts with Bayley. But Lacey rushes at Sasha! Bayley gets Lacey first and stomps her at the ropes. The ref backs Bayley off but she clubs Lacey down again. Bayley whips but Lacey lariats back! Lacey brings Bayley to the corner and tags in Dana. Dana handsprings for the back elbow, then snapmares Bayley down to handspring splash ! Cover, TWO! Dana rains down angry rights but Bayley powers Dana to the corner. Tag to Sasha and the best friends stomp Dana down. Sasha lets up at the ref’s count, but she drags Dana by her hair. Sasha stands Dana up and bumps her off buckles, to then ram her shoulder in over and over! The ref reprimands but Sasha puts Dana on the top rope. Sasha soaks up the cheers and jeers but Dana boots back! Dana hops down to snap suplex! Cover, TWO!

Dana drags Sasha up, Sasha shoves her back and throws her down by her hair! Sasha taunts Lacey then sucker SLAPS her! The ref has to keep Lacey back, allowing Bayley and Sasha to stomp Dana down together! Sasha covers, TWO! Sasha keeps on Dana and puts her back in the corner. Tag to Bayley, Boss & Smug double whip Dana into buckles! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps on Dana with a chinlock, even trapping an arm. Fans rally up and Dana fights to her feet. Dana fights out with elbows, but Bayley keeps her from Lacey, reeling her in for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bayley drags Dana up to tag Sasha back in. Sasha basement meteoras! Cover, TWO, but Sasha stays between Dana and Lacey. Sasha cravats and cranks Dana’s neck but fans rally up. Dana fights her way up, fights with elbows, but Sasha whips her away. Dana hits Bayley with a forearm, then blocks Sasha’s kick for an enziguri!

Fans rally as Dana crawls to Lacey. Sasha crawls to Bayley, hot tags to Bayley and Lacey! The Sassy Southern Belle rallies on the SmackDown Women’s Champ! Turn and neckbreaker! Lacey whips but Bayley reverses, so Lacey uses that to wreck Sasha! Lacey sweeps Bayley’s legs, slingshot elbow drop hits hard! Fans fire up with Mama Bear as she runs into the corner, swinging bronco buster! Lacey puts Bayley in the drop zone and hops up, salutes, for the SASSIEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, but Sasha breaks it! Lacey glares at Sasha, and the chase is on! They go around the way, back into the ring, and Bayley catches Lacey for a BAYLEY2BELLY! Cover, Dana breaks it!

Sasha throws Dana to the apron and hurries back to her corner. Tag to Sasha and the best friends double suplex. Lacey slips out, tag to Dana! Lacey boots Bayley and kicks Sasha. Sasha ducks the WOMAN’S RIGHT and it goes into Bayley! Sasha throws Lacey into the post but Dana rolls Sasha up, TWO! Into the BANK STATEMENT! Dana taps, Boss & Smug win!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, Banks by submission

So close and yet so far, Dana and Lacey lose to the bad-in-blue dynamic duo. Will Lacey have to get revenge in the New Year?


Mandy has some of Mama Dozovic’s fruit cake.

Yum. But Dolph Ziggler comes by to talk. New Year’s Eve, Ziggler has a match but Mandy must have plans, right? Not really. Oh, really? Unless, is this cake for him? She shouldn’t have. So sudden! Mandy tries to explain it’s from Otis. Oh well Mandy is special, but c’mon. Otis must’ve given a slice of this to everyone. Plus, after tasting it, this must have a roach in it or something. What would Otis know about a woman like Mandy? The Show-Off STOMPS on the fruit cake and scrapes it off! But anyway, what plans does Mandy have again? Corbin runs in, needing Ziggler’s help. Ziggler may be… cake blocking Otis, but he just got blocked, too. Who will Mandy choose for her New Year’s Eve plus-one?


Mustafa Ali speaks.

“2019, things didn’t exaclty go according to plans, for me.” The Beacon of Light got injured by The Viper, missing out on Elimination Chamber. Then the Beast screwed everyone over at Money in the Bank. Ali also came up short for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in September. There were many dark moments, but Ali refuses to stay in the shadows. Ali has been the light around the world, changing the way people think about other people. Ali will continue to bring the fight, be a beacon of change, and continue to pursue becoming a champion.


Otis finds the remains of Mama’s fruit cake.

Dozer wonders what happens to his gift to Mandy, and what it means for his chances with the Golden Goddess.


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS The Miz VS Daniel Bryan!

After a dog ‘n’ pony show, almost literally considering the Big Dog got involved, we finally get the match we were supposed to. Will the Wolf King, the A-Lister or the Yes Movement take on the living nightmare at the Royal Rumble?

The bell rings and both Miz and Bryan go right after Corbin! They punch and kick and CHOP him against the rope! And CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! They even give Yes/It Kicks! They double whip, but Corbin bails out. Miz rolls up Bryan, TWO! Bryan is a bit surprised but there are no teams in a Triple Threat. Bryan shoves Miz but Miz shoves back. So the brawl is on between the old foes! Miz haymakers Bryan to a corner then whips corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, to DIVE onto Corbin! Miz runs to dropkick but Bryan dodges to send him into the post! Then Bryan is on the apron, and leaps to KNEE Miz back into barriers! But Corbin throws Bryan into the timekeeper’s area!

Corbin goes after Miz and throws him into barriers! Corbin stomps Miz down but lets up to put Miz in the ring. Corbin drags Miz up and throws big forearms but fans boo. Miz hits a jawbreaker and kicks Corbin to a corner. Corbin knees back and throws Miz into the post! Corbin slides out and LARIATS Bryan! Corbin mocks the Yes fingers but Miz comes out, only to get a CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! Corbin looms over both opponents and drags Bryan into the ring. Fans call Corbin the “S T D!” as Corbin stalks Bryan and again mocks the Yes fingers.

Corbin drags Bryan up but Bryan throws EuroUppers and haymakers! Bryan runs but into a back elbow! Corbin covers, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref but he goes back to Bryan. Corbin drags Bryan up, Bryan slips out of the back suplex, and then boots Corbin from the corner. Miz gets Corbin for the A-List combination, backbreaker to neckbreaker! Corbin gets to a corner but Bryan hobbles over. Bryan gives more Yes Kicks, then runs corner to corner, for the running dropkick! Miz adds his knee! And then again! Bryan keeps moving, but Corbin puts him out, and gives Miz a DEEP SIX! Bryan is up top, missile dropkick to Corbin! All three men are down as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Bryan sunset flips on Miz, TWO! Miz high stacks, TWO, Bryan sunsets. TWO, Miz sits, TWO and Bryan gets up. The brawl is on with haymakers and counter punches! Miz backs Bryan down but has to BOOT Corbin away! Bryan swings a kick, Miz ducks to kick, basement DDT! But Corbin goes after Miz. Miz fires off strikes and It Kicks in the corner! Miz sticks Corbin’s leg on the rope to kick away at the inner thigh! Miz trips Corbin, gets a leg, FIGURE FOUR! Corbin endures as fans rally, but Bryan FLIES IN with the Diving Headbutt! Bryan covers, Corbin, TWO!! Bryan turns Corbin and Miz over, LeBelle Lock!! Miz has to let go of his Figure Four to then clobber Bryan! All three men are down, but Detroit is fired up!

Bryan sits up, followed by Miz. Corbin crawls to a corner but the familiar foes face off. Bryan CHOPS Miz, Miz CHOPS back! It’s a CHOP fight! CHOP for CHOP, Miz fires off fists! Miz kicks and BOOTS, but then he fires off on Corbin! Full nelson but no Finale, END OF DAYS!! Cover, but Bryan breaks it up! Fans are loving this as Bryan goes after Corbin. Corbin choke grips, shoves Bryan to a corner, and reels Bryan in. Bryan slips out, KNEE PLUS!! But Bryan can’t cover, here comes Ziggler to SUPERKICK Bryan! No Disqualifications and Ziggler puts Corbin on Bryan, but ROMAN drags Corbin out! Roman didn’t leave, he just hid! He throws Corbin to barriers and gives Ziggler a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman clotheslines Corbin out into the crowd! Detroit is thunderous as we go to one more break!

SmackDown returns once more, and Miz has Bryan in the corner for one of those thigh kicks. Miz runs corner to corner, A-List Lariat! Miz climbs up top but Bryan stops him with haymakers! Bryan climbs up to join Miz now, and Bryan brings Miz up, SUPERPLEX! Bryan keeps himself hooked in and sits back up! Fans fire up with Bryan as he adjusts on the top rope. But Miz trips Bryan up! Miz climbs up now, has the bad leg, SUPER SHIN BREAKER! Bryan writhes in pain but Miz grins as he looms over him. Miz gives Bryan It Kicks! Kick after kick after kick, but Bryan blocks the buzzsaw! And SLAPS Miz back! Bryan gives Miz the YES Kicks! Kick after kick after kick, even on a bad leg. Bryan aims, but his buzzsaw is caught for a code breaker to the knee!

Miz grits his teeth as he grabs the leg, and SMASHES the knee! Then a leg DDT to jam the ankle! Miz wants both legs in bad shape for what he has planned. Miz begins the Figure Four but Bryan shoves him off. Miz springboards, but into Bryan’s underhooks! Butterfly suplex, into an armbar! Miz flails, moves around but Bryan shifts to get the LEBELLE LOCK! Miz resists, and BITES Bryan’s hand! Miz cranks back for a cover, TWO! Bryan ROUNDHOUSES Miz down! Both men are in opposite corners, and Bryan works on his bad knee. Fans join in with the “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan aims from the corner as Miz rises. Bryan runs at Miz, but Miz dodges the knee! Full nelson, FINALE!! Cover, TWO, but into the FIGURE FOUR!

Bryan endures as Miz cranks on the leglock! Bryan grits his teeth as Miz pushes up for leverage. Bryan works against the hold, but Miz rakes Bryan’s eyes! Bryan and Miz throw haymakers while locked up. The Figure Four falls apart, the brawling gets fiercer, but Bryan wants his LeBelle again! Miz resists, reaches, but into RINGs OF SATURN! Miz is caught, enduring, kicking, but Miz makes it a crossface! Miz taps, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by submission; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Championship

Bryan is heading for the Royal Rumble, and revenge on Bray Wyatt! But we interrupt the celebration for a new Firefly Fun House! Bray congratulates Bryan, “YOWIE WOWIE, you did it!” “Looking good, kid.” Bryan is going to have so much fun, but “he” is not done with Bryan just yet. The Fiend remembers everything. So Bray wants to know. Is Bryan willing to do what it takes? Is Bryan willing to #LetHimIn? Bryan and the fans say, “YES! YES! YES!” Will Bryan make Bray pay for everything? Or is the nightmare far from over?



My Thoughts:

A rather interesting episode to close the year, let alone the decade. I can understand why SmackDown teased the contender’s match on and off. It was to keep fans interested on a night full of a lot more sports, such as college football. Story wise it also worked out, with Roman wanting revenge on Corbin, and then Corbin being the entitled King of the Ring that he is causing the No Contest. We should’ve figured it’d turn out like this, right down to Roman keeping Corbin from winning, but the way it was done made for a really great story. The Triple Threat that we eventually got was really, really good, and thanks to Roman, it comes down to Miz and Bryan. Naturally Bryan wins, as we all felt he would. Bryan and Fiend in a rematch at the Royal Rumble is going to be great, no matter who wins.

The other matches and stories were good enough. Carmella’s match with Mandy was to add onto the story Mandy Rose has with Sonya and Otis. It’s good for Mella to win, and we can figure Mandy will wonder where Sonya was. Sonya being passive aggressive can be a way for her and Mandy to split up, and if Mandy’s story with Otis continues a certain way, Mandy might go Face. I also suspect, with Valentine’s Day 2020 being on a Friday, we could get a culmination of the Mandy and Otis story, probably with a match between Otis and Ziggler. Lacey’s Moment of Bliss was good. Playing up being a mother is about how I imagined NXT would’ve turned Lacey Face, and she had a pretty good match with Dana, Sasha and Bayley. Dana sure tapped quick, but I figured Bayley and Banks would win. I still feel Lacey VS Sasha is used to then set up Lacey VS Bayley for the title at Royal Rumble.

The Six Man Tag was a lot of fun. Sami’s return to the ring was limited, which is probably the reason for the Six Man Tag done this way. Sami did light work while still recovering, so this was more like a Handicap match. Strowman pinning Nakamura will surely bring about the Intercontinental Championship match, and I can’t be sure if it’ll be at the Rumble or the New Year’s SmackDown next week. As I’ve said in previous articles, it’d be hard to say who needs the win more. Strowman really needs a singles title to make up for the times he was kept from one, but Nakamura is Nakamura and deserves to have a title. Maybe if they do this match before the Rumble, it’ll be a wash as the loser can have a good performance in the Rumble itself. A lot of this could depend on the Universal Championship plan for Rumble and even WrestleMania, I just hope they figure out something that feels satisfactory.

My Score: 8.3/10

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