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After a fairly successful 2019, NOAH is ending what could be seen as a recovery year. Hisame helps paint the picture moving toward 2020!



After a fairly successful 2019, NOAH is ending what could be seen as a recovery year. Hisame helps paint the picture moving toward 2020!


NOAH held the final dates of tour on the 11th and 12th December, with the Kongoh Produce show “Diamond” on the 14th. They officially wrap up their 2019 on the 22nd, with The Sugiura Produce on the 27th which will be the final show of the year.

I am afraid that I don’t have too much information coming out of the last three dates of tour, so the information presented below is not very detailed.

Yoshinari Ogawa continued his torture of HAYATA, and in Morioka stole the GHC Junior Heavyweight belt at the end of the match, and posed with it flanked by Atsushi Kotoge and Kotaro Suzuki to either side of him. From outside the ring, HAYATA propped himself up on his elbow and stared at them.

In Akita, things got worse for HAYATA as he was faced with both Naomichi Marufuji and Yoshinari Ogawa, with both of them working on his legs. The others in RATELS may have been protective over him, but there was little that they could do to defend him, with Ogawa making him scream outside of the ring.

The tide, however, changed on the final night in Aomori, when HAYATA caught Ogawa with the Headache. Kotaro Suzuki realised that something was wrong when Ogawa did not move as HAYATA stood over him, and scrambled into the ring with the seconds. Ogawa was stretchered out, and taken backstage to the trainer, where he (apparently) complained of his arms being numb.

HAYATA spoke in a rare whole sentence to say, “Hey! January 4th…same!”
Unlike the similar situation with Kenoh and Kaito Kiyomiya, NOAH have not released any statement on Ogawa’s condition, and since neither HAYATA or Ogawa use social media, we can only speculate what is going to happen next.

Masa Kitamiya decided to get into the ring and square up to Takashi Sugiura in Akita. Kitamiya was not in the match, he was seconding Kenoh & Yoshiki Inamura. Sugiura later said that he wanted to see something more out of Kitamiya than just a “scary face”.

Go Shiozaki scored the direct win over Kaito Kiyomiya in Aomori City via moonsault following a lariat. Kiyomiya was angry that he lost, but Shiozaki warned him that to him there was no such thing as a pre-match, every single match they had to his mind, was a championship match.

Event recaps & post match promos
10th December – Morioka Gymnasium, Morioka
Post match promos
11th December – Akita Terrsa, Akita
Post match promos
12th December – Aomori City, Hamanasu Kaikan 
Post match promos


“DIAMOND” – the Kongoh produce
A long tour, a ten hour bus journey, and then the next day a produce show with two matches in one night – this is the reality of the glamorous life of a wrestler.

Kongoh held their produce at ShinKiba 1st Ring on 14th December. It was only a small card with four matches, which lasted at most an hour and a half or so, but a lot happened.

Yoshiki Inamura collided (I think that is the best word to use) with Daisuke Sekimoto in a hard hitting opener. The venue was filled with calls for Inamura, who was not going to give up, but sadly fell to Daisuke Sekimoto’s German Suplex Hold after 13 minutes and 16 seconds. Sekimoto cut a foul mouthed rant afterwards, which ended with him saying that after Inamura trains more, they will do it again.

Kenoh did some light comedy with Masao Inoue, when he and Masa Kitamiya faced The Anti Wrestlers Alliance (Masao Inoue and Akitoshi Saito). The most memorable moment of this match was the building shaking slap that Kenoh gave Masao Inoue, and afterwards Saito trying to pull Inoue of the ring by his ears.

Kenoh had announced that at the produce they would be debuting two mystery wrestlers “X” and “XX” (the hint is in the name), who were revealed in the third match facing Junta Miyawaki and Seiya Morohashi. Kenoh said that they shared the same beliefs as Kongoh. Speculation ranged from Takashi Sugiura, a member of The Sugiura Army, Naomichi Marufuji and even Yoshinari Ogawa.
The two mystery wrestles were revealed to be Yuki Sato (who had left 2AW a couple of days before, but had also been in Michinoku Pro, and Kai-En-Tai Dojo, with some previous appearances in NOAH), and Hi69. Minoru Tanaka, naturally, is not very happy to learn about this.
The two of them were introduced by their two new Kongoh themed ring names, Sato is now “Haō” (“Conqueror”) and Hi69 is “Niō” (the name means “Two Kings” and is taken from the two guardian statues who stand either side at the gateway of Buddhist shrines). They made short work of Morohashi and Miyawaki in only 10 minutes and 42 seconds, and then Niō challenged for the GHC Junior Tag Titles, currently being held by STINGER’S Atsushi Kotoge and Kotaro Suzuki. The challenge has been accepted, and the match set for 4th January 2020 at Korakuen Hall.In the main event, Peta from The Garlic Boys sang Kongoh live to the ring (no dancing, unlike Marufuji’s live entry at another event earlier in the year), and they faced off against NOAH’s heavyweight champions (and people from Kenoh’s enemies list), Kaito Kiyomiya (GHC Heavyweight champion), Go Shiozaki (one half of the GHC Heavyweight Tag champions), and Takashi Sugiura (GHC National Champion).

Go Shiozaki was not happy about this match. It was not his opponents, it was more the fact that he had to team with Kaito Kiyomiya, who he is currently challenging for the belt. Shiozaki refused to speak to Kiyomiya, tag him in, tag him out, or even acknowledge him properly. He only ever made eye contact with him when beating up on Yoshiki Inamura outside the ring, when he gave Kiyomiya, who was standing on the apron, a cold stare.

Kiyomiya, however, remained polite to Shiozaki (and Kenoh for that matter, who yelled at him about something after the match), and even let him leave the ring first at the end.Takashi Sugiura got the win for the team via Olympic Slam on Yoshiki Inamura, and then sarcastically invited Kongoh to appear at the Sugiura Army Produce, partly because it would sell tickets (Kongoh’s own being sold out), and because he had a superstar in mind to face Kenoh, who he would put on just before the main event…this “superstar” was later revealed to be Rikidozan’s grandson, and Mitsuo Momota’s son, Chikhara, and this “before the main event” spot, was revealed to be the opening match! Needless to say, an unimpressed Kenoh and himself, have had a minor Twitter war.

Chikhara had undergone the entry exam for NOAH sixteen years ago, but had failed the required 500 Hindu Squats to enter. Although very upset that he didn’t pass, he persisted in wrestling, and has now wound up back in NOAH. He says he would like to stay more, is excited about facing Kenoh, and wants to have a match with Go Shiozaki like the one between Kenta Kobashi and Kensuke Sasaki with the record setting 500 chops in 2005.

Diamond – Post match interviews

Naomichi Marufuji has announced that due to being busy with end of year celebrations, he will not be appearing at the produce, instead he will be sending “Dr Marufuji Jnr”, a masked luchador to face El Hijo de Dr Wagner Jnr.

~ To celebrate their 15 years in wrestling, NOAH presented AXIZ with custom made hoodie and track pants.
~ Kaito Kiyomiya held a fan event, with Shuhei Taniguchi on 9th December.
~ Takashi Sugiura, ever the “Company Dog” and dog lover, wore an Akita t-shirt.
~ Naomichi Marufuji defeated Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa at his first ever appearance for DragonGate
~ NOAH’s bus driver is taking part in the Daisuke Harada bootcamp sessions.
~ As it was speculated that a member of The Sugiura Army might defect to Kongoh, Hideki Suzuki posted after the big reveal that the new member of Kongoh was not him.
~ Kinya Okada is still not deemed to be tough enough to be an official member of The Sugiura Army.


“Genuine X”
NOSAWA Rongai said he was disappointed with the mystery wrestlers at the Kongoh produce, and says he will be bringing his own into NOAH/The Sugiura Army, on the 4th January 2020 at Korakuen Hall. His hint was that they are a “first class wrestler”, and he also made a comment about “wanting to sing too…” after being pressed for a hint, and saying earlier how much he had enjoyed hearing Kenoh’s theme “Heartbreak Mosh” live.

Tokyo Sports Awards
Tokyo Sports announced their nominees for the awards for 2019, with NOAH only winning one award this year as Kaito Kiyomiya has been nominated for “Fighting Spirit”, with both Junta Miyawaki and Yoshiki Inamura being nominated for “Best Newcomer”, but sadly losing out.

Kiyomiya says that he is further aiming for MVP and Best Bout for 2020.

Junta Miyawaki injured
Pro Wrestling NOAH announced on the 16th December, that Junta Miyawaki would miss NOAH’s last dates of the year and the 4th January 2020 Korakuen Hall show. Naturally, he is very upset as this is the first major injury of his career, but older and wiser heads have told him to take it easy and get better.

IPW held their final event on the 15th December 2019, and they naturally did not run the number one contender Battle Royale for the IPW Junior Heavyweight title, which is currently being held by Daisuke Harada. I guess now it is up to Daisuke Harada and NOAH to decide what they are going to do with it, but Harada has hinted that he will take action himself. It remains to be seen if Harada still comes out with it, or whether NOAH now incorporate it into the junior league as a belt similar to the GHC National (although to be honest, I don’t think that would work for them).


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Kaito Kiyomiya
    Challenger: Go Shiozaki (4th January 2020, Korakuen Hall)
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Yoshinari Ogawa (4th January 2020, Korakuen Hall)
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: AXIZ (Go Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima)
    No challengers as of yet
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Kotaro Suzuki & Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: Haō & Niō (Kongoh) (4th January 2020, Korakuen Hall)
  • GHC National Champion: Takashi Sugiura
    Challenger: Masa Kitamiya (4th January 2020, Korakuen Hall)
  • IPW Junior Heavyweight Champion: Daisuke Harada
    No challenger as of yet, and it is not known if there will be one, but Harada has hinted in a post match promo that he will do something about it.

Monday 16th December: Shuhei Taniguchi, one day manager at Yoneya
Saturday 21st December: Akitoshi Saito will be on Radio Namazu (12:00 JST)
Sunday 22nd December: NOAH hold their final show of the year as a roster, at Kiramesse Numazuki 

4th January 2020 show will be broadcast on 13th January at 11.59pm JST on G+

NOAH have not announced any further dates or live streams (although it is hoped they will stream the Sugiura Army produce show, nothing has been announced as of yet).

The Sugiura Army will speak live on NOAH’s Official YouTube channel about the card on the 18th December at 12.00JST.

“Fun has increased” ~ Kenoh, 27th December Sugiura Army Superstar Match and 14th December 
Kongoh produce
Kenoh’s “Kongoh” increased to five members at the produce, a “new start”
“It has been a long road, but it has been good to persist” Rikidozan’s grandson reports participation in Noah in front of the grace of his grandfather on the anniversary of his death
27th December 2019 – Naomichi Marufuji misses Sugiura Army Produce, instead the mysterious masked man “Doctor Marufuji Jnr”


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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/22/21)

Moustache Mountain is back in business!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven reunite as a team!

The Big Strong Boy beat the Scottish Supernova at NXT UK Prelude, but now we see how things go in a tag match! Will Moustache Mountain still be the top against Noam Dar & Sha Samuels?


  • Eddie Dennis VS Joe Coffey; Coffey wins.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Sam Gradwell; Gradwell wins.
  • Jinny w/ Joseph Conners VS Dani Luna; Jinny wins.
  • Moustache Mountain VS Noam Dar & Sha Samuels; Moustache Mountain wins.


Eddie Dennis VS Joe Coffey!

The new and improved Hunt crashed Gallus’ return to NXT UK, but now the alpha males will battle it out! Will the Iron King slay the Welsh Dragon in both men’s return to in-ring action?

The bell rings and Coffey circles with Dennis. BT Sports Studio rallies up as the two tie up, and they go to ropes. The ref calls for the break, Dennis lets off but Coffey is ready for the cheap shot! Coffey fires body shots, Dennis headlocks but Coffey powers out and goes the other way to POUNCE Dennis out of the ring! Coffey pursues on the outside, throws more body shots then RAMS Dennis into the apron! Coffey puts Dennis in the ring, follows after but Dennis uses ropes as defense. The ref has Coffey back off and Dennis says this is wrestling, not boxing. Dennis comes back to headlock but Coffey powers out. Coffey clinches to throw more body shots and even knees!

Dennis slips around to ROCK Coffey with a forearm to the back! Dennis then spins Coffey for a judo hip toss! Dennis grinds the arm, sits Coffey up for a chinlock and leans on the hold. “Wrestling, not boxing!” Dennis gets Coffey with a cravat and cranks the neck, but Coffey throws him. Dennis holds on tight and drags Coffey down! Coffey endures, fights up, and throws body shots again. Coffey throws Dennis but Dennis still has the cravat! Dennis grinds Coffey down, but Coffey fights up to throw more body shots. Dennis snapmares Coffey to drop a knee on his head! Cover, ONE!! Coffey grits his teeth but Dennis clamps onto the shoulders.

Dennis gets the cravat back, grinds Coffey again, but Coffey fights up to scoop and TOSS Dennis away! Coffey gets to the opposite corner, runs in but Dennis denies the send-off! Dennis hits a CRAVAT PLEX! Cover, TWO! Coffey survives and Dennis is furious with the ref’s count! Dennis snarls as he looms over Coffey, and stomps him to ropes. Coffey gets up, Dennis kicks and uppercuts back, but Coffey throws body shots. Dennis ROCKS Coffey, then whips and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Dennis rains down furious forearms, but the ref reprimands about hair pulling. Cover, TWO! Dennis seethes but he brings Coffey up.

Coffey throws even more body shots, then dodges Dennis’ retaliation, only to run into Dennis’ GUN SLINGER SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Coffey survives again and Dennis is losing his cool! BT Sports Studio fires up as Dennis looms over Coffey. Dennis stomps Coffey to ropes again, then digs his boots in at the ropes! The ref counts, Dennis lets off, and Coffey gets up to headbutt low! Coffey throws more body shots, then forearms! Dennis staggers, bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Coffey shoves Dennis but Dennis ROCKS him! Coffey comes back with another HEADBUTT! Coffey shoves and clinches Dennis for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Dennis is down, fans fire up and Coffey takes aim. Coffey runs Dennis over with shoulder after shoulder then a LEAPING shoulder tackle! Coffey gets Dennis up for a back suplex SLAM! RUNNING ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO!! Dennis survives but Coffey keeps his cool. Coffey drags Dennis up in a waistlock but Dennis resists the dead lift. Coffey shoves Dennis down, gets the legs, but Dennis kicks him away! Dennis runs in but into a buckle! Coffey goes up but Dennis anchors his feet! Dennis gets Coffey in the crucifix, for SEVERN BRIDGE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Coffey lives and Dennis is beside himself! Dennis gets up, snarls and drags Coffey back up.

Dennis dragon sleepers and suplexes, but Coffey escapes and shoves to RAM Dennis into buckles, then hit a SPINEBUSTER! Coffey has the legs, Dennis resists but Coffey gets the BOSTON CRAB! Dennis endures as Coffey sits deep! But Tyson T-Bone appears! And Primate from the other side! Coffey lets Dennis go to CLOBBER Primate, but Dennis rolls him up! TWO!! Dennis’ pack couldn’t help him steal this one! Coffey dead lifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Both men are down, T-Bone and Primate creep up again, but Gallus is here! Wolfgang and Mark brawl with the brutes, but Primate sends Wolfie into steps! T-Bone sends Mark into barriers!

Coffey whips, Dennis reverses and puts Coffey on the apron. Coffey forearms back, goes up and up and CROSSBODIES! Dennis is up, Coffey runs in, GLASGOW SEND-OFF! Coffey keeps going, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!! Cover, Coffey wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

But with Joe’s back-up down, T-Bone & Primate attack him! The ref reprimands but they aren’t letting up as they stomp and hammer away! But Wolfgang and Mark are back up! They get back at T-Bone and Primate then throw them out of the ring! Mark DECKS T-Bone, Wolfgang dares Dennis and his pack of animals to come back for more! Is Gallus going to get back on top while taking these wild dogs down? Or will Headmaster Dennis have a master plan for taking Gallus’ kingdom from them?


Ilja Dragunov reflects on his recent struggles.

From losing to Walter in the brutal NXT UK Championship classic, to how he would lose his cool every time someone chopped him on the back, to how he almost brutalized officials in that rage, there is much for him to take in. Will Dragunov be able to reconcile his wrath with his pursuit of the title?


NXT UK Media catches up with Gallus backstage.

Wolfie, Markus and Joe are fired up after that fight with Dennis & The Hunt, “Who’s on top?” “Gallus Boys on top!” But all the noise gets Rampage Brown’s attention. Joe says he saw Rampage VS Walter. It was brutal. And Joe’s been there, “It’s a bitter pill to swallow.” But Rampage promised Coffey a rematch so if he’s still up for a scrap, give him a call. Rampage nods, will we see these two throw hands again?


Dave Mastiff VS Sam Gradwell!

The Bomber didn’t want to hear the Thunderstorm blather on disrespectfully, so he shut him out. Literally, even, as he wouldn’t let Gradwell into the UK Performance Center. But will Mastiff have to shut Gradwell up more forcefully in the ring?

The bell rings, Gradwell and Mastiff approach, and they tie up with collar ‘n’ elbow. They go around, Mastiff puts Gradwell on ropes but the ref calls for the break. Mastiff lets off clean and eggs on “yogurt” Gradwell. Gradwell and Mastiff circle and tie up again. They go around, Gradwell goes for a waistlock but Mastiff has the arm. Mastiff wrenches to a hammerlock, Gradwell slips around but Mastiff switches the hold right back on. Gradwell tries again but again Mastiff puts it on. Gradwell elbows hard, gets around and shoves Mastiff! “Who’s the yogurt now?!” Mastiff blocks Gradwell’s punch to ROCK him with forearm after forearm!

Mastiff whips, kitchen sink knees Gradwell down, then grabs him by his tiny mohawk to set him up for the SOMERSAULT SENTON! And another! Cover, TWO! Gradwell grits his teeth but Mastiff clamps on with a chinlock. Gradwell fights up, Mastiff ROCKS him with a EuroUpper! Mastiff reels Gradwell into a fireman’s carry but Gradwell fights with elbows. Mastiff keeps him up top for a ROLLING SENTON, to a BACK SENTON, but onto Gradwell’s knees! Gradwell CLUBS Mastiff to a corner, drags him out to CLUB him more, then brings him around to CLUB him again! Gradwell keeps after Mastiff’s back, snapmares him down and JAMS the knee into his back!

Gradwell CLUBS him with another forearm, covers, TWO! Mastiff is still in this but Gradwell is fuming. Gradwell stomps Mastiff, eggs him on, and drags him up to CLUB him again! Gradwell wraps on another chinlock and grinds Mastiff down. Mastiff endures, fights up, but Gradwell knees low! Gradwell grabs Mastiff’s beard and calls Mastiff a daft yogurt, but Mastiff HEADBUTTS him! Mastiff whips, follows and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!! Gradwell survives but swings into a waistlock! Mastiff shoves and DECKS Gradwell! Mastiff gets Gradwell up again, runs and LARIATS! Both men are down as Mastiff put a lot into that one!

Gradwell gets to a corner, Mastiff gets up and takes aim! Mastiff runs corner to corner, but his back tightens up. Mastiff still storms over, but Gradwell is on the apron. Gradwell HOTSHOTS Mastiff, then fireman’s carries him!! SAMOAN DRIVER!! Cover, Gradwell wins!!

Winner: Sam Gradwell, by pinfall

To say this was huge is an understatement! The Thunderstorm strikes down a Proper British Heavyweight, will this lead to even bigger and better opportunities?


Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“The time has finally come. To rise to the challenge. To step out of the shadows. To show what a Valkyrie is truly capable of. What we do is fleeting. It lives for now, for this moment only. And this is my moment.” Next week, Aoife gets what she wants: Meiko Satomura. Will the Valkyrie be able to clear the Final Boss?


NXT UK takes a closer look at Emilia McKenzie.

Just 20 years old out of Coventry, England, she’s back in NXT UK after two years away from a trip around the world. British women’s wrestling is great and she is honored being part of it. The next step is to prove herself here, and is very lucky to have trained under the best. Millie has pushed herself and has always had that mentality. She hopes to make a name for herself on this brand now that she’s back.


Jinny w/ Joseph Conners VS Dani Luna!

The Spoiled Princess called out the punk rock powerhouse over her fashion sense, or lack there of in Jinny’s opinion. Will Luna prove that it isn’t how you look, it’s how you fight, that matters in NXT UK?

The bell rings and Jinny circles with Luna. They tie up, Luna waistlocks and slams Jinny down. Then she drags Jinny back up to slam her back down! Jinny resists the third, gets a ropebreak, then elbows Luna away! Jinny SLAPS Luna, but Luna runs back in! Jinny uses ropes as defense, then gets a cheap shot in! Jinny throws Luna down by her hair, ground ‘n’ pounds, then lets off as the ref counts. Jinny drags Luna up, stomps her, kicks her, then brings her up, only for Luna to shove her away. Jinny ROCKS Luna, knees Luna, then traps her arms in an Iron Octopus! Jinny claws Luna’s arm while she locks the hold in! Luna endures, stays on her feet, but Jinny claws her more!

Jinny lets Luna free just to KNEE her low! Jinny throws more forearms, more knees, and wrenches. Luna hits back but Jinny hooks her arms up again to rain down furious elbows! Jinny gets another Octopus with Luna already on her knees! Luna endures again as Jinny throws in elbows. Luna powers up, gets to her feet and throws Jinny off! BT Sports Studio fires up as Luna runs corner to corner, but Jinny boots her! Jinny rolls but Luna blocks the kick to gut wrench suplex! Luna holds on, drags Jinny back up and hits another gut wrench suplex! Luna fires up as Jinny flounders, and Luna drags Jinny up to dead lift standard suplex! Cover, TWO!

Jinny survives but Luna keeps her cool. Conners coaches Jinny but Luna brings her around to a fireman’s carry. Jinny fights free, throws body shots and ROCKS Luna. Luna ROCKS Jinny back and it’s a brawl! Jinny SLAPS Luna again, but Luna DECKS Jinny! Luna fires up and LARIATS Jinny to a corner! Conners gets on the apron, the ref tells him to stay back, but Luna runs him off. Jinny kicks Luna’s leg out! Ripcord to the ROLLING KICK! Jinny gets Luna in an Oklahoma Roll, and wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The Fashionista gets an assist from Conners and gets the win off Luna. Conners encourages Jinny to teach Luna a lesson, so Jinny stomps away on Luna, then reels her in for an STF! Conners and Jinny talk trash to Luna right in her face, but here come South Wales Subculture! Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews run Conners and Jinny off! Will the Modfather and Rockstar make sure Conners and Jinny learn respect?


NXT UK Media interviews Sid Scala.

After last week’s main event, Kenny Williams cheating to defeat Amir Jordan, do we have any updates on the two? Sid spoke to Williams earlier today and has come to terms with him, but now Jordan barges in! This can’t be how this ends for him and Williams! He wants a rematch! Sid has spoken to Williams, and he has agreed to a rematch already, under No Disqualifications. Even better! But there is one condition: for Williams to agree to this, it will be Loser Leaves NXT UK. This is up to Jordan to take the deal.

Jordan takes a deep breath, looks at the contract, and takes the pen! Jordan signs on the dotted line, and vows that no one is taking this away from him! But will the Chancer take NXT UK away from the Bhangra Bad Boy?


NXT UK hears from a new recruit!

“I am Rohan Raja!” He’s 6’1″, British born, Australian raised and Canadian trained! Raja is finally home at NXT UK, making his debut next week against Teoman! Teoman has been making his opponents tap out to the crossface, but Raja doesn’t quit! Bring your A Game, because Raja will not give up! Who wins in this showdown of fired up rising stars?


Teoman speaks!

“I will be back in action in NXT UK next week, against the debuting Rohan Raja.” Teoman takes a deep breath as he says, “I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I would DIE for my family! I will protect them with honor, respect and FEAR! I’m the Man with the Nezar! I’m the Babo (Boss), Teoman!” But will Teoman be able to boss the rajah around?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

On top of Teoman “welcoming” Rohan Raja, and Valkyrie challenging Satomura, we will get a Six Man Tag that’s sure to rock the BT Sports Studio! Gallus takes on Eddie Dennis, Primate & Tyson T-Bone, but which trio will be on top?


Moustache Mountain VS Noam Dar & Sha Samuels!

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven have each had their scraps with the Scottish Supernova and that motormouth of his, but now Dar has back-up in the East End Butcher! Will having Sha by his side only embolden Dar to mouth off more? Or will they both be humbled by the Big Strong Boy & Artful Dodger?

The teams sort out and Bate starts against Dar. Sha talks trash enough for everyone, including commentary, as Dar and Bate tie up. Bate arm-drags and Dar hurries to ropes. Dar keeps his cool, circles with Bate, and ties up collar ‘n’ elbow. Bate headlocks, grinds Dar down, but Dar fights up to power out, only for Bate to run him over. Bate arm-drags again and has Dar with an armlock! Dar scrambles around but Bate drags him from Sha! Bate wrenches Dar, Dar reaches for Sha, but Dar throws forearms to get free! Tag to Sha, and Sha talks more trash. Seven reaches out for a tag, and Sha mockingly calls him, “granddad!” Bate tags in Seven, Seven circles with Sha, and they tie up.

Sha headlocks, Seven powers out but Sha runs Seven over! “EAST~!” Seven grabs Sha’s leg, Sha stomps him off and calls him a mug, then runs, but Seven CROSSBODIES! Seven scoops and SLAMS Sha to then drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Seven tags Bate back in, fireman’s carries Sha, and Bate goes up top. WASTELAND to the KNEE-BOARD SENTON! Cover, TWO! Sha survives but Bate gets him up to wrench the arm and YANK it! Bate grinds the shoulder, Sha still talks trash, but Bate wrenches again. Sha ROCKS Bate with a right, CLUBS him on the back, then brings him over. Tag to Dar, he and Sha mug the mug then Dar uppercuts Bate down! Cover, TWO!

Dar bumps Bate off buckles, throws forearms, but mockingly asks the ref the count. Bate kicks low, Dar hits him back! Dar whips Bate but Bate reverses. Dar goes up and over but Bate catches him to a fireman’s carry! Sha tags in, Bate starts up the spin but Sha body shots low and hard! Sha CLUBS Bate, has Bate in a corner and whips him corner to corner. Sha runs in, Bate blocks and KNEES him back! Bate hops up, leaps and hits a FLYING UPPERCUT! Bate gets Sha up, tags Seven in, and Bate wrenches Sha. Sha shoves Bate away but Seven CHOPS him down! Seven reels Sha in, ripcord but Sha gets under the lariat to hit an URENAGE BACKBREAKER!

Sha hammers away on Seven and shouts “EAST~!” Cover, TWO! Seven is still in this, Sha is still after him with a chinlock. Sha bumps Seven off buckles and tags in Dar. Dar kicks Seven in the corner then digs his forearms in. The ref counts, Dar snapmares Seven down and wraps on double chicken wings with his legs, so he can claw Seven’s face with his fingers! Dar lets off, acts like he can’t hear the ref, and then STOMPS Seven’s arm! Dar taunts Bate, stomps Seven’s leg, then the other leg, then the other arm! Dar tags in Sha, they get Seven up and Sha CLUBS Seven on the back! Sha snapmares Seven again to stand on Seven’s shoulder, then KICK him down! Cover, TWO!

Sha drags Seven over, tags in Dar, and Dar drags Seven up to stand on him, and KICK him, too! Seven just gets mad as Dar keeps kicking! Seven gets up but Dar dropkicks a leg out! Dar gets Seven up, bumps him off buckles and rams his shoulder in again and again! Tag to Sha, Seven fights back but Sha fires off haymakers! The ref has Sha let off, and Seven reaches for Bate. Sha scoops and SLAMS Seven! Cover, TWO! Sha argues the count, taunts Bate, but “Granddad” CHOPS Sha! Sha hammers away on Seven, covers, TWO! Sha drags Seven up to drive elbows into his shoulders then wrap on a chinlock. Sha thrashes Seven around, but Seven endures.

Seven fights up as BT Sports Studio rallies. Seven throws body shots, but Sha throws Seven by his hair! Tag to Dar, Sha drags Seven over and Dar taunts Moustache Mountain. Dar gets Seven in double underhooks, but Seven resists the suplex! Or perhaps, is Dar stealing the Tyler Driver?! Seven powers up, slips out and CHOPS Dar! Dar ROCKS Seven, drags him back up, but Seven CHOPS Dar! And then fakes Dar out to clamp on! Dar wrenches out, sweeps the legs, then hammers away! Cover, TWO!! Dar and Sha both argue the count, but Dar drags Seven over to tag Sha in. Sha stomps Seven hard in the stomach! Sha JAMS his knee into Seven’s back, then drops a big elbow! Cover, TWO!

Seven scrambles but Sha catches up and keeps him down. Sha drags Seven back with a facelock and CLUBS him down. Sha gets Seven up and RAMS him into the corner! Dar tags in, throws hands on Seven, but lets off as the ref counts. Dar snapmares and wraps Seven up in a chinlock. Seven endures, reaches, but Dar traps an arm. Seven still fights up, but Dar KICKS him in the chest! Seven catches the next kick, but Dar elbows free to kick again! Seven catches it, CLUBS the leg, then reaches for Bate. Dar holds Seven back, Seven CHOPS free! Dar swings, Seven ducks and CHOPS back again! Seven fires up, and he feints the chop to DDT Dar down!

Both men are down and BT Sports Studio fires up! Seven and Dar crawl, Dar anchors Seven’s feet and drags him back! Seven gets up but Dar ducks the enziguri! Dar waistlocks but Seven elbows free, to switch and SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Hot tags to Sha and Bate! Bate fires off on Sha and ROCKS him with a EuroUpper! Bate whips Sha to a corner, runs in to back elbow, then whips him the other way. Sha reverses, Bate goes up and under and catches Sha for an EXPLODER! Bate kips up and fires up, as does BT Sports Studio! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Dar breaks it! Seven shoves Dar out of the ring!

The ref is busy with Dar as Seven helps Bate get Sha up, POWERBOMB! Jackknife bridge, TWO!! Sha survives but Bate tags Seven in. Seven gets Sha up, Bate runs, but Sha breaks free before the rebound! SPINEBUSTER! The ref is busy with Bate and Dar gets in to BOOT Seven in a corner! Dar gets away with it, and feeds Seven to Sha’s scoop for the MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and shocks Dar and Sha! Seven crawls to a corner and Sha takes aim. “EAST~!” Sha runs in but Seven dodges and CHOPS back! Seven DECKS Dar, dumps Sha out to join him, and then builds speed! Bate tags in before Seven DIVES!

The granddaddy of all topes takes out Sha & Dar, but here comes Bate! Bate FLIES to bowl Sha & Dar down again! Bate gets Sha in, he and Seven coordinate, torture rack for the FLYING KNEE BIRMINGHAMMER!! Cover, Moustache Mountain wins!!

Winners: Moustache Mountain, by pinfall

The in-ring reunion is a success! Has this partnership been what Bate & Seven have been missing? Will this momentum help Bate take the Heritage Cup from A-Kid? Should all of the NXT UK Tag Division worry about having to climb Moustache Mountain once again?

My Thoughts:

This was a very good NXT UK, but perhaps is more of a way to bridge things to bigger episodes for Spring and Summer. Coffey VS Dennis was good but of course the rest of Gallus and The Hunt show up to brawl. The Six Man is happening next week and that is going to be great. It could go either way, but if Joe Coffey is teasing another go with Rampage Brown, I feel like Gallus has to win that. Coffey lost to Rampage in their first match, and Rampage lost to Walter, so Coffey at least needs momentum going into the rematch to have a chance at winning it. That is, if he’s going to win it. Rampage and Joe Coffey are perhaps two guys who have the misfortune of Walter being in NXT UK because he is so strong as champion, Rampage and Coffey are capped at upper midcard.

Gradwell VS Mastiff was a match that basically came outta nowhere, even with that little skit last week, but what a great win for Gradwell. There’s so much potential for Gradwell, not just in NXT UK but overall, so if he can string together wins to either get at the Heritage Cup or even get a shot at the UK Championship, that’d be great. Dragunov watching himself in replays was a great way to push his story forward without even really saying much of anything. Having Teoman’s next match be against another new NXT UK superstar is an interesting move, but it could turn into a bit of a sleeper hit since Teoman is very aggressive and agile, and I imagine so will Rohan Raja. That match can go either way, but it’ll definitely benefit both men in the long run.

Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan 2 being a No Disqualification Loser Leaves match is quite the escalation but it is great for story. Williams won already, I have a feeling Jordan wins this time, and loser leaves NXT UK to go to 205 Live or even NXT Prime to challenge Kushida. Williams VS Kushida could even be about the Back to the Future theme they both love. Jinny VS Luna was alright, but of course Conners is a factor. I have a feeling Jinny & Conners are going to be the “mixed tag” team, Luna can team with either Mark Andrews or Flash Morgan Webster and still have a great match, and there’s a chance the first combination loses to compel the second combination to try.

The tag main event and Moustache Mountain’s return was really good, though it clocked in under 15 minutes. Sha & Dar make a good tag team, too, and I really thought they were going to get the upset win there. But Bate & Seven need the momentum, they are still a great team, and so they get the win. Bate may or may not beat A-Kid for the Heritage Cup, but Moustache Mountain really should get back into the UK Tag Division to fire it back up.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/21/21)

Power VS Work, what wins?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Much of AEW’s landscape could change in one night!

Never before has Dynamite been this volatile! Team Taz is going for the kill as “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to work Christian Cage over, and Ricky Starks looks to take the #1 spot from Hangman Adam Page!


  • Hangman Page VS Ricky Starks w/ Hook; Hangman wins.
  • Trent w/ Orange Cassidy VS Penta El Zero M w/ Alex Abrahantes; Penta wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida VS Tay Conti; Shida wins and retains the title.
  • QT Marshall w/ The Factory VS Billy Gunn w/ The Gunn Club; Marshall wins.
  • Christian Cage VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Team Taz; Christian wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Jungle Boy w/ Luchasaurus; Darby wins and retains the title.


Hangman Page VS Ricky Starks w/ Hook!

The Anxious Millennial Cowboy is THE #1 contender, but that could change if Absolute takes him down! Will Starks prove Hangman can’t handle the pressure? Or will Hangman be number one with a bullet?

The bell rings as Taz joins commentary to watch his guy closely. Hangman and Starks circle as fans fire up. They tie up, Starks waistlocks but Hangman throws him off. Starks headscissors, Hangman kips free and headlocks for the takeover. Starks headscissors again, Hangman kips out again and the two stare down. Fans fire up as Hangman dodges a haymaker to BOOT and CHOP! Hangman whips, Starks reverses to kick low. Starks runs, Hangman follows, things speed up and Hangman catches Starks for a SLAM! Hangman bumps Starks off buckles, stomps him down, and the ref counts so Hangman lets off at 4.

Hangman gives Hook a glance before going back to Starks in the corner. Hangman scrapes Starks’ face on ropes, lets off as the ref reprimands, and Starks grabs ropes to resist the whip. Hangman CLUBS Starks, whips him but Starks dodges only to be sent out to the apron. Starks ducks the triangle lariat, but not the second TRIANGLE LARIAT! And then Hangman PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up while Hook seethes. Hangman gets Starks up and in, Taz admits Hangman is legit, and Hangman goes back after Starks with a pump handle and half nelson! FALL AWAY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO as Starks SLAPS Hangman on the chest!

Fans rally up as Hangman stalks Starks to ropes. Hangman brings him up, around and suplexes, but Starks knees free. Starks swings but into a clinch. He breaks free, then sends Hangman into ropes! Hangman flounders and fans boo but Starks says he’s that much smarter. Starks stomps Hangman at ropes, bends him against them, then lets off at 4. Starks strikes a pose, Hangman CHOPS him back! Starks kicks and clubs Hangman, whips him corner to corner hard, and Hangman bounces off buckles to hit the mat! Starks drags Hangman up, snapmares and CLUBS him with the forearm to the back! Starks soaks up heat as he gets Hangman up again,

Starks whips, wraps Hangman up but Hangman powers out. Starks redirects, Hangman switches, GERMAN SUPLEX! Starks rolls to his feet, but is put on the apron. Starks ROCKS Hangman, springboards, but into a LARIAT! Fans fire up as both men are down. Hangman gets up, Starks clutches his leg and neck as he gets to ropes, but Starks hobbles over. Hangman ROCKS Starks again and again, then dodges to scoop, for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman gets Starks back up, dead lift suplexes and hits a BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Starks is tough to say the least, but Hangman won’t let off. Fans rally up for Hangman as he stalks Starks to a corner.

Hangman runs in to clothesline Starks, roll him and run, but Starks dodges the slider! Starks elbows from a corner, goes up and up but Hangman gets him for an Alabama! Starks uses that to get Hangman up for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Hangman lives and Starks can’t believe it! Starks kicks at Hangman as he gets up, and then drags Hangman up as fans rally. Starks reels Hangman in, but Hangman RAMS him into a corner! Starks still clubs Hangman, hops up the corner, and adjusts his position, only for Hangman to ROCK him with a right! Hangman climbs up, all the way up, and hits a SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM!! Fans are thunderous as both men rise again!

Hangman aims with a wild look in his eye, and he LARIATS Starks inside-out! Cover, TWO!?! Starks survives and now Hangman is shocked! Hangman goes to the apron and he loads up his best! Starks flounders to his feet, slingshot but Starks dodges to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO?!?! Hangman lives and Starks is almost in tears! Starks drags Hangman up and reels him in. Hangman resists, Starks clubs away, then gets Hangman up. Hangman flips it to an Alabama! Starks drops to waistlock, Hangman switches and throws Starks to the BULLY CHOKE!!! He even hooks a leg, Starks TAPS! Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by submission

Hangman’s modified STF was absolutely devastating! But Taz tells Hangman, “You got lucky! You’re the #1 ranked wrestler here, I know you’re toughness, but you just got lucky, my friend.” Watch your back because look who’s there! HOOK chop blocks Hangman! Hook stomps Hangman, and Starks gets Hangman up. Hangman BOOTS Hook, ROCKS Starks and Hook, but then he’s still in a 2v1 situation! Brian Cage comes out now, drags Hangman up and reels him in! But here comes THE DARK ORDER! They run Team Taz off and save their friend! Will Taz’s #AbsoluteMachines have to answer to Page and his posse?


The Elite is arriving!

They’ve made Brandon Cutler their private cameraman? And Mike Nakazawa opens the door to their private trailer. What will Kenny Omega, the Good Brothers & The Young Bucks be up to tonight?


Trent w/ Orange Cassidy VS Penta El Zero M w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Best Friends are back at 100% now that Trent’s at 100%, and they 100% want payback on Death Triangle for all the blindsides and sneak attacks of the past! But will Trent be an example to his friends as to what happens when you mess with Cero Miedo?

The bell rings, the two circle and fans fire up already. Penta and Trent approach, tie up, and Penta wrenches to a wristlock. Penta wrangles Trent down, Trent gets up to roll and trip Penta. Trent gets a headlock and cover, ONE! Penta headscissors, Trent kips free, and the fans fire up again. Penta takes off the glove, and throws it at Orange! CERO! MIEDO! Trent throws forearms and CHOPS! Penta back kicks, shouts Cero Miedo again and whips, but Trent reverse. Things speed up, Trent hits a FLYING DOUBLE KNEE! Trent gets Penta up for a SAIDO! Penta bails out, Trent builds speed but Penta trips him up to throw him into railing!

Penta goes to the ring, fans fire up and Penta builds speed, but Trent gets in to CLOBBER Penta! Penta bails out, Trent FLIES! Direct hit and they hit the railing! Trent gets up as fans fire up. Trent puts Penta in as Alex coaches him, and Trent runs in at the corner. Penta dodges, KICKS, but then misses the splash! Trent hits a tornado but not the DDT! Penta dodges to springboard crossbody! Things keep moving, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Penta reels Trent in, Cero Miedo and underhooks but Trent slips out. Penta dodges to SUPERKICK! Penta runs but into a ROLLING ELBOW! Double clotheslines collide, then Trent spins Penta to TORNADO DDT!

Fans fire up as Trent whips Penta, but Penta springboards to the DESTROYER!! Both men are down and fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture!

A standing count begins and climbs, but Penta sits up at 4. Penta and Trent slowly rise, and Penta is up at about 7. Penta KICKS Trent down, and fires up again. Penta talks trash to Orange then drags Trent up to throw him out. Penta goes out, gets in Orange’s face, then goes back to Trent. Penta puts Trent up against the railing to CHOP! Trent staggers about, Alex is there to talk some trash but he backs off as Trent storms over. Penta stalks up behind Trent, has Alex rub in the new merch shirt, and then Penta powers up his hand. Trent dodges and the chop hits post! Trent ROCKS Penta with a right and AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Penta throws down hands on Trent. The ref reprimands about closed fists, so Penta lets off to put Trent in a corner. Penta throws forearms and CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Penta whips but Trent reverses, only for Penta to go up and over. Trent denies the backstabber, to then get his HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent fires up and aims from a corner, to PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives but Trent puts him in a corner and hoists him up top. Trent CHOPS Penta, climbs up but Penta slips out to SUPERKICK a leg out! Penta gets a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! Trent lives but Penta keeps his cool.

Penta drags Trent up, CHOPS him in the corner, whips him corner to corner and Trent tumbles up then comes back, into Penta’s half nelson and pump handle! PUMP HANDLE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! The fans are thunderous as Penta stalks Trent to an apron. Penta wants Orange to watch this, as he tucks Trent in! Trent fights free and they brawl with forearms and CHOPS on the edge! CHOP for CHOP, but Trent kicks low! Trent reels Penta in, APRON PILEDRIVER!! Both men fall to the floor, fans say “This is Awesome!” and far from over! Trent dares Penta to get up, then he runs in to SPEAR Penta down! Trent fires up and the fans fire up, too!

But Alex gets a mic to tell Trent that Penta wanted to relay a message to him. Trent sucks, his friends suck and guess who sucks the most? TRENT’S MAMA sucks! Trent gets a chair and chases Alex into the ring! But Orange is there! Orange is putting his hands in his pockets! But Penta SUPERKICKS Orange down! And Alex CLOCKS Trent with the mic!! PACKAGE DRIVER!! Cover, Penta wins!!

Winner: Penta El Zero M, by pinfall

Alex just gave Penta a huge assist in that match! Will the Best Friends have to worry about more than just Death Triangle’s three in their mission for revenge?


Jim Ross sits down with The Pinnacle.

The world is buzzing as we count down to Blood & Guts. JR brings up that Chris Jericho had some fiery words for this group, especially MJF. What is their reaction to that? MJF says it was called the “immortal promo.” Jericho got one thing right about the scarf. Not that he stole it from Jericho, but that he’s been rocking it since the Rosie O’Donnell show. It’s old, haggard, and it’s Spring. That means new things. Tully Blanchard is home writing up some plays, but he got them this gift. Wardlow says that Tully said it’s silk season! A new silk scarf, in the same MJF colors, and MJF is fresh.

Wardlow says that “immortal promo” being the perfect promo, almost was perfect. Jericho’s one of the best talkers. Not MJF level, but good. Jericho cut the best promo of his entire career, which is saying a lot. Until he got to Wardlow. Jericho kinda stumbled with his words there, didn’t he? Because the moment “Wardlow” came out of Jericho’s mouth, he knew he was doing something wrong. MJF says Jericho, the first ever AEW World Champion and the most charismatic man in wrestling, the GOAT, has been leading the industry for years, until now.

Now, Jericho stands in front of a bunch of B players so he looks like an A, and he wrestles a bunch of A players so he doesn’t look like a B. And when it comes to elevating talent around him, MJF gives him an F. The “Jericho rub” is really just him wrestling against guys fans already want to see, and then claiming their popularity comes from him. For example, and this is just a few: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy and now… MJF. Smart, and MJF doesn’t blame him. For 30 years, Jericho has been outsmarting everyone who comes his way, until now. MJF is the one man he couldn’t outsmart or hold under his thumb.

And why is that? Because he IS Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF isn’t just good for a 25-year-old, no. “THAT’S HORSESHIT!!” MJF is great, period! When Jericho was 25, he was curtain jerking on worldwide, but MJF? He’s a top guy who hangs around top guys! They are THE best faction in wrestling today, THE PINNACLE! And they’re all winners! MJF is still undefeated, so it was so odd to him when Jericho said he shouldn’t claim to be better than anyone until he can prove himself better than Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa. Well that’s funny, because if memory serves correctly, MJF already beat Jericho! Where does that put him on the totem pole? That makes MJF better than Jericho, and he knows it.

But how about this? Instead of sending out “that stooge,” Mike Tyson, to sucker punch one of his brothers in arms, send out the family so MJF can send out his, and they beat the Pinnacle. For the sake of pride and pride alone, Jericho should try to beat MJF, because Lord knows MJF will do the same. So yes, Jericho got one thing right in the “immortal promo.” MJF is a mark. But not for Jericho, but for his spot! And so alongside his family, MJF will take that spot! Because hen you’re The Pinnacle, you’re always on top! Will Blood & Guts see The Pinnacle end The Inner Circle once and for all?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida VS Tay Conti!

The biggest opportunity of the Brazilian Blackbelt’s life is here! There is a legacy to this title already, and Conti wants to add to it. The Full Metal Warrior acknowledges that Conti is pretty, is athletic, is skilled, and will be a champion one day, just not tonight. Shida vows to hold this title to defend it in front of a full crowd, but will Conti win it in front of those fortunate enough to be here for this match?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Shida’s reign ends before hitting its anniversary!

Shida and Conti are both wary about the handshake, so they both bow to each other instead. They circle, tie up and go around, and Conti puts Shida on ropes. The ref counts, Conti lets off and avoids Shida’s forearm! Shida shoves, kicks and whips, but Conti reverses to ROCK Shida with a right! Shida smiles! Shida fires a forearm, Conti returns it and they fire off! Shida gets the edge, knees low, then knees again! Shida knees a third time, reels Conti in but Conti blocks! They battle over the sayanagi but Conti shifts to a headlock! Shida powers up but can’t power out as Conti holds tight. Shida fights but Conti hits the sayanagi!

Conti runs, runs and KICKS Shida down! She keeps going and KICKS Shida again! Cover, TWO! Conti is right after an arm! Shida rolls, Conti keeps on the arm to wrangle Shida down, and has a chicken wing body scissor combo! Shida scrambles, reaches with a foot and gets the ropebreak! Conti lets off at 2, Shida bails out and fans are fired up as they duel. Conti aims from the apron, Shida ducks the kick then trips Conti up! Shida positions Conti on the apron, CLUBS her, then runs in to KNEE her! Shida is fired up as Conti flops to the floor! Shida drags Conti up, RAMS her into railing hard, then brings her around to whip into more railing.

Conti stops herself but turns around into an ENZIGURI! Shida then suplexes Conti for a BRAINBUSTER to the floor! Fans are thunderous and chant, “HOLY SHIDA!” Shida puts Conti in the ring, drags her around and stomps her down! Shida focuses on the back as she stomps, and digs her knees in for the Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Conti endures as Shida thrashes her then pops her to a body scissors! Conti resists, but Shida gets the arms for a motorcycle stretch! Shida digs her boots into Conti’s back to pop her off, into a CAMEL CLUTCH! Conti endures, reaches, but Shida dribbles her off the mat! Shida keeps pulling, using her chin for leverage, and AEW goes picture in picture!

Conti moves, reaches, and gets a ropebreak! Shida lets off fast but she stomps Conti at the ropes. Shida scuffs Conti to egg her on, then drops a  heavy elbow! Conti gets away but Shida hurries after. Shida scoops Conti for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Shida grits her teeth and KICKS Conti in the back! Shida has Conti at ropes again, chokes her, pulls hair, but the ref counts and Shida lets off at 4. Shida drags Conti up, brings her around and bumps her off buckles. Shida then bumps Conti off them again, and stomps a mudhole! Shida storms off corner to corner to come back and SLIDING KNEE! Shida drags Conti to a cover, TWO!

Shida keeps on Conti with another camel clutch! Conti endures, fans rally, and Conti reaches out. Shida pulls hair, slaps Conti around, then drags her up, only for Conti to throw forearms! Shida eggs her on and Conti throws more forearms! Conti runs but Shida drop toeholds her to ropes! Shida runs in and KNEES Conti against ropes! AEW returns to single picture as Shida goes up and drags Conti to the top. SUPERPLEX! But Conti is right up to BOOT Shida down! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as both women are down. Shida gets up but Conti rallies! Conti wrenches, drop sayanagi! And another! And another! Conti reels Shida in for a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Fans are fired up with Conti as she runs corner to corner and BOOTS Shida! Then side to side for the BOOT WASH!! Conti reels Shida in, ripcord but no roundhouse! Shida bumps Conti off buckles, fires forearms, then runs corner to corner, only to be put up top! TOP SHELF KICK! Conti keeps Shida up there, climbs up to get her, TOP SHELF BACK SENTON!! Cover, TWO!?!? Conti can’t believe Shida survived that! Conti gets Shida up, hammerlocks, but Shida RAMS her into a corner! Shida whips but Conti blocks to ROCK Shida! Conti runs, but Shida hits a KNEE! Shida gets Conti back up, for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Conti survives and Shida is furious!

Shida powers up, takes aim and runs, but Conti anchors the foot. Shida clubs Conti, hoists her up, and uses the Canadian rack to put Conti up top. Shida climbs, Conti ROCKS her! Shida forearms back, and headbutts! Shida hoists Conti up to the fireman’s carry, for a SUPER BACKBREAKER to the corner! Conti flops to the floor after “The Witch’s Shot” and the ref checks on her. Conti’s okay to continue so Shida gets Conti in, and aims, but Conti ducks the katana kick! Roll through and BOOT! Gory Especial, TAY-K-O!!! Cover, TWO!??!! Shida survives but Conti keeps going! Shida Alabama lifts Conti for the CRUNCHY!! Cover, TWO!?!?? How are they doing this?!

Shida gets Conti up but Conti ROCKS her with a right! And another! And another! Conti fires off, kicks but into a SLAP!! Shida reels Conti into a fireman’s carry, WITCH’S SHOT, to the KATANA KICK!! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

This battle of true warriors was an instant classic! But in the end, the champion retains her title! And now, The Doctor, Britt Baker, walks out to ruin the fun. And now that Conti has lost, Britt Baker is the #1 contender! But Shida throws her kendo stick at her! Britt scurries off, but she’ll be back for that title! Will Shida be able to keep her reign going until she can celebrate with the world?


Miro speaks.

“Another week, and no Kip. I hate unresolved business.” He needs his vindication, so he doesn’t care who you are! You can walk around here with your “slimy Impact mouth,” or your “emo facepaint daddy.” If you have a title, you have a Miro problem. AEW can make him jump through hoops and distractions all they want, but Miro will not be denied! The question now is: which champion does Miro beat first? Will Kenny Omega and Darby Allin both have to worry about The Best Man?


Tony Schiavone interviews The Inner Circle!

Chris Jericho leads his team into the ring as fans sing Judas for him. Schiavone says it was quite a moment last week with Tyson in the ring with them, and surely they heard The Pinnacle’s comments earlier tonight. Jericho says, “Who cares about The Pinnacle? I just heard the Inner Circle Squad as loud as you can be on a Wednesday night, baby!” Fans cheer for that, and then Jericho says there’s a lot of energy and here’s why: May 5th, right here in Jacksonville, it is Blood & Guts, finally for the first time ever! It’ll be the most violent and brutal match ever seen on TNT, it’ll leave a trail of tears all the way to the front door of The Pineapple. Or, Pinnacle.

And it started last week when honorary member Iron Mike knocked Cash Wheeler’s teeth down his throat! It probably caused him to have his jaw wired shut in order to eat dinner! Jake Hager says that’s right, and they have a few gifts for Cash and the Pinnacle: STRAWS! Because when the Inner Circle gets through with them, they’ll all be sucking down dinners through those for a month! “YOU SUCK!!” Wow, nice one, Hager. How do you say “straw” in Spanish, Sammy? El Sturururaw. It’s actually “pajita” but okay.

But the thing is, as they watched the Pinnacle sit-down, no one else said anything. MJF yaks on and Wardlow said something but Jericho can never pay attention to him seeing those stupid manicured eyebrows. But the others all seem like mutes! Santana says that, if his memory serves him right, since day one of those guys being in AEW, they’ve been name-dropping, calling people out and wanting to wrestle the best. But then, they wait until they have a crew behind them! That’s smart on their part. But where Santana & Ortiz come from, “we call those ‘bitch moves.'” Now boys, we saw the color of your blood! But come May 5th, we’re going to see the size of your hearts!

Jericho agrees, The Pinnacle talks behind their backs, but MJF never shuts up! Yakkity yakkity yak, but Jericho never feels any conviction in those words. MJF is still delivering lines like he’s in his high school drama class that his teacher gave him out of a script. Jericho doesn’t feel what MJF is saying. MJF is still singing showtunes on Rosie O’Donnell. MJF was great at that, but Jericho can sing showtunes, too! HE wrote one about My Jerkoff Friend tonight! Wanna hear it? The fans do! Well alright. “His name is little Jacob Friedman Max~! His head looks like a troll and that’s a fact~! He’s such a dipshit and you know it’s true~! I shoved his head down a toilet and flushed it down~! I gave him a swirly!”

Fans now chant “Swirly! Swirly!” and Jericho smirks. He’ll tell you something else: MJF’s new silk scarf? Jericho scrubbed his ass with it before Tully gave it to him! But the bottom line is this: It’s fun to make jokes about The Pinnacle and My Jerkoff Friend, but Blood & Guts will be a lesson in violence you will never forget! And what exactly are the rules? The first-time-ever, no more cutting promos out here while MJF is in the back! Next week, fact to face, Inner Circle and Pinnacle are having an good ol’ fashioned parley. That is to say, when two opposing armies meet peacefully to discuss plans.

But here’s Jericho’s plan right now: “At Blood & Guts, MJF, I am going to beat the living hell out of you! You understand me?! And if you think that’s a line from drama class, Oliver Twist, think again! Because we are crazier than you, and you know it!!” The worst is yet to come, because God help MJF, He better own your soul because in Blood & Guts, The Inner Circle will own your ass!! Is this ONE MATCH EVENT going to redefine what it is to be violent in pro-wrestling!?


QT Marshall w/ The Factory VS Billy Gunn w/ The Gunn Club!

After betraying the Nightmare Family and doing so at the expense of his boys, Austin & Colten, Papa Gunn is stepping up to shoot down Cody’s former friend. But will the head of the Factory just cross off another blindly loyal member of Cody’s crew?

But as soon as QT and his crew get on stage, Billy fires off on them! Billy DECKS Solow, DECKS Comoroto, and then throws QT into the ring! The bell rings, Billy fires off on QT with haymaker after haymaker, but shouts at the ref to back off. Billy goes after QT again to whip him corner to corner hard! QT tumbles up and out but Billy BLASTS him off the apron! QT hits railing, Billy goes out to ram him into more! Billy bumps QT off the apron, then back into the railing! Then an APRON BACK SUPLEX! QT crawls into the ring, Billy stalks him and QT begs for mercy, only to get a rain of fists! QT pushes Billy away then BOOTS him from below!

QT gets up to whip but Billy reverses. QT dodges, ducks but runs into a scoop SLAM! Fans are fired up as Billy storms around. QT flops out of the ring and his Factory regroup with him, but Billy runs them off. Billy gets to QT to throw haymakers! Comoroto & Solow creep closer but the Gunn boys tell them to back off. Billy DECKS QT, drags him back up, and then glares at Comoroto. Billy RAMS QT into railing again, the ref tells them to get this in the ring. Billy tells him to get the Factory back, but while the ref is busy checking on QT, Comoroto POSTS Billy! So Austin and Colten jump after him and Solow! The Gunns go after the Freak Beast and then RAM him into the stage!

The brawling continues around behind the timekeeper’s area, but at least that means Billy and QT will be 1v1. Billy gets in the ring, QT drags him up and throws clubbing forearms. Billy just gets mad! Billy fires up as QT gets worried, and QT kicks low! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Billy lives and QT is furious! Fans chant, “QT SUCKS!” as Billy slowly sits up. QT ROCKS him with haymakers but Billy eggs him on! QT gets Billy up, throws more hands, and then QT says, “SUCK IT!” But Billy ROCKS and DECKS QT over and over! Billy whips, scoops and BLUE THUNDER BOMBS QT! But Billy isn’t done there, he fires up and tells QT, “SUCK IT!” Billy runs, but QT dodges to-

NO! No cutter! QT bails out to the ramp, Billy stalks him, and then throws him back in. But Anthony Ogogo is here! SUCKER PUNCH to the liver!! The ref missed it while checking on QT again! Fans boo as QT gets Billy up and hits the DIAMOND CUTTER! Cover, QT wins!

Winner: QT Marshall, by pinfall

The Factory earned their keep helping QT out, but they’re not done there! Ogogo gets QT a wooden lawn chair?! QT aims at Billy, but wait! Here comes DUSTIN RHODES! And the Natural hits the Gifted first with what looks to be a cattle bell! Dustin fires off haymakers, whips but QT reverses, only for Dustin to CLOBBER him! Dustin throws more hands, CHOPS QT in a corner, then throws more hands! QT shoves Dustin but runs into the POWERSLAM! Dustin fires up as he gets the cattle bell and bull rope back! He chooses not to use that, to use QT’s lawn chair! Ogogo gets QT out of the ring and rolls up his sleeves. But Comoroto is back!

Dustin dodges to SMACK Comoroto! The chair explodes but Comoroto doesn’t even budge!! The refs rush out to stop this from getting any wilder! Will the Natural lead the charge against The Factory and shut them down?


The Elite speaks.

Brandon Cutler lets them know that they’re live, and Don Callis starts off with some history. Callis loves history, and he tells us that as a student of history, there’s never been an assemblage of talent like there is before us. There’s the Good Brothers, Doc Gallows & Arn Anderson. There’s the Young Bucks, Matt & Nick Jackson in a romp-him and an ornate track suit, respectively. And of course, there’s Kenny “BAH GAWD” Omega, THE AEW World Champion, AAA Mega Champion, and soon to be Impact World Champion!

Matt says, “This group of individuals is the reason why business went up in Japan. This group of individuals is the reason why there is a world-famous T-shirt sold in retail stores in America. That’s us! This group of individuals are the people that sparked the movement that created the revolution called ‘All Elite Wrestling!'” Nick adds that this isn’t All Moxley Kingston Wrestling, now is it? It’s not! Omega says those two are back tonight! Oh~ no~! How is Kingston’s boo-boo doing? But you know exactly where the Elite is, so come find them! Come and knock on their door~! The Elite dares the “tough guys” to do something.

But Omega gets serious, and says that for all the people that hate The Elite, hate what they stand for and what they’re about, he has news for them. But wait, what is that honking outside? Can we stop that? Omega is upset but he has to keep going. The honking doesn’t stop, though. Can we call security? Who is that?! They see it out the window but maybe they should tell that person to shut up. Wait, it’s Moxley and Kingston in that truck!! And they definitely come get the Elite by RAMMING THEIR TRAILER!! Moxley and Kingston get out and they get the pipe! You think this is a game?! You think these two are just playing?! They smash the window and then open the trailer door!

Wait, no one is in here? Did they cut and run? Where’d they go? Moxley says stop stealing sneakers, Kingston. But The Elite doesn’t want none of these two! These two are too real! What cowards. #BitchAF. But the Elite is done! Kingston & Moxley head out after smashing the window again, and go to get some steaks. Will Kingston & Moxley not be satisfied until they’ve ripped The Elite apart one by one?


Christian Cage VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

Captain Charisma wants to prove he is the workhorse of AEW and can #OutWorkEveryone. But Team Taz’s big, bad brute sure gave Christian some work last week! Will Christian be able to handle his business? Or will he just be dealing with some Town Business?

The bell rings, fans rally for Christian as he and Hobbs tie up, but Hobbs powers Christian to a corner. The ref counts, Hobbs lets off and dares Christian to show that work ethic. They circle, tie up again, and Hobbs TOSSES Christian to the ramp! Christian steadies himself, Hobbs waits for him, and Christian returns to try again. They circle, tie up, and Christian waistlocks. Hobbs pries free, switches, and then SLAMS Christian! Christian gets up but Hobbs pie faces him. Christian SLAPS Hobbs, then SLAPS him again! Hobbs scowls, gives chase around the outside and back in, and Christian throws hands! Hobbs stumbles, Christian runs and WRECKS Hobbs with a dropkick!

Fans fire up as Christian goes out, ducks a clothesline but not the LEFT HAND LARIAT! Hobbs grins as he looms over Christian. “All you had to do was say ‘yes!'” Hobbs brings Christian up and TOSSES him into the crowd of wrestlers ringside! They give Christian and Hobbs room as Hobbs pulls the curtain back. Hobbs clears more space, and again says all Christian had to do was say yes to the offer. Hobbs digs Christian’s face into the railing! The ref counts, Hobbs lets off, and the workhorse is definitely getting that work as AEW goes picture in picture.

Hobbs snarls as he comes back to get Christian against barriers and CLUB him back to ringsides! Hobbs puts Christian in the ring, stomps him around, then drags him up to a dragon sleeper. Hobbs mocks the Peep Show and hits the INVERTED DDT! Cover, TWO! Hobbs wraps Christian up with a chinlock and grinds him down! Christian endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Hobbs knees low, whips Christian hard into ropes, and Christian sputters from that impact to his chest. Hobbs talks some trash before he pulls Christian into the ropes! The ref counts, Hobbs lets off again and takes his time dragging Christian back to center for another thrashing chinlock.

Christian endures as Hobbs leans on the hold. Hobbs headbutts Christian, throws him down, then watches him drag himself up. Christian throws body shots and haymakers! He ROCKS Hobbs, but Hobbs knees low! Hobbs grins again, stalks Christian, and claws at his face before wrapping on another chinlock. Christian again endures the grind, and fans rally as AEW returns to single picture. Christian fights up, fights back with more body shots, and is free! Christian uppercuts, gets the arms, but Hobbs powers out of the Unprettier! Hobbs says that isn’t going to work on him, and he gets Christian up to TOSS him corner to corner! Christian sputters as Hobbs takes his time walking over.

Hobbs stands on Christian while looking for the peeps! Hobbs goes up and drops, but the Vader Bomb gets boots! Christian gets up as fans rally and he ROCKS Hobbs with haymakers! Christian goes again and again then whips but Hobbs reverses, Hobbs misses in the corner, Christian SWING KICKS! Christian ho8ps up, leaps and hits a FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Hobbs isn’t done that easily but Christian sticks close. Christian throws hands, chokes Hobbs on the ropes,  and stands on him! He lets off at 4 to slingshot and uppercut! Hobbs staggers away, Christian hurries back in, but he runs into the SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Christian survives and Hobbs is furious!

Hobbs stalks Christian to a corner, fans fire up and Christian elbows back! Christian goes up, reels Hobbs in, but Hobbs powers out to ROCK Christian! Hobbs climbs up but Christian slips under to POWERBOMB! Christian goes back up top, for a FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Christian won’t let frustration get to him as he watches Hobbs slowly rise. Christian runs in, but Hobbs BODY CHECKS him first! Hobbs wasn’t going to let Christian get Rated R, and he drags him to a corner. Hobbs runs in to HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO!!! Christian narrowly gets free, and now Hobbs is mad. Hobbs drags Christian up, but Christian gets around to get a SLEEPER!

Christian is a backpack, Hobbs pops Christian around! RAM into the corner, then turn around, but Christian slips out! KILLSWITCH!! Cover, Christian wins!!

Winner: Christian Cage, by pinfall

Powerhouse Hobbs was looking for the peeps when he should’ve been watching Captain Charisma! It’s still up for debate if Christian is a workhorse, but he has the heart of a fighter! Will that lead him to the top of another company? Wait, Ricky Starks hobbles out to check on Hobbs. Starks didn’t beat Hangman, but will he want to push Christian to the absolute limit?


BIG matches are in store for next week’s Dynamite!

Penta dealt with one Best Friend, now he’s on to Orange Cassidy! Will Penta be making some Freshly Squeezed orange juice? Or will Cassidy succeed where Trent failed? And the honorary Best Friend, Kris Statlander, looks to settle things with Mrs. Superbad, Penelope Ford, once and for all! Plus, in an AEW World Tag Team Championship “Eliminator Match,” The Young Bucks will take on the Sydal Brothers! If Mike & Matt succeed, they will get a title shot at Matt & Nick down the line! And after the confrontation we saw earlier tonight, Dustin Rhodes returns to lead Billy Gunn and Big Shotty, Lee Johnson, against QT and the Factory! Will the Nightmare Family finally be avenged?

And while Ricky Starks couldn’t outdraw the Cowboy, perhaps The Machine will knock Hangman off the number one spot! Will not even the Buckshot be enough to stop the Path of Cage?


Jade Cargill speaks.

“Let me give you the scoop. Every manager here in AEW is looking to sign me,” because she is the hottest commodity in AEW. Matt Hardy would, for a “wee” fee, of course. Vickie Guerrero knows Cargill would be the perfect fit for the Vicious Vixens, because she is a strong, empowered woman who loves titles. Jade Cargill doesn’t need a manager, she is her own boss. If anyone is going to sign her, they better make her a hell of a deal. Is this the beginning of a bidding war for #ThatBitch?


AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Jungle Boy w/ Luchasaurus!

It’s a battle of two fan favorites who couldn’t be any more different! The Relentless One has been a fighting champion, and Jurassic Express’ front man has been fighting for a championship! Darby dared JB to leave the dazzling smile at the door and get down and gritty, but will JB stay true to himself and win anyway?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Jungle Boy can man-up and take the title from the Face of the Network!

Darby and JB stare down as fans rally up. Darby and JB approach as fans rally and duel, and they tie up! They are in a deadlock but JB gets leverage to push Darby back into a corner. The ref counts, Darby turns it around but he lets off on the second count. Darby stares JB down as he backs off, but JB keeps his cool. They approach again, knuckle lock, but Darby lets off as the energy builds. They try again, knuckle lock and knuckle lock, Darby sweeps a leg to cover! TWO as JB Matrix bridges out, but Darby gets him for a crucifix! TWO, and Darby is after JB with a facelock. Darby shifts to a headlock and holds on tight as JB tries to power out. Darby hits a takeover, JB rolls to a cover, ONE!

JB gets up, powers out, and things speed up. JB hits a headlock takeover on the run! JB traps an arm, uses that to turn Darby over and go after both arms for a ghost pin! TWO, but JB stays on Darby’s shoulder. Darby gets mad but he gets up, and fans sing JB’s theme song but Darby throws JB with a fireman’s carry takedown. Darby runs but JB gets him with another takeover! JB is after the arm, Darby fights up and JB wrenches to a wristlock. Darby puts JB in the corner, the ref counts and Darby whips corner to corner. JB goes up and over and rolls back, and hits another quick takeover! JB is still after the arm, and he has a top wristlock on the mat.

Darby fights up, whips JB away, but JB whips only for Darby to springboard arm-drag! Darby stares JB down as fans fire up! JB shoots in, gets a leg, trips Darby up but Darby avoids the Snare Trap with a ropebreak! JB lets off but he keeps close to get on Darby’s nerves. JB shoulders Darby but Darby shoulders him back. Darby then trips JB up and throws down furious fists! The ref counts, Darby lets off and JB bails out. Darby hurries after him but JB CHOPS him! And CHOPS him! Darby POSTS JB and CHOPS him back! The ref reprimands them both to get in ring, but JB powers Darby to the railing and over them! They spill into the crowd of fellow wrestlers and AEW goes picture in picture!

Darby and JB both writhe while the ref goes out to check on them. JB gets up, but Darby staggers over. JB ROCKS Darby, knees him low, then throws him over the railing to the ring! Darby staggers around again as JB pursues. JB drags Darby up and puts him in the ring to cover, TWO! Darby grits his teeth but JB brings him up. JB whips and elbows Darby down to cover, TWO! JB keeps his cool, brings Darby up, and Darby rams JB into a corner! Darby CHOPS JB, then DECKS him! Darby whips JB corner to corner but JB reverses and Darby hits buckles hard! JB drags him to a drop zone, then climbs the corner. But Darby trips JB up first!

Darby climbs up to get JB in position, but JB fights back. Darby ROCKS JB, climbs again, and brings JB up for a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but fans fire up! Sting is stoic as a standing count starts. JB and Darby slowly sit up, crawl to opposite corner, and the standing count stops at 7. AEW returns to single picture as Darby runs in but JB elbows him first! Then ROCKS him with a forearm, puts him in the corner, but Darby BOOTS back! Darby runs back in but into a CORNER BELLY2BELLY! And a GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Darby survives but JB holds on to TIGER SUPLEX!! Bridging cover, TWO!!! Darby survives again and the fans are dueling again!

JB gets the waistlock back, Darby throws elbows. Darby switches, shoves, and ducks the rebound lariat to hit the THROWBACK STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! JB survives and Darby is furious! “This is Awesome!” and almost over as only TV time remains. JB goes to a corner, Darby runs corner to corner, and BODY BLOCKS JB, to then go again with another BODY BLOCK! Darby keeps going, but JB BOOTS him again! Darby staggers, JB hops up, POISON RANA!!! Darby hits hard but flops out of the ring! JB takes aim, builds speed, and DIVES! Direct hit sends Darby into railing but JB keeps going! Another DIVE! Another hit into railing but JB isn’t done! JB FLIES! DIRECT HIT!

Fans are thunderous after that tope conjilo! JB drags Darby back up and brings him around the way. JB puts Darby on the apron, climbs up to get in the ring, and only onw does Sting look worried as JB stands Darby up. JB goes to suplex but Darby uses the ropes to choke JB! Darby lets go at 4, then stands on JB’s head! He stops at 4 again, then stomps JB on the apron! The ref reprimands but Darby goes up the corner. APRON COFFIN DROP!! It hits but both men flop to the floor again! Fans are loving this “A E DUB!” main event for the “A E DUB!” TNT title! The ring count is 5 of 10 before either stirs, and Darby drags himself up and in at 6!

JB is still down, Luchasaurus shouts to him, but JB is up at 8, leaning against Luchasaurus. That’s enough for him to get in at 9.5!! Luchasaurus backs off because he was innocent, but Sting questions it! Luchasaurus defends himself to the Icon and puts a hand on his shoulder to keep him back. Sting catches that arm in a cording hold to ROCK Luchasaurus with haymakers! Sting and Luchasaurus brawl on stage! Sting kicks but Luchasaurus stays up to throw Sting down the tunnel! JB and Darby are up and they brawl in the ring! Darby shoves but JB rebounds to LARIAT!! JB gets Darby up fast for a BRAINBUSTER!! JB sits Darby up, BLINDSIDE LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!??

Fans fire up as JB gets the legs and the crossface for the SNARE TRAP!! Darby is fading fast but his hand still reaches! Darby gets his second wind and he drags himself to the ropes! JB drags Darby back to stand on the legs! And then he gets the arms, for the ROMERO SPECIAL, and a ROLLING SURFBOARD! JB then gets the legs again, SNARE TRAP!! Darby endures again as JB shifts to a cravat hold, but Darby claws at JB’s eyes! Darby gets free, but JB comes back to SLAP Darby! And slap and slap and slap! Fans are thunderous as they duel, but Darby whips. JB sunset flips, Darby rolls through to get the legs! LAST SUPPER CLUTCH!! DARBY WINS!!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Darby wasn’t the only one who was relentless in this match, but all it took was a split second and JB got caught! But before Darby can even hold his title, Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page attack!! These two bitter egomaniacs attack Darby and JB! They stomp JB down, and get Darby up for the EGO’S EDGE!! Scorpio wants a piece, but here comes LANCE ARCHER!! The Murderhawk Monster ROCKS Ethan, drags Scorpio off Darby, and has double choke grips, only to get a DOUBLE LOW BLOW!! Ethan & Scorpio mug Archer, but STING returns! And he has the bat!

Sting and Archer run Ethan & Scorpio off before getting a swing in! Will the Icon make sure All Ego & The Face of the Revolution don’t get ahead of themselves when it comes to the TNT Championship?

My Thoughts:

This was another awesome episode, and I think the biggest news gets left behind: Blood & Guts is going to be a ONE MATCH EVENT! Commentary said it, that’s how it’s going to be, as it should be, and that is awesome! An almost two HOUR match is awesome for network television, and for a faction feud that’s gotten as fired up as Inner Circle VS Pinnacle. Pinnacle had a good interview promo but it’s just as the Inner Circle pointed out: it was just MJF & Wardlow, when we know FTR can contribute and Shawn Spears can try to add something. But I’m sure they’ll all say their piece during the “parley” next week to make it even more clear just how they’ll make their take on WarGames last as close to 120 minutes as possible.

Hangman VS Starks was a great opener, but boy that German Suplex was rough. I don’t think Hangman got enough strength into it for Starks to actually land on his feet, or at least knees, but luckily it was still enough that Starks didn’t just fold. Starks’ leg might’ve been legit since he hobbled out after Christian VS Hobbs. Hangman continuing as the #1 contender is great in many different ways. He’s going to have the story of maintaining that top spot keeping him moving while we wait to have Omega’s contender for Double or Nothing named. Hangman VS Cage is going to be awesome stuff, and it could be a point of contention with Cage and Starks about who does better.

Christian VS Hobbs was very good. Again, I don’t really see Christian as the “top workhorse,” but him taking these kinds of hard hitting matches on his return is impressive nonetheless. Christian gets the win off of Hobbs’ hubris, and Starks staring Christian down sets up another strong match-up. I feel like Christian’s first loss in AEW will be treated as a big deal, too, given how AEW hyped his signing with them and the career legacy he has. It’ll probably be to Brian Cage, given the story he has with Team Taz, to establish Brian Cage as the alpha in Team Taz.

Trent VS Penta was a good start to the series of matches Best Friends and Death Triangle are going to have. I don’t think Penta needed Alex Abrahantes to help him with that, but it is really bringing Alex into his on-screen character for him to have done that. Penta VS Cassidy will also be great, and maybe Trent gets even with Penta and Alex to help Cassidy win. And this definitely needs to culminate in a Six Man match, maybe even at Double or Nothing. If AEW is still hoping to one day bring in trios titles, these two trios are prime choices for inaugural champions.

QT VS Billy was very good, but naturally The Factory helps QT win with some cheating. Ogogo bringing out a wooden lawn chair and Dustin showing up with the cow bell bull rope makes me want Dustin and QT, and possibly members of the Nightmare Family and The Factory, to battle it out in the second-ever Bunkhouse match. Dustin & QT were a great tag team, they won that match against Butcher & Blade, it’d be very fitting if they had it out in that match to solidify The Factory as a threat to AEW. Also, kudos to Comoroto for no selling the wooden chair shot. That guy should definitely be a TNT Championship challenger after The Factory gets past the Nightmare Family.

As awesome as it was for Moxley & Kingston to return by ramming The Elite’s trailer with their truck, it kinda exposed that the Elite’s trailer promo was pre-taped. How else could the Elite have gotten out of the trailer and run off without anyone seeing it? At the same time, Moxley & Kingston are still going to need back-up if they’re to really take on The Elite. Omega and his boys might come off as cowards but that’s why they’ll use the 5v2 advantage at some point. The Sydal Brothers might be up for joining Mox since there’s a story brewing with them and Omega through Dark and Elevation, and are more than likely going to be screwed out of their match with The Bucks next week.

And of course, we got two awesome title matches tonight! Shida VS Conti was awesome stuff and made a great halfway point. Conti perhaps came the closest of any of Shida’s challengers have to winning, but Shida is definitely making it to her one year anniversary before losing. Britt makes her presence known, and knowing Britt, she’ll even make the challenge for Double or Nothing 2021 because it’ll be a PPV with the big money and the big audiences. Darby VS Jungle Boy was an awesome main event, though I found Sting a bit confrontational if he was accusing Luchasaurus of cheating. Though, he also had to end up backstage if he was to return with the bat.

Ethan & Scorpio might be in for a tag match against any combination of Darby, Sting, Lance Archer and Jurassic Express, or even a serious involving all those choices, before either one of them gets a shot at the TNT title. Scorpio did have his shot after Revolution, so maybe Ethan goes first? Either way, we’re definitely looking at the future of AEW, and possibly all of wrestling, with JB, Darby, Scorpio and Ethan right here.

My Score: 9.3/10

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