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Rhea Ripley NXT Women's Champion


The Weekly Brainbuster: Matt’s Power Rankings 12/21/19

Matt Davis crunches the numbers to provide your Power Rankings for the week! Does Rhea Ripley take the top spot with her title win?

Matt Davis crunches the numbers to provide your Power Rankings for the week! Does Rhea Ripley take the top spot with her title win?

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Weekly Brainbuster Power Rankings! We are discussing the week of 12/13-12/19! We will be comparing WWE (RAW and SDL), NXT (205 Live, NXT, NXT UK), and AEW! Not much has changed in NJPW, so, the next NJPW update will be after WrestleKingdom in January.

These rankings are very much based on momentum as well as strength of opponent, weighing out “power rankings” based on head to head results. Each week, I will discuss five difference makers in wrestling and, using science, prove why they had the best week in wrestling! Greg DeMarco and I will compare our lists, giving you all two different types of power rankings!

1) NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley +26 [146 Overall Score]

No doubt The Nightmare deserved this spot after dethroning the most dominant women’s champion in WWE/NXT history this past Wednesday night. Not only did she win the championship after a 14 month long reign, but, she did so and had what many regard as perhaps the first or second best women’s singles match in the company this year! Undeniably our number one entry. I expect to see her in the Rumble.

2) WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day +19 [61 Overall Tag Score]

Great win at a major show over one of the best tag teams in wrestling, Kofi and Big E earned their spot here in the show stealing Ladder match that everyone has come to expect from this team and their opponents. I am really enjoying Kofi’s run with the tag titles here. Daniel Bryan had a very similar quality run as his time with the WWE Championship. Shelton Benjamin better get ready! (Points for anyone who gets that subtle reference)

3) Baron Corbin +24 [109 Overall Score]

The King has arrived in the WWE whether you like it or not. Corbin has been a very credible main event player in 2019, and he string of quality wins continued at TLC last Sunday against the Big Dog! Okay, so it wasn’t the cleanest of wins. And Roman speared Corbin to hell to end the show, but you always want to send the crowd happy. Corbin retired Angle, had a feud for the Universal Championship, won KOTR, and now has pinned the top wrestler in ELO ratings on Smackdown on a PPV. He has a rocket strapped to his back. Get ready for 2020.

Unfortunately, this article is an abbreviated version this week due to prepping for the holidays and other plans that have resulted in this being a short article on top of a day late!

We will return in January, as next week will be a special edition of The Brainbuster: The 2019 Year In Review!


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