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AEW News You Can Use: January 6-12, 2020

While the Elites celebrate a year of AEW, what else was going on in their world? Tiffany MC brings it all to you in your AEW News You Can Use! (Always Use Your Head, too…)

While the Elites celebrate a year of AEW, what else was going on in their world? Tiffany MC brings it all to you in your AEW News You Can Use! (Always Use Your Head, too…)

News, Tidbits, and Fun

Jericho Rock n Wrestling Cruise Updates

We are only a couple of weeks away from the Cruise of Jericho and Le Champion is still adding fun thing for fans to experience. This week, he announced that there would be a Meet and Greet Lunch for fans that wished to purchase it. It was also announced that Joey Janela would be joining the cruise, presumably to replace Kevin Nash, who had to cancel due to shooting a movie.

Cody Creates T-Shirt to Help Australian Bushfire Victims

I’m sure that everyone is aware of the horrifying bushfire situation in Australia. A lot of companies and celebrities are getting in on the act of donating money to help the victims who have lost their homes, and to help save Australia’s beautiful wildlife. This week, Cody announced that he would be using a previously unseen retro design on a shirt to be sold on Pro Wrestling Tees and 100% of the profits would be donated to the NSW (New South Wales) Rural Fire Service.

Take: I applaud Cody, and everyone else who is donating items or outright money to help Australia.

AEW Coming to Colorado and Utah

AEW is heading west. In March, they will doing Dynamite in Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, respectively, on March 4 and 11th. Tickets went on sale on Friday, so if you’re in Colorado or Utah, grab those tickets!

Cody, the Bucks, and Chris Jericho Comment on AEW’s Potential Relationship with NJPW

So, as everyone knows by now, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley were big winners at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom event, leading to hopes that NJPW and AEW will find a way to come together in a partnership. Will they? Well, that depends on who you ask. According to the Young Bucks, whose exit from NJPW seems to have gone less than well, there is a ‘forbidden door’ to a partnership between the two companies, and neither side has opened it.

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Cody and Chris Jericho, who both seem to have better relationships with NJPW, disagreed. Both men admitted to there being a ‘forbidden door’, but both seemed to believe that no only could the door be opened, but that it SHOULD be opened for the benefit of both companies and the fans.

Take: I get that the Bucks and Omega’s departures from NJPW left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but both sides need to get over it. AEW and NJPW have the chance of really making something special if they work together, to say nothing of the money everyone could make.

Update on Memphis Legends Segment

If you followed my Dynamite coverage for this past week, you know that I, along with many other fans, were confused as to why the HEAVILY hyped and advertised Memphis Legends segment was not featured on Dynamite. It appears that the segment is going to be shown on Dark on Tuesday instead, according to AEW’s official Twitter account.

Take: I’m glad we’re going to get to see it, but I wish they hadn’t so heavily hyped something they weren’t going to show on LIVE TV.

Drew McIntyre Asks Chris Jericho For a Hand After Missing Birthday

This is actually really cute. It seems that Drew McIntyre forgot his wife’s birthday and forgot to get her a gift (oops), and so settled for putting out a rather sentimental post on Instagram. When Jericho complimented on a well played post, McIntyre replied that he’d forgotten a gift and wanted to know if Jericho would send over some of his ‘A Little Bit of the Bubbly’. No word on whether or not Jericho obliged.

Young Bucks Throw Superkick Party at Memphis Grizzlies Game

Okay, I HOPE the person they did this on was either a local talent or a REALLY big smark. The Bucks were at a Memphis Grizzlies game before Dynamite this past week and superkicked a ‘fan’.

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Austin Gunn Signs with AEW

Austin Gunn, the son of AEW coach, Billy Gunn, has signed a deal with AEW. Austin and his father were supposed to have a match on AEW Dark this past week, but the match didn’t air for unknown reasons.

Little Orange Cassidy Pins Billy Gunn

Speaking from experience, the after show segments of AEW are always fun and it looks like this little guy got the thrill of a lifetime.

AEW Dynamite Card for 1-15-20 

  • Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs Santana and Ortiz vs Best Friends – Winner gets title shot at SCU.
  • Jon Moxley vs Sammy Guevara
  • Awesome Kong and Mel vs Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander
  • PAC vs Darby Allin
  • Cody answers MJF’s stipulations
  • MJF, Blade, and Butcher (with the Bunny) vs DDP, Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall

Take: Nice knowing you, Sammy.

Rankings and Stats

Note: Bold equals #1 Contender. These stats were released before Dynamite, so it’s not a typo that a couple of people are 0-0 because they hadn’t had their match yet.

Men’s Singles

  • Jon Moxley 1-0/6-1-1 Overall
  • Cody 1-0/7-3-1 Overall
  • Kenny Omega 0-0/10-5 Overall
  • PAC 0-0/5-4-1 Overall
  • MJF 0-0/3-1 Overall

Women’s Singles

  • Kris Statlander 0-0/3-2 Overall
  • Hikaru Shida 0-1/4-4 Overall
  • Nyla Rose 0-1/4-4 Overall
  • Awesome Kong 1-0/3-1 Overall

Tag Team Division

  • Santana and Ortiz
  • Young Bucks
  • Lucha Brothers
  • Best Friends
  • Dark Order

Note: None of these teams has had a tag team match yet, so everyone is 0-0.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW News Coverage! Stay tuned for continuing coverage!

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