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Andrew’s Ratings & Analysis: NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II

NXT UK Blackpool II…let’s all hope this is better than the first one. 



NXT UK Blackpool II…let’s all hope this is better than the first one.

Now, since it comes on at a time when I’m at work, and I have other things to watch, NXT UK always falls by the wayside for me. So seeing that there’s a gap between NFL Playoff games, and Hard to Kill, I decided I might as well watch this.

WALTER versus Joe Coffey makes no sense to me since Coffey was punked out by WALTER and never seemed like a credible threat to anything aside from a Dairy Queen. Devlin and Bate is positioned to steal the show, especially since I don’t tend to care for these cluster ladder matches in NXT.

So let’s see if the Dairy Queen slayer of Gallus can prove me wrong.


  • Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis: Dennis wins via Neck Stop Driver @8:15 – ** 3/4
  • UK Women’s Championship: Piper Niven vs Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray (c): KLR retains via Opportunistic Pin @13:10 – *** 1/4
  • Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin: Bate wins via Spiral Tap @22:25 – **** 1/2
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) (c) vs South Wales Sub Culture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) vs Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel): Gallus retains @25:00 – **** 1/4
  • NXT UK Championship: Joe Coffey vs WALTER (c): WALTER retains via Gojira Clutch @27:30 – *** 3/4



Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis – Eddie Dennis came in trying to make an example of Trent Seven, and I suppose it worked. Granted, he looks like utter crap. Imagine if Johnny Gargano and Kanyon combined, yet forgot to eat for a month. Dennis’ offense looked forced and slow at times, but Trent did a good job fighting from underneath and trying to prove he wasn’t washed up. Short cuts from Dennis helped put him over, in classic heel fashion and the Razor’s Edge to the outside was a big fun spot…but generally a meandering match. Nothing bad, a few fun spots, but Dennis doesn’t convince me with his offense.

UK Women’s Championship: Piper Niven vs Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray (c) – Kay Lee had her work cut out for her in this match. Trying to turn two faces is usually volatile and comes to bite the heel, and this was no different. The work early was a little stop/start and slow at times, but told the story well enough that KLR was trying to pick her spots after the other two started swinging on each other. Piper hit a Scottish Destroyer on KLR, KLR hit a Gory Bomb on Piper and Toni blocked the referee’s count to break the pin; which shows how much she wanted the match. Storm Zero got hit pretty flush on KLR, but Piper broke up that pin. It looked like Toni was about to put things away after a Pedigree and then Frog Splash, but KLR slide in, kicked Toni in the face and stole the pinfall. Some things didn’t work and felt a little bloated, but it wasn’t a bad match at all.

Tyler Bate vs Jordan Devlin – Now this was a great match with a simple enough story that Devlin wanted to prove he was better than Bate. Granted, a few spots bothered me like the Hurricanrana that stalled waiting for feet for the counter and even the referee didn’t count right away. Then there was the terrible spot where they threw bad punches and no one came away with any bruising. Cause you know, you can get punched a dozen times in reality and walk out with no marks what-so-ever.

Aside from those nitpicks, the match was great. I loved Devlin blocking the stupid Bop and Bang early on, and Bate kept blocking the Devlin Side move. The fact that they were aware of signature moves, fought to block them and it was still a great back and forth, makes this match a great early contender on MOTY lists. But still, the nit picks I had dropped it a little for me personally, but I know others will overlook them.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus (c) vs Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel – Now I haven’t been a big fan of how either NXT brand does multi-people ladder matches, but this was surprisingly different. There were a ton of spots and general carnage, but nothing felt like an over extended build your own TLC ring moment. When all the teams were on a ladder and the Welshmen were adding extras, it still worked well because there wasn’t lull in the action.

I loved how the one ladder pinned Gibson and then when he got freed, he did a great job at cleaning things up. Great close spots for all teams, it just all made sense. Hard to find anything to complain about since it was supposed to be organized chaos.

NXT UK Championship: Joe Coffey vs WALTER (c) – Joe Coffey had one of Pete Dunne’s worst matches as UK Champion and when WALTER debuted he punked him out pretty solidly. So given those facts and the fact that I don’t watch NXT UK weekly, this really seems like a stretch. Now I guess we get to see if Coffey can at least put together something respectable with WALTER, or if he should stay in mid card hell forever.

Coffey came out with some solid offense and looked to have a real shot for the first half of this match. Then WALTER reminded everyone who the hell he is. We saw a clunky spot on a missed boot, but both men saved it well to make it look more like MMA trying to find an opening, than groping for an out. The referee bump led us to something that felt unnecessary, because it just caused the match to last another 4 or 5 minutes.

Since Coffey got dinged because of the run in, I suppose we’re lead to believe that if it wasn’t for Ilja Coffey had a better shot, but come on. Coffey didn’t even get the visible 3 count when the ref bumped and he was fighting from underneath during the important portions of the match. WALTER asserted his dominance, rag dolled Coffey a bit and made the little girl tap out. Now let’s never put him in the main event again, okay NXT UK?


Overall Score: 7.5/10

All in all it was a fun show, capped off with Undisputed Era doing a run in on Imperium, heating up their World’s Collide angle. Bate and Devlin stole the show early, and sadly WALTER/Joe Coffey was pretty good but nothing to really close the show on. So it was a good thing that Undisputed Era had their run in to raise the energy level and punctuate the show.

So even without the weekly information, the video packages set the table nicely and the matches delivered well enough. A few pieces to build off of, like perhaps Dragunov has to go through Gallus, maybe even Bate to get a title shot. Devlin has to figure out where he stands in the big picture of NXT UK all while Trent Seven has to figure out his future in general.

Pieces of things to build off of, solid matches and a generally enjoyable show.

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/15/21)

The Gallus boys are back!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

A huge grudge match headlines NXT UK!

After betraying the Bhangra Badboy during their NXT UK Tag Team title match, Kenny Williams will have to face Amir Jordan’s wrath!


  • Nathan Frazer VS Saxon Huxley; Frazer wins.
  • Emilia McKenzie VS Isla Dawn; Dawn wins.
  • Jack Starz w/ Piper Niven VS Ashton Smith; Starz wins.
  • Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan; Williams wins.


Nathan Frazer VS Saxon Huxley!

The British Prodigy is building his legacy, but now he runs into the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane! Will Frazer add Huxley to his legend? Or will he learn to walk away when he sees Huxley coming?

The bell rings and Frazer circles with Huxley. Frazer gets around to a waistlock, Huxley throws him away! They go again, Frazer dodges the boot and keeps moving. Frazer dodges again, CHOPS, but Huxley just growls! Frazer headlocks, Huxley powers up to back drop but Frazer makes that a sunset flip! Huxley stays up, drags Frazer up and tosses him to the corner! Frazer dodges again to CHOP again! Frazer keeps avoiding Huxley’s hands and headlocks again. Huxley powers up again to back suplex, but Frazer lands on his feet! Huxley blocks the single leg to gut wrench, but Frazer slips free, springboards, but into Huxley’s arms! BIG scoop slam!

Huxley runs and drops an elbow, only to miss! Frazer gets to a corner, Huxley huffs and puffs and catches Frazer again to RAM him into a corner! Frazer is stuck in the ropes, Huxley corner clotheslines from behind! Huxley drags Frazer out of the Tree of Woe just to STOMP him down! Frazer sputters, Huxley stomps him down more, then drags him up. Huxley runs with Frazer corner to corner and RAMS him into the buckles! Huxley drags Frazer while the BT Sports Studio boos, and he TOSSES Frazer! Huxley fires himself up, drags Frazer back up, and ROCKS him! Huxley puts Frazer in the corner, then TOSSES him again! But Frazer rolls to his feet and dropkicks Huxley’s leg out!

Frazer runs, but into a BOOT! Huxley drags Frazer around to dribble him off the mat! Huxley lets off to cover, TWO! Huxley drags Frazer up and scoops him, but Frazer escapes to dropkick! Huxley stays up, runs and drops the elbow! Huxley digs his knee in for the half camel clutch! Frazer endures, he moves around, and pries at the hold. Frazer slips out from under the knee, gets to his feet and throws body shots. Huxley CLUBS Frazer down, then STOMPS him for good measure! Huxley drags Frazer up by his hair, and CLUBS him with a crossface forearm! Frazer is in a daze as Huxley drags him back up. Huxley lifts, heads for a corner, but Frazer blocks with his feet!

Frazer fights with fists and pushes off the corner for a crossbody! Frazer tumbles off the cover and both men slowly rise. Frazer runs and RAMS Huxley! Huxley stays up, Frazer keeps trying, then he ducks and dodges to RAM Huxley out of the ring! BT Sports Studio fires up as Frazer grits his teeth. Frazer builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and both men crash into barriers! The ref checks on Huxley, he’s somehow still alright, but Frazer has the mad eyes now! Frazer hauls Huxley up but Huxley throws him into the ring. Huxley storms in, Frazer gets around his clothesline but Huxley blocks the suplex.

Huxley suplex Frazer, but Frazer slips out to duck and QUEBRADA, to the ELBOW DROP DDT! Frazer goes right up top, aims, leaps and missile dropkicks Huxley back down! Frazer returns to the top rope, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, Frazer wins!!

Winner: Nathan Frazer, by pinfall

That was definitely a big win for the young legend! Will Frazer only win bigger matches from here on?


NXT UK Media interviews Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

How is Dar feeling after his loss at NXT UK Prelude? Sha asks, “How do you think he feels?!” It winds Sha up, gets on his nerves, that Dar works so hard every single day to make sure this brand is at the TOP of the WWE! And Tyler Bate and his “old man,” Trent Seven, just get handed things on a silver platter! Dar has Sha calm down, and says those boys play checkers, but he and Sha play chess. Dar has friends in high places, and he has guaranteed himself and Sha a tag team match with Moustache Mountain! Sha likes that, and Dar says they’ll see those dafties next week. EEEEAST!!


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

“Hello, hello, hello! Hear me now, live from the moon,” Dar welcomes us back to his show. Now they say two is better than one, and usually Dar is a one man team. But as we heard, Dar and Sha will team up to make tag team history as they knock Seven & Bate off the tag team mountain! Now, all the way from Scotland, it’s GALLUS! Wolfgang, Mark & Joe Coffey walk out and they take the couch. Dar tries to say that’s his seat but he can’t get Gallus to go to the chairs. Dar tries to sit on the arm, but Gallus tells him no, there’s chairs over there. Dar sighs as he has to sit in the “guest” section, and then tries to get comfy.

Dar says Gallus is looking fantastic and fresh! Where did they go on holiday? And more importantly, what gift did they bring back for him? Mark tells Dar it wasn’t a holiday. It was time to train and refocus. They worked in the morning, had a drink in the afternoon, and didn’t “break any rules.” Gallus is held to a higher standard than any team here, so they picked themselves up and got going again. Dar likes that. How is Wolfie feeling? Well he’s been away, focusing on controlling his temper, and not let anyone get under his skins. Well said. Is Joe okay, though? That wing alright? Joe’s been kinda quiet. Joe says he’s had time to reflect. The next thing he wants to do is another go on the pitch.

But out walks a surprise guest! Eddie Dennis is here! Dennis has a mic already and he throws their words at them: Gallus is “held to a higher standard,” but the only reason they had the NXT UK Tag Team Championships to lose to Pretty Deadly is because Joe got involved in their business! Dar says Dennis shouldn’t go there. Well, if Joe wants to go on a rampage, start with the one guy who he’s been avoiding since the start of this brand. Joe tells Dennis that if he wants a round, they can go next week! No, Dennis didn’t mean himself. It’s those lads. PRIMATE & T-BONE JUMP GALLUS! It’s a brawl between all six men, Dar staying far away!

Referees rush out to stop this, but that’s not that easy! Gallus chases off Dennis and his new pack of animals, Dar having fun while munching on breadsticks and sipping juice. Play the funky music! Gallus wants to be back on top, but is there a new trio of alpha males moving into their territory?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sam Gardwell.

“Don’t accost me, journo, I’m busy.” But Gradwell can’t get in the door because it’s locked. Dave Mastiff gets it for him and Gradwell gets on his case. Mastiff tells him to shut up, then slams the door shut to lock it again! Gradwell is furious and shouts, “I’m the Thunderstorm! I’m the season! Come back, yogurt!!” Will Gradwell’s big mouth continue to get him on people’s bad sides?


Moustache Mountain “quiz” each other.

“I am…” “Trent Seven. And I am…” “Tyler Bate!” And together, they are Moustache Mountain! For the very first time in a year, and in BT Sports Studio Arena! It’s unbelievable, really. Bate is going after the Heritage Cup as a singles competitor, but until then, they’re back as a tag team against Dar & Sha! The Big Strong Boy & the Artful Dodger are back in the BT Sports Studio Arena, but will it be another big win?


Emilia McKenzie VS Isla Dawn!

With Meiko Satomura on her side, #SuplexMillie got a win over the not-so-good witch of Scotland. But now, they go 1v1 to see if Millie can repeat the performance! Will Dawn turn her fortunes around like a tarot card on the table?

The bell rings and Millie ties right up with Dawn. They go around on the ropes and corners, and Dawn pushes Millie in. The ref counts, Dawn CHOPS Millie! Millie kicks low, headlocks and grinds. Dawn powers up, pulls hair but can’t power out as Millie grinds tighter! The ref reprimands as Dawn pulls hair again. Dawn throws body shots, powers out, but Millie arm-drags Dawn down! And again! Dawn blocks the third but Millie wrenches through to hit a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Dawn gets up but Millie seethes as she waistlocks. Dawn scrambles and hotshots Millie in the ropes! Dawn dropkicks Millie down to the corner!

Dawn grins as she brings Millie up to bump her off buckles. The ref counts as Dawn KICKS away on Millie in the corner! Dawn lets off, brings Millie out and SNAP SAIDOS! Dawn looms over Millie, stomps her down, then sits her up. Millie hits back, Dawn clubs her, and gets the fisherman hook. Millie cradle counters, just like last week! TWO, but Millie kicks low! Millie whips, Dawn reverses and KNEES Millie against ropes! Millie gasps and sputters, Dawn drags her up to CLUB her down! Cover, TWO! Dawn drags Millie up and underhooks the arms. Millie resists, but Dawn shifts to a STANDING BUTTERFLY LOCK! Millie endures, fights, and breaks the grip!

Millie CLUBS Dawn on the back, throws big forearms, but Dawn shoves her away. Millie comes back to dropkick a leg out! Millie keeps moving to BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Dawn flounders to a corner, Millie runs in but Dawn dodges. Millie slips out and Dawn hits buckles. Millie ROCKS Dawn, then uses the corner for a HANDSPRING SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Millie is beside herself but Dawn grabs at her. Millie shrugs Dawn off, clubs her on the back, then waistlocks. Dawn elbows free, bumps Millie off buckles, and then runs corner to corner to KNEE her! Fisherman to the PERFECT PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Millie survives and Dawn’s furious!

Dawn looms over Millie, drags her up and Millie shoulders into her! Millie pump handles for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO!! Dawn survives again and Millie is seething! Millie glares at Dawn, pushes her around, and waistlocks again. Dawn drops and victory rolls, TWO! Millie SHOTGUN dropkicks Dawn to a corner! Then Millie runs in to RAM Dawn! Millie fires off shoulders, fires off haymakers, but the ref backs her up. Millie spins around him, but Dawn ROUNDHOUSES Millie first! Millie staggers into Dawn’s HALF ‘N’ HALF! Bridging cover, Dawn wins!!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

The SORCERESS of Scotland redeems herself! Will Dawn only get darker before she has her chance at the championship?


Jinny and Joseph Conners speak.

The Spoiled Princess tells “Dani Luna, sweetheart, I know what you’re capable of. You’re one of the strongest girls in this division, if not the strongest. But you walk around with your ugly, miserable looking face and you act like you don’t even want to be here. But in reality, you don’t deserve to be here. You’re a small fish in a big pond, who wears the same dirty outfit to the ring every time. And next week, when you step into the ring with the Fashionista, you’re just gonna end up another fashion victim.” Will Jinny show the punk rock powerhouse the pecking order of NXT UK?



After the brawl we saw earlier, Eddie Dennis VS Joey Coffey is happening next week! Will the Welsh Dragon dethrone the Iron King or be slain instead?


NXT UK shares footage from backstage last week.

After Aoife Valkyrie’s message to Meiko Satomura, the Final Boss finds her again. “I know what this means. I accept.” The black feather is returned to Aoife, and now the Best in the World will battle the winged warrior! Will Meiko be used as the updraft to raise Valkyrie to the next level?


Jack Starz w/ Piper Niven VS Ashton Smith!

Training with Piper Niven has unleashed the fire inside Starz! But will that fire be quickly put out by The Prestige?

The bell rings and Starz circles with Smith. They tie up, Starz goes for a leg but Smith blocks. Smith tosses Starz off but Starz gets back up to go again. Starz and Smith tie up, Smith turns Starz to waistlock but Starz reaches to headlock. Smith thrashes Starz around, but Starz pries free to roll and get the leg! Starz is after an ankle lock but Smith boots him away. Starz comes back, clinches and whips Smith but Smith runs him over! Starz gets to a corner to cool off, and comes back to circle with Smith. They tie up again, Smith has a cording hold and then wrenches to a wristlock. Starz fights up, rolls, handsprings and breaks free to dropkick! And dropkick again!

Smith stays up but Starz whips. Smith reverses and reels Starz in for a standing fireman’s carry takeover! Smith clamps onto the arm again, Starz endures and fights up. Piper coaches Starz but Smith wrenches again. Smith reels Starz in to RAM shoulders! Smith sits Starz up, brings him around, and wrenches again. Smith whips but Starz uses that to roll Smith up, TWO!! Starz runs back in but into a BIG knee from Smith! Smith drags Starz up, whips him to a corner hard, then CLOBBERS him on the rebound! Cover, TWO!! Starz survives and Piper coaches him up. Smith gets Starz up to CLUB him back down!

Starz writhes, Smith drags him back up, and Smith shoves Starz to ROCK him with a body shot! Starz falls to his knees, Smith waistlocks and dead lifts to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Starz survives and Piper coaches him as BT Sports Studio rallies. Smith gets Starz up to EuroUpper! Smith scoops Starz to military press and SLAM him! Cover, TWO!! Starz survives again and Smith drags him up again. Starz throws heavy body shots, then EuroUppers of his own! Smith shoves, whips but Starz goes up and elbows back! Starz goes up again to leap, but into Smith’s arms! Smith pops Starz up to a suplex, but Starz fights free! Starz EuroUppers, but leaps into a catch!

Smith catapults Starz up and out of the ring! Starz crashes down and Piper looks concerned. Piper checks on Starz, coaches him up again as the ring count climbs. Smith dares Starz to get in, and Starz is in at 5 of 10! Smith brings Starz up to ROCK him with a EuroUpper! Smith stalks behind Starz at the ropes but Piper coaches him. Smith stands on Starz’s hand, brings him up and ROCKS him with another EuroUpper! Piper tells Starz to get that fire going, show that he isn’t just going to take this! Starz gives the EuroUppers back! Starz runs and rallies with big shoulder tackles and a BACK DROP! Starz reels Smith in, hooks al eg, but Smith fights the suplex off.

Smith turns Starz, back suplexes but Starz lands on his feet! Things speed up, Starz slips out of Blue Thunder to roll up DEEP! Starz wins!!!

Winner: Jack Starz, by pinfall

Smith is shocked, but three is three! Starz gets his very first singles win in NXT UK! Piper is so happy for him, and says she knew he could do it! Will Starz build on this momentum to be an even bigger star?


Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan!

Two years ago, as this brand began, so did a friendship between these two young superstars. They trained together, struggled together, won and loss together, and supported each other when the other was injured. But as times got tough, something started to sour. When they disagreed on how to win, that was the last straw, and The Chancer cheated his tag partner out of the titles! A promise broken, a tag team broken, a friendship broken. But now, as these two face each other as enemies, will one of them be left broken in the ring?

The bell rings and Williams rushes Jordan but Jordan dodges to clothesline him first! Jordan rallies with more lariats, throws his scarf off and fires hands on Williams in a corner! The ref backs him off, Williams rushes Jordan again but Jordan punches him first! Jordan fires haymakers, whips Williams to ropes but Williams reverses, only for Jordan to CROSSBODY! Jordan rains down furious fists, but Williams gets away to the outside. Jordan chases him, but Williams baits him into a knee on the apron! Williams runs, Jordan dodges the dropkick to KICK Williams down! Jordan bumps Williams off apron, then CLUBS him around the way.

Jordan bumps Williams off apron again, but won’t let him get away yet! Williams knees back low and hard, and whips Jordan at steps. Jordan stops himself, then dodges as Williams rushes back in! Williams crashes into and over the steps! Jordan stomps Williams down, gets in the ring, and watches Williams on the outside. Williams gets in the ring, begs for mercy and says he’s hurt, but Jordan knows not to trust that! Williams swings on Jordan, Jordan blocks and LARIATS! BT Sports Studio fires up, Jordan runs in to SPLASH Williams in a corner! Jordan whips, Williams reverses but Jordan comes back to LEAPING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!

Williams bails out but Jordan pursues. Williams stays away, tries a sweep but Jordan kicks him back. Jordan WRECKS Williams with a dropkick! Jordan puts Williams back in, shoulders but into a KICK! Williams scowls as he climbs the corner just to KICK away on Jordan’s hand! Williams runs to WRECK Jordan with a dropkick in return! Jordan writhes, Williams paces about, and he goes out at 5 of 10 to get Jordan up. Jordan hits back, Williams CLUBS Jordan, then tears the tape away from the shoulders. Williams CLUBS Jordan more, then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Williams CHOPS Jordan on the back, and brings him up to ROCK him!

Jordan ends up in a corner, Williams snapmares and scrapes Jordan’s face! Cover, TWO! Williams seethes, clamps onto Jordan’s arm, and KNOCKS him down with a straddle attack. Williams clamps onto one arm, pushes Jordan’s head down, and puts so much pressure on that bad arm! Williams steps over, mule kicks Jordan in the head while pulling on the arm. Jordan endures so Williams rolls back to armbar! Williams stomps away on Jordan’s head, then shifts to a cover, TWO! Jordan is still in this but Williams seethes more. Williams brings Jordan up but Jordan body shots. Williams headbutts low, whips Jordan to ropes, but Jordan sunset flips! TWO, and Williams CLOBBERS Jordan! Cover, TWO!!

Williams smirks as he clamps onto Jordan, stomps him down, and then drags him up to throw clubbing crossface forearms! Williams covers again, TWO! Jordan hasn’t given up yet! Williams is annoyed, but Jordan throws body shots and haymakers in return! Jordan CHOPS, throws more hands, then reels Williams in. Williams NORTHERN LIGHTS, then rolls back to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Jordan grits his teeth, Williams starts to lose his cool, and he CLAWS Jordan’s back. Williams “apologizes” to the ref, then brings Jordan up to snapmare and dig his knee into the back. Williams clamps onto the arm, grinds the shoulder and stands on Williams’ head!

Jordan endures, Williams pulls Jordan’s arms into a straitjacket! Jordan endures, even as Williams pulls him back against a knee. Jordan fights up, turns things around, but Williams kicks low. Williams bumps Jordan off buckles, throws forearms, but Jordan kicks low! Williams rams into Jordan, hoists him up top, then ROCKS him with a slapping palm strike! Williams climbs up to get Jordan, but Jordan resists! Jordan fires body shots back, then GOURD BUSTERS Williams to the mat! Jordan adjusts as Williams staggers up, and Jordan missile dropkicks! Williams tumbles all the way to a corner and Jordan runs in to fire off!

Jordan uppercuts, runs and hits a NECKBREAKER! Williams staggers up, swings but into Jordan’s EDGE-O-MATIC! Cover, TWO!! Jordan hurries to a corner, climbs up top, and SWANTON BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!! Williams still lives and shocks Jordan! Williams crawls to a corner, Jordan stalks him and Electric Chair lifts! Williams fights that, slips off, hurdles over and table top sunset flips, TWO! Jordan jackknife to a prawn hold, TWO!! ENZIGURI! Williams wobbles, yoyos, and #LETSKILLIT LARIATS Jordan down! Both men are down and BT Sports Studio is fired up as a standing count begins! Williams sits up first, kicks at Jordan, and stands on his hand.

Jordan sits up to kick Williams away! Jordan throws haymakers but Williams throws body shots back! Williams ROCKS Jordan, and DOUBLE CHOPS! Jordan boots but it’s blocked! Williams wheelbarrows for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Jordan survives again and Williams is beside himself! Williams gets up, goes to a corner, and starts undoing the padding on the crossbar? The ref stops him there, but Williams just goes to a different corner! Jordan rolls Williams up first, TWO!! Williams hurries up, Jordan gets him, waistlock but they end up heading for the ref!

Jordan knows what’s coming! Jordan gets away from the low blow mule kick, to SUPERKICK in return! Cover, TWO!?! Williams survives and Jordan is frustrated! BT Sports Studio slowly builds to a rally, Williams drags himself to a corner, and Jordan storms over. Williams boots him away, then gets him in a clinch to RAM him into the second buckle! It was just loose enough for Jordan to hit the steel behind the padding! Williams hits a HEADLOCK DRIVER!! Cover, Williams wins!!

Winner: Kenny Williams, by pinfall

The Chancer took a chance and it paid off! He gets away with another one, and has a big smile on his face over what he just did to his former friend. “Luck is all I need!” Will Williams leave the Bhangra Boy behind as he goes for his own glory and gold?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for following Prelude and WrestleMania Week. All singles matches tonight but we got a very good tag match set up for next week. Dar & Sha VS Moustache Mountain is going to be great, and I have a feeling Moustache Mountain wins so that Bate can continue strong into the Heritage Cup match. Otherwise, I think Seven loses the match for them so that Dar & Sha can build themselves in the UK Tag Division while not costing Bate. Supernova Sessions was fun, with Gallus taking the couch and Dar unable to do anything about it. Gallus taking on Dennis, T-Bone and Primate already sounds like a lot of fun, and starting with Joe Coffey VS Dennis is a good call.

Frazer VS Huxley was a great opening match, Frazer winning was natural since he is that good and is building up. McKenzie VS Dawn was good, though I’m not sure the point of it other than to keep Dawn strong with her new Heel persona. Meiko responding to Aoife was good, and that match will be great, but I do feel like Meiko could put Aoife over so that Aoife can start to chase Kay Lee Ray and the title now. Jinny starting a thing with Dani Luna is interesting, but it will be good for Dani to get reps with someone as experienced as Jinny. Starz VS Smith was a great match, especially for Starz since he won. Not sure where he and Piper are heading, but it’s fun for Piper to be a coach now while the UK title is still tangled with KLR.

That quick interaction with Gradwell and Mastiff was good, because Mastiff is just shrugging Gradwell off as opposed to letting him get under his skin. That match is going to be great as a fight of “proper British heavyweights,” and could be a chance for Gradwell to get a big win. Jordan VS Williams was great stuff, great amount of story given their history. Two years sure flies, huh? I forgot it had been that long. Williams winning with sneaky tactics was perfect for him, as he is now able to go into the Heritage Cup Division, where A-Kid the current champion is a Face. A-Kid could win, or he could lose to Bate and it’d still be alright, Bate could be a strong Face against Williams, too.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (4/13/21)

It’s a new era of NXT!



NXT Coverage 2021

From now on, we are… N! X! Tuesday!

TakeOver: Stand & Deliver definitely delivered, and now we’re in a new era! NXT takes over Tuesdays, and opens with huge championship matches!


  • NXT Tag Team Championships: MSK VS Killian Dain & Drake Maverick; MSK wins and retains the titles.
  • Mercedes Martinez VS Jessi Kamea w/ The Robert Stone Brand; Martinez wins.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge: Santos Escobar VS ???; KUSHIDA wins and becomes the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Leon Ruff VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Swerve wins.
  • 8 Person Mixed Tag: The Way VS Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon; Lumis, Reed, Shotzi & Ember win.


Karrion Kross opens NXT!

Doomsday is upon us as the NEW NXT Champion and his femme fatale, Scarlett Bordeaux, head to the ring! Kross gets the mic, and says, “I told you. Time always comes full circle.” Fans chant, “You Deserve It!” as Kross says it was only a matter of time before he was standing back in this ring with this title as his title. And as for Mr. Balor, without a shadow of a doubt, he is one of the greatest of all time. Balor has won titles wherever he’s gone. Kross hears the fans chanting, “Fall And Pray!” for him. When Balor had the belt, he went on a tear. But Balor believed Kross’ emotions were a weakness. He didn’t understand. Anything can become a driving force when you learn to control it, and Kross controls everything!

“So understand this: Now that time has allowed the course to correct itself, I am in command of NXT until I say so.” They say, “When you’re at the top, there’s no where else to go but down.” But that is a complete and total lie! No one will out work or out wrestle Kross. NXT has the hungriest roster in the world! But Kross is starving and insatiable! “You want this, step right up and roll the dice!” Kross will roll everyone single one of them off their heads! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been or how much you’ve made! He will fold every single one of you until there is no one left! “Because no matter where the time is tolled, in the end, everybody pays the toll!”


MSK head to the ring!

Nash Carter & Wes Lee are the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions after winning the TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Triple Threat Tag! But there’s no rest for the Must-See Kids, because they’re about to take on the Belfast Beast & Rockstar Spud!

NXT Tag Team Championships: MSK VS Killian Dain & Drake Maverick!

NXT returns and the challengers make their entrance. Fans fire up already as the introductions are made and the belts are raised. Teams sort out and Carter starts against Dain. They circle, Carter dodges to kick, but Dain stays up! Dain blocks the next, waistlocks and slams Carter then pushes him to a cover, ONE! Dain gets Carter up for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Dain drags Carter up, tags Maverick, and they double whip to then use Maverick for the trip! Dain runs to drop a BIG elbow! Maverick covers, TWO! Maverick keeps on Carter but Carter jawbreakers free! Lee tags in, Maverick ducks and dodges but Lee knocks him down with the hurdle!

Lee throws down hands, gets Maverick up and whips him, but Maverick goes up and over. Maverick keeps moving, duck san dodges again to dropkick a leg out! And then he dropkicks Lee to a corner! Fans fire up as Maverick runs in but Lee dodges. Maverick elbows back, then goes up for a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Maverick drags Lee over, but Lee fights back with an arm-drag. Lee runs in but is put on the apron! Carter tags in, Lee ENZIGURIS then holds Maverick in for Carter’s BRONCO BUSTER! Carter drags Maverick over, covers, TWO! Carter keeps cool and KICKS Maverick in the back! Tag to Lee, Lee drags Maverick up and throws knees.

Tag back to Carter, MSK double back suplex but Maverick lands on his feet! Tag to Dain! Dain gets Carter for an URENAGE! Lee SUPERKICKS Dain then builds speed, but DIVES into Dain’s hands! Dain RAMS Lee into the apron, then runs to DIVIDE Lee! The challengers stand tall as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Lee kicks Dain away but Maverick tags in! Maverick anchors Lee’s legs but Lee kicks him away! Hot tag to Carter and he rallies on Maverick with forearms! Carter knees, BOOTS, then runs in to KNEE in the corner! Carter snapmare rolls and PENALTY KICKS Maverick down! Carter dropkicks Dain down, too, then GERMAN SUPLEXES Maverick! Tag to Lee, MSK coordinates for the PUSH-SAULT! Cover, but Dain breaks it with a kick! Dain drags Maverick away and then tags in! Carter runs in but into a fireman’s carry! Lee leaps but Dain catches him! MSK fights free, throw a strike fest and kicks, ENZIGURI to DUMDUM STOMPS!

Carter gets Dain up, Dain shove shim but Lee tags in. Carter sweeps the legs, they meet at the corner, SUPERKICK TIGER FEINT COMBO! Lee goes up top, for a SKY TWISTER!! Cover, TWO!! Dain survives but Lee drags him up to tag Carter in. MSK coordinate, but Dain shoves them into each other, Lee boosts Carter to the sunset flip but Dain blocks the kick! Dain scoops Lee to MICHINOKU DRIVER him onto Carter! Cover, but Lee is there to break it! Maverick runs in to tilt-o-whirl DDT Lee down!! Fans fire up as Dain and Maverick hip Carter, corner splash and then Maverick is put outside to tag in. BOOT ENZIGURI!

Dain gets Carter up, Maverick hurries in, POWERBOMB to Carter, then POWERBOMB- NO! Lee saves Carter from the Rockstar Spud Bomb! Dain throws Lee into the corner, then gets Carter. Carter goes up and around to CUTTER!! Lee BOOTS Dain out! MSK get Maverick but Maverick cradles Carter! TWO!! Carter runs in but Maverick turns him to ROCK him! Lee tags in, Carter gets Maverick, BLOCKBUSTER SPINEBUSTER! Carter DIVES to take Dain out while Lee covers, MSK wins!

Winners: MSK, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

The first defense is in the books, and it was must-see! Will Carter & Lee redefine NXT’s Tag Division in this new era?

But now, Alexander Wolfe walks out! He looks at Dain and then IMPERIUM attacks! Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner mug Dain, SPINEBUSTER to PENALTY KICK! This must be because Dain rejected their offer to join them! Imperium stands tall over a defeated Dain and Drake, but will there be retaliation next NXTuesday?


NXT Media follows The Robert Stone Brand backstage.

Aliyah and Robert Stone himself are going to talk to William Regal to get a tag title shot for her and Jessi Kamea. But then Mercedes Martinez asks where is the rest of her money. Stone stutters and Mercedes chokes Aliyah! Jessi storms in and stands in Mercedes’ face. Oh she wants to step up, huh? No, Jessi wants to step on her. Mercedes likes the attitude, and says they’ll face off tonight. Will mercenary Mercedes make sure Jessi pays before she gets blood from Robert Stone?


Roderick Strong & Marina Shafir arrive.

The Savior of the Backbreaker said he was done, but now he’s back. Will he and his wife explain what is next for their family in NXT?


The Unsanctioned Match settled the score, but at what cost?

After Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole put each other through hell, Kyle came out the winner. But in the end, they both needed to be hospitalized! Cole’s spirit wouldn’t stop fighting as he kept cursing Kyle out in the hospital. Will things only escalate after TakeOver?


Mercedes Martinez VS Jessi Kamea w/ The Robert Stone Brand!

Robert Stone doesn’t have the other half of Mercedes’ payment, even though the team did lose against the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. But will Mercedes get Jessi to pay with blood, sweat and tears?

Jessi attacks before the bell! She clubs away, the bell rings to get this on record, and she stomps Mercedes down. Jessi whips, dropkicks and stalks Mercedes to a corner for more stomps! The ref counts, Jessi lets off, and Stone talks trash. Jessi chokes Mercedes on the ropes, Aliyah also talks trash, but Jessi lets off as the ref counts. Jessi gets Mercedes up to TOSS her, then run and forearm smash her down! Jessi throws Mercedes down, then springboard stomps her! Fans rally as Jessi drags Mercedes up and drags her around by her hair! Jessi throws Mercedes down, then springboard elbow drops! Aliyah hopes we all saw that!

Mercedes gets to a corner, dodges Jessi, but JEssi goes up to leap! Mercedes gets under, comes back and KNEES Jessi down! Mercedes hauls Jessi up, fireman’s carries and AIR RAID CRASHES! Cover, Mercedes wins!

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by pinfall

Now that business is done, Mercedes chases Stone! She grabs him by his fancy suit and RAMS him into the boards! Stone pays up as Aliyah freaks out, and Mercedes spares Stone’s life. And then Mercedes congratulates Raquel Gonzalez, but gives her a warning! “I’m coming for you!” Will the new champion already have a merciless challenger aiming for her gold?


Backstage interview with The Way.

Tonight, it is an 8 Person Mixed Tag, but Gargano says this is CUCKOO BANANAS! Regal is sticking it to them, but for the first time in NXT history, all four team members are in the match together, and will show the world the way to handle business. Theory gets his revenge on Lumis! And speaking of revenge, Indi & Candice handle business with Shotzi & Ember! Indi just wants to get into the ring to handle Lumis. NO! They’re just going to prove they’re the most dominant intergender group in NXT! Put your hands in! McKenzie, you, too! Theeeee… WAAAAY~! Theory, no, wrong way, they’re going this way. Will these four be united in winning a very unique 4v4 showdown?


Swerve is back in the studio.

He knows why we’re all here “in the lab.” He had the star-making performance in TakeOver’s Gauntlet Eliminator. He’s just different. he took out Cameron Grimes and former North American Champion, Leon Ruff. But fate has brought us back together in the ring tonight. Swerve’s a little sick of it but he can’t move on without getting rid of Ruff. Swerve isn’t playing, he is serious. After tonight, Swerve and Ruff are DONE. That may be true, but will it be because Swerve wins or loses?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge: Santos Escobar w/ El Legado del Fantasma VS ???

The Emperor of Lucha trumped the Irish Ace and is now THE Cruiserweight Champion of the world! But now, he thinks he’s untouchable, so he’s putting this title up against anyone who wants it! Will his bravado be his undoing?

Escobar gets a mic to say, “One year ago, this was the title of a forgotten division. But no more!” Legado del Fantasma was born, and what was the sideshow become PRIMETIME! Main events, TakeOvers, the Emperor of Lucha Libre stole the show at Stand & Deliver! And now, Escobar IS the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion! Just like his father before him, and just like his son will be after him. “We are warriors, we never back down.” They always fight, which is why tonight, Escobar gives us this Open Challenge! And it is answered… BY KUSHIDA! The Super Junior is here, and in regular wrestling gear?! He’s giving us a throwback in his career to show he is serious!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we’ll see who is undisputed after this!

Escobar fist-bumps Legado, but Kushida dropkicks him out of the ring! Escobar has to regroup with Legado now but he manages to laugh that off. Escobar returns, they tie up, and fire off hands! Escobar knees low, whips but Kushida arm-drags to reverse. Kushida dodges, ducks, leaps over and comes back to sweep and cover! ONE, Escobar sweeps and covers, ONE! Kushida fakes Escobar out but Escobar avoids the Penalty Kick! Kushida avoids Escobar, Escobar sunset flips but Kushida turns it to Hoverboard! Escobar gets the ropebreak first but Kushida hammerlocks to arm to CRANK it!

Escobar writhes and bails out, but Kushida runs to fake him out again! Kushida poses to shout out to Jushin Thunder Liger, another legendary Junior Heavyweight/Cruiserweight, and NXT goes picture in picture!

Escobar checks his arm, Kushida dares him to come back. Escobar takes his time as he has Champion’s Advantage, but he does return before 10, just to bail out and give himself more time. Escobar gets on the apron, Kushida dropkicks him down! Kushida drags Escobar in, goes after the arm, and wrenches to grind him down. Escobar endures the chinbar and armlock but Kushida grinds harder. Kushida digs his knee into Escobar’s head, lets off, and then CLUBS the arm! Kushida YANKS the arm, then stalks Escobar to ropes. Kushida wraps the arm around ropes and pulls, lets off at the ref’s count, and runs in, but is put on the apron! Escobar dropkicks Kushida down!

Escobar goes out, fans fire up and Escobar drags Kushida up to RAM him into boards! And RAM him into the apron! And back into boards! Escobar RAMS Kushida into the apron again, refreshes the ring count, then stomps Kushida down. Escobar puts Kushida in, has him on the apron, and drags Kushida over to the post. Escobar turns Kushida to PULL him against the post! The ref counts, Escobar lets off at 4, and then gets in to drag Kushida back up. Escobar scoops to SLAM Kushida, covers, TWO! Escobar puts Kushida outside again, looms over him on the apron, and stomps Kushida’s arm! Escobar then brings Kushida around to RAM into the boards!

Kushida stumbles, Escobar puts him in the ring, and NXT returns to single picture as Escobar runs corner to corner to clothesline! Fans fire up for Escobar while Kushida flops out of the ring. Escobar looms over Kushida, dead lifts him and SWINGS him into steel steps! The ref reprimands, Escobar brings Kushida up and onto the steps, then gets him by the legs again, to turn him into the post while putting on the Boston Crab!! The ref counts, Escobar lets off, and kicks Kushida while he’s down. Escobar paces while Kushida gets in. Escobar gives Kushida some Kowata Kicks before a shotgun basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Escobar keeps on Kushida with a grinding cording hold!

Kushida endures, Escobar threatens to break that arm, but Kushida fights with his legs. Escobar CLUBS Kushida down, talks trash to him, then kicks him more. Escobar CHOPS Kushida in a corner, then goes corner to corner, to DOUBLE KNEE Kushida! Escobar hoists Kushida up top, climbs up, and SUPER STEINERS! Cover, TWO!! Kushida still lives and Escobar grows annoyed. Escobar drags Kushida up with a top wristlock, then pulls back for a motorcycle stretch! Kushida endures the knee into the back and fights up. Fans rally both ways as Kushida elbows free! Kushida CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Kushida runs, but into a SHOTGUN BOOT!

Escobar gets Kushida up, fireman’s carries, but Kushida elbows free! Kushida shoves and atomic drops! Kushida whips, hip tosses, cartwheels and dropkicks! FAST BALL! PENALTY KICK to the arm! Kushida underhooks, but Escobar fights to wrench free. The bad arm lets go, Kushida runs in to SHOTEI! Another shout out to Liger! Kushida puts Escobar up top, climbs up, but Escobar CHOPS! Kushida hops down to GAMANGIRI the arm! Kushida climbs back up, hammerlocks for a SUPERPLEX!! Then ANOTHER! Bridging cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Kushida can’t believe how close that was but fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!”

Kushida aims, runs and leaps, to get the arm! Escobar fights the Hoverboard, the go around, Escobar wrenches out to ENZIGURI! Kushida PELES!! Both men are down, Kushida crawls over to Escobar as fans rally up. They both sit up, Kushida fires a forearm but Escobar gives it back. They brawl to their feet, Kushida and Escobar KICK and KICK and KICK! Escobar reverse the whip, Kushida handsprings, into a BACKSTABBER!! Escobar drags Kushida up, reels him into the fireman’s carry, but Kushida sunset flips!! TWO!! Escobar has a sunset, TWO! Kushida sits on the prawn hold, and WINS!!!

Winner: Kushida, by pinfall (NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

And the Super Junior is the ULTIMATE JUNIOR!! The Emperor blinked and Kushida has the title! What does this mean for Legado’s legacy? Or are we seeing the beginning of the Time Splitter Era?


Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher speak.

Ciampa says, “Life has a way of testing us. Sometimes in the least expected ways. The Dusty Classic tested our strength as a team. Walter and Imperium tested our will to team. Did we win every fight? No. Did we pass every test? I think so.” And now they come out the other side stronger as a unit, ready to face a new NXT, a new landscape. Thatcher says, “New NXT Champion. New NXT Tag Team Champions. What path to choose?” The standard procedure is for them to finish what they start. MSK, they’re coming for you! Ciampa gets up in a huff and Thatcher grins that jagged grin. Will MSK not survive when the Blackheart and the Professor of Pain come for their gold?


NXT returns as Kushida is in the back.

William Regal congratulates Kushida and Kushida says his dream is real. Jordan Devlin shows up to applaud Kushida, too. Six-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and now NXT Cruiserweight Champion. He beat Escobar, which makes him the man. Except just because you go up a ladder faster, that doesn’t make you the better wrestler. That means Devlin is the best, and Kushida is just very lucky. Because now, the “travel gods” are smiling down on them. Devlin is going to be gone for a little while, but he’ll come back for the title. Hold onto it for him. Kushida says he’s ready for anyone anytime! Will these two aces of Cruiserweight wrestling meet up in the very near future?


Dakota Kai is in the ring!

“Ladies and gentlemen~! Please welcome your NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez!” Big Mami Cool dethroned the Evil Genius in the main event of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Night One! And now, she stands very tall with the title as pyro fires off for her. Raquel goes to the ring, shows off belt and back muscles, and everyone cheers, “You Deserve It!” Raquel gets a mic to say, “A year and a half ago was the biggest night in NXT history: NXT goes live on USA Network, and I was supposed to have my big debut. But I wasn’t ready.” She went home that night and swore she wouldn’t let that happen again. She busted her ass to move faster, hit harder and lift heavier. And now, she stands here THE NXT Women’s Champion!

The one person who recognized Raquel’s dedication was Dakota Kai. Without Kai, Raquel wouldn’t have debuted at Portland, they wouldn’t have become the inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup winners or inaugural NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, and she sure wouldn’t be here as THE champion! Dakota says that for 14 months, these two have dominated the best division in the world! And all due respect to Io Shirai for being a great champion. But Raquel Gonzalez’s era has officially begun! Wait, the lights drop? And here comes FRANKY MONET! She struts down the ramp with her little Pomeranian, and goes right to the ring!

Franky gets a mic to congratulate the champ. She formally introduces herself to them and the world. She is “The Crazy Blonde,” Franky Monet! Now the BEST division jut got shinier, bougier, and a whole lot better! And since Raquel is at the top of Franky’s division, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her! Oh, you’re lucky Raquel is in a good mood. Because if Franky does this again, the little poochie will be shoved right up her culo! Franky tells her, “Okay, cabrona.” See you every single Tuesday, champ. Franky has put Ricky Desperado on notice, but wait, is that RHEA RIPLEY!?! The NEW Raw Women’s Champion is back in NXT!!

The Nightmare storms down the ramp, is face to face with her old foes, and stares Raquel down champion to champion! And they both smile as they get to clink belts and hug it out! Yay~! But wait, now BIANCA BELAIR is here! The NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion is here to join in the fun! The Nightmare, the EST and Big Mami Cool are reunited! They all raise their belts high and the fans are thunderous! Are we looking at the new big three of WWE?


Pete Dunne speaks.

“Last week at TakeOver, I outclassed and outwrestled Kushida, and proved it’s not just talk. I’m the BEST technical wrestler not just in NXT but all of WWE.” If anyone from any brand still thinks otherwise, step up, try and prove him wrong. Meanwhile, Dunne is going to focus on what he’s after: CHAMPIONSHIPS! Will the Bruiserweight look to break the reign of the big names in NXT?


NXT hears more about Sarray.

William Regal says, “I’ve had connections with top Japanese wrestlers for over 30 years, and a few years ago, they were all contacting me about a certain lady.” It took some time, but they finally have the Warrior of the Sun, Sarray, coming to NXT. She is something very, very special, and will take things to a new level. Meiko Satomura says Sarray has a cute smile, and a strong bite! Simon Inoki says Sarray has been handed the torch by some of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling. Asuka to Kairi Sane to Io Shirai to now Sarray, the NXT Women’s Division that has had the best wrestling in the world will only get better. Sarray arrives in NXT next week!

Backstage interview with Regal.

With word about Sarray’s debut, how exciting is this This is a wonderful acquisition! Now, Regal has business to attend to with Strong & Shafir. He apologizes for being late, and Strong presents him with an envelope. “I’m done.” Is he sure? Strong nods. Regal won’t say there weren’t times that were trying when it came to the Undisputed Era. But Strong is welcomed back any time he wants. Strong shakes Regal’s hand, and takes his leave. Is this the last NXT has seen of the Savior of the Backbreaker?


Leon Ruff VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

This grudge has gone off the charts, and now it all comes to a head! Will Ruff finally shut Swerve up for talking down to him? Or will NXT continue to be Swerve’s House?

The bell rings and they talk trash to each other. They get forehead to forehead and then fire off forearms! Swerve shoves Ruff, Ruff trips him up and ground ‘n’ pounds! Swerve shoves him again, then pops him up for a FLAPJACK! But Ruff blocks the kick to trip Swerve up! Ruff dropkicks Swerve out of the ring! Ruff goes to the apron, gets the arm, and hits a FALLING ARMBAR! Swerve scrambles back into the ring, Ruff gets him up but Swerve throws body shots. Ruff uppercuts, runs but is put on the apron. Swerve CHOPS Ruff down, then drags him back in. Swerve scoops and SLAMS Ruff, then goes to the corner for the FALLING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!

Swerve keeps on Ruff, drags him up and spins him around to back suplex. Ruff lands on his feet to dropsault! Ruff forearms at the ropes, whips but Swerve reverses. Ruff CLOBBERS Swerve then rallies with forearms! Ruff runs to BOOT Swerve to a corner! Ruff gets Swerve up, forearms, then runs corner to corner but Swerve puts him out again. Ruff ROCKS Swerve  then goes up and around and around, slides under and gets up and over to go up again, into a SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Swerve gets Ruff up to throw him out hard! Swerve aims from the apron, to BOOT Ruff down! Fans boo but Swerve just looms over Ruff while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Swerve has Ruff in a chinlock. Ruff fights up but Swerve bumps him off buckles and CHOPS him in the corner! Swerve shouts for Ruff to get up, and says, “I love this!” He gives Ruff short headbutts, then brings him up to CHOPS him again! Swerve talks trash as Ruff flounders down. “I told you, we’re done!” Swerve stands Ruff up again, winds up and CHOPS again! Ruff roars in Swerve’s face then CHOPS and SLAPS away! Ruff runs to LARIAT! Ruff aims and LARIATS again! Ruff gets Swerve up, headlocks and heads for a corner, goes up and up, to leap into an ARMBAR! Ruff slips free and STMOPS the bad arm! Ruff tries again, RUFF CUT!

The cutter hits but Swerve bails out! Ruff builds speed to go up and up and FLY!! Direct hit and Ruff even lands on his feet! Ruff gets Swerve in, climbs back up, and leaps to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but Ruff keeps his cool. They both go to the apron, Ruff is on the other side of the same corner. Ruff drags Swerve up but Swerve pushes him down. Ruff ENZIGURIS the arm! Ruff climbs up, gets Swerve up, for a SUPER DUPER STEINER!! Ruff crawls to a cover as fans lose their minds, TWO!! Swerve survives and seethes but both men are down on the mat. Fans rally up, Ruff goes after Swerve and throws hands! Swerve CHPOS back, but Ruff fires off more!

Ruff runs, Swerve follows and ROCKS him with that uppercut! Swerve fireman’s carries, runs and pops Ruff up but Ruff RANAS Swerve into a buckle! Ruff rebounds and LARIATS! Swerve stays up to DISCUS back! Swerve drags Ruff up, suplex, but Ruff RANAS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Swerve escapes and staggers to a corner. Ruff runs in but Swerve BOOTS him! Swerve goes up, Ruff climbs up to get him, but the Steiner is blocked this time! Swerve gets Ruff up to DROP him on the buckle! Swerve reels Ruff in, half nelson and wheelbarrow, JML DRIVER!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

Swerve handled Ruff roughly and now he has his win! Is this truly the end between these two? What will Swerve look to do next?


Backstage interview with Zoey Stark.

She’s been very impressive since coming to NXT, but how does she feel after her first TakeOver? Well how would you feel if four months ago, you were living in Las Vegas, struggling to make ends meet, and now you’re here in NXT? When Stark was in Vegas, she was training every single day for eight hours a day. That hard work got her here, and then her biggest match was at the biggest TakeOver ever, against one of the best ever in Toni Storm! And just like everyone else, her ultimate goal is THE NXT Women’s Champion.

But Mercedes says whoa. Why are we wasting time on a nobody? Everyone knows Mercedes is next in line, not some rookie. Rookie? Let’s see about that. Will Stark make sure everyone understands that new kid on the block or not, she can still rock the block with the best of them?


Walter speaks.

At NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, we proved again that Imperium is the most dominant force in all of professional wrestling. For the last two years, I’ve been the most dominant champion in WWE. And Tommaso Ciampa was one of the biggest challenges yet. But nothing’s changed. I’m still the NXT UK Champion.” Imperium’s crusade to restore the honor of this great sport is just beginning. They will grow, they will expand, and Imperium is here to stay> Soon all of NXT will understand what it means when they say, “The Mat is Sacred.” Who are they looking to recruit? Who is going to sign up?


Backstage interview with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

After all he’s had to say about Leon Ruff, is it safe to say that this is officially over with him? Didn’t you just see what he did out there? Swerve made a statement! But Ruff responds by attacking Swerve! He dribbles him off the lockers, then shouts, “You wanna play, Swerve?!” before he RAMS Swerve with a road case!! Ruff tells Swerve that this is NOT over until HE says it’s over! Security and officials rush over, Ruff takes his leave, and Ruff is showing he’s got an edge as sharp as Swerve’s! Will this only end when one of them is cut down for good?


8 Person Mixed Tag: The Way VS Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon!

This is certainly one of the most unique match in NXT history, and one of the most colossal as Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell will have to face all of their common enemies! Will the North American Champion and his fighting family be able to do things their way against the Tortured Artist, Auszilla and buckwild NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions?

The teams sort out, Lumis starts against Theory and Theory powers Lumis right to a corner! Theory rams his shoulder in again and again, then whips him corner to corner., Lumis reverses. Theory goes up and over but Lumis THESZ PRESSES! Lumis rains down rights, Theory gets away and reaches out, but Indi wants in?! Candice tags in and shouts that Lumis has to leave, men face men and women face women. So Ember runs in to DYNAMIC DROPKICK Candice down! Ember brings Candice over, tags Shotzi, and they whip Candice to trip and basement dropkick, to a elbow drop! Cover, TWO!

Shotzi sees Indi getting in and DECKS her! Tag to Ember, the tag champs coordinate to Canadian rack, but Gargano saves Candice! Ember ROCKS Gargano, Shotzi ROCKS Gargano, Wade Barrett protests on commentary but Reed ROCKS Gargano, for Shotzi & Ember to DOUBLE ROLLING ELBOW! Gargano is down, Ember offers a tag to Lumis but he doesn’t take it, so she just tags him in herself. Lumis talks up behind Gargano, throws counter punches, then rocks Gargano. Lumis whips, Gargano holds ropes and kicks back! But Gargano runs into a pop-up UPPERCUT! Lumis DECKS Theory, and then Indi makes goo-goo eyes at him!

Lumis looks closer, Indi puckers up, but Candice stops that! Gargano attacks Lumis from behind as NXT goes picture in picture!

Gargano stomps away on Lumis, the ref backs him off, and Gargano taunts Lumis’ team before storming back over. Gargano CLUBS Lumis, CLUBS him again, then tags in Theory. They mug Lumis, Theory has Lumis in an open corner for bckle bumps, and then whips him corner to corner hard! Lumis bounces off buckles, Theory pushes him around, and then looms over him, Lumis shoves back so Theory CLUBS him down! Theory drags Lumis up, snap suplexes, and flexes at Reed. The ref keeps Reed out as Theory stomps Lumis. Cover, TWO! Theory clamps onto Lumis with a bearhug then CLUBS him on the back.

Theory clamps on a chinlock and digs a knee in, but Lumis endures. Fans rally up, Lumis fights up as his team is chomping at the bit. Lumis is up, he pries the hold but Theory knees low. Theory scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Theory keeps on Lumis with another chinlock and squeezes tight. Lumis endures, Theory cranks on the hold, and NXT returns to single picture. Lumis fights up to back suplex free! Both men are down, Lumis crawls over, hot tag to Reed! Reed rallies on Theory with big forearms! Reed whips, then runs to BODY CHECK! Geargano gets in, dodges but gets a BODY CHECK!

Gargano and Theory are in one corner, Reed runs in to SANDWICH them! Reed puts Gargano up top, fireman’s carries Theory and then adds Gargano! It’s a DOUBLE STACKED SAMOAN DROP! Cover, Indi and Candice break it! Shotzi & Ember go after them in a brawl! The ref reprimands, Indi knees low and whips to pop Ember up for the IMPRESSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Shotzi DECKS Candice to DDT Indi! Candice SUPERKICKS Shotzi down! Candice goes up top, but Reed stands in her way of Shotzi! Candice still jumps, but she bounces off Reed! Theory somersaults to SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Lumis tags in to SPINEBUSTER Theory!

Fans fire up but Gargano drags Lumis out to forearm. Ember DIVES into Gargano! Candice runs to DIVE onto Lumis, for a DDT!! Fans are losing their minds as Candice talks trash and tells Lumis not to talk to Indi! Shotzi wants Reed to use her as a weapon! Reed lifts Shotzi up to TOSS her onto EVERYONE!! “This is Awesome!” as Reed decides to build speed?! But Gargano SUPERKICKS first! Lumis gets in, blocks the kick to spin Gargano, to the URENAGE! And THE SILENCE!!! Gargano flails, Indi is in but she can’t bring herself to hit Lumis! So she just falls over?! Lumis does look at her, and does he show concern?! He lets Gargano go, looks at Indi and checks if she’s okay.

Lumis sits her up, but Theory BOOTS Lumis down!! Theory checks on Gargano but Indi gets mad at Theory! Indi throws Theory out!? And then Indi goes back to her Sleeping Beauty act. Lumis looks at Indi, touches her hand, and then lifts her up to carry her away like a princess! Indi gives a thumbs up!! Reed is as confused as anyone, but he runs into Theory’s’ shoulder! Theory somersaults, into a FOREARM BLAST!! Reed tells Ember to hop on and she climbs up to his shoulders! Ember aims at Theory, for a COLOSSAL ECLIPSE!! But Candice throws Ember out! Reed is up top now, but Gargano trips him!

Gargano gets in, he and Theory coordinate to go after Reed! Gargano throws forearms, climbs up top, but Reed GOURD BUSTERS Gargano onto Theory! Candice attacks, she tries, but Reed is too big for the little pixie! Reed gets Candice up for Shotzi to Electric Chair SLAM onto Theory! Reed adjusts now, and Theory gets the TSUNAMI SPLASH!! Cover, Reed and team win!

Winners: Bronson Reed, Dexter Lumis, Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon, by pinfall

The Way got washed away by that tidal wave! #InDex might be the fairy tale ending to this otherwise bad ending for The Way! But will Candice get her payback on Shotzi & Ember one way or another?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode, especially for a post-TakeOver! There was still a good amount of recap but we also got something new out of the Unsanctioned Match. We saw that Cole, despite being the loser and in the worst shape, kept barking at Kyle all the way. This could mean there is no “call-up” of Cole to RawDown, and one day we get a rematch, much in the same way Gargano VS Ciampa seemed to never end. I was a little surprised that Strong is going through with being “done” with NXT, but maybe there’s a family matter we’re not privy to. Strong will surely be back when things are better, and then he can rise up to be in the main event scene like Kyle and Cole.

Speaking of, the titles are going strong already. Kross has a fairly good promo to establish he’s starting where he left off, and I do like that he’s planning on being a fighting champion. Raquel had a great promo with Dakota to put things into frame, and what a great moment for Rhea and Bianca to show up and show off that this class of NXT is running the division! Mercedes had a good squash match with Jessi, then had a good promo with Zoey Stark, while Franky Monet (formerly Taya Valkyrie) had a decent promo to introduce herself. Not sure if we need her to be using the glamorous gimmick when that’s supposed to be the Robert Stone Brand’s thing, but maybe she only acts that way out of the ring to truly give us “The Crazy Blonde” in the ring. Mercedes, Stark and Franky in a Triple Threat contender’s match would be great stuff in time for some sort of Spring/Summer special.

The NXT Tag Team Championship match was a lot of fun, but naturally MSK wins to get their first defense in. Ciampa & Thatcher calling them out is also great, and that match will be really good. Fans at the CWC don’t like MSK for whatever reason, but I bet they will love it when/if Ciampa & Thatcher take those titles from MSK. Imperium also getting after Dain & Maverick is a good circling back to their story. Walter had a good promo to tease that there is still someone joining Imperium from NXT USA, but I can’t be sure if it’s Dain or Thatcher yet. Maybe not Dain, after what happened tonight, and Thatcher could be using Ciampa to get the belts for Imperium’s sake.

Dunne had a good promo to continue his mission of proving he’s the best technical wrestler. I hope someone from RawDown moves over to NXT just long enough to have a match with Dunne, like a Daniel Bryan or… Whoever is a great technical wrestler on Raw. Drew Gulak maybe? We got a good plug for Sarray, and her debut next week will be very good to be sure. We got a great match out of Swerve VS Ruff, and I should’ve figured Ruff would retaliate. They should definitely make the blow-off something like an I Quit match since this is about both men saying this isn’t over until they say it’s over. Then the winner gets to go for whatever title is without challenger.

Speaking of, we got a great Cruiserweight Championship match, and it was AWESOME to see Kushida take the title from Escobar! This may seem sudden given we just got the “unification” match, but Escobar’s reign was ever since the Interim Cruiserweight Champion Tournament last year, not just the unification. Kushida winning finally freshens things up, and him eventually facing Devlin will be awesome. And personally, I wouldn’t mind if one day, Finn Balor could add the Cruiserweight title to his list of accomplishments so that he’d be the first in a unique combination of NXT, Universal, Intercontinental and Cruiserweight Champion.

That 8 Person was great stuff, too, and a really fun way to close the first NXTuesday. It was a great blending of the various rivalries The Way has, and I loved that Indi somehow charmed Lumis into carrying her away. The Faces winning was of course the way to go, because it will extend the stories. Gargano and Reed can have another match for the North American title, Candice can try to get Indi to focus on the tag titles, and we can explore #InDex more. If there isn’t another “The Way sitcom promo” and we get Indi shouting “BUT I LOVE HIM!” in the cliché teenage daughter way, I will be very disappointed.

My Score: 9.4/10

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