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Carol’s AEW Predictions For 2020

Carol brings us her predictions for AEW in 2020!



Last week, I wrote about my predictions for WWE in 2020. Well, this week I decided to write my predictions for WWE’s rival AEW.

It’s only been a few months in to AEW’s television debut and the promotion appears to be a success. With a stacked roster of talented wrestlers, incredible matches, and compelling storylines; it’s no surprise why AEW is a hit with wrestling fans.

Heading into 2020, AEW has a lot of exciting stuff lined up. So let’s take a look at some things that could happen in AEW this year.

Jon Moxley wins the AEW Championship

This one is kind of obvious. Upon signing with AEW, Moxley has been treated like a main-event star. He’s already had a high-profiled feud and match with Kenny Omega (I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this rivalry).

Heading into 2020, Moxley has his sights set on AEW Champion Chris Jericho. AEW knows that Moxley is their hottest star and it’d be a mistake for them not to put the title on Mox.

Kris Statlander becomes a huge star in the women’s division

AEW has come under criticism due to their lack of attention on the women’s division. However, a recent group of signees has fans excited about the upcoming storylines for the women.

Kris Statlander is one of AEW’s newest stars and she’s already proven to be a hit with fans. As 2020 gets underway, Statlander has a shot at the AEW Women’s Championship.

Whether she wins or loses remains to be seen, but Statlander is a wrestler to keep an eye on in the women’s division.

A big name debuts

Last year, we saw the debut of Moxley and this year I expect there to be another big name coming to AEW.

There’s a list of wrestler who are already free agents or about to become one.

Marty Scrull is a name that’s been rumored to join the promotion since he’s friends with The Elite. Scrull’s signing with AEW would be huge for the company and cause a frenzy.

A few names also to consider are Killer Kross, Ryback, and Luke Harper. Plus, with The Revival and Matt Hardy’s contracts ending in a few months, they could possibly jump ship to AEW.

Darby Allin will continue to be a breakout star

At just 23 years-old, Darby Allin has proven himself to be a great wrestler. So far in AEW, he’s already had matches against the heavyweights such as Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley. His matches has caused fans to take notice of the rising, young star.

With his wrestling skills, charisma, and look; Allin is becoming one of the stars to watch in 2020.

An AEW/NJPW partnership is announced

This is something wrestling fans want to see. For months, rumors of been swirling about a possible partnership between AEW and NJPW.

Reports suggested things were tense between the two promotions since Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks left NJPW to form AEW. But with Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley currently working for both promotions, this could help bridge the gap between the two companies.

The latest rumor is that AEW and NJPW were eager to form a partnership, and both sides were willing to sit down and talk.

I do believe we’ll see the two promotions join forces, and when they do it’ll be the hottest news story in wrestling.


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