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Chris’s Takes For NXT UK 1/2/20

Chris King brings you his review of the first NXT UK of the year as the brand prepares for Takeover Blackpool II!



Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a new year of tremendous professional wrestling in the UK. The future is bright for many superstars let's get right into the action! 

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a new year of tremendous professional wrestling in the UK. The future is bright for many superstars let’s get right into the action! 

I would like to also point out something that I’ve overlooked for quite some time now, Tom Phillips has been stellar on commentary ever since he came to the brand. It’s also funny hearing him and Nigel McGuinness bicker from time to time.

Dave Mastiff vs. Kona Reeves

This contest was a little longer than your typical squash match, as Reeves got a few minutes to beat down Mastiff. The conclusion, however, as if there was any doubt was “The Bomber” picking up the easy victory with Into The Void. Big things could be in store for the big man!

Ligero vs. Kassius Ohno

These two superstars have had some incredible battles in the past that were fast and furious with a high-octane offense and vicious strikes. Ever since Ohno’s British rounds match with Sid Scala, “The Knockout Artist” has morphed into “The Wrestling Genius” who portrays a terrific heel.

Throughout the match, Ligero attempted to “fight” Ohno and watching him cower in the corner and whine to the referee that he’s only trying to wrestle not fight was hilarious. The babyface kept a target on the big man’s knees to mount a comeback. Ohno overpowered him and locked in the Kassius Clutch for the tap-out victory.

Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith vs. Dorian Mak & Riddick Moss

Mak and Moss took control as soon as the match started isolating the babyfaces. They kept on the assault on Carter until he finally made the tag to Smith who exploded. Moss halted the momentum and was overzealous and it cost him. Mak went up top for a high-risk maneuver but Smith rolled him up for a surprise victory!

Main Event: Iija Dragunov vs. Alexander Wolfe (No Disqualification)

Holy Crap I have been so excited for this match ever since Dragunov pulled a swerve on Wolfe and IMPERIUM during the standoff with Gallus. This is going to be brutal and awesome! I didn’t know this was student vs. teacher too. Dragunov met Wolfe at the top of the ramp and the two rivals brawled to the ring. It was all Dragunov until he introduced a kendo stick but Wolfe blocked it. Wolfe tricked him into picking it up and hitting him only to methodically beat him down. There were some nasty-looking kendo strikes that made me cringe.

Dragunov delivered some retribution and introduced a table as the two rivals engaged in a battle of one-upmanship with blocked suplexes. Wolfe hit a THUNDEROUS death valley driver onto the ring apron. Dragunov fired back with throwing a steel chair at his opponent followed by Coast-to-Coast for a long near-fall! Dragunov pulled out multiple chairs into a bed went for a superplex but it was reversed into a German suplex. Dragunov got his fingers smashed in steel chairs but still managed to hit a massive death valley driver through the table followed by the Torpedo Moscow for the victory!

Post-match, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner attacked Dragunov as WALTER made his way to the ramp. Joe Coffey blindsided the NXT UK Champion to end the show!

Once again, NXT UK doesn’t disappoint as we are one week away from TakeOver: Blackpool II and several huge matchups were announced.

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