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Mitchell’s AEW Bonus Content Report! (1/22/20)

Dip your toes in the Second Wave!



AEW Cruise of Jericho

All aboard some bonus content!

Before surfing the Second Wave, AEW presents a special bonus match! Watch Bad Boy Joey Janela and Rey Fenix fire up before setting sail!



  • Joey Janela VS Rey Fenix; Janela wins.


Welcome to the Norwegian Pearl!

Alex Abrahantes of the Spanish commentary welcomes us aboard as AEW prepares to set sail on the Cruise of Jericho! The Rock ‘n’ Rager will be Dynamite tonight! And speaking of tonight, Le Champion and Proud ‘n’ Powerful go up against the most popular and undefeated trio of Jurassic Express! They’re here live ahead of their match up. Marko Stunt had an exchange with Jericho online, it got a bit heated. Marko just thinks that what he said is true. He promises to roll Jericho up for the win, and that is that. Jungle Boy himself almost had Jericho in that 10 minute time limit match, earning a lot of respect. But does he think that he and his team can get it done? Yes, the 10 minutes changed the natural order of things. Before that match, Jericho treated JB like a joke. After that match, he’s taking JB seriously.

JB learned a lot and proved to himself he’s good enough. And now, he’s got his “best buds” here to help. Luchasaurus speaks to the loss to Santana & Ortiz, but now as a trio, and Luchasaurus’ Masters Degree, they’ll have what’s needed to change things. Tonight’s going to be their night. Luchasaurus might get in the water for a minute and hang out, have some daiquiris. JB doesn’t know what those are. Marko says it’s like when you go to your mom’s house- No, Marko, no. Perhaps the boys can have something more appropriate to drink. Luchasaurus will have to keep his eyes on Marko, but will the Jurassic Express have their eyes on the prize?

Moving on, the AEW World Tag Team Championships are on the line tonight! Kenny Omega and Hangman Page won an incredible Fatal 4 Way Tag to become the #1 contenders. But to speak on Omega, Page and SCU, it’s the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels! Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have beaten great teams like Best Friends, Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks, but what about this new team of Cleaner and Cowboy? Daniels knows those two are among the best singles wrestlers in the world, but SCU are the tag team champions of the world. SCU has been a team a lot longer, so when “the rubber hits the road,” the instinct of team first will kick in. Omega and Page are thrust into a different environment and thinking of only themselves. A great point as Omega and Page haven’t really seen eye to eye yet.

What advice will Daniels give, having faced Omega and Page separately in his career? Wrestling Omega is a tall order, as he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. Page right now is going through a crisis of confidence, who feels as the weak link in the Elite, so isolating Page can be the best path to victory. Use those doubts as a weakness. SCU has no doubts in their mind, they are the best team in this company, and it’ll be proven on the cruise. No need to wish them luck, but will they have the skill to back up the world?

Sammy Guevara comes in to vlog, so we have some crossover. Sammy’s boys in the Inner Circle are facing the Jurassic Express, but Sammy says those guys are “average.” Ask better questions for the vlog. Well then, what about when Jungle Boy took Jericho to the limit? And now that he has his team with him, don’t they have an advantage? Jericho has been a bit busy already, won’t he be tired? Alex isn’t that smart, is he? This is Le Champion! The AEW World Champion, the first, only and youngest champion in AEW history! Jericho is always fresh! There’s a small child, an average child and a big dinosaur on one side. But there’s no one bigger than Santana & Ortiz! But then one more question: how does Marko keep stealing your spotlight? Marko uses Sammy to get followers. Marko is not a good guy, just check Sammy’s social media to see it. #MarkoStuntExposed. Well that certainnly seems like must-see, but we’ll just have to wait and see which trio takes the win! Get ready for the Cruise of Jericho! Sail away maaaan~!


Joey Janela VS Rey Fenix!

Who needs to be on Dark when you can stand alone as the lead-in to the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea? The Bad Boy and the Firebird have a 1v1 match to christen this inaugural Dynamite voyage, but who goes from booze cruise to lose cruise?

The bell rings and fans are dueling already. Fenix and Janela hear the fans as they circle in the ring. They stare down, and Fenix offers a handshake. Fans aren’t so sure but Janela does reach out a hand. But Janela sees the sucker punch coming, ducks it and blocks the mule kick. Janela spins Fenix but Fenix ducks the clothesline to waistlock. Fenix wristlock ripcords but Janela ducks the kick to pump handle and roll. Things speed up, but Janela holds ropes. Fans cheer this exchange as they go again. Fenix uses the Tiger Feint but Janela gets clear! Janela kips up as Fenix says it was “this” close. Fans cheer as Janela does some Macho Man, “That was Sick!” Now Janela offers a handshake, Fenix takes it, but it’s Fenix’s sucker punch that lands! Fenix clubs away then whips Janela out of the ring. Fenix keeps moving to build speed and DIVE! The somersault tope hits Janela at the ramp!

Fans fire up with Fenix, but Fenix may have hurt his hand in there somewhere. Fenix kicks Janela then puts him in the ring. But Janela DIVES right back! Janela builds speed again, but Fenix stops him short to hotshot him back. Fenix has Janela between ropes, draping DDT to the apron! Fenix mocks Janela’s pain as Janela flops back into the ring. Fenix circles Janela and drags him up to then CHOP against the ropes! Fans want more so Janela CHOPS! Fenix SUPERKICKS Janela to the corner! Fans are even more fired up as Fenix brings Janela up to CHOP again! Janela goes to another corner but Fenix is on him with shoulders and jabs. Fenix stomps a foot to sit Janela down, then mule kicks his face! Fenix goes corner to corner, counts to three, and then runs to… SLAP Janela. Fenix shrugs when the ref reprimands him, and then brings Janela up again.

Fans cheer, “Si se puedes!” as Fenix headlocks and punches Janela. Fenix fireman’s carries but Janela fights out to throw big forearms! Fenix blocks the mule kick again, but Janela ROCKS him with that right! Janela runs corner to corner now, but Fenix dodges to rope SOBAT! Fenix rolls Janela, somersaults, but into a LARIAT! Fans love this as the ref starts a standing count. Fenix and Janela slowly stir and sit up. The count passes 5 as Janela heads for Fenix. Janela is up at 8, and he’s all fired up! Fenix fights the waistlock, kicks the legs and then wristlocks to go acrobatic. But Janela catches Fenix for a SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Fenix survives but Janela keeps his focus.

Fenix goes to a corner, Janela stalks over, but Fenix blocks the kick. Fenix gives the leg to the ref and then heads up top. Janela runs into haymakers, then Fenix goes acrobatic, but Janela disrupts that. Fenix enziguris back, then springboards but Janela gets under. Fenix shows a chop but that was just to fake Janela out. Janela looks up to get an eye poke! And a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Fenix is annoyed but he elbows Janela down. Janela gets to a corner, Fenix runs corner to corner, but Fenix blocks the boot to ROCK Janela with a left. Fenix goes up and up and leaps, CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Janela lives and Fenix can’t believe it! Fenix looms over Janela and brings him up to CHOP back down! Fenix points to the corner and fans chant “SI! SI! SI!”

Fenix climbs but Janela is up! Janela trips Fenix, but Fenix springs up to springboard. But Janela gets under and to the ropes, only for Fenix to give him a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Fenix argues with the ref but it wasn’t three. Janela flops out of the ring, Fenix goes up top again, but Janela intercepts with an uppercut! Janela clubs Fenix on the back then brings him back to cradle, AIR RAID CRASH ON THE APRON!! Both men are down from that one, and a ring count begins. The count passes 5 as Janela drags Fenix back in. Janela fires up and the fans join him. Janela drags Fenix up, underhooks and SPINNING PACKAGE DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Fenix still lives?! Janela can’t believe that one! But Janela has more to try and fans rally behind him. Janela goes to the corner and climbs up. Janela leaps, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, Janela wins!!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

The Bad Boy makes good on this opportunity! With Dynamite joining the Cruise of Jericho, will it be smooth sailing for Janela in 2020? Or will he end up on stormy waters soon enough?



My Thoughts:

Note that these were two different videos put together. One is the Dynamite Preshow video, the other is literally called the Rock ‘n’ Rager Bonus Match, both on AEW’s YouTube channel. And this is definitely an interesting place to put a match. I don’t know why this wasn’t part of AEW Dark, as it was still filmed in Miami for Bash at the Beach. Well, other than AEW wanting to advertise it as a special match all its own. At the same time, reports came in that this match legitimately injured Fenix’s neck. Hopefully Fenix is alright, he and Pentagon were still going strong in the tag team division, as well as Fenix getting some momentum as singles competitor all his own. Janela winning may have been an audible because of the bad neck, but they can still smooth it over as Janela’s story with Superbad Kip Sabian gets going.

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