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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/7/20)

It’s a Dark New Year!



AEW Dark Coverage

The New Decade is Dark!

AEW’s New Year’s Homecoming was Elite, but it was also Superbad! Watch Kip Sabian and The Hybrid2 take on S! C! U!



  • Awesome Kong w/ The Nightmare Collective VS Skyler Moore; Kong wins.
  • Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Billy & Austin Gunn
  • Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Kip Sabian & The Hybrid2 w/ Penelope Ford; SCU wins.


Dark replays the Inner Circle’s offer to Jon Moxley.

After The Maniac got through with his match, the Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara reappeared. “Wow, buddy! Mox, Mox baby.” Sammy sees why he does the audience entrance. He gets to see the people, borrow a drink and food. Sammy loves disrespecting the fans like this. Moxley isn’t one to be disrespected, he gets a chair! Sammy says he’s not here to fight. The Inner Circle has a big surprise for him joining. It’s 2020, so Sammy puts on the New Year glasses. And the party blowers, too. Want one? No? Well the Inner Circle has big surprises. Right, Chris?

Le Champion is here via video. There is a big surprise. But it is no surprise that Moxley won. Moxley is the premier pro-wrestler to Jericho. That is why he wants Moxley in the Inner Circle. There are other factions who want people to join. The Dark Order, the Nightmare collective, but they can’t offer what the Inner Circle can offer. Moxley can lead alongside Jericho as equal partners. Moxley will have 49% of the Inner Circle LLC if he joins. he will be Executive Vice President of the Inner Circle! Oh and this lovely and most expensive vehicle, a Ford GT, will be given to Moxley as a gift! It has a great vanity license plate of “MOX,” too. The keys are his, if he just says “Yes.”

Think of how powerful they can be? They could take over AEW! Jericho wants Moxley to shove his fist down so far Cody’s throat he can pull that pink tie out from Cody’s ass! Jericho wants to rub it in Jungle Boy’s face that he couldn’t win! They can tie the Young Bucks into a Christmas bow no one wants. They can beat down Kenny Omega so badly that he feels as embarrassed and stupid as the citizens of Jacksonville. “The world could be ours. And all you have to do is say ‘Yes.’” Think the decision over wisely. Jericho looks forward to hearing from him. Quite the offer as Jericho drives away in the GT. But what is Moxley’s decision? We will find out this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite!


AEW Dark has an official intro video!


Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome us to the show!

There is a lot of anticipation for Moxley’s decision that he vows to give live and in person to Le Champeon! Would you take the Ford GT and 49% stock in Inner Circle LLC? To each their own if you do. But on to the action that was part of the Homecoming episode!


Awesome Kong w/ The Nightmare Collective VS Skyler Moore!

As the song says, “There are 8 million ways to die, she’s one.” Brandi Rhodes and Melanie Cruise are ringside as the most dangerous woman in AEW looks to destroy the newest woman in AEW. Will Skyler’s debut be a nightmare come to life?

Brandi wants to touch Skyler’s hair but Skyler slaps hands away. So Awesome Kong Mongolian CHOPS Skyler! The ref hurries to ring the bell, and more chops rain down! Kong whips Skyler then corner squashes her! Fans fire up as Kong smiles. She drags Skyler in, underhooks but Skyler slips out to throw forearms! Kong just laughs them all off before using a full body block to knock Skyler down! Kong drags Skyler up again to TOSS her across the ring! Skyler writhes as Kong stalks over. Kong grinds her boot into Skyler but lets up at the count of 4. Kong stalks Skyler again, brings her up and clubs her down! Kong stands on Skyler’s hair as she pulls on the arms! The ref counts and Kong lets up at 4.

Kong aims as Skyler goes to a corner, but Skyler slips out to enziguri! Skyler climbs but Kong BACK HANDS! Kong fireman’s carries Skyler and flips her around, modified torture rack! Then a SLAM! Kong drags Skyler back up and brings her in, but Skyler slips out! Skyler tries to roll Kong up but Kong’s too strong! And then Kong SITS on Skyler! Cover, but Brandi tells Kong to finish this properly. Kong gets up and underhooks, AWESOME BUSTER! Cover, Kong wins!

Winner: Awesome Kong, by pinfall

This match could’ve ended any number of times before that, but this was about sending a message. Brandi wants to add on so she sends Cruise in after Skyler. Cruise drops a leg right on Skyler’s head! The ref tells the Collective to leave, and they do. They don’t need a lock of hair from Skyler, either. But will the Collective continue to collect wins in the AEW Women’s Division?


Backstage interview with Christopher Daniels.

The Fallen Angel and SoCal Uncensored prepare for their match together again, after the rough and a bit embarrassing incident with Pentagon Jr. Daniels is fine, he admits he messed up. And he overreacted when asked about it before, so he apologizes. But things like that happen, pro-wrestling is a contact sport. But Daniels isn’t about the past, he’s about the present. He is going to prove he still has it, that he is still a valued member of SCU, and he’ll get the job done. Will SCU be at 100% power? Will that be enough to defeat the Superbad super team?


Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Kip Sabian & The Hybrid2 w/ Penelope Ford!

Daniels is back with Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, bringing SCU to full power! But will they be victorious on this Dark Homecoming? Or will this be Superbad for them instead?

The trios sort out and Kaz starts with Kip. They circle and talk smack. Kip shoves but Kaz shoves back. They tie up, Kaz headlocks and shifts to a hammerlock to a roll up, TWO! Kaz gets a headlock takeover but Kip fights his way up. Kip powers out but Kaz runs him over. Kaz runs but the Bad Girl stands in his way. The ref reprimands her but Kip attacks Kaz from behind! Kip drags Kaz in to throw a big forearm! Kip back suplexes but Kaz lands on his feet to back kick, knee lift and LARIAT! But TH2 jumps in and attacks SCU! They throw hands and stomp away, then regroup with Kip. “Who’s the greatest!?” TH2 runs at Daniels and Scorpio but get dumped out!

Kaz knees Kip then whips him to the SCU corner. Scorpio splashes then helps Daniels get up and over. Enziguri and sweeps, Kaz swings for the dropkick! Kaz kips up and fans chant along, “S C U!” Kaz wrenches Kip to tag Scorpio and Scorpio climbs up. Scorpio leaps to drop ax handles, then he wrenches. Kip hits a jawbreaker and brings Scorpio to the Superbad corner. Tag to Angelico and they mug Scorpio. Angelico wrenches and brings Scorpio to his knees while Penelope checks on Kip. Scorpio endures the armlock and fights up to fight back. Scorpio knees and whips but Angelico reverses, only for Kaz to tag in. Scorpio whips Angelico and SCU double elbow him down! Kaz scoops and slams Angelico then springboards to leg drop! Cover, TWO!

Kaz drags Angelico up to feed him to SCU’s boots in the corner. Daniels tags in and The Addiction double whip. Body shot, flipping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags Angelico up to use an EXPLODER! Cover, but Kip breaks it! Fans rally for the “Fallen Angel!” as Daniels brings Angelico up. Daniels headbutts, whips but Angelico reverses. Evans gets a cheap shot in but Daniels hits him back! Angelico runs in, misses and Daniels scoop slams him! Daniels takes a moment to focus, but he is worried about the Arabian Botch… Angelico kicks Daniels from the mat while he hesitates, and then puts him in the Superbad corner to rain down jabs! The ref keeps Kaz back and Angelico taunts him while Kip and Evans choke Daniels! Kaz returns to his corner and Angelico tags Evans.

TH2 coordinate, dumdum stomp back suplex! Evans even shows off with a handspring before he jackknife bridges, to use the ropes! The ref sees that so he doesn’t count. Evans protests but then stomps Daniels down. Evans taunts SCU and cheers “T H 2!” Evans puts Daniels in the Superbad corner, tag to Angelico, and Evans Chancery for Angelico’s Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Daniels toughs it out but Angelico tags Kip in. Kip stomps Daniels but fans rally up for him as Kip whips. Kip sweeps the legs, runs and Shining Wizards! Cover, TWO! Kip argues with the ref but Kip goes after Daniels with a chinbar and armlock. Daniels endures as fans rally up again. Daniels fights his way up, fights his way out, then runs, into a dropkick! Daniels bails out as Evans laughs.

Kip distracts the ref so that Penelope can get on the apron and tornado DDT Daniels down! Angelico puts Daniels back in and Kip drags Daniels up for a suplex. Kip has Daniels draped on the top rope, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Kip can’t believe it! Kip brings Daniels to the corner, Evans tags in to springboard stomp! Evans puts Daniels in an open corner to wrench and scoop slam. Evans standing corkscrews! Cover, TWO! Evans tries another cover, TWO! Evans is upset so he puts Daniels in the other corner. Evans whips corner to corner and runs in, handspring back elbow! Then a flurry of kicks! Evans runs but Daniels tilt-o-whirl backbreakers! Evans writhes but fans rally up! Daniels and Evans crawl, hot tag to Kaz!

Kaz rallies on the Superbad boys! BIG back suplex for Angelico! GERMAN for Evans! Guillotine leg drop for Kip! Kaz brings Evans up, shoves up and under for the suplex! Kaz slingshots Kip in for the CUTTER! Fans fire up for Kaz as he drags Evans back up. Kaz chicken wings and turns Evans but Evans powers out. Angelico forearms Kaz from the apron, Evans hits Scorpio and then handspring ax kicks Kaz down! Angelico helps out with the 450! Cover, TWO!! Kaz lives but Evans puts him in the drop zone! Evans climbs up top, PHOENIX- KNEES! Kaz counters the splash, Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Angelico CLOBBERS Kaz! Daniels gives Angelico ANGEL’S WINGS!

Kip baits Daniels in and jumps in, triangle jump DDT! Scorpio baits in Kip, fireman’s carry to TKO! Spinning roundhouse from Evans staggers Scorpio, but Scorpio reverses the whip! Kaz BOOTS Evans, and Scorpio lifts Evans in the Gory Especial! S C U LATER! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Frankie Kazarian by pinfall

New Year, new decade, same great combination! And Daniels asks the crowd to say those three letters they love so much with them. “S! C! U!” Will the Fallen Angel clear out the doubt? Will the Heavy Metal Rebel and the Closer hold onto those AEW World Tag Team Championships to set a historic first reign?



My Thoughts:

Well this is a bit of a let down. It was advertised that we would get to see Santana & Ortiz VS #GunnClub, Gunn & Son, Billy & Austin. But there are whispers that the match was left off the airing tonight because of a legal battle WWE/Vince McMahon is trying to drag Billy into about his stage name. A damn shame that Vince can’t stop being a petty old man, and a shame that this match isn’t anywhere to watch. It certainly sounded great on paper and would’ve been great to have. But what we did see still made for a good half hour of programming. Obviously Awesome Kong was going to crush whoever she was put up against. And the Six Man Tag was really fun. It was good story telling to have Daniels question his Arabian Press. That needs to be built up so that when he finally hits it again, it is a big moment for him. SCU wins to stay strong as a trio, and I’m intrigued to see where things are going for the tag titles.

My Score: 8/10

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