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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/1/2020)

The New Year begins HERE!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

A Dynamite way to start the decade!

It is a New Year’s Homecoming for All Elite Wrestling! But will Jon Moxley come to accept Chris Jericho’s offer to join his Inner Circle?



  • Darby Allin VS Cody; Cody wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Fatal 4 Way: Riho VS Hikaru Shida VS Britt Baker VS Nyla Rose; Riho wins and retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • Jon Moxley VS Trent w/ Best Friends; Moxley wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara; Guevara wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Elite VS PAC & The Lucha Brothers; The Elite wins.


“We were supposed to be heroes.”

The Elite were to be the heroes of wrestling, “but this doesn’t feel like winning.” In fact, they’ve lost a lot. Should they have seen this coming? Or is this just the escalation of desire? Are their fighting spirits still alive? Or has everyone risen to beat the Elite. Tonight will be a defining moment. Is the Elite still elite? Cody, Hangman, Omega and the Bucks look to rise back up! This is AEW’s HOMECOMING!


Darby Allin VS Cody!

The Fyter Fest rematch is here! Will the Undead Daredevil make good on the deal made with the American Nightmare? Will Cody affirm he is still elite? Or will we have another repeat performance of a time limit draw?

Cody makes his entrance and has his new head coach, “THE ENFORCER,” ARN ANDERSON by his side! Will the lessons of a living legend help Cody come out on top this time?

The bell rings and Darby stares down with Cody as fans lose their minds. Cody and Darby circle as fans duel thunderously. Darby and Cody tie up, go around, and Cody hammerlocks. Darby reverses to his own hammerlock but Cody backs him down to a corner. Darby holds on so Cody elbows out. Cody runs and runs Darby over, covers, ONE. Another cover, ONE. Darby gets to a corner for a breather, but Cody patiently waits. The two circle again, tie up, and Cody wrenches to a wristlock. Darby rolls and reverses to hammerlock and wristlock. Darby spins Cody around and goes for a trip but Cody stays standing. Cody kicks but Darby sees the uppercut coming to Oklahoma Roll, ONE. Cody sweeps to cover, ONE. Darby sweeps to cover, ONE as Cody bridges, but Darby sunset flips and prawn holds! TWO, Cody sunset flips, TWO! Fans are loving this technical exchange as both men back away.

Cody gets a quick game plan check with Double A before going back to Darby. They circle and Darby speeds things up. Waistlock but Cody bucks him off to step pass and catch the springboard! Dragon sleeper but Darby slips out to flip over, but no stunner! Fans cheer again and a brawl is on! Cody whips Darby into a post and Darby tumbles out! Referee Aubrey Edwards checks but Darby is good to continue. Aubrey goes back to Cody as Darby slowly gets himself up. The ring count reaches 5 as Darby stands, but Cody goes out. Darby makes him pay by tripping him on the apron! Darby barks at Arn before leaning against the railing. Cody writhes but Darby glares as he comes back to the ring. Darby runs, springboards, back elbow! Cody ends up outside the ring, Darby DIVES! Tope Suicida wipes them both out into barriers!

Darby gets up as Cody writhes a bit more. Cody makes sure his arm is still working, but Darby uses said arm to yank COdy into post! Cody hobbles but Darby puts him in the ring. Cody springboards, DISASTER KICK! Darby is down but Cody takes a moment to work out his arm. Darby gets back up but Cody drags Darby up. Darby hotshots the bad arm! Hammerlock and a buckle bump, to a wring-out! Darby has Cody on the defensive and Arn is worried. Darby covers, TWO! Cody grits his teeth as Darby stands. Cody trips Darby, hooks up the legs, Figure Four! Darby endures and fights the hold, but Cody uses his one good arm for leverage. Cody cranks and twists as much as he can but Darby starts turning things over! Fans rally and Darby reverses the pressure! Cody reverses it back but Darby drags himself towards ropes! Ropebreak by a finger!

Cody lets Darby go and fans continue to rally. Cody shakes out the bad arm as Darby checks on his own legs. Cody goes back for more, but Darby kicks him in the chest. Darby runs and dropkicks Cody into buckles! Cover, TWO!! But Darby has the arm and switches around, Fujiwara! Cody endures now, fans duel, Cody reaches and crawls, but Darby gets the other arm! A modified Rings of Saturn, but Cody uses a foot for the ropebreak! Darby lets go at 4 and goes after the bad left arm. Darby rips off a corner pad and throws it away. Fans are upset it didn’t reach them, though. Darby throws Cody into the protected buckles, though, but whips towards the bad corner! Cody reverses, Darby stops himself, but Cody shoves him off the top! Darby is just fine on the ramp, and he climbs back up fast! FLYING CROSSBODY! Cover, roll through from Cody, TWO!

Cody whips Darby, Darby goes up and over, then redirects Cody, only to get the spinning powerslam! Fans are fired up while both men are down! Fans rally and duel as both men slowly rise. Cody fires himself up and runs at Darby to BOOT! Then he climbs up to rain down rights! Cody goes all the way to 10! Darby wobbles and Cody springboards, NIGHTMARE CUTTER! Cody takes off the weight belt and tosses it to the fans! Free souvenir for someone, but Cody makes sure his arms are working. He stomps Darby down and goes after the arms. Cody drags Darby up, puts him on the top rope backwards, then climbs up behind him. Fans rally and duel as Cody brings Darby up for a dragon sleeper, SUPER INVERTED SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Darby still lives and Cody can’t believe it!

AEW is picture in picture as Cody goes to a corner. Arn looks worried, but there is still plenty of fight left in both men. Cody circles Darby and waits for him to rise. Aubrey tells Cody to watch himself, but Cody goes back to the Figure Four! Darby endures, and glares right at Cody! Darby swipes at Cody but can’t reach, so he reaches for ropes. Ropebreak with both hands! Cody lets go of Darby again, but he stalks Darby as he crawls. Cody throws Darby out to the ramp side and then follows after. Cody drags Darby up for a scoop slam right on the stage! Then puts him back in the ring to drag into a Half Crab! Darby resists and fights free so Cody fireman’s carries him. Cody brings Darby around to a corner and sets him on the top rope. Cody throws hands as he climbs. Darby throws hands back!

Darby headbutts and punches and then climbs up on top of Cody, SUPER SUNSET FLIP BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and everyone is shocked! Darby rises slowly as AEW returns to single picture. “this is Awesome!” and it’s just the first match of the night! Darby drags Cody up, Cody fights him off the arm, but Darby gets around and flips over, STUNNER! Darby drags Cody to a drop zone, but climbs to the far side?! Cody rolls out to the apron, and Darby gets Fyter Fest flashbacks. Fans chant “YES! YES!” And this time, APRON COFFIN DROP HITS! Fyter Fest redemption and fans are losing their minds! Both men slowly rise and get in the ring, Cody kicks Darby as he enters. And clotheslines him against ropes! Darby fights Cody off, Cody springboards, NO cutter this time!

Time is running down again, Darby hops on, but no stunner! CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! Darby survives?! Cody is most surprised! Fans duel as hard as ever and Darby crawls to a corner. Cody runs in, but Darby dodges! THE BAD BUCKLE! Cody is down, Darby positions him in the drop zone, but Arn gets on the apron! Don’t you do it, Arn! COFFIN DROP ONTO KNEES! Cody covers Darby, CODY WINS!

Winner: Cody, by pinfall

Was that controversial or great coaching? Either way, the American Nightmare gets the win he felt he should’ve had. This is a brand new start for everyone, is Cody on his way to redemption?


Backstage interview with SoCal Uncensored!

What can AEW expect from their World Tag Team Champions? Scorpio Sky says you can expect SCU to stand in “Sacksonville” and say they are carrying the titles in a division where everyone is ready to step up. The Lucha Brothers, Private Party, and even The Dark Order. Scorpio says that no one likes it when “spooky perverts” show up to ruin the finish! Tell ’em, Kaz! Yeah, it’s gross. Before the New Year, the Young Bucks brought the best but got shut down, Santana & Ortiz aren’t going to run the ball up the middle. They’re going to be put down by two guys wearing the jerseys of SCU, Kazarian and Scorpio.

“Oh is that so?” Sammy Guevara comes in and begs to differ. Proud ‘n’ Powerful will deal with SCU. But congrats on being the historic first champs. What does Christopher Daniels have other than wrinkles and L’s? Maybe Pentagon was right. Maybe Daniels doesn’t have it anymore. Well if Sammy wants to question him, then he’ll get an answer next week. Hey don’t smudge the camera! This was Sammy’s Christmas present. Jenn, let him use your dress- No! Stop! Sammy’s vlog aside, will he prove to everyone watching that the Fallen Angel has fallen on hard times?


AEW Women’s World Championship Fatal 4 Way: Riho VS Hikaru Shida VS Britt Baker VS Nyla Rose!

Don’t adjust your television set, and don’t worry, your eyes aren’t fooling you. The Wrestling Idol is in for the biggest test any woman in AEW has faced! She has the Stardom Samurai, Dr. Baker DMD AND the Native Beast in the same match! Nyla is back from suspension for the brutality shown against referee Rick Knox and female wrestler Shanna, and she gets the second chance at the title she wanted all along. Will she make three opponents fall at once? Or will Riho pull off another miracle?

There isn’t time for introductions before Nyla attacks Riho! She snatches the belt and uses it to SMASH Britt! Shida still has her kendo and SMACKS Nyla in the back and on the head! The bell rings, Shida tries to suplex but can’t, Nyla suplexes but Shida slips out to enziguri! And SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Nyla powers out and gets away, Riho goes after Shida. Riho whips, Shida tumbles over and blocks the arm-drag. Shida arm-drags but Riho handsprings to dropkick back! Britt returns but misses, Riho dodges and whips. Shida kicks Riho and whips her into Britt but Riho forearms. Riho runs into an arm-drag from Shida, and Shida runs but Nyla drags her out! Nyla goes under the ring to get a TABLE! No Disqualifications in Fatal 4 Ways, after all.

Shida stops Nyla as she sets up the table, but gets rammed into the apron. Riho climbs up and takes aim, to LEAP onto Shida! Nyla got clear and BOOTS Riho down. Nyla bounces Riho off the table but Britt gets in on the brawling! AEW goes picture in picture as Britt keeps on Nyla.

Nyla hits Britt back with back elbows and then stalks her around the way. Britt dodges and SUPERKICKS! Nyla goes down, Britt gets up with fire! Britt puts Nyla in the ring and aims from a corner, nut runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Riho returns and fires off forearms but Nyla clubs her down! Nyla drags Britt up to bump her off buckles. Nyla stomps a mudhole into Britt before going after Riho. Nyla drags Riho up and throws her into Britt, then snapmares her away. Nyla KICKS Riho hard but Brit elbows Nyla back. Nyla fireman’s carries and Samoan Drops Britt down! The Native Beast roars as she drags Riho up. Nyla grins as she lifts Riho to POWERBOMB onto Britt! Nyla praises herself as Shida returns to break up the cover!

AEW returns to single picture and Nyla hits Shida back. Shida resists the lift and manages to back drop Nyla! Fans cheer the showing of strength, but Shida keeps on Nyla with clubbing forearms. Fans rally as Shida suplexes, but Nyla is still too big and strong. Nyla suplexes Shida to hang her out on the ropes. Nyla goes to the corner and climbs while Shida is stuck. Nyla leaps, FLYING KNEE! Shida goes down in a heap and Nyla hurries out to fetch her. Nyla puts Shida on the table and goes to the apron. Nyla LEAPS, SENTON THROUGH THE TABLE! Nyla wrecks Shida and almost does the same to herself! Fans are losing their minds as Nyla drags herself from the wreckage. Riho climbs now, and STOMPS Nyla on the apron! Britt drags Nyla in, DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO!!

But into the Rings of Saturn! Britt wants her submission, but Nyla resists! Nyla elbows Britt off and goes to cover, but Britt still has the arm! Triangle hold, but Nyla dead lifts! POWERBOMB! Cover, Riho breaks it! Riho clubs away on Nyla but Nyla hits her back. Nyla whips, Riho dodges and wheelbarrows, victory roll STOMPS! Riho puts Nyla in a drop zone and climbs up top, SUPER STOMPS! Cover, but Britt SUPERKICKS her off! Britt drags Rho up, Fisherman Neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!?! Riho survives and Britt doesn’t believe it! Britt drags Riho to a drop zone but Shida hits her back! Shida drags Britt up, DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! Nyla runs in but Shida dodges to sweep the legs. Shida kicks Riho and suplexes Riho onto Nyla!

Shida drags Britt over, fireman’s carry and BACKBREAKER! Cover but Nyla drags Shida right off, for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Scoop slam for Riho! Nyla stacks the Stardom two onto each other then climbs up top. Fans are freaking out as Nyla SWANTONS! She FLOPS and Shida runs in! Nyla ducks Shida’s shining wizard, but not Riho’s Meteora! Cover, but Shida Buzzsaws Riho off! Shida FALCON ARROW ON NYLA! Cover, TWO!! Fans are stunned, but Shida keeps going, to get a SUPERKICK from Britt! Britt gives Shida a Russian Leg Sweep into Rings of Saturn! Britt grabs Shida but Shida rolls! TWO, Riho sunset flips Britt! With Prawn Hold, RIHO WINS!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall; still AEW Women’s World Champion

She pulls out another miracle!! The Wrestling Idol’s luck is unstoppable! Will anyone every dethrone her?

Nyla loses her temper and attacks Riho! Fans boo as Nyla drags in a new table and sets it up! Is she going to get suspended again? The table finishes being set up in the corner, and she drags Riho over. Nyla puts Riho on the table as fans boo even harder. Nyla hops up with a grin, and LEAPS! FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! The Native Beast may have broken Riho more than anything! Riho still has to defend her title again, against THE #1 Contender! Has Nyla just ensured Riho will lose in the New Year?


Backstage interview with Joey Janela!

The Bad Boy ended 2019 on a high note, but for 2020… He gets a low blow from his ex! Penelope Ford leaves the Bad Boy feeling worse, or should we say… SUPERBAD! Kip Sabian is there and he leads his Bad Girl away.


The following is a paid message from THE DARK ORDER.

Evil Uno tells “The Exalted One,” it is done. The Elite has fallen. Footage of the 2019 finale reminds us all of the battle between The Elite and the Dark Order’s Creepers. It was just too much. “We have sown doubt through their ranks. Soon, they will see the true reach of The Dark Order.” This pleases their true leader. Find out more at JoinDarkOrder’s official website.


Jon Moxley VS Trent w/ Best Friends!

Maniac Moxley continues to run wild, but Trent has his best friends beside him! Will having the support of Orange Cassidy and Sexy Chuckie T be enough for Trent to overcome the Paradigm Shift?

The bell rings and Mox circles with Trent. They tie up, Moxley headlocks and gets the takeover. Trent headscissors but Moxley pops out to get the headlock takeover back. Trent works his way up as fans duel. Mox wrenches to a wristlock and a takedown. Trent gets up again but Moxley hammerlocks. Trent slips around to hammerlock, headlock and takeover, but Moxley works his way back up. Moxley powers out, Trent bumps shoulders but neither man falls. Things speed up, Moxley scoops but Trent slips out to SLAP!? That was a bit of a crazy move, as Moxley kicks and CHOPS him back for it! Moxley reels Trent in, Trent dodges and CHOPS back! And CHOPS! Moxley headbutts and runs but things speed up, METEORA!

Fans fire up as Trent snapmares and KICKS Moxley in the back. Moxley gets up, Trent throws forearms and another CHOP! And another! Trent runs, but Moxley forearms him down! Chuckie coaches Trent but things go to the apron, and Moxley THROWS Trent onto the ropes! Trent bounces off and hits the ramp! Moxley refreshes the ring count and spits fire as AEW goes picture in picture.

Moxley lets the ring count climb but Trent is up. Moxley drags him back into the ring to snapmare, run and sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Moxley keeps his focus as he grabs a leg. Moxley turns Trent over for the Half Crab! Trent endures, works his way up and gets the ropebreak! Moxley lets go, but then stomps Trent down! Moxley drags Trent up for a CHOP! Moxley puts Trent on the top rope, climbs up to join him, and SUPERPLEXES! Cover, TWO! Moxley is right on a leg with an STF! Trent endures again, but Chuckie keeps fans rallying. AEW goes to break, will Trent survive the commercials?

AEW returns and Trent is still in this, but he’s down and out on the outside. Moxley goes after him, raining down rights and whipping Trent into railing! Trent bounces off to SPEAR! The ring count passes 5 but Trent and Moxley slowly get up. Moxley gets in the ring first, followed by Trent at 8. Trent CHOPS Moxley and forearms, then CHOPS again. Trent whips corner to corner but Moxley reverses. Trent tumbles up and down, and catches Moxley for a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Moxley bails out, Trent fires up and builds speed, to FLY! The cannonball hits! Trent gets up and puts Moxley back in, running corner to corner for a big back elbow! Then tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Moxley sits up and grits his teeth while Trent refocuses.

Trent aims from a corner, runs out but misses. Moxley runs and Regal Knees! Then underhooks, TIGER FACE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley drags Trent back up, reels Trent in, but Trent slips out to lift Moxley. Moxly back drops but Trent sunset flips, TWO! Moxley high stacks, TWO! Trent sunsets, TWO! Both men get up, Moxley LARIATS! Moxley drags Trent back up, suplexes, but Trent slips out and runs. Moxley follows but Trent know sit’s coming, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! So close but still so far! Moxley gets up but Orange Cassidy is on the apron! The Sloth gets in the ring with the Maniac! And the hands go in the pockets! Moxley tells the ref to relax. Fans chant for “Freshly Squeezed! Freshly Squeezed!” but Moxley puts his hands in his pockets! Trent hits a PSYCHO KNEE! And the PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives again!

We’re at the 10 minute mark of the 20 minute limit. Moxley gets out to the ramp but Trent climbs up. Trent LEAPS, but into a kick! PARADIGM SHIFT to the ramp! Moxley puts Trent back in the ring and says he’s going to end it. He drags Trent up, underhooks, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

And still the #1 Contender, the Maniac, Jon Moxley! But the Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara reappears. “Wow, buddy! Mox, Mox baby.” Sammy sees why he does the audience entrance. He gets to see the people, borrow a drink and food. Sammy loves disrespecting the fans like this. Moxley isn’t one to be disrespected, he gets a chair! Sammy says he’s not here to fight. The Inner Circle has a big surprise for him joining. It’s 2020, so Sammy puts on the New Year glasses. And the party blowers, too. Want one? No? Well the Inner Circle has big surprises. Right, Chris?

Le Champion is here via video. There is a big surprise. But it is no surprise that Moxley won. Moxley is the premier pro-wrestler to Jericho. That is why he wants Moxley in the Inner Circle. There are other factions who want people to join. The Dark Order, the Nightmare collective, but they can’t offer what the Inner Circle can offer. Moxley can lead alongside Jericho as equal partners. Moxley will have 49% of the Inner Circle LLC if he joins. he will be Executive Vice President of the Inner Circle! Oh and this lovely and most expensive vehicle, a Ford GT, will be given to Moxley as a gift! It has a great vanity license plate of “MOX,” too. The keys are his, if he just says “Yes.”

Think of how powerful they can be? They could take over AEW! Jericho wants Moxley to shove his fist down so far Cody’s throat he can pull that pink tie out from Cody’s ass! Jericho wants to rub it in Jungle Boy’s face that he couldn’t win! They can tie the Young Bucks into a Christmas bow no one wants. They can beat down Kenny Omega so badly that he feels as embarrassed and stupid as the citizens of Jacksonville. “The world could be ours. And all you have to do is say ‘Yes.'” Think the decision over wisely. Jericho looks forward to hearing from him. Quite the offer as Jericho drives away in the GT. But what is Moxley’s decision? Fans are divided but Moxley takes up a mic.

“Fancy, expensive cars aside, the truth is, I’ve always consider Chris Jericho a friend and mentor.” Out of respect, Moxley will give the answer to Jericho in person, next week. The whole world will find out what’s in store for AEW 2020. Fans are disappointed, but perhaps Moxley really does need to consider his options. What will he say to Y2J


Sammy has cue cards while AEW goes picture in picture!

“Well, Mox, you’ve seen the offer. The illustrious Ford GT, 49% in equity in Inner Circle LLC. When you have your answer, hit me up. Speaking of that… Victoria Justice’s sister… Hit me up.” Sammy has a Twitter and an Instagram, y’know. Will Victoria Justice’s sister hit him up?

“As for Dustin Rhodes… Last time… Broken arm. This time, broken hand? Broken foot? Who knows? Only one way to find out… It’s time to finish that job!” Sammy rips the last card and soaks up the heat. Will the Spanish God break what’s left of the Natural here tonight?


Dustin Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara!

But what Sammy doesn’t see is that Dustin came in through the crowd, too! The bell rings and Dustin DECKS Sammy! And then throws him into buckles, and CLOTHESLINES him down! Dustin glares as he looms over Sammy G. Sammy flounders but Dustin knocks him back down. Dustin drags Sammy up to CHOP in the corner! Sammy flounders away but Dustin CHOPS him again! Dustin brings Sammy up to whip corner to corner, then back suplex TOSS! Fans fire up behind Dustin as he looms over Sammy more. Sammy crawls to ropes, Dustin drags him up and SPANKS him!? Well Sammy has been bad…

Dustin whips but Sammy kicks him back, only for Dustin to clothesline him out! Dustin follows Sammy out, and CANNONBALLS from the apron! Fans fire up with Dustin as he drags Sammy back up and into the ring. Dustin climbs up top but Sammy rolls out of the ring. And here comes Jake Hager! Big Hurt, the man who broke Dustin’s arm in the first place, glares at Dustin and Dustin glares back. Dustin hops down but Sammy kicks him back! Sammy whips but Dustin stops himself, to get Sammy for the spinning powerslam! But Hager looms ever closer. Dustin puts Sammy in but Dustin sees Hager. Dustin dares Hager to do something, but Hager just stares. Sammy WRECKS Dustin with a dropkick! Sammy skins the cat to break dance and blow kisses while AEW goes picture in picture.

Dustin gets up but Sammy distracts the ref, Hager throws Dustin around the apron and the railing! Sammy goes out and brings Dustin back up to grind against railing! The ref counts but Sammy lets up at 4 to put Dustin in the ring. Sammy takes his time returning, and then stomps and punches Dustin while he’s down. Sammy sits Dustin up to KICK hard in the back. Cover, TWO, but Sammy stomps Dustin more. Sammy toys with Dustin but Dustin is up in a corner. Sammy CHOPS then whips, but Dustin dodges and sends Sammy into buckles! And then into the post! Dustin goes out to throw Sammy’s arm into the post! Sammy falls to the apron and Dustin starts looking for things under the ring. He brings out a chair! The ref warns Dustin not to do this, but Dustin’s about had it with the Inner Circle. Dustin swings but AEW goes to break! Does he do it or not!?

AEW returns and apparently Dustin didn’t, because there is no disqualification. Sammy has Dustin in a chinlock now, but fans are rallying up behind Dustin. Sammy wrangles Dustin back down, and bridges to add leverage to the chinlock! Dustin endures this modified clutch and fans rally again. Sammy returns to a normal position and leans on Dustin but Dustin fights his way up. Dustin throws body shots and punches Sammy away. Dustin whips, Sammy reverses but the dropkick is faked out! Jackknife cover, TWO and Sammy LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Sammy’s size disadvantage may have kept him from ending it there, but Sammy rains down angry right hands. Sammy climbs and grins as he aims, but the Shooting Star has to bail out! SPINNING POWERSLAM!

Fans rally up again as Dustin fires up! Dustin stands and Sammy wobbles, but Dustin runs and rallies with clotheslines! Dustin whips, Sammy reverses but Dustin stops himself to Rhodes Uppercut! And then atomic drop to a BOOT! Sammy is spinning but Dustin has him in the corner. Sammy kicks back and runs, into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Sammy survives but Dustin vows to end this. Dustin drags Sammy back up, but Sammy spins out to enziguri! And running Shooting Star! Cover, TWO!! Dustin survives and Sammy can’t believe it. Dustin gets to the apron as Hager coaches Sammy to end this. Sammy goes out to the apron and fireman’s carries, but Dustin fights out with hard elbows. Dustin reels Sammy in and fans fire up, APRON DESTROYER!!

Dustin puts Sammy back in as fans lose their minds, but Hager hops up on the apron. Dustin DECKS Hager, Sammy runs in but gets TOSSED out onto Hager! Dustin puts Sammy back in fast, stalks him to a corner, and SPANKS him again! Dustin sets the legs up and CHOPS Sammy. The ref warns Dustin not to do this, but Dustin doesn’t really care. “SUCK IT!” But the ref steps in the way! Sammy begs the ref to help, Hager gets in to LOW BLOW Dustin! Sammy covers, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

The irony that Hager shatters Dustin’s dreams. Will this feud finally break down and end up in the ring?


Backstage interview with Private Party!

Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy are having fun in the New Year. What are their resolutions for 2020? They could go on and on, but they want to know Jenn’s plans. Hangman Page comes by to get himself a drink from the bar. Whoa, whoa, Hangman, how can you come in here and just snipe their screen time, and swipe some of their drinks? But they are a bit worried about Hangman. Oh are they? They should worry about him, because he could whoop both of them! Whoa, is he drunk already or something? Happy New Year’s, your party sucks. And Hangman takes that drink after all. Is Hangman going to pay for that? That’s $12.


Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Wardlow are here!

The Dynamite Diamond Ring Bearer and his muscle head to the ring, smug as always. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, MJF first betrayed his “best friend,” Cody, and then acted like he didn’t owe Cody a thing. Cody offered MJF a huge treasure trove of prizes, but MJF says he’s already rich enough. MJF talks trash while AEW is picture in picture, buying time before his promised announcement. He even breaks a fan’s sign! But at least he gets someone to kiss the ring.

AEW returns to single picture as MJF finally gets in the ring. The fans troll MJF but he just shrugs it off. They don’t seem to see that he’s the good guy here! “If your heads weren’t shoved so far up your own asses, you’d see shit clearly.” Sorry if that word play was too tough, but Jacksonville doesn’t seem to know words at all. Speaking of morons… Hi, Cody! “Isn’t it funny how the roles here have beautifully reversed?” Now Cody needs MJF. But this is 2020, the brink of history! MJF and Cody are so close to having the match “all your little mark boy fan club wants.” The only things left are the stipulations. “Let’s list them off, shall we?”

Stipulation 1: If Cody wants this match, they can have it one place, and that’s AEW Revolution. Until then, MJF doesn’t care what happens. If Cody touches him even once, there’s no match at Revolution or ever. Stipulation 2: Since Cody is so tough, it is only fair that in order to have this match, Cody will go 1v1 against a man of MJF’s choosing and win. That man is going to be none other than MJF’s war dog, WARDLOW! But is that good enough, Wardlow? Jacksonville, please SHUT UP while he’s talking to Wardlow. This is going to be Wardlow’s debut against “the mighty” Cody. Let’s up the ante. This match should be… “A SOLID STEEL CAGE!”

And lastly, Stipulation 3: MJF’s favorite stipulation, it will be live on TNT, in front of family, friends and God, Cody is going to get on all fours “like the dog that you are,” and MJF will WHIP him! Yes, and not just once. NO that’s too easy. Not two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine! But TEN times! And as the leather belt rips Cody’s skin, each scar will be a constant reminder that he is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, “and I’m better than you…” Kiss the ring… “And you know it.” A lot to ask for, but is this what revenge is worthy to both MJF and Cody?


AEW relives the Ten Minute Challenge.

Chris Jericho bet Jungle Boy Jack Perry couldn’t last even this long against him, and Jungle Boy took on the challenge. And in the end, even while suffering the Walls of Jericho, Jungle Boy ran out the clock! Jenn Decker now interviews Jurassic Express to get their thoughts on that match. JB says that it has been wild. 2019 ended with the biggest match in his career, and he did what very few thought he could. This is a new year, a new decade, and it’ll be a big one for this trio and as individuals. Records reset, they’re ready to start strong. Marko Stunt wants a hug but Luchasaurus won’t let him. Will Jurassic Park make 2020 their year?


Backstage interview with Riho and Michael Nakazawa!

Though she is still AEW Women’s World Champion, there is no rest for the Wrestling Idol. She takes on her true #1 Contender, the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien, Kris Statlander, next week! She just went through a hard Fatal 4 Way fight tonight so what are her thoughts? Britt Baker interrupts and goes on a rant about how “nice” it is to have Riho back. How has she been and where has she been? Britt’s been here every week busting her butt being the face of the division! Riho does NOT deserve the title, winning by the skin of her teeth! Britt is doing this and having her dentistry practice! But no, Riho just come sin, has a match, then leaves! And with that, Britt leaves so Riho can answer the first question regarding Kris Statlander.

Michael translates to and for Riho, and the answer is that Riho is ready. Well we’ll have to see if that is true when Dynamite goes to Memphis!


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite Memphis!

For the first time anywhere, the Lucha Brothers will take on the Rhodes Brothers! Will Cero Miedo be a nightmare for Cody and Dustin?

And after the confrontation between them at the bar, Private Party will take on Hangman Page, but with a partner! Kenny Omega again teams with Hangman, will they keep working together well in the New Year?


Six Man Tag: The Elite VS PAC & The Lucha Brothers!

Speaking of the Hangman Page, he surprises everyone by joining commentary, drink in hand. Perhaps he’s the Hungover Man right now… But with his friends, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, doing battle together once again, will everyone in The Elite have a Happy New Year here? Or will The Bastard work well enough with Pentagon and Fenix to show The Elite is no longer elite?

The teams sort out, Omega starts against Pac to get an unofficial rematch, but Pac wants no part of that. Pac tags right out to Pentagon, which confuses him a little. But in the end, we get another unofficial rematch from All In! Omega and Pentagon stand off, but Pentagon takes off the glove. And tosses it to the ref, but Omega intercepts! And uses it to slap pentagon! It is a duel! Pentagon rakes Omega’s eyes, but Omega CHOPS and CHOPS away on Pentagon! Pentagon CHOPS back then says, “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon whips, Omega dodges and redirects, but Pac gets a cheap shot! Seems he wants Omega on his own terms. Pentagon enziguris then tags to Fenix.

The Lucha Bros double whip, Omega dodges and redirects to dropkick legs out! Fans fire up as Omega hits a DOUBLE Kotaro Krusher! Omega has Fenix up in the Electric Cheri already, but Fenix slips out! Omega backs off to tag in Nick Jackson, and we get another unofficial rematch! Fenix and Nick tie up, Fenix pushes Nick but Nick comes back to bump shoulders. Fenix bumps back but then Nick runs Fenix over! Nick runs, Fenix blocks the monkey flip bug not the rebound sunset flip! TOW, Fenix kicks but Nick dodges to wheelbarrow and arm-drag! Fenix gets up, hip toss handspring but into a dropkick! Fenix flops out and Nick builds speed to slide out. Pentagon kicks, Nick ducks it, but Fenix enziguris! Fenix puts Nick in, Nick elbows back, but Fenix somersault dropkicks! Fenix then builds speed to slide out. Roles reverse as Fenix ducks Matt’s kick but gets a ROUNDHOUSE from Nick!

Nick puts Fenix in, Fenix kicks but Nick dodges. Nick kicks but Fenix dodges. Both men kick but both men block. They agree to let each other free, but then Fenix staggers Nick. They bump shoulders, clotheslines, roundhouse for roundhouse, DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE and DOUBLE KIP-UP! Both men are fired up and so are the fans! AEW goes picture in picture fans chant for “A E DUB! A E DUB!”

Fenix offers Nick a handshake? Nick knows better and SUPERKICKS Fenix down! Nick hits Pentagon but Pac gets away. Matt tags in to dropkick Pentagon down! Nick gutbusters Fenix, Matt adds the neckbreaker backbreaker! Tag to Omega! Matt drags Fenix up and Omega whips him corner to corner. Omega whips Nick in but Fenix puts him outside. Fenix does the same to Matt, but Omega runs in, combo attack in the corner! Omega drapes Fenix but Pentagon enziguris Omega! Omega reverses Pentagon’s whip to fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton for Pentagon and BACK STABBER for Fenix! Nick climbs up to DOUBLE STOMP Fenix across Omega’s knees! Matt climbs up to MACHO ELBOW Pentagon! The Elite fire up and so do the fans!

Teams regroup and Omega tags in Matt. Matt brings Fenix up as Omega climbs. Gut wrench and Nick joins Omega, but Fenix slips out to shove Matt into the Elite! Fenix CHOPS Matt, knuckle locks, and goes acrobatic to SUPER STEINER Nick! Pentagon and Omega dodge each other, Petna mule kicks but Omega put shim outside! Fenix runs into a SPIKE-RANA! AEW returns to single picture as the Lucha Brothers regroup. Omega runs but Pac trips him up! Pac runs and FLIES onto Omega! The Fosbury Flop hits the wall but The Bastard is up and angry! Pac puts Omega in and demands a tag. Fenix gives him it, Pac stomps away on Omega’s face! The ref counts and Pac lets up at 4. The Lucha Brothers get away with cheap shots!

The fans tell Pac what they think of him, and Omega boots him back! Omega fights out of the corner, goes up and over but Pac has the foot! Pac drags Omega up but Omega slips out of the suplex to hot tag Nick! Nick rallies on everyone! He bobs ‘n’ weaves to fire off a forearm, mule kick and roundhouse! Shining wizard, roundhouse, forearm and BULLDOG from the corner! Tag to Matt and the Bucks have the Bastard, shining wizard and wheelbarrow boost DESTROYER! The Lucha Brothers see that move stealing and rush The Bucks! The Bucks hit back, then double slingshot DESTROYERS!! The fans are thunderous as Omega tags back in! Omega dares Pac to get up. Pac stands and he throws a haymaker. Omega gives one back and fans hope the “Fight Forever!”

Omega gets Pac up and DECKS him again! Pac gives forearms back, then runs, but Omega CHOPS him! Omega runs, into a BOOT! But he keeps moving, only to run into a rebound SNAP German! Omega dodges the enziguri to V-TRIGGER! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Pac wobbles up and into Omega’s clutches. Omega gut wrenches and POWERBOMBS! Cover but Pentagon KICKS him down! Fans boo but Pentagon eggs the Bucks on. Pentagon SLINGBLADES Matt, then Nick! Then Omega, but Omega slips out to whip Penta to a corner. Penta goes up and over to BACKSTABBER! Tag to Fenix, “CERO! MIEDO!” Package but no driver, DOUBL ESUPERKICKS! Fenix leaps, but the Bucks go under. Omega shoves Fenix at them, but he gets a DOUBLE CUTTER!

V-TRIGGER! SNAP DRAGON! But somersault CUTTER!! Fenix tags back out to Pac and Pac climbs up! Pac aims, BLACK ARROW!! Cover, but the Bucks save it! The Elite still lives and Hangman’s gonna need another drink. “This is Awesome!” to kick off the New Year! Pac gets Omega in the Brutalizer! The Lucha Brothers keep the Bucks down, but not forever! Matt gets in to SUPERKICK Pac down! The Bucks regroup, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Pentagon! Fenix gets in and tags back in. Springboard, INTO A V-TRIGGER!! Electric Chair, ONE-WINGED ANGEL! The Elite guard the ring as Omega covers, THE ELITE WINS!

Winners: The Elite, Omega by pinfall

Cody comes out to celebrate with his friends, because The Elite is still elite! Hangman heads on out, but the Elite want him to join in. Hangman says he’s not Elite, but he’s still their friend. He gives thumbs up and takes another sip before heading out. The Elite stand tall in the ring, will they continue to rise back up in the New Year?



My Thoughts:

Is this perhaps the best episode of AEW Dynamite ever? I feel like it is, because other than technical issues of just NOT knowing how to come back from picture in picture right, this was an amazing night. The only real disappointments from the actual content would be Moxley not just giving us his answer, perhaps going after Sammy Guevara as a proxy. Of course, then that would prevent us from getting a really funny cue card promo from Sammy, and a pretty good match between him and Dustin Rhodes. Of course, anything with Dustin and the Inner Circle boils down to Jake Hager’s involvement, so it worked in character and in story. Can we have Dustin VS Hager happen for Bash at the Beach or at least Revolution? It just needs to happen already because of how great it’ll be.

The only other disappointment came during the Women’s Fatal 4 Way. It wasn’t the result, or even the match as a whole necessarily. It just felt like the match went on one more moment than it should have, though it’s hard to place exactly when that would be. In the end, Riho pulls off another lucky win so it isn’t like any of the women were weakened. Nyla also gets to continue that rage story from 2019, but who knows what happens with that. I was surprised that Britt got in Riho’s face like that. I suppose she does have a point, AEW literally just hasn’t had Riho around that much, but isn’t Riho still with Stardom part time? I doubt if Britt turns Heel from this, but she sure isn’t Riho’s friend anymore. And with Riho facing Kris Statlander next week, and the obsession the Nightmare Collective has with Kris, expect shenanigans during that match for the anniversary episode.

Cody VS Darby was amazing, perhaps even better than their Fyter Fest match. Well, aside from Arn getting up not so much to interfere but to warn Cody. This keeps Darby strong in a way since Cody needed an assist of sorts, but Cody wins to stay strong for the sake of the “Is the Elite still elite?” story being told throughout tonight. Plus, the next step in his story with MJF is building now. MJF had a great promo, and in true Heel fashion, he stacks the deck on Cody. A Steel Cage match with the debuting Wardlow and ten belt lashes, that is going to be brutal for Cody, but you can bet it is all happening.

The twist in Hangman’s story is apparently a drinking problem, which is fine I suppose. He has been up and down both with winning, losing and his friends in The Elite, so this is definitely meant to be a down trend for him. The Elite VS Pac & Lucha Bros was amazing, but again, The Elite win in order for that story to go their way. It was a good touch for Cody to come out and Hangman to politely decline. With Hangman and Omega teaming up again, I would think the next phase in Hangman’s story is sparked. He might turn on Omega, abandon him, who knows, but that mystery and uncertainty is part of the fun. For Hangman to have come this far where he can be the guy to strike out on his own is actually a big thing in itself, and I’m sure AEW will make it worthwhile every step of the way.

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/20/21)

Another Best Of!



AEW Dark 2

Another three hours of fan favorites!

AEW continues reliving its best and most beloved matches from Dark and Dark: Elevation! Will one of yours make the cut?


  • Matt Sydal VS PAC w/ Lucha Brothers; Pac wins.
  • Darby Allin VS CIMA; Darby wins.
  • Strong Hearts & Private Party VS The Young Bucks & The Rhodes Brothers w/ Brandi Rhodes & MJF; The Bucks & the Rhodes win.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. VS Eddie Kingston; Kingston wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki & Riho VS Britt Baker & Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian; Baker & Ford win.
  • The Factory VS Matt Sydal & Dante Martin; Sydal & Martin win.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos Project & Max Caster VS Jurassic Express; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Kenny Omega & Riho; Omega & Riho win.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos Project & Ricky Shane Page VS Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Darby Allin w/ Sting; Moxley, Kingston & Allin win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Lucha Brothers, The Butcher & The Blade VS Private Party & SoCal Uncensored; The Lucha Brothers, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Joey Janela; Janela wins.
  • Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS The Young Bucks; The Young Bucks win.
  • Six Man Tag: Danny Limelight & The Sydal Brothers VS Kenny Omega, Konosuke Takeshita & Michael Nakazawa; Omega, Takeshita & Nakazawa win.


Honestly, a lot of the first special got a lot of good ones, I’m not sure what’s left.


It’s always kind of a trip to look back even just a couple years in pro-wrestling. I forgot there was a time when Cody interacted with the rest of The Elite. Honestly, that 8 Man was a lot of fun, I wonder if we’ll ever get interactions between the Elite and Nightmare Family again. And I forgot one of Penelope’s earliest matches in AEW was such a great one with her, Britt, Riho & Yuka. I should’ve also remembered about the Cruise of Jericho having Dark matches. Also I forgot Caster had such a bad mustache when he first showed up. And I forgot how rough that Falls Count Anywhere got, like the table spot where Kip and Penelope don’t break the table but just bounce off it.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/19/21)

Miami gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

Half a dozen for Dark in South Beach!

AEW still has more in Miami! Will Gunn Club continue their undefeated tag streak? Will Nyla Rose, Diamante & Emi Sakura be a winning combination again?


  • Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel VS Tiffany Nieves; Hayter wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Dean Alexander, Diamond Sheik & Alex Chamberlain; Gunn Club wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Kris Statlander, Red Velvet & Thunder Rosa VS Nyla Rose, Diamante and Emi Sakura w/ Vickie Guerrero & Lulu Pencil; Statlander, Velvet & Rosa win.
  • Lance Archer VS OT Fernandez; Archer wins.
  • Frankie Kazarian VS Aaron Solo w/ The Factory; Kaz wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Daniel Garcia, 2point0 & Serpentico VS The Dark Order; The Dark Order wins.


Nyla Rose, Diamante & Emi Sakura just won on Elevation, they might lose here since Statlander and Rosa are now on Velvet’s team. Gunn Club will surely win and really should be on the tag title chase after Full Gear to give credence to their story. And that 8 Man Tag looks like a lot of fun, as it’ll be Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana, Alan Angels and Preston Vance for The Dark Order.


An even 40 minutes is a nice size for this episode. Hayter makes QUICK work of Nieves, and I was right about Gunn Club of course. We got another great Six Woman Tag, and I like that there was a tiny bit of dysfunction in Nyla-Diamante-Sakura over getting after Thunder Rosa. Velvet essentially gets redemption from Elevation by winning it for her team here. And as I said with Elevation, AEW could really get their women’s tag division plans back on track at any moment. With Dynamite, Rampage, Elevation and Dark Classic, there is plenty of airtime for them to feature the women’s tag titles (or medals if they want to do that again) and can give fans reason to tune into everything.

Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling have a good promo segment to hype up the TBS Championship Tournament bracket. Jade really can come out of the tournament the champ, or even lose in the finals to then go right after Britt Baker. Hell, Jade wins the title then goes after Britt anyway to try and be AEW’s first double champion. Well, double AEW champion since we’ve seen plenty of cross-promotion champions. Archer dragging out his opponent then brutalizing him is great stuff, as was Eddie Kingston on commentary to watch that match. The Factory really needs to add more people, they’re already kinda stale at just QT, Solo and Comoroto.

And of course, that big 8 Man is the main event, no Luther is a surprise but there was still plenty of dysfunctional interaction between Serpentico, Garcia and 2point0. Angels sticking with no mask is also a surprise, but he gets a great showing for himself. I hope we get more Dark Order VS Hardy Family Office, that seemed like a promising feud. At the same time, we need to see 2point0 and the various Dark Order duos get into the tag title chase after Full Gear and on the way to Revolution.

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