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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/15/2020)

AKA, Bash at the Beach!



AEW Bash at the Beach

Time to heat up the Winter before the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea!

As a prelude to the Second Wave, All Elite Wrestling brings back a classic with Bash at the Beach! Will Moxley pay for tricking Jericho? Will Cody accept MJF’s Herculean challenge?



  • AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: The Young Bucks VS Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends; Page & Omega win and will challenge SoCal Uncensored for the titles on the Cruise of Jericho.
  • The Nightmare Collective w/ Luther VS Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida; Statlander & Shida win.
  • Jon Moxley VS Sammy Guevara; Moxley wins and advances to Cruise of Jericho’s #1 contender’s match.
  • Six Man Tag: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall & Diamond Dallas Page; MJF, The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Darby Allin VS PAC; PAC wins and advances to Cruise of Jericho’s #1 contender’s match.


AEW mourns the loss of wrestling legend, Rocky Johnson.


AEW World Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: The Young Bucks VS Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Best Friends!

Bash at the Beach starts off red hot with this massive tag match! Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are still the first and only AEW World Tag Team Champions, but one incredible team will be cruising! Matt & Nick Jackson, the Cowboy & The Cleaner, Santana & Ortiz or Chuckie T & #JustTrent. Which dynamic duo will party hard in Miami as contenders?

The teams sort out and Trent starts against Nick at the bell. They circle, tie up, Nick headlocks but Trent powers out. Nick bumps with Trent but Trent stays up. Nick tries agian but Trent bounces him off. Nick tries a third time, gets Trent to move but Trent comes back to run Nick over! Trent flexes then CHOPS. Trent whips but Nick rolls off his back to CHOP and “LUCHA~ LIBRE!” Arm-drag! Trent dodges, Nick dodges, repeat! The fans fire up for the stand off! Hangman wants a tag and Nick tags to him while Chuckie tags in off Trent. Fans fire up for “Cowboy Sh*t!” as Hangman and Chuckie tie up. Hangman headlocks, Chuckie powers out but Hangman runs him over. Things speed up, Chuckie hurdles then jumps over Hangman. Hangman kips up and scoops Chuckie for a Fall Away slam!

Kip up and tag to Omega, but Chuckie tags to Matt Jackson! Elite friends face off but fans are fired up for Kenny. The friends fist bump and tie up. But PNP rush in and take them down! Fans boo as Santana and Ortiz take out the rest of the Elite. Best Friends back away to avoid the scrum, and Ortiz makes Matt tag Santana. Santana CHOPS Omega but Omega fires back. The two brawl, Omega getting the edge. Santana knees low, CHOPS, then whips. Nick tags in. Omega full nelsons but Santana fights out. Nick hits Santana, Omega tilt-o-whirl backbreaker and Nick adds his double stomps! The Elite are working together just on instinct! Omega covers, but Nick pulls him off. This is the only thing they won’t work together on.

Ortiz tags in and eye pokes both Nick and Omega! But he runs into kicks, Matt tags in, Kotaro Krusher gut buster! Then Matt adds on the swinging neckbreaker to backbreaker! Again, Elite working together out of old habits, but fans love it. The only one not having fun is Hangman. Trent tags in off Ortiz to CHOP Matt! Trent whips, Nick tags in, Matt ducks and whips Trent, the Bucks double hip toss to back flip dropkicks! Nick brings Trent to the Bucks corner to tag in Matt. The Bucks mug Trent and then whip Trent in. Trent tumbles up then back down, into Matt’s Northern Lights! Float over, another Northern Lights! The Polar Express is here! Matt keeps going, and going, but Trent counters to a TORNADO DDT!

Miami is fired up as Matt and Trent crawl. Chuckie tags in and gives Matt a belly2belly! Nick runs in, to get SLICED BREAD! Matt returns, POP-UP BOMB! Ortiz breaks the cover! Chuckie throws Ortiz out hard and fires up with Miami. Matt throws hands on Chuckie, then runs, but Trent tags in. Trent catches Matt, Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! Omega checks on Matt, but the Best Friends… get attacked by Santana! No hugs here. Ortiz hits Omega and Page, then joins Santana in bringing Trent up. They put Trent in their corner, tag in off Trent, then scrape him out. PNP targets Matt and double whip but Matt counters and whips Santana at Ortiz. Ortiz goes up and over and monkey flips Santana to CUTTER Matt! Enziguri and BOOT, then Tu Lo Sabe! Step-stool moonsault! Ortiz DIVES onto the rest of the Elite! Santana FLIES onto Best Friends!

Miami is thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as PNP take control. Ortiz stands on Matt a la Jericho, TWO! “This is Awesome!” and it’s just the first match! Ortiz stomps Matt around and rakes the back. Rawr. Ortiz brings Matt over, tags to Santana, snap suplex and slingshot senton! Fans boo as Santana flexes, but Santana brings Matt up for another suplex. Uno Amigo! Another suplex, Dos Amigos! Santana wants tres, and holds onto it! Tag to Ortiz, and Santana hands Matt off for Ortiz to hold up. Tres Amigos! Ortiz shimmies like Eddie then sucker punches Nick. Tag back to Santana, PNP whip Matt to their corner. Ortiz runs in but is put on the apron. Matt SPEARS Santana! Fans rally up but Ortiz trips up Nick to deny the tag! Santana hits Best Friends to keep them out.

Santana whips Matt, Matt boots back then goes up, corkscrew STUNNER! Both men are down but Matt heads for the other Elite corner! Hot tag to… Matt thinks about it, and chooses Omega! Omega rallies on PNP, but Santana dodges to sucker punch Nick. Omega dodges Ortiz to SNAP DRAGON! Santana leaps, into a SNAP DRAGON! Trent tags in and has Omega for a tornado, but no DDT! Omega gets around, SNAP DRAGON! The hat trick is complete! Omega coordinates with Hangman and brings Trent up. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton and standing shooting star! Then the moonsault! Then Hangman’s MOONSAULTS onto the outside! The Terminator drums begin, and Hangman brings Ortiz up. Omega runs, but Ortiz breaks free to trip Omega up!

Santana goes triangle SWANTON! Santana wipes out the Elite, but the Bucks are up! Nick slingshots to facebuster Trent! Chuckie runs over, Nick Asai Moonsault and Chuckie TOPE! Matt climbs up as fans fire up, but Trent CHOPS Matt first. Trent clubs Matt then climbs up from the outside. Things are getting crazy and fans can feel it. Trent has Matt up, to SUPERPLEX him onto the others! Fans are losing their minds over that one! Teams regroup from the wreckage, and the legal men of Omega and Trent get back in the ring. Trent runs and hits a PSYCHO KNEE! Trent drags Omega back up, Alabama but Omega fights out. Omega clubs Trent hard, reels him in, but Chuckie saves Trent from a suplex. Best Friends work together but Hangman evens the numbers. The two teams fight over the double suplex, and the ref gets a heel in the face!

PNP and the Bucks join in and now it’s 4v4 in the suplex situation! Fans are loving where this is going, and then ORANGE CASSIDY joins in! He joins Best Friends for a 5v4 SUPLEX! And then Cassidy kips up! Best Friends clear the ring, so they can HUG!! Trent brings Omega and Chuckie brings Hangman, DOUBLE AWFUL WAFFLE! Chuckie goes up top and Trent brings Omega in, DUMDUM STRONG ZERO! Cover, but the Bucks break it! Chuckie tags from Trent, Matt tags from Omega. Fans know this is still awesome as Matt and Chuckie brawl back and forth. Matt gets an edge with those forearms, but the kick is blocked. Chuckie ROCKS Matt then Hangman comes in. Hangman misses once but gets Chuckie with the other LARIAT! Trent knees low and runs, but Hangman follows. Trent still LARIATS Hangman!

Ortiz eye pokes Trent and whips him to a corner. Trent reverses, Ortiz goes up and over, Santana BOOTS Trent! Ortiz corner splashes, Step-stool CANNONBALL! Nick SUPERKICKS Ortiz! Nick dodges Santana to put him in the corner, then shining wizards, roundhouses and forearms him to bulldog, but Santana hands Nick off to Ortiz, POWERBOMB to Penalty Kick! Matt SUPERKICKS Santana! Matt SUPERKICKS Ortiz! Matt is fired up, but he stops short of hitting Hangman. Hangman runs but Chuckie knees! Matt SUPERKICKS! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for PNP!! Fans are fired up as the Bucks have Chuckie up. Gut wrench but Trent disrupts the driver, Nick MOONSAULTS onto PNP! Matt clotheslines Trent, Chuckie blocks the kick, but Hangman tags in!

Matt fights Chuckie off and is confused by Hangman. Chuckie throws Matt out! Omega V-TRIGGERS Chuckie! Hangman slingshots, BUCK TRIGGER! The sandwich! Cover, Hangman and Omega win!!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, Page pinning; NEW #1 Contenders tot he AEW World Tag Team Championships

Incredible! Shocking! Matt and Nick can’t believe it, but Omega calms them down. Will this new combination within The Elite be what takes the gold from SCU?


The American Nightmare is here!

Cody Rhodes is Miami Vice as he heads to the ring, with plans to respond to MJF’s challenge. Miami is fired up to see him as he gets a mic. “Double A, Arn Anderson, was right when he said that the audience wants this match.” Cody came out arrogantly and self-righteous, and he asked MJF what it would take to have the match. MJF has named his price and it’s “rather expensive.” The AEW Revolution graphics are used to review the stipulations put forward. Starting from the bottom, Cody must have a Steel Cage against MJF’s muscle, Wardlow. The strategy would be such a violent match will take a tole on Cody and soften him up, but it is a surprise. Cody has been in tag teams, factions and such, so he knows when someone is trying to overshadow you. Cody’s conclusion is that after we see Wardlow speak, wrestle and fight, maybe he shouldn’t be carrying MJF’s bags, but MJF should be carrying Wardlow’s. Fans taunt MJF with chants of “Bag Boy!”

Then the controversial second stipulation, Cody must take ten belt lashes on live national television. To whip him. Cody knows the symbolism, but if MJF thinks that making Cody bleed, that is the worst thing, that is flat wrong. And finally, Cody can’t touch MJF until Revolution. Cody doesn’t need to touch MJF, he lives rent free in MJF’s head. We all know what MJF is doing: he is stalling! MJF wants to be famous by any means necessary, he found something he was halfway decent at, and then clings to his tiny bit of internet fame when fans call him a “real, true, old school Heel.” But MJF isn’t old school, he is lazy! So when it comes to the cage, Cody accepts! When it comes to not touching MJF, Cody accepts! And yes, even when it comes to 10 lashes live on Dynamite, Cody accepts! Cody knows what it means to have this match at Revolution. It means Cody failed as a mentor. But Cody will teach MJF that this isn’t the MJF story but a chapter in the Rhodes legacy! Who is left coming out of this the one with a scar story to tell?


Joey Janela speaks.

“2020. A new year, clean slate, a new decade for the Bad Boy.” And what happens? Homecoming for AEW and the first time we see his pretty face, he gets punched in the balls by his ex, Penelope Ford. Joey told her that he didn’t want anything to do with her. But they know the only way she can create buzz for herself is on his name. Now she walks around like hot stuff with her hot new side piece, Kip Sabian. If Superbad wants to play, Janela will play. Cross the line and let’s see what happens. But Janela was getting hit in the balls by his win-loss records. He goes up against Fenix next week with something to prove. Guys like Janela are the backbone in AEW, but things gotta change. Fenix VS Janela, Janela promises to show everyone why everyone else says he’s a “bad, bad boy.” Will things go well for Janela out at sea? Or will it be a bad, bad time?


The Nightmare Collective w/ Luther VS Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida!

Brandi Rhodes & Melanie Cruise see their first bit of action in AEW against a stellar team of the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien and the Stardom Samurai! Will this match be out of this world? Or will Statlander and Shida be brought back down to Earth?

But as Shida makes her entrance, Luther stands in her way. Shida warns him with her kendo stick, but Brandi and “Mel” mug Statlander! Shida SMACKS Luther out of her way and hurries to the ring. The referee reprimands the Collective but Shida scares them off with her kendo stick. Mel comes around to clobber Shida and the match begins!

Mel throws Shida around the ring, and towers over Shida as she throws big forearms. Mel whips Shida corner to corner but Shida goes up and over. Shida huricanranas and Mel bails out. Kris takes care of Mel with a mule kick, then the moonsault! Shida brings out a chair, and fans know what this is for. Shida sets the chair up and Kris holds it in place. Shida uses the chair to launch and KNEE Mel down! The chair is put away as Kris and Shida high-five. They put Mel in the ring and then double dropkick her down! Shida covers, TWO! Shida drags Mel up and fans rally as she tries to suplex. Mel is too big for that so Shida kicks and whips. Mel reverses but Shida holds ropes. Shida kicks Mel back but Brandi swipes at her. Shida swings on Brandi but she gets clear, and Mel BOOTS Shida down!

Fans boo as Mel drops a leg on Shida! Tag to Brandi and she kicks Shida while she’s down. Cover, TWO! Brandi stomps Shida more then soaks up the heat. Brandi puts Shida against the ropes to grind a boot in, but the ref counts. Brandi argues with the ref but he reminds her who the authority in the match is. Brandi taunts Kris and Kris takes the bait, the ref has to keep Kris back and the Collective mug Shida! Brandi fakes the tag and Mel grinds her boot into Shida. The ref counts but Mel lets up at 4. Fans rally up and Shida fights back. Shida throws hands but Mel throws her down by her hair! Shida gets to ropes but fans rally. Mel puts Shida on the ropes to pull her against them as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Mel has Shida in a dragon sleeper, for a standing leg drop! Cover, TWO! Mel keeps her cool as she drags Shida up and suplexes. Shida blocks and fights back with body shots. Shida tries but can’t get Mel up. Mel hits back and suplexes but Shida fights free. Shida throws big forearms but Mel ROCKS her with one! Mel runs, but into a KNEE! Mel falls into the Nightmare corner, Brandi tags in! Hot tag to Kris and Brandi runs away! No one to tag and now Brandi begs for mercy. Nose boop, right? Nope. ROUNDHOUSE! And a DISCUS! Kris drags Brandi up and around, fisherman for the driver! Cover but Mel breaks it. Shida climbs up and missile dropkicks Mel down! Shida gets Mel out of the ring but they brawl, and Mel throws Shida into the railing!

Kris runs but Brandi dodges. Brandi SPEARS Kris down! Cover, TWO!! Brandi is furious and she stomps away on Kris. Tag to Mel and Mel drags Kris up for a scoop, and swinging slam! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives and Mel is seething. Mel goes to a corner and climbs up, but has to kick Kris away. Shida is in to palm strike Mel! Shida climbs up to grab Mel for a SUPERPLEX! Kris hits the KNEE! Cover, ONE! Shida Shining Wizards Mel! Kris moonsaults! Brandi slips through to break the cover! Shida throws Brandi out and Kris scoops Mel. Mel powers out, shoves Kris into Shida and double clotheslines them down! Mel scoops Kris, but Kris reverses to her gut wrench, tuck and BIG BANG! Cover, Kris & Shida win!

Winners: Kris Statlander & Hikari Shida, Statlander pinning

The two top contenders take down the Nightmare Collective! But this may only be one battle. Who wins the war of the Women’s Division?


The Dark Order has another presenation.

“To date, we have taken in literally thousands of potential new recruits, all interested in what The Dark Order can offer them.” As for their key recruits, well, it’s taking longer than expected. Michael Nakazawa is on their list! He is curious because of the frustrations as a subordinate. And Kenny Omega? His circle of trust is very small, it’ll be a longer process. But perhaps with Nakazawa, it can work. The Exalted One is pleased.

Next is Brandon Cutler, friend to the Young bucks. Cutler has been on a losing streak so he hopes to turn things around. The Dark Order need to convince Cutler that they can help him more than The Elite can. Then there’s Hangman Page. The Elite had high hops but he has grown distant. Uno and Grayson appraise him highest of all. Then they shall continue to cast doubt on the Elite to show they are not as powerful as the Dark Order. Will the Dark Order’s mission of conversion succeed?


Jon Moxley VS Sammy Guevara!

The stakes for this match were raised when it was announced that Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea 2: The Second Wave would have a #1 contender’s match! But that match needs to be determined tonight, and the first part comes from the Maniac taking on Jericho’s Spanish God! Will Sammy get revenge for the Inner Circle by denying Moxley a path to the title? Or is Moxley about to get a free trip to the Bahamas to add to that Ford GT is tricked Jericho out of?

While AEW is picture in picture, Sammy has his cue cards! “Let me address an act! An act so heinous, so diabolical, so despicable, it has cause me (Sammy G) to develop an ulcer, and a need to take antacid tablets! I’m too young for that! Jon Moxley!  In order to get the car, you had to join us! You set us up! And a fraud! The Inner Circle made you an offer! Your refusal was your biggest mistake!” AEW goes to break before Sammy finishes, but it’s pretty clear Sammy wants to make Moxley pay for that mistake. Will Sammy bash Moxley at Bash at the Beach?

AEW returns as Sammy vlogs and fans taunt him with chants of “Moxley! Moxley!” They say his name, and here he is, in the Ford GT! The Death Rider is riding in style now, will he be cruising into the Cruise of Jericho?

The bell rings and Sammy dropkicks Mox! Sammy fires off in the corner and grinds his knee in. The ref reprimands but Sammy keeps on Moxley with CHOPS! Moxley glares and puts Sammy in the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Then Moxley has Sammy in another corner to CHOP again! Moxley whips Sammy but Sammy goes up and over and mocks the Fargo strut, only to turn around into Moxley’s lariat! Moxley drags Sammy up and snapmares for a swift kick to the back. Moxley drops elbows and covers, ONE. Moxley drags Sammy up and puts him in a corner to grind a boot in. The ref counts but Moxley holds on until 4. Moxley whips Sammy, Sammy reverses and shoulders in to then enziguri and springboard CUTTER!

Moxley bails out but Sammy builds speed to FLY! Direct hit with the tope conjilo and Sammy blows a kiss to the booing fans. Sammy puts Moxley back in and goes up top. Sammy builds up energy before he hops down and struts. Moxley SLAPS Sammy down! Moxley aims from a corner as Sammy rises, to get the REGAL KNEE! Moxley suplexes to X-PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Moxley keeps his cool. Moxley slashes the throat to say he’s ending this. Moxley drags Sammy to the apron and underhooks, but Sammy fights out to boot back! Sammy hops up top and METEORAS Moxley into the apron!! Sammy drags Moxley up to throw into railing! Sammy throws Moxley into steel steps, too!

Sammy leaves Moxley behind and spins, but fans boo. Sammy fetches Moxley back into the ring and Penalty Kicks him down! Cover, TWO! Moxley keeps in this as AEW goes picture in picture.

Sammy wraps Moxley up in a chinlock but Moxley fights his way up. Moxley back suplexes but Sammy lands on his feet to drop toehold Moxley onto ropes. Sammy stands on Moxley to choke him, but he lets up at the count of 4, back flipping just because he can. Then he kicks the ropes to jam Moxley! Sammy covers, TWO! Sammy drags Moxley up and fireman’s carries, doing squats to show off more. Samoan Drop, cover, TWO! Sammy kicks Moxley sharp in the back! Moxley crawls to ropes but Sammy drags him up. The ref counts as Sammy pulls Moxley against ropes, and then Sammy uppercuts Moxley in the back. Sammy bumps Moxley off buckles and Moxley falls to the floor! Sammy goes out, swaggering about as he takes a fan’s popcorn to throw it at Moxley!

Sammy goes to bump Moxley off more steel steps but Moxley blocks and punches back! Moxley throws big forearms on Sammy, but Sammy throws Moxley into a post! Sammy gets mad now as he puts Moxley in the ring. Sammy climbs up top but Moxley is up! Moxley rocks Sammy with a haymaker then climbs up to join him. Moxley SUPERPLEXES Sammy down! Both men are down but writhing as AEW returns to single picture.

Fans rally and Moxley fires off elbows from all sides! Moxley runs but Sammy hurdles and flips. Moxley waistlocks and German Suplexes, but Sammy lands on his feet for a Shooting Star! Cover, TWO, and Sammy rains down angry rights. Sammy aims from a corner as Moxley stands, but Moxley dodges to chicken wing. Sammy victory roll counters, TWO! Moxley blocks a kick, ducks a kick, and headlocks for OG Dirty Deeds! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Moxley isn’t upset. Moxley brings Sammy up to put him in a corner. Moxley goes to the outside and climbs up. He drags Sammy up from this end, and then underhooks! Sammy fights free and scrambles away, but comes back to LEAP for a SPANISH FLY!

Sammy slashes the throat to torture rack but Moxley fights out. Moxley kicks, Sammy breaks free, KNEE! Torture rack and flip, for another KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sammy does not feast his eyes on a victory! Sammy heads up top and leaps, but Moxley catches the flip into a COQUINA CLUTCH! Sammy TAPS, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission; advances to the #1 Contender’s match

The Maniac isn’t just all barbed wire and brawling! He has a technical side, and he made Sammy submit! Moxley heads for the Bahamas, but will he be facing the daredevil of the Bastard?

But wait! Here comes Chris Jericho! At least, we think. The lights go down, and when they come back… The Inner Circle has surrounded Moxley! Moxley doesn’t care, and he fights them all! But that’s 4v1 and it doesn’t go his way. Jericho rains down fists then Santana chokes Moxley. Fans boo as Ortiz keeps the ref away and Hager drags Moxley up for a standing sleeper! Jericho uses the title belt to LASH Moxley over and over! The golden plate is a brutal weapon across the back of Moxley! PNP drag Moxley back up for Hager to KNEE Moxley in the balls! The Big Hurt leaves Moxley hurting but Miami call him something else.

But this still isn’t enough, Sammy SLAPS away on Moxley’s face! PNP keep Moxley from fighting back and Jericho takes a spike from his jacket! Fans are freaking out as Jericho aims at Moxley! Jericho JABS Moxley with the spike to his eye!! Fans continue to cuss out Jericho and referees flood the ring. The refs tell the Inner Circle to stop, so the Inner Circle slowly takes their leave. Medics check on Moxley’s eye while Jericho soaks up the heat. Will Moxley be in any shape to fight on the Cruise of Jericho?


Backstage interview with The Inner Circle.

Jenn Decker asks why Jericho went that far. That jab to the eye could’ve ended Moxley’s career! Jenn wants to talk to Jericho. Oh does she? Well Jericho wants to talk to the whole world! What happened was not the Inner Circle’s fault or Jericho’s fault. This is all Moxley’s fault. They offered him the keys to the kingdom, and he smashed a bottle of the Bubbly on Jericho’s head! Moxley is a wild man, but that is why Jericho went “eye for an eye.” This reckless abandon did this to Moxley. PAC and Darby can thank Jericho for this, because at this point, they’re probably going to advance straight to a match with Jericho! Jericho will kick the crap- No, the SH*T out of Moxley! And the Inner Circle will beat down and embarrass the Jurassic Express! Jericho will pick scrawny Jungle Boy up by his ankles and use that “rat’s nest” hair to swab the poop deck! See you next week, Moxley, though you can’t see them. Also, hit Sammy up on his social media.


Six Man Tag: MJF, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall & Diamond Dallas Page!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman joins his mercenaries, Braxton Sutter and Andy Williams, in a match to settle scores. MJF pushed DDP too far, and DDP fought back! The Natural and Mr. Big Apple back DDP up, will they finally shut MJF’s big mouth?

The teams sort out and MJF starts with DDP to make him look at the “I Banged Diamond’s Daughter” shirt. But fans are strongly on DDP’s side as he makes both an AEW in-ring debut and in-ring return. MJF tags out to the Butcher so that he can get in the faces of the fans. DDP tags QT in so MJF tags back in. MJF doesn’t take QT seriously, obviously, but fans rally with QT. QT ties up with MJF but MJF kicks low. MJF headlocks but QT powers out, only for MJF to run him over. MJF flexes, speeds things up and shows off his agility. But QT runs in, things speed up again, MJF hurdles but QT handsprings! MJF was surprised by that one, but then he sarcastically applauds. MJF wants to shake hands, QT flips him off! QT blocks MJF’s kick and then flips him around, but MJF pokes QT in the eyes.

Fans boo as MJF drags QT over and tags in the Blade. Blade stomps away as Bunny Allie talks trash. Blade CHOPS QT then CHOPS again! Blade whips, QT dodges and then springboard crossbodies! Tag to Dustin and fans rally! Dustin rallies with lariats but Blade whips. Dustin says “Not today!” and drops down to uppercut! Atomic drop and boot, but Blade gets clear to tackle Dustin to the corner. Dustin boots back, rocks Butcher then uppercuts Blade! And again! MJF sucker punches Dustin, and he had the Dynamite Diamond Ring on! Wardlow hides the evidence and MJF plays dumb. Blade rains down rights on Dustin then drags him up to throw out. Blade distracts the ref and Allie mocks the deep breath to then SLAP Dustin! Wardlow BOOTS Dustin for good measure!

DDP comes over, Wardlow puts Dustin in and Blade goes after him. MJF climbs up to taunt the fans as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade tags Butcher and they put Dustin in the open corner. Blade boots and Butcher corner clotheslines, Blade follows up with a running chop! Blade feeds Dustin to Butcher’s suplex, for a stalling slam! Cover, TWO! Dustin is tough as they come but Butcher wraps him up and puts him in a corner. Butcher CHOPS and CHOPS then bumps Dustin on buckles. Tag to Blade and they double headbutt Dustin down. Blade taunts DDP and QT before going back to Dustin. Blade throws hands but Dustin throws them back! The two brawl, and Dustin hurries for his corner but Blade shoves him down and stomps him to the ropes. Blade chokes Dustin on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count. Allie gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo as she bunny hops away, and MJF tags in.

MJF mugs Dustin then soaks up the heat. MJF clamps onto Dustin with a clutch, then knees his ribs. MJF mocks the fans cheering Dustin while standing on Dustin’s hands. MJF stomps Dustin’s hands then puts him back in the corner. Dustin fights back with hammering hands but MJF throat chops! MJF tags Blade and Blade stomps a mudhole into Dustin. Blade throws forearms then rakes Dustin’s face before he tags MJF back in.

AEW returns to single picture as MJF grins. MJF mocks the fans booing him before he digs his knee back into Dustin. Fans rally up and Dustin powers up, but MJF knocks him back down. MJF grins again then kisses his biceps. MJF digs his knee back into Dustin, fans call MJF names, but Dustin powers back up. Dustin sees the knock down coming and flips over to put a knee up! MJF atomic drops himself and falls over! Dustin gets up but MJF grabs an arm to redirect him. Dustin takes out the mercenaries! Then boots MJF! Dustin sends MJF out hard! But Dustin falls over! Fans rally up and Dustin hurries to his corner, Blade puts MJF in to tag, and Butcher goes after QT! Bakcbreaker and steel steps! But Dustin gets Blade with the spinning powerslam!

Fans rally up as Dustin rises! Hot tags to MJF and DDP!! MJF runs and dodges but not the lariat! DDP bumps MJF off buckles all the way to 9, but Butcher runs in. Butcher blocks a kick but not the lariat! DDP bumps MJF off for the tenth! Blade runs in, blocks a boot and ducks the lariat, but not the second lariat! Fans fire up, and everyone puts their hands up. CUTTER for Butcher! MJF slowly rises and this is the one DDP wants. “BANG!” But MJF counters to chicken wing, but instead of a back slide, he sneaks in a mule kick LOW BLOW! Dustin tags in and BOOTS MJF! Dustin hops up, to give MJF a DESTROYER! MJF flounders and swings wild, but flops into a DIAMOND CUTTER! Cover, but Blade breaks it up!

QT dumps Blade out and tags in! Dustin aims at the mercenaries with a CANNONBALL! Fans rally for QT as he builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! QT fires up and Allie climbs up, but DDP says no no no. DDP pushes her aside and HE climbs up!? DDP FLIES!! Fans are thunderous for the living legend, but then MJF rolls up QT! Team MJF wins!!

Winners: Team MJF, MJF pinning

As always, MJF ruins the fun. He used his mercenaries to do all the work, and gets the win for himself. But with Cody accepting his challenge, will MJF face all the karma that has built up against him?


Backstage interview with SoCal Uncensored.

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky now know who their Cruise of Jericho opponents will be. Any thoughts? The world tag team champions are interrupted by a buzzed Hangman. They get upset with him barging in and spilling beer on them, but he gets upset with them getting upset. Hangman says he’ll take on all three at once but Omega hurries over to diffuse the situation. Omega apologizes, Hangman’s a bit frisky. With all due respect, they’re going to have a gentleman’s content on the cruise. Omega pulls Hangman away, can he also keep Hangman away from the bar?


Darby Allin VS PAC!

After what Jericho did to Moxley, this could end up just being the contender’s match. But assuming the Maniac is still willing to fight with one good eye, who wins this match to set sail?

The bell rings and fans are dueling as Pac and Darby circle. They tie up, Pac headlocks but Darby powers out. Pac runs Darby over and glares at him. Things speed up, Darby jumps but Pac slides. Darby slides and gets around to handspring and whip. Pac reverses but Darby springboards to arm-drag! Pac handsprings through but Darby shotgun dropkicks him down! Fans fire up for Darby as he headlocks. Pac powers out and tilt-o-whirl backbreakers! Darby writhes but Pac takes his time stalking over. Pac TOSSES Darby across the ring! And then stands on Darby’s head! Pac lets up and drags Darby to his feet, to whip hard into a corner. Pac runs in but Darby boots back! Darby leaps over Pac to shotgun dropkick him into buckles!

Pac gets out but Darby slingshots. Pac evades so Darby slingshots back in to DIVE! Tope suicida hits and rams them both into the railing! Darby puts Pac in fast but Pac bails out fast, so Darby DIVES again! That was an even harder tope! Fans cheer for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as Pac hobbles away. Darby gives chase, and is on the apron to leap! But Pac blocks to swing Darby into steel steps! Darby writhes and Pac leaves him for dead as AEW goes picture in picture.

Pac watches Darby writhe but goes out to fetch him. Pac brings Darby up but drops him as he considers his options. Pac brings steel steps around and the ref warns Pac. Pac brings Darby up the steps and lifts, to POWERBOMB him on the steps! Darby writhes as he flops off the steel and Pac leaves him behind again. Pac patiently waits for Darby as Darby crawls. The ref starts the count as Darby claws his way over. Pac waits, Darby is in at 9! Pac is annoyed, and he drags Darby into place. Pac looks to do a standing flip, but instead drops down to put on a crossface. Darby endures, claws and reaches, and manages to get the ropebreak! Pac lets go as AEW returns to single picture.

Pac stomps Darby to a corner then mocks the booing fans. Pac throws Darby out hard, then quickly goes out to throw him into railing! Darby flounders around but Pac drags him into the ring. Pac aims at Darby as he climbs up top. Darby stands, Pac missile dropkicks him down! Pac drags Darby to a cover, TWO!! Darby still lives and now Pac is growing frustrated. Pac argues with the ref but Darby claws his way up. Pac drags Darby to a corner and stands him up. Pac fireman’s carries Darby as he climbs up top! Fans anticipate something bad but Darby fights free! To SUPER CRUCIFIX DRIVER!! And Darby comes to life! Darby heads up top as Pac flounders to the apron. But that doesn’t change anything, Darby SUPER COFFIN DROPS! Direct hit wrecks Pac and now Darby gets into the ring!

A ring count begins while fans are losing their minds. Pac stirs as the count reaches 5, and he flounders to the ring at 7. Pac is in, Darby runs and flips over, throwback STUNNER! Then a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives and Darby knows he’s close! Fans rally up as Darby gets up while Pac stirs again. Pac bails out again so Darby slides. Pac catches Darby in the apron skirt and enziguris him down! Pac drags Darby into the ring and runs, to LARIAT Darby inside-out! Cover, TWO!! Darby still lives and now Pac is frustrated. Pac looms over Darby and fans rally up. Darby slowly rises, but Pac gets forehead to forehead with him. Darby ROCKS Pac with a right! Then wrings Pac out, rolls and La Magistrol! TOW and jackknife, TWO! Sunset, TWO! Figure four and a cover, TWO!! Darby was really creative but not enough yet. Darby springboards, Coffin into GERMAN SUPLEX! Pac hits a BASTARD BOMB! Cover, TWO!?!

Fans are fired up and Pac heads to a corner. Darby hurries and anchors Pac’s feet. Pac kicks him away but Darby comes back. Darby climbs, Pac clubs away, but Darby just rises up. Pac headbutts Darby down, then adjusts, BLACK ARROW! Cover, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by pinfall; advances to the #1 Contender’s match

The Bastard crushes the dreams of the Undead Underdog, and Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview him. The Second Wave is coming, but Moxley might still be in shape to compete. No no no. Pac tells him to congratulate the NEW #1 contender! But Moxley needs to be medically checked. Well we all saw what happened to Moxley! He is clearly incapacitated, which amounts to a forfeit. So again, you are looking at the NEW #1 contender! As for Jericho, Pac wants him to know that he’s coming. And when Pac wins the title- Sorry, news is coming in. Moxley is being loaded into the ambulance to go to a hospital, but Moxey refuses to go! Moxley barges out, big patch over his bleeding eye, and he storms his way to the ringside area!

Moxley snatches a mic on his way out and Pac is furious! Moxley is on stage as he says, “It ain’t going down like that, brother.” Moxley doesn’t care if he’s blind, half-dead or what, he will be on the cruise to kick Pac’s ass! “Because that title shot belongs to me!” Security, referees and medics do their best to keep Moxley back, but it is clear that come hell or high water, the Maniac and the Bastard are going to fight for the right to face Le Champion!



My Thoughts:

What a great episode for this special themed episode. I really hope Bash at the Beach becomes a tradition for AEW, though maybe during the summer next time. While the Cruise of Jericho will sail away to the Bahamas next week, just seems a shame to go with a summer theme episode during winter. But the episode itself was red hot with that opening Fatal 4 Way tag. That was borderline PPV level material right there, and it was quite the twist that it was Omega and Page getting the win. The interview interruption promo was pretty well done, playing up Hangman having a little too much but in a way that’s humorous, not dramatic. I don’t think Omega and Page win the tag titles, though, unless it is to feed into how The Dark Order is targeting them now. That would be quite the twist going towards Revolution, where the Dark Order won’t even need to win the titles, they’ll just brainwash the guys who have them.

Cody of course accepts MJF’s challenge, but his promo in doing so was pretty good. The cage match with Wardlow is set for AEW Dynamite in Atlanta, so there won’t be a lot of time until Revolution. MJF and his team get a win in a really great Six Man. I know DDP is a legend and a fan favorite, but I feel he was booked just a little too strong against the young stars here. But of course, that’s why MJF sneaks in a win rather than a decisive victory. I could’ve sworn it was going to be Awesome Kong in tonight’s Women’s Tag but guess not. And even without Kong, Brandi and Melanie Cruise make a decent duo but it was good to see the Faces win. This will extend things, I’m sure, but I’m still sensing we get Riho and Britt Baker in on this to lead to something big at Revolution.

I don’t recall them saying there was a mini-tournament to determine Jericho’s challenger at Revolution, but it really helped tie the episode together that they made the move. Moxley VS Sammy was a pretty good match, but it seems TNT is still learning (and failing) to give Sammy time for his cue card promos. The Inner Circle’s attack on Moxley was logical and the kayfabe jab of metal spike to the eye was a nice touch. Darby VS PAC was a really good match, but naturally we set up Face VS Heel with Pac winning. Moxley of course refusing to let the bad eye stop him is definitely in character, and Moxley VS Pac will be a great match. But in the end, I’m pretty sure Moxley wins to go to Revolution.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; Soho & Blue win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; Boudreaux wins.
  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; Athena wins.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; Kiera & Leila win.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; Silver & Reynolds win.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; The Lucha Bros win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Battle of the Belts Results & Report (8/6/22)

THREE title fights on a Saturday night!



AEW Battle of the Belts

Battle of the Belts 3 means three battles for the belts!

AEW returns to Saturday Fight Nights on TNT with the AEW TNT, AEW Women’s World and ROH World Championships on the line! Will there be a change to the golden landscape?


  • AEW TNT Championship: Wardlow VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Wardlow wins and retains the title.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa w/ Toni Storm VS Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel; Rosa wins and retains the title.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Konosuke Takeshita; Claudio wins and retains the title.


AEW TNT Championship: Wardlow VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The Maestro of Mayhem stepped up over Lethal and his cronies bullying Best Friends, and now he’s willing to put up the title if it means teaching the bullies a lesson! Will “WARD~LOW!” still be the Face of TNT? Or will Lethal turn Wardlow’s World upside-down?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we kick off BOTB 3 with a bang!

The bell rings and Lethal bails right out. Fans boo as Lethal regroups with Satnam and Sonjay. Lethal then gets back in the ring and hears the fans chant, “WARD~LOW!” Sonjay distracts Wardlow and Lethal CLOBBERS him from behind! Lethal CLUBS away on Wardlow, stomps him in the corner, then reels him in to snap suplex! Wardlow gets right back up! Wardlow just scowls and BOOTS Lethal down! Wardlow whips Lethal to a corner, Lethal comes back but into a back drop! Fans fire up as Lethal stands up and Wardlow cltoheilnes him out! Fans fire up more while Sonjay checks on Lethal.

Wardlow goes out, drags Lethal up and into the ring, then tells Sonjay to back off. But now Satnam stands in Wardlow’s way! Sonjay has Satnam step aside before Champion’s Advantage comes into play. But even then, Lethal WRECKS Wardlow with a dropkick! Wardlow is still standing, though, so lethal CHOPS him! Lethal puts Wardlow in the ring, CHOPS and stomps and haymakers! Lethal bumps Wardlow off buckles, then whips him to ropes. Wardlow reverses, Lethal ducks ‘n’ dodges, slides under the boot and ENZIGURIS! Wardlow staggers, Lethal pie faces and runs, into a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Wardlow is annoyed, and he clamps onto Lethal’s neck! Wardlow drags Lethal up, fireman’s carries, but Lethal elbows free! Lethal dropkicks, but Wardlow doesn’t budge! Another dropkick staggers Wardlow, but Lethal clutches his foot. Did he hurt himself hitting Wardlow? Wait it was a trick! Lethal rolls Wardlow up, TWO!! Wardlow runs in but Lethal POSTS him! Wardlow tumbles out after hitting steel, and Lethal DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Lethal struts around, “WOO~!” and then Lethal goes after Wardlow to put him in the ring. Lethal drags Wardlow to the post, to CLUB the leg, then SLAM it into the post!

Fans rally for Wardlow while he writhes, but Lethal smiles at the camera. Lethal drags Wardlow by his leg to SLAM it into the post, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Lethal struts, then high-fives Sonjay and Satnam. Wardlow drags himself from the corner, Sonjay and Satnam high-five, and Lethal sits Wardlow up. Lethal stomps Wardlow, lets off as the ref counts, then drags Wardlow back to center. Lethal drops an elbow on the knee, then another! Lethal then stomps the leg, drops another elbow, and keeps on the leg with a toehold. Wardlow endures, CLUBS Lethal, but Lethal lets off to dig his knees into the knee. Lethal stalks Wardlow to a corner, stomps the leg more, then drags Wardlow back out for more stops. Lethal jams his knee into the knee, and again, to then “WOO~!” as AEW returns to single picture.

But Wardlow boots Lethal away! Lethal comes back, jackknifes, TWO! Lethal has the leg again, steps through, but Wardlow kicks him away again! Lethal jackknifes again, but Wardlow uses that momentum to stand back up! POWER- NO, Lethal fights off the bomb and KICKS the bad leg! Lethal KICKS the leg again, then calls his shot., Lethal handsprings, LETHAL- NO, Wardlow blocks, brings Lethal around, but Lethal slips away. Wardlow clamps onto Lethal and reels him back in, but again Lethal tries to get away! Lethal slides under, but Wardlow clamps on with both hands around the neck!

Wardlow pops Lethal up, but Lethal fires off hands! Lethal is free, Wardlow staggers, but he HEADBUTTS Lethal back! Lethal wobbles, Wardlow winds up, BIG LARIAT!! Fans fire up while Sonjay and Satnam panic! Wardlow pulls down the straps and says it’s coming! Wardlow drags Lethal up, reels him in, brings him up, and POWERBOMBS him down!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

But Sonjay attacks! Sonjay stomps Wardlow, and Satnam gets in the ring! Sonjay flexes on Wardlow but Wardlow shoves him away! Satnam stands on Wardlow and Wardlow can’t get up! Wait! He starts bench pressing that huge foot, but Lethal stomps Wardlow down! Satnam stands on Wardlow again, while Lethal puts on the FIGURE FOUR! Wardlow suffers both the foot in his chest and the leglock on tight, and even Sonjay talking trash right in his face. Satnam and Lethal let off, but that’s not the end! Lethal drags Wardlow up, but Wardlow ROCKS Lethal with a right! And DECKS Sonjay with one, too!

Wardlow DECKS Lethal this time, but Satnam clamps on a giant hand! Btu Wardlow breaks free to LOW BLOW those giant balls! Fans are thunderous, and Wardlow reels Satnam in! But Lethal CLOBBERS Wardlow, and Satnam back drops him! Fans boo as Satnam stands over Wardlow, and Lethal gets a TABLE! Lethal and Sonjay put the table in, set it up, and Satnam clamps onto Wardlow’s head! CHOKE SLAM through the table!! A slam dunk from the former basketball player, and Sonjay puts the title on Lethal’s shoulder. Will these three be back again to try and take that title for real?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa w/ Toni Storm VS Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Rebel!

#ThunderStorm lost to the Doctor and her assistant on Wednesday, with the #1 contender taking the pin. That makes Hayter the contender, so now Rosa must defend the gold! Will La Mera Mera keep her reign going? Or will Hayter go all out for this one?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Thunder can strike back!

But Hayter strikes first as Rosa is on the corner! The bell rings, Hayter stomps away on Rosa, then rains down fists from all sides! Rosa guards but Hayter drags her up to bump her off buckles. Hayter stomps a mudhole in her, then digs boots into Rosa’s face. the ref counts, Hayter lets off to argue with her, but that’s so that Britt can choke Rosa! Rosa swipes at her but Britt gets away. Hayter CLUBS Rosa, CHOKES her on ropes, but lets off as the ref counts again. Rosa kicks Hayter but Hayter hauls her up to snap suplex hard! Hayter stomps Rosa, Britt talks more trash on Rosa, and then Hayter stands on Rosa at the ropes!

The ref counts, Hayter steps off, and Rosa winces as she sits up. Hayter mocks the fans chanting for Rosa, and then she drags Rosa up to bring her around. Hayter CHOPS Rosa against ropes, but Rosa CHOPS back! Hayter SLAPS Rosa, then CHOKES her in the corner! Hayter lets off as the ref counts, and Rosa sputters to the ropes. Hayter whips her and runs her over, then paces around. Rosa shoves Hayter, Hayter CLUBS Rosa, but Rosa DROPKICKS back! Hayter gets up into a SHOTGUN dropkick! Hayter bails out, Toni rallies the fans, and Rosa fires up! Rosa builds speed to DIVE into a forearm! Hayter brushes herself off as Rosa flops to the floor!

Hayter tells the ref to hold on with that count. Hayter then brings Rosa around to run and RAM her into railing! The ring count climbs, Hayter gets in the ring while Toni coaches Rosa up. Hayter fetches Rosa but Rosa kicks back! Rosa CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Hayter CLUBS Rosa, then suplexes, but Rosa blocks! Rosa wrenches out to DDT to the floor! Fans fire up with Rosa and she drags Hayter up. Rosa puts Hayter in the ring, covers, TWO! Hayter is daze but Rosa climbs up the corner. Fans rally as Rosa aims but Britt has the belt! Britt distracts Rosa with it, and then Hayter CLOBBERS Rosa off the top! Rosa’s leg gets caught up while she tumbles down!

Britt shrugs and walks away as Hayter fetches Rosa. Hayter hauls Rosa up to URENAGE onto the steel steps! Britt and Hayter high-five while AEW goes picture in picture.

The ref checks on Rosa but she sits up. Toni coaches Rosa as she goes to the railing. Hayter storms over to CLUB Rosa, then put her in the ring. Hayter stomps Rosa, CLUBS her down, then kisses the biceps. Hayter drags Rosa up by her hair, brings her onto the ropes and CHOKES her again. Hayter then runs to DOUBLE KNEE Rosa against ropes! Rosa flops down, Hayter covers, TWO! Hayter drags Rosa up but Rosa throws body shots and a CHOP! And another CHOP! Hayter turns it around to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Hayter paces around, says she’s gonna have that belt, then she snap suplexes Rosa to center!

Hayter clamps on a chinlock and she traps an arm. Rosa endures as Hayter leans on the hold. Rosa fights up to her feet, but Hayter throws her down by her hair! Hayter wags her finger then stands on Rosa’s head. The ref reprimands, Hayter lets off and puts Rosa on rope again. Hayter talks trash while she CHOKES Rosa, but lets off at 4. Rebel chokes Rosa now! And Britt even puts Rosa’s cowgirl hat on her! Rosa swipes at them but Rebel and Britt smile. Storm storms over and chases them off! Hayter still puts Rosa in a sleeper and squeezes tight, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again as Rosa ROCKS Hayter with a right! Hayter staggers but ROCKS Rosa right back! Rosa comes back to ROCK Hayter! Hayter staggers, so does Rosa, Hayter ROCKS Rosa again! Rosa fires off a flurry! Fans fire up as Rosa NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Hayter is still in this but she flounders to the corner. Fans rally, Britt mocks the fans, but Rosa fires up! Rosa runs in to DROPKICK! Rosa sends herself through the ropes, and then Hayter flops out after! Rosa goes to the apron, to CANNONBALL! Direct hit and fans fire up with Rosa again! Rosa grits her teeth, drags Hayter into the ring, and goes up the corner.

Fans rally, Hayter stands and Rosa CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Hayter is still in this and Rosa grows frustrated. Rosa drags Hayter up, reels her in, but Hayter fireman’s carries! But Rosa slips off, waistlocks, but Hayter bucks the roll! IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Rosa survives but Hayter drags Rosa up! BRAINBUSTER!! Both women are down, Hayter crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Rosa survives and even Britt is shocked! Hayter drags Rosa up, whips her into the corner, then stomps away! Hayter fires off forearms, the ref backs her off, Britt CHOKES Rosa! Storm finally goes after her! They brawl ringside!

SUPERKICK from Britt takes out Storm! Britt spells it out, “D! M! D! This is MY Division!” Hayter drags Rosa up, Storm gives Britt a TORNADO DDT to the floor! Hayter sees that and is distracted, Rosa sunset flips! TWO, so Rosa tries an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Wheelbarrow, victory roll, ROSA WINS!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Hayter couldn’t block that roll, Rosa snatches this one away! La Mera Mera keeps going forward, will she go all the way to All Out and beyond?


ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Konosuke Takeshita!

At Death Before Dishonor, The Swiss Cyborg finally won a world title, so he isn’t going to give this belt up without a fight! Will this title still belong to Claudio Gaddam Castagnoli? Or will the Future of DDT be the Now of ROH?

Bobby Cruise makes the introductions, the belt is raised, and we see this memorable first-ever close out the Battle of the Belts!

The Code of Honor is upheld, but then Claudio rushes in at the bell! Konosuke avoids that EuroUpper, but then Claudio blocks a boot! Claudio headlocks, Konosuke powers out then drops down to spring up, but into Claudio’s arms! Konosuke slips out, waistlocks, but Claudio fights the German Suplex! Claudio runs to ropes to buck Konosuke away, and the two stand off. Fans fire up as the two reset and circle again. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Konosuke gets in to clinch then waistlock. Claudio uses a leg to trip Konosuke up, and then knuckle locks for a cover. ONE as Konosuke gets an arm up, but Claudio shifts right to a headlock.

Konosuke fights up, pries free, but Claudio slips around to headlock back. Claudio wrenches, wristlocks, then wrangles Konosuke with a chinbar. Konosuke endures and Claudio knuckle locks for a cover. ONE as Konosuke gets the other arm up, so Claudio knuckle locks that for a cover. ONE as Konosuke bridges up! Claudio keeps trying to push him down but Konosuke stands right up! Claudio powers him right back down but Konosuke bridges again! Claudio sweeps the legs to get the cover back, TWO as Konosuke bridges! Another sweep, another cover, TWO as Konosuke pushes his arms up! Claudio pushes those back down, ONE as Konosuke just bridges again!

Claudio hops on but Konosuke uses that to monkey flip! Konosuke rolls back but Claudio blocks and monkey flips in return! Fans fire up as Konosuke goes flying! William Regal’s on commentary and he says this exchange makes him proud to be in pro-wrestling! The fans applaud, they’re also loving this! Claudio and Konosuke smile and reset. They shake hands again and go again. Claudio hooks a leg to trip Konosuke to a cover, ONE! Konosuke trips Claudio, drops an elbow on the leg, “This is Awesome!” Claudio headlocks and grinds but Konosuke stands up. Konosuke powers Claudio back, goes to hip toss, but Claudio counters with a clinch!

Konosuke powers Claudio back and then gets the HIP TOSS! Konosuke waits on Claudio, and the two knuckle lock. Claudio gets a facelock, Konosuke wrenches out to facelock back. Claudio powers up but Konosuke holds on. Claudio wrenches free, clamps onto a headlock and hits a takeover! Claudio also fights off the headscissors, Konosuke rolls him to a cover, ONE! Claudio holds on, Konosuke fights up and powers out. Claudio runs Konosuke over, covers, TWO! Claudio’s back on the headlock but Konosuke fights out again. Things speed up, Claudio blocks the hip toss to waistlock and SLAM Konosuke down!

Claudio reaches down for Konosuke but Konosuke kips up and arm-drags back! Then the bypass to a CALF KICK! Claudio bails out and fans fire up! Konosuke PLANCHAS, but Claudio moves! Konosuke lands on his feet but Claudio EuroUppers! Konosuke comes back to ROCK Claudio with a forearm! Konosuke puts Claudio in, hurries after him, but Claudio whips and ROCKS him in the back! Then an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! then the shove, tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up while Claudio covers, TWO, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Claudio keeps his focus as he looms over Konosuke. Claudio drags Konosuke up, EuroUppers hard, then has Konosuke in a corner. Claudio RAOCKS Konosuke with a forearm in the back, then back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Claudio keeps on Konosuke with a knee in the back. Claudio ties up the legs, grabs at Konosuke’s arm and bends him back! Konosuke endures, fights up, but Claudio uses that to get a dragon sleeper! Konosuke endures a whole new hold, and Claudio then shifts again to a half straitjacket! Konosuke still endures, still reaches out for ropes, and he fights to get his legs free.

Claudio brings Konosuke away from ropes but Konosuke throws body shots! Claudio clamps onto a facelock but Konosuke blocks the suplex! They each throw body shots, Konosuke blocks the suplex, and Claudio throws more body shots. Konosuke suplexes, but Claudio blocks! They fight for control, and Konosuke gets Claudio up and over! Fans fire up while both men are down! Claudio gets up first, Konosuke follows, but Claudio dodges the clothesline to BOOT Konosuke down! Claudio drags Konosuke back up, scoops him and hits a BACKBREAKER! Claudio bends Konosuke against his knee, but Konosuke fights!

Claudio smothers Konosuke, bends him back, but Konosuke throws forearms! Konosuke is free, he ROCKS Claudio, but Claudio EuroUppers HARD! Claudio then gets the chicken wings and drags Konosuke up, to HEDDBUTT him in the back! Claudio pulls on the arms as AEW returns to single picture, and Konosuke fights to turn things around. Claudio holds on so Konosuke elbows him,. Claudio CLUBS Konosuke, and again, then stalks him to a corner. Claudio BOOTS Konosuke, BOOTS him again, then EuroUppers! Claudio whips corner to corner, but Konosuke elbows back! Konosuke goes up, BOOTS Claudio away, then FLYING RANAS!

Fans fire up as Konosuke rallies with elbows. Claudio whips, Konosuke ducks ‘n’ dodges to FLYING LARIAT! Fans are thunderous as both men are down! Konosuke hauls Claudio up but Claudio CLUBS Konosuke. Claudio ROCKS Konosuke, runs in but Konosuke dumps him out! And FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up more, Konosuke puts Claudio in the ring, and Konosuke climbs up! But Claudio SHORYUKENS! Claudio climbs up to join Konosuke, for a SUPER GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Konosuke shows toughness but Claudio is not deterred. Fans fire up and Claudio calls for it! Claudio waits on Konosuke, trips him up, and SWISS SWINGS!

Fans count it out, Claudio swings Konosuke around for 10 revolutions before the TOSS! Cover, TWO!! Konosuke is still in this but Claudio is ready. Konosuke staggers around, Claudio runs in to EuroUpper! Claudio whips corner to corner, EuroUpper! Then back, but Konosuke reverses to BOOT! Konosuke whips, Claudio reverses but Konosuke comes back, BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Close yet no cigar! Konosuke gets Claudio up, “This is Awesome!” and Konosuke whips. But Claudio BOOTS back! Konosuke falls to the apron and Claudio hurries after! Claudio drags Konosuke up but Konosuke bumps him off buckles!

Konosuke climbs up the corner but Claudio ROCKS him first! Claudio goes up top to fire off forearms! Konosuke throws a body shot! Konosuke reels Claudio in, SUPER DDT to the buckle!! Claudio flounders away, Konosuke goes up to FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Claudio survives and rolls away to the corner. Konosuke runs in again, but Claudio blocks the V-Trigger! Claudio EuroUppers but into the hooks! Claudio powers out but Konosuke ducks ‘n dodges, FLYING- EUROUPPER! Claudio stops the flying clothesline and covers, TWO!! Claudio gets the legs, to the SHARPSHOOTER!! Konosuke endures as Claudio sits on it, but he still reaches out!

Claudio shifts to get a CROSSFACE! Konosuke rolls, but Claudio holds on! Claudio pulls way, way back, but Konosuke rolls it to a cover! TWO, and Claudio kicks Konosuke! And again! Konosuke scowls as Claudio kicks again. Konosuke eggs Claudio on so Claudio EuroUppers! And again! But Konosuke gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Claudio’s right up to LRAIT! Konosuke’s right up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are up, LARIAT from Konosuke!! Cover, TWO!!! Fans give a standing ovation!! Konosuke drags Claudio up to fire off forearms, ROLLING- EUROUPPERCT! Claudio shoves, pops up, but Konosuke backslides! TWO!!

V-TRIGGER!! And then a BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Claudio survives and no one can believe it! Fans are electric as Konosuke throws off the elbow pads! ROLLING ELBOW!! Claudio wobbles, Konosuke reels him in! But the back won’t let him lift Claudio! Claudio back drops, Konosuke sunset flips! TWO, and Claudio BASEMENT UPPERCUTS! And DOUBLE STOMPS! Claudio hauls Konosuke up, ties up the arms, RICOLA- RANA!! Konosuke has a cover, TWO?!?!?! How did Claudio escape that one?!? Konosuke shrugs that off to get Claudio up with a waistlock. Claudio elbows free, then elbows more.

Konosuke dodges the discus, both men run, Konosuke leaps, but into a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Claudio almost gave Konosuke an F5 there! Both men are down, a standing count starts, and both men sit up at 5. Claudio and Konosuke get up, they fire off forearms and fans rally up! Konosuke gets the edge, but Claudio dodges to SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT! And the DISCUS! And then, HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! That’s a Blackpool Combat Cub signature! Claudio tucks the arms, RICOLA BOMB!!! Cover, Claudio wins!!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, by pinfall (still ROH World Champion)

Regal says that was an amazing showing from Konosuke, and he admits how close that was to a win for Konosuke! But if this is as good as Konosuke is now, just how more amazing will he become in the coming years? And as for the winner, the Swiss Superman is still the champion, how much harder will he fight to keep this reign going?

My Thoughts:

An awesome hour of wrestling right here, with just the wrestling! Bonus points to me for calling the order of matches from the start. The TNT Championship was an awesome opener, with Wardlow getting a great win off a great star like Lethal. At the same time, I should’ve figured the Heels would beat Wardlow down after that match. They might even be able to swing this to where Lethal gets another shot at Wardlow at All Out for an even better match. The AEW Women’s World Championship match was great, and of course Britt and Rebel get involved here and there. Rosa gets the win with a quick pin so it’s not like Hayter looked weak there. But maybe they’ll swing this to give us another match of Rosa VS Britt for the title at All Out.

And what an awesome match from the ROH World Championship with Claudio VS Konosuke. That was perhaps one of the more competitive examples of a first title defense and a first title challenge in a long time. I feel like that place would’ve exploded if Konosuke actually pulled this one off, but it made a lot of sense for Claudio to retain. Claudio is going to carry the banner for ROH as a returning classic name, much like with Samoa Joe. And Konosuke can now believably be in just about any title scene with this performance, I’m pretty sure.

My Score: 8.8/10

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