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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/22/2020)

Sail away, maaan~!



AEW Cruise of Jericho

The Cruise of Jericho’s Second Wave is Dynamite!

The Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea is golden as SoCal Uncensored defends their AEW World Tag Team Championships!



  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: SoCal Uncensored VS Hangman Page & Kenny Omega; Page & Omega win and become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.
  • Britt Baker VS Priscilla Kelly; Baker wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS The Inner Circle; The Inner Circle wins.
  • MJF VS Joey Janela; MJF wins.
  • AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: PAC VS Jon Moxley; Moxley wins and will challenge Chris Jericho for the title at AEW Revolution.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: SoCal Uncensored VS Hangman Page & Kenny Omega!

A main event caliber match opens the show! Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky have held these titles as the first and only champions, and they’ve managed to clear out the majority of the tag team division. But now, some #RealCowboyShit might go down on the high seas! Will Page and Omega shock us all on Dynamite’s maiden voyage?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this incredible cruise begins with gold!

Fans are already chanting for “Cowboy Shit!” as Hangman starts with Kaz. These long time rivals meet again and tie up. They go around and Hangman puts Kaz on the ropes. Hangman lets up as fans chant “Best Vacation!” Hangman and Kaz go again, and Kaz waistlocks. Hangman sits down, rolls and wristlocks Kaz. Kaz wrenches back, headlocks and takeovers, but Hangman headscissors back. Kaz pops out, headlock takeover again, but avoids the headscissors. Hangman works his way up but Kaz holds on tight as fans rally up. Kaz grinds hard and keeps Hangman trapped. Hangman gets out on the third try but gets run over by a shoulder. Kaz runs, Hangman stays low, but Kaz drops on him to get the headlock back! A veteran move from the Heavy Metal Rebel.

Hangman powers up and throws forearms as fans rally. Hangman back suplexes, Kaz lands on his feet but Hangman ROCKS him with a forearm! Hangman runs, only for Kaz to ROCK him back! Just don’t rock the boat, guys. Kaz runs, Hangman ROCKS him again! Hangman runs, they both clothesline! Neither falls, so Kaz runs in, another collision! Hangman swings, Kaz ducks to kick, kick and LARIAT! The Norwegian Pearl fires up as Kaz brings Hangman over. Tag to Scorpio and SCU mugs Hangman. Hangman CHOPS back but Scorpio clubs him down. Scorpio whips Hangman to ropes, but Hangman holds them. Hangman swings, Scorpio dodges, so Hangman pie faces him. Scorpio gets mad and shoves Hangman. Hangman shoves back and we have a shove fight. They get face to face and forehead to forehead, but things calm down as fans cheer for Omega. Hangman tags and Omega is in!

Omega assures Hangman it’s alright, and then Omega shakes hands with Scorpio. They tie up, Omega waistlocks but Scorpio drops out to waistlock back. Omega wrenches out and wristlocks. Scorpio spins through to wrench and ram shoulders. Omega pushes back but Scorpio keeps wrenching and ramming. Omega wrenches to another wristlock and elbows the elbow over and over. Omega wrenches harder but Scorpio fights up to his feet. Omega headlocks, Scorpio powers out, but Omega runs him over! Fans cheer as Omega looms over Scorpio, but then Scorpio kips up! Omega runs, Scorpio hurdles but gets a kick! Omega CHOPS then back suplexes but Scorpio lands on his feet to kick and whip. Omega reverses, Scorpio dodges and Omega gets buckles. Omega boots back, then KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!

Omega keeps close to Scorpio, and brings him to tag Page. The Elite mug Scorpio, Hangman sucker punches Kaz! Hangman CHOPS Scorpio then brings him out to CHOP again. Hangman whips, Scorpio leaps, but into Hangman’s arms! FALL AWAY SLAM! And kip up! Fans cheer as Hangman brings Scorpio up for a scoop. Scorpio slips out, Hangman standing switches but Scorpio elbows free. Scorpio runs, Kaz tags in, Scorpio whips Hangman for Kaz to calf kick down! Omega runs in but Scorpio dropkicks him out! Kaz drags Hangman up to scoop slam, and then springboard leg drops! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps his cool while also keeping between Hangman and Omega. Tag to Scorpio, and SCU double whips. They run Hangman over with double elbows! Cover, ONE, but Scorpio keeps his cool.

Scorpio drags Hangman up to feed to Kaz’s boots. Tag to Kaz and Kaz suplexes Hangman high and hard. Float over to cover, TWO! Fans rally for the Elite but Kaz puts Hangman on the ropes. Scorpio KICKS Hangman and then Kaz GERMAN SUPLEXES Hangman! Cover, but Omega breaks it before a count. Scorpio goes after Omega and the ref works to maintain order. Omega backs off but he’s upset after that hard landing Hangman took. Scorpio tags in, SCU mugs Hangman and then snapmare for a foot scrape! The ref reprimands Scorpio as he tags Kaz back in. They bring Hangman up, double whip corner to corner, and then Scorpio runs in. Hangman puts Scorpio on the apron then elbows Kaz away. Hangman walks into a kick and Kaz whips, but Hangman comes back to LARIAT! Both men are down and fans are fired up!

Scorpio crawls up on the apron as Hangman heads for Omega. Scorpio dropkicks Omega off the corner, Kaz hits a BACKSTABBER on Hangman! Chicken wings, UNPRETTIER! Cover, TWO!! Hangman survives and Omega checks his legs as he gets back on the corner. Fans rally up as Kaz brings Hangman around. Hangman dodges Kaz, Kaz dodges Hangman, double clotheslines take both men out! A standing count begins and fans rally up again. Hangman and Kaz hot tag to Omega and Scorpio! Omega rallies with Polish Hammers! Scorpio dodges but his kick is blocked, Omega CHOPS! Scorpio resists the full nelson and whips, but Omega goes up and over! Omega rolls, huricanrana! Kaz runs into a SNAP DRAGON! Scorpio staggers into AOI SHOUDO! Cover, TWO!!

Omega keeps going, bringing Scorpio up. Omega fireman’s carries and Hangman gets in., “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, shooting star, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Hangman goes up top, to LEAP onto Kaz! Hangman overboard as Omega buckle bombs Scorpio! Then whips to pop-up SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!?! So close yet still so far! “This is Awesome!” and still going as Omega says BANG. But Scorpio dodges, to German! Omega lands on his feet, boots and V-TRIGGERS! Electric Chair, but Scorpio fights out. Omega boots again, then hops up. Scorpio leaps to SUPER STEINER! Scorpio and Omega both rise, Scorpio fireman’s carries. But Omega fights out, full nelson, Hangman slingshots in, but Scorpio dodges! Omega takes the BUCK SHOT! Scorpio throws Hangman out then drags Omega up. Fireman’s carry, T K O! Cover, but Hangman breaks it just in time!!

The Norwegian Pearl is thunderous as we go picture in picture. The ref reprimands Hangman but he backs off. Omega and Scorpio rise again, but then Hangman kicks Scorpio! Scorpio whips, Hangman holds ropes and then boots Scorpio back. Kaz distracts Hangman, then slingshot CUTTERS Hangman on the ramp! Both Hangman and Kaz are down but Scorpio puts Omega up top. Kaz gets up, Scorpio gives him a boost, SUPER DDT!! Cover, TWO?!? Omega survives, reminding us why he is the Best Bout Machine! SCU regroups and Scorpio Gory Especial, S C U- No! Omega fights out and Hangman drags Kaz down! Omega backslide flips and V-TRIGGERS! Both men are down and their partners return to the corners. Omega and Scorpio crawl, hot tags to Kaz and Hangman!

Kaz and Hangman start throwing haymakers! They brawl back and forth, then Hangman gets the edge. Hangman roars and runs, but into Kaz’s forearm! Kaz runs, Hangman spins but Kaz ducks the discus! Kaz kicks low then runs, but Hangman follows to DISCUS!! Cover, TWO!! Kaz survives and we return to single picture as Kaz boots Hangman. Kaz goes up top but Hangman stops him. Hangman climbs to join him, for a SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM! Now they’re both down and crawling for their corners. Fans rally up, Hangman tags Omega! Omega dropkicks Scorpio off the corner, then whips Hangman at Kaz. Hangman corner clotheslines, Omega adds a back elbow, then Omega feeds Kaz to the roaring elbow! Omega also pops Kaz up for Hangman’s GERMAN SUPLEX!

Scorpio returns, but he misses, SNAP DRAGON! Omega grabs Kaz and underhooks, but Kaz resists, to STILL get ANGEL’S WINGS! Cover, TWO!?!? Kaz survives Omega’s version of Christopher Daniels’ finisher, but Omega still has more to give. BANG, but Scorpio KNEES Omega first! Underhooks, S C U LATER! Cover, but Hangman barrels through Scorpio to break it!! Kaz is freaking out and the fans are thunderous again! Hangman drags Omega to the corner and tags in. Hangman throws hands on SCU, but Scorpio clubs him back. Hangman throws Scorpio out and boots Kaz, to pop-up BOMB, DISCUS! Hangman slingshots to BUCK SHOT Scorpio at the ramp! Off comes the arm band, BUCK SHOT for Kaz! Cover, HANGMAN AND OMEGA WIN!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, Page pinning; NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions

Absolutely incredible! Hangman brought it to a truly elite level, and now the Young Bucks appear to celebrate with him and Omega! Is this the end of Hangman’s bad mood? Is this only the beginning of something bigger and better? Hangman still doesn’t feel like hanging out with his friends, to instead drink one with the fans. Will the party continue all the way to AEW Revolution?


Britt Baker VS Priscilla Kelly!

The Dentist has been grinding her teeth in frustration as she can’t accept the way AEW Women’s World Champion, Riho, has been allowed to coast. Will Britt Baker DMD take out these frustrations on Hell’s Favorite Harlot?

The bell rings and Kelly circles with Baker. They tie up, Baker wristlocks and wrenches, then hammerlocks to a headlock takeover. Kelly fights up but Baker wrenches to a full nelson. Then she snapmares, ghost pins, ONE! Baker tries an Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Baker wrenches and overhead suplexes to then cover, TWO! Baker might be getting frustrated with Kelly already as she runs into a waistlock. Baker bucks Kelly off as AEW goes picture in picture, and then runs at Kelly. Kelly dodges to arm-drag and armlock Baker on the mat. Kelly brings Baker up to wrench and sweep the legs, then roll and SUPERKICK! Fans cheer for Kelly as she drags Baker up into a chinlock. Baker endures and fights back, but Kelly snapmares Baker down to KICK in the back.

Kelly drags Baker up to KICK again! Baker gets to ropes but Kelly throws forearms. Kelly puts Baker in a corner to pull hair and CHOP! Baker falls to her knees from that one. Kelly mocks Baker’s pain but Baker elbows back. Kelly gives more kicks then puts Baker through the ropes for more hair pulling. Kelly lets up at the ref’s count to then come back with more kicks. Baker rises but Kelly kicks her legs out. AEW returns to single picture as Kelly stomps a mudhole into Baker at the corner. Kelly throws forearms and another CHOP. Kelly pulls Baker against ropes again and thrashes her about by her arms! Kelly runs to dropkick Baker in the back! Kelly waistlocks but Baker standing switches to forearm. Kelly elbows back but Baker pulls that rose red hair to bring Kelly down.

Baker clubs Kelly then throws big forearms. Baker whips and LARIATS Kelly, but Kelly is right up only to get another! Kelly gets to a corner, Baker runs in, Shining Wizard! Baker runs, redirects and dodges, to then SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Baker still can’t get it done and that annoys her. Baker clubs Kelly, drags her up but Kelly slips out to BOOT! Kelly shoves, runs and STO! Cover, TWO! Kelly aims but Baker dodges the knee to SUPERKICK! Kelly wobbles into the wrench and Russian Leg Sweep! Rings of Saturn! Kelly reaches for ropes but Baker pushes off to roll her away! LOCKJAW! Kelly taps, Baker wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

The Dentist gets a much needed win for the sake of her morale, but will this be enough for her to get back towards the title?

Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker in the ring.

Congrats are in order, even if some fans don’t agree. That was an aggressive match, but a win is a win. Britt says Tony’s better than questioning her character. This is AEW, Tony’s a star, but we all know Tony was stuck at Starbucks before this. Ouch… But Britt is proud of Tony for making it here! Really! The fans don’t look down on Tony, but they do look up to Britt. Not the way they’re chanting. Hey, she is a role model! That’s a full time job, practically. Especially as the hottest chick on this cruise. Don’t hate. She’s brilliant, beautiful and a dentist. She cares about Tony so she has some advice. AEW cuts away so we don’t have to listen to her anymore. Is Britt’s bad attitude only going to get worse as she works her way back to the title?


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS The Inner Circle!

2019 may have been just the beginning of Le Champion’s reign, but the year ended with Jungle Boy Jack Perry taking him to a 10-minute time limit draw! Jericho will deny it up and down but he could not finish JB as fast as he thought. Now, with Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt backing Jungle Boy, and Proud ‘n’ Powerful behind their charismatic leader, which side wins on this Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea?

Everyone on the Norwegian Pearl sings along with Jericho’s theme song as he makes his entrance. The trios sort out and naturally, Jericho starts with Jungle Boy. JB reminds Jericho of how close that match was, so Jericho slaps him! JB throws forearms back! JB kicks and kicks and whips and dropkicks! Jericho scrambles to the Inner Circle corner to tag out to Ortiz. Things speed up now and JB handsprings and huricanranas! Ortiz is up but avoids the dropkick because he’s smarter. He takes off his gloves to claw JB! Rawr! JB CHOPS and goes acrobatic to arm-drag Ortiz back, then dropkick him after all! Cover, TWO, but JB drags Ortiz over to his corner. Luchasaurus tags in and JB gets a wheelbarrow boost for the Complete Shot! Tag to Marko Stunt, who climbs Luchasaurus for a SUPER SPLASH! But the ref missed the tag so the cover doesn’t count! And perhaps not for the first time in his life, Marko has had to shout, “I’m legal!”

Santana tags in but runs into Luchasaurus’ BOOT! Luchasaurus drags Santana up to give Marko a boost, wheelbarrow flip onto Santana’s shoulders. But Santana is too strong for that, so JB gives Marko a push-start into the tornado DDT! And JB handspring kicks Jericho down at the same time! Marko kips up and the fans fire up as he takes off his floaties! Free souvenir! Jurassic Express regroups as Santana flounders. Marko tags to JB and JB goes at Santana in a corner with a CHOP! JB brings Santana back to his corner to CHOP, and then tags Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus CHOPS Santana, but Santana throws elbows back. It doesn’t work! But the BOOT from Luchasaurus does! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Santana up and tags Marko back in. Marko fires up to CHOP and throw hands!

Tag to JB and Marko gives a parting kick. Santana hits back but JB clubs Santana down. JB snapmares to KICK then cover, TWO! JB drags Santana up and clubs but Santana CHOPS! Santana wrenches and back suplexes but JB lands on his feet to duck under. Santana shoves JB at the Inner Circle but JB hits Ortiz down. Santana distracts the ref so that Jericho can sucker punch JB! Santana runs up to SUPER Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! The Inner Circle is in control as AEW goes picture in picture.

Santana keeps on JB and then brings him over. Tag to Jericho! Y2J paces about before he brings JB up for a scoop slam. Jericho drags JB away from the Jurassic Express for another scoop slam, and then another! Jericho flexes and soaks up the praise from his loyal customers. Tag to Ortiz and Ortiz grinds his boots into JB. The ref counts, Ortiz lets up at 4 and then distracts the ref so that Jake Hager can get a cheap shot in! The Express protests but Ortiz drags JB up to scoop and slam again. Cover, TWO, but Ortiz mocks the Express. JB CHOPS Ortiz! And again! Ortiz pokes JB in the eyes as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Jericho looms JB. Jericho stands on JB’s hair and pulls on his arms! The ref counts and Jericho lets up to then drag JB up for slaps. JB hits back with body shots but Jericho kicks and clubs. Jericho whips, JB rolls him up! TWO, and Jericho clobbers JB for it! Jericho tags Santana as fans rally up for JB. Santana does the same standing on hair and pulling on arms, then drags JB up for a backbreaker! And now it’s a backbreaker rack! Fans rally as Santana makes it a cover, TWO! Ortiz shouts that “We’re the best!” while Santana puts JB in a corner. Santana whips JB corner to corner hard and JB bounces off buckles. Santana sucker punches the Express and the ref reprimands, but he tags out to Jericho. The Inner Circle continues to mug JB before Jericho whips JB to a corner. JB ducks to roll him up, TWO!

Jericho kicks JB down and then drags him away from the Express. Jericho puts JB up top to then CHOP! And CHOP! Jericho CHOPS again before climbing up to join JB. JB resists the superplex and fights back! Fans fire up as JB hits a SUPER Gourd Buster! Then JB leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Jericho just escapes that one, and fans rally up again. Jericho and JB crawl, but Jericho anchors JB’s foot. JB reaches but can’t, Jericho tags Ortiz. Ortiz claws JB while Santana rushes the Express corner! PNP then double whip and double elbow JB, for a senton and step-up senton combo! Then the Plank! Cover, TWO! JB survives but the Inner Circle keeps cool. Ortiz claws JB more, then whips him corner to corner. JB reverses to throw big forearms and CHOPS! JB fires off fast and whips, but Ortiz reverses. JB goes up and over to uppercut!

Ortiz whips, JB ducks and hops up, POISON-RANA! Both men are down and fans fire up again. JB and Ortiz crawl, hot tags to Jericho and Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on Le Champion, and roundhouses Santana! BOOT for Jericho, flapjack for Santana, to the spinning buzzsaw! AKA, the Shining Lizard! Fans are thunderous for the dino man with a Masters Degree, but Ortiz claws his back! To no effect! Luchasaurus stares Ortiz down, then HEADBUTTS him! Santana walks into a back kick, front kick and TAIL WHIP heel kick! Jericho is up, choke grip! Choke grip for Ortiz, DOUBLE DINO CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault onto Jericho! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Hager glares at Luchasaurus. The ref is busy checking on Jericho so Hager CLUBS Luchasaurus! Luchasuaurs CLUBS back!

Tag to Marko and Luchasaurus goes after the Big Hurt! Marko climbs as the big behemoths brawl on the ramp! Marko climbs with Jericho down in the drop zone, for a 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?! Jericho survives but Marko throws forearms. Marko runs, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO! Marko tries a school boy, TWO! JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho covers, The Inner Circle wins!

Winner: The Inner Circle, Chris Jericho pinning

The winning streak of the Jurassic Express ends, and Jericho reestablishes why he is the Best in the World at What He Does, Do You Understand What He’s Saying? Just one of many nicknames, but will Jericho keep “Le Champion” as one for much longer? Or will the Revolution change everything?


AEW recounts the rivalry of Cody Rhodes and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

Mentor and protege, best friends, but according to MJF, not equals. MJF stuck it to the American Nightmare at the most opportune time, and now Cody can never challenge for the World Championship. Cody wants after MJF the baddest way possible, but MJF has put up some Herculean stipulations. First, no physical contact until their match at AEW Revolution. That was fine. Second, Cody must face the muscular henchman, Wardlow. And not just in a normal debut match, but in a STEEL CAGE. That’s also fine. And last but certainly not least, 10 lashes from a leather strap, on live television. That’s MJF’s favorite. He will whip Cody in front of friends, family and God Almighty, Cody will get down on his knees to let MJF whip him. But Cody says this is not MJF’s story, this is just one chapter in Cody’s. Will it be triumphant or tragic for the American Nightmare come Revolution?


MJF VS Joey Janela!

Speaking of the Dynamite Diamond Ring bearer, he is actually without his bodyguard. Wardlow is preparing for his steel cage match with Cody. But the no contact stipulation still keeps MJF safe from his Revolution opponent, so his cocky attitude is particularly obnoxious. Fans kiss the ring to MJF’s delight, and he even bullies Justin Roberts into doing it. Will the Bad Boy change MJF’s mood before we’re even in February?

AEW returns to single picture as Janela makes his entrance. And look! Hipster Jesus made it to the cruise! Will Janela be blessed with another victory?

The bell rings and fans are strongly on Janela’s side. MJF and Janela approach, tie up, and MJF shoves Janela over. “That is the difference between a real wrestler, and Joey Janela!” Fans boo and Janela gets back up. Janela and MJF tie up again, MJF wrenches to a wristlock, but Janela rolls, handsprings and wrenches back! Janela wristlocks, MJF rolls, handsprings and hits a headlock takeover. Janela headscissors, MJF pops out, and roles reverse as Janela headlocks to a takeover for MJF to headscissor. Janela pops out, the two stand off, and fans cheer. MJF hushes fans to offer a handshake. Fans don’t trust that, and Janela slaps the hand away! So MJF SPITS on Janela. “What now, Joey, huh!?” Janela SLAPS MJF then throws hayamkers! Janela whips, MJF grabs ropes, and then bails out.

Fans boo as MJF walks up the ramp. MJF might be quitting, but Janela stalks up behind him! MJF knew he would and he rakes the eyes! MJF knocks Janela down, then soaks up the heat from the fans. Janela makes it back to the ring, and MJF runs in, only to be TOSSED in! Fans fire up for Janela as he goes up top! Janela aims but MJF rolls to the far side. Janela hops down, MJF shields himself with the ref! Janela has the ref move aside but MJF sucker punches him! MJF then wrenches and wrings Janela into the buckles! Janela writhes in pain but MJF stomps a mudhole! Fans boo and jeer more, but MJF brings Janela up for a scoop slam and senton! Cover as AEW goes picture in picture, TWO!

MJF grows frustrated but he stands and stomps on Janela’s chest! Janela throws body shots but MJF ROCKS him with a right. MJF waistlocks to rear bearhug Janela and grind him to the mat. Janela endures, fights his way up, and throws punches! Janela is free, but runs into a fireman’s carry and torture rack drop! MJF covers, TWO, but MJF stomps Janela’s legs. Janela hobbles to ropes but MJF is on him with body shots. MJF snapmares then body scissors for a new squeeze. Janela endures this, too, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Janela climbs up to join MJF on the top rope! Fans fire up as Janela hits a SUPERPLEX! MJF flounders and flops in pain, Janela covers, TWO! MJF proves he’s tough enough to back his talk, but Janela isn’t done with him. Janela goes up top, but here comes his ex! The Bad Girl, Penelope Ford, is with her new man, Superbad Kip Sabian, all so Janela can see them make out on stage! Sabian smiles but Janela MACHO ELBOWS, to FLOP! MJF grabs Janela, DOUBLE CROSS! Cover, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

An assist goes to the Superbad couple, but MJF isn’t done here. He demands a mic and gets one while fans boo and jeer. “You people love me, huh?” MJF grins as he continues with “I know you guys definitely love Cody.” That makes sense! Did anyone hear what Cody said? He’s like a poet! In a world filled with mumbling rappers, Cody is a true lyricist. Cody looked straight into the camera and said that line about MJF being a chapter in Cody’s book. And guess what? Cody’s right! MJF is a chapter in that book. The LAST chapter! But here comes Cody! The American Nightmare is aboard the Norwegian Pearl and the fans are excited again.

MJF tells Cody to stop right where he is and to have production cut the music! Fans cheer for Cody and MJF knows Cody must want after him. Especially with Wardlow gone to train right now. But there’s a reason Cody can’t hit MJF, remember? The very first stipulation MJF put on Cody. Cody gets in the ring, but no matter what, he can’t even lay a finger on MJF. MJF is “tho thintherely thorry about that.” MJF mocks the late, great Dusty Rhodes right in his son’s face. But since MJF is the Salt of the Earth and he owes so much to his “great mentor,” Cody “Roller Coaster” can have the floor. The fans sure want to hear him, right? MJF drops the mic at Cody’s feet, and then kicks it away. MJF plays like he doesn’t mean to, but then dares Cody to hit him. Fans call MJF names as he leaves, but Cody just tells “Max,” that they’re saying, “A**hole.”

But Cody admits, MJF has a point. Cody cannot touch MJF until Revolution. But what MJF forgets is there’s a loophole in his stipulation. Because the YOUNG BUCKS can touch him! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! MJF is down, but Cody has a way of cheering him up. “Should we throw Max in the pool?” Fans say “YES! YES!” The Bucks drag MJF out of the ring and around the way to the AEW Cruise of Jericho pool! In he goes! MJF isn’t the best swimmer, but worse of all, his boots are ruined! Will MJF see all his plans come crumbling down before the showdown at Revolution?


AEW recaps highlights from the Cruise of Jericho.

It really is a Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea as Jericho entertained his fans with music, special guests like Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, and of course, a lot of exclusive cruise-only matches! The Young Bucks, Darby Allin, Nyla Rose, you name them, they were here! Will you make sure you’re here when the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager has its third wave?


Backstage(?) interview with the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions!

Tony talks with Hangman and Omega as they enjoy some drinks. Omega has tea, Hangman has a beer. Congrats are in order for this victory, and Omega is the most surprised. If he were to picture when AEW started, he wouldn’t have said tag team division or teaming with one of his best friends. Hangman reminds us that he said he was gonna whoop both asses, and he whooped both Kaz and Scorpio. Shifting gears, PAC is still calling Omega out over their rubber match. Omega says Pac is “excrement,” but the match is coming. And it’s not like Pac is doing poorly, he’s in the #1 contender’s match tonight! So congrats to Pac for his run so far. Somewhere in between all these titles, Pac and Omega will have it out, so don’t worry. Tag titles is priority, and they’ll be fighting champions.

The Bucks come by to also congratulate them, and Omega is glad to have them supporting this team. Hangman is actually surprised that they won the tag titles first. Hangman heads out, things are getting tense, but is The Elite (not) fine?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

AEW returns to the mainland in The Land, Cleveland, Ohio! And coming off their win tonight, Jericho will again lead Santana & Ortiz in Six Man action against Private Party and DARBY ALLIN! Will Jericho’s newest encounter with the undead daredevil be very different from the first?

Plus, the Young Bucks look to get back on a winning track as they go against Braxton Sutter and Andy Williams, The Butcher & the Blade! Will the Jackson brothers be able to throw a Superkick Party in Cleveland?

And The Elite stays in action as The American Nightmare returns to action against Superbad, Kip Sabian! Will coach Arn Anderson be able to help Cody maintain momentum on the way to that vicious Steel Cage match with Wardlow?


Chris Jericho returns!

Le Champion is still feeling good from his win tonight, but he wants to see who is going to meet him at AEW Revolution!


AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: PAC VS Jon Moxley!

As Omega said, The Bastard has been on a great roll, even with the one loss to Omega on his record. But this also isn’t the first time Pac and the Maniac have met! The first time was a time-limit draw, but this time there must be a winner! Will Pac feel the Paradigm Shift at sea? Or will he take advantage of a half-blind Moxley to then head for Y2J?

AEW returns again as Moxley makes his entrance from the crowd once more! Moxley has a big medical eye patch on and Jericho mocks him from commentary, but Moxley seems to be moving just fine otherwise. Will Moxley have #2020Vision when it comes to the title picture?

Fans are fired up for Moxley but Pac pretends he can’t hear them. Pac gets on the apron to delay things but does return as fans start to troll. The bell rings and the two men circle. Moxley gets the crowd fired up and then ties up with Pac. Pac gets free and Moxley stays back, too. They go again, Moxley gets a waistlock but Pac standing switches. Moxley drop toeholds and floats to a headlock. Pac gets a ropebreak with a foot, and Moxley lets up. Pac backs away to a corner but comes back to circle with Mox again. They tie up and Pac headlocks. Moxley powers out but Pac bumps him. Moxley comes back to run Pac over! Things speed up, Moxley dodges but Pac elbows from the blindside! But Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS!

Moxley whips corner to corner but Pac goes up and over to waistlock. Moxley standing switches to GERMAN SUPLEX Pac! Fans cheer as Moxley runs in to corner clothesline. Pac denies the bulldog and elbows back to then punch the bad eye! Jericho would feel bad but he says it is Moxley’s fault. Pac boots Moxley down then stands on the bad eye! The ref counts and Pac lets up at 4. Moxley gets away but Pac is on him with a modified camel clutch. Pac pulls the bandages up to crossface forearm the bad eye direct! Moxley backs off and the ref checks on him but Pac boots Moxley down. Jericho likes what he sees as Pac stands on Moxley’s face again. Pac lets up at 4 to then knee Moxley down! And drop knees, too! Pac soaks up the heat as fans boo but Moxley rocks him with forearms!

Moxley runs, but Pac dodges and sends Moxley out! Pac goes out to fetch Moxley and bounce him off the apron. Pac hits Moxley more and more and the bandages come loose again. The ref backs Pac off while AEW goes picture in picture.

Moxley fixes his bandages and manages to see Pac coming. Moxley sends Pac into the crowd! Fans are fired up as Moxley hops the rails to go after Pac with haymakers! They fight further into the crowd and the ref follows. This isn’t Falls Count Anywhere, but the ref is lax on the ring count as they go up the steps. Moxley fights Pac up to the upper deck, even as the ref tells them they need to go back to the ring. That doesn’t happen just yet as they now fight among more fans. The cameras can’t get close enough, but it is clear Moxley clubs Pac back down those stairs! Pac is somehow okay to continue but the ref insists this return to the ring. Moxley drags Pac up and throws more haymakers! And uses a beer can to smash Pac in the head! The ref lets that slip, too, it is technically part of the environment. Moxley dumps Pac back to ringside and AEW returns to single picture.

Fans are still cheering as Moxley puts Pac back in the ring. Pac bails out to the apron but Moxley comes over. Pac flicks the rope into the bad eye! Pac up top, missile dropkick hits! But Moxley is back up to LARIAT! Both men are down but fans are rallying. A standing count begins as Moxley crawls and sits up. The count reaches 7 but Moxley gets the ref to stop counting. Pac is up and throws hands. Moxley throws them back and we have a brawl. Moxley throws hands from all sides, but then Pac back kicks! Pac goes to kick the blindside but Moxley felt it coming! Moxley gets Pac for an X-PLEX! Cover, TWO! Jericho says Moxley’s determination is part of his charm but also part of his problem. The “reckless soul” Moxley staggers up to drag Pac up. Moxley suplexes but Pac slips out to jawbreaker!

Moxley staggers, Pac makes sure to give a jawbreaker to the bad eye! That’s an eye-breaker! Pac puts Moxley up top then climbs to join him, and fans anticipate what’s coming next. But Moxley does, too, and he fights back with body shots. Moxley shoves Pac down and Pac flops on his stomach! Moxley adjusts, watching with his one good eye. Moxley LEAPS, but the elbow gets knees! Pac grabs Moxley in the Rings of Saturn, but Moxley counters to a cover! TWO, and Pac enziguris Moxley down! Pac gives swift kicks to Moxley’s bad eye! The ref reprimands Pac but he just keeps going! Pac runs to dropkick from the blindside! Cover, TWO! Pac grows frustrated but fans rally up. Moxley stirs and Jericho says the “stupid son of a b*tch” needs to just give up already.

Pac drags Moxley to a drop zone as fans rally up. Pac climbs, aims, 450 onto knees! Cover, TWO! Moxley survives but so does Pac! Moxley gets Pac with a sleeper, but Pac elbows out and whips to a REBOUND GERMAN! Both men are down again and the ref checks. They’re both okay to continue and fans rally up. Pac rises first and hurries back up top! BLACK ARROW FLOPS! Moxley narrowly avoids defeat and fans rally up again. Pac rises first again, but Moxley pulls himself up with ropes. Pac hobbles but Moxley runs in, SUPERKICK rocks Mox! Pac runs, but the boot is blocked! DIRTY DEEDS! Cover, TWO!?! Jericho shouts for Moxley to just stay down but he’s the one back in control. Moxley glares at Pac with his one good eye as the two crawl.

Pac bails out of the ring but Moxley crawls in pursuit. Moxley gets out to hurry after Pac and puts him in the ring as fans rally again. Pac is in a drop one, Moxley heads up top now, but Pac is up fast! Pac grabs Moxley, SUPERPLEX! And the BRUTALIZER! Jericho is confident this is it, but fans shout for Moxley to hang in there! Moxley endures, starts to fade, but he won’t let this end here! Moxley powers up, moves around, and gets a ROPEBREAK! Pac lets go and Jericho insults the ref. Apparently fans feel Hipster Jesus had something to do with it, so they sing his praises. But Pac pulls the bandage right off! And he goes right at Moxley’s bad eye! The ref backs Pac off but then Moxley cradles, TWO!! Moxley wobbles, Pack walks into another DIRTY DEEDS! But Moxley isn’t done there, he drags Pac back up! With one good eye, PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship

Jericho vows to finish what he started, but Moxley might see things differently. What will Moxley have to say about all this when Dynamite comes to Cleveland?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode for the first time AEW’s done something like this. This was on tape delay, which is why fans were censored when chancing “F*** him up Moxley, f*** him up!” and other similar chants. Censoring is fine but it really messes with the audio and therefore my ears. But the rowdy passengers aside, this was still an amazing episode. The biggest surprise, or arguably the only one, was the first match! I didn’t think the tag titles would open, but what a great match to do it. And what a surprising move to have Omega and Page win! As we saw with the interview promo, there is still a lot of tension within The Elite, and I’m curious to see how it sorts out. It was good continuity for Omega to speak about Pac, and Omega makes a good point. Pac is doing just fine so his obsession with the tiebreaker is a bit much, but it makes for good drama. Moxley VS Pac was really good, and they did a lot of great storytelling around the bad eye. Naturally Moxley wins, though, and Moxley VS Jericho is going to be a great title match.

Jericho, of course, does great in the Six Man Tag and on commentary for Moxley VS Pac. The Inner Circle did great in making the Jurassic Express look strong, especially Marko with all those near-falls. This all furthers the talk that AEW wants to make a true Trios Division, and I bet the Inner Circle will be front-runners when some kind of tournament is made. It could totally work for Jericho to lose the world title to Moxley at Revolution to then shift gears and be a trios champion with Proud ‘n’ Powerful, to make more history for himself. Baker VS Kelly was an okay match, but the big thing from her tonight was her running down poor Schiavone. Her Heel turn is a slow burn but a good one so far. There’s still plenty of time before Revolution to determine Riho’s challenger, and if it ends up Baker, it’d be the right time to pull the trigger and let her have that belt.

MJF and Janela have a pretty good match, and it was a smart move to have Superbad distract the Bad Boy so MJF wins without really gaining that much momentum. His bit with Cody was great, especially since there was the revelation of the loophole. Cody can get his friends to go after MJF now, since MJF has been using henchmen the entire time anyway. Next week’s Bucks VS Blade & Butcher will be a really good match but I best MJF and Bunny Allie get involved to screw Bucks over. Cody VS Wardlow in the Steel Cage is probably going to be in February, followed by the lashing the next night as perhaps even the go-home to Revolution. When that match finally happens, it is going to be great for Cody to release all the pent up anger, but even then I feel like MJF uses shenanigans to win and then insist he’s done with Cody forever. AEW is doing some good storytelling and long term booking, we just gotta be patient to see it.

My Score: 9.1/10

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