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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/29/2020)

The Land is Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW revs up for Revolution!

We have NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions, and now all bets are off! Which teams from tonight head for Omega and Page?



  • The Young Bucks VS The Blade & The Butcher w/ The Bunny; The Young Bucks win.
  • Nyla Rose VS Big Swole; Rose wins.
  • Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Cody wins.
  • SoCal Uncensored VS ???; SCU wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Darby Allin & Private Party; The Inner Circle wins.


The Second Wave brought so much excitement!

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega managed to dethrone SoCal Uncensored while at sea! A new phase in the Tag Team Division begins! MJF got dunked in the pool and Jon Moxley has his one good eye on the world championship! But what happens next?!


Jon Moxley is in Cleveland!

He has a pirate patch because he’s coming for Chris Jericho’s booty! The Maniac beat The Bastard and heads for Revolution just one month from today! Moxley grabs a mic as Cleveland is thunderous. “I gotta tell ya, it was right around the time I got stabbed in the eye with a metal spike that it occurred to me: I guess the fun and games with Chris Jericho are over.” He knew it was coming but now it’s official. PPV in Chicago, Jericho VS Moxley for the AEW World Championship, and Moxley can’t help but laugh. Jericho is the final obstacle in the way of the top of the mountain! But it’s more than a match with the Goat, but everything that comes with him. Jericho orchestrates 5v1 beat downs, hides behind boys, and tried to take another man’s eye! Jericho stole Rey Mysterio’s mask and punched a woman, for crying out loud.

But Moxley admits he’s not perfect. He’s not hero, no role model or a saint. But in the end, Moxley looks himself in the mirror. The titles don’t mean a thing if you don’t have honor! Who knows what Jericho sees in himself, but Moxley sees an egomaniac and a cowardly bully. “And boy, oh boy, do I hate bullies.” So what happens on 2/29 is that the Inner Circle will be gunning for Moxley’s head. But Mox won’t blink, flinch or even hesitate. “I will take Chris Jericho out.” Moxley will take the title from Jericho, and there’s nothing Jericho can do about that! It isn’t about the man you are, but the man you’re not! If they even make it to Revolution! Moxley knows the next month will be Moxley with a head on a swivel. SO get the ass kicking out of the way and have this out tonight! And for once in “your punk ass life, take your beating like a man!”

Chris Jericho appears! Le Champion holds his AEW World Championship closely as he stands on stage with a mic of his own. Jericho listens to the fans sing his theme before he speaks. “Good evening, Cleveland idiots.” Jericho laughs at Moxley’s promo. What Moxley earned? He earned a spike to the eye! All Moxley had to do was accept the offer of joining the Inner Circle, but he didn’t. Now he looks like a jacked up, cracked up Captain Jack Sparrow. “Yo ho ho and a bottle of dumb.” Jericho saw Mama Moxley backstage earlier, looking rather fetching. Maybe Jericho will give her a call later. But he apologized to her for what he did to her son, and explained why. It’s Moxley’s own fault. Jericho offered him the keys to the kingdom but he smashes a bottle on Jericho’s head! So if Moxley wants to be a big man and challenge Jericho, Le Champion, “you don’t even have what it takes to blink with both eyes.” But if he wants a fight, for all the fans to see, “go to hell.”

Jericho laughs as fans boo because Cleveland doesn’t deserve this match. Plus, Jericho always travels with his boys, the Inner Circle! Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager make their way out with the new faction theme song, and they reinforce Jericho. Moxley does a head count and confirms they’re all there. They must think Moxley is going to walk into another 5v1 because he’s stupid. But Jericho doesn’t know is that this isn’t 5v1. Moxley was born and raised in the great state of Ohio, so as he sees it, “O H!” “I O!” Thanks for doing that for him. It’s more like 5 against the entire arena! Moxley likes those odds. Moxley throws off his jacket and pulls up his sleeves to head up the ramp. Jericho tells the fans to shut up and says Moxley really is a “stupid son of a b*tch.” Just like those from O H I O.

Jericho knew Moxley would do this, things are getting more interesting. There are some extra South Bronx thugs coming! Santana and Ortiz enlist five more, so that makes it 10 against Moxley and his idiot Ohio friends. Time to get started. Ortiz has an ax handle as he steps to Moxley, but he gets DIRTY DEEDS! Moxley takes the fight to the faction! Security rushes out to stop this before it gets going, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Moxley gets at a Bronx thug but Jericho is far from his reach. Moxley gives a security guard a DIRTY DEEDS! Moxley takes his leave for now, but Jericho knows this fight is coming! Will it be a Revolution in Chicago?


MJF meets with his mercenaries.

In an undisclosed butchery, MJF and Wardlow meet with Allie, Braxton Sutter and Andy Williams. Their payment is given, and their target is clear. Will this dark trio cut down The Elite on his behalf?


The Young Bucks VS The Blade & The Butcher w/ The Bunny!

Matt & Nick Jackson have stood up for Cody to take care of Maxwell Jacob Friedman on the Cruise of Jericho. But now, MJF throws around some green so that Sutter and Williams will make the Bucks black ‘n’ blue. Will MJF’s investment be worth it? Or did he just finance a Superkick Party?

After mocking fans, MJF joins commentary so he can talk trash on the Young Bucks without consequences. The teams sort out as Cleveland is red hot for the Bucks, and we begin with Matt and Butcher Braxton Sutter. They tie up and Butcher shoves Matt down. And again! Matt headlocks but Butcher powers out to run him over! Allie the Bunny is all fired up as Butcher scoops, but Matt slips out to tag in Nick. Nick enziguris Butcher then springboards to missile dropkick! The Blade tags in but runs into a drop toehold. Matt tags in and slingshots to drop a leg! Matt brings Blade up and wrenches to then tag Nick back in. Nick drops ax handles then yanks on Blade’s arm. Tag to Matt and Matt drops ax handles. Tag back to Nick and he drops dumdum stomps!

Blade knees low then whips but Nick dodges. Blade puts Nick back in, nick gets away to hit Butcher. Nick boots Blade then goes up and over to speed up. Matt tags in as Blade ducks under, and runs into double hip toss! Double handspring dropkicks! Butcher runs in and runs them both over! Fans boo but Allie is rabid as Blade stalks Matt. Matt throws hands and kicks and headlocks. Blade pwoers out, but Matt slips out. Bunny and Butcher are there but Matt gets away. Matt dodges Bladeo to tag Nick! Nick Shining Wizards Butcher and fires off on Blade! Back kick and spinning roundhouse, but Blade ducks to whip. Nick tumbles out and SUPERKICKS Butcher! Allie anchors and trips Nick up in the distraction! Butcher BODY CHECKS Nick down! Blade hits Matt then FLIES out onto him! MJF’s muscle has control as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade drags Nick up and tags Butcher. Sidewalk slam leg drop combo! Cover, TWO! Butcher whips Nick into the coner hard and Nick hits the mat. Butcher stands Nick up to CHOP! Butcher whips Nick hard intno another corner! Tag to Blade and he stomps Nick down. Blade grinds his boots in but lets up at the ref’s count. Blade drags Nick up to throw him out, and Allie gets her claws in! Fans boo but Butcher puts Nick back in the ring. Blade covers, TWO! Blade drags Nick up but Nick fights back with body shots. Blade CHOPS Nick and stomps away in the corner. Tag to Butcher and they double headbutt Nick down. Butcher drags Nick up to stomp away then throw a BIG right hand! Butcher chokes Nick at the ropes as we return to single picture.

Butcher whips Nick into a corner and Blade hits a corner enziguri! Butcher adds a clothesline, Blade CHOPS, then gut buster to fireman’s carry! Butcher tosses Nick onto Blade’s knee for a gutbuster! Gut wrench BOMB! Cover but Matt breaks it up! MJF complains but Blade drags Nick back up. Fans rally for the Bucks as Nick throws body shots and forearms. Nick hits Butcher then kicks Blade, repeat. Blade runs in but is sent into Butcher! Fans fire up as Nick crawls for his corner! Blade clubs Nick down and whips him away. Nick flips through and slips out of the suplex to hot tag Matt! Matt LEAPS for a crossbody! Then rallies with big haymakers and CHOPS! Matt fires off on Blade with both hands then whips to ropes. Blade reverses but Matt wrecks Butcher! Skin the cat, SLICED BREAD! SUPERKICK for Butcher!

MJF is getting frustrated with his team but Cleveland rallies. Matt climbs and leaps, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Blade survives but Matt drags him up. Tag to Nick and Matt sets Blade up in the ropes. Nick climbs to SWANTON! Cover, but Butcher breaks it! Matt kicks Butcher and clubs him. Nick joins in and they double whip. Butcher breaks the line to clothesline but the Bucks duck to SUPERKICK! Blade ducks superkicks but gets caught into a back slide into a gut wrench! MJF and Allie panic, MELTZER DRIVER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson pinning

Well that’s money down the drain. But MJF tries to twist things. Butcher then goes after the Bucks as a sore loser, which is what MJF likes! But here comes KENNY OMEGA! Butcher gets a V-TRIGGER! The Elite supports the Elite, even if Hangman Page moseys in with his drink. He asks Matt to hold his beer, and Matt does, so the BUCK SHOT can take Blade out! Hangman then finishes his drink. Hangman did his job, he heads back out. The Elite stands tall and MJF storms out of the arena. Will things continue to implode for the Salt of the Earth?


Nyla Rose VS Big Swole!

The Native Beast holds the #1 Contender’s spot for now after destroying Shanna in a Tables Match and continuing an all around savage streak. But Aerial Monroe is as hungry as anyone in this Women’s Division, so who wins big to go for the AEW Women’s World Championship first?

The bell rings and Nyla looks like she’ll swallow Swole whole. But Swole avoids Nyla’s grasp, and shouts out the late, great Kobe! Swole fires off strikes then dropkicks a leg out! Basement Complete Shot! Cover, TWO, but this is still the first quarter. Nyla gets up, ducks a clothesline to give a clothesline! Fans boo but Swole gets to her feet. Swole runs but her shoulder bounces off Nyla. Things speed up, the dropkick is enough to send Nyla out! Swole watches Nyla closely before climbing up and onto the apron. Nyla blocks the kick to sweep the legs! Swole crashes on the apron and flops to the floor, but Nyla drags her back up. Nyla throws Swole hard into railing and then talks trash to the fans.

Nyla drags Swole up and bumps her off the apron, but the ring count climbs to 5. Swole fights back with fast hands, but Nyla dodges and the forearm hits the post! Nyla keeps on the arm but refreshes the count. Nyla works on undoing buckles in a corner as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and as TNT has technical difficulties, Swole gets Nyla in a guillotine! Nyla powers her off and knees low, then whips Swole at a corner. Swole goes up and over to BOOT Nyla down! Fans are thunderous behind “SWOLE! SWOLE!” as she drags Nyla up for clubbing forearms. Nyla wobbles but ducks a kick, only to get a HEADBUTT! She still choke grips Swole! Swole fights and resists the slam, to then HEADBUTT again! Swole runs in but is put on the apron. Swole ducks a punch to enziguri Nyla, and then steps in to say, “GET OVER HERE!” CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Nyla survives and shocks Swole, but Cleveland keeps rallying. Swole drags Nyla up but Nyla shoves. Swole sunset flips but Nyla stays up to bring Swole up. Swole breaks free, throat chops and runs, wheelbarrow, COMPLETE SHOT!

Nyla rises in a daze but Swole runs in, but the discus meets a SPEAR! Nyla roars and fans boo, as Nyla drags Swole into the BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

The dominance continues, but Big Swole was perhaps the biggest challenge Nyla had since coming to AEW. Will Nyla still head right for the world champion? Will Swole be waiting for her on the other side?


Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

The American Nightmare prepares for Wardlow in a Steel Cage and those ten leather lashes, but Superbad is on a streak. Will Sabian take advantage of a distracted Cody? Or can Cody mutlitask and keep himself strong towards Revolution?

The bell rings and Sabian shotguns Cody right away! And fireman’s carry to the gutbuster drop! Cody hobbles up but Sabian is on him with body shots. Cody shoves but Sabian kicks back. Cody manages a headlock and an escape from the back suplex to hit the uppercut! And a BOOT! Sabian gets out now that Cody has gotten the better of him. Sabian shoves Arn!? The ref keeps the peace and Sabian gets back in. Sabian and Cody tie up, Cody waistlocks but Sabian pries free to a waistlock of his own. Cody fights the grip and powers out of the headlock. Sabian dodges and ducks and hurdles but into a dropkick! Sabian bails out to regroup with the Bad Girl before he trips Cody. Cody hits back but Penelope lurks close, and gets an elbow! Cody kicks Sabian away to check on Penelope. He helps her up, but then Sabian PENALTY KICKS from the apron!

Penelope laughs, she lured Cody in. Fans boo as Sabian says the Superbad couple is smarter than Cody. Arn protests for good reason this time, but Sabian gets a big good luck kiss from Penelope. Sabian drags Cody back into the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Sabian is on Cody in a corner and stomps away. The ref backs Sabian off and Sabian throws up deuces before going back for more. He whips Cody corner to corner and hard! Cody hits buckles then drops to his knees, but Sabian clubs him down more. Sabian puts Cody on the ropes to choke! The ref counts, Sabian lets up but Cody CHOPS back! And again! Cody wrenches and whips Sabian now, but Sabian goes up and over. Sabian’s leg jams! OR does it? Sabian is already proving to be sly as they come, but the ref still keeps Cody back. Sabian goes to ropes as Penelope shows concern, but Cody and Arn aren’t so sure. Cody confers with his coach before going after Sabian. A medic checks the knee in question, but Sabian then springboards in to DDT! He gets away with another trick as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and both men are down now. A standing count begins and reaches 5 before either man sits up. Cody throws hands and rallies with lariats on Sabian, then has him in a corner for a rain of punches! Cody goes all the way to 9, but Sabian trips him up. Sabian runs in, Cody goes up and over, spinning powerslam! Fans fire up with Cody as he takes off the weight belt! But Penelope snatches it for her own! Sabian runs in, Cody dodges, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! But Penelope throws a boot in? The ref has to take care of that first, and then counts, TWO! Arn protests again but the ref is more concerned that Arn is on the apron. Arn gets in the ring to throw Penelope’s shoe to the fans! Free souvenir! Arn gets in the ref’s face and that’s not good! Cody pleads with the ref, but the ref EJECTS Arn! Arn brought it on himself but now Cody has to focus on this match alone.

Sabian is up and distracting the ref, Penelope huricanranas Cody! Sabian FLIES out onto Cody! The Superbad couple is getting away with this 2v1 as Sabian puts Cody in the ring. Sabian throws up more deuces before going to Penelope. Right as they’re about to kiss at the corner, Joey Janela slips in! Joey gets two kisses on the cheek, much to the chagrin of his ex and her new boy! Janela gets away and Cody DIVES onto Sabian! Cody drags Sabian up and into the ring to then go to the corner. Cody springboards but Sabian dropkicks the legs out! Then drags Cody out for a draping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Sabian can’t believe it, but he grins. Ten minutes remain as Sabian kicks Cody around. Sabian puts Cody in a corner and hoists him up top. Sabian climbs up to join Cody, but Cody fights back. Cody elbows Sabian down but Sabian enziguris back!

Sabian climbs back up but Cody still resists. Cody headbutts and clubs Sabian to the apron. Cody adjusts but Sabian springboards for a SLING DOG! Sabian brings Cody up, torture rack but Cody lands on his feet out of the flip! Cody dodges, springboards, CUTTER! Then, CROSS RHODES! But still no cover, CROSS RHODES AGAIN! And AGAIN!? Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

The American Nightmare turned it up a notch and has a Superbad victory! Is Cody going to outlast the gauntlet MJF has put in front of him to get retribution at Revolution?


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker on stage.

Hopefully this goes better than the interview on the Cruise of Jericho. Though I suppose anything is better than all those passive aggressive comments and then her conceited compliments to herself. The doctor is in now and Cleveland boos. Tony is told to refer to her as Doctor Baker. And no, he didn’t offend her. This is a dream team, Tony! They’re the stars of the show and trending worldwide on Twitter. Well, she was but Tony was there. Fans jeer and boo as Britt takes the mic. The true offense from last week was “good ol’ JR” Jim Ross cutting her off via production! Britt knows JR simplifies her to just being a dentist while being all smug, collecting a large check when others do all the work. “Be the legend I grew up on, Jim. Not a sloppy barbecue sauce salesman who can’t even get our roster’s names straight.”

Fans boo, they don’t like Britt disrespecting JR. But this is Britt’s division. She was the first woman signed to AEW, and her face is on all the posters. Britt promises us all that she will be here each and every week, her smile beaming across our screens, “which is more than we can say about our champion, Riho.” Britt says she cares about Tony, so just judging from the stench of his breath, she can confidently diagnose him with gingivitis. Pick up a damn toothbrush. As for Cleveland, “congratulations!” You have a Baker you can trust. All JR can say is, “Wow.” Will Britt continue to be bitter until she gets the title?


Backstage interview with The Elite!

Congrats to the Bucks for beating The Butcher & The Blade, Kenny is pumped for them, too. This was a needed win and they got it. As good as it feels, it is still in Matt’s mind. Those creepy Dark Order guys, Santana & Ortiz, but those are all secondary to climbing back up the rankings and maybe having a shot at he AEW World Tag titles. Cross that bridge when they get there. But then Hangman comes in and brags about getting the name plates. Sweet, nice. But hey, they had them made for everyone, so he got them the Bucks’ early. Hold onto those, maybe you’ll get to use them. Thanks, Hangman… Omega tries to smooth things over as he brings up the 8 Man Tag! The Elite VS Butcher, Blade & a team of their choosing. This is going to be great! One big happy team! But will The Elite (not) be fine after teaming together again?


SoCal Uncensored VS ???

Daniels, Kazarian and Scorpio Sky pay tribute to the late, great Kobe Bryant by wearing jerseys with Kobe’s numbers. But will SCU be able to win one for the Black Mamba here tonight?

AEW returns as SCU’s opponents turn out to be The Hybrid2, Jack Evans and Angelico! The teams sort out, and Evans stops talking smack to fans long enough to let Angelico start with Kaz. The two circle and tie up, and Angelico headlocks. Kaz slips out but Angelico has the arm. Angelico drop toeholds and floats to another headlock, but Kaz powers up. Angelico wrenches and yanks on the arm but Kaz whips. Angelico reverses, Kaz goes up and over to arm-drag and headlock takeover! Fans cheer as Kaz grinds Angelico, but Angelico headscissors. Kaz pops out to get the takeover again. Evans shouts at the fans as ANgelico powers out but Kaz fakes him out! Oklahoma roll, TWO, and back to a headlock takeover. Cover, ONE, but Angelico powers up.

Scorpio tags in and SCU mugs Angelico. Scorpio snapmares and dropkicks then covers, TWO! Scorpio drags Angelico up, tag to Kaz and more mugging begins. Kaz snap suplexes Angelico down then covers, TWO! Kaz tags Scorpio and they drag Angelico up. Scorpio snapmares to scrape shoes on Angelico’s face. The fans chanting for SCU annoys Evans but Angelico powers Scorpio to the corner. Tag to Evans and TH2 mugs Scorpio but Kaz runs in. The ref brings Kaz away but that allows TH2 to mug Scorpio more. TH2 double whips, Scorpio dumdum stomps Evans! Tag to Kaz and Scorpio forearms Angelico down. Kaz gets in, SCU tackles Evans together! Cover, TWO! Kaz whips and drop toeholds Evans onto ropes, Scorpio KICKS Evans back and into Kaz’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover but Angelico breaks it.

Tag to Scorpio and SCU mugs Evans now. Scorpio looms over Evans and wrenches him to shoulder rams. Scorpio does it again but Evans handsprings through to forearm back. Evans whips but Scorpio sees Angelico coming. Evans shoves Scorpio into Angelico’s hotshot! Spinning roundhouse from Evans! Fans boo but TH2 soaks up the heat. Evans covers, TWO, and Evans complains. Evans stomps Scorpio then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Angelico and Angelico taunts Kaz. The ref keeps Kaz back while Evans Chancery stretches Scorpio and Angelico Penalty Kicks! Cover, TWO, and Daniels coaches Scorpio up. Angelico throws Scorpio out of the ring and taunts Daniels. Evans throws Scorpio into chairs as AEW goes picture in picture.

Scorpio flounders but Evans brings him up to put him in. Angelico covers, TWO! TH2 grows frustrated and fans rally up. Scorpio throws hands then runs, but into a dropkick! Angelico stomps Scorpio more then brings him over to tag in Evans. TH2 mugs Scorpio in the corner until the ref counts. Evans soaks up the heat before going back for more. He elbows Scorpio in the head but Scorpio fights back with forearms and haymakers! Angelico kicks from behind, spinning heel kick from Evans takes Scorpio down! Jackknife cover, TWO! Evans steps to Daniels before throwing hands on Scorpio. Evans brings Scorpio up to tag in Angelico. Angelico snapmares Scorpio to kick and cover, TWO! Angelico tags Evans and stomps Scorpio. Evans stomps even harder then BOOTS Kaz! Evans kicks Scorpio as we go back to single picture.

Fans rally up for Scorpio and he throws hands on Evans! Evans hits back and now we have a brawl. Evans shoves, Scorpio runs and suplexes Evans down! Fans rally as both men crawl for their corners, and Evans tags Angelico first. Angelico sunset flips, Scorpio rolls through and leaps over Angelico, hot tag to Kaz! The Heavy Metal Rebel rallies on TH2! Elbow for Angelico and then forearms at the ropes. Kaz whips and dropkicks Angelico down,t hen hip toss neckbreaker for Evans! Angelico ends up on the apron but falls for the guillotine leg drop! Kaz shovel suplexes Evans! Fans fire up as Kaz slingshots Angelico in for the CUTTER! Cover but Evans stomps it apart! Scorpio throws Evans to roeps but Evans boots back. Evans goes up and over as Scorpio runs in. Evans mule kicks Scorpio, Angelico lifts Kaz, DUMDUM STOMP BACK SUPLEX! Cover, with ropes, but Scorpio saves it!

The ref reprimands Angelico but Evans SASUKE SPECIAL misses, Scorpio BOOTS him down! Kaz rolls off Angelico’s back, tag to Scorpio. BOOT and underhooks, S C U LATER! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Scorpio pinning

The former AEW World Tag Team Champions get on the rebound right away! Will they be seeing those titles again sooner rather than later?


The Dark Order has another message.

“Christopher Daniels.” The Exalted One is unhappy with him. And when he is unhappy, he acts quickly. The SCU, Daniels’ family, are all targets. But who first? Grayson doesn’t care. Then consider this their one and only warning. Daniels welcomes them to bring the fight, but the Dark Order does things on their schedule. When and where will SCU suffer the wrath of the Dark Order?


PAC has a message.

“A moving vessel is no place for competition.” AEW should hang their heads in shame. Jon Moxley has made his bed, so now he’ll lie in it. Moxley can have his fun with the Inner Circle, but then Pac will come for the other eye! Pac can’t even say Kenny Omega’s name without getting sick. But it seems Omega finally heard him. Pac says the arrogance and audacity is what he really can’t stand. Fitting him in when it’s convenient for Omega? No! That doesn’t work for Pac. What will happen is The Bastard sets the schedule. That starts next week. “I’m coming for blood.”


Speaking of next week, Dynamite announces what is going to happen!

First, Cody will finally take those ten lashes from MJF to satisfy the third stipulation! Will MJF leave anything for Wardlow to even face in their Steel Cage match?

Second, Moxley wages his war with The Inner Circle against Ortiz! Will Moxley be able to survive the Proud ‘n’ Powerful pitbull to continue on towards Revolution?

Third, Britt Baker will be in action to represent “her division” against Yuka Sakazaki. Will the wrestling magical girl show Britt up in her AEW Dynamite debut?

And a team has been chosen! The Butcher & The Blade bring the Lucha Brothers to the fight with The Elite! Will MJF’s mercenaries make good on that investment when they have #CeroMiedo on their side?


Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Darby Allin & Private Party!

Chris Jericho and his Proud ‘n’ Powerful henchmen won on the Norwegian Pearl to make the Cruise of Jericho a good one for Le Champion. But now, they’re up against the undead daredevil and a team that has shocked time and again since coming to AEW! Will Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy shock us again by defeating this intimidating trio?

The teams sort out and Jericho starts with Allin for a rematch from their title showdown in 2019. Jericho smirks as fans rally and duel. Jericho SLAPS Darby, but Darby doesn’t back down. So Jericho SLAPS him again. Darby slaps himself then fires off on Jericho! Jericho shoves, Darby ducks and redirects and dropkicks! Jericho gets up but Darby whps. Jerhcio reverses but Darby springboards to arm-drag! Jericho scrambles to his corner and tags out to Ortiz. Fans are fired up as Darby tags in Kassidy. Kassidy and Ortiz circle and speed up. Ortiz pokes Kassidy’s eyes then sambas. Ortiz throws European Uppercuts on Kassidy then whips to ropes. Kassidy reverses and enziguris! Tag to Quen and Private Party double whip Ortiz. Ortiz gets the atomic drop, enziguri, and ‘SAY CHEESE~!” Stomps! Cover, ONE, and Santana protests.

Ortiz shoves Quen but Quen dropsaults back! Ortiz boots Quen, hops up and dropkicks Quen down! Ortiz shows the claws before going to Quen at the ropes. Tag to Santana and Proud ‘n’ Powerful mug Quen. Santana scoops and slams Quen hard then taunts Darby and Kassidy. Quen throws hands but Santana clubs him down. Tag to Jericho and Jericho CHOPS Quen to the ropes! Jericho puts Quen in the corner to open up the jacket, and CHOP him again! Jericho flexes then tags Ortiz. Ortiz keeps Quen away from his corner with eye rakes. PNP whips Quen, but Quen huricanranas Santana into SPEARING Ortiz! Hot tag to Kassidy and he rallies on the Inner Circle! Roll up on Ortiz, TWO! Things speed up, tilt-o-whirl and roll to a cover, no wait the other way, TWO! Kassidy makes you dizzy just watching.

Ortiz goes up and over and lifts Kassidy but Kassidy victory rolls through, TWO! Jericho tags in, Ortiz puts Kassidy on the apron. Kassidy SUPERKICKS Santana then knees Ortiz! Jericho triangle dropkicks Kassidy out of the air! Jericho flexes and hears the fans cheer and jeer as AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho encourages the fans to get louder and then blows a kiss. Santana snap suplexes Kassidy on the outside while the ref is distracted! Santana hauls Kassidy into the ring while Jericho taunts Darby. Jericho drags Kassidy up to back suplex high and hard! Cocky cover, TWO! Jericho laughs it off as he high-fives for a tag. Santana stomps Kassidy but Kassidy punches back! Santana enziguris Kassidy right down! Santana snap suplexes for uno amigo. He does another for dos amigos! Santana suplexes again and holds Kassidy there for Ortiz to tag in an take the hand-off! Ortiz tags Jericho and Jericho takes the hand-off! Jericho drops Kassidy to get tres amigos! Jericho takes his time walking all over Kassidy before bringing him back up.

Kassidy throws body shots and forearms as AEW returns to single picture. Jericho whips but Kassidy rolls him, TWO! Jericho CLOBBERS Kassidy down and covers, TWO! Jericho tags Santana and the Inner Circle stomps Kassidy down. Santana taunts Kassidy’s team before kicking him away. Santana brings Kassidy up for a backbreaker! And backbreaker press after that! Cover, TWO! Kassidy is proving tough but Santana keeps on him with a scoop slam. Tag to Ortiz and Ortiz helps Santana get a boost, knee-board senton! Jericho LIONSAULTS! Ortiz runs and Planks! Cover, but Quen breaks it! The ref backs Quen off but Ortiz talks trash. Off come the gloves, and Ortiz claws Kassidy’s back. Tag to Santana, and he runs in corner to corner, but Kassidy uses Ortiz’s step stool! Huricanrana! Calf kick for Ortiz!

All three men are down but Cleveland fires up! Hot tag to DARBY! Darby dodges PNP to hit Jericho then rally back on PNP! Flipping STUNNER! DIVE onto Jericho! Darby goes up and over Santana to fires strikes and hit a DESTROYER! cover, TWO!! Cloverleaf leglock for a cover, but Jericho SLAPS it apart! Quen runs at Jericho, pop-up PELE! Ortiz back suplexes Quen down! Kassidy shoulders in and slingshots for a CRUCIFIX! Santana O’Conner rolls and CUTTERS Kassidy! Darby returns to throw hands on Santana! Jericho tags back in, Darby QUEBRADAS onto the champ! Cover, TWO!! Darby almost had another golden ticket, but he has to dropkick Jake Hager away! Tag and COFFIN DROP! Hager is wiped out and then Quen FLIES onto Proud ‘n’ Powerful! Kassidy is legal and climbing with Jericho down, SWANTON!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives!

Kassidy pleads with the referee but the count is what it is. Fans are all fired up again as Jericho reverses a whip, JUDAS EFFECT! Cover, The Inner Circle wins!

Winners: The Inner Circle, Jericho pinning

Just like the Jurassic Express on the Cruise of Jericho, it just takes one strike for Le Champion to end the match! Will the Inner Circle completely take over all aspects of the AEW roster? But then to teach Darby and Private Party a lesson, they attack again, 5v3! Mad ball and gut wrenches all around! Fans chant for Moxley but Jericho LASHES Darby and Quen with his title belt! Sammy Guevara grabs Darby’s own skateboard while Hager low blow knees Darby down! Jericho is so proud as Guevara uses the skateboard to SMASH Darby in the ribs! And then put the edge of the board in the throat to JAM against the mat! Darby gasps for air as fans boo and Santana mocks Darby’s skateboarding.

But the Inner Circle still isn’t done! They want to end Darby for sure! But Moxley returns with a BAT! Moxley swings for the fences on each of the Inner Circle members! Jericho gets clear with his world title but Moxley keeps Darby safe. Fans are thunderous for their fellow Ohioan, but will things explode when Moxley takes that title from Y2J?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for AEW here. The only thing I have to say is that TNT still needs to learn to actually watch the show before cutting away. We actually missed the moment of impact for that DDT from Sabian to Cody. But those little miscues aside, all the action was great. Cody VS Sabian with all the managerial interjections was good, and boy did Cody thrash Sabian around with those Cross Rhodes. The lashing comes before the steel cage match even though I would’ve thought it was the other way around. Either way, that will be some vicious stuff which will make for good television. I do like the blending of stories again as Hangman and Omega help the Bucks against MJF’s mercenaries. Bucks VS Butcher & Blade was a pretty good match, and next week’s massive 8 Man is going to be incredible. I also like that Hangman is becoming more of a mean drunk than anything, being so passive aggressive towards his friends. Maybe Hangman costs them the match because he wants to do it all himself.

Nyla VS Swole was another match hurt by technical difficulties, but it was still really good. Swole looked great even in losing to Nyla, but Nyla is now back on top of the rankings. Britt has another passive aggressive promo of her own, though I do admit she has a point about JR needing to get roster names right. Baker VS Sakazaki will be a good match, but I feel like Britt wins to make an example of a Stardom wrestler to parallel Riho. I feel like Britt’s still on a roll that’ll lead to her becoming champion at Revolution to really heap on some heat. And now that I think about it, where are the Nightmare Collective? Are they going to wait to go after Britt given the beef Brandi has with the “wrestling groupie”?

SCU had a really good match with TH2, and their part in the Dark Order story continues to take shape. I wonder if their eventual showdown also brings about tag title contenders. Moxley and the Inner Circle do great again tonight. The Six Man Tag was a great main event but naturally Inner Circle wins. Jericho is building momentum for Revolution but as I said in the previous episode, I think Jericho loses to then transfer into this budding Trios Division AEW has. Honestly, I’m excited to see what the Inner Circle can do with that story, and what those belts will look like.

My Score: 9/10

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