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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/8/2020)

Memphis is Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Happy Birthday, Dear AEW!

One year ago today, the company known as All Elite Wrestling was born! Now, on AEW’s anniversary, we celebrate with action!



  • Private Party VS Kenny Omega & Hangman Page; Omega & Page win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Kris Statlander; Riho wins and retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • Christopher Daniels VS Sammy Guevara; Guevara wins.
  • The Rhodes Brothers VS The Lucha Brothers; The Rhodes win.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Best Friends & Orange Cassidy; Jurassic Express wins.


The Elite is back on track!

The American Nightmare won thanks to his new coach, Arn Anderson, and The Elite, Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks, banded together to take down the Bastard and the Lucha Brothers! The only thing missing is that Hangman Adam Page didn’t want to hang out with his friends. Is the Elite (not) fine?

But there’s another question floating around. Is Moxley going to join up with the Inner Circle? Chris Jericho made him an amazing offer, but Moxley respects Y2J too much to not give his answer in person. And now, that time has come! What will his answer to Le Champion be?


AEW honors the wrestling legends of Memphis!

And that starts with having one of the great Memphis commentators, Dave Brown, join Tony Schiavone, Excalibur and good ol’ JR on commentary tonight!


Private Party VS Kenny Omega & Hangman Page!

Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy took offense to the Problem Solver being a party crasher in their bar. Hangman may have a drinking problem, but will teaming with the Cleaner again be the solution? Or will he have to drown his sorrows at the bottom of another bottle?

The teams sort out, and Hangman takes on Quen, just as he wanted to last week. The two circle as fans fire up for “Cowboy Sh*t!” Quen and Hangman tie up, Hangman wristlocks and wrenches but Quen rolls and reverses. Quen wrenches but Hangman rolls to break free and snapmare Quen down. Things speed up and Hangman runs Quen over! Things keep moving, Hangman stops short but Quen jumps. Hangman handsprings but Quen dodges the boot! Fans fire up and Hangman does some square dancing. He kicks Quen then CHOPS! Hangman brings Quen up to suplex but Quen slips out to dropkick! Quen tags Kassidy and Kassidy climbs. Double stomp and then a dropkick to Omega! Quen snap suplexes and Kassidy covers, TWO!

Kassidy drags Hangman up to bring back over, and shouts “TWELVE DOLLARS!” before he CHOPS. Kassidy is upset Hangman didn’t pay for that drink as he tags Quen. Private Party double whips Hangman, then atomic drops to a squealing enziguri! Leg sweep, and “SAY CHEESE!” Double stomps out of the camel clutch! Fans are divided as Quen covers, TWO! Quen drags Hangman around and stomps at the ropes. Tag to Kassidy and Private Party double whips. Hangman breaks through the clothesline to run Kassidy over, and snap suplex Quen onto Kassidy! Fans fire up, Hangman tags to Omega! Fans explode as Omega come sin, but he asks for silence. Hangman CHOPS Kassidy, and Omega CHOPS Kassidy, and Kassidy squeals each time!

CHOP, squeal, CHOP, squeal. Hangman fakes Kassidy out and Omega CHOPS Kassidy on the back! Hangman and Omega high five, and then Omega scoops Kassidy for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kassidy survives but Omega drags him up to bump off buckles. Tag to Hangman and Hangman grinds forearms into Kassidy. Kassidy fights out with elbows but Hangman kicks low. Hangman whips and kitchen sink knees Kassidy down! Then he sucker punches Quen! Hangman goes back to Kassidy to tag in Omega. They bring Kassidy up for more CHOPS, then double whip. Kassidy slides out to the apron, Hangman runs over but is dumped out, and Kassidy enziguris Omega! Hangman anchors Kassidy but gets kicked away, Omega CHOPS Kassidy again!

Omega goes to bump Kassidy but Kassidy bumps him on the buckles. Then a slingshot Complete Shot! Fans rally up as both men are down but stirring. Omega and Kassidy hot tag Quen and Hangman! Quen springboards to crossbody Hangman down! Hangman bails out, Quen DIVES onto Omega! Then FLIES out onto Hangman! Quen runs again to FLY onto Omega! And then FOSBURY FLOPS on Hangman! Fans cheer for that amazing cardio, and Quen puts Hangman in the ring. Quen climbs up as fans cheer for “A E DUB!” 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Quen brings Hangman over, tag to Kassidy, and Private Party whips Hangman. Hangman reverses, crisscrosses Private Party, but they stay up to mule kick Hangman back. Quen gets an assist for the huricanrana, into Kassidy’s SPANISH FLY! Cover but Omega breaks it!

Fans rally as Private Party regroups in the corner. Kassidy runs at Hangman but is put on the apron. Hangman swings but Kassidy counter punches. Kassidy springboards but into a BOOT! Kassidy flounders as Quen springboards in, but Hangman catches him! FALL AWAY SLAM! Hot tag to Omega! The ref protests but Omega whips Hangman into corner clothesline Private Party! Omega hits a back elbow then feeds Quen to Hangman’s rolling Elbow! Pop-Up GERMAN! Then a pop-up BOMB! V-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO!! Omega is shocked but he won’t let up just yet. Omega drags Kassidy around and takes aim. BANG and Omega runs, but Quen intercepts, only to get a SNAP DRAGON! Omega reloads, but Kassidy dropkicks his legs out! Kassidy takes aim and shimmy shakes, but Omega throws him out. SILLY STRING DDT!! Cover, TWO!!

Memphis is thunderous, “This is Awesome!” and just the first match! Omega stirs but Kassidy tags Quen. Quen climbs up as Omega is in the drop zone, SHOOTING STAR FLOPS! Omega tags in Hangman, then boots Kassidy off the apron. Omega drags Quen up, slingshot but Quen gets clear! We almost have another Buckshot misfire but Hangman stops himself in time! Quen knocks Hangman into Omega! Then he throws forearm “SHOTS! SHOTS!” but gets a BOOT and a V-TRIGGER! And a DISCUS! Cover, TWO!! Quen still lives but Hangman looks to end it. Hangman drags Quen up, tags Omega, and Omega hops up as Hangman Electric Chair lifts Quen. Kassidy runs in to save Quen, and they double dropkick Hangman into Omega! GIN ‘N’ JUICE!! Cover, but Hangman breaks it just in time!

Memphis is thunderous again as Kassidy runs at Hangman. Hangman dodges and clotheslines him out but Quen gives him more forearm “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Omega grabs Quen, blocks the boot and flips Quen, but Quen uses that to PELE Hangman! Omega realizes what he’s done but Quen is on him with forearm “SHOTS! SHOTS!” Quen spins into a V-TRIGGER! And then Omega and Hangman line it up, V-TRIGGER BUCKSHOT SANDWICH! Fans are losing their minds, but now Omega Electric Chairs Quen, ONE-WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega & Page win!!

Winners: Omega & Page, Omega pinning

Winning fixes all things, and that seems true for the Cleaner and the Cowboy! Will these two continue to teaming together and become a new force in the AEW Tag Division?


PAC is attacking Michael Nakazawa AGAIN!

The Bastard has him in the Brutalizer stretch! Referees and security try to pull PAC off but he wants everyone to see it on their screens! “Kenny!! YOU did this, Kenny!!” Kenny’s cowardice has cost Nakazawa his health! Pac wants his rematch! Or this will only continue to happen to those Kenny cares for! Hangman tells Omega to go after Pac and that is what he does! Will Omega make Pac pay for this?


AEW is picture in picture…

And Hangman has another drink already. He cheers the fans as he heads out, but is this just that drinking problem rearing it’s ugly head again? Hangman chugs that drink down, then has fans lining up to give him more! Hangman appreciates that from the fans, and even high-fives them. Especially the guy with the big sign. Hangman chugs that one, then gets another drink before heading to the back.


AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Kris Statlander!

Brandi Rhodes joins commentary to watch, as she and her Nightmare Collective have been heavily invested in recruiting the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien. Though, Brandi isn’t really for playing along with the gimmick. But will Kris become even greater all on her own? Or will the Wrestling Idol find another way to come away with the title?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin!

Riho dodges Kris a few times then kicks her low. Kris blocks the whip but Riho throws forearms over and over. Riho whips, Kris runs her over and covers, but Riho slips out! Riho runs to dropkick Kris down! Riho headlocks but Kris powers up to power out. Kris sweeps legs but misses her handspring leg drop. Riho baits Kris itno a corner to boot her, then huricanranas! Kris ends up on ropes and Riho builds speed, dial it up! The 619 is blocked! Kris fireman’s carries and spins, but Riho arm-drags out! Riho dodges and runs, into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! And then Kris makes it a torture rack across her knee! Cover, TWO! Riho survives and AEW goes picture in picture.

Kris drags Riho up to scoop, but Riho flails as Kris carries her around with one arm! Then no hands! Kris slams Riho down then covers, TWO! But Kris keeps on Riho with a chinlock. Kris grinds Riho down but Riho fights her way up. Kris leans on Riho but Riho fights up. Kris clubs Riho then whips her to a corner hard. Kris runs corner to corner, but Riho meets her halfway to victory roll STOMP! Kris crawls to a corner and Riho crawls away. Riho runs back in for a big knee strike! Then reels Kris in, only for Kris to club her back. Kris puts Riho in another corner to blindside forearm! And then Electric Chair SLAM! Kris runs to SCISSOR KICK! Cover, TWO!! Riho survives again but Kris goes up top.

AEW returns to single picture as Kris MOONSAULST but FLOPS! Riho Northern Lights! Bridge, TWO! Brandi is only mildly impressed. Riho climbs up top for herself but Kris SHORYUKENS! Kris climbs up and has Riho for the STALLING SUPERPLEX! Brandi is not amused by the pandering but fans are loving the show of strength. A standing count begins but here comes Awesome Kong and Melanie Cruise! Brandi acts like she has no idea what is going on. Kris drags Riho up but Riho forearms away. Kris shoves and boots to uppercut and run. Riho follows to knee then run, but Kris BOOTS her down! Kris drags Riho up and scoops to put her up top, but Riho slips out to be on the apron. Riho blocks and counter punches before climbing up. But Melanie YANKS Riho down! Then throws her into railing!

Fans boo and Brandi acts shocked and upset. But Kris DIVES onto Melanie Cruise! Fans fire up as Kris gets back in the ring. Brandi excuses herself to “clean things up.” Kris DIVES onto Kong! Kris has fans fired up but here comes Brandi! Mrs. Nightmare and Kris talk, Kris says Brandi is just wasting her time. But who is that slithering out from under the ring?! Kris goes to punch Brandi but she’s stopped by this mystery man! This man is known as Luthor, the Japanese Death Match legend! And he feeds Kris to Kong’s LARIAT! Fans boo as Kong drags Kris up and into the ring. Brandi applauds Luthor’s timing. The referee did not see any of this, Riho climbs up top to aim at Kris. But then she LEAPS onto Luthor! Riho will not win this way!

Fans fire up for Riho as she climbs up top again, and leaps! Kris gets clear of the stops but Riho dodges the discus to roll her up, TWO! Kris kicks and lifts Riho high overhead! But Riho slips out to crucifix DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives being folded up but fans are firing up. Riho runs in, but Kris ducks the Meteora to LARIAT! Then she drags Riho up, scoop and spin, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!?! Riho survives the end of the galaxy, but Kris scoops her again. Melanie distracts the ref, Kong trips Kirs! Riho doesn’t realize as she covers, Riho wins!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall; still AEW Women’s World Champion

No one knows how to feel about this, other than that they boo the Nightmare Collective! And then Kong LARIATS Kris! Riho isn’t sure what to do as Kong mauls Kris. Riho works up the courage to attack back! But Melanie clubs Riho and throws big forearms! Hikaru Shida runs in to help! Shida saves Kris and Riho, but Britt Baker thought different. Britt stays in her seat, and now even Big Swole and Sunny Kiss run out to reinforce Kris and Riho! Has a line been drawn in the sand?


AEW profiles Superbad, Kip Sabian.

Kip’s so bad, he took the Bad Girl away from the Bad Boy, Joey Janela. And Penelope Ford has been an asset immediately, hitting anyone around with headscissors and crossbodies. There’s some sex appeal back in this “loser infested” company. Why be bad when you can be Superbad?


Christopher Daniels VS Sammy Guevara!

The Fallen Angel wants to show that he’s still got it, especially after an embarrassingly bad Arabian Press. But he got back in the ring with SoCal Uncensored as part of AEW Dark’s Homecoming, so can he do it again on his own? Or will the Inner Circle’s Spanish God put an end to the comeback?

AEW returns and Sammy G makes his entrance, not vlogging for once. Th bell rings and Sammy circles with Daniels. They tie up and fans rally for “S C U!” as Sammy wristlocks and hammerlocks. Daniels reaches back to headlock but Sammy powers out. Daniels runs Sammy over and then things speed up. Sammy hurdles and back flips over Daniels, but runs into an arm-drag! Daniels cranks on the armlock but Sammy puts him in a corner. Sammy knees low and swaggers about. Fans boo as Sammy whips, but Daniels dodges and shoves to arm-drag Sammy again. Scoop and slam and Sammy goes to ropes. Daniels puts Sammy in a corner to CHOP and CHOP and whip. Sammy uses the ref as a shield then sucker punches Daniels down!

Sammy hops up and double STOMPS Daniels down! Cover, TWO! Sammy kicks Daniels while he’s down, then taunt him before double stomping him down. Cover, TWO but Sammy fireman’s carries Daniels. Sammy does squats and Samoan Drops, then covers, TWO! Sammy grows annoyed but he stands on Daniels at the ropes. The ref counts, Sammy shows off as he back flips and backward struts. Then he kicks Daniels against the ropes! Sammy wraps on a chinlock but Daniels endures. Fans rally up and Daniels gets to his feet. Daniels fights out but Sammy boots, only to be blocked. Daniels spins Sammy but Sammy heel kicks him down! Sammy goes up top and aims at Daniels, but has to bail out of his 450. Daniels gets Sammy for an EXPLODER! A rough landing and both men are down.

Fans rally up and Daniels brings Sammy up. Sammy throws a haymaker but Daniels gives it back. Sammy boots and CHOPS then whips, but Daniels reverses to back drop! And dropkick! And clothesline! Daniels drags Sammy up, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO but Daniels calls for his favorite. Underhooks and lift, but Sammy back drops. Daniels sunset flips, Sammy slips through to knee! And standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Sammy keeps his cool as he whips Daniels. Daniels reverses to backslide, TWO, Sammy jackknifes. TWO, and double clotheslines take both men out! Fans rally up again as both men slowly stand.

Sammy puts Daniels in a corner and rams his shoulders in. Sammy puts Daniels up top and climbs, but Daniels fights back. Fans troll with “Sammy’s Wedgie!” and Daniels shoves Sammy off the top! Sammy flips to land on his feet, then comes back but misses in the corner. Daniels adds to the wedgie with an URENAGE! “Hey amigo!” Pentagon is talking trash from the stage! He wants to see if Daniels can do you-know-what. Daniels hesitates and runs into Sammy’s BOOT. Sammy mule kicks from behind and covers, Sammy WINS!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Pentagon laughs at Daniels as the Fallen Angel loses to the Spanish God! Will Daniels ever get over that botch?

Oh no… The Dark Order is here! Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are followed by their top tier Creepers, the Beaver Boys, as well as the purple mask wearing Creeper from before. And they’re here to recruit the Fallen Angel! One of the very best wrestlers in AEW, and perhaps the world. Daniels’ fingerprints are all over modern pro-wrestling. And this might seem out of the ordinary, but if not for meeting Daniels 15 years ago, Uno might not be who he is today. However, the AEW Faithful do not share the same high opinion. “You see, Chris, they do not believe in you anymore.” Fans disagree, they do love him! Oh boo all they want, the fans are the ones saying Daniels has lost a step. But Uno wants Daniels to know this: “I can help you.” He can make Daniels the man he once was. By offering him a Creeper mask!

Fans chant for “S C U!” but SCU is the past! Be one with the Dark Order! Daniels takes the mask, but fans tell him not to put it on! Daniels throws it in Uno’s face! And he fights the Creepers! But that’s one man too many! Here come SCU! And the Young Bucks! They all want payback for the last time the Dark Order went after them! SCU and the Bucks clear the ring! Stu Grayson gets back up and fights them all?! He really is crazy. The Creepers save their captain, but Scorpio Sky FLIES out onto them! Alex Reynolds staggers up from the corner, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! And Daniels hits the URENAGE! Pentagon wanted to see something, now we’ll all see the BEST! MOONSAULT! EVER! Direct hit! The Bucks toss Reynolds and AEW goes picture in picture.

The Dark Order regroups on the ramp, but Evil Uno seems only mildly upset. We have a stand-off as the Dark Order takes their leave, but when will this fight for the soul of AEW begin again?


The Rhodes Brothers w/ Arn Anderson VS The Lucha Brothers!

For the first-time-ever, Cody & Dustin go against Pentagon & Fenix! But with all the issues they have with MJF and the Inner Circle, will the American Nightmare and the Natural be able to focus? Or will #CeroMiedo take over and rise up the rankings?

The teams sort out and Cody starts against Pentagon. Fans are fired up already as the bell rings. Cody watches Pentagon swagger about. Pentagon takes off the glove with much fanfare, and tosses it to Fenix. Touchdown! “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon shoves it in Cody’s face, Cody kicks and Rhodes Uppercuts! Cody whips but Pentagon comes back to tuck Cody in! Cody slips out of the Package to dragon sleeper! Pentagon resists Cross Rhodes so Cody shoves him at his corner. Fenix tags in, springboards over Cody and kicks. Cody ducks, tags in Dustin, and Dustin kicks to Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin runs but his bulldog is denied, so Dustin back suplexes instead. Fenix lands on his feet to somersault but the cutter is denied. Dustin blocks the mule kick to tag Cody. Pentagon tags in, and the pair of brothers stare down!

The ref keeps the peace, the teams back off, but Fenix cheap shot SUPERKICKS Cody! Pentagon sucker punches Dustin to stomp Cody down! Pentagon swaggers about then dares Cody to get up. Pentagon KICKS Cody’s leg as fans chant “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon clubs and fireman’s carries but Cody slips out to SUPERKICK him! Tag to Dustin, and Dustin rallies with clotheslines. Pentagon puts Dustin on the apron and enziguris hard! Fenix DIVES to take Dustin down! Fenix puts Dustin in fast, Pentagon is up top and DOUBLE STOMPS him down! Fans are fired up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Pentagon drags Dustin up and CHOPS Dustin against the ropes! Dustin doubles over but Pentagon wrenches and tags to Fenix. Fenix KICKS Dustin’s leg then KICKS so hard, Dustin falls over! Dustin clutches his leg while Fenix talks trash to Cody. Fenix KICKS the leg again! And again! And then whips Dustin corner to corner. Dustin can’t even run the whole way! Fenix mocks Dustin’s pain before raining down right hands on him. Fenix tags in Pentagon and they have Dustin in their corner. Fenix holds the leg out for Pentagon to KICK! Dustin falls down and Pentagon stands between him and Cody.

Pentagon drags Dustin up to KICK the leg again! Dustin reaches but Pentagon keeps between him and Cody again. Pentagon KICKS the leg again and Dustin hobbles and falls into enemy territory. Pentagon stretches the bad leg out to stomp the thigh! Tag to Fenix and Fenix has Dustin outside to KICK against the barriers. Fenix puts Dustin in then clamps on with armlocks. Fenix clubs Dustin down but fans rally up. Fenix facelocks and tags Pentagon. The Lucha Brothers mug Dustin then “CERO! MIEDO!” Dustin fights out! Dustin reaches but Pentagon KICKS the leg out! Pentagon wags his finger at Cody before going back to Dustin.

AEW returns to single picture as Pentagon drags Dustin up and hangs the leg out on the ropes. Pentagon KICKS it again, and then plays dumb as to why the ref is reprimanding him. Dustin throws body shots to back Pentagon off, but again Pentagon kicks the leg out! Pentagon tags Fenix and Fenix whips Pentagon in. Dustin puts Penaton on the apron and BOOTS Fenix back! And again! Dustin uppercuts Pentagon, then uppercuts Fenix. Dustin keeps throwing hands, and then throws Fenix out! Dustin falls over but fans fire up! Wait, Fenix has a chair! Fenix lurks, but Arn takes the chair away! Fenix and Pentagon glare at the Enforcer, but he’s doing his job as the coach. Dustin is up and hobbles, Fenix runs at him for a SPINE BUSTER! Arn is proud of that one!

Fans are thunderous now as Dustin fires himself up! Dustin crawls for his corner, as does Fenix. Hot tags to Pentagon and CODY! Cody runs in but Pentagon is ready, Fenix sends Cody up top Pentagon! Only for Cody to SUPER STEINER Penta! Cody baits Fenix in, goes up and over and hits the spinning powerslam! Then Cody DIVES out onto Pentagon! Cody has Fenix with a BOOT! Fans rally as Cody puts Fenix in the corner for a rain of right hands! Cody gets all the way up to 10! Off comes the weight belt! And fans are thunderous as he tosses it to the back rows! Cody drags Fenix up, dragon sleeper but Fenix knees out. Cody ROCKS Fenix and throws him, but Fenix tiger feints to HEEL KICK! Fenix slingshot CUTTERS!

Fenix drags Cody up, tags Pentagon, and then the Lucha Bros coordinate. “CERO! MIEDO!” but Cody powers out! Tag to Dustin, Fenix missile dropkicks him! Pentagon sets Cody up for Fenix’s tightrope Penalty Kick! Pump handle half nelson DRIVER!! Dustin staggers up into a back kick! Front kick! But he slips out of the hooks. Spinning powerslam for Pentagon! Fenix flies into the Atomic Drop! And then the DESTROYER!? Cody dodges Pentagon, top rope CODY CUTTER! Dustin has Fenix, for the FINAL RECKONING! Cover, The Rhodes Brothers win!!

Winners: The Rhodes Brothers, Dustin pinning

The #Brotherhood wins another one! They celebrate with their coach but now Tony Schiavone interviews Cody in the ring. We all know the offer MJF made, so what is Cody’s response? Does Cody accept those challenges put in front of him? Arn speaks first by saying he doesn’t know how MJF thinks he has the stroke to put down these stipulations. Who died and made him God without us knowing about it? But Arn knows that Cody wants after MJF, so the Nightmare Family will talk it over. They’ll come back with an answer next week at Bash at the Beach!


Backstage interview with Lanny Poffo!

As part of AEW honoring the Memphis wrestling legends, Alex Marvez talks with Lanny to hear stories about his father Angelo, his brother Randy, and all the other legends. The pleasure is all Lanny’s. He got to spend the day with Handsome Jimmy Valiant, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Austin Idol, and meeting all these AEW fans. Lanny is a fan, too! This place really is Dynamite! Thanks for the invite, hopefully he doesn’t overstay his welcome. To learn more about the Legends of Memphis Wrestling ceremony, tune in for AEW Dark next Tuesday, 1/14/2020, on YouTube!


MJF is here!

The Dynamite Diamond Ring-bearer, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and his muscle, Wardlow, are both back. Fans troll with their boos, jeers and signs, but MJF ignores them all. MJF intimidates Justin Roberts into kissing the ring, and takes a fan’s sign to break it and throw it away. MJF insults the Memphis legends at ringside, but they don’t back down.

AEW returns from a quick break once MJF is in the ring with a mic. “Cody Rhodes is a COWARD!” Cody is afraid to face MJF, bu because he’s the Salt of the Earth, MJF gives until the count of 10! Cody has that long to come out and face MJF like a man! MJF counts down from 10, and gets all the way to 2 before he says, “Oh right, Cody. You’re just a little B*TCH!” But instead of Cody, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s D. D. P!” Diamond Dallas Page is back! He gets in the ring with MJF and Wardlow, “BANG!” and gets a mic. DDP introduces himself as the King of Badabing and the three-time world champion hall of famer and founder of DDP Yoga. Fans chant for “Yoga! Yoga!” MJF gets bored and checks his phone.

If you’d told DDP 19 years ago that he’d be back live on TNT with the hottest new promotion on the planet, AEW, he would’ve said, “You’re smoking crack.” Yet look who’s back. Live and in public, if you weel. That was for Dusty. But to address that situation with MJF, “Motormouth Jackoff Friedman,” and his muscular manbun friend, “Wardblow,” DDP’s Twitter and Instagram have been blowin’ up! And it was just with one question: “DDP, are you coming back for One. More. Match?” Fans want to see it! But MJF has had enough! MJF tells “Dally” that in his prime, he couldn’t lace MJF’s boots! And now with his arthritis, he can’t even hold MJF’s jockstrap! Oh really?! Whoa, “Dilly Dally,” relax! MJF isn’t here to fight DDP, but maybe these guys will.

The Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny are back! The other henchmen of MJF head to the ring! MJF tells Dallas that he might be a bit senile, but WCW is dead. And that is the average age of those WCW fans. But doing the math, DDP has two options. A) he kisses the ring and gets out of this company, or B) the more fun option, honestly; MJF’s muscle puts DDP in hospis and MJF goes to one of his Diamond Dallas Daughters so that he can take her home and
“do one thing and one thing only: BANG!” DDP grabs MJF by the throat! And shoves him into Wardlow! DIAMOND CUTTER for the Butcher! But The Blade scoops DDP, only for him to slip out, spin and DIAMOND CUTTER! The Bunny, Allie, gets in the ring, but MJF runs in at DDP! DDP wants another cutter but MJF shoves DDP into Wardlow, and DDP bounces off!

DDP gets up quick but MJF LOW BLOWS! MJF tells Cody that “What’s about to happen to your mentor, that’s on you!” Fans tell MJF off but Wardlow drags DDP up. Here comes QT Marshall! And Dustin! The Nightmare (extended) Family defends DDP. MJF and his forces take their leave, boasting all the way. MJF says everyone will #KissTheRing, but Cody is still considering the challenge put forth. Will Cody be even more compelled than before to say yes?


AEW is picture in picture…

And DDP is walking fine on his own now. He has Dustin and QT with him as he goes up into the crowd to high five. DDP gives one last “BANG!” before heading out.


Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS Best Friends & Orange Cassidy!

Jungle Boy made huge waves when he took Le Champion to the limit of the 10 Minute Time Limit match. Things are looking up for him, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus, but will they turn things around in trios competition? Or will Trent, Chuckie T and #FreshlySqueezed get on a winning track of their own?

The trios sort out and JB starts with Chuckie. They tie up, Chuckie headlocks and wristlocks but JB handsprings and breaks free. Chuckie and JB tie up again, Chuckie puts JB in a corner. Chuckie honors the break but JB avoids the sucker punch. Chuckie goes up and over but comes back to arm-drag JB! Chuckie goes corner to corner, JB slips out, CHOPS and hops up to bounce, bounce and arm-drag Chuckie away! JB dropkicks Chuckie down then kips up and fans fire up! Chuckie tags to Trent, JB goes to his corner, but Marko wants in! Fans cheer and JB tags in the hometown kid! Marko paces as fans fire up. Trent isn’t so sure about Marko, so he just lets Marko get all the way fired up, before pushing him down.

Marko takes a moment to compose himself. He fires up again, and then leaps at Trent! Trent puts Marko on the top rope and pats him on the head. Marko boots Trent then leaps to huricanrana! Trent CLOBBERS Marko! Trent drags Marko up but Marko cradle counters, ONE! Marko flosses on Trent then CHOPS him! Trent just scowls so Marko tags to JB. JB waistlocks, spins and atomic drops Trent, Marko adds an enziguri! JB pump handle ripcords, splash and leg drop combo! Cover, Chuckie pulls JB off by his hair! Mark goes after Chuckie, who isn’t being much of a Kentucky Gentleman. Luchasaurus gets in and keeps Marko from going off on Best Friends. The ref keeps the peace and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and JB fights out of a facelock, only for Chuckie to hit a Falcon Arrow! Cover, but Marko breaks it up! Chuckie gets JB up and whips him to ropes, JB returns with a LARIAT! Both men crawl, hot tag to Trent and Luchasaurus! Trent runs into a CHOP, Chuckie runs into a LARIAT! Luchasaurus rallies with kick after kick on Best Friends! Luchasaurus back kicks Chuckie, ax kicks Chuckie, then flapjacks Trent! Trent flounders into the BUZZSAW! Luchasaurus runs into Chuckie’s boot bu then BOOTS Chuckie back! Luchasaurus stalks Trent to TAIL WHIP KICK! Trent flounders and tags in ORANGE CASSIDY! Fans explode as The Sloth puts his sunglasses down, and are losing their minds as Sloth meets dinosaur!

The hands are in the pockets! Shin kick! Shin kick! Shin kick!! But then Luchasaurus clamps on his claws and suplexes, but Orange STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! JB tags in, climbs up onto Luchasaurus’s shoulders, and leaps! Orange gets under to dropkick JB! And kip up! Best Friends drag out Luchasaurus, Orange NO HANDS DIVES! The Best Friends regroup in the ring… to HUG! Orange even gives a thumbs up! But JB breaks that up and German Suplexes Trent! JB runs at Chuckie to rock him with a right! Pop-up, SPEAR! Orange is up top, Sloth Splash! Cover but Marko stomps it apart! Tag to Chuckie and Best Friends have Marko. But Marko fights back, tilt-o-whirl tornado DDT to Chuckie! Marko slips around to DESTROYER on Trent!!

Fans are fired up for Jurassic Express as Marko climbs up onto Luchasaurus. “This is Awesome!” as Luchasaurus TOSSES Marko onto Trent and Orange! JB runs at Chuckie T but gets the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Chuckie drags JB up, but the bomb is countered with a huricanrana pin! JURASSIC EXPRESS WINS!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, Jungle Boy pinning

Their first-ever victory! Memphis celebrates with them as Marko flosses hard as ever! Will all this hard work and determination finally pay off?



After next week’s Bash at the Beach, Dynamite sets sail as part of Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea! And as part of it, Jurassic Express takes on the Inner Circle in Six Man Tag action! Will Le Champion and Proud ‘n’ Powerful be able to stop the momentum of Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus on the open waters?

Plus, Bash at the Beach has its first matches announced! Darby Allin and PAC will face off when Dynamite arrives in Miami! Plus, after what we saw earlier tonight, the Nightmare Collective will make a tag team debut as Awesome Kong and “Mel” take on Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida! And not only that, but MJF joins his henchmen in the ring as he, The Butcher and The Blade take on Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall and yes, DDP! Will that #OneMoreMatch be a BANG?


Chris Jericho is here!

A big win against The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi, isn’t even the biggest thing for Le Champion this week. Things could be even better if Jon Moxley accepts his offer! He, Sammy G and Jake Hager head to the ring where there is a desk and A Little Bit of the Bubbly waiting for them! Sammy has cards again since we’re picture in picture right now.

“Up next: the most important event in television history. Jon Moxley makes his decision! Will he join the Inner Circle? The Ford GT! Equal partnership! All will be his! Not since the first moon landing, Elvis in Hawaii, or… Who shot Mr. Burns, has there been this much anticipation! This much drama! (TNT) Stay tuned for The Longest Yard at 10 PM EST. Will he accept? Also… Salma Hayek, you want a booty call? Hit me (Sammy) up!” Sammy gives his accounts as AEW returns to single picture. Sammy sure goes into business for himself sometimes. But now, MOXLEY!

Moxley makes his entrance from the crowd, as usual. Jericho gives Moxley a proper introduction to the “most dynamic and intense performer in pro-wrestling today!” Jericho’s friend and protege, “Jon! Moxleeeeeeey~!” Moxley joins Jericho in the ring as the Inner Circle applauds. “this is absolutely incredible.” January 8th is always important in Memphis. And not because of Elvis’ birthday, Jericho says Elvis was a jackass and if he were here, Jericho would kick Elvis’ butt. The Beatles were better. But Jericho says that Jan. 8th is the night Moxley gives his answer. And Jericho says that the Ford GT is gassed up and ready to go. Santana & Ortiz cornered off Beale Street just for the Inner Circle, it’ll be a great night of partying! “And none of you,” the fans, are invited. So the moment of truth! Is Moxley joining the Inner Circle?

Moxley has a mic and says, “I’ve had a lot to think about this week. ANd thee’s a lot more that went into this decision than you people probably think.” Fans might think they know what makes Moxley tick, or Moxley’s motivations. The truth is, we don’t. Jericho doesn’t, either, though. Moxley was offered a car, money, and 49% ownership in the LLC. But Moxley doesn’t want any of that! He didn’t come to AEW because someone backed a truck of money up in front of his house. Moxley can’t be bought! Moxley is in AEW to dominate! To run roughshod over wrestling, and so he says… YES. WHAT?! That sure didn’t sound like where he was going. Moxley unzips the jacket to reveal an Inner Circle shirt!

Jericho is ecstatic as Moxley says he is here to dominate! And there is no more powerful, dangerous and influential force here than Inner Circle, and he stands with them! Jericho of course rubs this in the fans’ faces, “You idiots didn’t believe meeeeee~!” Moxley says that if you want to be great, you learn from the greats. The pea-brains won’t admit it, but the truth is that Moxley believes in his heart that Jericho is the greatest of all time! Moxley stands with Jericho, surrounds himself with greatness, and they will dominate AEW for YEARS TO COME! The only thing left is to pop open the Bubbly! And that’s exactly what they do! Jericho proclaims that 2020 is the Year of the Inner Circle! Spray the Bubbly! Cheer for this! Play some music!

The celebration begins as the boys shower themselves in Bubbly! “This is the beginning of the Inner Circle taking over AEW!” All the fans can shut up and watch. Fans say Jericho sucks? Moxley wants that guy to say that to his face! Moxley stands up for Le Champion, but then he remembers something. Jericho does still owe Moxley one thing. Oh right, the car! Here, here. The Ford GT, worth $750 THOUSAND, more than every fan in this audience combined, is now Moxley’s. Registration, license plate, the whole thing! Mox likes the sound of that. Fans chant, “You Sold Out!” Oh is that so? Moxley finally paid off his 2015 Dodge Ram and was going to “run that thing ’til the wheels fell off,” until now! Jericho says Moxley sold out. He sold out the arenas! Inner Circle makes money~! They won at Wrestle Kingdom, they’re united in AEW, and pop more Bubbly!

Fans still boo, but there’s nothing they can do. Moxley asks the music to stop fore a moment, and remembers one last thing. “Chris, my friend. I was just kidding.” What? Moxley would never join that stupid group and Jericho has nothing he wants, except the AEW World Championship. Moxley SMASHES a bottle of the Bubbly on Jericho’s head!! And then hits, PARADIGM SHIFT!! One for Sammy! Hager gets in but Moxley gets out! Moxley pulled off the biggest swerve on Jericho ever, but still has the keys to the GT! Will Moxley run roughshod all over Le Champion instead?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! The opening match of Omega & Page VS Private Party was great, and while it was great to give us more miscommunication, it was also good that this wasn’t the moment Hangman turns on Omega. Of course, that assumes it will be a traditional turn. If Hangman keeps drinking as much as kayfabe makes it out to be, I’d love if it was more the rest of the Elite being very concerned for Hangman and trying to have an intervention for him, even if it’s only through Being the Elite and social media. Pac again going after Nakazawa, I’m surprised Bash at the Beach next week isn’t where we’re getting the tiebreaker. Maybe at AEW Revolution, as AEW will want that PPV to be as big as all the others.

I was a bit surprised the AEW Women’s Championship was second on the card, but what we got out of it was great, and obviously AEW wanted time to let this all play out. It was an interesting twist that Brandi Rhodes all but gave up on recruiting Kris Statlander, and then cost her the match. It was good character work for Britt Baker to not help Riho’s side of the fight after her venting about Riho not being as full-time as the others. Next week’s tag will be a lot of fun, as we’ll get to see Melanie Cruise in action. I also expect that if things turn into a fight again, Riho might run out to help, only for Britt to go after her. And not even because she’s joining the Nightmare Collective but because she wants after Riho for herself.

Daniels VS Guevara was good, but of course Pentagon keeps things active between him and Daniels, thereby costing Daniels. And AEW actually does some good story blending for The Dark Order to try and recruit Daniels while he’s feeling so down. The Bucks working with SCU is a good move, and now I’m thinking we get a huge 10-Man at some point, Bucks & SCU VS Uno, Grayson, Beaver Boys and mystery man in purple. The mystery man in purple needs to be revealed in that match to give us a shock, like it being Brandon Cutler, friend of the Bucks. This story of Dark Order gathering those who keep losing is very clever, so that it gives even jobbers like Reynolds & Silver a spot in a big story.

Lucha Brothers VS Rhodes Brothers was a great tag match, and it was pretty big for the Rhodes Brothers to win. Of course, it’s to keep Cody strong as things with MJF escalate. And of course, they did escalate, as DDP stands up to MJF and his team. That Six Man Tag for next week will be great, but I’m pretty sure Team MJF wins and goes to really hurt DDP to spur Cody’s answer. This is solid story telling as well as planning, and you can bet the cage match with Wardlow and that ten-belt-lashes segment are going to be big. The Six Man of Best Friends VS Jurassic Express was great, especially for Jurassic Express winning and starting to turn things around. I don’t know if AEW would get into Trios Titles so soon, but I’m hoping Jurassic Express at least finds their way back to the World Tag titles after things sort out with SCU and Dark Order.

And last but far from least, that main event segment with Moxley and the Inner Circle! We got another great cue card promo from Sammy, great verbal promos from Jericho and Moxley, and what a great double fake! Moxley makes us think he’s saying no only to say yes, and then that celebration went on for the right amount of time to make us think it was real. I was waiting for Moxley to turn things back, so it wasn’t completely unpredictable, but it was still done perfectly to trick Jericho. For the time they were milking it, I was starting to think how they could take the story of Heel Moxley with Jericho, but that story would stretch past Revolution to perhaps their Chicago PPV in the summer. Plus, fans love Moxley too much to make him Heel just by “selling out,” so this was the right move done in a genius way.

My Score: 9.1/10

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