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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/17/20)

205 Live is still Gorgeous!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The (Persian) Lion, the Prince (Pretty) and Swerve’s House!

Worlds Collide will have a Cruiserweight Championship match, and Swerve is on his way to Houston! Will he get momentum for that match off Mendoza?


  • Tyler Breeze VS Ariya Daivari; Breeze wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Sunil Singh w/ Samir Singh; Rush wins.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Raul Mendoza; Swerve wins.


Worlds are about to collide in Houston!

A Fatal 4 Way for the Cruiserweight Championship will feature equal parts NXT and NXT UK! Angel Garza of course represents North American as El Campeon, but in a fast and furious Triple Threat this past Wednesday, it was Swerve’s House! Isaiah Scott beat out Prince Pretty and the Living Piece of Gold to head for some gold! But will he maintain momentum tonight when he walks the Mendoza Line?

Jon Quasto and Mansoor sub in on commentary!

It is a pleasure and an honor that they’re both here on a special night for 205 Live with all these first-ever match-ups!

Tyler Breeze VS Ariya Daivari!

Prince Pretty got a gorgeous debut when he defeated the Premier Athlete. However, the 205 Live OG doesn’t want the “new kid” to get comfortable. Will the Persian Lion kick Breeze out of his “mansion?”

The bell rings and Daivari circles with Breeze. Greensboro is behind Breeze as he ties up with Daivari and gets a headlock. Daivari pulls hair and powers out, but things speed up and Breeze ducks down. Daivari runs Breeze over, then mocks Breeze by lounging on the top rope. Breeze keeps his cool and Daivari hops down to circle with Breeze again. They tie up, Breeze headlocks but Daivari pulls hair and powers out again. Breeze hops over and catches Daivari into an atomic drop! Then Breeze dropkicks Daivari down, and shows Daivari how to lounge properly. Daivari gets up but backs off when Breeze steps forward. Daivari offers a handshake, but Breeze sees the sucker kick coming. Breeze throws hands, whips but Daivari avoids the Super Model Kick! Daivari bails out, Breeze hurries after, and Breeze throws Daivari into the barriers! The ref reprimands Breeze but fans cheer him on.

Breeze drags Daivari up and whips him back into barriers! Daivari writhes but Breeze brings him up and in at the ref’s count of 6. Cover, ONE, but Breeze whips Daivari. Daivari reverses and pulls hair to throw Breeze down! Breeze goes to a corner but Daivari is on him again to wrench and yank the arm. Daivari rams shoulders into Breeze then wrenches to throw Breeze down again. The ref reprimands him but Daivari just shrugs it off. Daivari insults the Breeze fans then puts Breeze on the top rope. Daivari pulls Breeze into a Tree of Woe to stomp a mudhole. Daivari argues with the ref, then goes out to pull Breeze’s arm into the post! The ref counts, Daivari lets up at 4, and then soaks up the heat in Greensboro. Daivari goes back inside and brings Breeze up. Daivari climbs up behind but Breeze resists the back suplex. Breeze elbows back and Daivari falls!

Breeze adjusts but Daivari trips him up! Breeze tumbles down and Daivari covers, TWO! Daivari argues with the ref on her count but she says he should worry about himself. Daivari brings Breeze up to throw hands then whips, but Breeze kicks back! Daivari runs Breeze over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated with Breeze, and then tells the fans THEY suck! Fans chant back, “You Suck!” Daivari goes after Breeze’s arm for a mounted armlock, but Breeze endures. Fans rally up and Breeze feeds off the energy. Breeze jawbreakers back! Daivari staggers away but comes back, only to be sent out high and hard! Daivari crashes and burns to the floor and Breeze takes a moment to rest. A ring count begins and Daivari crawls back, getting in at 5. Breeze is on him with a rally of forearms! Mule kick and a dropkick! Breeze runs corner to corner for a big leaping forearm!

Breeze reels Daivari in for a knee, straitjacket backstabber! Cover, TWO! Daivari lives and Breeze grits his teeth. Breeze slowly stands up while Daivari flounders to a corner. Fans rally as Breeze puts Daivari up top. Breeze climbs up to join Daivari but Daivari throws hands. Daivari headbutts and Breeze staggers, but Breeze gets under the leap to trip and catapult! Daivari hits buckles, and then Breeze whips him corner to corner. Daivari reverses and redirects, and Breeze stops himself from running into the ref! Daivari rolls Breeze up, TWO! Daivari grabs Breeze for a BIG Urenage! Cover, TWO!! Breeze still lives and Daivari is furious! Daivari talks trash to Breeze and slaps him around. Daivari drags Breeze up and shouts, “NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE!”

Daivari rains down angry rights as fans boo, then Daivari drags Breeze up. “GO! AWAY!” But Breeze SUPER MODEL KICKS instead! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives and Breeze can’t believe it! Breeze rises but Daivari follows. Fans rally for Breeze as he grabs Daivari in the chicken wings. Breeze turns Daivari but Daivari hammerlocks! Breeze slips out and enziguris! Daivari wobbles and Breeze fires up, only to run into a hip toss into buckles! Daivari drags Breeze up fast, hammerlocks and LION- No! Breeze ducks, O’Conner roll, TWO! Breeze dodges Daivari in the corner, grabs the arms and turns Daivari, but Daivari back suplexes out. Breeze lands on his feet, BEAUTY SHOT! Cover, Breeze wins!

Winner: Tyler Breeze, by pinfall

It may not have been pretty, but Prince Pretty still wins! Will things look even better for Breeze as 2020 continues?


Jack Gallagher tweets his demands!

When Drake Maverick reinstated Gallagher last week, Maverick added that it’d happen when Gallagher started acting like a gentleman again. However, Gallagher seems to say he’ll return when his checklist is complete. Gallagher wants: Maverick to start dressing like a proper General Manager; Gallagher’s new entrance music to be Stunner by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip; that before every match, Gallagher is served a brandy glass full of brown M&Ms in the locker room; that Gallagher is officially recognized on WWE TV as a former UpUpDownDown Champion; that Gallagher gets to “appear on one of those late night talk shows where they pretend to know who you are the whole time”; and most importantly (and perhaps impractically), WrestleMania finally goes to England.

Will Gallagher’s demands be met? Can those demands be met? Or will Maverick find something he can offer Gallagher that’s even more in-demand than all of those things?


Lio Rush VS Sunil Singh w/ Samir Singh!

The Man of the Hour returns to the fastest hour in the WWE, but he has to be patient in getting back to the Cruiserweight Championship. Will he speed up the process with a win against the proud new Papa Singh?

The Bollywood Boys take their time dancing around and Lio loses his patience! Lio DIVES out onto Sunil! Lio puts Sunil in and scares Samir off. The bell rings and Lio fires off hands and CHOPS on Sunil. Lio wrenches and whips but Sunil holds ropes. Sunil forearms Lio then runs, but Lio dodges, redirects and goes all around. Lio gets under and kangaroo kicks Sunil down! Sunil staggers into Lio’s scoop and Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Lio says time is money, and Lio heads up top. Samir rolls film and Lio gets angry, Sunil knocks Lio off the apron! Sunil heads out to fetch Lio while Samir gets a long shot of it. Sunil whips Lio into the post! Sunil refreshes the count and Samir says this is just scene one. Sunil puts Lio in to cover, TWO! Another try, ONE!

Sunil swivels the hips and fans boo. Sunil CHOPS Lio to a corner, then stomps a mudhole into Lio. The ref counts and Sunil drags Lio up to bump off buckles. Samir got that on film, but Lio throws knees back. Sunil clubs Lio then suplexes but Lio resists. Sunil powers through to hit the snap suplex! Samir gets a new angle as Sunil hops up, to leap! Bolly Bolly Elbow! Cover, TWO! Lio survives but Sunil wraps him in a chinlock. Sunil grinds Lio down but fans build to a rally. Lio fights his way up and throws body shots. Sunil holds on tight and grinds Lio back down. Lio fights his way back up and throws hands. Lio is free and ducks under to hit a jawbreaker! Sunil staggers, Lio rolls and mule kicks to a PELE!

Fans fire up with Lio and he rallies with back elbows and forearms! Sunil is put on the apron, Lio handspring kicks Sunil off! Lio builds up speed but Samir blocks his path! Lio protests but Samir plays stunt double. But, this isn’t Twin Magic, because they’re not twins. So it’s SINGH Magic! But, the ref sees through the illusion. The referee EJECTS Samir! Sunil is forced to return, Lio wrecks Samir and hits the COME UP at the same time!! Lio heads up top, FINAL HOUR! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The Singhs will probably leave the footage from this on the cutting room floor. Lio says it is only a matter of time, when and where will he be back in the title picture?

205 Live shares the Cruiserweight Championship announcement from NXT UK.

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala announce that their NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way qualifying matches will be held next week, as Jordan Devlin goes against El Ligero, and Travis Banks goes against THE Brian Kendrick! Burying the lead is that Kendrick is now in NXT UK! Will the Irish Ace trump the Luchador of Leeds? Will the Man with a Plan have a plan for running into a Kiwi Buzzsaw in his first NXT UK match?

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Raul Mendoza!

Greensboro becomes Swerve’s House as we head for Royal Rumble Weekend! With NXT UK to still determine their contenders, will Swerve get a huge head start on them and Angel Garza? Or will Mendoza prove he should be part of the title conversation?

The bell rings and fans are on Swerve’s side. Swerve and Mendoza approach and tie up. Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock then arm-drags Swerve. Mendoza mocks Swerve’s mannerisms, but ties up with Swerve again. Mendoza waistlocks, Swerve pries free with forearms then wrenches Mendoza back. Mendoza sits, rolls and kips up to wrench, but Swerve wrenches and wrangles Mendoza back down. Mendoza works back to his feet and reaches for ropes. Swerve keeps him away from them, until Mendoza springboards and flips. Mendoza wrenches but Swerve uses a foot to get free. Swerve trips Mendoza, goes to knuckle lock cover but Mendoza blocks to wheelbarrow and arm-drag. Swerve handsprings through to stay standing, and fans cheer this opening exchange.

Swerve and Mendoza speed things up, Mendoza slips out of the tilt-o-whirl but Swerve goes Eddy Gordo to headscissor Mendoza down! Fans cheer Swerve’s swagger but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza whips but Swerve reverses to throw body shots, kicks and a big dropkick! Mendoza bails out, Swerve builds speed, but Mendoza slides in to follow. Mendoza headscissors Swerve out now! Swerve gets up but Mendoza dropkicks him back down! Swerve hits barriers and Mendoza fires up. Mendoza bumps Swerve off the apron then puts him in the ring at the count of 6. Cover, TWO, but Mendoza keeps his cool. Swerve grits his teeth as Mendoza drags him up. Swerve throws hands but Mendoza knees again. Mendoza puts Swerve in a corner to CHOP! Fans want another, but Mendoza wrenches and whips Swerve corner to corner.

Mendoza runs in for a big corner clothesline, then he snapmares to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Mendoza keeps his focus as he clamps on with a grounded cobra clutch. Swerve endures as Mendoza thrashes him around. Fans rally up and Swerve fights to his feet. Mendoza wrangles Swerve back down and holds tighter with the clutch. Swerve endures as Mendoza leans on him and fans still rally. Swerve fights up again and throws body shots. Mendoza knees low and shoves Swerve, but Swerve kicks back! Swerve runs and runs Mendoza over! Swerve starts to rally with forearms, then whips, but Mendoza reverses. Swerve holds ropes, Mendoza runs in but is put outside! Swerve hurries to the apron to BOOT Mendoza down! Then Swerve hops down to put Mendoza back in. Swerve heads up top while Mendoza is dazed, elbow drop to the shoulder!

Fans fire up with Swerve as he stalks up behind Mendoza. Swerve stands Mendoza up to KICK against the ropes! And again! And again! And again and again and again! Swerve stops at the ref’s count to then run in, but Mendoza blocks! Mendoza swings but Swerve knees back. Swerve whips, somersaults and COMPLETE SHOTS! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza survives and Swerve grows frustrated. Swerve gets up first and fans still rally behind him. Swerve brings Mendoza up, half nelson but Mendoza victory rolls to spin Swerve for a BUZZSAW! A half nelson of his own, SANTA MARIA DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza can’t believe it! Mendoza drags Swerve back up, but Swerve blocks the suplex. Mendoza clubs away on Swerve’s back but Swerve rams Mendoza into the corner. Swerve CHOPS but Mendoza elbows back.

Mendoza suplexes Swerve to the apron but Swerve CHOPS again! Swerve slingshots but into an enziguri! Swerve is stuck on the ropes, Mendoza hurries to the other side of the corner. Mendoza SPRINGBOARD SUPER STEINERS! To a LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Mendoza is beside himself! Mendoza drags Swerve back up, but Swerve throws haymakers! Mendoza returns them and we have a brawl! The two go back and forth, Greensboro on Swerve’s side. Swerve whips, Mendoza slips out and goes up top, to walk the tight rope for the missile dropkick! Swerve is outside, Mendoza FLIES to take him down! Mendoza hurries to get Swerve back in and head back up top. Mendoza PHOENIX FLOPS! Swerve gives Mendoza a big knee strike, and makes a HOUSE CALL! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

The momentum is building behind him on the way to Houston, could Swerve become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion? Who will even join him and Garza from NXT UK’s Cruiserweight ranks?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for 205 Live to help keep things going we head for the Royal Rumble and Worlds Collide. Breeze VS Daivari was a good opener, but I was confident Breeze would win. With THE Brian Kendrick in NXT UK right now, it takes away from the “Do something!” story I felt they were building for the 205 Live OG’s VS newcomers, but there is plenty of time for that after the Rumble, I suppose. Lio VS Sunil Singh was pretty good, with some good humor because of just how the Singh Brothers are really committed to the movie gimmick, and also because of the banter on commentary between Mansoor and Quasto. Those two actually did a really good job tonight, so they could be a good broadcasting team if Aiden English and Tom Philips ever moved up to something else full-time.

I really like Gallagher’s over-the-top list of demands. The “blah blah M&Ms” is a classic move, I really like the jab at late night talk shows, and honestly, the WrestleMania in the UK is a thing many have been wanting even though the time zones would really complicate things since Mania has always been a Sunday night prime time PPV for Americans. I’m thinking Maverick will try to offer Gallagher a Cruiserweight Championship match instead, since a lot of those demands are not under Maverick’s control. At the very least, we better be getting Maverick VS Gallagher a la Maverick VS Mike Kanellis. Tonight’s main event match was really good, because Swerve is great and Mendoza is underrated. But Swerve wins because he is building as the favorite in that Worlds Collide Cruiserweight title match. If the title is changing hands at all, it is probably going to be Swerve that wins. Worlds Collide would be even bigger than it’s already becoming if a title changed hands, and this would probably be the title that’d change.

My Score: 8.3/10

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