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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/31/20)

205 Live is even MORE gorgeous tonight!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

We are now in the Irish Ace Era!

Worlds Collide was too much of a challenge for El Latino, and now we have a NEW champion in Jordan Devlin! But can Angel Garza get back on a winning track against Prince Pretty?



  • Raul Mendoza VS Joaquin Wilde; Wilde wins.
  • Danny Burch VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Ariya Daivari; Burch wins, by disqualification.
  • Angel Garza VS Tyler Breeze; Garza wins.


And NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion…!

It was an incredible Fatal 4 Way between Angel Garza, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Travis Banks and Jordan Devlin. Houston know it was awesome, but no one could’ve guessed the newly redesigned title would get a new owner on top of it. An opportune headbutt and Devlinside led to the Irish Ace taking the title to NXT UK! What is next for the entire Cruiserweight Division?


Raul Mendoza VS Joaquin Wilde!

205 Live is about to get wild with Wilde’s return, but can he stay above the Mendoza Line?

The bell rings and Wilde circles with Mendoza. They tie up, then break as they’re even in strength. They go again, Mendoza wrenches to wristlock and waistlock. Wilde drops to get Mendoza down and lace the legs. Wilde then gets the arms and flips over to a surfboard. Mendoza fights up to flip and kip up to a headlock! Wilde powers out but Mendoza goes up and over at the corner. Mendoza handsprings and hurdles Wilde to whip him at a corner. Wilde goes up and grins at Mendoza. Mendoza runs in, Wilde jumps over and bounces back to headscissor. Mendoza handsprings through and arm-drags but Wilde handsprings through. Wilde swipes but Mendoza sweeps to cover, ONE. Wilde sweeps to cover, ONE! The two stand up and fans cheer the stand off. Mendoza and Wilde nod some respect to the other, then go again.

Wilde headlocks and grinds Mendoza down, but Mendoza powers out with a back suplex. Wilde lands on his feet to waistlock but Mendoza elbows out. Mendoza runs but Wilde follows to clothesline him out! Wilde builds speed but Mendoza is back to dropkick! Fans fire up with Mendoza as he mocks the airhorn. Mendoza stomps Wilde then brings him up to a corner. Mendoza CHOPS Wilde and fans echo the “WOO~!” Wilde is stinging as Mendoza fireman’s carries. Wilde fights out and throws more elbows. Wilde runs but into a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Mendoza drags Wilde into a chinlock and wraps on a cobra clutch! Wilde endures and fights up to throw body shots, but Mendoza wrangles Wilde down! Tulsa builds to a rally as Wilde endures the hold. Wilde fights his way back up and throws body shots to get free, only for Mendoza to knee low.

Mendoza CHOPS again and fans cheer. Wilde elbows back to stagger Mendoza, then puts Mendoza out of the ring! Wilde builds speed again to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp! Wilde airhorns and fans cheer as he brings Mendoza back into the ring. Mendoza is up but Wilde rallies with clotheslines and elbows. Wilde whips, Mendoza reverses, but Wilde dodges to swing kick from the apron. Wilde is up top and leaps, but into a dropkick! Mendoza drags Wilde up, scoop and swing to the URENAGE! Mendoza LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Wilde survives and Mendoza can’t believe it! Mendoza drags Wilde up, pump handle but Wilde victory rolls, TWO!

Mendoza kicks low and grits his teeth as he throws forearms and uppercuts. Wilde ducks the Pele to hop up, POISON-RANA! Then CODE BREAKER! Mendoza staggers into the WILDE THING! Cover, Wilde wins!

Winner: Joaquin Wilde, by pinfall

Even Wilde is a bit surprised! But his kangaroo kick kicked it up a notch, and now Wilde has another win! Is this just the beginning of a hot streak?


Danny Burch VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Ariya Daivari!

The #StrongStyleBrit got screwed over by the quid pro quo between the Persian Lion and the Man with a Plan. The 205 Live OG are working together to keep the new wave down, but Burch isn’t going to stay down. Will he be put down by whatever Kendrick has planned for him in tonight’s rematch?

Burch wants after Daivari but he focuses on Kendrick. The bell rings and Kendrick bails out to regroup with Daivari, just so they can taunt Burch. But fans rally for Burch as Kendrick takes his time returning. Kendrick gets back in the ring at the ref’s count of 6, and is wary of Burch. Kendrick bails out again and fans boo. Daivari mocks the fans and claims it’s another “time out.” The ref counts again but Kendrick still takes his time. Kendrick returns at 7 but Daivari distracts! Burch is ready and still gets Kendrick with right hands! Kendrick bails out again but Burch pursues. Daivari lurks nearby and that distracts Burch. This time Kendrick gets away with a sucker punch! Kendrick whips but Burch reverses to send Kendrick into steel steps! Burch keeps Kendrick on the outside with haymakers and European Uppercuts. Burch throws Kendrick into barriers then refreshes the count.

The Govenah goes back for more, whipping Kendrick into more barriers! Tulsa is fired up with Burch as he stalks Kendrick. Burch puts Kendrick in the ring but Kendrick just crawls back out. Burch is clearly annoyed, so he goes back out. Kendrick arm-drags Burch over the announce desk! Kendrick runs away into the ring while Daivari laughs. The ref checks on Burch, and despite a bad knee, Burch is still in this match. Kendrick soaks up the heat as Burch crawls. The ring count climbs to 5 before Burch even stands. Burch hobbles and hops in at 9, but Kendrick is on him at the ropes! Kendrick chokes Burch but backs off at 4. Daivari sweeps the legs and Burch crashes on the apron! Kendrick grabs the bad leg to drop knees on the knee! And again! Kendrick cranks the leg in a toehold, but Burch endures and resists.

Kendrick claws at Burch’s face but Burch pries the hand away. Fans rally up as Burch bends fingers. But Kendrick stands on the bad knee to then drop down on it! Burch hobbles but Kendrick puts his leg on the rope to pull and twist! The ref backs Kendrick off but the damage has been done. Kendrick kicks away on the bad leg as Burch limps around. Kendrick snapmares Burch to get the leg, but Burch kicks Kendrick to the apron! Burch hobbles over but Kendrick dumps him out. The ref watches Daivari but Kendrick chokes Burch more. Kendrick backs off and Burch stands, only for Kendrick to choke him more. The ref reprimands and backs Kendrick off again. Daivari lurks but Burch hops over the sweep! Burch boots Daivari then rocks Kendrick!

Burch rallies on one good leg to throw elbows. Kendrick reverses the whip and leaps, only to get picked out of the air! Burch manages to run corner to corner for a clothesline! Burch enziguris then hops up, to leap and missile dropkick! Kendrick is down, Burch crawls and covers, TWO! Kendrick still lives and Burch is frustrated. Burch hobbles, Daivari distracts again, and Kendrick runs in. Burch sunset flips but Kendrick sits on it, and Daivari helps out like he did last week! But this time, the ref sees it! No count for Kendrick, and Burch finishes the sunset flip! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick kicks but Burch blocks to HEADBUTT! Burch grabs at Kendrick and drags him down into a CROSSFACE! Daivari attacks!!

Winner: Danny Burch, by disqualification

Daivari stomps away on Burch as fans boo, but Daivari shouts at them to shut up. Daivari stomps and drops elbows, and then Kendrick gets in with a chair! They bring Burch up, and Kendrick RAMS the chair into the leg! Kendrick wraps the chair around the leg! Daivari hops up, but here comes ONEY! Burch’s brawling buddy is here with a chair of his own! Daivari knows how bad the Boston Brawler can be, and he makes sure to get away with Kendrick! Lorcan dares Daivari and Kendrick to #DoSomething this time, but they just retreat! Lorcan & Burch are raring for a fight, but will Kendrick & Daivari give it to them?


Jordan Devlin tweets after Worlds Collide.

Accompanied by a picture of him posing with both the title and Triple H, Devlin writes, “I’ve grafted 18 long years for a moment like this and you better believe me, I’m only just getting started.” The Irish Ace makes his 205 Live debut next week! What will Devlin do now that he’s vindicated with victory?


Angel Garza VS Tyler Breeze!

The new Cruiserweight Championship belt looked good around Garza’s waist, but now it belongs to another. Will El Latino be back on a winning track? Or is Prince Pretty about to look even better on the Road to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and Garza seems to think Breeze is ugly. Breeze shrugs that off and ties up with Garza. Garza puts Breeze in the corner then backs off to say he’s more beautiful. Garza shows off his smile but Breeze again shrugs it off. They tie up, Garza headlocks but Breeze powers out. Garza runs Breeze over, then copies the top rope lounging. Breeze still shrugs off all this and ties up with Garza again. Garza gets the headlock back on, and holds on as Breeze powers out. Breeze does get free, but gets run over again. Garza lounges but Breeze starts to get frustrated. They tie up again, and now Breeze gets a grinding headlock. Garza powers out but Breeze runs him over! And shows Garza how to properly lounge. Garza gives Breeze credit on that one, and the two approach.

Garza gives a shove but fans are on Breeze’s side. Things speed up, Breeze hurdles but Garza leaps. Garza fakes out Breeze’s dropkick, and grabs the waist of his pants. Breeze denies him the stripping with a kick and an enziguri! Garza bails out but fans cheer. Breeze builds speed but Garza gets clear. Garza eggs Breeze on but Breeze stays in. Breeze finally rushes out but Garza gets back in. Breeze goes in but Garza goes back out. Fans boo Garza as he taunts Breeze. Breeze goes out, Garza grabs him and throws him to the floor! Garza kicks Breeze while he’s down then digs his knee into Breeze! He grinds Breeze into steel steps then puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Garza keeps his cool as he looms over Breeze.

Garza drags Breeze up and around to then loop Breeze’s arms in the ropes. He pulls on the arms and the ref counts, but Garza lets up to CHOP Breeze at 4. Garza drags Breeze up and wedge him into the corner at the middle rope. Garza backs up to KNEE Breeze down! The ref reprimands but Garza covers, TWO! Garza shouts at the fans cheering for Breeze, then goes after Breeze’s arms. Breeze endures the half surfboard but Garza turns him over to stand on his back! Fans rally and Breeze fights free to push Garza away. Garza gets clear but gets a boot! Breeze hops up, Garza trips him up, and then dropkicks him down! Garza finally gets to TAKE OFF THE PANTS!

Garza goes back to Breeze and brings him up. He puts Breeze up top, climbs up behind him and clubs away on his back. Garza soaks up the cheers and jeers before dragging Breeze into the Tree of Woe. Corner to corner, PENALTY KICK! Breeze flops out, Garza covers, TWO! Breeze survives and Garza grows frustrated. Garza drags Breeze around and then up into a seated cobra twist. Garza traps the arms and cranks on the neck, but Breeze endures. Fans rally for Breeze as Garza clamps a hand onto ribs. Breeze fights his way up, hip tosses Garza down, and then ducks the clothesline to rally with big forearms! Mule kick then run, Breeze dropkicks Garza down! Breeze goes to a corner as Garza goes to the other. Breeze runs in for a big forearm shot! Garza reverses the whip only to get a LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Garza lives but Breeze grits his teeth.

Fans rally as both men slowly sit up. Breeze kicks Garza to a corner then hoists him up top. Garza resists and kicks Breeze away. Garza leaps, into a SUPER MODEL KICK! Cover, TWO!! Breeze is stunned that Garza survives! Garza sits up but Breeze stands first. Breeze kicks but Garza blocks to give a knee back! Cover, TWO! Garza is furious but that was a fair count. Garza drags Breeze up and into a dragon sleeper, to inverted suplex and rebound off ropes! Cover, TWO! Breeze still lives and Garza is losing his cool! Garza gets up but Breeze kangaroo kicks! Garza mule kicks and both men head for each other, only to flop over! Fans are fired up as both men stir.

The standing count begins and climbs up to 4 before either man sits up. Garza stands at 5 to then dropkick Breeze back down. Garza puts Breeze in a drop zone and then climbs up. Breeze rolls away and Garza has to hop down. Garza goes after Breeze with furious stomps then climbs up again. But Breeze slow rolls the other way. Garza has had it with Breeze, and drops a leg-splitting leg drop! Garza goes to the ropes, MOONSAULT into boots! Breeze small packages, TWO!! Breeze hops on, but Garza tosses him off to underhook! WING CLIPPER! Cover, Garza wins!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

Garza found the opening he needed to finally put Prince Pretty away! And as much as Garza wants the gold back, what will it take to prove he’s worthy of a rematch with The Irish Ace?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for 205 Live to follow up Worlds Collide, but mostly to follow up their own events from last week. Namely, THE Brian Kendrick and Daivari becoming an alliance. Naturally, you mess with Burch, you get Lorcan. That will be a good tag team match story right there, and another great potential No Disqualification blow-off down the line. Wilde VS Mendoza is a solid opener, but it seems Mendoza really is the Mendoza Line. He loses as much as he wins to stay at a .500 average. It at least helps Wilde, he needs some wins to stay afloat. Wilde is a good wrestler, but his character is a bit odd, so who knows where he’s really going in the long run. Garza VS Breeze was a really great main event, Tulsa was active and really into it, and it’s a good move for Garza to rebound after the huge loss. I can’t wait to see Devlin be live on NXT and 205 Live next week to start a program with that title. While Heel VS Heel of Devlin and Garza would be great, I still feel a Face moves up first. Either way, this fresh change will be great for everyone in the division.

My Score: 8.2/10

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