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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/16/2020)

It’s the TakeOver Aftermath!




NXT UK continues to take over Blackpool!

Blackpool was again the site of history with NXT UK’s first Women’s Triple Threat and Tag Team Ladder Match. But what is next for this rising kingdom?



  • A-Kid VS Joseph Conners; Conners wins.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Kassius Ohno; Mastiff wins.


WWE and NXT UK mourn the loss of Rocky Johnson.


Blackpool was once again revolutionary!

To celebrate the brand’s third anniversary, NXT UK once again took over the Empress Ballroom and tore the house down! More amazing moments than you can count on both hands, but only the ending was Undisputed! Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish attacked Walter and Imperium to fire the first shot before Worlds Collide! With all of that on Sunday, what happens next?!


A-Kid VS Joseph Conners!

The Spanish Ace is the “shiny new toy,” and the Righteous Killer wants to see if he can break him. Conners wasn’t TakeOver worthy this time, but will he prove himself here tonight?

The bell rings Conners circles with A-Kid. Fans rally as A-Kid waistlocks but Conners drops to switch. A-Kid slips away and the two reset. They tie up, A-Kid gets Conners down to an armlock but Conners headscissors. A-Kid pops out and fans cheer the stand-off. Conners and A-Kid feel out the next grapple, Conners wrenches to an armlock but A-Kid stays up. They go around, A-Kid bridges to slip and throw Conners down! A-Kid traps Conners but Conners headscissors again. This time, Conners holds tight and keeps A-Kid down. A-Kid scuffs with his foot, turns Conners and pops out to lace the legs. Fans cheer this technical ability as A-Kid bridges over, not quite Cattle Mutilation, but then he shifts it to a ghost pin! ONE, and Conners gets to a corner.

Conners shoves A-Kid, so A-Kid shoves back. Conners swings but A-Kid gets under to wrench and roll and roll and ghost pin! ONE and Conners whips A-Kid to a corner. A-Kid boots back then hops up, to flying arm-drag! Kip up and dropkick! Cover, ONE! A-Kid heads up top right away, and leaps, but Conners gets under. A-Kid runs into a back elbow, Conners bulldogs him into buckles! Conners slingshots in for another bulldog! Cover, TWO! Conners shouts “I AM WORTHY!” as he drags A-Kid back up. Conners throws big forearms and knees in the corner, then clubs A-Kid to ropes. Fans troll Conners with “You’re Not Worthy!” as he drags A-Kid up for a suplex. Conners holds A-Kid up for a count of 7 before just tossing A-Kid! Cover, TWO! Conners tries again, TWO!

Conners stomps A-Kid in the face then stalks him to a corner. Fans rally up as Conners drags A-Kid up but A-Kid throws forearms and CHOPS! Conners CHOPS back then scoop slams A-Kid hard! Cover, TWO! Conners keeps his focus as he looms over A-Kid. Conners drags A-Kid up and hits a running sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Conners clamps onto A-Kid’s shoulders and drives knees into his spine! Conners clamps on with a chinbar neck wrench but fans rally again. A-Kid fights his way up and out to CHOP back. Conners swings but misses, A-Kid chops agani. A-Kid rolls Conners and bridges, TWO! Conners blocks a chop to CLOBBER A-Kid! Conners runs, but into a dropkick! A-Kid gets up, waistlocks and German Suplexes! A-Kid clamps back on but Conners bucks him off. A-Kid handsprings back to Northern Lights! Bridge, TWO!

Fans rally harder and A-Kid goes after Conners again with forearms. A-Kid whips, Conners holds ropes and just escapes a boot, but A-Kid DIVES on him instead! Fans love that one! A-Kid puts Conners in the ring and then climbs up top. Conners rolls away but A-Kid hops down. A-Kid goes to fetch Conners from the apron, but Conners hotshots him! Conners slingshots, into a SUPERKICK! Conners flops out of the ring now and A-Kid builds speed, to GOLDEN TRIANGLE! Direct hit with the moonsault but it could’ve been double-edged. The ref checks on both men but they’re both okay to continue. A-Kid gets Conners in the ring and heads back up top. Fans rally up as Conners stands, A-Kid leaps to crossbody! Conners rolls through, “Don’t! Look!” CRADLE COUNTER! TWO! A-Kid hops on, CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Conners survives but fans are loving this.

Another rally starts up and A-Kid looms over Conners now. A-Kid Penalty Kicks Conners hard! And another! Conners sits back up but gets another kick! And another! And another! Conners throws a low shot, ducks a kick and then hits a backbreaker, to flipping facebuster! Snap Chancery! Cover, TWO!! A-Kid survives that assault and Conners is furious! Conners grits his teeth as he drags A-Kid around by his legs. A-Kid denies the figure four, then grabs at Conners. Conners fights out, to get a KNEE! A-Kid runs corner to corner but into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Conners glares at A-Kid before climbing up top. Fans rally again, as Conners moonsaults, into an ARMBAR!

Conners powers up to a cover, but A-Kid triangle holds. Conners powers up to dead lift A-Kid, but A-Kid sunset flips. Conners breaks free but misses the stomp. A-Kid victory rolls, TWO! A-Kid spins Conners around, another cradle, TWO, and A-Kid goes for a suplex. Conners blocks so A-Kid wants the armbar. They go around, A-Kid chicken wings for the backslide, but Conners mule kicks to charlie horse A-Kid! Then DON’T LOOK DOWN! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

He may not be TakeOver worthy yet, but he was good enough to win in the aftermath. Will the Righteous Killer continue racking up victories so that he can finally take over?


NXT UK shares footage from after Trent Seven VS Eddie Dennis.

Seven insisted he was fine, but wanted after Dennis. Dennis said, “Thanks for the match,” but Seven wants to get after him. The referees keep Seven back but he almost reaches Dennis with his kicks. The Man from Moustache Mountain is fired up, when and where will Seven get even with the Welsh Dragon?


The Blackpool Aftermath will continue next week!

Imperium is just as livid over the attack from the Undisputed Era. They will be back on NXT UK next week to vent those frustrations just days before Worlds Collide and their 8 Man Tag against Cole, Strong, Fish & O’Reilly. Plus, after doing his best to help Joe Coffey against Walter and Imperium, Ilja Dragunov returns to in-ring action! Will the Moscow Madman be ready for Finn Balor in Houston?


NXT UK shares footage after the NXT UK Tag Team Championship Ladder match.

“Gallus Boys on top!” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang kept the titles, and were hoping Joe Coffey would become United Kingdom Champion. NXT UK is becoming their kingdom. The win in such a chaotic environment makes this even sweeter. “These titles are going to remain Gallus for a very, very long time!” Of course, we know Joe doesn’t complete the sweet. Will NXT UK remain Gallus’ kingdom without that top prize?


The Alpha Female returns to action next week!

Jazzy Gabert has seemingly stopped listening to the Spoiled Princess, Jinny, and strikes out on her own. Will Jazzy start her own takeover of NXT UK when going against Killer Kelly?


NXT UK shares footage after the NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat.

Toni Storm was so close to taking back the title, but Kay Lee Ray took advantage. She is not sure how to feel after being robbed. And not just of anything, but of “everything that means everything to you.” Everything Toni worked for and lived for. She gets rules are meant to be broken, but not her. This isn’t good for anyone. But Worlds Collide brings an opportunity for the NXT Women’s Championship and Rhea Ripley. How does Toni shift gears? Well this will only make things worse for Rhea, because Toni is feeling worse than before. KLR robbed Toni, Toni will rob Rhea. Will the Storm overwhelm the Riptide in Houston?


NXT UK’s Johnny Saint and Sid Scala have news for Worlds Collide!

The GM and Assistant GM announce that the NXT Cruiserweight Championship will have a Fatal 4 Way title match, and NXT UK will have two representatives! To determine those men, qualifying matches will be held next week as Jordan Devlin goes against El Ligero, and Travis Banks goes against THE Brian Kendrick! Burying the lead is that Kendrick is in the UK brand now. But will the Man with a Plan have a plan for running into a Kiwi Buzzsaw in his first NXT UK match?


Dave Mastiff VS Kassius Ohno!

The Bomber took offense to the Wrestling Genius saying he was the best British style wrestler on the brand despite being a Yankee. Will Ohno reconsider his claims after taking on the literally biggest British wrestler on the roster?

The bell rings and Mastiff stares Ohno down. Ohno mocks Mastiff for thinking he can wrestle the Wrestling Genius. They circle and fans chant “Big Man Wrestling!” Ohno and Mastiff feel out the grapple and go for a test of strength. Ohno realizes he’s not as strong! Mastiff powers Ohno to his knees, but Ohno headbutts out! Ohno wrenches a wrist but Mastiff resists. Mastiff spins, slips through and throws Ohno down! And then goes after the fingers and wrist. Ohno kips up and around, again and again, showing off really, to then break free and pie-face Mastiff. Ohno runs but Mastiff DROPKICKS him down! Mastiff runs but Ohno runs away to avoid a senston. Mastiff gets Ohno at the apron to hip toss him back in.

Mastiff mocks the genius as he stalks him to a corner. Ohno gets back to the apron but Mastiff goes after after him. Mastiff waistlocks but Ohno hangs on for dear life. Ohno gets back in the ring and Mastiff lets go, but Ohno pulls down one of Mastiff’s straps. This traps that arm, and Ohno rams Mastiff into a post! Mastiff gets his strap back up while Ohno backs away. Ohno comes back and resorts to strikes, forearms and CHOPS. Ohno cravats and Mastiff endures. Fans rally and Ohno scoops but Ohno drops for a cravat stunner! Cover, TWO! Ohno somersault sentons! Then again! Fans rally up for Mastiff but Ohno keeps on him with the cravat. Mastiff endures and fights up to his feet. Ohno mocks the chanting fans but Mastiff single-leg suplexes him away!

Ohno sits up but in a bit of a daze. Fans rally up as Ohno goes to a corner. Mastiff runs in but Ohno barrels into him with a shoulder. Things speed up and Mastiff clotheslines Ohno down! Then somersault sentons, and again! And then a dropping back senton! Cover, TWO! Ohno survives being steamrolled and crawls to a corner. Fans rally up again and Mastiff runs corner to corner! Into the SUNSET FLIP! Cover, TWO! Ohno drops his own senton! But Mastiff catches him in a waistlock! Ohno resists, reaches for ropes, but Mastiff GERMAN SUPLEXES Ohno away! Mastiff rises and goes to a corner.

Mastiff climbs up but Ohno gets up to throat chop! The ref reprimands Ohno but Ohno climbs up from the outside. Ohno cravats Mastiff again, but Mastiff breaks free. Mastiff fireman’s carries Ohno, for a SUPER ROLLING SENTON!! Fans are fired up as Mastiff fires himself up, and runs INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber blew up Ohno’s plans and proved that sometimes, brawn does beat brains. Will the Wrestling Genius go back to the drawing board? Or has he learned his lesson?



My Thoughts:

This was a pretty good post-TakeOver episode. We got mostly recaps like how NXT Prime used to do these, but that’s fine. The interview promos were good, and obviously Toni shifts gears quickly to Worlds Collide. Given Toni’s bad mood, I can’t wait to see that one. I like that Sid and Saint announced the UK half of the Cruiserweight Championship match here, but I’m a bit surprised by the choices. Last night I thought SWSC would shift gears, but thinking about it, being in Blackpool for the Ladder match, zipping over to Full Sail for the Dusty Cup, even in losing, there just wouldn’t be time to zip back to the UK and film these matches. I am pretty sure I’m right about Devlin making it in if he’s up against Ligero, but I am surprised it is Travis Banks VS THE Brian Kendrick. Where’s Jack Gallagher? Other than preparing for a story with Drake Maverick on 205 Live it seems.

The other matches we’re getting next week are going to be good. Jazzy Gabert VS Killer Kelly should be good, but we can definitely expect Jinny to pull something. Whoever Ilja is up against, I’m thinking Ilja wins so he goes into Worlds Collide strong against Finn Balor. I feel like Alexander Wolfe should be the one for Imperium to have a match, he didn’t do anything at Blackpool. Imperium’s promo response to Undisputed Era will be good, but I also feel like they should wreck a random tag team or two out of anger. Either way, this build to Worlds Collide has really turned out well. A-Kid VS Conners tonight was really good, and it makes sense for Conners to win. His win streak dates back almost a year now, so I would hope he actually does get his TakeOver match this summer. Ohno VS Mastiff was a lot of fun, went faster than I expected, but it was pretty great that Mastiff won. I wouldn’t mind seeing this match again and done even better.

My Score: 8.2/10

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