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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/2/2020)





Will the Moscow Madman pay the price for Gallus?

The deal struck between Gallus and Imperium brings about this No Disqualifications grudge match! Will Ilja Dragunov survive Wolfe’s wrath?



  • Dave Mastiff VS Kona Reeves; Mastiff wins.
  • El Ligero VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith VS The Outliers; Carter & Smith win.
  • No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Alexander Wolfe; Dragunov wins.


NXT UK General Manager and Assistant GM welcome us to the show.

Johnny Saint and Sid Scala say that “following recent events,” two more matches are made for TakeOver: Blackpool II! After Eddie Dennis decked Trent Seven, and after all the egging on of Tyler Bate by Jordan Devlin, those pairs will each go 1v1! Will Moustache Mountain win even when they’re apart?


Dave Mastiff VS Kona Reeves!

The Bomber of Black Country is feeling fine in the New Year, but he has a Worlds Collide teaser with The Finest! Will Kona be feeling anything but fine after going Into the Void?

Before the match, Kona has a mic and says, “Everyone, shut up! Look, look, look! I do not have the patience to deal with any of you tonight!” Fans troll Kona with “Who are ya?! Who are ya?!” as he blames their “disgusting, disrespectful” behavior for throwing him off against Trent Seven. Kona was jet-lagged, didn’t eat well, and didn’t sleep well. Therefore, he wasn’t ready! But no one takes this serious. Kona wants the UK fans to sit down so he can focus on the “monstrosity,” Dave Mastiff. Mastiff looks like he could be a power-lifting strong men. And he used to be undefeated. But does Mastiff really think he deserves to be in the ring with a “top tier superstar” like Kona? Kona wants “Dave” to hear him out. This is his lucky night. Tonight, Mastiff gets to go home to his “pathetic family” and tell them that he had the “honor” of losing to The Finest!

The ref keeps Mastiff back while Kona puts the mic down and takes off his shirt. The bell rings, and Mastiff dares Kona to bring on the fight. Kona jabs a finger into Mastiff’s chest so Mastiff DECKS him! Kona gets up but Mastiff keeps on him with big body shots and haymakers! Mastiff whips Kona to shoulder block him out of the ring! Fans fire up with Mastiff as he goes out to keep on Kona. Kona hits low and bumps Mastiff off the apron. Kona climbs the steel steps and leaps, into Mastiff’s arms! Mastiff scoops but Kona slips out to shove Mastiff into steel steps! And again! Kona gets back in the ring at 7 then drags Mastiff up onto the apron. Mastiff punches Kona off him but Kona knee lifts him down! Kona glares as he goes out to club away on Mastiff. Kona puts the apron skirt over Mastiff’s face to club away on him harder!

The ref reprimands Kona but Kona lets up to climb onto the apron. Kona taunts Mastiff as he stalks him in the ring. Kona throws haymakers and back hands but Mastiff fires up. Mastiff hits back with body shots, but Kona kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Kona grows frustrated and he punches away on Mastiff’s head. Kona runs as fans rally up and he BOOTS Mastiff down! Cover, TWO! Kona eggs Mastiff on and clubs his back, but Mastiff gets up in anger! Mastiff back drops Kona! Mastuff punches, wrenches, waistlocks and German Suplexes! Kona is in the corner, Mastiff leaps INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber sits Kona up to toy with him a little more, but Mastiff has his payback for all the trash talk. Will Mastiff be the one having the finest 2020?


Toni Storm is here!

The Lightning from Down Under returns and Hull is happy to see her. Toni takes up the mic to say, “After I loss the NXT UK Women’s Championship, I had to go away for awhile, because I just… I just didn’t know myself anymore.” Fans chant “Welcome Back!” Toni continues to say Kay Lee Ray really got in her head and it sent her off into a dark place, maybe made her go a little crazy. But Toni owes someone an apology for that. Toni wants to talk to Piper Niven. Piper does appear! She also has a mic as she joins Toni in the ring. Toni says she owes Piper an apology. She was stupid enough to let KLR drive a wedge between them. Toni is sorry for that.

But before moving past this, Toni needs one favor. Toni’s personal issues with KLR are not over, so she needs Piper to step away from the NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat in Blackpool. But as soon as Toni wins that title back, Piper is her first challenger, that is a promise. So just step aside. Fans say “No! No!” Piper says she loves Toni, she’s a dear friend and they’ve been through so much together. So Toni should know how hard Piper has had to work to be here. She can’t let this opportunity get away. Toni had her chance, Piper has to try now. The answer is no. Toni gets mad and turns Piper around, Piper HEADBUTTS her down! Piper regrets doing that to her friend, but Toni comes back with fire! They brawl with forearms and haymakers!

Referees rush out but fans want to “Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!” KLR comes out, laughing all the way as she holds up the title. Toni still goes after Piper and vice-versa, and KLR is loving it. Will she continue to use her former friends against each other even in Blackpool?


El Ligero VS Kassius Ohno!

The Luchador of Leeds used to have a lot of respect for the Knockout Artist, until he realized it wasn’t mutual. The “Wrestling Genius” beat Ligero with a little cheat, but will Ligero get him back for that in spades?

The bell rings and Ligero circles with Ohno. Ohno stays back, shouting that “I just want to wrestle!” After all, he’s no longer the Knockout Artist. Ligero backs off and Ohno comes out to circle with him again. They tie up, Ohno wristlocks and wrenches but Ligero works on his escape. Ligero rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to wring Ohno out! Ohno gets up and Ligero eggs him on. They circle again and Ohno gets the head. He has the mask by the horns! Ligero breaks free to forearm! Ohno gets very upset, he’s trying to wrestle and Ligero wants to fight! Ohno backs away to a corner for his own safety, and Ligero stays back. Ohno gets up and Ligero fires off kicks and forearms! Just because Ohno is limiting himself doesn’t mean Ligeor has to!

Ohno headlocks but Ligero slips out to back kick. Ligero whips but Ohno reverses. Ligero redirects and slips under to dropkick a leg out! Ligero keeps moving, sunset flip but Ohno braeks free. Ohno goes to senton but Ligero dodges! Ligero runs in at the corner but is put on the apron. Ligero slingshots back in, dodges Ohno and headscissors him out. Ohno gets scared of the haymaker and bails out! Fans rally behind Ligero and taunt Ohno as the ring count begins. Ohno takes his time before getting up on the apron. Ligero rushes at Ohno but Ohno backs away. Ligero goes out to pursue and they end up back in the ring. Ohno catches Ligero by the horn of the mask and hits a jawbreaker! Ligero is in the corner but Ohno drags him up with a chinbar. Ohno wrenches and wrings Ligero out into ropes! Ohno taunts Ligero now as he looms over him.

Fans rally for Ligero as Ohno clamps on a neck wrench. Ligero endures and fights his way up, but Ohno shifts to a cravat and lift! Ohno holds Ligero off the ground bu Ligero pulls on Ohno’s hair to get leverage. Ohno threatens, “Don’t make me hit you!” and then shows a punch! But this is to fake Ligero out for the leg capture. So Ligero BOOTS Ohno away! Ohno runs in at the corner but Ligero throws him out hard! Ligero FLIES and takes down Ohno! Fans rally behind Ligero as he climbs up top. Ohno stands, Ligero missile dropkicks him down! Both men are slow to stand but Ligero has a cravat of his own. Ohno powers out and Ligero ends up on the apron. Ligero enziguris back, steps in, but gets caught! Ohno pulls on the mask! Ligero drops down and victory rolls, TWO!

Ohno grabs a leg but Ligero sits on him, TWO! Ohno gets up but Ligero spins him around, STUNNER! Ligero hops on, DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Fans sing for Ligero as he and Ohno slowly rise again. Ligero runs, springboards, but Ohno shoves him to get caught in the ropes. Ohno uses the ropes to snap Ligero down! Ohno drags Ligero around, traps an arm and cravats, KASSIUS KLUTCH! Ligero is caught in the modified crossface but he gets his arm free. Ohno still pulls on the cravat, Ligero taps!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by submission

The Wrestling Genius has his win without throwing a single strike! Ohno gets a mic to tell the fans, “Silence!” Ohno figured out why he lost to Tyler Bate. Ohno promises that will never happen again. He had lost sight of why he came to NXT UK. He is here to be “the living embodiment of British Professional Wrestling.” So it makes Ohno physically ill that “not a soul in that dressing room knows a damn thing about British Professional Wrestling.” The Wrestling Genius doesn’t need to knock someone out when he can beat them with wrestling! “Because I am Kassius Ohno, the greatest British wrestler alive!” Will that statement stay true even in the New Year?


NXT UK Media catches up with A-Kid.

The Spanish Ace says in Spanish that he is excited to see Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin for TakeOver: Blackpool II. But then Joseph Conners takes over this interview by taking the camera. “TakeOver, I am worthy. Joseph Conners is worthy. I am TakeOver worthy!” A-Kid tells Conners to put the camera down. Oh sorry for ruining the promo. A-Kid’s on a great roll already, huh? “But rest assured, I have no problem ruining things for you.” A-Kid makes sure the camera man is okay. They’ll have to try this again. But will A-Kid find himself the target of the Righteous Killer in the New Year?


NXT UK Media catches Kassius Ohno as he returns backstage.

“Oh, see that? Best British Wrestler alive! I said it, I meant it. FIND someone better than me!” Dave Mastiff comes along and disagrees. “I’m not having that. Best British Wrestler alive?” Well when Ohno is ready to fight a real British Heavyweight, you know where to find Mastiff. Will the Wrestling Genius have an answer for the Bomber before Blackpool?


Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith VS The Outliers!

The Predator Killer combines with his friend, the Manchester Prestige, and they plan to “WOOP!” the competition. But will this new duo be able to beat the big, bad and bulky Riddick Moss and Dorian Mak?

The teams sort out and Carter starts against Moss. The two circle and fans are on Carter’s side. They tie up, Moss throws Carter down then builds up a lot of speed to run Carter right over! Moss mocks Carter but Carter kicks him back! Moss wobbles, Carter slides and hops over to mule kick! Fans fire up with Carter but Moss blocks the whip. Moss whips Carter but Carter avoids Mak, only for Moss to elbow Carter down! Tag to Mak and Mak actually throws Carter to the corner! “I want the fresh one.” Smith tags in and Moss taunts the “fresh meat.” Smith and Mak tie up and Mak carries Smith to the open corner! Mak rams his shoulder in over and over then backs off at 4. Mak perhaps shouts out the Croatian Colossus as he shouts, “Time to fly!” as he TOSSES Smith across the ring!

Mak flexes and roars while also grinning. Mak looms over Smith and drags him up. Fans rally for Smith and he slips away to tag in Carter! Smith BOOTS Mak then Carter dropkicks! Mak wobbles into a DOUBLE DROPKICK! Moss runs in, into a double hip toss! Mak returns but gets double forearms! Moss backs off and the Outliers are stuck outside the ring! Fans fire up as Moss and Mak talk to each other. “WOOP!” echoes through the arena as Mak and Moss fire each other up. Mak gets back in but Carter throws body shots. Carter bobs ‘n’ weaves but Mak shoves him to LARIAT! Mak whips Carter corner to corner and rams a BIG back elbow in! Then another! And another! Mak and Moss both talk trash as Mak drags Carter over.

Tag to Moss and the Outliers mug Carter in their corner. Moss fires off forearm after forearm until the ref counts to 4, and Moss is all fired up! Moss flexes at Smith and then drags Carter up. Carter throws more body shots and an uppercut! Moss shoves but Carter hits Mak! Carter fights out of the corner, but runs into a lift and SLAM DUNK! Tag to Mak and Moss drags Carter up. Moss feeds Carter to Mak’s huge suplex! Cover, TWO! Mak is annoyed and fans rally up. Tag to Moss, the Outliers mug Carter more, and Moss grinds his forearms into Carter’s face in a thrashing chinlock. Carter endures as fans continue to rally.

Carter fights up, arm-drags Moss off, but leaps into Moss’s arms! Carter sunset flips, Moss drags him up and back suplexes, but Carter lands on his feet! Hot tag to Smith! And Smith fires off furious forearms! Backbreaker! Moss flounders to a corner but Smith whips. Moss reverses, Smith goes up and dodges to BOOT back! Smith keeps moving to shotgun BOOT! He dropkicks Mak away but Moss RAMS him in the corner! Moss and Mak are fired up all over again, and shouts, “IT’S OVER!” Moss drags Smith up as Mak climbs, but Smith cradle counters! Mak is too slow in hopping down, Smith & Carter win!!

Winners: Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, Smith by pinfall

The Outliers got too cocky again! And because of that, Carter & Smith have a huge first win together! Will Carter & Smith make big leaps and bounds in 2020? Will the Outliers ever get things right?


The NXT UK Tag Team titles are Gallus!

But for how long? A Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match is coming in Blackpool! Gallus defends against familiar foes in the Grizzled Young Veterans and the South Wales Subculture, but now you add in Imperium and things are going to be even crazier! The brawling, the talking, it gave Johnny Saint and Sid Scala no choice but to make this match. Zack Gibson and James Drake are upset that this “ridiculous” stipulation was added. If you want to watch “blokes climbing ladders,” go watch some daytime television do-it-yourself show. Imperium says ladders have nothing to do with their sacred sport, but if this is what they must do to sanctify the division, then so be it.

Nigel McGuinness says that looking back on the legends and icons that have been in ladder matches, these kinds of matches can make careers. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews promise that no one flies higher than them, especially in a ladder match. They will do everything they can to again become champions. Gallus promises to bring “complete annihilation and domination” to the table. Sid Scala and Johnny Saint can’t wait to see this match happen. Will NXT UK remain Gallus? Will Imperium completely take over? Or will history be made with the first-ever two-time NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Who establishes their kingdom?


No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Alexander Wolfe!

Despite there being no rules but to win, there is a ringside ban of Gallus and Imperium! This must be settled between the Moscow Madman and the dangerous German Ax-man! Who wins and who survives this battle in the war for NXT UK?

But since there are no rules, Ilja goes after Wolfe the second he makes his entrance! So the fight starts on the ramp! The titantron gives us the silhouette of the fight as the New World Symphony plays, it’s incredibly theatrical! But then things spill down the ramp and to ringside, Wolfe rams Ilja into the apron! Wolfe throws off his jacket, but Ilja was waiting for that so he could CHOP Wolfe! Ilja clubs Wolfe on the back then fights him around the corner. Ilja CHOPS again and headlocks, but Wolfe back suplexes him onto the apron! Wolfe gets in and grabs Ilja by the face. Wolfe shouts something in German but Ilja slips out and around to BACK HAND and senton! Fans fire up with Ilja as he goes up top, but he has to leap over Wolfe.

Wolfe kicks low and whips but Ilja reverses. Wolfe falls out of the ring hard, Ilja builds speed but Wolfe avoids the 619. Wolfe hops up but gets a BIG knee strike! Ilja climbs up top and aims, to LEAP for a big ax handle! Fans fire up with Ilja again as he stands tall! Ilja throws Wolfe into the ring and decides to take full advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation. Ilja gets a kendo stick! Fans cheer as Ilja grins and gets in the ring. Ilja swings but Wolfe blocks and disarms him! Impressive. Ilja dares Wolfe to hit him in the head. Ilja takes his fighting stance, Wolfe grins and puts the stick down. Fans boo, but Wolfe dares Ilja to use the stick. Ilja hesitates but goes to pick it up, only for Wolfe to KICK him down! Wolfe picks the stick back up and SMACKS Ilja on the back!

Ilja writhes but Wolfe sits him up to SMACK him again! Wolfe is having fun playing around with the stick before he SMACKS Ilja again! Wolfe gives toying jabs and smacks, and even mockingly knights Ilja. Ilja slaps the stick away, and blocks the head shot! Ilja and Wolfe struggle for control, but Ilja CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Wolfe BOOTS, then uses the stick as part of a cobra clutch BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Wolfe brings the stick around to jam into Ilja’s face as part of the chinlock. Fans rally up and Ilja fights up, but Wolfe gets the kendo stick inside Ilja’s mouth! Ilja bites on the stick as he fights up again! Ilja powers the stick off and throws Wolfe away. Wolfe comes back to enziguri! Wolfe runs, but into a SMACK! Ilja fires up as he SMACKS and SMACKS again!

Wolfe bails out of the ring but Ilja pursues. Ilja SMACKS but Wolfe catches it. Wolfe forearms, Ilja slips away and 6-1-SMACKS Wolfe down! Fans are all fired up with Ilja as he slams the stick down. Ilja gets a new idea, and starts searching under the ring. Fans of course want tables, and Ilja finds a table! Ilja stands the table up against the ring then throws Wolfe into the steel steps! Ilja slides the table into the ring and sets it up in a corner. Fans rally as the wood is wedged in place. Wolfe crawls up but Ilja stomps on him. Ilja drags Wolfe in, wrenches and reels him in, but Wolfe blocks the suplex! Wolfe throws body shots and turns things around, but now Ilja blocks. Ilja slips out and has a waistlock! Wolfe fights off the German Suplex with elbows, standing switches, but now Ilja blocks! Ilja throws Wolfe off and BOOTS him out of the ring!

Fans cheer as Ilja catches his breath and builds speed. But Wolfe throws a CHAIR at Ilja’s head! Wolfe then drags Ilja off the top to a fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! It was double-edged and the referee checks on both men. The fans are stunned, but both men are okay to continue. Wolfe has the chair again and puts it in the ring. Fans still rally for Ilja as Wolfe puts him in the ring. Wolfe drags Ilja over and headlocks, but Ilja fights out! Ilja enziguris Wolfe down! Wolfe goes for the chair but Ilja stands on it. Ilja shakes his head, “No,” then baits Wolfe into a KNEE! Ilja returns the chair shot! Fans fire up as Ilja grabs the chair again. Ilja wedges the chair in Wolfe’s face before going to the adjacent corner. Ilja climbs, fans build anticipation, FULL METAL COAST2COAST! Cover, TWO!! Wolfe survives and shocks Ilja!

Fans rally up again as both Ilja and Wolfe slowly rise. Ilja goes back out and grabs something more from under the ring. He brings in a chair and then confiscates the timekeeper’s chair! And the announcer’s, and another! Fans fire up as Ilja brings all these things together into a chair pile. Ilja has Wolfe in the corner and up on the top rope. Fans anticipate what’s coming next as Ilja climbs up to join Wolfe. Wolfe resists and slips out, to get Ilja on his shoulders! Ilja holds on for dear life and hammers away. So Wolfe trips him up, and GERMAN SUPLEXES Ilja onto the chair pile! Then a DDT onto more chairs! Cover, TWO!! Ilja lives and Wolfe can’t believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Wolfe clears chairs away. Wolfe has one chair for his own and he SMACKS Ilja on the back!

Wolfe puts the chair under Ilja’s chin, and JAMS it off the mat!! Ilja gasps and sputters to breathe, but Wolfe isn’t done with him. Wolfe has another chair in hand. But Ilja stands up straight, which makes Wolfe hesitate. But Wolfe still JAMS the chair into Ilja’s stomach, then takes one of Ilja’s hands to mouse trap SNAP it inside the chair! Ilja writhes, his hand more than likely shattered! But Wolfe shows no mercy, he wants the other hand! Wolfe grabs it, brings it over, and SNAPS the chair shut! Wolfe says this is what Ilja gets for choosing the wrong side. But Ilja dodges the chair shot to LARIAT! Ilja can’t use his hands but he still has his arms! Fans fire up behind Ilja as he fireman’s carries Wolfe! DEATH VALLEY THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Hull is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as well as Ilja. Ilja goes to the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Cover, Ilja wins!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

As Tom Philips asks, “What is Ilja Dragunov made of?!” But whether superhuman or something more, Ilja won this match and the adoration of this audience! Will this be a pivotal battle in the war for NXT UK?

But wait! Imperium attacks now that the ringside ban is lifted! Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are beating down Ilja! They drag Ilja up and to the corner, Barthel hops up as Aichner lifts Ilja, EUROBOMB!! Walter takes his time walking out, WWE United Kingdom Championship in hand. Fans boo as Imperium stands tall here tonight. But here comes JOE COFFEY! Coffey gives Walter All the Best for the Bells, then runs off! The Iron King won’t let the Ring General rest easy with TakeOver: Blackpool II looming. Will NXT UK still be Gallus? Or will Imperium finally take over?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! Mastiff has fun squashing Kona Reeves, Ohno VS Ligero was a real good match, and I think it’s really great that we’re going to see Mastiff VS Ohno soon. That will literally be the biggest test for Ohno’s mission of being purely British Wrestling so far. Carter & Smith VS The Outliers, Mak & Moss, was a really fun tag match. Mak & Moss are already a great team and great Heels, and this is actually a really hilarious thing for them to be: choke artists. Both guys are former football players, and normal professional sports have moments like this where a team or player chokes when they’ve got it in the bag, so it’s pretty clever for that to be how these two start. I’d think these two get a win eventually, and celebrate as if they’d won titles just to up the ridiculousness of these two.

The Women’s Championship plug was a really good segment. Toni Storm is doing great blurring the lines, where she was almost Face but she pulled a Heel move of asking a favor everyone knew Piper wasn’t going to honor. KLR is being booked as a great manipulative Heel, and that is definitely how the Triple Threat is going to go. The NXT UK Tag Team Ladder Match video package was great, but that was a given. And the No Disqualifications match, WOW. Roughly 20 minutes and it was just so good. I don’t think I’ve seen something quite like the chair mouse trap spot, and Ilja did a great job selling. It works great that Ilja won, as it spurs Imperium to go after him. I was surprised it wasn’t all of Gallus retaliating but Joe Coffey’s hit and run with the lariat was still a great move. We have the go-home next week, that’s going to be great.

My Score: 8.3/10

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