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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/23/20)

Who is heading to Houston?




Angel Garza’s Fatal 4 Way will be filled out tonight!

Worlds Collide is coming, and the NXT Cruiserweight Champion will be in the biggest defense of his young reign! Isaiah “Swerve” Scott has already qualified, but who from NXT UK will join them?



  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Jordan Devlin VS El Ligero; Devlin wins and challenges for the title at Worlds Collide.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Josh Morrell; Dragunov wins.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: THE Brian Kendrick VS Travis Banks; Banks wins and challenges for the title at Worlds Collide.


Johnny Saint and Sid Scala are in the ring!

The NXT UK GM and Assistant GM are standing by a table with a cloth on it, and the shape under the cloth is very familiar. But before they speak, they’re joined by Imperium! Just days ahead of Worlds Collide, and just one day removed from invading NXT in the US, the most dominant force in NXT UK returns. Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe flank the ring to make way for their Ring General. With these four now in the ring, Sid speaks to the NXT UK Universe. On behalf of himself and Saint, they thank the fans for making this brand the fastest growing brand in the history of WWE! Fans cheer, but now with that in mind, this is a proud moment to present to the United Kingdom Championship, the NEW NXT UK Championship! The belt isn’t that different, really, but it has NXT’s logo on it, not WWE’s.

And now, with his newly minted belt in hand, Walter takes the mic. Fans say, “You Deserve It!” and Walter thanks the GM for finally listening to him. They finally realized they should get rid of the same belt that was held in the grubby hands of Tyler Bate and the mouth of Pete Dunne. Now, this NXT United Kingdom Championship is the greatest prize that European pro-wrestling can have. It takes a champion like Walter to give it the respect and honor it deserves. Speaking of respect… Walter angrily knocks the podium aside to shout a threat to the Undisputed Era! Imperium is still seething over what happened in Blackpool! The Undisputed Era had the gall to disrespect Imperium on their sacred mat! Cole and his “pathetic boys” represent everything that is wrong with wrestling today!

For the Era, wrestling is a job. For Imperium, wrestling is LIFE! Come Worlds Collide, Imperum will humiliate and hurt the Era in the name of restoring honor to this sport they love! They are Imperium, and to them, #TheMatIsSacred! Imperium has said their piece, but there will only be war in Houston! Which side wins when Worlds Collide?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: Jordan Devlin VS El Ligero!

Speaking of Worlds Collide, we have our first of two qualifiers to open the action! The Irish Ace and the Luchador de Leeds want a shot at Angel Garza but must get through each other first. Will aces be high? Or will the light shine bright tonight in York?

Before the bell, Devlin talks trash right up in Ligero’s face. Ligero doesn’t mind that, but Devlin tugs on the horns of his mask so Ligero DECKS him! The ref backs Ligero up and the bell rings. Ligero fires off even more furious forearms and fists! Ligero whips Devlin, Devlin reverses but Ligero rolls him to a lateral then ghost pin! TWO, and Ligero kicks. Devlin blocks so Ligero BOOTS him! Ligero runs corner to corner to clothesline and fireman’s carry, to a reverse Death Valley! Cover, TWO! Ligero keeps his cool as Devlin gets away. Devlin stands and BOOTS Ligero back, then hits the BIG Urenage! Standing moonsault added on, but Devlin doesn’t cover. Devlin stands on Ligero’s head while finally taking off the jacket. The ref counts and Devlin lets up at 4 to rain down angry rights!

Devlin drags Ligero up by his arm to wrench, but no ripcord as Ligero arm-drags out. Ligero clotheslines Devlin out of the ring and fans fire up! Ligero slingshots but lands on the apron. Devlin pulls Ligero off it but Ligero CHOPS Devlin! Ligero runs in, Devlin puts him back on the apron, but Ligero handstands to rebound. Devlin blocks the headscissors to push Ligero back up and SUPERKICK him down! Both men are down on the outside but fans are fired up. Devlin gets up as the ring count climbs, and drags Ligero up to throw him into steel steps! The count stops at 5 as the ref reprimands Devlin. Devlin brings Ligero up and in, then rolls. Ligero swings, Devlin ducks, BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Devlin scowls but fans rally for Ligero.

Devlin tells York to shush as he drives elbows into Ligero’s head. Devlin pulls on the horns again, then wrenches. Devlin whips Ligero hard into buckles but Ligero stays up. Devlin stalks Ligero along the ropes, shoves him into the ropes and rams a forearm into the back. Devlin taunts Ligero and gives him swift kicks while he’s down. Ligero shakes his head as Devlin wrenches. Devlin lifts Ligero for the atomic backbreaker! Devlin stands on Ligero’s head again then walks around. Ligero sits up but Devlin bumps him off buckles. Devlin stomps and stomps then grinds his boot in. The ref counts but Ligero ends up flopping out of the ring, Devlin was pushing him that hard. Devlin soaks up the heat as the ring count climbs. Fans troll with cheers for Tyler Bate, who beat Devlin in Blackpool. Devlin eggs Ligero on and Ligero gets in, only for Devlin to drop an elbow. Cover, TWO!

Devlin looms over Ligero as fans rally up. Devlin puts Ligero in a seated cobra twist and digs an elbow into the ribs. Ligero endures but now Devlin clubs him. Devlin tells Ligero to give up, Ligero shouts, “NO!” Ligero pops one arm free and uses it to push Devlin back. Jawbreaker! Devlin staggers to one corner and Ligero is in the other. Devlin runs in but gets boots, and then Ligero jumps over him. Ligero mule kicks Devlin then ax kicks. Ligero LARIATS and fans are fired up! Devlin gets to a corner, Ligero runs in but misses. Ligero puts Devlin on the apron, then slips out just before Devlin slingshots back in! Devlin’s cutter misses and he back flops on the mat. Ligero steps in, for a STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but fans are still rallying for Ligero.

Ligero focuses and stalks up behind Devlin. Devlin rises and Ligero springboards, but Devlin gets under. SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO! Ligero lives and Devlin grows frustrated. Fans sing for Ligero but Devlin drags him to the drop zone. Devlin climbs up but Ligero anchors a foot. Devlin clubs Ligero but Ligero Electric Chairs. Devlin keeps fighting and gets out. Ligero standing switches, shoves Devlin and SMACKS Devlin in the back with a forearm! Devlin’s tasting his own medicine now. Ligero back suplexes but Devlin lands on his feet, to give Ligero a Half Nelson Suplex! Both men are down as fans remix the James Drake trolling, “He’s got his own~ name, on his ass! He’s got his own~ name, on his ass! He’s got his own~ name, on his ass! He’s got his own~ name, on his ass, ASS NAME.” Ass Name- Er, Devlin crawls and covers, TWO!

Devlin drags Ligero back to a drop zone and heads up top again. Fans rally for Ligero as Devlin MOONSAULTS, but he sees those boots coming! But he doesn’t see the cradle counter! TWO, and Ligero runs back in, only for Devlin to trip him up. Devlin high stacks, but he uses the ropes! The ref catches that in time, so Devlin doesn’t get the pin! Devlin pleads with the ref but the fans cheer the ref on. Ligero waistlocks and rolls Devlin back, TWO! Devlin kicks low then ripcords, but into a DDT! Ligero drags Devlin up, pump handles, for a DRIVER! Ligero goes to a corner and climbs up top, to FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but Ligero is too tired to be upset. Fans rally back up and both men rise.

Ligero is up first and grabs at Devlin. Ligero throws a forearm but Devlin SLAPS. Ligero forearms, Devlin gives it back. Ligero hits and hits and hits, then CHOPS! Ligero goes to run but Devlin reels him in, so Ligero elbows back. Ligero springboards but Devlin gets under. Devlin is on the apron and Ligero runs in, to get a headbutt! Devlin slingshots and CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Ligero lives but Devlin ripcords, DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall; advances to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The Irish Ironman outlasts Ligero and has eclipsed the light. But will Devlin bring down Angel and Swerve? For that matter, who else joins the field of four in Houston?


Backstage interview with Kay Lee Ray.

The Scary Queen of Scots is still NXT UK Women’s Champion after Blackpool, but she will be busy in Houston against Mia Yim. How is she preparing for the HBIC? Her methods haven’t changed. She beat Toni Storm and Piper Niven at the same time by taking advantage, and she’ll do the same to Mia. Radzi wishes her the best of luck, but she doesn’t need luck. KLR is confident and heads out, but now Imperium comes in. Barthel asks Radzi what he’s doing. He should be thinking about people the fans want to actually see. That is to say, Imperium!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! South Wales Subculture, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster disagree. They overheard that line about being most dominant force, yet they haven’t been tag team champions. The Undisputed Era got the drop on them, too, for that matter. SWSC heads out before Imperium gets angry, but will these two teams collide on the road back to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


The Blackpool fallout will continue next week!

Eddie Dennis all but destroyed Trent Seven in their match just four days ago, but we’ll have to wait seven more days for him to speak on why he did it. What will the dangerous dragon of Wales have to say?


Finn Balor profiles his Worlds Collide opponent.

“Ilja Dragunov is the guy that likes to challenge himself. He’s talented. Reminds me a lot of myself.” Fast, smart, fearless. But what Finn also sees is belief. Belief that he belongs in the ring with someone like Finn. But some advice from The Prince: When you come at him, you better not miss. Otherwise, he puts you down.


Ilja Dragunov VS Josh Morrell!

We heard from the Moscow Madman about Finn last night, and we heard Finn’s words again. Things are going to get rrrreeeal when Worlds Collide, will Dragunov pick up speed as he heads for Houston?

The bell rings and Morrell ties up with Dragunov. Dragunov waistlocks and slams Morrell down! Then gator rolls him all around. Fans cheer as Dragunov wrenches and yanks Morrell’s arm. Morrell rolls and cartwheels and handsprings to then climb and escape Dragunov’s grip. But Morrell stops in his tracks when seeing Dragunov’s fighting stance! Fans cheer as Dragunov eggs Morrell on. Morrell goes after a leg but Dragunov headlocks. Morrell powers out but gets run over! Things speed up, Morrell hurdles and rolls off Dragunov’s back, then wheelbarrows. But Dragunov shoves him away to then leap and BOOT Morrell down!

Fans cheer as Dragunov runs at Morrell in a corner. Morrell gets clear and Dragunov hits buckles, then Morrell hits back with European Uppercuts. Morrell whips corner to corner but Dragunov reverses. Morrell goes up and CORKSCREWS over, only to get the back hand! And the senton! Dragunov fires up and York fires up with him as he goes corner to corner for a big knee! Dragunov keeps moving, 6-1-LINE! Dragunov drags Morrell up, wrenches and pump handles, for a BOMB! Dragunov aims from the corner and fans shout along, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” Torpedo Moscow! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

The Moscow Madman keeps pace with The Prince, but he also wants to speak to the Prince. Dragunov gets the mic and says, “I’m a man of few words. But the words I choose, the words I use, I use them very, very, VERY carefully.” Dragunov wants Finn Balor, the Prince, to know at Worlds Collide, he will realize what- Wait, Gallus appears! Joe Coffey has the mic but it’s clear from Wolfgang’s gestures that this is about the malfunction in Blackpool. Joe tells Wolfgang and brother Mark to stay back. Joe wants a minute alone with the Mad Russian. Gallus obliges and Joe gets this off his chest.

In Blackpool, Gallus retained their tag titles. But Joe, he didn’t get the job done and lost. He feels like he let us all down. In the end, he is ultimately to blame. But Dragunov does share some fault. It may be lost in translation with the language barrier, but the Gallus firm appreciated what Dragunov did for them, until Blackpool. Dragunov was an ally against Imperium. Joe can’t speak for Dragunov, he’s not Gallus. But in the end, Dragunov cost Joe the “biggest score” in NXT UK. Joe knows Dragunov heads for Houston and Finn Balor. Joe knows Dragunov reps NXT UK, this brand! But he’s representing Joe’s kingdom. For now, they’re fine. But after Worlds Collide and the Prince, Dragunov has something to settle with NXT UK’s Iron King. A very stern warning has been given. Will Dragunov be able to focus on Finn when he knows Coffey is coming for him?


Imperium goes to talk with management.

Wolfe knocks on the door, and Saint and Sid come out to see him, Aichner and Barthel. What is this visit about? They want to make something clear. After SWSC confronted them, Imperium wants to “make an example out of them.” The GM can let them handle this in a tag team match. Well that seems fine by Saint. He whispers something to Sid, and the match has been made. But as Wolfe sometimes has issues with the rules, it will become a Six Man Tag instead. What? Imperium will take on SWSC, and a partner of their choosing. It all happens next week. Well that’s not quite satisfactory, but it’ll have to do. Who will join Andrews & Webster in waging war with Imperium’s soldiers?


Another match has been made for next week!

The Hunt returns, but so does the One Two! Primate and Wild Boar get to throw hands (paws? hooves?) with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan! Who makes some big waves as NXT UK rolls on?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4 Way Qualifier: THE Brian Kendrick VS Travis Banks!

The Man with a Plan makes a surprising jump across the pond, but he’s jumping in against a Kiwi Buzzsaw! Does Kendrick stand a chance against a man very hungry for gold?

The bell rings and fans actually cheer for Kendrick. Well they duel, as fans also cheer for Banks. Kendrick and Banks dare each other to bring the fight, but when neither does, they both get annoyed. Kendrick decides to just punch Banks. Banks kicks away on Kendrick’s leg! Kendrick headlocks, Banks powers out and trips Kendrick up to then flip, roll and body scissor cradle! TWO and Kendrick gets to a corner. Banks waits for the veteran to stand up and the fans rally up. Kendrick runs in but his boot is caught. Banks sweeps the legs then hits a basement dropkick! Kendrick rolls out of the ring but Banks is on him at the apron. Kendrick hotshots Banks away but Banks comes back to kick Kendrick out! Banks then goes to the apron for a BIG Penalty Kick!

Fans cheer as Banks drags Kendrick up to CHOP against barriers. And again! Banks CHOPS Kendrick more as the ring count climbs. Banks clubs Kendrick on the back, refreshes the count, then puts Kendrick in. Banks covers, TWO, but Banks keeps his cool. Banks sits Kendrick up for a half nelson and chinbar. Banks thrashes Kendrick around but Kendrick gets up to power him into buckles. Kendrick elbows Banks in the ribs but the ref counts. Kendrick backs off to come back in, but Banks sends him tumbling out! Fans rally and duel as Banks goes out to fetch Kendrick again. Banks grabs at Kendrick but Kendrick resists, and slams Banks’ hand on the steel steps! And again! Then he puts the hand inside the handle to STOMP!

Banks writhes and the ref reprimands Kendrick, but Kendrick grabs Banks’ hand. Kendrick holds fingers open to grind the webbing against the rope! Banks shouts from the pain of that unique rope burn but the ref keeps reprimanding. Kendrick smacks Banks’ hand off the barriers then leaves him behind. Fans duel harder as Kendrick catches his breath. The ring count climbs but Banks is in at 4. Kendrick stands on the bad hand to drop a knee on it! Kendrick grabs the hand and pulls back to jam fingers into the mat! Kendrick stands on Banks in the corner to grind his boots in. The ref counts, Kendrick lets up at 4. Kendrick clamps onto the arm and a chinbar, to then bend the arm inward for a modified chicken wing. Kendrick leans on it but Banks endures.

Fans rally up as Kendrick keeps cranking, but Banks continues to endure. Kendrick clubs Banks from behind with forearms then pulls him around into a half straitjacket. Banks continues to endure and fans duel now. Banks works to get Kendrick off him, then throws big body shots. But Kendrick wrings out the arm and drives Banks into the mat! Kendrick stands on the hand and fans boo, but Kendrick lets up at 4. Banks dodges the knee drop to then throw big forearms with his good arm! Kendrick shoves but Banks comes back to DECK him! Banks gets to a corner, Kendrick rises and fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” for giving them this great match. Kendrick runs in but Banks sweeps the legs! Kendrick hits buckles while Banks runs side to side, basement dropkick! Banks keeps going, another basement dropkick! Then corner to corner, CANNONBALL!

Fans fire up for Banks as Kendrick flounders out of the ring. Banks runs to DIVE! The Low-pe hits! But both men are down on the outside, so fans rally up. Banks drags Kendrick up with one good arm and puts him back in the ring. Banks shakes out his bad arm before climbing up top. Kendrick stands, Banks leaps, missile dropkick! Kendrick is in the corner again, Banks runs up to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives and Banks clutches his bad arm. Fans rally and duel again as Banks stalks Kendrick. Banks runs, springboards, but Kendrick gets under. Kendrick runs in, but into a scoop Michinoku Driver! Kendrick flops out of the ring again, Banks builds speed again, Banks gets a FOREARM! Kendrick drags Banks out from the ropes to suplex Banks down! Kendrick drags Banks up from the ramp and to the top of the stage. He leaves Banks for dead as he gets to the ring!

The ring count climbs as Banks has to crawl. The count hits 5 but Banks is still halfway there. Banks keeps going, picks up speed, and gets in the ring at 8! Kendrick has the CAPTAIN’S HOOK! And he adds the bad arm for a straitjacket variation! Banks fights up and throws Kendrick off. Kendrick runs in to get the arm but Banks throws forearms. Kendrick yanks, Banks throws hands. Kendrick wrenches to kick the arm! But Banks LARIATS back! Banks grabs Kendrick, fisherman, but can’t lift with one arm. Kendrick wrenches to CALF KICK! Cover, TWO!! Banks still lives but Kendrick keeps his focus.

Kendrick grabs Banks’ bad arm again, clubs the wrist and fingers, then cravats. But Banks rolls Kendrick back, SUPERKICK! Banks hits the corner, but Kendrick swats him out of the air! Cravat, SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!?! Banks survives and Kendrick can’t believe it. Fans keep rallying but he drags Banks up. Takedown but no Captain’s Hook so Kendrick boots! And boots! And boots! Kendrick runs, Banks goes the other way, springboard and SLICE OF HEAVEN! But that’s not enough, Banks fisherman’s to the KIWI KRUSHER!! Cover, BANKS WINS!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall; advances to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The Kiwi Buzzsaw cut down Kendrick! But this is just the beginning. Will Banks be able to cash in on this golden opportunity? Will his old rival, Jordan Devlin, trump the field? Or will the NXT Cruiserweight Championship stay with NXT USA?



My Thoughts:

A really good and very concise episode for NXT UK. The go-home portions for Worlds Collide was really just the NXT Cruiserweight Championship qualifier matches, but those were both really great matches. As I figured, the field would be split in Faces and Heels. Also, I didn’t think Kendrick would get to represent NXT UK when he’s American. Devlin and Ligero were great in the opener, Banks did an amazing job in the main event, and again proves to me that Devlin and Banks should be in the eventual NXT UK Midcard title conversation. I almost thought we were getting that tonight, but it was just the new NXT United Kingdom Championship, or rather, the NXT UK Championship. Though, with what we saw in last night’s NXT, a lot of this was spoiled and also out of order in continuity. Imperium’s warning to Undisputed Era should’ve been seen before them invading NXT last night, but they only left themselves so much time between Blackpool and Worlds Collide.

Ilja had a really good tune-up for his match with Finn, but I’m a bit surprised Gallus is going to shift back to a more Heel approach. It is understandable that Joe Coffey would be upset, and his story with Ilja will be pretty good. Imperium VS SWSC and mystery partner will be a good match, as I have no idea who would join Andrews & Webster in that match. Hunt VS One-Two will be good, too, and finally get more teams into the NXT UK Tag Division. And I would think we start on a build for KLR VS Piper Niven 1v1 with Toni Storm seemingly more active in NXT. This is indeed WWE’s fastest growing brand, but hopefully it isn’t growing too fast too soon as they still need to build up some things.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (1/27/21)

Can rivals become teammates tonight?



Finn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly take on the NXT Tag Team Champions, together!

Though the Men’s and Women’s Dusty Cups continue, the Prince looks to cut down Pete Dunne’s back-up! Will Finn and Kyle hold together long enough to settle things with Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch?


  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: MSK VS Drake Maverick & Killian Dain; win(s) and advance.
  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Grizzled Young Veterans VS KUSHIDA & Leon Ruff; win and advance.
  • Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai VS Aliyah & Jessi Kamea w/ Robert Stone; win and advance.
  • inn Balor & Kyle O’Reilly VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/27/21)

Will Dynamite be Just… Too… Sweeeeeeet~?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW and Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, UNITE…?

Though there are tensions rising within The Elite, Gallows & Anderson will team with The Young Bucks in a HUGE 8 Man Tag match!


  • Lance Archer VS Eddie Kingston; wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Shanna; wins.
  • Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler & Tully Blanchard; wins.
  • Hangman Page VS Ryan Nemeth; wins.
  • Y2MJF w/ Wardlow VS The Varsity Blonds; win(s).
  • 8 Man Tag: The Young Bucks & The Good Brothers VS The Dark Order; win(s).


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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