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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (1/13/20)

Time for a Fist Fight!



NEW Raw coverage

History will be made in a very unique way.

Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe had a big surprise for Seth Rollins & The Authors of Pain last week. But now we’re entering new territory in a Six Man Tag FIST FIGHT! What does that mean? And who will come out on top?



  • AJ Styles VS Randy Orton; changed to…
  • Triple Threat: AJ Styles VS Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins.
  • Ricochet VS Mojo Rawley; Ricochet wins.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Sarah Logan; Flair wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Scavenger Strike: R-Truth VS Mojo Rawley; Rawley wins and becomes the WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Rusev VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana; Lashley wins.
  • Open Challenge: The Viking Raiders VS ???; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Aleister Black; Aleister wins.
  • Erick Rowan VS ???; Rowan wins.
  • Six Man Tag Fist Fight: Seth Rollins & The Authors of Pain VS Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Big Show; Rollins & The AOP win.


Randy Orton heads to the ring!

The Viper is here and ready to go after the Phenomenal One once again! But before getting to the match, Orton makes sure to give the fans his signature pose. Then he picks up a mic to say that he was asked to come out and “excitedly” welcome the fans to the show. But Orton isn’t really the “excited” kind. Instead, he invites a certain someone to join him in the ring. “AJ Styles, get yo’ ass out here!” And once he’s out here, Orton promises to show Styles why Orton is a favorite to win the Royal Rumble, and give him the three most dangerous letters in wrestling. But before Orton can finish spelling it out, Styles appears! Styles stares Orton down as he walks down the ramp and heads to the ring.

Styles gets in the ring and gets a mic of his own to ask Orton what’s going on here. Is Orton going to brag? Is Orton going to fake another injury? Yes, Orton got the better of Styles, but Styles actually believed Orton was really hurt. And how does he get repaid? With an RKO! And now Orton thinks he’s the favorite to win the Rumble? That’s not true! Why is that? Well maybe Orton wasn’t watching last week’s Raw, when A J Styles hit a great RKO! It was beautiful! Many, many people told Styles that it was the best RKO ever. Some even felt Styles’ RKO was phenomenal. Maybe that’s all Styles needs to beat 29 other men in the Rumble this year. And that will include Orton, Brock Lesnar and- Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Stud struts on stage and down the ramp, already holding a mic. “And that includes Drew McIntyre.” McIntyre has had a really tough few weeks. He reached down to overcome No Way Jose and his conga line. But now McIntyre wants bigger and better. And here he has Styles and Orton. These two are having an RKO measuring contest. The Claymore’s bigger. Orton drops his mic while McIntyre wants him to look at him. McIntyre knows who is going to win the Rumble and will prove it here in Kentucky tonight. So we have two options: talking all night (boo~!); or a Triple Threat (YAY!) Well there you go! McIntyre inserts himself into the rivalry, will he take advantage and come out the big winner?

Triple Threat: AJ Styles VS Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre!

The bell rings and McIntyre BOOTS Styles! Orton bops McIntyre and throws him out, then goes after Styles. Styles tumbles to the apron but forearms Orton back. Styles springboards but Orton ROCKS him! Orton drags Styles through the ropes and fans fire up, but the OC appear to save Styles! Anderson runs in at Orton, but gets an RKO! McIntyre CLAYMORES Gallows then kips up! The Viper and the Terminator thwart a Too Sweet Screwjob, but this is far from over! Raw goes to break as things calm down.

Raw returns and McIntyre has Styles up top while Orton is down. McIntyre CHOPS Styles then climbs up to join him. Styles resists the superplex and trips McIntyre up. Styles CHOPS and punches away until McIntyre is in a Tree of Woe. Orton returns to throw hands on Styles and stomps on McIntyre. Orton stomps one of McIntyre’s hands! Orton then climbs up over McIntyre to get at Styles! Fans fire up as Styles resists, McIntyre adds on! Spider German and SUPERPLEX! Orton and Styles are down and McIntyre flops out of the Tree. “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre drags Styles up and throws hands on both opponents. Orton hits back, then Styles kicks Orton. McIntyre kicks Styles then kicks Orton, then throws hands on Orton in a corner.

Styles throat chops McIntyre and enziguris! Orton LARIATS Styles! McIntyre HEADBUTTS Orton! Orton falls over from the Glasgow Kiss, Styles gets one, too! McIntyre underhooks to FUTURE SHOCK Styles! McIntyre kips up and fans fire up! McIntyre aims at Orton and Styles from a corner and the countdown begins. But Orton dropkicks McIntyre first! McIntyre flounders out of the ring but he drags Orton out with him to throw into barriers. And then the apron! And then back to barriers! Styles slingshot forearms McIntyre! Orton back suplexes McIntyre onto barriers! Styles rams McIntyre into a post! Orton pulls steel steps apart and fans fire up! Orton runs over, to RAM McIntyre! McIntyre is down in a daze while Styles gets into the ring. Orton glares at Styles but puts the steps aside.

Styles eggs Orton on and then catches him between the ropes! Styles drags Orton out, to steal the draping DDT! Fans are divided as Styles parodies hearing the voices! Orton slowly stirs as Styles stalks him. Orton stands, and blocks Styles’ RKO! Styles dodges the clothesline to PELE! Styles still wants it, Orton stands again… But still no RKO! Orton kicks Styles low and hard, then considers stealing something back! Orton reels Styles into position, STYLES CLASH ON STYLES!! Cover, TWO!! Styles survives his own move! Orton keeps his cool, because fans are rallying behind him. Orton paces, and then hears the voices himself! Styles stands, but rolls Orton up! TWO, RKO!! CLAYMORE!! McIntyre covers Styles, McIntyre wins!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The Scottish Stud didn’t need to steal any moves, he just needed to steal the victory! McIntyre outsmarts two greats, but will he be the greatest Royal Rumble winner when The Beast is the first entrant?


Seth Rollins meets with the Authors of Pain.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen.” Are they as excited about tonight as he is? Opportunities like this are rare. The first-ever Fist Fight is a demonstration. And as much as it hurts Rollins to say this, those that aren’t with them are against them. Hopefully Raw chooses to be with them. This is inevitable, no one can stop them. Akam and Rezar agree, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and The Big Show won’t stop them. “Because this is unstoppable. This is the destiny of Monday Night Raw!” Rollins sacrificed everything for this, and more than anyone will ever understand, to ensure that destiny remains intact. Tonight, they will impose their wills and show ALL of the WWE what happens when you do not embrace the vision of the Monday Night Messiah.


Ricochet VS Mojo Rawley!

The One and Only is ready to rise up through the Royal Rumble and come out the #1 contender! But will he crash and burn this close to Houston?

Raw returns as Mojo Rawley makes his entrance. The bell rings and Mojo runs at Ricochet! Ricochet dodges, and dodges again, to waistlock. Mojo throws Ricochet off and stares him down. Fans rally for Ricochet as he runs at Mojo, slips out of a scoop and throws big forearms. Mojo shoves Ricochet, Ricochet rolls off his back, then somersaults to handspring headscissor! And dropkick! Fans fire up as Ricochet does a dance. Ricochet brings Mojo up but Mojo knees hard and low. Mojo looms over Ricochet, then drags him up to throw him out. But no “elimination” as Ricochet slides back under. Ricochet dumps Mojo out, to “ELIMINATE” Mojo! Mojo is upset and gets up in a huff, Ricochet triangle dropkicks Mojo back down!

Ricochet builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit wipes Mojo out and fans fire up! Ricochet drags Mojo up and back into the ring, to then springboard and leap. Mojo dodges to POUNCE Ricochet down! Cover, TWO! Mojo grows frustrated but he keeps eyes on Ricochet. Mojo rams shoulders into Ricochet in the corner, then drags him up for a gut wrench powerbomb! Ricochet gets up and hobbles off but Mojo is on him with haymakers. Mojo runs corner to corner for a BIG corner splash! Mojo looms over Ricochet and then puts him back in a corner. Mojo pulls Ricochet up but Ricochet holds ropes! Ricochet escapes Mojo, slips to the apron and shoulders back. “See ya!” Ricochet kicks Mojo in the head! Ricochet springboards but into Mojo’s arms!

Mojo pops Ricochet to a fireman’s carry and tosses him! Ricochet lands on his feet, to hit a RECOIL! Ricochet keeps going, climbing up top. Ricochet aims, leaps and 630 SENTON! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The King of Flight is soaring into the Royal Rumble! But will he be able keep his feet inside the ring against 28 other men and The Beast?


The Street Profits speak.

Ricochet makes the impossible possible. Tonight’s Raw is so fire, we need to call this Monday Night SMOKE! The Fist Fight is coming! Ford bobs ‘n’ weaves and asks Dawkins who he has winning. Dawkins is busy checking paperwork. Pay attention, man! Look fam, Dawkins wants to make sure everyone is ready with their phones to shout “WOOORLD STAAAR~” when someone gets knocked out. Besides, he is working on his Oscar ballad. Nice pop culture reference. But while the Oscars may have stars, Raw has constellations! Fist Fight, Aleister VS Murphy III, Asuka and Becky signing a contract, and Charlotte Flair getting even with Sarah Logan! Boys, hit the Queen’s music!


Charlotte Flair VS Sarah Logan!

After a brawl of their own, it was The Queen standing tall. But the Kentucky Valkyrie sure ruffled Charlotte’s feathers last week. Will Charlotte make sure Sarah learns a lesson right in front of Sarah’s own hometown crowd?

Raw returns as Sarah makes her entrance. The bell rings and Charlotte BOOTS Sarah down! Charlotte grabs the legs right away but Sarah scrambles to the ropes! The ref backs Charlotte off and Sarah bails out to regain composure. Charlotte eggs Sarah on, and Sarah dares Charlotte to come out for more. Charlotte takes the bait and we brawl again! Charlotte CHOPS and CHOPS but Sarah throws forearms! Charlotte clubs Sarah and CHOPS her again! Charlotte scoops but Sarah fights the exploder off! They scrap more, Sarah facelocks and drags Charlotte down! The ring count is climbing, but Sarah won’t let Charlotte get back in so easy. Charlotte escapes and Sarah pursues, only to get a backbreaker to buckle shot!

Charlotte looms over Sarah and has the legs again. “WOO~” echoes out as Charlotte spins, Figure Four! Charlotte bridges to the Figure EIGHT! Sarah taps, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

The Queen gets a win, but she wants the ref to get her robe. The ref does as told and even helps Charlotte put the robe on. Will Charlotte be the Queen of the Rumble, too? Speaking of the Rumble, Charlotte throws Sarah out of the ring like an elimination! Will we see this again in Houston?


Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe discuss the Fist Fight.

Joe thinks Kevin is worried, but ti’s simple: the more vicious it gets, the better it is for them. So just go out and fight. What happens when they’re in fights? Their opponents are down in a puddle of their own fluids. Big Show comes by and hears about the stress. But they don’t need to worry about things when Show has his huge fist. Show feels things will go just fine when he reintroduces his 7X fist to Rollins’ face. Good point. Good thing Show is on their side.


Brock Lesnar is here!

The Beast and his Advocate, Paul Heyman, are back for the second week in a row! They go right to the ring, and fans boo. Heyman says “y’all need to show a bit of appresheation for the champ’on.” But ladies, gentlemen and “things that live in Kentucky,” Heyman gives his normal introduction. But then he can’t believe how “stupid” the fans are for being upset yet still talking along with the saying. So the fans chant “You Suck!” instead. In that case, Heyman and Lesnar decide to leave. Fans cheer them heading to the ramp, but that makes them reconsider. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Heyman’s client does NOT suck! Fans think he does. Lesnar and Heyman storm back into the ring for Lesnar to hold up the WWE World Championship. Fans still boo.

Heyman calms down and tries again. Heyman counts himself in and begins his usual introduction, even as fans boo very loudly. The Advocate for “the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, BRRROCK! LESNARRR!” says that they broke the biggest news of 2020. Lesnar is not only entering the Royal Rumble as world champion, but as NUMBER ONE. Lesnar will go through 29 other competitors, none of them worthy of facing him, and will WIN the Royal Rumble! This isn’t a prediction, it’s a spoiler. Heyman’s spoilers prove that there is a streak going on. Not that streak, because Lesnar conquered it! The new streak are Heyman’s spoilers about Lesnar’s matches all coming true. That’s because they are encouraged and executed by BRRROCK! LESNARRR!

And to make something clear, Lesnar is not going to eek by a win. Lesnar is not going to scratch and claw to a win. No, Lesnar is going to DOMINATE the Royal Rumble! EVISCERATE 29 great superstars! And CONQUER the WWE Universe! Lesnar will prove doubters will be shown false, and everyone will understand Heyman sees the future! But here comes… R-TRUTH!? The WWE 24/7 Champion heads right to the ring and is glad Heyman called him out here. No he didn’t…? Truth says he’s “about to set it off.” Truth saw the Royal Rumble plug. “You may be the favorite to win,” but Truth’s childhood hero JOHN CENA taught Truth to #NeverGiveUp! So therefore, for the first time ever, the 24/7 48/7 7/11 I-95 South and now Lexington, Kentucky European Television Champion is OFFICIALLY declaring for the Royal Rumble!

With that all said, Truth says it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Lesnar may be a big, big, BIG man, but Truth knows “you will go flying out the ring, Paul Heyman!” Wait, Truth, what? No. Lesnar is laughing so hard. Heyman explains HE isn’t in the Rumble. It’s BROCK LESNAR. Wait wait wait, what? “My bad.” Then in that case, the 24/7 etc etc Champion is officially undeclaring for the Rumble. He didn’t hear him right. Heyman just talks a lot. His mouth has a motor that keeps going and going and going and zzz… Fans agree. But then Heyman gives spoilers. “Truth don’t like spoilers.” And y’know what, Truth doesn’t want to go to Sioux Falls City, either. Suplex City, Truth! SUPLEX. Heyman says NO ONE likes Truth. Fans disagree again.

Lesnar steps to Truth and Truth just asks him one thing: What’s up?! Truth does the splits, and breaks it down, and fans echo “What’s UP?” Lesnar LARIATS Truth! Then brings him up to F5 him down! Lesnar looks at the 24/7 Championship, laughs again, and throws it onto Truth. Lesnar has his title, and a mic to say, “That’s what’s up.” The Beast won’t have to worry about the 24/7 Champion, but will even he be able to conquer 29 other men in one match?


Raw returns as Truth is helped up the ramp.

The University of Kentucky cheers, but then Mojo Rawley attacks! Cover, Rawley wins!!

Winner: Mojo Rawley, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

“And I ain’t going anywhere!” If someone wants the title, come get it! Mojo ain’t running from anyone! Mojo taunts Truth as Kentucky chants “You suck!”


Lana and Bobby Lashley arrive.

As the Rocky Mountain Machine and Ravishing Russian arrive, Charly Caruso asks them about the last couple of weeks. Seriously? this is what Lana knew would happen. Lashley asks back if Charly enjoyed the wedding. Yes, but it was hard to believe- Believe what? That Lana looked so lovely? That they are so in love? Or that it all went wrong? Definitely that last one. Lana agrees, everything was ruined! The exes showing up, including LIV MORGAN, and then Rusev out of a cake! So this couple’s New Years Resolution is to accept that everyone else is just jealous of them. And that they will CRUSH RUSEV! Lana calms down and the two head inside. Will Lashley do that to the Bulgarian Brute up next?

Rusev VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lana!

Raw returns as Rusev makes his entrance! Fans are cheering for “Rusev Day!” at the bell. Lashley and Rusev circle but then a brawl ignites! Big haymakers from both men, and Rusev gets the edge. Lashley gets a waistlock but Rusev fights it off with elbows. Lashley shoves but Rusev runs him over! Fans cheer as Rusev runs, Lashley hurdles, and Rusev heel kicks Lashley down! Cover, TWO, but Rusev glares at Lashley. Lashley throat chops and punches Rusev back! Lashley kicks then throws big hands in the corner. The ref counts but Lashley lets up at 4. Rusev gasps for air but Lashley is on him again. Lashley punches Rusev into the other corner and chokes him! Lashley lets up at 4 to throw forearms.

Rusev grabs Lashley and puts him in the corner! Rusev fires off furious right hands and fans fire up! The ref backs Rusev off and Lana protests. Rusev whips, Lashley reverses but Rusev LARIATS back! Rusev glares even harder as he runs and corner splashes Lashley! Then Rusev brings Lashley up for a suplex! Rusev has Lashley on the ropes for more big haymakers, then gives him a strong KICK to the back! Rusev brings Lashley up for forearms to the back and then rams shoulders in the corner. Rusev brings Lashley out and fans cheer as he suplexes again! Lana is worried for Lashley as Rusev stomps him into a corner. Rusev toys with “Bob” now, wanting him to put up a fight. The ref backs Rusev off and Lana protests.

Rusev goes back to Lashley with big hands then whips corner to corner. Lashley boots back out of desperation, but Rusev CANNONBALLS in! Cover, TWO! Lashley bails out and Lana shouts for him to get it together. Lashley catches his breath as he walks around the way, but Rusev grabs him at the apron. Lashley thumbs Rusev in the eye! Lana likes that as Lashley clotheslines Rusev out of the ring! The ref starts a ring count but Lashley won’t wait. The ref keeps Lashley back, so Lashley just goes out the other way. Lashley goes around the way to SPEAR Rusev to the ground! Both men are down from that human car wreck, but Lana is excited as we go to break.

Raw returns as Lashley grinds Rusev down with a chinlock. Lana breathes a bit easier now, but fans rally up. Rusev fights his way up but Lashley scoop slams him fast! Lana smiles as Lashley looms over Rusev. Lashley stands on Rusev’s head but Rusev grabs the foot for an Ankle Lock! Lashley gets a ropebreak then he clobbers Rusev! Lashley drags Rusev up, bumps him off buckles, then brings him around to the post. Lashley has the legs, and swings them into the post! Lana smiles brighter as Lashley stalks Rusev. Lashley stomps Rusev but Rusev hits back! Lashley throws big hands on Rusev then dares Rusev to do something. Lashley brings Rusev up to scoop again, but Rusev slips out! Rusev boots Lashley back!

Fans rally as Rusev dodges Lashley and sends him into a post! Lana is shocked as Rusev fires up! Lashley staggers out into Rusev’s haymakers! Rusev reels Lashley in for a LARIAT! And another! And then scoops for a Samoan Drop! Lana is really worried now as Rusev aims from a corner. Rusev glares at Lashley as Lashley slowly stands up. Rusev runs corner to corner for a splash, then a belly2belly overhead suplex! Rusev fires up more as he stomps the mat! Lashley dodges the kick to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Rusev is right up!? MACHKA KICK! Rusev gets the fans even more fired up but Lana is even more worried. Rusev says “CRUSH!” and he stomps Lashley’s back! Lana hops up on the apron to distract, Lashley chop blocks Rusev!

Lashley runs but Rusev is ready, double clotheslines take both men out! The referee checks on Rusev and Lashley, but here comes Liv Morgan! Liv has much of a grudge with Lana as anyone, and Lana stares her down. Liv eggs Lana on, but Lana does not want to fight. Lana grabs a drink to SPLASH Liv! And then throw Liv into the barriers! “NEVER AGAIN!!” Lashley SPEARS Rusev! Lashley WINS!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

The Rocky Mountain Machine and the Ravishing Russian come out on top! Lana threw a drink in Liv’s face, and now she and Lashley can rub this victory in everyone’s faces. Will this end things or only escalate them?



Or, it would be until Lashley and Lana storm over. There’s a problem bigger than Rusev. Did anyone see “that stalker” Liv Morgan go after Lana? No one does that! Lana is thankful Lashley won against Rusev, but the problem is Liv. This is a challenge! Next week, Mixed Tag Match! Lana & Lashley VS Liv & Rusev! Lashley is shocked by this, because they didn’t talk it over. He just beat Rusev and now he’ll have to do it again while worrying about Lana?! Lana says no one intimidates them! She is a fashionista and celebrity! NO ONE messes with Lana. But will this just be a mess?


The Viking Raiders VS ???

Erik & Ivar are issuing an open challenge right from the start! They already beat the Street Profits and the Best Tag Team in the World, but will they continue to dominate when they don’t even know who they’re up against?

“New week, same story. ANYONE that challenges us gets put down.” The Viking Raiders have proven their dominance throughout the entire Raw Tag Team Division. They dare any team to try and stop them. “Let the raid begin!” Who answers the call? The Singh Brothers!? Samir & Sunil film their entrance themselves, but is this going to go from Bollywood Blockbuster to a straight-to-DVD clearance bin?

The Bollywood dancing gets on the nerves of the Raw Tag Team Champions. They grab Samir and Sunil and toss them into each other! Erik throws Sunil into the ring then grabs Samir for himself. The bell rings, Ivar scoops and slams Sunil! Samir is put in, Erik tags in, and Ivar slam Samir onto Sunil! Then Erik slams Ivar onto the Singhs! But to top it off, Sunil gets THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning

The newest sequel in a long line of dominant matches may not be better than the previous ones, but it was just as dominant in the Bollywood box office. Will there ever be worthy opponents for the raid?


Rusev and Liv regroup and address the Mixed Tag Challenge.

“You waste of breath!” Lashley and Lana deserve each other, because they’re wastes of time! But if they want a fight, then fine! Rusev would take them on alone, but he’ll still fight them. Liv doesn’t make promises she doesn’t keep. So here’s a promise right now: “I am the Living Embodiment of Karma!” And Karma isn’t just some goddess, she’s an honest to God B*TCH. Will the Ravishing couple regret everything they’ve done after this match?


Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring!

He is to preside over the Raw Women’s Championship contract signing! The highly anticipated rematch from last year between Becky Lynch and Asuka is coming! And first out is The Man, Becky herself! Becky joins Lawler in the ring and is given her chance to speak. Becky chooses not to and takes her seat. Then here comes the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka! Accompanied by her fellow Kabuki Warrior, Kairi Sane, Asuka heads down the ramp and to the ring to join Becky and Lawler.

Asuka grabs a mic to talk trash to the “BAKA BAKA BAKA” Becky! Then she tells Lawler to shut up when he tries to keep things calm. Asuka takes her seat and Becky gets up as Kairi comes over. Kairi starts poking fun quite literally with that umbrella, but then Becky takes it from her. Becky warns Kairi and Kairi gets out of the ring so that she won’t bother Becky anymore. Becky returns to the table and Lawler ask they simply get to business. Asuka takes the contract first and signs it. Becky takes the pen and is very nervous as she looks at the contract. Becky signs and it’s official! Becky finally speaks to say, “May the best woman win.” Then Asuka SPITS MIST!

Asuka talks trash as she runs around the ring, then takes her leave with Kairi. Becky is cursing as referees and medics help to wash out her eyes. But even with the stinging pain in her eyes, Becky demands a “freakin’ microphone” to speak! “When they give you money, when they give you praise, the awards, the acclaim, it’s always poison for somebody that fights for a living.” And right now, Becky is full of poison. Asuka is hungry, angry and Becky has been content. Asuka is truly the most dangerous opponent she’s had, and Becky has been trying to find the anger to fight back with. When someone puts their hands on her, Becky fires up. She won’t care if they’ve tried to erase Asuka or hide her from Becky. Becky doesn’t care if she goes down, she’s at least going to take Asuka with her! Will Becky see clearly when it’s time to face Asuka again? Or will she be blind with rage when the Rumble comes around?



Next week will see yet another rematch between Andrade Almas and Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship, in a LADDER MATCH!

Backstage interview with Andrade and Zelina Vega.

Zelina refuses to be asked any questions. People don’t see the huge difference between Andrade and the “disgraced legend,” Rey Mysterio. El Idolo is a hero to the Latino community. Almas was man enough to beat Mysterio in Madison Square Garden and to retain the title in their rematch. And it was Almas who was man enough to rip off Mysterio’s mask! But what did Mysterio did? “That lowlife little criminal” attacked Almas backstage to snatch the belt away! There was no other option but to file criminal charges. Mysterio is the disgrace to the Latino community, and is a horrible example to his children. Almas says he is disgusted to call Mysterio a Latino and a luchador. The ladder match will see Almas retain his title once again and END the career of Mysterio!

Rey Mysterio responds!

After what Almas and Zelina just said, being accused of being a criminal and a bad example to the Latino community, Mysterio says he fights with all his heart for the Latino community! After what he did to Humberto Carrillo, Almas thinks eh can do whatever he wants. Zeilna thinks Mysterio is a joke of a father to his children. This is no joke. But Mysterio does love this ladder match. He’ll sacrifice years off his career and his life for this match. Mysterio knows all the dangers and consequences, and accepts them all. And he promises Almas that he won’t just take the title back, he will more importantly take it from Almas.


Buddy Murphy VS Aleister Black!

The Aussie Juggernaut started all this by simply knocking on the door. And now, this rivalry is knocking on the door of greatness! The Embodiment of the End is 2-0 in the series, but will it end here with a threepeat? Or will Murphy’s Law of anything that can happen, will happen, be proven tonight when Murphy wins?

Raw returns as Murphy makes his entrance. The bell rings and both men stand up from their corners. Aleister and Murphy approach until they’re face to face in the middle of the ring. Murphy talks trash, Aleister ROCKS him with an elbow! And then throws haymakers! The ref backs Aleister off, Murphy BOOTS back! Murphy clubs and whips but Aleister holds ropes to stop himself. Then BOOTS and kicks Murphy over and over! Aleister whips, Murphy hold ropes to avoid a Black Mass! Aleister wrecks Murphy with a dropkick and things spill to the outside. Aleister keeps after Murphy with big forearms but Murphy kicks back. Aleister KICKS Murphy against the barriers! Aleister puts Murphy in, follows after, and stalks him.

Murphy kicks Aleister off his legs then bails out again. Aleister pursues and Murphy comes back, to get a BOOT! Aleister stalks Murphy up the ramp as a ring count climbs. Murphy ROCKS Aleister with an elbow, then throws him down on the ramp! Murphy drags Aleister up to throw into barriers before getting int he ring. Murphy refreshes the count to go after Aleister more. Murphy ROCKS Aleister with a right then shoves him into the timekeeper’s area. This is familiar territory, and Aleister ELBOWS back. Murphy BOOTS again, then climbs up the barriers. Aleister sweeps the legs and Murphy crashes down! Fans cheer as the ref tells Aleister to get things in the ring. Aleister puts Murphy in, covers, ONE.

Aleister keeps on Murphy with an armlock but Murphy fights up. Murphy arm-drags free but Aleister counters his shoulder with a kick! Aleister climbs up as Murphy is down, but Aleister has to leap over. Murphy slips out and dropkicks Aleister into the post! Aleister is stuck, Murphy drags him up in a suplex to the floor! Both men are down and out as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns as Murphy sunset flips over Aleister from the apron! Aleister resists the powerbomb and Murphy falls, for Aleister to DOUBLE STOMP! Murphy writhes and hobbles away, only for Aleister to BOOT him into the timekeeper’s area! Then runs to KNEE-TRIGGER into Murphy! Aleister himself ends up in the front row! Fans get an up-close experience as Aleister climbs back over the barrier. Aleister drags Murphy back to the ring and puts him in, and “This is Awesome!” as Aleister bobs ‘n’ weaves and sweeps the legs. KNEE THRUST! Fans fire up as Aleister kips up to QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO! Murphy lives but Aleister keeps his cool. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” at this point.

But Aleister lifts Murphy up with his foot, wanting to end this. Murphy knows this too well! He pushes Aleister, pump handles, but Aleister counters with a victory roll! Murphy sits on it to make it his cover, but hand full of tights! The ref stops the count so Murphy throws Aleister out. Murphy builds up speed, to run into a KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Murphy still lives and now Aleister is surprised. Murphy rolls to ropes but Aleister stalks behind him. Aleister drags Murphy up on the apron, but Murphy elbows back. Murphy goes to bump Aleister on buckles but Aleister blocks to bump Murphy. Aleister drags Murphy up top but Murphy enziguris him down! Aleister is dazed and Murphy climbs the rest of the way, but Aleister is right up! Only to get a SUPER GOURD BUSTER!

But Aleister comes back to KICK Murphy down! Murphy hits barriers! Both men are down and out but fans are fired up! Murphy and Aleister slowly stir as the ring count climbs. The count reaches 5 before Aleister stands. Aleister gets in the ring at 7, with Murphy in at 8! The two men stare down and fans cheer this amazing match. The two stand, throw hands and we have another brawl! Murphy strike fests! Aleister dodges to give a strike fest of his own! But Murphy dodges the knee, takes a boot and a ROUNDHOUSE! Aleister springboards, INTO A KICK! Pump handle, MURPHY’S LAW!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Aleister survives and Murphy can’t believe it!

Murphy grits his teeth as he drags Aleister up and around. Murphy tries another pump handle, but Aleister is just dead weight. So Murphy decides to borrow Aleister’s move, foot lift and BLACK MASS FROM ALEISTER!! Cover, TWO!?! Murphy just gets one shoulder up! Aleister sits Murphy up, to BASEMENT BLACK MASS! Cover, now Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

That’s 3-0 in the series! Aleister made Murphy #FadeToBlack, but is this really the end of the rivalry? What must Murphy do to change the score?


Erick Rowan VS ???

Big Red makes his way to the ring, but Murphy is still sitting by the barriers? Well while Murphy deals with his crisis of confidence, in no mood to talk, Rowan deals with the man in the ring, tossing him out HARD! Rowan drags the man up and drags him over to his cage! The man resists so Rowan CLOBBERS him, and throws him into barriers! “I wanted to show you!” Rowan pulls back the tarp to reveal the cage, and then reaches in to check on his pet. The pet bites him! Rowan scolds the creature while giving the cage a shake. Rowan goes after the man for a corner splash! Then a bloody IRON CLAW SLAM! “BAD!!” Rowan covers and wins!

Winner: Erick Rowan, by pinfall

Rowan’s pet needs to learn not to bite the hand that feeds. But will Rowan make everyone eat defeat in the Royal Rumble?


Six Man Tag Fist Fight: Seth Rollins & The Authors of Pain VS Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Big Show!

For Akam & Rezar, war is their peace. And tonight, war may be Raw’s salvation! This is a massive 3v3 brawl with no disqualifications, no count-outs and no way to win but to completely incapacitate the other side! Who will be the last team standing?!

But as Big Show makes his entrance, the Architects of Pain ATTACK! They jump on Show like a pack of hyena,s but here come Joe and Kevin, with kendo sticks! And they SMACK away on the AOP! Show gets into the ring in the meantime, but Joe also brings out more things. Rollins goes after Show, the bell rings, and Joe has a TABLE! Show has the kendo stick to SMACK Rollins! AOP goes after KO and Joe, but Show breaks the stick on his knee. Show has the table and sets it up while Rollins bails out. Show puts the table in a corner while Joe, KO and the AOP brawl on stage! And off the stage! They throw fists, per the match type name, but there are also knees in there. Rezar DECKS Kevin, then goes help Akam with Joe.

Back at ringside, Show CHOPS Rollins! But Rollins rams Show into a post! Back on stage, Kevin uses the quarter pipe to get some air for his CANNONBALL! Kevin wipes out the AOP! Joe drags Akam up and puts him on a spare table. “This is Awesome!” as Joe goes to the stage, to SENTON THROUGH THE TABLE!! JOe, KO and the AOP have all wiped out, so now it’s just Show and Rollins in the ring. Rollins leaps but gets a HEADBUTT! Rollins sees Murphy is still there, and tries to snap him out of his funk. “Help us!” Show grabs Rollins and throws him back into the ring! Show grabs Rollins and CHOKE SLAMS him! Fans fire up as Show balls up a fist, but Murphy LOW BLOWS SHOW!! Murphy is on Rollins’ side!?

Rollins and Murphy throw Show through the table! Fans boo but Rollins is still trying to register that his plea actually got through. Meanwhile, the AOP recover, as do Joe and Kevin. They brawl on stage, the AOP double team Joe to put him on the announce desk! Kevin comes over but has to face 2v1 now. AOP have Kevin, and DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM Kevin onto Joe and THROUGH THE TABLE!! Rollins’ team is in control as Rollins aims at Show from a corner. But Show dodges the stomp to throw Rollins! And then throws Murphy! Show back bumps Rollins in the corner! Show climbs up top, but the AOP return to attack! DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Murphy returns and Rollins slowly stands back up, and they completely surround Show.

Murphy drags Show up with a facelock as fans rally up behind the giant. Rollins runs to CURB STOMP Show down! The referee rules this the knockout!

Winners: Seth Rollins & The AOP

Give a huge assist to the Juggernaut! He is now a new “disciple” behind the Monday Night Messiah! Murphy may have betrayed the fans, but Rollins welcomes him with open arms. Is this just a sign that the destiny Rollins envisions for Raw is coming true?



My Thoughts:

Well this was an interesting episode. I really liked how it opened, with Orton VS Styles adding McIntyre for a great Triple Threat. A lot of good stuff, like Orton stealing the Styles Clash. It was also a smart move to extend things for Orton VS Styles as McIntyre wins this match by taking advantage. I would love for McIntyre to go full Face by eliminating Lesnar, especially with a Claymore kick! Even if McIntyre doesn’t win the Rumble, it would mean so much if he had part in getting rid of The Beast. Speaking of, Heyman had a great promo, and then R-Truth brought things to a hilariously great level with his “misunderstanding” of who was in the Rumble. It works in kayfabe that Lesnar doesn’t care about the 24/7 Championship, he has his prize. And then while a scramble to go after Truth would’ve been better, Mojo Rawley going it alone after losing to Ricochet, that’s pretty good for Mojo. I’m thinking Mojo is slowing getting a push with all the screen time he’s getting, so that’s cool for Mojo.

Charlotte VS Logan was pretty good after the brawl we got last week, and at least Logan is getting screen time. I hope this means bigger things for Logan as we go. To be honest, Liv Morgan should be the one in a program against Charlotte for sake of something Vince seems to not know the meaning of: CONTINUITY. Charlotte beat Liv the last time we saw her, so Liv should be obsessed with Charlotte, not Lana. But as I had predicted, Liv & Rusev VS Lashley & Lana will happen next week and hopefully, finally, mercifully end this story. The Singh Brothers answering that open challenge was dumb, because of course they’re going to get crushed. What would’ve been clever is if no one answered the call, and the Viking Raiders are annoyed and they talk trash to the rest of the roster. But that’s more of a Heel thing, though. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the Raiders as Heels since it’s not like they’d fight any different.

The contract signing between Becky and Asuka was really great, because it was a very different take from the normal formula. Having Kairi be a bit of an instigator was fun. Asuka doing most of the talking before signing while Becky wanted to keep it simple was good. And while it should’ve been obvious, Asuka using the mist here really caught me off guard, and Becky did a great sell. Though, maybe it isn’t so much a sell as a worked shoot because I’m pretty sure that stuff really does sting like hell. Becky still getting her promo after was a great touch, and what a great promo it was. Becky makes such a good point with that notion of feeling content after making it to the top and being praised, because that is a great underlying point they’ve put in this story for her. This has to be Becky’s win at the Rumble now, just because she’ll bring back that fire and determination.

Aleister VS Murphy III was incredible! Best match of the night, and I feel like Heyman was watching TakeOver: Blackpool II and Bate VS Devlin. I am only a tiny bit disappointed Murphy didn’t win, but it was just such a good match. Aleister has to be facing Almas for the US title after this, right? Almas VS Mysterio in a ladder match for next week’s go-home is going to be great, but I can’t see Almas losing this belt. Aleister VS Almas to revisit their NXT days is going to be great! On the exact opposite end, Rowan getting a squash in before the main event wasn’t needed. While the bit with the creature biting Rowan was clever, leave this for next week so the time used can go to the main event. Because as frantic and fun this first-ever “Fist Fight” match was, it needed to be longer. It was just so much happening at once, it was hard to really keep track of anything. But then Murphy still being ringside, it all plays into the match.

Murphy joining the Monday Night Messiah, this makes the faction complete with top guy, midcarder and tag team. I could see AOP going after Viking Raiders to take those titles, Murphy going after Aleister to not only get that win he’s wanted but also the US Championship, and then Rollins beating whoever it is that beats Lesnar for the world title, assuming that happens at all. Well, the only one that might not get a title is Rollins, because of Lesnar, and it could feed into story to make the “inevitable” seem like improbable.

My Score: 8.3/10

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