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Mitchell’s WWE Royal Rumble Results & Report! (1/26/2020)

Houston, we have a Rumble.



WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Can the Beast run the gauntlet?

Royal Rumble 2020 looks to make history! Not because it is WWE’s first PPV of the new decade, but because the Rumbles STARTS with Lesnar!! Will the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World conquer the Royal Rumble?



  • Kickoff Show: Sheamus VS Chad Gable; Sheamus wins.
  • Kickoff Show: WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Humberto Carrillo; Almas wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin; Reigns wins.
  • Women’s Royal Rumble: Charlotte Flair wins and will challenge for a Women’s Championship.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Lacey Evans; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • WWE Universal Championship Strap Match: The Fiend, Bray Wyatt VS Daniel Bryan; The Fiend wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Asuka w/ Kairi Sane; Lynch wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Men’s Royal Rumble: Drew McIntyre wins and will challenge for a world championship.


It’s the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show!

The Road to WrestleMania officially begins as we join Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Captain Charisma, Christian, recap and predict everything here in Houston! At the same time, Sam Roberts is with Renee Young and Booker T along the ramp. Everyone is feeling the energy, but will Houston’s own return to the ring in the Royal Rumble itself?


Backstage interview with Bayley!

The not-so-huggable SmackDown Women’s Champion is in no mood. Adorable corn dog commercials aside, Lacey Evans just doesn’t stop getting up when Bayley knocks her down. Is she concerned at all? What? Is everyone buying into the facade? Lacey’s trying to inspire someone sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Bayley’s been there, done that, but life doesn’t work that way. Bayley will show Lacey that dreams don’t come true. And her little brat, Summer, will get to see it for herself! Will Bayley trample all over the dreams of a hard-working mother and Marine?


Kickoff Show: Sheamus VS Chad Gable!

The Celtic Warrior has returned! And he doesn’t look to just kick off the in-ring action, but he looks to kick the heads off of any man that doesn’t measure up to his standards. Will Shorty G show him that there’s nothing Sheamus can do to crush his larger than life spirit?

The bell rings and Sheamus circles with Gable. They tie up, Gable gets a leg but Sheamus throws him off with ease. Gable gets back up and has Houston on his side as he gets a waistlock. Sheamus throws Gable off again, but Gable gets back up. Another circle, Gable wrenches to a wristlock, but Sheamus grabs at hair. Sheamus throws big forearms and wrenches Gable back. Gable endures the wristlock, rolls, bridges, handsprings, but Sheamus just throws him down by his hair! Sheamus gets a headlock takeover but Gable headscissors out. Sheamus tries again but Gable again headscissors. Gable headlocks to reverse roles, but Sheamus denies the takeover to then run Gable over! Sheamus clubs Gable but Gable waistlocks. They end up on the ropes and the ref calls for a break, but Sheamus elbows out hard.

Sheamus throws uppercuts and whips Gable corner to corner. Gable goes up and over then dodges to crossbody Sheamus and himself out of the ring! Fans fire up as Gable throws hands on Sheamus. Sheamus hits back and they brawl outside the ring. Sheamus knees and clubs Gable then puts him in the ring. Gable gets around Sheamus, O’Conner roll, TWO! Gable trips Sheamus and has the leg! Sheamus kicks Gable away to a corner, then rams him into the post! Gable staggers into Sheamus’ scoop, shoulder breaker! Gable’s ear is also bleeding, so he’ll be showing the marks from this match sure enough. Sheamus gets Gable to the ropes, and stomps away on Gable’s arms! Gable goes to a corner but Sheamus pulls his arm against the ropes. Sheamus stops at the ref’s count of 4 but he’s right back on the arms.

Gable still throws punches and CHOPS to back Sheamus down. Gable run but into a big elbow! Sheamus grabs the arm for a mounted key lock, torturing the arm of Gable. Royal Rumble goes picture in picture as Gable endures the armlock. Sheamus keeps pulling back on the arm but Gable fights his way up. Gable throws body shots but Sheamus throws him back down. Gable endures as Sheamus pulls on the fingers as hard as he can! We return to single picture as Sheamus shifts back to the keylock. Fans rally up as Gable fights to his feet. Gable throws hands and stomps and gets free, only for Sheamus to jam his arm! Sheamus clobbers Gable down then soaks up the heat in Houston. Sheamus drags Gable around to stomp those arms again. Sheamus stands over Gable to torture the arm more! The fingers are bending back so far and Gable can’t get free.

Sheamus keeps on the hand but fans rally behind Gable. Gable CHOPS and forearms and stomps to get free! Gable gets the leg, but Sheamus throws him out of the ring! Gable is right back but Gable kicks the arm! Sheamus turns Gable around on the ropes to stop beating Gable’s chest like a drum! Sheamus goes all the way to 10 and then past that! Sheamus lets Gable go and Gable flops to the floor. Sheamus keeps beating Gable in the chest on the outside! Sheamus drags Gable into the ring and shouts, “Are you not entertained?!” Houston is actually fairly entertained. Sheamus kicks Gable around on the ground and tells Gable, “You’re a rat! You don’t belong in this ring!” Sheamus sees Shorty G as a disease, but Gable CHOPS him back! And SLAPS him in the face! And again!

Gable throws big forearms, Sheamus shoves but Gable kicks him back! Sheamus reels Gable in, Gable lands on his feet out of the suplex, and dropkicks Sheamus’ legs out! Sheamus is frustrated that Gable is giving him this much of a fight. Gable CHOPS and CHOPS again! Gable backs Sheamus into a corner and fires off, then hits a rolling heel kick! And another! Gable sits Sheamus down and stomps away on his leg! Gable is getting back on Sheamus for all the arm torture! Gable fires up and fans fire up with him. Gable goes corner to corner, for another rolling kick! Gable climbs up top but Sheamus rises, and catches the moonsault! But Gable turns it into a tornado DDT! Gable hurries back up with Sheamus down, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus still lives and Gable can’t believe it.

Gable stalks up behind Sheamus but Sheamus elbows the waistlock away. Sheamus knees Gable in that bad ear, but Gable dodges the boot to waistlock, roll and CHAOS THEORY!! Cover, TWO!?! Sheamus survives but Gable is after that leg! Gable tweaks the knee over and over, but Sheamus grabs ropes. Sheamus crawls to the apron, hotshots an arm, then hotshots Gable! Gable flings off the ropes and Sheamus hobbles up top. Sheamus leaps, into an ANKLE LOCK! Gable pulls on the leg but Sheamus kicks with the other. Gable lets go but then runs corner to corner, and drops under the Brogue to get the leg again! Gable has the Ankle Lock again but Sheamus still uses the free leg. It’s not enough as Gable holds on! Gable wrenches the foot but Sheamus gets the ROPEBREAK!

Gable stomps and punches Sheamus in the ring, then brings him up. The ref tells them to break but Sheamus kicks the bad arm! And hoists Gable up, but Gable swings to crucifix pin! TWO, BROGUE!! Sheamus covers, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Fella is back! Gable put up a fight that was pound for pound bigger, but that still wasn’t enough to stop Sheamus. Will Sheamus continue to kick heads off as he continues his return?


Kickoff Show: WWE United States Championship: Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS Humberto Carrillo!

El Idolo looked to destroy the legacy of Rey Mysterio once and for all, but Ultimo Ninja put a stop to that! Now, Carrillo has a shot at El Campeon for the title. Will we have un campeon nuevo? Or will Almas and Zelina find a way to come away with the gold again?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this heated title match in Houston begins!

Almas shoves Carrillo, Carrillo shoves Almas, and then they tie up. Almas waistlocks and throws Carrillo down, but Carrillo slips out to switch. Almas switches back, Carrillo escapes a headlock but so does Almas. Carrillo sweeps and covers, ONE, Almas knocks Carrillo down but Carrillo avoids the stomp! Fans fire up after seeing that fast and furious exchange but the two fire off again! Almas kicks and haymakers but Carrillo dodges in the corner. Carrillo comes back, handsprings off the ropes and arm-drags Almas away! Carrillo hurries after Almas and handsprings again for another arm-drag! Almas bails out but Carrillo builds speed, and slides over the top of Almas. Almas puts Carrillo on the apron and sweeps the legs! Carrillo lands hard, but he ducks a clothesline to kick Almas back!

Carrillo gets in the ring, swings a dropkick back out, then goes to the corner. Almas hurries after and shoves Carrillo right off! Houston boos but Zelina cheers as Almas goes after Carrillo. Almas brings Carrillo up to CHOP as we go picture in picture again. Almas puts Carrillo in the ring to stomp around. Almas throws forearms but Carrillo kicks back. Almas climbs up and brings Carrillo in with a dragon sleeper, for an inverted tornado DDT! Cover, TWO, and Zelina argues with the ref. Almas shouts he es El Campeon, then he stomps Carrillo more. Almas runs and basement dropkicks Carrillo back down! Carrillo crawls to ropes but Almas brings him up for a draping armbar! The ref counts and Almas lets go at 4, to then stomp Carrillo down more.

Almas wrenches Carrillo’s arm and grinds him into the mat, but fans rally up. Carrillo fights up and out but Almas just wrangles him abck down for another armlock. Carrillo endures and fans rally up, even as Almas leans back. Carrillo fights up again and throws body shots until he’s free. Carrillo runs, wheelbarrows and arm-drags Almas, but Almas comes back with a hard elbow! Almas catches his breath while fans boo. Almas drags Carrillo up for big forearms and a CHOP! Carrillo CHOPS back so Almas knees low. Almas whps but Carrillo kicks back and springboards high, only for Almas to throw him onto the mat! Almas wraps up the legs and rolls for a modified surfboard cover, TWO! Almas tries again, TWO!

Carrillo bridges out of this move, but Almas uses the arms to hoist him up! Carrillo sunset flips, TWO, and Almas kicks low. Almas wants to be Latino Heat but Carrillo slips out. Carrillo elbows and runs, and handsprings out of the back drop to crossbody! Carrillo rolls, kicks and enziguris! Almas is down and fans fire up! Fans rally as Carrillo somersault moonsaults, but onto knees! Almas has Carrillo in a corner, stomps a mudhole into Carrillo, then runs corner to corner. Fans boo but Carrillo follows! Almas puts Carrillo on the apron, blocks a kick and forearms back, but then Carrillo jumps up and over the baseball slide to ASAI MOONSAULT! Direct hit wipes both men out and Zelina is panicking!

Both men are down as the ring count begins, but Carrillo gets Almas up and in at 5. Carrillo aims, springboards, and cradlse to a cover! ONE, crucifix, TWO! Almas kicks low again and insists he’ll hit the hat trick. Uno amigo! Dos amigos! But Almas brags for too long, Carrillo gets the third amigo! Carrillo heads up top, MOONSAULT, but sees the boots coming! Almas ducks his counter kick to school boy Carrillo into buckles! Zelina fires up and fans rally as Almas runs corner to corner. CIEN SHADOWS! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo survives but Almas just grins. Zelina is upset but Almas gets to his feet. Zelina coaches Almas as he drags Carrill up. Hammerlock but cradle counter! TWO, and Almas ROCKS Carrillo with rights! But Carrillo gives them back!

Almas forearms, Carrillo wobbles, but Carrillo hits back! Almas CHOPS, Carrillo CHOPS back! And again! Almas throws forearms, runs but into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Almas survives and Carrillo can’t believe it! Carrillo gets up, somersaults and moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps his focus as he drags Almas up. Carrillo throws a forearm as they’re both on their knees. Almas CHOPS back! Carrillo and Almas continue to brawl, and Almas throws elbows from all sides. Almas runs, ducks a kick, but Carrillo sees the boot and elbow coming. Almas ducks the kick and the enziguri but Carrillo whips, only for Almas to reverse. Carrillo goes up and out to the apron, elbows Almas back, then climbs up top! Almas ROCKS Carrillo with an enziguri first!

Almas climbs up now, drags Carrillo up to join him, and fans anticipate something crazy as both men CHOP each other. Carrillo stands up, and SUPER STEINERS Almas down! Carrillo crawls to a cover, TWO!! Almas survives and Zelina is stressed but relieved. Fans rally up as Carrillo crawls after Almas. Carrillo brings Almas up and around, but Almas jawbreakers! Carrillo kicks and fireman’s carries, but Almas slips out. Carrillo lands on his feet out of the back suplex, then huricanranas for a cover, but Almas sunset flips through! Almas wins!!

Winner: Andrade Almas, by pinfall; still WWE United States Champion

Even Zelina is shocked! El Idolo stays El Campeon, and Carrillo is beside himself! Will Carrillo ever get even with Almas? Will Almas be stopped on the Road to WrestleMania?


R-Truth heads to the ring!

But Booker, Renee and Roberts stop him. Where is he going? The ring. For what? The Rumble! But it’s not even happening yet, this is the kickoff show. And didn’t Truth say he’d stay out because of Brock? Wait is Booker and them not in the Rumble? No! But Truth says Lesnar may have taken him to Sioux Falls, but here’s a spoiler: Paul Heyman talks the whole match. But Truth, you said you weren’t going to compete. Maybe 2021 but not this year. The affidavits he gets confuse him. What affidavits? Well first they say Truth is in but then he’s not, and then there’s “stigmulations” of Truth, Heyman and Lesnar.

Well Truth knows what Lesnar can do, so why would he want back in? Truth ain’t going nowhere with Lesnar. Sioux Falls- NO this is Houston. H-Town! But Truth is sure it’ll go different this time. He’s reppin’ his childhood hero, John Cena. You Can’t See Me! Um… How is…? Well, Truth did his campaigning for the Rumble, but whether or not he’s in it, let’s wait and see who can stand up to The Beast.


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair!

The Queen was in the previous Women’s Royal Rumble, only to be surprised just like everyone else by Becky Lynch jumping in and winning it all. “Last year, I think I let my emotions get the better of me.” Charlotte obsessed over that match and that WrestleManai sign moment. She could feel it, until she couldn’t. This year, she sees differently. She doesn’t see 29 competitors, just numbers. When they look at Charlotte, they will only see the Queen. Will Charlotte get back on the Road to WrestleMania here tonight?


Backstage interview with Kofi Kingston!

He’s back in the Men’s Royal Rumble match! The Royal Rumble is so exciting because it is the one-way ticket to WrestleMania! Kofimania got going around this time last year, but that’s the past. What matters tonight is the Rumble! Does Kofi have his number? He doesn’t! That’s okay because that’s the excitement of this match! Kofi stays ready, he wants back into WrestleMania. Does the New Day have a strategy? Of course, it’s being a team! And everyone always wonders, “What if it’s just you two?” Then ring the bell, because when one wins, we all win! Woods doesn’t need to even be in the Rumble to win it with his boys. Tonight is a big night, but will Kofi and/or Big E punch their ticket to the main event?


Let the countdown begin!

“Hear that? Time’s up.” The Royal Rumble match “ain’t no walk in the park.” Whether you’re first, last, man, woman, big, small, “Beast or Queen,” this is the biggest opportunity you’ll ever have. And even if you’re on top as a champion now, there are so many people coming after you, that could all change in one night. The Man VS The Empress. The Fiend VS The Movement. History and glory come with victory as you “show them other sum-bishes” what you’re made off. This is Texas, where everything is bigger and badder. So what are you here for? Because we’re here to Rumble. “Now gimme a hell yeah.”


Falls Count Anywhere Match: Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin!

Even before attempting the grueling 30-Man Royal Rumble, The Big Dog and the Wolf King look to settle things! In a match that can go anywhere and everywhere in Minute Maid Park, where will Roman and Corbin find themselves after everything is said and done?

Before a bell ever rings, Roman rushes Corbin’s palanquin and goes after the King’s men! Corbin goes after Roman and the bell rings! Corbin throws Roman but Roman throws Corbin into the steel steps! Fans are fired up already as Roman seethes over Corbin. Roman drags Corbin up and into the ring and gives him punches in the corner. Roman gets all the way to 10 then scoops but Corbin bails out. Roman hurries over but Corbin throws a big right hand to rock Roman! Corbin starts to retreat to the fans, but Roman headbutts him down first! Roman throws BIG uppercuts and rocks Corbin in return. Roman stalks Corbin and gives him another uppercut! Roman puts Corbin in the ring, back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO, but Roman keeps his cool.

Roman watches Corbin writhe as fans fire up. Roman already locks ‘n’ loads as Corbin rises! But Corbin dodges the punch to DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! It won’t be that easy for King Corbin tonight! Corbin snarls as he drags Roman up and out of the ring. Corbin throws Roman into barriers! Fans are rowdy as Corbin grabs steel steps and comes around to RAM them into Roman’s head! Fans boo Corbin as he mocks Roman’s pose. Corbin clears the Spanish announce table before going back after Roman. Corbin brings Roman over but Roman blocks the desk bump to give it to Corbin! Roman throws big hands and Corbin stumbles all the way into the crowd. Roman stalks after Corbin and throws hands right in front of the fans!

Roman bounces Corbin off railing and keeps punching his way deeper into Houston. Fans love the up close experience they’re getting as Corbin staggers away. Roman throws more hands and even headbutts. Corbin staggers his way around the way but Roman throws more hands. They loop back to ringside and Corbin uses the RING BELL! Corbin has control back as he CHOKE SLAMS Roman onto the German desk! The desk stays up but Corbin clears chairs out to cover! TWO and Corbin is furious! Fans rally up as Corbin throws a tantrum! Corbin shouts at the German commentary team before bringing Roman up and around to the Spanish desk. Roman uppercuts Corbin and rocks him! Roman reloads, but no Superman Punch! CHOKE SLAM THROUGH the desk!! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and Corbin is furious again!

Corbin calms down as he looms over Roman. Corbin has an idea and brings Roman over. Corbin dumps Roman into the crowd and then drags him further along. Corbin’s aim seems to be something in the distance, and he punches Roman along the way. Corbin throws haymaker after haymaker as they seem to be heading to the technical area. Fans cheer for Roman but Corbin just keeps throwing forearms and right hands. Fans boo Corbin as he continues to mock Roman’s poses. Corbin continues bringing Roman on the journey to the technical area, throwing him into big equipment trunks! Corbin clears out the international commentary and fans are fired up as tables are about to be reintroduced. But it’s Roman who fireman’s carries Corbin for a Samoan Drop through a table! You can hear the Chinese announce team freaking out as much as the fans after that one! Mostly because that was their table.

Both men rise from the wreckage, and Roman fireman’s carries again! ANOTHER Samoan Drop through a table!! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives but that just means Roman won’t stop. Chinese and French tables are gone, but the rest are spared as Corbin RAMS Roman into trunks! Corbin staggers away in retreat and goes up to the main production hub. Roman stalks after him and borrows a chair. But wait, the King’s knights appear! The GLORIOUS Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler attack! There are no disqualifications but there is such a thing as playing fair! Fans boo as Roode and Ziggler have cuffs! But here come the USOS! NOW it’s fair as the Bloodline supports itself!

Jimmy and Jey throw hands with Roode-Dolph, only for Roode-Dolph to throw them over trunks! But Jey throws hands back on Roode! Ziggler SUPERKICKS Jey down! Fans boo as Roode-Dolph drag Jey up and over to throw into a stack of boxes! Whatever was in those boxes topples over and is probably damaged but that’s still not enough for Corbin’s court (jesters). Ziggler uses a trash can and its lid to beat Jey down, then Roode stomps him. Roode sets up railing as a bridge, and with Ziggler’s help, they bring him over, only for JIMMY to fly in outta nowhere!! Jimmy wipes all three men out, but then Corbin back suplexes Jimmy onto the railing bridge! SUPERMAN PUNCH outta nowhere! Corbin staggers and fans fire up for Roman as he reloads, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman stalks Corbin towards another clearing. Are those porta-potties? Roman throws Corbin into one! And again!

Fans are thunderous for The Big Dog as he gets an idea. Roman opens one! Luckily it was vacant. Roman puts Corbin in, and slams the door closed! The “throne” is now occupied, and Roman brings the potty around the way. Roman gives it a spin before pushing it over! Not quite how anyone expected Corbin to be dethroned, but it was appropriate. Fans lose their minds as Corbin flops out of the potty. Roman rocks Corbin with more uppercuts! Hopefully Corbin washed his hands before passing through the crowd. Roman rocks Corbin again! They keep going, uppercut after uppercut forcing Corbin down the way. Corbin manages to stay standing, and now we end up by the dugout! Roman rains down rights as Houston gets hot!

Corbin stumbles around, but uses a chair to jab and SMACK Roman on the back! They end up on top of the dugout, and fans boo as Corbin gives Roman another chair shot! And then another! Corbin is satisfied with the double as he drags Roman up. But Roman throws a forearm first! And a third SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman lets out the battle cry, and SPEARS Corbin down! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

The Big Dog strikes Corbin out and has conquered the King! But after going this hard in their match, will either man make it through the Royal Rumble match itself?


Kevin Owens talks with Samoa Joe backstage.

They’re both very excited for tonight. Houston is a good place for Kevin, as he’s won titles here. He’ll keep that string going when he eliminates Seth Rollins and wins the Rumble. Well that strikes a nerve. But Joe wants to focus on the positive: getting rid of Rollins. The only negative: if Kevin gets in Joe’s way of winning the Rumble, Joe won’t hesitate to throw him out. Yes, every man for himself. Kevin remembers when Joe warned him last week. But will they be able to keep priorities straight of denying the Monday Night Messiah his destiny?


Backstage interview with Fire & Desire!

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are both ready to compete in the Women’s Rumble. A tag team like them aren’t like Kevin and Joe. If it comes down to the two of them, Sonya will sacrifice herself for her best friend. Mandy seems a big surprised to hear that. Will that come to happen?


WWE mourns the loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant.

In a shocking helicopter crash, the basketball legend, his second oldest daughter, and half a dozen more people were lost today. The WWE, and even us here at the Chairshot, offer condolences to the Bryant family and all the families of those lost today.


The 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble Match!

30 women compete for the golden ticket that will lead to a golden opportunity at WrestleMania 36! Will the Queen claim her throne? Or will another take it from her just like in 2019?

First out, it’s Alexa Bliss! And joining the Goddess is NXT’s EST, Bianca Belair! Will either of these women make it to the very end of the match?

Alexa and Bianca circle and tie up. Bianca scoops and heads for ropes but Alexa slips out. Alexa tries to lift Bianca but Bianca forearms out. Bianca whips, Alexa reverses, but Bianca goes up, over, handsprings and runs back in to RAM Alexa into the corner! Bianca grinds in harder then puts Alexa up top. Bianca climbs to join Alexa and DECKS her with a right! And another! Alexa SLAPS Bianca back! Alexa SLAPS, rocks and dropkicks Bianca down! Fans fire up as Alexa sees Bianca get right back up. “Girl, uh-uh.” Things speed up, Bianca blocks the tilt-o-whirl, but Alexa fights! Bianca drops her with a backbreaker! Then handsprings to splash! Bianca kips up as the countdown hits zero to bring out #3: MIGHTY MOLLY HOLLY!

Molly Holly was here last year, but she’s back as her superhero self! The Hurricane would be proud. Molly fires off on both women, and throws Bianca! Bianca stays on the apron and comes after Molly again. Alexa and Bianca work together but Molly dodges to double clothesline! Molly climbs up top but Alexa goes after her. Molly kicks her away then adjusts, to DOUBLE crossobody! Fans cheer as Molly shows that she’s still got it. But the countdown returns already and we get #4: Nikki Cross! Lexi’s bestie is here! The Loony Lass rushes the ring to go after Molly and Bianca! Fans fire up as Bliss-Cross takes over, double corner attacks! And again, for CHOPS! Molly and Bianca try to turn the tables but are both put on the aprons. Nikki celebrates as if they’ve won, but not quite yet.

Bianca and Molly return, a scoop slam for Alexa, and a Kiss of Death sends Nikki ONTO Alexa! Bianca and Molly push Nikki but Alexa saves her friend. Bliss-Cross keep each other safe as they brawl with Molly and Bianca. Nikki dropkicks Molly but Bianca SPEARS Nikki! Alexa gives Bianca a Sunset Flip BOMB but Molly blockbusters Alexa! All four women are down, and here comes #5! It’s… Lana!? The Ravishing Russian soaks up all the heat as she has a mic. Lana tells Houston that they are welcoming the greatest woman in WWE history! A new year and a newlywed Lana is confident she will win this for her “hawt, hawt husband,” Bobby Lashley! Lana gets in to BOOT Alexa and facebuster Nikki! Lana takes advantage of Molly with a scoop but Molly holds on tight. We get another countdown and #6: Mercedes Martinez! NXT has another representative as Mean Ms. Martinez makes her way to the ring.

Bianca and Lana fight in one corner as Mercedes KNEES Molly down! SPINE BUSTER for Nikki! Wheelbarrow slam for Alexa! Bianca swings on Mercedes but into a German Suplex! Lana clobbers Mercedes from behind but Mercedes hits her back! Butterfly suplex! Mercedes hoists Lana up and over the rope, but Lana hits back. Mercedes throws forearm after forearm, sweeps and pushes! Lana holds on for her life as we get #7: LIV MORGAN! Karma is a bitch, and Liv has one target in mind! Liv SPEARS Lana and ELIMINATES her! If nothing else, Liv screwed over the Ravishing One. But Liv turns around for Mercedes to scoop and put her outside! Liv ROCKS Mercedes with a right, but Lana pulls Liv off! Lana ELIMINATES Liv! Fans boo but the cat fight is on!

Liv throws furious right hands down on Lana and the referees hurry to stop this! Nothing has been settled between them, but we have to worry about entrant #8! It’s… Mandy Rose! The Golden Goddess, the Desire in Fire & Desire, heats things up as she heads right for the ring. Molly goes after Mercedes and Alexa struggles against Bianca. Mandy gets in to see what’s what, but Nikki has beef with her still. Nikki fires up and runs but Mandy just knocks her over! Mandy gives Nikki a Knee from a Rose! Mandy SLAPS Nikki around and even dead lifts Nikki up and out! But Nikki holds on to counter punch and shoulder in. Nikki dropkicks and gets back in, taking off the vest! Fans fire up with Nikki as she crossbodies Mandy! The countdown hits and we get #9: Candice LeRae!

Candice heads right to the top of the corner to fly and dropkick Mercedes! And boot Nikki to dropkick her down! LIONSAULT! Mandy clubs Molly and Bianca while Alexa stomps Mercedes. Nikki resists but Bianca ELIMINATES Mighty Molly! Mandy grabs Alexa but Alexa whips her out! Mandy flops off the apron, but OTIS is there?! When did he show up!? But either way, he is Mandy’s living life raft and she stands on Otis’ belly to get back in! Fans love the love story as Mandy gets back at Alexa with right hands! The countdown returns and we get #10: Sonya Deville! Fire joins Desire as we’re now one-third of the way into the match. Sonya throws hands on Candice and Bianca, and Nikki gets knees! Nikki ends up on the apron but is not eliminated.

Mercedes keeps on Nikki while Fire & Desire work on Candice! Candice holds on and Nikki gets back in. Bianca is on Alexa by default. Mercedes and Sonya brawl with big hands! Mercedes CHOPS Sonya but Sonya fires off kicks. Mercedes trips and rolls Sonya to suplex, but Sonya slips out. Sonya kicks low, and works with Mandy to go after Mercedes. Fire & Desire double team, the high low attack! They drag Mercedes up and throw her out, they ELIMINATE Mercedes together! But now we get #11: Kairi Sane! The Pirate Princess sets sail in hopes of giving the Kabuki Warriors a back-up plan. Kairi climbs up top to simply hop in and hypnotize Bliss-Cross with her umbrella. Kairi dodges and DOUBLE SPEARS them down!

Sonya kicks low but Kairi comes back to headscissor! Mandy throws hands but gets hands and an ax kick! BLOCKBUSTER! Bianca is up and kicks Kairi, they’re no strangers from their NXT days. Kairi counters the suplex to a DDT! Otis checks on Mandy as Kairi and Candice go after each other. Kairi ALABAMA SLAMS Candice while we get the countdown. #12 is… The HBIC! InSANE Elbow hits as Mia Yim heads to the ring! And Mia goes right at Kairi with a neckbreaker! Nikki better Protect Ya Neck! Mia hauls Nikki up but can’t get her out before Alexa saves Nikki. Bianca has Alexa, scoops her, but Nikki saves Alexa from the strength of EST! Nikki hops on for a wild sleeper, but Bianca puts her outside. Otis even coaches Bianca on as Bianca uses Alexa to ELIMINATE Nikki!

Alexa grabs Bianca’s hair! Alexa ROCKS Bianca and gets in the ring. Alexa SLAPS, ROCKS and whips Mandy, but Otis is there again. Sonya hits Mandy by accident! But Otis saves her again! Bianca throws Sonya out ONTO Otis, and ELIMINATES Fire & Desire at the same time! The countdown returns and we get lucky #13: Dana Brooke! This match just got some #FlexAppeal as Dana rushes the ring. Dana hotshots Mia then decks Candice. Dana climbs up top and SWANTONS onto Mia, before handspring splashing Bianca. Enziguri for Mia and then a clothesline for Candice, Dana is not slowing down. Mia avoids the fireman’s carry to fire off strikes and a PELE! Candice boots Bianca but Bianca hits back.

Kairi helps Dana go after Mia, but then Dana goes after Kairi. Bianca trophy lifts Candice and throws her out to ELIMINATE her! And that is why she is the EST, with FIVE eliminations. Kairi climbs up top from the inside but Alexa is after her! It is a big smol fight up top and Kairi trips Alexa up. But Alexa slips out to ROCK Kairi! Kairi falls down and that means Alexa ELIMINATES Kairi! The countdown returns and we get #14: TAMINA! The Daughter of Superfly SUPERKICKS Dana! Then rocks Mia and SUPERKICKS Alexa! Bianca is too fast for that, and now the two strongest women in this match stare down. And throw hands! Tamina rocks Bianca then runs in, but Bianca throws and ELIMINATES Tamina! But then Alexa KICKS Bianca from behind! The countdown gives us #15, the halfway point… Dakota Kai! Things just kicked up a notch as the evil Kiwi gets in the ring.

Dana is after her right away but Dakota throws hands and feet. Dakota trips Dana and ax kicks her down! Mia is after Alexa as Dakota whips Dana. Dakota goes Around the World to BOOT Dana down! Mia runs in but Alexa puts her on the apron, and ROCKS Mia to ELIMINATE her! The Goddess and Bianca are running the gauntlet as the first two still in this match. As such, they go after each other as we get #16: Chelsea Green! Robert Stone Brand worked out a HUGE moment for her to return to in-ring action! The Hot Mess slides in to grab Dakota and Dana! Chelsea ELIMINATES Dakota, but then Alexa ELIMINATES Chelsea! Robert Stone should’ve come up with a better business plan than this. Dana hits Alexa and lifts her up, but Alexa fights free!

Alexa ducks Dana, and Bianca SPEARS Dana, they ELIMINATE Dana! The first two are still here and fans are loving this! Alexa and Bianca go after each other again, Bianca fireman’s carries but Alexa flails free. STO and then Alexa takes her time going up top. She was smart to go through the ropes, before the Twisted Bliss! But onto KNEES! Bianca lifts Alexa but Alexa headscissors! They’re both on the apron! They’re brawling with big hands and stomps. The hair comes into play again! Tug-o-war results in Alexa being SMACKED into the post, and falling to the floor! Bianca ELIMINATES Alexa!! Houston cannot believe that The EST is still in this match! But now we start fresh with #17: CHARLOTTE FLAIR! The Queen appears at just the right time as Bianca has already been through so much.

Charlotte runs in but Bianca dodges, only for Bianca to run into a backbreaker and CHOPS! Charlotte fires off those Flair Chops to stagger Bianca again and again! Exploder and a kip up, Charlotte’s showing off already. Bianca manages to get up and dodge again, sending Charlotte into buckles! Things might be even already, but now we get #18: NAOMI! The Glow returns and Houston is feeling it! Naomi makes her in-ring return in the biggest moment possible, and she dodges Charlotte to headscissor Bianca! Naomi slides to duck the boot and slips out of the back suplex, but dropkicks cancel out. Double kip ups and Charlotte has to respect Naomi for that. The two veterans go after Bianca and double suplex her up and down. Then Charlotte CHOPS Naomi to take the spotlight for herself.

Charlotte grinds a boot into Naomi but here comes #19: BETH PHOENIX! Another amazing in-ring return as the Glamazon has just shook The Queen. Charlotte has to keep on Naomi but she turns around for Beth to go after! Beth runs Naomi over then bumps Charlotte off buckles. Beth blocks punches to scoop Naomi and bring her to ropes. Naomi holds on and fights them both off, to springboard double crossbody! Bianca hangs back to catch her breath but fans fire up for Naomi. Beth stomps Bianca and Naomi puts Charlotte in the corner to grind a boot in. Bianca puts Beth up top and clubs her against the post. Charlotte fights Naomi off but Naomi is right back on her with kicks. Charlotte buckle bumps Naomi but here comes #20: TONI STORM!

The Lightning From Down Under may not be NXT Women’s Champion here, but she’s looking for another shot. Toni gets in and rallies with big forearms on Naomi, then throws forearms and stomps on Charlotte! Beth and Bianca struggle against each other as Charlotte CHOPS Toni back! Charlotte bumps Toni off buckles but Naomi kicks away on Charlotte. Charlotte stacks Naomi in with Toni and double corner clotheslines them! Bianca is up top and Charlotte takes advantage, and ELIMINATES her with a BOOT! Fans are even more shocked than when Bianca eliminated Alexa! Bianca sets records for the Women’s Rumble but now Beth brawls with Charlotte. The count begins again and we get #21: Kelly Kelly! Another classic returns while Charlotte keeps on Beth.

Kelly watches the others very closely, and she Thesz Presses Naomi! Toni is on her with a whip but Kelly headscissors and goes around and around before throwing her down! Fans fire up as Kelly gives Toni some booty! But then Charlotte CLOBBERS Kelly, only for Beth to be on her right away! Beth throws Charlotte over and stomps away but Charlotte holds on for dear life! Not even biting at the fingers does it yet. Beth keeps trying while Kelly has Toni and Naomi hangs back. We get #22 already with Sarah Logan! The Kentucky Viking sees her prey and heads for the ring! Charlotte gives Beth an Exploder, but Sarah SPEARS Charlotte into a corner! Sarah throws hands and scraps with Charlotte. Charlotte fights her off and Beth is after Sarah with Toni’s help. Sarah fights them both off but Charlotte BOOTS and ELIMINATES Sarah!

But then Kelly goes after Charlotte! The Queen will NOT let Barbie Blank beat her! Charlotte throws Kelly out but Kelly SLAPS Charlotte. Charlotte’s pissed now, and DECKS Kelly! Charlotte ELIMINATES Kelly Kelly, and glares at everyone else in the ring. Beth finds herself in 3v1 but now #23 enters. It’s… NATALYA! Beth’s best bud is here, but will the catty Queen of Harts help her out? DISCUS for Charlotte! Lariat for Toni and Naomi! Beth helps Natty as they go after Charlotte. Charlotte throws big forearms and Beth has a bleeding spot somewhere on her head. But Beth still helps Natty grab Charlotte for a DOUBLE BOMB! Natty then goes after Naomi with help from Toni! Naomi is stuck up top and holding on tight but Beth helps out, too. Fans rally as the countdown begins again. #24 is… Xia Li!

NXT’s spicy martial artist is fired up already as she rushes the ring. Xia BOOTS Natty down, back kicks and counter kicks Beth down! Toni avoids the sweep but not the heel kick! Charlotte kicks Xia and then fires herself up. Xia slips out of the exploder to dynamic dropkick Charlotte down! Fans fire up with the spicy style as Xia scoops Charlotte. Charlotte holds on and pushes Xia into buckles. Charlotte scoops Xia and puts her up top, but Xia holds on for her life. Natty has Naomi and Beth has Toni but everyone is fighting back. The countdown gives us #25: Zelina Vega! La Muneca shifts gears, and changes clothes from earlier, to see if she can find success for herself. Zelina dodges Naomi and hits a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Zelina gives Beth forearms but her code breaker is blocked! Beth puts Zelina up top but Zelina leaps back for a flying headscisosrs! Zelina block kicks Toni then hits a basement DDT!

Zelina has Toni in the corner while Charlotte is in trouble! Beth helps Xia and Natty to drag Charlotte over! Charlotte holds on for dear life and Naomi goes after the other three. The countdown returns and we get #26: Shotzi Blackheart! The newest face in NXT is already going to make a big impression as she’s in the Rumble! Shotzi throws Toni but Toni throws her, only for Shotzi to enziguri! Natty and Beth lift Naomi together, but Naomi lands on the apron safely to ROUNDHOUSE Beth back! Natty SLAPS Naomi, but Naomi manages to walk down the steel steps and LEAP to the barriers! Naomi’s safe! Naomi climbs inch by inch to keep her feet off the floor, and have a seat! Fans are loving this! Meanwhile, Shotzi fights with Xia while Zelina holds on against Beth and Toni.

Naomi scoots her way from barrier to commentary as Charlotte has Natty. The countdown returns as Naomi jumps to the announce desk for a breather. #27 is the FABULOUS Carmella! The Princess of Staten Island moonwalks her way to the ring while Naomi assesses her own situation. Carmella dodges and headscissors Natty! Kelly Kelly would be proud of how Mella has improved upon that move! Carmella throws Natty into Beth and gives them both a Fabulous mudhole stomping! Naomi transfers announce desks as Carmella hits the Fabulous Bronco Buster! But then Charlotte gives Carmella NATURAL SELECTION! But Natty is after Charlotte and feeds her to Beth’s chicken wings. GLAM SLAM! Natty basement dropkicks to add on as Naomi again transfers desk.

Charlotte is throw into the post and falls out, but through the ropes! Charlotte is NOT out of the match. The countdown returns and now we get #28: Tegan Nox! The Shiniest Wizard doesn’t have Dakota to go after, so she’ll just go after glory instead. Tegan rallies on whoever comes close, and manages to CANNONBALL onto Beth. Tegan gives Zelina a Choke Slam and she uppdercuts Toni. Beth gets Tegan for a GLAM SLAM! Toni HEADBUTTS Natty but falls down, too. Beth gets up, and doesn’t even care that her hair is half crimson as she goes after Toni herself. The countdown begins and we get #29: Santina?! Santino’s “twin sister” is back! Beth can’t believe it any more than we can.

Santina wants a high-five from Beth but Beth is in no mood. Back in the day, Santina eliminated Beth to become Ms. WrestleMania, among other things. But while Santina mouths off on Beth, Natty gets up. Santina is surrounded, so Santina takes out MRS. Cobra! The stares scare Santina and Cobra so bad, Cobra bites Santina! Santina tumbles over and out and ELIMINATES herself! Beth and Natty leave Santina be and go after Shotzi and Xia. But finally, we get #30… SHAYNA BASZLER! The Queen of Spades and two-time NXT Women’s Champion looks to add on to her already amazing career! Shayna sees Charlotte and throws her into steel steps! Tegan fights off Beth while Shotzi holds on. Shayna decks Natty, Beth and throws Xia out to ELIMINATE Xia! No more spice as Shayna gut wrenches and ELIMINATES Tegan!

Zelina runs in, but gets the KIRAFUDA! Shaynan makes Zelina take a nap but Shotzi gets Shayna again! But Shayna is ready this time, and headscissors Shotzi out to ELIMINATE her first! Now the Queen and the new kid are even from NXT. Oh and Naomi has figure out how to get back to the ring! She’s using a desk cover as a bridge! Naomi carefully steps on the cover while Carmella talks trash to Shayna. Naomi hurries to walk the tight rope, and she’s back! Shayna blocks the Fabulous kick to lift and ELIMINATE Carmella! Toni runs into Shayna’s grip and gets thrown, Shayna ELIMINATES Toni! But Naomi is up top and LEAPS in! Shayna gets under and blocks the Rear View, to throw and ELIMINATE Naomi! Shayna has SEVEN eliminations already!

But now Shayna comes face to face with Beth and Natty. They go hand for hand, then Shayna whips Beth to kick low. Shayna runs, into a lift! HART ATTACK! Fans fire up for the classic, but then Beth throws and ELIMINATES Natty!! The Glamazon is finally going every woman for themselves! Beth and Shayna fight, Shayna manages to get Beth upside-down, but Charlotte returns! Charlotte dumps Shayna out but no one falls! And now Queen of Spades meets Queen of Queens! Fans are dueling but it’s clear Shayna is a favorite. Beth grabs at Charlotte and almost throws her out! Shayna runs at Beth, Beth ducks and whips but Shayna whips and ELIMINATES Beth! Charlotte skins the cat to headscissor but Shayna blocks! Shayna and Charlotte struggle, but Charlotte keeps hold! Shayna comes back again, another skin the cat, to headscissor and ELIMINATE Shayna!! Charlotte wins!!

Winner: Charlotte Flair at #17; will go to WrestleMania to challenge a Women’s Champion of her choosing

The Queen of Queens indeed! Charlotte Flair vowed to win it all, and now she has! Charly Caruso interviews Charlotte in the ring, and now she has her shot at a title of her choice. Any plans yet for who she’ll challenge? “I can tell you this: since day one, I have been a diamond cut to last! And whether any of you wanted me to win, or wanted me to lose, tonight, I reminded all of you that this is MY division. WOO~!” A strong message sent but Charlotte is playing this one close to the vest. But which title will she go after? And who will even be the champions by then?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Wolf King complains about his match with Roman Reigns. Roman relied on his Bloodline and made a mockery of their match! Roman is so scared of Corbin, he had to go and get his cousins to “get the job done.” Corbin promises that in the Rumble, he’ll take Roman and throw him out to win and main event Mania! Hypocrisy aside, will Corbin find a way to avenge his defeat? Or will he just lose to the Big Dog twice in the same night?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Lacey Evans!

Bayley has been a bad, bad influence on the Women’s Division, and now the Model Soldier wants to show her what a real role model is like. But will the combined powers of being a mother and a Marine make Lacey a champion? Or will #NoMoreHugs Bayley only hug that title tighter after tonight?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this grudge match of sassy and smug begins!

Bayley and Lacey circle and tie up and Lacey puts Bayley in the corner. Lacey throws Bayley across the ring then bumps her off the buckles over and over, before throwing her again! Cover, ONE, but Lacey keeps on Bayley with knee drops! Lacey tries another cover, ONE! Bayley scrambles to ropes to yank Lacey into them! Lacey backs away as she gasps for air but Bayley goes to expose a buckle! The ref reprimands Bayley before Lacey runs in. Bayley puts Lacey on the apron but Lacey sweeps the legs! Lacey slingshots to drop the elbow! Bayley ducks the knee and speeds up, but her leg gets clipped. Lacey thinks Bayley is playing possum or something, but Bayley backs away to a corner.

The ref checks on Bayley, and Lacey shows some compassion, only for Bayley to DECK her! Seems Lacey was right all along. Bayley laughs as she baits Lacey back in for a buckle flapjack! Bayley heads up top fast, Macho Elbow! Cover, TWO! Bayley blames little Summer Evans for what’s next. That is to say, Bayley raining down rights all over Lacey’s head! Bayley then stomps Lacey around and even jumps on her back to knock her down. Cover, ONE, but Bayley drags Lacey into the corner. Bayley puts Lacey on the ropes and chokes her! The ref counts, Bayley lets up at 4, and then wraps on with a sleeper hold. Lacey endures and fans rally up, but Bayley throws Lacey into a corner. Bayley brings Lacey out and snap suplexes! Cover, ONE, but Bayley keeps her focus.

Bayley chinlocks and Lacey endures again. Fans rally again but Bayley mocks that she can’t hear the “idiots.” Lacey fights up but Bayley shoves her to ropes, only for Lacey to headscissor her away! Bayley comes back and clamps on with another chinlock, and she grinds Lacey back down. Lacey fights her way back up as fans rally again. Lacey backs Bayley into buckles and is free to give a corner clothesline. But Bayley comes back with a lariat of her own! Cover, TWO! Now Bayley grows frustrated as she stalks behind the Sassy Southern Belle. Bayley mocks Lacey, “C’mon, Mommy!” Fans rally for Lacey but Bayley mocks them, too. Lacey hits back with forearms and runs, but Bayley runs her over! Bayley covers, TWO!

Bayley rains down right hands to keep Lacey down, but lets up at the ref’s count. Bayley wraps on a new chinlock but Lacey fights up again, only for Bayley to throw her back into a corner. Bayley runs in, Lacey drop toeholds Bayley into buckles! Bayley puts Lacey on the apron but Lacey pulls hair! Lacey dodges the shoulder to knee back, then slingshot school girl, TWO! Bayley elbows back then climbs up top, to mock the salute. Bayley crossbodies but FLOPS! Lacey catches her breath as Bayley flounders around, and Lacey rallies with big lariats! Lacey kicks, wrenches and wrings Bayley out! Then hits a Penalty Kick! Fans fire up with Lacey as she runs in and hits the swinging bronco buster! Lacey keeps going, slingshot wrecking ball dropkick!

Lacey catches herself before falling to the floor, and gets back up top. Lacey slingshots in but collides with Bayley! Bayley scrambles out of the way and laughs, but then Lacey slingshots out! Bayley gets clear to throw Lacey into barriers! Bayley keeps one step ahead of Lacey as they come near the Evans family. Summer checks on Mama Lacey but Bayley is throwing hands! Bayley throws Lacey back into barriers then into the ring. Bayley clamps on but Lacey blocks the suplex. Bayley clubs away but Lacey fights out. Lacey kicks, spins Bayley around and drops her with a neckbreaker! Lacey standing moonsaults, then transitions to the corner! Salute to the Sassiest Moonsault Ever ONTO BOOTS! Bayley covers fast, Bayley grabs tights! Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

Snatching victory from jaws of defeat, Bayley survives to extend the reign! Will Charlotte choose to come back over to SmackDown for that belt? Or will Bayley be able to coast on the Road to WrestleMania?


WWE Universal Championship Strap Match: The Fiend, Bray Wyatt VS Daniel Bryan!

The living nightmare is back again, but the Yes Movement won’t let him slip away so easily. The leather strap will keep these two connected to each other physically, like a manifestation of whatever force has kept them connected to each other in their careers. But will the connection finally be broken when one wins to have the title strapped around their waist?

The introductions are made, the Fiend’s custom championship is raised, and the strap is on to begin this brutal rematch!

Fans are already fired up as Bryan and Fiend stare down. They circle, tugging at the strap. Bryan lets himself be reeled in so he can throw forearms. The Fiend puts Bryan in a corner but Bryan hits back and throws Yes Kicks in the corner! Bryan climbs up to rain down punches, but Fiend stops it at 5 to BOMB Bryan down! The Fiend grabs himself a length of the strap to LASH Bryan on the back! And on the shoulders! This was Bryan’s decision and now it’s coming back to haunt him. The Fiend slaps and lashes Bryan more against the ropes, then brings him up for a headbutt. Bryan steadies himself but The Fiend grabs him by the nape of the neck. The Fiend whips but Bryan kicks back. Bryan sends The Fiend through the ropes and dropkicks him, to then use the strap as a slingshot, only for his dive to be sent into the barriers!

The Fiend uses the strap to whip Bryan into a post! The Fiend LASHES Bryan again and appreciates fans cheering, “YOWIE WOWIE!” The Fiend lashes Bryan against the apron and fans are freaking out as Bryan is lashed to the floor. The Fiend puts Bryan in the ring and follows after. The Fiend LASHES Bryan while he’s down, then drags him up. The Fiend hoists Bryan onto the top rope backwards to LASH him again! Bryan barely holds onto the top but The Fiend keeps lashing him. Bryan is put in a Tree of Woe, and The Fiend LASHES his stomach! And then his back as Bryan climbs up! Bryan flops out of the Tree and The Fiend revels in this moment. The Fiend laughs as he brings Bryan up for a BIG Urenage! And the neck crank! And more lashing! Bryan’s body is so red already but The Fiend isn’t done with him.

The Fiend gets the fans to get louder as he spider walks, laughing all the way. But Bryan kicks back from the floor! The Fiend headbutts and has Bryan in position, but no Sister Abigail as Bryan ROUNDHOUSES! And then hits a KNEE PLUS! Cover, TWO!! The Fiend survives but both men are down. The Fiend springs right up but Bryan sends him right out! Bryan heads up top and LEAPS to clobber The Fiend! Bryan fires off more hands on The Fiend until The Fiend shoves him away. The Fiend throws Bryan into steel steps! And then at the corner, but Bryan slides through! Bryan uses the strap to YANK The Fiend into the post! And again! And again! It’s like a painful paddle ball! Bryan crawls back through to the other side for a flying knee off the apron! But the Fiend comes back right away to LARIAT Bryan down! The Fiend again lashes Bryan over and over, and over, and over!

The Fiend clears off the German announce desk and puts Bryan on the desk. The Fiend hops up to join Bryan, but Bryan LOW BLOWS! No disqualifications, after all! Bryan keeps kicking and then gives The Fiend a DDT onto the table! The table stays solid, but Bryan is able to sit up. Bryan finally measures a length of leather for himself, and LASHES The Fiend on the back! Over and over, in return for everything The Fiend has done! Again and again and again and again, until Bryan has to catch his breath, and even more after! The Fiend flops off the desk but Bryan stays close. Fans rally up as Bryan puts The Fiend back in the ring. Bryan has to climb in from the inside, and then leaps for a big missile dropkick! And a kip up! Fans cheer as Bryan gives The Fiend more Yes Kicks, alternating with strap lashes! Kick, lash, kick, lash, repeat! Then just lashing before the BUZZSAW!

The Fiend is down but then right back up! And he’s egging Bryan on! Bryan LASHES and BUZZSAWS! Then he gives The Fiend a string of Danielson Stomps! Fans are thunderous as Bryan aims from the corner. “YES! YES! YES!” The Fiend rises, but he catches the Knee Plus into SISTER ABIGAIL! Cover, TWO!! Houston cannot believe what they just saw! Even The Fiend needs a moment to think about that one. The Fiend slaps himself for being too sloppy. The Fiend gets up to lash Bryan more, then drags Bryan up. Bryan SLAPS The Fiend, the Fiend SLAPS back! Then uses the strap to stand Bryan up, only for Bryan to boot him back! Bryan hops up, MANDIBLE CLAW! But Bryan endures it enough for a draping armbar!! No ropebreaks so now The Fiend just has to endure.

The Fiend drags Bryan up by his jaw, then smother him in the middle of the ring! Bryan reaches, wraps around, and drags The Fiend down into the LeBelle Lock!! WITH THE STRAP!! The Fiend is bent way, way back and Houston is thunderous again! The Fiend shifts his weight to throw hands on Bryan! Bryan endures and guards as best he can, but The Fiend uses headbutts, too. The Fiend gets up to lash Bryan more and more, but the fans haven’t given up hope. They duel, “Let’s Go, Bryan!” “Let Him In!” as The Fiend laughs and brings Bryan back up. Sister- NO! Roll-up!! TWO, Bryan dodges the Fiend to KNEE PLUS! Cover, TWO!! The Fiend still survives and Houston can’t believe it!

But Bryan keeps his focus and fires himself up again. The fans are with him, but The Fiend gets up right away! Bryan and The Fiend stare down, and Bryan lashes away! The Fiend doesn’t feel any of it, he just clamps onto the mandible! Bryan fights back, but Mandible SLAM! Cover, The Fiend wins!!

Winner: The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, by pinfall; still WWE Universal Champion

The nightmare is not over! Bryan put up the best fight anyone has yet, but it still wasn’t enough. What will it take for anyone to overcome this bottomless pit of darkness?

As for Bryan, the Fiend leaves him be, and referees come out to check on him. Bryan stands on his own power, and fans cheer him on. Bryan survives another encounter with The Fiend, and his body shows the marks left by that strap. But will Bryan be able to remain unchanged in spirit?


Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Asuka w/ Kairi Sane!

The Man remembers when The Empress of Tomorrow beat her last year for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And yet, one year hence, it is Becky as the Raw Women’s Champion and Asuka challenging her again. Will things go the same way as before? Or will Becky finally settle the score and get a win over her biggest obstacle?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this epic rematch from Royal Rumble 2019 begins!

Fans duel already, “Let’s Go, Becky!” “Asuka Two Belts!” as Becky and Asuka circle. They approach then back away then tie up. Becky facelocks, Asuka slips out to wristlock but Becky moves around to get the arm. Asuka gets away before Becky could put on her submission hold, and the two go again. Asuka wants them arm and then waistlocks, but Bekcy headlocks and hits the takeover. Asuka headscissors but Becky pops out. Becky dodges the boot but not the roll up, TWO! Becky does avoid the buzzsaw, and fans cheer this stand off. Asuka and Becky circle again, and Asuka waistlocks to O’Conner roll. TWO, Asuka dodges Becky’s sweep and things speed up. Becky dodges a dropkick to run Asuka over! Asuka bails out as fans fire up but Kairi comes over to check on Asuka.

Becky runs but the baseball slide is spun around for a kick! Asuka hops into the ring and soaks up the cheers and jeers, but Becky dodges the hip attack for a rope-assisted Disarm-Her! Becky lets up at 4 to climb up top and missile dropkick Asuka down! Cover, TWO! Becky keeps her cool while Kairi coaches Asuka. Each woman has an arm to worry about but Becky focuses. Asuka shoves Becky away but Becky sends her out. Becky shoulders out but into Asuka’s headlock and neckbreaker! The ropes fling Becky all around, Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Becky back in! Kairi cheers Asuka-nee as Asuka goes in the ring. Asuka grabs Becky’s arm and drags her up. Asuka toys with Becky as she scuffs her head with her foot. Becky grabs the leg to throw hands!

Becky whips Asuka but Asuka goes up and dropkicks back! Cover, TWO! Asuka grows frustrated but Kairi coaches her own. Asuka waistlocks but Becky grabs the ropes. Asuka throws forearms and then throws Becky down, Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Asuka grows more frustrated but she grabs at Becky’s arm. Becky knows the Asuka Lock is coming and she works to avoid the sleeper part. Fans rally and duel as Becky fights her way up. Becky bumps free and throws hands. Becky whips but Asuka reverses, only for Becky to elbow her away. Asuka blocks the boot but not the forearm! Asuka runs back in but gets knees to her back! And a bulldog! Becky keeps moving, basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Becky glares at Kairi as Kairi continues to coach Asuka.

Becky runs in at Asuka and throws big forearms. Becky bumps Asuka off buckles then runs in again, but is put on the apron. Asuka throws a forearm but gets a kick! Becky drags Asuka out and glares at Kairi again. Asuka holds on against the Becksploder, then manages a standing switch. Becky holds on now to resist the German Suplex. Becky turns things aruond again, SUPER GOURD BUSTER to the floor! Kairi checks on Asuka as fans rally and cheer. Becky aims from the apron as Asuka rises, running missile dropkick! Becky drags Asuka up and gives her BECKSPLODER into the barriers! The Lass Kicker is making sure Asuka pays for everything up to this point. Becky climbs up top and drops The Man’s Leg! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives but barely!

Becky is beside herself but Kairi is also worried. Asuka clutches her bad arm but Becky won’t show mercy. Becky throws forearms and Asuka shakes her head. Asuka flounders but she’s still standing back up. Becky fires uppercuts, but Asuka back slides! TWO, buzzsaw misses, pop-up knee doesn’t! Becky flounders now and Asuka fires up to waistlock. Becky elbows out of the waistlock but Asuka fires off palm strikes! The kick is blocked but so is the Becksploder. Becky tries a normal suplex, but Asuka blocks to also fisherman. Fisherman’s DROP! Cover, TWO!! Becky lives but Asuka is too exhausted to be angry. Kairi is concerned enough for the two of them as Asuka crawls after Becky.

Becky is under the bottom rope but Asuka won’t let her be safe out there. Asuka drags Becky up, scoops but Becky slips out to shove her. Asuka stops herself and fires off mule kicks. Asuka runs post to post to hip attack Becky into one! Becky is down but Asuka won’t let up. Asuka climbs and drags Becky to the top rope, only for Becky to fight back! The two brawl, Asuka bumps Becky off buckles. Asuka tries again, and gets Becky up. Becky fights back and hotshots Asuka, for the jump kick! And then Becky slides in and jumps up to give Asuka a SUPER MAN HANDLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kairi is relieved and Becky is frustrated that Asuka survived! Becky drags herself back up top but Asuka counters her leap with a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Into an ARMBAR!

Becky flails and reaches but Asuka pulls harder. Becky rolls, TWO, into the ASUKA LOCK! Becky won’t let history repeat itself, she reaches out with a foot for the ROPEBREAK! Asuka drags Becky back up, German Suplex! Asuka gives fast kicks to Becky’s face! Then a PUNT! The ref stops Asuka to check on Becky but fans are as upset as Asuka. If Becky is knocked out, shouldn’t Asuka win? Becky revives in time to tell the ref not to end this match! Asuka sits Becky up to kick away! Becky just eggs her on! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!?! Becky survives and Asuka is getting angry. But then Asuka grins as she drags Becky back up. Fans rally and duel as Asuka clamps on, but Becky slips out of the Asuka Lock to DISARM-HER! No, Asuka resists, rolls, covers, TWO!

Becky ducks a kick to get an arm, but has to settle for an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Both women are down and Kairi grows more and more concerned. Becky and Asuka stir as the standing count begins. The count rises as the fans rally up. Becky and Asuka head for each other at 5 and use each other to stand up at 6. Becky throws hands but Asuka throws many. Asuka’s back hand misses but she denies Becky the armbar by shoving her at the ref! But Becky sees what’s coming and mule kicks Asuka! The green mist flies into the air! DISARM-HER!!! Asuka flails, reaches, but TAPS! Becky WINS!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission; still Raw Women’s Champion

The debt has been settled, and the Straight Fire still burns! Becky truly was ready for Asuka! But now, will she be ready for The Queen? Or will she be able to start fresh on this new Road to WrestleMania?


The Street Profits are hyped!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are loving WrestleMania season! Roman reigned supreme, Montez’s lady did her thang, the women have been going hard all night and The Fiend is still- Pause button, fam. Slow it down. Right, there is still the Men’s Royal Rumble to close out. And Ford is ready to see who out of the 30 wins. Will it be the Beast, BRROCK, LESNARR?! Maybe someone surprises us, such as… Shinsuke Nakamura? Samoa Joe? The One and Only, Ricochet? Wait, one and only? After that kick Lesnar gave him, that name might refer to something else. But one way or another, only one will be immortalized forever by this match!


Booker T heads to the ring!

Houston explodes for their hometown hero! Booker T joins commentary for this very special occasion, but does that mean he still isn’t joining the Rumble match?



Bobby Lashley and Rusev encountered each other in the parking lot and could not help themselves! They brawled, and while no one was seriously injured, they are suspended from tonight’s Rumble match. That means there are two huge spots open in tonight’s match, who takes their place?


The 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match!

This 30-man battle royal always makes history, but tonight is even more historic! That’s because the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, BRRROCK! LESNARRR! Will start us off! He and Heyman make their way out to the ring, bringing into question: If Brock somehow, someway wins this match, what does the WrestleMania main event scene look like?

But first, we learn who #2 is. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s ELIAS! The Drifter makes his way out, playing his guitar, and says “Houston, we have a problem.” Elias says there is a brain-dead gorilla and his fat zookeeper walking around. But there is an undeniable truth that everyone surely knows. And that is WWE really stands for Walk With Elias! Elias hears the fans singing for him Seven Nation Army style, and Elias wants Lesnar to hear it all. Elias sings for Lesnar a little song, “Sacrificial Lamb.” Please, clap along. Houston does and Elias begins. “The sacrificial lamb is headed to the ring. But before I do, I’ve got one more song to sing. Brock Lesnar’s pacing, he’s ready to attack. Heyman, keep your damn mouth shut or I’ll smash a guitar on your back.”

Lesnar is annoyed and goes after Elias! There is a brawl before the Rumble, and then things end up in the ring! Lesnar gets Elias down and hammers away! He gets Elias in a corner and rams his shoulder in! Elias tries to fight back but Lesnar waistlocks for a German Suplex! Suplex City is already here! Elias sits up but Lesnar looms over him. Heyman hands Lesnar the guitar and Lesnar SMASHES it on Elias! Lesnar drags Elias up and throw shim out, Lesnar ELIMINATES Elias! That’s one for one, and Heyman rubs it in by holding up the world title. Lesnar just rests as the countdown begins. Entrant #3: Erick Rowan! Big Red has been on a rampage of sorts, and he puts his pet on the ring steps. Lesnar is ready and Rowan rushes the ring.

Rowan denies the suplex once, but then Lesnar clotheslines Rowan out and ELIMINATES him! Fans can’t believe how easily The Beast dealt with Big Red! It almost doesn’t seem fair to Rowan, but he takes his pet and leaves. Lesnar encourages fans to make nose as we get #4: the GLORIOUS Robert Roode! Roode did a lot of work tonight already in trying to help King Corbin, but there doesn’t look to be an help in return. Roode takes his time preparing for Lesnar, then runs in and dodgse to throw hands. Lesnar kicks and whips but Roode boots back. Roode runs into a LARIAT! Lesnar gets annoyed now and he hoists Roode up, F5! Lesnar drags Roode up to throw him out and ELIMINATE him! Three already, and he waits for the countdown.

Entrant #5 is JOHN MORRISON! The Guru of Greatness is back in the Rumble, but he and Lesnar are throwing boots already! Lesnar grabs Morrison to OVERHEAD SUPLEX and ELIMINATE Morrison already! Lesnar holds up his title for himself just to gloat. The countdown returns and gives us #6: The New Day’s Kofi Kingston! Kingston lost in less than 10 seconds for Lesnar to become world champion. Can Kofi last longer in this match? Kofi runs in, dodges and mule kicks! And throws fast hands! Fans are fired up but Lesnar puts Kofi in a corner! And then throws him around! Kofi gets to another corner but Lesnar is on him with a German Suplex! To think that’s only the second one of those in this match. Lesnar takes his time with Kofi now, grinning as he brings Kofi up.

Lesnar rams Kofi into a corner but the countdown brings us #7: Rey Mysterio! And given the Batman inspired gear, you know Mysterio is here for vengeance of his own! Lesnar keeps an eye on Kofi as Mysterio marches to the ring. Mysterio hops in, throws kicks and forearms, then runs to slide under and dropkick low! Lesnar stays up to shove Mysterio down hard! Lesnar whips Mysterio into Kofi and then brings them both up. Lesnar double whips them to double clothesline! Lesnar catches his breath while smiling. Lesnar lifts and German Suplexes Mysterio! That’s the third one. Lesnar stalks Kofi and brings him, the fourth German Suplex! Lesnar doesn’t even seem to care that the countdown brings out #8: Big E!

Kofi and Mysterio flop out of the ring but under the ropes, so they’re safe. Big E hurries out to help both men up. The three of them decide to unite against their common enemy! Fans are fired up for that, too! Lesnar fights but that’s 3v1! They throw hands, he shoves them away, TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Big E scoops Lesnar, for the BIG ENDING! And Lesnar’s on the ropes, 619!! Lesnar is still in the ring, Big E rams him! Mysterio uses Big E for Poetry in Motion, but he gets caught and tossed! Lesnar ELIMINATES Mysterio! Lesnar uses Big E as a step, BEAST in Motion to clobber Kofi! Big E gets up, but Lesnar dodges to clothesline and ELIMINATE him! Houston is shocked and even disgusted that Lesnar is doing all this.

Lesnar looms over Kofi, drags him up, and gives him an F5 to ELIMINATE him! No miracle saves here as the countdown brings out #9: Cesaro! The Swiss Cyborg shows no hesitation and Lesnar likes that. Cesaro dodges, throws European Uppercut after uppercut! Lesnar knees low then throws more knees to standard suplex Cesaro. Clothesline, Lesnar ELIMINATES Cesaro! Lesnar gets to gloat again as we wait for the countdown. We’re one-third of the way with #10: Shelton Benjamin! An old friend, oddly enough. Heyman even shakes hands and hugs Benjamin to celebrate this reunion. Benjamin and Lesnar do shake hands and hug it out, because Benjamin is going to be Team Heyman! But then Lesnar GERMAN SUPLEXES and CLOTHESLINES Benjamin to ELIMINATE him! There are no friends in the Rumble!

Lesnar relaxes as the countdown starts again. We get #11: Shinsuke Nakamura! The Intercontinental Champion has won a Rumble already, but will he even get close this time? Nakamura gets in, dodges Lesnar and fires off a strike fest! The knees and the roundhouse rock Lesnar! But no Kinshasa, Lesnar lifts, throws and ELIMINATES Nakamura! Even the King of Strong Style was apparently “too easy” for The Beast. The countdown returns and brings #12: MVP! Montel Vontavius Porter is back in a shout out to Black Panther, but is his return to the WWE going to go well? MVP chases Heyman for some reason, but Lesnar grabs MVP first! MVP hotshots Lesnar and throws hands! And a throat chop! But Lesnar kicks, lifts, and hits another F5!

Lesnar was having fun but no more, as he throws out and ELIMINATES MVP! An astounding and upsetting ELEVEN eliminations as we get to #13: KEITH LEE!! The Limitless One and NXT North American Champion looks to make all of Houston #BaskInHisGlory! Fans are thunderous and even Lesnar has to take a step back. Lesnar and Lee stare down, but then Lesnar throws big knees. Lesnar whips, Lee reverses and they collide. Lee runs to run Lesnar over! Lesnar is shocked! Lee corner splashes, rolls and forearms Lesnar! Lee whips Lesnar corner to corner but Lesnar comes back, double clotheslines collide! Lee is the first man to get Lesnar down, and fans are thunderous as we get #14: BRAUN!! The Monster Among Men looks to capitalize as he finally gets after Lesnar again!

Lesnar is gasping as Strowman runs in to corner splash! But Strowman hits Lee, too, then comes back for Lesnar! Strowman SHOTGUN DROPKICKS Lee! Lee falls out under the bottom rope so he is safe, but then fans want to see Strowman take a lap! Strowman pleases his fans as he goes out the bottom rope to run Lee over! And then he gets in to still run Lesnar over! Strowman drags Lesnar up and scoops, but Lesnar slips out to German Suplex! Five suplexes, and now a sixth for Lee! Seventh for Strowman! Eighth for Lee! Lesnar gets back at them both, but he tires himself out for it. Strowman and Lee stand first, being fresher, but they encounter each other. They stare down and start throwing hands! Lesnar ELIMINATES them both!! Lesnar is sneaky as he is strong, and now he reaches the halfway point of this match with #15: Ricochet!

The One and Only is the Red Robin as he runs into the ring and springboards! Crossbody, but he’s caught! Lesnar gives Ricochet a backbreaker, only because he didn’t have the energy for an F5. Lesnar reminds Ricochet that he’s still not scared, and uses a German Suplex to do it! That’s nine, and Lesnar grins again. But the countdown returns and brings #16: DREW MCINTYRE! The Scottish Stud has wanted after a world championship, and he gets his chance to make his case. Lesnar stares down with McIntyre, no longer considering Ricochet a factor. McIntyre calls out the “Son of a b*tch” and dares him to fight. Lesnar takes off the gloves because a fight is what we’re getting. Ricochet LOW BLOWS and then McIntyre CLAYMORES Lesnar! They ELIMINATE LESNAR!! Houston is ELECTRIC as Lesnar finally pays for the crap he’s given everyone else!

Now it’s McIntyre who grins as he’s the one looking down on The Beast. But then Ricochet missile dropkicks McIntyre! Standing shooting star! But McIntyre catches Ricochet! To throw and ELIMINATE Ricochet! And then McIntyre goes back to staring at Lesnar. The countdown returns and we get #17: The Miz! The Rumble gets even more Awesome now, and hopes to sneak in while McIntyre is staring at Lesnar. McIntyre dodges and Future Shocks Miz! McIntyre stares at Lesnar again before giving us his own countdown. Miz rises to get a CLAYMORE! McIntyre throws and ELIMINATES Miz! Lesnar finally stands up and McIntyre just stares at him. Houston mocks Lesnar with “Hey~ hey~ hey~! Good-bye~!” Lesnar tells McIntyre this isn’t over, and now we get #18: AJ Styles!

The Phenomenal One also has a bone to pick with McIntyre as he returns to the Rumble. Styles and McIntyre start throwing hands, and then McIntyre puts Styles in a corner. Styles dodges, McIntyre puts him on the apron but Styles hits back. Styles springboards but McIntyre gets under. Styles kicks away on McIntyre’s leg then runs, into a big shoulder! McIntyre drags Styles up to dead lift suplex! Styles fights free, goes after the leg, Calf Crusher! The countdown brings #19: Dolph Ziggler! The Show-Off hurries to take advantage now that McIntyre isn’t alone. These two also have beef, Styles chop blocks McIntyre! Ziggler scrapes laces on McIntyre’s face, and he mugs McIntyre with Styles’ help. But then Ziggler DECKS Styles! McIntyre THROWS Ziggler across the ring!

McIntyre is mad now as he brings Ziggler up to CHOP! McIntyre CHOPS Styles, too! The countdown brings #20: Karl Anderson! The OC goes after McIntyre with big hands! Ziggler hangs back as Styles and Anderson both get caught! SUPERKICK takes McIntyre down! Ziggler tries to get McIntyre over, and the OC help out. But then they go after Ziggler as payback for a moment ago, SPINE BUSTER! The OC go after the Show-Off and McIntyre but that’s easier said than down. Ziggler skins the cat but Anderson is on him with stomps. The countdown brings #21: EDGE!?! The Royal Rumble just got Rated R! Even Edge seems shocked he’s back in action, and he’s not going to let this moment slip away. Edge gets in to SPEAR Ziggler! And SPEAR Anderson!

Edge whips McIntyre to a corner to then hit a running knee smash and a SPEAR! Edge and Styles stare down, and Houston is losing its mind over a moment we thought we’d never get. Styles fires off a Phenomenal Blitz but Edge kicks low. Styles PELES and Edge goes to a corner. Styles whips corner to corner but Edge stops himself to SPEAR Styles! The countdown brings us #22: Baron Corbin! The Wolf King comes back to redeem himself, and Ziggler is already after Edge. Corbin and his court (jester) go after Edge while Anderson goes after McIntyre. Anderson goes after Corbin but gets the Choke Slam Backbreaker! Corbin throws Anderson but Anderson stays on the apron. Corbin throws hands on Styles while McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler!

Edge has Anderson but Corbin goes after Edge. Ziggler holds on for his life and Corbin saves him. Anderson uppercuts McIntyre, Edge throws and ELIMINATES Styles! Again, even Edge seems a bit surprised, but he hangs back as we get #23: “Bro…” Matt Riddle is here! And Riddle takes his time getting in and kicking off the flip-flops. Riddle kicks Corbin then McIntyre then Anderson! McIntyre focuses on McIntyre with Bro Kicks! Then the Bro-Saw! Edge runs in, but gets a Final Flash! But Corbin throws and ELIMINATES Riddle! Corbin mocks the Bro special, but then goes after Edge. We already get #24: Luke Gallows! The Good Brothers are united in this match against Corbin! Big boots all around and then Gallows rains hands on Ziggler!

Corbin drags Edge up but Edge throws hands, too! Edge runs into a DEEP SIX! But McIntyre throws and ELIMINATES Corbin! The King is shocked but the OC go after McIntyre! They mug McIntyre before going after Edge. Nostalgia gets MAGIC KILLER! But now we have #25: Randy Orton! The Viper is another enemy of the OC, but there’s a certain something else that could be happening here… Orton gets in and gives Gallows and RKO! Then an RKO for Anderson! It’s RATED RKO, for that matter, as they both ELIMINATE the OC! Orton still can’t believe Edge is back, even seeing it in person. They go after McIntyre and Ziggler as we get #26: Roman Reigns! The Big Dog is back, not having to worry about Corbin now.

McIntyre fights off Edge but Roman is right on him with uppercuts! Uppercut for Orton, uppercut for Ziggler, SPEAR! Roman throws Ziggler out and ELIMINATES him! The King’s Court is completely cleared out, and Roman gives McIntyre a buckle bump. McIntyre blocks the next one to give it to Roman, and then more and more! McIntyre CHOPS Roman, but Roman shrugs it off. Roman ROCKS McIntyre with the uppercut, and we get #27: Kevin Owens! The Prizefighter rushes the ring to go after McIntyre with fast hands, then a clothesline for Orton! Kevin skips Edge to CANNONBALL Roman! Then he CANNONBALLS Edge anyway. McIntyre runs in, into a POP-UP BOMB! Roman is up to get a SUPERKICK and thrown. Roman avoids the bomb but not the STUNNER!

But Kevin forgets Orton, or does he? STUNNER for Orton! Kevin is on Edge as we get #28: Aleister Black! Could the Embodiment of the End come out headed for Gold? Aleister picks a fight with Kevin and throws hands, but Kevin CHOPS him back. Kevin whips, Aleister moonsaults but Kevin ducks, only to get a boot! Edge waistlocks, Aleister standing switches and shoves Edge to knee him down. McIntyre is on Aleister with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt! McIntyre aims from a corner, but runs into a BLACK MASS! Aleister goes after Kevin in a corner, but Kevin fights back. Roman hobbles over to Kevin but gets hands. Orton stomps McIntyre as we get #29: Samoa Joe! The understanding between Joe and Kevin is going to be put to the test, but Joe puts Aleister to the test with fists and kicks! Aleister BOOTS back!

Aleister runs in, Joe dodges, Aleister elbows back but Joe PELES! McIntyre lifts Orton but Orton slips out. Kevin CANNONBALLS Aleister to help Joe. But then the two allies mutually decide to throw hands with each other! Kevin runs, into an atomic drop! Joe BOOTS Kevin down, but here comes #30: SETH ROLLINS! The Monday Night Messiah doesn’t come alone, either, as he has Buddy Murphy and the Authors of Pain! Joe and Kevin see them coming and decide to handle business. They go out under the ropes to go after all four! That’s a bit too much, and they get beat down. Rollins makes sure the AOP and Murphy are focused on the other men in the rumble. They drag Edge and Orton out from under to throw into barriers! And the announce desks!

Rollins gives McIntyre a CURB STOMP! Rollins throws hands on Aleister, then looks at Roman. Old friendships mean nothing, mule kick to CURB STOMP! Rollins drags Roman up but Aleister kicks Rollins in the back! Aleister fires off hands but Rollins knees low. Aleister roundhouses Rollins then springboards, but Murphy trips him up! Murphy gets revenge on Aleister, and Rollins gives Aleister a mule kick! Rollins throws out and ELIMINATES Aleister! Rollins drags Kevin up but Kevin hits a STUNNER! Kevin throws Rollins but the AOP catch him! Rollins is put in so Kevin goes after AOP! Akam and Rezar hold Kevin, Rollins throws and ELIMINATES Kevin! Joe gets the COQUINA CLUTCH! Rollins flails but Murphy enziguris! Joe gets mad and DECKS Murphy, but Rollins ELIMINATES Joe!

The AOP add on but Aleister helps out. Kevin leaps in and now these six brawl to the ramp! Rollins shouts at his disciples but they’ve left. Now it’s just Rollins, Roman, McIntyre, Edge and Orton. And by that, we should say it’s Rollins VS Roman, McIntyre, Edge and Orton. Rollins tries to get Roman back on his side, showing the Shield fist bump. Roman gives Rollins a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Then Edge drags Rollins up to whip into Orton’s spinning powerslam! McIntyre aims at Rollins, CLAYMORE! McIntyre takes Rollins to throw out and ELIMINATE! And now, we have our final four. Only McIntyre has yet to win a Royal Rumble, could this be his moment? Rated RKO coordinates, and they go after Roman and McIntyre with fists!

McIntyre turns things around while Orton rams Roman into a post! Back2back backbreaker, and then Orton helps Edge with McIntyre. Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as McIntyre headbutts Orton. RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Edge aims from the corner as McIntyre rises, SPEAR! Rated RKO coordinate again as they drag McIntyre up. They give McIntyre the DOUBLE RKO for old times’ sake. But then Orton coils and stalks Edge. Edge sees it just in time, so Orton just shrugs that he was just joking. But then Edge throws out and ELIMINATES Orton! The ultimate opportunist returns! Orton lets it slide, and now we have our final three. “You Still Got It,” Edge! Edge and Roman stare down as two masters of the Spear, and they start throwing hands! Big uppercut and a SUPERMAN PUNCH from Roman!

And speaking of Spears, Roman aims from the corner. Edge slowly rises, lets out the battle cry, but Edge jumps over the spear to GIVE the SPEAR! Edge brings Roman up and throws him out, but Roman hangs on! Edge builds speed but Roman avoids the shoulder to kick back. Roman drags Edge over the top and they’re both on the apron. They brawl on the edge, and even wobble. Roman uppercuts and ELIMINATES Edge! Fans boo, but McIntyre runs over. Roman punches back, then SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Roman throws McIntyre but McIntyre blocks! McIntyre elbows Roman away, CLAYMORE!! McIntyre throws Roman out, and WINS!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, at #16; will go to WrestleMania to challenge for a world championship

Finally! The unstoppable Scottish stallion has won the race! He has won the Royal Rumble! He has won a chance to go after a world championship! Lesnar did so much as #1, but it was Sweet Sixteen that shut him down. Will McIntyre come back for more and take that title from The Beast?



My Thoughts:

WOW! What a great Royal Rumble PPV! Honestly, nothing disappointed me. The status quo for titles may have been kept, but it was all done in the best ways possible. Namely, all the matches were great so that you can’t really complain. Almas VS Carrillo was a lot of fun, and Almas wins clean so that it doesn’t really hurt anything. And while Carrillo is great, I wasn’t confident he’d win anyway. The same goes for Lacey Evans against Bayley. Another really good match, and obviously WWE is giving Lacey a solid push with her getting a full-on corn dog commercial. Lacey will be champion someday, but once the Four Horsewomen are all done with the belts. Becky VS Asuka was a great match, no less than equal to their first match last year. But naturally, Becky wins to finally get that very important win over Asuka. Now Becky can start fresh (maybe) for this year’s Mania and thereafter.

The strap match for the Universal Championship was some great stuff, too. While the Rollins VS Fiend matches went a bit above and beyond on how believable a horror move match could go, this one did it right. For one, no more red lights! We could actually see things as we should! And Bryan wasn’t doling out Knee Plus after Knee Plus or even as many Danielson Stomps as I expected, and that was fine. Bryan does technically endure the Mandible Claw for a bit longer than expected, and that was actually good, too. In the end, The Fiend retains so that the custom Fiend face belt is worth the money they spent. But also, there has to be something bigger coming down the line for Bray at Mania, so hopefully Elimination Chamber and Super Showdown, which are both surprisingly in February, can set something up.

Sheamus VS Gable was alright, but that’s why it was a kickoff show match. Not really sure we needed that over some other match, but the kickoff show needed two matches so there it is. Roman VS Corbin as a Falls Count Anywhere was WAY better than I would’ve expected. Obviously their allies get involved, but it was to great effect. Naturally Roman wins, though both men also have their parts in the Men’s Rumble. Hopefully this ends this rivalry, because I do NOT want that Dog Food Match to somehow come back around.

The Women’s Rumble was great, and I loved that Bianca Belair got to do as much as she did. Beth Phoenix was another great part, especially since she powered through a pretty good cut in the back of her head. But when Charlotte was the one to get rid of Bianca and quickly deal with Sarah Logan, it should’ve been clear she would win. Charlotte has a big choice that will rightfully hype up Raw tomorrow night, but I just hope we don’t get redundant and have her face Becky again. I’m sure Fox will like having Charlotte on SmackDown for the Mania build and will put up big money for that. That way, Becky really can start fresh, as I’ve said. Honestly, I wonder if there’s anything planned in the Elimination Chamber this year.

Then the Men’s Rumble, it really was a “tale of two matches” as Michael Cole was told to say. Lesnar’s half was frustrating, but for the purpose of a perfect pay off. I didn’t like that he dealt with some legit big names, and big bodies, so quickly. As I watched, I wondered why no one just kicked Lesnar in the balls, and then I realized that it was so Ricochet could get that spot. And I am riding very high after I got my wish of Drew Freakin’ McIntyre using a Claymore to launch Lesnar out of the ring! And much like Charlotte getting rid of Bianca, it should’ve been clear that the one to eliminate Lesnar would go on to win. But we got some amazing moments along the way, namely EDGE! I don’t think he was meant to eliminate Styles the way Edge himself reacted, but things happen. Rated RKO reuniting and the story of the Raw Civil War getting their time was good, too. I think Aleister is joining the fight on the side of Joe and Kevin given what we saw tonight. A lot of great stuff, I just hope someone convinces Vince not to screw McIntyre over.

My Score: 9.5/10

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AJ’s WrestleMania 37 Night One Results & Review 4/10/21

AJ continues with the WWE coverage this Mania week! Night 1 of WrestleMania may have been rain delayed; but did that dampen the excitement?



Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages… WrestleMania is finally upon us once again and this time we are for real going to have it at my champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium, Raymond James  and we get fans involved! We will hear the cheers, the boos and of course the ugly in the whole the but it’s still the grandest stage of them all. We have some decent matches for night one that will take place, sadly a thunder storm but if we know Vince McMahon, that’s not going to stop him.

Welcome to the Thirty-Seventh installment of WrestleMania!!!!!!!!


  • Drew McIntryre vs Bobby Lashley(c) for the WWE Championship:  Bobby Lashley wins via Hurt Lock – ****  – TITLE DEFENSE!!!!!
  • Tag Team Turmoil: Naomi & Lana vs Carmella & Billie Kay vs The Riott Squad vs Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs Tamina & Natalya: Tamina wins by last Elimination the Riott Squad – ** ½
  • Seth Rollins vs Cesaro: Cesaro wins via Gotch Neutralizer – *** ¼
  • AJ Styles & Omos vs The New Day(c) for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships:  Omos wins via Two-Handed Chokeslam – ***TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Steel Cage: Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon: Braun Strowman wins via Running Powerslam – ** ¼
  • Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs Miz & John Morrison: Bad Bunny wins via Electric Chair Crossbody combination – *** ¼
  • Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks(c) for the WWE SmackDown Wom0n’s Championship: Bianca Belair wins via KOD – ****TITLE CHANGE!!!



Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley

Both men try to get a strength advantage with a Collar & Elbow tie up before breaking it and going to holds now and still getting even ground. Now both men get some fighting in the corner going, delivering punches and strikes until they go to the outside where Lashley takes control and ragdolls McIntyre into the barricades before tossing Drew back in. Lashley keeps the onslaught on Drew and gets a quick pin attempt for a one and continues to get the beat down on the former champ. Lashley gets a lot of steam going as he goes to do another shoulder tackle into the corner, only to miss and Drew targets the arm of Bobby. Momentum shifting into Drew’s favor as Drew getting things going for him, suplexes and strikes galore as he goes for the Future Shock DDT. Lashley puts Drew into the corner to get separation but Drew catches the strike attempt and catches lashley into Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall.

Bobby gets a reversal into a slam, a near fall and both men get some signature moves in. Drew hits the Glasgow Kiss and Bobby hits back with a one handed Spinebuster. After another near fall, Drew gets caught in a Hurt Lock but gets out of it quickly as they both go to the corner. Drew getting the swing this time and lands a good ol’ Alabama Slamma for a near fall of his own before trying to set up a sky-high superplex to the champion. Lashley fights off the attempt as Drew gets a Kimora Lock in to weaken the arm, Lashley fights him off again, catching Drew into a Tree of Woe but Drew sits up to launch Bobby in a Belly- To Belly. Lashley hits another one armed Spinebuster until Drew kips up and tells him to bring it, delivering a trifecta of Future Shock DDTs for a two count.

Drew in shock but goes to the corner, doing the countdown to the Claymore but Lashley rolls out of the ring. Drew tapping into a little bit of Undertaker and does a Tope Con Hilo to take MVP and Bobby out and takes Lashley back to the ring, setting up for something in from the top. Lashley catches the challenger and goes to apply another Hurt Lock but Drew runs out of the way to stun Lashley. As Lashley goes to do another Spinebuster, Drew rolls it into a Kimura Lock, perfectly on before Lashley inches slowly to the ropes to kick out. Lashley now, getting his aggression out, taking it to McIntyre in the corner until Drew gets separation, going for another Claymore until MVP distracts the former champion and misses the Claymore for Lashley to get the Hurt Lock in. Drew looked impressive to break out but Lashley didn’t break when Drew pushed off the corner and passes out from the pressure.

Tag Team Turmoil

Naomi & Lana vs Carmella & Billie Kay to start off the gauntlet style matchup as Naomi and Lana take the early advantage against Carmella. Carmella gets a tag onto Billie Kay but the advantage is still Lana and Naomi. When all four get in for chaos, Billie Kay goes for a roll up and beat Naomi and Lana for the next team to come out…

Riott Squad come out and take it to Billie early on but Carmella gets a tag and starts a beat down against Liv Morgan. Ruby breaks up the pin attempt but as Billie goes for the same pin attempt, the ref catches it and the Riott Squad get a tag and the advantage as Billie Kay gets brutalized, pinned and Carmella starts to beat up Liv before the next team come in…

Dana and Mandy come out and Ruby fights the two alone from the beat down as the fresher team gets things going and Liv barely gets a break of a pin attempt as Mandy and Dana work Ruby’s neck now. As Mandy cuts the ring off from Ruby, Ruby starts to fight out of the corner and gets Liv into the match now as they start the beat down of Mandy Rose. As the Riott Squad lose the advantage, Rose and Brooke get some damage with a superplex and Swanton combination but Liv gets a reversal on Dana and get the pinfall.

Natalya and Tamina are the last two to get in the match up and start the powerhouse assault on the Riott Squad. The two getting the best of the most tenured tag team in the whole match up as Liv tries to break out of their grasp. Ruby gets the tag and hit the codebreaker/senton combination to Tamina only for a two though and Tamina gets the advantage back, gets the tag to Natalya and they hit a Hart Attack. Natalya looks to get the Sharpshooter but changes her mind and tags Tamina in for the Superfly Splash to get the Day Two Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro-

Cesaro goes quick into the offense with an Uppercut and goes for the Swing early but Seth rushes out and panics with Cesaro getting more and more of a beat down. Cesaro getting a good amount of offense going as Seth starts to target Cesaro’s arm and starts to pick things up after with his Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo after getting distance. Seth getting cocky again as he tries to take it to Cesaro but the Swiss Cyborg gets his strikes in again, taking down Seth with Uppercuts and goes for the swing again constantly, first time gets countered into a cradle, second time Seth gets to the ropes but the third time is the charm for nine rotations of the Swing and Sharpshooter. Seth breaks out of the hold and moves out of another Uppercut attempt from the corner, hurting Cesaro’s arm again as Rollins gets his high offense in, knees, Slingblades and a 360 Splash but nothing keeps Cesaro down. Seth tries for a ripcord knee but Cesaro changes it into a Neutralizer and a two count. Rollins crawls to the ropes and gets his legs grabbed again for yet ANOTHER Swing but flips out of it, into a Pedigree but fails to get the victory again.

Rollins gets his speech in about being God as he hits Cesaro in time to set up the Curb Stomp. Rollins gets caught into a Uppercut (second best Stomp counter) and takes Rollins spinning, first with a no handed Airplane Spin, Giant Swing and finishes it with a Neutralizer.

(Now get my Red and Pewter out of my sight on Rollins. They are winners unlike you tonight, Seth.)

New Day vs AJ Styles and Omos-

We… are getting Omos to start off against Kofi…? Oh no. New Day goaded AJ to start.

Kofi and AJ using their speed to go off and do some of their big moves or attempt them as AJ thinks he gets an advantage but Kofi gets it, with a slam and near fall, teasing AJ after a beat down as the champs get frequent tags, even getting a Unicorn Stampede off before Xavier holds AJ down for a bit. They keep teasing Omos to tag in but to no avail, New Day beating AJ down more. Kofi goes to tease AJ to get to tag AJ but tags Woods in to cut him off from tagging Omos. After a flurry from AJ to separate from Woods, Kofi tags himself in and fights AJ from tagging the big man in until AJ separates himself from the two and realizes, “I can tag the big man…? I CAN TAG THE BIG MAN!”

Omos comes in and Xavier can’t knock Omos down as Kofi tries to tag in and chop down the big man as The New Day… well to quote the remake of The Longest Yard… they shit themselves. Omos dismantles and smashes The New Day in the ring. Omos basically is breaking them apart as AJ flings over Omos for a Phenomenal Forearm and Omos two handed Chokeslams Kofi down for the win… Jesus Christ. They made him look like a billion dollars in the ring tonight.

Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon-

As Braun comes in second, Elias and Ryker goes and beats Strowman down with chairs before the bell and Shane tells them to bring Braun in for it to start.

Shane grabs one of the chairs and beats Braun down with the chair over and over, going for a quick win and escaping but Braun, limping, stops Shane and taking more strikes from Shane for a good amount, limping and weakened as Shane breaks sheet metal from the top of the cage to continue the beat down and near fall. Braun now taking the fight to Shane as he stops Shane from escaping and tossing Shane into the cage walls over and over as Shane gets Braun’s hands now before getting squashed between the cage walls. Braun gets the full advantage in the match until his legs give out from earlier and Shane slides out, doing a swinging DDT and setting Braun up to go from Florida all the way to Cali with the Coast to Coast for a second near fall. Ryker and Elias climb the outside to get Shane out but Strowman runs into the cage to loosen all three of them. More offense goes on before Shane gets away and climbs out almost until he pisses off Braun and… gets caught, pulling the cage apart and dragging Shane back in. Braun getting a bright idea as he props Shane up on the cage, going up himself before Braun launches Shane off the cage and climbs back in, stumbling and standing up for himself and everyone who was bullied that’s watching before hitting a Running Powerslam for the win.

We get a small break for the cage to be taken down to honor the inductees to the 2020 Hall of Fame, Shatner, Liger, JBL, The Bella Twins, The British Bulldog, Titus O’Neal with the Warrior Award and the New World Order, Waltman, Hall, Nash and Hogan.

Bad Bunny & Damien Priest vs Miz & John Morrison-

Priest and Miz start it off and Miz goes to the corner and goads Bunny to come in and tags in as they walk around a little bit and Miz being an ass saying he can get the first shot as Bad Bunny pops Miz down. Bunny actually goes for a waist lock as Miz swings wild, Bunny ducks and gets another jab in before Miz gets pissed off and both of them trade blows in the corner of the ring before Miz gets the advantage, taking Bad Bunny into one corner and gets cocky a little before getting countered and Bunny flings Miz down with an arm drag. Miz rolls out and gets caught INTO A LA MAGISTAL AND A NEAR FALL! Miz had to get cheap after a a short pep talk with Morrison as Bad Bunny showing he’s better than Enzo with the rope spot. Bunny gets the advantage again as he slides under the ropes and does a well done Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissor on Miz before tagging Morrison and getting some control in the match for M&M.

Miz gets back in and taunts Damien Priest by putting Bad Bunny in a headlock, inches away from Priest until Bunny gets some fight in him, dropping Morrison from the apron and almost getting to Priest, countering Miz’s stop with a Sunset Flip but getting beaten down after the pin attempt. Miz and Morrison take it to Bunny on the outside a bit. Morrison gets tagged in and taunts Booker T with a Spinarooni (A perfect one at that) as the tag to Miz gets in and Priest tries to get the crowd amped up. Miz cheap shots Priest and takes the ref’s attention away as M&M just keep embarrassing Bad Bunny with kicks in the corner. Miz gets cocky again and goes for his signature clothesline in the corner but Bunny stops him, dropping Morrison’s attack from the apron and hits a Tornado DDT onto Miz as he finally tags Damien Priest.

Damien goes to both men with his speed and strength, suplexing Miz into Morrison and hitting a chokeslam into a nearfall as all four men now get in the ring. Stereo Falcon Arrows, Damien Priest getting his step up Tope Con Hilo and Bunny with a crossbody. Priest gets Miz into the ring and Miz counters it into a Skull Crushing Finale into a pinfall. Bad Bunny goes to break it up and almost gets a tag in before Morrison pulls Bunny down. Bad Bunny having none of it from Morrison, hits a God Damn Destroyer as Priest props Miz up, gets the tag and lands a crossbody on the Miz for the win.

(Okay… Bad Bunny actually impressed me. Showed he cared. I give him props for that. I really do.)

Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks-

Both women size each other up for Collar & Elbows and Sasha shoves Bianca down, getting the trash talk started before Bianca kips up and shows a good amount of her –est’s, being Strong, Quick, Fast against Sasha as Sasha gets annoyed and gets caught by Bianca, rolling her out of the ring as Bianca goes to the outside. After some fighting on the apron, Sasha goes for a good suicide dive attempt but Bianca catches her and carries her to the ring as the match gets back to the ring. Bianca gets her usually offense going but Sasha actually grabs the hair of Bianca during the cartwheel and takes control this time around, getting her edge back and weakening the challenger. Sasha takes her to the corner and goes for the double knee attempt from the apron before Bianca catches her and drops her on her shoulder as they both go to the outside. Bianca’s hair gets caught by Sasha and Bianca takes control on the outside before the ref gets to 8 and both come back in. Bianca showed off her strength this time after a cradle attempt and does an impressive amount of time on a stalling suplex. Sasha keeps using Bianca’s hair to try to stop her after the Suplex but Bianca uses her hair as a ripcord effect into a clothesline. Sasha gets beat down from a Standing Shooting Star and getting propped into the corner as Belair goes for a 450 attempt from the top rope and Sasha counters, getting the momentum change momentarily.

Bianca catches some of Sasha’s high speed offense and does powerbomb pinfalls as Sasha kicks out of the first two, reversing the third with an X-Factor and taking control back with a Tornado DDt for another near fall. Banks now goes to the top for a Frog Splash. Sasha gets her anger and ruthlessness to wrap Bianca’s hair around her opponent into a Bank Statement and somehow, Bianca powers through and gets to the ropes before Sasha starts stopping on Bianca’s face after the break. Banks keeps going with the trash talking but Bianca shoves her into the corner post with some Shoulder Tackles and sets her up for a Superplex. Sasha fights her off and attempts a cartwheel kick before Sasha grabs the feet into a Tree of Woe position to land a Meteora. Sasha misses the first one, goes to a knee strike from the Tree as Bianca sits up so Sasha lands knees first into the turnbuckle and eats a 450 Splash for a near fall. Sasha tries to get control again after but gets whipped in the midsection with Bianca’s hair and after a fight to swing around, Bianca grabs Sasha up and lands the Kiss Of Death to win her first Women’s Championship in WWE.

Overall Score: 8/10

Well not too bad for the first fan attended event for WWE… barring NXT of course. Bad Bunny showed he can actually care about wrestling, wasn’t expecting a Canadian Destroyer… or I guess Puerto Rican Destroyer. Cesaro gets his moment, Bianca gets her moment. AJ Styles is now a Grand Slam Champion and every match except for the Tag Team Turmoil thing was pretty solid. I actually can’t wait for night two of Mania. Did it match Stand and Deliver Night One? No. That is still the best match of the week so far but they brought a good amount of fire this night and held a candle to Night Two all things considered. Well we have one more day for me to do Mania Week writing so let’s see if Night two can live up to Night One.

Just… people stop wearing my Bucs colors and lose in the process. Seriously. Disappointed me tonight Seth and New Day.

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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (4/10/21)

BEHOLD! The Night Panther!!



NEW 24/7 Championship

It’s the epic conclusion to the Legend of the Night Planter!

Mild-mannered Old Spice salesman, Joseph Average, finds himself in the middle of an incredible WWE 24/7 Championship prophecy! But is he hero or villain?


  • WWE 24/7 Championship Picnic Panic: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa & Night Panther; Truth retains the title.


R-Truth is having a picnic.

“This is just not your ordinary picnic. We eatin’ good.” And after spraying some Old Spice Night Panther, they’re smellin’ good, too! But Akira Tozawa is sneaking up to snatch Truth’s snacks! Truth goes to reach for some, sees Tozawa, and Tozawa says, “Say cheese~!” What’s Tozawa doing at Truth’s picnic?! And with Ninja Referee (Drew Gulak) and the Night Panther! Truth finds he’s outnumbered! Tozawa and Ninja Ref Gulak grab Truth, and Truth says, “Oh no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!” He went from Average Joe, to Average Ninja! But if you go full ninja, you go evil. But, Joe’s not evil…

Tozawa shouts, “ATTACK!” But stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ through! A hurricane? Truth’s insurance covers that. But what is he doing here? What’s he doing here? Everyone knows that hurricanes and night panthers are mortal enemies. Truth confirms. And yet, here Joe is, ruining Truth’s picnic with his baby. Wazzupwiththat?! Night Panther, attack!! Night Panther punches at Hurricane but is blocked and counter punched! Truth breaks free of the kung-fu grip, and hurries with Hurricane to the Truth Cave! AWAY~!

The ninjas pick themselves up and Tozawa blames Night Panther for this. But he tried…! Tozawa takes away Night Panther’s seemingly endless blackbelt. Was this Yokozuna sized? But Tozawa doesn’t care what the prophecy says, Joseph Average is NOT the Night Panther! The “HAH! HAH! HAH!” turns into laughter at Joe’s failure, and Joe runs away in shame. Ninja Ref Gulak tries to talk with Tozawa but he won’t hear it. Will Tozawa ever get the 24/7 Championship away from Truth? Will Joseph Average redeem himself? Or is there truly someone else who the Night Panther mantle is meant for?

My Thoughts:

Not quite as conclusive as I thought, but this was a pretty great next part to this story with Eric Bugenhagen, aka Ricky Buge, aka The Buge, now Joseph “The Night Panther” Average, who may not even be the Night Panther anymore. I like that we got The Hurricane in this, and if it weren’t for the divide of WWE and AEW, I would love if the cinematic wrestling universe got Matt Hardy involved with this title. Having a brand deal feels right up the “Big Money Matt” gimmick’s alley. I hope Buge returns and proves himself as the Night Panther, or even just as Joseph Average. This is the kind of fun this title needs to be having either way.

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