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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/3/20)

The first SmackDown of 2020!



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Does the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection have a blueprint for this situation?

After weeks of Bayley & Sasha Banks talking down to the SmackDown Women’s Division, the SmackDown Women’s Division is fighting back! Who wins tonight’s massive Triple Threat Tag?



  • Triple Threat Tag: The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection VS Bliss-Cross VS Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke; Evans & Brooke win.
  • Chad Gable VS Dash Wilder w/ Scott Dawson; Gable wins.
  • Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS The Miz; Kingston wins.
  • Otis Dozovic w/ Tucker Knight VS Drew Gulak; Otis wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura; Strowman wins.
  • Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler; No Contest.


New Year, New #1 Contender!

After a night marked by The Big Dog’s grudge with the Wolf King, the Triple Threat to determine Bray Wyatt’s Royal Rumble opponent was carried out. Baron Corbin mocked Daniel Bryan and The Miz, and had his Show-Off squire help out, but his tyranny would not stand! Roman Reigns kept Corbin out, and Bryan beat Miz fair and square! But Bray was the one who was most excited. That’s because “he” isn’t done “playing” with Bryan yet. Is Bryan willing to do whatever it takes? Is Bryan willing to #LetHimIn? The answer then was “YES!” but will Bryan come to regret it?


The MIz finds Daniel Bryan backstage.

Miz stares daggers at Bryan. “The Fiend violated my home.” There is nothing Miz wants or needs more than to avenge what Bray did to Miz’s family. Miz vows to take away everything Bray cares about, but Bryan is the one who earned that right. While Miz figures things out, he will say this: “Defeat The Fiend at Royal Rumble. Not just for me, for everyone.” Will Bryan carry Miz’s mission on his shoulders when WWE goes to Houston?


Triple Threat Tag: The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection VS Bliss-Cross VS Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke!

Sasha Banks & Bayley claim to be “role models” and “locker room leaders,” yet they only ever talk down to the rest of the SmackDown Women’s roster. So the rest of the roster is here to shut them up! Will the uprising be successful? Or will the #Blueprint and SmackDown Women’s Champion simply make examples out of their opponents?

Before the match, Bayley has a mic and says, “We all made it to 2020. I’m sure all of you guys have been spending the last couple of days thinking about your resolutions.” The usual things, like going to the gym, eating healthy, chasing dreams, “but c’mon. Let’s not lie to ourselves. You guys aren’t going to follow through with any of that!” Change is hard, and the people in the crowd don’t have what it takes to change their “pathetic lives.” Sasha and Bayley made the tough changes by making tough decisions, and now they’re winners! They’re leaders! But you’ve got people like Lacey Evans, who- Well speak of the Sassy Southern Belle, here she comes! She and partner Dana Brooke head to the ring, mic in head. “You two just can’t keep my name out of your mouths, can you?”

Why do they love making fun of children? It is Lacey’s passion to set a real positive example! She is sick of these two using a child to get to her. But congratulations, it worked. Lacey’s resolution is to show everyone that the bad guys lose, even when they have the advantage. And that’s not all, because now Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross make their entrance! They also have mics to add on. “It’s the first SmackDown of 2020, and you ladies just want to tear each other apart.” Seeing these intense issues, do these two even belong? Of course they do! Especially if they want to get back to the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Good point, Nikki. Let’s start 2020 with a win. This huge match kicks off the New Year, after the break!

SmackDown returns as the teams sort out. Lacey goes right at Sasha with a throw! Sasha runs away to ropes, Lacey backs off, and Lacey eggs Sasha on. Sasha tags out to Nikki and bails out. Nikki runs in, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO. Lacey rolls Nikki, ONE, but Lacey cradles quick, ONE. Lacey whips Nikki to the corner, and tags to Dana. Ms. Flex Appeal scoop slams and covers, TWO. Nikki jawbreakers back then cross chops her. Nikki fires up before running for a corner splash! Tag to Alexa, and the Goddess brings Dana around for a headlock takeover. Dana headscissors but Alexa pops out. Dana gets another takeover but Alexa gets another headscissors. Dana pops out to kick low and whip, but Alexa rolls Dana and gets a cover, TWO!

Alexa wrenches but Dana SLAPS her off. Dana whips but Alexa reverses. Dana stops herself, Sasha tags in and Bayley drags Dana out! Alexa WRECKS Bayley and SLAPS Sasha! Then DECKS her with a right, and finishes with a dropkick! Alexa runs in but is put on the apron. Bayley tags in but Alexa fights them both! Alexa bounces Sasha off buckles but Bayley shoves her off the top rope! Sasha corner METEORA! Bayley covers, TWO! Bayley keeps her cool as fans boo. Bayley elbows and chokes Alexa but lets up at 4. Nikki protests but Sasha gets a cheap shot on Alexa! Bayley covers, TWO, but Bayley puts Alexa in the corner. Tag to Sasha and Sasha stomps a mudhole. Sasha snapmares and chinlocks but Alexa endures as fans rally up.

Alexa fights her way up, arm-drags Sasha off, but Sasha hits Nikki! Sasha dropkicks Alexa down then covers, TWO! Sasha grows frustrated but Alexa jawbreakers and uppercuts! Bayley runs in to intercept Dana! Alexa tilt-o-whirls Sasha into Lacey! Nikki is up top, SUPER CROSSBODY! But Sasha throws her into steel steps! The Boss ‘n’ Smug Connection have control as we go to break.

SmackDown returns again as Dana tags in off Nikki. Sasha throws Nikki off the top and meteoras, but Dana handspring boots her down! Dana eggs Sasha on, then speeds things up to run Sasha over! Fans fire up with Dana as she sends Bayley into Banks. Handspring splash sandwich! Snap suplex on Bayley! Snap suplex on Sasha! Handspring splash, cover, but Alexa breaks it. Lace runs Alexa over, but Nikki wrenches and hits her with a neckbreaker! Bayley throws Nikki out hard but Dana throws Bayley out, too. Dana kicks Sasha, Sasha fakes injury, Bayley throws Dana down by her hair! Sasha shining wizards, cover, TWO! Tag to Bayley, and the “leaders” put Dana in a corner. They crisscross whip Dana into buckles, cover, TWO!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion stomps Dana down with a scowl on her face, then taunts Lacey. Lacey tells her to focus on Dana, so Bayley stomps Dana down. Bayley taunts Dana as she brings her up. Bayley puts Dana in the corner to throw hands and stomps. Tag to Sasha, Sasha swings int to METEORA! Cover, TWO! Sasha is furious with the ref, and chokes Dana on the ropes. Sasha lets up at 4 and fans rally up. Tag to Bayley, Boss ‘n’ Hug mug Dana. Bayley rams her shoulder into Dana over and over, then rolls back to wacky waving sucker punch Lacey! Dana BOOTS back! Dana heads for Bliss-Cross but Sasha tags in first. Sasha knees Dana into Bayley’s SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! The Legit Boss is having a legit tantrum!

Sasha brings Dana up again, whips her to Bayley, but Dana decks Bayley first! Dana boots Sasha again, then hosp up, tornado snap suplex! Dana and Sasha are down and crawling for their corners. Fans rally up again, hot tag to Bayley and she stops Dana. Dana enziguris, hot tag to Lacey! Lacey rallies with lariats! Wring out and moonsault! Lacey waits for Bayley to get up, but Bayley sends her at the corner. Lacey goes up and over and snapmares Bayley down. The handkerchief comes out, Lacey wipes herself off and runs to BOOT Bayley into a corner! Fans fire up for the swinging bronco buster! Bayley is in the drop zone so Lacey climbs up. Sassiest Moonsault Ever FLOPS as Sasha saves Bayley! BAYLEY2BELLY! Cover but Dana AND Bliss-Cross break it!

All six women are down but regrouping. Nikki neckbreakers to Alexa’s STO on Dana! Sasha hits them both with knees! Sasha and Bayley whip Nikki for double hip toss BOMB! Bayley tags Sasha and they target Lacey. They double whip her, but she slips out of the double hip toss! Dana drags Bayley, Sasha rolls Lacey, ONE! Dana tags in and Lacey hits the WOMAN’S RIGHT! Dana climbs, to SWANTON! Cover, Dana & Lacey win!!

Winners: Dana Brooke & Lacey Evans, Brooke pinning

Incredible! The Model Soldier and Flex Appeal beat two former women’s tag team championship teams! Could this put them in the tag title conversation?


Otis Dozovic curls kegs to work out frustrations.

Dozer is steaming mad after Dolph Ziggler literally stepped on Mama Dozovic’s fruitcake, the gift Otis gave Mandy Rose in return for the Christmas ham! But Mandy comes by and wishes him a Happy New Year. So did Mama make anything special? Why doesn’t she ask Ziggler? Oh, that… He saw that? No, but Mama did. Mandy apologizes for Ziggler’s behavior. Tucker Knight comes by and says it’s time for their match. Is there a way for Mandy to make it up to Dozer? Can Otis focus on Heavy Machinery’s tag team match tonight?


The Miz finds The New Day backstage.

Big E and Kofi Kingston are celebrating the New Year with 2020 style pancakes and plenty of maple syzurp. Er, syrup. Happy New Year, Miz! What did he do to celebrate? He wasn’t really in the mood. Well Big E watched the balls drop. No, it’s just one big ball. What was he watching? Now he doesn’t know. Well Kofi knows Miz didn’t get to end the 2010’s the best, since he missed out on a second chance at Bray Wyatt, but it was a great decade! Miz main-evented WrestleMania, married Maryse, and had two beautiful children. Plus, he holds the records for the most titles held in that decade! But Big E says he’s just tied with his friend, brother and nnnneighbor, Kofi! Well, yes, but this is about cheering Miz up. So it’s all good. Kofi co-congratulates. And here’s to 2020 having more titles! Pound it!

Miz can’t believe they think this is about tiles. The Fiend violated the sanctity of his HOME! Do they know what that feels like? Do they want to start the new decade off right? Miz SLAPS the pancake platter down. Big E is mad but Kofi keeps the peace. The Fiend has scrambled Miz’s brain, but Kofi’s got him. Challenge accepted. Miz VS Kofi is coming, who will have the better New Year?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in Memphis and asks them, “Do you feel Elias tonight?” Well let’s see what they’ve got. Elias plays and fans clap. “New Year, new me. I had so many hopes for 2020~. I hope Sami Zayn gets punched int he jaw. And if Shane McMahon returns, please send his ass to Raw. Revival needs to change, oh that’s a fact. They’re harder to watch than Ziggler’s comedy act.” If Corbin went missing, Elias wouldn’t complain. That guy’s like an STD: he just wont’ go away. That gut knows. “But not all hope is lost, and you will see~ at Royal Rumble when everyone walks… with~ meee~!” Elias musically declares for the Men’s Royal Rumble match, but will he be singing his own praises or the blues in Houston?


The Revival was still treating Dawson’s LEGO bruises from Christmas.

Dawson felt a real big one under the shoulder. So much for Happy Holidays, all because of that Christmas Street Fight. How dumb is that? Dash is at a loss for words about being made into bad jokes. SmackDown’s #1 resolution should be to #RESPECK the Revival! They work too damn hard to be clowns. Don’t forget Elias making fun of them. But Shorty G Chad Gable overhears the complaining. He says they shouldn’t let anyone’s words affect them. Gable embraced who he is, and it was the best decision of his entire career. Dash & Dawson hear what he’s saying, and never thought of it that way. They didn’t realize Gable changed fromb eing New Year’s Baby to being a motivational speaker. Did he get to stay up to watch the ball drop?

Haha those bad jokes don’t bother Gable anymore. But his new motto is to rise over size. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you can do anything. Oh anything? Anything? Wow. Except maybe beat the #TopGuys. Is Dash sure about that? There’s been a lot of tag team history between him and them, but what about a 1v1? Challenge accepted! See you out there, “squirt.”

Chad Gable VS Dash Wilder w/ Scott Dawson!

And here we are! Will Shorty G show that size doesn’t matter? Or will Dash be a #TopGuy even without Dawson to tag to?

SmackDown returns as the match begins with the bell. Dash and Gable tie up and Gable wrenches. Dawson is on commentary as Dash hits hard. Dash whips but Gable goes up and over and speeds things up. Gable hops up to headscissor Dash! Gable then butterfly suplexes! Cover, TWO! Dash and Gable tie up as Dawson addresses Michael Cole’s comments of the Revival being “hypocritical.” How can they complain about being the butt of jokes when they make fun of Gable? Gable meanwhile climbs up top but Dash pushes him forward onto the post! Dawson says that Gable asked for it. Dash climbs up to SUPER BACK SUPLEX Gable down! Cover, TWO! Dash is upset but Dawson reminds everyone that the Revival are the only WWE Triple Crown tag team champions.

Dash puts Gable in a modified camel clutch, but Gable fights out as fans rally up. Dash knees low, back suplexes but Gable slips out to throw hands. Gable knees, uppercuts, bobs ‘n’ weaves to mule kick and EXPLODER! Dash flounders up, Gable crossbodies himself and Dash out! Gable fires up and puts Dash back in. Gable climbs up top again to crossbody again, but Dash rolls through to cover! TWO, fireman’s carry but Gable slips out. Gable trips Dash, ANKLE LOCK! Dash rolls to send Gable into buckles then rolls him up again, and with tights! TWO, but Dash keeps his focus. Dash whips Gable to a corner but Gable goes up and over to sunset flip! Cover, TWO, Dash runs and gets on Dash’s shoulders. Dash sends Gable into ropes, then waistlocks. But Gable victory rolls to ANKLE LOCK again! Dash taps, Gable wins!

Winner: Chad Gable, by submission

But Dawson goes after Gable! The Revival are sore losers as they beat down Gable! They whip Gable, SHATTER MACHINE! Shorty G is down but the #TopGuys drag him up again. But wait, is that… SHEAMUS!? The Celtic Warrior returns on the first SmackDown of 2020! And he storms his way to the ring to chase the Revival off. Fans cheer Sheamus, but he BROGUES Gable in the face! Fans boo Sheamus now but the Celtic Warrior said all along he wants to clear out SmackDown of “lesser men.” Who won’t be on the Fella’s hit list?


Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS The Miz!

AWWW~ MEMPHIS~! Clap for your 7-time champs and FEEL~ the POWER~! Two long-time WWE superstars meet again to kick off their 2020. Will Miz be able to vent his frustrations over The Fiend here tonight?

The bell rings and Kofi offers a pancake. Miz doesn’t want it so they tie up. Miz wrenches to a wristlock but Kofi rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Kofi trips Miz and splashes down, TWO. Kofi is in a good mood but Miz is still frustrated. They tie up, Kofi headlocks but Miz powers out. Kofi runs Miz over, things speed up, and Miz hurdles to pop Kofi up. Kofi uses that to monkey flip Miz! Even Kofi is shocked by how much air Miz got! Miz gets up as fans chant “New! Day Rocks!” Kofi wants to shake hands but Miz slaps it away! O’Conner roll, TWO and Kofi has it. TWO, Miz headlocks but Kofi powers out. Miz runs Kofi over now, and things speed up again. Kofi hurdles, and again, then back elbows!

Kofi keeps moving, but Miz sends him out. Kofi lands on his feet but Miz runs. Kofi dodges the wrecking ball dropkick and then fakes Miz out on that dive. Fans cheer but Miz grows further annoyed. The cheers keep coming for the New Day as Miz takes his time to return. Miz “applauds” but then kicks low. Miz stomps Kofi down and then drags him up to drive elbows into the shoulders. Miz pushes Kofi but Kofi spins him, no Trouble in Paradise! Miz goes to Figure Four but is denied. Miz dodges in the corner to give It Kicks to Kofi! And again, and again, and again! Miz runs corner to corner, to hit a big knee! Then another! Miz keeps going, but Kofi slips out to kick Miz back! Kofi climbs up, leaps and ax handles Miz down!

Kofi fires up and hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi says it’s over and takes aim from the corner. Fans clap along as Miz rises. Kofi spins, but Miz ducks again! A-List Combination stopped part way, Miz stops the SOS. Miz full nelsons but Kofi drops down to victory roll, Kofi wins!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by pinfall

Miz is in shock! This isn’t going to diffuse anything, and Miz ATTACKS! Miz throws hands but Big E gets in to run him off! Miz storms off and Memphis chants, “You Suck! You Suck!” Miz thinks THEY suck! “After everything I’ve been through!? How dare you?! I’ve given you everything! EVERYTHING!” Has Miz just lost more than a match tonight?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns!

The Goat and the Big Dog will once again work together tonight. Bryan is the new #1 Contender, what is his biggest challenge against Bray Wyatt? Miz’s breakdown is happening because of The Fiend. The Fiend changes you. It happened to Finn Balor, it happened to Seth Rollins. But it hasn’t happened to Daniel Bryan. “Good ol’ DB is unbreakable.” Bryan will prove it when he wins at the Royal Rumble. Roman says that means he’s going to go to WrestleMania as Universal Champion. Which means they’ll be facing each other because Roman vows to win the Royal Rumble match. So understand that Roman has been waiting for this chance. No one took the title from Roman, so Bryan better be ready.

Is Roman trying to fire Bryan up? Bryan is ready any place, any time. But he’ll be even more ready at Mania. So be ready for tonight’s match. The only ones not ready are their opponents, Corbin and Ziggler. Will Roman and Bryan still work together well when they both plan on seeing the other at WrestleMania 36?


Backstage interview with The Miz.

Cathy Kelly knocks on his door, but it’s JOHN MORRISON who answers!? The Guru of Greatness was back with the WWE, but to think he’d show up here! Surprise aside, Morrison says Miz is done talking. Well, are we seeing the reunion of the classic duo of Miz and Morrison starting already?


Otis Dozovic w/ Tucker Knight VS ???

Otis feels pretty down in the dumps after what Dolph did to Mama Dozovic’s fruitcake. But can he get back on track on the first Friday night of 2020?

SmackDown returns as Drew Gulak makes his entrance. Gulak has a mic to introduce himself as the “foremost expert on the grappling arts,” and assures Dozer he is a master of matters of the heart. But with that expertise, Gulak is confident in his assessment that Mandy Rose would never go out with a guy like Otis. Gulak says Mandy wants a man with a physique and a mind, like Ziggler or even Gulak himself. As for Otis, he looks like he’s leaking butter. Otis isn’t too bright so Gulak has a special 372-slide… POWERPOINT!! PRESENTATION!! YES! Please pay attention to the titantron as Drew Gulak Presents: Reasons Why Mandy Rose Would NEVER Date Otis. Look at cartoon Otis. Or is that Tucker?

Otis DRAGS Gulak into the ring! The bell rings and Otis throws haymakers! Gulak throws hands, too, but Otis sumo palms him to a corner, then TOSSES him across the way! Fans fire up for Dozer while Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are both watching this backstage. Mandy seems to try and explain her side of this while Gulak clubs Otis. Gulak tries to cradle package but Otis powers out to suplex Gulak down! Otis then trophy lifts Gulak high and carry him around! To then TOSS him again! “Oh yeah, mama!” But wait, Ziggler is backstage trying to talk to Mandy, too. Ziggler says Mandy doesn’t need to be nervous, but Mandy says she’s not.

Back in the ring, Otis runs in at Gulak in the corner, but Gulak dodges and dropkicks a leg out! Gulak taunts Otis and says Mandy would never date him! “Wise up, kid. “But Otis powers up instead! Otis throws off the shirt! Fans fire up as Otis continues to absorb kicks. Otis scoop slams Gulak, and then again! Otis runs into the corner to splash Gulak, and Gulak falls down. Fans know Otis has his opening! Otis pumps it up and hits the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Otis keeps Gulak down to climb up, VADER BOMB! Cover, Otis wins!

Winner: Otis Dozovic, by pinfall

The Dozer wins! But will Otis win the heart of the Golden Goddess?


Braun Strowman VS Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn & Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Monster Among Men wants to #GetTheseHands on the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but the King of Strong Style and his “Great Liberator” keep dancing around the issue. Will a win over the Swiss Cyborg prove something to them? Or at least to WWE management?

The referee tells Sami and Shinsuke to stay back as the bell rings. Cesaro circles with Strowman then tie up. Strowman shoves Cesaro but Cesaro comes back. So Strowman puts Cesaro in a corner, but they tie up again. Cesaro manages to put Strowman in a corner and gives him a shove. Strowman shrugs that off, so Cesaro gets around to headlock. Strowman powers out and bumps Cesaro’s shoulders. Cesaro kicks low and throws European Uppercuts and big hands! Cesaro runs, dodges and shoulders Strowman, but Strowman shoulders back! Cesaro flounders up to his feet but Strowman TOSSES him across the ring! Strowman throws hands and blocks a boot to shoulder and headbutt Cesaro in the corner. Strowman goes corner to corner to splash!

Cesaro gets to the apron and hotshots Strowman! Strowman still DECKS Cesaro with a right! Strowman runs side to side to BLAST Cesaro off the apron and onto barriers! Shinsuke and Sami distract Strowman, but the Monster Among Men scares them off. Fans fire up with the Monster Among Men as we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Cesaro has a chinlock on Strowman. But Strowman powers up to ram him into buckles! Strowman is free and Sami is worried, but Cesaro BOOTS back! And dropkicks a leg out! Cesaro chokes Strowman on ropes but backs off at 4. Sami distracts and Shinsuke gets a cheap shot KICK in! Cesaro EuroUpper BLASTS Strowman! Cover, TWO! Cesaro climbs up as Sami coaches him, but leaps into Strowman’s hand! Strowman scoops but Cesaro shifts to a sleeper hold! Strowman falls to a knee fast as Cesaro thrashes him around. Cesaro squeezes tight but fans rally up. Strowman fights back up for a sidewalk slam! Strowman feeds off the energy as fans rally again. Cesaro and Strowman rise, Strowman runs Cesaro over! And again!

Cesaro flounders but Strowman corner splashes again! Fans fire up but Shinsuke hops onto the apron. Shinsuke ducks Strowman’s right hand but not the left! Shinsuke falls down but Cesaro stands up to EuroUpper! Cesaro fires off in the corner then runs, only to get run over again! Strowman sees Cesaro go out, and fans fire up as he decides to take a lap! Strowman builds speed to RAM Cesaro and RAM Shinsuke! Strowman wants the hat trick but Sami hides under the ring! Strowman goes around to RAM Cesaro again in Sami’s place. Strowman puts Cesaro in and scoops him up. Sami gets in but Strowman scares him off! Cesaro sends Strowman into a post! And brings him in, Gotch hold, but Strowman scoops! MONSTER SLAM! Cover, Strowman wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

KINSHASA outta nowhere! The King of Strong Style won’t stand for Strowman winning, and now Strowman isn’t standing at all! Sami says that’s good enough for now, but will Strowman #GetTheseHands on them all soon enough?


Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler!

Things have been heated between The Big Dog and the Wolf King for a long time. But things have escalated ever since Corbin won the King of the Ring and has been trying to establish an iron rule over SmackDown. The warring has dragged even the Yes Movement into this, and now the New Year continues this old feud. Who gains the momentum on the Road to the Royal Rumble?

SmackDown returns as Daniel Bryan makes his entrance, followed by the Show-Off and Corbin. The teams sort out and Corbin goes right after Roman! Corbin puts Roman in a corner to stomp away, but the ref backs him off. Corbin dares Memphis to boo, so they do. Corbin throws hands but Roman dodges to uppercut! Roman climbs up to rain down fists! Roman gets all the way to 8 but Corbin shoves him off, only to get a Samoan Drop! Corbin bails out but Roman goes out. Roman runs to Drive-By Dropkick! Roman keeps his eyes on Ziggler as Corbin gets back in the ring. Corbin catches Roman low with a knee then tags in Ziggler. Ziggler stomps away and throws hands, then turns Roman, only for Roman to shove and BOOT him down!

Roman tags in Bryan! Bryan gives Ziggler EuroUppers and a whip. Ziggler reverses, Bryan dodges to wreck Corbin! Bryan tosses Ziggler out to join Corbin! Fans join in the “YES! YES!” but Bray Wyatt’s laughter interrupts that. Bray plays with the lights to play mind games with Bryan, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more as Roman gives Corbin the point-blank corner clotheslines! Roman gets all 10 of these then runs to BOOT Corbin down! Fans fire up as Roman grins, and Roman locks ‘n’ loads. Roman has to uppercut Ziggler first, then he dodges Corbin, only to run into a DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Bryan returns to the corner as Corbin brings Roman to ropes. Corbin scrapes Roman out to then throw him into steel steps! Bryan protests but the ref has him return to the corner while Corbin drags Roman up again,. Corbin bounces Roman off the announce desk, then puts him back in the corner. Tag to Ziggler, and Ziggler taunts Roman. “You’ve gotta have somewhere to go!” Ziggler taunts Roman that he won’t make the tag. “Do you hear me?” Roman uppercuts Ziggler first!

Roman throws more hands but Ziggler kicks low. Ziggler turns Roman for the neckbreaker! Tag to Corbin and Ziggler anchors Roman for Corbin to stomp! Corbin drags Ziggler up as fans rally. Corbin throws Roman into the post hard! Corbin applauds himself before dragging Roman up. Corbin throws Roman into the post again! The ref reprimands Corbin but he takes Roman out to throw into the post a third time! Fans rally for Roman as he dodges Corbin. Corbin slides out, in, but into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Fans fire up as Ziggler coaches Corbin. Roman and Corbin crawl to their corners, hot tags to Ziggler and Bryan! Bryan counter punches Ziggler and then throws haymakers. Bryan whips, Ziggler reverses, Bryan goes up and over to run, dodge and leaping lariat!

Fans fire up with Bryan and he aims from the corner. He corner to corner dropkicks Ziggler, then fires off Yes Kicks! Kick after kick after kick, then he hoists Ziggler up top. Bryan climbs to join Ziggler, and SUPER STEINERS! Fans are thunderous for Bryan as he waits for Ziggler to rise. Bryan gives more Yes Kicks! The buzzard misses, Ziggler rolls Bryan, TWO, into the LeBelle Lock!! Ziggler flails, Corbin clobbers Bryan! Fans boo as Corbin rings Bryan up, Choke Slam but SPEAR! Roman takes out Corbin, Ziggler SUPERKICKS Roman down! Ziggler goes at Bryan but no ZigZag. Bryan dodges, KNEE PLUS!! Cover, but the lights start going down!! THE FIEND IS HERE! Red light and all! Bryan can’t take his eyes off The Fiend, but that’s so he can DIVE! Direct hit!

But the Fiend is up and he throws Bryan into the post! Bryan dodges and sends The Fiend into the post, but leaps into the MANDIBLE CLAW!! The Fiend rams Bryan through the timekeeper’s barriers!! The Fiend laughs as he pushes the wreckage aside to again clamp on the claw! Bryan is smothered and the lights are flashing. Is this only foreshadowing their rematch at the Royal Rumble? The Fiend disappears and security hurries out to check on Bryan. Roman comes over, concerned for him, too, but Ziggler attacks! And Corbin! The King’s Court beats down Roman and puts him in the ring! Corbin rains down right hands while Ziggler gets the cuffs! Corbin cuffs Roman and Ziggler brings out cans of dog food! They want to humiliate Roman again!

Ziggler pops open cans as Corbin cuffs Roman to the bottom rope! But here come the USOS! Roman’s cousins have returned! And they DOUBLE SUPERKICK Ziggler down! Then they go after Corbin, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Corbin bails out, the Usos build speed to DOUBLE FLY! They take out both Corbin and Ziggler! Roman is freed and the Bloodline is reunited! Will this be what turns the tide against Corbin and his court?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode to start the New Year and new decade! I really like how the change brought on by the Fiend isn’t in Bryan but in Miz. Miz is headed back to be a Heel, he has a great match with Kofi, and losing gives him the opportunity to “snap” and go after Kofi. Then what a great surprise to see that John Morrison returns tonight, though it was a rather anti-climactic return. Morrison and Miz were a real good tag team, but that was in the late 2000’s to very early 2010’s. If they reunite here in the 2020’s, that will definitely revitalize the SmackDown Tag Team Division and be a great way to get Morrison back into things. Dash VS Gable was a really good singles match, too, but the production crew needs to realize we don’t need to SEE Dawson to HEAR Dawson, let us watch Gable and Dash. Also real clever of someone to have Michael Cole say “Revival” and “elite” in the same sentence.

Sheamus’ return happened tonight, too, that was a nice treat. But of course he returns as Heel and against Shorty G. Sheamus’ promos definitely sounded more Heel give how usually it is Heels that talk down the roster. Gable VS Sheamus will be a great program for the both of them, and Gable will look great no matter the end results. Speaking of talking down, naturally that meant Boss & Hug/Smug were going to lose tonight in that Triple Threat Tag. It was a great match, especially as the opener, and surprisingly, Bliss-Cross wasn’t in there to take the fall. Lacey & Dana winning was actually the bigger surprise to me, and now we’ll be getting Lacey VS Sasha. I really hope they add the stipulation that if Lacey wins, she gets her title shot at the Royal Rumble, it just makes sense. And while it isn’t likely Lacey will win the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Lacey & Dana can at least get into this year’s Women’s Elimination Chamber match for the Women’s Tag Titles.

While it’s a bit sad Gulak is being used to facilitate other feuds, bringing back Powerpoint Presentations is pretty fun. Also, the story of Otis, Mandy and Ziggler is growing stronger, so I’m really hoping Valentine’s Friday Night SmackDown is the blow-off for that. And for that matter, that Otis gets the girl. Fans love Otis, we should be able to cheer for him in getting the girl. Strowman VS Cesaro was a great match, and naturally Strowman wins. While making the decision between Strowman and Shinsuke in the Intercontinental Championship match is hard, it is feeling like things lean in Strowman’s favor. Then the main event tag was really good, and it was also great to have The Fiend mess with Bryan just so he doesn’t get any real momentum from this match.

And it’s just as great that The Usos return to even things out for Roman VS Corbin. If only Roode wasn’t suspended, we’d be getting a Six Man Tag next. But even then, Usos can certainly have a match of their own with Ziggler and Corbin to keep things going. But seeing that Corbin keeps bringing out dog food, that rumored Loser Eats Dog Food match is clearly more than just rumored. Which means Roman is going to win and Corbin is forced to eat dog food. This story between them has been good so far, so a dog food blow-off is very disappointing. Maybe if it was a Dog Food Match, where there were kiddie pools of dog food all around for them to fall into, fine. But not this gross dog food version of a Hair VS Hair or whatever. Can Vince just go focus on XFL already?

My Score: 8.5/10

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