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Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes: Down in Mississippi and Up to No Good

The Elites have descended into the legendary Memphis Territory, will they live up to the old legends on the anniversary of the launch of AEW?

The Elites have descended into the legendary Memphis Territory, will they live up to the old legends on the anniversary of the launch of AEW?

Love that Dave Brown is going to call this show. Love seeing the other commentators fanboy over him. Wish Lance was there, he’d probably be having a ball.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs Private Party

I like that they’re showing clips from ‘Being the Elite’ so fans who DON’T catch the show understand what’s going on. Love that the guys in the back are having fun at Page’s expense. I also enjoy Omega and Page being on the same…wavelength (you thought I was going to make a bad pun, right?). Love Private Party looking to cause trouble by running Page into Omega. Glad Elites got a win, but it does still seem like there’s issues.

I have no idea what Pac’s problem is, I’m sure it’s hard to spell. Give it up dude, you lost clean, beating up Nakazawa isn’t going to change that. Love that Page was less concerned and went for the beer.

Kris Statlander vs Riho -AEW Women’s Championship Match

Okay, not here for Brandi on commentary, but since they’re building that story for Statlander vs Nightmare Collective, we’ll go with it. This was a pretty good match. Statlander and Riho seemed pretty evenly matched in terms of skills. I’m intrigued by the Nightmare Collective helping Statlander, even though she turned them down.

I thought the match had been called due to interference and sheer chaos. I’m not happy about the finish. For all that build and waiting, Statlander should’ve won. I’m going to guess that AEW took it away because she backed out of last week.

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Christopher Daniels vs Sammy Guevara

So the Fallen Angel wants some redemption…and to get his hands on the obnoxious Guevara.

This was a surprisingly good match. Guevara sometimes struggles to keep up with older guys, but Daniels did a good job with him. It was a good palate cleanser after the less than spectacular women’s match. Pentagon costing Daniels the match was interesting since Lucha Brothers aren’t part of Inner Circle, but I’m guessing it’s ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

It’s Wrestling HYDRA and they want Daniels. I’m not sure what to make of Dark Order being destroyed by the Elite (SCU is TECHNICALLY part of the Elite).

Dustin Rhodes and Cody vs Lucha Brothers

Okay, this should be the money maker match for tonight.

Yup, it’s the money match! This match is fabulous! Love this storytelling and LOVED Arn being the Enforcer. Thank God this match was good! Great match, Arn Anderson paying dividends, a CLEAN finish. Rhodes win. We good.

Now time for the elephant in the ring: MJF’s stipulations. Why is Anderson getting into this? I guess he missed the part where Cody let MJF pick the stipulations.

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Memphis Legends

I’m puzzled about this. This was VERY heavily hyped, but I do not recall them doing anything on camera for the Legends of Memphis. There seemed to be a snippet of something, but it got cut off. I was a little disappointed in that.

MJF Speaks

LOVE DDP, but I’m not sure why Cody is having the Legends doing his talking for him. Actually, I have an IDEA of what Cody’s doing with this, but I’m going to sit and wait to see how it turns out. So, BBB work for MJF. That’s a little disappointing since there was speculation that Marty Scrull would be joining them, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Jurassic Express vs Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

This match was just fun. We need more fun in wrestling. Marko Stunt is so game, bless him, I like the Best Friends not really selling. ANYWAY, this was a good, fun, match. Everybody got their bits in and Jungle Boy FINALLY got a win for his team!

Moxley Answers Jericho

Well, that did NOT go like I’d expected it to go. I fully expected Mox to tell Jericho to fuck right off. He didn’t. He JOINED the Inner Circle. I have no idea what to make of this. I’m not AGAINST it, per say, but I’m very puzzled.

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Oh! Never mind! Mox fooled them! He fooled me! He fooled all of us and I LOVED it! We are going to get Moxley vs Jericho for the AEW Title! Love Mox playing Jericho for a sucker, then laying him out and taking the car! Looks like Renee’s getting some new wheels!


This wasn’t the best Dynamite, especially not after last week, but it wasn’t the drizzling, hot pepper shits like a lot of people are claiming. Jericho got his answer and the next feud for the championship is set. The thing with Dark Order and the Nightmare Collective being back to back didn’t work for anyone. Both groups need a lot of fine tuning, especially Nightmare Collective. I want both groups to work, but this was not a good night for them. The thing with Cody and the legends of WCW is interesting, Like I said above, I have an idea of where this is going, but I’m going to wait and see.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes! Stay tuned for continuing coverage.



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