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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/26/2020)




AEW Dynamite Coverage

Who is AEW’s Iron Man?

Just days before AEW Revolution, Kenny Omega settles the score with The Bastard, PAC! Will there be anything left of The Cleaner to tag with Hangman?



  • 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Kenny Omega VS PAC; Omega wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Jurassic Express; Jurassic Express wins.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy; Best Friends win.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Yuka Sakazaki VS Big Swole VS Hikaru Shida VS Shanna; Shida wins.


30 Minute Iron Man Match: Kenny Omega VS PAC!

AEW history is being made again! Will it be the Best Bout Machine or The Bastard that outdoes the other in this incredible tiebreaker?

An interesting move is that the Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, are still accompanying Omega to the ring ahead of their AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Revolution against him. And at the same time, Hangman Page is not, despite him being Omega’s partner. But the main concern is this match here. Will Omega survive Pac to give his all in Elite VS Elite?

The bell rings and the countdown begins. Omega shoves Pac as fans rally behind him. Pac and Omega circle and Pac even encourages fans to cheer. The two tie up, go around, and Omega ends up putting Pac against ropes as fans rally the Terminator drums already. Omega lets up and dares Pac to bring it. Fans cheer while Pac keeps his cool. Pac and Omega circle and tie up with a test of strength. Pac breaks the grapple but Omega wrenches him to the wristlock. Fans rally as Omega cranks on the hand, but Pac rolls and pries free to wrench Omega in return. Omega rolls, handsprings and wrenches. Pac handsprings through that, and Omega grins.

Omega and Pac get face to face, and Pac pie faces. Omega gives it back, and now we have a brawl! Forearm for forearm, back and forth, until Omega CHOPS! Pac takes a moment before swinging. Omega redirects him and dropkicks the legs out, only to run into a SUPERKICK! Pac waistlocks, Omega standing switches but Pac denies the full nelson. Omega holds on as Pac runs so Pac elbows. Omega CLUBS Pac on the back, then Electric Chairs! Pac slips out and wants the Brutalizer! They end up hitting buckles! Omega gets up and runs back in, into a boot! Pac runs into a huricanrana! Pac bails out and the Terminator drums begin again. Omega rises, runs and FLIES! Direct hit with the top conjilo! Fans are fired up as Omega stands tall at the ramp.

Omega drags Pac up and puts him in the ring. Omega slides in, runs and KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Pac gets to ropes as we near 26 minutes left. Omega has fans rallying again as he CHOPS Pac! And CHOPS again! Omega whips Pac but Pac holds the ropes. Omega throws a big forearm and another, then wrenches to CHOP! ANother whip but Pac reverses, only for Omega to reverse and fireman’s carry! “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton, but the moonsault flops! Pac grimaces as he runs and waistlocks. Omega standing switches to send Pac into buckles! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Omega grits his teeth. Pac flounders to ropes as Omega says BANG! Omega runs but Pac bails out. Fans boo but Omega just adjusts to slide out. Pac gets under to throw big forearms!

The two brawl their way to the ramp, and Pac is backing Omega down. Omega CHOPS but Pac kicks low. Pac whips, Omega reverses, but Omega runs into a back elbow! Pac goes up to MOONSAULT, but is caught! But he turns it into a tornado DDT! Fans cheer for “A E DUB!” as the referee checks on both men. The Bucks check on Omega but he and Pac are still okay to continue. Pac stands first and gets in the ring. Omega slowly follows but Pac is right on him. Pac pulls hair and throws forearms but Omega hits back. Omega bumps Pac off buckles! Pac flounders and Omega goes up top, but Pac rocks him with a right! Pac climbs up, Omega resists and fights back, and Omega sends Pac down with a headbutt!

Omega adjusts as Pac stands, but Pac is right up top again! SUPER BRAIN BUSTER!! Fans lose their minds as we reach 22 minutes. Pac and Omega stir and Pac sits up first. Pac heads to a corner and climbs up top. Omega slowly rises as Pac watches like a hawk. Pac leaps, BIG missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Omega survives but Pac keeps his focus. Pac grabs Omega with a chinlock and cranks back. Omega endures and fans rally up with the drums. Omega fights his way up, throws body shots and haymakers, and he starts backing Pac down. Pac reverses the whip but Omega goes up and over. Omega comes back, Pac slips out to the outside, slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!!

We reach the 20 minute mark and fans rally up. Pac mocks the fans cheering for Omega and BOOTS Omega in the back of the head! Fans boo but Pac soaks it up. Pac drops a knee on Omega’s face, then another. Omega crawls to ropes but Pac gives him toying kicks. Pac chokes Omega on the ropes, the ref counts and Pac lets up at 4. Fans boo as Pac glares at the Bucks. Pac CHOPS Omega in the corner, then CHOPS again! Omega pie faces and eggs Pac on, so Pac CHOPS again! Pac whips, Omega dodges, but Pac BOOTS Omega again. Omega blocks the next boot to BOOT Pac into the corner! Fans rally as Omega catches his breath and Pac flounders. Pac drags himself up and throws a forearm. Omega throws one back, and we have another brawl!

Pac uses his head to stand Omega up to ROCK him with a right. Omega comes back with another! The forearms continue back and forth, and the two grind foreheads just to stay up. Now they pick up speed! Forearms fly faster and faster! Omega gets the edge then runs, but into a BOOT! Pac runs but into a CHOP! Omega runs, Pac side steps and SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX! Omega is up to block and V-TRIGGER! Pac staggers, into another V-TRIGGER! Omega underhooks, for the TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! We’re under 17 minutes and still not one fall! Omega drags Pac up, Electric Chair and the fold, but Pac fights back! So Omega pops him into a high waistlock, CROYT’S WRATH!! Cover, TWO!?! Pac survives again and we still have 0-0 on the scoreboard!

Fans cheer for “A E DUB!” giving us this incredible opener! Omega sits up first and brings Pac around. Omega puts Pac in a corner, goes corner to corner, for a V-TRIGGER! He tries the Electric Chair again, but brings Pac up top!? Fans are freaking out, a Pac spins around to SUPER POWERBOMB! Omega flounders to the opposite corner and Pac staggers in. We’re at 15 minutes as Pac climbs up. “This is Awesome!” as Omega drops down to flapjack Pac onto buckles! SNAP DRAGON! V-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO?!? Pac still survives and flops out of the ring. Pac starts looking for something under there? Omega hurries after him as Pac goes around the way. Pac finds a chair and SMASHES Omega with it! That’s a disqualification and Omega gets the fall!

Omega: 1; PAC: 0

Fans boo and the Bucks protest but Pac gives Omega another chair shot! The Bucks hurry in to check on Omega as we pause the countdown at 14 minutes. The 30 second time-out doesn’t last long, and now we’re going again. Fans chant, “You Killed Kenny! You Bastard!” but Pac revels in it. Omega flounders up and Pac running BOOTS him into a corner! Pac climbs up top for BLACK ARROW! Cover, Pac gets the fall!

Omega: 1; PAC: 1

The Bastard does major damage just to keep things tied up! AEW goes picture in picture as we have another 30 second time-out at just 13:21 remaining. The referee checks on Omega but he’s okay to continue. Pac grins because he has a wounded Cleaner he can keep after. Pac stomps Omega just as the clock starts up again, then heads back up top. Omega is down but manages to get under the bottom rope. Omega then staggers out of the ring and around the way, but Pac is right on him. Pac whips Omega HARD into barriers on the far side! Omega stirs but Pac eggs the Bucks on. Pac takes his time returning to Omega and he puts him in the ring.

The Bucks back off as Pac gets in the ring. Omega sits up, defiantly daring Pac to do more. Pac gives Omega toying kicks and taunts him right to his face. Pac eggs the fans on in their boos and jeers. He goes back to omega but Omega throws a haymaker! And another! Pac shrugs them off to get in Omega’s face again. Omega CHOPS and that still stings, so Pac back kicks then boots Omega down! Omega ends up on the apron and Pac goes out to follow. Pac brings Omega up as we go below 11 minutes. Omega fights back with body shots and forearms but Pac gives forearms of his own. Pac grabs Omega, suplexes, FALCON ARROW TO THE FLOOR!! Fans lose their minds all over again! The Bucks check on Omega but the ref has them stay back.

Somehow, Omega is still good to continue. Or perhaps, Omega is too stubborn to quit. Fans rally for “A E DUB!” as Omega and Pac sit up. Pac gets in the ring first, and Omega slowly follows. Pac dropkicks Omega into the ref! The medics now have to check on both Omega and the ref! Pac grins as time ticks off in his favor. Pac brings out a TABLE! Fans are conflicted, because they love tables but hate Pac. Pac still stands up the table and positions it as we approach 8 minutes. Omega sits up and Pac is right on him while the medics check on the ref! Pac puts Omega on the table as fans rally with the Terminator drums.

Pac clubs Omega in his throat! Omega gasps for air as Pac climbs into the ring and up to the top rope! Fans freak out as Pac launches the SUPER SHOOTING STAR!! Pac and Omega crash through the table!! The clock is still ticking as fans again lose their minds! Now both men need to be checked on because the table did as much damage to Pac as it did to Omega. The ref has recovered and he starts a ring count. The bucks try to get Omega to move as the count reaches 5 and the clock reaches 6 minutes! Omega sits up at 8 but Pac stands! Pac is in at 9, Omega is in at 9.9!! Pac is furious but fans are thunderous for that buzzer beater! Omega stirs as Pac glares at him.

Pac drags Omega around to a drop zone then heads up top again. Fans boo as Pac again takes aim, for another BLACK ARROW! But Omega’s knees! Omega saves himself! The fans and the Bucks rally up as Omega drags himself to a corner. Pac stirs on the far side and Omega runs corner to corner, V-TRIGGER! Omega keeps Pac from falling to the mat, because he wants to add on. V-TRIGGER! BIG Urenage! Cover, TWO!?! We’re under 4 minutes and we’re still tied at 1-1! Omega pushes Pac to the ropes and takes aim again. BANG and Omega runs, to V-TRIGGER! Omega vows to end this, and he Electric Chairs, but Pac POISON-RANAS!! Omega looks undead as Pac runs, and tilt-o-whirl DDT’s! Into the BRUTALIZER!!

Omega endures but there’s still well over 2 minutes left! Fans rally to give him strength as he works towards ropes with his legs! Pac cranks Omega as hard as he can, but Omega makes it a cover, only for Pac to roll it through! We’re at the 2 minute warning, and Omega gets the ROPEBREAK! Pac holds on all the way to 4, and then shoves Omega from the ropes. Pac drops on Omega to put the Brutalizer back on! Omega endures all over again, working to clasp hands. Fans rally again as Omega elbows Pac back! We’re at the last minute as Omega blocks Pac’s arms with a leg. But Pac gets it back on! The seconds are ticking away as Omega pushes back to a cover, TWO!

Pac cranks Omega more but Omega keeps trying for a cover. The two struggle as we’re under 30 seconds! Omega rakes at Pac’s face to get free! But Pac gets him again! We’re under 15! 10! The seconds are counting down, TIME’S UP!! It’s a draw at 1-1!! Fans want overtime, “Five More Minutes!” Pac DECKS the ref!! The Bastard only wants what he wants, and he did not get it. But AEW management is granting SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!


The bell rings, V-TRIGGER!! Pac flounders, referee Aubrey Edwards slides in, and Omega gives Pac a ripcord V-TRIGGER!! Omega drags Pac back up, KAMIGOYE!! Ibu-tan, are you watching!? Cover, TWO!?! Pac survives the knee that surpasses god?! Omega drags Pac up, Electric Chairs, folds, ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall

Incredible! A historic match that truly makes an impact! But the Bucks saw it themselves, this took so much out of Omega! Will three days be enough for him to recover and fight alongside Hangman Page?


AEW is picture in picture as Pac makes his way up the ramp.

Tony Schiavone waits for him, and wants Pac to stay calm as we prepare for an on-stage interview.

AEW returns to single picture and Tony speaks for all of us when he says that was “one hell of a match.” But after all the talking and tormenting, and Pac loses the tiebreaker? What is Tony up to, huh? Is he taking the piss out of Pac? No, he just- Wait, Orange Cassidy appears? What is Freshly Squeezed doing confronting Pac? Even Pac thinks this is a joke. But Cassidy takes off the sunglasses! You know he’s serious now. So Pac DECKS him! Pac takes his frustrations out on Cassidy but security backs him off. Fans boo as Pac leaves and security checks on Cassidy. The Sloth has courage to stand up to the British honey badger, but when will we see this showdown happen in the ring?


Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle VS Jurassic Express!

Given all the chaos and conflict in last week’s Tag Team Battle Royal, a showdown of Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz with Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus was bound to happen. The Spanish God helped screw over the boy and his dinosaur, but will he and the Proud ‘n’ Powerful go extinct?

The tension mounts and the trios sort out. Sammy and JB start as fans rally and chant for Luchasaurus. The bell rings and JB shotgun dropkicks the smirk of Sammy’s face! PNP rush Luchasaurus but he handsprings under the double clothesline! TAIL WHIP gets Ortiz, ROUNDHOUSE gets Santana, and Stunt goes up top! Stunt leaps to double missile dropkick PNP! Fans fire up as Jurassic Express has the ring. JB DIVES onto Ortiz! Then DIVES onto Santana! JB sets PNP up as Stunt climbs Luchasaurus. PNP push JB away but Luchasaurus TOSSES Stunt onto them! They catch him and throw him at JB! Sammy gets up but gets ROCKED with a roundhouse! Luchasaurus runs, PNP double FLAPJACK!

Stunt gets in and throws hands on PNP! And elbows! Stunt runs, into a pop-up, but he huricanranas Santana! Stunt baits Ortiz in, then runs in, only for Santana to pop him up onto Ortiz’s shoulder. Sammy springboard dumdum stomps for Ortiz’s POWERSLAM! Santana uses Ortiz for a step stool to standing moonsault! Fans boo as the Inner Circle all flexes. Ortiz carries Sammy around to mock Jurassic Express while Santana drags Stunt to a corner. AEW takes a break as the Express is in danger.

AEW returns and Ortiz drags Stunt to the corner. Tag to Sammy and he blows up the Jurassic corner with Santana. Ortiz stomps Stunt down then becomes a step stool again. Santana runs and leaps for POETRY IN CANNONBALL! PNP drag Stunt up and double hip toss him into Sammy’s POWERBOMB! Cover, Jungle Boy saves it! Ortiz throws JB out and Sammy drags Stunt up to slap him down. Fans rally as Sammy slaps Stunt more. Stunt SLAPS back! He staggers Sammy with those shots! Sammy waistlocks but Stunt victory rolls, to hot tag Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus launches Sammy and spinning BUZZSAW! He lariats and CHOPS Santana, then tanks Ortiz’s offense to ROUNDHOUSE!

Luchasaurus fireman’s carries Stunt for the FOSSILIZER, his take on the Widow Maker! Ortiz staggers into a choke grip, to get a CHOKE SLAM! And standing moonsault! Sammy runs in and clubs Luchasaurus in the back. Luchasaurus grabs Sammy to boot, JB boots, Stunt SUPERKICKS, and JB German suplexes! Stunt gets a boost to bronco buster Sammy in the corner, then the Express work together to TRIPLE KICK Sammy in the corner! JB brings Sammy up in the Vertabreaker position but Ortiz hurries in. Stunt flies over to huricanrana Ortiz away! Luchasaurus adds his AX KICK to the VERTABREKER! Extinction Driver, perhaps? Cover, but Santana KICKS Luchasaurus away!

JB tags in and rallies on PNP! JB sends Ortiz into Santana to then SUPERKICK Ortiz! Fans fire up with JB, but he runs into an enziguri sandwich! PNP give JB Tu Lo Sabe! Sammy adds a shooting star! Cover, but Stunt dropkicks Sammy off! Stunt baits PNP into a low bridge and they tumble out. PNP drag Stunt out but Luchasaurus MOONSAULTS! He takes out everyone, even Stunt! Sammy drags JB up but JB slips out of the scoop. Sammy bucks JB off hard, and then grabs the mad ball sock! Fans boo but Darby Allin appears! Allin takes the sock away! Sammy turns around, into the SPIKE-RANA! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

The Undead Daredevil screws over the Spanish God! Sammy wants to fight now rather than at AEW Revolution, but Allin TOSSES him out onto PNP! The Painmaker Posse gets punked out, will they be put down this Saturday?


AEW is picture in picture as Allin gives his cue card promo.

“In 3 days… In Chicago… At Revolution…” Allin pauses to hear out the fans as they cheer. “The Coffin WILL drop!” Allin tears the card apart, will he also tear Sammy to shreds?


AEW looks back on MJF and Cody Rhodes.

“My relationship with Cody was so close, just because he was the first person who really believed in me. I’m going to be right there ringside with him. I’m going to be cheering him on, I’m gong to be there for him. And come November 9th, history will be made and a legend will be born.” These were the words MJF said in the build to Cody VS Jericho for the AEW World Championship on the way to Full Gear. But when that night came, MJF threw the towel in as Cody endured the Walls of Jericho. And then betrayed Cody by kicking him in the balls! “Cody only wanted not to keep me under his wing, but to keep me under his thumb.”

Cody would retaliate by saying MJF just needed to name a price. MJF gave three stipulations: don’t touch MJF before AEW Revolution; have a steel cage match with Wardlow; take ten lashes from MJF. The lashes came before the cage fight, but Cody went through it all because that is what revenge means to him. And it all infuriated MJF, because he hoped Cody would fall. Now MJF must face the consequences of his actions. Will MJF come to regret making the American Nightmare his worst enemy?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy!

Another showdown comes about because of the Tag Team Battle Royal. Cassidy may still be stinging from the Bastard’s sucker punch, he might also still be sore from the Bunny’s low blow. Will Allie’s boys, Braxton Sutter & Andy Williams, have what it takes to strike down the power of friendship?

The teams sort out and we start with The Blade and #JustTrent. Trent and Blade circle but Blade sucker punches Chuck Taylor! The Butcher gets in to clobber Trent while Blade keeps on Chuckie T on the outside. Butcher whips Trent into the ropes and hard! Blade soaks up the heat as fans boo and jeer, then tags to Butcher. They drag Trent up, gut wrench and dropkick! Blade and Butcher stomp about and put Trent in their corner. Tag to Blade and he CHOPS Trent. Allie Bunny wants more so Blade CHOPS Trent again! Trent CHOPS back! We have a CHOP fight! Blade then Trent, then Trent gets the edge. Blade shoves to headlock but Trent powers out. The Blade runs Trent over and things speed up now. Blade KICKS Trent’s back drop away, then hangs him out to dry on the ropes!

Fans boo as Blade stomps about again. Blade stomps Trent and brings him up. Fans rally for Best Friends as Blade puts Trent in a corner. Blade whips Trent corner to corner but Trent comes back with a Sexy Chuckie Knee! Hot tag to Chuckie! The Kentucky Gentleman rallies but gets a KNEE from Blade. Blade gets a KNEE back! Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! Fans fire up as Chuckie throws Blade out. He eggs Blade on to get back in as AEW goes picture in picture.

Allie Bunny has her boys regroup, and then Butcher drags Trent out of the ring! Butcher CHOPS Trent while Blade attacks Chuckie from behind! Blade reels Chuckie in for a swinging fisherman suplex! Tag to Butcher and they stomp Chuckie’s leg! Butcher chokes Chuckie on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count. Chuckie gets to an open corner but Butcher brings him up to CHOP! Tag to Blade and they bring Chuckie up for double headbutts. Blade chokes Chuckie on ropes now but lets up at the ref’s count. He stomps Chuckie to a corner and rakes the eyes before he tags to Butcher.

The Butcher and the Blade mug Chuckie then punch him to a corner. Butcher CHOPS and whips Chuckie corner to corner hard! Chuckie hits the mat but Butcher brings him up to stomp a mudhole in. He stomps Chuckie down but the ref counts. Butcher lets up to then snap suplex Chuckie out! Cover, TWO! Butcher drags Chuckie up but Chuckie throws body shots. Butcher clubs him down but Chuckie keeps throwing body shots back. Chuckie fires off more shots but Butcher CHOPS him down! The Butcher puts Chuckie against the ropes to CHOP again! He whips and runs Chuckie over with a shoulder, then tags in Blade.

AEW is single picture again as Blade stalks Chuckie to an open corner. Blade CHOPS Chuckie n the corner then whips him corner to corner. Butcher whips Blade in but Chuckie boots back! Chuckie dumps Butcher out and hot tags Trent! Trent baits Blade into the TORNADO DDT! And then he decks Butcher out before he PESCADO, but into Blade’s arms! Blade rams Trent into barriers, then whips him to others! Trent SPEARS back! Fans fire up as all four men are down! Allie Bunny and The Sloth get in the ring! Fans fire up as the two come face to face again. Cassidy brings his hands up, but Allie keeps him from putting them in his pockets! And then she takes off his sunglasses and puts them on.

Cassidy keeps his cool as fans wait to see what happens. He blocks the low blow! And takes her bunny ears! And puts them on!! He is now a Bunny Sloth! And then puts his hands in his pockets! He ducks Allie’s swing, then sends Blade into her! Cassidy dodges Blade to DIVE onto Butcher! Trent gets Blade in position, Chuckie’s up top, STRONG ZERO! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Allie can’t believe it! But Best Friends are victorious and Tony heads to the ring to get an interview. Big announcements for AEW Revolution: The Bastard, PAC VS Orange Cassidy!! Cassidy’s jaw is sore while Best Friends are red hot. Chuckie says it feels good! They’re back on a winning way, and Freshly Squeezed is not a joke, Pac! The joke’s on Pac, “because this time, he’s gonna try!” Trent defends that there is no promises, but fans chant, “He’s Gone Try!” Cassidy’s answer: a thumbs up. Will Cassidy’s first singles match in AEW be a revolution in itself?


AEW is picture in picture as Tony Schiavone joins in on the group hug!

Fans love it! Schiavone is an honorary Best Friend! Cassidy even lets him wear the sunglasses! Tony gives his own thumbs up.


Fatal 4 Way: Yuka Sakazaki VS Big Swole VS Hikaru Shida VS Shanna!

The AEW Women’s Division is in a revolution of its own as Nyla Rose stands atop the mountain. But there are many contenders waiting for their chance! Will Aerial Monroe, the Wrestling Magical Girl, the Stardom Samurai or Portugal’s Perfect Athlete get a huge win here tonight to prove they’re next up?

The bell rings and the four women watch each other closely. Swole struts and taunts but Shida goes right after her. Swole dodges and things speed up as Shanna arm-drags Shida down. But Swole throws a haymaker, only for Shanna to reverse the whip. Sakazaki watches as Swole hip tosses Shanna down! Swole keeps Sakazaki at bay with a finger, but Shida rolls Swole up! TWO, and Swole tries a cradle. TWO, Sakazaki watches as Shana double huricanranas! Sakazaki wants in, and fans cheer. Shida kicks Sakazaki first, then Swole and Shanna add on! Sakazaki bails out and fans boo. Shida calls for a test of strength, and Shanna dares her to go higher. Shida accepts and Swole adds on for a triple test of strength!

Sakazaki watches as the three women get knuckle locks! Sakazaki slips into the middle to kick each of them back! And huricanranas Shida! To then dropkick her! Swole dodges, Sakazaki rolls, Sakazaki dodges Shanna but Swole runs Sakazaki over! Shida kicks Swole and Shanna adds on forearms. Shanna throws Swole out but Shida kicks Shanna. Shida whips, fireman’s carries, but Sakazaki distracts long enough for Shanna to sunset flip! But Shida sits, TWO as Shida has to duck Sakazaki’s basement dropkick! Shanna has the sunset flip now, with matchbook cover, but Swole rolls her off it! Sakazaki rolls Swole, TWO! Fans cheer the technical exchange, but then Shida enziguris Sakazaki out!

Shana SUPER PUNCHES Shida and Swole SLAPS and uppercuts Shanna! Swole whips Shanna, Shanna stops herself and dodges Swole. Swole steps in, into a SUPERKICK! Shanna fires up and fans join in as AEW goes picture in picture. Shanna builds speed but runs into Shida’s knee! Shida hurries to get a chair! She sets it up and fires up as she runs. Shida leaps off the chair, into Swole’s BOOT! Swole tosses the chair aside and watches Shanna build speed, for the DIVE! But Sakazaki LEAPS onto them both! The Magical Girl stands tall as fans cheer!

Sakazaki puts Shanna in the ring and stalks up behind her. She snapmares and rolls to enziguri Shanna! Then sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Sakazaki puts Shanna in the corner for a back elbow, then climbs up. Sakazaki has Shanna in a headscissor hold, and counts with the ref. Sakazaki leans back for the hanging headscissor! She lets up at 4, then throws big forearms and elbows! Sakazaki spins, but Shanna blocks to ROCK her back! Shanna wrenches and reels Sakazaki in, but Sakazaki ducks and runs, only to run into a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Shanna almost had that one as AEW returns to single picture.

Shanna drags Sakazaki up and underhooks, but Shida gets in to take Sakazaki from Shanna. Shida uses Sakazaki to hit Shanna down, then puts Sakazaki in the corner. Sakazaki is stuck on the second rope and Shida kicks Shanna low. Shida brings Shanna around to snap suplex into Sakazaki! Fans fire up for Shida as she drags Shanna back up. Shanna blocks this suplex so Shida ROCKS her with a right! Swole dropkicks Shida’s legs out to hit a basement Complete Shot! Swole ROUNDHOUSES Sakazaki! Then throws forearms and palm strikes on Shana. Shanna ducks the roundhouse and jumps the sweep, but Swole HEADBUTTS!

Swole runs at the corner but Shanna puts her on the apron. Shanna swings but Swole ROUNDHOUSES! Step in CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Shanna survives and Swole is frustrated. Shida hurries up top as Swole drags Shanna up. Shida leaps, to missile dropkick Swole down! Cover but Sakazaki sliding lariats! Cover but Shanna drops on it! Shanna gives Sakazaki the underhook FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!?! Sakazaki is as tough as Riho! Shanna goes up top but Shida joins her. Sakazaki joins Shida as they grab Shanna. Shanna resists and puts them both in the Tree of Woe! DOUBLE WOE STOMPS!! Shanna hurries to get Swole up. Swole denies the full nelson and wants her own. Shanna slips out, so Swole pins her around, wristlock ripcord for the DIRTY DANCING forearm!

Shida runs in, ducks Swole’s strikes and fireman’s carries. Flipping backbreaker! Fans fire up as Shida lets her hair down! Shida runs but Swole ducks the Shining Wizard, only to get Sakazaki’s MAGICAL SPLASH! Shida drags Sakazaki off the cover to FALCON ARROW her onto Swole! Cover, TWO!! Shida keeps moving, SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Shanna can’t get there, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The Samurai slays three opponents at once! With Nyla Rose set to face Kris Statlander at AEW Revolution, who will make it out of Chicago to face Shida on the other side?


The Dark Order speaks.

“The Exalted One is near, and he has given us our assignments.” Evil Uno and Stu Grayson will show SCU the true might of the Dark Order. Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are in for a rough night. And when it is all said and done, Christopher Daniels will find he is obsolete.


AEW shares Jim Ross’ interview with Hangman, Omega and The Young Bucks.

Elite VS Elite is happening in Chicago for the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Did they imagine this scenario a year ago? No, this is the last thing Matt and Nick thought would happen. He didn’t think Kenny Omega and Hangman Page would be a tag team, let alone champions. They’re great singles wrestlers, but it was always Matt and Nick as the top tag team. But Matt is still proud of his friends, and it’ll be a great match. JR does also agree that the Bucks are the best tag team in the world, but why aren’t they champions? Nick says that’s a hard question. Omega says it was about being in the right place at the right time. He and Hangman tried something out and it worked.

The Bucks are the best, they are inspirational, and every time Omega steps in the ring alongside Hangman, Omega pictures is as their chance to be just like the Bucks. Hangman says this was a “big accident.” That’s what it sounds like from the others. Omega defends how he worded it. They built a team from the ground up and earned the titles. JR sure says Hangman is “uncomfortable.” He’s all fidgety and has a drink in his hand. Again. Hangman says he’s just doing the interview. Nick says in the end, they care about Hangman. But JR says this is THE match with opponents who know each other so well. How do they prepare for such a match-up?

The Bucks admit Omega and Hangman know just about everything about them. They’ve teamed together, lived together, and had Omega and Hangman over to spend time with the family. Matt loves them, they’re his best friends. Nick and Matt are competitors, but are humans. However, AEW Revolution will see the competitors who want those titles. People have said the Bucks are the best tag team in the world, Omega and Hangman aren’t, and the Bucks are done losing sleep over not having the titles. But even then, this is The Elite, they’ll be friends at the end of the day because that’s bigger than the titles. What’s bigger than the titles? Hangman gets riled up. He told them he walked out of the Elite! He doesn’t want to be part of it and they couldn’t let him go!

Now Matt gets upset. After everything they did for Hangman, from bringing him onto the Bullet Club and then onto Being the Elite, they made him a star! Hangman can’t just walk out on that! Hangman was an ROH henchman jobber and they changed that for him! Why does he have a chip on his shoulder over that!? A chip?! The only thing on his shoulder is his title belt! The biggest accomplishment of his career, something he did for himself, and now the Bucks want to take that from him! Omega says this is business. Well Hangman’s glass is empty, so he’s out. This explains why Hangman wasn’t ringside for the Iron Man match. But will The Elite be fine after Revolution?


AEW returns, ready for the World Championship weigh-in!

Tony Schiavone joins AEW officials and ring girls (apparently AEW has those, too) as we make this official. The master of ceremonies will be “the world’s most dangerous announcer,” Gary Michael Cappetta! The announcing legend joins everyone in the ring and thanks Tony for this honor. “Ladies and gentlemen, you can feel the excitement!” Are you ready for Revolution? Fans cheer in agreement as Cappetta cues up this AEW World Heavyweight Championship match. The last thing is tonight’s weigh-in! First, the challenger, from Cincinnati, Ohio, JON MOXLEY! The Maniac again enters from the audience and shakes hands with Tony. And then, accompanied by the Inner Circle, Le Champion, CHRIS JERICHO!

The Inner Circle wear track suits to show they are in fact the “Painmaker Posse” as described earlier. They walk in single file to the ring to show solidarity behind their charismatic leader. Fans sing the theme as Jericho joins everyone in the ring. Cappetta introduces the brand new scale that will determine both men’s weights. Jericho doesn’t want to step on the scale just yet. He knows that the “weird little man” is an experienced announcer, but judging from his announcing style, “it’s no wonder WCW went out of business.” But in Le Champion’s world, the Painmaker goes LAST. That’s true, so the challenger goes first. Moxley doesn’t hesitate to take off the boots and the hoodie to make sure this is his true weight.

The scales are tipped and Moxley weighs in at… 234 pounds. A lean, mean fighting machine is the Maniac. But now it is Jericho’s turn. Jericho gets on the scale but with his belt and full gear. He hands the belt over to Santana, then takes off the sunglasses to give to Ortiz. Jericho takes his time taking off the bandanna, and then tells Kansas City to “shut your ass!” Fans boo and Jericho soaks it up before taking off the track suit. The fans use the KC Chiefs war cry to troll Jericho, but he gets them back with, “Mahomes is a piece of s*it!” Jericho finally takes off the track suit as fans call him “A**hole!” Le Champion finally steps on the scale, but then gets in Moxley’s face. So Moxley HEADBUTTS him!! The Inner Circle goes after him! Moxley manages to drop Santana with PARADIGM SHIFT!

Sammy, Ortiz and Hager still go after Moxley while Jericho sits up with a bloody face. The headbutt got the bridge of his nose! Moxley gets mugged and security can’t get in there to stop them. Jericho stands up and here comes DUSTIN RHODES! The Natural wants after the Big Hurt, and he clotheslines him right out! Dustin is after Hager and puts him into the crowd! Jericho throws security out to go after Moxley! The Inner Circle help Jericho beat Moxley down while Dustin and Hager fight by the concessions! Hager knees LOW, then throws Dustin into a wall! The DIPPIN’ DOTS!

Back in the ring, Moxley continues to get beaten down, until DARBY ALLIN appears! Allin smacks Santana with the skateboard but Sammy KNEES Allin down! Sammy has the skateboard and HEAD SHOTS Allin! The skateboard breaks, but Moxley hits Ortiz with a PARADIGM SHIFT! Sammy drags Allin out but Moxley is alone with Jericho! Fans are thunderous as these two start throwing hands! Revolution comes early, but Santana LOW BLOWS! JUDAS EFFECT! Moxley goes down and fans boo! Jericho drags Moxley to the scale to give MOXLEY PARADIGM SHIFT to the scale! Fans boo as Jericho holds up the AEW World (Heavyweight) Championship. Will this be how Revolution ends this Saturday?



My Thoughts:

A really good go-home right here. All the matches were great, and that 30-minute Iron Man match alone was incredible. I like that JR’s interview with The Elite tied back to it to help us understand why Hangman wasn’t ringside, it all shows the tensions between them are specifically Hangman and the Bucks. Both sides of that literal argument were valid perspectives, but I’d probably take Hangman’s side that he just wants to prove he can be something because of him, not because of The Elite. I’d like to see that tag team match boil down to Hangman trying to do it all on his own, only to crash and burn. That could really give Hangman’s own personal story some real dimension as he tries to reaffirm his individual worth.

PAC VS Orange Cassidy is going to be an interesting match. I want to see what happens when Cassidy “tries” for once. Best Friends VS Butcher & Blade was a good match, and with Best Friends winning, I’d like to see if they step up into the tag title scene for the Spring phase of AEW. The Six Man Tag was great, and it was great for Allin to help Jurassic Express beat The Inner Circle. Hopefully those AEW Trios Titles arrive sooner rather than later. Also please tell me they don’t plan on changing the name of the Inner Circle to the Painmaker Posse. That just makes me wince hearing it.

Dark Order VS SCU gets to be part of the card now, as will Nyla Rose VS Kris Statlander for the AEW Women’s World Championship. Those matches are going to be great either way, but Dark Order certainly made a huge tease with using the word “obsolete.” I don’t think it can be either Hardy brother yet, but they’re sure keeping the dream alive. We got a great final hype package for Cody VS MJF, and we got a great Women’s Fatal 4 to be the main event match. Shida taking the win is logical, she’s been on a great streak even with having lost an early title opportunity against Riho. I feel that AEW still subscribes to Face VS Heel like everyone else, and I don’t see Rose losing anyway, so Rose VS Shida will make a great match-up.

I suppose Painmaker Posse was the thing because of this “real fight” feel they were going for tonight. But did the final segment need to be a weigh-in? They kinda slapped “heavyweight” onto the title like a sticker. Yes, it was great seeing ring card girls, and Jericho using Moxley’s own move into the scale was a great ending spot. But all the same things could’ve been done with a mock press conference. You can still have Jericho and Moxley get face to face, bust Jericho open with a headbutt, have Dustin and Darby reinforce Moxley only for the Inner Circle members to stand tall, and then the stolen Paradigm Shift could’ve been done to a table, the ramp or the stage. All details that would’ve made things a bit better in the end. Either way, Moxley VS Jericho will be a great match that I personally hope Moxley wins.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

It’s Dark before the Anniversary!



AEW Dark 2
Mitchell's AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

Dark paves the way to the Dynamite Anniversary!

AEW is about to celebrate Dynamite’s Anniversary, but there’s plenty of action in the Dark! Will Dante Martin & Matt Sydal outwork the Workhorsemen?


  • Marina Shafir VS Sio Nieves; Shafir wins.
  • Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters VS AR Fox; Daivari wins.
  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/Mark Sterling VS Rohit Raju & Invictus Khash; Nese & Woods win.
  • Abadon VS Freya States; Abadon wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Blake Christian; Slim J wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon VS Eli Isom & Chris Farrow; Nemeth & Bononi win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Terry Kid; Boudreaux wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Skye wins.
  • The Iron Savages w/ JT Davidson VS Gus De La Vega & Levy Valenzuela; The Iron Savages win.
  • Dante Martin & Matt Sydal VS The Workhorsemen; Dante & Sydal win.


Good line-up here. I feel like the Trustbusters are gonna sweep the night because they’ll all be supporting each other with Heel tactics. Honestly, I feel Blake Christian and AR Fox would each win their match-ups if they didn’t have to worry about outside distractions. Good to see the former Bear Country, now Iron Savages, Boulder & Bronson, back in action. They’ll definitely get a good return win. And Dante & Sydal VS JD Drake & Anthony Henry is a great tag match, and I would think Dante & Sydal win that.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (10/3/22)

Philly gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

The Peacock and his Boys defends their gold!

AEW Dark: Elevation features the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions! But will Dalton Castle & The Tate Twins still reign in Philadelphia?


  • Skye Blue VS Trish Adora; Skye wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tracy Williams; Cage wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Cheeseburger; Archer wins.
  • Abadon VS Abby Jane; Abadon wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear; Castle & The Boys win and retain the titles.
  • Mixed Tag: Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Gia Scott & Leon St. Giovanni; Kip & Penelope win.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Deppen & Dante Martin; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Best Friends VS The Factory; Best Friends win.


A really good line-up here, with the big attraction being Dalton & The Boys taking on Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder, aka Primal Fear. That’ll be a solid match that I will cover, but I don’t see the champions losing the titles. Good to see Cheeseburger but he’s gonna get eaten alive by Archer. And I like that we’re getting a full faction showdown of Best Friends VS The Factory. That’ll be a big win for Best Friends and they’ll have momentum going after Death Triangle for that feud.


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear!

The Peacock and the Tate Twins continue their reign as ROH’s trios champions, and now they defend these titles in the City of Brotherly Love! Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder are all hungry for the gold, but will they be the ones to fear Castle & The Boys?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised while The Boys help Castle with his robe and pants, and it is time to shine with gold in the Dark!

The trios sort out and Castle is all fired up as he starts against Soriano. They get in each other’s face, Castle gives a chest bump, so Soriano CHOPS him! Castle gets fanned off by the twins, then he comes back to circle with Soriano. Castle trips Soriano, rolls him with a leg, high stacks, TWO! Castle shoots in to waistlock and SLAMS Soriano down! Fans fire up, Castle waistlocks to roll Soriano around and throw down elbows. Castle gut wrenches, tag to Brendan, and he tags Brent. The Boys double whip Castle in to SPLASH Soriano at the corner, and then he feeds Soriano to a DOUBLE HIP TOSS!

The Boys roll Soriano back for Castle to shove forward into DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Brent covers, TWO! Brent drags Soriano up but he shoves Brent away to tag Hodder. Hodder runs in but Brent dodges to arm-drag him! Brent rushes in but Hodder kicks him low. Tag to Omen, they go after Brent but he fights back. That’s still 2v1 and they overwhelm him. They double whip, Brent ducks under but runs into a double TOSS right into the ropes! Soriano tags in and traps Brent, then Omen & Hodder run to the corners. They go up, out and Soriano runs, Primal Fear TRIPLE BOOTS Brent! Soriano covers, TWO!

Soriano drags Brent up, bumps him off buckles, but Brent elbows back. Brent hurries but Soriano reels him in. Brent lands out of the back suplex to hot tag Castle! Fans fire up with The Peacock as he rallies on Primal Fear! Castle gets around Soriano to Gotch lift OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Hodder runs in, into an EXPLODER! Omen returns, Castle dodges, blocks the boot and SAIDOS! Primal Fear regroups outside as fans fire up. “Bring me a Boy!” Brent runs in, Castle aims him and THROWS him at Omen! Then Castle has Brendan and THROWS him at Soriano! Brent returns, and Castle THROWS him at Hodder! And then he THROWS Brendan at Omen!

Brent’s back again, so Castle THROWS him at Soriano! Brendan is back, Castle THROWS him at Hodder! Fans fire up as Castle and the Boys regroup, DOUBLE BOY TOSS at Soriano! The Boys then send Soriano in for the Alabama Lift, and BANGARANG!! Cover, Castle & The Boys win!

Winners: Dalton Castle & The Boys, by pinfall (still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

There was no fear in The Peacock and his trusted twins, they took down Primal Fear with ease! Will they find bigger, stronger competition as they stick around AEW?

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