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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginnings Sapporo Part Two! (2/2/20)

Chaos VS Suzuki-Gun in singles showdowns!



NJPW New Beginning Sapporo 2020

NJPW wraps up in Sapporo!

NJPW wraps up Sapporo weekend with major matches between the forces of Chaos and Suzuki-Gun! Will the Rainmaker survive the Sliest Wrestler Ever?


NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.



  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Will Ospreay; wins and
  • Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi w/ Miho Abe; Okada wins.


Revolution Pro-Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Will Ospreay!

The Submission Master continues his campaign for #Sabreism in NJPW, but it hasn’t gone as smoothly as he’d like. Could defeating the Aerial Assassin be the ticket he needs to taking over? Or will Ospreay replace the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship he lost with something that reminds him of home?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this showdown seven years in the making begins!

ZSJ loosens up as he talks trash to Ospreay but Ospreay shrugs it off. Fans are immediately fired up for Ospreay at the bell as he circles with ZSJ. They tie up, Ospreay wrenches but ZSJ rolls through to escape. They go agian, ZSJ wrenches but Ospreay reverses to wring ZSJ. ZSJ rolls through again to get away, but comes back for another grapple. ZSJ grabs Ospreay’s arm to wrench to a hammerlock. Ospreay pries free to reverse but ZSJ drops down to trip Ospreay. ZSJ gets the arm again to go after fingers and a wristlock. Ospreay spins, arm-drags but ZSJ headscissors. Ospreay pops out and sweeps the legs to cover, ONE!

ZSJ pushes Opsreay into a corner but Ospreay keeps his cool. Fans cheer as ZSJ backs off and the two reset. Ospreay and ZSJ feel out the grapple before ZSJ gets a Cording hold. ZSJ works on the elbow but Ospreay goes to whip. ZSJ keeps locked on and wrenches at the elbow. Ospreay facelocks but ZSJ kicks his leg to work on the vertical base. Ospreay gets back up and whips, only for ZSJ to arm-drag and bring Ospreay down. ZSJ grinds on the armlock but Ospreay kips up, only for ZSJ to wrangle him back down. Fans rally up as Ospreay gets back up again. Ospreay uses Red Shoes for help to flip through and arm-drag ZSJ away! Ospreay runs ZSJ over but ZSJ boots from the mat. Both Brits build speed but then put on the brakes. Fans cheer the stand-off, even as ZSJ complains to Red Shoes.

Ospreay calls for a test of strength, which fans cheer, but ZSJ tells Ospreay to “piss off.” No test of strength, just a collar and elbow. ZSJ grabs the wrist again but Ospreay gets that double knuckle lock after all! Ospreay brings ZSJ to the mat, but ZSJ rolls around to get up and reverse pressure. Ospreay turns to throw ZSJ, but ZSJ lands on his feet, only for Ospreay to force him down again! Cover, ONE as ZSJ bridges. Ospreay adds his weight, cover, ONE! Ospreay tries again but ZSJ is ready, with a monkey flip! ZSJ rolls back to a cover, Ospreay sunset flips through, but ZSJ rolls through to matchbook. Ospreay pops out of that to sit on a cover, but ZSJ sunsets, only for Ospreay to match box. ZSJ also sits on that, but that just creates a loop for sunset and match book and back the other way!

ZSJ headscissors but Ospreay handsprings through! Ospreay buzzsaws but ZSJ gets clear! Fans cheer as ZSJ bails out and Ospreay waits in the ring. ZSJ uses the ring count to catch his breath, but so does Ospreay. ZSJ tells Ospreay to “enjoy that,” then gets back in the ring. Ospreay still waits as he and ZSJ circle. They tie up again, ZSJ wrenches to a hammerlock, but Ospreay slips to trip up ZSJ. Ospreay has a toehold but ZSJ works on a counter. ZSJ rolls, stands, but Ospreay wrangles him down by the leg. Ospreay cranks but ZSJ rolls, only to get pushed down again. Ospreay keeps on that foot, but ZSJ again works on his escape. ZSJ reels Ospreay in, headlock takeover but Ospreay headscissors. ZSJ pops out to get Ospreay’s foot now, and gives him back that toehold.

Ospreay endures, rolls, and uses the same foot hook, but ZSJ knows that’s coming! ZSJ digs a knuckle into Ospreay’s back and powers him down for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Ospreay pops out to a cover, ONE! ZSJ kicks and whips but Ospreay reverses, only for ZSJ to go up and under. Ospreay baits ZSJ in, runs and returns with a flying huricanrana! Fans cheer but ZSJ bails out again. Ospreay builds speed and handsprings, but ZSJ drags him out by his arm! ZSJ thrwos European Uppercuts but Ospreay goes up and over to BOOT him down! Ospreay gets back in the ring to PLANCHA! Fans fire up with Ospreay as he looms over ZSJ. Ospreay brings ZSJ up and into the ring, and throws big forearms as fans cheer. ZSJ staggers to a corner but eggs Ospreay on. Ospreay CHOPS ZSJ and ZSJ sits down!

Ospreay gives toying stomps then brings ZSJ back up. He throws more forearms but ZSJ gives EuroUppers back! ZSJ headlocks, Ospreay whips and things speed up. Ospreay hurdles but ZSJ counters the hip toss to underhooks and then the cobra twist! ZSJ rolls Ospreay to the mat but Ospreay gets a ropebreak! Red Shoes calls for the break and ZSJ lets go reluctantly. Ospreay crawls away as fans rally up. ZSJ stalks over to Ospreay for a neck crank! Ospreay’s neck is a major target and ZSJ is finally going after it. ZSJ mounts and sits on Ospreay to get a leg. ZSJ pulls in a deep Boston Crab but Ospreay gets a ropebreak with the other leg. Fans cheer as ZSJ reluctantly lets go again.

ZSJ grins as he watches Ospreay crawl, and gets a cravat. He drags Ospreay down as he wrenches the neck, but Ospreay gets back up. Ospreay breaks free to throw forearms, but ZSJ body shots to get the cravat back. ZSJ sees another swinging arm coming, and he avoids it to get the cravat again. Ospreay tries to throw ZSJ but ZSJ stays clamped on. ZSJ cranks on the neck more but Ospreay endures. Ospreay scoops ZSJ but ZSJ cranks to get control again. Ospreay throws big body shots and is free, but ZSJ snapmares him. But Ospreay handsprings through! And handsprings more, for the FLYING PELE! Both men are down but Sapporo is fired up! ZSJ sits up with some frustration but Ospreay follows with determination.

Ospreay stands first as fans rally, and he goes after ZSJ with fast hands. Ospreay whips, ZSJ reverses but Ospreay dodges to come back with forearms! Fans cheer as the Aerial Assassin is back up and building speed. Ospreay basement dropkicks ZSJ right against the ropes! Ospreay stalks ZSJ and brings him up to half hatch suplex! Float over to cover, TWO! Ospreay drags ZSJ back up but ZSJ wrenches, so Ospreay DECKS him. ZSJ is in a corner, Ospreay runs in, but ZSJ puts Ospreay on the apron. Ospreay counter punches ZSJ and ZSJ flounders. Ospreay springboards, but ZSJ gets under, only to run into a dragon sleeper. ZSJ snapmares out to get the sleeper himself, but Ospreay snapmares back.

Ospreay clubs ZSJ to then lift, only for ZSJ to slip around the back for a sleeper! ZSJ is a backpack thanks to body scissors, but Ospreay pries at the hold. Ospreay throws ZSJ off and fans cheer. Standing shooting star, but ZSJ gets his knees up! ZSJ monkey lifts Ospreay to let him drop into the armbar! Ospreay resists with the monkey grip, but ZSJ works on Ospreay’s fingers at the same time. Ospreay endures, but his grip is broken, so Ospreay moves around fast to get ZSJ in an underarm crossface! ZSJ endures, rolls and drags Ospreay into a triangle hold! Ospreay cartwheels and gets free, to FIGURE FOUR! ZSJ blocks the main leg but Ospreay powers it through! The lock is in but ZSJ works on an escape as he endures.

Fans cheer as ZSJ reaches around. Ospreay eggs ZSJ on, so ZSJ SLAPS him! Ospreay continues to taunt ZSJ, dodging those slaps to then wrench harder on the leg! ZSJ endures, grabs at Ospreay but also looks for ropes. ZSJ slaps Ospreay more, and more, and more, but then Ospreay SLAPS ZSJ down! Ospreay cranks harder on the hold but that motivates ZSJ to roll to the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer as Ospreay lets ZSJ go. We’re at the 15 minutes mark for this 60 minute time limit, and Ospreay kicks ZSj in the leg. ZSJ is in a corner and Ospreay kicks him more. ZSJ gives a EuroUpper but Ospreay just kicks more. Ospreay toys with ZSJ a bit but ZSJ gives another EuroUpper. So Ospreay KICKS the leg out! ZSJ falls to a knee, but Ospreay waits for him to rise.

ZSJ throws EuroUpper after EuroUpper, but Ospreay lunges in for a SHIN BREAKER! And the standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! ZSJ toughs it out and fans applaud. Ospreay gets to a corner and fans applaud more as he climbs up top. Springboard, PIP PIP CHEERIO flying clothesline! Ospreay fires up more and Sapporo is with him. Ospreay aims from the corner, spins but ZSJ gets clear of the Robinson Special. ZSJ headlocks, Ospreay powers out, and FLAPJACKS ZSJ right on his face! Fans rally more as Ospreay aims, Robinson Special FLOPS as ZSJ evades! ZSJ hops on with body scissors, leg nelson, but Ospreay sunset flips out of the EuroClutch! TWO!! Ospreay was close, but he and ZSJ still have to keep going.

Ospreay full nelsons but ZSJ breaks free. ZSJ elbows, then blocks the hook kick, for an Ankle Lock! Ospreay rolls to throw ZSJ off, ZSJ runs and jumps back in, but gets caught into a backslide! ZSJ rolls off, Ospreay dead lifts but ZSJ escapes the suplex to PELE the arm! Ospreay CHOPS and ROUNDHOUSES! Both men are back down as Sapporo fires up. Ospreay rises as fans rally up behind him again. ZSJ slowly sits up as Ospreay springboards, but NO cutter! ZSJ has the sleeper hold! Ospreay endures and fights his way up, pries at the hold, but ZSJ SNAP HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX! Both men are down again but ZSJ sits up first. ZSJ watches Ospreay as he sits up, and fans build up again.

ZSJ Penalty Kicks Ospreay down! Ospreay sits up again, to get another kick! ZSJ shakes out his legs as Ospreay sits back up. Penalty Kick number three! Cover, TWO! ZSJ is annoyed but he slaps Ospreay around. He also gives toying kicks as Ospreay sits up again. ZSJ gives another kick and scuff, but then Ospreay stands right up to DECK him! Ospreay is in a daze of his own as he drags ZSJ up. ZSJ throws a EuroUpper and runs to BOOT! Ospreay fires up, ZSJ runs but into the tiger flip dropkick! ZSJ hops on for a guillotine but Ospreay powers out for a BIG suplex! Ospreay fires up with Sapporo as he springboards, OSCUTTER!! But ZSJ flounders out of the ring and to safety! Ospreay can’t believe how close he was, but now a ring count begins.

The count hits 10 of 20 but Ospreay goes out to fetch ZSJ. Ospreay puts ZSJ back in only for ZSJ to roll out the other side. But Ospreay runs to SASUKE SPECIAL! Direct hit at the ramp and Sapporo is thunderous! Ospreay puts ZSJ back in, and ZSJ goes to a corner. Ospreay rocks ZSJ with a HOOK KICK! But Ospreay isn’t done, he starts to pull off his elbow pad, only for ZSJ to grab his leg! ZSJ brings Ospreay down in a kneebar! Ospreay gets to his feet and pries ZSJ off in a waistlock! No German Suplex, but another HOOK KICK! ZSJ sits up, but he ducks Hidden Blade to get the arms! Rings of Saturn coming, but ZSJ wants more. ZSJ takes the elbow pad off to go after Clarky Cat! But Ospreay gets the ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go, Ospreay goes to a corner, and Sapporo keeps cheering.

ZSJ stalks Ospreay and kicks him down off the ropes! Then a scoop, but Ospreay blocks the driver! ZSJ cranks with a guillotine then scoops, but Ospreay slips out to inverted lift, BLOODY SUNDAY! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and Ospreay grits his teeth. Ospreay underhooks, lifts, but ZSJ fights out to pump handle and flip Ospreay over. EUROCLUTCH, TWO!! Ospreay narrowly escapes, but ZSJ Penalty Kicks again! But Ospreay springs right up!? ROUNDHOUSE! Fans are reaching that fever pitch at the 25 minute mark! Ospreay drags ZSJ up, powerbomb lift, but ZSJ guillotines to a triangle hold! Ospreay dead lifts for the BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Ospreay hurries up top, SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives again but Ospreay has more to give! Sapporo cheers as Ospreay drags ZSJ up. Underhooks and Canadian Rack, but ZSJ pops out to the cobra twist! Ospreay pops out to gut wrench and scoop, then flip ZSJ over! But ZSJ slips out again to hop back on, IRON OCTOPUS! Ospreay endures as ZSJ pulls hard on the arm, but drops to the mat! ZSJ squeezes tight and Ospreay is turning purple! Ospreay has a triangle hold of sorts, and CRANKS back hard! Red Shoes checks on Ospreay, and calls it! ZSJ WINS!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by stoppage (still RPW British Heavyweight Champion)

The Submission Master survives the Aerial Assassin’s assault to win the Battle of the Brits! Ospreay didn’t give up, but ZSJ still celebrates. ZSJ rubs it in Ospreay’s face, but will these two face off for that title again?


Kazuchika Okada VS Taichi w/ Miho Abe!

The Rainmaker lost the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Tetsuya Naito to give way to Double Gold Destino. That inspired the Black Mephisto to take advantage of what he perceives is a vulnerable man. But despite the beating Taichi gave the former champion last night, will he be able to put away an all-time great? Or is the fact Okada is an all-time great why he will rebound and redeem himself tonight?

Okada takes his jacket off and turns to hand it to a Young Lion. Taichi uses that moment to strike! Taichi beats Okada down as the bell rings, and fans rally for Okada as Taichi drives in elbows. BUZZSAW to the back of the neck! Taichi is continuing where he left off, and that includes his bag of tricks! Taichi puts the Iron Claw back on but Red Shoes comes over. The sinister Suzuki-Gun soldier shoves Red Shoes away, but Okada BOOTS the claw down! Okada snapmares Taichi to run and basement dropkick! Fans cheer as Okada evens things between them. Taichi bails out to regroup with Miho but Okada goes out to fetch Taichi.

Okada whips him into barriers then boots him over! Fans rally with Okada as he gets space. Okada makes sure his neck is okay first, then he FLIES over the railing into Taichi! Both men crash into the railing in front of fans, who have luckily cleared out by then. Railing and chair tumble over as Okada falls off Taichi. Red Shoes checks on both men but they’re both okay to continue. Fans cheer as Okada stands up first. Miho checks on Taichi but Okada drags him up first. Okada brings Taichi to ringside but Taichi throws clubbing forearms. Taichi whips Okada but Okada reverses! Again Taichi hits the blue rails hard!

Okada stalks over to Taichi and brings him up again. Okada puts Taichi in the ring, which fans cheer. Taichi sits up but Okada brings him to his feet. Okada turns Taichi around for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool as he circles around Taichi. Okada drags Taichi up again and puts him in a corner. He throws big elbows into Taichi, but Taichi glares back. Okada whips Taichi corner to corner, then runs in to hit another back elbow! Okada keeps moving, kicks low but Taichi SAIDO counters the DDT! Fans cheer as both men are even again. Okada bails out now, that neck really bothering him. Red Shoes checks on Okada but Taichi pursues.

Taichi drags Okada up to whip Okada into railing! Taichi drags Okada up from the other side, and with another revisit to last night, he uses camera cables to CHOKE Okada! And Miho again is just as worried as anyone. Red Shoes reprimands but Taichi stops at the count of 4. Only to choke Okada more! Taichi only lets up because Red Shoes orders him to. Fans rally as Taichi drags Okada up, to choke him using the railing itself! Red Shoes again reprimands but Taichi stops at the count of 4. Taichi drags Okada up and into the ring and gives him toying kicks. Fans rally as Taichi drags Okada back up. Taichi puts Okada in a cobra twist and clamps on a hand to the ribs. Okada endures as Taichi puts on the chinlock portion, and even thrashes him about.

Taichi taunts Okada at the same time, but Okada gives it back! Okada fires up even as Taichi pie faces and pushes him down. Okada sits up and stares Taichi down, so Taichi KICKS Okada in the back! And again! Okada winces but gets up, so Taichi pulls him around by his hair. Taichi mocks Okada, asking if he wants to stop, but Okada throws forearms! Okada backs Taichi down then whips, but Taichi kicks him back. Taichi clubs Okada on the neck again! Fans get louder as Taichi puts Okada on the mat to stand on his chest. Sapporo rallies for Okada even as Taichi whips. Okada reverses, kicks low and hits that DDT! Both men are down now and Red Shoes checks on them.

Taichi sits up but Okada stands! Okada stalks up behind Taichi to drag him up and throw more forearms. Okada whips but Taichi reverses, only for Okada to duck, dodge and elbow Taichi down! Fans fire up with Okada as he brings Taichi back up. Okada whips Taichi corner to corner then runs in, but the back elbow misses. Taichi runs in but is popped up to the Alabama, AIR RAID CRASH! Okada gives Taichi a taste of that neck pain, but Taichi bails out to be by Miho again. Okada doesn’t care, he prepares to slingshot. But Taichi uses Miho as a shield! Miho stands in Okada’s way to protect her maestro, but Okada hops out to politely pass by her.

Taichi sucker punches, or rather kicks, Okada! Then whips him back into railing! Taichi drags Okada up and to the ramp! Another revisit to last night as they go up higher. Okada hits back and scoops! Taichi flails to escape the Tombstone, and he clubs away on Okada. But Okada SHOTGUN dropkicks Taichi hard! Taichi tumbles all the way back to ringside! Miho hurries to check on Taichi while he and Okada are both down again. Red Shoes starts a ring count, having given them both a grace period. Okada is up at 5 and heading for Taichi. Okada fetches Taichi at 10 of 20, hauls him up at 12, and puts him in the ring at 14. Fans cheer that this match continues in the ring, and Okada gets Taichi back to his feet again.

Okada scoops and slams then heads up top. Standard Okada formula as he leaps, MACHO ELBOW! Fans cheer as the sequence continues into the Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags Taichi up, wristlock but Taichi powers him back into buckles! Taichi runs in but misses, Okada runs in but Taichi evades. Taichi runs back in, enziguri ROCKS Okada! Okada falls to the mat but soon rises. Taichi gives a BIG kick that knocks Okada back down. We reach 15 minutes as Taichi dares Okada to stand. Okada does and Taichi runs, but Okada ducks only to get a boot! Taichi runs to get a FLAPJACK! Both men are down again as Sapporo rallies. Taichi rolls around while Okada stirs. Okada sits up and gets himself to a corner.

Taichi rises, Okada runs out, SHOTGUN! Taichi is blasted to the other corner, but Okada’s neck is slowing him down. Miho slips the iron claw back to Taichi! Okada staggers over as Taichi plays dead. Okada drags Taichi up by his pants, but Taichi swings! The iron claw misses, and Okada powers Taichi to a corner! Okada hauls Taichi up to dropkick him down! Taichi tumbles to the floor and Miho panics. Okada hurries out to fetch Taichi, but Red Shoes checks on him first. Okada goes back into the ring and sees the iron claw. Fans are shocked to see Okada picks it up. Okada gives it to Red Shoes to take away, but Yoshinobu Kanemaru hurries off commentary. Red Shoes won’t let him, a fellow Suzuki-Gun member, take the claw back just yet, but this is all a distraction!

Taichi jumps in with a chair and JAMS it into Okada’s neck! Kanemaru keeps Red Shoes distracted as Taichi gives Okada a chair shot to the HEAD! The cushion pops right out of the chair! Taichi grins as he drags Okada up and runs, AX BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!?! Okada survives but Taichi isn’t done! OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi aims at Okada, BUZZSAW! Then the dragon sleeper, Kowada style Stretch Plum! Taichi wants to end Okada with Seiteijyujiryou, “The Holy Emperor’s Tomb!” Okada endures this twisting hold as Sapporo rallies up. Taichi lets up only to pull OFF the tape on Okada’s neck! Seiteijyujiryou is reapplied! Okada endures but refuses to give up like this! Taichi cranks harder as Red Shoes checks on Okada. Okada is turning purple but he’s kicking and flailing to stay alive.

Sapporo rallies and Okada scoots around, only for Taichi to crank again! Okada is fading, Taichi covers instead, TWO!?! Okada still lives but Taichi vows to end this. Taichi drags Okada into position but Okada resists the powerbomb lift. Taichi gives Kawada kicks and lifts, but still no bomb! Okada back drops out! Fans cheer as both men reset. Taichi kicks but Okada ducks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Okada keeps the waistlock, drags Taichi back up and now wants the wristlock. Ripcord but Taichi ducks, only to run into the dropkick! Okada fires up and Sapporo does with him! Okada drags Taichi back up, wristlock ripcord, but Taichi ducks! Taichi grabs for Seiteijyujiryou again, but Okada resists the cranking. Okada fights up and arm-drags free, to boot and run!

Taichi swings, Okada gets under, but Taichi counters the ripcord into a SAIDO! Okada sits up, only to flop over on his side. Taichi sits up and stalks up behind Okada. Taichi drags Okada up by his tights and reels him in, ANOTHER SAIDO! Okada’s neck has taken so much damage but Taichi isn’t done with him yet. Fans are cheering as Taichi hits a BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!? Okada survives and fans are fired up more as Taichi builds energy. Okada sits up in a daze, turns around, but dodges the superkick! Gut wrench scoop and TOMBSTONE! Both men are down but fans are rallying hard as ever. Red Shoes watches the two men stir, and Okada is up first. Taichi follows slowly and stands with Okada.

Okada BOOTS Taichi but he stays up. Taichi BOOTS back! We’ve reached 25 minutes as Okada boots Taichi again. Taichi runs to BOOT Okada again! Okada runs and BOOTS back! Neither man falls, and Taichi runs, but Okada blocks to forearm. Taichi spins to back kick, then he ROCKS Okada with a right! Okada falls to his knees and Sapporo fires up again. Taichi whips Okada and dropkicks him down! Fans fire up as Taichi fires up and drags Okada back up. Alabama lift but Okada slips out to backslide! Taichi slips off but into a RAINMAKER! Okada keeps hold of the wrist, he’s not satisfied with just one. Sapporo is thunderous again as Okada drags Taichi back up. Okada goes around to RAINMAKER again!

Okada fires up and Sapporo continues to cheer as he brings Taichi back up. This time, Okada wristlocks to ripcord, but Taichi grabs at Red Shoes! Red Shoes doesn’t see the LOW BLOW! Taichi tucks Okada in, GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!?! Okada survives by the skin of his teeth on that one! Sapporo can’t believe it but Taichi is the one growing frustrated. Taichi and Okada go to opposite ends and use ropes to stand up. Taichi runs in to ENZIGURI hard! Okada staggers, Taichi runs, rabbit AX BOMBER, to GAMANGIRI! Taichi hauls Okada up, lift, LAST RIDE!! High stack cover, TWO!?!? The Rainmaker is showing he’s still that damn tough!

Taichi refuses to let it be this way, and fires himself up with slaps. Sapporo reaches the fever pitch as Taichi drags Okada up. Taichi Alabama lifts, brings Okada around, but Okada slips out to DISCUS RAINMAKER! Okada gets to his feet and fires up again! Okada wristlocks and ripcords, but Taichi ducks! Another Alabama but Okada fights it off. We’re past 30 minutes as Taichi works to lift Okada again. Okada clubs away, scoops but Taichi fights free. ROUNDHOUSE! Taichi powers up, Okada rises, SUPER- NO! Okada blocks the kick for a scoop, into a JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Then wristlock and ripcord, TRUE RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall

The crowd is electric after witnessing such a classic! Sapporo’s sliest son was so close, but couldn’t get it done against the one, the only, THE Kazuchika Okada! Okada sits up and seems to assure Taichi with that look that he at least won his respect. When and where will these two meet again?

Okada grabs a mic to get fans cheering for Taichi out of respect. Fans do cheer as Taichi takes his leave. Okada then says to “SAPPOROOO~! … Taichi, that was a hell of a fight.” Okada apologizes that he almost let Taichi get the upset, but gives credit to his Sapporo fans for helping him tonight. He thanks all the fans for coming, and promises to be back in Hokkaido for the summer. The fans cheer for that. Okada continues to say it will be very exciting. It’ll be fun, right? The fans cheer in agreement. Hell yeah it’ll be fun! See you then! But Okada also says that he hopes to leave Sapporo with something nice. “But in the end of the day, I just want to enjoy Sapporo and this moment!” Fans are excited for Okada to make it rain again! Will Okada bring the rain in July? What will we see from the Rainmaker in the New Japan Cup?



My Thoughts:

Another great event, and a great conclusion to a weekend in Sapporo! ZSJ VS Ospreay for the RPW title was great, but I had a feeling ZSJ was going to retain. It didn’t seem like the right time for him to lose that title or for Ospreay to take it. This is a sign that Ospreay is making that shift from Junior Heayvweight to full Heavyweight, as he has been with things like the G1 Climax over the summer of 2019. The moment Ospreay does get a Heavyweight level title will be a great moment for him. Or even just one of the other midcard titles, like the IWGP Intercontinental or United States Championships, which he hasn’t had in his career yet.

Okada VS Taichi was a great match, and Taichi being the hometown kid got Sapporo on his side. Taichi really has slowly yet surely built to that upper midcard scene, and I’m sure he’ll find his own way to one of the higher titles soon enough. But Okada is Okada, and he isn’t going to lose so easily. Okada giving Taichi respect is also a good touch, that’ll help Taichi in the end. As mentioned, the New Japan Cup is coming, but I’m not sure Okada wins that to get his shortcut back to the Heavyweight Championship. For that matter, there’s a lot going on for Naito and having both titles, including his showdown with Kenta. There’s a lot of great stuff coming for NJPW in the summer, it really is as exciting as Okada says.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (5/27/22)

Who’s the third man, brother?



SmackDown 2022

Just who (who who who) is joining The New Day?

The Brawling Brutes have been beating the New Day SmackDown after SmackDown, but now Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston even the odds! But with who?


  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Ronda Rousey VS Raquel Rodriguez; No Contest.
  • Ronda Rousey & Raquel Rodriguez VS Natalya & Shayna Baszler; Ronda & Raquel win.
  • Los Lotharios VS Jinder Mahal & Shanky; Los Lotharios win.
  • Ricochet & Drew Gulak VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day & Drew McIntyre VS The Brawling Brutes; New Day & McIntyre win.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions!

Jimmy & Jey Uso walk out, the 312 day SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but also THE tag team champions of the WWE! They get the mics while shouldering the belts, and Jey welcomes Little Rock to the show! Jimmy says before getting the celebration on, everyone put their fingers up to thank the Tribal Chief, the Needle Mover, the Head of the Table, and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, their cousin, Roman Reigns! Jey also thanks Big Uce to allow them to beat RKBRO all on their own. Thank you, Roman. Fans boo that bold faced lie, but Jey says he’ll get real and off script.

Those rocking with the Usos since day one, you know that two days ago marks 12 YEARS in the WWE. Fans do applaud that, that is a triumph. 12 years ago, the Usos walked out and never in a million years would Jey have thought they’d still be here after all that. For 12 years, the fans have cheered them, booed them, seen the ups and the downs. But that means that for 12 years, y’all watched these two grow up. That means for 12 years, all these plane rides, the miles on the road, the time being away from family, you know who was there for the Uso? Fans cheer because they know, it was all of us fans! Real talk.

But check this out. The world is crazy these days. Jey loves coming to the WWE and entertaining the fans. So from the bottom of their hearts, for their family, the Usos want to say thank you to the fans. Fans cheer that in thanks back. Jimmy takes a breath as the fans chant, “UCE! OH! UCE! OH!” Jimmy then says, “For the past 12 years, we’ve also realized that… We absolutely needed NOBODY~!” GOTTEE! All they needed were each other! They didn’t need you, you, or you! The Bloodline is drippin’ in all the gold! Look upon your undisputed! Unified! WWE Tag Team Champions!! Don’t boo them! Boo Randy for not being here!

Where is Randy? Home! He got bodied by the Usos! And Little Bro, got his ass crying like the kids last week. Riddle is looking at the true tag team! He the two, and #WeTheOnes! But here comes SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! He tells the Usos that he and his partners challenges them to a match for those tag titles! HE wanted to get them by himself but Nakamura asked to join. What? Well where is his partner? Peg Leg Pete, the dude who got busted? Rick, BOOOGS~? No, it’s THE BRO! Matt Riddle is teaming with the King of Strong Style! Will they get revenge on the Usos together? They rush the ring, and they brawl at the ropes!

Fans fire up, Jimmy sends Riddle down, Jey sends Nakamura down, but Riddle rushes right back in! He fights them both, but they throw him out! Nakamura gets back in, but he gets mugged, too! Riddle returns with a FLOATING BRO ATTACK! Fans fire up as Riddle and Nakamura get the Usos up! Nakamura throws Jimmy out, ROUNDHOUSE! Riddle DECKS Jey! The Usos grab up their gold and get outta there! Will the Usos be able to handle the #BrosOfStrongStyle?


SmackDown returns as Riddle and Nakamura talk backstage.

The Bro wonders what they should call themselves. Nakamura Bro? Kayla says they did look good out there, but how would Randy feel about this? Actually, this was Randy’s idea. and Nakamura is pleased. He may not be B0ogs, but Riddle and Nakamura will dominate. And Nakamura may not be Randy, but there’s potential for greatness here. Will these two becoming the ultimate


SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Ronda Rousey VS Raquel Rodriguez!

Last time was for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but this to see if Big Mami Cool can earn another shot! Of course, backstage, we see Shotzi, Xia Li, Aliyah, Natalya and Shayna Baszler watching from the locker room. Shotzi complains that Raquel is getting another match with Ronda when she choked! Why are all of them getting passed over? Xia is undefeated in the WWE, so why isn’t she out there? Xia thinks about that, then storms out. Aliyah may be annoying but she has the fastest win in WWE at 3.16 seconds. Even she deserves a shot. Aliyah tells Shotzi to just shut up, then she storms out.

But Natty has more wins than any woman in WWE history! She is a living legend! If she had the same opportunities as Raquel, she’d be champion now! And Shayna, straight up, you’re a killer. Raquel has zero killer instincts. They are the best in the world yet here they are, letting another opportunity pass them by. So then, what’re they gonna do about it? Spades & Hart look at each other, is there an understanding between them and the wild card? Will they do something about this while Raquel faces Ronda?

SmackDown returns and Ronda makes her entrance. And now Shotzi, Natty & Shayna decide to go out there to stop this! Shayna & Natty go first, Shotzi has to get her helmet. But then the door is locked!? Shotzi gets shut out of her plan! By Aliyah! Payback! Back tot he ring, though, the match begins and Ronda dodges Raquel. Then she fires hands, but Raquel waistlocks and SLAMS Ronda! Raquel drags Ronda up but Ronda elbows free and throws kicks. Ronda goes up but Raquel holds her up! Only to end up in a HANGING ARMBAR! But Raquel drags Ronda up, only for Ronda to cradle! TWO, and Raquel kicks low.

Raquel gut wrenches Ronda up to a Canadian Rack! And then she BENDS Ronda’s arms! But Shayna CHOP BLOCKS Raquel down!

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez, by disqualification

Shayna & Natty mug Raquel but Ronda goes after Natty! They brawl, Shayna runs in but Raquel blocks a knee! Raquel dumps Shayna out, Ronda BOOTS Natty out! Fans fire up as the baddest and the biggest women on SmackDown are standing tall! But will there be something more after the break, playa?


Ronda Rousey & Raquel Rodriguez VS Natalya & Shayna Baszler!

SmackDown returns and holla holla, we have a tag match! Natty stomps Raquel’s leg, tags Shayna, and Shayna puts the leg in a toehold. Raquel endures while fans rally for her and Ronda. Raquel kicks at Shayna with the free leg, but Shayna turns her over to isolate the foot and STOMP it! Raquel gets to a neutral corner, Shayna blocks the kick and JAMS the bad leg! Shayna puts Raquel in the corner but Raquel BOOTS her away! Raquel swipes at Natty but Shayna KICKS away on the bad leg! Shayna puts the leg on the ropes for a HIP- NO! Raquel boots Shayna out! Raquel crawls but Natty gets Shayna in.

Natty tags in, drags Raquel back, and steps through! But Raquel fights out of the Sharpshooter! Hot tag to Ronda! Fans fire up as Ronda rallies on Natty! Drop sayanagi after sayanagi, and Ronda fires up! Ronda boots but Natty blocks to trip her! Natty steps through, SHARPSHOOTER! Ronda endures, reaches out, crawls over, but Natty drags her away! Natty sits deep but Ronda still fights! Ronda reaches out, Raquel tags back in! Raquel CLUBS Natty down! Natty tags Shayna but Raquel rallies on her! Raquel swings, CLOBBERS Shayna, and fires up to fight through the bad leg! The bad leg gives up on the bomb, but Raquel HEADBUTTS Shayna down!

Raquel goes up the corner, TWISTING VADER! Cover, Natty breaks it! Ronda goes after Natty but Natty hits her first. But Ronda throws Natty out! Raquel shoves Shayna into Ronda, and Ronda snarls at her old pal. But then Natty drags Ronda out! Natty and Ronda trade hands, Raquel gets Shayna up for the TEXANA BOMB!! Cover, Raquel & Ronda win!

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Raquel Rodriguez, by pinfall

A huge win for Rowdy Ronda and Ricky Desperado! But will this keep back the tide of those coming for them both?


Backstage interview with The New Day.

Megan asks Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods who their partner will be in tonight’s match. Uh, does Netflix give away the ending to Stranger things? Does Bad Bunny give away all the songs before the album drops? The point is, errybody, and they mean errybody, has been blowin’ up the phones of the NEW~ DAY~ Because they wanna fight the Brawling Brutes. With Big E out, this could be anyone joining them! Even Moon Knight! Or Max Moon! Or Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic. Or a fantastic beast. Or some dude off the streets! It could be anyone. Even Megan.

But what ya bois have is the element of surprise. They won’t go out there outnumbered. Tonight, they will take on and defeat those Brawling Brutes. BECAAAAAUSE~! NEW! DAY ROCKS! NEW! DAY ROCKS!


Mad Cap Moss posts a message to Happy Corbin.

“You spit in the face of Andre’s legacy. You tried to end my career. But you didn’t, cuz Mad Cap is built different. Corbin, get ready to see a side of me you’ve neve seen before. No jokes. No cap. Next week on SmackDown, I’m coming to WHOOP YOUR ASS!” Will Corbin wish he’d never even brought Moss up to SmackDown?


Los Lotharios VS Jinder Mahal & Shanky!

The Lethal Lovers are back in action, and also bring the Kiss Cam with them. They spot a lovely lady in the front row and give her kisses on the cheeks. But will Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo be kissing the mat against the Modern Day Maharaja and his towering sidekick? Or will they be blowing kisses to everyone with a win tonight?

SmackDown returns as Jinder & Shanky make their entrance. Or, maybe not? The music hits but Jinder is looking for Shanky. Shanky is jamming out to the theme song, but he should be going to gorilla! Well, the Lotharios flirty with ring announcer Samantha while they wait. Now Jinder & Shanky make their entrance, and Shanky is still jamming out. The teams sort out, and Carrillo starts with Shanky. They tie up, Shanky powers Carrillo to a corner but Carrillo goes up the ropes. The ref counts, Shanky lets go, and Carrillo leaps! But Shanky catches him, shoves him, but Carrillo ducks, only to get a BOOT!

Shanky roars and fans fire up! Shanky gets Carrillo up, tags in Jinder, and they mug Carrillo. Jinder CLUBS Carrillo, whips him to ropes but Carrillo RANAS! Carrillo dropkicks Jinder, tags Garza, and they set up for the LEAP FROG ATTACK! They then DOUBLE CHOP Jinder, and Garza fires off haymakers! Jinder throws body shots back but Garza headlocks. Jinder powers up, Carrillo tags in and Garza reverses. Jinder KICKS Garza, back drops Carrillo, but Garza dumps him out! Garza WRECKS Jinder with a dropkick! Jinder hits the desk, Garza puts him back in. Garza then grins at Samantha and OFF COME THE PANTS!

But Shanky creeps up on Garza while he swivels, and he shows off his dance moves. Shanky CLUBS Garza, then SUPERKICKS! But Carrillo SUPERKICKS Jinder! Cover, Los Lotharios win!

Winners: Los Lotharios, by pinfall

So much for Shanky’s good time! Garza & Carrillo snatch that win, and Jinder is upset with Shanky losing focus! They lost again because Shanky was too busy dancing! Shanky tells Jinder no more! Jinder storms off, and Shanky looks at Samantha. She smiles and the fans chant for “Shanky! Shanky!” as he does his Bollywood best! Is Shanky going to be his own man from now on?


Adam Pearce is visited by Max Dupri.

Max hopes Mr. Pearce has reached out to his legal team and verified the contract so that Maximum Male Models can begin recruiting. Isn’t it about time SmackDown unleashed Max Du-PRI? Well, yes, turns out it is legal and binding, Max is onboard. Say it right, they did this last week. Max Du-PRI! Well, Max can teach everyone how to say the name because he is officially on SmackDown. Oh, y’know what this means? That means the process of Maximum Male Models finding their first client is on. And by the way, Pearce doesn’t make the cut. Max heads out, but just who will he say is a fit for MMM?


Kevin Owens is here!

It’s a very special edition of The KO Show! Kevin promises a member of The Bloodline as his special guest! Will it be the Usos? Paul Heyman? The Tribal Chief himself? We find out, after the break!

SmackDown returns and Kevin has his own custom KO mic. Kevin welcomes us to this special edition of HIS show! And for the last few months, Kevin has been seeking the truth and dealing with a liar by the name of ELIAS! NOT EZEKIEL! ELIAS! At Hell in a Cell, Elias will regret showing his stupid, beardless face in the WWE! That brings Kevin to his guest tonight. There is a special reason why this is Kevin’s guest. It’s the locker room leader and close personal confidant of the Bloodline, SAMI ZAYN! Of course it’s Sami… Fans boo because now who is lying? But Sami and Kevin reunite after a long time apart, with a BIG hug!

Kevin and Sami are so happy to see each other, they look great. Sami’s flowing locks are amazing! Sami says last time, they had some bad blood, but they’re always up and down. They don’t even remember what it was about. But Sami’s been killing it here! He is the leader they sorely need. And what he’s doing for the Bloodline, it’s unbelievable. Oh, don’t sell yourself short. Kevin is doing great on Raw! Elias? Ezekiel? Uh, clearly the same person! C’mon! How does no one see it? They hug again because Kevin is touched that Sami understands. Is he crying? N-No… Just finally good to hear someone say it!

Everyone knows it’s Elias! But everyone plays along and it’s horrible! But these two always have each other’s back! Always. Well not always. No, always. But tonight, this is why Sami is Kevin’s guest. Kevin needs Sami to kinda drop what he’s doing on Smackdown to go to Raw so he and Kevin can call out all the liars! That starts with Elias. Let’s go. C’mon. Uh, look, Kev. Sami’s always got your back, but now is not a good time. He has a lot on hips plate leading SmackDown. They need him, the Bloodline needs him, it’s just not a good time, Uce. Uce? Did you just say, “Uce?” Did he? Yes. That’s weird. He’s been hanging out with the Usos so much, they’re rubbing off on each other.

This is the side Kevin forgot about Sami. He’s naïve. No he’ snot! Ye she is! Uce?! Sami is not actually in the Bloodline. Yes, but he’s an associate. No, no, you’re not. Frankly, Kevin is sorry to say this, but Sami is praising them, wearing their merch, he looks like a moron. Let’s just cut it out and listen to your real friend. Oh, real friend, huh? Moron, huh? Sami was being nice. Sami says Elias and Ezekiel are clearly different people. Brothers who don’t look like, there’s photos that prove it. Who is the moron? NO, SAMI IS MORON! They’re not different people! Kevin is a liar! Well Sami’s a moron! Liar! Moron! Liar liar pants on fire! TOO FAR! They’re not on fire!

Sami needs to snap out of it! If he’s so tight with the Usos, why did they leave him high ‘n’ dry on Raw? Sami is like this with them, right Then Kevin can call them out, and they won’t leave Sami high and dry. Ladies and gentlemen, the Bloodline! … Well, give them a sec. Then Kevin will say it louder. Ladies and gentlemen, THE BLOODLINE!! Still nothing. Kevin tells Sami that the reason they’re not coming out is because the Bloodline couldn’t care less about Sami. He’s sorry but that’s true. Sami looks around and says “Whatever, man. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sami leaves, but Kevin chases after. Forget them, come to Raw!

Sami SHOVES Kevin! Sami tells Kevin to leave him alone and go back to Raw without him. Sami has a locker room to lead! Kevin is speechless, and ring staff already pack up his set. Kevin gets mad at the staff and gives one a STUNNER! Kevin glares at the other guy and the other guy says to calm down. Kevin says he’s right. Then STUNNER! Kevin leaves the ring, but will he be able to forget what happened between him and Sami?


Ricochet & Drew Gulak VS Imperium!

The King of Flight and the Philly Stretcher team up to take on Der Ring General and Ludwig Kaiser! But will they get payback on GUNTHER together? Or will SmackDown and the mat become sacred?

SmackDown returns and Ludwig has the mic. “Ladies and gentlemen… The mat is sacred! Only one gives the rightful respect it truly deserves. DER RING GENERAL…! GUNTHER!” With that, Imperium makes their entrance and go to the ring. The teams sort out and Ludwig starts with Gulak. They tie up, Ludwig arm-drags, brings Gulak around and has the armlock. Ludwig grinds the shoulder but Gulak headlocks back. They end up on ropes, Ludwig turns things around to cravat and choke Gulak! The ref counts, Ludwig lets off and Gunther BOOTS Gulak down! Ludwig fires off stomps and hands, then tags Gunther!

Gunther brings Gulak up to TOSS Gulak out of the ring! Gunther shows no mercy while Ricochet checks on Gulak, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Gunther ha Gulak in a motorcycle stretch! Gulak fights up, but Gunther CHOPS him down! Gunther then stares down the Intercontinental Champion, then he stomps Gulak down. Tag to Ludwig and he waistlocks. Gulak reaches out for Ricochet, throws elbows, and fans fire up as he reaches again! Ludwig holds on, swings, but Gulak dodges! Ludwig scoops, Gulak escapes, tag to Ricochet! Ricochet fires off on Ludwig, whips, Ludwig reverses but Ricochet RANAS! Then he dodges to springboard CROSSBODY! Gunther gets in and the ref tells him to go back. But that was just to distract, Ludwig rolls Ricochet up, TWO!

Ricochet JUMPING KNEES Ludwig! Ricochet stares Gunther down now, fireman’s carries, but Ludwig rakes eyes! Gulak tags in before Ludwig tosses Ricochet! Gulak fires off, Ludwig THROAT CHOPS! But Gulak boots! Ludwig blocks, “NEIN!” He ROCKS Gulak then HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Ludwig grinds, drags Gulak up, fans boo but Ludwig runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winners: Imperium, by pinfall

Ricochet gets back in to keep them from doing any more to Gulak, but he should worry about himself! Gunther BOOTS Ricochet out, Ludwig PENALTY KICKS Gulak again! Will Imperium soon reign over SmackDown?


Sami apologizes to the Usos.

He is sorry but he just feels Kevin said some truths. He isn’t sure he’s getting respect for what he’s putting in. They can tell him the truth. What do they think of Sami? What is he to them? Cuz here’s what he’s thinking. What if Sami joined the group? Not by blood or anything, but like an honorary member. Sure, honorary Uce works. Yeah, there we go! Sami says they’re smart, this is the right choice. Now, if they need anything, he’s got them. And if he needs anything, they have him. Got you, Uce! Peace! Sami is fired up, but is he just being strung along?



For Memorial Day Monday, Riddle & Nakamura get a Championship Contenders Match against The Usos! If The Bro & The King of Strong Style can take down Jimmy & Jey, they’ll get their shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships!


SmackDown celebrates Memorial Day early.

“They didn’t volunteer to die. They volunteered to defend values which make up what we call civilization.” – Ronald Regan

“What doe sit mean to be selfless? To have the courage to put all else first for a greater cause? In every generation, there are those who put everything before themselves. And this weekend, we honor them.” The men and women who fought for our freedom, from World War I to Desert Storm, Normandy to Afghanistan. Look back at the moments, the events, that defined America’s history. The struggles, the battles. Remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Ronald Regan said that we honor their memory so that their pledges and sacrifices will be remembered.

We show our gratitude to those who shaped us, who guided us, and who ensured our values and freedom would live forever. We show reverence and respect. On this weekend, we say, “Thank you.”


Six Man Tag: The New Day & ??? VS The Brawling Brutes!

The numbers game has been in the favor of the Fight Night Boys after Big E’s horrible accident, but Woods & Kofi have found a way to turn things back around! But just who (who who who) is the third man, brother? We’ll find out, after the break!

SmackDown returns and Sheamus has a mic. “What’s the story? Now let me make one thing perfectly clear, yeah? It’s FIGHT! NIGHT! FIGHT! NIGHT! Every night!” But the New Day don’t want a fair fight! They won’t tell us who the mystery partner is, but Sheamus doesn’t care. They could bring out King Kong, Godzilla or Moby Dick. It won’t matter, because they’ll get a severe beatin’ from these Brawlin’ Brutes! It could be anyone in the world and they’d still lay out all three. And they’ll all be on bed rest right next to Big E. Ain’t that right, Ridge? Too bloody right! It won’t matter how big and tall they are, they’ll cut ’em root to stem, Right, Butch? Butch goes wild!

Sheamus says the truth is, these are two of the toughest brutes Sheamus has ever seen. New Day finds out they don’t rock, “NEW! DAY SUCKS!” But here come the New Day! Woods wants everyone to hold up a sec. Brawlin’ Brutes? Who are they? Off-brand Wrestle Buddies? Who is this dick they speak of? But Sheamus is right about one thing. Tonight IS fight night! But not 2v3, because Sheamus is right about something else: This will be an unfair fight. The New Day found a real physical specimen. They found a true freak of nature! A man who will steal Ridge’s girl, AND Butch’s Auntie at the same damn time!

So then, brutes, this man will not have any problem kicking Sheamus right in that ugly mug he calls a face. Good accent, Woods. No, don’t lie to him. He was more Blackbeard than anything. Then arrrr ya ready? So who (who who who) is it? It’s… DREW MCINTYRE! The Scottish Warrior knows Sheamus all too well and vice-versa! Will “Big D” McIntyre help Kofi & Woods layeth the smack DOWN on these brutes?

SmackDown returns once again and Woods starts with Butch! They rush each other, Dunne CLOBBERS Woods, DECKS Kofi, but just swipes at McIntyre. Woods whips but Dunne runs him over! Things keep moving, Woods hurdles then mule kicks! Woods CLUBS Dunne, runs, Kofi tags in and Woods hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Kofi PENALTY KICKS, Woods SLIDING LARITS Kofi IMPLODER SPLASH! LEG DROP to FIST DROP to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Kofi brings Dunne right up, wrenches, tag back to Woods. Dunne gets away but the New Day dodges him to DOUBLE BULLDOG!

Woods rains down rights on Dunne, then brings him up. Dunne fishhooks Woods’ face! Dunne ROCKS Woods with a right, tags Sheamus, and Sheamus CLUBS Woods down. Sheamus stomps Woods, brings him up and gives him BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Sheamus goes all the way to nine, then tags Dunne so he can give Woods way m ore shots! Ridge then tags in, he drags Woods around and suplexes him into the ring! Cover, TWO! Ridge drags Woods up, whips him to ropes, but Woods ducks and dodges, Kofi tags in before the slide! ROLLIGN ELBOW, then FLYING AX HANDLE! Fans fire up with Kofi and he whips Ridge to a corner.

Ridge reverses, Kofi goes up and missile dropkicks! Dunne misses his chance to swipe at Kofi, and Kofi stomps Ridge! Tag to Woods, he stomps and it’s the good ol’ stampede! Dunne runs in but is sent right back out! And now the tag to McIntyre! Little Rock fires up as McIntyre joins in on the stampede! Tag to Kofi, McIntyre DECKS Dunne, and McIntyre whips Kofi in for a basement dropkick! Kofi claps it up, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” But Ridge pushes Kofi to a corner. Kofi boots back, Sheamus distracts, Dunne sucker punches Kofi! Ridge POUNCES Kofi, roars “FIGHT NIGHT!” and the brute shave control as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Dunne keeps Kofi from the corner! Kofi throws hands, Dunne holds on and whips Kofi into the brute corner! Forearm smash then tag to Ridge, but Ridge keeps Dunne from going after McIntyre. Ridge RAMS Dunne into Kofi, tag to Sheamus! POWERSLAM and Sheamus is up top, KING KONG KNEE! Cover, TWO! Sheamus tags Ridge back, they get Kofi up and Ridge ROCKS Kofi with a forearm. Tag to Dunne, they mug Kofi but Kofi fights back! Sheamus gets in, IRISH- NO! Kofi slips out to DDT! Fans fire up as Kofi and all the brutes are down! Kofi crawls, but Dunne trips Woods off the apron! Ridge trips McIntyre!

Ridge RAMS McIntyre into steps! Sheamus CLOBBERS Kofi, Alabama Lifts, ALABAMA SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives and Sheamus is shocked! Sheamus fishhooks Kofi’s face for the Dublin Smile, but Kofi fights up with body shots! Sheamus swings, into SOS! Both men are down and fans fire up! Kofi crawls, and McIntyre rises! Fans fire up for the hot tags to Ridge and McIntyre! McIntyre rallies on Ridge! McIntyre whips, CLOBBERS Ridge, then clinches in a corner for the OVEREHAD Belly2Belly! Dunne laps in, but into a clinch! OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Dunne flounders out, McIntyre dodges Ridge to NECKBREAKER!

McIntyre kips up and fans fire up! McIntyre grins and waits on Ridge, but Dunne leaps on for a SLEEPER! McIntyre tosses Dunne out of the ring! Woods gets in, builds speed and he RWECKS Dunne with a dropkick! But Sheamus BROGES Woods! Kofi FLIES and takes out Sheamus! Fans are thunderous as McIntyre has Ridge! Ridge throat chops! Ridge scoops, but McIntyre fights free and shoves, to GLASGOW KISS! Then from the corner, “THREE! TWO! ONE!” CLAYMORE!! McIntyre tags to Woods so he can finish this! Woods goes up, tightrope walks, LIMIT BREAKER!! Cover, #DrewDay WINS!

Winners: The New Day & Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

Vengeance and vindication here in Little Rock! But New Day wants McIntyre to stick around to celebrate! Woods plays the trombone and Kofi gets the hips into it. They want McIntyre to take a turn! Fans fire up for it, and McIntyre figures why not. He does a strut, a shoulder shimmy, and a little spin around! #DrewDay roar in victory, have they all dealt with those Brawling Brutes once and for all?

My Thoughts:

This was actually a really fun episode of SmackDown here, though not without its strange choices. I feel like the meta of Shotzi’s promo escaped the writers. Why have Ronda VS Raquel so soon already after their previous match? Why  not have Raquel go against the Heels who criticized the booking? And of course it leads to an “impromptu” tag match, Raquel & Ronda getting a great win over Shayna & Natty. I do like that we got interaction between Ronda and Shayna. Maybe Shayna can step up and get her shot to feud with Ronda for a stretch? A little late to set anything up for Hell in a Cell, but maybe something for Money in the Bank? Ironically, that might’ve helped ticket sales but oh well.

I liked the opening segment of Usos giving us a work shoot of their heartfelt feelings that then raise their Heel heat. And I like that while Nakamura is without Boogs and while Riddle is without Randy, we’ll get these two trying for the tag titles together. We have already heard Roman is not defending his title(s) at Hell in a Cell, but maybe if Bros of Strong Style win on Monday, we get a last minute addition to Hell in a Cell for those tag titles. We also got a hilarious and amazing segment from Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn where they build both their stories of being delusional at the same time. That segment shows why those two should reunite and go for those tag titles very soon.

Moss has a good social media post promo, his return next week is going to be great. Max Du-PRI has a good segment with Pearce, and now that MMM is getting going, can’t wait to see who Max brings in and see how this goes. It’ll probably be a bit goofy but I suppose if it gives people screen time, there should be no complaints. I like that we got Imperium taking on Gulak and Ricochet. Gulak of course takes the loss but it was cool that Ludwig got the pin. He finally gets going on SmackDown, and there’s still ways for Gunther to get at the Intercontinental Championship. Too bad it’s not in time for Hell in a Cell. Maybe MITB will have one because duh, this title needs to be on a PPV again, and it sounds like this PPV needs more to it.

And of course, great stuff from The New Day. Great interview promo, good pre-match promos from them and The Brawling Brutes (I still hate how lazy Vince and team are in naming them), and naturally, it was McIntyre. We didn’t get as much between McIntyre and Sheamus as I was hoping for but that’s because Dunne being frantic and all over the place seems to take the focus of the match and the story. Naturally, #DrewDay wins because New Day needed to get even with the Brutes, and McIntyre needed to get going again here. But I feel like this feud is going to keep going. Maybe we get McIntyre VS Dunne? That’d be awesome stuff, at least.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/27/22)

The Young Bucks are on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

Time to pregame before the SUPERKICK, PARTAAAY~!

Before going Double or Nothing with the Hardy Boyz in Las Vegas, The Young Bucks are in action on another early edition of Rampage!


  • Bryan Danielson VS Matt Sydal; Bryan wins.
  • The Young Bucks VS Jon Cruz & Taylor Rust; The Young Bucks wins.
  • Max Caster VS Dante Martin; Dante wins.
  • Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament: Ruby Soho VS Kris Statlander; Soho wins and advances to the finals.


Bryan Danielson VS Matt Sydal!

The American Dragon had a scary spill just last week, but he looks just fine now. Will he kick Sydal’s head in to prove to the Jericho Appreciation Society he’s more than ready for Anarchy in the Arena? Or will Sydal’s third eye see an opening to exploit?

The bell rings and fans are already thunderous for “A E DUB!” as the two men stare down. Bryan and Sydal circle, they tie up, and Bryan arm-drags Sydal. Fans fire up more as Regal on commentary assures us, Bryan is in great shape. Bryan and Sydal tie up with knuckle locks, they go shoulder to shoulder, but Bryan gets a forearm shot in! Bryan then drops back, gets the arm, spins Sydal to a headlock, and he grinds Sydal down. Sydal endures, but Bryan throws a palm strike! Sydal endures as Bryan shifts to a cravat, Bryan snapmares and drops a knee on his head! Fans fire up and Bryan backs off.

Sydal and Bryan circle again, the two feel things out, and fans rally up. Sydal shoot sin, cravats but Bryan shove shim away. Sydal comes back for a flying-mare! Bryan stays back and shakes his head. Bryan hops up to his feet and the two circle again. They tie up, Bryan waistlocks, full nelsons and he drags Sydal down. Sydal endures, fights up and fans rally again. Sydal pries free but Bryan gets him for a BACKBREAKER! Sydal goes to ropes but Bryan brings him up to EuroUpper! Bryan has Sydal in the corner, brings him out to EuroUpper again! And again! Bryan gets the leg, turns Sydal over, and he hooks up the legs.

Sydal reaches out but Bryan grabs as the shoulders. Sydal resists so Bryan fishhooks his face! The ref counts, Bryan lets go, and rolls forward to get the head! Bryan fires off forearms then lets off, “Who’s the best?!” Fans fire up because it’s him! Bryan headlocks, but Sydal endures. Sydal powers out but Bryan runs him over! Fans fire up as things sped up, Sydal hurdles and WHEEL KICKS! Fans fire up more as Sydal stomps and STANDING MARIPOSAS! Rampage goes picture in picture as Sydal covers, TWO! Sydal keeps cool and he KICKS Bryan in the side. Bryan gets up but Sydal throws knees. Bryan throws knees back!

Bryan has Sydal on the ropes, ROCKS him with forearms and uppercuts, then brings Sydal around to hang him out to dry! Sydal is stuck up top, Bryan KICKS him for good measure. Bryan goes to the corner, climbs up, and he FLYING KNEE DROPS! Bryan paces around Sydal then clamps on a cravat. Sydal endures, Rampage returns to single picture, but Bryan snapmares him down to drop another knee! Cover, TWO! Sydal growls but Bryan clamps onto him for another snapmare. Sydal handsprings through to JUMP KNEE! And SOBAT! Fans fire up while both men are down, Regal says Sydal should capitalize!

But too late, Bryan gives back more EuroUppers! Sydal KICKS, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Sydal fires off forearms, whips, but Bryan reverses. Sydal WHEEL- NO, Bryan catches the kick to pop Sydal up, but Sydal RANAS! Cover, TWO! Sydal fires up and so do the fans, Sydal KICKS Bryan’s leg, then KICKS it again! Bryan shoves Sydal, but Sydal QUESTION MARK KICKS! Cover, TWO! Sydal hurries up top as fans rally, but Bryan ROCKS him first! Bryan gets up after Sydal and underhooks the arms. Sydal fights free, throws forearm sand he sends Bryan down! METEORA!! But into a HALF CRAB!! Bryan has the leg, Sydal endures, but Bryan steps over to get a deep angle!

Sydal still endures and he fights around! Bryan shifts to HEEL HOOK! But Sydal scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Fans fire up as Sydal is let go, and Bryan snarls. Bryan KICKS Sydal, and KICKS again! KICK after KICK and Sydal flounders. Fans fire up and Bryan soaks it in. Bryan has Sydal in a corner, HEADBUTTS him, then hoists him up top backwards. Bryan climbs up behind Sydal, fans fire up as he brings Sydal up, but Sydal throws down elbows. Bryan CLUBS Sydal back, brings Sydal back up, but Sydal SUPER SUNET POWERBOMBS! DEEP stack, TWO!!! Bryan narrowly escapes and fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!”

Sydal and Bryan throws shots back and forth, Sydal gets the edge, but Bryan EuroUppers again and again! Sydal spins one to a backslide, TWO! JUMP KNEE! Bryan wobbles, but he ducks the next kick to BUSAIKU KNEE! Bryan then sits Sydal up, for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Bryan hits Sydal again and again then gets the DRAGON GUILLOTINE!! Sydal is OUT, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission

Regal thanks commentary for having him again, and the American Dragon is on fire! Will he, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz all get their revenge on the Jericho Appreciation Society?


The Hardy Boyz are- Wait.

That’s not Matt & Jeff, that’s Matt and Nick! The Young Bucks are taking that comment about being Hardy Boyz cosplayers to heart! And then they bring out Gangrel!? Sadly, Brandon Cutler is stuck as Lita.

The Young Bucks VS ???

Matt & Nick Jackson are taking on Matt & Jeff Hardy for Double or Nothing in a battle of brothers as well as generation defining tag teams. But will the Bucks be able to take this all seriously while mocking the Hardys? Or will Jon Cruz & Taylor Rust be the ones with the last laugh tonight?

The teams sort out and Nick starts against Cruz. They circle, tie up, and Nick headlocks. Cruz powers out, Nick runs him over, then mocks Jeff’s dance. Things speed up, Cruz leaps but into an atomic drop! Nick triops Cruz and uses the leg splitting leg drop and basement dropkick! Tag to Matt, Nick DECKS Rust, and Matt puts Cruz in the corner. The Bucks set up, POETRY IN MOTION! Fans fire up for the picture perfect recreation! Matt scoop SLAMS Cruz, goes up top, and with the V1 fingers, Matt goes to the second rope. Tag to Nick, he gets Cruz up and now the V1 fingers! Elbow drop! Nick tags Matt back in and they bring Cruz up.

Double back suplex but Cruz lands out! Tag to Rust! Rust dropkicks Nick, dodges Matt and kitchen sink knees! Sobat and SCISSOR KICK on Matt! Rust runs, but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! The Bucks show their true colors, but Cruz tags in! He punches the Bucks, goes up top, but the Bucks get clear to DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Matt gets Cruz up, and he hits a TWIST OF FATE! Tag to Nick, he throws off the shirt and goes up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

It seems anything the Hardys can do, the Bucks can do better! But then they attack Gangrel! Seems he is part of them making an example to the Hardys! They get Gangrel down, but the REAL Hardys appear! “DELETE! DELETE!” The Bucks stand their ground as they stare down the Hardys, but they run into kicks! Cutler attacks! But then they turn their attention to him. Gangrel kicks Cutler and hits the IMPALER! And then a TWIST OF FATE from the real Matt Hardy! SWANTON BOMB for the real Jeff Hardy! Gangrel makes up with his old friends, but will the Hardys be able to DELETE the Elite?


Darby Allin speaks.

“It wasn’t Adam Cole, it wasn’t Bobby Fish. It wasn’t the Young Bucks, it was you, Kyle O’Reilly. It was you who took out sting.” Darby wants a fight at Double or Nothing with Kyle, or else he’ll interfere with Cole’s match, the Young Bucks’ match, and he’ll just make that night a living hell. So let’s make it official: Darby Allin VS Kyle O’Reilly, Double or Nothing. Will #KillerKyle accept the Relentless One’s challenge?


Max Caster w Gunn Club VS Dante Martin!

Platinum Max and Angel Dorado faced off on the very first episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, and now here, just after AEW turns three years old, they meet again! But will it be a repeat of history? Or will Dante show how much he’s improved since that day? Caster has a rap, of course. “Acclaimed ‘n’ the Gunns, we the new hot thing. Dante’s out of the break, already in the ring. I’ma bend your knees like the shmoney dance. Man, you couldn’t get laid at the bunny ranch! Your girl told me that you such a bitch. I’ma put you on the shelf like your brother is! Top Flight’s ’bout to crash, boy! You getting beat by Acclaimed and the Ass Boys!”

Austin says they talked about this, don’t use that name. “LOS ANGELES!” No, VEGAS, stupid! Oh, right. LAS ANGE- NO!! Bowens gets the mic and says, LAS VEGAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! But Dante springboards and takes out Caster & said Ass Boys! But then Billy Gunn CLOBBERS Dante and RAMS him into the steps! Billy then helps Caster get in the ring so this match can start. The ref reprimands and EJECTS rest of the club! Bowens can’t believe it, and Dante rolls Caster up! TWO!! Dante springs up but Caster KICKS the leg out! Caster stomps the leg again and again, then covers. ONE, but Caster hurries to get Dante back up.

Caster has the leg, Dante CLUBS him down, throws forearms then KICKS! Dante whips, Caster reverses and CLOBBERS Dante, to then GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Cover, ONE!! Rampage goes picture in picture as Caster stalks Dante. Caster drags Dante up but Dante throws body shots. Caster grabs hair! Dante knees low, runs up the corner, and leaps, but into Caster’s arms! Caster SLAMS Dante down, gets the leg and ties him up, FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Dante endures and reaches out, fans rally up, and Dante works to turn it over! Dante turns the leglock! Caster endures, but he gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref undoes the hold, Dante storms over but Caster trips him! Caster SMASHES the knee into the mat, then wraps Dante up with a leg inside the chinlock!

Dante endures so Caster shifts to focus on an arm. Dante fights up, Caster CLUBS him down. Caster whips Dante to the apron but Dante ROCKS him back. Dante springboards, but Caster BOOTS him down! Caster drags Dante in and snap suplexes! Caster covers, ONE, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns, Cater back hands then back suplexes Dante! Caster goes up the corner fast, aims and MIC- NOPE! Caster has to land on his feet as Dante moves! Dante elbows Caster, sunset flips, TWO! Caster gets the leg, steps through again but Dante kicks him away to O’Conner Roll on the rebound! TWO, and Dante springs up and over! Dante jumps over again, CLOBBERS Caster, and starts to rally! Fans fire up and Dante runs at the corner, but is put on the apron. Dante KICKS Caster, goes up top, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Dante hurries to the apron, fans fire up but Caster blocks the gamangiri. Dante HOTSHOTS, then resets! NOSEDIVE!! Cover, Dante wins!

Winner: Dante Martin, by pinfall

Dante avenges his loss on Elevation! Will this help Dante fly to the top of the ranks in the near future?


AEW looks closely at the Owen Hart Cup Men’s Finals.

Samoa Joe says that when it comes to facing someone like Adam Cole, you must take everything into account. Cole says he is in the finals with a man he truly admires. People look at the legacy Joe has left on this great sport and Cole finds himself where he has to beat that legacy. Cole says he is a world-class pro-wrestler, he ill be a franchise player for AEW for years to come, and it all starts with these finals! After Cole beats Joe and wins the Owen Hart Tournament, the world will remember Adam Cole BAYBAY. But Joe says as the ROH World Television Champion, Cole’s time is near.


The Men of the Year and Dan Lambert are in the ring.

Lambert says we live in crazy times, and there are very few things we can count on in this world. Death, taxes, and if you have bad acne, and a girlfriend whose CM Punk merch shirt is two sizes bigger than yours, you’re an AEW fan! If you need anything in the world of combat sports, come see Dynamite Dan. That’s what Scorpio did when he needed a new TNT Championship belt. These usually take six months to handcraft, but Dan called his buddy Ron at Red Leather Belts, and not only did he put this together in less than a week, but this is a masterpiece truly worthy of Scorpio Sky, LA’s favorite champion.

Ethan does the honors, and it is a GOLD strap with purple ribbon! The TNT Champion honors the Black Mamba, and Ethan says that now that Sky has a belt to match his talent, we can all finally be finished with the trash known as Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti! But speaking of, they and Frankie Kazarian are back on the tron. They hate to interrupt the celebration, but here is breaking news! A break in at the American Top Team HQ! Luckily, they’re on the scene! They bust in, keep people from calling authorities, and they see the trophies. They’ll take some of those. Oh hey, the “participation trophy” TNT belt! Kaz wants that belt!

Sammy says hold on, there’s something better. The BMF Championship! That is one of a kind and beautiful. You thinking what he’s thinking? Kaz sure hopes not. SamTay say they’ll “celebrate” with this belt. Sammy SMASHES the case open and they grab the BMF belt! And a few other belts, too. If Men of the Year want all these back, they’ll be in Vegas on Sunday. And bring VanZant, too. BMF: Be Mad, Fellas. Scorpio is FURIOUS! This has gone on way too long! If they want their mixed trios match, then those three scumbags against the Men of the Year & PAIGE VANZANT is happening!

But here’s the kicker: If MOTY win, then Sammy and Frankie are BARRED from challenging for the TNT Championship! They’ve been begging for this ass kicking a long time, and they’ll get it at Double or Nothing! And after that, they are DONE! But now that SamTay & the Heavy Metal Rebel have the match they wanted, will they get the revenge they wanted, too?


Mark Henry speaks tonight’s main eventers.

He starts with Ruby about what this tournament means to her. These last couple of months, Ruby’s been doubting herself, second guessing herself, losing the confidence she had when she arrived in AEW. Then she earned her shot in this tournament. This could be a turning point in her career, even if she has to beat her friend and whatever version of herself she’s bringing to the ring. Kris says that it seems everyone “needs” to win this. But Ruby needs to understand Kris has been here since day one, and what does she have to shown for it? No title, a blown out knee, and a back-up plan to the prestigious tournament. And all her friends have turned on her.

So Ruby needs to understand Kris isn’t letting this get away from her like all the other opportunities. No one, not friend or enemy, can stop her! Then there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will the Runaway’s destination be Double or Nothing? Or will Statlander’s new form take the form of an Owen Hart Cup finalist?

Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament: Ruby Soho VS Kris Statlander!

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two circle and tie up. Kris headlocks, hits the takeover, but Ruby keeps her shoulders up. Ruby headscissors, squeezes tight, but Kris kips free. Ruby sweeps, Kris kips up and sweeps back! Ruby rushes after the bad leg but Kris has the ropes. The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and fans are dueling hard. The two tie up, Kris headlocks but Ruby powers up to power out. Kris runs Ruby over and fans fire up. Kris runs, Ruby drops then shoots in to waistlock. Kris throws Ruby off and flexes! Things speed up again, Kris runs Ruby over, covers, ONE! Kris drags Ruby up to wrench and whip to the corner.

Ruby goes up and over, shows a punch, but she pulls it back! Kris gets in Ruby’s face about literally pulling punches, and the two tie up again. Kris monkey flips but Ruby comes back to wheelbarrow and arm-drag! Ruby runs in at the corner, Kris dodges but Ruby FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Kris blocks the next arm-drag to ROCK Ruby with a forearm! Ruby KICKS the leg, Kris CLOBBERS Ruby! Fans fire up while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Kris glares at Ruby, drags her up, and suplexes. Kris holds Ruby up for a count of 10, then 20, before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Kris drags Ruby up, wraps on a chinlock then makes it a cobra clutch! Ruby endures, fights up, throws body shots, and runs, into Kris’ arms! Kris SLAMS Ruby down, then SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Kris grows annoyed but she rallies the fans up. Kris drags Ruby up, scoops, but Ruby slips out to roll Kris up! TWO, and Kris scoops Ruby to SLAM her again! Kris drags Ruby up, brings her around, but Ruby turns back suplex into CROSSBODY! Ruby bounces off and the ref starts a standing count.

Kris sits up at 3, Ruby follows at 4, and they go after each other at 5 with forearms. Ruby ROCKS Kris, Kris ROCKS Ruby, and back again! They stand, throw more forearms, then Ruby HEADBUTTS! Ruby runs, but the monkey flip is bounced off the ropes! Ruby tries a DDT but Kris throws her off! Ruby comes back, into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Rampage returns to single picture as fans rally up. Kris whips Ruby to a corner and uppercuts! Kris then fireman’s carries Ruby up the ropes! Ruby fights with elbows, slips around and SUPER STEINERS! Kris flounders, Ruby runs, but into a POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!!

Kris can’t believe it! Ruby survives and she gets to ropes while fans fire up! Kris runs in at the corner but Ruby dodges! Kris’ bad arm hits buckles! She still fireman’s carries, “This is Awesome!” but the bad arm holds the trophy lift back! NO FUTURE! But Kris tumbles out of the ring! Ruby hurries to get Kris up but Kris is almost dead weight. Ruby gets Kris on her feet but Kris shoves her away. Kris puts Ruby on the apron but Ruby FLYING RANAS back! Ruby puts Kris in, hurries up the corner, but Kris rushes in! Ruby ROCKS Kris first, reels her in by the arm, TORNADO ARMBAR DDT!! Then KIMURA!!

Kris endures as Ruby cranks on the arm, and Kris reaches out for the ROPEBREAK! Ruby drags Kris up again, turns her, but no neckbreaker as Kris pushes free. Ruby goes up, but no Deadly Nightshade! Kris has the Electric Chair, but Ruby tries to bend back. No Poison-Rana, WHIPLASH INTO BUCKLES! O’Conner Roll, CHAOS THEORY!! And then the fisherman, DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Ruby survives and no one can believe it! Kris snarls, she drags Ruby up, and she CLOBBERS her point blank! Kris gets the legs and the arms, SPIDE- NO! Ruby kicks and kicks and kicks! Kris staggers, Ruby sweeps the legs! Oklahoma Roll, RUBY WINS!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Tony Schiavone gets in the ring to interview the winner, but Britt Baker shows up first! She has a mic but Ruby tells everyone to cut the music. Britt can put the mic down. Everyone’s listened to Britt over and over, no one wants to listen to her anymore! Ruby gets it, the fans are upset she win. She did what she had to do to win the match. But Ruby needs to tell Britt something. Kris is Ruby’s friend, she loves and respects her, but look what she did. And Ruby hates Britt, so she’s gonna hurt her. Ruby has been telling Britt since Grand Slam that Britt has a receipt coming. Ruby’s cashing it in at Double or Nothing! Britt just smiles, but will she still be smiling after the Owen Hart Cup Women’s Finals?

My Thoughts:

A great episode here for Rampage, especially as a go-home. Great opening contest out of Bryan VS Sydal, wild to think that these guys only faced off once in ROH and missed each other in WWE, because this felt like they’d been going back and forth for years. Bryan wins, of course, for the momentum going into the Anarchy in the Arena 10 Man. Could be a sign that someone on Blackpool Combat Club & Friends is taking the loss to JAS. Great cosplay by the Bucks, that was a really fun match of them squashing Cruz and Rust. Also good to see Rust somewhere after WWE cut him way too soon, too. Great to see Gangrel, and of course the Hardys get their own bit. Bucks VS Hardys at Double or Nothing could go either way but I’m leaning towards Hardys.

They didn’t advertise Caster VS Dante but this was a great surprise. Obviously good stuff within the Acclaimed Gunn Club faction, and we got a very good match. Caster won the Elevation match they highlighted, Dante wins this one, maybe they’ll give this a tiebreaker match down the line. Scorpio Sky having a purple ‘n’ gold TNT belt is a great choice, and then an honestly genius move from SamTay & Kaz to steal some of the belts American Top Team “can’t replace.” A Mixed Trios is actually better than just 2v2, and I do like the stipulation of blocking Kaz and Sammy as contenders. It does give it away just a little that SamTay & Kaz win, but I bet Ethan takes the loss. PVZ isn’t being brought in to take the pin and no one is going to pin the TNT Champion unless it’s for the belt.

Great promo vignette from Cole and Joe, and I’m still leaning towards Cole winning. Great promos from Ruby and Kris going into their match, it really added to the fire in that main event, which was a great main event. Ruby using what Velvet told her was good story stuff, but I didn’t expect fans to boo it as hard as they did. Kris is a fan favorite, so maybe she comes around to get a title shot, like the TBS Championship after Jade beats Jay. I did like Ruby’s promo to end the show, shutting Britt up before she can begin. But Ruby being so adamant about getting that fire back, pretty sure she’s losing to Britt.

My Score: 8.6/10

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