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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Road Results & Report! (2/20/20)

New Japan paves the way to the Anniversary Show!



NJPW New Japan Road

The road to the NJPW 48th Anniversary begins here!

The NJPW 48th Anniversary is on the horizon, so we go down this New Japan Road paved with gold! Will Shingo Takagi stay Mr. NEVER Openweight?


NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.



  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championships: Roppongi 3K VS Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi; RPG3K wins and retains the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS Tomohiro Ishii; Takagi wins and retains the NEVER Openweight Championship.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championships: Roppongi 3K VS Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi!

What an interesting match-up! Sho & Yoh face not only one of the best all time in the Funky Weapon, but they face the man who coached and mentored them to where they are now! Can RPG3K defeat the Mega Coaches and prove the students have surpassed the master?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the coaches “draw up” a game plan on the buckle pad. They come to an agreement, and Romero dares his boys to step up! Sho tells Yoh he’ll start, and the bell rings. Romero rushes in but Sho sees it coming! Romero backs off, asking for a time-out. Sho won’t give it to him, and starts throwing forearms! Romero throws them back and we have a brawl between teacher and student! Sho rocks Romero, then again. Sho whips, Romero slides under and dodges, but Sho hip tosses to an armbar! Romero slips out, Sho kicks low and runs to sunset flip. Romero drops down to get the armbar! Sho rolls Romero up, TWO and the two separate. Fans cheer the exchange and rally for “Rocky! Rocky!”

Romero and Sho stare down, but back off to tag their partners. Yoh steps up to Taguchi and fans are cheering Taguchi on. Taguchi and Yoh circle and tie up. Taguchi gets a leg, Yoh sits to block. Yoh gets around to a waistlock but Taguchi pries free to wrench. Yoh flips, rolls and wrenches back to a wristlock. Taguchi stays up as Yoh has the hammerlock. Taguchi reaches down and trips Yoh up to get a toehold. Yoh endures as Taguchi drops to a heel hook. Taguchi turns the hold to go after a Half Crab but Yoh scrambles to a ropebreak! Fans cheer as Taguchi lets up. Taguchi and Yoh circle again, feeling out a new grapple. Yoh kicks low, reels Taguchi in to headlock and grinds Taguchi down. Taguchi throws body shots and powers out, then things speed up.

Taguchi drops and drops and drops but Yoh is still ready for the elbow! Yoh whips Taguchi to drop and drop and drop. Taguchi counters Yoh’s cleverness with a basement dropkick! Fans cheer as Sho runs in to get an atomic drop! Tag to Romero and the coaches bring up one each. Romero whips Yoh corner to corner, then Taguchi whips Sho into Yoh. Taguchi whips Romero for Romero to whip Taguchi in but apparently Taguchi insists Romero go in. The coaches carousel around each other until finally Romero goes in to elbow sandwich RPG3K! Romero runs out but Taguchi tells him to keep going. Romero goes back in for another, and another, and Sho flops out of the ring. Now Taguchi runs in to hit Yoh! Taguchi gives baseball signs and the coaches hip bump to celebrate.

Fans rally up as Taguchi climbs up and Romero brings Yoh up. Romero sends Yoh into the Funky Weapon’s “home base!” And then uses it as part of the tornado, only for Yoh to deny the DDT! Yoh suplexes Romero into Taguchi! Sho returns and he stomps Taguchi out of the ring. RPG3K has their coach all alone and stomp him a little. They bring Romero up and to the corner. Sho tags in, RPG3K double whip, speed things up, drop toehold and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Sho clamps onto Romero with a chinlock. Sho digs his knee in and thrashes Romero about but Romero fights up. Romero elbows back but Sho clubs him down. Sho whips and kitchen sink knees Romero down! Then KICKS him hard in the back! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Sho keeps his cool.

Sho drags Romero over, tags Yoh and RPG3K mugs Romero in the corner. Romero CHOPS Yoh back! Yoh eggs Romero on and Romero throws forearms and CHOPS! Yoh European Uppercuts then scoop slams Romero down. Elbow drop and cover, ONE, to a knee drop! Cover, TWO! Double stomps! Cover, TWO! Yoh wraps on with a headscissor hold and Sho hits Taguchi down. Romero endures as Yoh cranks and squeezes his head. Fans rally up for Romero as Sho watches Taguchi closely. Sho stomps Taguchi down but Romero rolls to a ropebreak! Yoh lets go at 4, to basement dropkick Romero! Yoh brings Romero back up and throws forearms. He stomps and kicks Romero while he’s down, toying with the ol’ coach. So Romero SLAPS Yoh! Yoh SLAPS back!

Romero staggers and Yoh throws EuroUppers. Yoh runs corner to corner but Romero boots him away. Yoh runs into another boot, then Romero jumps up to tornado DDT! Fans rally up again and Romero tags in Taguchi! Sho jumps in but gets the Funky Weapon! Taguchi fires up as he has RPG3K on opposite ends. The Funky Weapon Train begins! Taguchi hits Yoh, Sho, back to Yoh, back to Sho, and then slides out to get Yoh on the apron! Fans cheer as Taguchi watches Yoh stand back up. Taguchi springboards but Yoh gets clear. Taguchi keeps going to triangle PLANCHA onto Sho! The Funky Weapon gets in the ring and baits Yoh into rushing him. Shout out to Shinsuke and Yoh is sent tumbling out! Taguchi builds speed as RPG3K regroups, TOPE CONJILO! Fans are fired up for Taguchi and he’s a bit bashful now.

Taguchi puts Yoh in the ring and aims again. Yoh slowly stands, Taguchi springboards, flying hip attack! Cover, TWO! Yoh survives but fans are even more fired up behind Taguchi. Taguchi drags Yoh up and snap suplexes! Uno amigo! Dos amigo! But Yoh slips out to dragon sleeper. Taguchi fights out but Yoh ducks his clothesline. Yoh hops on for the satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!! Yoh keeps his focus as he drags Taguchi up. Waistllock, half nelson then full nelson. Taguchi breaks free and elbows out. Yoh ducks to EuroUpper and mule kick! Yoh runs, sunset flips but Taguchi rolls through to the ANKLE LOCK! Fans fire up but Yoh rolls and throws Taguchi off. Taguchi goes up, missile dropkick! And the Ankle Lock is back! Yoh reaches for ropes but Taguchi pulls him back and leans into the lock!

Yoh claws forward but Taguchi brings him away! But Taguchi reels Yoh in and goes for chicken wings! Yoh elbows free, shiranui to dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Both men are down and fans rally up! Yoh crawls to tag Sho, and Sho goes after Taguchi in the corner with a big corner clothesline! Sho whips corner to corner, Taguchi reverses but Sho reverses back to kick out a leg. Sho kicks and kicks and MULE KICKS! Cover, TWO! Taguchi still lives and fans are still fired up. Sho drags Taguchi up in a dead lift waistlock, but Taguchi fights free. Taguchi runs, into a big elbow! Sho runs, into an enziguri! Fans fire up as both men are down again. Taguchi crawls to his corner, tag to Romero! Romero runs in to huricanrana Sho!

Yoh gets in, Romero kicks low and whips but Yoh reverses, only for Romero to huricanrana him! RPG3K are in opposite corners, Romero starts up the Forever Clotheslines! But he only gets two before Yoh dodges and Sho follows to clothesline Romero! Yoh goes to the other corner as Sho becomes a step stool, but Romero is the one who hits Roppongi in Motion! Romero downs Yoh and dodges Sho to LARIAT! Fans fire up for “Rocky! Rocky!” as Romero aims at Sho. Sho stands, Romero runs and swings around for the Shiranui DDT! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives but Romero drags Sho up. Romero knuckle locks then climbs the ropes, meteora to the arm!

Romero looms over Sho and drags him up to wrench. Shoulder breaker! Romero kicks the bad arm, wrenches and wants another, but Sho gets Romero in a sleeper hold! Sho squeezes tight but Romero pries at the hold. Romero frees himself, rams shoulders then suplexes for a takedown and armbar! Taguchi intercepts Yoh with the ANKLE LOCK! Yoh reaches for Sho as Sho scrambles around! Romero cranks the arm back, Sho rolls him. Romero won’t let Sho lift, so Sho shifts to an armbar of his own! Yoh counters Taguchi to a “Star Gazer” Kneebar! Romero gets the ropebreak! Sho lets Romero go and Yoh lets Taguchi go. Fans rally as the four men are down. The teams regroup, and RPG3K bring the coaches up.

The coaches forearm, but RPG3K forearm back. We have a back ‘n’ forth, the coaches fire each other up, and fire off more forearms. The coaches fake RPG3K out on the knees, but then RPG3K catches the coaches into stereo atomic drops! RPG3K runs, into stereo hip attacks! Fans fire up and the coaches have Sho alone. Taguchi goes to the corner again and Romero whips Sho. Sho stops himself from running into the Funky Weapon, so Romero runs in. Sho side steps and Rocky has to stomp himself! Romero blocks as Sho tries to throw him in. Romero ax handles Sho away, then catapults Sho into the Funky Weapon! Tornado DDT! Taguchi calls upon the power of Shinsuke and runs, BUM-A-YE! Romero rolls Sho up, TWO!! Sho survives but the fans are thunderous for the coaches.

Romero rolls Sho to Taguchi for a wheelbarrow, CODE BREAKER! Cover, but Yoh breaks it! Taguchi throws Yoh out and Romero fires up! Romero drags Sho up, cravat and run the corner, but no Sliced Bread. Sho dodges Romero to send him into posts, then waistlocks. Romero fights out and kicks the bad arm! Romero runs into Yoh’s SUPERKICK! Taguchi kicks RPG3K then runs, into the double knees! RPG3K drags Romero up, suplex and Canadian rack, but Romero slips out to send Sho into Yoh. Romero grabs Sho and uses Yoh for the launch pad, but Sho blocks Shiranui! Sho flips Romero over and Yoh runs, Dominator Cutter! Cover, TWO!! Romero lives and fans are at a fever pitch! But RPG3K still has things to try.

Sho gives Romero a backstabber, then feeds him to Yoh’s shotgun dropkick! RPG3K tune up the band as Romero stirs. Romero slowly stands, Sho & Yoh call for it, but Taguchi saves Romero from 3K! Taguchi throws forearms and CHOPS on Sho and Yoh, then runs. Sho lifts but Taguchi hip attacks Yoh! Taguchi runs into Sho’s LARIAT! Romero LARIATS Sho! Yoh dropkicks Romero! Taguchi is up again, and hip attacks Yoh! Sho SPEARS Taguchi! Romero KNEES Sho and ROCKS Yoh, Yoh PELES! All four men are down again and the fans cheer again. Fans rally for the four as they all stir. Taguchi flops out of the ring, as does Yoh. Sho gets to a corner, as does Romero. Romero runs in to corner clothesilne! But Sho gives it back! Sho runs, but Romero slips to a backslide, TWO!! Huricanrana and cover, TWO!!

Sho slowly gets to his feet, Romero throws an uppercut! And ROCKS Sho with a right! Romero runs, Sho LARIATS! Sho dead lifts Romero for the GERMAN! Bridge, TWO!?! Romero barely escapes and Sho can’t believe it! Fans haven’t slowed down one bit as Sho drags Romero up. Sho lifts, POWER BREAKER! High stack but Taguchi breaks it! Yoh throws Taguchi out and PESCADO! Sho fires up and draws the bow! Sho drags Romero up, pump handles, but Romero slips out to cradle counter!! TWO!!! Romero KNEES Sho, but Sho KNEES back! Sho drags Romero up, pump handles, but Romero tries to huricanrana out! Sho blocks but Romero escapes. Romero enziguris but Sho ducks! Yoh keeps Taguchi down but Romero rewind mule kicks!

Sho flounders and Romero jumps, but no code breaker! 3K!! Cover, but Taguchi breaks it within seconds! Yoh and Taguchi brawl, and Yoh gets the edge. Yoh runs, into the Funky Weapon! But he rewinds with the ropes, only for Taguchi to use Sho as a shield from the SUPERKICK! Romero rolls Sho and Taguchi goes after Yoh, but Yoh just pushes the cover over! Taguchi drags Yoh up, whips, Funky Weapon again! Taguchi leaps at Sho, but Sho catches him! GERMAN SUPLEX! Yoh builds speed to FLY! Direct hit takes Taguchi out! Sho builds power once more as Romero rises. Sho runs, to LARIAT Romero inside out! He drags Romero up, pump handles, SHOCK ARROW DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?!? Rocky Romero will not die! Sho drags Romero up again, Yoh is up top, Shock Arrow + Double Stomps = STRONG X!! Cover, Yoh intercepts Taguchi, RPG3K wins!!

Winners: Roppongi 3K, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

An incredible showdown, and the students have surpassed the teacher! RPG3K show respect and compassion to their mentor, as well as the Junior Heavyweight icon. Will the Mega Coaches be back again? Will RPG3K only rise to even greater heights?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Last Dragon won this title when NJPW returned to Sapporo, becoming Los Ingobernables de Japon’s other Double Gold Champion! Shingo swears to become THE champion in NJPW, but can he first get past the Stone Pitbull?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and a truly solid showdown for this championship begins!

Fans are fired up for Takagi as he and Ishii tie up. They’re in a deadlock as they’re even in strength. Ishii pushes Takagi but Takagi pushes back. Ishii manages to win out and put Takagi on the ropes. Red Shoes calls for a break and Ishii pats Takagi on the shoulder. But then Ishii swings a chop! Takagi ducks to swing back but Ishii ducks! Fans cheer as the two stare down. Ishii and Takagi tie up and Takagi headlocks. Ishii powers out, the two collide, but neither falls! Takagi dares Ishii to try again so Ishii does. They collide, still neither falls. Takagi goes now, bumps Ishii but Ishii hits back on the rebound. Takagi comes back, the two ram like rams, but neither falls!

Fans are firing up as the two go again, and again, and again! They aren’t stopping, but Takagi wobbles. Ishii rams him again, but Takagi runs Ishii over! Fans fire up as Takagi drops an elbow. Takagi stands on Ishii’s stomach then drops a senton! Takagi gives toying kicks and then stands on Ishii’s back at the ropes. Red Shoes reprimands and Takagi lets off. Takagi drags Ishii up to facelock and grind Ishii down. Ishii has the ropes and Red Shoes calls for a ropebreak. Takagi lets go long enough to knee Ishii low. Takagi whips and follows to knee Ishii again. He runs, but Ishii runs him over! Fans cheer and duel as Ishii looms over Takagi. Ishii sits Takagi up to KICK and KICK! Ishii stands Takagi for a headbutt, and another headbutt, and another headbutt!

Takagi leans on the ropes and Ishii eggs him on. Takagi headbutts back! And again! And again! Ishii stays up to headbutt back! Takagi sits down in a corner and Ishii gives him toying kicks. Ishii CHOPS but Takagi leans into it. Ishii CHOPS, Takagi gives a forearm, repeat. Takagi CHOPS but Ishii manages to shrug. Ishii CHOPS, Takagi CHOPS, repeat! They start giving out CHOPS faster and faster! Ishii staggers Takagi and fires off a few more, but Takagi double CHOPS back! Both men are stinging but fans are cheering! Takagi drags Ishii up to whip him to a corner. Ishii comes back, they ram shoulders, and then Ishii CHOPS! Ishii grabs Takagi but Takagi suplexes Ishii instead! Fans stay fired up as Takagi gets to his feet. Takagi jumps and drops a knee!

Takagi takes a moment to adjust his knee pads before he brings Ishii up. He elbows Ishii then gives toying kicks at the ropes. Takagi clubs and forearms away, but Ishii eggs him on! Ishii and Takagi go forearm for forearm, elbow for elbow! Fans love the fast and furious action! Ishii wobbles and Takagi adds on! Takagi gives toying boots in the corner and a slap to the head! Takagi throws forearms but Ishii just stares him down. Ishii throws a forearm, Takagi gives it. Ishii wants to feel it, so Takagi hits harder. That still wasn’t enough! Takagi keeps throwing but Ishii leans into the forearm shots! Ishii backs Takagi down, then ROCKS him! Takagi flops right over and the fans reach a thunderous level!

Ishii stalks Takagi and gives him those toying boots now. Ishii CHOPS and forearms, repeat! Over and over! Takagi starts dropping but Ishii talks trash to him. Takagi hits back and grinds foreheads with Ishii. Ishii doesn’t back down, so Takagi headbutts! Ishii comes back with more forearms and chops! Red Shoes reprimands but Ishii gets mad at him. Ishii kicks at Takagi and eggs him on more. “What’s up, champion?!” Ishii whips Takagi corner to corner and hits a big clothesline! But now Takagi comes back and grinds foreheads. Takagi shoves, catches Ishii to chicken wings then spins him around to DDT! He SPIKES Ishii with that one! Red Shoes checks on Ishii but Ishii is somehow okay to continue.

Takagi kicks at Ishii while he’s down, puts him in a corner and jabs, CHOPS, jabs, CHOPS, then fires off haymaker after haymaker! Red Shoes tries to back Takagi off but Takagi pushes him away! Takagi keeps elbowing and stomping Ishii as Red Shoes is a bit indignant. Fans rally and duel as Takagi looms over Ishii. Takagi keeps kicking and poking at Ishii. Takagi talks some serious smack as he gives one BIG kick! And Ishii is right up!! Ishii grabs Takagi by the jaw but Takagi CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS to the throat! And again! And again! The Stone Pitbull is baring his fangs and going for the throat! Red Shoes tries to pull Ishii off after the fourth shot but Ishii goes to six. Ishii even pushes Red Shoes away!

Red Shoes comes back to keep Ishii back and Takagi flops over. Fans duel again as each man works to breathe. Ishii runs in but Takagi boots him away. Ishii keeps trying and gets another boot. Takagi fireman’s carries Ishii and brings him up the corner. Ishii slips out but Takagi headbutts and hotshots! Takagi runs side to side but Ishii clotheslines him first! Ishii looks around and looks to suplex Takagi out! Takagi resists but Ishii headbutts! Ishii drags Takagi up and out onto the apron. Ishii works to lift Takagi but Takagi shovels Ishii up! Fans start to worry as both men fight for control. Takagi fireman’s carries Ishii up! APRON DEATH VALLEY!! Ishii writhes in pain, his arm may have been broken! Red Shoes checks on both men, and somehow Ishii is okay.

A ring count begins and Takagi springs up at 3 of 20. Takagi goes into the ring at 6, but Ishii is still down at 10. Takagi stops the count, wanting to end this properly. He drags Ishii into the ring, and fires up! Fans join in with the “OI! OI!” Takagi goes corner to corner, corner clothesline! Ishii avoids Pumping Bomber and waistlocks! Takagi elbows and hauls Ishii up for a Backpack drop! Sliding lariat! Takagi drags Ishii up, underhooks for Gory Especial, NOSHIGAMI! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Takagi keeps his cool. Fans duel hard as ever but the majority is for Takagi. Takagi drags Ishii up and pump handles, but Ishii fights off the lift. Takagi point-blank LARIATS! Ishii wobbles back but stays up.

Takagi gives another LARIAT, and another! Ishii falls to his knees but Takagi isn’t done with him! Fans rally as Takagi runs, into a spinning powerslam! Both men get up and Takagi back elbows and JABS! Ishii ducks the clothesline to waistlock, Takagi swings but misses. Ishii swings but misses, Takagi blocks and NORTHERN LIGHTS! But Ishii is up to SAIDO! Takagi is up to SNAP SAIDO! Ishii staggers up to SAIDO again! Takagi flounders up and swings, into Ishii’s SAIDO!! But both men are so dazed, they flop down! Fans reach that thunderous level again as both men stir. Ishii gets to a corner and stands. Takagi stands, Ishii runs and LARIATS, but Takagi stays up! Takagi runs to LARIAT, but Ishii also stays up! Ishii comes back to LARIAT, Takagi LARIATS! Ishii flounders and leans on the ropes as we reach a fever pitch.

Another LARIAT from Ishii! Another LARIAT from Takagi! Ishii leans on the ropes but refuses to quit. Ishii LARIATS, Takagi flounders! Takagi stands only to get another LARIAT! Ishii runs but Takagi follows to LARIAT Ishii against ropes! Takagi runs but Ishii returns the favor, LARIAT against the ropes! Ishii runs, ducks a clothesline, and both run to DOUBLE LARIAT! Yet still, neither man falls! They go again, and Ishii’s LARIAT wins out!! The fever pitch returns, Ishii drags Takagi up, POWERBOMB! Matchbook stack, TWO!! Ishii is too tired to be frustrated, and he brings Takagi up to the top rope. Ishii climbs up but Takagi throws hands. Takagi slaps and jabs and headbutts! Ishii headbutts back! Ishii climbs up again, to the very top, for a SUPERPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Takagi still lives and this is just the 20 minute mark!

Ishii stands up and drags Takagi to sit. But Takagi avoids the sliding lariat to pump handle. Ishii elbows out but Takagi elbows, JABS and LARIATS! Takagi staggers and flops against ropes as fans continue to duel. Takagi fires himself up, “Not yet!” He and Ishii junkyard dog headbutt each other! Then they headbutt as they go up to their feet. Takagi wobbles for just a moment and Ishii fires off elbows from all sides! Ishii reels back to ROCK Takagi, but not at all!! Takagi stares Ishii down to throw elbows from all sides in return! Takagi ROCKS Ishii and Ishii does fall! Fans are electric as Takagi drags Ishii up. Takagi throws more elbows, ducks Ishii’s, pump handle and, MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?! Takagi doesn’t bother with being frustrated, he prepares the arm.

Takagi runs, PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, ONE!?!? What?!? Takagi can’t help but be shocked! And pissed! Takagi clotheslines, Ishii stays up, Ishii LARIATS Takagi off his feet!! The Pitbull still has a lot of bite left! Ishii gets to a corner and headbutts the buckle pad to fire up. Ishii runs, Takagi blocks, but his back hand misses, Ishii waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Takagi’s right up, only for Ishii to LARIAT him again! Cover, ONE!?!? Takagi surprises Ishii, Ishii blocks and snipes the back hand with an enziguri! Ishii fires himself up and sits Takagi up, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi lives but Ishii drags Takagi up. Ishii suplexes, Takagi knees out, but Ishii spins Takagi, only for Takagi to scoop! USHI DRILLER!! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives the piledriver but Takagi knows he can do this!

Takagi drags Ishii up but Ishii fights the fireman’s carry off. Takagi still gets it, but Ishii slips out. Ishii and Takagi fight for suplex control, but Takagi spins through, only for Ishii to forearm! Takagi JABS! Takagi runs, double clotheslines collide! Ishii headbutts! Ishii runs, LARIATS, but now Takagi HEADBUTTS! Takagi puts Ishii on the ropes, dragon sleeper, draping GTR! Takagi learned much from his match with Hirooki Goto! Fans rally up as Takagi drags Ishii up again. Takagi clubs Ishii, runs, PUMPING BOMBER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Ishii survives again and the fans again reach the electric level! Takagi drags Ishii up, pump handle and fireman’s carry, LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Champion)

The “E-Zero Curse” does not strike Takagi down! Takagi survives his first defense, and perhaps the toughest match of his entire career. Will Takagi stay Mr. NEVER Openweight after tomorrow’s Six Man Tag Team Championship match? Will Takagi make the NEVER Openweight Division the biggest thing in NJPW?

Ishii crawls over to Takagi, reaching for the belt. Ishii throws one last forearm!! Takagi gives him heel kicks back and Young Lions rush in to pull the two apart. Ishii flounders about and takes a chair from the timekeeper’s area! But he can’t use it on Takagi because he flops over at ringside. The Stone Pitbull’s body may have lost, but his spirit concedes nothing! Will he be back for another round with the Dragon?

Takagi stays in the ring and cheers in respect to Ishii. He gets the mic and admits he’s not sure how he did it, but he’s still NEVER Champion. Ishii beat the hell out of him for sure, and with every single bit of strength in his body. Takagi’s body hurts all over, and yet he feels great. “It’s a good kind of pain.” Fans cheer that as Takagi admits, he doesn’t have a a match that hard “for kicks.” But this is what NEVER is about! This is what NJPW is about! It is about clashing spirit with spirit! “That is professional wrestling!”

Now, Takagi know that there is still more to come. He promises to elevate the NEVER Openweight Championship and fight anyone who crosses his path! Anyone that wants a fight, come get it! The NEVER Dragon reigns strong, but he only has 24 hours to rest up before joining his trios partners in another big fight. Will Takagi still be the Double NEVER Dragon at the end of New Japan Road?



My Thoughts:

These championship matches were amazing! I really loved the story going on in the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag title match, and how it blended some comedy into it. Taguchi is always great at that stuff. Rocky taking the finish was both for story and for the reality, as Taguchi is going to jump right into the Openweight Six Man Championship match tomorrow, and because RPG3K pinning their manager/mentor is a great passing of the torch kind of move. Takagi VS Ishii was INSANE! If you didn’t physically react to things while watching this, you’re either a robot or dead inside. Those two really did go hard, and Ishii surely won the respect of everyone watching, new or old to NJPW. Takagi also jumps into another championship match tomorrow, and he could become THE workhorse of NJPW through the Openweight Division.

My Score: 9.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/4/22)

Who will grab the next golden ticket?



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Will tonight have a TEACHABLE MOMENT?

With NXT Halloween Havoc fast approaching, the North American Championship Ladder match must be completed! And Andre Chase takes on Von Wagner for spot number four!


  • Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Oro Mensah; Hayes wins.
  • NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Andre Chase w/ Bodhi Hayward & Thea Hail VS Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone; Wagner wins and advances to Halloween Havoc.
  • Wendy Choo VS Lash Legend; Wendy wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Toxic Attraction VS Alba Fyre, Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark; changed to…
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders match: Toxic Attraction VS Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark; Lyons & Stark win and will challenge for the titles at Halloween Havoc.
  • Julius Creed VS Duke Hudson; Julius wins.
  • Hank Walker VS Xyon Quinn; Quinn wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Pretty Deadly VS The Brawling Brutes; Pretty Deadly wins and retains the titles.


NXT has a new look!

The logo changed first but now so have the graphics! And not only that, but Wade Barrett has TWO new commentary comrades in Byron Saxton and the new kid on the block, Suou Shah! They’re excited to be here because NXT is the place to be. They’re all ready to go, so what’s up first?


Pretty Deadly heads to the ring!

They’re dressed in their parliamentary best. They’ve got the powdered wigs, the make-up, the spotted capes and leather boots. They bow to the crowd and then to each other before going to the podium. They clack their gavels and bring the fans to order. Kit Wilson brings into session the Address of the NXT Commonwealth. Members present: Lord Elton Prince, OBE; and Viscount Kit Wilson. They are YOUR NXT Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly. Order! Order! First order: Do they look delicious? Like the two tastiest snack sin NXT! Nay, the whole WWE! And it is time for Ye Olde SIDE PLATE CHECK~! Look at those bad boys.

Now, to depressing matters. Once upon a time, brave pilgrims left the UK to the US and proceeded to make this a better place. Fast forward a few centuries and Pretty Deadly does the same thing to make NXT drastically better. Look at it now! They are the top of the tag team division as TWO-TIME Tag Team Champions! They rule over the fans with complete impunity. However! Order! There is the issue growing beneath them. They must search for new contenders! Wherefore art thou? Competent challengers! Seasoned veterans! Optimistic teams! Up-and-comers! All training in the PC, wanting a piece of PD.

Teams are hoping to be just as “effervescent” as the champions, but there is a problem. Pretty Deadly’s beaten EVERYONE~! Briggs & Jensen beat Gallus but Pretty Deadly has their numbers: 1-800-UGLY DENIM! Edris & Malik: One can’t keep a shirt on while the other needs to take his off. OHOHOHO! Yes, yes. Sweater vest and oil abs aren’t good enough. And don’t get them started on those “boring brothers.” You mean the Creeds? Yes! The Crrrrreeds! Damon Kemp might be closing the Diamond Mine Dojo forever. What about The Dyad? No, ew, skip them, they creep Kit out.

But that means there is no choice. Has it come to this? Yes. Order! Order! Elton Prince decrees that your TWO-TIME Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, rulers of their domain with naught but a challenger in sight be awarded the titles forever and ever~! #YESBOY- WAIT! WHAT?! The Brawling Brutes are here from SmackDown! Fans fire up as Ridge Holland shouts, “Surprise, surprise, fellas! You two sounded pretty tough on social media talking about what happened to Sheamus this past Friday night SmackDown. So me and the Bruiser, we’re here tonight to see how tough you really are face-to-face.”

Dunne asks if there are any objections to kicking these two Muppets’ heads in! Fans shout “NO!” but Pretty Deadly panics! They were hacked! That was Kevin Nash! Kevin Patrick! Kevin Owens! Curse him! OH SHUT UP! Dunne & Ridge get in the ring but Ridge stops Dunne from tearing into Kit & Elton. Ridge says the champs sure like dressing up and prancing around like a couple of peacocks. But all they do is talk and talk about how great they are. All Ridge 7 Dunne ask is that they prove it. Because tonight, it’s Tuesday. That means it’s… FIGHT NIGHT! And then the brawl is on! Dunne DECKS Elton, Ridged CLUBS Kit and they both snatch the capes away!

Fans are thunderous for the Bruiserweight and the yoked Yorkshire, but we’ll have to wait as Carmelo Hayes makes his way out for his match. Will Melo remind everyone why he’s The A Champion?


Toxic Attraction arrives.

And they get attacked by Alba Fyre! She hits Jacy and Gigi then abducts Mandy! What’s going to happen to tonight’s Six Woman Tag? Well the math is simple: cut it down to 2v2, and make it a #1 contender’s match! Who will win here to head for Kayden Carter & Katana Chance at Halloween Havoc?


Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Oro Mensah!

The former NXT North American Champion wants that belt back but must go through a ladder match to do it. The Hottest Superstar Under the Sun has held NXT UK Tag Team Championship gold but never truly lost it. Who will have pole position going into the title race? And who will hit a major speed bump?

NXT returns as Oro makes his entrance. The bell rings and Melo circles with Oro. Fans rally, Melo shoves Oro, and then shoves him again. Melo says Oro ain’t ready, but Oro grabs the arm! Oro wrenches, wristlocks and grinds but Melo spins to wrench back. Oro rolls, headstands and kicks back. Oro then arm-drags Melo down to have an armlock. Fans rally while Melo fights up. Melo pulls hair, whips but Oro reverses. Melo stops himself, blocks a boot, but Oro tiger wall kicks him! Oro says he is championship material, then he arm-drags again. Melo fights up, knees low, and he throws Oro down by his hair. But Oro kips up!

Oro dropkicks but Melo blocks it. Melo dribbles, but Oro gets up to DROPKICK! That one hits and fans fire up. Oro runs, RANAS Melo, and then catches Melo for an EXPLODER! Cover, ONE!! Fans rally up, Oro aims from the corner and runs in, but Melo bails out. Oro stops, slingshots and PLANCHAS! Direct hit and down goes Melo! Fans fire up and Oro puts Melo in. Oro warns Trick and so does the ref. But Melo kicks Oro at the corner, then POSTS him! Oro staggers back, into a SLINGSHOT DDT TO THE APRON! Fans fire up and Melo high-fives with Trick. Melo puts Oro in, covers, TWO! Fans rally and duel while Melo grows annoyed.

Melo drags Oro up, whips him to ropes, but Oro ducks and comes back, into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Oro sputters, Melo fires himself up, and Melo drags Oro up. Oro throws body shots but Melo CHOPS! Melo drags Oro up, cravats and snapmare rolls, but Oro blocks the superkick to roll up! TWO!! Melo escapes to SUPERKICK! Oro sits up in a daze but he grabs Melo’s arm. Melo breaks free, springboards and CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up as Melo covers, TWO! Oro shows toughness and Trick is furious! Melo CLUBS away on Oro, then twists Oro’s head in the neck wrench. Fans rally, Oro throws elbows but Melo smothers him.

Melo drags Oro up in a cravat, and then he runs for a corner. Oro turns that around to RAM Melo into buckles! Both men are down and Trick is worried. Fans rally, Oro staggers away but he blocks a punch to give a punch! And another! And again, and again! Oro whips and back drops Melo high and hard! Melo gets up, Oro rallies with big forearms! Melo swings but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Oro kips up, fans fire up and Oro boots, but Melo blocks! Melo flips Oro but Oro AX KICKS out of it! Then he LIONSAULTS! Fans fire up with Oro more and he aims from a corner. Oro runs in at Melo, but Trick takes the WHEEL KICK for Melo!

Melo CODE BREAKERS Oro down! Melo hurries up top, shoots THE THREE POINTER! Cover, Melo wins!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall

Give Trick the assist, he helps Melo shoot and score again! Will Melo need Trick’s help again when the title is hanging high above the ring?

Carmelo gets on commentary to speak to everyone watching and in the audience. “They tried to say I was on a losing streak. Losing streak where?” While Trick gets helped out, Melo wants to watch who qualifies for his ladder match. And speaking of, here comes Professor Chase! Is it time for another TEACHABLE MOMENT?


Diamond Mine is with the medical trainer.

The trainer asks how Brutus Creed’s shoulder feels, and Brutus angrily shouts, “I’M FINE!” Ivy Nile & Julius tell him to chill. The trainer has to check Brutus in order to clear him. But the trainer says there is no way he can clear Brutus for competition. This is serious damage. But then Duke Hudson swaggers in, asking “Who’s crying this week?” Julius says he doesn’t have the patience for this. Duke, go away. Duke says he’s just here to see what TEN chairshots to the back looks like. Julius tells Duke to get walking or Julius will start stepping. And Julius won’t stop at ten chairshots with Duke. Oh, the older brother sticking up for the dumb one. Er, young one. Cute.

But if Julius comes at Duke while Diamond Mine is hurt, it’ll be Julius’ funeral. Oh, is that so? Yeah, Roddy’s still in the hospital, out of commission. Well Julius isn’t. If Duke thinks they’re vulnerable, let’s find out tonight. Duke will consider it. The doc should stay here, they’re both gonna need medical attention tonight. Ivy keeps Brutus back and Julius says she should stay here to keep an eye on Brutus. Brutus needs to chill, but will Julius turn up the heat on Hudson?


NXT North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Andre Chase w/ Bodhi Hayward & Thea Hail VS Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone!

Professor Chase may not have beaten Von Wagner before, but that was before and this is now! Will that golden ticket be motivation enough for the brains to beat the brawn? Or is this still Wagner’s World, and Chase U is just living in it?

NXT returns and Wagner makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Wagner knees low, but Chase throws hands. Wagner DECKS Chase, Chase gets up and runs at Wagner, but Wagner picks him up to RAM him into a corner! Wagner RAMS in again and again, then throws elbows. Wagner stands Chase up, smothers him in the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Chase dodges Wagner, blocks a boot and hits a KNEE JAMMER! Chase KICKS away on Wagner’s leg then CHOP BLOCKS it! Chase grabs the leg, Wagner pushes him away and LARIATS on the return! Fans boo but Wagner shakes out his leg.

Wagner storms up on Chase, SLAMS him off the mat then stomps away. Melo likes what he sees because he doesn’t like Chase after last week’s upset. Wagner digs his boot into Chase but the ref counts. Wagner lets off, he soaks up the heat while fans rally for Chase U. Chase blocks a boot to DRAGON SCREW! And then Chase YANKS the bad leg, drags Wagner up, but Wagner POWERSLAMS Chase for it! Chase goes to a corner, Wagner storms up and stomps Chase down. Wagner stands Chase up to whip him corner to corner, then he run sin, only to get buckles! Chase dropkicks the legs out! Chase runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and dropkicks the legs out!

Fans fire up as Chase JABS away on Wagner! Chase ROCKS Wagner, whips, but Wagner reverses, only for Chase to reverse back into a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans spell out “CHASE U!” as Chase stomps away! But Stone gets on the apron! Chase chases him off, and THEA Electric Chair Lifts Stone! Stone fights free, but Bodhi is there! Stone snatches the banner and throws it down, only for Thea to scoop and SLAM Stone! Fans fire up and Chase is proud of his student, but Wagner CLUBS Chase from behind! Wagner back suplexes but Chase slips off! Chase body scissors and rolls Wagner, TWO!! Wagner escapes, and he BOOTS Chase down!

Wagner is furious, and he drags Chase up to the fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY NECKBREAKER! Cover, Wagner wins!

Winner: Von Wagner, by pinfall (advances to Halloween Havoc)

Melo mocks Chase’s loss as a “teachable moment,” but now a big, BIG man is in the match! Will Wagner finally back up his words and make NXT his world?

Melo talks trash more, saying it doesn’t matter if it’s Oro, Wagner, or “that doofus,” Wes Lee- WES LEE FLIES IN OUTTA NOWHERE! Wes CLOBBERS Melo off commentary, fires off on him around the way, but the refs hurry to stop this! Fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” but this will have to wait until Halloween Havoc!


Sanga and Nathan Frazer watch this all backstage.

The Gentleman Giant says he should’ve been in one of those qualifiers, but he lost against Von, too. And now Von beat Chase and is going on to Halloween Havoc. Frazer hears that. When he dropped the first fall to Axiom in their series, he was down. He has to win two matches in a row, and trust him, he was in his head about that. But Frazer blocked all the negativity out and he’s made it 1-1. Next week, Frazer has his chance in the tiebreaker. Sanga says if he can’t win it, then he hopes Frazer does. Well, cheers, mate! Thanks! Frazer heads out, and VEER walks in!! Sanga’s old friend is back, does that mean Indus Sher is back, too?


Lash Legend walks and talks to gorilla.

“Wendy Choo, I talk a lotta mess, but I walk it like I talk it like I drop it. Case in point: I dropped your ass. And I’m gonna do it again! Boot to face two, boo! Because when Lash comes around, it’s about to go down. Okay?” The Legend is ready to dunk on Wendy, but will she straight brick when taking on the Queen of Comfy?


Someone is handing out Schism’s happy face buttons.

It’s the same mysterious figure in the red hoodie. NXT audience members are a bit torn on accepting the free gifts, but Grayson Waller drives up in his yellow H2. Waller has security on hand and tells them they have one job: Make sure no visions of Apollo Crews’ come true. Crews is a coward, understand? Someone park the car. Waller brings the rest along to the arena, but will he not see Apollo Crews coming?


Wendy Choo VS Lash Legend!

Wendy’s shut up one big ego already in Tiffany Stratton in the Lights Out match, because she can bring out her dark side. Will she have to do the same thing again against Lash? Or will Lash’s legend grow at Wendy’s expense?

Lash snatches Wendy’s body pillow and BOPS her with it! The ref reprimands, Wendy is furious, and the bell rings. Wendy ducks Lash to fire off hands! Lash shoves her down but Wendy come back with more! Lash knees low, whips Wendy but Wendy reverses to CHOP! Wendy whips but Lash reverses, only for Wendy to DROPKICK her! Lash goes to a corner, Wendy runs in to BOOT her down! Lash bails out but Wendy goes to the apron to CROSSBODY! But Lash catches her with ease, and hits a SWINGING BACKBREAKER! Lash talks trash, brings Wendy up as the ring count passes 5 of 10, and she puts Wendy in at 7.

Lash stalks Wendy to a corner, drags her up and CLUBS her down! Lash talks more trash but fans rally for Wendy. Lash puts Wendy through ropes and CHOKES her while talking more smack. The ref counts, Lash lets off to then KICK Wendy down. Cover, TWO! Lash is annoyed but she drags Wendy up. Fans rally for Wendy but Lash runs to do her make-up and LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Lash is even more annoyed but she stalks Wendy to a corner. Lash brings Wendy out, whips her into a corner and Wendy hits buckles hard! Lash stands Wendy back up to whip her back in. But Wendy BOOTS back! Lash throws Wendy down by her hair!

Fans obo, but Wendy avoids the elbow drop! Wendy hurries to ROCK Lash, then KICK a leg. And KICKS again! Wendy sweeps the legs, then SHOTGUNS Lash down! Lash crawls to a corner, Wendy runs in to handspring back elbow! Wendy goes up, BOOTS Lash out, and then leaps, but into Lash’s arms again! Lash swings but Wendy rolls to a cover, TWO!! Fans rally as Wendy goes to a corner. Lash runs in, Wendy dodges the boot and KICKS the other leg! Wendy goes up for a VADER BOMB! Cover, WENDY WINS!

Winner: Wendy Choo, by pinfall

And a big win for Wendy! Lash gets humbled, but will she stay humbled? Or is this just the beginning of another grudge for Wendy to deal with?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

Kelly Kincaid, another new addition to NXT, asks him about going after Melo. Was that a message he was sending back to the former champion? Wes says that wasn’t a message. That was a receipt. Melo smashed Wes’s head in locker. Melo tried to crush Wes’s head and end his career! Wes keeps calm and says he’s focused on the ladder match. Wes is going to go all out to get the title, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to get his hands on Melo- and just- Channing Lorenzo walks in and says this is the real Wes Lee. That is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Wes acts all sad and introspective with that lost boy look, going all, “My friends are gone…!”

But Stacks knows Wes is ruthless. Wes hit Tony D’Angelo’s leg so hard, The Don’s PCL is going one way while the rest of him is going that way. Wes defends that he didn’t wanna win that way. Sure, sure. But The Don knows how to make things look like an accident. Actions have consequences, Wes. Stacks leaves, will Wes have to watch his back from now until Halloween Havoc?


Gallus speak, though on suspension.

They assaulted referees and security, and now they’re suspended. They didn’t realize how soft everyone here in NXT was. But they’ll stay out of the ring until the suspension is lifted. So don’t worry, lads. They’ll be back soon enough. Briggs & Jensen, that scrap doesn’t prove anything. And Pretty Deadly, hold onto those titles tightly. And Bron Breakker, you watch yourself. When Gallus returns, they won’t just come back for tag gold. Soon, it will be Gallus Boys On Top!


Kayden Carter & Katana Chance speak.

A quote on screen reads, “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” It’s crazy that they’re even here! They shouldn’t even be besties! Look at Kayden and then look at Katana. Katana’s the “Goody two shoes.” Wow, really? Well, isn’t she? Katana’s nice to everyone and always tries to help out. Well Kayden can be nice sometimes. But the thing is, they’ve also had different paths here. Kayden’s known since she was a kid that she wants to be in the WWE. For Katana, her first love was gymnastics. She used that to win on American Ninja Warrior, and then she had a WWE tryout and fell in love.

It was a rough adjustment as the new girl. Katana had to earn respect, and a couple years back, she needed to step away. Kayden remembers that, and she holds hands with Katana. See? Kayden IS nice. Oh, stop it. But it was tough on Katana and she wasn’t sure where she belonged. Kayden was worried if Katana was ever going to come back. But Kayden being there for Katana helped in making that decision, and they both knew they had the same goal. They wanted to be champions together, and look at them now! They didn’t come together just for the gold, but because they wanted the best for each other.

Toxic Attraction thinks these titles are “on loan” to KC Squared. But no, the titles are where they belong, and Gigi & Jacy are crazy if they think they’re ever getting the titles back. KC Squared will never let go. As for Lyons & Stark, those two are great singles competitors, but as a team, they’re a question mark. KC Squared will be watching, ready for whoever comes out on top.


NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders match: Toxic Attraction VS Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark!

Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne are surely worried what Alba Fire is doing to their Toxic Goddess, Mandy Rose, but they have to focus on getting themselves a second chance at gold of their own. Will they be able to finally have that rematch with KC Squared? Or will the Pride & the Fighter prove they are a dynamic duo to be reckoned with?

NXT returns and Lyons makes her entrance, followed by Stark. The teams sort out and Lyons starts against Gigi. They circle, tie up, and Lyons gets around to a waistlock. Gigi throws an elbow, snapmares Lyons, then KICKS! But Lyons blocks! Lyons stands, she pins Gigi around and backhands her! Gigi gets away and tags in Jacy. Jacy and Lyons tie up, Lyons gets an arm and she wrenches. Jacy gets away as Stark tags in. Fans rally for Zoey but Jacy tells them to shut up. The two tie up, Stark shoves Jacy away and dares Jacy to come back. Jacy runs in, they tie up again and Jacy puts Zoey in a corner.

The ref counts, Stark shoves Jacy back. Stark then rolls Jacy up, TWO! Jacy sweeps and covers, ONE! Stark trips and jackknife covers, TWO! Jacy gets around, schoolgirl with bridge, TWO! Stark CLUBS Jacy, ROCKS her, but Jacy shoves her into the corner. Tag to Gigi, she kicks but Stark blocks! Stark shoves Gigi down, but has to dodge a cheap shot. Stark elbows Gigi then springboard CROSSBODIES! cover, TWO! Tag to Lyons but Gigi tags Jacy. Lyons ROCKS Jacy with fast hands and a BACKHAND! Lyons FOREARMS Jacy in the corner! SUPERKICK! Jacy bails out but Gigi gets in, only for Stark to springboard MISSILE DROPKICK!

Fans fire up as Toxic Attraction bail out! KC Squared is doing as they said and watching this from backstage. Stark & Lyons dare someone, anyone, to get in the ring while NXT goes picture in picture.

Jacy & Gigi take their time given the sore spots Alba Fyre left them with. They talk and then Jacy gets in. Jacy and Lyons reset, but then Gigi tags in. Gigi storms up, Lyons blocks the punches to give punches. Gigi ducks, knees low, and she headlocks. Lyons powers out but Jacy tags in. Gigi sunset flips, Lyons stays up, but Jacy SUPERKICKS Lyons down! Jacy grins and runs in to back body block! Jacy snapmares and KICKS Lyons, then covers, TWO! Jacy snarls and she drags Lyons by her hair. Tag to Gigi, then Jacy feeds Lyons to Gigi’s BOOT! Gigi & Jacy then double suplex! Cover, TWO! Lyons is still in this and Gigi snarls.

Gigi drags Lyons away, bumps her off buckles, and then tags Jacy. They mug Lyons, Jacy stomps away then tags Gigi back in. The ref is busy keeping Stark back and that allows Gigi to bend Lyons back against the ropes! The ref notices and counts, Gigi lets off to tag Jacy. Now Toxic Attraction both pull Lyons back! They let off at 4 and Jacy throws Lyons down. Jacy drags Lyons up to tag Gigi, they mug Lyons more, then Gigi goes to suplex. Lyons blocks, throws body shots and she snap suplexes Gigi down! Lyons rolls Gigi up, TWO! Gigi BOOTS Lyons back down! Gigi wraps on a chinlock and she grinds Lyons down.

Lyons fights up, fans rally, but Gigi wrangles her back down. Gigi leans on Lyons but Lyons grits her teeth and fights back up. Lyons JAWBREAKERS free, then gets Gigi for an ARMBAR! NXT returns to single picture as Gigi reaches out. Gigi gets a ROPEBREAK with her foot, and Lyons lets off. Gigi hurries to stomp Lyons down! Gigi drags Lyons away from Stark, she tags Jacy in, and they double wrench to double KICK! Then BUZZSAW and SENTON! Cover, TWO! Jacy is frustrated but she clamps onto Lyons to half nelson chinbar! Fans rally up and Lyons fights up, only for Jacy to CLUB her! Jacy whips, Lyons reverses and rolls Jacy again, TWO!

Jacy and Lyons DOUBLE BOOT! Fans fire up as both women crawl, hot tags to Gigi and Stark! Stark rallies on Toxic Attraction, BIG elbow for Gigi! Gigi scurries to a corner but Stark runs in to uppercut! And GAMANGIRI! Stark whips, ROCKS, ELBOWS and MULE KICKS! Fans fire up, Stark runs, SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Gigi survives but Stark calls to Lyons. Tag to Lyons and Stark hands off Gigi. SUPERKICK GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO! Cover, Jacy breaks it! Stark BOOTS Jacy! Jacy SUPERKICKS back! They both run, DOUBLE LARIATS collide! KC Squared likes what they see and so do the fans!

The teams regroup and then Lyons spots Gigi. They go after each other, the HEADBUTT is a bit double-edged. Lyons and Gigi fire off forearm after forearm then Lyons fireman’s carries. Gigi slips off, shoves Lyons and runs to STO! Gigi drags Lyons up, tags Jacy, and then wrenches for a ROUNDHOUSE! Jacy hits the NECKBREAKER! Cover, Stark breaks it! Jacy is beside herself and she tells Lyons that this is Toxic’s time! Jacy throws forearms, but Lyons ducks the elbow to HEEL KICK! Tag to Stark and she springboards! But Jacy moves! Stark rolls through but into a ROLLING ELBOW! Jacy DECKS Lyons and hurries to tag Gigi!

Toxic Attraction set up, but Lyons trips Jacy up! SUPERKICK for Jacy! Scoop and Z 360 for Gigi!! Tag to Lyons and then Stark PLANCHAS Jacy! Lyons roars for the LYONS DEN!! Cover, Lyons & Stark win!

Winners: Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark, by pinfall (NEW #1 contenders to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships)

KC Squared can’t help but applaud. The duo was doubted, but Stark & Lyons pull off the victory! Will the Sin City Soldier & the Lioness bring that same energy to the title match?


Ilja Dragunov speaks.

“I have never feared pain. Pain makes you feel alive. But agony is a different type of feeling. When I injured my ankle, it was far, far more than just the searing pain of a snapped ligament. The agony I felt to vacate MY NXT UK Championship, a title I slayed an unbeatable force to win. A title I defended with pride and honor was taken away not by an opponent, but by circumstance. It was my privilege to shoulder the weight of an entire brand, but my biggest challenge was sitting and watching NXT UK breathe it’s last breath.

“I watched in frustration as worlds collided, titles were unified, knowing that it should have been me in that ring against Bron. Opportunities like that only happen once in a lifetime. I cannot change the past. But I can change the future. Bron Breakker is a great champion, but he’s a man. And at Halloween Havoc, he’s stepping into the ring with a machine. JD McDonagh likes to take credit for my injury, and my body bares the scars of our great battles. But JD knows in his heard that I stop at nothing to be victorious. I leave every ounce of myself in that ring, including days, weeks, months of my career! That is something that JD talks about, but he doesn’t possess.

“At Halloween Havoc, I will suffer, I will endure a great deal of pain. But it will be worth it, because I will once again become champion as the world says in unison, ‘Long Live the Czar!'” Will UNBESIEGBAR be the one to break Bron and trump the Irish Ace?


It’s the Grayson Waller Effect!

The 21st Century Success Story has the second episode of his talk show, “back by overwhelming demand.” There are millions watching, including Apollo, but he can’t do a thing, lad! Waller has security! Waller gets his split screen, he’s live on Instagram, and everyone already follows him. So get in the chat and get a “second vision” of this show. But let’s start off hot with his first guess, the Tony Hawk of NXT, Cora Jade! Jade makes her entrance and Waller moshes to her theme. Cora also has her kendo stick, and Waller introduces Cora’s opponent for Halloween Havoc, Roxanne Perez! Roxie makes her entrance and she smiles at her former friend.

Waller sits at the desk with the ladies, setting up his phone. Sorry, he meant to get a booster seat for Roxie. But Cora, Roxie, the rematch is coming and- Yeah, so Cora’s heard. But how many people did Roxie have to cry to in order to get it? Roxie says it was easy since everyone wants to see her kick Cora’s ass. Oh~, using everyone else to get what you want. Typical Roxie. Ladies, stop interrupting Waller. This is his show. But question: This is the second time Roxie is facing Cora 1v1. How is she feel- “I feel nothing. Because I’m going into this match with no emotion. Unlike at Heatwave, where I was full of mixed emotions-”

“Awww… Are you gonna cry?” Cora mocks Roxie’s “sob stories.” Fans boo but Roxie says this is no sob story. Maybe Cora doesn’t remember, but they wanted to break into the business together, rise to the top of the division and raise the bar together. They could be to new fans what the Four Horsewomen were to them! But the second Cora thought Roxie passed her, Cora threw this away. But that’s okay, Roxie will leave Cora behind to do what they wanted by herself. Cora says at Halloween Havoc, she will beat Roxie again, and the fans will all realize Roxie was a lot of hype and not a lot of talent. Fans boo but Cora says Roxie just isn’t good enough to be part of #GenerationJade.

Roxie says no, Cora. Now that the TRUE Cora is out, see it like it is: For one whole year, Cora put on this whole act that no one was buying. And the second Cora realized that, she blamed Roxie for it! And the fans! Waller agrees with that. Roxie tells Cora and her generation are full of- HEY! Do not use that type of language on this show! And that is the second time they’ve interrupted Waller. Just so you know, Waller has two huge scoops they don’t know about! First: in two weeks, they’ll be playing a game of Pick Your Poison. Roxie and Cora pick each other’s opponents, and the whole WWE roster is fair game! Instagram likes that! Roxie VS Omos!

But secondly- Cora interrupts and says that’s perfect! She’s already got a whole list in mind for Roxie. Well, Roxie does for Cora, too. Cora says Roxie won’t even make it to Halloween Havoc. Roxie says same for Cora. SECONDLY!! Waller please asks they stop interrupting him! Their match at Halloween Havoc is a SPIN THE WHEEL, MAKE THE DEAL! Now we’re talking. But what’s wrong, Cora? Scared? Waller points out some great choices this year: Buried Alive; Casket Match; Bar Room Brawl. How about a Grayson Waller Exclusive and give it a spin right now! And if it lands on Spinner’s Choice, HE chooses! Heh heh. Oh, right. Good one.

Y’know what? You girls both suck! Spin the wheel now! Security, watch the guests. Cameraman, follow Waller! See, this is what you get on the Grayson Waller Effect. You never know what he’s gonna do! This is exciting. Wait, who is that in the hood? Fans think it’s Apollo, but Waller takes a peek. Can’t see in there. He checks the guy’s arm under the sleeve. White guy, okay! Spin the wheel! Waller wants a Coal Miner’s Glove! He doesn’t know what that is but it sounds great. Oh, oh, here we go. And… it’s a WEAPONS WILD MATCH! Not bad! But wait, security! Cora takes a swing, but Roxie blocks it! Security rushes in before this gets worse!

Waller films the brawl with his phone, fans chant “JERRY! JERRY!” and Waller is all smiles. But then he can see in his own camera, it’s APOLLO! He was in disguise as security! And he drags Waller under the ring! Just what is gonna happen under there?! Cora and Roxie can’t get loose, but this isn’t going to end here! Just what won’t they use against each other in a Weapons Wild Match?

Wait! Waller emerges from under the ring, and his eyes are bleeding red!! That was Apollo’s gruesome vision, and it has come true! Apollo stalks Waller and asks where he’s going. Waller scrambles away to the back, but will Apollo get his own revenge match at Halloween Havoc?


The Schism talks with the red hoodie.

What have they been doing all day? They had ONE job. All of their time and energy is put into this mission, yet red hoodie kid can’t even take this seriously! Joe Gacy has The Dyad cool off. But red hoodie kid does need to understand: they’re not mad, just disappointed. “You need to be better.” The Schism leaves, will little red hoodie kid make things right?


Julius Creed VS Duke Hudson!

The Diamond Mine wants revenge on Damon Kemp, but it seems Julius will have to make it through the flop to get at him. Will Julius have a hot hand after tonight? Or will he bust and have to fold?

The bell rings and Julius circles with Duke. They approach, Duke knees low and CLUBS Julius hard. Julius goes to ropes, Duke knees and stomps and CLUBS away! The ref counts and fans boo but Duke lets off at 4. Duke dusts his hands off and goes back to Julius. Duke whips, Julius ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Duke! Julius then hits an EXPLODER! Fans fire up as the straps come down! Julius lifts Duke for the ROLLING SPINEBSUTER! And the SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, Julius wins!

Winner: Julius Creed, by pinfall

Blink and you might’ve missed that one! This is how angry Julius is right now, and Duke really did choose the wrong time to push buttons. But then BRUTUS gets at Duke! Ivy tries to stop him but he’s already in “Brutus Smash” mode! Brutus puts Duke back in the ring but Julius tries to stop him. Brutus hammers away on Duke! Julius and Ivy drag Brutus away, but then Damon Kemp talks from the perch! “Congrats on your win tonight, Julius. But at Halloween Havoc, things are going to be… a little bit different.” Brutus tells Damon to get down here so they can beat his ass! Easy, Big Brute, you had your match. Now it’s Julius’ turn.

Julius says that’s fine. Damon, Julius will be his brother’s keeper. Damon is so arrogant, Julius can’t wait to beat him down. Damon says damn right he’s cocky! You would be, too, if you were this talented. Julius might be his brother’s keeper, but Brutus is Damon’s BI*CH! And y’know what? Damon’s so confident, that if Julius somehow does beat him, he’ll give Brutus another match, “but under one condition.” Brutus says he doesn’t need another match! Just another five minutes! Whatever Damon wants, he’s got it! Julius says he knows how Damon does things. He probably wants like a million stipulations.

So what’s the deal, Damon? Loser leaves NXT? Julius has to retire? End his career? Damon says this is Julius’ downfall. It proves Julius is so self-centered. Not everything is about him! This whole stipulation isn’t about Julius, it’s about BRUTUS. Damon has things he wants to accomplish in NXT, and he cannot do that if he has to constantly look over his shoulder. Julius, when Damon wins, it isn’t Julius who leaves. It’s BRUTUS! Brutus is furious, but then he accepts for Julius! Julius doesn’t like to be cold hearted, but when it calls for it, there is no one and he means NO ONE colder. He has ice in his veins.

So it won’t be good enough to beat Kemp. It won’t be good enough to pin him. It won’t even be good enough to submit him! Julius has to send Kemp out the same way Kemp did Roddy. If Kemp likes stipulations, then at Halloween Havoc, Kemp VS Julius, in an AMBULANCE MATCH! Kemp loves it! And oh, tell Roddy to make room for Julius at the hospital. Julius says if Kemp calls for him, Julius answers on the first ring. So Kemp, get your s*it together, Julius is waiting! Will Julius save the Diamond Mine singlehandedly? Or will Kemp pick it apart piece by piece?


JD McDonagh speaks.

“I have a pretty unique perspective on my opponents at Halloween Havoc. I’m the only man on this planet to share a ring with both Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov is a former NXT UK Champion. He’s unorthodox, ferocious, very dangerous. We all know Bron: he’d run through a brick wall to keep the title. You can be forgiven for looking at these two guys and thinking they’re two wildly different athletes. But to the educated brain, you can see that these guys are exactly the same. Boundless energy, passionate, they both use their bodies as a weapon, and neither one of them have two brain cells in their heads put together.

“They’re gonna go out there and try to see who the toughest is, who can withstand the most pain. But what’s my plan? I’m gonna let them. The bait’s already out there, I’m just gonna let the two animals tear each other apart. Because you see, at Halloween Havoc, it isn’t the strongest man that’s gonna walk away champion. It’s not the most aggressive. It’s the smartest. And you can call me whatever you want. Call me a vulture, a jackal, a hyena. But by the end of the night at Halloween Havoc, when the lights go down, you will call me NXT Champion.” Will the Irish Ace’s opportunistic strategy help him take the title?


Hank Walker talks with his friends in security.

They’re all proud of him for making the jump to NXT Superstar, and he has a huge opportunity. His first match as a contracted superstar! But don’t blow it! They’re just razzing him. But Hank says Xyon Quinn won’t know what hit him. And then Quincy Elliot walks in to say hey! The Super Diva does wanna warn Hank. Watch out for Xyon. As much as Quincy loves those tribal tattoos, he kinda pissed Xyon off. What? Who could be mad at you, Quincy? Exactly! What’s with Xyon? But Hank appreciates the advice, and he’s gonna head out. They all cheer Hank on, and Quincy breaks it down. Will Big Hank get an even bigger win than the one that won him a contract?


Axiom speaks.

“Next week is the trilogy match between myself and Nathan Frazer. When you think of trilogies, some of the greatest superheroes come to mind. This story with Nathan is not playing out on a comic book page, it’s live-action. It’s intense. And I know he will bring out things we have never seen before. The first two matches were so close. It could’ve gone either way. And I expect this one to be even closer. But the cool thing about the trilogy story with Nathan is that instead of reading it on a page, I get to write the final chapter.” Will Axiom be undeniable when both his pride and the final spot in the NXT North American Championship Ladder match is on the line?


Hank Walker VS Xyon Quinn!

Hank Walker was a superstar prospect paying his dues as a security guard, and taking out his frustrations on “Big Body” Javier Bernal was just the thing he needed to prove himself to the WWE. Will he prove they made the right choice? Or will Xyon prove he IS the “X Factor” after all?

The bell rings and Xyon RAMS Hank into a corner! Xyon rams his shoulder in more and more, then whips corner to corner. Hank reverses but runs into a back elbow. Hank staggers, but he still arm-drags Xyon! And again! Fans fire up for Hank as he whips corner to corner. Xyon reverses but Hank comes back, only for Xyon to SPINEBUSTER! Fans boo while Xyon snarls and throws down knees at Hank against the ropes. Xyon lets off as the ref counts, to go out and CLUB Hank back into the ring. Xyon snarls, slides back in and he drags Hank up to bend him back against ropes. Xyon UPPERCUTS, then back suplexes! Cover, TWO!

Xyon clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Hank down. Hank endures, fights up and fans rally. Hank throws body shots, but Xyon CLUBS him! Xyon HEADBUTTS Hank, whips him to a corner, but Hank comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up as the shirt comes off! Hank runs in to THESZ PRESS! Hank rains down fast hands and fans are loving it! Hank then bumps Xyon off buckles, bumps him off more buckles, and then more! Hank runs in to SPLASH! Xyon staggers, Hank runs in again, but Xyon dodges! Xyon KICKS the leg, runs and RUNS IT STRAIGHT! Cover, Xyon wins!

Winner: Xyon Quinn, by pinfall

Well, Hank won’t have a historic winning streak to start, but Xyon doesn’t look done with him! Xyon aims from the corner, wanting to hit Hank again. But here comes QUINCY! Fans rally for the Super Diva as he backs Xyon down. Quincy helps Hank up and they fist bump. Quincy even gives Hank an encouraging smack on the butt! Y’know, it’s a sports thing. Quincy dances and Hank isn’t sure what to make of it, but does Hank at least have a friend watching his back?


Cameron Grimes finds little red hoodie kid.

He doesn’t know who this person is, but they don’t need to be dealing with Joe Gacy. All Gacy does is talk out both sides of his mouth! “Listen, listen. The guy’s a hypocrite. And it’s already bad enough the guy has The Dyad-” BOOT! Rip Fowler kicks Grimes down, then he and Jagger Reed mug Grimes! They RAM Grimes into a trunk, then Gacy hands Jagger a trash can. “Let it out.” Jagger unleashes on Grimes with the can! Gacy smiles and takes the can for himself to SMACK Grimes on the back! The Schism smiles as they look to red hoodie kid. “Job well done! Welcome to the Schism’s tree.” They hug it out, but just who is this in the hood?


Briggs & Jensen find the Brawling Brutes backstage.

The good ol’ boys want Dunne to take it easy, they’re just here to wish them good luck tonight. And they also want to let the Brutes know that once they beat Pretty Deadly and become the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Briggs & Jensen want the first shot. Oh, is that right? But then Malik Blade & Edris Enofe walk in, and they say they know the Brutes are gonna destroy Pretty Deadly. Ridge takes a guess and figures these two want the first shot, too. How’d he know that? Briggs & Jensen tell Malik & Edris to get in line. Now they’re all arguing, and Dunne SMACKS the lockers with a chair.

Ridge tells Briggs & Jensen that if they want a shot at the Brutes, bring that same aggressive style they brought to Gallus. And as for Malik & Edris, they need to get serious for once. Dunne says he’s done talking! it’s fight night! Watch and learn. The Brutes put on banger after banger after banger! The other teams agree, that is true. But then they argue with each other about who really gets the next shot. But will it all be for naught if the Brutes fail to dethrone Pretty Deadly?


Backstage interview with Bron Breakker.

Kelly asks the NXT Champion his thoughts on what both Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh have said about their Triple Threat. Bron says they can watch as much film as they want, train as hard as they want, but Halloween Havoc’s gonna be a dog fight. But then in walks Javier Bernal. He introduces himself as “Big Body Javi” and says he’s a future NXT Champion. Bron’s already proven he can beat JD, and he probably could take Dragunov 1v1. But why make it a Triple Threat, the same kind of match that cost him at Roadblock? Javi remembers, he’s got the brain of an elephant. Bron has all the tools in the world, except up there.

But hey, not everyone can be Big Body Javi. Bron says, “Big Body Javi? Yeah, I can tell. Look, my temper got me into the first Triple Threat match, my pride got me into this one. And your stupidity is gonna make me request a match against you for next week!” Javi just realized he put his foot in his mouth. Will he end up an appetizer for the Big Booty Nephew before the feast that is Halloween Havoc?


NXT Tag Team Championships: Pretty Deadly VS The Brawling Brutes!

Kit Wilson & Elton Prince thought they were clear and free to be the forever champions of NXT, but then the Bruiserweight and Yorkshire Grit returned to the brand! Will the “commonwealth” soon have new nobles? Or will their lordships survive this Tuesday Night Fight?

NXT returns and Pretty Deadly makes their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if Ridge & Dunne can bring these belts to SmackDown!

The teams sort out and Ridge starts with Elton. They circle, tie up, and Elton headlocks. Ridge powers up and out then hip tosses Elton hard! Fans fire up while Elton scrambles to ropes. Elton BOOTS Ridge, tags Kit, but Kit runs into a hip toss, too! Ridge taunts Kit, but Kit JAWBREAKERS! Kit CLUBS Ridge, suplexes, but Ridge blocks! Ridge suplexes and SLAMS Kit down! Tag to Dunne and Ridge butterfly suplexes Kit, for the SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Dunne keeps Kit from Elton, hammerlocks one arm and pulls the other. Fans cheer as Dunne bends Kit’s fingers! And then bends some more! Dunne then goes after the other arm, isolates it, and STOMPS!

Kit clutches the elbow and fans rally up. Dunne drags Kit up, wrenches the bad arm, but Elton jumps in, to tag Kit? The ref says that doesn’t count by a long shot, but it is all a distraction tactic so Kit can throw Dunne by his hair! Now Kit tags Elton legally, and Elton stomps away on Dunne. Fans boo but Elton covers, TWO! Elton keeps an eye on Ridge and he headlocks Dunne. Dunne powers out, hurdles and drops to then CLOBBER Elton! Tag to Ridge, Ridge gets Kit and together, the Brutes give him BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! Dunne runs to DECK Kit with the tenth! Fans fire up as Pretty Deadly flounders and NXT goes picture in picture.

Dunne and Ridge fall back while Pretty Deadly regroups. Elton is wary as he slides in, and he ties up with Ridge. Ridge RAMS Elton into a corner, EuroUppers him over an dover, then wrenches to whip corner to corner hard! Elton hits buckles then the mat, and Ridge storms over. Elton throws hands, CHOPS, and uppercuts! Elton whips, Ridge reverses and CLOBBERS him! Ridge drags Elton up, tags Dunne, and Dunne goes up while Ridge wrenches an arm. Dunne gives DOUBLE KNEES to the arm! Dunne then wrenches the arm, wrangles Elton to the mat, and he drops DOUBLE KNEES on the elbow! Dunne then runs in at the corner, but Elton dodges!

Elton tags Kit, They double whip Dunne into the adjacent corner! Then they get Dunne up in a Tree of Woe for Elton to BOOT Dunne down! Kit taunts Ridge, drags Dunne up, and wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! Kit wrangles Dunne now, and he drops knees, only to miss the arm! Kit clutches his leg, but he still BOOTS Dunne down! Kit rains down fists, smothers Dunne to a cover, TWO as Dunne bridges up! Kit wraps on a chinlock and makes it a cobra clutch as NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally as Dunne endures, and Dunne reaches up. Dunne gets Kit’s nose! The ref reprimands, but Kit lets go and Dunne CHOPS him!

Dunne CHOPS Elton, ROCKS Kit, ELBOWS Elton, but Kit RAMS Dunne! Tag to Elton, he runs in to UPPERCUT! Dunne flops down and Elton looms over him. Fans rally up but Elton stands on Dunne’s head and pulls the arm! The ref counts, Elton lets off, and Elton slaps Dunne around. Elton messes with Dunne’s hair, but Dunne stands up to ROCK Elton! Elton ROCKS Dunne but Dunne ROCKS Elton! The forearms keep going, Dunne fires off haymakers and CHOPS! Dunne CHOPS Elton off his feet! Dunne reaches for Ridge but Elton whips him away, so Dunne uses that momentum to DECK Kit! Elton runs in but Dunne dodges, hot tag to Ridge!

Ridge the Fridge runs and rallies on Elton with big shoulders! Ridge ducks ‘n’ dodges to FLYING SHOULDER! Fans fire up and Elton flounders. Ridge runs in to SPLASH Elton! Kit runs in, but gets a scoop and POWERSLAM for it! Elton swings but his arms get caught, for a HEADBUTT! Ridge then scoops Elton to POWERSLAM him on Kit! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Ridge and he drags Elton up. Ridge reels Elton in but Elton drops to KANGAROO KICK! Elton UPPERCUTS, then UPPERCUTS again! Elton runs but Ridge CLOBBERS him back! Fans are thunderous while both men are down!

Ridge and Elton crawl for their corners, kicking at each other. Hot tag to Kit, and he jumps on Ridge! Ridge carries Kit like a backpack but he’s fading in the sleeper hold. But then Ridge gets a second wind and he stomps his way to Dunne for the tag! Dunne goes up and he SUPER SUNSET BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Kit survives but Dunne snarls. Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Dunne grabs the arms. Dunne gives Kit DRAGON STOMPS! Then Dunne DOUBLE WRISTLOCKS the arm! Kit endures, reaches out, but Elton grabs his hand. Dunne lets Kit go to STOMP Elton! And then ASAI MOONSAULT! Fans fire up and Dunne goes back for Kit, SNAP GERMAN!

Dunne dodges Elton, SNAP GERMAN! Fans fire up again as Dunne runs at Kit to GAMANGIRI! Then he runs at Elton, but Elton dodge the knee. Elton runs to Kit, Kit goes up and over and gets the boost, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, but Ridge breaks it! Kit DROPKICKS Ridge for it, and then tags Elton. Pretty Deadly aim at Dunne, DOUBLE SHOTEI! But Ridge returns, only to get DOUBLE BOOTS! Dunne ENZIGURIS Elton, but Kit yoyos to LARIAT Dunne! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives and Kit is shocked! Fans are loving it, though, and are giving a standing ovation! But Pretty Deadly sets up, SPILT- Ridge CLOBBERS Elton!

Dunne gets an ARMBAR on Kit!! Elton DECKS Ridge but is also down! Dunne has the arm, but Elton pushes things over to a cover! TWO!!! Dunne is up, he blocks the haymaker and bends the fingers, to SNAP them!! And then the pump handle, BITTER END!! Cover, but Elton helps Kit with the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo but the ref can’t reprimand what he didn’t see. Ridge saw it, though, and he’s pissed! He chases Elton into the ring, Dunne is there, too! Elton swings at the ref! The ref dodges the haymaker, though, and Dunne ROCKS Elton! Ridge POUNCES Elton out of the ring! Then Dunne GAMANGIRIS Kit!

Tag to Ridge, the Brutes bring Kit around, scoop, ROUNDHOUSE NORTHERN GRIT!! Cover, but wait, IMPERIUM is here?! Giovanni Vinci gets on the apron but Ridge DECKS him! Dunne spots Ludwig Kaiser, goes outside and MULE KICKS him! But then Elton CLOBBERS Dunne from behind! Kit CHOP BLOCKS Ridge, tags Elton, and Pretty Deadly sets up! SPILT MILK!! Cover, Pretty Deadly wins!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall (still NXT Tag Team Champions)

Another screw job, just like with the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships! But Imperium goes after the Brutes again, they all brawl to the back, allowing Pretty Deadly to celebrate surviving the night! But wait! Malik Blade & Edris Enofe storm out, followed by Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen! Pretty Deadly think they cleared everyone out but are proven dead wrong! Will they have to face all four men to prove they’re the best?

My Thoughts:

Great episode for NXT to introduce all the new aspects of this “White ‘n’ Gold” era. New commentators and interviewers (partially because Vic Joseph & McKenzie Mitchell are on their honeymoon) and the new look to fit the new logo, all good stuff. And a lot of great build towards Halloween Havoc, with that being NXT’s return to Saturday streaming events a la TakeOvers. Great vignette promos from Dragunov and JD, and a great interview promo from Bron where he actually used his “shoot voice,” not his “Steiner” voice. Javier Bernal stepping in it was also great, and he’ll be a good tune-up for Bron next week. Still personally hoping Dragunov wins, but I think Bron is finally finding himself as a character.

Great stuff for the North American Championship story. Melo has a great match with Oro but of course Trick helps Melo win, and we get a great transition right into Chase VS Wagner. Ironically, Chase U being ringside is what costs Chase and Wagner is going to bring some beef to the ladder match. That always seems rather standard for a multi-man ladder match like this, and Wagner is a natural pick. Sanga and Frazer have a good promo together, and I could’ve sworn Frazer VS Axiom was this week. But Veer showing up here, that’s great. He wasn’t really working out on Raw anymore, he was just another mean monster like Omos, so resetting his personality in NXT and reuniting with Sanga is great stuff.

Lash has a good promo going into her match with Wendy Choo, and it was a good match, and it was a bit of a surprise that Wendy won. It was also a surprise no Heel attacked her after. Maybe Lash will lash back at Wendy next week to set up a rematch for later. Then I loved that they decided to change things up from the Six Woman Tag. Alba “abducting” Mandy was a hilarious and aggressive way to push things to a women’s title match at Halloween Havoc, and we got a great #1 contenders match from Gigi & Jacy VS Lyons & Stark. KC Squared has a good promo to put their run together into perspective, but I have mixed feelings on Lyons & Stark winning.

I suppose it works that they’re proving people wrong by becoming a strong team, but WWE has done a lot of “the makeshift team beats the established team” these last few years. I’m sure Halloween Havoc’s title match will be awesome, but I would hope for KC Squared’s sake, they win in the end to reestablish that a long term team beats a short term team in the end. As for Alba and Mandy, I hope this is the moment Mandy loses to bring things full circle. She won the title at Halloween Havoc last year, she’ll basically get the one-year reign accolade and then she, Gigi & Jacy can be called up as SmackDown’s trio to counter Damage Control as Raw’s trio.

The inaugural Grayson Waller Effect talk show segment was a bit awkward, but I feel like they ironed out the problems and made this second one work. For one, Roxanne is finally showing some sass to match Cora’s, and I like that Waller kept getting annoyed by them. We got a good look at Spin the Wheel for this year, and I totally knew Roxie VS Cora II was going to allow weapons like Cora’s favorite little kendo stick. Cora won the first time so I think Roxie wins this one, and brutally. Also, great appearance from Apollo, of course Waller ends up with the “bloody” eyes from the prediction, and I would actually love if the blow-off for this is Eye for an Eye, because it just makes sense.

Good stuff from Hank, Quincy and Xyon. Xyon VS Quincy could make for a good match, but also maybe Xyon finds a tag partner to take on Quincy and Hank together. At this point, maybe it’s Duke since he likes picking fights. Duke gets SQUASHED by Julius, that’s good momentum for Julius. And while the promos weren’t the sharpest, Julius, Brutus and Damon Kemp set up quite the angle for Halloween Havoc. That Ambulance Match is going to be a lot of fun, but I don’t see the Creeds being split up like this. Plus, Kemp needs some comeuppance for what he’s done, this could be that moment.

There’s a lot of intrigue in this red hoodie kid and their connection to The Schism. I go with “they/them” because it’s hard to say who is under there. This could be Schism’s North American Championship member, or it could be their first female superstar recruit, it probably depends on what NXT is feeling. But “Red” setting up Grimes was good stuff, and thinking about it, Grimes confronting Red and perhaps revealing them could set up the twist that it IS a female superstar so Grimes can’t go after them. Maybe Grimes gets Chase U as an ally instead of Edris & Malik now that it looks like it could be 4v4.

And of course, great stuff for the NXT Tag Division. Pretty Deadly was so goofy in their “lordly” costumes, the Brutes showing up was a great surprise, and a great main event match out of them. Great interactions from the good ol’ boys, Malik & Edris and the Brutes that of course foreshadow the coming tag title match. Imperium screwing the Brutes over should’ve been expected, this just adds heat for their SmackDown/Extreme Rules stuff. Pretty Deadly VS Briggs & Jensen VS Malik & Edris is going to be great, would love if they decided to Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal for this match, too. Imagine a Triple Threat Tag Trick or Street Fight so they can all just go nuts.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

It’s Dark before the Anniversary!



AEW Dark 2
Mitchell's AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

Dark paves the way to the Dynamite Anniversary!

AEW is about to celebrate Dynamite’s Anniversary, but there’s plenty of action in the Dark! Will Dante Martin & Matt Sydal outwork the Workhorsemen?


  • Marina Shafir VS Sio Nieves; Shafir wins.
  • Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters VS AR Fox; Daivari wins.
  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/Mark Sterling VS Rohit Raju & Invictus Khash; Nese & Woods win.
  • Abadon VS Freya States; Abadon wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Blake Christian; Slim J wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon VS Eli Isom & Chris Farrow; Nemeth & Bononi win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Terry Kid; Boudreaux wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Skye wins.
  • The Iron Savages w/ JT Davidson VS Gus De La Vega & Levy Valenzuela; The Iron Savages win.
  • Dante Martin & Matt Sydal VS The Workhorsemen; Dante & Sydal win.


Good line-up here. I feel like the Trustbusters are gonna sweep the night because they’ll all be supporting each other with Heel tactics. Honestly, I feel Blake Christian and AR Fox would each win their match-ups if they didn’t have to worry about outside distractions. Good to see the former Bear Country, now Iron Savages, Boulder & Bronson, back in action. They’ll definitely get a good return win. And Dante & Sydal VS JD Drake & Anthony Henry is a great tag match, and I would think Dante & Sydal win that.

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