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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (2/14/20)

Cruiserweights in British Columbia!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

WWE Cruiserweights come to Canada!

While Lio Rush prepares to trump the Irish Ace, the rest of WWE 205 Live work to determine who is next up! Who’ll be victorious in Vancouver?



  • The Singh Brothers VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; win.
  • Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick VS Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis; Nese & Kanellis win.


And NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship…

In a rematch of their own title match, Lio Rush and Angel Garza once again went toe to toe and move for move in an instant classic! But in the end, the MOTH (Man of the Hour) kept his wings from being clipped and got the better of Garza! Now the Irish Ace prepares for the Living Piece of Gold as his next stop on the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour. Will the tour’s Final Hour be next Wednesday?


The Singh Brothers VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Before the match, the Singh Brothers grab mics to say Vancouver’s favorite boys from BOLLY BOLLY BOLLYWOOD~, are back! They use to come to Rogers Arena to watch WWE house shows. To be back as part of a WWE event, the Singhs thank the fans for being here. Just before walking out here, a fellow Canadian by the name of Wayne Gretzky gave them a call. He gave them some of the best advice ever: have fun and appreciate the moment. Fans chant, “You Deserve It!”

The Singh Brothers also got one more piece of advice, and perhaps the most important piece ever. Gretzky told them that after their win tonight, make sure you get the HELL out of Canada! Take Bollywood to the bright lights of Hollywood! And to do them one better, Samir takes off his Canucks jersey to show off his Gretzky LA KINGS jersey! Sunil feels betrayed! Samir can’t do that to Canada! Because Gretzky told Sunil to say it is okay to cheer a winning team, that has won a Stanley Cup. Because Sunil takes off his Canucks jersey to show off his Toronto Maple Leaf jersey! Still Canadian. Fans boo as the Bollywood Boys dance on the Canucks jerseys, but here come Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch! And the brawl is on at the ramp!

This is like a hockey scrum as Oney gets Samir in the ring and Burch pulls Sunil’s shirt over his head for uppercuts! The bell rings and this match is official, and Burch clubs away on Sunil. Lorcan puts Samir in a corner to rain down rights, all the way to 10! Fans fire up for Lorcan but Sunil sends Burch into the apron! Sunil distracts Oney and Samir clobbers him! Lorcan falls out of the ring and Samir swivels the hips. Samir goes back out to put Oney in and then clubs him down. Samir rains down rights of his own but fans boo as he chokes Lorcan on the ropes. The ref counts and Samir lets up at 4, then brings Lorcan up to tag Sunil. SUPERKICK Russian Leg Sweep!

Sunil takes time to taunt before he sucker punches Burch! Sunil drags Lorcan up and brings him around to snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Sunil clamps on with a chinlock. Lorcan fights as Sunil grinds him down. Fans boo the “Bolly Bolly Bolly!” and rally up for Lorcan. Lorcan fights to his feet and throws body shots. Sunil knees low then tags in Samir. The Singhs mug Lorcan and Samir keeps Lorcan away from Burch. Samir cranks on the facelock but fans rally up. Lorcan fights his way back up, throws body shots and gets free to run, into Samir’s back elbow! Cover, TWO! Samir clamps back on Lorcan with another chinlock, but fans rally again.

“One Two!” echoes out as Lorcan fights his way up again. Lorcan throws more body shots but Samir clubs and whips. Lorcan elbows Sunil down then elbows Samir away! Fans cheer as Lorcan sends Samir out! Lorcan crawls towards his corner but Samir intercepts. Lorcan still slips past and tags in Burch! The Govenah rallies with haymakers on the Singh Brothers! Burch punches away then spins Samir for a BIG European Uppercut! Samir gets to a corner, Burch runs in for the clothesline and enziguri! SNAP GERMAN! Burch calls Lorcan in and they work together, but Sunil rushes in. Sunil saves Samir and there’s a bit of crisscross before a DOUBLE SUPERKICK!

Sunil drags Burch up and over as Samir climbs up. Backbreaker and elbow drop, BOLLYWOOD BLAST!! Cover, but Lorcan barely breaks it in time! Sunil grabs Lorcan but both men tumble out of the ring. Samir aims at Burch and runs in, but gets a boot! Burch hops up, missile dropkick! Burch fires up and Lorcan rises! “ONEEEY!” Tag to Lorcan and they drag Samir up. LONDON TOWER! Cover, Lorcan & Burch win!

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

The BritAm Brawlers brought the fight to the hometown villains and got payback on behalf of British Columbia! But wait, Ariya Daivari and THE Brian Kendrick appear to mockingly applaud the win. And then the Singh Brothers attack from behind! They, Kendrick and Daivari all stomp Burch & Lorcan down! The Bollywood Boys help the 205 Live OG out as Kendrick brings in chairs! Lorcan fights back but gets a chair shot to the ribs! So does Burch! Kendrick sits a chair up while Daivari wedges another in a corner. Kendrick SMASHES Burch off his chair, while Daivari throws Lorcan INTO his! Then a bulldog onto the chair! Fans boo as Daivari and Kendrick swagger about. Referees tell them to leave but the damage is done and the message is sent. Will Lorcan & Burch be able to respond on the Road to WrestleMania?


WWE 205 Live will have a wild rematch!

Near death experiences won’t stop Joaquin Wilde from doing everything and anything he wants to live life to the fullest. But Raul Mendoza is looking to do the same, trying to cross the “Mendoza Line.” This match happens next week, who takes the win in round two?


WWE 205 Live shares a post NXT interview with Lio Rush.

We all saw and heard Jordan Devlin deliver strong words to the new #1 contender. But does Lio think the Irish Ace is the one not ready? “Is he ready for Lio Rush? That’s the question I aske around the world.” Lio got signed to the WWE at just 22 years old, and that is because he is the “Best Damn Cruiserweight in the World.” Lio dares ANYONE to prove him otherwise. He has been going against “aces” his whole life, so what anyone else says is irrelevant. Lio has won, he is the new King of the Cruiserweights! And he will become two-time NXT Cruiserweight Champion, “whether Mr. Devlin likes it or not.”

Jordan Devlin tweets a reply.

“Aces beat Kings dopey, you’d know that if you were old enough to gamble. Listen, fair warning, don’t try to mix it up with me online. I’m not a soft touch like the Yanks, I’ll make a holy show of you for fun. Enjoy your 10 mins in my spotlight next week and try pick up a few tips.” The Irish Ace is all in, but will the Man of the Hour make him fold?


WWE 205 Live returns to the ring, and Daivari and Kendrick are still there!

Kendrick is happy he can talk now, even he almost forgot he was out here. “How ’bout those Bollywood Boys, huh?” Kendrick had them all wrong! They’re from right here in Vancouver, and Kendrick just assumed they were like any other Canadian: at the first sign of trouble, they’d tuck tail and run. He just figured that, given the history, they wouldn’t have it within themselves. You could say, “But Brian, what aboot hockey?” Figure skating with shoulder pads on, and news flash: Vancouver isn’t even good at that! But the Singhs proved something: they were brave, honorable, and honorary US citizens. Kendrick thanks them for the help.

Daivari wants fans to understand that he and Kendrick are 205 OG, the originals. Kendrick founded WWE 205 Live as Cruiserweight Champion! Getting that title back is a top priority, so they OG can’t have new guys like Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch waltz in. That message was very loud and clear with two steel chairs! Kendrick has good news for everyone here. Kendrick and Daivari are obligated to wrestle tonight, and they’re already out here, so who is lying around to face them? It’s an open challenge, if you will. Tony Nese appears! But who is the Premier Athlete’s tag partner? MIKE KANELLIS!? The Lover is back, things apparently having smoothed over with management. Will these two big surprises surprise Kendrick & Daivari and #DoSomething?

Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick VS Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis!

The teams sort out and Daivari starts with Nese, but Daivari and Kendrick both rush Nese and Kanellis! The brawl is on with the bell and Kanellis sends Kendrick out. Nese chops and punches Daivari bck, then CHOPS Daivari again. The ref restores order as Daivari reverses a whip, but Kendrick trips Nese up! Daivari clobbers Nese and stomps him over and over! He drags Nese up to bump off buckles then soak up the heat from the “stinkin’ Canadians.” Nese throws forearms back then whips, but Daivari holds ropes. Daivari swings, Nese goes Matrix and mule kicks, knee lifts and leg sweeps! Cover, ONE!

Nese keeps his cool as he drags Daivari up and over. Tag to Kanellis and the two whip Daivari, for a drop toehold to a knee! Cover, TWO! Kanellis drags Daivari up and around to suplex! Cover, TWO! Kanellis looms over Daivari, drags him up and whips him into the corner. Tag to Nese and Kanellis keeps Daivari trapped as Nese elbows Daivari down. Tag back to Kanellis and the two whip Daivari again. Nese trips Daivari, Kanellis basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Kendrick grows frustrated as Kanellis puts Daivari in a corner to CHOP! Kanellis bumps Daivari off buckles and CHOPS again. Tag to Nese and Nese CHOPS Daivari for himself!

Nese drags Daivari up but Daivari throat chops! Kanellis protests but Daivari whips Nese to the corner. Nese boots Daivari away then elbows Kendrick! Daivari kicks Nese back then whips, but Nese reverses to bulldog hotshot! Then PREMIER TRIANGLE, but Kendrick pulls Daivari out! Nese flops on the mat as the referee reprimands the Man with a Plan. Nese crawls but Daivari is on him at the ropes. Daivari turns Nese for a neckbreaker hotshot! Fans boo but Daivari soaks it all in. Daivari stomps Nese down then tags Kendrick back in. Daivari drags Nese up for Kendrick to throw jabs.

Kendrick toys with Nese and stands on a foot to anchor him down. Kendrick grabs Nese in a chinlock to club away with forearms. He puts on a modified camel clutch, using a neck crank rather than a crossface. Fans rally up and Nese jawbreakers free! Nese ROCKS Daivari but Kendrick catches Nese first. Kendrick cravats but no Sliced Bread. Nese elbows, leaps over and hot tags Kanellis! Kanellis dodges Kendrick to rock Daivari then CHOP away on Kendrick! Kanellis bobs ‘n’ weaves and CHOPS more! He whips Kendrick corner to corner and hits a corner clothesline! then back the other way! Kanellis goes a third time, but Kendrick boots him! Kendrick runs but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Kanellis is frustrated but he focuses again. Kanellis fireman’s carries but Kendrick fights out. Kendrick shoves Kanellis and Daivari dumps him out! The ref reprimands Daivari but Daivari drags Kanellis up. Kendrick talks trash to Nese, which distracts the ref, and Daivari RAMS Kanellis into barriers! Daivari plays innocent but tells fans to shut up and not snitch. Kendrick cravats Kanellis to throw him into the apron! Fans boo as Kendrick stands on Kanellis’ back. Kendrick puts Kanellis in at the count of 7 then anchors a leg. Kendrick has a kneebar and drags Kanellis away. Fans build to a rally and Kanellis crawls to kick Kendrick off him.

Kendrick tags Daivari who clubs Kanellis down. Daivari sucker punches Nese, and the ref is busy with Nese as Daivari stomps away on Kanellis! Daivari drags Kanellis up to snapmare and chinlock. Kanellis endures and fans boo Daivari. Fans rally as Kanellis fights his way up and throws body shots. Kanellis CHOPS Daivari, and again! And again! Kanellis whips, Daivari reverses, but Kanellis dodges, double clotheslines take both men down! Fans rally again as Kanellis and Daivari crawl. Kendrick rushes in but Kanellis dodges him to tag in Nese! Nese is up top and leaps, BIG missile dropkick! Nese snapmare knees then running boots and windmill kicks Daivari!

Fans fire up with Nese as he hits a back elbow on Daivari. Kendrick whips but Nese reverses to send Kendrick out. Nese uses Daivari and the bulldog hotshot to help him FLY onto Kendrick! Then the PREMIER TRIANGLE hits! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives and Nese can’t believe it! Nese drags Daivari up but gets a jawbreaker. Daivari headlocks but Nese powers him back. Kanellis tags in as Nese powers out, but Kendrick also tags in. Nese ducks Daivari to spin and whip into Kanellis’ forearm. Nese then slides under to pump handle Daivair while Kanellis climbs up. Kanellis leaps as Nese lifts, flying knee POWERSLAM! Cover, but Daivari isn’t legal!

Kendrick BOOTS Nese and Captain’s Hook on Kanellis!! Kanellis grabs at Daivari but Daivari gets away! Kanellis claws, but Nese runs in! Daivari gets Nese with the Million RIAL Dream! Nese powers Daivari onto Kendrick and Kanellis! All four men are down and the holds are broken as Vancouver rallies up. Daivari helps Kendrick get back to their corner, then tags in. Nese tags in, too, and he rocks Daivari first. Daivari kicks Nese’s shoulder thrust out, and then pursues Nese on the outside. Daivari puts Nese in the ring but Kanellis SUPERKICKS! Nese runs to PREMIER FOSBURY! Nese puts Daivari in, goes up top, PREMIER 450!! Cover, but Kendrick breaks it up!

The ref reprimands but Kendrick drags Daivari over to their corner. Kanellis gets in to SUPERKICK Kendrick! Kanellis and Nese put Daivari in a corner and up top. Both men climb up to join Daivari but Daivari fights Nese off. Daivari fights Kanellis and shoves him down! SHORYUKEN from Nese! But Kendrick tags in to BOOT Nese! Kendrick cravats and uses the ropes for SLICED BREADS! Tag to Daivari who adjusts and PERSIAN LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Nese still lives and the OG can’t believe it! Kendrick decides to end this a different way, and brings out… chairs!

The ref warns Daivari and Kendrick not to use them, but they intimidate him with those chairs. Daivari and Kendrick aim at Nese together, but here come Lorcan and Burch! Bandaged up as they are, the brawlers are beating a path to the ring! Nese rolls Daivari up in the distraction! Nese & Kanellis win!!

Winners: Tony Nese & Mike Kanellis

And then the brawl is on again as Lorcan and Burch put Kendrick and Daivari back in! Daivari has a chair but Burch dropkicks it into him! Lorcan grab a chair to JAM Kendrick in the ribs. Burch does the same to Daivari, and he SMACKS Daivari on the back the same time Lorcan bulldogs Kendrick on the other chair! Lorcan wedges his chair in the corner and Burch drags Kendrick up, to SMASH him into it! Burch grabs the other chair, Lorcan feeds Daivari to the CHAIR SHOT! Fans are fired up with the furious One Two, but is this fierce feud far from over?


WWE 205 Live GM Drake Maverick has already decided that next week, THE Brian Kendrick & Ariya Daivari will take on Lorcan & Burch, in a NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH!!



My Thoughts:

This episode was a bit of a mess, honestly. While Vancouver as a crowd was tired from an equally odd SmackDown, there were some interesting choices made tonight. Have I said before that the WWE Draft gutted the Cruiserweight Division? WWE 205 Live has basically become WWE Main Event for NXT with how there was a bit more focus on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship than anything else. But I do appreciate that the two matches we got tonight were tied together. We should’ve all expected The Singh Brothers weren’t turning Face yet, even if they were in their hometown. The brawl and the beat down with Kendrick & Daivari was the good story integration part.

I was surprised to see Nese and Kanellis would make their on-air tag debut here, and in retrospect they shouldn’t have because Vancouver just didn’t care when they appeared. Their tag match with Kendrick & Daivari was the better match tonight, but that makes sense as it was the main event. But even in the WWE, Burch and Lorcan coming back to beat Kendrick and Daivari down in the same night was a bit much. And them being why Nese & Kanellis won also made things a bit week. The only thing I can hope for to come from this is that WWE 205 Live will give us a Fatal 4 Way Tag to determine NXT Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, just two years too late.

My Score: 7.9/10

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Leading into March we learn of two fun produce shows and the lead in for Keiji Mutoh’s first GHC Heavyweight title defense! Read along with Hisame’s Emerald education!




Leading into March we learn of two fun produce shows and the lead in for Keiji Mutoh’s first GHC Heavyweight title defense! Read along with Hisame’s Emerald education!


“CyberFight Festival 2021”

On the 26th February CyberFight held a surprise press conference, which was broadcast on both the NOAH and the DDT YouTube channels. The purpose oft the conference was to announce that on the 6th June 2021, they would be holding an event they hope will become an annual one each year, at the Saitama Super Arena, which is one of the largest in Japan. The event will feature all the promotions that CyberFight manage (NOAH, DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro & Ganbare ☆ Pro Wrestling), and will have the major titles defended, plus inter-promotional matches. CyberFight president, Sanshiro Takagi, said that it would be up to individual promotions as to whether they wanted to bring in anyone from outside from another promotion.

The one person who wasn’t excited, or even remotely happy by this news, was naturally and unsurprisingly, Kenoh. Rather than start angrily growling on social media, Kenoh’s reaction to the news when announced on NOAH’s official Twitter was, “….”. Naomichi Marufuji tried to explain to Kenoh that all this was was a festival of wrestling, not a merger or anything else. Kenoh made no response, and has only resurfaced on social media to say grumpily he was at a RISE SHOW.

Katsuhiko Nakajima, however, has taken a different approach by saying, “What is this?”. It should be noted that this was said in the manner of a shark finding wounded prey.


Simulacrum Mask

Kendo Kashin was up to his usual tricks, by first of all attacking Kenoh after his match in Sendai on the 21st, by storming the ring dressed as a pirate wearing a Jason hockey mask over a Lion mask, and claiming he was Takashi Sugiura, and then intruding into the ring in Gunma after Kenoh’s match, dressed all in white and with a Lucha style mask. He was beaten down by Kongoh (not Katsuhiko Nakajima, who had walked off and didn’t look back), before Masa Kitamiya threw him out of the ring. Backstage, the mysterious masked man, claimed he was Kazushi Sakuraba and had been sent to do this by Takashi Sugiura. No one was fooled, least of all Kenoh, and Takashi Sugiura said he was weary.

Although Kenoh entered looking around him at Korakuen Hall, he need not have worried, the only strange masked man in the match was Kendo Kashin, who nonetheless tried to blindside him. Kashin was up to usual tricks in the match, kicking Kenoh in the groin, and winding him so badly that they ended up fighting in the lift. Kenoh kept the doors open just long enough for the assembled journalists to take pictures.

 Junta Miyawaki’s return, challenges for GHC Junior Tag Titles

Following the six man tag (STINGER vs Momo No Seishun and Kinya Okada) on the 24th February at Korakuen Hall, and after the usual fight between the assembled Juniors, it took Junta Miyawaki to get in the ring and separate his warring seniors, after which when another fight broke out, he took out all of STINGER by repeated dropkicks. There was a quick consultation in the ring between all three of Momo No Seishun, which ended with Daisuke Harada challenging STINGER for the tag belts on behalf of himself and Junta Miyawaki. Title match has been set for 21st March at Korakuen Hall, but Miyawaki will make his return to the ring on Saturday March 6th at the FULL THROTTLE produce.

Backstage, naturally STINGER made no comment, Miyawaki had plenty to say, and in a loud voice, yelling he would be the “center of the NOAH juniors” and that “I WANT TO GET A BELT”

 Kaito Kiyomiya vs Keiji Mutoh, the first pre match

The first pre-match between Kaito Kiyomiya and Keiji Mutoh ended in frustration for them both, with Mutoh getting the win over Daiki Inaba. Mutoh after the match compared Kiyomiya again to a “low risk” Mahjong move, and said he wanted him to grow faster. Kaito Kiyomiya has made no comment, but he has been seen undertaking MMA training with Kazushi Sakuraba.


Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Sendai PIT (February 21st)

Event recap: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Maebashi Sub Event Arena, Gunma (February 23rd)

Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Maebashi Sub Event Arena, Gunma (February 23rd)

Event recap: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Korakuen Hall (February 24th)

Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Korakuen Hall (February 24th)


~ NOSAWA Rongai and Tadasuke had a stand off over sunglasses, after which NOSAWA started stalking Tadasuke to ringside, as he thought that with blonde hair and shades, Tadasuke has been stealing his look.

~ Naomichi Marufuji has finally bought the Ghost Busters themed Reebok that he wanted.

~ Following Kazushi Sakuraba’s ankle kick and submission, the “Calf Slicer”, Takashi Sugiura said he asked Sakuraba to explain it, which he did, in detail, when they were both in the shower. Sakuraba asked why he asked then, Sugiura said he was the one who chose to tell him.

~ 5’4 Haoh was almost sent flying over the ropes by the GEKITOZ from Yoshiki Inamura

~ Katsuhiko Nakajima thought that Go Shiozaki losing the GHC Heavyweight was very funny.

~ YO-HEY has compared the NOAH Juniors to the “Warring States Period

~ “Kongoh” are enjoyable company, except for Kenoh.” NOSAWA Rongai

~ Atsushi Kotoge was thrown a major shade by Go Shiozaki, who in Gunma shook hands with Daisuke Harada as he said he thought he was the champion, then when Harada pointed out it was Kotoge who was challenging for the singles, Shiozaki looked as if to say, “Really? Him?” and then joking refused to shake hands with him.

~ Mohammed Yone says he has made a new a costume for Shuhei Taniguchi, which will make him “Dazzle”.

~ In usual style, Takashi Sugiura wished Masato Tanaka happy birthday, and then asked when The Bullet Yankees are getting back together.

~ NOAH’s official photographer has been taking pictures of the roster set against a spring woodland background or else in a springtime Tokyo. It looks like some new pictures may be coming out.


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Keiji Mutoh
    Challenger: Kaito Kiyomiya (14th March, “Great Voyage in Fukuoka 2021”)
  • GHC Junior Champion: Seiki Yoshioka
    Challenger: Atsushi Kotoge (14th March, “Great Voyage in Fukuoka 2021”)
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: The Sugiura Army (Takashi Sugiura and Kazushi Sakuraba)
    Challengers: The Aggression (7th March 2021, “Great Voyage in Yokohama”)
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Yoshinari Ogawa & HAYATA)
    Challengers: Momo No Seishun (Daisuke Harada & Junta Miyawaki) (21st March, “NOAH THE INFINITY 2021”)
  •  GHC National Champion: Kenoh
    Challenger: Kendo Kashin (7th March 2021, “Great Voyage in Yokohama”)


Tuesday, 2nd March: Kenoh debut anniversary (2nd March)

Friday, 3rd March: Naomichi Marufuji, as tourist ambassador of Saitama, will be making another appearance on the “Love Saitama” YouTube channel.

Saturday, 6th March: Masao Inoue (51)

Saturday, 6th March: FULL THROTTLE Produce (Starts 17:30 JST)

Sunday, 7th March: “Great Voyage 2021 in Yokohama” (16:00 JST)


*Please note, unless stated it is a free stream, you must be a subscriber to WRESTLEUNIVERSE to view events. Subscription is free for first month, then 900 yen per calendar month. You can sign up from anywhere in the world.

Both events will be broadcast via WRESTLEUNIVERSE.

  • NOAH have not yet announced whether the FULL THROTTLE  it will be live or whether it will be broadcast at a later date, only that it will be VOD.
  • Great Voyage 2021 in Yokohama” will be broadcast live, and with English commentary. If you are not a subscriber to WRESTLEUNIVERSE, you can purchase the event through FITE TV for $19.00. This will also have English commentary, but you cannot purchase this if you live in Japan.


Affiliated promotions to have all-star matches on the 6.6. at the Saitama Super Arena

Kazushi Sakuraba continues to evolve, victory following submission from calf kick



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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament Coverage! (2/28/21)

The finals are so close, we can almost taste it!



AEW Women's Title Tournament

AEW is closing in on a Women’s Championship Contender!

AEW Revolution is only one week away and Hikaru Shida still awaits a challenger! Who takes that pivotal step closer to her championship?


  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny; Shida, Kadokura & Suruga win.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami; Mizunami wins and advances.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho; Rosa wins and advances.


Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny!

The Full Metal Warrior jumps into the action alongside #Marvelous and the Biggest Smile in the World to take on the Queen of Wrestling, the Fallen Idol and the Genderless Artist! But will Mei be able to fight properly when Emi-sensei is on the other side of the ring?

Shida and her team offer handshakes, but no one from the other side accepts. And then Maki, Emi and Veny ambush Shida’s team! They knock Mei and Rin out and then mug Shida 3v1! Emi underhooks and Veny helps out, ASSISTED FACEBUSTER! Maki fires up that iron head but Shida avoids the Kokeshi! Shida clubs Maki, bumps her off buckles, and whips her corner to corner. Maki reverses, runs in, and back body blocks! Maki fires up and then runs back in, to climb up. Maki asks, “Who is the cutest in the world? Itoh-chan, desu~!” Maki rains down fists and fires up, but Shida carries her off the corner! Maki fights free and fires off forearms, but Shida pie faces her!

Maki and Shida glare, and Maki fires off more forearms! Shida DECKS Maki with one! Maki gets mad now! She bumps her iron head off buckles, and HEADBUTTS Shida! Maki roars, tells Shida BLEH~, then runs, into a GAMANGIRI! Maki’s head is iron but her face is fragile! Maki tags in Emi, and Rin tags in to clobber her! Rin rallies, pushes Emi down, then hits a DOUBLE STOMP! Emi staggers up into Rin’s shotgun dropkick! Rin goes corner to corner CANNONBALL! Rin drags Emi up, wrenches and wristlocks to then crucifix, but Emi fights free to give Rin BACKBREAKER! And then the BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER!

Tag to Veny, and Veny kicks Rin around. Veny toys with Rin, gives more kicks, and drags Rin up. Rin throws a forearm but Veny brushes that off. Rin forearms over an dover and over, but Veny just SLAPS Rin down! Veny runs, but Mei trips Veny up! Mei is learning much from Emi-sensei! Rin basement dropkicks Veny against ropes! Rin climbs, Veny stands, missile dropkick knocks Veny down! But Veny rolls through and comes back with a SHOTGUN BOOT! Veny hoists Rin up, blocks the rana counter, but Rin slips out to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Veny narrowly escapes but Rin SUPERKICKS! Rin runs, SATELLITE DDT!

Rin and Veny crawl, Mei pushes Shida away to take the hot tag! Mei springboard STOMPS Veny down! Mei full nelsons to the CATTLE MUTILATION! Mei has a high bridge, but Veny gets the ropebreak with a foot! Mei lets Veny go to bring Veny up and whip. Veny reverses, runs in, but Mei boots Veny away! Mei goes up, leaps, but Veny catches Mei and pops her around, only for Mei to wheelbarrow! Veny blocks the victory roll, drags Mei back up, FACEBUSTER! Veny LIONSAULTS, covers, TWO! Mei survives but Veny tags Emi in. Sensei now stomps student around! Emi sucker punches Shida and Rin then brings Mei around for a TOSS!

Mei flounders to a corner, Emi elbows Shida down, and then Emi goes back to Mei. Emi gets the legs, sings and the team echoes it. Emi reels Mei back as Maki sings it loud and proud for her! ROLLING ROMERO as Maki holds out the note! Maki runs and KOKESHIS the surfboard apart! Did she forget Emi was underneath Mei? Emi gets mad at Maki for it, but Maki gets mad at Emi for getting mat at her! Veny tags in to stop all that and then BLASTS Shida’s corner! Veny stands on Mei’s head, digs the heel in, and then drags Mei back up. Mei throws forearms but Veny blocks the suplex! Mei stomps Veny’s foot! And then scoops, only for Veny to scoop back and SLAM Mei down!

Veny drags Mei up, scoops her again and SLAMS her again! Splash down for the cover, TWO! Veny tags Maki, Maki stomps away on Mei. Maki puts Mei through ropes and pulls her back in a rope camel clutch! The ref reprimands, Maki holds on until 4, and then mockingly keeps counting to 8. And then Maki goes after Mei for more stretching! Maki CLUBS Mei on the back, Emi gets a cheap shot in, Maki throws Mei down to cover, TWO! Maki is on the camel clutch again, Rin attacks Maki! Maki ROCKS Rin, stomps Mei, and tags out to Emi. Emi DECKS Rin, hits Shida, and goes back to Mei to throw her down! Emi pulls WAY back on the camel clutch!

Mei endures, Emi pushes Mei away, and then drags her up. Mei breaks free to fake the chops and leg scissor roll Emi! TWO, Mei runs and hops onto Emi’s shoulders for a spinning sunset flip! Emi punches but Mei goes Matrix! Mei runs, Emi spins her to underhook, but Mei fights off the driver to ROCK Emi with a right! Mei reels Emi in, scoop and SLAM! Mei shows her sensei that she has power! Shida pushes Rin aside to tag in from Mei! Shida runs to KNEE Emi in the corner! Maki runs in but Shida scoops her and wedges her above Emi! Veny runs in, Shida kicks Veny and snap suplexes Veny into both Emi and Maki!

Shida sets Emi up on the apron and gets some space. Shida runs back in to KNEE Emi back in! Shida’s fired up and she gets in the ring. Emi stands, Shida runs and reverse wheelbarrows to sunset flip! KNEE DROPS! Cover, TWO! Shida goes to suplex but Emi claws her back! Emi runs, but Shida tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS back! Shida runs but into Emi’s tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Emi and Shida are forehead to forehead as former teacher and student are evenly matched! But then Mei and Veny get in to boot their respective opponents! Mei and Veny run, and they BOTH get tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS!

Shida and Emi go after each other again with forearms and CHOPS! Shida ROCKS Emi, Emi CHOPS back! They keep going back and forth, Shida gets the edge, and she hammers away on Emi! Shida fires up, reels Emi in, but Emi fights to the dragon sleeper, TWISTING REVERSE DDT! Emi sings, “We Will~, We Will~ Rock You!” Maki sings along as Emi runs in and BODY CHECKS Shida! Emi CHOPS and runs, but into Shida’s KNEE! Maki runs in and gives Shida a TORNADO DDT! But Rin SUPERKICKS Maki! Veny SUPERKICKS Rin! Mei fakes Veny out, springboards and SUPER PUNCHES!

Mei shouts to Shida-senpai! They work together on Emi-sensei, SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Full nelson and… SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Shida gives Mei a boost, and Mei hits a SPLASH! Shida brings Emi up to whip but Emi holds the ropes! Mei kicks Emi’s arm from the rope, and whips Emi, only for Emi to crisscross them up! Emi uses Mei to sunset flip Shida, and then she traps them both in some kind of double Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Mei tries to get free, Shida gets the ropebreak! Emi lets go, runs, and BODY CHECKS both of them!

Veny tags in and climbs up top! Veny ARIHARA MOONSAULTS Shida down! And then kips up! Veny swaggers about, slaps Shida and drags her up. Veny puts Shida in, drags her up, but Shida breaks free! Shida dodges a heel kick, Veny deflects the knee, Shida ducks another kick but Veny ducks the enziguri! Veny ripcord lariats but Shida dodges, only to run into the WINDMILL! Emi sets Shida up in a drop zone, VADER ELBOW! Veny goes up, MOONSAULT! Cover, Mei breaks it! Emi kicks Mei and Rin back out and Veny drags Shida up. Veny reels Shida in, fisherman but Shida fights out to roll up. Veny rolls through but Shida ROCKS Veny with that right!!

Shida suplexes, Veny slips out and Veny GERMAN SUPLEXES! Maki HEADBUTTS Shida into Veny’s lift, for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Shida survives and shocks Veny! Veny climbs up again, Rin intercepts with haymakers! Rin climbs up now, and hits a SUPER STEINER on Veny! Shida gets in as Veny goes to the apron. Shida drags Veny up to bump her off buckles! Shida dead lift SUPERPLEXES! And rolls through, to dead lift suplex! Cover, TWO!! TAMASHI!! Cover, but Maki and Emi break it! Maki and Emi intercept Rin and Mei, but Rin and Mei turn that around! Shida, Rin and Mei throw Emi, Maki and Veny into each other! Mei and Rin crisscross to dropkick Veny and Emi!

Shida drags Veny back up, suplexes, and hits a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!?! Shida is shocked by Veny’s toughness! Shida sits Veny up again, runs and hits the TAMASHI!! Cover, Team Shida wins!

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga, by pinfall

The AEW Women’s World Champion finishes it off! Mei is so happy for her senpai, and the three stand tall. But Emi-sensei attacks! Mei and Rin go after Emi, shove her out, but Maki goes after them! Shida grabs Maki by her pigtails and bumps her off buckles! Shida throws Maki out hard, Emi stomps Maki?! Emi is upset that Maki failed, it seems. But again, Shida stands tall with her team! Will she be standing tall against whoever it is that faces her at Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami!

This is it for the Magical Girl and Aneki! It’s win or go home, so who is heading to the overall tournament finals?!

Ryo again gets impatient with the ref and smacks him on the back again. The two shake hands to show there is sportsmanship. But Ryo’s handshake is so strong, Yuka falls to a knee! Ryo lets go, Yuka shakes her hand out, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, Ryo powers Yuka right to ropes, but lets off as the ref calls for a break. Yuka composes herself again and circles with Ryo. They tie up, Yuka waistlocks, but Ryo pries free and wrenches to a wristlock. Yuka rolls, handsprings, wrenches again and has another wristlock. Ryo pretends to be worried but she body shots then wrenches through to a wristlock.

Ryo clubs away on Yuka’s arm, wrenches it more, and Yuka drops to her knees again. Yuka gets up but Ryo wrenches the wrist again. Yuka endures, Ryo lifts her up by that arm to then drop her down! Ryo keeps on the hand, Yuka fights back up, and Yuka runs to flip and wrangle Ryo down with a keylock! Ryo fights up, Yuka shifts to a facelock then chinlock. Ryo powers up, powers out, but Yuka dropkicks! But Ryo just fires up! Yuka is a bit put off by that, and tries another dropkick! Ryo still stays up! Yuka gets frustrated now and she runs, but Ryo dodges the dropkick to stomp Yuka down! Ryo clubs Yuka, whips her to a corner, but Yuka goes up and over!

Yuka gets around to waistlock, but Ryo elbows. Yuka avoids the elbows and pokes Ryo in the eye! Yuka giggles but Ryo reels her in! Ryo waistlocks but Yuka slips under to roll Ryo up, TWO! Yuka cradles, TWO! Another roll up, TWO! Yuka is frustrated but so is Ryo, and Ryo bails out. Ryo catches her breath but Yuka builds speed to WRECK Ryo with a dropkick! Yuka fires up, Ryo cools off, and Ryo takes her time returning. Yuka waits as Ryo gets in, and Yuka dropkicks the legs out! Yuka clubs away on Ryo, brings Ryo around, but can’t scoop Ryo up! Ryo scoop slams Yuka down! Ryo drags Yuka up, whips her to ropes, and runs her over with a shoulder!

Ryo drags Yuka back up, ROCKS her with a forearm, then scoop slams her again! LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Ryo keeps cool as she drags Yuka back up. Ryo whips Yuka to a corner, Yuka dodges, and then Yuka runs back in to back elbow! Ryo catches Yuka to RAM her into the corner! Yuka falls but Ryo drags her up into a DEEP camel clutch! Yuka gets one arm free, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Ryo lets go fast, stomps Yuka, then drags her up again. Ryo CHOPS Yuka to a corner, CHOPS again, and then CHOPS and CHOPS and unleashes the machine gun CHOPS! Satoshi Kojima would be proud! Ryo fires up, does a dance, but Yuka ducks and the chop hits buckles!

Yuka kicks from below, but Ryo boots back! Ryo scoops, Yuka slips out and RANAS Ryo to a corner! Yuka runs to SHINING WIZARD! Yuka hops up, leaps, flying elbow! Ryo is down and Yuka brings her back up! Ryo resists the suplex, Yuka clubs her and rolls her to a CALF KILLER!! Ryo endures, reaches around, Yuka twists the foot, but Ryo gets a ropebreak with a hand! Yuka lets go, runs and hits a SLIDING LARIAT at the ropes! Yuka goes to the corner, goes up top, but cartwheels to avoid Ryo! Yuka runs, but into a POWERSLAM! Both women are down because of the bad leg, but Ryo fires up!

Ryo picks Yuka up, but Yuka wheelbarrows, only for Ryo to block the victory roll! WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX! Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka at ropes! Then hits a ROUGH RYDER! Cover, TWO, but into the katagatami!! Yuka endures the head-and-arm, but Ryo squeezes tight! Yuka fights up, rolls back, and slips free to get Ryo for a TRIANGLE HOLD! Ryo endures and fights up, but she starts to fade! Yuka pulls even tighter, the ref checks on Ryo, but Ryo gets a second wind! Ryo powers up, dead lifts and POWERBOMBS Yuka down! Yuka flounders to a corner while Ryo catches her breath and fires herself up with slaps to her face!

Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka! Yuka ROCKS Ryo, dodges, and ENZIGURIS! Ryo LARIATS right back!! Ryo fires up, Yuka sits up in a daze, and Ryo brings Yuka in for forearms from all sides! Ryo powers up but Yuka ROCKS her back! Yuka fires forearms from all sides, and ROCKS Ryo again! Yuka cravat rolls Ryo to KICK her down! SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka puts her in a drop zone. Yuka goes to the apron, climbs the ropes, MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka keeps her focus. Yuka goes to the apron again, goes up the ropes again, and hits the MAGICAL GIRL 450, but has to bail out! Ryo catches Yuka for an URENAGE!!

Both women are down, the ref checks on them, but they’re stirring. Ryo fires herself up, she grabs Yuka’s hair, but Yuka grabs Ryo’s ears! Ryo HEADBUTTS Yuka in the chest! Torture rack and- VICTORY ROLL FROM YUKA! TWO, and Yuka RANAS to a cover, TWO!! Yuka runs, into a LARIAT! Cover, but Yuka rolls it over, TWO!! Ryo gets to a corner, runs and SPEARS Yuka! Then drags Yuka up to SHORT ARM LARIAT!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! How did Yuka survive!?! Ryo won’t stop to worry about it, she drags Yuka up to fisherman and DRIVER!! Cover, Ryo wins!!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami, by pinfall (advances to the tournament finals)

And Aneki is heading to Dynamite this Wednesday! But will she be able to go from the Crossroads and to Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho!

Nyla Rose awaits an opponent for the US Bracket Finals! Will the former NWA Women’s World Champion take one step closer to one of her goals? Or will the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion end up facing an old foe in the finals?

The bell rings, these two shake hands and then circle. They tie up as fans fire up, and they go around the ring with the collar ‘n’ elbow. Riho wrenches, Rosa wrenches back and then headlocks tight. Riho pries free, headlocks back and hits a takeover. Rosa headscissors, Riho kips out and fans cheer this opening exchange. The two circle, tie up, and Rosa trips Riho to get a facelock. Riho slips out of the facelock but so does Rosa. Rosa drags Riho up to then use a leg to hook Riho and bring her down. Riho fights out of the headscissor, rolls Rosa and runs. Rosa dodges, drops and hurdles, to arm-drag Riho! Riho arm-drags back! Rosa sweeps, covers, Riho goes Matrix to run and basement dropkick!

Fans fire up as Riho drags Rosa back up. Rosa kicks low, reels Riho in and snap suplexes! Una amiga, another snap suplex! Dos amiga, and then she hangs Riho out to dry on ropes! Rosa goes side to side to BOOT Riho down! Cover, TWO! Rosa sits Riho up to throw clubbing elbows, then bumps Riho off buckles. Rosa digs her boot in, lets off as the ref counts, and then CHOPS Riho down! Rosa digs her knee into Riho now, then drags Riho out to a cover, TWO! Rosa keeps cool and brings Riho up for a hanging neckbreaker! And another! Rosa reels Riho into a rack as she hooks a leg! Riho endures but Rosa THROWS Riho over her shoulder! Cover, TWO!

Rosa drags Riho up, bumps her off buckles, then goes corner to corner, only for Riho to dodge! Riho KNEES Rosa, runs and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Rosa to ropes! Fans fire up, Riho dial sit up, 619 hits! Cover, TWO! Riho runs again, but Rosa catches the crossbody, only for Riho to SATELLITE DDT! Cover, TWO! Riho keeps close, drags Rosa up but Rosa hits back! Rosa EuroUppers, and hits another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Rosa grows annoyed but she drags Riho around and stomps her. Rosa kicks but Riho just gets mad! Riho gets up and throws heavy forearms! Fans fire up as Rosa throws a heavy body shot and then a boot! Cover, TWO!

Rosa drags Riho around, hooks up a leg, and then goes after arms! It’s a full nelson STF! Riho endures, but Rosa SLAMS her down! Cover, TWO! Riho also gets a foot on the ropes for good measure, but Rosa pulls that away to cover again. TWO, and Rosa grows frustrated. Rosa snapmares Riho, clamps on a dragon sleeper, but Riho fights up! Fans rally, Riho gets up and throws shots to spin around, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Rosa escapes and goes to a corner, but Riho goes to the opposite. Rosa runs in but Riho boots her away! Riho leaps for a FLYING RANA! Riho keeps moving, wheelbarrow, STOMP 182! Fans rally and duel as both women are down!

Riho goes to a corner, climbs up top, and leaps for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Riho can’t believe how close that was! Riho drags Rosa up, reels her in, but Rosa blocks the Northern Lights! Rosa clubs away, RAMS Riho into the corner, RAMS her more, then runs corner to corner for an A-LIST LARIAT! And SWINGING METEORA! Rosa isn’t done, she hobbles and then comes back in, to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!!! Riho survives and Rosa can’t believe it! Rosa vows to end this, and she drags Riho up again. Rosa scoops, Riho fights out and full nelsons! Rosa elbows free of that, fireman’s carries Riho and spins, but Riho fights that, too! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!!

Fans fire up as Riho gets back up. Riho staggers but makes her way to a corner. Riho climbs but Rosa SHORYUKENS! Rosa climbs up, clubs Riho, but Riho throws body shots and a headbutt! Rosa is in a Tree of Woe, Riho adjusts, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Rosa is still in this but Riho drags her up by her hair. Rosa throws body shots but Riho returns fire! They brawl with slapping palm strikes and heavy forearms! Rosa CHOPS, runs, but Riho CLOBBERS her at ropes! Riho runs but Rosa LARIATS! Cover, TWO!!! Rosa is losing her cool but Riho gets her with a victory roll! TWO, and Riho wheelbarrows again, but Rosa throws her off! Leg hook roll, cradle, ROSA WINS!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall (advances to the US Bracket Finals)

In a blink of an eye, this battle of former champions is over! But Thunder Rosa doesn’t have much time to rest, she’s up against the Native Beast on Monday’s last-minute special! Who makes it through to face Ryo Mizunami on Dynamite?

My Thoughts:

A very good, very fast hour and change for what ended up not being a B/R Live special. B/R Live went down, this ended up on YouTube where it should’ve been anyway, and here we are. The 3v3 was a pretty fun match, a lot of energy and chaos. I’m a little surprised they didn’t play up Mei being Emi’s current protégé, but I did appreciate that they played to the history between Shida and Emi, and likewise Mei being Shida’s “kouhai,” or “junior.” Everyone got to shine, Maki is again a very great character, but naturally Shida wins for her team. Shida needs momentum going into Revolution or else it’ll all be with her challenger.

The Japanese Bracket Final was a great match, though I’m a touch surprised that Ryo won. I suppose it makes some sense, she is a very strong opponent both physically and overall. She’s got a great character, and is a strong contender, but something tells me it’ll be the American finalist that goes to Revolution. Rosa VS Riho was great stuff, fast paced and Riho was not as clunky as last week. But in the end, Rosa wins, a little surprising to me as I thought we’d get a rematch of Riho VS Nyla Rose from over a year ago. Rosa’s story of the goals she’s after is still in play, but Rosa VS Nyla could go either way. Rosa or Nyla facing Shida at Revolution seem the more likely to me, and Nyla VS Shida in a rematch from Double or Nothing 2020 seems even likelier.

My Score: 8.4/10

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