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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/12/2020)

Onward, to Portland!



NEW NXT Coverage

The last NXT before TakeOver!

NXT TakeOver: Portland is days away but there’s still one last stop! Will Angel Garza or Lio Rush grab themselves a shot at the Irish Ace?



  • Roderick Strong VS Bronson Reed; Strong wins.
  • Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai; Kai wins.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Cameron Grimes; Gargano wins.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s match: Angel Garza VS Lio Rush; Lio wins and will challenge Jordan Devlin for the title next week.
  • Bianca Belair VS Santana Garrett; Belair wins.
  • KUSHIDA VS Adam Cole; Cole wins.


Roderick Strong heads to the ring!

Fans chant “Velveteen! Velveteen!” because clearly, the return of the Experience left the Undisputed Era’s Savior of the Backbreaker in a bad mood. Strong doesn’t want to insult his friends, but this isn’t about the Undisputed Era, or even about Keith Lee and the Norther American Championship. Strong says this is between him and Dream! This is about Dream putting Strong’s wife and son on his tights! That is disrespectful! But Strong should’ve figured Dream would cross that line. “So Dream, what I’m going to do, is I’m going to hurt you!” Strong will not regret what he does, but he first demands an apology!

But before Dream, here comes BRONSON REED! Reed says Dream ain’t the only man Strong has a problem with. The resident thicc boi of NXT has beef with Strong after last week, too! And they’re going to fight TONIGHT, and NOW!!

Roderick Strong VS Bronson Reed!

Reed rushes the ring and the brawl is on! A ref hurries in and rings the bell, will Strong survive Aussie Strong Style?

Strong clubs away on Reed but Reed throws body shots and forearms! Reed has Strong in the corner but Strong hits back! Fans cheer for “Thicc Boi Jesus!” as Strong pulls Reed’s jacket off. Strong throws the jacket, to get run over by Reed! Reed headbutts Strong over and over in the corner, then grinds in a knee! The ref backs Reed up, but Reed brings Strong up for a scoop slam! And elbow drop! Reed drags Strong up to cub him back down, and Strong flounders to a corner. Strong elbows and BOOTS and CHOPS Reed back! Strong throws forearms and knees then puts Reed in a corner. He CHOPS Reed again, but Reed headbutts Strong back down!

Reed CHOPS Strong in a corner, but Strong CHOPS back! Strong CHOPS again, but Reed knees low. Reed stalks Strong to a corner to whip him corner to corner, and then scoop for a sidewalk slam! Fans cheer as Reed looms over Strong. Reed puts Strong’s shirt over his head to blind him, and cranks the neck! Reed CLUBS Strong hard on his chest! Strong flounders around blindly but Reed headbutts him into a corner. Reed puts Strong on the apron, drags him up by that shirt, but Strong kicks at Reed’s legs. Strong keeps on the knees and Reed hobbles away. Strong hammers and CHOPS in the corner! He climbs up to rain down rights on Reed, but Reed kicks back.

Reed DECKS Strong with a right, then clubs him down to ropes. Reed brings Strong up to fish hook the face! The ref counts but Reed lets up at 4 while fans chant “THICC! THICC!” Reed corner splashes Strong and then stalks him as he crawls. Reed clubs Strong down then whips him corner to corner. Strong bounces off buckles hard but Reed just keeps clubbing him on the back. Reed brings Strong up to wrench and whip again. Strong hits buckles hard and then hits the mat. Cover, TWO, but Reed keeps his cool.

Reed clamps onto Strong with a rear bearhug and squeezes tight. Strong endures and fans rally up. Strong pries at the hands and pulls on fingers. He CHOPS Reed then runs, but Reed DECKS him with a right! Reed brings Strong up to suplex and hold him up! After a count of 30, Reed drops Strong down! Strong is red in the face and wobbly as he gets to a corner. Reed runs in but his hip attack misses as Strong bails out. Reed just goes to the apron for a FLYING shoulder! Auzilla has Strong down and out as NXT goes picture in picture.

Strong crawls back towards the ring but Reed puts him in. Reed gets in but Strong bails back out. Reed pursues, but Strong grabs at the legs! But Reed swats Strong away first! Reed keeps on Strong with CHOPS and headbutts around the way! Reed runs but Strong evades, sending Reed into the steel steps! Strong then RAMS Reed into the steps again! The ref checks on Reed but he’s okay to continue. Strong staggers to his feet and hobbles over to bring Reed up. But Reed is the one who puts Strong in the ring, only for Strong to stomp him down! Strong stands on Reed’s head! The ref counts and Strong lets up at 4.

Reed ends up in a corner but Strong is on him with clubbing forearms and CHOPS! Strong clubs, chops but Reed headbutts! Strong comes back with forearms and knees at the ropes. The ref reprimands but Reed hits back. Reed backs Strong into a corner and rams him into the corner. Strong knees back then throws elbows. Reed SLAPS Strong then whips him to ropes. Strong sunset flips but Reed sits on him! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives being squashed under Auzilla’s thickness, but both men stand. Reed throws a forearm and then another. Strong dodges to BOOT and enziguri! OLYMPIC SLAM!? Cover, TWO!! Strong hammers away on Reed out of frustration, and then clamps on with a camel clutch.

Reed endures as Strong cranks him back. Reed powers up and gets to his feet to fight out. NXT returns to single picture as Reed back suplexes Strong down! Both men stir as fans rally up. Strong throws a forearm, Reed ROCKS him with one! Strong tries again but Reed DECKS him! Reed rallies and whips to DECK Strong again! Atomic drop and a bionic elbow send Strong to a corner. Reed corner splashes then hop attacks! Cover, TWO! Strong still lives but Reed brings him up again. Reed suplexes but Strong slips out to throw forearms. Reed back elbows hard but Strong fires off elbows from all sides! Only for Reed to fireman’s carry and snake eyes, LARIAT! Cover, TWO!!

Strong crawls away as Reed stands. Fans are fired up for Reed as he stalks up behind Strong. Reed pulls Strong up but Strong mule kicks back! Strong runs into the spinning powerslam! THICC SENTON! The straps come down! Reed heads up top but Strong throws an uppercut! Strong climbs up to join Reed, but Reed fights back with body shots. Reed shoves Strong down but Strong ENZIGURIS back! Strong climbs up again, SUPERPLEX!! The ring survives the impact as Strong covers, TWO!! Reed still lives and fans are firing up. “This is Awesome!” as Reed bails out and Strong wrecks him with a dropkick! But then Dream makes his presence known! Strong waits but sees no sign of Patrick Clarke, so he turns around, into Reed’s THICC BOI TOPE!!

Reed drags Strong up and into the ring to then head up top! AUZILLA SPLASH GETS A STRONG KNEE!! Cover, Strong wins!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall

Strong snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! Dream’s mind games didn’t work, so Dream has a message for Strong. “Do you remember the first time you met your wife, Marina?” Because Dream remembers. Dream also remembers what the Undisputed Bullies did to him. It was brilliant, really. Strong took Dream tot he top of the trailer to throw him off. That nearly broke Dream’s back and nearly ended the Experience. But what if someone took something from Strong? Strong lost the title, that’s fine. But Strong still has his family. A wife and a little baby boy. What if something happened to Strong? Because if anything ever did happen, someone somewhere would fulfill all of Marina’s dreams.

Strong is furious as Dream again shows the airbrushed portrait of the Strong family with Dream on his leg! Strong runs backstage, but will he find Dream before the end of the night?


The Broserweights are headed to NXT TakeOver: Portland!

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winners are very confident they’ll win the NXT Tag Team Championships. But the question is, how do they get the Dusty Cup from Full Sail in Orlando, Florida, all the way to Portland, Oregon? Flying isn’t an option, but Matt Riddle has two words for Pete Dunne: “Road trip!” Oh no…

Riddle loads the cup in the back of their convertible and they take off! Dunne drives during the night, but forgets that this is America, not “Foggy London town!” Drive on the right side of the road, literally. Dunne’s not even from London. Whatever! The point is, after getting near death experiences out of the way earlier, this will be smooth sailing from here on out. Until the cops show up… Ten and two, bro! Let Riddle do the talking.

“This is the last time you do the talking.” Their car gets impounded because neither of them had a license! Riddle expected better from Dunne. Well if Riddle’s so smart, how are they getting to Portland now? They’ll brainstorm that. But with only 4 days left, will they be able to cover the rest of this Broserweight road trip in time?


NXT returns with a backstage interview of Angel Garza.

The former Cruiserweight Champion looks for redemption tonight against the man he dethroned in Lio Rush. The rivals face each other in tonight’s #1 Contender’s match, but Garza points out how Garza didn’t truly lose at Worlds Collide. Jordan Devlin didn’t pin or submit Garza, no, he got the win off Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. And Garza’s already beaten Lio once, so he’ll do it again.

But Lio comes in, not to fight but to talk. “You know that guy that you beat for the Cruiserweight Championship back in December? That’s not the same guy that you’re facing tonight.” Lio has been thinking about the title, and has become faster and stronger, believe it or not. And whether Garza likes it or not, Lio is the one getting that title back. Lio leaves but Garza grins. Who steps up to then face The Ace down the road?


Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai!

Before the Team Kick Civil War takes place in a Street Fight, Dakota must face someone else she betrayed in Mrs. Wrestling! Will Candice get her pound of flesh from Dakota before Tegan Nox gets the rest?

The bell rings and #CapKota runs at Candice! Candice avoids the bicycle boot to hop on for a Code Breaker! Dakota goes to a corner, Candice runs in but Dakota gets clear. Dakota goes Around the World to BOOT Candice down! She goes side-to-side but Candice BOOTS back! Dakota bails out, Candice builds speed, and DIVES! Direct hit sends Dakota into the barriers and Candice gets back in the ring. But Dakota trips Candice up, spins her around, only for Candice to kick first! Dakota is down again as Candice builds speed and DIVES again! Another direct hit and fans fire up!

Candice keeps going, and she DIVES! The hat trick is complete and fans are loving this! Candice grins, she wants to start a new trilogy, and DIVES for a fourth! Candice puts Dakota in then climbs up top. Missile dropkick hits! Cover, TWO! Dakota crawls but Candice stalks behind her. Candice grabs a leg but Dakota pushes her away. Dakota yanks Candice into the ropes! Dakota goes to the apron to KICK Candice back in! Then she grinds a boot into Candice’s chest in the corner! The ref backs Dakota off but Dakota comes back for more. The ref counts, Dakota lets up at 4, then puts Candice in the corner. Dakota chokes with her hands, then runs in, to get an elbow!

Candice checks her face while Dakota staggers away. Candice climbs, Dakota rocks her first! Dakota climbs from the apron side, and fans fear what Dakota is aiming for. Candice resists the superplex and clubs Dakota down. Dakota BOOTS back and Candice tumbles to the apron! Dakota pulls Candice in to choke against ropes, but she lets up at 4. The ref warns Dakota as she pulls Candice in, but it’s just for a cover. TWO, and Candice crawls to the apron. Dakota stomps Candice then puts her through ropes. Dakota runs but Candice dodges, the boot goes into buckles! Candice ignores her bloody nose as she goes up from the outside. Dakota forearms Candice away and then YANKS her into buckles! Candice is down as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Candice runs corner to corner to back elbow Dakota! Candice snapmares and dropkicks Dakota down! Fans fire up as Dakota flounders to a corner. Candice puts Dakota up top and then climbs up to join her. Candice takes Dakota on Mrs. LeRae’s Wild Ride! The SUPER swinging neckbreaker hits, but Candice isn’t done there! LIONSAULT FLOPS! Dakota hops on, but Candice pushes her off. Dakota sweeps the legs, but the buzzsaw misses! Candice pump handle GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then borrows a move from husband Johnny Wrestling, the GargaNO Escape!! Dakota endures the submission as fans rally and chant! Dakota drags herself over to ropes, but Candice rolls her away! But Dakota keeps trying, and then pulls hair to get the roll up! DAKOTA WINS!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

Candice is furious, she pursues the captain! Dakota backs down, but then throws Candice into the ring bell! Candice’s bell is rung, but then Dakota takes the actual bell to JAM Candice in the ribs! Fans boo as Dakota gets dark. But here comes Tegan! Tegan decks Dakota and then rains down angry fists! Security rushes out but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Dakota doesn’t want none, but Tegan CLOBBERS her at the ramp! The Street Fight is coming and Dakota will have to face retribution! Will the Shiniest Wizard rid Tegan of Dakota’s darkness?


NXT shares backstage footage of a live event from this past Sunday.

Cameron Grimes got in the face of Johnny Gargano, arguing about that while Gargano is facing Finn Balor in Portland, the Carolina Caveman would not be overlooked. Grimes has Gargano’s attention, but will he regret riling up the Rebel Heart?


Johnny Gargano VS Cameron Grimes!

NXT TakeOver: Portland will see two men who carried the brand on their backs battle it out, but tonight is no mere tune-up for #JohnnyTakeover. Will Gargano avoid a Cave In? Or is this the night Grimes finally breaks out?

The bell rings and Gargano circles with Grimes. They tie up, Gargano wrenches to a wristlock but Grimes slips around to a waistlock. Grimes slams down Gargano but Gargano reaches back to snapmare. Gargano chinlocks but Grimes gets the ropebreak. The ref has them break and fans duel. Grimes and Gargano circle and tie up, Gargano gets the leg to trip Grimes up. Gargano shifts from the toehold to a deathlock to a Trailer Hitch leglock! Grimes endures and reaches for ropes, going around the ring to then back up and pull on Gargano’s ear. Gargano wrenches the hold so Grimes gets the ropebreak instead.

Fans duel as the two men circle again. Grimes shoots in, waistlocks and slams Gargano again! Grimes floats to a facelock but Gargano turns it around to his own. Gargano holds on as Grimes rolls around, and keeps his legs out of reach. They roll together again, but Grimes powers up to power out of the headlock. Gargano arm-drags then wheelbarrows to another arm-drag! Drop toehold and mount to a body scissors. Grimes escapes that but gets caught into a crossface! Gargano cranks back but Grimes goes around, only for Gargano to grab the other arm and a chinbar! Gargano is showing off his submission game, but Grimes keeps fighting.

Grimes rolls but no cover, as Gargano chinlocks again. Gargano wants his signature hold but Grimes powers up and out again. Grimes kitchen sink knees Gargano down! Grimes clamos onto Gargano with an armlock of his own. Fans chant “That Was Grimy!” as Grimes grinds knuckles into Gargano’s head. Gargano fights his way up but Grimes whips. Gargano slips out of the scoop and waistlocks. Grimes standing switches but Gargano bucks him off. Gargano runs in to huricanrana! And a dropkick! Grimes staggers but Gargano clotheslines him out! Grimes is still on his feet so Gargano slingshots over. Gargano lands on the apron when Grimes evades, and then Gargano hops over the sweeping clothesline to mule kick!

Grimes staggers around, Gargano CANNONBALLS! Fans fire up as Johnny Wrestling rests against railing. Gargano takes his time returning to Grimes and bringing him around the way. He puts Grimes on the railing to CHOP! Gargano refreshes the count to give the fans “One More Time!” CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Grimes can barely stand as Gargano CHOPS him again! Gargano sits on the apron to shout out Ciampa then puts Grimes back in. Gargano shoulders and slingshots, but no DDT! Grimes THROWS Gargano then LARIATS! Grimes is back in control as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Grimes drags Gargano up. Gargano headbutts and headbutts then whips. Grimes reverses, Gargano tumbles up and back into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Grimes grits his teeth as he watches Gargano go to the apron. Grimes stalks over but Gargano throws forearms. Gargano slingshots but his spear is caught! Grimes gut wrenches but Gargano rolls him up, TWO! Gargano boots from the corner then hops up, TORNADO COMPLETE SHOT! Fans fire up as Gargano stands and avoids Grimes’ punches. Gargano bobs ‘n’ weaves with Grimes to then full nelson and spin into a dragon sleeper. Backbreaker to suplex, gourd buster to BUZZSAW! Gargano runs as Grimes staggers, Gargano LARIATS Grimes inside-out!

Full Sail fires up as Grimes rolls out of the ring. Gargano builds speed to go to the corner. Grimes gets back in, but turns around into the slingshot SPEAR! Cover, TWO! Gargano keeps his cool and he drags Grimes up. Gargano full nelsons but Grimes grabs the ropes, so Gargano kicks Grimes’ arms away. Grimes whips Gargano away but Gargano goes up and over to roll, but the kick misses! Dead lift but Gargano victory roll counters, TWO! Gargano runs, tilt-o-whirls, but into Grimes’ SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Grimes can’t believe it, but fans rally up as he slowly stands. Grimes drags Gargano up, whips again, but Gargano ROCKS him with a forearm! But Grimes comes back with a SUPER forearm!

Both men stagger about, Gargano enziguris! Gargano runs, avoids a kick, avoids Grimes and redirects. They both keep following, COLLISION COURSE! Cover, TWO!! Grimes almost had Gargano there, but fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this one. Grimes rains rights on Gargano as fans rally and duel. The Technical Savage whips Gargano again, but Gargano holds ropes to avoid the stomps! Gargano SUPERKICKS Grimes, but Grimes SUPERKICKS back! Gargano rebounds and spins, into a scoop and swing, that Gargano turns into a DDT! Grimes flounders about and Gargano fires up in the corner! Fans fire up with him, but Grimes ROUNDHOUSES!

Grimes runs, but Gargano gets under the Cave-In! Tilt-o-whirl takedown, GargaNO Escape!! Grimes taps right away, Gargano wins!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by submission

Johnny Wrestling got a gritty fight out of Grimes, but he comes out on top! “Finn, I hope you’re watching!” This Sunday in Portland, the Prince will learn why Gargano IS Johnny TakeOver. Will Gargano be able to keep February 16th from becoming a Bloody Sunday?


Backstage interview with Adam Cole!

With just days before he defends the NXT Championship against Tommaso Ciampa, Cole faces Kushida in the main event. Cole tells Strong, who paces in the background, to not worry about Velveteen Dream. The Undisputed Era will settle things with Dream soon enough. As for Kushida, Cole will teach him a lesson, and then will teach Ciampa that same lesson in Portland. Cole is sick and tired of “the same song and dance” that Ciampa never lost the title and that he “wants his life back.” This is Cole’s life! Cole’s life is being the greatest NXT Champion ever!

But Cole gets it. Ciampa will do whatever he has to in order to become NXT Champion again. But Cole will do whatever he has to in order to stay NXT Champion. But will Cole keep his focus on the Super Junior tonight?


The Broserweight Road Trip continues.

So apparently, Riddle’s “brilliant plan” to get to Portland is on a boat? Don’t be a silly goose, Dunne. Mostly because they’re in a paddle powered swan boat. The plan isn’t for a boat, this is just Riddle chilling. They need to chill, relax and rethink their travel plans. Riddle starts thinking, and he gets an idea! But what is that idea?


NXT hears from The Robert Stone Brand.

“Power is earned through commitment, vision and a god-like confidence.” And not in another million Wednesdays would Kayden Carter get lucky enough to defeat Chelsea Green again. So next Wednesday, there is a rematch of Carter VS Green as the Robert Stone Brand relaunches. And Green herself promises that it will be “the resurgence of NXT’s most captivating superstar.” But will the brand suffer another mishap on the Road to WrestleMania?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s match: Angel Garza VS Lio Rush!

El Latino es en la casa, baby, but the Man of the Hour says it’s his time again. In another rematch of this already storied rivalry, who wins out to then put it all on the line against the Irish Ace?

The bell rings and Garza decides to take the pants off NOW! That’s how serious Garza is taking Lio after their multiple matches. The two stare down, and then Lio speeds things up! Lio turns on a dime and hops over Garza to then slide under. Garza gets around to shove, but he avoids the Come Up! Things keep moving fast, Lio suddenly stops, only to run into a dropkick! Garza grins as he gets the better of Lio with his faster mind. Garza puts Lio in the corner to pull on the arms and CHOP the chest! He whips Lio to ropes and pops him up for a kick! Garza puts Lio up top backwards and then climbs up to club away from all sides! The ref reprimands but Garza puts Lio in the Tree of Woe, for a corner to corner Penalty Kick!

Lio is down and Garza almost sends himself out of the ring. Cover, ONE, but Garza keeps his eyes on Lio. Lio is on the apron and Garza stomps him down. Garza toys with Lio a little before dragging him up. Lio shoves but Garza boots him down. Garza drags Lio up to club him over and over. Garza brings Lio up but Lio holds on for his life! Lio headbutts and kicks a leg out! Lio kicks Garza from the apron, then moonsaults! Garza gets clear but Lio lands on his feet! Lio leaps but into Garza’s arms, and Garza uses that to RAM Lio into a post! Then the steel steps! Garza shifts his grip on Lio for a cradle to hang him on the railing. Garza Penalty KICKS Lio down! Lio is down and out as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Garza flops out of the ring. Lio builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Garza to the ramp but Lio gets up on the apron fast. TORNILLO SENTON! Direct hit again and Lio puts Garza in the ring. Lio spins for the basement enziguri! Cover, TWO! Garza survives and Lio grits his teeth in frustration. Lio gives Garza a swift kick to the chest! And again! Garza blocks the third and flips Lio but Lio lands on his feet! Lio avoids Garza’s kick to mule kick a leg out, then rewind heel kick! But Garza avoids it to KNEE Lio back! Lio staggers back, but comes back with the HEEL! SUPERKICK from Garza! Lio staggers, Garza shoves him, COME UP gets a dropkick to the back! Garza drags Lio up, pump handle flip for the facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Lio still lives!

Fans rally as both men stir. Garza is up first and he drags Lio up. Garza brings Lio to a corner and drags him up. Fans duel as they reach the top rope. Garza underhooks but Lio fights out! Lio headbutts and headbutts and headbutts! Lio cravats, for a SUPER STUNNER!! But Garza flops out of the ring! Lio doesn’t care, he climbs up top, for a SUPER FINAL HOUR!! A double-edged impact but Lio puts Garza in the ring. Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Lio is up again, for another FINAL HOUR onto knees!! Cover, TWO!! SUPERKICK!! Garza isn’t done there, he drags Lio up by his head and underhooks, but Lio cradle counters, LIO WINS!!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship)

Incredible! Garza was so determined to clip Lio’s wings that he didn’t think about Lio’s legs! Lio snatches the victory from the jaws of defeat, but can he take back the title?

Wait! The Irish Ace is here! NXT UK’s Jordan Devlin tells Lio, “Congratulations, mate. Hell of a match.” Devlin is impressed, but says Lio is just the next stop on the Jordan Devlin Cruiserweight Championship Tour. To tell Lio now, before he gets too excited, Devlin doesn’t fancy Lio’s chances. Devlin will show Lio next week why you never bet against the Ace. Will Devlin continue his own takeover of the Cruiserweight Championship?


NXT looks back on the saga that is Dijakovic VS Lee.

WWE Hall of Famer and World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, knows how great big men in wrestling are. Their size and strength are truly larger than life, like something out of comic books and movies. But today in NXT, there are two incredible athletes that defy what big men are in wrestling. Keith Lee is 320 but moves like he’s under 205. “Every time he steps in the squared circle, the guy is a moment maker.” If you don’t believe Henry, just watch Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. “He almost seems unstoppable at times. But if there’s one guy that can stop him, it’s Dominik Dijakovic.”

At 6′ 7″, 260 pounds, Dijakovic can step over the top rope like The Undertaker, then springboard off it like Rey Mysterio! The human arsenal and the Limitless One have had a mind-blowing rivalry already. Henry can’t wait to see what they do with a title on the line. Either way, he’ll happily feast his eyes and bask in the glory of these two big men bringing out the best in each other and things we’ve never seen before, all to become NXT North American Champion. “Because that’s what they do!”


Bianca Belair VS Santana Garrett!

The EST wants to make sure she’s ready to go for Portland and her shot at Rhea Ripley’s NXT Women’s Championship. But will she be getting more than just a tune-up from the real-life Wonder Woman?

The bell rings and Belair SPEARS Garrett! Belair clubs away on Garrett’s back then stomps, too! Belair handspring moonsaults onto Garrett, then uses the double chicken wings to Glam Slam Garrett on buckles! Torture rack, KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Belair wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Was that the fastest win in NXT? It was certainly one of the most dominant! Belair isn’t done, as she grabs a mic. “So Rhea Ripley keeps going to Raw, worrying about Charlotte, acting like I’m not even here.” Is Bianca invisible? Hello? She’s right here! But y’know, Rhea, you keep playing. Because come Portland, Bianca is going to walk out the NEW NXT Women’s Champion. But the current NXT Women’s Champion appears! Rhea heads to the ring, giving a nod as if to say, “Get a load of this.” Rhea joins Bianca in the ring and gets herself a mic.

“Bianca. I assure you that I’m not looking past you.” Rhea is looking right at Bianca, and is telling her that in Portland, she will go through her. Bianca drops her mic, but so does Rhea! Rhea dodges Bianca to ROCK her, but Bianca ROCKS Rhea back! Torture rack, KISS OF DEATH! The EST is certainly the boldest challenger you’ll see in NXT. Will she keep her promise of becoming the newest champion in NXT?


The Broserweight’s plan comes together.

“There she is!” A Leer jet! Is it for them? Yeah, bro, it is. Flying private! How did he pull this off? Riddle knows a guy. Now let’s put this loot in the boot. Please don’t do a British accent, Riddle. And why are they the ones loading their own luggage? Because, bro, the luggage guys would break the cup. Riddle and Dunne get the cup loaded, then Riddle shoves Dunne in!? This isn’t their plane after all. It’s HHH’s private jet!! “Bro, we’re going to Portland!” Will the Game let this one slide?


Tommaso Ciampa watches old NXT footage.

Specifically, he watches the day he had to come into Full Sail to relinquish the NXT Championship. He had to give away his “life.” He vowed to everyone that he’d be back, bigger, stronger and better. But the reality was, he was scared. Ciampa can see it in his own eyes, all those “What If” questions. What if he never got to even step into the ring? But now, Ciampa has come full circle, and is only four days away from Portland. Cole VS Ciampa for the NXT title Ciampa never lost! What if Cole wins? What if Cole becomes the longest reigning champion in NXT history?

Or what if Cole loses? What if there’s one guy that wants it that much more? What if there’s one guy who’s been through that much more?! And what if that guy is Ciampa? What if the bell rings in Portland and Ciampa is back as NXT Campion!? What if it’s Ciampa who goes to NXT TakeOver: Tampa for WrestleMania weekend? And then all the eyes of the world are back on Ciampa. “They say a man is most dangerous when he has nothing to lose.” Ciampa wants Cole to look into his eyes and know exactly how true that is.



The Time Splitter was just minding his own business when The Undisputed Era stormed up looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Kushida didn’t have any answers, so he got trashed for it, literally! Will Kushida trash Cole’s momentum towards TakeOver in return?

The bell rings and Kushida circles and ties up with Cole. Cole wrenches to a wristlock but Kushida wrenches back. Cole pushes Kushida to ropes, and the ref calls for the break. Kushida doesn’t take kindly to Cole’s shove so he DECKS and waistlock slams Cole down! Kushida facelocks Cole and rams in knees, showing that MMA background. Cole rolls but Kushida stays clamped on. Kushida floats all over Cole, but Cole avoids the buzzsaw! Cole bails out but Kushida wrecks him with a dropkick! Kushida rains down rights on Cole at the ramp! Fans rally and duel as Kushida whips Cole, but Cole reverses to send Kushida into steel steps!

Cole refreshes the ring count and watches Kushida get up. Cole leaps, into Kushida’s takedown! Kushida has the armbar! Cole endures but it wouldn’t matter if he taps on the outside. Kushida lets go as the ring count climbs and he puts Cole back in. Kushida climbs up top to leap for the ax handle! He drags Cole up to give the arm a shoulder breaker and a KICK! Cole backs to a corner, Kushida drags Cole up for another shoulder breaker. Kushida kicks the bad arm again, then wrenches. Cole denies the third shoulder breaker but Kushida puts him on the apron. Kushida runs to handspring heel kick Cole to the ground! Fans fire up as Kushida runs and slides, but misses! Cole BOOTS Kushida down! NXT goes picture in picture as Kushida is in a daze.

Cole drags Kushida up to put back in the ring. Cole drags Kushida up and turns him for a neckbreaker! The NXT Champion dusts off his hands before sitting Kushida up. Cole rams his knees into Kushida’s back, and hard! Kushida writhes but Cole keeps driving in those knees. Cole drags Kushida up for another neckbreaker! Kushida writhes but Cole climbs up the ropes to mock Ciampa’s patting on the back. Cole clamps onto Kushida with a chinlock and he grinds Kushida down. Kushida endures and fights his way up, throwing body shots. Cole knees low then brings Kushida in for a suplex. Kushida slips out and ducks the punch. Things speed up, double clotheslines wipe both men out!

Cole and Kushida flounder to opposite corners as NXT returns to single picture. Cole runs in but gets a boot! Kushdia runs and rallies with big forearms! Kushida whips, Cole reverses, Kushida handspring back elbows! The rally continues with a mule kick, but Cole avoids the Penalty Kick to his arm. Cole runs, Kushida hip tosses and handspring dropkicks! Fans fire up as Cole goes to the apron. Kushida stalks over but the ref keeps him back to check on Cole. Cole is okay and Kushida goes to buckle bump. Cole blocks to buckle bump back. But Kushida comes back with another handspring heel kick! Cole is stunned on the corner and Kushdia climbs up to join him. Kushida grabs the arm but Cole denies the Hoverboard hold.

Cole knocks Kushida away, but Kushida comes back for a SUPER DDT, and roll through to the ARMBAR! ROPEBREAK! Kushida lets go reluctantly, and Cole gets to a corner. Fans rally and duel again as Kushida runs to dropkick the bad arm! Kushida drags Cole up, Cole elbows free. Kushida still waistlocks, but then ducks the Pele, to Penalty Kick the arm out! Wristlock but no tornado armbar DDT as Cole powers out. Cole Shining Wizards! Cover, TWO! Kushida survives and Cole clutches the bad arm, but fans still rally and duel. Cole stands first, but Kushida sits up. Cole drags Kushida up and throws big forearms. Kushida gives forearms back! They go back and forth, and Kushida adds kicks! Kushida gets the edge but Cole knees low.

Cole runs, into the rolling elbow! Kushida spins into a BOOT! And a SUPERKICK! Cole runs, but into the FAST BALL! Kushida brings Cole up, but Cole suplexes for the Ushigoroshi! Cole suplexes again, for another! Cover, TWO!! Kushida survives and both men are down. Fans rally up as Cole goes to one end and Kushida to the other. Cole brings the knee pad down and runs, but Kushida ducks the Last Shot! Kushida waistlocks but Cole bucks the O’Conner roll off. SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Cole grows frustrated but fans rally and duel. Kushida crawls but Cole heads to the corner. Cole hops up, leaps, but no Sunrise as Kushida has the HOVERBOARD! Kushida cranks hard but Cole reaches for ropes! Kushida rolls him away!

The Hoverboard is in deep, and Kushida even knees Cole in the head! Cole rolls Kushida for a cover, TWO! Cole is free, he fireman’s carries but Kushida sunset flips. ONE and Cole matchbook covers, TWO as Kushida pops it back to the sunset! TWO!! That was a close one! Kushida keeps his focus as Cole gets to a corner. Kushida ducks the clothesline to PELE! Cole is down, Kushida brings him up. Cole resists the whip but the arm gives out! The ref checks on Cole but Kushida gives him Kowata kicks over and over to the face! Kushida whips Cole but Cole reverses, Kushida handsprings into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Cole runs, LAST SHOT!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

The Super Junior was a lot to handle this close to TakeOver, but Cole managed to come out on top! 256 days as champion will become 260 by Sunday, but will that be the last day for Adam Cole, BAYBAY?

Wait! Here comes Ciampa! The Blackheart glares at Cole as he heads down the ramp. There’s no back-up for Cole now, with reDRagon already in Portland to prepare for their tag title match and Strong exhausted and obsessed with his own issues. Ciampa takes his time circling the ring and climbing the steel steps. Ciampa eyes “Goldie” on Cole’s shoulder as fans duel. The two circle, and Cole holds the belt up high. Ciampa promises that in Portland, he takes his life back. Cole says, “Over my dead body you do!” When Cole and Ciampa battle, what are the chances that, as the song says, no one will survive?



My Thoughts:

A really good go-home for TakeOver: Portland while also setting up some great stuff for next week’s post-TakeOver episode. Firstly, it is clear that as great as Dream VS Strong and the NXT Cruiserweight Championship matches are going to be, the tradition of keeping TakeOvers to a 6 match card is staying strong as they don’t put everything on the show. The only downside is that a lot of the matches tonight were pretty easy to call. Cole, Dakota, Gargano and Belair were all building momentum for their respective TakeOver matches, so of course they were going to win. But even so, NXT knows how to make even a predictable outcome a lot of fun. Strong VS Reed was incredible! Certainly the best match of Reed’s NXT career, and it really propels Strong towards his match with Dream.

Candice VS Dakota was really good, and kudos to Candice for powering through a bloody nose. Dakota getting a quick win works so as not to really weaken Candice. Hopefully Candice can find herself in her own story, especially for the NXT Women’s Championship. Bianca squashing Santana was pretty surprising, and her getting the better of Rhea was equally surprising. Charlotte gave Bianca a huge rub on WWE Backstage, so who knows? Charlotte and Bianca could put on a killer feud in the post Mania 36 run, regardless of who is NXT Women’s Champion by then. I’m rather surprised Lio beat Garza, but I suppose this is still the age old tradition of Face VS Heel. As fun as Garza VS Devlin would be for next week, I suppose saving that for WrestleMania weekend wouldn’t be so bad.

NXT did a great job with Mark Henry narrating a highlight reel hype package for Lee VS Dijakovic, which is going to be just as great as all their other matches. Ciampa’s promo in the classroom, Cole VS Kushida and then the final stare down of Ciampa and Cole was all great stuff, and THE NXT Championship match might be the hardest to call. Ciampa does make a good point that the next stop would be Tampa, but I’m thinking looking that far ahead sways it back in Cole’s favor. There are more Faces that could step up to Cole, while Ciampa winning might bring on Balor as the top Heel.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/18/21)

One more stop before Crown Jewel!



Coverage Raw 2021

This could be the wildEST Raw in a long time!

Bianca Belair goes after Charlotte Flair’s Raw Women’s Championship, RKBRO takes on The Street Profits, and two tournament semifinals, all on one night!


  • King of the Ring Semifinals: Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky VS Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston; Woods wins and advances to Crown Jewel.
  • Austin Theory VS R-Truth; changed to…
  • Austin Theory VS Jeff Hardy; Theory wins.
  • Drew McIntyre & Big E VS The Dirty Dawgs; McIntyre & Big E win.
  • Mansoor VS Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin; Mansoor wins.
  • RKBRO VS The Street Profits; RKBRO wins, by disqualification.
  • Queen’s Crown Semifinals: Shayna Baszler VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven; Piper wins and advances to Crown Jewel.
  • Finn Balor VS Mace; Balor wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair; Bianca wins by disqualification, Charlotte retains the title.


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

Before putting her title on the line, the Raw Women’s Champion opens the show for her last Raw before moving back to SmackDown! Sacramento is a bit torn about The Queen as she gets the mic. She asks where are the balloons and champagne, and why isn’t the roster out here for farewell hugs? Where are her “Thank You, Charlotte” chants? This is her last night on Raw before she is officially drafted to SmackDown, and she has to defend her title against Bianca Belair? A rookie? “Some flash in the pan?” No, seriously, this is crap! Charlotte really thinks there’s a conspiracy here. Number one, Bianca isn’t officially on Raw yet, and then she has another title opportunity at Crown Jewel! And people say Charlotte is entitled?

All Charlotte wants is a ceremony. She hears fans chanting, “You Suck!” and she tells them to sit down, hush and listen. Charlotte uses the “What?” on the fans, then says she just wanted a fitted farewell for the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history! She finds it convenient that Bianca gets this match just before the switch. Talk about favoritism! Bianca couldn’t win two weeks ago, she needs to get her ass to the back of the line! You can’t beat this opportunity! Not this time, not any time! And tonight, Bianca learns how far she still has to go. Bianca may have beaten Bayley and Sasha, but Charlotte is the mountain she can’t climb!

And save the EST stuff for someone who isn’t the GOAT! But speaking of Bianca, here she comes! Fans cheer for the EST as she tells Charlotte, “A conspiracy?” No, this isn’t that. This is just desserts. The way Bianca sees it, she’s done nothing but prove she belongs. She deserves this rematch! And Charlotte wants to bring up two weeks ago? Bianca had Charlotte beat until she got saved by Big Time Becks. But Bianca can’t even believe Charlotte talking like this! She’s throwing a tantrum all for defending her title and leaving Raw. “Baby, it’s okay.” Bianca says she is the EST, and no matter what brand she’s one, she knows she’s the one to watch because she always shines.

Lucky for Charlotte, after tonight, Bianca won’t be Charlotte’s probably because Charlotte no longer goes here. Charlotte’s literally begging for a farewell, so take your time to say good-bye to the title. Bianca has some advice: After Charlotte takes the L, she can dust herself off and hold her head up high. This life brings trials and tribulations, but Charlotte can use that to make her stronger, rougher, tougher and maybe even kinder. Try that one. Bianca’s gonna take the title to Crown Jewel and return to Raw with a belt on each arm! “Now how’s that for a rookie, Charlotte?” Charlotte sucker punches Bianca! The heels come off, but Bianca dodges the boot to torture rack!

Charlotte scrambles away and to the apron but Bianca handspring heel kicks her down! Charlotte is flustered and frustrated, is this just the beginning of a bad night good-bye?


Backstage interview with the New Day.

Kevin Patrick asks Woods about this big opportunity. This is of the utmost importance, Sir Kevin. Woods will be one step behind some of the greatest King of the Ring winners ever! From King Mable to King Ken Shamrock to King BOOKAH! When Woods wins, he’ll be one step closer to fulfilling his destiny. Kofi says we all know how important this is, so that’s why Kofi will watch his back. No repeats of last week where Veer & Shanky get in the way. Martin Luther King had a dream but Woods’ dream is to be a king! All about that crown~!

Woods makes a royal decree here in the “castle” of the Sacramento Kings! And that is that this Thursday, Woods will sit on the crown as King Xavier, first of his name. “HAIL! KING WOODS!” But will the Modern Day Maharaja leave Woods on the outside looking in? We find out, after the break!

King of the Ring Semifinals: Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky VS Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston!

Raw returns and Jinder makes his entrance, with his minions by his side. The bell rings and Mahal circles with Woods. They tie up, Woods waistlocks but Mahal throws Woods off. Mahal gloats but Woods keeps cool as he circles with Mahal again. They tie up, Mahal powers Woods back but Woods turns things around to have Mahal in the corner. The two get scrappy and the ref has them back off. The two go again, Mahal kicks low and shoves Woods to ropes. Woods boots back, Mahal elbows but Woods drop toeholds Mahal onto ropes! Woods runs to dropkick Mahal in the back! Woods CHOPS and throws hands in the corner, then climbs up. Mahal slips out and gets away.

Woods pursues, throwing haymakers and CHOPS! Woods climbs up another corner now and rains down rights on Mahal. Mahal stops that at 4, runs and runs Woods over with a shoulder! Mahal hits a headlock takeover as his henchmen applaud. Woods endures, fights up, throws body shots and then forearms. Woods runs but Mahal reels him in. Woods breaks free to then ENZIGURI! Woods runs but Mahal scoops, Woods tilt-o-whirls out to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans fire up as Woods runs, slides and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Woods keeps cool as he headlocks, but Mahal powers up to a BIG back suplex!

Mahal stomps Woods, drags him up and CLUBS him down. Mahal JAMS his knee into Woods’ back, then brings him up for a headlock. Woods throws body shots as fans rally but Mahal knees low. Mahal scoops, Woods slips off and rolls him up, TWO! Mahal kicks low again, whips Woods to a corner, but Woods goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO! Mahal runs in but is sent into buckles! Woods runs in but is TOSSED out, and he SMACKS off the steps! Shanky & Veer cheer while Mahal soaks up the heat, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Mahal clamps onto Woods’s arm, but Woods fights up to a JAWBREAKER! Woods goes to the apron, Mahal drags him up by his hair, and the ref reprimands. Mahal ROCKS Woods with a right, then another! Woods holds onto the rope and he hits back! Woods shoulders in, steps in, but Mahal fireman’s carries to a GUT BUSTER DROP! Cover, TWO! Woods is still in this and Kofi coaches him up. Mahal fires up as he watches Woods rise. Mahal wraps Woods up in the clutch but Woods resists the lift! Woods clubs the arm, throws hands on Mahal, but Mahal scoops for a SIDEWALK SLAM!

Mahal paces and soaks up the heat as he runs, but Woods avoids the knee drop! SUPERKICK! Woods WRECKS Shanky with a dropkick, then goes up the corner! Woods leaps, but into a KALLAS!! Deja vu from last week! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Woods saves himself and Mahal is furious! Mahal drags Woods up, brings him up and puts him on the top rope. Mahal climbs up behind Woods, Woods fights with elbows and even headbutts! Mahal falls, Woods adjusts, tightrope walk and LIMIT BREAKER ELBOW!! Cover, Woods wins!!

Winner: Xavier Woods, by pinfall (advances to Crown Jewel)

Woods punches his ticket to the finals! He and Kofi go to the throne, and Kofi puts the cape on Woods. Kofi hands the scepter to Woods and Woods says these will be his! Woods holds the scepter to the sky, will Woods truly become King of the Ring when he’s facing The Prince?


Backstage interview with Austin Theory.

What did it mean to him to defeat a former WWE World Champion and one that he looked up to? Yes, he did look up to Jeff Hardy, but then he was looking down at him after he won. Wait, wait, the 24/7 Championship chase comes through! Theory has to duck as Reggie jumps off a road case! Is this serious? Drake Maverick and team go down a hall, but Reggie comes back around, only for R-Truth to get him! Truth outsmarted Reggie, but Theory breaks up his chance to pin the champ! Theory has had enough of this! “Do you know who I am?!” Truth has a theory that Theory is a theorisist. A what?

Truth wants Theory to hold on. This anger and frustration, he wants to take it out in the ring, huh? Oh yeah! In that case, Truth accepts the challenge. On one condition: Theory gets permission from mommy to stay up late! GOTTEE~! Well management made this match, and it’s happening next!

Austin Theory VS R-Truth!

Raw returns and Truth makes his entrance, but he wants the music to cut. “Hey, I made a mistake. That was on me, my bad. I didn’t accept your challenge for R-Truth. I accepted your challenge for R-Truth’s friend.” It’s Jeff Hardy! The Charismatic Enigma is getting a surprise rematch! Will this bait and switch throw Theory off completely? Or will Theory just go 2-0 against the future hall of famer?

Austin Theory VS Jeff Hardy!

The bell rings and the two tie up. Theory powers Hardy to a corner, lets off fast and mocks Hardy’s moves. The fans rally for Hardy as Theory headlocks, but Hardy powers out. Theory runs Hardy over and then mocks the moves again. But Hardy drags Theory into a cradle! TWO, and Theory blocks a kick! Hardy throws hands, Theory avoids the jawbreaker but Hardy rolls Theory up! TWO, and Theory says Hardy was pulling tights! Hardy apologizes, then dropkicks Theory out of the ring! Hardy is on the apron, but Theory blocks his kick to trip Hardy up! Hardy lands hard on the apron, but Theory then drags him out for a DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Hardy is down while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Hardy fights the chinlock, only for Theory to snapmare and stomp Hardy down! Theory talks trash to Hardy then jumps, but Hardy avoids the elbow drop! Hardy gets up, gives Theory an atomic drop, then trips him up for the leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick then a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Theory up but Theory kicks back, whips, but Hardy reverses to send Theory out. Hardy builds speed to WRECK Theory with a dropkick! Hardy goes out, runs around the way and leaps off the steps, POETRY IN MOTION! Theory hits barriers and fans fire up with Hardy! The ring count is past 5 but Hardy puts Theory in.

Hardy HOTSHOTS Theory into a drop zone, and fans fire up as Hardy climbs! but Theory trips Hardy up by hitting the ropes! Theory fireman’s carries and spins, A T L! Cover, Theory wins!

Winner: Austin Theory, by pinfall

And that is two-and-oh! Theory even gets another victory selfie to add to his gallery! But Hardy gets up to give Theory a TWIST OF FATE! And he grabs the phone to take a payback selfie! Will Theory still take the momentum from the win and turn it into something big for the Fall?


Drew McIntyre talks with Big E at gorilla position.

About last week… The footage showed that nothing was intentional last week, but McIntyre saw red and of course dropped Big E with a Claymore. To be honest, Big E threw fuel on the fire by tagging in without permission. So maybe tonight they coexist. We know Thursday, they will do what they do. At Crown Jewel, may the best man win. Don’t worry, McIntyre will. But let Big E do what he does: AWWWWWW Sacramento~! Clap for your WWE World CHAMPIOOON~! And FEEL~ the POWER~! Big E heads out first, will he and McIntyre make it work in a rematch with “Big Bob” and DZ?


Sonya Deville talks with Adam Pearce backstage.

They are in agreement that things have to be bigger and better than ever, but then Charlotte Flair walks in. Are they talking about a way to screw her over? No, they were talking about the Raw season premiere next week, not that it is any of her business. And what is she talking about? Well Charlotte wasn’t asked but told to defend her title. And then they let Bianca walk out and disrespect her during her farewell speech! Plus, no champagne, balloons or hugs! She has to defend the title she made relevant! She smells conspiracy! Sonya has Charlotte relax, because this is just all logical sense to have that main event.

Charlotte won’t be replaced by Bianca because she will still be Raw Women’s Champion AND the new face of SmackDown! Forget SmackDown, is Charlotte one moment away from a meltdown?


Drew McIntyre & Big E VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Raw returns as McIntyre makes his entrance, Angela the sword in hand. Then Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler make theirs. The teams sort out and the world champion starts against The Show-Off. They tie up, go around, and Big E SLAMS Ziggler down. Big E swivels them hips but Ziggler gets up. Ziggler throws hands, swivels his hips, but runs into Big E’s shoulder! Cover, TWO! Big E tags in McIntyre, they mug Ziggler, and then McIntyre TOSSES Ziggler to a corner. McIntyre CHOPS Ziggler and he falls down! McIntyre drags Ziggler up to CHOP him again, dedicating that one to “Big Bob.” Ziggler kicks McIntyre in the leg, rakes his eye, then tags in Roode.

The Dawgs mug McIntyre, Roode bumps him off buckles, then climbs up to rain down fists. Roode shouts, “I’m BIG BOB!” then he hops down to CHOP! Roode whips corner to corner but McIntyre comes back to run him over! “I’m BIG D!” McIntyre dead lifts Roode to a suplex! Cover, TWO! McIntyre wrenches Roode’s arm, tags Big E in, and they mug Roode. Roode kicks back, rakes Big E’s eyes, then headlocks. Big E powers up and out, things speed up, Big E hurdles and CLOBBERS Roode! Big E BLASTS Ziggler off the apron, then drags Roode over to the apron to CLUB away on his chest! Fans fire up as Big E gets back up, for the APRON SPLASH only for Ziggler to save Roode!

Ziggler then aims and runs at Big E, but Big E turns Famouser into a TOSS into the timekeeper’s area! But Roode whips Big E into the steel steps! Fans boo and McIntyre coaches Big E up as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Roode bumps Big E off buckles. Tag to Ziggler and he stomps a mudhole in. The ref counts, Ziggler lets off to argue with him, and Roode chokes Big E! McIntyre protests but Ziggler dropkicks Big E down! Cover, TWO! Ziggler grows annoyed but he taunts Big E then wraps on a chinlock. Ziggler leans on the hold but Big E endures. Ziggler claws at Big E’s eyes, but Big E fights up to his feet! Big E reaches, walks towards his corner, but Ziggler rakes eyes again! Roode distracts the ref from seeing that, Ziggler hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler scrapes Big E’s face off ropes! The ref counts, Ziggler lets off and tags in Roode.

Roode whips Ziggler in for a SPLASH! Then Ziggler feeds Big E to Roode’s kick and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roode does push-up just to show off, then he drags Big E up to tag Ziggler. The Dawgs mug Big E, Ziggler rakes Big E’s eyes again, then climbs up in a corner. Ziggler rains down fists, stops at 7 because he says what happens here, and then he runs corner to corner, to SPLASH! Ziggler waits for Big E to stagger forward, but Big E TOSSES the satellite DDT away! Fans fire up as both men are down, hot tags to Roode and McIntyre! The Scottish Warrior rallies, whips and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Then he clinches Roode for another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Ziggler runs in but he gets an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! McIntyre dodges Roode to hit a NECKBREAKER! McIntyre kips up, fans fire up, and he corner clotheslines Ziggler for the INVERTED ALABAMA SLAM onto Roode! Fans fire up with McIntyre as he fireman’s carries Roode. Roode scrambles, fights free, and Ziggler goes after Big E! McIntyre and Big E avoid a collision but Ziggler trips Big E and Roode hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler tags in, GLORIOUS FAMOUSER!! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives but Ziggler coordinates with Roode. Tag to Roode, Ziggler whips Roode and Roode whips Ziggler, but McIntyre dodges the splash! GLASGOW KISS FOR ROODE!

Big E is back on the apron, McIntyre gives him the tag! Big E scoops Roode, for the BIG ENDING! Cover, Big E and McIntyre win!

Winners: Big E & Drew McIntyre, by pinfall

The WWE World Champion has belt and hand raised, but then McIntyre turns him around. The two stare down, but McIntyre offers a handshake. Big E takes it, and both men are fired up for Crown Jewel. But then Big E doesn’t let McIntyre leave first. They get even more fired up! McIntyre says Big E will never be him, but Big E says he doesn’t want to be. We will see who is the better man at Crown Jewel!


The Street Profits are fired up backstage.

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are back on Raw, and they’re gonna take it by storm again! It’s like deja vu, because they’re gonna put the division on notice! Ford is excited for Crown Jewel. Are you ready~, ready~, ready~? Live on the WWE Network and Peacock this Thursday. But the biggest match they’re watching is the Raw Tag Team Championships, the fan favorite odd couple, RKBRO VS the Phenomenal AJ Styles & the one who actually puts in the work, Omos! Yeah, Styles is like that kid in the group project who doesn’t do anything but still gets the A. Wait, Ford and Dawkins were “that guy.”

But they aren’t just asking, they’re demanding for the smoke! Wait, it is smoky in here. Styles and Omos walk in and Styles says they were bringing dignity back to the Raw Tag Division, then these two dorks had to show up. Omos says Raw is HIS house. Uh, their house. Styles’ name is there, too. But you’re looking at the next Raw Tag Team Champions. They’ll beat RKBRO at Crown Jewel, making those two a fleeting memory. They gone…! But hey, if the Profits aren’t too beat up from the Street Fight on SmackDown, not that anyone cares about SmackDown here on Monday Night Raw, and maybe if they put a hurting on RKBRO, they can be at the top of the list when facing the new champions, aka Omos & Styles.

Wow, top of the list? HAHAHAHAHAHA! No. They’ll be back to put the entire roster on notice. Because the Profits are up, and #WEWANTTHESMOKE! Bye. Styles points out how it’s weird that they are the Profits, not Prophets. Well, they have no idea what’s coming anyway.


Mansoor VS Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin!

Before going 1v1 with The Beacon at Crown Jewel to settle things from last week, the Star of Saudi Arabia shines on his own! Can he overcome PRIMED Alexander to be ready for Mustafa Ali?

Raw returns and The Hurt Business make their entrance. The bell rings, Mansoor and Alexander circle, and Alexander kicks low. Alexander headlocks, Mansoor tries to power out but Alexander holds tight. Mansoor rolls Alexander away, gets around to waistlock but Alexander bucks the O’Conner Roll. Mansoor wheelbarrows and victory rolls to a STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Mansoor CLUBS Alexander, wrenches and whips but Alexander holds ropes. Mansoor CHOPS, whips, but Alexander slides under to pump handle and EXPLODER! Alexander then gets Mansoor up, whips and scoops for a BACKBREAKER!

Mansoor crawls to a corner, Alexander storms over and climbs up to bark in Mansoor’s face while grinding forearms in. Alexander throws body shots, CLUBS Mansoor down, but Mansoor hits back. Alexander DECKS Mansoor and then rains down fists! Cover, TWO! Alexander stays on Mansoor with a rear bearhug and he leans his weight on Mansoor. Alexander drives in elbows, talks some trash, pulls hair and then has a chinlock to stretch Mansoor back. Mansoor endures, fights up as fans rally, and he pries the hold apart, only for Alexander to knee him in the back! Alexander throws body shots but Mansoor throws back elbows.

Alexander reels Mansoor in but Mansoor lands out of the back suplex to boot and ENZIGURI! Mansoor gets up, Alexander throws heavy body shots. Alexander whips, scoops but Mansoor tilt-o-whirls through for a REVERSE DDT! Mansoor fires up, Alexander gets to ropes and Mansoor runs, but Alexander puts him on the apron. Mansoor slingshots in for the NECKBREAKER! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

But here comes Mustafa Ali! “You’ve got to be kidding me. After everything I’ve done to you, you are still coming out here and smiling like some damn fanboy! Honestly, it’s pathetic.” But in Mansoor’s hometown, Ali will finally wipe that stupid smile off Mansoor’s face. And not just Mansoor! No, Ali will wipe the smile off everyone’s face that supports Mansoor. Mansoor tells Ali, “For once in your life, shut the hell up!” Mansoor wants Ali to listen to him now! “I said look at me, you piece of trash!” Mansoor doesn’t have a smile on his face right now. But at Crown Jewel, Mansoor will be grinning ear to ear when he beats Ali senseless!

This Thursday, Mansoor proves to the world that Ali is nothing more than just a pathetic, cowardly excuse for a man! Mansoor then makes it even more clear in Arabic! Ali is stunned to see this fire in Mansoor! Will the Beacon burn in the light of the Star of Saudi Arabia?


Raw holds a dual interview via video with Goldberg and Bobby Lashley.

Separated for obvious reasons, Corey Graves thanks both men for being here tonight. Starting with Goldberg, we heard Lashley’s response to Goldberg’s threats. Goldberg says those weren’t threats. Threats are what someone might do. Goldberg will do what he said he’d do: beat Lashley within an inch of his life, then finish the job. Lashley hops Goldberg realizes that not only is what he saying nonsense, but criminal. Threatening the life of a man on live TV? Lashley could call the authorities and have Goldberg arrested. But that is not how Lashley does business. Goldberg can run his mouth because nothing he says will become reality. Lashley is untouchable!

Lashley promises Crown Jewel goes the same was as SummerSlam, but Goldberg won’t have any family members to fight for him. And speaking of family, how does Goldberg’s son feel about the example his father is setting? Goldberg wants Lashley to choose his words wisely. The more Lashley talks about Goldberg’s family, the more Goldberg will make Lashley suffer. In 72 hours, Lashley’s ass is Goldberg’s, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Well Goldberg must not have been watching last week. You can’t kill the All Mighty! You can only hope to survive!

Lashley wants Goldberg to remember how he dropped to his knees, thanking the heavens for this match. Remember that Thursday when he’ll be begging for forgiveness. Is Lashley finished? And Lashley doesn’t believe his own crap, does he? Lashley says he’ll finish with this: before, Goldberg faced Lashley with restrictions; but No Holds Barred means there’s nothing to stop Lashley from ending Goldberg’s career! Lashley is done here. Goldberg corrects Lashley, and says they’ll be done at Crown Jewel. “Safe travels. Kill ya Thursday, Bobby!” Will either man survive when they can do just about anything to each other?


RKBRO talks backstage.

Matt Riddle is anticipating another great plan this week. He still can’t get over how Randy Orton suckered Omos & Styles during that match last week. Orton could win an Oscar, or even a Kids Choice Award! That was wild because Riddle wasn’t sure if Orton was coming out, but he knew deep down that Orton had a plan all along. For the love of God, Riddle, there was never a plan! Wow, totally believable, and totally Randy. Riddle says at Crown Jewel, they can table top Omos! Always works, dude. And what about The Profits? They say they want the smoke, so Riddle got a ton of ideas.

Orton says if Riddle wants to know the plan, with all his heart, then the plan is to go out and win! then at Crown Jewel, they will go to the ring and what? W-Win? YES. Now one question: Does Riddle want the smoke? Yeah! Then let’s go get it. Nice! The tag champions head out, but will they fire up on the way to Crown Jewel?

RKBRO VS The Street Profits!

Raw returns and the Profits make their entrance. The teams sort out and Riddle starts with Ford. Riddle says he wants the smoke, then he ties up with Ford. Riddle waistlocks, SLAMS Ford, and Ford calls to Dawkins! Riddle gets the ARMBAR, but Ford makes it a cover, TWO! Ford scrambles to ropes and Riddle resets. Fans chant for “R K BRO! R K BRO!” as Riddle and Ford circle. They tie up, Ford waistlocks to a headlock, and he grinds Riddle down. Riddle fights up, but Ford holds tight to the headlock. Riddle powers out, Ford goes up and over and handsprings to show off the agility. Ford mocks the Orton pose, then things speed up as Ford hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks!

Fans fire up as Ford brings Riddle over and tags Dawkins in. The Profits whip then dropkick Riddle down! Then the back suplex SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Dawkins swipes at Orton but he gets away. Tag to Ford, the Profits double suplex but Riddle slips out! Riddle dodges Dawkins, Orton trips Dawkins up and bumps him off the apron! Riddle dumps Ford out, then Riddle goes up and to the apron, PENALTY KICK for Dawkins! SPRINGBOARD FLOATING BRO takes Dawkins down! Ford FLIES in outta nowhere to take out RKBRO! Fans are fired up as all four men are down and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Orton has Ford with a chinlock. Dawkins coaches Ford and he fights up, throws elbows, but Orton knees low. Orton whips Ford to ropes but Ford jumps over for the sunset flip! TWO, and Orton CLOBBERS Ford with a clothesline! Orton tags Riddle in, Riddle gut wrenches Ford and spins around and around and around! Riddle stops at about a dozen rotations then suplexes Ford away! Ford sits up and tries to not see double, but Riddle covers, TWO! Riddle drags Ford up into a chinlock and grinds him down. Ford endures, fights up and throws elbows and body shots. Riddle ROCKS Ford with a forearm, reels him in, and gets him up, but Ford slips out to ENZIGURI!

Both men are down, fans fire up as they crawl, Riddle anchors Ford’s foot, but Ford still fights up to hot tag Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on RKBRO, whips but Riddle reverses, only for Dawkins to hurdle and flying back elbow! Dawkins runs at Riddle to CYCLONE SPLASH! Then he scoops, but Riddle fights the exploder off! Riddle kicks, into a T-BONE BELLY2BELLY! Dawkins gets Riddle up, THE SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives the twisting butterfly but Dawkins drags him back up. Scoop, but Riddle slips out to ripcord FINAL FLASH! Dawkins staggers, Ford tags in. Hot tag to Orton, and The Viper rallies on Ford! Orton dodges Ford to POWERSLAM!

Ford flounders and writhes to the apron but Orton has him through ropes! Orton blows a big kiss to the fans before the DRAPING DDT! Fans fire up with Orton as he hears voices in his head! Ford slowly rises, but Styles & Omos make their entrance. Wait, just Omos? Styles sets up, springboard for the PHENOMENAL FOREARM!

Winners: RKBRO, by disqualification

Omos CLOBBERS Dawkins, then choke grips Riddle for an APRON CHOKE SLAM! Styles has Omos get in the ring with him, and Styles feeds Ford to Omos’ fireman’s carry! Gorilla press for a MOUNTAIN TOP DROP! Styles talks trash right to Orton’s face, “Did you see it coming?!” Omos then waits for Orton to stand back up, and he gives him a COLOSSAL ROUNDHOUSE! The Phenomenal One and the Mountain of a Man are standing tall, but will they be win big at Crown Jewel?


Queen’s Crown Semifinals: Shayna Baszler VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven!

The Queen of Spades got to bully Naomi on SmackDown, now she looks to make someone else #TapNapOrSnap. But will she get #DouDROPPED this close to the throne?

Raw returns and Piper makes her entrance. The bell rings and wait, here comes Zelina Vega! La Muneca is here in person to see who meets her in the finals. She even puts the crown on as if it’s hers! Shayna and Piper focus on each other as they circle and tie up. They’re in a deadlock but then Piper powers Shayna to a corner! Piper lets off and Shayna comes back. Shayna gets around, KICKS a leg, but Piper stays up. Shayna KICKS the leg more, then keeps away from Piper’s grip. They tie up, Piper TOSSES Shayna, and then storms up to her to grapple again. Shayna KICKS away on the leg and she has Piper down! Vega pretends to be concerned as Shayna runs, but into a SAIDO!

Piper hobbles up, Shayna is in a corner, and Piper runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Piper snarls, drags Shayna up and reels her in, to scoop and- NO! Shayna slips out to a KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Piper endures, Shayna squeezes tight, but Piper RAMS Shayna into buckles! Shayna holds on but Piper throws her down! Piper runs and BASEMENT FLOPS! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Piper is caught, she’s fading, tries to fight up, but Shayna just holds on tighter! Piper gets up again, pries at the legs and makes this a cover! PIPER WINS!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall (advances to Crown Jewel)

Piper snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! Vega is pleased, mostly because she doesn’t have to worry about the dangerous Baszler. She and Piper stare down on stage, but who will be the one returning to the US with the crown and cape?


Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. talk with Bianca Belair backstage.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions want to wish the EST good luck against Charlotte Flair, and they officially welcome her to Raw with a baseball cap. Let them know if she needs any BOOM, ZAP and KAPOW! Rhea says that’s Nikki way of saying, “Welcome to Raw.” Bianca says there is nothing or no one that will get in her way of giving Charlotte a proper farewell. They like the sound of that. Bianca says she’s got this, though the hat and the ponytail don’t really work together. But will Bianca be wearing the Raw belt soon enough?


Finn Balor VS Mace!

The Prince is here to show Raw what’s in store! Will he use the menacing Mace as a tune-up for Woods and the King of the Ring finals?

Raw returns and Woods has returned to sit on the throne and show Balor what’s coming. Mace makes his entrance and the bell rings. They tie up, Balor wrenches but Mace shoves him away to knee hard and low! Mace runs, slides and comes back to CLOBBER Balor with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Mace clamps on with a neck wrench and he grinds Balor down. Balor fights up but Mace knees low! Mace puts Balor into a corner, Balor BOOTS him back! Balor throws forearms, goes for legs but Mace CLUBS him down! Mace drags Balor up to throw hands in the corner! Mace then runs, slides and comes back to back elbow hard!

Mace brings Balor up, whips him corner to corner and runs in, but Balor dodges and runs, only to run into a SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mace snarls but he drags Balor up and clamps on a claw into the shoulder. Fans rally up for Balor as he fights up and KICKS a leg. Balor tries for a takedown but Mace gut wrenches him up. Balor slips out, trips Mace up and DOUBLE STOMPS him down! Mace gets up and fireman’s carries but Balor slips out to an ELBOW DROP DDT! Fans fire up as Balor aims and runs, SLINGBLADE! Balor aims again, SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Mace hits buckles, flops into the drop zone and Balor goes up top! COUP DE GRACE! Cover, Balor wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Woods cheers Balor, and Balor stares him down as he walks up the ramp. Woods says that crown is his, then points the scepter at Balor. Balor grabs it to yank Woods off the throne! Kofi comes out to back Woods up and keep the peace. Will the Prince become a king? Or will even Finn have to say, “All Hail King Woods?”


John Morrison is meditating again.

The Viking Raiders ask him, “In the name of Ragnar,” what he’s doing? Morrison says he is on a spiritual journey to find his chi, the mystical force at the center of all life. He is so close! What happens after that? If he captures this chi, will it help him to raid? Maybe. But the ultimate purpose of his journey is to share his inner most thoughts with the universe. What good is it if it’s not to raid? Erik & Ivar leave so Morrison can go back to meditating.


Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair!

The Queen claims conspiracy and bias, but The EST says this is just what they both deserve. Will Bianca be going into Crown Jewel on the precipice of becoming a double champion? Or will Charlotte complicate the title scene by keeping this title as she goes to SmackDown?

Raw returns and Charlotte makes her entrance. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the landscape of the WWE Women’s Division will be shaped right here and now!

Bianca dares Charlotte to bring it and fans rally up. Bianca and Charlotte slowly approach, tie up, and Bianca powers Charlotte back. Charlotte gets around to a waistlock and SLAM, but Bianca gets up to switch and SLAM Charlotte! Charlotte stands, elbows out, then runs, but Bianca runs and dropkicks cancel out! They both kip up and fans fire up! Charlotte oddly offers a handshake, but Bianca doesn’t trust it. Charlotte kicks low and whips Bianca to a corner, but Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to the other corner. Bianca says kiss this, then she jumps over Charlotte to RAM her in the corner! Bianca digs her shoulder in, backs off, but Charlotte knees her away!

Charlotte storms up, puts Bianca in a corner and stomps a mudhole into her! The ref counts, Charlotte lets off to whip corner to corner but Bianca reverses. Charlotte goes up and out but Bianca dropkicks her down! Bianca wants Charlotte to get back in, then she handsprings at her. But Charlotte trips Bianca up, drags her out and TOSSES her over the announce desk! Charlotte soaks up the cheers and jeers from Sacramento as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Charlotte goes to bump Bianca off buckles, but she blocks to bump Charlotte instead! Bianca scoops and SLAMS, then runs to handspring, only for Charlotte to sweep the arms! Charlotte CHOPS Bianca, then CHOPS her again! Charlotte brings Bianca around to back suplex! And kip up! Fans duel between “WOO and “E S T!” as Charlotte handsprings! But Bianca gets her knees up! Charlotte pays for trying to copy Bianca, and Bianca fires up to dropkick Charlotte down! Bianca handsprings to MOONSAULT! Bianca stomps and kicks Charlotte around, then spins Charlotte for a stalling suplex! Bianca holds Charlotte up for 10 before she drops her down! Cover, TWO!

Bianca keeps her cool as she stomps Charlotte. Bianca runs to SPLASH onto knees! Charlotte rolls Bianca up, TWO and Charlotte shows her own power as she deadlifts to a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Charlotte grows frustrated as Bianca survives, and she drags Bianca to a drop zone. Charlotte steps on Bianca as she goes to the corner and climbs up. MOONSAULT! Bianca moves, but Charlotte STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte is beside herself as Bianca survives that double take, but fans know “This is Awesome!” Charlotte, grabs at Bianca but Bianca drags her to a ghost pin, TWO! Bianca gets around, scoops but Charlotte slips out to shove!

Bianca dodges to SPINEBUSTER! Charlotte scrambles to get out before the cover! Charlotte is frustrated but Bianca fetches her and bumps her off the apron. Bianca puts Charlotte in the ring but Charlotte slips out the side. Bianca watches as Charlotte paces around the way. Bianca goes out after her again and kicks ow. They scrap right by the barriers and the announce desk! Bianca TOSSES Charlotte over the desk in return for earlier! Bianca refreshes the count and tells Charlotte to kiss this again as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again as Charlotte whips and CHOPS Bianca off her feet! Bianca gets up with a scowl on her face and throws hands but Charlotte clubs and hammers away on her! Charlotte lets off, whips but Bianca holds ropes to kick back. Bianca then chicken wings the arms and gets Charlotte up, but Charlotte victory rolls! Bianca sits on it, TWO! Bianca dodges the boot once but the BOOT comes back! Cover, TWO! Charlotte is a little frustrated, but she sees Bianca on the apron. Charlotte drags Bianca up, Bianca fights the suplex nd tries to suplex back. Charlotte fights that, stomps Bianca’s feet and wrenches, but Bianca ROCKS her with a forearm!

Bianca climbs up the corner, Charlotte DECKS her to the floor! Charlotte goes to the apron, climbs the corner herself, and fans fire up as she SUPER MOONSAULTS! Direct hit at the ramp and Charlotte fires up! Fans fire up, too, and she puts Bianca into the ring. Charlotte stalks Bianca, runs in and NATURAL- NO! Bianca slips out to backslide! TWO!! Bianca dodges again, and swings her hair! Charlotte dodges that but Bianca dodges the boot, to chicken wing and GlamEST Slam! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Bianca is beside herself! Charlotte goes to a corner, Bianca is after her and torture racks! But Charlotte holds the ropes for dear life!

Bianca puts Charlotte on the apron but Charlotte HOTSHOTS back! Slingshot and roll up but Bianca slips through! Bianca scoops, Charlotte sips off, Bianca bucks the O’Conner Roll! They both run, Charlotte SPEARS!! Cover, TWO!!! Bianca survives and no one can believe it! Charlotte scowls and drags Bianca around by her ponytail! The ref reprimands, Charlotte stops but she has Bianca in a drop zone. Charlotte goes back up the corner, saying she is the champion! She reaches the top, to MOONSAULT! Bianca dodges again and waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Bianca is shocked all over again! And Charlotte is laughing!

Bianca gets up, drags Charlotte over to a drop zone and stomps her. Bianca climbs now, but Charlotte trips her up! Charlotte climbs up but Bianca fights back! They struggle up top as Charlotte wants a superplex, but Bianca fires off! Charlotte drops down, comes back and climbs up, but Bianca catches her for a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! High stack, TWO!?! Charlotte survives again and Sacramento is thunderous! Bianca sees Charlotte bail out of the ring, and she hurries to get her! Charlotte JAMS Bianca with a chair!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by disqualification (Charlotte Flair retains the title)

But Bianca DROPKICKS Charlotte, then SMACKS her with the chair in return! The EST stands tall but she doesn’t get the gold! Will she be able to make up for that at Crown Jewel?

My Thoughts:


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Andrew’s G1 Climax 31 Day 17 Results & Match Ratings: 10.18.2021

A Block Finals Day! My pick has been Shingo and he’s still got a shot! Who wins A Block!?



A Block Finals Day! My pick has been Shingo and he’s still got a shot! Who wins A Block!?

Alright let’s assess my quick and dirty math on how the top guys can win and get on with the show!

  • Kota Ibushi vs KENTA: Is probably the main event looking at the shake out.
  • For Ibushi to win Block: If Shingo wins, Ibushi needs to win and ZSJ needs to lose or draw.
  • For KENTA to win Block: If Shingo loses & Zack wins, KENTA needs to win. If Zack loses and Shingo Draws, KENTA needs to win.
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano: This will either be right before or right after Intermission probably. Ishii doesn’t really have an angle to win the Block because he lost to both KENTA and Ibushi. I suppose if we go with Suzuki’s old comment of both getting struck by lightning and Ishii wins, then there might be some math there. But Ishii is out regardless of Kevin Kelly’s sus arithmetic.
  • Shingo Takagi vs Yujiro Takahashi: For Shingo to win the Block: He needs to win, Ibushi needs to Lose or Draw, ZSJ needs to Lose or Draw, KENTA is a non-factor because of tie breaker.
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa: For ZSJ to win Block: He needs to win and KENTA needs to Draw or Lose. ZSJ has tie breakers over everyone else.
  • So KENTA is really the biggest factor on this final day. If KENTA can beat Ibushi that opens things up to however the rest of the day shook out. This is shaping up to be interesting.

Now on to the A Block Finals!


  • Great-O-Khan vs Satoshi Kojima: O-Khan wins via Eliminator @10:25 – ** ½
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano: Yano wins via Blackslide @11:08 – **
  • Yujiro Takahashi w/Pieter vs Shingo Takagi: DOUBLE COUNT OUT / DRAW @13:36 – ***
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa: Loa wins via Deep Cradle @17:31 – *** ½
  • Kota Ibushi vs KENTA: Ibushi wins via Kamigoye @26:16 – *** ¾



Great-O-Khan vs Satoshi Kojima

Because of Naito’s injury, we are all used to a non-tournament match during A Block. But the fun part here is that O-Khan and Kojima do have a little history this year when the United Empire went against TenCozy.

O-Khan dominates early but Kojima fires up with a Lariat and turns it into an Apron Piledriver, so the great leader of Bread Club is finally starting to put things together. Since O-Khan’s points are counted for, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima pulls out an upset here. It would be nice for a non-tournament upset, which could also give Kojima an entrance into next year’s G1 as his swan song.

A few close flashes with calls to the Cozy Lariat, his statue lariat and the crowd rallied behind Kojima…but O-Khan doesn’t fall to a non-G1 participant. One Eliminator later and the replacement matches go 8-0 in favor of the tournament wrestlers. It would’ve been much better if there was a surprised upset or two.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano

Yano tries an early sneak attack using the gimmick bag, an extra t-shirt, a few interesting little things. Ishii does his best to fight through the Yano Sublime Master Thief shenanigans but eventually falls victim to a Low Blow into a Backslide.

There were a few interesting moments, but the usual Yano stuff of exposed buckles, Low Blow attempts, Roll Ups and Referee dancing.

Yujiro Takahashi w/Pieter vs Shingo Takagi

Yujiro goes for the attack as Shingo is coming to the ring, but Shingo quickly turns things around and starts murdering Yujiro. Shingo chucks Yujiro to the outside and Pieter tries to distract Shingo instead of the referee. Shingo is having none of Pieter’s coy feminine wiles, he asks her to move, she tries to act cuter and then Shingo brushes her to the side as Yujiro catches him with the pimp cane.

Shingo takes control back, but then Yujiro bites his hand in the classic Yujiro move. Yujiro goes for a Fisherman Buster, but Shingo bites Yujiro’s hand. The referee tries to admonish Shingo, but Shingo points out he wears a mouth guard, so it’s not a full bite. Shingo rallies the crowd, but Yujiro counters and impressively gets Shingo over for the Olympic Slam. It was impressive because Shingo was fighting/sandbagging but Yujiro was determined and it looked a little wonky, but Yuj did it. It’s always interesting when Yujiro puts in effort since he’s not a bad wrestler, just very indifferent.

Last of the Dragon is called for, but blocked. Yujiro goes for a kick, Shingo catches the foot and just pulls Yujiro into the Made in Japan/Last Falconry. Yujiro kicks out, powders to apron, Shingo charges but gets low bridged. The fight goes on out of the ring, but they break at 19 and Yujiro pulls Shingo back out. Noshigami attempt, Yujiro counters, into Pimp Juice, Shingo stops Yujiro, hits the Death Valley Driver on the outside. He tries to slide back in but Yujiro grabs the foot and won’t let go. DOUBLE COUNT OUT!

Shingo’s draw…technically still keeps him alive. If Kota and KENTA go to a no contest, and ZSJ loses, Shingo. If KENTA and Ibushi goes to a Draw…it should be a Triple Threat Match playoff for the Finals winner. Ibushi has the breaker over Shingo, Shingo has the breaker over KENTA, and KENTA would’ve drawn with Ibushi…so I feel like that would be a bonus triple threat match. Though I agree with Chris Charlton’s initial idea, most other tournaments a Double Count Out is counted as a loss for both men, but here it’s a Draw.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa

ZSJ comes out quick realizing he needs to win. Because if he wins he eliminates Shingo and is in a very good place to win the block. Loa reels a little early, and starts to slow things down with a few impactful power moves and Slams. Loa does a great job at keeping it simple to not give ZSJ many chances to catch him unaware or in an awkward position.

Zack has to fire up with a few quick counters tying Loa in the ropes with a Rear Naked Choke, running through, doing the Neck Twister and then taking a second to breathe. A small strike exchange that Zack has the advantage in, results in ZSJ trying to step up on the corner and do the Tornado DDT, but Loa catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex, followed by a Diving Headbutt. This becomes a much more back and forth match than anyone expected. Sabre tries a Crucifix pin, but Loa rolls and powers through, ZSJ stays attached in an Octopus but Loa reaches the ropes.

Big strike exchange, ZSJ throws everything, but Loa fires and for every 2 or 3 ZSJ strikes, Loa lands a Haymaker that sends the soy boy flying. Zack talks crap, baits Loa into attempting an Enzuigiri, dodges, then goes for the European Clutch. At 2, Loa slides him down, turns it around and sits back deep in a Cradle of his own. ZSJ can’t get out and gets beat! ZSJ is eliminated!

Kota Ibushi vs KENTA

After an early attempt by KENTA to win via a cheeky Count Out, which feels like it was the Bullet Club game plan all day. Ibushi beats that attempt, but then we get the KENTA style of this tournament where he cheats at opportune times and really only removes the turnbuckle pad.

Things play through well as Ibushi powers through the first chairshot, and then stops the next attack and takes the chair from him. Threatens it, but tosses it down and hits a Buzzsaw Kick. However, Ibushi was not above using furniture. He finds a table and we get an interesting moment. He lays out KENTA, puts KENTA on the table, and then one set of legs folds, so it’s awkwardly angled. Ibushi doesn’t care, adjusts his trajectory and pulls off more of a Stuka Splash which just looks rough cause it’s sandwiched almost totally against the guardrail.

We get back in the ring and KENTA lands a flush overhand right, and the aggression appears. We continue to see flashes of NOAH KENTA with the Bullet Club/WWE sprinkles. Green Killer, Diving Lariat and a Double Footstomp put KENTA in the driver’s seat. A fun thread was when KENTA finally drives Ibushi into the exposed turnbuckle, but Ibushi does something no one else has done, and that’s kick out. So KENTA is shocked and starts trying to put more together, but he can’t land Go 2 Sleep.

Ibushi catches the knee, V Trigger, Reverse Kamigoye, and followed with the exposed knee Kamigoye for the win. Conceptually good, execution was a little lacking.

Meme credit to Mathew Sarpraicone

Overall Score: 7.75/10

Well look at that, Kota Ibushi makes history as the first person in G1 history to make 4 consecutive Finals. I’m not happy since that means my pick of Shingo Takagi came just short in second place. I am however happy to see tweets about this match claiming that even Japanese fans are getting tired of Ibushi.

Even though the match was good and the night was generally interesting, I feel running back Ibushi again is boring and lazy booking. Especially since he already has a win over the champion, so he doesn’t need the G1 briefcase for a shot. So he’ll probably lose to Cobb or Okada…and given the two options…Okada makes the most sense. A redemption seeking Rainmaker would draw a crowd for Wrestle Kingdom far more than tweener Gaijin.

Here’s the final standings!

Meme Credit to AJ Balaz

A Block:

  1. Kota Ibushi/ 7-2/ 14 Points – Winner
  2. Shingo Takagi/ 6-2-1 / 13 Points – Eliminated
  3. Zack Sabre Jr/ 6-3 / 12 Points – Eliminated
  4. KENTA/ 6-3/ 12 Points – Eliminated
  5. Toru Yano/ 5-4/ 10 Points – Eliminated
  6. Tomohiro Ishii/ 5-4/ 10 Points – Eliminated
  7. Great-O-Khan/ 4-5 / 8 Points – Eliminated
  8. Tanga Loa/ 3-6/ 6 Points – Eliminated
  9. Yujiro Takahashi/ 2-6-1 / 5 Points – Eliminated
  10. Tetsuya Naito/ 0-9/ 0 Points (Eliminated Injury)

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