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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (2/7/20)

SmackDown, WHO’S NEXT?!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

Goldberg returns to SmackDown!

And tonight, we will all learn who’s next for the WWE Hall of Fame Universal Champion as we head for Super Showdown!



  • The Usos VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; The Usos win.
  • Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn VS Elias; Elias wins.
  • Daniel Bryan VS Heath Slater; Bryan wins.
  • Sheamus VS Apollo Crews; Sheamus wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Naomi VS Carmella VS Dana Brooke VS Alexa Bliss; Carmella wins and will challenge Bayley for the title.


SmackDown opens with The Miz and John Morrison!

The dynamic duo of the A-Lister and Guru of Greatness are also #1 contenders to the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! And as they prepare for Super Showdown, the two go to the ring to take their seats. Morrison and Miz introduce themselves, and Miz seems to stick with the ol’ “Chick Magnet.” Well considering he has a wife and two daughters, it doesn’t really matter. But welcome to the return of… The Dirt Sheet! “In honor of the return of the Dirt Sheet,” as well as the Academy Awards and Super Showdown, this edition reveals the brand new blockbuster! This will win Oscars, Golden Globes and Slammies! “Once Upon a Time in Dirt Sheet!”

Miz and Morrison pull up, meet with Papa Miz, and hear about the sensational Kofi Kingston. Morrison and Miz are of course Brad Pitt and DiCaprio, working to get back on top. “Welcome to Slam Town, Bruce.” He’s the Miz and he’s awesome. “Don’t you forget it.” Coming soon at Super Showdown: NEW Tag Team Champions. “Oscar worthy? Maybe. SmackDown Tag Team Champion worthy? Definitely!” Well everyone wants to hang out with the cool kids now, but it’d mean more if it was coming from The Academy. But AWWWW~ San Jose~! Clap for the New Day, and FEEL~, the POWER~! Big E and Kofi head on out, with popcorn instead of pancakes! Wait, there are pancakes behind the belts.

“Wow! That was amazing!” What a great trailer! Big E agrees. It had action, one of the greatest athletes to grace the WWE ring in Mr. Miz. Papa had that stance, man! And an Easter egg for everyone: Kofi is Mr. Miz’s favorite superstar. Yes! Papa likes Kofi more than he does his own son! And there was drama, where Nelly- Wait, what? That wasn’t that trailer. Or sorry that was BET Uncut. And lastly, there was comedy! Because the fact Miz & Morrison think they’re winning, that’s Richard Pryor level comedy! Miz and Morrison fake laugh right back at the New Day. The New Day has no right to talk, because Miz & Morrison dominated the New Day! They beat ALL the other SmackDown tag teams for this opportunity!

Well, not every other team. The Usos say “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… WHOA.” Did they say Miz & Morrison beat who? Who who who? They didn’t beat the Usos! Friday Night Lockdown, boys! And now, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode appear! But during the entrances, Miz & Morrison attack The New Day! All that popcorn is wasted! The Usos back the New Day up but then Ziggler & Roode stand with Miz & Morrison. Jimmy & Jey will take on the GLORIOUS Show-Offs after things sort out during the break.


The Usos VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns as Ziggler starts with Jimmy Uso. They tie up and go around right away, and end up in a corner. The ref calls for a break but neither man lets go. Ziggler tags in Roode and they mug Jimmy. Roode CHOPS Jimmy then scrapes his laces. Roode bumps Jimmy off buckles then CHOPS again. He whips corner to corner but Jimmy goes up and over to CHOP back! And again! And again! Roode headlocks, Jimmy powers out but Roode runs him over. Things speed up and Jimmy uppercuts Roode HARD! Then he ROCKS Ziggler with the same! Jimmy drags Roode up to tag in Jey. Jey climbs to drop ax handles on the arm. Jey CHOPS Roode, too, then whips. Roode reverses but Ziggler swipes at Jey. Roode then LARIATS Jey down and covers, TWO!

Jey sits up but Roode stomps him back down. Tag to Ziggler and the Wolf King’s knights choke Jey at the ropes. The ref backs Ziggler off, but then Ziggler dropkick Jey down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Ziggler stands on Jey in the corner. The ref backs Ziggler off but Roode rakes Jey’s eyes! Ziggler drags Jey up and tags Roode. They mug Jey more, then Roode snapmares for a chinlock. Jey endures as Roode leans on him and grinds him down. Fans continue to rally and Jey reaches for his brother. But Roode CLUBS Jey down then tags Ziggler. Roode suplexes for a Gourd Buster, Ziggler adds a FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler hits Jimmy just because, but Jey rolls him up! TWO, and Ziggler drags Jey to the corner.

Tag to Roode, Ziggler whips Jey for Roode’s lift, GLORIOUS ZIGZAG!! Cover, Jimmy breaks it! Ziggler whips, Jimmy SUPERKICKS him down! Roode BOOTS Jimmy but blocks Jey’s kick. Jey hits the dragon whip enziguri! Jey flounders to a corner and climbs up top. Ziggler distracts and Roode shoves Jey way down! Jey crashes off barriers and the Usos are in trouble as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Roode-Dolph isolates Jey in their corner. Roode scrapes Jey’s eyes on the top rope! Then stomps a mudhole into him at the open corner. The ref backs Roode off, only for a moment as Roode grinds his foot into Jey. Fans boo but Roode-Dolph soak up the heat. Roode tags Ziggler in and Ziggler stalks up behind Jey. Ziggler drags Jey up to throw hands but Jey throws counter punches! Ziggler kicks Jey’s leg out and then drags him back to the corner. Tag to Roode and Roode stomps Jey down. Roode drags Jey up to then bump off buckles. Jey keeps fighting, throwing more hands! He powers Roode out of the ring and then heads for his corner! But Roode gets in and stomps Jey just feet away! Jimmy swipes at Roode, Jey slips under, hot tag!

Jimmy kicks Roode, then leaps for a crossbody! He rocks Ziggler then kicks and uppercuts Roode! Fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! Then one for Ziggler! Roode-Dolph end up in opposite corners, and fans fire up with Jimmy! Jimmy hits a hip attack on Ziggler! Then aims at Roode, only to get scooped for a slam! Cover, TWO! Roode grows frustrated but he says, “That’s it!” Fans boo as Roode winds it up… GLORIOUS~! The kick and the lift, but no DDT as Jimmy back drops Roode off! Ziggler tags in, to ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO!! Jimmy survives and Ziggler is shocked! San Jose rallies for Jimmy as he crawls to a corner, but Ziggler takes aim. Ziggler tunes up as Jimmy drags himself to his feet. Jimmy staggers but SUPERKICKS Ziggler!

SUPERKICK for Roode! Tag to Jey! Jey climbs, aims at Ziggler, USO SPLASH onto knees!! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Ziggler is shocked again! Tag to Roode, and the King’s court (jesters) drag Jey up. They double suplex but Jimmy saves Jey! Ziggler clotheslines Jimmy and himself out. Roode blocks a kick to waistlock, but Jimmy tags in. DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Fans fire up as Jimmy climbs up, USO SPLASH! Cover, The Usos win!

Winners: The Usos, by pinfall

It was quite the fight, but the Uso Penitentiary keeps Roode-Dolph on lock! Will Jimmy & Jey make a case as to why they should have a SmackDown Tag Team Championship opportunity?


Alexa Bliss prepares for her SmackDown Women’s Championship contenders match.

Nikki Cross helps her prepare, handing Alexa her glitter skeleton gloves. Alexa is confident she can beat Bayley in a title match. In fact, she did, right here in San Jose. But she has to get through Carmella, Dana and Naomi first. Well you don’t become the first-ever woman to have both Raw and SmackDown titles without having something twisted up your sleeve. Will the Goddess return to the summit? Or will another contender knock her aside for their own shot?

SmackDown relives last week’s main event.

In a Loser Eats Dog Food match, guess who was the loser? Not the Big Dog or his cousins, the Usos! Baron Corbin took the pin and was chained to the post! The Samoan Bloodline made sure Corbin got a feast of dog food! Corbin was mortified, but what will he do in response?

Speaking of Baron Corbin, he storms into the WWE production truck! He is infuriated that SmackDown replayed all that footage! But the guy was doing his job? Well let’s see him do his job now! Corbin drags the man and throws him down the stairs! The fans boo as Corbin bullies the guy, but security backs him off. Is the Wolf King only going to stoop to new lows now that he’s been humiliated?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in San Jose, strumming away on his guitar, and fans start clapping along. “San Jose, thank you very much!” Elias has a match with Cesaro and needs to know who has his back. So he has one question for them here tonight: “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” The Bay does! But before the match, Elias has a match so please clap along for “Third Time’s the Charm.”

“San Jose-” Cesaro interrupts the song! The Swiss Cyborg’s “Great Liberator,” Sami Zayn has a mic to “apologize.” Fans boo and he tells them to shut up. But it doesn’t feel good to be interrupted, huh? Like what Elias did to Sami last week! Fans boo harder but Elias says in case Sami wasn’t paying attention, “it’s a miracle if I don’t get interrupted.” Well it doesn’t matter when or why Elias gets interrupted, but it does matter when you interrupt Sami! And when you try to make a fool of Team Sami after Shinsuke was ROBBED of his Intercontinental Championship! Fans thought that was funny, huh? “YES!”

Well now the joke’s on you! Elias is going to pay, at the hands of Cesaro. Everything that happens tonight, Elias brought on himself. This match goes down after the break!


Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn VS Elias!

SmackDown returns as Cesaro has Elias in the corner. The ref backs Cesaro off but Cesaro stomps Elias down. Cesaro headlocks but Elias powers out. Things speed up, Cesaro blocks a hip toss to throw body shots and European Uppercuts! Cesaro whips, Elias reverses, and Elias back drops Cesaro high and hard! Elias keeps on Cesaro with a backbreaker! cover, TWO! Elias keeps his cook as he whips Cesaro to a corner. Cesaro reverses but Elias goes up to boot Cesaro back! Elias then hurries up top, but Sami gets on the apron! The ref tells Sami to get down but Elias is ready for Cesaro. Cesaro blocks a buckle bump to bump Elias off the post! Then BOOT him to the floor! Sami taunts Elias while Cesaro raises his hand up victoriously.

Fans boo Sami and the ref starts a ring count. Cesaro goes out to fetch Elias and also high-five Sami. Cesaro scoops Elias to snake eyes him on the barriers! Then he puts Elias in the ring to cover, TWO! Cesaro clamps on with a chinlock and grinds Elias down. Elias endures and fights his way up. Fans rally and Elias throws elbows. Elias is free and runs, but into a back drop from Cesaro! Cesaro runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Sami protests the count but Cesaro dead lifts and gut wrenches Elias! Cover, TWO! Sami flexes on behalf of Cesaro and says Elias brought this on himself. Elias gets to ropes, Cesaro chokes him! The ref counts but Cesaro backs off, and Sami gets a cheap shot in! Fans boo but Sami gets away with it.

Cesaro clamps on a chinlock and grinds Elias down again. Elias endures even as Sami shouts at him. Fans rally up and Elias stands to throw elbows. Elias is free and runs again to kick Cesaro this time. Cesaro shoves to get the chinlock back, but Elias hits a back suplex! Both men are down and San Jose rallies up! Elias is in the corner, Cesaro runs in but gets a boot! Elias runs out to KNEE Cesaro down! Cover, TWO!! Sami is relieved but Elias is up again. Elias heads for a corner and up top. Cesaro bumps ropes to trip Elias up! Cesaro climbs to join Elias now, but Elias holds on! Elias throws body shots and shoves Cesaro down. Then Elias adjusts, but Cesaro SHORYUKEN! Cesaro dead lift SUPERPLEXES Elias! Cover, TWO!! Sami is protesting again but Elias does survive.

Cesaro drags Elias up but Elias trips him up, jackknife cover! TWO, small package! TWO, and Elias runs, to get a POP-UP UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro grows frustrated as he has to stalk after Elias. He drags Elias back up and throws more EuroUppers! So many uppercuts! Elias CHOPS back! And again! Cesaro throws more EuroUppers! Fans boo but Elias throws hands! Elias backs Cesaro down to a corner and stomps away but the ref pulls him off. Elias LARIATS Cesaro then scoops him for a slam! The Drifter heads up top once more, perhaps this is third time’s the charm! MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, Elias wins!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

The song title was a prophecy! Elias gets a big win on the Road to WrestleMania, but will he find himself on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


SmackDown returns, and Baron Corbin storms out to the ring.

Take a look at this crown! This means he is the King of the Ring, and he will NOT be silenced! This is HIS kingdom, and we should all BOW DOWN and LISTEN! Fans boo instead. “Last week was an abomination!” The Big Dog should’ve lost like the 49ers lost to Corbin’s Chiefs! Fans really don’t like that. Corbin says Roman should’ve been buried in dog food, but he can’t do anything without his “lap dogs,” the Usos. When are the Usos going to realize they’re carrying dead weight? If Roman is as tough as he is, he would’ve just fought Corbin 1v1 at the Royal Rumble. And then Corbin would’ve won that match, too, to also win the Men’s Royal Rumble, to then headline WrestleMania!

So as the king, Corbin wants… no, he deserves and DEMANDS one more match with Roman! Corbin is the king of SmackDown, so he will not let this show continue until he gets Roman in the ring. Fans boo and Corbin mocks them. Fans laughed at him, didn’t they? They liked seeing him get humiliated, right? Corbin takes a fan’s drink and dumps it on him! Fans boo even more, but here comes ROMAN! He’s just dong as Corbin wanted, and now Corbin is panicking! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman throws Corbin into barriers, and that same fan splashes Corbin with a drink! Roman throws Corbin around more, then into steel steps! And again! Corbin flounders and Roman hits the Drive-By Dropkick!

Roman puts Corbin in the ring, also as Corbin wanted, but Corbin retreats! Fans boo but Roman gets himself a mic.”Hey, Corbin! That’s what I thought, coward.” Fans cheer as Roman says that if the cowardly king wants another match, he’s got it. And if it’s 1v1, fine. Tell the boys to stay home, because this will be a Steel Cage match! The Big Dog and the Wolf King are going to be locked in together, but who is the one that escapes in one piece?


SmackDown interviews Goldberg via video.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been at the center of many rumors lately. So simply put, “Who’s next?” To get to the point, Goldberg was watching the Royal Rumble with his son. It wasn’t just incredible, it was inspiring! It entertained, and got Goldberg thinking, and feeling that itch again. Lesnar has his hands full right now, but what about the Universal Champion? Everyone knows Goldberg’s time with that title was short, and he never got his rematch. So maybe this is a big mistake, but you don’t get anywhere playing it safe. Goldberg puts it out there-

“We interrupt this broadcast for an important message from Firefly Fun House New!” What?! Bray Wyatt is your news anchor and says, “Yowie wowie, and welcome to a special broadcast of Firefly Fun House News.” FFN has breaking news from SmackDown as one William Goldberg is considering challenging The Fiend for the Universal Championship. Silly Billy. That’s bad news for you! Because “he” accepts! Now, let’s go to Mercy the Buzzard with the weather. It’ll be a cold day in hell before The Fiend loses that title. Thank you, Mercy. But now, to Mr. Goldberg. You there, Bill? Bill? Hello? Goldberg isn’t playing along, intimidation doesn’t work on him. Well, then take his advice and-

No, the only thing Goldberg is taking from The Fiend/Bray Wyatt is that title! So Goldberg has news for you! The Fiend, Bray Wyatt… YOU’RE NEXT!! Goldberg is done with the interview, but Bray says that wasn’t very nice. “Let me in.” Bye! See you soon, Billy!


Daniel Bryan is watching backstage.

Just like everyone, Bryan saw that “FFN” broadcast. Heath Slater says hey to Bryan and asks how he’s been. That Goldberg-Wyatt stuff, the legend doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Goldberg should talk with Bryan about that stuff, right? The Fiend came after him, his family, his friends. No, Bray did that stuff to Miz. Oh, well, same difference, Miz got Bryan here. But Slater just wants to check on Bryan after what happened. Slater would not have chosen a strap match and get whipped like that. Then Bryan looked all helpless and tied up to that man. Why? He is crazy! And choosing that match was stupid. Goodness, man. You okay?

Bryan gets what Slater is saying. But how about this? Bryan VS Slater, tonight? Slater may’ve stuck his foot in his mouth, but is Bryan about to kick Slater’s teeth down his throat?


Daniel Bryan VS Heath Slater!

SmackDown returns and this match is happening! Is Bryan going to take out all his frustrations on the One Man Band?

The bell rings and Bryan dropkicks Slater in the corner! Then throws him out of the ring! Bryan builds speed to DIVE onto Slater! Slater goes flying over the announce desk, but Bryan puts him back in. Bryan climbs up and leaps to missile dropkick Slater down! Bryan kips up and fans fire up as he gives Slater furious Yes Kicks! Fans chant “YES! YES!” with every strike. BUZZSAW! Slater is down but Bryan won’t stop here. Bryan aims from the corner and joins in with the “YES! YES!” Slater stands, Bryan hits a KNEE PLUS! But that is not enough. DANIELSON STOMPS!! The ref backs Bryan off but Bryan is right back on Slater with more stomps! And then, the LeBelle Lock! Slater is OUT, Bryan wins!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by referee stoppage

Slater wasn’t even able to tap, that’s how badly Bryan beat him down. Is this the change that seems to happen in everyone after facing The Fiend?


BRAUN is here!

And the Monster Among Men is the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion after dethroning the King of Strong Style last week. Sami called that match a travesty, but it was a true triumph as Strowman now has his hands on his first singles title. Renee Young returns to SmackDown to introduce and interview Strowman in the ring. She asks Strowman how it is to #GetTheseHands around that gold? Fans cheer and chant, “You Deserve It!” for him, and he says that honestly, he’s getting chills. This is his greatest achievement in his career. He’s done a lot of amazing things, like winning the Greatest Royal Rumble and flipping ambulances and trucks. Hell, he won the Raw Tag Team Championships with an 8-year-old at WrestleMania.

But the one thing that Strowman hadn’t really done was hold a singles title over his head. Until now! Strowman holds the title over his head, only for Shinsuke Nakamura to appear! The former champion has Sami with him and Sami tells Strowman that while he’s sorry to cut the victory short, “your win was fraudulent.” Sami demands a rematch for Shinsuke. Well Strowman is going to cut Sami short because no one wants to listen to Sami again. Strowman is willing to fight any time, anywhere! And that’s including right here, in San Jose! Then okay! It’ll happen, just NOT in San Jose. Unlike Strowman, Sami and Shin think. They are going to be tactical, surgical, and use all their resources.

The Revival attack from behind!? The #TopGuys are helping Sami out as they beat down Strowman! Sami loves it as he and Shinsuke are in the ring. Shinsuke drags Strowman to a corner for Bad Vibrations! The Revival taunt Strowman as they stand side-by-side with Shinsuke. Strowman stands, The Revival whip Shinsuke in, to get DECKED! Strowman BOOTS and DECKS Dawson & Dash, then glares at Sami. Sami runs away but Strowman gives chase! Strowman runs over Dawson, then Dash, before grabbing Sami by his jacket! But Sami slips out of the jacket, gets in, KINSHASA! Nakamura knocks Strowman down, for ANOTHER KINSHASA! Shinsuke mocks Strowman’s roar as he leaves the Monster down and out. Will this be how the title rematch goes when the Monster and the Artist meet again?


Otis prepares for next week’s Valentine’s Friday SmackDown.

The Dozer has a date with his “sweet peach,” Mandy Rose, has has the date marked on his calendar. Tucker is going to help his buddy, and Otis really wants to impress Mandy. Prepare the montage! Otis works out to get into Valentine’s shape! Jump rope, pumping weights and even kegs, and doing sit-ups motivated by pizza! Tying a bow tie and trying on other outfits is part of the training, too. Sleeveless tux jacket is perfect! But also, Otis practices fine dining. Remember, Otis, the fork is your friend. But Otis stands up, and his gut alone tips the table. But he’s ready. Is Mandy?


Sheamus VS Apollo Crews!

The Celtic Warrior is 2-0 on Chad Gable, and now he’s on to bigger and better. Will Apollo measure up to Sheamus’ standards?

The bell rings and Sheamus kicks Apollo low. Sheamus reels Apollo in but Apollo dodges to throw hands. Apollo whips, Sheamus reverses but Apollo kicks and enziguris! Apollo runs into the corner, Sheamus dodges! BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

Well that was a short match. Er, a quick one. But Sheamus isn’t done here, because he aims at Apollo again. But here comes Shorty G! Gable chops away then ducks the Brogue! Gable gets the ankle but Sheamus knocks him away, to BROGUE on the return! The Fella just fell two men in one night! Will Sheamus continue to fight his way up to the big fight?


SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: Naomi VS Carmella VS Dana Brooke VS Alexa Bliss!

San Jose’s Bayley from the Bay wants to lead by example, but she needs someone to make an example out of to do that. Only Ms. Flex Appeal hasn’t had the title, will she finally make an impact? Or will a former champion have a second chance at the gold after tonight?

The bell rings and all four women stand off. Bayley watches from a comfy armchair as Carmella kicks Alexa and Dana goes after Naomi. Naomi turns things around on Dana but Dana pushes her away to then put her on the apron. Mella bumps Bliss on buckles as Naomi slingshots sunset flips Dana. Cover, TWO and Dana sits on Naomi, TWO! Mella rolls Dana, TWO, Alexa Oklahoma rolls Mella, TWO. The four stand off and fans cheer. Dana kicks Naomi then swings on Mella. Mella moonwalks away but into Alexa. Dana dropkicks Naomi and Alexa SLAPS Mella! Alexa puts Mella in a corner and stomps away. Dana runs in, handspring back elbow for Mella! Alexa ROCKS Dana then dropkick both her and Mella out. But then Naomi dropkicks Alexa out!

Naomi aims at all there as she slingshot tornillos! Bayley stands over all four women and holds her belt up. Naomi gets up and glares at Bayley. San Jose still supports their hometown hero, but Naomi shoves her down! Bayley is right up and after Naomi, which is fine because this is no disqualifications! Bayley cubs Naomi and throws her into steel steps! The champ just made her own impact as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once again and Dana climbs up. She aims at Mella in the drop zone and SWANTONS, to FLOP! Alexa adds on a basement DDT! Mella gives Alexa a Complete Shot! These three are down and Bayley watches closely. Naomi is still down from what Bayley did, but she’s still in this match. Alexa and Mella brawl, then Dana joins in. Noami kicks Mella then crossbodies Bliss and Brooke! She gets Mella with a hair-pulling facebuster! Alexa throws a hand but into a full nelson BOMB! Naomi dodges Dana for a springboard roundhouse! Cover, but Alexa breaks it!

Naomi and Alexa go after each other but Alexa throws Naomi out. Mella rolls Alexa up, TWO! Alexa ducks a kick to SLAP and ROCK Mella! Then knee drops for Insult, but no Injury as Dana lifts and POWERBOMBS! Shout out to Batista and a cover, Mella breaks it! Dana drags herself to a corner and Mella stomps a fabulous mudhole. Mella then moonwalks again, to run in for a Fabulous Bronco Buster! But Naomi grabs Mella for a corner bulldog! Naomi hops up, split-leg moonsault! Cover but Dana breaks it in time! Fans cheer as Naomi and Dana go after each other. “I’ve ahd enough of you!” Dana SLAPS Naomi then fireman’s carries. Naomi slips out to shove and duck, wheelbarrow STUNNER!

Dana ends up in a drop zone but Alexa dropkicks Naomi! Alexa brings Naomi up to put in a corner for mudehole stomps. The ref backs Alexa off but she drags Naomi out. Alexa clamps on but Naomi cradle counters! TWO, but Naomi quickly scoop slams Alexa down! Leg drop! Cover, TWO! Naomi drags Alexa up to put on the top rope, and then climbs up to join her. The two fight up top, but Naomi headbutts and forearms away on Alexa. Alexa blocks to fire forearms of her own! Alexa shoves Naomi down, hops down and covers, TWO! Naomi sits up and Alexa grabs her hair. Alexa brings Naomi up to club her down, then runs to SLAP! Cover, ONE, and Alexa complains to th ref. Naomi is up to elbow Alexa back!

Dana returns on the apron and Mella gets in the ring. Alexa is thrown into Mella, then Naomi grabs Dana to suplex and slam! Naomi runs for LEAPING split leg drop! Cover, TWO!! Naomi throws Dana out in frustration then goes after Alexa. Alexa sends her into buckles face first! But Naomi grabs Alexa in a headlock! She runs at the corner, but the bulldog is sent into buckles! Alexa throws Naomi down then climbs up top! TWISTED BLISS gets knees!! Naoim hits the REAR VIEW! Mella FABULOUS KICK! And again! Cover, Mella wins?!

Winner: Carmella, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship)

And Bayley PLANTS her! Former friends don’t matter to Bayley, this is HER SmackDown! The Princess of Staten Island will have to remember that as she heads for gold again.



My Thoughts:

This wasn’t quite the “Super SmackDown” episode of last week, but this was still a good episode. I don’t think we needed Sheamus squashing Apollo Crews and Chad Gable this week, make that something for next week, just because it was put in like an Erick Rowan squash right before the main event. The time given to that segment could’ve gone to another, such as the main event. Speaking of the main event, it was a good move that Carmella won the match and not Naomi. Naomi will wait for WrestleMania, so use Carmella or another to give Bayley a win along the road to that PPV. I would’ve liked if Dana Brooke got the win so she gets her shot, but Mella VS Bayley is a story that’s needs to be told.

I liked having The Dirt Sheet open, and that trailer parody was pretty well made. Let’s hope Miz & Morrison do more of these as their reunion goes on. Usos VS Roode-Dolph was a solid opening match, too, and I would love for Usos to be the first challenger for Miz & Morrison after Super Showdown, because I would think Miz & Morrison win those titles. If anything, WrestleMania needs to give us some huge tag title matches for both brands, especially SmackDown. While New Day has the titles now and Miz-Morrison are more than likely getting them next, SmackDown feels like third place out of three in tag team wrestling.

Elias had a good match with Cesaro, but Team Sami stands tall over Strowman as The Revival seem to join The Great Liberator. If Sami can help the #TopGuys stick around and get title shots, that’s a good move I suppose. Shinsuke VS Strowman is surely happening at Super Showdown, and I can’t be sure who wins it. Much like the United States Championship, I want the Intercontinental Championship to have a really great Elimination Chamber match. There are a lot of contenders on the roster, we need to see them all shine, and a Chamber match can do that.

Roman VS Corbin one more (hopefully last?) time in a Steel Cage match, huh? Cage matches are so cliche at this point, because it doesn’t keep Roode-Dolph from interfering at all. Well, unless they write in a ringside ban for those two. Only then can this finally be settled. Goldberg VS Fiend being announced and then Bryan taking his anger out on Slater, these surely will tie in together. Firefly Fun House News was funny, too. I would think The Fiend wins, but I’m thinking Bryan interferes so that Goldberg loses. Another thing that might happen for Elimination Chamber is a #1 Contender’s match to the Universal Championship, throwing in Bryan, Roman and others to at least make it seem like someone other than Roman might be stepping up.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/22/23)

Independence is Dynamite!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Dream matches, grudge matches, title matches, oh my!

The AEW World Tag Team Championships, Moxley VS Grayson, Hook VS Stokely under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS, and Kenny Omega VS El Hijo del Vikingo, all on one night!


  • Six Man Tag: Orange Cassidy, Darby Allin & Sting VS The Superbad Squad; win(s).
  • Toni Storm w/ The Outcasts VS Skye Blue; wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Gunns VS Top Flight; win(s) and
  • No Disqualifications: Hook VS Stokely Hathaway; wins.
  • Jon Moxley VS Stu Grayson; wins.
  • Kenny Omega VS El Hijo del Vikingo; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/21/23)

Time for a grudge match!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era


While Stand & Deliver is on the horizon, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh look to settle their NXT rivalry! Will the Czar trump the Irish Ace once and for all?


  • NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier: Tiffany Stratton VS Indi Hartwell; Tiffany wins and advances to the title match at Stand & Deliver.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS JD McDonagh; Double Disqualification Draw.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier: Lyra Valkyria VS Ivy Nile; Lyra wins and advances to the title match at Stand & Deliver.
  • The Great Debate: Chase U VS The Schism; Chase U wins.
  • Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Pretty Deadly; Bron & Melo win.


Pretty Deadly heads to the ring.

Kit Wilson & Elton Prince, the hosts of Stand & Deliver, are apparently just fine after getting thrown through a table last week. Elton has the mic to say, “Attention, attention. Quiet please. It is us, your hosts of Stand…” “And Deliver!” #YESBOY! And as their first official act as the hosts of Stand… and Deliver, they are officially wiping the footage of last week’s closing segment from the archives! You will no longer be able to view those “neckbearded mouth-breathing” Gallus boys cheat to win!

Nor will you see Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes jump them from behind to put them through a table! Elton already pretends to not know what happened. The gumption of those two! If not for the fact that these two are the hosts of Stand… and Deliver, those two wouldn’t even make it to Lala Land. Last week is history, today is a mystery. But let’s not get too far off the point. Let’s talk outfits for Stand… and Deliver! Now, hold on, talking about outfits, did you see those horrid ensembles both Melo and Bron were wearing last week? Main event talent, sure. But main event style? But wait, here come Trick Melo Gang!

Trick asks if his mic is working. It is. Good. Because he told the two bobbleheads to be quiet when grown-ups are talking. But Pretty Deadly interrupted so they had to get some “table service.” Melo says not to get it twisted. He was so dripped out, he left puddles! Talk about it. While Melo prepares for his biggest match ever, Pretty Deadly is standing here with his name in their mouths? In all fairness, Mr. Melo, Kit said it. Don’t try and be cute. HEY! They were born cute! They don’t have to try. HEY! Remember what Trick said about talking during grown folks business! We’re talking about the FUTURE NXT Champion! We don’t need that bad juju.

Trick figures Pretty Deadly shouldn’t talk the talk, but walk the walk. Um, hold on, there might be a break down in communication. They only speak the king’s English. But if they want to have a match, if Melo wants to jeopardize the main event of Stand…! And Deliver, then they ACCEPT! Good! Because tonight, the main event, Pretty Deadly VS the man, the myth and the legend, Carmelo Hayes, and his partner… BRON BREAKKER! Trick even tricks Melo there! But then Pretty Deadly attacks! They throw Trick out then mug Melo! But here comes BRON! Bron CLOBBERS Kit, DECKS Elton, and then TOSSES Kit! Elton runs in, he also gets TOSSED!

Bron trophy lifts Kit, and THRWOS him out onto Elton! Pretty Deadly has a pretty nasty landing, and the fans fire up! Bron offers Melo a hand, Melo takes it, and the two stand. Bron says nothing is gonna happen to Melo between now and Stand & Deliver. Melo scowls and takes his leave, but will the champion and challenger be able to stay civil on the Road to WrestleMania Weekend?


Trick and Melo regroup backstage.

Melo asks Trick what the heck, and Trick says he doesn’t know. That was all Trick Melo Gang, they didn’t need Bron. Bron wants Melo at his best, and he’ll get just that. And that means NEW NXT Champion, but he’s teaming with Bron now? Trick always has Melo’s back, right? Yeah, but Melo doesn’t wanna do that “Can they coexist?” crap! But Trick has Melo’s back. Melo needs to know Bron’s speed, flow and body control. Now he’ll have a front row seat. He’ll have the blueprint. Trick himself takes care of the conversation: “Thanks, Trick.” “You’re welcome, Melo.” And Pretty Deadly is easy money. Trick will make sure of that.

And at Stand & Deliver, the most important thing is still the most important thing. That’s all it is, and that’s all it’s gonna be.


NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier: Tiffany Stratton VS Indi Hartwell!

Daddy’s Little Rich Girl claimed she was going to Stand & Deliver even before Roxanne Perez retained the title against Meiko Satomura. But now with the title quite literally up in the air, will she take a spot in the ladder match? Or will #IndiWrestling finally have her moment in Hollywood?

The bell rings and fans rally behind Indi. Indi and Tiffany tie up, Indi headlocks, but Tiffany powers out. Indi runs Tiff over, covers, ONE! Indi wrenches an arm, RAMS shoulders, then wrenches again. Indi RAMS Tiff again, then YANKS the arm. Indi whips Tiff to a corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Tiff runs in to CLOBBER Indi! Cover, TWO! Tiffany is annoyed but she drags Indi up. Indi wrenches out, and short arm LARIATS right back! And then short arm LARIATS again! Tiff dodges the next one, kicks low and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Tiff stomps Indi and talks trash, but Indi hits back!

Tiffany CLUBS Indi, drags her up and whips her to a corner hard! Indi bounces off buckles and Tiffany taunts her more. Indi blocks the whip, blocks it again, and ROCKS Tiffany with forearms! Tiffany kicks low, whips Indi hard into another corner, then runs to handspring and back elbow! Tiffany runs, but Indi avoids the stomps! Roll-up, TWO! Indi stomps Tiffany, puts her through ropes, and then uppercuts, but misses! Tiff trips Indi, but Indi kicks her away. Indi goes to the apron but Tiff TRIPS her! Indi hits the apron, Tiff says this is HER world and we’re all just living in it. Fans boo as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Tiffany has Indi in a chinlock. Indi endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Tiffany comes back, but into a JAWBREAKER! Indi runs in but Tiff sends her to ropes! Tiff runs to HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Indi is still in this and Tiffany grows annoyed. Tiffany scoops but Indi slips off and waistlocks. Tiff runs to RAM Indi into buckles, then she DOUBLE STOMPS Indi down! Cover, TWO! Indi survives and fans rally up again. Tiffany drags Indi up, whips her to the corner, but Indi reverses. Tiffany goes up and over and handsprings, then comes back, but into Indi’s BIG back suplex!

Both women are down and fans rally back up. Indi and Tiffany crawl after each other, and Indi throws a forearm! Tiffany throws it back, but Indi throws another! They brawl as they stand up, Indi ROCKS and kicks and CLUBS and DECKS Tiffany! Fans fire up and Indi puts Tiffany through ropes to UPPERCUT and BOOT! Tiffany falls, Indi covers, TWO! Tiffany hangs tough but Indi runs in. Tiff dodges the boot to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Indi is still in this and Tiffany pounds the mat in frustration. Fans boo as she goes to the apron, and Tiffany springboards. Indi avoids the swanton! SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Indi is surprised Tiffany survives, but she hurries to bring Tiffany up. Tiffany RAMS Indi into the corner, but Indi ELBOWS her back. Indi goes up but Tiffany YANKS her down! Fireman’s carry, and ROLLING SENTON! BEST MOONSAULT WHATEVER! Cover, Tiffany wins!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by pinfall (advances to Stand & Deliver)

Love her or hate her, the spoiled rich girl backed up her big talk. She is now the third woman to compete in the ladder match, but just how many more participants is HBK going to add?


Gallus is at the bar again.

They have more pints, they’re playing more pool, and they’re happy to be past Pretty Deadly. It is still Gallus Boys On Top! Mark Coffey breaks, but in walk the Creed Brothers. Gallus, funny seeing you guys here. Uh, everyone knows where to find them, Brutus. They’re not hard to find. They fancy a game? Sure, Gallus can break. Alright. Two more pints for Gallus, and uh, two glasses of milk for the Creeds. Milk? C’mon! Brutus will have what they’re having, but Julius is already too wild sober. They play a game, and once again, Gallus dominates the green felt. Eight ball, corner pocket for the win.

Great game, lads. Well, 8 Ball was never their game. Now darts? BULL’S EYE. Well alright, Gallus will throw. And just as Julius said, he and Brutus dominate. They want another round? Yeah, best two outta three. Except that round goes to the Creeds, too. Well, Gallus never took the Creeds for a pair of archers. Hey, they work hard in the dojo, and play hard outside. Well, between pool and darts, that just means they’re tied, 1-1. And they could go all day,  but Julius has a better idea for the tiebreaker. Wolfgang and Mark know, too. Stand & Deliver, for the tag titles. No Pretty Deadly, no Indus Sher, the Creeds want the belts back.

Well, Gallus will gladly see them in LA, but the titles are staying with them. See you then. They all shake on it, then head out. Only for Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo to be waiting. Where’s everyone going? Next round’s on The Don. Because they have business to discuss. Stand & Deliver, that is. Really? Well, this is gonna be a long night. Everyone goes back inside the bar, will Tony and the Underboss get themselves a part in the Hollywood title picture?


Lyra Valkyria speaks.

As she runs up the stairs and through the halls of an abandoned building, she says, “Stand & Deliver, Los Angeles, get ready to soar.” But will she overcome her first obstacle here tonight?


Backstage interview with Gigi Dolin.

McKenzie Mitchell is with someone who has already qualified for the NXT Women’s Championship Ladder Match, and asks Gigi her feelings on the field so far. Gigi say sit is too early to judge. As sad as it is, if Roxie didn’t get hurt, this match wouldn’t be happening. Also, in regards to Jacy Jayne and her bad shoulder, sorry not sorry. Jacy tried to make Gigi’s life a living hell, so she can stay home and watch as Gigi climbs the ladder. The last time Gigi was in a ladder match, she won it. And she has been put through the wringer since. But mentally, no one has any idea. Gigi will do anything to-

Tiffany walks in to interrupt. She “loves” the confidence and all, but did you see her just win and get in that match? So Gigi and every other woman’s chances just went from “possible” to “absolutely screwed.” That title is Tiffany’s. Oh, another Tiffany Epiphany! Tiffany’s gonna win by climbing that ladder all the way to the tippy top! And she’ll love it. Tootles. Gigi makes a face, will Gigi slap that smug attitude right out of Tiffany come Stand & Deliver?


Wes Lee is in the ring.

“OOOH YO! Things have been absolutely crazy around here, right? And y’all have been enjoying these open challenges, correct?” Fans cheer and Wes says that’s good, because he has, too. But he constantly gets asked, “Why? Why are you doing it this way? Why continue to roll the dice? Eventually, your number’s gonna get called.” To Wes, he doesn’t wanna be a hypocrite. When he won this title at Halloween Havoc, it was his first shot at it. And he just knew he had to give it everything he had, because if he came up short, he doubted he’d ever get another shot. And now, as champion, he vows to give anyone the opportunity that was in that same position he was in.

Now, secondly, he knows he’s looking deep within himself, but he has a chip on his shoulder. He needs to prove not just to the world, but to himself, that he can and will compete against the best athletes in the world! That he deserves to carry the title! That he deserves to be our NXT North American Champion! Fans fire up for that, but Wes says many have seen a bit of this fire from that “creeper” vid of him and HBK. And HBK made it clear Wes had four spots for four superstars to compete against him at Stand & Deliver. But wait, here comes DRAGON LEE! Speaking of one of the best from around the world…!

Dragon Lee joins Wes Lee in the ring and has the mic. “Wow, wow, wow. Thank you, all. Nice to meet you, Wes.” Wes says it’s nice to meet him. Dragon says that he came to NXT for the same reason as Wes. But to Dragon, Wes IS the best. But y’know what? Dragon LOVES the chaos! And at Stand & Deliver in LA, Dragon wants to part of that challenge against Wes. Wes says this is what he loves. Wes has followed Dragon’s career from Mexico to Japan, and has wondered what’d it be like if the two of them tangled. And when Dragon signed with NXT, Wes thought it’d be like six to eight months before they got to.

But everyone knows Wes is impatient! So let’s make it official! Dragon gets the first spot! See you in LA! But wait, here comes the Irish Ace! JD McDonagh is going to face Dragunov later tonight, but he says, “Look what it is! Wes Lee, Dragon Lee, the Lees putting each other over. It’s funny you two are running your mouths about the best in the world, I’m backstage warming up. So Dragon, you’re new here, I’ll give you a pass this week. But I suggest you grab a chair, sit your ass front row, and watch a grandmaster at work when I dismantle Ilja Dragunov.” Fans boo but JD tells Wes, “What’s your excuse?”

Wes’ excuse? What’s gonna be JD’s excuse after Ilja rips him apart? Fans fire up for that! JD steps into the ring, and he says Wes should count himself lucky that JD hasn’t had his eyes on that title. Because if he had, not only would Wes not be standing here with it, he wouldn’t be standing at all. But wait! Here comes the Czar! JD is here, so Dragunov isn’t gonna wait! Time for the grudge match! Will either man be left standing after this one?


NXT Anonymous has another video.

Whoever they are, they watch as Indi storms backstage and takes her frustrations out on a trash can. Then she gets mad at Zoey for smirking. Indi asks, “What the hell are you looking at?” Zoey says, “Definitely not the next NXT Women’s Champion.” Zoey heads off, is this the end of the road for #IndiWrestling in NXT?


Kiana James watches in the locker room.

She says that was a pretty good line from Zoey. Fallon Henley then walks in and Kiana mocks Indi for not making it to Stand & Deliver. But they are, tag champ! Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre don’t stand a chance- Enough, Kiana. She knows what’s going on here. Fallon, don’t worry, Kiana isn’t worried about the singles title. No, not that! Sebastian! Kiana’s eyes go wide, but then she denies even recognizing that name. Save it, Kiana. Fallon was in your office. What?! How’d she even get past security!? Fallon says that doesn’t matter, she saw the flowers and the card. Card? What? PROOF! Kiana freaks out again!

How can Kiana even sleep at night, cheating on Jensen!? Fallon knew better than to trust Kiana! Now she’s gonna go tell Jensen. Oh, yes, go run to Brooks and tell him. That’ll screw up EVERYTHING before the biggest match in their careers! But Jensen is family! Kiana may not care about him, but Fallon does! Fallon storms off, what can Kiana do to stop the truth from getting out?


Ilja Dragunov VS JD McDonagh!

NXT returns and the bell rings. These two fire off forearms and fists right away! Dragon watches ringside just like JD wanted as Dragunov ROCKS him! JD rebounds to ROCK Dragunov, but Dragunov rebounds to ROCK JD! They keep going back and forth, then Dragunov BOOTS JD! JD roars as he stays up, but Dragunov ENZIGURIS him down! Now Dragunov roars and fans fire up! Dragunov KNEES JD in the side again and again, then drags him up to CLUB him on the back! Fans rally up for that, “ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!” and Dragunov CLUBS JD again! Dragunov then whips JD to a corner, runs in, but JD slips out!

Dragunov knees the buckles, and JD trips him to slingshot TORNILLO SPLASH! Dragon is impressed, but fans boo as JD throws down forearms. Dragunov gets away to a corner, but JD storms up to COHP! JD digs his knee into Dragunov, the ref counts, and JD lets off at 4. Fans boo but JD brings Dragunov up to short arm LARIAT! Dragunov flounders, JD covers, TWO! JD drags Dragunov up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Dragunov gets away to ropes but JD stomps him. JD drags Dragunov up to wrench, but Dragunov breaks free and trips JD! JD avoids the falling forearm, and the backhand! Dragunov avoids the headbutts!

The forearm start flying again, and both men DECK each other! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” and Dragon nods his respect. JD and Dragunov go forehead to forehead, and JD SLAPS! Dragunov SLAPS! It is a SLAP fight! Fans are thunderous again as the SLAPS keep going! JD swings, misses, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov drags JD back up, but JD throws elbows. Dragunov still GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans want that ‘ONE MORE TIME!” so Dragunov drags JD back up. JD fights the waistlock, pries it free to switch and shove, but Dragunov hits the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous again!

Dragunov drags JD to a cover, TWO! “This is Awesome!” as Dragunov stands back up. Dragunov runs in to KNEE JD in the corner, then puts him down. Dragunov goes up, KNEE DROP! Dragunov roars and goes back up top! But JD stands to ROCK Dragunov! And CHOP! JD climbs up, but Dragunov fights back with body shots! Dragunov HEADBUTTS JD away, then adjusts. JD comes back to grab hair! JD THROWS Dragunov off the top! Fans boo and JD brings Dragunov up to throw him into ropes! Dragunov flops out of the ring and fans boo more while NXT goes picture in picture.

JD grins as he watches Dragunov down on the floor. Dragunov sputters and stirs but JD goes out after him. JD drags Dragunov up for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Dragunov flounders away, JD hurries in, and he drops an AX HANDLE! Cover, TWO! JD kicks at Dragunov, but Dragunov eggs him on. JD stands Dragunov to ROCK him! Dragunov CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! But then his arm gives up! JD hits a BIG DDT!! Dragunov tumbles over his own head and neck! The ref checks him, he’s somehow okay to continue but he’s shaking. JD stands Dragunov up to whip him hard into the corner!

Dragunov falls to the mat, JD drags him to a cover, TWO! JD grows frustrated with Dragunov, and he clamps on a facelock. JD grinds Dragunov down, Dragunov fights up, and Dragunov pries free to wrench the arm. JD KNEES Dragunov low! Dragunov falls and clutches his gut, but JD stalks him to ropes. JD wrenches an arm, to hit an atomic BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Dragunov is still in this but JD keeps his focus. JD stomps Dragunov around, digs his boot in, and then gets the arm. JD steps through for a standing leg hook nelson! Dragunov endures as JD puts on more pressure, and NXT returns to single picture.

Fans rally, Dragunov bridges up against the hold, but JD just pushes him back down. JD straightens out the arm like an armbar, but Dragunov still fights. Dragunov has turned this into a STRETCH MUFFLER! Now JD endures and flails for the ROPEBREAK! Dragunov lets go at 4 and fans rally up. JD PENALTY KICKS Dragunov in the back! JD drags Dragunov up for Kawada Kicks! And then a SLAP! But Dragunov kips up, only for JD to duck the Pele! JD fires off more Kawada Kicks, but Dragunov HEADBUTTS! JD HEADBUTTS, but Dragunov kips up to PELE!! Fans are thunderous as both men are down again!

JD and Dragunov slowly rise, and fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” This has to end somehow, and Dragunov rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Dragunov puts JD in a corner to CHOP him! And then stalks him to another corner, to CHOP him! Dragunov shoves JD to a corner, JD ducks the chop to ELBOW back! But Dragunov stands up to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! JD pie faces Dragunov, but that just pisses Dragunov off! MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Dragunov stops but he brings JD in to waistlock and SIDE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! JD survives but Dragunov holds on!

“This is Awesome!” as Dragunov drags JD back up. JD fights to ropes, that HOTSHOTS Dragunov, and JD brings Dragunov in! POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! But JD holds on with a waistlock of his own. JD drags Dragunov up to GERMAN SUPLEX! JD still holds on, they stand again, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! JD lets go, and Dragunov just rises up! Dragunov swings, into another GERMAN SUPLEX! But Dragunov is up to ROUNDHOUSE JD down!! Fans give a standing ovation as both men fall! Dragunov staggers his way to a corner, and he shouts, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” TORPEDO- NO!! Takedown into body scissors!

Fans shout “NO! NO! NO!” but Dragunov fights the Irish Twister to rain down fists! JD kicks Dragunov away but Dragunov comes back, LEAPING FOREARM!!! Fans cheer “This is Wrestling!” as both men bail out. They SLAP and SLAP and SLAP! They both grab hair, and they tumble into Dragon Lee!! Dragon is pissed, but JD JABS him for the hell of it! Only for Dragunov to swing! JD dodges, the BACKHAND hits Dragon!! Dragon is FURIOUS, he fires hands on them both!!

Double Disqualification

Fans go nuts as we get a brawl between all three men! But then WES LEE FLIES IN!! The Cardiac Kid helps Dragon fight against Dragunov and JD! Refs rush in to stop this brawl, but fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Will the only way to settle any of this be at Stand & Deliver?


Trick Melo Gang finds Bron Breakker backstage.

Melo tells Bron that he and Trick didn’t need Bron to handle Pretty Deadly, or to be in the tag match with Pretty Deadly. This isn’t that “Can they coexist?” crap! Bron doesn’t want that, either! The Melo that Bron wants to face at Stand & Deliver is the best Melo. They said it last week that they have an opportunity to make something special happen at Stand & Deliver. So Bron isn’t gonna let two clowns, i.e. Pretty Deadly… Though, Trick Melo Gang, too… Screw it up. What’s Bron mean by that? Well, Trick is always up to something. Trick says he’s up to nothing. He just wanted Bron to share the ring with the future NXT Champion.

Oh, is that so? Melo has Bron leave Trick alone. Bron wants the best possible Stand & Deliver, and so does Melo. Then let’s finish this. Good. Big tag match tonight. Nice doing business with you. Trick Melo Gang leaves, but will they be leaving the arena in one piece?


Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie can tell Wes is riled up after that brawl. It seems chaos follows him everywhere. Wes admits, he threw himself to the fire on this one. But Ilja and JD will never be done with each other. But the last two weeks, JD has gotten in Wes’s face and Wes is sick and tired of it! So JD gets the second spot. And Ilja is Europe’s finest. The only way to put that to the test: he gets the third stop! So that leaves one spot left. Who will it be? Axiom walks in and says if there’s room for one more…

Wes knows Axiom wants this and he has been close so many times. But there are still so many others to consider. And Wes wants to give everyone a fair shot, sot he only way to do that, “the chaos continues. We’re about to have ourselves a battle royal, y’all! And the winner gets the fourth and final spot.” axiom says that’s fine. He just wanted a chance, and now he has it. Will the Undeniable Truth be undeniable in that chaotic Battle Royal next week?


Johnny Gargano is here!

Fans fire up for the Rebel Heart, as- Wait. That’s not Johnny Wrestling! That’s JAVIER BERNAL!! Big Body Javi just trolled everyone! “When that music hit, you all thought Johnny Gargano was coming out. But you were wrong! Hah! Just like I thought I was going to Stand & Deliver, the biggest event of the year. But I was wrong. And you know who’s to blame for that? JOHNNY GARGANO!” Johnny took Javi’s spot! Who the hell does Johnny think he is? He’s been gone for 6, 8, 10, 12 months! Has he not been watching NXT while he was away? Javi s the heart and soul of NXT! He has been busting his ass for seven YEARS! Well, no, months.

But what does Johnny have that Javi doesn’t? Johnny Wrestling? No, Big Body Javi is better! Javi would take himself over Gargano every day of the week! How many Christmas albums does Gargano have? NONE! And between the two of them, they’re Triple Crown Champion! *All Johnny. But HBK, Javi says you chose the wrong guy! Wait, here comes the REAL Johnny Wrestling! Fans fire up as Gargano goes right to the ring and he CLOBBERS Javi! Fans fire up more as Gargano TOSSES Javi out! Then RAMS him into barriers! And then RAMS him into steel steps! And then TOSSES him over the barriers!

Fans cheer on Johnny and he grabs himself a mic. “Grayson! Grayson! Grayson Waller! I know you’re somewhere around here, I know you’re listening. You wanna make things personal? You wanna raise the stakes? Let’s raise the stakes. In my hand is a contract for a type of match I know very, very, very well. April 1st, Stand & Deliver, Grayson Waller VS Johnny Gargano… in an UNSANCTIONED MATCH!! No rules! Anything goes! No one is liable for what I do to you. Grayson, all you have to do is come down here and sign it.” But Waller is here via tron. Fired up tonight, huh? Seems he feels better than when he was down and out on his own front lawn.

Waller gets it, Gargano is upset. But an Unsanctioned match? Does Gargano wanna embarrass himself on the biggest stage in NXT? That’s too far, even for Gargano. Not far enough! Come and sign this! Waller says if Gargano thinks he’s going down to that ring, he’s crazy. But Waller will let Gargano give that contract to Vic Joseph so Waller can sign it next week. And, it has to be on one condition: Gargano is BANNED from the building next week. If Waller whiffs even a bit of Gargano, he’s not signing and no one gets what they want. Gargano says if that gets Waller to do it, deal! Gargano gives Vic the contract to hold on to.

Gargano sees Javi get back up and in, and SUPERKICKS him down! Johnny Wrestling wants to unleash everything on Waller, but will he come to regret throwing away all the rules?


There is a moonlight ritual going on.

“There is more to us than you think. I appreciate the significance of my heritage, but I must carry the responsibility of progression. I will hold my people up, and lead the way forward.” Eddy Thorpe is ready to level up to NXT, next week!


Backstage interview with Ivy Nile.

McKenzie brings up how Tatum Paxley betrayed her last week, and can only imagine how devastated she must be. Ivy says she was surprised, just like everyone else. It took her a long time to trust someone like she did Tatum. She let her guard down, and got burned. Tatum is a little “out there,” so the rest of Diamond Mine let her do her. But they thought she was part of the team. So for Tatum to say they weren’t a team, that hurts. But tonight isn’t about Tatum. Tonight, Ivy has an opportunity. If she beats Lyra, Ivy goes to Stand & Deliver and possibly becomes NEW NXT Women’s Champion. Not even Tatum can ruin that.


Hank Walker speaks.

“Everyone’s journey is unique, and mine’s been one hell of a ride.” Security guard turned superstar, but he’s been an athlete his whole life, and was even a three-year starting offensive lineman at North Carolina State. But no sport could’ve prepared him for the WWE. There have been ups and downs, he’s made friends, found a mentor in Drew Gulak only to be abandoned by Drew Gulak. Gulak and Charlie Dempsey don’t see it. They say Hank’s not cut out for this, but he’s gonna work his ass off to prove them wrong. All he needs is himself, and all he needs to do is keep evolving. That is what NXT is all about.


Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey are watching.

Gulak mockingly calls that promo “cute.” Dempsey says that’s one way of putting it. Walker still lacks the killer instinct. Exactly! A teacher can only the door, but it is up to the student to see it through. That’s why Hank will be nothing more than “another nice guy.” The technicians have a laugh, but will Hank prove them all wrong?


NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier: Lyra Valkyria VS Ivy Nile!

The Morrigan and the Diamond Pitbull are going to fight tooth and nail to take that fourth spot in the ladder match! Will Lyra fly higher than the mountains to get that golden ticket? Or will Ivy move mountains to go to Hollywood?

NXT returns and Lyra makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and Lyra wrangles Ivy down then Oklahoma Rolls and turns it into an O’Conner Roll! TWO, and Lyra hurries up to go after a leg. Ivy blocks, facelocks, rolls and steps over to flip Lyra over! Cover, ONE! Ivy keeps on the arm but Lyra rolls free. Ivy TACKLES Lyra, drags her back, but Lyra rolls to her feet. Lyra trips Ivy, has a toehold, but Ivy pries her down to an ARMBAR! Lyra clasps hands, Ivy stomps her! They get up, Lyra headbutts low! And KICKS! Ivy grits her teeth but Lyra tells her she’s not gonna stand in her way. Ivy just KICKS Lyra back!

Ivy eggs Lyra on, so Lyra KICKS! Ivy KICKS back, but Lyra scowls. DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES bring both women down! Fans fire up and we see Tatum watching backstage. Ivy gets a leg, Lyra blocks to hook the arms but Ivy fights the backslide! Ivy spins around, gut wrenches Lyra to SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ivy keeps cool, and she kicks, but Lyra ducks to kip up and ENZIGURI! Fans fire up and Lyra roars! SOBAT! Front kick! HEADBUTT! BOOT! Lyra then reels Ivy in, but Ivy blocks the lift! Ivy facelocks, to snap suplex! Fans rally up, Ivy runs in to CALF KICK her to a corner! Then DIAMOND DRAGON!!

Lyra flails, climbs the corner and goes up and over! GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans rally up again, Lyra HEEL KICKS Ivy down! Cover, Lyra wins!!

Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall (advances to Stand & Deliver)

The Morrigan breaks through Diamond Mine’s female titan, and now she is going to Stand & Deliver! But will she reach the highest point in the NXT Women’s Division by becoming champion?


Fallon Henley looks for Jensen.

But as she looks, Isla Dawn’s laugh echoes through the hall, and there’s a flash of lightning and crack of thunder! And Alba Fyre CLOBBERS her! Fyre & Dawn mug Fallon and mockingly ask where her friend went. But Kiana runs in to fire off on them! The champs fight back against their challengers, refs rush in but Fallon sends Fyre into the wall! Isla talks trash on Kiana, she and Fyre slip away. Kiana and Fallon regroup, and Kiana says that she can’t tell Jensen. Kiana has to be the one. Fallon agrees to that. Will Kiana let Jensen down gently? Will the team be able to stick together against the Wicked Witches of NXT?


NXT Media catches Wes Lee on his way out.

They ask him who he thinks will win next week’s battle royal. Wes says he doesn’t think you can predict something like that. Just sit back, relax, and watch as it unfolds. Just like he plans on doing, and just like he knows all the fans will do. But then Jinder Mahal walks over to say he will see Wes at Stand & Deliver. And then Dijak walks over to say, “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.” And then Dabba-Kato walks up with a big smile. There is no one that will stop him in this battle royal. Wes can’t even. But three of the biggest and baddest are throwing their names into the hat, will any of those giants be the winner?


It’s the NXT Great Debate!

Blake Howard welcomes us as this debate’s mediator, as the crowd is clearly divided between Chase U students and Schism loyalists. These two groups argue they have the better teaching method here in NXT. First up, Rip Fowler and Duke Hudson. “How has your group approached the topic of inclusion?” The first turn goes to Rip. Rip says “Togetherness has always been the founding principle of The Schism. Whilst others hide behind their masks, we have removed ours and prospered together. Duke Hudson, Ava presented you with a gift. An opportunity to remove your mask of phony school spirit, and the Schism will welcome you with open arms.”

Duke’s rebuttal: “Um… Yeah. I mean, Ava did give me a mask. I dunno. Our university has passion. It gave me a sense of belonging, right? It’s nice to feel included in things, I guess. That’s what I think about inclusion.” Andre Chase facepalms at the lack of enthusiasm and commitment from Duke. WTF, man? Thea and Ava are next. “How does your group make you feel safe?” Ava says “The world is a harsh and uninviting place. But I rest comfortably in loving arms, knowing that there is safety under The Schism’s tree. Andre Chase University offers a false sense of security made up of cement walls.

“But The Schism raises invisible walls that block out the world’s negativity, and allows our minds and bodies to wander freely beyond.” Thea’s rebuttal: With a motormouth pace, she says “Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘safety’ as the condition of being safe from hurt, injury, or loss. Protection from hurt, injury and loss come from healing! And I’ve learned a lot of methods of healing through the connections I’ve made at Chase University. The Schism, while claiming safety, brainwash you into believing in safety, and that is hazardous to the mind, body and soul. Thank you, good night.” Chase high-fives Thea on the rebound. Where’d that come from? She doesn’t know, she blacked out.

And thirdly, Professor Andre and Joe Gacy. “How would you rate the preparedness of the other members of your group to leave the nest?” Andre is given the first turn, but Gacy interrupts! “Mr. Chase, your students already answered that for you. They are not prepared! A marble-mouthed doubter, and a reprogrammed wind-up toy? They don’t know which way is up! Moderator, tally the scores.” But then TYLER BATE appears! He apologizes for his tardiness, but he steps forward to say his part. Chase allows it, as does the moderator. That means Bate and Jagger Reed have a showdown!

“How would you sum up the experience of your group?” Jagger says, “It’s simple. Four roots. One tree.” The audience even gets involved on that one. Bate’s rebuttal: “I can objectively say that to excel in NXT, it takes more than just physical prowess inside the squared circle. It takes a big strong mind, open to new ideas. To collaborate and learn, with a willingness to listen to what others have to say, just as they would for you. Now, the Chase University experience is one of growth and constant evolution. It’s ignited a career in Thea Hail, rejuvenated Duke Hudson, and fortified Andre Chase himself!

“Now, the growth of Chase University IS the growth of NXT! And that’s something that The Schism has never and will never achieve!” Chase U’s student section cheers that! Chase thanks Bate for that. And now that they’ve beaten The Schism down philosophically, it is time they beat The Schism down physically! A match! The Schism VS Chase U & Bate in a Mixed 8 Tag at Stand & Deliver! And in Hollywood, they will give The Schism an Andre Chase University sized ass kicking!! Gacy says NO! The Dyad beat Chase U as a team, and Gacy beat Chase 1v1. The Schism is far superior physically and philosophically. There’s nothing left to gain here.

Duke says they’ll put up the school. What? Yeah, Duke, what? You heard him. Winner gets control of Chase University. Then they’re on. Chase is unsure, but this could be Duke’s high stakes gambling past coming back to haunt him. Will Chase U come out of Hollywood with nothing?


NXT checks back in with the bar.

Everything’s a bit hazy, but Gallus, the Creeds, The Don and Underboss have made it through the night. Look at the time! This has been great, but Tony & Stacks have a thing to take care of. Nice place they found here. Might need a broom, though. Julius says, “Don’t you guys know a cleaning service?” Tony snatches his hat off Julius’ head, and says yeah, they do. But not the kind you’re thinking of. Brutus says that was fun. Wolfgang slurs and stammers as he says, “Why’s it gotta stop?” Cuz the Creeds got what they came for, and then some. Then let’s bring the fun to Stand & Deliver. Triple Threat Tag! See you boys in LA.

Oh, and don’t forget to tip the bartender. Gallus is in the best shape out of these boys, but will they still be standing tall after Stand & Deliver?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

There will be still one more spot in the NXT Women’s Championship Ladder match! And in a Last Chance Triple Threat, it will be Sol Ruca VS Ivy Nile VS Indi Hartwell! Who will redeem themselves on the Road to WrestleMania to still have their shot at the title?


Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Pretty Deadly!

The NXT Champion and his challenger may not like Trick’s idea of a team-up, but if it means shutting up Kit & Elton, they’ll do it. Will Bron & Melo body slam the hosts of Stand & Deliver once again? Or will this be about “Can the coexist?” in the end after all?

The teams sort out and Elton rushes in! Melo dodges, but then Kit CLOBBERS Melo! Kit covers, ONE!! Kit drops a knee, talks trash, then runs, but Melo drops, hurdles and ducks! DROPKICK! Then arm-drags! Melo has the armlock, fans rally but Kit arm-drags, only for Melo to arm-drag right back! But that just puts them closer to the Pretty Deadly corner! Elton tags in, Kit holds Melo in place, and Elton runs to UPPERCUT Melo! Elton then brings Melo out to UPPERCUT Melo down. Melo bails out, Elton kicks him from the apron, and Pretty Deadly go after Melo together. But Bron storms over to keep them from throwing Melo into steel steps.

Bron says Pretty Deadly isn’t going to ruin Stand & Deliver. Pretty Deadly lets off of Melo, but then Kit CLUBS Melo on the back. Kit puts Melo in the ring, covers, TWO! Kit drags Melo up, wrenches, but Melo wrenches back and snapmares to PENALTY KICK! Melo runs, but Kit FLAPJACKS! Tag to Elton, he sucker punches Bron, then Pretty Deadly coordinate. “Yes, boy~!” Pretty Deadly both run, but Bron gets in so that he and Melo can stare Pretty Deadly down. Pretty Deadly look to each other, then they throw hands! The brawl is on and both Bron and Melo get the edge. Then they decide to work together!

Bron helps Melo with the SPRINGBOARD LARIAT! Melo flies over Kit to CLOBBER Elton! Bron then RANAS Kit out of the ring! Fans fire up with the champion and his challenger, but they bump into each other. Bron offers handshake, Melo shows fist bump, so paper covers rock. No, man! Melo & Bron wait on Pretty Deadly and fans bark it up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Kit & Elton regroup on the other side of the ring, so Melo tags Bron. Bron waits on someone, but Kit distracts and Elton runs in to CLOBBER Bron! Elton CLUBS Bron, wrenches an arm, but Bron wrenches back. Tag to Melo, he goes up and drops AX HANDLES on the arm! Melo CHOPS Elton to a corner, wrenches and brings him back, tag to Bron. Bron goes up and he drops AX HANDLES! Bron wrenches Elton, but Elton throws body shots. Elton headlocks, Bron powers out, things speed up and Bron hurdles, to then catch Elton for a SPINEBUSTER! Bron rolls through to fireman’s carry!

Bron pops Elton up to a suplex! Bron walks around with Elton and even Melo is impressed. Bron then SLAMS Elton, and he dares Kit to do something. Kit talks trash, steps inside, and Bron DECKS him! But Elton CLOBBERS Bron again! Elton CLUBS Bron, whips him to ropes, but Bron ducks ‘n’  dodges, only to run into a FLAPJACK onto ropes! Elton tags Kit, then Elton anchors Bron so Kit can drop the ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Kit runs to KNEE Bron in the side! And then he runs to KNEE Bron again! Bron goes to the apron but Kit drags him back in. Kit wrenches the arm as NXT returns to single picture.

Fans rally as Bron endures, and Bron fights up. Kit CLUBS Bron down, grinds the arm again, then grabs the other arm for a motorcycle stretch. Bron endures, fights up, but Kit knees low. Kit facelocks, Elton goes up the corner, but Melo GAMANGIRIS Elton down! Bron blocks the buckle bump to elbow Kit! Kit tags Elton, Bron dodges Kit, tag to Melo! Melo hurdles Elton to DECK Kit! Melo dodges Elton to springboard LARIAT! Fans fire up, Melo BOOTS Elton! Kit grabs Melo but Melo wrenches an arm to drag Kit over, slingshot suplex onto Elton! Cover, TWO! Fans rally behind Melo as he stalks Elton.

Melo brings Elton up to ROCK him and whip, but Elton reverses. Elton hurdles, Kit reels Melo in for a DDT! Elton hurries to cover, TWO! Elton drags Melo up to UPPERCUT him back down! Elton stalks Melo to ropes, he UPPERCUTS Melo again, then puts him in the corner. Elton stomps away but lets off as the ref counts. Elton poses, storms back up, but Melo kicks low! And kicks again! Kit tags in, he and Elton stomp Melo. Fans rally as Pretty Deadly double whip, and double shoulder! “Yes, boy!” SPLASH LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO! Kit drops a leg of his own, then drags Melo from Bron.

Kit talks trash, stands Melo up, and ROCKS him! Kit runs in to UPPERCUT Melo! And DECK him with a right! Kit YANKS Melo into a BOMB! Cover, TWO! Melo kicks back from below but Kit CLOBBERS him! Trick coaches Melo but Kit clamps on a chinlock. Melo endures, fans rally up, and Melo fights up. Melo throws body shots, but Kit CLOBBERS him! Tag to Elton, and he stomps away on Melo! Fans boo as Elton drops an AX HANDLE! Cover, TWO! Elton drags Melo away from Bron and stays between them. Elton drags Melo up but Melo ROCKS him! Elton shoves Melo but Melo sunset flips on the rebound! TWO, and Elton CLOBBERS Melo! Cover, TWO!!

Trick and Bron coach Melo up and fans rally. Elton drags Melo up, but Melo ROCKS Elton! Elton ROCKS Melo, Melo ROCKS Elton, and then Melo ROCKS Elton again! Elton keeps Melo from Bron, but Melo breaks free, only to miss his enziguri! But Melo BOOTS Elton away! Hot tags to Kit and Bron! Bron rallies on Pretty Deadly! BIG shoulder tackle for Kit! Haymaker for Elton! GERMAN SUPLEX for Kit! GERMAN SUPLEX for Elton! Kit fires hands with Bron, Kit whips, but Bron ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Kit! Fans fire up and Bron grins. Bron drags Kit up in a waistlock, to GERMAN SUPLEX!!

The straps come down, fans fire up with Bron, but Bron climbs up the corner. Fans bark it up, and Bron FLYING BULLDOGS! Cover, Elton breaks it! Melo hurries in to ROCK Elton and BOOT him! Elton flops into the ropes, Kit stands, and Bron runs in! Kit sends Bron at Melo!! Melo goes up the corner and Bron pulls up, avoiding the collision! But Elton struggling in the ropes distracts the ref, Melo hits a CODE BREAKER on Kit! Bron SPEARS Kit down!! Fans fire up as Bron tags Melo to give him the last shot. Melo with NOTHING BUT NET!! Cover, Melo & Bron win!

Winners: Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall

Melo don’t miss, and Trick finishes taking notes on Bron. Melo fetches the belt, but hands it over to Bron. Will the game plan be ready so that Melo becomes him? Or will nothing break the Big Booty Nephew?

My Thoughts:

A really good NXT here, and a lot of quick developments for Stand & Deliver. I do appreciate the consistency of tag teams challenging Gallus for the tag titles through bar games. Tony D & Stacks made their intentions known last week, so them confronting Gallus was expected, but The Creeds getting in on this was a surprise. The tag titles becoming a Triple Threat match is cool, but all three teams are essentially Faces. I’m sensing some kind of shenanigans brings one team around to be Heels, and it won’t be the Creeds. I would personally love it if was Gallus with Joe Coffey returning to help win. Gallus can’t truly be on top if they’re down a man.

Good stuff out of the NXT Women’s Championship story. Good match out of Tiffany VS Indi, and I figured Tiffany would win that. Gigi had a good promo to both address Jacy Jayne and the growing field, but also good promo from Tiffany to keep her character at that just insufferable level. Good promo from Ivy, decent one from Lyra, and good match, but not that strong of a match. I’m a bit torn, as this was a great opportunity for Ivy to even have this qualifier match, but honestly, it should’ve been Stevie Turner. Stevie was the one with that “randomizer” that chose to highlight Lyra, why not give us a match of those two? It’s not like Stevie’s actually busy streaming.

Good stuff out of the women’s tag title story, too. Kiana and Fallon were both great in talking about this Sebastian, and then I like the creativity of the ambush. Instead of lights out and teleporting in, or even just running in, Isla & Alba use fake lightning and thunder to disorient Fallon before the attack. Fighting Alba & Isla off was a decent way to bring Kiana and Fallon back onto the same page, and we’re going to get quite the moment next week in the go-home. And good promo from Hank Walker but also good promo from Gulak & Dempsey. Their story will have to wait until after Stand & Deliver, and could be something big for Spring Breakin’ 2023.

Javier swerving us was very clever, I did not think Javi would get in on this story. Good response from Gargano, and going right for Unsanctioned is nuts! No Disqualification, sure. No Holds Barred, sure. Last Man Standing even! But I guess this is all to represent how long Gargano’s stewed on his grudge for Waller, and how this escalated after Waller found the Gargano house. And given how Waller wants Gargano completely banned from the building next week, it’s so obvious Waller is going to threaten Vic physically, maybe even get physical with Vic, and Gargano can’t do anything about it, thereby adding more fuel to the fire.

Great stuff out of the North American Championship story, with a great promo from Wes and from Dragon Lee, and a good promo from JD ahead of his match with Dragunov. That match was awesome, as all the Dragunov VS JD matches have been, but I should’ve seen it coming that they’d end up colliding with Dragon Lee to bring this around into the North American title match. Wes VS Dragon VS JD VS Dragunov is awesome all on its own, but great move to have a battle royal to decide the fifth person in that match. Axiom has a good promo to let us know he’s gonna be in that match, but I also like that Jinder, Dijak and Dabba-Kato each had a couple lines to let Wes know they’re coming. Dijak’s had his shots, he surely won’t win. But Dabba is definitely a possibility.

Really good segment out of The Great Debate, and nice heroic appearance by Tyler Bate to help Chase U pull out the win. And just as I was hoping, we’re getting a Mixed 8 Tag, and this is going to be great stuff. Putting up the school, aka the faction in itself, is big stuff for Chase U, but I feel like the match could still go either way. And good stuff out of Pretty Deadly, Trick Melo Gang and Bron. The promo stuff was good for Pretty Deadly and Trick Melo Gang, and we got a really good match in the main event. But naturally Bron & Melo win because neither of them was going to suffer lost momentum this close to Stand & Deliver. I’m still voting for Melo winning the title and Bron being called up. After all, there’s a WWE Snickers commercial with Bron Breakker and AJ Styles, that feels like a sign.

My Score: 8.8/10

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