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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (2/17/20)

There’s no playing around with the 24/7 Championship!



NEW 24/7 Championship

There’s no more time for fun and games.

WWE 24/7 Champion, Riddick Moss, gets a tour of Funko Headquarters in Everett, Washington! But will he be the one toyed with?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship Funko Free-For-All: Riddick Moss VS R-Truth VS Mojo Rawley; Moss retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.


Riddick Moss gets the VIP treatment at the Funko Store.

They congratulate Moss on his win and have shut down the shop for his private tour. “Riddi Mo” is surprised but honored that they’d give him this special treatment. But as always, R-Truth and referee John Cone are lurking. Moss’ tour includes a special look at the Arkham Asylum series of Pops while the tour guide lists the growing collection of WWE Funko Pops. And then Moss is brought to the special signing room, where many of those same superstars that had Pops made would hang out and meet fans. Moss asks how many of them came to the shop before getting a Pop? Moss is the first. Interesting. A door opens and Truth is almost caught!

The tour continues on, it is time to immortalize the new WWE 24/7 Champion with a Funko Pop. Moss approves the design, but he spots Truth pretty easily. Truth says he was just here for a John Cena Funko Pop, but Moss attacks! Moss sends Turth flying into a display stand! Moss is disappointed in the tour guide for setting him up. Truth is upset with Cone, too, and tells him to hurry on and get his John Cone Funkomabob. But then Mojo SMASHES Moss with a shopping basket of Moss! “Clean up on aisle five! Ref, c’mon!” Mojo covers and his ref counts, but Truth breaks it up! “Not today!” Truth covers, but Mojo breaks it! Mojo and Truth argue and Moss runs away! Truth asks, “What’re you doing in ring gear?” Mojo counters with, “What’re you doing NOT in ring gear?!” And now Moss is gone! Will Riddi Mo make it out of Washington with the gold?



My Thoughts:

A pretty fun bit for the now “serious” 24/7 Championship. I’m surprised WWE didn’t think to make a triple threat feud more of a thing with this title before Truth got 30+ reigns. And I may be remembering wrong, but I feel like Mojo’s line was a reference to the classic supermarket brawl between Austin and Booker T. I think we need something more like that to really get this belt to the next level. Hell, one of these social media type posts that are even more than 5 minutes would be amazing. Also I would’ve gotten to this sooner but I didn’t know the WWE uploaded it. For one, I don’t have notifications on for WWE because they just post so much, it’d be a mess to sort through. Another is that I think they uploaded something else around the same exact time, so my Subscription feed didn’t even have it. WWE needs to be better about advertising this title.

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