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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 3/10/20

Impact Wrestling continues their Sam’s Town tapings from Las Vegas! We get the finish to the Eddie versus Elgin best of 5; and more of Jordynne’s open challenge.



Impact Wrestling continues their Sam’s Town tapings from Las Vegas! We get the finish to the Eddie versus Elgin best of 5; and more of Jordynne’s open challenge.

I suppose we’ll also see an ICU intrusion, but hopefully the 3.17.2020 date ends up moving this along. Things tonight should start to tie up existing situations and; maybe even build up for the upcoming nostalgia boner that are the TNA shows.

Let’s get to the Impact Wrestling show!

IMPACT! Ratings: 

  • Madman Fulton w/oVe vs Rhino: Rhino wins via Gore – ** 1/4
  • Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh vs Dez & Wentz: Dez wins via Spiral Tap – ***
  • Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Lacey Ryan w/ Madison Rayne: Jordynne retains via Grace Driver – ** 1/2
  • Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs Willie Mack & Ace Austin: Mack wins via 6 Star Frog Splash – ** 1/4
  • Best of 5 Match: Match 5: Elgin vs Eddie Edwards: DRAW – ****


IMPACT! Analysis:

So Impact Wrestling has a wrestler take over their Twitter for the night. Tonight’s is Cousin Jake.

Impact Wrestling

Madman Fulton w/oVe vs Rhino

The Crist brothers got kicked out to the back immediately, and from that point we had a big guy match. Fulton dominated a little in the early goings, but Rhino stood his ground and returned some of the big shots. The match was a little generic and plodding, but good enough I suppose.

The Crists show up afterwards to try and beat down Rhino, lights go out, a wild Sabu appears. A few chairs, normal Sabu stuff; most likely leading towards something for the TNA throwback shows.

Very by the numbers promo from Tessa, basically saying it doesn’t matter who wins the best of 5; she’s ready for either of them.

Mahabali Shera & Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh vs Dez & Wentz

Desi Hit Squad has been on a roll since Shera returned; while The Rascalz have been on a bit of a slide. Rohit is fairly athletic, but he usually allows for his old school heel tactics to shine over his ability. Dez and Rohit have a decent bit of back and forth. But when Shera gets in the Hit Squad starts to take control. Rascalz try to keep some quick tags; but when Shera and Rohit go for their tandem finish, Dez manages to come back. A few nicely placed Spinning Kicks sends Rohit flying and rocks Shera; Wentz hits the Swanton and Dez lands Spiral Tap for the first visible pinfall loss for Shera since his return. Or I’m fairly sure it is.

RVD, Katie, Joey and The Deaners…this is a great backstage segment.

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Lacey Ryan w/ Madison Rayne

Early on this was one sided for Grace; which made it difficult to get invested. Eventually we started seeing Lacey’s power and ability to absorb some slams. She started getting the better of Jordynne; nearly matching her in the power department. Grace manages to catch Lacey in mid Roundhouse Kick, sets her up for the Grace Driver; and then that was all there was. At least Lacey seemed to be a somewhat decent threat, but these rando challenges are awkward at best.

Fallah and TJP are a great babyface team. They have nice moment where they hype up possibly becoming the first Filipino Tag Team Champions; and you get a good glimpse at their personalities.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Ultimate X: Michael Shane vs Chris Sabin vs Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels, X Division Championship, January 7,2004

Chris Sabin shows up to hype the TNA throwback stuff and mention he will be the special guest referee for the King of the Mountain match. This was a great segment, cause once Moose shows up; it’s a clever way to explain the rules, make a joke and break the 4th wall a little.

Swing Dancing (Johnny Swinger & Glenn Gilbertti) vs Willie Mack

So Glenn and Swinger pull a lot of classic heel misdirection, multiple brass knuckles/rolls of quarters; just cheap short cut tactics, that start getting the job done. As Disco hits the YMCA Elbow, we see Ace Austin rushing to the Willie’s corner. Willie counters the Chart Buster, with a Stunner of his own and tags in Ace. Surprisingly, Ace and Willie work alright together, Ace hits The Fold on Disco and then tags Willie in so he can get the pin. What in the blue hell is Ace Austin up to?

After the match we get a scene in the back with Su Yung stalking Havok, and there’s a bit of a brawl the breaks out.

Coming back from commercial we see Disco and Swinger arguing. It ends with a combination of quitting, firing one another; and just general comedic ignorance over their egos.

Best of 5 Match: Match 5: Elgin vs Eddie Edwards

We’ve been building up to this final match. Eglin started off strong, and then Eddie got a few wins catching Elgin with Roll-ups and opportunistic pinfalls. Can Eddie keep his Call Your Shot trophy or will Elgin prove he’s the best?

The match started off quickly, like most of their previous encounters; but this was given a bit more time. We see three commercial breaks, and the match started with about 30 minutes left in the show. Eddie pulled off an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex; while Elgin pulled out a Fireman’s Carry X Factor and Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. This was a great back and forth match, but at this point we’ve seen most of it before. Elgin did try for the PG-13 Burning Hammer, but Eddie managed to get free of it.

For the finish we saw Elgin apply the Crossface, and Eddie turned it into a pinfall. Since there were two referees, after the ref bump knocked one out, we get simultaneous pinfall/tap out. Each referee only saw the one finish, so we get controversy.

Tessa Blanchard comes out to finish the argument and say she’ll face them both at Rebellion. So we’re gonna see a Triple Threat for the World Title. 


Overall Score: 7.5/10

Impact Wrestling was a pretty damn good show. Some decent wrestling, a great main event; and a lot of fun story wrinkles and backstage vignettes. Now, since ICU hacked the Impact official Twitter, it did make getting my usual gifs difficult. So there isn’t as much stuff inserted in the article, but check their YouTube for highlights.

The biggest question I have after this episode is:

Does the Triple Threat give Impact the easy out to take the title off of Tessa, without having to beat her cleanly? 

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 1.13.2022

Hard to Kill was well received and caused a bit of buzz from Mickie retaining to ROH invading. Where does this episode of IMPACT take us from there?



We come out of Hard to Kill with no new champions but a lot of new opportunities. Deonna gets a shot at Rok-C and the ROH Women’s Championship. Moose is handing out title shots and Mike Bailey is working on increasing his early stock in IMPACT.

Should be interesting to see where this first episode out of a major PPV takes us!


  • Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid: Kid wins via Laredo Fly – *** ¼
  • Jake Something vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey: Speedball wins via Ultima Weapon – ** ¾
  • Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen: Masha wins via Northern Lights Bomb – N/A
  • IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Zicky Dice w/VSK & Brian Myers: Moose retains via Uranage – N/A
  • Raj Singh vs Jonah: Jonah wins via Tsunami – N/A
  • Winner Take All: ROH Women’s World Championships vs AAA Reina de Reinas Campionship: Rok-C (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Mattew Rehwoldt (c): Deonna wins via Venus de Milo – *** ¾ – TITLE CHANGE!!!



The show kicks off with a very mad Massive Cassidy. He storms the ring, calls out Moose, but Moose doesn’t bite. Instead he appears on the tron, states that there will be a World Title match tonight but not involving Cassidy. The big man storms to the back to try and lay into Moose, but Scott D’Amore stops him and then ROH resurfaces!

Matt Taven and Vincent are at commentary trying to get the headsets off D’lo and Tom “New Name” as Taven keeps calling him. D’lo starts to comply but eventually gets sick of them and fights back. Mike Bennet grabs him, they all lay him out on a table for PCO to dive and ROH makes an early statement.

Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid

Trey Miguel is out on commentary and of course to fill in blanks since he needs a number one contender. Early back and forth action starts to swing after Chris Bey pulls off the Tiger Wall on the post, to flip behind Laredo and take control of the match. Coming back from commercial we get a lot more of Chris Bey having his way.

Bey stays in control until we get to the outside again and Bey starts trading barbs with Trey. Bey slips a little between his Pump Kick so Laredo uses the fact it wasn’t flush to Back Body Drop Bey into the top rope as Bey bounces off the rope, the apron and then onto the floor. Bey gets run around a little, and Laredo goes for a High Speed Suicide Dive right as Bey starts to turn and situate himself. Laredo hits a driver for a near fall and we just get some solid action from Laredo.

Trey Miguel is a little cringe, but the fact that he just speaks in memes and Tom Hannifan is more than willing to play in that space actually makes commentary pretty amusing through this match. Bey fights back with a Spinebuster, big Brain Buster, but only a near fall. Bey tries to finish things off but Laredo fights back, rocks Bey on the corner, and we get a Laredo Fly and a 1-2-3 for Laredo Kid.

After the match we see the IMPACT squad from Hard to Kill looking to find the ROH crew. So there will be some random brawling to look forward to!

Jake Something vs “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Ace and Madman Fulton are doing guest commentary for a match between the two guys that beat them on the Countdown to Hard to Kill show. You know, I’m aware of who Mike Bailey is…but looking at how he enters the ring he reminds of a young Eric Bischoff steering into the martial arts gimmick.

Rope run early spot turns into Bailey showing his speed but Jake’s strength gives him an early advantage until a Dropkick sends Jake to the outside. Back Handspring fake out bow just annoys Jake. So when Bailey goes to hit the ropes again, Jake grabs the legs, pulls him to the outside and hits the Apron Powerbomb. Jake starts throwing around Bailey, rocks him with a bit Forearm, for a 2 count. Bailey tries to make a comeback but the big Thesz Press keeps Jake’s momentum mostly intact. Once they hit the ring, Bailey flies, Jake catches him, Bailey gets out of the Powerbomb, Sole Butt, Axe Kick, Buzzsaw Kick into a Corkscrew Senton.

Jake starts working his way back into the match, Speedball catches him with that corner Tornado Kick and then the Shooting Star Double Kneedrop, which he calls Ultima Weapon. Speedball is 2-0.

Masha Slamovich vs Vert Vixen

Good Masha gets to kill more Indie talent. What kind of name is Vert anyway? Masha makes light work, ending with her Nothern Lights Bomb and looks like a potential threat to Mickie James.

Josh Alexander walks out as Masha is walking up the ramp and they exchange nods before Josh makes it to the ring. Josh basically goes over the laundry list of what he’s been through to prove he deserves his World Title shot. He makes very similar claims that Massive Cassidy made about having to go through him to get to the ring. Then Charlie Haas’ music plays.

Charlie eludes to World’s Greatest Tag Team and similar pedigrees between both of them. Then issues a challenge. Josh starts nice saying he’d gladly give him the match after he gets his title shot. Haas cold cocks Josh to make a point, pull apart and I guess we all know where this is headed.

IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs Zicky Dice w/VSK & Brian Myers

Zicky cocks his fist, Superman Punch is….ineffective. Zicky tries again, gets caught in an Uranage and Moose pins him with one foot. Oh yeah, Moose came out in street clothes, disrespecting the hell out of Zicky.

Massive Cassidy storms the ring after, Zicky stumbles into the crossfire to give Moose and out but Moose forgot the title…so Cassidy makes his intentions very clear. And then decides to make an example out of VSK as Moose collects the belt and then retreats.

Raj Singh vs Jonah

Well Raj is gonna die and we can prove that Rohit was the talent in the Desi Hit Squad. Jonah comes out to eat Raj because who cares about Raj. I’m just glad we get more of Jonah’s theme. Send him to the Morgue Jonah!

Raj maybe did a thing or two but it wasn’t close. Jonah murdered a man and capped it off with the Tsunami. He did play a classic game of Fling the Singh.

Backstage, Decay and Inspiration have a moment while we find Eddie Edwards laid out. Then Jonathan Gresham gets questioned about his involvement with the attacks and Steve Maclin pokes the bear to get his chance at the ROH Title.

Winner Take All: ROH Women’s World Championships vs AAA Reina de Reinas Campionship: Rok-C (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Mattew Rehwoldt (c)

Early on we see Rok-C show her skills basically just playing Deonna’s game better than Deonna. It takes Deonna until she catches the younger champion on the ropes, pushes her off and manages to take some control with a more sadistic approach.

The Suzuki style of approach works perfectly as she finds different ways to attack Rok-C’s arm, and we even get an interesting World of Sport style of spot that leads to Deonna working over the arm again. Deonna posts herself though and that gives Rok-C option to his a Flying Thesz Press, Snapmare, a few quick attacks, a Satellite Rusian Leg Sweep and attempts the Rok-Lock but her arm gives out.

Fujiwara attempts from Deonna, Rock-C turns it into a cradle, a little bit of back and forth, Code Rok from Rok-C, but Deonna kicks out. Code Rok attempt, Deonna blocks that, Mexican Arm Drag, into a Fujiwara attempt, Cradle Counter, Rok-Lock, Rok-C kicks off the bottom rope to try and reapply, but Deonna turns it into a Fujiwara. Rok-C refuses to tap, grabs the referee’s pants to stop him from calling for the bell, so Deonna breaks Rok-C’s grip, changes the Fujiwara into the Venus de Milo and Rok-C verbally submits.

ROH people hit the ring, attack Rehwoldt, TNA style group brawl to go off the air.


Overall Score: 7.25/10

So the major thing we drew from this episode was a great main event, solid story beats moving forward with the guest commentary and that IMPACT isn’t afraid to allow Hannifan a little creative freedom in referencing his old job and relationships. Rehwoldt and Myers both had amusing things to say, Trey Miguel was tolerable and Ace with Fulton wasn’t too terrible either. Hannifan really adds an interesting wrinkle that hasn’t been in IMPACT commentary in a long time.

Aside from that, a few squashes don’t give us much to elaborate on, but Speedball looking great and Rok-C really making a great first impression on the IMPACT crowd was something special. Watch at least the main event, the rest of things were more building blocks to bigger things. Solid show though.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Hard to Kill Results & Match Ratings: 1.8.2022

A historic Hard to Kill! ROH World Title is defended! Knockouts first ever Ultimate X Match! Triple Threat for the Heavyweight title and a Texas Death Match between Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo!



Even with a few covid adjustments, the card still looks very strong and could be a big night.

ROH World Title is defended in a Pure Rules match, Texas Death Match for the Knockouts Title and a Triple Threat for the IMPACT World Title.

Now there also being a Hardcore War really has a lot of NoDQ/hardcore matches, so we could find ourselves bored if they don’t do something different. But there’s really only one way to find out.


  • Madman Fulton vs Jake Something: Jake wins via Blackhole Slam – ** ¼
  • Ace Austin vs Speedball Mike Bailey vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey: Speedball wins via Shooting Star Double Kneedrop – ***
  • Knockouts Ultimate X: Rosemary vs Alisha Edwards vs Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace vs Chelsea Green vs Lady Frost: Tasha wins – * ½
  • X Division Championship: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel (c): Trey retains via Meteora – *** ½
  • Pure Wrestling Rules: ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Chris Sabin: Gresham retains via La Magistral Leg Clutch – ****
  • Jonah vs Josh Alexander:  Josh wins via Ankle Lock – **** ½
  • Hardcore War: Eddie Edwards, Heath, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Rhino vs Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows: Heath wins after GORE on Karl Anderson – ***
  • IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship: Massive Cassidy vs Matt Cardona vs Moose (c): Moose retains via Lights Out – *** ½
  • IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Texas Death Match: Mickie James (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo: Mickie retains via Mick-DT – **** ¼


So wait, D’Lo is doing commentary with Tom Phillips! The Dinosaur bone himself is now Tom Hannifan, I guess the Matt Striker being let go story was accurate.

Madman Fulton vs Jake Something

Fulton starts things fast, Jake tries to slow things down landing a Thesz press and a big bear paw, but Fulton continues to mostly keep the advantage. A rope assisted Swinging Side Slam, Fulton jumps off the top rope as well and makes contact. Fulton really doesn’t look pressured, but wastes too much time so Jake starts throwing haymakers.

Triangle Lariat into a Big Jake Something Dive and now he charges up in the corner to Spear Fulton in the opposite corner. Gutwrench Sitout Powerbomb from Jake…and Fulton kicks out. Fulton stops Jake rope running with a goozle, Kip Up, Chokeslam for two. Fulton Chokeslams Jake again and gets a “One more time” chant. Fulton gives in to the chants, but Jake fights out, runs Fulton back and forth, Fulton follows into Jake’s arms, Blackhole Slam and Jake wins.

Ace Austin vs Speedball Mike Bailey vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey

Bailey comes out bowing and being very respectful getting that aspect of his martial arts persona over well. He gets a chance to square off with everyone for a short time, but as expected we get flashes of the Heels working together and the Faces working together. The beauty in this match was really how annoyed Ace was at Bailey’s involvement, so he wanted to prove that this was his company/match/division.

Bailey did great getting his personality over, his great martial arts ability and a unique striking offense to really help him shine. His corner charge being like a Wu Shu tornado Knee, into a big Gamengiri followed up by the Shooting Star Knees to the back of Ace’s head and Bailey pins Ace for the win!

Knockouts Ultimate X: Rosemary vs Alisha Edwards vs Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace vs Chelsea Green vs Lady Frost

So this was a car crash of a match. Havok and Savannah Evans came down, Alisha used Kendra, but some sloppy spots and just stupid spots. There were so many times someone was scaling the side and decided to dive off into a pile of people instead of going for the X. Some of the big spots were fun/entertaining, but that’s why I said it’s like a car crash. Not good, but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

With all that said, it ends up being less than mediocre but you could find more value if you feel the entertainment was worth more than I did; but I’m glad we get this behind us immediately.

X Division Championship: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel (c)

Steve Maclin hits with the Scud Missile before the bell and Maclin starts running roughshod. Trey fights back, a few quick kicks and Tiger Feints, but Steve stays on the offensive.

I can’t really say I’m surprised by this beyond how much Maclin being in control added a story to Trey’s usual spot filled trash wrestling. Maclin looks for some high impact moves but Trey always has an eventual answer. After a big crash moment on the outside, Trey looks to get the countout, but then decides he doesn’t want to win that way. So he rolls in Maclin, lands the Meteora, but Maclin kicks out. Trey’s shocked but smacks Maclin around a few times, drops him back down and hits a second Meteora to retain.

Pure Wrestling Rules: ROH World Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Chris Sabin

So they build this challenge off the fact that Sabin drew with Jay Lethal a few years ago, which should’ve won him a title match, but that was probably timed around Sabin’s last injury. So an overdue title shot gives us a pure style wrestling match on an IMPACT PPV.

I’m not gonna lie, this was one of those matches I was generally enjoying and forgot I had to be typing along with it. Gresham did a great job as working on the arm mostly with a little leg focus since Sabin is more strike and high flying than he is. But Sabin found his own mat based offense, and caught Gresham on many accounts with strikes.

Sabin nearly had the win with a surprise Cradle Shock, but the referee noticed after he counted 3 that Gresham’s foot was under the rope and he still had a rope break left. So it was a solid false finish. The cradle variation spam is very Japanese, and done very well by both of them. This was a really solid match, hampered mostly because there was no real story with it, but still generally a delight to watch

Jonah vs Josh Alexander

Jonah imposes his size and power early, but Josh sees the opening once Jonah goes for the Senton, and Josh rolls away. From that point, Josh gets a chance to knock Jonah around, gets him to the outside, lands a suplex from the apron into the ring and Jonah’s leg gets caught in the ropes. Josh takes advantage, but Jonah eventually stems the tide and starts throwing Josh around again.

This really turns into a slobberknocker with Josh trying to pick his spots and use his emotion to his advantage. He absorbs Jonah’s attacks to kick his foot out from under him and starts working on the leg. They spill out into the front row, the fans get evacuated, Jonah gets seated and Josh flies from the ring onto Jonah. Action goes back into the ring and they keep throwing strikes at one another.

Jonah goes for broke, attempts the Moonsault and misses. Josh lands the Rolling Elbow, Release German into a Jacknife Powerbomb. Ankle Lock, reapplication of the Ankle Lock and Jonah is forced to tap after Josh worked him over well and barely survived that while getting busted open.

Hardcore War: Eddie Edwards, Heath, Rich Swann, Willie Mack & Rhino vs Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

Deaner and Rich Swann start off, which makes sense. You put in the weakest heel since he gets a small chance to shine and will be the first to have help, so no one looks inherently weaker than they should. Long and short, this is exactly what a hardcore match should be. A little ridiculous, a lot of fun, some crazy spots and a bunch of different guys getting color.

Weapons all day, barbed wire tables, bats, kendo sticks, doors and tables keep this match exciting. Signature spams as Doering tries to take out Rich Swann on the barbed wire table, Willie takes him out, Karl hits the Gun Stun then eats a Backstabber from Heath, a Gore from Rhino and the babyfaces win!

After the match we see the OG Kingdom hit the ring, Vinnie Marseglia and PCO storm the ring and beatdown the victorious IMPACT squad. So ROH is basically declaring war or at least reminding people they aren’t dead yet, on a show called Hard to Kill. Its poetic I suppose.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship: Massive Cassidy vs Matt Cardon vs Moose (c)

Wow big haymakers early, surprise Suplexes, Apron Powerbombs, everyone is just trying to take someone out with one big move. Moose eventually gets the advantage rocking Cardona, Kip Up, Go to Hell on Cassidy for a 2 as Cardona hits Radio Silence on Moose to break the pin. Locomotion ReBoots until Cassidy grabs him and drives him into the corner.

Cassidy goes for an Avalanche Fallaway Slam, but Moose gets under him for a Powerbomb so Moose is the one in the best position after the destruction. Moose looks to make the biggest example of Mid CARDona, but Chelsea comes out, flips off Moose and dives on him to help Cardona come back. Cassidy is on the steps to fly and meet the two of them though, so now it’s time for the man from Queens to be in control.

Moose puts the brakes on Cassidy, starts rocking Cardona, goes for his corner backflip, but Cardona shoves him off the turnbuckle and through the table on the outside. A fan throws in a prosthetic leg and Cassidy starts beating on Cardona with the fake leg to a fun pop. Cassidy gets a little too cocky, Radio Silence counter, but Cassidy kicks out. Cardona eats a few Chokeslams, lands an Avalanche Radio Silence, and Moose pulls the referee out.

Lights Out gets hit on the referee, Radio Silence on Moose, Cassidy shoves out Cardona, Jacknife Powerbomb from Cassidy and the visual pinfall doesn’t get counted because the referee was murdered earlier. Chairs get introduced, Moose manages to swing away and level Cassidy after a low blow, Cardona tries to take advantage of things, but a kick to the jimmies and Moose is in control again. Chelsea gets involved, stops Cardona, Cardona catches Moose in a roll up, referee two comes in, and then a stack in the corner kills new referee and Chelsea. Lights Out from Moose, the first referee crawls in to make the count.

Definitely a little convoluted, but the right person won.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Texas Death Match: Mickie James (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

Since Texas Death Matches are 2 falls to the finish, a pinfall or submission and then a standing 10 count, we see the traditional falls happen quickly but both are up long before 10 counts are applied. So both women just start jawing at each other, throwing chairs in the ring and all over and you can see the emotions are actually playing a part in this match.

The 10 count has to follow the traditional fall, so that was a small tweak I wasn’t really aware of. Mickie and Deonna stay on the outside for a while. Chairs, wheelbarrows and lighting boxes are used as weapons, Mickie is busted open. Mickie tries a Single Legged Crab, but Deonna drags herself out, Mickie takes off the chaps she’s wearing to expose the knee brace more and starts using that as a weapon.

Deonna introduces thumbtacks, as is IMPACT tradition. Mickie moves off the table, tries to hit the Mick-DT on the Deonna but Deonna slips out and then a big Pump Kick sends Mickie back first into the tacks. You can see the tacks embedded in Mickie’s shoulder blades. Deonna chokes Mickie with her own chaps, Mickie taps as fast as she can and stands right before the 10 count.

Deonna attacks her from the apron, Mickie tries fight back, goes under the ring for her Hardcore Country guitar, but Deonna stays on the attack. Deonna beats Mickie with a chair while she’s in the tacks, goes to the top rope after lacing Mickie’s ankle in the chair. She wants to break Mickie’s ankle, but Mickie Sabu’s Deonna and then sells back down to the mat but into the tacks.

Thesz Press off the apron to the outside, 3 count and now the Standing 10 starts. Rehwoldt shows up to help Deonna stand, which gets around the loophole. Mickie with the Diving Crossbody and then puts Deonna back in the ring, and Deonna is busted open now. Deonna drives Mickie through the table with Queen’s Gambit, gets the pinfall but Mickie gets up. Mickie fights through, Deonna tries to stop Mickie with a …umm…Mandible Claw between the thighs. Mickie licks her fingers and just enjoys it, Rehwoldt tries to get involved, gets hit with the guitar, and Mickie is rolling. Deonna swings the chair, misses, bounces the chairs off the ropes hits herself and Mick-DT has Mickie James retain because Deonna doesn’t get up for the 10 count!


Overall Score: 8.25/10

Well hot damn, I don’t know for a fact, but I feel like this event might have the most quality matches ever in the last few years I’ve been covering Impact. Three matches that are 4 stars or more, two 3.5; if it wasn’t for the Ultimate X match, this might’ve ranked up with the NOAH show.

Each Hardcore/NoDQ match felt different, they all had their own energy and even though they weren’t spaced overly well, it never got redundant. Mickie winning and getting the Royal Rumble rub is great for IMPACT (not sure if that might’ve changed booking), Moose retaining and beating Cardona leaves Cassidy with an argument and this ROH invasion could be interesting for say LockDown, or at least to help ROH stay relevant if they really do end up reopening.

A great start to 2022 for IMPACT and actually makes me somewhat excited to see where things go from here!

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