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Mitchell’s AEW Revolution Results & Report! (2/29/20)

Are you ready for the Revolution?



AEW Revolution

AEW returns to Chicago!

AEW brought the world a wrestling revolution, and now it enters a new phase! What will happen when all the titles are on the line?



  • The Buy-In: SoCal Uncensored VS The Dark Order; The Dark Order wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS Jake Hager; Hager wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin; Allin wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS The Young Bucks; Page & Omega win and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Nyla Rose VS Kris Statlander; Nyla wins and retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • Cody Rhodes VS MJF; MJF wins.
  • PAC VS Orange Cassidy; PAC wins.
  • AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho VS Jon Moxley; Moxley wins and becomes the new AEW World Champion.


It’s the AEW Preshow!

Available via AEW’s official YouTube, watch the recaps, discussion and analysis of all the action that’s about to happen on Leap Day!


The Buy-In begins!

Before their highly anticipated grudge match, Tony Schiavone interviews SCU backstage. Christopher Daniels is perhaps even more fired up than Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. That’s because for the last 8 weeks, The Dark Order gives out empty promises and spreading half truths. That ends tonight! Because SCU will have the Ring General ringside to help his guys end the Dark Order once and for all! But Scorpio and Kaz feel Daniels needs to stay backstage.

What? Are they buying into the Dark Order propaganda? It’s not that, it’s just for Daniels’ best interest. His best interest is the team! But since Scorpio and Kaz aren’t budging, Daniels concedes. He will stay back, and his boys say they’ve got this. But are they simply playing into the plans of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson?

SoCal Uncensored VS The Dark Order!

SCU sees Uno and Grayson have the Beaver Boys, Alex Reynolds and John Silver, as their bodyguards again. So they punch right through them! And then we have a brawl! SCU has Dark Order on the ropes then outside of the ring but the Dark Order hits back. Kaz rams Grayson into barriers while Scorpio throws hands on Uno. Grayson gets back in the ring and Kaz follows, the bell rings and we begin!

Kaz clobbers Grayson with a clothesline! And back elbows! Kaz back kicks, knee lifts and clotheslines! Fans are fired up for “S C U!” as Kaz brings Grayson up. Grayson swings, Kaz ducks but Grayson waistlocks. Kaz bucks the roll off and Scorpio tags in. Grayson runs into a drop toehold onto the ropes and Scorpio kicks him back! Kaz German Suplexes Grayson! Scorpio gets in to dropkick Uno out! Fans fire up as Scorpio stalks up behind Grayson. Scorpio throws haymakers and chops, then tags to Kaz. SCU whips Grayson to double elbow him down. Kaz drags Grayson up to scoop and slam. Fans cheer as Kaz springboard leg drops! Cover, TWO!

Kaz drags Grayson back up but Grayson powers him all the way to the Dark Order corner. Uno bypasses Grayson to clobber Scorpio! Kaz fights him and Grayson off with haymakers but Grayson boots low. Kaz sends Grayson out and then sends Uno to the apron. Uno shoulders in but gets the guillotine leg drop! Kaz slingshots but Grayson catches the huricanrana to toss him at Uno. Uno takes Kaz and throws him at a post! Uno mocks Scorpio and the Creepers attack Kaz! They stomp away but stop before the ref looks over. Grayson feeds Kaz to Uno in the ring for a snap suplex. Cover, TWO! Uno drags Kaz up and feeds him to Grayson’s boot.

Tag to Grayson and Uno CHOPS Kaz. Uno whips Grayson in to corner splash, and Grayson feeds Kaz to Uno’s boot! Cover, TWO! Grayson keeps on Kaz with a rain of right forearms. “All hail!” Fans boo instead. Grayson drags Kaz up, brings him to the corner, and Uno tags in. Uno claws Kaz’s back but fans troll with chants of “Spooky Perverts!” The Dark Order dislikes that chant, obviously. Kaz fights back on Uno with body shots and uppercuts! Uno keeps Kaz from his corner and throws forearms into his back. He rams shoulders in then tags Grayson. Uno snapmares Kaz and Grayson Penalty Kicks! Cover, TWO!

Grayson keeps on Kaz with a CHOP that knocks Kaz off his feet! Cover, ONE! Grayson pushes Kaz’s hands down for a cover, ONE! Grayson wraps on with a chinlok but fans rally up. Kaz fights his way up and throws back elbows. Kaz throws haymakers, but Grayson shoves and back elbows! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Grayson grows frustrated but he tags to Uno. Uno CHOPS Kaz then tags Grayson back in. Kaz fights back again with back hands and haymakers! He almost makes it to Scorpio but the Dark Order reels him back into the corner. Grayson whips Uno in but Kaz elbows Uno back. Kaz dodges Grayson by going to the apron, and he shoulders into Uno. Kaz slingshots over, ducks under and tags in Scorpio!

Scorpio rallies on Grayson and then hits Uno with a back elbow! Scorpio whips, Grayson reverses, but leaps into an atomic drop! Dropkick added on top! Fans fire up as Scorpio goes after Uno. Uno reverses the whip but Scorpio sunset flips. Cover, TWO! Scorpio back kicks hard then snapmares to basement dropkick! Cover, ONE and Uno bails out. Grayson is up so Scorpio rocks him with a right. Scorpio brings Grayson over but Grayson resists. Kaz tags in and SCU double whips. Leap frog to the DDT! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps his cool while flipping off the Creepers. Tag to Scorpio and he brings Grayson in. Grayson slips out of the back suplex and back elbows Kaz. Grayson dodges Scorpio to DOUBLE PELE!

Both SCU go down, hot tag to Uno! Uno goes after Scorpio with a kick, feeds him to Grayson’s KNEE, and then feeds Scorpio again to the overhead suplex! Scorpio crashes down on Kaz in the corner! Cover, TWO! Uno drags Scorpio up and tags in Grayson. The Dark Order pops Scorpip up to the Electric Chair, to then pop him back up into the POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives and Grayson is furious! Fans rally for “S C U!” as Grayson paces. Grayson tags in Uno who tags him back in. Uno has Scorpio in the Especial but Scorpio slips out! Scorpio shoves Uno at the corner but Grayson leaps up and over. Grayson runs in to SUPER PUNCH Scorpio!

The Dark Order double whips Scorpio, but Kaz is there, and Scorpio monkey flips Kaz to double LARIAT the Dark Order! Fans fire up with the Heavy Metal Rebel as he and Scorpio have Grayson all alone! Scorpio says they’re going to end it, and he Especials Grayson. But Uno drags Kaz out to throw into steel steps! The Beaver Boys distract the refs but Scorpio knocks them down. Scorpio side steps Grayson, waistlocks and O’Conner rolls, but Uno gets in to CLOBBER Scorpio from behind! Grayson covers, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Undefeated in 2020! Will this become the Year of the Dark Order?

Kaz rushes in but he gets swarmed by Grayson and the Creepers! They also go after Scorpio! Fans boo, but BOOM BOOM! Colt Cabana is here!? Yes he is! Chicago’s own superhero rushes the ring, dodges and decks Creepers! Grayson steps up but Cabana is ready! The two men brawl, Cabana unloads elbows, but the horde returns! They overwhelm Cabana, stomp SCU down, and smother Cabana in a corner. Cabana fights, but new music plays? The Dark Order stands down, for the Exalted One is here?!

The cloak obscures much, but it’s just Christopher Daniels in disguise! Daniels runs down and LEAPS into the ring! Now numbers are evening out as Cabana and SCU fight back! Chicago loves it as Cabana and SCU throw out Uno and Grayson. Cabana hits Silver with the Flying Apple, and then feeds him to ANGEL’S WINGS! Daniels dares the Dark Order to try something! Will Cabana stick around to fight the cult of calamity? What will the REAL Exalted One do in response to this parody?


Backstage interview with Jurassic Express.

Lexi Nair is with Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus to discuss what match(es) they’re pumped to see tonight. Marko, behave yourself. But there’s not much that excites Luchasaurus after living for 65 million years. But he is glad to see dino representation, and is excited to see Cody finally have it out with MJF. MJF has “tactics,” like Wardlow, the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny, but Cody can count on Jurassic Express to keep things fair and square. Will the assist be needed against the mastermind, Maxwell Jacob Friedman?


AEW welcomes you to “an alternative reality.”

“Your physical matter and energy are about to take you on the journey of a lifetime as you are about to enter another dimension.” A storied friendship turned bloodthirsty feud will see a conclusion. The Elite takes on the Elite for gold, and vindication. The Natural looks to hurt the reputation of the undefeated Big Hurt in his AEW in-ring debut. A Native Beast looks to truly assert dominance. And Le Champion will finally have it out with the Maniac. Is Revolution going to witness a Paradigm Shift?


Dezirae Shalice sings the National Anthem.


Dustin Rhodes VS Jake Hager!

The Natural owes The Big Hurt a broken arm, but will surely settle for a stain on Hager’s record. Will Dustin make Hager’s first AEW match his first loss?

As Hager makes his way to the ring, he gets a good luck kiss from his wife in the front row. Hager joins Dustin in the ring, the bell rings and this grudge match begins!

Dustin runs at Hager but Hager tackles him into the corner! Hager rams shoulders but Dustin turns things around to throw haymakers! Hager shoves Dustin and rocks Dustin back! The two throw hands, Hager gets around and hits a back suplex! Fans boo as Hager looms over Dustin. Hager digs a knee into Dustin’s chest then drags him up for body shots. Dustins taggers but throws hands back. Hager body shots again and again but Dustin rakes the eyes! Dustin kicks but Hager punches back. Dustin whips Hager out and then hurries after him, to throw over railing and into the crowd! Fans fire up as Dustin follows after to throw haymakers! Dustin throws Hager’s arm into railing! This is the payback he’s been wanting!

Dustin brings Hager back to throw back to ringside. Dustin refreshes the ring count just in time, and goes out after Hager. He hammerlocks and throws Hager into the post! And then yanks him into it! And then throws the arm into it! Mrs. Hager is freaking out as Dustin again refreshes the count. Dustin puts Hager in and stalks up to clothesline him back out! Fans are thunderous for Dustin as he goes back out. Dustin goes around the way to swing on Hager, but Hager ducks. Hager gives Dustin an apron back suplex! And then a BIG lariat! Now Mrs. Hager is happy. The ref checks on Dustin as Hager gets up. Fans boo that Hager may have seriously hurt Dustin again. Fans troll with “Jericho’s B*tch!”

The ref counts but Hager drags Dustin up and into the ring. Hager covers, TWO! Dustin gets up and staggers to a corner, but Hager is after him with big knees to the stomach. The ref reprimands, Hager snapmares Dustin down and clamps on with a high keylock. Dustin endures and fans rally up. Dustin fights his way up, throws body shots, but Hager wrenches hard! Hager pushes on Dustin with an armlock, and then bends the fingers and wrist. Dustin endures so Hager shoves him down. Hager walks into an uppercut! Dustin kicks and kicks then runs, but into Hager’s back elbow! Fans boo but Hager soaks it all up. Hager blows kisses to his wife, then smooths his hair back as he circles Dustin.

Fans rally but Hager clamps onto Dustin with grounded chicken wings. Dustin fights his way up and stomps a foot! Dustin throws hands then runs, but into another knee! Hager grins as Dustin bails out. Hager goes out to stalk up behind Dustin. Fans still troll but Hager bumps Dustin off the apron as he puts him in the ring. Hager takes his time returning, and Dustin rocks him with an uppercut! Dustin bounces Hager off a buckle then clotheslines him down! Fans rally up as Dustin goes back out. Hager throws Dustin into barriers then the apron! Hager gets a pep talk from his wife, but Dustin BOOTS him down! Dustin stares Mrs. Hager down, and blocks her sucker punch, to give her a kiss!! She shouts “That’s disgusting!” because of all the face paint left on her.

Dustin puts Hager in the ring and rallies with lariats! Dustin whips, Hager reverses, but Dustin hits the Rhodes uppercut! The Natural keeps moving and hits a bulldog! Hager staggers about and Dustin throws hands in the corner. Hager boots back, but runs into the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Dustin grows a bit frustrated but Hager gets to ropes. Fans rally up as Dustin and Hager slowly stand. Dustin throws body shots but Hager hotshots him! Hager runs to chop block a leg out! Dustin clutches the leg but Hager soaks up the heat. Hager runs corner to corner, goes up and VADER BOMBS into a BOOT! Dustin rolls Hager up, TWO! Hager SPINE BUSTERS Dustin! Then hits the VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO!

Hager’s Vader was not enough and Dustin gets to the far corner. Fans rally up as Dustin stands. Hager storms over to whip corner to corner. Hager hits a stiff corner clothesline, then runs side to side for another! Fans boo as Hager grits his teeth and scowls. Hager runs the other way to corner clothesline again! Hager flicks his tongue like a snake, runs the ropes and clotheslines again. Dustin staggers out into the gut wrench BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Dustin survives the Swagger flashback and Hager can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Dustin rises and Hager hurries after him. Hager spreads Dustin open to kick the inner thigh! The ref reprimands but Dustin throws Hager WAY out! Hager hits steel steps on the way down!

Mrs. Hager is worried now as Hager is down in a daze. Dustin goes out and brings Hager back into the ring. Dustin throws haymakers on Hager in the corner, then spreads the legs! The ref reprimands but fans are cheering! Dustin fires up but the ref stays in his way. Hager gets free, but Dustin pushes the ref aside to still kick low! CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Hager survives Dustin’s destroyer but Dustin keeps fired up. Fans rally behind Dustin and he drags Hager around by his arm. Dustin wants to break it! But Hager fights off the cross arm breaker Dustin clubs and kicks, and gets the armbar! Hager powers up and slips out, to ANKLE LOCK! Dustin endures as Hager works to break the leg now!

Dustin gets up, goes around, but Hager drags him away from ropes! Fans rally as Dustin endures the pain. Dustin powers up, crawls, and rolls! Hager almost runs into the ref! Hager turns around and LOW BLOW KNEES Dustin!! The ref missed it all but fans saw it! Chicago boos as Hager drags Dustin up for the arm triangle. Dustin powers Hager into buckles but Hager knees more. Hager knees Dustin back and cranks on the triangle. Dustin fades out, Hager wins!!

Winner: Jake Hager, by submission

Only Mrs. Hager is happy about this one. Hager and Dustin got down and dirty, but a win is a win. Will the Big Hurt continue from here to become undefeated in both MMA and pro-wrestling?


AEW officially announces a new special!

It will be Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, that AEW presents a special episode of Dynamite with “Blood & Guts!” It will feature a match involving two rings surrounded by a covered cage and a lot of carnage! Who will be involved in this AEW first-time-ever? And who will survive it?


Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin!

The Inner Circle tried to silence the Undead Daredevil, in a literal case with the Spanish God jamming Darby’s own skateboard into his throat! But even so, Darby has been able to send messages to Sammy, using Sammy’s own cue card communication. Is the writing on the wall for Sammy? Or will he loudly proclaim how he defeated Darby once and for all?

But as Darby hits the ring, Sammy bails out. So Darby DIVES out onto him! Fans fire up from that opening salvo but the referee reprimands him. Darby doesn’t care, he SHOTGUN dropkicks Sammy into barriers! Darby whips Sammy into more barriers on the far side! Sammy writhes as Darby slashes his throat. Darby gets space and runs back in, but Sammy dodges the body check to leaping sobat! Sammy whips Darby into railing now as payback. Sammy brings Darby up but Darby blocks the smash. Darby tires but Sammy blocks the smash. Sammy whips, Darby reverses, and Darby suplexes Sammy to hang him out on the railing! Darby clubs Sammy’s back while Marko Stunt is in the front row vlogging it all.

Darby goes into the ring to run and DIVE into Sammy! The only parts that make contact are both men’s heads! The ref checks on both men as Chicago loses its mind. Sammy scurries away while Darby crawls. Darby forces himself to stand and go after Sammy. Darby throws forearms, but Sammy throws Darby’s skateboard at him! Down goes Darby again! Sammy drags the skateboard up and plays it like a guitar before tossing it aside. Sammy brings out a TABLE! Fans cheer because they love tables. Sammy sets it up by a corner and drags Darby onto it. The ref says they need to get in the ring to actually start this match, but Sammy refuses. Sammy clubs Darby then climbs up top.

Fans anticipate what’s coming as Sammy aims at Darby. Sammy leaps, 630 THROUGH THE TABLE!! The Spanish God and Undead Daredevil have both just gone to table hell! Fans lose their minds again as Sammy drags himself from the wreckage. Sammy finally returns to the ring but Darby is still down. Fans have mixed reactions but Sammy soaks it all up. The ref checks on Darby but Sammy insists they start the match already. Darby drags himself up from the wreckage!? Sammy lounges on the ropes while Darby demands this match begin. The bell rings, Sammy KNEES Darby down! Cover, TWO!! Darby in not dead yet, but Sammy chokes him on the ropes!

Sammy even stands on Darby! The ref counts but Sammy back flips off at 4. Sammy kicks the ropes into Darby’s throat! Cover, TWO! Sammy drags Darby up to SLAP him! Darby seethes as he stands back up. Darby blocks the next slap, but Sammy shoves. Darby gets him in the Gory Especial! He pulls the arms, and bites the hand! Then throws Sammy down into a FUJIWARA! With finger torture! Sammy shouts and scrambles about, but Darby gets the other arm! Grounded Gory Especial! Sammy uses a leg for the ropebreak! Darby lets go at 4 to torture Sammy more. Sammy bails out but Darby follows after. Sammy gets back in and hotshots Darby in the ropes!

Darby is on the apron, Sammy hops up top, and Sammy leaps to APRON DOUBLE STOMP! Sammy drags Darby in to make the cover, TWO!! Darby still lives! Fans rally up but Sammy brings Darby’s skateboard into the ring. Darby sees that, and gets Sammy with a DESTROYER first! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Darby roars. Darby climbs up top but Sammy trips him up! Sammy climbs to join Darby and gives him a CHOP! He goes to superplex but Darby prostrates to deny it. Darby shoves Sammy, Sammy lands on his feet, then leap sup to get Darby in a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!?!? Darby still lives, even after the heavenly Spanish Fly!

Fans love “A E DUB!” as Sammy snarls at Darby. Sammy climbs up and pulls off a buckle pad while the ref is checking on Darby. Fans boo as Sammy brings Darby over. Darby blocks the buckle bump to monkey flip Sammy into the exposed steel! Sammy tastes karma before he takes Darby’s throwback STUNNER! Fans fire up as Darby goes up high, for the COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Darby keeps his promise to drop the coffin on Sammy, but he won’t be satisfied until he crushes Sammy. But Hager returns to save his Inner Circle running mate! Darby says he’s gunning for the entire Inner Circle. Will he break that unit by any means necessary?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS The Young Bucks!

The Elite is (not) fine. Hangman feels like the weak link and doesn’t like it, which is why he wanted out. But Matt and Nick Jackson seem to think Adam isn’t allowed to walk away from the group that put him on the map. And yet, they aren’t going to settle for being anything less than tag team champions. Will the Superkick Party rain on the Cowboy’s parade? Or will Hangman get help from the Cleaner in showing everyone his true worth?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and this unlikeliest of dream matches begins!

Fans are rather surprisingly against the Bucks in favor of Hangman and Omega. Perhaps Chicago supports Hangman wanting to strike out on his own rather than Matt and Nick acting like he owes them. Chicago cheers for “Cowboy Sh*t!” as tensions are riding high. Omega keeps Hangman back and cools him off before the teams sort out. The bell rings as Nick starts with Omega.

Omega and Nick circle as fans rally up. They tie up and go around, and Omega wrenches to a wristlock. Omega cranks but Nick uses ropes to flip and roll and wrench back. Omega wrenches him back and the Terminator drums sound. Nick goes up to snapmare Omega off then trip him up. Things speed up and Omega waistlocks. Omega wants the full nelson but Nick arm-drags free. Nick chops then wristlocks to springboard arm-drag! He arm-drags Omega more and gets an armlock, but Omega headscissors. Nick pops out and shows Superkick but Omega has his guard up. Omega and Nick back off and fans cheer the exchange. Nick and Omega fist bump to show their friendship is still good. Omega and Nick go to their corners, and fans fire up as they tag in Hangman and Matt.

Matt and Hangman circle as the “Cowboy Sh*t!” chants start up again. They tie up, Hangman wrenches but Matt rolls to reverse. Hangman rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Matt rolls, spins and drop toeholds to facelock. Hangman spins, Matt rolls, and the two fight for control. Hangman and Matt go again but get up in a huff. Fans cheer the exchange, but Matt offers a handshake. Hangman refuses to take it, and even SPITS on Matt! Matt wipes the spit off his face to trip Hangman! Matt throws hands but Hangman throws them back! The ref tries to get them to back off but Matt just goes back for more! Omega drags Matt up but Matt shoves him away! Nick goes in to get his brother off Hangman, and Matt backs off.

Matt tags Nick and Nick brings Hangman up. Hangman SLAPS Nick! Nick back kicks HARD! Tag to Matt and now the Bucks go after Hangman together with the alley-oop dropkick! They give Omega the headscissor dropkick! Fans boo as Matt runs in at Hangman. Hangman sends Matt out and Nick runs in. Nick blocks the boots, turns Hangman sideways, and tags Matt in. Draping neckbreaker and slingshot senton! Matt hits Omega then wrecks him with a dropkick! Nick gut busters while Matt skins the cat, twisting neckbreaker backbreaker! Fans are divided as the Bucks stand tall. Matt stalks Hangman to ropes and drags him up. Matt scoops but Hangman slips out to club Matt on the back!

Hangman clubs away on the historically bad back of Matt, and even rams in knees. Nick protests but it’s Omega calling Hangman over that gets him to stop. Hangman goes over to Omega and gives him a hard “tag” on the chest. Fans see the tension growing between Hangman and Omega now, and Omega drags Matt up. Omega gives Matt a running backbreaker! cover, TWO! Omega drags Matt up, Hangman tags in to slingshot double ax handle. Hangman sucker punches Nick! Hangman drags Matt up and throws him out. Fans fire up as Hangman brings Matt up and whips him into railing! The bad back is in more pain, and Hangman forces the timekeeper out of their station. Omega won’t let Hangman go any further and puts Matt in the ring. Omega tells Hangman to get in and Hangman reluctantly returns.

Hangman and Omega give Matt CHOP after CHOP! Matt blocks one but Hangman forearms Matt in the back! Omega brings Matt up and together, he and Hangman back suplex. But Matt lands on his feet! To DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS- No! His back won’t let him! Omega and Hangman club away, but Matt powers up to hit the Double Northern after all! Matt crawls to his corner, hot tag to Nick! Nick rallies on Hangman and Omega with his furious sequence! Forearm, back kick, ROUNDHOUSE, spinning ROUNDHOUSE! Shining wizard for Omega, bulldog clothesline combo! Nick SLAPS Hangman and goes “LUCHA LIBRE~” to huricanrana Omega. Shining Wizard for Hangman, apron Penalty Kick for Omega! Nick slingshots to facebuster! Then apron moonsaults onto Omega!

Fans fire up as Nick finishes his favorite string of moves with a slingshot into the sunset, SHARPSHOOTER! Hangman endures but Omega returns to KOTARO KRUSHER! Omega tags in and the Terminator Drums return. But Matt clubs Omega down! Fans boo as Matt throws hands on Omega, but he runs into a Snap-Rana! The drums return as the Bucks regroup. Omega builds speed, to FLY into a kick! The Bucks know that move too well, and they put Omega back in. Nick covers, TWO! Nick drags Omega into a facelock and grinds down. Fans rally and Omega endures. Omega fights his way up as fans duel. Omega throws body shots, powers up, but Nick sucker punches Hangman! Nick kicks Omega then tags in Matt.

The Bucks double whip Omega but Omega holds ropes. Omega boots Matt then dumps Nick! Omega hurries but Matt keeps him from Hangman with haymakers. Matt SPITS at Hangman! The ref keeps Hangman back as Matt eggs him on. Matt runs at Omega but Omega goes up and over and rolls, but Nick trips Hangman up! Fans boo as Matt stalks up and kicks Omega low. Matt brings Omega up, SPIKE PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Omega lives but Nick tags back in. Nick stomps Omega and clamps on with another facelock. Fans rally as Hangman returns to the corner. Omega powers up, pushes his way towards his corner, but Nick swings on Hangman again. Hangman hits back! Omega feeds Nick to Hangman’s boot then pop-up SPINE BUSTERS! Hot tag to Hangman!

Hangman rallies on the Bucks with heavy hands! Hangman whips Matt but Matt reverses, only to run into Hangman’s boot! Triangle lariat for Nick! Hangman ducks Matt’s clothesline to catch the crossbody, for a Fall Away Slam! Kip up to PLANCHA! Nick goes down, Hangman clotheslines Matt out! Fans fire up for Hangman as he has Nick again. Nick puts Hangman on the apron but turns around into a boot. Nick elbows Hangman back, then he and Matt regroup. The Bucks try to slingshot Hangman in but he slingshots them both out! Hangman climbs up top, to SUPER MOONSAULT! Direct hit takes out both Bucks! Hangman’s wild eyes are matched by the fans’ cheers of “COWBOY SH*T!”

Hangman puts Nick in, runs and runs and LARIATS! Stan Hanson would be proud! Hangman drags Nick up and throws him at Matt, daring Matt to tag in. Matt tags in and fans love this showdown. Hangman and Matt get in each other’s face and talk a lot of trash. Then they start throwing hands! Fans are on Hangman’s side and things get fast and furious! Matt gets the edge with that throat chop! Matt runs, but into a BOOT! Hangman runs, Omega tags in, Hangman corner clotheslines. Omega runs into back elbow, then he feeds Matt to Hangman’s rolling elbow. Omega pops Matt up for Hangman’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Matt lands hard and high but Omega keeps on him with a gut wrench DOCTOR WILY BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Omega is shocked that Matt survives!

Omega tags in Hangman and Hangman brings Matt up. Matt throws a big haymaker to rock Hangman! Matt hits a corner forearm then runs corner to corner, but Hangman follows. But Matt knows this and moves, Nick corner enziguris Hangman! Tag to Nick and Nick runs corner to corner to shining wizard, kick, and forearm! Omega runs in, to get a SUPERKICK! Nick wristlocks Hangman to roundhouse and go up the ropes. Hangman pushes Nick but Nick flips to land on his feet at the ramp! Nick slingshots into DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Hangman still lives and Chicago is thunderous! Chicago says “This is Awesome!” but it’s far from over. Nick runs corner to corner again but Hangman back elbows. Hangman climbs but Matt tucks him in! Nick hits CHEEKY NANDOS!

Tag to Matt and the Bucks have Hangman for the SLICED BREAD BOMB!! Cover, Omega breaks it in time! Matt throws Omega out and they take aim at Hangman. Hangman slowly rises, but he blocks a superkick to give it to Matt! Hangman ROCKS Nick but Matt ROCKS Hangman! Matt runs but Hangman shows superkick. It’s a 52 FAKE OUT!! The Cowboy learned that from the Villain! Hangman fires up and does a dance, “CHICKEN WING!!” Hangman hops onto Matt for the chicken wing sleeper!! MARTY~!! Matt flails and reaches but Nick climbs up top. Nick leaps as Matt rolls out, 450 splash! Cover, TWO!?! The Bucks can’t believe it! Matt tags Nick back in and Matt drags Hangman up.

Nick climbs as Matt fireman’s carries. Hangman slips out and shoves Matt into Nick! Omega gives Matt the “You! Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton! Hangman hits a running shooting star and then Omega moonsaults! Hangman goes up to get Nick for a SUPER FALL AWAY SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!? POWERBOMB, flip over, V-TRIGGER! Cover but Matt breaks it in time! Chicago is thunderous again as Hangman crawls to tag in Omega. Omega loads up, “BANG!” But Nick dodges to V-Trigger! Nick waistlocks, Omega standing switches and German Suplexes. Nick lands on his feet but Omega blocks the superkick! Omega spins Nick for a V-TRIGGER!

Matt runs in but denies the full nelson with elbow after elbow. Matt runs, into a V-TRIGGER! Omega drags Nick into the SNAP DRAGON! And another! Underhooks for the TIGER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Nick survives and Omega is shocked! Omega drags Nick up and to the corner. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but there’s still a time limit on this. Omega runs corner to corner to V-TRIGGER Nick in the back! Omega Electric Chair lifts Nick and then goes up top?! Nick resists and fights back, to SUPER POISON-RANA!! Hangman BUCK SHOTS Nick! Matt Northern Lights Hangman out of the ring! And then floats through to hit another Northern Lights on the ramp! The Polar Express begins, and though Matt hesitates, he suplexes Hangman to the LED RAMP!!

Matt drags Hangman up and tells Nick to get up. Matt gut wrenches Hangman into position, Nick springboards, INDIETAKER TO THE RAMP!! Did the Bucks just murder the Cowboy!? Fans boo as Matt and Nick go to the ring. They have Omega all alone and want to throw the “SUPERKICK! PARTAY~!” Omega turns around, and Nick SUPERKICKS! Matt SUPERKICKS! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Fans boo as the Bucks won’t end it here. They drag Omega up, and they dare copy the Golden Lovers with GOLDEN TRIGGER!!! Cover, ONE?!?!? WHAT?!?! Omega has revived, but takes DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!?!? Chicago is electric as Matt tags back in. Matt drags Omega around to Danielson Stomp the bad shoulder! The ref tries to back Matt off but Matt shows no mercy.

Matt pulls the tape off the shoulder but now even Nick questions what his brother is doing. Matt sees what he’s done, and his hands are trembling. Nick says they should just end this, and Matt agrees. Matt brings Omega back up, gut wrenches, but Hangman trips Nick up! Hangman POWERBOMBS Nick THROUGH A TABLE!! How is Hangman even moving?! Omega is free, Matt blocks one but not the next V-TRIGGER! Then, BUCK SHOT TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Good ol’ JR even has to shout, “For the love of God!” Omega headbutts Matt on the mat out of frustration. Omega reloads and V-TRIGGERS! He vows to end this and he brings Matt around. Electric Chair lift, but Matt resists! Matt fights free to SUPERKICK!

Hangman tags in as Omega staggers about. Hangman Electric Chairs Matt, for the ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover but Nick breaks it up!! The One Winged Cowboy couldn’t do it! Hangman glares at Nick, drags him up and throws him out to the ramp. Nick staggers, Hangman slingshots to BUCK SHOT! Matt staggers up as we hit 30 minutes, Hangman BUCK SHOTS Matt! Cover, Hangman & Omega win!!

Winners: Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

INCREDIBLE! The newest tag team on the block beats perhaps the best tag team in the world! Does this change the pecking order within the Elite? Does this change how the world views the tag team division of the world?

When all four men finally stand up, Matt and Nick try to talk to Omega and Page. Omega is a bit reluctant, but he still shakes hands with the Bucks because they’re still friends. However, Hangman is much more stubborn. Omega stands with the Bucks, but Hangman exits the ring. Fans think Hangman is up to something as he lingers on the apron, but he just holds the ropes open for Omega. Is the Elite still (not) fine?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Nyla Rose VS Kris Statlander!

The Native Beast felt vindicated when she finally got to be the one to dethrone Riho. However, she also felt very disrespected when no one cheered. Will Nyla force everyone to respect her “unbridled power” after dealing with the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this first test of the new champion begins!

Kris and Nyla stare down as they circle. They tie up, Nyla pushes Kris to show her power. They go again, Kris shows her power, and they go around the ropes. Nyla has Kris in the corner but Kris turns it around. Kris lets up at the ref’s count but Nyla headlocks right away. Kris powers out and manages to hurdle, but her shoulder just bounces of Nyla. Nyla smirks and kicks Kris low. Nyla headlocks again but Kris powers out. The two collide again and Kris staggers. Things speed up, Nyla runs Kris over but Kris kips up and tumbles back. Fans cheer as the two stare down again. Kris ducks the chop and boots Nyla back, then goes to enziguri. Nyla ducks it and grags a leg, but Kris drop toeholds and knees back! Somersault senton and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Kris drags Nyla up but Nyla powers her to a corner. Nyla rams her shoulder into Kris then goes corner to corner, only to miss. Kris runs back in but Nyla puts her on the apron. Kris slingshots into a forearm shot! Nyla goes out to follow Kris at the ramp and kicks her down. Nyla whips Kris but Kris tumbles into the ring. Kris runs back to DIVE, but FLOPS as Nyla moves! Nyla stomps Kris down and brings her back up. Nyla dumps Kris back into the ring, then shows off her own speed as she SPEARS Kris through the ropes! Fans can’t help but cheer that one as Nyla covers, TWO! Nyla keeps her cool as she looms over Kris. Nyla drags Kris up, but Kris resists the bomb. The Beast clubs and clotheslines Kris and again! Cover, TWO!

The Alien is tougher than Nyla likes, and Nyla drags her back up. Nyla brings Kris over to suplex and THROW into buckles! Kris crashes down and Nyla pushes her out of the ring. A ring count begins and Nyla soaks up both the cheers and jeers. Kris stirs at 4 and slowly rises at 5. Nyla paces as fans rally for Kris. Kris goes around the way at 7 and drags herself into the ring at 8. Nyla stomps Kris down then drags her back up. Kris throws body shots and forearms! Kris runs but into a back suplex! She lands on her feet and waistlocks but Nyla bucks her off. Kris SUPERKICKS and Nyla falls! Fans cheer as both women are down. A standing count begins now, and Kris stirs at 4. Nyla follows at 5, both women sit up at 6, and then stand at 7.

Kris throws a haymaker and then another. Nyla pushes her back but Kris keeps throwing hands. Kris throws forearms then enziguris Nyla down! Nyla bails out but Kris builds speed as fans fire up. Kris DIVES and hits Nyla into barriers! Fans fire up with Kris as she goes back in. Kris wants another, and she DIVES again! Another hit into barriers! Kris drags Nyla up and into the ring, and fans rally up again as she climbs up top. Nyla stands and staggers, into Kris’ missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kris grows frustrated but she refocuses. Fans rally again while Nyla flounders to a corner. Kris runs corner to corner to uppercut! Then side to side, but Nyla corner splashes! Nyla CHOPS Kris then whips her out to throw her back in, and CLOBBERS Kris from behind!

Nyla stands on Kris’ head at the ropes but lets up at 4. Fans boo but Nyla drags Kris up from the apron. Nyla hangs Kris out to dry then goes to a corner. Nyla climbs up top but Kris escapes with a handstand walk! Kris rolls to blow a kiss, and then ducks Nyla’s kick! Roll up, Nyla slips out but gets a BUZZSAW and boop. Basement DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kris keeps going as she brings Nyla up and gut wrenches. Nyla fights that off and KNEES Kris in the head! STF! Nyla cranks back on Kris’ neck but Kris uses her free leg to crawl. Fans rally again as Kris drags herself and Nyla over. Nyla gets up to drag Kris away, and puts the STF back on! Kris endures again so Nyla lets go to run and splash, onto knees!

Kris runs to dropkick! She runs again, into a BEAST BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Nyla can’t believe Kris survives! No one has survived that move yet, and certainly not a pop-up variation. Nyla goes up top but Kris rises to SHORYUKEN! Kris CHOPS Nyla then climbs up. Kris clubs away on Nyla’s back, then brings Nyla up for a SUPERPLEX! There was a stumble but Kris crawls to a cover, TWO!! Nyla still lives! Kris rains down right hands and the ref has to pull her off. Fans boo and Nyla BOOTS Kris down! Nyla hops up but Kris haymakers her first. Kris wants another try for a cleaner move, and SUPER STEIN- No! Nyla blocks that and brings Kris up again. Kris resists but still gets a SUPER BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien is still a young star, and just learned that she still has a lot to learn. The Native Beast has her first successful defense, but is this just the appetizer in a feast of challengers?


Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson VS MJF w/ Wardlow!

Finally, after months of both sides egging the other on. After weeks of enduring the stipulations put forward by the traitorous protege. After countless hours of planning, preparing and training, these two friends turned bitterest of enemies will have it out! Will MJF be a mere chapter in the American Nightmare’s legacy? Or will he be the end of that storied career?

Cody got a new tattoo for the occasion: his American Nightmare skull logo, star spangled, on his neck! To make this moment even more spectacular, Downstait is live to sing “Kingdom,” Cody’s theme song! Coach Arn leads the Nightmare Family out! Stephen Amell is among them! Will the support of Cody’s true friends and family be what helps him defeat his greatest enemy?

Naturally, everyone in Chicago is on Cody’s side. The bell rings, MJF dodges and dodges and then uses the ropes for defense. When Cody rushes over, MJF bails out. “We’re on MY time, Chicago!” Fans chant, “F*** him up, Cody, f*** him up!” MJF gets back in, Cody puts him in a corner, but MJF dodges. MJF runs back in but Cody goes up and over. Cody wants the spinning powerslam but MJF fakes him out. MJF shouts “IDIOT!” but misses his elbow drop. Cody springboards, but no cutter! MJF bails out again and Cody is furious. But these two men know each other too well for it to be this easy. MJF goes to the crowd and flips Chicago off, then eggs Cody on.

Brandi and Arn tell Cody to keep his cool, and Chicago tells it like it is: MJF is a “COWARD! COWARD!” Cody waits for MJF while fans tell MJF off. MJF splashes a fan with beer! MJF gets back to ringside and shouts, “You want it?! Huh!?” The ring count is 7 but MJF refreshes it just so he can frustrate Cody more. Cody keeps his cool as Wardlow hypes MJF up. MJF gets in but gets a BOOT! Cody goes after MJF but MJF throws hansd. Cody gives them back but MJF rocks Cody more. MJF whips, Cody reverses and hits the Rhodes Uppercut! CODY CUTTER! Cover, ONE! MJF bails out to the ramp side, and Cody gets Full Gear flashbacks. That scar is a constant reminder of the faceplant so Cody goes out and then runs up the ramp.

Cody runs backstage? Because he’s coming back at full speed to CLOTHESLINE MJF into the ring! Cover, TWO!! Cody seethes but paces around MJF. MJF sits up but Cody stomps his hand. Cody whips, MJF reverses, but Cody goes up and sunset flips, TWO! Both men kick at each other, but Cody blocks MJF’s boot. Cody flips MJF but MJF lands on his feet to poke the eyes! MJF gloats, Cody turns him around, so MJF stomps the foot! MJF runs, but Cody follows, and throws big forearms! Cody Alabama lifts and MJF freaks out, as he gets an Alabama Airplane Spin! Cody keeps going, before he SLAMS MJF down! The foot is holding up so Cody covers, to let up! Cody wants to make MJF to suffer, and rains down right hands. The ref reprimands but Cody lets up.

Cody stomps the arms and then kicks MJF in the face. MJF staggers back to ropes but the ref keeps Cody back. Wardlow helps MJF bail out and fans boo. The muscle is doing his job keeping the boss safe, but Brandi comes over. Brandi SPLASHES Wardlow with beer! Wardlow storms over, Arn is in his way, and Cody DIVES! Cody takes out the muscle and stomps him down to be sure! Chicago cheers as Cody fetches MJF at the railing. Cody drags MJF up and into the ring, but then MJF hotshots the arm! The ref reprimand but Wardlow is up to YANK Cody into the post! Wardlow puts Cody in, MJF throws Cody into the post! Fans boo but MJF just feeds off it. MJF stalks over to Cody, wrenches the arm, but Cody throws haymakers.

MJF kicks the bad foot then hammerlocks. He tucks Cody’s hand into the weight belt, then gut wrench BOMBS Cody onto that bad arm! High stack cover, TWO! Fans rally up as MJF looms over Cody. MJF clubs Cody then wrenches the arm. MJF whips and wrenches Cody into buckles! Cover, TWO! MJF grows frustrated but he keeps on the arm. He stands on the arm to torture the hand, then stomps it! Cody clutches it in pain but MJF sits him up. MJF throws punches into Cody’s face, then runs to Fargo strut into a key lock. But Cody gets up, goes around and reaches for ropes. MJF keeps on the wrist, hooks a leg and wrangles Cody to a cover. ONE, and the two struggle for control.

Fans rally up as MJF cranks on the key lock. Cody fights his way up, and MJF suddenly has fans? Cody punches MJF in the head but MJF cranks on the arm more. They end up going to the corner, and Cody breaks free. Cody goes to whip but MJF yanks the bad arm. MJF hops up to DUMDUM STOMP the arm! FUJIWARA! The Salt of the Earth returns to his old ways, but Cody endures. Cody heads for the ropes but MJF grapevines the arm. Cody keeps crawling, but MJF hooks the far arm and brings it over! MJF has some Napalm Death in his arsenal! Cody only has one free leg but he uses it to push himself, and gets the ropebreak with his mouth! MJF lets go at 4 but is still frustrated. Fans rally up as MJF drags Cody back around.

MJF takes off Cody’s boot, wanting after the bad foot! Cody resists but MJF rakes his eyes! Cody punches but his boot is off. MJF throws the boot at Arn then stands on the bad toes! The ref reprimands but MJF brings the foot up, to BITE!! MJF has gone to new lows and fans tell the “Sick F***” that themselves. MJF haymakers Cody to a corner then hoists him up top. He throat chops Cody for good measure, then wrenches the bad arm. Cody slips out and flapjacks MJF on the buckles! Fans rally up again as Cody drags MJF up to the top rope. Cody clubs MJF on the back, climbs up behind him, and is on the very top. Cody has the dragon sleeper, SUPER INVERTED SUPLEX!

Both men land hard but Cody forces himself back up. MJF follows, Cody sends him out, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cody keeps moving but Wardlow is in his way. Fans boo and the ref warns Wardow, but Arn storms over. Wardlow hops down but Arn has a chair! Arn dares Wardlow to do something but the muscle prefers to not take a shot from a living legend. Cody goes out to fetch a bloodied MJF! Cody punches the wound to add on, and even bounces MJF off the steel steps! He puts MJF in the ring, stalks up behind him, and as MJF sputters through the crimson mask, Cody punches him more. Cody has MJF in the corner and rains down punches! He gets all 10, hops down, and hits the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!

Cody keeps his cool as he brings MJF up. Cody elbows MJF down then gives the Viper a quick shout out. He puts MJF through the ropes, but MJF slips off to STOMP the bad foot! MJF puts Cody through the ropes, jumps up, HEAT SEEKER FACEBUSTER! The draping facebuster hits, MJF covers and puts his foot on the ropes, with Wardlow helping! But the ref is literally right there, so the jig is up. The ref reprimands Wardlow, but Brandi LEAPS! Wardlow catches her crossbody and fireman’s carries! Cody bails out to warn Wardlow, and Arn lurks up behind him. Cody runs, Wardlow moves, and the BOOT hits ARN! The coach is down! Brandi and the ref check on Arn, knowing his neck is still a concern after all this time.

Cody gets in the ring, MJF lurks up behind him, and LOW BLOWS!! Roll up, TWO!! Cody survives and the ref checks on MJF’s face. MJF is okay to continue somehow, and he drags Cody up. MJF flips everyone off one more time, but Cody blocks the suplex. Cody suplexes and the two men tumble out of the ring! Chicago loses their minds as the ref checks on both of them. How these two aren’t out of commission is insane. A ring count begins as they’re both down on the outside. Brandi and Wardlow coach their men up but we’re already past 5! The count hits 9, and both men leap into the ring! Cody gets up as fans rally and dares MJF to stand. MJF flounders in the corner but gets to his feet.

The two wobble towards each other, and Cody ROCKS MJF! MJF hits back, but so does Cody. The two brawl and Chicago is strongly behind Cody with every shot. Cody back hands, body shots, kicks and punches, but MJF kicks low. Cody JABS, JABS, JABS and so on, to then flip, flop and fly. But MJF falls over before the Bionic Elbow can land. Cody drags MJF up, dragon sleepers, but MJF turns it into DOUBLE CROSS! Cover, TWO!?! Cody survives and MJF can’t believe it! Arn is up and okay, but his concern is for Cody. MJF pulls Cody’s weight belt off, and wants to relive one of his stipulations. The ref won’t let him, and MJF shoves him. Cody LOW BLOWS MJF! Then Vertabreaker for DINN’S FIRE!! Cover, TWO!?!

MJF survives somehow, but Cody wastes little time being shocked. Cody sees his weight belt and wants to use it for his own. The ref reprimands him as much as he did MJF, but Cody doesn’t care. Cody LASHES MJF! That’s one in return for thet 10. The ref wants Cody to stop here, but even he understands the poetic justice. Cody gets to LASH MJF again! Then the belt is a free souvenir! Cody sees MJF cowering in the corner. “You were my friend, damn it!!” MJF crawls and seems to be begging Cody for forgiveness. Fans boo because those are surely crocodile tears.

MJF grovels, hugs Cody, and apologizes. To then SPIT on Cody’s face! Cody gets MJF with CROSS RHODES!! But that’s not enough, he gives MJF ANOTHER!! And then a THIR- No! MJF DECKS Cody! Is that the Dynamite Diamond Ring on his finger?! Cover, MJF WINS!!

Winner: MJF, by pinfall

The damned Dynamite Diamond Ring does it again! MJF survives thanks to that very valuable piece of jewelry. Will MJF be taking this win all the way to the bank?


PAC VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends!

The Bastard didn’t come out the winner of his Iron Man tiebreaker with Kenny Omega, so he took his frustrations out on Freshly Squeezed. But even a man as mean as Pac should be careful when angering a Sloth. Will Cassidy finally… try?

Chicago chants, “He’s Gonna Try!” as Cassidy makes his AEW in-ring debut. The bell rings, and Cassidy keeps the sunglasses on? Pac mocks his overall look while fans lose their minds over witnessing history. Cassidy brings his hands up, but Pac again keeps them from being put in pockets. Cassidy waistlocks, Pac slips out, but Cassidy wrenches and wrings him out! Pac is shocked, and then Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. Pac swings a punch but Cassidy dodges with ease! Fans already say “This is Awesome!” Cassidy unleashes the shin kicks! Pac gives them back! It’s a shin kick fight! It’s… Well it’s not fast but it is furious. Maybe. But then Pac shoves Cassidy down! Fans boo as the sunglasses fly off.

Cassidy sits up as fans chant, “Fight Forever!” Pac whips Cassidy, Cassidy dodges and ducks to leap over with no hands! And then shotgun dropkicks! Cassidy kips up with no hands! Chicago gives a standing ovation! Cassidy runs, things speed up and Pac hurdles to hip toss, but Cassidy no-hands arm-drags! Wheelbarrow and the hands get the cover, TWO! Pac storms out of the ring but Cassidy builds speed. Pac hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Fans boo while Cassidy writhes. Pac runs and stomps Cassidy down, then throws him out. Pac keeps on Cassidy on the outside by throwing him hard into railing! Fans let The Bastard know that’s what he is while the Best Friends coach Cassidy up.

Pac stalks back over and drags Cassidy up. He brings Cassidy around and throws him HARD into a post! Fans boo as Pac backs the Best Friends down. Pac brings Cassidy up and puts him in the ring. Fans rally as Pac looms over Cassidy. Pac stomps Cassidy down then taunts the fans. Pac drags Cassidy up and scoop slams him down hard. Fans boo as Pac heads up top. Cassidy stirs as Pac watches like a hawk. Cassidy stands to get Pac’s missile dropkick! Pac kips up with ease but fans still boo. Pac looms over Cassidy again and gives toying kicks. Fans boo and Pac drags Cassidy up by an ear. Pac hears the fans chanting as he back kicks and front kicks Cassidy, then SUPERKICKS!

Cassidy wobbles and Pac reels him in, for a SIT OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy lives! Pac argues with the ref but that is the count. Pac drags Cassidy up, but fans change chants to “No Pulp!” That seems to annoy Pac more than the other chants. Pac puts Cassidy up top and then climbs up to join him. He brings Cassidy up for a SUPER BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, but Pac lets up?! The Bastard really is that as he wants to make the Sloth suffer. Pac drags Cassidy to a drop zone then climbs up top. Pac aims but Cassidy rolls out of the ring! Fans cheer but Pac goes out to fetch him. Fans lose their minds as Pac puts Cassidy back in, and Cassidy rolls out the other way. Pac is growing annoyed as he fetches Cassidy again. Pac puts Cassidy in but Cassidy is already rolling.

Fans chant “This is Wrestling!” as Pac cuts Cassidy off at the past. Cassidy is SMILING! And maybe even laughing! The true feelings of the Sloth shine through! Cassidy kips up, builds speed and DIVES! He’s TRYING!! Cassidy puts Pac in, crossbodies, and runs to tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally for the motivated Cassidy as he and Pac get up. Pac LARIATS Cassidy point blank! A standing count begins as both men stir. Pac stands up at 3 and staggers around. He brings Cassidy up but Cassidy gives a “chop.” And another! Pac ROCKS Cassidy with a real forearm shot and fans boo. Cassidy stands back up, brings his hands up, and puts them back in his pockets. Defiant to the end, and he dodges to SUPER PUNCH!? Cassidy’s trying again!

Cassidy grabs Pac, Pac suplexes, but Cassidy counters with Stun-Dog Millionaire! Fans fire up as Cassidy heads to the top rope! Cassidy smiles but Pac trips him up! Pac climbs up, drags Cassidy into position, but Cassidy fights out! SUPER DDT!! Cassidy hurries right back up, and leaps for a FLYING DDT!! Pac scrambles out of the ring! Trent won’t let Pac run away, he puts him back in the ring. Cassidy hits AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy was slo close yet so far.

But wait, the Lucha Brothers?! Rey Fenix tiger feint hook kicks Trent into Pentagon’s SUPERKICK! The ref shouts at them to leave, but Chuckie T runs in to SENTON them both down! Best Friends and Lucha Bros fight up the ramp but Pac stalks up behind Cassidy. Cassidy turns around into the arm wringer, and BRUTALIZER!! Cassidy taps, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by submission

The Bastard tortures The Sloth and only lets go when he’s satisfied. Pac manages to win, even though Cassidy actually gave it an effort. Will Pac get back on track towards the AEW World Championship?


AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho w/ Proud ‘n’ Powerful VS Jon Moxley!

Speaking of that title, Y2J has been Le Champion ever since All Out in August, and with his Inner Circle by his side, he has done whatever to whoever he wants. The Maniac could’ve been part of that, but he can do bad all by himself. We will finally see these two go all out against each other, but will the inaugural reign continue? Or will it suffer a Paradigm Shift?

Jericho has a choir sing his theme for him to add a level of sophistication and grace to his entrance. Extra special introductions are made, the title is raised, and the battle of Y2J and “Zero F’s Given” begins again!

Moxley waits on Jericho as Jericho stays in a corner. Jericho rushes out and the two brawl! Moxley kicks and CHOPS and CHOPS and whips. Jericho holds ropes so Moxley clotheslines him out! Moxley hurries out after Jerich to run him down and dump him into the crowd! PNP talk trash but Moxley pursues Jiercho. Jericho throws water in Moxley’s face! Jericho brings Moxley over to dump into the bleachers and use a stanchion as a weapon! Fans get to see this up close as Jericho jams and clubs Moxley with it. Moxley hits back with forearms! Moxley bumps Jericho off one of those stanchions and then clubs him up the stairs. Fans love this as Moxley punches Jericho back down the stairs.

Jericho’s stitches on the nose become a target, but he hits Moxley back in the good eye. Jericho throws Moxley down and fans clear out. Le Champion uses the same shtick he uses in NJPW: he takes a video camera from the crew to record Moxley, while flipping Moxley off. Moxley kicks back but Jericho punches. Jericho borrows a fan sign to wear as a necklace, and then he use a move Minoru Suzuki would be proud of: he throws railing at Moxley! Moxley gets up on the ramp while PNP talk trash. Jericho goes up the steel steps but Moxley ax handles him down! Moxley rams Jericho into the ramp then drags him up. The two brawl on the apron and Moxley forearms and headbutts Jericho back down.

Moxley leaps to ax handle Jericho again! Jericho flounders around the way but Moxley stalks up behind him. Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS, and then BITES the stitches!! Speaking of something these guys do in NJPW… The ref reprimands both men and Moxley bows in apology. Moxley whips but Jericho reverses to send Moxley into a post! Ortiz laughs at Moxley while the ref checks on that bad eye. Jericho raises his hands as if he’s already won. Jericho goes into the ring as Moxley’s eye wound bleeds. The shark Jericho is, he goes after that bad eye with punches! Jericho brings Moxley over to the timekeeper’s area, to BOMB him through the timekeeper’s table! Fans lose their minds and blood starts seeping out of the eye patch!

Jericho leaves Moxley for dead as he goes to the ring. Moxley manages to rise from the wreckage and puts gauze on his eye. Jericho runs over to punch away on Moxley’s good side and slaps Moxley around. Jericho hops up and watches Moxley writhe. He leaps to drop an elbow on Moxley’s back! Jericho rains down more punches, then dusts his hands off. Fans boo as Jericho goes out to take the ring bell for his own. Jericho rings the bell and declares himself the winner! That’s not how it works. Jericho goes back to Moxley to kick and stomp in a corner. Moxley goes under the bottom rope, so Jericho catapult guillotines him! Jericho watches Moxley writhe and slaps him around.

Fans chant, “Stupid Idiot!” but Jericho flips them off because that’s his phrase, they can’t say it. Jericho throws hands but Moxley just gets mad! Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Moxley whips but Jericho reverses and Moxley hits buckles hard! Jericho digs his foot into Moxley’s bad eye then throws Moxley out. Jericho distracts the ref and Santana gets cheap shots in! Fans boo but PNP get away with that one. Jericho goes out to fetch Moxley and throw more punches. Moxley gives them all back! Moxley whips, Jericho reverses again, and sends Moxley into steel steps! Ortiz mocks Moxley with a quote from Friday and Jericho leaves Moxley behind. The ref checks on Moxley but Moxley insists he’s okay to continue.

A ring count begins and PNP taunts Moxley as he gets up. Moxley gets in at 5 but Jericho stomps and forearms him to a corner. Jericho suplexes Moxley to hang him out to dry, then runs to dropkick Moxley down. Cover, TWO! Jericho brings Moxley back up and CHOPS him in the corner. And again! Jericho whips corner to corner and clotheslines Moxley. He puts Moxley up top and CHOPS again. Jericho climbs up to join Moxley and club him down. Jericho eggs Moxley on as he stands up on the very top. Moxley resists and throws body shots. Moxley Super Gourd Busters Jericho down, then adjusts. Jericho stands, Moxley leaps, flying lariat! Fans rally up as both men are down, and more blood spills out of the eye patch.

Moxley stands first and throws forearms on Jericho. Jericho gives them back and we have a brawl. Moxley hits from all sides and backs Jericho down. Moxley whips and corner clotheslines then clotheslines and clotheslines again! He stomps a mudhole into Jericho until the ref pulls him off. Moxley hobbles back over and whips, but Jericho reverses. Moxley elbows Jericho away, leaps, but the dropkick is caught! Jericho wants the Walls but Moxley counters to a KNEEBAR! ROPEBREAK! Jericho bails out but Moxley builds speed to DIVE! Blindside tope takes Jericho out! PNP tell the ref to pay attention, then Santana taunts Moxley. Jericho triangle leaps but into a hotshot! Regal Knee! Cover, TWO!

Moxley keeps his focus and stands back up. He reels Jericho in but Santana is up top! Moxley hits Santana, but Ortiz MAD BALLS! Jericho LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! The Inner Circle is crafty but they haven’t screwed Moxley over yet. Jericho punches Moxley’s bad eye then smears the blood on himself. Jericho punches Moxley to a corner then whips corner to corner to LARIAT Moxley down! Fans rally for moxley and he blocks Code Breaker! Jericho denies the underhooks and trips Moxley. Moxley slips out, trips Jericho up, and STEALS Walls of Jericho! Jericho endures his own move, and Moxley keeps him away from the ropes! Moxley sits deep, but here comes Hager! Moxley DECKS him, but walks into CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Jericho grabs Moxley’s legs and turns him for the TRUE Walls of Jericho! Moxley endures as Jericho sits deep on the hold! Moxley powers up but Jericho drags him from ropes! Fans rally as Moxley endures, and Moxley powers up again! Moxley crawls, fades but fires up to get the ROPEBREAK! Jericho lets go at 4, and argues with the ref. What is it about Aubrey Edwards that Jericho dislikes? He pushes her around, but turns around into Moxley’s SAIDO! Moxley runs and LARIATS Jericho down! The Inner Circle lurks, and Hager DECKS Moxley! Aubrey sees that, and she EJECTS the Inner Circle! Hager, Santana and Ortiz are all furious but the ref lays down the law!

Moxley gets up, but here comes Sammy! Sammy has the belt, BELT SHOT! The Spanish God slips away without Aubrey ever knowing he was there! She checks on both men, but Jericho crawls over to cover. TWO!!! Moxley survives the screw job! Moxley has a new cut on his eye, however, so he’s bleeding even more than before. Jericho crawls back over to deck Moxley! And again! Moxley keeps sitting up but Jericho keeps punching him down. Jericho goes after the good eye but Moxley stands up. Moxley SLAPS Jericho then eggs him on! The two brawl back and forth, Moxley kicks but Jericho denies the Paradigm Shift. Jericho GOUGES the good eye then BOOTS Moxley down!

Jericho taunts Moxley and slaps him around. Moxley swings blind and Jericho rocks him! Jericho drops knees on Moxley’s head, then hops up. Jericho brings a knee pad down and soaks up the heat to then leap and drop another knee! Moxley writhes but Jericho prepares that elbow. Moxley grits his teeth as he stands, but dodges the elbow! Kick, DIRTY DEEDS! Moxley reveals… that the bad eye has been fine all along!! Who knows when it was back to 100% but he tricked Jericho with it. PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Champion)

The reign of Le Champion finally ends! And now, the MOX Era begins! Moxley’s crazy like a fox and that gave him the edge against Jericho! Will things only get wilder from here?

Moxley brings out a special shirt to celebrate, and it has a picture of the world title on it, with “MOX” on it a la nWo spray paint. Mox grabs a mic to tell the fans, “Goddammit I love this sh*t!” Fans cheer because they love it, too. “And it has been one hell of a year for yours truly.” A long road to the top. Moxley says he didn’t win it. AEW belongs to the fans, so this title does, too! The wrestling fans have been driving AEW forward! A year ago, AEW said it’d bring PRO-WRESTLING back. And that is what AEW has done tonight.

This isn’t his title, but the fans’ title! The fans in Chicago, at home, and with Moxley during the ups and downs since even before AEW. “This belongs to you.” Moxley has no words to describe the gratitude he has towards the AEW Family, namely the fans. So with nothing else to say, “it feels like it’s beer o’clock.” The music plays but Moxley says wait a minute, he’s making this up as he goes. Moxley reminds us that he is a fighting champion. “Line ’em up, I’ll knock ’em down!” But right now, Moxley’s going to knock back some whiskey! Who is going to line up and challenge the craziest, toughest, meanest fighting champion AEW or any promotion has ever seen?



My Thoughts:

What a great show! Not everything was perfect, but it’s really hard to be consistently amazing like AEW has been with how Dynamite is every week. The one weak spot tonight would be the Women’s World Championship match, only because it seems like Kris and Nyla weren’t sure about their match-up for much of it. They’re both tall, strong women and Kris certainly has athleticism on her side, but it just seemed like they didn’t know how to mesh. It was pretty clear Nyla was going to win, though, with a handful more established Faces than Heels right now.

The Buy-In specifically is on a streak for AEW PPV’s. They always give us a great kickoff show since they know that is the free-for-everyone part of the broadcast, making it worth everyone’s time. SCU VS Dark Order was a really good match, and I appreciated the Exalted One tease where Daniels was wearing a cloak as a reference to the story of how he was almost the “Higher Power” in the Ministry of Darkness story. In the end, Dark Order won to stay strong towards that story point, but they’re also doing a great job of playing around with it until they can have their desired Exalted One of Matt Hardy. At the same time, I kinda hope it’s someone else, just to subvert the expectations we’ve all put on that story.

Great grudge matches tonight. Hager VS Dustin was a really good main show opener, and I like that Mrs. Hager came into play in some ways. Naturally Hager won because you can’t just squash a legit amateur wrestler who is also doing very well in MMA, that has also been booked as a mean sonovagun like Hager has. But to keep the Inner Circle even, it was good to see Darby Allin win. I hope he has story with Hager next. Cody VS MJF was a great match. The only thing bad from all that was Cody’s odd tattoo placement and Downstait not sounding even half as good live as they do on the soundtrack. Yikes. But I figured MJF would cheat to win, so let’s continue this feud into that Blood & Guts special! Though, isn’t the match a bit too much like WarGames?

The world tag title match was amazing! Which is natural from four members of The Elite being in one match. It is huge for Hangman to be the one to carry to load and finish the Bucks off alone. The tease of a turn on Omega was very well done, I really did think he was going to Buck Shot Omega. But we can stretch this story for the Spring and Summer because it is so full of layers. Jericho VS Moxley was also great, and Moxley winning is incredible. His fake out was a bit odd, but I guess a blood pouch explains why the eye patch was bulging. Moxley’s promo to celebrate and thank was really good, and if there’s one thing everyone can agree on for AEW, it’s that they aren’t afraid to call this pro-wrestling and NOT sports entertainment.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (9/27/21)

Grand Slam still has more to give!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Welllll~, it’s a big show for AEW Dark: Elevation!

While Paul Wight keeps his AEW in-ring career going against THREE opponents at once, Elevation shares exclusive Grand Slam interviews!


  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS TJ Crawford, Eric James, Kevin Tibbs & Dean Alexander; win(s).
  • Thunder Rosa VS Kayla Sparks; wins.
  • 3v1 Handicap: Paul Wight VS CPA, VSK & RSP; win(s).


Only three matches being advertised, and perhaps only those three at all? Wow, maybe my hope of Elevation being able to downsize is coming true. Though, I’m sure the interview promos will pad this out to be an hour, give or take.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Reports! (9/24/21)

The Grand Slam continues!



AEW Rampage coverage

AEW goes into extra innings for Rampage!

If you thought Dynamite hit it outta the park, wait for Rampage to step up to bat! Will the AEW debut of the #SuperKliq be just as elite?


  • CM Punk VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Punk wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Adam Cole & The Young Bucks w/ The Elite VS Christian Cage & Jurassic Express; Cole & The Bucks win.
  • Chris Jericho & Jake Hager VS The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert; Men of the Year win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Santana, Ortiz & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Hardy Family Office; Santana, Ortiz & The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Anna Jay VS Penelope Ford; Ford wins.
  • Lights Out Tag: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer; Moxley & Kingston win.


CM Punk VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

For the first time anywhere in seven YEARS, the Best in the World wrestles on television! But while he defeated the speedy and relentless Darby Allin at All Out, will Punk be pulverized by Team Taz’s personal titan?

Team Taz on commentary (Taz and Ricky Starks) are really excited to see what Hobbs will do to Punk. The bell rings and Punk dropkicks Hobbs right away! Hobbs hobbles as Punk KICKS his leg as they go along the ropes! Punk dropkicks the leg and Hobbs ends up in a corner. Punk fires off as the fans fire up for him, but Hobbs shoves him away. Hobbs gets to another corner but Punk is right after him again. Punk whips, Hobbs blocks, so Punk grinds Hobbs’ face on the ropes. Hobbs headbutts back and Punk falls against the ropes himself. Hobbs CLUBS Punk, fans boo but Hobbs whips Punk. Punk reverses and drop toeholds to then SNAP the deathlock!

Fans rally as Hobbs gets away and Punk keeps after the legs with KICKS! Punks clinches, wrenches, hooks Hobbs up and hits a Russian Leg Sweep! Punk flips off Hook since he’s ringside, too. Punk grins and he brings Hobbs up to a fireman’s carry! Hobbs fights and Hook gets on the apron! Punk rushes Hook but he gets away, and he turns around into Hobbs’ BODY CHECK! Cover, TWO! Hobbs rains down rights, fans boo but Hobbs and Team Taz soak up the heat. Hobbs sits Punk up to neck wrench then CLUB away on his chest! Hobbs grins as he paces, but Punk throws body shots and haymakers! Hobbs knees low, reels Punk in and whips him hard into buckles!

Punk falls but the fans rally up harder for him. Hobbs tells them to shut it then he whips Punk hard into more buckles. Hobbs drags Punk up again, ROCKS him with a right, but Punk manages to stay up for just a moment to get to ropes. Hobbs hauls Punk back up to suplex, but Punk slips out to O’Conner Roll! TWO, Hobbs runs in and CLOBBERS Punk again! Taz says that’s “getting trucked,” and Hobbs is definitely a monster truck of a human being. Hobbs gets Punk up to CLUB him down, puts Punks on ropes, chokes him, but lets off to run and STRADDLE ATTACK! Not the cleanest but Hobbs snarls then grins as AEW goes picture in picture.

Hook and Hobbs chest bump for that one as Punk is still down. Hobbs drags Punk onto the apron to SLAM his chest into the edge! Punk sputters, Hobbs SLAMS him again! Hobbs then takes aim and ELBOWS Punk against the apron! Hobbs goes into the ring, argues with the ref but Hook gets his shot in on Punk! Hobbs is having fun now as he waits for Punk to stand. Hobbs scoops and SLAMS Punk, then steps on him! AEW returns to single picture as Hobbs gloats. Hobbs hauls Punk right up into a bearhug! Punk endures, fans rally up behind him, and Punk throws elbows to get free! But Hobbs just wraps on a bearhug from behind!

Hobbs squeezes tight, throws in some short headbutts, but Punk throws more elbows! Punk gets free, ROCKS Hobbs with a forearm, but Hobbs ROCKS Punk back! The hands keep flying, Punk gets the edge then sobats! Front kicks! Whip and calf kick! Hobbs is right up but he swings into a swinging NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Punk goes to a corner. Hobbs rises, Punk runs corner to corner to SHINING WIZARD! Then he reels Hobbs in for a clothesline! Punk thinks of what to do and fans fire up as he climbs the corner! Punk grins as he stands up, points to the sky, MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs survives but Punk nods his respect.

Fans chant, “You Still Got It!” for Punk as he brings Hobbs up. Punk fireman’s carries for the GO- NO! SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs can’t believe Punk survives but he isn’t done with him, either! Hobbs hauls Punk back up, pump handles and lifts, but Punk slips out to a SLEEPER! Punk is a backpack and Hobbs fades! Hobbs fights back up, back suplexes high and hard! Hook applauds but fans rally back up for Punk. Hobbs stands first, he brings Punk up and scoops, to RAM him into buckles! OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives again and Hobbs thinks of what he has to do to finish it.

Hobbs goes to a corner! He mocks the go to sleep hands, but Punk throws hands! Punk climbs up to get Hobbs for a SUPER- NO! Hobbs blocks the Steiner to get Punk up, but Punk SUPER STEINERS after all! Hobbs lands bad, Punk covers, TWO!! Punk wants the arm but Hobbs fights it! Hobbs ends up in a Triangle Hold but he dead lifts Punk for the POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Punk survives and NYC fires back up! Hobbs gets mad, he hauls Punk back up, and he ROCKS Punk with a right! Hobbs taunts Punk but Punk hits back! They forearm back and forth, and Punk gets the edge again. ROUNDHOUSE! Hobbs falls against ropes and Punk fires up!!

Hook gets up, Punk goes after him! Hobbs runs in but Punk sends him into Hook!! Fireman’s carry, GO TO SLEEP!! Cover, Punk wins!

Winner: CM Punk, by pinfall

Punk manages to smile through the pain because he came out the winner! Punk pats Hobbs on the shoulder to show he respects the powerhouse, but Taz says they’ll just go back to the drawing board. Will Taz have an idea how to stop The Best in the World?


AEW looks at the growing animosity in the women’s division.

Thunder Rosa says she has “two of the biggest senoritas here in AEW trying to get a piece of me.” But she’s not afraid of Nyla Rose OR Jade Cargill. Rosa does on her own, fights her own battles, she is Thunder Freakin’ Rosa and she fights like a dog! Jade says she will give the fans what they want. But Nyla was the one who betrayed her in that Casino Battle Royale, from behind! This is way more personal than business. Nyla tells everyone that they know where to find her. Pull up if you want, she’ll put you down! Who proves themselves the fiercest in AEW on the road to the title?


Six Man Tag: Adam Cole & The Young Bucks w/ The Elite VS Christian Cage & Jurassic Express!

The #SuperKliq is reunited and it feels so good! But will they be feeling even better when they take on Captain Charisma, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus in their first AEW match together?

Rampage returns and Christian makes his entrance. Jurassic Express follows and Arthur Ashe Stadium sing along and swing along with Tarzan Boy. The trios sort out and Christian starts with Cole. They circle, the fans are fired up, but then Cole tags out to Matt. Fans boo but Christian shrugs it off. He and Matt tie up, Christian waistlocks and drags Matt to the mat. Christian does push-ups on Matt’s back but Matt gets up in a huff. Matt pie faces but Christian ROCKS him with an uppercut! Matt gets pointers from Nick and Cole, Matt and Christian tie up with knuckle locks. Matt kicks low, clubs and hammers away on Christian’s back, then throws off his shirt to ROCK him!

Matt swivels the hips, whips Christian corner to corner but misses in the corner to get CHOPS! Christian climbs up, rains down fists, and fans count along as he goes way past 10 to get 15! Christian puts Matt on ropes and stands on him to choke! Slingshot and uppercut! Matt flounders, Christian goes up and hits a flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! Tag to JB and they double whip for a double hip toss! Nick runs in, he gets a FLAPJACK! JB adds a basement BOOT! Cole gets in, but then he bails out when JB shows punch. JB goes back to Matt but Matt throat chops! Tag to Nick, he goes up and drops ax handles on JB’s arm. Tag to Matt, he goes up and jumps but into JB’s kick!

JB uses Matt to get up and around, he knuckle locks Nick then kicks matt. JB has both Bucks in knuckle locks, then goes up the ropes to rebound and DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! Fans fire up as JB kips up and stares down Cole! The Bucks regroup on the outside, Cole eggs JB on but then hops down. JB chases after Cole, but he runs into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Luchasaurus and Christian storm over to brawl with the Super Kliq! Matt and Cole double whip Christian into a post! Luchasaurus choke grips Nick and brings him up, but Nick lands on the apron! But then Luchasaurus kicks Nick’s legs out and he hits the apron!

Matt rushes over but Luchasaurus ROCKS him! Cole runs into a haymaker, too, but Nick BOOTS Luchasaurus from the apron! Quebrada, but Luchasaurus dodges! Luchasaurus choke grips but Matt WRECKS him with a dropkick from the inside! Cole puts JB in while Cutler sprays down the Bucks, then Matt tags Cole in. Cole tags in Nick, he gets JB up in a Camel Clutch, the Bucks both run and build speed, and build speed, and then stop to kiss Cole on the cheeks. Fans love the brotherly love before the Bucks double handspring basement dropkick! The fans are fired up for the Super Kliq as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and Matt tags Nick in. They have JB alone, but they both DECK Christian and Luchasaurus off the apron! Matt whips Nick in but JB BOOTS! JB goes up and over Matt, Nick sunset flips and sends JB at Matt. Matt has JB but JB boots Nick! JB standing switches to whip Matt into JB! JB elbows Cole, rolls under the Bucks and hot tags Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies on the Bucks with big shoulders and a BOOT for Cole, too! Luchasaurus throws hands, DECKS Nick then pops Matt up for a FLAPJACK! Cole runs in to get a back drop! The Bucks regroup but get DOUBLE LARIATS! NYC is thunderous for the man-dinosaur as he choke grips the Bucks!

Cole gets in to BOOT Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus staggers but he handsprings under the double superkicks! And he goes Matrix to avoid Cole’s boot! Luchasaurus kips up to TAIL WHIP and gets Nick! Cole ducks to avoid the ROUNDHOUSE so it gets Matt! Luchasaurus choke grips Cole and also Matt, CHOKE SLAM INVERTED DDT COMBO! Nick goes up but Luchasaurus gets him for a SUPER CHOKE SLAM! Cover but Matt breaks it! Christian gets in to go after Matt and they go outside the ring. Luchasaurus signals to JB and tags him in. Cole shoves JB away to save Nick from Thorasic Express, and they both SUPERKICK Luchasaurus!

Christian gets in to give Cole a REVERSE DDT! Christian blocks a superkick to hook Nick up but no Killswitch! SUPERKICK! JB gets in, Matt feints the kick to DDT instead! The Bucks regroup and Matt tags in. Nick PENALTY KICKS Luchasaurus, Matt fireman’s carries JB. Nick goes up, JB slips off t shove Matt into the corner! JB goes up Matt to SUPER STEINER Nick then GERMAN SUPLEX Matt! DIVING HEADBUTT from Christian outta nowhere! JB covers, TWO!! Matt survives and fans are thunderous! JB gets the leg, SNARE TRAP STF!! Matt is caught, but Gallows gets on the apron to distract! JB lets off Matt to swipe at Gallows but then Matt gets up.

JB rushes in, Matt sidesteps to then SUPERKICK! JB still rebounds to LARIAT! Both men are down and fans fire up again. A standing count starts but both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Luchasaurus and Cole! The throw fast hands, Nick and Christian brawl in a corner! Matt and JB return to brawl in the other corner! Cole stops the choke grip but gets a HEADBUTT! ENZIGURI all the same, but they BOTH BOOT! Nick throws Christian to the ramp side but JB clotheslines Nick out. JB sends Matt out to join him, JB FLIES to take out Matt but Nick SUPERKICKS JB! Christian SPEARS Nick down the ramp! Christian gets Nick up but Matt LOW BLOWS!!

Matt throws Christian OFF the stage and he hits wall on the way down! The Bucks get JB up and bring him over to TOSS him off, too! In the ring, Cole grins as he has Luchasaurus all alone, but Luchasaurus sits up like the Deadman! Cole kicks but Luchasaurus blocks to choke grip. Cole slips out of the slam to 52 Fake Out! SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus is still in this but Cole SUPERKICKS him! And then goes to a corner! Cole climbs up, PANAMA SUNRISE!! Bucks add on the B T E TRIGGER!! Then they set up for the BOOM SHOT! Cover, Super Kliq wins!!

Winners: Adam Cole & The Young Bucks, by pinfall

That is why they’re All Elite! JB crawls his way back to Luchasaurus and Cole says something to him as they stare down. Will Cole drop the boom on Jungle Boy Jack Perry soon enough?


Chris Jericho & Jake Hager VS The Men of the Year w/ Dan Lambert!

Le Champion & Rock Hard Hager aren’t ones for all the toxic, cringey trash talk American Top Team’s manager is spewing, let alone the fake tough guy egos from All Ego & The Closer. Will egos be deflated and bodies broken when the Inner Circle bring the fight to the “Boys of the Week” in NYC?

Arthur Ashe Stadium sings Judas for Jericho as the teams sort out. Jericho starts with Scorpio and fans fire up. Jericho soaks it all in before he ties up with Scorpio. Scorpio arm-drags then gloats while Ethan applauds. Jericho CHOPS Scorpio in return! And again, and again! Jericho whips and CLOBBERS Scorpio then gets Scorpio back up for a back suplex! Jericho flips off Ethan for good measure, too. Jericho brings Scorpio around to whip him into a corner and clotheslines. Fans count as Jericho gives more clotheslines up close. Jericho gets all 10, Scorpio falls over, and Jericho brings him over to the corner. Tag to Hager and they double whip Scorpio for a double shoulder tackle!

Hager brings Scorpio up but gets a jawbreaker! Tag to Ethan and he runs, into a BIG hip toss! Hager gets Ethan up, throws hands in the corner then lets off. Jericho chokes Ethan while the ref is busy with Hager, then Hager comes back to Belly2Belly! Cover, TWO! Hager keeps on Ethan with chicken wings and tags in Jericho. They throw hands on Ethan, Jericho CHOPS and whips but Ethan reverses. Jericho kicks Ethan away, spins him around but Ethan slips free to ROUNDHOUSE Jericho down! Ethan rains down rights then soaks up the heat from NYC. Jericho gets to ropes, Ethan chokes him on the ropes, then lets off so Lambert can get a cheap shot in as AEW goes picture in picture!

Ethan argues with the ref, Hager protests about the cheating but Ethan bumps Jericho off buckles. Tag to Scorpio, the Men of the Year mug Jericho then Scorpio fires off fast hands. The ref has him back off, Ethan stands Jericho back up and Scorpio comes back with more haymakers. Scorpio brings Jericho to a neutral corner, hoists him up top then throws more hands. Scorpio backs up to get a running start into a big haymaker! Scorpio climbs up to join Jericho, but Jericho resists the superplex! Jericho throws body shots, shoves Scorpio down then adjusts to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Scorpio CLUBS Jericho down then scrapes his soles on Jericho’s face.

Scorpio drags Jericho over, Ethan tags in, and they mug Jericho. Ethan CLUBS Jericho, ROCKS him with a right, then fish hooks Jericho’s face! The ref counts, Ethan lets off but he tags in Scorpio. The Men of the Year mug Jericho, Scorpio pie faces and whips to get Jericho for a SLEEPER! Jericho fights up to back suplex Scorpio down! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Hager and Ethan! Hager dodges Ethan to DECK Scorpio, then he dodges Ethan again to come back for a corner clothesline! Hager then goes side to side, BIG forearm smash, to a POWERSLAM! Hager is fired up and NYC fires up for him. Hager runs to LARIAT Ethan down! Cover, TWO!

Hager paces around, brings Ethan up and whips him to ropes, but Ethan holds ropes. Ethan puts Hager on the apron, but Hager ROCKS him with a right! But Scorpio trips Hager up! Lambert chuckles as Hager staggers, and Ethan LEAPS for a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Direct hit as AEW returns to single picture! Both men are down on the outside but Ethan gets up to put Hager into the ring. Tag to Scorpio, they mug Hager, then Scorpio stretches Hager back in a chinlock. Fans rally, Hager fights up and RAMS Scorpio into buckles. Hager is free but Scorpio CHOP BLOCKS him before he can reach Jericho!

Scorpio brings Hager over, tags Ethan and they mug Hager again. Ethan CLUBS and kicks and whips but Hager stops himself to come back. They collide heads but Hager comes back to LARIAT Ethan down! Fans rally up again as Hager and Ethan crawl. Hot tags to Scorpio and Jericho! Le Champion rallies with big shoulders, then he triangle jump dropkicks Ethan away! Scorpio puts Jericho outside but Jericho goes up fast to FLYING AX HANDLE! Jericho fires up and NYC joins him as he CHOPS Scorpio! Jericho whips, Scorpio reverses but Jericho holds ropes to avoid the dropkick! LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Scorpio survives but Jericho tags in Hager.

Hager TOSSES Scorpio across the way, then goes to the corner for the HAGER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Scorpio survives again but Hager whips him to ropes. Pop-up for the FLAPJACK, then the ANKLE LOCK! Scorpio endures, Ethan gets in but Jericho tackles him! WALLS OF JERICHO as the quick hour transition happens, and Lambert is freaking out about Jericho having Ethan when they’re not legal! Jericho can’t hold Ethan as he crawls out of the ring, and then Hager takes a swing on Lambert! Scorpio rolls Hager up, TWO!! Ethan DECKS Jericho, Hager gives Scorpio an URENAGE! Cover, Ethan breaks it! Jericho clotheslines Ethan out then PLANCHAS!

Hager gets up, has Scorpio for a whip and catches the crossbody for a SLAM! Hager runs to BOOT Scorpio down! Hager runs but Lambert trips him up! Scorpio gets an inside cradle from in, Men of the Year win!!

Winners: Men of the Year, by pinfall

Lambert is soaking up all the heat because it’s what he wants, but Ethan & Scorpio get CLOBBERED by Hager! Lambert is still running his stupid fat mouth but then he sees Ethan being thrown out right next to him! Jericho and Hager drag Lambert into the ring! Lambert begs for mercy, but Junior Dos Santos emerges from the shadows! Not to mention Austin Vanderford and even Paige VanZant! And now Andrei Arlovski and Dalton Rosta! American Top Team is coming to save their obnoxious leader, and Hager lets Lambert go when he sees Jorge Masvidal entering the arena! The Men of the Year have courage again and they say GET ‘EM!

Jericho and Jericho brawl with Arlovski and Dos Santos, but Rosta jumps in to SPINEBUSTER Hager down! Vanderford goes after Jericho, VanZant talks some trash, and Masvidal just enjoys watching what his friends are doing. Lambert coordinates traffic, Men of the Year sit Jericho up, and VanZant gets to load up and box away on Jericho’s gut! Masvidal gets to top it off with a RUNNING KNEE! Lambert raises Scorpio’s hand in victory as American Top Team and Men of the Year leave the Inner Circle’s hardest hitters down and out! Will the rest of Jericho’s crew have something to say about this?


8 Man Tag: Santana, Ortiz & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Hardy Family Office!

While the Proud ‘n’ the Powerful are rivals to Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M, as well as hungry for those AEW World Tag Team Championships, they won’t stand for Big Money Matt’s many minions doing what they want in their city! Will Santana, Ortiz and #CeroMiedo put some fear in the hearts of Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade?

The eight men stare down in the ring, no teams sort out so the bell rings and it is a brawl! Fenix has Blade, Ortiz has Marq Quen, Santana’s after Isiah Kassidy and Penta as Butcher all in a line! Fenix whips Blade out, Penta does the same to Butcher, but Private Party reverses PNP. Quen & Kassidy run but into SUPERKICKS from the Lucha Bros! Lucha Bros whips Private Party to Santana & Ortiz, and they TOSS them out to join Butcher & Blade! Fans fire up as Santana and Fenix each take a corner. Penta and Ortiz build speed, we get QUADRUPLE AERIAL ATTACKS!! Hardy is astonished as Fenix puts Blade in, he and Santana coordinate, UNO DOS TRES! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!

Penta and Ortiz work together, wheelbarrow SPLASH combo a la the Lucha Bros! Penta covers, Butcher breaks it! There’s more brawling as Kassidy goes after Ortiz, but Quen and Butcher knock Fenix and Santana off the apron! Butcher and Blade stomp Penta, Private Party gangs up on Ortiz for the ASSISTED ROLLING DDT! Penta fights back against the mercenaries, a BOOT for Blade and a tag to Fenix! Fenix springboards over Butcher, he JABS Blade to SUPERKICK Butcher! But Blade catches the somersault to suplex him to Butcher! The mercs can’t Drag The Lake as Blade has to go after Penta! Butcher still POWERBOMBS Fenix all the same!

Fans rally up as Hardy has his scissors! He wants to cut Ortiz’s hair! But here comes ORANGE CASSIDY! Jack Evans rushes to intercept but gets an ORANGE PUNCH! Cassidy leaves as fans are thunderous for “FRESHLY SQUEEZED!” Blade whips Fenix and CHOPS him in the corner, the match rages on as AEW goes to break!

Rampage returns and Fenix hot tags to Santana! Ortiz gives him an assist with the schoolboy into the CUTTER on Blade! Santana feeds Blade to Ortiz’s FLYING CODE BREAKER! Santana SUPERKICK to TU LO SABE! Ortiz intercepts Quen to whip him, pop-up but Quen uses that to RANA Santana into Ortiz! Quen keeps moving to FOSBURY FLOP out onto Ortiz! Santana BOOTS Kassidy and whips him, then runs in into a BOOT! Kassidy goes up for a FLYING STUNNER! Penta gets in but Kassidy dodges. Penta pops Kassidy up on the corner to SUPERKICK him down! Torture rack and BACKBREAKER DROP! Fans fire up with Penta and he SUPERKICKS Butcher!

Penta runs to KICK Butcher’s leg! “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta whips, Butcher reverses and then dodges to BODY CHECK Penta down! But Fenix springboards in, into a choke grip! Butcher whips, Fenix tiger feint rewinds to the HEEL KCIK! Blade gets in to get a forearm, but he dodges Fenix’s footwork in the ropes, to BOOT him! Blade whips, Fenix reverses but Blade comes back, LARIAT! Both men are down in the ring and fans fire up again. Santana gets in, fans are thunderous as he gets Blade up. Blade knees low, scoops and SLAMS then tags in Quen. Quen is up top, but Ortiz trips Blade! SHOOTING STAR, but Quen has to land on his feet as Santana dodges! SLINGBLADE from Penta!

Penta gets Quen up, Fenix coordinates with him, L B DRIVER!! Ortiz keeps it going, he and Santana give Quen the STREET SWEEPER!! Cover, PNP & LB win!!

Winners: Santana, Ortiz & The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

The HFO tried and failed, they were the ones to pay! But with the dance card still open, will Santana & Ortiz find their way up the ranks to challenge Fenix & Penta for the gold?


Backstage interview with Matt Hardy and Jack Evans.

Tony Schiavone notes it was a rough night out there, and Hardy had to drag Evans to the back before it was even over. Yes, it was a tough night to start. But the HFO’s night isn’t over, because The Bunny’s new best friend, Penelope Ford, will end Anna Jay’s triumphant return! And what’s really upsetting Hardy is Cassidy! Every time Hardy goes to cut someone’s hair, Cassidy sticks his nose in Hardy’s business! If Cassidy has the guts, he’ll accept Hardy’s challenge! Hair VS Hair, Orange Cassidy VS… JACK EVANS! What?! That wasn’t the deal! Jack, you’re going to face Cassidy, and you better win! Has Hardy’s mouth written a check Evan’s hair can’t cash?


Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol are here!

And the Spanish God has his cue cards! Feugo helps show them off for this silent promo. “Queens, New York City! It’s time for the Spanish God to become-” OH NO! Miro attacks from behind! He DECKS Sammy and KNEES Fuego down! Taz and Starks love this, but Sammy saves Fuego from Miro’s wrath! Miro shoves Sammy into the stage frame and then CLOBBERS Sammy! But Fuego jumps on as a SLEEPER! Miro THROWS Fuego off hard, then has wild eyes as he eyes the edge of the stage. Miro TOSSES Fuego off!! Fuego crashes through spare tables down below! Fans lose their minds, Starks is excited, and Miro drags Sammy over to put him in GAME OVER!!

Sammy doesn’t tap but Miro shoves him down. Miro takes the cue card that reads, “The NEXT TNT Champion!” and tears it in half! Will Miro do that to Sammy’s body and spirit when they battle for Miro’s prized possession?


Andrade El Idolo speaks.

“I am in AEW to fight. I am smart enough to know when I need help. When I beat Pac, I didn’t need help.” His assistant, Jose, knows better than to interrupt Andrade’s matches, because he’ll end up like Chavo. What Chavo did was unacceptable. Andrade won but he has honor in his matches. So he’ll beat Pac again, and there won’t be any excuses this time. Will the Bastard turn things around on the self-proclaimed Face of Latinos in the coming rematch?


Anna Jay VS Penelope Ford!

Number 99 has been a bit busy with both keeping the Dark Order in line and dealing with both Ford and The Bunny going after her and Tay Conti. But there are no friends allowed ringside for this one, it’ll be a true 1v1! Will the Queenslayer slay the Superbad Girl?

Wait, before Ford even gets to the ring, Jay runs back up the ramp to ROCK her with a forearm! Jay then throws Ford down the ramp and into the ring! Jay gets in, the bell rings, Ford hurries to take her jacket off, and she starts firing off haymakers back on Jay! The jacket kinda gets involved there, Ford throws it aside to fire off forearms. Ford whips, Jay holds ropes and then dumps Ford out! Jay goes out to get Ford up and whips her into the POST! Ford flounders, Jay dares her to get up, and then she RAMS Ford into the apron! Jay puts Ford in, fans rally up behind her as she runs in and back elbows Ford!

Jay whips Ford corner to corner, runs in and back elbows again! Jay keeps moving and she elbows Ford down! Jay gets Ford up, wrench to DANGEROUS JAY HEEL KICK! QUEENSLAYER SLEEPER! Ford flails, pries at the hold but here comes The Bunny! Jay dares her to do something but Bunny just waves. Ford blindsides Jay, hangs her out to dry and runs side to side to BOOT Jay down! Ford mocks the fans booing and then drags Jay back in to choke her on the ropes. Ford dares fans to boo but she lets off as the ref counts. Bunny talks trash right in Jay’s face as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and Jay is forehead to forehead with Ford as they talk trash on each other. Ford shoves but Jay shoves back. Ford SLAPS, Jay SLAPS back! Jay gets around and wants the QUEENSLAYER again! Ford RAMS Jay into buckles but Jay holds on so Ford RAMS her in again! Ford gets free the third time, Bunny shrieks to distract, but that’s to slip Ford the knuckles! BRASS KNUCKLE SHOT!! Cover, Ford wins!!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Superbad is even worse when it has a best friend! As such, Ford and Bunny mug Jay with stomps and hammering hands. But here comes Tay Conti! She rushes down the ramp and dodges Bunny to elbow her down! She tackles Ford and rains down fists, but Bunny hits Conti back! Bunny stomps Conti and Ford gets those knuckles out again! Bunny sits Conti up and Ford DECKS her! The HFO returns to be security for these girls because here come the Best Friends! Orange Cassidy, Kris Statlander, but not just them! The DARK ORDER’s Silver, Reynolds, Angels & Vance are here, too! Even Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno! They ALL storm the ring and the HFO runs for it!

Jay & Tay are surprised to see the Dark Order united again, but that’s because deep down, friendship matters more than their petty squabbles. Reynolds offers a handshake, but Uno gets sheepish and decides to leave. Stu goes with Uno and Cabana finds himself stuck in the middle. Is there still something deep down that needs mending?


AEW has big things for next week planned already!

Next Wednesday’s Dynamite will be where Sammy Guevara settles the score with Miro, with the TNT Championship on the line! Plus, Cody Rhodes tries to put the pieces back together as he teams with “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson against Dante Martin & Matt Sydal. And after what we just saw, we’re going to see Penelope Ford & The Bunny throw down with Jay & Tay! And just made official, Jungle Boy gets his 1v1 match with Adam Cole! But Rampage has plenty, too, with the Hair VS Hair match, Orange Cassidy VS Jack Evans! Who gets shaved bald as part of Big Money Matt’s mad obsession with Freshly Squeezed?


Mark Henry interviews tonight’s main event players!

He starts with Suzuki-Gun and asks them why they accepted a Lights Out match. Lance Archer answers, “Why would we accept this Lights Out match? Because Cincinnati was a little bit of homefield advantage for Moxley. But we’re in New York City and I’m about to put my big boot up your fat ass in the Big Apple.” Minoru Suzuki says, in Japanese, that he’s going to butcher the pigs! Eddie Kingston doesn’t want to hear anymore and Archer tells him to never interrupt Suzuki. Kingston says he does what he wants, and he’s ripping his shirt up as he says he does respect Suzuki. Archer can kiss Kingston’s ass, though, because New York is HIS city, B! Straight up bullets flying!

Moxley calms Kingston down and Kingston is ready to go. Moxley tells Suzuki that he is the Giant Chicken to his Peter Griffin, he’s been trying and failing to kill him these last two years. Archer, the next chapter of their never-ending feud begins tonight in NYC! It’s LIGHTS OUT! LET’S GO! Henry says this is enough talk, it’s time for the main event! It’ll be Lights Out, but whose lights get put out in the Grand Slam main event?


Lights Out Tag: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer!

AEW says this match is unsanctioned and is not liable for whatever these four wild cards decide to do to each other! As such, the Murderhawk Monster already brings kendo sticks with him as he and the King of Pancrase make their way out to the ring. Oh hey there are AEW ring crew guys. Archer DECKS one, kendo SMACKS the other, all in time for KAZE NI NARE~! But then it’s replaced by Wild Thing as the Maniac and the Mad King make their entrance from the bleachers. And the brawling begins already! The bell rings as Archer POSTS Kingston and Suzuki gets a chair! Suzuki JAMS Moxley, gets another chair, and Archer bumps Kingston off the apron.

Moxley follows Suzuki up the ramp and Suzuki wants to recreate the last time these two were in Japan! Suzuki lets Moxley have a chair, and challenges him to a duel! They CLASH chair against chair, and Suzuki disarms Moxley to JAM him low! Suzuki KNEES Moxley down but here comes Kingston! Kingston throws forearms, Suzuki rocks him with a body shot. Suzuki and Kingston are in the ring and NYC fires up for Kingston as he CHOPS! Suzuki just smiles and Kingston CHOPS again! Suzuki grins and Kingston CHOPS again! Suzuki laughs it off! Kingston readies himself and Suzuki CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Kingston hits an STO!

Kingston bails out, looks under the ring, and brings out a TABLE! Fans like this already as Kingston puts the table in the ring. Kingston stomps Suzuki, puts the table in the corner and then storms after Suzuki to CHP! Moxley keeps Archer down as Kingston whips. Suzuki blocks by holding ropes so Kingston CHOPS him again. Kingston whips, Suzuki kicks back and then fires off hands! Kingston staggers, Suzuki BOOTS him through the table! Moxley gets up top but Archer is there to catch him in a choke grip! Moxley breaks free, fires off forearm after forearm then runs, into a BOOT! Suzuki PENALTY KICKS, then Archer fetches those ring crew guys just to DECK them!

Then Archer gets another to scoop and SLAM him, then finds the last one to bring him over. Suzuki gets Moxley to the apron as Archer adds the last ring crew guy to the pile, then he brings Moxley around to CHOKE SLAM him onto the ring crew! All five men are down and fans are fired up for Suzuki-Gun. Archer puts Moxley back in then drags out a leather strap!? Suzuki and Moxley brawl, forearm back and forth! Moxley gives boxing elbows, runs but Suzuki follows and gets around SLEEPER! Archer has the strap, Suzuki ROCKS Moxley and Archer wraps the strap around Moxley’s neck! Archer puts Moxley over the top rope to HANG HIM!! This is unsanctioned so anything goes, but AEW goes to break!

Rampage returns once more and Archer has taped Moxley’s hands up behind his back! Kingston flounders on the outside as Moxley sits up and Archer LASHES him on the back! Suzuki has a turn  and he LASHES Moxley on the back, then the chest! Suzuki then chokes Moxley with the strap while Archer gathers up things. Suzuki puts Moxley in a HALF CRAB! Archer has a trash can and the lid, and the ref tries to have him reconsider, but Archer scares him off. Suzuki drags Moxley up for Archer to SMACK him with the lid, then SMACK and SMACK and SMACK again and again! Suzuki gets a kendo stick while Archer uses the strap to LASH Kingston!

Kingston fights back against Archer but Archer bumps him off the apron. Suzuki SMACKS Moxley with a kendo stick, Archer LASHES Kingston down, then Archer gets in to scoop SLAM Moxley down! Moxley grits his teeth as he lands on his own arms, but Archer uses the strap to sit Moxley up. Suzuki slaps Moxley but Moxley spits on him! Archer keeps Moxley still for Suzuki to ROCK with a right hand! Suzuki then BITES Moxley’s forehead! Archer SMACKS Moxley’s legs with a kendo stick, then chokes him on the ropes! Moxley is already red going into purple but the fans rally for Kingston to get up. Archer SMACKS Moxley, SMACKS Kingston, and then soaks up the heat.

Moxley stands up in the corner, Archer runs in but only gets buckles! Moxley fights with shoulders and headbutts! Suzuki kicks low, BITES Moxley’s head, but Kingston is in! Kingston CHOPS Suzuki-Gun back and forth! ENZIGURI for Suzuki, MACHINE GUN CHOPS for Archer! Archer isn’t bothered and even flips Kingston off, so Kingston pokes him in the eye! Kingston puts Archer in a corner for MORE Machine Gun Chops! Fans are thunderous as Kingston reloads and fires off more Machine Gun Chops! Then he reels Archer in for an EXPLODER! Suzuki slithers around and he grins as he reels Kingston in for a SLEEPER! Archer is up, Suzuki feeds Kingston to the HELLICOASTER!

Archer stomps Moxley in a corner, Suzuki fetches chairs from under the ring. Archer stomps Moxley, stomps Kingston, and Suzuki gets in. Archer stands Kingston up, Suzuki sets up the chairs back-to-back. Archer gets Kingston up top and in position, but what is going on? HOMICIDE is here!? He IS, but entering from the crowd side! He gets a chair to JAM Suzuki! And JAM Archer! And then a nasty chair shot to Archer’s back! Homicide frees Moxley from the tape! But Suzuki kicks low and throws Homicide out. Suzuki gets a chair and aims at Moxley, and Moxley pretends his hands are still bound! Suzuki JAMS Moxley, then sets the chair down to reel Suzuki in.

But Moxley springs the trap, PARADIGM SHIFT to the chair!! Archer choke grips but Kingston URAKENS! URAKEN again! Archer still choke grips Kingston, but Moxley kicks Archer for a PARADIGM SHIFT! Homicide helps out and gives Kingston the trash can. Kingston SMACKS Archer on the back with it then puts it around Archer’s head. Kingston has a kendo stick and he SMACKS away on the can!! The dents grow bigger and bigger, deeper and deeper, and then Kingston just breaks the kendo stick on it! Cover, Kingston & Moxley win!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

But Moxley and Suzuki still brawl on the outside! Moxley throws Suzuki into steel steps to make it end for now, then he goes into the ring to celebrate with his maniacal friends! Will things only get wilder from here for Moxley & Kingston, let alone all of AEW?

My Thoughts:

What a wild, awesome night for Rampage! Even after two hours for Dynamite, Arthur Ashe Stadium still had energy to give because AEW was still giving them things to get fired up for. Weakest match on the card was Ford VS Jay, and as soon as Bunny came out to distract and help Ford, it was just a vehicle to set up other things. Ford & Bunny VS Jay & Tay on Dynamite next week was the real match they were setting up all along, and it gave Dark Order some TV time to further the dysfunction within the faction. Meanwhile, I knew Cassidy’s feud with HFO was leading to Hair VS Hair, but it was a brilliant swerve for Hardy to make Evans the guy to face Cassidy in that match.

Punk VS Hobbs was pretty good but that Super Steiner double counter spot was ROUGH. Probably should keep that off of the moveset unless Punk’s facing someone who can do a flying somersault. Punk of course wins, though, but as I said for Dynamite, who is Punk to face next? Ricky Starks is still healing up and he also has his story with Brian Cage to one day wrap up, so is Team Taz going to get a new member? We got a good promo from Rosa, Jade and Nyla so I fully expect a Triple Threat to go a long way in determining a new #1 contender to Britt Baker. Also fully expecting Nyla to take that pin since she’s had her match with Britt and Jade needs to stay strong even in losing while Rosa moves on to have her rematch with Britt.

The Six Man Tag was awesome stuff but what else would we get from a match with the Super Kliq? At the same time, of course Super Kliq wins, the Elite is basically reinvigorated with Cole joining. Cole VS JB should be a really good one for Dynamite but I would think Cole wins there, too. Jericho & Hager VS Men of the Year was good stuff until the end with Lambert helping Scorpio get a quick roll up. And apparently this is turning into an “invasion” angle with American Top Team, aka MMA fighters, invading rather than another wrestling promotion. I still don’t get why this is how it is but whatever.

The 8 Man Tag was even more awesome stuff and the Faces win. The HFO’s loss was a good way to compel Hardy to make the Hair VS Hair challenge and everything that happened after Jay VS Ford. The Lucha Brothers VS Santana & Ortiz looks to be the way they’re going and that’s great, that is going to be a great feud. Andrade had a good promo to hype up his rematch with Pac where things are supposedly going to be fair and square now, and Miro attacking Fuego and Sammy was a great way to set up the TNT Championship. The usual math says Miro standing tall here might actually mean Miro loses, but I don’t really see that happening because of how dominate Miro has been.

Learning about Cody in a tag match for Dynamite makes me hope he’ll have a crisis of confidence moment after losing to Malakai Black. He might take his frustrations out on Dante, Sydal and even Big Shotty, going further down the path of “He’s a Heel who thinks he’s a Face.” Then the Lights Out Tag was an awesome main event, but what a surprise that Homicide makes his AEW debut by saving Moxley and Kingston. Definitely seems like the only way for Moxley & Kingston to win while Suzuki-Gun is still technically strong in AEW. Archer also taking the loss was the way this was going to go so that Suzuki himself stays strong. Maybe Suzuki gets his first win in AEW off Kingston since Moxley is being kept strong as a big name on the roster.

My Score: 9.1/10

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