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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/6/20)

Tag teams will attempt to run the gauntlet!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

The last SmackDown before the Elimination Chamber!

SmackDown’s tag team division is on display in a gauntlet match! Who lasts longest to win a HUGE advantage for the Elimination Chamber?



  • Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Lacey Evans & Naomi; Sasha & Bayley win.
  • Sheamus VS ???; Sheamus wins.
  • Carmella & Dana Brooke VS Fire & Desire; Fire & Desire win.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Gauntlet: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode win and will be the final entrants in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber match.


John Cena returned to SmackDown!

But just when he thought he was out, just when John Cena wanted to take a step back from WrestleMania, The Fiend pulled him back in! Bray Wyatt wants to go to Tampa, and while Cena says “You Can’t See Me,” he will see The Fiend there! What goes down when the Face that Runs the Place returns to the Showcase of the Immortals?


SmackDown presents A Moment of Bliss!

Alexa and Nikki are already in the ring in their chairs as they welcome fans to the show. The Road to WrestleMania continues to celebrate the 2020 class of the WWE Hall of Fame! Dave Batista, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, the Bella Twins, this is already a great class. But speaking of Mania, Bliss-Cross call out the Kabuki Warriors and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. When Asuka and Kairi are done hiding on Raw, come on over to SmackDown to see these two. But speaking of SmackDown, tonight’s guests are the other inductees to the Hall of Fame, the nWo!! Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean “X-PAC” Waltman are here!

Nash, Hall and X-Pac join Alexa and Nikki in the ring and take their seats. “Hey yo.” Alexa congratulates them on their HoF induction, meaning they’re all two-time hall of famers. Nikki says she is their biggest fan, four life! Let’s get a selfie! Nikki and nWo group together and take the pics, then Alexa moves to questions. First, Sean Waltman. What do we address him by? Does he want to be “Sean”? Mr. Waltman? The 1-2-3 Kid? Six? X-Pac? He isn’t even sure. Just call him Hall of Famer. Fair. Last year he got in with DX, and now with nWo, all these factions revolutionized pro-wrestling. One of the biggest rivals of the nWo was the new Universal Champion, Goldberg.

Nash was the one to end Goldberg’s winning streak back in the day, so Alexa asks him, “What does Roman Reigns need to do to defeat Goldberg at WrestleMania?” Nash forgot he did, so thanks for bringing it up. But he talked to Roman earlier this week about that match, and he told him that he needs two things: Hall and a cattle prod. “That was a shocking finish.” Awkward silence until… Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits! He, Cesaro and Sami Zayn are here and “The Great Liberator” asks the booing Buffalo fans to show some respect. We all love the nWo for life! 1997 was a great year, but let’s stop talking about the past and let’s talk the future! The future is Sami! The future is Cesaro! And the future is Nakamura! The immediate future is them defeating Braun Strowman to take the WWE Intercontinental Championship!

Team Sami goes to the ring and Sami tells nWo that they know all about that title. Scott Hall, Razor Ramon, “honestly, one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time.” Big Daddy Cool Diesel was an Intercontinental Champion! X-Pac was… Oh, well, he knows how much that title weighs since he carried Hall’s and Nash’s bags. X-Pac gets up and says he and Sami can go if he wants. Sami talks big for a guy who looks like sick Seth Rogen. The nWo has a good laugh off that one, and X-Pac asks what’s wrong with Nakamura. So the nWo thinks they’re funny, huh? Team Sami could drop them in there seconds. Oh please, they couldn’t touch nWo on their best day. We have a huge stare down between six big name superstars!

Fans want to see them throw down, but Sami says, “It’s not gonna happen.” Team Sami stands down because they have Elimination Chamber to prepare for. The nWo wants the Sami rub but nope! They’re not getting the headlines or the buzz, because Sami and his team are focused on their objective of destroying- BRAUN!! Strowman is here!! Sami panics and Cesaro rushes the Monster Among Men! Cesaro BOOTS and body shots but Strowman ROCKS and THROWS Cesaro into the set! Nakamura is next but he gets a headbutt! Strowman throws Nakamura into railing! Sami panics as Strowman draws closer, so he goes into the ring. Where the nWo waits!

Strowman and the legends have Sami surrounded, but Sami begs for mercy. Fans cheer “Get These Hands!” and Sami cowers behind Alexa?! Fans boo as Sami scurries out of the ring and around the way. So Strowman throws chairs at him! Sami avoids being hit by the flying furniture, but it is only a matter of time. “This Sunday at Elimination Chamber, I promise you that all three of you are going to GET! THESE! HANDS!” And it’ll be Too Sweet!


Sasha Banks & Bayley VS Lacey Evans & Naomi!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion may have felt the Glow last week in the first go around, but she and The Boss want revenge in the rematch! Will Bayley & Banks bully Naomi and the Sassy Southern Belle into submission?

The teams sort out and Lacey starts with Sasha. The two tie up but Sasha slips away to tag Bayley. Lacey gets caught in the corner and the BFF’s mug her with body shots and stomps! Tag to Sasha and they crisscross Lacey to throw her into the buckles! Sasha stomps Lacey while Bayley goes around the way. Naomi sees her and DECKS Bayley! Sasha slides out to DECK Naomi! Sasha soaks up the heat while Bayley returns to her corner, then the Boss throws Naomi into barriers! The Sassy and the Glow are down and out while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Sasha grinds Lacey down with a toehold. Lacey endures while Bayley taunts her from the ropes. Lacey uses her free leg to push Sasha away! Sasha tags Bayley and Bayley elbows Lacey down! Bayley covers, TWO! Lacey reaches for Naomi but Bayley stands on the bad food. Bayley taunts Lacey, things get glitchy, but Bayley stomps Lacey’s legs. Lacey pushes Bayley away! Tag to Sasha and the BFF’s just barely keep her from Naomi! Lacey throws Bayley out but Sasha gets the leg! Lacey rolls to throw Sasha off, tag to Naomi! Naomi gets both BFF’s with the wrecking ball dropkick and the tornillo plancha! Naomi throws hands on Sasha, throws her in, then springboards for a crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Naomi lights Sasha up with kicks from all sides! Fans fire up but Sasha blocks a kick to KNEE! Sasha whips, Naomi reverses and scorpion kicks! Naomi headlocks to corner bulldog! Sasha staggers, Naomi slingshot sunset flips! Bayley breaks it just in time! And she laughs, until Lacey LARIATS her down! Sasha dropkicks a leg out then dropkicks Lacey out. Naomi goes to boot, Sasha blocks but Naomi enziguris back! Naomi goes up but Bayley stops her! Sasha shoves Naomi into the post! Then tree of woe KNEES! Cover, Sasha & Bayley win!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley, by pinfall

The Boss helps Bayley get even on Naomi! Will anyone be able to gain momentum against the SmackDown Women’s Champion with her legit back-up behind her?


Backstage interview with The New Day!

Big E and Kofi Kingston are fired up! Tonight’s SmackDown Tag Team Gauntlet gives the winner the huge advantage in the Elimination Chamber. Are they going to have Kofimania 2? That run was truly a dream come true and it is all thanks to the WWE Universe. But Kofi isn’t Al Bundy, he doesn’t live in the past! He and E are focused on the future and that is the Chamber. Ya bois know how hard it is to win a gauntlet match, but they’ve got “more stamina than a moose in mating season!” They can go for HOURS. And after they win tonight, they’ll the Chamber and go to Mania as the EIGHT time WWE, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~ BABYYYY! Why? Because New! Day Rocks! Who will be the last team standing at the end of SmackDown?!


Bayley and Sasha feel great backstage.

Having their hands raised together in victory is the best! Even without Sasha, Bayley was dominating! Naomi lost her glow, Carmella is NOT fabulous, and Lacey might be a stay at home mom. But it’s way more fun having Sasha back. But speaking of moms, the Bella Twins are in the HoF? Before the Boss and Bayley? Who cares about Nikki & Brie? Bayley might just take Mania off so she and Sasha can go straight to the HoF. Sasha dedicates her album to Bayley. No one in the past, present or future can touch these two! Women’s Revolution? PFFT! Role Model Era, baby!


Sheamus VS ???

The Celtic Warrior continues his quest to exterminate the “vermin that have infested” SmackDown. But will he find that the vermin are revolting?

SmackDown returns as Sheamus’s opponent is revealed. It’s Apollo Crews! But before he makes his entrance, Chad Gable walks over. Crews told Gable he doesn’t need help, but Shorty G says he respects Crews. Their goal is the same: stop Sheamus. If Crews needs help, Gable has his back. Gable offers a handshake, but Crews leaves him hanging. Can Crews control the situation all by himself?

The bell rings and Sheamus attacks Crews! Sheamus puts Crews on the outside but Crews hotshots him off the Bodhrain! Crews is up top and flies for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! SUPERKICK and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Sheamus sputters as Crews is on him at the ropes. Sheamus elbows Crews away then KICKS hard! He throws heavy European Uppercuts and body shots in the corner! The ref counts but Sheamus brings Crews out. Crews slips out of the suplex to shotgun dropkick! But he runs into a BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

That was fast and furious, but it still went the way of the strong and the aggressive Celtic Warrior! Will the Fella be fighting bigger and stronger as we continue down the Road to WrestleMania?


Drake Maverick meets with Drew Gulak backstage.

The 205 Live General Manager knows what his former NXT Cruiserweight Champion is up to with Daniel Bryan. Maverick wants in. He wants after Bryan. Really? Mr. Maverick, Gulak knows ALL of Bryan’s 163 weaknesses, but respectfully, Maverick doesn’t have what it takes. There are levels to this. Take weakness 17-A for example: Bryan’s roundhouse kick. Looking very closely… Oh Bryan is here. He wants to hear about the weaknesses. Bryan says he will be in Philly this Sunday. If Gulak is so confident he can exploit Bryan’s weaknesses, why doesn’t he step up? Will the Philly Stretcher step up to the challenge in his hometown?


Carmella & Dana Brooke VS Fire & Desire!

Bliss-Cross called out the Kabuki Warriors and their WWE Tag Team Championship reign, but they’re not the only ones in the running. The FABULOUS Princess teams with The Flex Appeal to take on Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville to see if they can get ahead on the Road to WrestleMania!

But to even Mandy’s surprise, and Buffalo’s chagrin, Dolph Ziggler joins Fire & Desire! Will the Show-Off’s support help them win?

Teams sort out and Mandy starts with Carmella. The two circle and tie up, and fans chant, “We Want Otis!” Mandy powers Mella to a corner but backs off, but then Mella dodges the forearm to moonwalk. Mella dodges Mandy again but Mandy elbows and kicks back. Tag to Sonya and Fire & Desire mug Mella. Sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Sonya keeps on Mella with pie faces but Dana rallies the fans. Sonya mocks the moonwalk then wraps Mella up in a chinlock. She thrashes Mella around and then shifts to body scissors. Mella endures and reaches for ropes but Sonya adds a cobra clutch. Mella fights her way out to throw hands! Sonya pushes Mella away but Mella dodges to Mella-Go-Round for the headscisosrs!

Mella dropkicks Sonya then brings her to the corner. Tag to Dana and they double whip to double hip toss! Dana handsprings and BOOTS! Sonya flounders to a corner, Dana handsprings to back elbow! Dana snapmares and dropkicks! Ziggler distracts, Sonya gets to Mandy! Sonya hits Mella, then elbows Dana, KNEE FROM A ROSE! Cover, Fire & Desire win!

Winners: Fire & Desire, by pinfall

Ziggler really did help out! He also helps them celebrate. Will Ziggler be feeling just as good after his tag team gauntlet tonight?


SmackDown presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

John Cena now adorns ALL of the Wall of Friendship! “What do you think?” Magnifico! Everyone must be asking, “Why John Cena?” Ramblin’ Rabbit says that it’s because Cena beat Bray at WrestleMania six years ago, thus starting Bray on the “downward spiral of negativity and failure in your personal and professional life.” Bray forces himself to smile as footage replays of that very night. “You Can’t See Me!” Ramblin’ Rabbit runs off before anything happens to him.

Bray puts on his gloves and says time can either hurt your or heal you. Bray realized that if it wasn’t for Cena, the Firefly Fun House wouldn’t exist! So Bray officially thanks Cena, and forgives him. YAY~! “However, there is a catch.” Cena also helped create “a being built on pain, fueled by vengeance.” The Fiend is waiting at Mania. And unlike Bray, The Fiend is not forgiving. Life is a circle. It doesn’t matter how bright one side is, the dark side always comes back. “But that’s the beauty of a circle. Round and round we go. Let me in.” Bray then laughs and says bye. Will Bray break the cycle when he gets his rematch with Cena?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Wolf King requested this time, but does not want anyone talking about his past with Roman Reigns. He is here to talk his WrestleMania plans. But then Elias starts strumming. Corbin confronts Elias but Elias apologizes. Corbin’s voice was just so annoying, though, so he decided to tune it out. Elias starts strumming but Corbin stops him. Corbin knows Elias thinks he’s a big deal just for having the guitar, but he’s not a rockstar or cowboy. He wouldn’t even get 50 cents begging on the corner. Elias is a one-trick pony that looks ridiculous with that headband. His delusion is an insult to reality, and if he keeps it up, he’ll answer to the king. Pot calling kettle black aside, will The Drifter purposefully get on the Wolf King’s bad side?


Heavy Machinery prepares backstage.

Tucker and Otis are pumped up, but Mandy passes by. Otis apologizes for Valentine’s Day. He did get a text that Mandy was running late which is why he was late, so he’s sorry for that. Mandy says this apology is a little too late. She walks away and Otis is heart broken all over again. Can he get over the Golden Goddess in tonight’s gauntlet? Can he at least make himself feel better ruining Ziggler’s run?


SmackDown Tag Team Gauntlet!

First out, it’s the NEW DAY! The seven-time champions hope to become eight-time W, W, E, SmackDown, Tag, Team CHAMPIONS~, but must first get through… HEAVY MACHINERY! Will Dozer and Tucky keep emotions in check to check off a huge victory?

The New Day VS Heavy Machinery!

The teams sort out and Kofi starts with Tucker. Fans cheer as Tucker and Kofi circle and tie up. Kofi waistlocks to headlocks but Tucker powers out to run Kofi over. Things speed up and Kofi back elbows Tucker down! Kofi whips but Tucker blocks with size and strength. Tucker reverses and corner splashes to then whip corner to corner. Kofi reverses and stomps Tucker, but Tucker puts him in the corner. Tucker monkey flips but Kofi lands on his feet! Things speed up again, and double dropkicks cancel out! Fans cheer, and Kofi tags to Big E! Buffalo cheers as Big E calls out Dozer! Tucker tags and we have the biggest men in the ring!

Big E and Otis have a stare down, Big E runs but Otis is solid! Otis runs and he manages to move Big E! They both run and collide! They stay up, Big E runs but into the spin cycle scoop slam! Otis tags to Tucker and they drag Big E up. Heavy Machinery double suplex and hold Big E up. Kofi gets in but Tucker intercepts to suplex Kofi! Heavy Machinery hold the New Day up for 10 then drop! Tucker and Otis double clotheslines the New Day out and then pursue. Tucker whips Otis in to double clothesline! Fans fire up for the Blue Collar Solid as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns as Otis runs Big E over! Otis runs but Big E avoids the splash! Both big men are down as Buffalo rallies up. Otis anchors Big E but Big E fights free to tag in Kofi! Kofi springboards but Tucker is in. Tucker takes the ax handles, chops and dropkick! Kofi runs and dodges to leaping ax handle! Then he runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Fans fire up as Kofi aims from the corner. Tucker slowly rises but he ducks Trouble to kick back. Tucker whips, Kofi goes up, up and dropkicks back! Kofi kicks Tucker out of the ring then tags Big E. Kofi builds speed and Big E gives him the boost to FLY, into Tucker’s BELLY2BELLY! Big E runs into Tucker’s DROPKICK!

Tucker puts Big E in and tags in Otis! Otis scoops, Tucker runs, the COMPACTOR!! Cover, Heavy Machinery ELIMINATES The New Day!! The biggest pinfall in Heavy Machinery’s career! But they have no time to rest, here come Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik!

Heavy Machinery VS Lucha House Party!

Otis runs over but into enziguris! Metalik springboards to sunset flip! Otis stays up so Dorado springboards to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Lince fires off on Otis and then wrenches an arm. Otis keeps Lince from Metalik to scoop, but Lince slips out. Otis runs in, Tucker tags in as Lince dodges. Lince CHOPS then goes up to flying arm-drag, but Tucker cartwheels and tackles Lince! Cover, TWO! Tucker keeps on Lince with an armlock and the chants of “LUCHA! LUCHA!” start up. Lince fights up but Tucker wrangles him back down. Lince keeps fighting up and throws haymakers. Tucker whips him but misses in the corner. Metalik tags in and Lince ROCKS Tucker. Metalik uses Lince as a platform for the splash! Cover, TWO!

Metalik watches Tucker crawl and stomps him down. Otis gets in and Metalik CHOPS, but Otis doesn’t flinch! Lince runs in and he CHOPS, but Otis just powers up! LHP double whip but Otis breaks through the line to DOUBLE TACKLE! Fans fire up as Otis drags Lince up. Lince sprawls and throws haymakers, then dumps Otis out. LHP double PLANCHA! They take out Heavy Machinery as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Otis whips Lince to the corner for a splash! Cover, TWO! Tag to Tucker and he drags Lince into position. Otis scoops Tucker to slam onto Lince! Cover, TWO! Tucker drags Lince around for a Half Crab! Lince endures as Tucker pulls on the leg. Fans rally and duel and Lince slips around to kick Tucker in the head! Lince is free but Tucker knees him into a corner. Tucker whips corner to corner hard then hits a splash! Tucker whips Lince corner to corner but Lince dodges and Tucker gets buckles! Fans rally and duel again, Tucker tags in Otis! Otis drags Lince up for a waistlock SLAM! Otis brings Lince into a bear hug!

Lince endures the squeeze and fans rally up again. Lince throws haymakers and gets free to jawbreaker! Otis staggers but runs in, only to be sent out. He’s still on his feet, and he gets in to intercept Lince! Otis whips but Lince handsprings, GOLDEN REWIND! Otis wobbles as Lince crawls to his corner, hot tag to Metalik and Tucker! Metalik springboards up and over Tucker then handsprings, but Tucker gets clear to kick low. Tucker whips, Metalik BOOTS from the corner, to SLING-DOG! Metalik walks the ropes to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Tucker survives but Metailk is on him with a chinlock. Metalik grinds Tucker down but Tucker fights his way up. Tucker throws body shots and suplexes but Metalik slips out!

Lince tags in, Metalik kicks Tucker, and Lince leaps for a SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Tucker and Lince are down and sputtering, but fans fire up for “OTIS! OTIS!” Lince CHOPS Tucker, and again! And again! Lince runs, but Tucker back elbows Lince down! Tucker stomps away on Lince then drags him around for a running SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Lince lives but Tucker drags him up to whip. Lince boots Tucker back but gets caught into a trapped-arm OVERHEAD Suplex! Tucker hits Metalik down then tags in Otis! Otis runs corner to corner to SPLASH! Lince flops down and Otis has a target! Fans fire up as Otis pumps up, for the CATERPILLAR! Cover, Heavy Machinery ELIMINATES Lucha House Party! But next up are the USOS! Will Jimmy & Jey put this gauntlet on lockdown?

Heavy Machinery VS The Usos!

SmackDown returns and Jimmy has Tucker in an armlock. Tucker reaches for Otis but Jimmy headbutts him down. Jimmy and Jey talk trash but fans rally for “OTIS~! OTIS~!” Tucker fights his way up but Jimmy wrenches, only for Tucker to club him back. Tucker reaches for Otis but has to punch Jimmy more. Jimmy kicks, Tucker scoops but Jimmy slips out. Jey tags in, Jimmy ends up on the apron, and Jey shoulders into Tucker. Jimmy ROCKS Tucker with a right then SUPERKICKS Otis! Tucker BOOTS Jimmy but Jey SUPERKICKS Tucker! Cover, TWO!! INTO A GHOST PIN!! Heavy Machinery ELIMINATES The Usos!?! No one can believe it but it happened!

But now the SmackDown Tag Team Champions themselves enter the match! Miz and Morrison, hey hey, ho ho! But will they end the AWESOME~ streak Heavy Machinery’s been on tonight?

Heavy Machinery VS The Miz & John Morrison!

Morrison and Miz see Tucker is tired and Otis is down. Miz gets in and goes right at Tucker with fast hands! He puts Tucker in the corner then Morrison tags in. Miz manages to lift Tucker, FLYING CHUCK HART ATTACK! Cover, TWO!! Tucker lives but Morrison grounds ‘n’ pounds. Morrison sits Tucker up for a point-blank Shining Wizard! Miz tags in to basement boot! Cover, TWO! Miz isn’t bothered and he just mocks Otis. The ref keeps Otis in his corner while Miz brings Tucker over. Morrison tags in and the 21st Century Classic hits! Cover, TWO! Tucker still lives but Morrison kicks him back down.

Morrison kicks Tucker more, then goes back for some ground ‘n’ pound. Otis coaches Tucker up and Tucker throws body shots. Morrison goes for a leg, Tucker sprawls, but Morrison gets away, to get CLOBBERED! Both men are down but Buffalo fires up for Otis again. Morrison crawls and tags in Miz, and Miz goes after Otis. Otis clobbers Miz then Tucker dropkicks! Tucker manages to move, but Miz trips Otis up! No tag for Tucky and Miz slides in. Miz jumps, into Tucker’s arms! But Miz slips out of the scoop to throw It Kicks in the corner! Miz runs to big knee! Then again! Morrison tags in and Miz whips him in for a SUPER FOREARM! Miz hits the A-List Lariat! Down goes Tucker and up goes Morrison, for the PARKOUR 450!! Cover, Otis breaks it!!

Miz and Morrison go after Otis, DOUBLE BOOTS send Otis down and out! Morrison whips Miz to wreck Otis with a dropkick! Fans are divided but Tucker gets Morrison! Heavy Machinery ELIMINATES Miz & Morrison!! And that infuriates Miz and Morrison! They go after Tucker with stomps and fists as Buffalo boos. Miz brings Tucker up, full nelson, Morrison goes up, DOUBLE STOMP FINALE!! Otis runs in but he gets mugged 2v1 too! They throw Otis out then go after him against barriers. They double whip Otis into and through the barriers!! Otis wrecks the timekeeper’s area! “REMEMBER THAT!” The greatest tag team in the 21st Century just wrecked Heavy Machinery!

Mandy is watching backstage as this happens, but Ziggler walks over. Is she really worried about Otis? More glitching on screen as Ziggler has Mandy wish him luck. Not that he needs it now. But that means the GLORIOUS Show-Offs can pick the bones of Tucker and Otis! The last round of the gauntlet begins after the break!

Heavy Machinery VS Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode!

SmackDown returns once more, and Tucker fights up against Roode, only to get a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Otis is still in the wreckage but Tucker keeps the team in the match. Fans rally up for Otis while Roode grinds Tucker down with a chinlock. Tucker endures, fights his way up, and throws body shots on Roode! Tucker runs, but Roode catches him in another sleeper hold, but Tucker back suplexes free! Both men are down but Otis is still nowhere near his corner. Roode crawls to tag in Ziggler, and Ziggler taunts Tucker. Tucker counter punches Ziggler, and both men kick each other. Ziggler elbows Tucker down then covers, TWO!

Ziggler taunts Tucker that Otis is down, and then dares Tucker to stand. Tucker does, and Ziggler dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler and Roode grow frustrated, and Ziggler tells Tucker to just give up. Tag to Roode, they double whip Tucker, and then Ziggler whips Roode for Roode to whip Ziggler for the splash! Roode kicks low for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Somehow Tucker still has fuel in the tank. Roode stomps Tucker and brings him over to tag Ziggler. They mug Tucker, then Ziggler digs his fingers into Tucker’s face! The ref reprimands but Ziggler taunts Tucker more. Tucker kicks from the mat, and fans fire up as OTIS RISES! Otis still lives!! Roode hurries after Otis with clubbing forearms, but Otis hits back! Otis bumps Roode off the desk!

Fans are thunderous as Otis makes his way back to his corner! Tucker powers Ziggler backwards towards the corner, but Ziggler pulls Tucker’s hair for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler drags Tucker up, tags Roode and the two work on Tucker in a corner, They double whip Tucker corner to corner, then whip Ziggler in. Tucker dodges and Ziggler hits buckles, Tucker clotheslines Roode! All three are down but fans are fired up! Tucker heads for the corner, hot tag to OTIS! The Dozer bulldozes Roode! And again! Otis double whips Roode corner to corner to then back drop! Otis DECKS Ziggler!

Roode staggers over into Otis’s scoop but Roode fights out. Roode kicks but Otis powers up again! Fans are thunderous as Roode CHOPS but Otis THRUSTS. And does jumping jacks!? Otis EXPLODERS Roode! Roode boots Otis from the corner then hops up, but leaps into Otis’s arms! He escapes and dropkicks Otis into the corner. Roode runs in but gets posted! Ziggler tags in, Otis corner splashes and hits them both! Roode flops down but Ziggler is the legal man! Otis still gives Roode a CATPER- SUPERKICK!! Ziggler takes Otis down, covers, Ziggler and Roode win!!

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, by pinfall (last entrants in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Camber match)

The GLORIOUS Roode-Dolph end the glorious run of Heavy Machinery! Otis and Tucker could not run the gauntlet, but can they get payback for this and more on Sunday? Or will they even make it to the end, when Roode and Ziggler finally enter the match?



My Thoughts:

What a great go-home for Elimination Chamber! Granted, there were still some mediocre and even awkward parts, but still a lot more good than bad. Sheamus VS Crews was a rather quick squash match, and Gable keeps reaching out to Crews without Crews accepting it. I feel like they’re telling the story of that 2v1 Handicap Match they had not too long ago in backwards order. Gable and Crews should’ve kept facing Sheamus, doing better each time only to lose, and then we get a handicap match as the blow-off. It seems they’ve set up Corbin VS Elias for Mania, or at least Mania Week, which I suppose is fine. Better than the once rumored Elias VS Cena which makes no sense. Hopefully Elias wins that feud.

The awkward stuff was during A Moment of Bliss. The nWo were just fine, it was really when they were set up against Team Sami. It was all meant to give Strowman a chance to get even from last week’s contract signing, but it was rather clunky. I can’t be sure who wins that 3v1 for the Intercontinental Championship, and I’m not even sure how it works for Team Sami. Is the person who pins Strowman the new champion? That’d make the most sense, and could be a way for Sami to get that title without having to do all the work. It could even cause dissension within the ranks if Sami were to win that way, since Nakamura and Cesaro would want the title for their own. In fact, that story might be reason enough for me to want Team Sami to win.

I did appreciate Bliss-Cross making the quick challenge to Kabuki Warriors. I said for my NXT UK article the other day that the WWE Women’s Championships should have a contender from each brand. Fire & Desire got a win thanks to Ziggler, so unless the IIconics are returning next week, I feel like they might be moving up. And of course, the tag team gauntlet was a great match! I did not expect them to go with Heavy Machinery so strongly but I am so happy they did. The love triangle is doing wonders for Otis especially, and that story combined with the eliminations they got in the gauntlet have really propelled Heavy Machinery to the top. I don’t know if they’d win the titles, but Heavy Machinery has to at least last long enough to eliminate Roode-Dolph for even just a little bit of pay off.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/26/21)

It’s a Dark Walk-Off tonight!



AEW Dark 2

AEW turns Dark back up to SIXTEEN!

Dark is big, strong, and stylish! Will “Pretty” Peter Avalon win the very first Walk Off, a contest of his own creation? Or will Big Shotty shoot him down?


  • Miro w/ Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford & “Charles” Taylor VS Fuego Del Sol; Miro wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Tag Team Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Team TNT; SCU wins remains a tag team.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS M’Badu & KC Navarro; The Butcher & The Blade win.
  • Rey Fenix VS Baron Black; Fenix wins.
  • Shanna VS KiLynn King; wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Reba VS Brooke Havok; wins.
  • Abadon VS Vertvixen; wins.
  • The Walk Off: “Pretty” Peter Avalon VS Lee Johnson, Guest Judges: Brandi Rhodes, Jerry Lynn, and Aubrey Edwards; wins.
  • Santana & Ortiz VS Ryzin & Mike Verna; win.
  • Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay & Negative One VS Davienne; wins.
  • Preston Vance w/ Alan Angels & Negative One VS Ray Jaz; wins.
  • Red Velvet VS Madi Wrenkowski; wins.
  • Sean Maluta VS Danny Limelight; wins.
  • Ivelisse w/ Diamante VS Jazmin Allure; wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Jake St. Patrick; wins.


Miro w/ Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford & “Charles” Taylor VS Fuego Del Sol!

The Best Man and the Superbad super couple still have their Kentucky Butler for a few more weeks, so they’re going to milk this for all it’s worth! Will “Charles” be of help against the Fire of the Sun?

The bell rings and Miro circles with Fuego. They approach, Fuego avoids the roundhouse to kick back! Miro doesn’t flinch, he and Fuego circle but Fuego kicks away on the leg! Miro grabs Fuego, whips but Fuego kicks back! Miro blocks the kick, flips Fuego and CLOBBERS him! Fans rally as Miro runs and drops an elbow! Miro drags Fuego up to ROUNDHOUSE him down! Miro gets the fans fired up but he wants Charles to applaud, too. Charles applauds reluctantly, then Miro drags Fuego up to run. Fuego dropkicks a leg out! Miro hobbles, Fuego flounders but Miro drags him up, only for Fuego to dropkick the leg again! MULE KICK!

Fuego fires up and runs to tilt-o-whirl but Miro throws him away. Fuego dodges the clothesline but the rana is blocked! Miro brings Fuego up to a fireman’s carry and a BIG Samoan Drop! Miro powers up, stomps around, and hits the BEST KICK! Fuego flounders but Miro isn’t done there, because it’s GAME! OVER~! Fuego taps out to the extra deep camel clutch, Miro wins!

Winner: Miro, by submission

Miro demands his butler brush Fuego out of the ring and Charles does gently, but then Miro kicks Fuego the rest of the way. Charles is made to raise Miro’s hand in victory, but will he be able to stomach this all the way until February 3rd?


Jurassic Express VS Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow!

The classic combination of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are building momentum in the tag team division! Will they steamroll through Big Shotty and The Extra Talented to rise up the ranks?

The teams sort out and JB starts against Johnson. Fans rally up as the two circle, tie up, and JB headlocks. Johnson wrenches out, JB rolls and pushes Johnson to ropes, but Johnson runs JB over! Things speed up, JB leaps over and comes back to run Johnson over! JB keeps moving, Johnson dodges, double dropkicks cancel out and both men handspring up. They shake hands to show respect, then Johnson tags out to Solow. JB and Solow tie up, Solow waistlocks but JB pries free to switch. Solow bucks off the roll, JB dodges to huricanrana! JB arm-drags Solow to an armlock and holds him down. Solow gets up, JB tags Luchasaurus but Solow reverses the whip.

JB dodges the clothesline and Luchasaurus BOOTS Solow! Luchasaurus puts Solow in the corner, Solow dodges and tags in Johnson! Luchasaurus CHOPS Solow, puts Johnson in a corner but Johnson boots back! Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch, so Johnson dodges and runs to kick back! Luchasaurus shakes his head, Johnson dodges and runs again, but leaps into Luchasaurus’ arms for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus keeps close on Johnson, drags him up and tags in JB. Jurassic Express coordinates, scoop slam and knee-board senton! Cover, TWO! JB keeps his cool, wraps a chinlock on Johnson, but Johnson fights up.

Johnson powers JB to the corner, tags in Solow, then powers out of the headlock. Solow scoops JB, Johnson runs in, back suplex neckbreaker combo! Cover, TWO! Solow stomps JB, drags him up and throws hands. Fans rally, Solow stomps JB to the corner and tags in Johnson. Johnson stomps JB, suplexes then covers, TWO! Johnson keeps on JB but JB hits back, Johnson CLUBS him! Tag to Solow, Solow stomps JB, then scoop slams him down. Solow runs to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Solow drags JB up, JB hits back but Solow CLUBS him. Tag to Johnson, double whip and double elbows! Johnson covers, TWO! Fans rally up as Johnson brings JB up and tags to Solow.

Solow whips Johnson in but JB boots him! JB dodges Solow to send him into buckles, Johnson gets JB and whips him to ropes, but JB rebound LARIATS! Both men are down and fans fire up, hot tag to Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus KNEES Solow, boots and clotheslines Johnson then TOSSES him! Luchasaurus puts Solow in a corner for fast hands and a GERMAN SUPLEX! Luchasaurus kips up, runs in at Johnson, but Johnson dumps him out! Luchasaurus drags Johnson out to a wheelbarrow and swing into the railing! Marko Stunt laughs at Johnson while Luchasaurus gets in the ring. Solow is after Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus pushes him away to then BOOT him!

Luchasaurus swings, Solow dodges and runs, into a pop-up KNEE! Choke grip, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Standing moonsault! Cover, Johnson breaks it?! Big Shotty saves this at the last second but Luchasaurus throws him out. Tag to JB, but Johnson trips him up! Luchasaurus choke grips Johnson, brings him in, and then gets Solow in a choke grip, too! But Solow and Johnson slip out of the slams to double RAM Luchasaurus into a corner! Johnson hurries out to fetch JB and put him back in the ring. Solow drags JB up, but JB cradle counters! TWO, JB kicks low and suplexes, but Solow slips out. Johnson tags in, JB dodges him to uppercut Solow!

JB ROCKS Johnson, Solow BOOTS JB, Johnson BOMBS JB into Solow’s knees! ROLLING DEATH VALLEY and FLYING STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! JB survives but Shotty and Solow aren’t giving up yet! Fans rally up, Solow and Johnson bring JB up but JB escapes the suplex! Luchasaurus is in, HEADBUTT to Solow! JB full nelsons Johnson, TAIL WHIP to FACEBUSTER! Jurassic Express drags Solow back, SNARE TRAP! Solow taps, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

The boy and his dinosaur are rolling, but JB will be 1v1 with Dax Harwood for Dynamite! Will Dax being out of his comfort zone give Jungle Jack Perry the advantage?


Tag Team Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Team TNT!

Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels are still on their tag title or bust journey! If they lose, they’re done! Will Terrell and Terrence Hughes blow SCU apart?

The teams sort out and the Heavy Metal Rebel starts with Terrell. They tie up, go around, and Kaz gets a waistlock then a drop toehold. Kaz shifts to a headlock, Terrell fights up, and Terrell tries to power out but Kaz holds on tight. Terrell fights back up, throws body shots, and back suplexes, only for Kaz to land on his feet. Kaz CHOPS Terrell, whips, but Terrell reverses. Kaz goes up and over, runs to duck and dodge, then blocks a hip toss to give a hip toss! Kaz keeps on the arm but Terrell endures. Terrell fights up, Kaz tags Daniels, and SCU crisscross Terrell, wrench him down, kick, clothesline and double stomp!

Daniels drags Terrell back up, bumps him off buckles, then elbows him in the back. Daniels whips Terrell to ropes but Terrell dodges then fakes out the calf kick! Tag to Terrence and he CLOBBERS Daniels! Daniels goes to a corner but Terrence rams his shoulder in. Terrence whips Daniels corner to corner, runs in but Daniels BOOTS back! Daniels feeds Terrence to Kaz’s boots then tags Kaz in. SCU double whips, body shot and rolling neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps his cool, brings Terrence up and CHOPS him to a corner! Kaz brings Terrence up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Kaz drags Terrence up, puts him in the corner and tags in Daniels.

SCU whips Terrence out then into the corner, gamangiri to atomic drop! Daniels goes up, springboard crossbody and leg sweep combo! Cover, TWO! Daniels grows annoyed but he CHOPS Terrence down again. Daniels clubs Terrence, whips him to ropes, but Terrence reverses. Daniels dodges and crossbodies but into Terrence’s arms! For a POWERSLAM! Terrence’s arms hold him back but he tags Terrell in. Terrell throws haymakers, rams his shoulders into Daniels at a corner, then CHOPS him! Daniels is stinging but Terrell stands him up to CHOP again! Terrell TOSSES Daniels, covers, TWO! Terrell grows frustrated now as he drags Daniels up.

Tag to Terrence, Team TNT whips Daniels in, then Terrell whips Terrence in for a shoulder ram! Terrell adds a forearm smash, then Team TNT double Japanese arm-drags Daniels! Cover, TWO! Terrence brings Daniels up, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Cover, TWO! Terrence drags Daniels up, tags Terrell back in, and then Terrence scoop slams Daniels. Terrell uses Terrence as a weapon, ROLLING DEATH VALLEY onto Daniels! Cover, TWO! Tag to Terrence, Team TNT coordinate to drop ax handles on Daniels’ arm! Terrence drags Daniels up to ROCK with haymakers! Terrence suplexes but Daniels cradle counters, TWO! Daniels catches Terrence for an EXPLODER!

Both men are down and fans fire up! Daniels and Terrence crawl, hot tags to Terrell and Kaz! Kaz rallies on Terrell then whips, but Terrell reverses, only for Kaz to forearm! Kaz mule kicks and CLOBBERS Terrence, then scoops Terrell for a slam! Kaz springboards for the LEG DROP! Fans fire up as Kaz brings Terrell over. Tag to Daniels, SCU double whips to double hip toss into the POWREBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Terrence breaks it! Team TNT regroups, Kaz tags in but so does Terrence. Kaz ROCKS Terrence but Terrence ROCKS Kaz back! Kaz ROCKS Terrence again, then ducks the haymaker, but Terrence bucks the O’Conner roll while Terrell tags in!

Team TNT coordinates, FLYING LEG DROP SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kaz survives but Terrence tags back in. Team TNT mugs Kaz in the corner, the ref counts but Daniels gets in to throw hands. Terrell rocks Daniels back, Terrence keeps on Kaz! Team TNT coordinates, they whip SCU at each other, but Daniels reverses, only for Terrell to send Kaz into him after all! But Daniels disrupts the 3D with an STO! Kaz sunset flips Terrell, Terrell stays up but Kaz avoids the punch! Daniels BOOTS Terrell, Kaz gut wrenches, BEST MELTZER EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (still a tag team)

And the journey continues! The Addiction hasn’t lost so they aren’t calling it quits! Will this motivation help them make it all the way to the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS M’Badu & KC Navarro!

Eddie Kingston’s Fam have been working to get up the tag team ranks, though Death Triangle and Lance Archer have been after them. Will Butcher and Blade be caught off guard while having to watch their backs?

The teams sort out and Blade goes right after Navarro! M’Badu protests but the ref keeps him back as Blade stomps Navarro to the ropes. Blade brings Navarro up to whip and CLOBBER him! Now the jacket comes off, and Bunny Allie distracts the ref with her high pitch squealing as Blade uses the jacket to CHOKE Navarro! Blade drags Navarro up to scoop, then he tags in Butcher. They combine for the leg drop sidewalk slam! Butcher drags Navarro up, pump handles and scoops for a BACKBREAKER! And then a SLAM! Navarro flounders out of the ring but now Butcher distracts the ref so Allie can go after Navarro!

The Bunny is rabid but she laughs as she frolics away and Blade puts Navarro in. Butcher drags Navarro up and bumps him off buckles to then tag in Blade. They double headbutt Navarro, and then do it again! Blade digs his knee into Navarro’s face, Bunny mocks his pain, and Butcher drags Navarro up. Butcher tags in, he and Blade coordinate, POWERBOMB SLAM! Cover, M’Badu breaks it! Bunny protests but Butcher tosses Navarro over. M’Badu tags in, circles with Butcher as fans rally up, but Butcher powers M’Badu back to a corner. Butcher CHOPS, forearms, repeat! Butcher whips corner to corner, M’Badu reverses and hits a BIG splash!

M’Badu throws hands now, fires up, then runs corner to corner for another big splash! M’Badu scoops, Butcher slips out to kick and CLOBBER him! Tag to Blade, they drag M’Badu up, suplex to POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Butcher & Blade win!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Another team was put on the chopping block and they got cut to pieces! Will Kingston’s family continue to carve a path of destruction right to the top of the tag division?


Rey Fenix VS Baron Black!

Speaking of Death Triangle, the Firebird is staying sharp as he flies solo! Will Fenix burn up the #EmpBruh on his way to Beach Break?

The bell rings, fans rally up as Fenix and Baron circle. The two tie up, Fenix wrenches, then wrenches again, but Baron wrenches out to wristlock. Fenix rolls under to get a trip up and cover, TWO! Baron has the cover, ONE! Fenix is after a leg but Baron gets the ropebreak. The ref counts and fans cheer as the two get up. Fenix and Baron stare down before they circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks, Fenix hits low then wrenches to a wristlock. Fenix steps over, ties Baron up in a cobra twist, but Baron hip tosses free! Fenix lands on his feet, Baron gets around to roll him up, TWO! Fenix kips up and there’s another standoff!

Fenix offers a handshake but Baron leaves him hanging. Baron gives a push, Fenix pushes back. Baron offers the handshake now, but Fenix takes it, only for Baron to SLAP him! Fenix snarls and swings, but Baron dodges to CHOP! Baron fires up but Fenix CHOPS him back! Baron puts Fenix in a corner but Fenix BOOTS back! Fenix goes up, up, but into an ATOMIC DROP to an EXPLODER! Cover, ONE!! Fenix hurries out of the ring but Baron pursues. Baron drags Fenix up and POSTS him! Fans jeer as Baron drags Fenix up and puts him in the ring. Fans rally up, Baron stalks Fenix but Fenix kicks from the mat. Baron stomps Fenix, grabs at legs but Fenix kicks back!

Fenix kicks more but Baron CHOPS! Fenix kicks, kicks and KICKS! Baron hobbles up, Fenix kicks again but into a DRAGON SCREW! And a HALF CRAB! Baron gets both legs, shifts to a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Fenix endures, pops out, covers, TWO! Baron gets up fast but Fenix CHOPS him again! Fenix puts Baron in a corner, ROCKS him with a forearm then CHOPS him again! Fenix wrenches, whips but Baron reverses HARD! And then whips HARD the other way! And the other way again! Atomic Drop to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Fenix as he survives and crawls to a corner. Baron keeps his cool and walks over, blocks the kicks, and he yanks Fenix up into a bomb lift!

Fenix fights out, CHOPS and CHOPS, then runs, only to be thrown to the ramp! Fenix rolls back to his feet, ROCKS Baron back, then springboard SOBATS! Fans fire up as Fenix builds speed, dodges, tiger feint to HEEL KICK! Baron is dazed, Fenix aims from a corner, Fenix runs in to go up, around, but Baron throws him over! Fenix gets a leg, drags Baron down and hooks the legs up, MUDA LOCK! Baron endures as Fenix bends him way back! Baron crawls, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Fenix lets go but follows Baron to a corner. Fenix CHOPS again, and CHOPS again, and CHOPS again! Baron CHOPS, CHOPS, and CHOPS!

Fenix staggers, Baron brings down the straps but the CHOPS keep flying back and forth! Faster and faster, Fenix gets the edge, but Baron dodges then follows to get around, SNAP GERMAN! Baron drags Fenix up to a POWERBOMB! High stack cover, TWO!! Baron has the legs, ties the legs up, CLOVERLEAF! Fenix endures, crawls, hits Baron’s legs, then turns over to get Baron’s arms! Baron lifts but Fenix goes up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Baron runs into a SUPERKICK! Fenix goes up top to moonsault! Baron moves but Fenix just somersaults back into a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!? Fenix drags Baron up, fireman’s carry, FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Baron Black brought his game to a new level, but it still wasn’t enough to extinguish the Firebird! Will Fenix be on fire going towards the Beach Break trios main event?


Shanna VS KiLynn King!

Portugal’s Perfect Athlete is building power and rising up the ranks, but she still has a long way to go before the top. Will she be able to trump the would-be King?



Britt Baker w/ Reba VS Brooke Havok!

The Doctor is in, and finally back in the ring! She has to be sharp if she’s going to take on Thunder Rosa at Beach Break! Will Britt break in Brooke Havok as she debuts in AEW?



Abadon VS Vertvixen!

The Living Dead Girl is back! And though she isn’t AEW Women’s Champion, the chase is never over! Will Abadon haunt Vertvixen’s nightmares as she chases a golden dream?



The Walk Off: “Pretty” Peter Avalon VS Lee Johnson, Guest Judges: Brandi Rhodes, Jerry Lynn, and Aubrey Edwards!

The Pageant Provocation has taken a new form! Avalon challenged Big Shotty to this contest of style and grace, but will he end up the one losing?



Santana & Ortiz VS Ryzin & Mike Verna!

Despite being the tag team Chris Jericho brought to AEW, Proud ‘n’ Powerful did NOT win the Inner Circle Triple Threat Tag Challenge! Will they vent their frustrations out on the Priest of Sin and the Real Man of Steel?



Tay Conti w/ Anna Jay & Negative One VS Davienne!

The Brazilian blackbelt continues to hang out with The Dark Order, but has she officially joined up yet? Can she convince AEW’s new arrival to #JoinDarkOrder?



Preston Vance w/ Alan Angels & Negative One VS Ray Jaz!

Number 10 was just as disappointed as the rest of the Dark Order when Hangman Page chose NOT to #JoinDarkOrder, but you can’t dwell on the past! Will Vance move forward and perhaps even convince his opponent to sign up in Hangman’s place?



Red Velvet VS Madi Wrenkowski!

Things have been bittersweet for Red Velvet lately, but there’s always a chance to rebound! Will Velvet be serving up a fresh L tonight?



Sean Maluta VS Danny Limelight!

The Samoan Dragon and the Boricuan Spider are 1v1 for the first time in AEW! Which bright young star shines brighter in the Dark?



Ivelisse w/ Diamante VS Jazmin Allure!

La Sicaria and the Cuban Diamond have been running strong as a tag team, but it’s back to singles actions for tonight. Will Ivelisse be better than her #TopTier opponent?



“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Jake St. Patrick!

Team Taz’s Machine and Absolute are going to take on Darby Allin and Sting in a Tag Team Street Fight at AEW Revolution, but the rest of the team is still pursuing the top spots! Will the Powerhouse pulverize his opponent to prove he’s worthy of the upper ranks?


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Mitchell’s WWE Superstar Spectacle Results & Report! (1/26/21)

WWE Universe, are you ready for a spectacle?



WWE Superstar Spectacle

WWE brings the spotlight to the prospects from India!

Though WWE is on the Road to WrestleMania, it is time for some new stars to shine! Watch as the top prospects from India tie up with the stars of today!


  • Finn Balor VS Guru Raaj; Balor wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, Giant Zanjeer & Dilsher Shanky VS King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro; Ricochet, Mysterio, Zanjeer & Shanky win.
  • AJ Styles w/ Omos VS Jeet Rama; Styles wins.
  • Charlotte Flair & Sareena Sandhu VS Bayley & Natalya; Flair & Sandhu win.
  • Six Man Tag: Drew McIntyre & Indus Sher w/ Ric Flair VS Jinder Mahal & The Bollywood Boyz; McIntyre & Indus Sher win.


“India has been a central heartbeat of the WWE Universe.”

Triple H speaks to the connection that spans more than two decades! HHH himself, and other legends like Bret Hart, Kane and The Undertaker have made the journey. “Fueled by a passionate culture, expressing unmatched energy.” John Cena, Daniel Bryan and the New Day were overwhelmed by the welcome. Fans there have been fans for life, and the unbreakable bond is cemented by respect and heart. Charlotte Flair says WWE unites us universally, and she could feel that in India. “India’s proud history is rich in competitive spirit, embodying strength, honor, and resiliency.”

There have been championship reigns and global celebrations, paving the way to a bright future. That new future grows brighter by a new generation motivated to represent a nation. So tonight, on this, India’s Republic Day, we will hear the 1.3 BILLION voices that celebrate the vibrant culture. “Then, now and forever.” WWE is honored to bring you the Superstar Spectacle!


Finn Balor VS Guru Raaj!

The Prince welcomes the first challenge from this new generation of India superstars! But his opponent has quite literally been working for this his whole life! Will the dream come true against the two-time NXT Champion?

The bell rings and Balor circles with Raaj. They tie up, Balor gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. Raaj rolls, rolls, and wrenches back to a wristlock. Balor rolls, wrenches back, slips around and goes after the arm. Balor grinds the shoulder, Raaj fights up but Balor shifts to a hammerlock. Raaj does the splits to get a snapmare! Raaj has the arm, Balor breaks out to get a leg pick but Raaj makes it a cover! ONE, Raaj headscissors but Balor pops out! Raaj grins as he and Balor stand off. They circle, tie up, and Balor headlocks. Raaj powers out but Balor runs him over with a shoulder! Raaj is right up but Balor headlocks to the takeover.

Balor grinds Raaj, Raaj fights up and powers out again. Raaj drops then hurdles then dropkicks Balor down! Raaj hits the headlock takeover! Balor fights his way up, powers up but Raaj hits another takeover! Balor moves around, rolls Raaj to a cover, ONE! Raaj holds onto the hold, Balor fights up but Raaj holds on tighter as Balor tires to power out! Balor keeps trying, gets free on the third try but Raaj sunset flips! Balor rolls through to basement dropkick! Balor checks his chin as WWE takes a quick break.

Superstar Spectacle returns and Balor has Raaj in a standing cobra twist. Raaj fights out and hip tosses Balor away! Raaj goes to a corner, Balor runs in but Raaj boots him! Raaj CHOPS and CHOPS and whips, to then clobber Balor with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Raaj hurries to back senton! And kip up! Basement dropkick! Raaj fires up as he runs in at Balor in a corner, but Balor kicks back! Balor stomps Raaj in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and then storms back over to CHOP Raaj in return! Balor wraps an arm around the ropes, pulls it, then CHOPS Raaj again! Balor whips Raaj corner to corner, runs in and CHOPS! Raaj staggers into a SLINGBLADE!

Balor paces, takes aim from another corner, and he runs, into Raaj’s enziguri! Roll-up, TWO!! Raaj almost had an NXT Champion! Balor flounders up, Raaj kicks, kicks and kicks away on the legs! Raaj goes even faster! Raj says BANG, ROUNDHOUSE and SOBAT! Balor is down and Raaj fires up! Raaj goes to a corner, climbs up top, and leaps for CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Raaj is shocked that Balor escapes! Balor and Raaj slowly rise, Raaj is on Balor first with a scoop, but Balor fights free to ELBOW DROP DDT! Balor is furious now and he takes aim again. SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Raaj hits buckles and then hits the mat!

Balor goes up top, he takes aim, and hits the COUP DE GRACE! But Balor isn’t done with Raaj, he tops it off with the 1916!! Cover, Balor wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

It was a valiant effort from the young star, but this is the difference between a new star and 20 year veteran! But Balor does show Raaj respect with a handshake. Will Raaj one day be in Balor’s shoes, “welcoming” a new generation to the spotlight?


Giant Zanjeer speaks.

“I am from India Punjab. I make my family proud.” When he was 14 years old, he lost his parents. He had to grow up fast, be the man of his home, and has worked very hard. It is time for Zanjeer to live his dream. Seeing the Great Khali become India’s first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Zanjeer felt it was destiny that he would become a WWE superstar himself. Big, scary, strong, and determined to be a champion, too!

8 Man Tag: Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, Giant Zanjeer & Dilsher Shanky VS King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro!

That dream to become a champion could start right here! Giant Zanjeer and Dilsher Shanky are teaming with two great former champions in the WWE, going against great former and even current champions! Will the King of Flight and King of Lucha Libre help Zanjeer and Shanky make dreams come true?

Superstar Spectacle returns as Ricochet makes his entrance, followed by the TOWERING Shanky and Zanjeer. Then One half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions in the Show-Off, followed by the Wolf King, the King of Strong Style and the Swiss Cyborg. Teams sort out and we begin with Shanky and Ziggler. They circle, Ziggler rushes in but he can’t even budge Shanky! Ziggler goes after a leg, Shanky pries him off and tosses him to the corner! Shanky stomps, ROCKS Ziggler and then throws a back elbow!

Ziggler flops around but Nakamura runs in! Nakamura hits Shanky but that doesn’t even faze him! Shanky just throws Nakamura in on top of Ziggler and SPLASHES them both! Tag to Zanjeer, and Zanjeer CHOPS Nakamura! Even Ziggler feels it! Corbin runs in but he’s added to the stack! Zanjeer SPLASHES all three men! Cesaro gets in but Shanky, Mysterio and Ricochet are there to back Zanjeer up! Cesaro backs down, and we go to break!

Superstar Spectacle returns as Cesaro has Mysterio on the outside. Cesaro throws Mysterio back in, drops elbows, then drags Mysterio up to tag in Nakamura. Cesaro has Mysterio on the ropes, Nakamura KNEES Mysterio then Cesaro hits the suplex! Nakamura drops a knee, covers, TWO! Nakamura drags Mysterio up, bumps him off buckles and tags in Corbin. Nakamura digs a boot in and Corbin stomps him! Corbin taunts Zanjeer and Shanky before he DECKS Mysterio! Corbin tags Ziggler and they mug Mysterio. Ziggler scrapes Mysterio’s eyes on the ropes! Nakamura and Cesaro keep Mysterio in the corner but Mysterio fights back!

Mysterio hits Corbin, boots Ziggler then ducks under! Ziggler grabs a leg to keep Mysterio back, ducks the enziguri, and drags Mysterio away! Tag to Corbin, but the entire team DECKS the other side! Zanjeer and Shanky go down and Corbin goes after Mysterio. Corbin puts Mysterio up top but Mysterio kicks back and leaps to RANA Corbin into buckles! Ricochet fires up, Mysterio hurries over, hot tags to Ziggler and Ricochet! Ricochet dodges Ziggler to handspring headscissor! And a dropkick! Ricochet taunts Cesaro then throws hands on Ziggler! Ricochet knees, wrenches and Northern Lights Suplexes! Roll through to a dead lift ANARCHY SUPLEX!

Ricochet hits the STANDING SHOOTING STAR! cover, TWO! Ricochet does a dance, drags Ziggler up and wrenches him to a fireman’s carry. Ziggler slips out to ZIGZAG! Ziggler can’t make the cover, but he tags to Cesaro! Cesaro covers, TWO!! Ricochet still lives but Cesaro mocks the dance moves. Cesaro scoops, Ricochet slips out, tag to Zanjeer! Zanjeer runs Cesaro over, runs Nakamura over and runs Corbin over! Zanjeer is fired up and he tags in Shanky! Zanjeer scoops and SLAMS Cesaro for Shanky to power up! BIG ELBOW! Cover, but Corbin and Nakamura break it up! Ziggler gets in, they all go after Zanjeer!

But Zanjeer explodes out! HEADBUTT for Nakamura, and a SHOVE for Corbin out of the ring! Ricochet gets in, and he gets a GIANT boost from Zanjeer to FLY out onto Ziggler, Corbin and Nakamura! Cesaro slides back in and dumps Zanjeer out! But Shanky BOOTS Cesaro a la Khali! Tag to Mysterio, dial it up! 6 1 9!! LARIAT from Shanky! Mysterio climbs Shanky for a SUPER SPLASH!! Cover, Mysterio’s team wins!

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, Giant Zanjeer & Dilsher Shanky, by pinfall

Talk about a huge victory! The titans of India lift Mysterio and Ricochet onto their shoulders in celebration! Is this the beginning of some powerful legends in the WWE?


WWE teams up with Girl Up again in 2021!

It is important for young girls to see the confidence, leadership and equality possible through sports! Learn how you can help at!


Roman Reigns speaks.

Or rather, Paul Heyman speaks first. Today is a day of great celebration, but not for what you think. It’s day 149 of Roman’s Universal Championship reign. Roman says his responsibility of putting food on the table is not limited to SmackDown. That responsibility extends to every superstar that steps foot in the WWE ring. But at a price. That price won’t be paid tonight. Be that as it may, Happy Republic Day.


AJ Styles w/ Omos VS Jeet Rama!

The Phenomenal One may be heading for the Royal Rumble, but he’s always up for a spectacle! Will he be a phenomenal gatekeeper for the new generation, just as he has to the Men’s Rumble?

The bell rings and Jeet circles with Styles. They tie up, Jeet pushes Styles to a corner, and lets off as the ref counts. Styles shakes that off and circles with Jeet again. They tie up, Styles gets around and headlocks, but Jeet pries free to then arm-drag Styles to an armlock! Jeet cranks on the arm, Styles fights up to a corner, but Jeet lets off at the count. Styles puts Jeet in the corner, rams in and rams again, then again! Styles lets off to bump Jeet off buckles then roll him up, TWO! Jeet gets up but Styles KICKS him! Styles kicks but Jeet catches it and RAMS Styles into the corner! And rams in again! And again!

Jeet lets off as the ref counts, dares Styles to get up, then wrenches his arm for another arm-drag! Jeet clamps onto the arm again, but Styles endures. Jeet shifts to a keylock but Styles fights his way up. Styles rakes eyes and ROCKS Jeet with a right! Jeet ROCKS Styles back! Jeet throws haymakers but Styles throws Jeet out to the floor! Jeet gets up, but Styles SLINGSHOT FOREARMS! Styles takes Jeet down as we go to break!

Superstar Spectacle returns as Styles grinds Jeet down with a chinlock. Jeet endures, fans clap on their screens, and Jeet fights up. Jeet elbows free but Styles elbows Jeet back down! Styles brings Jeet up but Jeet throws haymakers! Jeet fires up, eggs Styles on, and reels Styles in for a HALF HATCH SUPLEX! Styles flounders, Jeet is right on him, for ANOTHER Half Hatch! Jeet keeps firing up as Styles flounders back up. Jeet reels Styles in but Styles blocks the lift with more elbows. Styles ROCKS and KICKS Jeet, but swings into Jeet’s GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Styles survives and Jeet is frustrated with himself.

Styles crawls to a corner, Jeet runs in but Styles boots him! Styles hops up, Jeet comes back and ROCKS Styles! Jeet sits Styles back up, climbs up, but Styles slips under! Styles trips Jeet up and Jeet hits hard off buckles! Omos applauds as Styles drop toeholds Jeet into buckles! Styles fireman’s carries Jeet for an USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Jeet survives and Styles is surprised! Styles drags Jeet back up, but Jeet denies the Clash to RAM Styles into buckles! Jeet RAMS Styles again, but Styles gets him for a roll to the CALF CRUSHER! Jeet endures as Styles cranks back on the leg, and twists the foot!

Jeet refuses to give in, moves around, and finds Styles’ head, to SLAM him into the mat! And again! Styles lets go and Jeet is spared! Jeet and Styles slowly sit up, and Styles goes after the leg again! But Jeet choke grips Styles! Styles breaks that grip but swings into a clinch! BELLY2BELLY! Jeet crawls over after Styles but Styles rolls away. Jeet follows Styles to a corner, puts him back on the top rope and then climbs back up after him. Omos creeps close, and grabs a foot to anchor Styles as Jeet goes for the Super Belly2Belly! Jeet crashes ‘n’ burns, Styles hops down to aim from the apron, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

A huge assist to Omos, and it’s Jeet who gets beat! But will AJ Styles be able to stay phenomenal if he needs help? And if Jeet pushed Styles this far, will we be cruising down #JeetStreet soon enough?


Indus Sher speaks.

“I will tell you something that you may already know.” Rinku was India’s very first pro baseball player, but there is no better feeling than being a WWE superstar. The dream started when he turned 15 and he wished to change his family’s life for the better. India knows Saurav already as a star of a Top 5 TV series, but now he is living a dream in the WWE. They are here representing their country, and had an immediate connection when they met. They are brothers as well as tag team partners, and have the pride of 1.3 BILLION people behind them!



Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your world-famous TEN TIME champs, and FEEL~ the POWER~! The New Day is reunited thanks to the Superstar Spectacle! Well, without Kofi Kingston as he has an injured jaw, but Xavier Woods is with the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Big E, for a special presentation, after the break!

Superstar Spectacle returns and Big E says it is a beautiful Republic Day! And ya bois, the NEW~ DAY~ are so excited to be part of the Superstar Spectacle! Now they’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest talent from around the world. But here is something truly special! Without further ado… It’s the Street Profits? Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford join in on the fun because they know, they know, they KNOOOOW~! The WWE isn’t about to introduce these national, global individuals today without them.

No, the New Day would never ever dream of introducing Southeast USA’s premier entertainment dance company representing South Asian culture without them! Then what we talked about over OJ and protein! Let’s all do this together. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! They finally and proudly present to you… SPINNING CANVAS~! Yes, live and in person, it’s a special performance by the top dancing troupe of India! A great display of culture for the world to see! There are even dancers in the ring! Spectacular!


The Great Khali speaks.

He says hello to his people and says he has been so proud to see this newest crop of superstars coming from India, and those we saw already tonight in Jeet Rama, Giant Zanjeer, Dilsher Shanky and Guru Raaj. Have a Happy Republic Day!


Charlotte Flair & Sareena Sandhu VS Bayley & Natalya!

The Queen is honored to be teaming with one of the female prospects of India, but they’re up against the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion and the winningest woman in WWE history! Will Sareena be able to shine alongside such spectacular superstars?

The teams sort out and Charlotte starts with Natty. They circle, tie up, and Charlotte wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Natty rolls, spins and handsprings to wrench back to a wristlock. Charlotte cartwheels, wrenches back, but Natty knees low! Natty snapmares Charlotte and runs to step on her, but Charlotte kips up! Natty tags to Bayley but Charlotte dodges Bayley to DECK Natty! Charlotte CHOPS and CHOPS Bayley, whips her into the corner then CHOPS her on the rebound! Natty runs in but gets a CHOP! Tag to Sareena and she climbs up to CROSSBODY both Natty and Bayley down!

Sareena and Charlotte coordinate, and they DOUBLE BASEBALL SLIDE! Natty and Bayley are shocked but Sareena just shows Charlotte some dance moves as we go to break.

Superstar Spectacle returns, Natty whips Bayley in at Charlotte but Charlotte KNEES Bayley down! Natty runs in but Charlotte BOOTS her! Charlotte spins Natty around to hit a neckbreaker, to an EXPLODER! Bayley tags in and runs at Charlotte, but she gets a kick and an EXPLODER, too! Charlotte kips up, fires up, but Bayley dodges in the corner! Bayley runs back in into a backbreaker! Charlotte tags Sareena and Sareena dodges Bayley to arm-drag! And arm-drag! And then dodges to tilt-o-whirl to SPIKE Bayley down! Sareena kicks low, butterfly SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives but Sareena keeps on her with a toehold.

Bayley scrambles to a ropebreak, then elbows Sareena away! Tag to Natty, Natty kicks low and reels Sareena in, but Sareena cradle counters! TWO, Natty is pissed and she SLAPS Sareena! Sareena gets around, spins Natty and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Sareena drags Natty up and whips her to a corner but Natty reverses. Natty runs in but Sareena elbows her away. Bayley runs in but Sareena DECKS her! Natty BOOTS Sareena out of the ring! Natty poses, tags to Bayley, and Bayley stalks Sareena, to chop block a leg! Charlotte storms over as Bayley talks smack, but Bayley puts Sareena in. Cover, TWO!

Tag to Natty, Natty drags Sareena up and together they throw Sareena down! Natty spins through to drop down on the toehold, then she ties the legs up in a butterfly lock! Sareena endures and even hits back! Sareena finds a way to slip through into a modified toehold of her own! Bayley stomps Sareena down then goes back to her corner. Sareena crawls but Natty CLUBS her down! Natty drags Sareena away, but Sareena hurries again. Natty CLUBS Sareena back down and Bayley DECKS Charlotte! Natty rains down rights on Sareena, Sareena does her best to guard, but Charlotte BOOTS Bayley on the outside!

Natty swings on Charlotte but Sareena rolls Natty! TWO, and Natty CLOBBERS Sareena! Natty gets the legs, drags Sareena in and puts on the SHARPSHOOTER! Sareena endures, Charlotte gets in, NATURAL SELECTION! Sareena is free, she covers, Sareena and Charlotte win!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Sareena Sandhu, by pinfall

The Queen had Sareena’s back and that was enough to turn the tide! Will this big victory be a big boost to Sareena’s young wrestling career?


Ric Flair is here!

The Nature Boy loves a good party, so of course he’s here for the Superstar Spectacle! He’s also here for the main event with the WWE World Champion and the Modern Day Maharaja!


Kavita Devi speaks.

The first Indian female superstar in the WWE, she did things her way in the Mae Young Classic. “Growing up, I wasn’t supposed to have a dream. When I grew up, little girls like me had nobody to look up to.” There are thousands of girls looking up to her now, and that motivates her to keep going. Follow her into the future, because if her dream can come true, so can yours!


Six Man Tag: Drew McIntyre & Indus Sher w/ Ric Flair VS Jinder Mahal & The Bollywood Boyz!

There are some rather interesting reunions here. Once upon a time, the Scottish Warrior and the Modern Day Maharaja were part of a Three Man Band! And more recently, Samir & Sunil Singh were once the sidekicks to WWE’s first Indian WWE Champion. The Superstar Spectacle brings them all back together, will Suarav and Rinku be powerful back-up for McIntyre on this historic day?

Ric Flair is honored to be here for this first-ever Superstar Spectacle. “Everyone knows that the WWE brings the world together like no one else.” Ric is so excited to see the members of the WWE Universe from India to be on the ThunderDome screens. But before he introduces this great Six Man Tag main event, Ric wants to wish everyone a very happy Republic Day, “WOO~!” With that, Mahal & the Bollywood Boyz make their entrance together, and Mahal has a mic of his own as Samir & Sunil film. “If there is one thing we should be celebrating, it is the return of the Modern Day Maharrrrraja, Jinder Mahal!” The now 1.4 billion have tuned in to see HIM! But here comes McIntyre!

McIntyre has a mic and says, “Jinder Mahal, my old buddy, welcome back.” No one is happier to see him than McIntyre. But there are some things you don’t do around here. First: you don’t interrupt the limosine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun, Ric Flair! Second: this isn’t about Mahal, but about the WWE and India! The time for talking is over, the time for fighting begins! Mahal has a trio, McIntyre has created his own Three Man Band of DESTRUCTION! Introducing Rinku and Saurav, INDUS SHER! The “Indian Tigers” are back!

The trios sort out, and Mahal steps up to McIntyre. They stand off, but then Mahal tags out to Sunil! Sunil tags out to Samir! McIntyre dares Mahal to get back in but Samir SLAPS McIntyre first! Samir apologizes but McIntyre throws him to a corner! McIntyre stomps away on Samir, throws hands and CHOPS! McIntyre gut wrenches Samir just to bring him over and tag in Rinku. Rinku ROCKS Samir then stalks him. Rinku stomps Samir, whips him to ropes and CLOBBERS him with a shoulder! Samir is in a daze, and Rinku drops an elbow! Rinku drags Samir up, tags Saurav in, and Samir scrambles away to tag in Sunil!

Sunil wants them to take it easy, and he dodges Saurav over and over, to CHOP! Saurav doesn’t budge! Sunil runs, leaps but into Saurav’s arms, for a POWERSLAM! Cover, ONE! Saurav tags Rinku and Rinku drags Sunil up on the ropes. Saurav runs in to BOOT Sunil out of the air! Mahal reinforces Sunil and Samir runs in, but he gets a whip to a DOUBLE HIP TOSS! McIntyre joins in and he scoops Samir to TOSS him onto Sunil! Mahal is furious but McIntyre stands with Indus Sher as we go to break!

Superstar Spectacle returns and Saurav puts Samir in the corner! Tag to Rinku and he’s fed Samir for a scoop! Samir slips out, bailts Rinku in and throws body shots and haymakers! RInku shoves Samir, knocks Mahal and Sunil off the apron, but Samir comes back with haymakers! Samir whips, Rinku reverses, but Mahal saves Samir from the corner splash! Rinku bounces off buckles and Samir kicks back! Samir wrenches, tags in Mahal and Mahal POSTS Rinku! Mahal drags Rinku up from the apron and SLAMS the arm into the post! The ref reprimands, Mahal drags Rinku back in but Rinku has the ropes. The ref counts, Mahal lets off but he CLUBS Rinku down.

Mahal clamps on with a chicken wing and chinbar but Rinku fights up. Samir tags in, climbs up and leaps to drop an elbow! Sunil goes up top to drop the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Sunil keeps on Rinku with a leg drop on the arm, then he clamps onto the arm for another leg drop. Sunil hits another leg drop to the arm, then keeps on the arm with a shoulder clamp. Tag to Samir, the Bollywood Boyz double WRING the arms! Cover, TWO! Samir keeps on Rinku’s arm but Rinku fights up to scoop Samir for a SLAM! Rinku tries to get away but Samir trips him up! Samir has the leg, tags in Mahal and Mahal stomps Rinku down! Mahal wrenches and hits an ARM BREAKER!

Mahal clamps onto Rinku with a mounted armlock but Rinku endures. McIntyre and Saurav rally up for Rinku, as do the fans on their screens. Rinku fights up, Mahal throws knees and forearms, then he sucker punches Saurav! Rink kicks Mahal back and reels him in for a suplex! Both men are down and Rink crawls for his corner, hot tag to McIntyre! McIntyre rallies on Mahal, DECKS the Bollywood Boyz then clobbers Mahal! McIntyre whips and OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Mahal! Mahal staggers up into another OVERHEAD SUPLEX! McIntyre waits for Mahal to stand, and hits the leaping neckbreaker! And the kip up!

McIntyre fires up in the corner, Mahal staggers up, but Mahal KNEES McIntyre down first! Both men are down and they crawl for their corners, hot tags to Sunil and Saurav! Saurav BOOTS Sunil, then BOOTS Samir! Saurav whips Samir HARD into buckles, then he scoops Sunil for a BIG back suplex! Saurav fires up, and drops a HUGE elbow! Sunil rolls out, Mahal gets in, but McIntyre intercepts with a CLAYMORE! Tag to Rinku and Indus Sher coordinates! BOLLYWOOD BLAST, Indus Sher style! Cover, Indus Sher and McIntyre win!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Indus Sher, by pinfall

A powerful victory for Rinku, Saurav and the Scottish Warrior! Triple H and the other superstars walk out to join them in the ring to not only celebrate this victory, but to celebrate Republic Day and the bright future pro-wrestling has in India!

My Thoughts:

A very fun special here, with great showings from every one of the young prospects out of India. Now obviously Balor and Styles were both going to win their matches, but they gave Guru Raaj and Jeet Rama good showings, especially with Jeet losing because of minor interference from Omos. Jeet is a legitimate national champion in Indian Pehlwani/Kushti wrestling, he can and should be a frontrunner in the singles division for “NXT India” or whatever it’ll be called. It was also cool to have a musical act, much like other big WWE events have, including Sunday’s Royal Rumble having Bad Bunny.

And then we got great wins for the Indian superstars in the tag matches. The 8 Man was a lot of fun because Zanjeer and Shanky are definitely giants. It definitely works that Charlotte helped Sareena get out of the Sharpshooter and the pin, Sareena is still too new to really get the win herself off of two very accomplished women in Natty and Bayley. The Six Man was great just to see Mahal back, as well as Indus Sher as they were serving some time-out punishment after one of the two went and spoiled Adam Cole VS Keith Lee, Winner Takes All. But Indus Sher is a big, strong team, they and McIntyre were of course winning, I’m sure Indus Sher can find themselves at the top of whatever tag division they’ll be in.

My Score: 8.1/10

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