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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/22/2020)

The Natural bets it all!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW Dynamite has a lot on the line!

The TNT Championship Tournament continues and the stakes are raised! Is tonight Dustin Rhodes’ last night in AEW, and the ring period?



  • AEW TNT Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin; Allin wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Kenny Omega VS Alan Angels; Omega wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Jimmy Havoc; Cassidy wins.
  • Wardlow VS Lee Johnson; Wardlow wins.
  • Brodie Lee VS Justin Law; Lee wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Dustin Rhodes VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Dustin wins and advances to the semifinals.


AEW sees Cody in the American Nightmare… War Room?

“A self-proclaimed Spanish God. A Murderhawk. A UK paragon with pretty blue eyes on the back of his head. The intangible, and a legend.” So what does that make him? Arn Anderson says there is a difference between wanting to be a champion, and needing to be one. Cody needs the TNT Championship and will prevail. But Cody himself wonders if, during these pressing times, has he not answered the call? What is the point of a future endeavor if you never endeavor? Is Cody destined to be a three-star general for life? He broke the throne because he was afraid to sit in it. You hear something enough times and it becomes comfortable. Is Cody scattered in his role? Will he be able to answer the call?

What history and presence and gumption for TNT to commission a new title for them, and for AEW. The critics will move the goalposts, but that’s fine. Not even a year in and AEW has added yet another new title. “Complacency. That’s a dirty word in wrestling.” But it is also an ally to the top wrestlers, because complacency will defeat these men before the matches. But none of the men he sees has complacency. They are hungry. There is plenty of will and desire. But tonight, we find out who has enough of it.


Chris Jericho is again on AEW commentary!

Le Champion and Tony Schiavone are ready to call the action. But Jericho is going to keep his superior jacket to the generic monogrammed ones. We hear from Matt Hardy later tonight, and Jericho vows Hardy better not say anything bad or he’ll get his teeth kicked down his throat. And as for the make or break match for Dustin Rhodes, Jericho sure hopes this is his last match ever! But that’s the main event. We open with the other quarterfinal match!


AEW TNT Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Sammy Guevara VS Darby Allin!

The Spanish God and undead underdog have both had matches with Cody before. And both men have faced each other before, as well. Will Sammy make Jericho and the Inner Circle proud with another “first ever” moment? Or will Darby win again to complete his revenge?

As Sammy makes his entrance, Shawn Spears is in the crowd with a sign that reads, “Sammy G owes me money.” Seems that suplex bet wasn’t settled the same night. Maybe Sammy can get The Chair Man the money once he has the winner’s purse. Darby makes his entrance but Sammy DIVES! Sammy brings Darby up to throw hard into the apron! Jericho likes what he sees but the Gunn Club protests. Sammy whips Darby into railing! Billy and Austin check on him but Sammy drags Darby up to whip to the other side! The referee checks on Darby while Sammy goes looking under the ring. Sammy brings out a short ladder and makes it a bridge between the ring and the railing.

Sammy whips Darby into other railing for good measure, but has to reset the ladder. He goes back to Darby, brings him up and then scoops him to set on the ladder. Sammy goes to the corner and climbs up top. Jericho says Darby is a sacrifice to the Spanish God! Sammy LEAPS, for a SPLASH onto the ladder! Both men crash down and the referee has ringside medics check on them. Sammy writhes a bit but Darby is down and out as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Sammy is up on his feet. Darby isn’t even on his knees but Sammy drags him up and into the ring! The bell rings to finally start the match and Sammy covers. TWO and the match isn’t over yet! Sammy stalks Darby as the Gunn Club and their side rally up. Sammy unleashes Danielson Stomps! The ref counts and Sammy lets off to then clutch his own ribs and arm. Sammy goes back to Darby in the corner and grinds him into the buckles. Sammy throws body shots to go after the ribs, and then he hoists Darby up top. He CHOPS Darby and climbs up to join him. Sammy wants a superplex but Darby trips him up! Sammy is trapped, Darby goes after a foot! Darby pulls the shinguard off as he twists the ankle! The ref reprimands but Darby has the boot off, to TWIST the foot! Sammy can only endure while the ref counts. Darby lets go and dumps Sammy down.

Sammy crawls but Darby is after the bare foot! Darby headbutts the ankle! Sammy protests as he gets away but he has no choice but to take the rest of his footwear off. Darby stalks up and catches the bare foot. Sammy kicks with the other foot, skins the cat to the apron, and enziguris Darby away! Sammy springboards and STILL gets a CUTTER! But he can’t cover from the pain in his foot. He crawls over, cover, TWO! Darby survives and has the Gunn Club rallying. Darby has a bloody nose and Sammy stalks over, into a KNEEBAR! Sammy writhes and flails and shouts as Darby cranks harder! Sammy reaches, but Darby keeps him from ropes! Darby cranks but Sammy kicks. Darby SLAPS, Sammy SLAPS, and we have a brawl on the mat! Sammy gets free of the leglock and the two back off.

Darby and Sammy stand up, and Darby throws a forearm! Sammy gives one back! Darby throws a forearm and body shot, but Sammy gives them back! Sammy spins to BACK HAND and rock Darby! Sammy hobbles up, and KNEES Darby down! Cover, TWO!! Darby flops out of the ring but AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again and Darby trips Sammy up on the apron! Sammy crashes down but Darby gets back in the ring. Darby builds speed to DIVE, but only gets railing! The ref checks but Darby is somehow okay to continue. Sammy drags Darby up and into the ring despite being mostly dead weight. Sammy climbs up to the top rope and aims at Darby. 630 SENTON! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Darby saves himself and Sammy is losing his cool! Sammy gets to his feet and kicks Darby while he’s down. Darby blocks the whip by holding the ropes. THe ref calls for the ropebreak and Sammy lets go. Sammy whips but Darby blocks so Sammy knees low! Sammy whips, Darby rolls, wrenches, gets around and flips over, for a STUNNER! Then a springboard trust fall, into the torture rack! FEAST- NO! Darby has the leg, the Last Supper! DARBY WINS!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall; advances to the TNT Championship semifinals

Incredible! The figure four clutch surprises the Spanish God, and now Darby is 2-0 against him. But even bigger is that Darby has set up a rematch with The American Nightmare! Who makes it into the finals of this incredible tournament?


AEW hears from DAMASCUS Matt Hardy!

“I am thankful that all of you have joined me, the AEW audience. Because these words and these events must be documented.” Two weeks ago, Hardy put out an invitation to “Le Hole of the Ass” Chris Jericho to join him at the Hardy Compound, and face Hardy in the ELITE DELETION~! But there has been no word back. The only thing Hardy saw last week was The Bubbly Bunch. Hardy prefers to think of it as “A Melting Pot of Mooncalfs,” but that’s besides the point.

Hardy says that while he was watching Jericho last week, the essence of Damascus could sense Jericho’s essence trembling in fear as he spilled the juice of oranges! The only one with the testicular fortitude to mention Hardy was Sammy Guevara, the FALSE GOD! Samuel, you are welcomed to fight Jericho’s fight for him. But be warned! If you come to the Hardy Compound, you will be mashed up into a mofongo and be EATEN! Sammy, come and you will be sentenced to… DELETION~!

Wait. It all makes sense now. Jericho did not want to say Hardy’s name because he does not know how to handle the BROKEN BRILLIANCE~! But things are different this time. Broken Hardy is too intense for some. That may be the case for Jericho, but perhaps he can converse with a different entity. Jericho may speak to the mortal vessel, the one that is unkillable! Regular Matt Hardy says he’s known Jericho for a long time. During their 20 years, they’ve been friends, enemies and everything in between. But when Hardy showed up on Dynamite, Jericho was so angry that Hardy was supporting The Elite. The Elite are Hardy’s friends, too, and all great guys. The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, they’re all powerful people. They are the pillars of AEW.

And then Hardy realized something. If Jericho takes out the pillars, it will create chaos. And in chaos, there is opportunity for The Inner Circle to be the top of the mountain, and for Jericho to be the megalomaniac he truly is inside. But AEW is not a platform for Jericho. It’s not even a platform for Hardy. AEW is a platform for the future! The Elite are trying to keep the business alive for the generations to come. Hardy is going to protect that. If Jericho wants to send the talented Sammy Guevara, Hardy will just kick Sammy’s ass and everyone else’s ass until he gets to kick Jericho’s ass. Will the Inner Circle take Hardy up on this challenge?


AEW presents Technique By Taz: Kenny Omega!

It is well-documented that Omega has a barrage of moves. Taz’s focus are Omega’s perfected signature moves, the V-Trigger and the Snap Dragon Suplex. The impact of the V-Trigger, the pumping action and the follow through of left knee to right knee. The same goes for the Snap Dragon. Omega full nelsons, lifts and pops the hips to bring all the force down on the head and shoulders.


Kenny Omega VS Alan Angels!

As Taz just profiled, the Best Bout Machine has quite the arsenal to use in his matches. Will he need it all against Mr. 100 Proof?

The bell rings and Omega circles with Angels. They approach and tie up. Omega wants the leg sweep but Angels gets clear. They circle again and tie up again. Omega waistlocks and slams Angels down. Omega floats all over and cranks on the facelock. Angels slips out and around to a hammerlock. Omega stands up and reaches back but no hair to grab. Omega slips under to get a headlock and crank hard. Angels powers out but Omega runs him over with a shoulder! Omega runs but Angels hurdles. Omega full nelsons but Angels drops down to slide under! Angels waistlocks but avoids the elbow. Omega blocks the kick to CHOP Angels! Angels gasps for air but Omega smirks. Omega CHOPS again! Angels flounders around but puts his guard up when he sees a chop. Omega kicks low instead, and headbutts!

Angels flounders around, Omega full nelsons, but Angel BITES the hand! Angel is free, and he dropkicks the legs out! He hits a step-up back senton! Angels goes to a corner and goes for another but gets knees to the back! Omega drags Angels up and scoops him, for the BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool as he drags Angels up. Omega CHOPS and Angels flops into a corner. The Gunn Club is fired up as Omega gives forearms and elbows and body shots. The ref counts but Omega brings Angels to another corner for buckle bumps. Angels turns things around to fire off body shots and forearms! Angels whips Omega but Omega reverses to LARIAT! Omega stalks Angels and drags him back in. Angels pushes Omega away and hurries to the apron again. Omega hurries after but gets a hotshot! Angels uses the ring skirt he pulled in to trip Omega!

Angels hurries up, step-in shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Angels throws down left hands but Omega powers out. Angels hits a spin back kick! Omega is down, Angels goes up and leaps, but Omega gets away. Omega V-Triggers but misses! Angels unleashes a strike fest and enziguri! Angels handsprings and grins as he runs, but into a SNAP DRAGON! Omega says it’s done, and takes aim at Angels. BANG, V-TRIGGER! Cover, TWO!! Angels survives but Omega likes that. Omega drags Angels up to a gut wrench and he just carriers Angels around. Gut wrench BOMB! Then flip over, to V-TRIGGER! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall

The Cleaner didn’t even need to make Alan a One Winged Angel to win this one. Will Omega continue to rise up as AEW World Tag Team Champion and AAA Mega Champion?


AEW joins Scorpio Sky in reliving his journey.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a wrestling fan.” He doesn’t have a story that started his love of wrestling, it was always just there. A lot of kids want to be firemen, policemen, or superheroes. Not Scorpio. Scorpio has always wanted to be a pro-wrestler. His mom always said he was special, and had a gift. No matter what obstacle, Scorpio was able to get through it. In 2008 to 2009, Scorpio dealt with lower back injuries. He went to doctor after doctor and finally got an MRI. The diagnosis was “the collapsing destruction” of his L2 and L3 discs. There were two options: surgery or pain management. Either way, he probably wouldn’t wrestle anymore.

“A lot of people don’t believe in miracles,” but somehow, Scorpio woke up one day and his back didn’t hurt anymore. It kept getting better and better, and the first thing he wanted to do was get back in the ring. Scorpio hasn’t had a back problem since. But the problem became “not making it.” He’d do his best but be told he wouldn’t have a spot. Scorpio visited his mother’s grave, and was talking to himself, to her and to God, unsure what his next move was. Whatever direction he was supposed to go, he just wanted someone to show him the way. Later that night, he decided to give pro-wrestling one more chance. Even if he failed, at least he’d go out with no regrets. He already had two strikes, and he one more opportunity. He hit it out of the park. December 2017, SoCal Uncensored was born. Hear the rest of this story next time on AEW Dynamite!


AEW shares footage of Cody’s conversation with Dustin.

The Natural’s “soul searching” led him to this. The TNT Championship Tournament is the most important thing Dustin has done since wrestling Cody at Double or Nothing. To be the first TNT Champion means everything possible to Dustin. To win it at 51 years old would make the family proud. But that said, there is something Dustin feels the Rhodes brothers need to discuss in person. Dustin already talked with his wife about this. Kip Sabian is no joke. But Dustin is very, very confident and passionate and believes he’s at his very best. If Dustin can’t beat this Superbad SOB, Dustin will retire. Is a legendary career coming to an end tonight?


Being the Elite had its 200th Episode!

When this all started, not even the Young Bucks thought it’d come to this. As part of testing both brothers’ in-ring readiness, Matt and Nick Jackson have a match… against each other!! Brother versus brother, falls count anywhere, in front of their own family. Is Nick 100% ready for the ring? Will either brother be in good shape after? Who is the SUPERIOR BUCK?!


Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Jimmy Havoc!

The Sloth was a ringside casualty of the match between Kentucky Gentleman and Superbad Sabian, all because of Sabian’s new hardcore pal. Will Cassidy keep his cool? Or will Jimmy wreak havoc instead?

Before the bell, Cassidy goes to give his sunglasses to Trent, but Havoc attacks from behind! The bell rings and Havoc stomps away on Cassidy! The ref counts and Havoc lets off to drag Cassidy up. Havoc traps Cassidy’s arms inside his own denim jacket, and then CLOBBERS him from behind! Havoc stomps away on Cassidy again, then pulls the jacket off. He uses the jacket to CHOKE Cassidy! Havoc throws the jacket to Penelope Ford in the crowd, who then throws it down to stomp it. Havoc throws Cassidy into a corner, then pulls his shirt up to blind him. He CHOPS Cassidy and Jericho thinks he saw a nipple fly off. Havoc continues to pull Cassidy’s shirt over his head, and uses it to choke Cassidy again! The ref reprimands, Havoc lets up at 4, then drags Cassidy up again.

Havoc throws Cassidy out hard and pursues. He throws Cassidy into railing! Jericho makes a pulp pun as Havoc crotches Csasidy on the railing! Havoc CHOPS Cassidy and then refreshes the ring count. Havoc suplexes Cassidy off the railing and to the floor! Trent checks on Cassidy but Havoc comes over to drag him up. Havoc taunts Trent as he stands Cassidy up against the post. Havoc CHOPS Cassidy, then RAMS Cassidy into the other post! Another CHOP and Havoc refreshes the count again. Havoc puts Cassidy up against another post, but Cassidy ducks! But Havoc hadn’t even started the chop yet, so he SLAPS Cassidy on the back! And pokes him in the eyes! The ring count climbs again but Havoc puts Cassidy in.

Havoc stands on Cassidy’s hand to stomp it! He grabs the wrist and bends it back. Cassidy writhes and kicks but Havoc wrenches and yanks the arm. Havoc grabs the arm for a choking chinlock! The ref counts and Havoc backs off at 4. Havoc looms over Cassidy as the Gunn Club rallies up. Havoc drags Cassidy up to whip hard into the corner. He runs in, but into a boot! And then another boot! Cassidy tries for double boots but Havoc blocks! Havoc hoists Cassidy up then fireman’s carries, for a ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! And a basement forearm! Cover, TWO! Cassidy survives and the crowd cheers for “Freshly Squeezed! Freshly Squeezed!” Havoc drags Cassidy up and wristlocks to ripcord, ACID RAIN MAKER! To an ARMBAR! Cassidy grips and flails, but Havoc gets the fingers! Cassidy kicks and gets the ropebreak with legs! Havoc tortures Cassidy until the count of 4.

Havoc drags Cassidy around by his bad hands. He puts Cassidy in the corner, then BITES the hand! Havoc helps Cassidy put his hands in his pockets, while biting! Havoc ROCKS Cassidy with a haymaker and Jericho loves it. Havoc kicks Cassidy in the legs and stomps the hands in the pockets! He stands Cassidy up, but Cassidy dodges! And shotgun dropkicks! No-hand kip up, to a DIVE! Cassidy puts Havoc in, climbs up and leaps! Crossbody but Cassidy bounces off and speed sup. Tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Havoc survives but the Best Friends rally up. Cassidy gets to his feet and drags Havoc up. Cassidy suplexes but Havoc powers him to a corner. Havoc hoists Cassidy up top again and ROCKS him with a right! Havoc climbs up top but Cassidy trips him! Havoc crashes and burns! Cassidy is up, and hits the falling splash! Cover, TWO!!

Cassidy rises and drags Havoc up. Havoc ROCKS Cassidy again! Cassidy throws sloth haymakers but Havoc hits a rolling elbow! Wristlock and ripcord, but Cassidy dodges to hit a SUPER PUNCH! Cassidy fires up but Penelope distracts him. Chuckie T comes by to tell her to get down. Penelope kicks, but Chuckie blocks and throws her down! But she does the splits! The Superbad Girl laughs at Best Friends, and here comes Kip! Kip FLIES and takes out both Best Friends! Penelope leaps at Cassidy but he dodges! She almost runs into Havoc, and then Cassidy wrenches and hooks the leg for a cover! Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

But Havoc still gets Cassidy with a Fisherman BUSTER! Superbad and Havoc stomp away on Cassidy but Best Friends run them off! Will Trent and Chuckie T make them pay? Or will Kip and Jimmy make things go from Superbad to worse?


AEW hears from Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

On location at “Max’s Rat’s House” in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, MJF says we are currently facing a worldwide epidemic and our nation has been shook to its core. “And when I say, I mean mankind.” This may be the depressing and debilitating time in history, because MJF has not wrestled on AEW in weeks is insane! His “MJFF’s” (read “emjeffs”), or Maxwell Jacob Friedman Fans, are craving to see him in the ring on TV live in person. But he must explain why he has not been there for them. MJF gets “emotional” as he says that his previous appearance in which he was gambling ringside with Shawn Spears, he suffered a very serious injury. While throwing his cash around, he suffered a hangnail. But his arm is in a sling…

MJF soldiered on and gambled all through that night. But unfortunately, MJF’s injury is now life-threatening. But to all his MJFF’s, he vows to return, and rise from the ashes like a phoenix! He vows to become AEW World Champion, because he is better than you, and you know it. Right… But in all seriousness, when will the Salt of the Earth return to Dynamite and make good on these promises?


Wardlow VS Lee Johnson!

MJF’s muscular Mr. Mayhem has already mauled a few men in AEW. Lee Johnson was already mauled by Brodie Lee a few weeks ago. What happens when undefeated meets winless here tonight?

The bell rings and the crowd sings, “Wardlow’s gonna kill~ you~!” They tie up and Wardlow throws Johnson down! Wardlow looms over Johnson and drags him up by his head! Wardlow trophy lifts but Johnson slips out to dropkick! Lee runs but into another trophy lift! And POWERSLAM! Wardlow drags Johnson up for a suplex TOSS! And then another! Wardlow takes his time bringing Johnson up for a third, but Johnson escapes again! Johnson throws forearms from all sides, but spins into a BODY CHECK! Wardlow RAMS into Johnson, then brings him up to put on the top rope. Wardlow says thumbs down, and brings Johnson down for a KNEE SMASH! The straps come down and Wardlow looms over Johnson a moment. He drags Johnson back up, fireman’s carries, and hits the F10!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

The only reason Johnson lasted even that long is because Wardlow didn’t cover sooner. Will Wardlow continue to rip through the AEW roster on his way to the top?


Someone is struggling to hold it together.

A mystery man is furiously clutching a beer bottle as he gets a break-up voicemail. She dumps him because they “both knew this wasn’t serious.” It seems only she feels that way, by how this man chugs that beer. This seems to only add onto the woes Preston Vance is wallowing in as a Heisman Trophy hopeful with model worthy looks derailed by serious injury. Vance’s anger leads him to #JoinDarkOrder. “I HAD THE WHOLE WORLD IN MY HANDS.” Vance needs help and direction.

And Mr. Brodie is there for him. “Thank you for coming here and visiting me.” Evil Uno has told him a lot about Vance. Brodie understands the frustration. He of all people gets it. How tall is Vance? 6’2″. And how much does he weigh? 240 pounds. He played college football? Yes, he did. Brodie says that a lot of people in AEW didn’t work hard for their success. They were handed it. But Uno says Vance is a hard worker that hasn’t gotten the payoff. A lot of people are afraid of success. But does Brodie look afraid of success? He wants to offer Vance that success, that power, that strength in numbers. The Dark Order are the lions and everyone else is the prey. Vance accepts his mask. “You are home now. You are one of us.” Preston Vance is Dark Order.


Brodie Lee VS Justin Law!

The Exalted One brings the promise of power and success to those who obey him. Will Law bend to Mr. Brodie’s will? Or will he be broken as an example to all of AEW?

The bell rings and Brodie powers Law to a corner and CHOPS! And ROCKS him with a right and CLUBS him down! Brodie stands Law up to throw a big uppercut! He CHOPS Law again and Law falls to the mat. Law crawls but Brodie brings him up to roll him across the way. Law flounders up into a SUPERKICK! Brodie looms over Law before bringing him back up. Brodie hits a half hatch suplex and holds on, for a half nelson suplex! Law ends up by the ropes! Brodie drags Law up and puts him in a corner to CHOP again! And then he whips Law corner to corner for a big back elbow, and reels him into the SCRAPBUSTER! But that’s not enough for Brodie as he stares through everyone’s souls. Brodie brings Law up for the DISCUS!! Cover, Brodie wins!

Winner: Brodie Lee, by pinfall

The Exalted One has dominated another mere mortal. And he then goes out to look Marko Stunt in the eye. Marko doesn’t back down, but Jericho says there is a fine line between courage and stupidity. Will Brodie’s intimidating presence lead more to #JoinDarkOrder? Will Brodie lead the Dark Order to the very top of AEW?


Backstage interview with Best Friends!

With Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian almost costing Orange Cassidy his first match on Dynamite, what is their response? Chuckie says if the Superbads want to stick their nose in Cassidy’s business, that ain’t going down. Does Trent want to fight Penelope? Yes. But can he legally do that in AEW? No. So instead, they’ll fight her boyfriend Kip Sabian, and Jimmy Havoc for whatever reason. Trent is quiet because he’s very pissed off. And you won’t like a quiet, angry Trent because you will die~! The Best Friends head out, but will they be able to take down the combination of Superbad and Havoc?


AEW announces matches for next week!

After that intense stare down, Marko Stunt will face Brodie Lee 1v1! Will Stunt regret being so brave? Plus, the TNT Championship Tournament semifinals will happen all in one night! Cody VS Darby Allin have their rematch while Lance Archer faces the winner of tonight’s main event! That match will be in mere moments!


AEW presents another episode of The Bubbly Bunch!

Sammy Guevara isn’t so sure. Things haven’t actually gone that well for The Inner Circle. They all wanted so badly for Jake Hager to beat Jon Moxley and bring the AEW World Championship home. Ortiz says to focus on the positives. If the Inner Circle was allowed to be there, it would’ve been a completely different story. But at the same time, there are three guarantees: death, taxes, and the Inner Circle on top. Right, Mr. Grinch? But Hager tells Sammy that he is far too beautiful to be looking so sad. Sadness is for the ugly. Hager promises that next time he sees Moxley, it’ll go down. Moxley won’t be able to cheat his way to a win. Does that make Sammy smile? It does. Jericho agrees, Sammy shouldn’t be sad. No one in the Inner Circle should be sad. They’ll do what they always do when something doesn’t go their way, or they’re feeling down and lonely. They’re gonna DANCE!

Wait, Santana has a better idea. They should do a FlimFlam video! Ortiz loves to FlimFlam! So does Hager! Sammy isn’t feeling like it. Oh really? Because Jericho says that whoever does the best FlimFlam gets a prize: a container of hand sanitizer! Hand sanitizer? Really? Well that’s all you had to say, Chris! WOO! Let’s FlimFlam! What’s FlimFlam? Why only the premier social media app that combines video, dancing and music! And it’s totally not a TikTok ripoff. The Inner Circle shows off their dance moves, and the winner is… Sammy Guevara! Jericho says it wasn’t that good. Sammy just always has to be a showoff… Enjoy the hand sanitizer! Jericho hangs up and his chihuahua does a little shake.


Jon Moxley will take on anyone!

The Maniac AEW World Champion reigns supreme after the No Holds Barred Empty Arena match! He vows that 2020 is his year! AEW is the top promotion in the world, and he is the top champion, so that means he is on top of the world! We’ll hear more from Moxley next week on Dynamite!


AEW TNT Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Dustin Rhodes w/ Brandi VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

This is it! The Natural is putting all his cards on the table and betting the house! If he doesn’t beat Superbad, he will retire! Will 33 years be extended by the title? Or will this be the end of the road for the elder Rhodes brother?

The bell rings and Dustin offers a handshake. Sabian barely touches it and the two circle. They tie up, Dustin wrenches Sabian to a shoulder breaker and wristlock. Sabian rolls, handsprings, but can’t arm-drag Dustin away. Dustin drops a knee on the arm then wrenches the wrist. Sabian rolls and handsprings again, but Dustin still wrangles him down and drops knees. Sabian gets away to the corner and seethes as he catches his breath. Dustin and Sabian tie up again and Sabian headlocks. Dustin powers out but Sabian ducks and dodges and hurdles to then slide under. Sabian shoves but Dustin runs him over! Dustin keeps going, sees the back drop coming and gives Sabian a Rhodes uppercut! Sabian staggers into an arm-drag!

Dustin has the arm in an armlock and clamps onto the shoulder. Sabian fights his way up but Dustin jams the arm. Dustin CHOPS Sabian in the corner! The crowd lets out a “WOO~!” and Dustin CHOPS again! Penelope stresses out but Dustin stands Sabian up. Sabian covers up but Dustin waits. Sabian lets his guard down, and Dustin CHOPS him! Dustin whips corner to corner but Sabian reverses to run in. Dustin elbows Sabian away, but Penelope anchors Dustin’s foot! The ref reprimands but Sabian uppercuts Dustin. Sabian runs in with an enziguri, then rolls Dustin for the PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Sabian keeps on Dustin with a choke at the ropes. The ref counts and Sabian lets up, so Penelope chokes Dustin for him! Brandi heads over and gets Penelope to back off. Dustin staggers into a kick and a haymaker! Cover, TWO!

Sabian keeps on Dustin with a facelock. The Gunn Club rallies up for Dustin and Dustin powers Sabian to a corner. Dustin throws body shots and has Sabian on the ropes, literally, as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Dustin throws big uppercuts on Sabian in the corner., He whips corner to corner hard but Sabian dodges! The knee hits buckles and Sabian stomps away! Sabian covers, TWO! Penelope argues the count but Sabian steps through for a toehold. Sabian cranks the leg hard while the Gunn Club, Suge D and Hikaru Shida rally up. Dustin endures and punches Sabian in the legs. Sabian hobbles away but comes back to put Dustin in the corner. Sabian wrenches and whips corner to corner. Dustin hobbles and falls over, so Sabian stomps the bad leg! Sabian lets up as the ref counts, but he tells the camera, “MY moment!” He watches Dustin slowly rise and then comes back with clubbing forearms. Sabian whips Dustin again, and he dropkicks Dustin down! Cover, TWO! Into Dustin’s ghost pin! TWO and both men stand.

Sabian throws hands and stomps Dustin to a corner. Sabian puts the leg on ropes to kick! The crowd rallies and Dustin fights back! Dustin uppercuts, scoops, but Sabian tips him over! Cover, TWO!! Dustin escapes that surprise but Sabian won’t let up. Sabian has the arm and clamps onto the shoulder. Dustin endures, fights his way up, and throws hands on Sabian. Dustin rocks Sabian over and over then whips. Sabian reverses but Dustin holds ropes to deny the dropkick! Dustin rolls to jackknife cover, TWO! Dustin runs into a pop-up knee! Sabian DISCUS HAYMAKERS! Cover, TWO!! Penelope is frustrated and Sabian is unsure what to do now. Sabian drags Dustin up to trap an arm and clamp on a chinlock. Dustin endures again, and the crowd rallies for him. Dustin fights his way up, throws body shots but Sabian clubs him again.

Sabian snapmares and kicks Dustin in the back! He sits Dustin up again and drags him up. Sabian runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Dustin can’t cover but he still has life. The crowd rallies and both men stand. Dustin dodges Sabian to rally with lariats! Sabian reverses the whip but Dustin gets him with another uppercut! And the atomic drop! Dustin runs to bulldog Sabian down! Dustin fires up with the crowd and he goes to Sabian in a corner. He whips him corner to corner but Sabian reverses. Sabian runs into a spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Dustin and Sabian are both down, but Penelope coaches Sabian up. Brandi coaches Dustin and he runs in, but Sabian dodges! Sabian bumps Dustin off buckles, then hops in for a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dustin still lives and Sabian can’t believe it!

Sabian seethes as he drags Dustin back up. “This is MY moment, not yours!” Sabian rains down hands from all sides! The ref pulls him off but he wants more with stomps! The ref puts Sabian in a corner and they argue. Sabian keeps his cool, but Penelope starts slithering in! But Brandi drags her back out! The ladies start shoving! Penelope gets in, runs but into Brandi’s SPEAR!! Brandi pushes Penelope out of the ring and Sabian glares at Brandi. DUstin gets Sabian with a DESTROYER!! Cover, Dustin wins!!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall; advances to the TNT Championship semifinals

The Natural not only makes it through to the next round, but his career continues on in AEW! Will Dustin be able to survive against The Murderhawk Monster, Lance Archer? Or has he only won himself one more match?



My Thoughts:

Another great episode from AEW! Jericho was great on commentary again, and he was again the best part of another otherwise dorky Bubbly Bunch segment. I am going to miss his commentary after things get back to normal. For that matter, how admirably bold of AEW to make some direct references to what’s going on. The term “pandemic” was even said on-air. MJF’s promo was pretty great, but also possibly offensive to some? He was making light of things by saying that his in-ring absence has been tragic, but it’s his character and therefore not really how anyone feels. Also was “Rat” in reference to “ring rat,” aka a wrestling groupie? I wonder if this will become another layer of MJF’s character…

We got three pretty good squash matches tonight. Wardlow obviously wins in dominant fashion, keeping strong for the sake of Team MJF. Technique by Taz profiling Omega was cool, and Omega winning with the moves profiled makes me think the One Winged Angel is now so powerful, he’ll only need it for title matches now. Brodie Lee has a great promo that also helps introduce Preston Vance to a bigger part of AEW. Brodie of course wins his match, and I am really intrigued that he and Marko Stunt will have a match. Marko made the squash loss to Archer spectacular, so get ready for the same to happen with Brodie. Also, I’m hoping this brings the Jurassic Express into a story against the Dark Order in a Six Man Tag.

Cassidy and Havoc had a really good match, and I like that Penelope actually cost Havoc rather than helped him. Best Friends VS the new team of Havoc and Sabian will be a lot of fun, too. The Superbad Squad will likely be their team name, but I was hoping they’d try #SuperHavoc. The TNT Championship Tournament matches were great bookends for the show, and each match was great flat out. Sammy VS Darby wasn’t quite AEW Revolution but it was a lot of fun hearing Jericho talk up Sammy. I like that Darby won with his new pinfall finish, because it doesn’t really hurt Sammy in the end. Darby VS Cody is going to be a great match next week. Cody had a really good promo to start the show, too, but I don’t understand his Batcave style location. Is that just in his and Brandi’s house somewhere?

Dustin VS Sabian was great, but Dustin pulling an “all or nothing” move like Cody did telegraphed the result just a touch. I almost wonder if they’re going to make Dustin VS Archer an incredible match to make us think we’ll be getting a Rhodes Brother rematch. It would be a wild deviation from the story they’re setting up, but it’d be a shame for Archer for that to happen. Meanwhile, it actually enhances things for Archer in that he can defeat both Rhodes brothers and become champion for it. I wonder if Archer gets an ally so that we can get the Rhodes brothers as a team again.

My Score: 9/10

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