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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/29/2020)

Tonight: TNT Championship Tournament Semifinals!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW is so close to its newest title!

The TNT Championship Tournament enters the semifinals! Plus, the AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, returns to address his own title picture!


  • AEW TNT Championship Tournament Semifinals: Darby Allin VS Cody Rhodes; Cody wins and advances to the finals.
  • Wardlow VS Musa; Wardlow wins.
  • No Holds Barred Tag: Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Best Friends win.
  • Shawn Spears VS Baron Black; Spears wins.
  • Brodie Lee VS Marko Stunt; Lee wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Tournament Semifinals: Lance Archer VS Dustin Rhodes; Archer wins and advances to the finals.


Fyter Fest is revisited tonight!

Darby Allin came in as “a ghost, a nobody.” But he showed that he could hang with the American Nightmare by taking him to a time limit draw. Cody feels like he lost enough in his career already by that point that he never wanted to lose again. As far as he’s concerned, a draw is a loss. In their New Year’s Day rematch, Darby says he didn’t lose to Cody. He lost to Arn Anderson. Cody represents everything the TNT Championship represents, on paper. “Suits, ties.” Darby is the exact opposite. Darby represents relentlessness. That means doing whatever it takes to win. Cody says the fact he cannot challenge for the AEW World Championship yet is still ranked #1, there is only this title. Everyone here eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. Cody won’t argue that Darby isn’t that, but Cody asserts that is who he is.

Who do you, the fans, want as champion? “A corporate machine? Or someone like Darby Allin?” They have respect for each other, but that’s not going to matter in this match. They are ready to take each other’s heads off. Darby asks which part of a story is most important? The beginning, the middle or the end? Cody says Darby is a huge part of the future, but he isn’t championship material. Who will be proven right as we take one more step towards AEW’s newest title?


AEW TNT Championship Tournament Semifinals: Darby Allin VS Cody Rhodes w/ Brandi!

To Le Champion, Chris Jericho, these are two stupid idiots that should just take each other out of the tournament completely to benefit everyone. But in the end, one man will move on to the finals! Does Darby settle the score? Or does the American Nightmare have his number?

The bell rings and Darby circles with Cody. The crowd is torn but Darby speeds up. Darby and Cody collide but neither backs down! They circle again and tie up. Cody headlocks, Darby powers out, but Cody runs Darby over. Cover, ONE, but Cody watches Darby closely. Darby and Cody circle again and the crowd is dueling. Cody and Darby tie up, Cody waistlocks but Darby pries at the hold. Cody powers Darby to a corner but lets off. Darby hammerlocks and ducks the backhand to push Cody to the corner. He wrings Cody out but Cody rolls. Darby rolls to then Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Cody sweeps and covers, ONE! Darby sweeps and covers, TWO as Cody slips out. But Cody’s knee bothers him, so Darby chop blocks it right away! Darby will not take it easy on Cody, and he goes outside to drag Cody by his leg. Cody kicks Darby into railing! Cody hobbles after Darby and bring him around the way. He bumps Darby off the apron, then glares at Shawn Spears at ringside.

Cody brings Darby up and back suplexes, but Darby lands on his feet! Darby runs but Cody dodges, and Darby collides with Brandi! Cody is shocked, and Darby also checks on Brandi. Cody BOOTS Darby down before checking on Brandi for himself. Billy Gunn helps Brandi to her feet and to the back while Cody keeps after Darby. Cody puts Darby in and drags Darby around for stomps! Cody focuses on the legs and then the ribs. Darby is on the defensive as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Cody throws hands on Darby in the corner. He DECKS Darby and seethes before dragging him up. Cody suplexes and holds Darby up for a count of five before throwing him down in a gourd buster! Jackknife cover, TWO! Cody looms over Darby and stomps him around again. Cody drags Darby up and throws in heavy knees. He whips Darby and knees him against ropes. Cody drags Darby around to then dig his knees into the back. Cody grabs a leg, and pulls back for the Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Darby endures, pries free, and pops out to a cover! TWO, and Cody kicks Darby down! Cody stomps Darby in the corner but backs off at the ref’s count. Darby drags himself up but Cody is on him for body shots and elbows. Cody reels Darby in for a suplex, to hang him out on the ropes! Darby flops down and Cody covers, TWO! Cody keeps on Darby with another cover, TWO!

Cody grows frustrated with Darby, but he watches him crawl. Darby claws at Cody but Cody stomps the hands! Cody kicks and boots Darby down, then grabs a leg for a Half Crab! Darby endures and crawls to the ropes, for the ropebreak! Cody lets off and has Darby up for another suplex. Darby knees free and waistlocks to then chop block again! Darby has the crowd rallying but he walks into a BIG right hand! He staggers back into a corner and Cody arm-drags him out. Darby comes back with a strike fest! Darby rolls and runs to hit a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Darby won’t stop, he has the leg for a HEEL HOOK! Cody endures and pries at the hold but Darby just squeezes tighter! Cody drags himself and Darby along, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Darby lets go and both men go to opposite corners. Darby runs in but into Cody’s elbow! Cody goes up, but Darby trips him!

Darby drags Cody into the Tree of Woe and goes corner to corner! He hits a back body block against Cody’s legs! Cody drags himself up but Darby brings him off the ropes to dump him down. Darby has a standing kneebar, then shifts to a Deathlock with a bridge! Cody endures so Darby rolls back. Darby SMASHES the knee! Cody bails out of the ring and hobbles around the way. Darby wants after Cody but the ref keeps him back. Cody gets too close to Britt Baker and she CLOBBERS him with her shoe! What does she have against Cody!? Jericho still applauds her for it. Darby goes out and puts Cody back in the ring. Darby stalks up behind Cody and chop blocks again! He headbutts the knee! Darby grits his teeth as he puts Cody in a corner and CHOPS! The tide is turning as AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Darby runs in, but Cody dodges! Cody comes back but knocks heads with Darby! Darby and Cody stay up, to double clothesline each other down! The crowd is fired up as both men stir on the mat. The Gunn Club lead the rally as Darby and Cody rise. Darby and Cody both use ropes to beat the standing count. Cody kicks low to hit the Rhodes Uppercut! Then he reels Darby in for an X-PLEX! Darby flounders up, Cody springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Both men are down again but Cody stands. Darby crawls to a corner while Cody takes off the weight belt. Jericho wants to see Cody do some belt whipping, but Cody hands the belt to the ref. Cody whips Darby but Darby reverses. Cody goes up and over but the bad knee is giving him trouble! Darby runs over but Cody catches him in a cradle! TWO, and Darby STEALS CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! Cody survives his own move!

“This is Awesome!” but far from over. Darby drags Cody around, figure four for the leg lock! Cody endures and Spears wants him to tap. Cody’s shoulders are down, TWO! He avoids being beat like Spears was, but Spears is coaching Darby from the crowd. Wait, Brandi returns? She is sore, but her return encourages Cody. Cody rolls the hold over, but Darby rolls it back, and Cody gets the ropebreak! Darby lets go of the hold, Brandi checks on Cody. Brandi gives Cody water to refresh himself. Darby takes the water to SMASH it on Cody’s head! Darby springboards, but Cody catches his Trust Fall! Cody wristlocks and ripcords, RAINMAKER!! Did Okada approve of this?! But both men are down, and the crowd fires up. The chants duel again as Cody gets the wristlock again. Cody ripcords again, but Darby ducks and slips around, THROWBACK STUNNER! QUEBRADA! But Cody catches Darby! And flips him around, for CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?! Darby survives and Cody is speechless!

Spears cheers Darby on as Cody drags Darby to a drop zone. Cody hobbles to the corner and slowly climbs up. Cody STEALS THE COFFIN DROP! But he gets knees!! Darby returns the New Year’s Day disaster! And he heads up top, to COFFIN DROP!! But Cody turns for a ghost pin!? CODY wins?!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (advances to the TNT Championship Tournament Finals)

The American Nightmare snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and is now in the TNT Championship match! Jericho claims the water was spiked with something, but that doesn’t change what happened. Will Cody meet his brother or the Murderhawk in the finals?


AEW continues the Scorpio Sky story.

Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were looking for a third man, and so Scorpio was completely on board. He always looked up to them as the pinnacle of what wrestlers want to be. But what intimidated him was the years together The Addiction had, and how they were established stars. Scorpio didn’t want to be the third wheel. But it didn’t hit until Being The Elite’s “Worst Town” gag became a thing. SCU has been a huge part of Scorpio’s career and growth. Scorpio has made many believe in him. Many go their entire careers without ever being on television, let alone fighting for a world title. Once Scorpio got in the moment, he felt at home. He walks around and sees a lot of people just happy to be somewhere. But not him. He is not satisfied with just being good. He is not satisfied with just being great. “I want to be a f***ing legend.”


AEW hears from MJF.

At Max’s Rat’s Estate in Massapequa, New York, MJF knows that without him, the fans must feel like they’re “in an Uber with a foreign driver who for some strange reason doesn’t want to use the GPS.” By that he means, we feel lost. So MJF took it upon himself to work so hard. Because of his unapologetic courage, he has rehabilitated his hangnail. And after visiting his “nail doctor,” and the most prolific one in that field no less, he was in awe. He has never seen a miraculous turnaround like MJF’s. MJF has gone from being at death’s door to “over-healing” his nail. MJF now has the strongest fingernail in the world! And MJF himself was so excited to be back, so he did what everyone does. He tried to get TV ready, but while he was shaving, “the unthinkable happened.” MJF reveals a neck brace from how he nicked his neck. Trust him, it is gruesome. A normal man would’ve bled out and died, but not MJF! MJF is a warrior! It hurt, believe him.

MJF was looking forward to hopping on that germ infested plane, he was foaming at the mouth to wrestle in front of half a dozen of his peers that he “really” respects. But he was heartbroken that he couldn’t entertain the fans that he cares about sooo much. But he vows to be back not just for us, but for him. MJF is the voice brave enough to cry out. He is the storm thundering on the horizon, and the candle that is lit in the darkness. MJF is the only hope AEW has left. He is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, he’s better than you, and you know it.


Wardlow VS Musa!

Moving on from MJF’s mouth to his muscle, Mr. Mayhem has manhandled man after man, and is now going after Mr. Fearless. But will Musa stay fearless after going against the one man warpath?

The bell rings and the crowd is on Musa’s side. Musa rushes Wardlow but Wardlow uses one hand in the SPINE BUSTER! Wardlow grins as he looms over Musa. He drags Musa up to whip into the corner, then ram his shoulder in! Wardlow rolls Musa and looms over him again. Musa stands but Wardlow scoops him. Wardlow runs but Musa slips out to throw a haymaker! But Wardlow just glares at Musa. Wardlow knees low then whips, but Musa handsprings and hits an enziguri! Musa staggers Wardlow! But Wardlow is back up and RAMS Musa into the corner! Wardlow puts Musa up top and choke grips, and gives a thumbs down! He drops Musa onto the KNEE! The straps come down and Wardlow drags Musa up to the fireman’s carry. The spin and F10!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

MJF’s top henchman wins again, but there wasn’t any doubt. Will Wardlow lay waste to yet even more members of the AEW roster before going for gold?


AEW presents another episode of The Bubbly Bunch!

Chris Jericho exercises in his home gym as he speaks to the tension online. Word on the street is that people think Sammy Guevara actually won that FlimFlam challenge. Well if anyone online or the media wants to disagree with Sammy, then he has a message for everyone else: “Suck, my, big bottle of sanitizer!” But Ortiz says that with all due respect, Jericho won. Santana disagrees with Ortiz and says Sammy won. Jericho says to agree to disagree. They need to stay sharp, this lockdown might be getting to them. Since no one in AEW is good enough to kick their asses, maybe the Inner Circle should fight each other. It’ll be a “good ol’ fashion Manitoba Melee!” Jake Hager likes that. It’ll hurt, but it’ll make the Inner Circle stronger than ever. Sammy is so excited! Can he start the fight? Ortiz says Sammy did not win the FlimFlam, so take this! Headbutt through the phone!

Sammy reels back and says Ortiz is gonna get it! Handspring back flip forearm attack! Hager takes the hit, but gets up to BOOT! Santana is shocked, but he has the power of the chancla! That one gets… Peter Avalon? Since when was he on these calls? The Librarian returns with a book smack! Jungle Boy!? He swings out then in for a Tarzan CHOP! Sonny Kiss comes back with a low blow, but it’s blocked! So he comes back with a scorpion heel kick! And it hits Luther! The death match master BOOTS, and it hits Jericho’s dad! Irvine comes back with the high sticking! That gets Lou Ferrigno in the nose! TV’s Incredible Hulk has a stun gun! ZAP to… Uh… Well anyway, he punches back, and many more celebrity plugs happen. Kevin Smith!? FLUFFY!! WEEMAN!! Wow, even Soul Train Jones! Vickie Guerrero!? “Are you kidding me?”

STOP! Because that was awesome! That was one of the best Manitoba Melees ever! Long live the Inner Circle! See you guys later. Hey, wait. Was that Lou Ferrigno… with a taser?


No Holds Barred Tag: Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

Trent wanted to fight the Superbad Girl, but that’s not allowed. So he and the Kentucky Gentleman settle for a fight with the Superbad Boy and his new roommate! Will they get revenge for The Sloth when there’s nothing holding them back?

The moment Best Friends hit the ring, the brawl is on! But there are no restrictions, after all. Havoc and Sabian club away and put Best Friends in opposite corners. But Best Friends hit back and turn things around. Sabian shoulders into Chuckie T but Trent dumps Havoc out. Chuckie throws Sabian out, too, and then he sets the Superbad Squad up. Trent builds speed and FLIES! Tope conjilo bowls them over! Penelope checks on Sabian while Best Friends shake hands. They go after Sabian at the corner but Havoc has a chair! No holds barred means he can JAB them with it all he likes! Havoc aims at Trent, but throws the chair into Cassidy’s head! Down goes Freshly Squeezed! But Chuckie kicks and clubs Havoc down! Sabian keeps on Trent while Chuckie brings out more chairs. Sabian mocks Cassidy before he chokes Trent on the ground.

Chuckie wants to suplex Havoc onto chairs but Havoc blocks. Havoc turns it around to snap suplex Chuckie on his own chair pile! Trent bumps Sabian off the apron but Havoc grabs a chair. Havoc drags Chuckie around to set him on the chairs. Havoc wants to play a con-chair-to but Trent SPEARS him down! Trent tosses the chair aside before he gets to his feet. Sabian FLIES out onto Trent! Sabian drags Trent up into the ring and stomps away. Havoc throws a chair into Chuckie’s head! Sabian whips Trent corner to corner hard and Trent hits the mat. Havoc puts chairs and a ladder into the ring while Sabian brings Trent over. They “tag” not that it matters, and Havoc stomps Trent in the corner. Havoc bumps Trent off buckles then brings the ladder mover. He throws the ladder into Trent! Havoc sets the ladder on the second rope and grabs Trent’s legs. He catapults Trent into the ladder! Cover, TWO!

Havoc looms over Trent and drags him up. He rakes Trent’s eyes and bites Trent’s ear! He bumps Trent off buckles and tags in Sabian. Havoc snapmares and Sabian Penalty Kicks, then Havoc adds a low uppercut! The squad sits Trent up, and Havoc runs, to throw up deuces. It means something very different to Brits, by the way. But it distracts Trent and Sabian BOOTS him into those fingers! A tag team eye poke! Havoc boots Chuckie off the apron and Sabian chills with Penelope. Havoc throws Trent into the corner and dumps the ladder down on him. Havoc drops knees then drags Trent over. He ROCKS Trent then “tags” Sabian in. Sabian stands Trent up while Havoc resets the ladder. Sabian whips Havoc in but Trent boots! Trent elbows Sabian then goes up and Trust Falls, into a BACKSTABBER! Double cover, but Chuckie breaks it!

Sabian throws Chuckie out and grabs a chair. Sabian sits it up in a corner and then brings Trent over. He punches Trent into sitting on the chair, and then Havoc whips Sabian corner to corner. Trent moves, and Sabian CANNONBALLS onto the chair! Havoc JAMS Trent, then JAMS Chuckie. Havoc runs at Chuckie, but the Sexy Knee smashes the chair into him! Trent flounders to the corner and brings up the chair. Chuckie has the other chair, and with Havoc in the middle, it’s a FULL METAL SANDWICH! And a hug around Havoc, too. But Sabian goes after Trent, only to get caught into SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Chuckie covers Sabian, TWO!! Sabian survives and Penelope is relieved. Chuckie wedges a chair in the corner and goes after Sabian. Chuckie throws forearms but Sabian reverses the whip. Sabian follows but Chuckie goes up and over! Sabian stops himself in time, but Chuckie back suplexes. Kip lands on his feet to SMASH Chuckie into the chair!

Trent returns to CHOP Sabian! And hit a tornado DDT! Havoc returns with more chairs but Trent stomps him down. Trent takes the chair for his own and aims at Sabian. Sabian stands to get a FULL METAL SHINING WIZARD!! Cover, but Havoc breaks it! Havoc has a chair again but Trent hits low. Trent gives Havoc a SMACK on his back! Trent goes back to Sabian and sets him on the ladder. That’s not a lot of room, but Trent climbs up. Havoc ROCKS Trent and saves Sabian. Havoc goes up the ladder to join Trent up top. Trent resists the superplex and knocks Havoc down. Trent adjusts but Havoc trips him! Trent SMASHES his back on the ladder!! Havoc sets a couple chairs up in an odd shape and then fireman’s carries Trent. Death Valley Driver on the chairs! Sabian goes up top and leaps, DOUBLE STOMPS onto the chairs! Cover, but Chuckie breaks it!

Chuckie stands but Havoc jams and SMACKS him with the chair! Havoc sets the chair up upside-down, and underhooks Chuckie. Chuckie breaks free and scoops Havoc to SLAM him on the chair! Sabian runs into an AWFUL WAFFLE on the chair! Cover, but Penelope drags Chuckie off! The Superbad Girl finally plays a part in this match and Chuckie is furious. Chuckie sets the ladder up in the corner and brings Havoc up. Chuckie gives Havoc a taste of his own medicine, by biting his ear! Then he whips, but Havoc stomps himself. Havoc elbows back, then back drops Chuckie ONTO the ladder! Havoc brings Chuckie back up, fireman’s carries, but Cassidy is back up! Cassidy has a chair but he saves Chuckie first. Then he hotshots Havoc, to throw the chair into Havoc’s head! Sabian drags Cassidy down and Penelope goes up, but Cassidy escapes! The Penalty Kick hits Kip! Penelope leaps again but Cassidy gets clear! And then Cassidy baits Penelope in, and sends the SPEAR into Sabian!

Cassidy goes up top but Havoc intercepts! Havoc and Cassidy fight up top, but Cassidy trips Havoc up. And then Cassidy LEAPS onto Penelope and Sabian! Chuckie has Havoc, RUNNING PILEDRIVER ONTO CHAIRS!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winner: Best Friends, by pinfall

To say this match was extreme might be an understatement! Trent and Chuck Taylor have survived the Superbad Squad and this brutal battle, and celebrate with a group… thumbs up. Will they head right for the AEW World Tag Team Championships come Double or Nothing?


Britt Baker takes us on a tour of her dental office.

This is the perfect time for her second Role Model Rule. She gives us a glimpse behind the scenes by introducing her make-up artist. Reba is the best at making Britt look her best. Um, her name is Rebel. Yes, she does Britt’s make-up for these “role model” segments. Britt interrupts the interview with Rebel to talk with her. Britt insists Rebel refer to her as Dr. Baker. And if Britt is giving Rebel her big break, then she needs to do it as discussed. Right, sorry… But honestly, (as Rebel now does it Britt’s way) this project has been incredible. Dr. Baker is such an inspiring role model. It is an absolute privilege to do her make-up. Great take! Make sure to have the picture in the shot.

Anyway, on to the second rule! This is by popular demand from the followers on Twitter, Instagram, and even the “old folks” on Facebook. So here it is! Quick plug for her handles, and then the actual rule. “Not everyone can be a role model.” She learned this rule very early in life. Just look at people who wear glasses, like Tony Schiavone. If you aren’t a professor or doctor, don’t wear glasses. Don’t try to be smart if you’re not smart. Also, fat people, also like Tony. Men and women alike, either suck it in or work it off. Britt never alters herself in photos, but for all the “cows” out there, Photoshop and filters are your friends. Skipping “wannabes,” there are “snaggle tooth” people. Also like Tony. If you don’t have pretty teeth, don’t smile. It is uncomfortable for those who have to see it. Some people were born to show others what not to do. In some ways, that’s being a role model, too. See you all next time!


Shawn Spears VS Baron Black!

The Chair Man may be out of the TNT Championship Tournament, but he’s still on a win streak nonetheless. Will he find a way back to #PERFECT10N soon enough?

The bell rings, Spears and Baron tie up and go around. Spears wrenches to a wristlock, and he taunts Baron as he does it. But Baron drops down, spins around and wrenches back to a hammerlock and headlock takedown! Spears keeps his shoulders off the mat as he chinlocks back. Spears gets Baron to the cover, ONE and the two reset. The crowd cheers the exchange as the two men circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks but Spears kicks low. Spears bumps Baron off buckles and CHOPS him down! Spears looms over Baron before he stands him up, for another CHOP! He shows off the glutes but Billy Gunn throws the Shawn Spears Heartless shirt back. Baron CHOPS Spears in return! And again! And again! Baron runs but Spears hits a SPINE BUSTER! Spears rains down hands then stomps him, and then throws the shirt at him!

Baron gets to a corner but Spears drags him up. Spears suplexes high and hard, and makes sure Jericho saw that. Spears gives another shout out with the cocky pin! TWO, but Spears and Jericho share a laugh. Spears drags Baron up for another suplex, but Baron slips out! Baron uppercuts! And CHOPS! And spins to CHOP! Spears ends up in a corner, Baron takes aim and runs corner to corner. But Spears BOOTS Baron down, then drags him up for the fireman’s carry. C4!! But he doesn’t cover, he puts Baron in a Sharpshooter! Baron taps, Spears wins!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by submission

The Chair Man adds more shout outs to great Canadians in his arsenal, and wins again! Will Spears take this aggression all the way to a title shot?


Technique By Taz: Lance Archer’s Blackout Bomb.

Archer is a human skyscraper, and that makes his inverted crucifix bomb a dangerous move. He gets the opponent’s head up 9 feet in the air, maybe even 10 feet with that boost. He can do it even on a heavyweight like Colt Cabana. It is the arm strength and quick wrist flick that gets the opponent up and over to slam them on the back, combined with Archer falling with them. It’s hard not to be afraid, but does Dustin Rhodes have what it takes to avoid such a situation?


Brodie Lee VS Marko Stunt!

Despite how strict and even draconian he is, The Exalted One still offers power to those who feel powerless. However, Stunt seems to have that chihuahua-like self-esteem where size doesn’t matter, he still steps to the biggest and baddest. But if recent matches are any indication, courage doesn’t make up for being so small. After the beating he took from Lance Archer, going against Brodie Lee just seems crazy. There are a lot of people who don’t believe Stunt belongs in pro-wrestling. He’s part of a great trio, but unfortunate circumstances are keeping Jungle Express apart. Stunt steps up and is going to step to the fight. He’ll give it his all and that’s all he can do. As for how much he can take, it’s a lot more than you think. Will “Mr. Fun Size” pull off the biggest miracle in AEW?

The bell rings and Brodie just stares at Stunt. The crowd is on Stunt’s side as he runs at Brodie, but Brodie throws him down. Stunt tries again but gets thrown again. Stunt SLAPS Brodie, but Brodie whips and runs after him. Stunt dodges just from being so small, but then Brodie BOOTS him down! Brodie drags Stunt up to CHOP him! And then he rakes the eyes and face! The ref counts but Brodie intimidates him. Brodie brings Stunt up to CHOP again! Brodie stands on Stunt and walks all over him! He puts Stunt in a corner for a big elbow, then he TOSSES Stunt across the ring! Brodie just stares as Stunt is slumped on the apron. Brodie goes out the other side and then heads around the way. Stunt stirs on the apron but then he springs up and dives! But Brodie catches him! And sets him down, to SUPERKICK! Brodie leaves Stunt down and out but the crowd rallies up.

The count passes 5 before Stunt rises. Stunt gets in at 9.9! Brodie is actually surprised, so he shoves and pops Stunt up, for a HUGE German Suplex! But Stunt lands on his feet! And BOOTS Brodie back! Stunt hops up, flies, but into the SCRAPBUSTER! Brodie circles like a shark with blood in the water, before he pops Stunt up for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, Brodie wins!

Winner: Brodie Lee, by pinfall

Mr. Brodie tosses Stunt aside, having made his point. Has Stunt taken all he can take? Will this only convince more AEW wrestlers to #JoinDarkOrder?


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“Isn’t it amazing that it was only eight weeks ago, I was celebrating the world championship? Bleeding, sweating, high-fiving a sea of fans.” That feels like a lifetime ago. “What the hell happened?” Instead of fans screaming their lungs out in the audience, everyone is watching safely from home. AEW is thankful for that. But Moxley knows tough times don’t last forever. He promises that one day, we will all be back together, and he will be bleeding and swearing among a sea of fans again. But for now, this is a good time to reflect on things you’re thankful for. Moxley is thankful for his wife, because it takes a hell of a woman to tolerate being in a house with him. He’s thankful for steel chairs, because as a rule of thumb, a DDT on a chair is always better than not on a chair. And most of all, Moxley is thankful AEW is live next week. He still has a job to do, and he’s coming to do that job. He’ll throw the dogs and “Big Platinum” in the truck, play some Metallica and head East to be live and in person on Dynamite.

Moxley knows that with Double or Nothing 2 coming up, he has a target on his back. But before someone gets broken or choked out or hit with a chair or a thumbtack jammed in their eye, Moxley wants them to remember: “When you step up to the world champion, you do so at your own risk.” Moxley says fans need to be nice to their neighbors, support their local businesses by ordering takeout, and most importantly… “Don’t forget to call your grandmother!!”


AEW sets the schedule for next week’s episode!

MJF is back in action despite his “gruesome” nicked neck. Will he be able to make it through the match without “serious” injury? And Moxley is back in action against the Heavy Metal Rebel, Frankie Kazarian! And Chris Jericho’s challenge to Matt Hardy & The Elite has been answered! For the first time ever, #LeSexGods, Jericho & Sammy, take on DAMASCUS Hardy and Kenny Omega, in a tag team STREET FIGHT! Will the Inner Circle take out The Elite before we ever even have Blood & Guts?


AEW TNT Championship Tournament Semifinals: Lance Archer VS Dustin Rhodes w/ Brandi!

This is it! The American Nightmare either faces The Murderhawk Monster as Jake The Snake Roberts intended, or we get a Rhodes Brother rematch from the original Double or Nothing! DON 2020 will be the battleground for the AEW TNT Championship, but who will be cashing in?

As Archer makes his entrance, he DECKS some poor crew member who was in the entry way! Everyone in the crowd stays out of reach, so Archer will just have to save it all for Dustin.

The bell rings and Archer circles with Dustin. They tie up and Archer powers Dustin to the corner. He lets off with a laugh, and circles with Dustin again. Archer and Dustin tie up again and Archer again puts Dustin in a corner. He again lets off, but then swings a sucker punch! Dustin gets clear and uppercuts Archer! And again! Archer just laughs it off! Dustin kicks low then runs, but he can’t knock Archer down with the shoulder tackle. Archer swings on Dustin but Dustin dodges, only for Archer to run him over with a shoulder! Dustin bails out and catches his breath. Brandi coaches Dustin and he heads back into the ring. Dustin rushes Archer with kicks, but Archer knew the uppercut is coming. Archer drags Dustin up and shoves him, but Dustin dumps him out of the ring. Dustin goes to the apron and CANNONBALLS! Archer is down for the first time in AEW!

Dustin leaves Archer behind to catch his breath in the ring. Archer is up and pacing as the ring count climbs. Archer knows he has time, and he gets up on the apron at 5. Dustin rushes Archer but Archer pushes him away. Archer walks into the uppercut, and Dustin keeps on him! Dustin stomps away in the corner then whips. Archer reverses and Dustin hits buckles. Dustin comes back, but he can’t scoop Archer for the spinning powerslam! Archer whips and goes perpendicular, to DERAIL Dustin! Dustin flops out of the ring and both Brandi and the ref check on him. The Gunn Club rallies the crowd for Dustin but Archer goes around that way to take a chair from under the ring. Archer brings the chair over to Dustin, but Dustin boots it away! Dustin CHOPS Archer and rocks him with an uppercut! Dustin grabs the chair, but Archer BOOTS it into him!

Archer is seething as he paces around. He glares at the crowd but they again stay back. Brandi gives Archer space, and Archer grabs a chair. Dustin is busted open from that chair shot, so Archer keeps on the wound with fists! And an apron bump! And another! Archer lets Dustin go in the ring and follows him in. The Natural is literally on the ropes as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again, and Archer is clawing at the bleeding wound! The ref reprimands Archer and he lets up. Dustin punches back from the mat! Archer eggs him on and Dustin hits harder! Dustin kicks and runs to boot Archer, but Archer comes back with a LARIAT! Archer rains down forearms and Dustin slumps out of the ring. Archer stalks Dustin and brings him to the timekeeper’s table! He bounces Dustin off the table, narrowly missing the bell! Archer paces before he boots Dustin down. Dustin gets to his feet but Archer throws more hands. Archer throws Dustin into the post but Dustin hits back! The ring count passes 5 as the two brawl, and they start throwing CHOPS. Archer DECKS Dustin then leaves him behind in the ring. Archer wants the count out and we start over. The count reaches 5 but Dustin gets in the ring. Archer scrapes Dustin out and still wants the count out.

Dustin is down as the count reaches 5. Archer gives up on that to drag Dustin up and into the ring. Dustin crawls to a corner but Archer is on him from the other side. Archer bumps Dustin off buckles, and is proud of the blood on his hands. Dustin CLUBS Archer down! Archer hits back and kicks the legs out. He suplexes and THROWS Dustin across the ring! Dustin’s blood stains the mat as Archer grinds him down with the armlock. Archer taunts Dustin but lets up, to claw at the face again! The ref reprimands and Archer stops, but he still toys with Dustin. Dustin throws hands and puts Archer in the corner! Dustin hooks the legs on the ropes, and wants to shatter some dreams! He runs and hits the UNNATURAL KICK! It was somehow just the inner thigh so there is no disqualification to be had. Dustin snapmares Archer down, then runs to drop the elbow! But he misses!

Archer rains more hands down on Dustin and then looms over him. Archer drags Dustin up as the crowd continues to rally up. LARIAT! Archer just smiles before he drags Dustin up for an armlock. Dustin endures the torture as AEW goes to one last break.

AEW returns once more, and Archer continues to lean on that armlock and chinbar. Dustin refuses to quit, and the crowd refuses to give up on him. Dustin fights his way up and pries the hold off. He throws haymakers and staggers Archer! Dustin backs Archer down to a corner then whips, but Archer reverses. Archer runs into a kick, and Dustin hits a DESTROYER! But Dustin is too exhausted to make the cover! But the crowd gives him a second wind and Dustin sits up. Dustin and Archer slowly stand, and Dustin uppercuts! Archer chuckles as he throws a forearm! Dustin haymakers, Archer forearms! It’s a brawl, and neither man backs down. Dustin bobs ‘n’ weaves and LARIATS! Archer is up but Dustin hits the Rhodes Uppercut! Dustin runs, but no bulldog! Archer runs, into the POWERSLAM!

Dustin fires up and climbs up to rain down punches in the corner! But Archer lifts Dustin! Dustin fights free of the powerbomb but Archer choke grips! Dustin slips free and has the dragon sleeper, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, ONE!? Dustin can’t believe Cody’s finisher didn’t finish this! But Dustin won’t stop, he goes back up top. Archer slowly stands and Dustin leaps, but into the choke grip! CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!?! Dustin survives and no one can believe it! Archer drags Dustin up and throws hands as he brings him to the corner. Archer goes old school, and QUEBRADAS! Cover, TWO!! The Murderhawk is furious! He drags Dustin up to throw big body shots in the corner. Archer hoists Dustin up top and prepares the inverted crucifix! Dustin flails and escapes, then shoves, to boot! Dustin facelocks, but no reckoning as Archer spins out and choke grips again! CHOKE SLAM AGAIN! Cover, TWO, into a GHOST PIN! TWO!?!

Archer BOOTS Dustin down! Now he’s mad, because he almost got caught! Archer goes to a corner, and RIPS a buckle pad right off! The ref reprimands but he drags Dustin over. He bumps Dustin off the back buckle!! And again! And again! If Dustin wasn’t bleeding before, he is now! The ref checks on Dustin and QT Marshall appears. QT has a towel, but Cody appears to keep him from throwing it!? Cody talks with his brother first. Dustin doesn’t want Cody to do it, and Archer drags Dustin from the ropes! Archer throws the towel away, and then clamps on the claw! He dribbles Dustin’s head off the mat, then smothers him for the cover! Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall (advances to the TNT Championship Tournament Finals)

The Murderhawk Monster may have just ended the career of Dustin Rhodes! Will Archer do the same to Cody Rhodes to become TNT Champion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode right here! Again, Jericho is just incredible on commentary. The Bubbly Bunch segment this week was much better than last week with that “Manitoba Melee” that seemed like it’d never end. And I’m really intrigued to see the Tag Team Street Fight of Jericho & Sammy VS Matt Hardy & Omega. I wonder if it’s a roundabout way to get other members of The Inner Circle and The Elite involved as another way to keep the Blood & Guts build alive while we still wait on a moment in time that match can be held. Clearly, plans for Double or Nothing are still being made, and Moxley’s return next week will surely bring about a challenger. MJF is also back, after another strong promo. I’m just curious if the “Rat’s Estate” in NY belongs to the same “rat” as last week’s Cape Cod Rat. Wardlow gets another dominant win, but I highly doubt he’s heading for a title just yet. Scorpio Sky might be, with another great vignette for him.

Spears gets a good win over Baron Black the Legend of Zelda cosplayer. How fitting with what I’m writing on the side here on The Chairshot. Brodie all but destroys Marko Stunt, but I also feel like his more elite Creepers need to get some wins like this. We got to know Preston Vance is one, so why can’t he be beating up Marko, too? The No Holds Barred tag match was insane! I’m a little disappointed Havoc didn’t bring out the staple gun, but I am glad to see Cassidy and Penelope get involved even just that much. Best Friends win again, so it would be natural for them to challenge for the tag titles at Double or Nothing. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they win because of how we just haven’t seen Hangman in the ring this whole time. It’d be a shame for Hangman but it could easily work into the story from before the shutdowns, with Hangman seemingly half focused on wrestling.

The TNT Championship Tournament matches were great stuff, and great to bookend the show. The video package to lead into Cody VS Darby was good, and the match itself was incredible. Darby got some real edge in this match, but Cody wins to keep the story AEW has been building on track. This in itself makes for good story for Darby. Sometimes there’s someone a wrestler can’t beat, and for Darby, that’s Cody. The day Darby finally does beat Cody is going to be huge and well-deserved. Dustin VS Archer was a lot more competitive than I expected, but for the better here. Dustin fighting through the bleeding and everything else was good for him, but of course Archer wins in the end. Cody VS Archer for the title at DON is going to be another great match with everything going into the story.

My Score: 9.2/10

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