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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/24/20)

The Matches That Made: Ariya Daivari!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

WWE 205 Live continues down memory lane!

This week is the Persian Lion, Ariya Daivari! Relive Daivari VS Lorcan, Anything Goes, and… another iconic classic match!



  • Survivor Series 1996 – WWF World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Bret Hart VS Stone Cold Steve Austin; Bret Hart wins and will challenge for the WWF WHC.
  • 7/9/19 – Anything Goes: Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari; Lorcan wins.


Tom Phillips welcomes us back to WWE 205 Live!

The Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship happens on NXT, but tonight we continue the look back on the foundation of this (new era) Cruiserweight Division. This week, we look at #205OG, Ariya Daivari.

We hear from Daivari himself, and he welcomes us to his edition of “The Matches That Made Me.” When talking about matches that were influential to Daivari becoming a professional wrestler, look no further than this painting of Stone Cold Steve Austin. When Daivari was growing up, Stone Cold was his favorite WWE superstar, and he has had so many iconic matches. There was the trilogy with The Rock and the matches against “Dude Love” Mick Foley, but Daivari’s favorite was Stone Cold VS Bret Hart, but not the one you might be thinking. There was WrestleMania 13 in the Submission Match against Bret Hart where the blood was pouring down Austin’s face, but no. Daivari thinks back to Survivor Series 1996, before that match. After WM12, Hart took a hiatus from the WWE, so it was Stone Cold going out every week on Monday Night Raw hyping up fans for what would be one of the greatest matches of all time. So sit back and enjoy!


Survivor Series 1996 – WWF World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Bret Hart VS Stone Cold Steve Austin!

November 17th, 1996, to be exact. At the time, the Hitman and the Texas Rattlesnake were aiming for the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, who was the defending champion set to defend in the main event. But for now, focus on the grit and determination shown between these two legends in the making!

The bell rings and the two tie up right away. Austin spins Hart around for a waistlock but Hart standing switches. Austin pries the hold off to a wrench and wristlock. He yanks on the arm over and over and over then cranks harder. Hart rolls and kips up to wrench Austin back. Hart cranks and yanks on the arm in return and brings Austin down. Austin gets up but Hart yanks him back down. Austin is up again as fans rally up for Hart. That annoys Austin and he slips under to hammerlock back. Hart switches that back onto Austin, but Austin switches it back with a high keylock. Hart arm-drags Austin down and has the armlock on the mat. Austin endures as Hart hammerlocks, but Hart drops knees into the ribs and arm. Austin powers up but Hart has the double wristlock. Hart cranks but Austin rolls and gets around to whip Hart off. Then he drop toeholds to a headlock! Hart slips out and gets the hammerlock right back!

Fans cheer as Hart wrenches the arm more. Austin gets to his feet and pushes Hart back to whip and run him over with an elbow! Austin stomps away on Hart and drops ax handles. Austin taunts the Hart fans as he drags Bret up. He reels Hart in for a big clothesline! Hart sits up slowly but Austin is right on him again to throw haymakers. Austin brings Hart in but Hart snapmares him off! Hart drops knees then a leg on the arm, and then puts on another high keylock. Austin endures and moves around but Hart stays above him. Austin powers his way up but Hart keeps him from ropes. Austin pulls hair to power out but Hart runs him over! Things speed up and Hart dodges to come back, but into Austin’s lift! Austin flapjacks and stun guns Hart on the ropes! Hart is down and Austin drops an elbow! Fans cheer as Austin drops another! Austin drags Hart up to choke on the ropes! The ref counts as fans rally for Hart, and Austin backs off at 4.

Austin drags Hart around to put under the ropes and then choke him that way! The ref counts again and Austin again lets up at 4. Hart sputters and gasps Austin goes to the apron. Austin starts stomping away from that side of the ropes, then goes in as the ref reprimands him. Austin has Hart’s legs, for a guillotine catapult! Now Austin chokes Hart with his hands! The ref counts and Austin lets up, but clearly Austin hates Hart to go this hard. Austin goes out, and drags Hart out onto the apron to CLUB him! Hart flops to the floor as his fans boo Austin. Austin just grins as he goes into the ring and stands on a corner. Austin riles the Hart fans up while the ring count climbs. Hart stands but Austin drags him up for a hotshot! Austin drags Hart in for a snapmare and a chinlock. Austin grinds Hart down, and drops down to really go after the neck. Hart endures but Austin keeps adding on. Austin drops knees over and over then covers, TWO! He tries again, TWO!

Austin grinds Hart back down with another headlock, but Hart still endures. Hart powers his way up with a second wind and the fans behind him. Hart throws body shots but Austin throws haymakers. We have a brawl! Back and forth, big hand for big hand, but then Austin kicks low and backs Hart down. Austin stomps a mudhole into Hart! The ref counts but Austin lets up at 4. The ref warns Austin as he drags Hart up. Austin whips but Hart reverses and clotheslines Austin down! Hart hits the atomic drop then runs to clothesline again! Hart brings Austin up to whip and hit low, then O’Conner roll! TWO! Hart brings Austin up for a Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Austin gets up but Hart puts him in a corner. Hart headlocks but no bulldog as Austin sends Hart right into buckles! Both men are down but Austin gets to his feet. Austin drags Hart up and suplexes, but Hart blocks! Hart suplexes but Austin resists. Austin lifts and puts Hart on the top rope. Austin throws haymakers then climbs up.

Fans rally and duel as Hart resists the superplex. Hart SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Austin! And then adjusts, for a falling ax handle! Hart crawls to the cover, TWO! Austin survives but Hart stays on him. Hart scoops but Austin rakes eyes! Austin saves himself from the slam then drags Hart up. He whips Hart and then throws him out of the ring! Hart crashes ‘n’ burns into railing! Austin takes his time to adjust his knee pads before going out to drop ax handles. Austin throws body shots and clubbing forearms on Hart right in front of rowdy fans. He refreshes the ring count so that he can RAM Hart into a post! Fans boo and jeer as Austin leaves Hart behind. Austin celebrates and his fans cheer, but the others all boo. Austin goes back out to fetch Hart and kick him. He talks trash to fans in the front row, only for Hart to tackle him into railing! The links give way and they spill into the front row! Fans are even more fired up as Hart stomps away on Austin!

The ref tells both guys to bring this back into the ring, but Hart throws Austin into railing! Austin and the railing topple over! Hart drags Austin up and into the ring to finish it inside. But Austin rolls all the way out to the far side. Hart pursues and drops ax handles on Austin! Austin flounders up and Hart throws big forearms. Austin trips Hart to catapult into the commentary desk!! Down goes the Spanish announce team! Austin scrambles over the desk to beat Hart up on top of the commentators! He really does hate Hart! Austin leaves Hart behind to soak up the heat from Hart’s fans. Austin goes back out as Hart stirs, and Austin SLAMS him on the desk! Hart is prone on the table, as Austin LEAPS for an elbow! The table stays standing but Hart goes down in a heap! Austin revels in the boos from Hart’s fans while he goes around the way. The ring count climbs but Hart makes it back to the ring. Fans are going wild as Hart stands, only for Austin to suplex him in high and hard!

Austin drags Hart around by his legs for more stomps, then goes to a corner. Austin climbs up and hits a falling elbow! Cover, TWO! Hart lives and Austin argues the count. Austin drops more elbows then covers again, TWO! Fans are rallying up as Austin scrapes his laces on Hart’s face. Austin throws hands in a corner then whips corner to corner hard! The heat is growing as Austin chokes Hart on the ropes again. The ref counts, Austin runs, and Austin hits the straddle attack! Austin lets Hart flop to the mat, then drags Hart to a cover. TWO, and Austin seems shocked. Austin drags Hart up again and into a cobra twist. Hart endures but the ref doesn’t see Austin use the ropes for leverage! Austin gets away with that, so he tries it again! Hart endures but this time the ref catches Austin. Austin lets go at 4 and then argues with the ref. He gets pushy but the ref gets in Austin’s face. Austin lets up to drag Hart up again. Austin throws hands but Hart counter punches! We have another brawl and fans are thunderous!

Hart ROCKS Austin and again! Austin hits the mat and flounders up, but into more hands. Hart reverses the whip to give the stun gun back! Austin flounders but both he and Hart are slow to get up. Oklahoma Roll, TWO!! Austin almost got caught there! Hart reels Austin in, for a PILEDRIVER! But Hart can’t make the cover from exhaustion! He rolls over to cover, TWO!! Austin still lives but Hart stands up first. Hart drags Austin up, scoops him and hits a backbreaker! The fans are thunderous as Hart goes to a corner. Hart climbs up but Austin gets up to punch him down! Austin CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS and punches and CHOPS! He climbs up to rain down rights on Hart’s head! Austin brings Hart to the very top! SUPER SUPERPLEX!! Both men are down, but both men spring up with leg clutch covers! DOUBLE COVER, TWO!! As Vince says on commentary, “What a maneuver!”

Fans keep chanting and Hart is on Austin, but STUNNER!! Austin drags Hart to a cover, TWO!?! Hart survives the Stone Cold Stunner?! Did Austin’s drag cost him? He tries again, TWO! And again, TWO!! Austin rains down furious right hands but stops at the ref’s count to cover. TWO!! Hart has heart to be sure! Austin grabs the legs, laces them of, and has the Texas Cloverleaf! Austin turns Hart over and sits deep! Hart endures, powers his way towards ropes, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Austin finally lets go at 4, but he stomps Hart all around! Austin puts Hart in a corner for big body shots! The ref counts again but Austin whips corner to corner. Hart tumbles and rolls into the post! Austin drags Hart out for another cover, TWO!! Not even steel to the back can stop Hart. But Austin focuses on the back with a Bow ‘n’ Arrow!

Austin bends Hart way back, but Hart pops free and gets the legs! Hart wants the Sharpshooter, but Austin gets the ropes! Hart lets go but rains down rights! The ref counts and Hart lets up at 4. Hart whips and catches Austin into a sleeper, but Austin backs him into buckles. Austin can’t get free that way, so he jawbreakers! Both men are down, but Austin slaps the cobwebs out. Hart crawls to a corner but Austin stalks him from behind. Austin wraps on a COBRA CLUTCH! Hart endures and climbs the corner to power his way back! Cover, HART WINS!!

Winner: Bret Hart, by submission (NEW #1 Contender to the WWF World Heavyweight Champion)

The Rattlesnake wouldn’t let go of his Cobra Clutch, and that cost him! But we know in the present that this rivalry was far from over! This encounter was just one of the reasons both men are the legends they are today.


WWE 205 Live hears more from Ariya Daivari.

The next part of The Matches That Made Me moves to the Persian Lion’s favorite match in his own WWE career. That match would have to be none other than the Anything Goes match with Oney Lorcan, right here on 205 Live. Leading up to this match, Daivari and Lorcan were jumping at any opportunity to get at the other. There were attacks backstage, during matches, and even with chair shots thrown in. So finally, they had this match and beat the hell out of each other, Stone Cold style. Enjoy this extra intense No Disqualification match!


7/9/19 – Anything Goes: Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari!

It’s as simple as the name suggests! The British Brawler and Persian Lion will do anything and everything they can to settle the score! Who wins? And who survives?!

They don’t even wait for the bell, or for both of them to be in the ring! The second Daivari is on stage, Lorcan leaves the ring to rush him! They brawl on the ramp and Lorcan knees low. Lorcan puts Daivari in the ring hard then follows after. The bell finally rings and this is official as Lorcan LARIATS Daivari down! Lorcan whips Daivari out of the ring, and fans fire up with the Fury of 205 Live! Lorcan goes back out to go after Daivari by bumping him hard off steel steps! Fans also like that Lorcan brings out chairs from under the ring! Lorcan puts them into the ring one after the other, and fans chant “We Want Tables!” For now, Lorcan puts Daivari in the ring and runs into the corner for a big back elbow! Lorcan runs corner to corner for another!

Lorcan glares as he picks up a chair and sits it in front of Daivari. But Daivari throws Lorcan out of the ring, and folds up that chair. Daivari tosses it aside, he won’t resort to those yet. He goes out and bumps Lorcan off the announce desk first. Daivari then goes looking under the ring and brings out a trash can. He tosses the chain inside aside, but Lorcan mule kicks him before he can use the can! Lorcan snap suplexes Daivari to the floor! The referee goes out to keep an eye on them as Lorcan whips Daivari. Daivari reverses and sends Lorcan into barriers! Daivari staggers about before putting Lorcan back in the ring. He looks under the ring, and brings out a ladder! Fans do like seeing that as Daivari puts the ladder in the ring. Daivari finds that chain again, and wraps it around Lorcan’s face! The chain digs into Lorcan’s face, and Daivari lets go when he has Lorcan in a corner.

Daivari stands the ladder up in a corner, then drags Lorcan up. He CHOPS Lorcan, then whips him corner to corner. Lorcan reverses but Daivari stops from running into the chair. Daivari kicks Lorcan but Lorcan still whips him into the ladder! Daivari and ladder fall over and fans fire up for Lorcan. Lorcan drags the ladder around to prop it up against ropes. Lorcan grimaces as he goes back to Daivari. He drags Daivari up and lines up his shot, but Daivari resists the suplex. Daivari fights back with body shots and CHOPS Lorcan to sit on the ladder. Daivari whips Lorcan but Lorcan reverses to hip toss Daivari on that ladder! Cover, TWO! Daivari writhes but he survives taking steel ladder twice already. Fans rally up for Lorcan as he grits his teeth. Lorcan grabs a chair again and sits it up. Lorcan signals for his signature suplex, and drags Daivari over. Half nelson but Daivari resists for dear life! Daivari full nelsons into an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO!

Daivari is frustrated but he has Lorcan down. Daivari grabs that chain again and uses it to grind Lorcan’s face again. He whips Lorcan like that into buckles! Daivari drags Lorcan up again, that chain around his face, for another buckle bump! Daivari trash talks the fans but they boo and jeer. Again Daivari throws Lorcan with the chain into buckles! Cover, TWO! Lorcan toughs it out but Daivari goes to the chair. Daivari keeps Lorcan down with haymakers before moving the ladder to a corner again. Daivari bumps Lorcan’s face off the chair, then laces him through for a modified camel clutch. Lorcan endures being bent back against steel, even as Daivari rakes his face! Fans rally up for “Oney! Oney!” as Daivari lets Lorcan out of the chair. Daivari soaks up the heat as fans boo, and then drags Lorcan back up. Daivari sits Lorcan down in the chair to throw hands.

Lorcan can barely cover up as Daivari SLAPS and punches away. Daivari runs, but into a drop toehold! Daivari hits steel chair! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Lorcan grits his teeth as he rises. Daivari crawls and Lorcan is right at him. Lorcan throws a big European Uppercut, then another. Daivari flounders but Lorcan keeps on him with EuroUppers. Lorcan whips but Daivari reverses, only to get a blockbuster! Daivari flounders away but Lorcan runs back in for another EuroUpper! Daivari ends up outside and Lorcan fires up! The Fury runs, the Fury FLIES! Direct hit takes out Daivari and the fans fire up! Lorcan drags Daivari back in, and fans still want tables. Lorcan hears them, and brings out a table! He brings that table into the ring, but Daivari SUPERKICKS him down!

Daivari drags himself to a corner to rest for a moment before going out to the apron. Daivari aims at Lorcan and leaps, into the trash can! Lorcan tossed the can at Daivari midair! Daivari crashes and burns, and now Lorcan looms over him. Lorcan drags Daivari up to throw into steel steps! And he SMACKS Daivari with the trash can lid. Then Lorcan throws a chair on Daivari! Lorcan scoops out chair after chair to bury Daivari under them! Lorcan stands one up again, then brings a few more over and sets them up with that chair. He kicks Daivari then SMACKS him with the trash can lid before bringing more chairs over. Lorcan has six chairs lined up nice and close, and signals for his suplex. But Daivari kicks and SMACKS Lorcan back! Daivari SMACKS Lorcan more, then climbs up the steel steps.

Daivari soaks up the heat before he drags Lorcan up. Fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” but Daivari has Lorcan up top! Daivari goes to suplex, but Lorcan resists for dear life. Lorcan fights back and then headbutts Daivari. Lorcan has Daivari in a bomb, but now Daivari resists for dear life. Daivari back drops Lorcan onto all those chairs!! The fans are stunned as Lorcan is down in the wreckage of steel. Daivari himself staggers over to drag Lorcan up and into the ring. He stomps Lorcan but isn’t done with him. He goes to the table! Daivari sets it up but stomps Lorcan before also bringing the ladder up. Daivari has the ladder up, sets Lorcan near it, and climbs. He reaches near the top, then leaps, for the Lion Splash! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan still lives!!

Daivari is livid but fans are still on Oney’s side! Daivari goes back to the table and puts it sideways in the corner. He stomps Lorcan more then goes out to get a second table! Fans don’t like Daivari but they do like where he’s going with this. Daivari sets that table up, but the legs break. So Daivari fetches a third table! He’s a little more careful with this table and has it properly set up by the first. Daivari drags Lorcan up and sets him on the tables, to then climb up top on the corner. But Lorcan revives and trips Daivari up! Lorcan climbs up to join Daivari, to SUPERPLEX Daivari and himself through the tables!! Cover, Lorcan wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

It was #AnythingGoes, and both men went to extremes! And in the present, while neither man is in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, that does not mean they’re out of the running forever. Will Lorcan or Daivari be the first one to make it back to title opportunities?


205 Live sends it back to Tom Phillips.

#AnythingGoes was no doubt one of the best matches in 205 Live’s history. But who knows, we could see that title around the waist of the Persian Lion. Thank you for watching and be back next week for more Matches That Made Me.



My Thoughts:

Another really fun retrospective episode from 205 Live. Daivari makes a great choice for his classic match, that Hart VS Austin match was a great one. I was wondering if we were ever going to get any Austin, and it was great to get it here. Also hearing JR and Vince on commentary was great, and the names dropped on the side. How fitting to hear about Rocky Maivia and Hunter Hearst Hemsley right after the HHH XXV segment on SmackDown earlier tonight. Then Daivari VS Lorcan in Anything Goes was a great match for Daivari to choose. Those guys went all out in that match and the match actually came alive for it. I wonder who next week’s Cruiserweight will be. Kinda hoping we tie in NXT or NXT UK since there are still great Cruiserweights from those brands to profile.

My Score: 8.1/10

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