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Tiffany’s AEW Take: It’s Time For Cody To Be A Champion

Tiffany is back with another AEW take, and this time it’s Cody and his championship mettle!

Tiffany is back with another AEW take, and this time it’s Cody and his championship mettle!

I’m going to be upfront with you guys, like you expect me to be: I wasn’t a fan of Cody’s until I started watching AEW. I just didn’t see what was so great about him, he was an average competitor with a famous last name. Then I watched him in AEW and I finally got it. I also respect his, and the Elite’s, choice to not immediately book themselves into the top spots in their divisions. It would’ve been too easy and given the critics and naysayers more ammunition. However, now that we’re past the one year anniversary and with the ratings suffering because of all the COVID-19 chaos, it’s time for Cody to become a champion.

Yes, I know Cody has stipulated himself out of the World Title picture, but this is professional wrestling, there’s always a loophole, and I’m CERTAINLY not saying that my man, Jon Moxley, should drop his title to Cody.

But it is time for Cody to wear gold and the TNT Championship is the way to do it.

Again, I totally get why Cody, who books the Men’s Division, wouldn’t want to book himself as the inaugural TNT Champion, but he’s the only one who can bring respect to the new title and make it the workhorse title it needs to be. AEW is full of young talent and/or guys coming in from other promotions that aren’t as recognizable to a mainstream crowd, a brand new title needs an established name to make it important and since Jericho and Mox are battling over the World Title and Kenny Omega is busy in the tag division, Cody is the perfect one to do it.

Oh, I know, guys like Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian, and Lance Archer are all fan favorites to win, and all of them are super talented, but none of them have the name recognition that Cody would bring to the TNT Championship, much like Jericho did for the AEW Title.

Do I think Cody will walk away the inaugural TNT Champion? Well, going by the promo he cut on the 4-22-20 Dynamite, he certainly thinks he should walk away with the title, but that means absolutely NOTHING in this business. IF his opponent ends up being Lance Archer, provided that Cody gets past Darby Allin, Cody will have his highest hill to climb to get the title. However, if Cody doesn’t get past Allin or doesn’t get past the winner of Lance Archer vs Dustin Rhodes, there is still another path, going for the AEW World Title, currently held by Jon Moxley.

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Oh, I know Cody’s not ALLOWED to challenge for the World title because of losing to Jericho back at Full Gear, and Matt Jackson has said that they’re not going to try and find a loophole, but, seriously, this is wrestling, there’s ALWAYS a loophole. If Cody REALLY wants to get his paws near that AEW title, he can find a way to do it and Jon Moxley has opened the door for him by challenging him to a match to see who the better wrestler is.

However this ends up, I think most people can agree that, despite his honorable motives, it’s time that Cody, the perennial fan favorite of AEW, to be a champion of some kind. He’s definitely got the right tools for it, he needs to start using them.

That’s it for this week’s Tiffany’s AEW Take! Stay for continuing coverage!


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