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Alisa: Passion Plus Dedication Equals Success

“Whatever you’re passionate about, if you’re not passionate about it, then leave it alone.”
-Rev. Ted Dibiase

“Whatever you’re passionate about, if you’re not passionate about it, then leave it alone.”
-Rev. Ted Dibiase

I just finished watching “350 Days” on Amazon Prime. The quote stated by Reverend Dibiase struck a chord in me after watching the documentary. I’m fairly new to “The Chairshot” website. My dream as a young girl was to be a wrestling manager. However; I was shy, awkward and didn’t have my voice figured out completely. My mom, as I said in my last article, changed that. She became my constant. I received encouragement from her to pursue my dreams. Little did I know, my dreams of writing would take a bizarre turn.

I’m in a group called Kult of Kayfabe. I’ve also stated this in a previous article. It was there I found a position for hire here at “The Chairshot.” It was during this time WWE performed the COVID-19 layoffs. Having lost my job some eight years ago, I related on a deeper level to everyone who just lost theirs. Not just the Superstars but every single person out in the universe. I’d worked in retail a combined 12 years. It wore me out and I didn’t connect to the job anymore anyway. I found a higher calling elsewhere.

Enter a few years of struggle, hardships, personal health crises and tons of recovery.. Throughout this time, I wrote WWE fan fiction, posts in the aforementioned group and tons of journal entries along with satirical posts from a fictional Kayfabe Action News. I found a passion and joy in writing that, to this day, makes my life easy. It also makes my moderators and editors happy solely because I’m not like a lot of women, let alone average wrestling fans.

I laugh as I write that last line.

It’s like Reverend DiBiase says: If you’re not passionate about something, leave it alone.

So, my question for you is this:

Dear Reader,
What are YOU passionate about and what will you do to follow that passion?

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