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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings 5/12/20

Moose defends his TNA World Title against Suicide! We also start the number 1 contender tournament!



Impact brings us the beginning of the number 1 contender tournament and Moose defends the real World Heavyweight championship tonight! We also get the in-ring debuts of Tasha Steelz and Kimber Lee!

The match I’m most looking forward to is the Rohit Raju versus Trey match. Rohit has been mostly a jobber for his tenure in Impact Wrestling, but he gets moments to shine. He’s a great old school style heel, with sneaky athleticism that gets lost behind his gimmick quite often. If he doesn’t win, a good showing might do wonders for his stock.

Okay I don’t know why, but Kylie and Susie are just quality television. Look at this wholesome vignette as we get to the show.



  • #1 Contender Tournament Round 1: Hernandez vs Madman Fulton: Hernandez wins via Diving Splash – ** 1/2
  • Kylie Rae vs Tasha Steelz: Kylie wins via Smile to the Finish – ***
  • Kimber Lee vs Havok: Kimber wins via Brass Knuckles – **
  • #1 Contender Tournament Round 1: Rohit Raju vs Trey: Trey wins via Small Package – *** 1/4
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose (c) vs Suicide: Moose retains via No Jackhammer Needed – *** 1/2



The show opens with a well edited Moose hype package, made by Moose, cutting up numerous promos of past names from TNA. Dixie Carter, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray; it was glorious self promotion. Moose is a God amongst men. 

#1 Contenders Tournament Round 1: Hernandez vs Madman Fulton

These two put on a hell of a fight. Madman towered over Hernandez a bit, which doesn’t happen often, and applied his size advantage well. Hernandez tried to look for some more crafty spots. When the Crist brothers got involved, Hernandez brought them into the ring, dispatched with Dave and Border Tossed Jake in Madman.

It was at that point where we all start realizing the oVe losing streak will probably continue. Hernandez catches Fulton with a boot in the corner and then the good ole Bellclap on the top rope. Big Splash, and a Supermex moves on to the next round. You have to wonder if oVe will turn it around, or just implode after a roughly 5 month long losing streak.

Kylie Rae vs Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz with a Double Shot Tuesday. She just won the triple threat from Super Powerrr (yes I know that’s like 2 months old), but not this time! Tasha shows off her badass persona and plays a great foil to Kylie’s smiley demeanor. Great back and forth action, Kylie got caught a couple times smiling and posing; but Tasha left opening when she tried to poke fun at different times. Tasha was setting up for a possible upset, but Kylie manages to slap on the STF, and get a pretty well fought victory.

Rohit Raju with another solid promo. I am liking his ” My mother named me son, because I shine like one” – sounds like a shirt.

Kimber Lee vs Havok

Havok actually looks excited for this match, and it shows when she just bum rushes Kimber. Kimber gets rag dolled a little, until she can get a little space with some nice kicks. A few Enzuigiris and a Roundhouse staggers Havok, so when we come back from commercial, Kimber is still in control.

Nice striking and a Swanton Bomb are only enough for a two count. Havok starts to get some momentum back, but Nevaeh can be seen off to the side. Havok gets distracted, Kimber goes for some brass knuckles and eventually knocks out Havok. So as she walks off, Kimber waves a little to Nevaeh and speculation now stirs about who is allied with who.

Kimber being a heel is interesting though.

Locker Room Talk isn’t the best to date, but it’s the first one where something really happened. This makes the tournament more interesting. Will Shamrock need a substitute? Can it please be Chris Sabin?

#1 Contender Tournament Round 1: Rohit Raju vs Trey

This match was the definition of 50/50. Neither man was able to string much together and it was just a great back and forth. Aside from one small stumble from Rohit early on after an Electric Chair from Trey, this worked well. Rohit stayed mostly grounded until the finishing sequence. Trey hits the Cheeky Nandos kick, corner Tiger Feint, and looks to end things with his Meteora. In mid dive, Rohit catches him with a Jumping Knee strike and goes into a Swinging Neckbreaker, holds it tight, looks for a Fisherman Suplex or Brainbuster; but Trey manages to shift momentum and cinch in the Small Package for the surprise win.

The North win segments for the week. It’s done, all hail the Count of Monte Cristo! 

Rosemary has her own segment following The North. It keeps her weird personality adjustment moving forward, and even ties in some slightly loose ends. Rosemary is a great character and Bravo ain’t the worst either.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Matt Hardy vs AJ Styles, Victory Road, March 13, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose (c) vs Suicide

Suicide put up a great fight in this match, despite the drastic size difference. There were definitely some odd sentences spoken like “Moose screams at Suicide” – outside of wrestling that sentence is just awkward.

Moose dominated a good portion of this match, but Suicide put it together nicely. We saw the Spiderman in the ropes, low bridge to send Moose to the outside and then we got some momentum for the video game gimmick. After the referee gets murdered by Moose splashing him in the corner, Suicide gets two visible pinfalls but nothing official. He hits a Rolling Shotei sending Moose on his backside, then Moose goes for a step up Corkscrew Splash, but Suicide jumps up and catches him with a Flatliner.

Suicide gets at least a 6 count, but has to go wake up the referee. Then Moose tries his Spear, but Suicide jumps and pulls of a Sunset Flip, but the injured ref counts slow and Moose kicks out. So Moose gets the opportunity to kick Suicide in the nuts, hit No Jackhammer Needed, and retains (?) the TNA title.


Overall Score: 7/10

This was a well balanced episode. A few good matches, great comedy vignettes with Cody Deaner, Rosemary and of course The North. Susie and Kylie doing the wholesome duo thing, is something I’m here for. Plus you have to enjoy that the show found nuggets for Joseph P Ryan, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger and Johnny Bravo. So it really harks back to Attitude Era show set up, where even the lower card wrestlers get a little bit of play most episodes.

That’s the show! Impact has been the most consistent wrestling program for a few weeks now. Each comedy section has a little variation, much like the wrestling matches. So the crazy variety in a 2 hour show is amazing and hard to argue against. Plus Madison’s commentary is still the best stuff out there right now.

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 6.30.2022

The Go Home to Against All Odds with the main event of Battle of the Futures Redux! TNA vibes and hype in the Asylum!



Against All Odds is tomorrow, and the one thing IMPACT has excelled with are the quick turnaround angles. Plus we also HOPEFULLY get a real finish to the Battle of the Futures 2022 edition. Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin have a main event that could definitely be something special.


  • Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey: Trey wins via Meteora – ***
  • Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw: Gisele wins via Knee Strike – ** ¼
  • Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace: Jordynne wins via Muscle Buster – **
  • IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More: Karl retains via Roll Up – ** ½
  • Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne: Ace wins via The Fold – ** ¾
  • Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley: Sabin wins via Cradle Shock – *****



Fatal 4 Way: Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Chris Bey

Early on the smaller men gang up on Maclin, which of course is the smart thing to do. Trey and Bey trade a few shots, Laredo tries to interject himself but Maclin comes back in and starts taking over. Wipes out most of the guys then they start trickling in for pinfall saves and each guy chopping at the bigger man. Trey does however go for a John Woo, misses and Tree of Woes himself to set up for Maclin’s Caught in the Crosshairs corner spear.

Action continues to be pretty fluid, Trey takes out Maclin, Bey looks for an Asai Moonsault, but turns it into the 5 Hole Dive that MCMG do when Laredo Kid dives through Bey’s legs. Then Bey hits the Asai Moonsault and Bey brings Laredo into the ring and tries to find a winning angle. Pop Up Cutter from Bey, but Trey saves it. A little back and forth, Trey goes to the top, misses the Meteora, but lands on his feet and manages a Running Meteora for the pinfall victory.

Trey beat Speedball before Slammiversary, so Speedball has some payback in his mind.

Rosemary vs Gisele Shaw

Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood are at the commentary desk for this match since Gisele did offer to fill in for an injured Madison for the Knockouts Tag rematch.

Rosemary controls Gisele early and then bends her backwards and bites her forehead. Gisele almost starts taking back over, but then Rosemary gets out of a headlock the Crazzy Steve way. Rosemary takes some control early until Gisele powders and tries to find a way back into the match. Commercial break brings us to Gisele taking Rosemary’s head off with a Lariat.

Now Gisele is in control, throws Rosemary into a corner and starts pandering for a photo op and posturing to The Influence. Gisele strings together a lot of corner attacks, whips her into the corner again and lays her out with a Flying European Uppercut. Gisele tries to hit the knee in the back of the head, but Rosemary moves and starts her comeback. Big Suplex from the corner and Rosemary keeps her down for 2. Rosemary is in control until Gisele hits and Oscutter out of nowhere for 2. Reverse DDT from Rosemary for another near fall and then The Influence is on the move. They ambush Taya, Rosemary tries to go for her Spear anyway and Shaw kills Rosemary with a great Knee Strike. Rosemary is out, Gisele wins.

A small beat down, and then The Influence pause in the ring for a little, before posing with Gisele and seemingly giving their mark of approval on her being in The Influence now.

Savannah Evans w/Tasha Steelz vs Jordynne Grace

Savannah bulldozes Jordynne into the corner, but the power game is pretty even here. Savannah has some height, but Jordynne is quicker. Jordynne manages to turn the tables on Savannah, up and over in the corner and whips her into the ropes while setting up behind her causing Evans to trip and fall. Savannah powders, Jordynne tries to break up the discussion, but after a quick flurry, Savannah hits an Apron Chokeslam and takes over.

After some back and forth, Jordynne takes back over and then Muscle Buster on Savannah Evans and its over!

IMPACT Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (c) w/James Storm vs Vincent & PCO w/ Honor No More

Karl and Vincent start things off, and corner to corner we see the Machine Gun in control, but a thumb to the eyes and quick strike give Vincent the chance to tag in PCO. French Canadian Frankenstein starts beating on Karl, throws him into the ropes, Vincent kicks him and it just pisses off Karl. But Karl getting distracted gives PCO the ambush chance and Karl is just getting rocked. Vincent tagged back in, quick strikes including a corner Facewash with the elbow, sliding Flatliner and PCO is back in.

PCO goes Splash into dropping DDT before hitting the middle rope Guillotine Leg Drop. LG has gotten no action while Karl is getting killed. Deanimator set up looks to take out Karl even further, and it hits! Vincent tags in, and finally Anderson Spinebuster gets LG a hot tag. Big Boot takes out PCO on the apron, Superkick and flying Big Man flattens Vincent, tag to Karl, Magic Killer set up…but PCO with the save. Satellite Russian Leg Sweep from Vincent, RedRUM misses and Karl scoops the Small Package for the win.

Immediately Honor No More attacks. Chris Harris slides in and Honor No More choose to jaw and tease him instead of attacking immediately. HEATH’s music hits before they can attack Harris, and he comes loaded with pipes. Harris and Heath lay out Honor No More with pipes, Wake Up Call from Heath, Pump Kick, Gun Stun and then only Taven is left. Last Call Superkick sends Taven to sleep.

Ace Austin w/Chris Bey vs Alex Zayne

Zayne tries to start immediately, but Ace takes a page from the Jay White book and powders right away. Ace stays a step ahead until a nice Flipping Bodyscissors out of the corner keeps Ace rolling and eating some kicks. Ace tries a top corner move and Zayne flips into a Headscissors for the advantage before commercial. Coming back Ace is in control after driving Zayne into the post.

Ace and Zayne trade, we see Zayne finally get the best of the situations. Cinnamon Twist or Crunchwrap Supreme are hinted at, but Ace rolls away. Zayne tries to get Ace in position for his Taco Driver, but Ace has all the answers. Big kicks and strikes, Ace goes for the Outside/In Avalanche Headscissors, but Zayne mostly flips the through it, but eats a Triangle Kick for his attempted counter. The Fold – gets countered with a Sauce Trigger! Ace powders, Moonsauce to take out Bey and Ace, but Bey grabs his foot before he can get back in, Ace keeps the referee distracted…THE FOLD as soon as Zayne is back in the ring and Bullet Club wins!

Battle of the Futures Redux: Frankie Kazarian vs Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

If this is as good as I anticipate…I may forget how to type. So fair warning if I get sucked in, this could be a short review.

We saw both men had a plan, Sabin went after Kaz’s legs early and often, where Kaz focused on the neck. There were great callbacks, classic moments, even the feint with the Flux Capacitor which is how Kaz won the original Battle of the Futures.

This was Brian Hebner’s final match, and hot damn was it a classic. Everything about this was great.

Overall Score: 9/10

Starting out hot with the X Division match, 2 solid Knockouts matches and a main event that could’ve easily been on any PPV over the last 20 years. This set the stage well for tomorrow’s Against All Odds and could’ve been one of the best Go Home episodes from any company in recent memory. Also it was really awesome getting the Raven vignette to hype the Clockwork Orange House of Fun.

My review of Against All Odds will be a little late since I had prior engagements because Fridays aren’t usually PPVs, but I’ll get to it on Saturday. Watch it live yourself, catch the run down Saturday, either way IMPACT is killin it with that TNA vibe. Maybe its time we go back to a certain 3 letters…a 6 sided ring, or hell, just announce Lethal Lockdown. Bring that back from the dead dammit!

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 6.23.2022

The Slammiversary good vibes don’t get long to last! Against All Odds is 9 days away so we have a card to build! How is year 21 starting for IMPACT?



Slammiversary did exactly what it was billed to do! It celebrated the 20 years of TNA/IMPACT, gave us some solid matches, historic moments and just an overall damn good time. With that said, IMPACT loves to run an IMPACT Plus event like a week and a half after all their big PPVs, so now we have to work on Against All Odds quickly!

Where do we go with Honor No More? Do The Good Brothers stick around for a while? Will we see more Davey Richards? Who will challenge the new Knockouts singles and tag champions? One thing that was dropped a little early was that Joe Doering will be challenging for the IMPACT World Heavyweight title at Against All Odds. So the 2-time AJPW Triple Crown Champion will look to add some western major titles to his trophy case.

Let’s see where all this goes!


  • Chelsea Green w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Mia Yim: Mia wins via Protect Ya Neck – ***
  • Bhupinder Gujjar & Shark Boy vs Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice: Gujjar wins via Gargoyle Spear – *
  • Deaner vs Josh Alexander: Josh wins via Grapevine Ankle Lock – * 1/2
  • Sami Callihan vs Jack Price: Sami wins via Cactus Driver ’97 – SQUASH
  • Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria) vs The Briscoes & James Storm: Honor No More wins via Proton Pack – *** 1/4



Well Honor No More opens the show, with Maria telling Rehwoldt and Tom to shut up, they have something to say. Mike Bennett grabs one of the cameras to be the personal cameraman to the address. Starts off with Mike admiring his wife first and then Eddie starts talking. Starts claiming that Honor No More is the only thing that should be cheered in this company. 

Eddie eventually gets to his point, takes a shot at THEY didn’t get pinned…well…one person did, and blames PCO. Vincent stops things before they blow up and starts going over the shenanigans that happened in the match, like it was a conspiracy. Taven is saying IMPACT! trends because of Honor No More. He punctuates it well talking about how ROH would’ve folded in 2019 if it weren’t for him. He didn’t kill Ring of Honor, he saved Impact Wrestling. America’s Most Wanted show up to break up the bitchin’. 

Storm implies that him and Harris look more like wrestlers than Honor No More, they look like bums. You can hear Taven say “You shop at the flea market, and we look like bums?” – that’s a pretty good chirp. Kenny King rips into both of them, pretty well. Harris actually wants to talk now and has a Bachelorette punchline, which isn’t terrible. Harris says they made new friends at Slammiversary, and The Good Brothers come out to back up AMW. The Babyface Beer Drinkers attack Honor No More even if they’re outnumbered. The Briscoes also come in to save Chris Harris since apparently he made some kind of promise to his family that he wouldn’t wrestle anymore. So Vincent and Mike try to stalk the “retired” guy, and we get Tag Team Royalty against Honor No More. 

Chelsea Green w/Deonna Purrazzo vs Mia Yim

Chelsea aggressively goes after Mia, looks to maybe pull off the double wristclutch Curb Stomp but turns it into more of a stretch. Takes things to the outside, and Mia slows down Chelsea with a snap German Suplex before the commercial. We come back to a float over Cradle pin attempt from Mia, and only 2. Mia goes for the stretch ontop of the knees, Chelsea rolls off, and starts taking things back over.

Chelsea takes Mia from corner to corner, Mia tries to slow things down with the Tarantula, but Chelsea slips out and Yakuza Kicks Mia careening onto the floor. A little fun assistance from Deonna by clearing off spots, so it gets across their new team chemistry, and Chelsea continues to stay on top. Chelsea is pretty dominant until a Back Elbow and Pele Kick give Mia and opening. John Woo into the corner, Cannonball for a near fall. Mia tries Eat Defeat, Chelsea avoids, Running Stomp and multiple pinfall attempts to try to wear down Mia.

Getting cocky, Chelsea tries an Eat Defeat, and Mia makes her pay, lights her up with a few kicks and then a Spirit Bomb for 2. Mia goes up, Deonna makes her presence actually felt with the push off, Mickie runs down to equalize the numbers. Chelsea tries the Unpretty-her, Mia counters and Protect Ya Neck, with Mickie and Mia standing tall.

Bhupinder Gujjar & Shark Boy vs Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Well I guess they stopped trying to give Gujjar a legit push and now he’s in a comedy tag match. Is this a way to try and get him some fan rub from Shark Boy? Maybe.

Goofy opening of course, Shark Boy gets in some of his classic offense before Swinger and Dice take a short cut to actually have a moment of competence. Shark Boy tags in Gujjar and Gujjar hot tag wrecking shop. Chummer from Shark Boy, Gargoyle Spear from Gujjar and no one is surprised.

Doering and Deaner charge the ring after the match and murder everyone in the match. We know Deaner faces Josh tonight and Doering has a title shot at Against All Odds. So the Josh Alexander call out, makes too much sense after the clearing. 

Even Stevie Wonder can see this breaks down, Doering sneaks Josh, a bit of a beatdown ensues. Joe kills a few security mooks and Josh demands the match now.

Deaner vs Josh Alexander

Deaner reassures Joe that he’s got it. Slides in, charges at the bell and then Josh blocks the attempt and starts taking it to Deaner. Deaner is getting dog walked, as we all expected. In typical fashion when they go to the outside, Deaner finds a quick shortcut to give him a tiny hope spot, but come on now.

There hasn’t been a lot of offense for Deaner, just a lot of avoiding signature spots from Josh. Triplicate Germans, Deaner tries to squirm away from a few Ankle Lock attempts until Deaner takes a small window, tries the Deaner DDT, but Josh blocks, Deaner follows down with no one and Grapevines the Ankle Lock for the win.

Kaz has an interview segment, where he calls out Chris Sabin to finally settle that score of the Future. 

Sami Callihan vs Jack Price

So the Gut Check winner gets a match after Sami comes off a psychotic win in the Monster’s Ball? Okay…so this is an extended Squash probably?

Ya Sami plays with his food early, Cactus Driver ’97 and the game is over.

Moose comes out and hits the Lights Out as Sami comes off the turnbuckle from his celebration. So I guess this feud ain’t over yet. Moose lays out Sami with a chairshot and Uranage through the table. 

For the first time since Hard Justice 2005, CLOCKWORK ORANGE HOUSE OF FUN! 

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett w/Maria) vs The Briscoes & James Storm

Mark and Taven start things off, with Taven taking early control. It’s a very ROH start to the match as Taven tags in Mike and starts trading chops with the Sussex County Chicken! You don’t throw chops with a chicken farmer! Mark wins the trade, brings in Jay and Mike gets flattened in the corner.

Eddie gets in and starts taking it to Jay before Jimmy James Storm comes in for the hottness and dumps everyone. James sets it up, so Jay hits a pile dive, Mark with the Corkscrew Moonsault into the bodies as Storm hypes in the ring. Storm ain’t diving…he’s old, maybe drunk, you stop it. Commercial break, Storm is taking it to Eddie, Eddie tries to dump Storm out, Skin the Cat, clocks Eddie, Wreckingball Dropkick to Mike on the outside and Storm is fighting off all 3 members before Mike finally lands a shot and Storm is on the receiving end.

Honor No More does a fantastic job singling Storm out and wearing him down. They even distract the referee so he misses the tag, The Briscoes are irate as Matt Taven and Eddie Edwards and beating on Storm. Storm with the desperation Backbreaker, brings in some Redneck Kung Fu dude, and he lights up OGK like the dummy in 3 Ninjas. Jay flies in for the corner Splash, assisted Neckbreaker for 2 on Bennett as Taven breaks it up. Triple team from Honor No More 0n Mark but he barely kicks.

Storm hits the Last Call Super Kick on Eddie, then he gets taken out, Jay takes out Taven, Death Valley Driver on Bennet, Mark goes for the Froggy Bow but Taven trips him, Proton Pack and Honor No More win!

PCO, Kenny and Vincent come down for the beatdown, The Good Brothers make good on the back up they promised, but HNM just has too many people. They look to dissect Mark Briscoe the same way they took out Rhino and Heath. The ankle Con-CHAIR-to about four times on Mark. Taven has a great line to Mark saying “You backed the wrong Cowboy, you were one of us”. 

Overall Score: 8/10

This built off the Pay-Per-View beautifully. It extended some feuds since we have Against All Odds in like 9 days, created logical new wrinkles and even gives us a little more nostalgia with the Clockwork Orange House of Fun and this potential Chris Harris lacing them up again story. Oh also not to be overshadowed, we may finally get a resolution to the Battle of the Futures, the last one was shaping up to be special…lets hope they continue that.

Also, for the first time in months, the Knockouts Division feels interesting. Deonna and Chelsea are an interesting heel duo, Gisele gets a little space to potentially shine and Tasha running her mouth in the promo to hype Savannah is where she should be. If its anything that should be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt, Tasha is not singles material (currently). Keep her in a tag team, keep her talking…but her work is still greener than a Ninja Turtle with the flu.

Lots of stuff to enjoy and bring you back for next week. Very good episode.

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