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Andrew’s WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Match Ratings & Results

Money in the Bank Die Hard style! Who gets Hans Gruber’d? Do we even care?!?



Well we can all look at this Money in the Bank a few different ways. Not everyone felt comfortable showing up for work, so they’re making due with what they have (we can all relate there). Also, WWE is trying something a little different and we always ask for more creativity.

I’m not so much concerned about the main attraction; it’s the rest that falls a little flat to my intrigue.

Full disclosure, I think I’ve only seen two TV episodes between Mania and Money in the Bank; so I’m definitely not the most engaged in any of what’s going on. But hey, let’s see what we get to work with!


  • Kickoff Show: Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro: Hardy wins via Swanton Bomb @13:30 – *** ¼
  • SmackDown Tag Team Titles: Lucha House Party vs The New Day (c) vs Miz & Morrison vs The Forgotten Sons: Big E retains via Big Ending @12:00 – ** ½
  • R-Truth vs MVP Bobby Lashley: Lashley won via Spear @1:40 – N/A
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) w/Sasha Banks vs Tamina: Bayley retains via Crucifix Pin @10:30 – *
  • WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt: Strowman retains via Running Powerslam @10:55 – *
  • WWE Championship: Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (c): McIntyre retains via Claymore @19:20 – *** ½
  • Money in the Bank: Die Hard Dash for the Cash: Asuka and Otis win @27:15 – ****



Kickoff Show: Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

Cesaro is a quality workhorse, and Hardy tends to be solid when he’s not drunk or high…so let’s see what kind of thing we get for the Kickoff Show!

This was a really good match to start things off. Cesaro was dominating with his power, technique and just generally impeccable wrestling style. Hardy however played the classics and continued to be resilient. A few daring enough spots, for Hardy helped to pull him back into the match. A Whisper in the Wind, a dive after walking the barricade, and Swanton Bomb gets Hardy on the right track.

Always a little frustrating to see Cesaro as the king of enhancement – but I do appreciate good matches.

SmackDown Tag Team Titles: Lucha House Party vs The New Day (c) vs Miz & Morrison vs The Forgotten Sons

Now I haven’t been actively keeping up with WWE, but let’s be honest…it’s not really needed. My only real curiosity is if they ever made Lucha House Party look like a real threat. Since, I have no love or tolerance for that team of no personality imbeciles.

As for the match, it happened. Typical run around knock people down, a few spots and then Jaxon Ryker low bridged Big E to try and give the Forgotten Sons an advantage. The referee then kicks out Ryker, in a No Disqualification match, and it was worthless. All it does was distract a pile of people enough for the Luchas to do a spot and then lose the match.

My only takeaway here is that New Day won via Big E’s singles finisher and not a tag team move. So I wonder if making the Big Ending look strong is playing towards the future.

R-Truth vs MVP Bobby Lashley

R-Truth and MVP have a little bit of back and forth comedy, before MVP reveals his insurance policy. Lashley comes out to replace MVP, Truth inadvertently slaps him…and then proceeds to get murdered. Poor Truth.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) w/Sasha Banks vs Tamina

Go home WWE, you’re drunk. Tamina has always been bad or injured, and since she isn’t injured…there we go. This match was slightly better than expected, but when you’re expecting a dumpster fire wrapped in a dirty diaper – there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Bayley wins, because of Sasha, and I’m assuming the crowd response would’ve been similar even if there were people. Ugh.

WWE Universal Championship: Braun Strowman (c) vs Bray Wyatt

So there’s this guy, Nolan Ryan, and he’s got a fastball – what? Oh am I supposed to care? Bray has been trying to convince Braun to comeback, which protects him from The Fiend’s wrath. So we all know Braun is going to win and then have to face The Fiend. That’s the real match.

Hey look…that happened in an awkward, clunky, heavily gimmicked match. It had a few entertaining elements, especially when the puppets got involved, but this was a great time for snacks.

WWE Championship: Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (c)

So Seth’s Monday Night Messiah gimmick is wearing a bit thin, since his ranks of followers are looking equally as thin. Drew gets one of the top heels and at least a proven opponent for his first PPV defense. Anyone who has seen or heard my opinions on Rollins knows I don’t care for him at all, but his matches are usually at least tolerable.

Drew took a great beating during this. Multiple kick outs at 1, even kicking out of a Curb Stomp. Seth countered the first Claymore attempt with a Superkick, but couldn’t finish off the champion. Stomp counter, into a misdirect and then a Claymore out of nowhere keeps the belt on the Scottish Terminator.

Not a bad match, but definitely lacked something. I’m happy with the finish, but it was a fine match all around.

The R-Truth interview was better than most of this show so far.

Money in the Bank: Die Hard Dash for the Cash

Well I don’t really know what to call this besides…HECKIN ENTERTAINMENT! I loved how Asuka wiped out the women early and then danced into the elevator for a good portion of time. Bruce Prichard and Johnny Ace cameos were a nice touch. Daniel Bryan and AJ acting like scolded children when they went into Vince’s office was great. Yes yes, I was saving the Heyman bit for last since that was fantastic, poor Rey Rey getting sandwiched between Nia and Otis. It really wasn’t Mysterio’s night.

A few quick negatives would be; I wanted Asuka to mop the floor and then put down the wet floor sign, so we could get the slipping comedy there, and yes; Baron Corbin trying to stop Asuka from grabbing her briefcase made negative sense (beyond him just being an ass). Though I’m also not sure if he murdered Rey and Aleister. So there’s a lot of question marks revolving around Corbin.

The finish for both sides was nice, Lacey’s punch looked like a million dollars and Otis had the longest set up of the year. Between all the times he caught Mandy Rose, and everything that happened, he was bound to catch stuff. I mean he ate 2 ladder shots, a Phenomenal Forearm, Seated Senton, Black Mass and a hoagie during the food fight. The man is a dynamo with his hands, Mandy is one lucky girl.


Overall Score: 5.5/10

As you can see, overall, the show wasn’t offensive and a shade above average. There were some throw away matches that felt like they should’ve been on TV and not PPV, but they also have to work with who shows up to work (much like all of our jobs). With what they had to work with, it wasn’t awful.

Let’s also not overlook the fact that the show ended before 9:45pm eastern time. The fact that the card clocked in at less than 3 hours, not counting the Kickoff, that’s pretty awesome.

Will people be disappointed? Of course. Will people think the show was awful because the finishes weren’t how they’d like? DUH! Was it terrible? No, objectively it wasn’t.

Some things worked, a lot fell flat, but you are someone who hates fun if the campy aspect of the main event didn’t tickle you. Not a classic show for the ages, but decent enough entertainment for a Sunday night in quarantine.

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