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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (5/19/20)

Another Double Dark ahead of Double or Nothing!



AEW Dark Coverage

Dark doubles down on the action!

Double or Nothing is coming and AEW is only speeding up! Twice the action for two weeks in a row, who keeps strong before going for it all?


  • Hikaru Shida VS Dani Jordyn; Shida wins.
  • QT Marshall VS Clutch Adams; Marshall wins.
  • Marko Stunt VS Jason Cade; Stunt wins.
  • The Superbad Squad VS Musa & Lee Johnson; The Superbad Squad wins.
  • Fenix VS Shawn Dean; Fenix wins.
  • Luther VS Jon Cruz; Luther wins.
  • Private Party VS Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed; Private Party wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS Alan Angels; Guevara wins.
  • Darby Allin VS Serpentico; Allin wins.


Hikaru Shida VS Dani Jordyn!

The Samurai of Stardom is THE #1 Contender to the AEW Women’s World Championship! Will she stay strong towards what is now a No Disqualifications match?

The bell rings and Dani circles with Shida. They tie up and Dani pushes Shida away, showing that “Real Mean Girl Strength.” They tie up again, Shida headlocks but Dani powers out. The two collide but neither falls, so they go again. Another shoulder collision but still neither falls. They both go and collide, Shida rebounds to run Dani over! Shida keeps moving, jumps over Dani but Dani whips to arm-drag her down. Dani runs in but Shida boots from the corner and reels Dani in for a scoop and backbreaker! Shida drags Dani to the apron, clubs her on the back, and KNEES her back in! Shida fires up but hopes we’re all staying home and staying safe. She then goes back to the ring, counter punches Dani away, but Dani kicks her back and DRAPING DDTs her down! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives that next level DDT, but Dani hits a bridging FUJIWARA!

Shida endures as Dani cranks on the arm, and the two roll. Dani throws forearms and haymakers then eggs Shida on. Shida forearms back! Shida has Dani on the ropes but the ref counts. Shida lets up at 4 to whip, but Dani reverses to mule kick. Shida avoids the next kick to kick and whip back. Dani ends up in a corner, Shida runs in for the BIG knee! Shida rolls Dani then hops up top for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Dani survives but Shida is fired up. Shida drags Dani up, reels her in and tries to suplex but Dani blocks and reverses. Dani gets around to a waistlock but Shida standing switches. Dani elbows and switches back, but Shida flails free. ENZIGURI! But Dani comes back to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Shida is up to SHINING WIZARD!! Cover, TWO!?! Dani survives again but Shida just grits her teeth. Shida drags Dani up again, reels her in, but Dani breaks free to ROCK her with a right! Dani runs, into another KNEE! And then a FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The #1 Contender is still going strong, and she’ll have to be strong to defeat the Native Beast! Will No Disqualifications help or hurt Shida’s chances against Nyla Rose?


QT Marshall VS Clutch Adams!

The Natural Nightmares may be out of commission while Dustin Rhodes recovers, but God’s Gift to Wrestling will hold it down for his team. But will Clutch’s debut grind QT’s gears and bring his momentum to a halt?

The bell rings and QT circles with Clutch. They tie up, QT powers Clutch to a corner and the ref calls for the break. Clutch kicks the bad ribs, knowing Lance Archer did a number on QT before. Clutch boasts to the cameras, “You can’t! Touch! Clutch!” But then he turns around into QT’s uppercut! Clutch flounders to a corner and QT is on him with a wrench and shoulders. QT rams Clutch again then brings him around for another wrench. Clutch knees low then rams QT into the corner. Clutch rams his shoulder in then stomps away on QT! The ref counts but Clutch tops it off with a jumping stomp. But QT turns things around to throw hands and CHOPS! QT whips, Clutch dodges but QT catches Clutch and pops him up to a suplex! Clutch asks for forgiveness but throws QT out of the ring. QT lands on his feet, shoulders back in and slingshots up and over. QT comes back but gets a kitchen sink knee! Clutch covers, ONE!

Clutch keeps on QT with more stomps to the bad ribs. QT gets away but Clutch drags him up for a suplex of his own. Clutch hangs QT out to dry and QT flops down. Cover, ONE and Clutch grows frustrated. Clutch mocks QT and goes after him, but QT throws forearms. Clutch kicks low again then whips corner to corner hard! QT hits buckles and Clutch runs in, but QT elbows him away! Clutch runs back at QT but gets tossed onto the ramp! Clutch clutches his back from landing on the solid ramp and QT hurries over. Clutch sucker punches QT but QT clotheslines Clutch into the ring! QT unloads jabs and a clothesline, then whips Clutch to ropes. Clutch kicks back, but he walks into a lethal combination! QT fires up as Clutch flounders to his feet. QT brings him in but Clutch rams QT into the corner again! Clutch brings QT out, back suplex to a facebuster! QT sits up and Clutch fireman’s carries. But QT slips out to hit a CUTTER! Cover, QT wins!

Winner: QT Marshall, by pinfall

Banged up and without back-up, QT still wins! Will QT keep racking them up in Dustin’s absence?


Marko Stunt VS Jason Cade!

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus were back in a big way last Wednesday, even though they lost to Best Friends. Can the littlest dinosaur bring the trio back up on his own?

The bell rings and Cade ties up with Stunt and puts him in a corner. Cade slaps Stunt as he backs off, but Stunt goes after him with furious fists! Stunt hammers Cade out of the ring then builds speed to slide. Cade slides in but Stunt slingshots and dropkicks back! Stunt slingshots to sunset flip but Cade slips out, to get a KNEE! Cover, TWO! Stunt runs at Cade in a corner but misses. Cade runs back in but Stunt slips between ropes! Cade only gets buckles, then Stunt springboard elbow drops! Cover, TWO! Cade wants a timeout but Stunt is after him. The ref backs Stunt off, and Cade hotshots Stunt off the ropes! Cade gets in and drags Stunt up to put him in a corner for furious fists! The ref reprimands and Cade lets off, only to dig his boot into Stunt’s face. The ref backs Cade off, and Stunt kicks back! Stunt goes to chop but gets ROCKED instead!

Cade glares down at Stunt then drags him up for knees. Cade taunts Stunt but Stunt chops back! Cade kicks Stunt down then whips him hard into a corner! Stunt hits buckles then the mat, and Cade raises his hands like he’s won. Stunt hits back with forearms and CHOPS! Stunt is furious but Cade kicks low and ROCKS him again! Cade drags Stunt up but Stunt fights back! Stunt whips, Cade reverses and hits a back elbow in the corner. Cade goes corner to corner but Stunt evades again. Stunt returns but misses and Cade hoists Stunt up top. Stunt kicks back but Cade mule kicks, forear,s and DRAPING DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Stunt still lives! Cade can’t believe it! Stunt’s nose is bleeding and eyes are glazed, but Cade drags him to a foreman’s carry. Pop up, to a POISON RANA!! Stunt springboard huricanranas Cade out, then DIVES! Direct hit with the Fun Size Suicida!

Stunt puts Cade back in the ring, hurries after, but runs into a boot! Cade goes up, but Stunt CHOPS him on the back! And gets Cade in a CRUCIFIX BOMB!! Stunt goes up top and hits a Fun Size 450!! Cover, Stunt wins!!

Winner: Marko Stunt, by pinfall

The smallest dinosaur just put up a big fight and gets a big victory! Will Stunt and the Jurassic Express all be able to rebound after Double or Nothing?


The Superbad Squad VS Musa & Lee Johnson!

Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc lost a No Holds Barred Tag Team Match to Best Friends, but have rebounded individually. Will their second outing as a team be successful against Fearless and #BigShotty?

The teams sort out and Johnson starts against Sabian. They circle, tie up and go around. Sabian gets a wristlock but Johnson rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Johnson hammerlocks but Sabian sits down, rolls and reverses. Johnson pries the hold apart to wrench back, but Kip rolls, handsprings and wrenches again. Sabian wrings Johnson to a form of La Magistrol, TWO! Johnson headscissors back but Sabian works up and around to handstand and pop free. Sabian gets the headlock and grinds Johnson down. Johnson fights up but Sabian shifts to a wristlock. Havoc tags in and he throws body shots on Johnson with fury! Sabian was hoping it was gonna be a hand-off, but Havoc is just stomping away on Johnson! Penelope even reminds Havoc of the rules, and he lets up at 4. Havoc ROCKS Johnson with that right, then fisherman EXPLODERS!

Musa tags in and Havoc apologizes for what he did to Johnson. Havoc offers a handshake to Musa and Musa takes it. This is surprisingly clean, and then Havoc ties up with Musa to DECK him! Havoc bumps Musa off buckles and stomps away again! The ref counts but Havoc tags Sabian. Sabian says it’s fine, he just brings Musa up to headlock. Musa powers out but Sabian ducks, dodges and hurdles. He stumbles but slides to shove and calf kick! Penelope cheers her Superbad fiance as he brings Musa up for another whip. Musa reverses and sends Sabian to a corner. Sabian puts Musa on the apron but Musa counter punches! Musa shoulders in, slingshots up and over then rolls but Sabian dodges. Musa huricanranas and dropkicks Sabian down! Sabian gets to an open corner but Johnson tags in. Musa hits a running uppercut, Johnson pushes and uppercuts Sabian, then dropkicks him down! Cover, ONE!

Johnson drags Sabian over to tag in Musa. They mug Sabian and Havoc protests. The ref keeps Havoc back and this allows Sabian to RAKE the eyes! Sabian tags in Havoc and they mug Musa. Havoc cravats and snapmares Musa to then clamp on a neck wrench. Musa endures as Havoc hooks and claws while the ref is looking elsewhere. Havoc elbows Musa in the head over and over, then drags him over to Sabian. Sabian tags in, the Superbad Squad double whips, and then pop-up atomic drop and shotgun dropkick! Sabian has a cocky standing cover, TWO! Sabian drags Musa up as Johnson rallies up for his partner. Sabian cravats and cranks but Musa endures. Havoc tags in and they mug Musa more. Havoc throws more heavy rights on Musa then puts some stank on his… feint. Musa falls for it and Havoc tags in Sabian. Musa peeks and Havoc shows deuces. And then Sabian ROUNDHOUSES Musa into the eye poke! The ref reprimands but the Superbad Squad claims “incidental contact.”

Sabian drags Musa up but Musa fights back with body shots! Musa throws a kick but Sabian blocks to KNEE back! Penelpoe applauds as Sabian dusts himself off. Sabian drags Musa up, tags Havoc in, and the hand-off results in a snapmare and a PENALTY KICK! The Superbad Squad looks to the ref on the call, and the ref says the “field goal” was wide left. Boo…! But Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc drags Musa up and cranks on the facelock for a half hatch suplex! Havoc stands on Musa’s face and grinds his sole in! He drags Musa up to BITE the ear!! The ref reprimands but Havoc drags Musa up to tag Sabian in. Havoc whips Sabian for Sabian to whip Havoc, but Musa boots back! Musa puts Sabian on the apron and elbows him down! Musa dodges Havoc but Havoc gets a leg! Musa rolls and throws Havoc into buckles! Both men are down, but Musa hurries and hot tags Johnson! Johnson dropkicks Sabian for good measure, then uppercuts Havoc!

Johnson forearms and whips Havoc corner to corner to hit a BIG corner clothesline! And a snap suplex! And a kip up! Johnson fires up as Havoc sits up, for a CALF KICK! Cover, TWO!! Havoc survives and dodges Johnson, for an ACID RAIN MAKER! And a LIFTING DDT! Cover, The Superbad Squad wins!

Winners: The Superbad Squad, by pinfall

Havoc checks on Sabian who took quite a shot at the end there. The squad still wins, but will they be able to continue into the Spring?


Fenix VS Shawn Dean!

Death Triangle’s Firebird made his return by blindsiding The Sloth, and will now have to face him 1v1 this Wednesday! Will The Captain be able to slow Fenix down this close to the Casino Ladder Match?

The bell rings and Fenix circles with Dean. They tie up, Fenix steps through to go after the arm but Dean resists. Fenix still gets the wristlock and shifts around to a hammerlock. Fenix wants the other arm, too, but Dean reaches back to headlock. Dean facelocks, hammerlocks, headlocks and grinds Fenix down. Fenix endures and fights up to throw body shots. Fenix wrenches back to a wristlock but Dean cartwheels and reverses. Fenix uses a kip up as a way out, but Dean dropkicks him down! Dean salutes Fenix then runs, but Fenix follows, tiger feints and HEEL KICKS! Fenix clubs and hammers Dean at the ropes then goes for more ground ‘n’ pound. Dean fights back but Fenix gets the cross armbreaker! Dean gets a ropebreak with his legs and the ref counts. Fenix lets up at 4, but tells the ref he should use Spanish next time so Fenix knows.

Fenix goes after Dean again with forearms, then shoves him to ropes for a CHOP! Dean clutches his chest and drops to his knees, but Fenix brings him up for a suplex. But Dean suplexes back! Fenix fights out but gets a KNEE in the corner! Fenix blocks the enziguri, hops up, but gets a gamangiri! Fenix tumbles out hard, and Dean FLIES! Both men crash into the railing, but Dean fights through the pain to salute again. Dean drags Fenix up but Fenix pushes him away. Dean CHOPS Fenix back, then puts him in the ring. Fenix tiger feints away from that, but Dean comes back. Fenix enziguris, slingshots and dropkicks Dean into ropes! Fenix clamps onto Dean with a trapped-arm chinlock, and then pulls on a leg! Dean endures, Fenix changes to a fireman’s carry, but Dean fights free. Dean swings, but into a ripcord ROUNDHOUSE!

Fenix runs, but Dean dodges. Fenix tiger feints again to CHOP back! Fenix slingshots, into underhooks and a BOMB! Cover, ONE?!? Dean is shocked that Fenix lives, and he DECKS Fenix with a forearm! Fenix eggs Dean on, so Dean throws more forearms. Fenix keeps getting up and shouts, “Gimme a good one!” Dean takes off his elbow pad and throws a BIG forearm, but Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK back! Fenix runs corner to corner at Dean for a springboard sobat! He hoists Dean up top, brings him in, KINNIKUMAN BUSTER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Fenix, by pinfall

Another victory for Fenix keeps Death Triangle strong! But will Fenix burn down Freshly Squeezed and the entire Casino Ladder field to become #1 contender?


Luther VS Jon Cruz!

Though the death dealer tasted defeat just last episode, it was in a No Disqualification match where the Superbad Squad all worked together. But excuses aside, it is on Luther to rebound! Will he do so with so many opportunities on the horizon?

The bell rings and Luther circles with Cruz. Luther haymakers away and puts Cruz on the ropes to CHOP! Luther stand Cruz up to CHOP again, then looms over him. Luther CHOPS again, stalks Cruz around the way, and then Luther shouts at his own hand to let him work. Cruz dodges Luther and fires off hands back! Cruz runs, but into a pop-up KNEE! Luther whips Cruz and BOOTS him down! Luther kicks Cruz while he’s down then brings him back up to bump off buckles. Luther forearms away on Cruz’s back then rams his shoulder in. The ref reprimands but Luther shouts at him. They argue, Luther whips Cruz and LARIATS him upside-down! “That’s how you do it!!” The original death dealer chokes Cruz on the ropes and hooks the mouth! Luther lets up to drag Cruz up, just to throw him out. Luther goes out and brings Cruz up for a scoop and slam into the barriers! Cruz writhes while Luther mocks the ring count.

Luther puts Cruz in and pulls on his hair, ears and beard just to toy with him. Cruz tries to get away but Luther drags Cruz back into the ring. Luther clubs and scoops Cruz for a backbreaker! Luther stretches Cruz across his knee but Cruz refuses to quit. Luther is convinced Cruz gave up but that’s not what the ref heard. Cruz gets to a corner and Luther digs his boot in. Luther lets up at 4 to bring Cruz up. Luther whips Cruz corner to corner but Cruz boots back! Cruz boots again then runs to throw forearms! Cruz tries to scoop but Luther clubs him down! Luther drags Cruz up, reels him in, and hits a swinging inverted suplex! Luther drags Cruz into the FISH HOOK CAMEL CLUTCH! Cruz taps, Luther wins!

Winner: Luther, by submission

The ruthless red-eyed lover of lethal leaves Cruz wishing he just left the ring. Will Luther look to leave all of AEW feeling ill?


Private Party VS Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed!

Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy had a great time in their return last week, especially since they won. But will the Remarkable Rembrandt and #TheUpgrade redeem themselves tonight?

The teams sort out and we start with Rembrandt and Quen. Quen and Rembrandt tie up, Quen waistlocks and slams Rembrandt down. Rembrandt backs off fast and comes back to circle with Quen again. They tie up, Quen facelocks but Rembrandt wrenches free. Quen handstands and huricanranas to then dropkick Rembrandt hard! Quen facelocks again and tags in Kassidy. Private Party double whips, crisscrosses, but Rembrandt sends them into each other. Quen catches and spins Kassidy, then helps him go up and around to huricanrana Rembrandt into ropes! Private Party want to Kid ‘n’ Play but Reed runs in. Private Party leap frogs and calf kicks Reed down! Kassidy brushes himself off while Rembrandt returns. Kassidy facelocks and CHOPS Rembrandt, then kick hops it. Kassidy throws body shots and whips but Rembrandt reverses. Reed swipes Kassidy but Kassidy hits Rembrandt away. Kassidy goes out, mule kicks Reed, but Rembrandt hotshots Kassidy down!

Quen kicks Rembrandt for that and the two start brawling. Quen CHOPS Rembrandt then argues with the ref. Rembrandt goes after Kassidy but Kassidy resists the suplex. Kassidy slips out, waistlocks, but Rembrandt standing switches. Rembrandt ducks the elbow to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO! Rembrandt keeps Kassidy down with a hammerlock. He cranks on the arm and drags Kassidy up to bring him over. Tag to Reed and Reed wrenches to a Russian Leg Sweep LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Reed brings Kassidy back up and throws a BIG uppercut! Reed taunts Kassidy and brings him up again. Tag to Rembrandt and Reed whips Kassidy for an atomic drop. Rembrandt KNEES Kassidy down and covers, TWO! Rembrandt keeps his focus as he drags Kassidy up. He brings Kassidy over again and Reed tags in. Rembrandt and Reed mug Kassidy then double whip. Kassidy goes up and over and over to hot tag Quen!

Rembrandt runs in but is rolled into Reed a la wheelbarrow. Quen uses Rembrandt to step up for the enziguri on Reed! Rembrandt gets back up but Quen kicks and PELES! Quen watches Rembrandt regroup with Reed before he PESCADOS! Quen puts Rembrandt in the ring and kicks and elbows him to the corner. Tag to Kassidy and Quen whips Rembrandt. Rembrandt reverses but Quen slides under to pump handle trap him. Kassidy runs to step stool into the throwback STUNNER! Kassidy holds Rembrandt in place for Quen to flip up and KICK back! Then Private Party works together for SLICED BREAD! Cover but Reed breaks it! Quen dynamic dropkicks Reed but Reed throws Quen out. Kassidy runs in, SILLY STRING DDT!! Cover, but Reed isn’t legal! Rembrandt runs in, but he gets an enziguri and springboard facebuster! Private Party coordinate and Kassidy goes up. SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Private Party wins!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

No need for Gin ‘n’ Juice, save that for the party backstage! Will Quen and Kassidy keep climbing back up to get back towards the AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Sammy Guevara VS Alan Angels!

The Spanish God prepares for war alongside the Inner Circle in the first-ever Stadium Stampede match! Will he clip Angels wings to show how ready he is to defeat The Elite?

The bell rings and Sammy already lounges on the top rope. Angels waits so Sammy hops down to circle with him. Angels says Sammy doesn’t impress anyone, he’s just a punk. Sammy pie faces Angels and dares him to back all that up. They tie up, go around and end up on the ropes. The ref counts, Sammy drags Angels off to a headlock and grinds him down. Sammy shifts to a hammerlock then waistlock and slams Angels down. Sammy floats all over Angels, lounges, and then waistlocks again. Angels fights up and reverses to a wristlock. Sammy spins, flips and wrenches back. Angels rolls, rolls, and trips Sammy up. Angels glares at Sammy and then speeds things up. Sammy leaps up and flips over to dropkick Angels down! Sammy kips up and takes a bow for those watching at home, before hitting a Sammyrooni. Sammy smiles but Angels CHOPS him! Sammy knees back and CHOPS Angels down! Sammy snap suplexes and floats over, TWO! He drags Angels up by his beard and back suplexes, but Angels slips out to land on his feet.

Angels kicks, kicks and runs, to roll off Sammy’s back for an arm-drag takedown! And into a CROSSFACE! Sammy scrambles around and rolls back, TWO! Sammy gets up, Angels dodges and dropkicks him down! Angels mocks the Sammyrooni but admits he isn’t very good at break dancing. Sammy drops an elbow but misses! Angels stalks Sammy to ROCK him with a left! Angels runs, ducks, and springboards, into a KNEE! Sammy swaggers about and slicks back his hair, convinced that he’s got this done. Sammy drags Angels up to club him down! Sammy toys with Angels now and puts him on the ropes. He stands on Angels to choke him but the ref counts. Sammy jumps off at 4, and runs back in to kick the ropes! The ropes jam Angels and Sammy tells commentary to say how great he is. Angels throws body shots but Sammy throws hands. Sammy fireman’s carries and shows off with squats. Angels turns the squats into a crucifix roll-up! TWO and Sammy LARIATS Angels down!

Sammy stomps Angels’ arm before bringing him back up for a stalling suplex. Sammy holds Angels up and marches around before dropping Angels down! Sammy goes up top and aims, only to hop down. Angels blocks the slap! Angels ROCKS Sammy but Sammy CHOPS back! Angels CHOPS but Sammy CHOPS! Angels kicks and punches but Sammy dodges the roundhouse to BACK HAND! But Angels HEEL KICKS! Both men fall to the mat! A standing count begins but both men stir. Sammy stands at 3 but Angels is at the ropes at 4. Sammy swings, Angels dodges and rallies with forearms! Angels fires off a strike fest and enziguris! Angels handsprings and runs, but into a waistlock and shove. Angels goes out to the apron to enziguri! And step-in SHOTGUN! Angels kips up and fires up as he reels Sammy in! Sammy fights out of the fireman’s carry, pushes and goes perpendicular, KNEE! Sammy torture racks, for the GTH, Go To Hospital! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Angels falls to the Spanish God, and now Sammy is ready for Double or Nothing! Will the #BestEver and the Inner Circle be victorious in the first-ever Stadium Stampede?


Darby Allin VS Serpentico!

The undead daredevil hasn’t been in the mood to hear Taz try and give him advice after the last second loss to Cody Rhodes in the TNT Championship Tournament. But will he be able to rebound against the debuting #SNAKEMAN?

The bell rings and Serpentico steps to Darby. They tie up, go around, and Darby headlocks to a takeover. Serpentico fights up and tries to power out but Darby holds on tight. Darby hits another headlock takeover but Serpentico scrambles to the ropes. Serpentico gets a ropebreak with the legs but Darby doesn’t let go until 4. Serpentico gets up and circles with Darby again. They tie up, Serpentico gets the arm to wrench to a shoulder breaker. Darby rolls but Serpentico wrangles him back down. Darby fights up, breaks free and bumps shoulders, then things speed up. Serpentico stays low but Darby springboards and arm-drags! Darby goes after Serpentico in the corner, but Serpentico claws his eyes! Serpentico KNEES Darby out of the ring! Serpentico goes out to fetch Darby and whips him hard into steel steps! Darby writhes but Serpentico drags him up. Serpentico puts Darby in then slingshot stomps him down! Cover, TWO!

Serpentico rains down rights on Darby then looms over him. Darby hits back but Serpentico ROCKS him with a right. Serpentico goes to the apron and bumps Darby off the buckles. He grinds Darby’s face on the ropes then steps in for a CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Serpentico goes to the corner and runs back in, but Darby uses the ref as a shield! Darby sucker punches Serpentico then fires off on him in the corner! Darby runs into a boot, but he SHORYUKENS Serpentico up top! Darby climbs up to join Serpentico and hits a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Serpentico survives but both men slowly stir. Darby throws forearms and whips but Serpentico reverses. Serpentico catches the trust fall but Darby goes after the wrist! Serpentico clubs Darby on the back then runs, only for Darby to TOSS Serpentico out of the ring! Serpentico crashes into barriers and Darby goes up top, for a SUPER COFFIN DROP!

Both men are down on the outside but Darby gets up first. Darby puts Serpentico in the ring and drags Serpentico from the corner. Darby hooks up the legs, throws Serpentico, LAST SUPPER! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Darby redeems himself with the figure four leg clutch, and now he’s on track for something big come Double or Nothing! Will Darby prove he’s just fine on his own in the Casino Ladder Match?


My Thoughts:

I’m not sure “double” was enough to describe this episode clocking in at 87 minutes! But it works out since this is AEW Dark’s go-home before Double or Nothing this Saturday. Shida’s opener was a good one, but Dasha is going to drive me crazy with how she says “Hikaru.” Has no one, not even Hikaru herself, corrected Dasha on this? That alone might be a reason Hikaru won’t win. QT and Marko got good wins, but Marko always seems to take so much damage, even in a filler match. Marko really is the biggest underdog in wrestling anywhere in the world. The Superbad Squad had a good tag match but I hope Sabian isn’t legitimately hurt. He didn’t respond to Johnson’s baseball slide dropkick, maybe he got his bell rung by Musa’s elbow during the tag sequence. That duo just got into a groove, so it’d be a shame if they had to slow down.

Fenix got a good match out of Shawn Dean, Luther is still very, very odd as a character, and Private Party had a really good match but with a sloppy ending. Maybe Rembrandt and Reed are still finding their flow at the same time Quen and Kassidy are still shaking off ring rust. Alan Angels continues to give great matches even in losing, and that only helps make Sammy look even better. The Stadium Stampede match is going to be great, and I can’t wait to see how Dynamite handles the go-home segment for that. And while Serpentico will tell you (on his Twitter) that he isn’t Jon Cruz and vice-versa, we all know Dark is recorded and not live, so the man behind the mask could be pulling double duty this episode. Either way, he gave Darby a much better match than Cruz gives Luther or other opponents. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Serpentico instead. And Darby winning means he’s going into the Casino Ladder Match strong, but I can’t be sure his chances given how that match works. We can expect at least one Coffin Drop from atop a ladder, that much I know.

My Score: 8.1/10

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