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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (5/26/20)

Dark’s doubled down again!



AEW Dark Coverage

Dark is big and bold once again!

In the aftermath of Double or Nothing, Dark is going big again! Debuts and first-time-ever matches up and down the card, who comes out ahead?


  • The Natural Nightmares VS The Beaver Boys; The Natural Nightmares win.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Michael Nakazawa; Nakazawa wins.
  • Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Christopher Daniels VS Serpentico; Daniels wins.
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS John Skyler & Brady Pierce; Kiss & Janela win.
  • The Superbad Squad VS Tony Donati & Faboo Andre; The Superbad Squad wins.
  • Wardlow w/ MJF VS Mr. Grim; Wardlow wins.
  • Colt Cabana VS Lee Johnson; Cabana wins.
  • Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS KiLynn King; Ford wins.
  • Best Friends VS Alan Angels & Shawn Dean; Best Friends win.


The Natural Nightmares VS The Beaver Boys!

Dustin Rhodes had a successful return to the ring at Double or Nothing, and now he and QT Marshall work to get back on track together! Will they take care of John Silver and Alex Reynolds to add onto the Dark Order’s woes?

The teams sort out and QT starts with Reynolds. They circle and tie up, and Reynolds wrenches to a wristlock. QT rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to then tag in Dustin. The Nightmares body shot and double Russian leg sweep! Dustin drags Reynolds up but Reynolds knees low. Reynolds runs but into an arm-drag! Dustin brings Reynolds up to hammerlock and ram him into buckles! Dustin uppercuts Reynolds and brings him to the corner. Tag to QT, Dustin whips and QT hits a body shot. Dustin adds a knee lift, and QT tops it off with a corkscrew senton! But wait, who is that in the crowd? Allie has returned, and she’s biting a green apple. QT shakes that off to rally on Reynolds but Reynolds throws him out. QT climbs up and hits an ax handle on Reynolds! In fact, Allie with an apple might be motivating QT here. QT hops out of the ring to look at Allie, now she’s being a distraction.

Brandi wants QT to get back in this, and Silver tags in. Silver leaps from the apron to clobber QT! Dustin comes over but the ref keeps him back. Silver puts QT in the ring, cover, ONE! Silver drags QT up but QT uppercuts! QT whips, Silver dodges and runs to BLAST QT with an uppercut! Cover, ONE, but Silver tags Reynolds. The Beaver Boys mug QT and stomp away. The ref counts, Reynolds grinds his forearms in but stops at 4. QT hits back but Reynolds snapmares and clubs QT on the back. QT forearms but Reynolds holds onto an arm. Reynolds hammerlocks and lariats! Cover, TWO! Reynolds drags QT up to bump him off buckles. Tag to Silver but QT fights them both off! Reynolds whips and pops QT up for Silver to DECK him! Cover, TWO!! Silver grows frustrated but Allie seems intrigued.

Silver gives QT stiff kicks to the chest, but QT pushes him back. Silver kicks more but QT eggs him on! QT catches the kick for an EXPLODER! Reynolds tags in and grabs QT before he can get to Dustin! But QT ducks the clothesline to tag in Dustin! Dustin rallies on Reynolds, whips but Reynolds revers. “Not today!” Rhodes uppercut! Dustin DECKS Silver then atomic drops Reynolds. BULLDOG! Silver rushes in but into the spinning powerslam! Dustin tells Silver to get out and then goes after Reynolds. Reynolds knees low and throws forearms. QT tags in as Reynolds whips Dustin. Dustin hits a DESTROYER! QT CUTTER! Cover, the Natural Nightmares win!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

Allie blows a kiss to QT, and QT seems hypnotized. Will the Natural Nightmares be able to focus with a femme fatale hanging around?


Brandon Cutler VS Michael Nakazawa!

The Dungeon Master returns to the ring! Can he finally get the critical hit he’s been after? Or will he roll right into another pitfall?

The bell rings and the two circle. Nakazawa and Cutler tie up, and Cutler headlocks. Cutler shifts to a waistlock but Nakazawa says no no. He wants his oil but the ref takes it away! No oil for Nakazawa! But Nakazawa has a spare! Cutler makes sure to get rid of that, too, but then Nakazawa rolls Cutler! TWO, but Nakazawa goes to backslide. TWO but barely! The two stand up, Nakazawa cradles, TWO! Cutler swings but Nakazawa dodges and gets around to waistlock. Cutler bucks Nakazawa off and jumps out to springboard back in! Cutler hits Nakazawa with a flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Cutler stomps Nakazawa to the ropes then brings him up. Cutler wrenches and Russian leg sweeps! He runs and springboards to elbow drop! Cover, TWO!

Cutler drags Nakazawa up for forearms but Nakazawa gives them back. Cutler haymakers but Nakazawa fires off forearms. Nakazawa runs, ducks and SPEARS! Cutler and Nakazawa go to opposite ends and Nakazawa runs in. Cutler slips out and roundhouses back! Then slingshots to enziguri! Cover, TWO! Cutler grows frustrated as he brings Nakazawa up again. Nakazawa blocks the suplex, clubs away then goes for bottles of oil. But he has none! Cutler rushes in but Nakazawa kicks first. Cutler suplexes Nakazawa first! Cover, TWO! Cutler stalks Nakazawa to the corner and throws haymakers! Nakazawa turns things around to CHOP away! Cutler turns things back to CHOP in return! Cutler clobbers with a haymaker but Nakazawa rams his shoulder in. Nakazawa wrenches and whips Cutler corner to corner. Nakazawa back elbows and whips back the other way. Cutler boots back then throws kicks!

Cutler kicks low and has Nakazawa down. He hops up and leaps, SWANTON! Cover, TWO!! Cutler can’t believe it, and now he’s furious. Cutler drags Nakazawa up to a torture rack and carries Nakazawa around. He DUMPS Nakazawa to the ramp! Cutler scoops and slams Nakazawa on the ramp, then goes back to the ring with a grin. The ring count starts, but Cutler springboard ELBOWS on Nakazawa’s back! Nakazawa flounders off the ramp and to the floor but Cutler stalks behind him. Cutler scoops and slams Nakazawa on the floor! Cutler’s frustration is becoming a vicious edge as he scoops again. Nakazawa slips out and RAMS Cutler into the barriers! Nakazawa gets in the ring as the count is at 9! Cutler hurries back but the count hits 10!! Cutler’s been counted out!

Winner: Michael Nakazawa, by count out

Nakazawa not only denies Cutler his first victory in AEW, Cutler is the first person to lose by count out in AEW! This is not the historic distinction anyone wants, but what is Cutler to do about this? “Shh…!” The Librarians are here! And Peter Avalon laughs at Cutler! “Wow! Again!” Cutler sucks! That’s 0-13 or something, right? Cutler is the worst wrestler in AEW. Cutler snatches the mic from Avalon and says that he can read Avalon like a book. Avalon is afraid Cutler will get a win before him. Avalon is afraid Cutler will leave Avalon behind as THE worst wrestler in AEW. Oh is that so? Well then, Avalon will take his match right now. Watch him get his first W! Will the Librarian have to eat his words? Cutler joins commentary just so he can see this for himself.

Taz lets Cutler know that he feels there was controversy. Cutler was half in but the ref was the one who made the decision. Excalibur says Cutler could’ve been a bit better about finishing Nakazawa sooner, but he wasted quite a bit of time. Cutler shrugs all that off and says the only way he can get a win is in his next match. For now, on to Avalon’s put up or shut up match!

Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

Jungle Jack Perry gave Maxwell Jacob Friedman everything he had in his arsenal, but it just wasn’t enough. Will JB be able to redeem himself and silence the winless Librarian?

The bell rings and Avalon circles with JB. They tie up and Avalon wrenches to a wristlock. Avalon yanks on the arm but JB handsprings through to reverse. Avalon also handsprings and shifts to a hammerlock. JB rolls, handsprings and kips up to CHOP! JB wrenches to a wristlock but Avalon spins through to ROCK JB with a right! Avalon headlocks, JB powers out but Avalon rolls over. JB handsprings to headlock takeover, but Avalon headscissors. JB hops up and around to handspring free and slides under to waistlock and slam! Things speed up again, JB huricanranas Avalon! JB wristlocks and CHOPS Avalon, then goes to the ropes to acrobatically triangle arm-drag Avalon away, to then dropkick him down! Avalon bails out while JB high-fives Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt.

JB builds speed but Avalon gets clear of the dive. Avalon laughs and hushes the cameras, but JB cuts him off at the pass. Avalon goes the other way, but runs into Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus doesn’t even budge from that. Stunt comes around to floss on ’em, and that just annoys Avalon. Avalon shoves Stunt so JB shoves Avalon! The shoving continues but Leva steps in to stop it. Things calm down, until Avalon POSTS JB! Leva is just as upset with Avalon about that but Avalon puts JB in the ring. Cover, ONE! Avalon drops knees on JB over and over then drags him up. Avalon suplexes JB high and hard then covers, TWO! Avalon grits his teeth but JB hits back. Avalon clubs JB down and bumps him off buckles. Avalon throws body shots but the ref backs him off. Avalon runs back in but JB dodges and rolls him up! TWO, but JB tries another, TWO! JB runs into Avalon’s leg lariat! Cover, TWO!

Avalon grows frustrated and drags JB into a headscissor squeeze. Stunt rallies for JB and JB gets the ropebreak with his legs. Avalon hammers away on JB before letting go at 4. Avalon stomps JB to a corner and stomps him more. The ref counts but Avalon grinds his boots in. Avalon stops at 4 and talks trash to Luchasaurus, but JB kicks back! JB CHOPS and forearms but Avalon scoops and slams! Avalon climbs up to MOONSAULT but he FLOPS! Leva is disappointed as Avalon runs into an elbow! JB ROCKS Avalon, then uppercuts and whips. Avalon reverses but JB LARIATS! Stunt fires up with JB as he drags Avalon up. JB fireman’s carries but Avalon slips off to BOOT! Avalon reels JB in to suplex but JB gets to the apron. JB shoulders in then slingshots up and around to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Avalon toughs it out because he really wants this first win.

JB drags Avalon by his legs but Avalon grabs hair for a cradle counter! TWO and Avalon fireman’s carries for a flapjack! Running sliding COMPLETE SHOT! Avalon runs and MARTI-KNEES! Cover, TWO!?! Avalon can’t believe it but Leva coaches him up. Avalon calls Leva up and she has a book. JB grabs Avalon, Avalon switches to an O’Conner, TWO and Avalon almost collides with Leva! But as Leva falls back, Luchasaurus is there to catch her on his shoulders! Stunt is on the apron to give Leva a big ol’ kiss! Avalon swipes at Stunt, JB swipes at Avalon. Avalon whips, JB reverses but Avalon sunset flips! But JB slips through and figure fours the legs! JB rolls Avalon over, this isn’t an STF but an SGS! Avalon taps, JB wins!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by submission

Leva is speechless and Avalon is still winless! Has JB’s arsenal grown even stronger with that new leg lock? And who between Cutler and Avalon will be first to get their first win in AEW?


Christopher Daniels VS Serpentico!

The Fallen Angel fell to The Exalted One but there’s always the next match. Will Daniels get back on track against the #SNAKEMAN?

The bell rings and Daniels ties up with Serpentico. Serpentico wrenches and wristlocks but Daniels drops down to drop toehold. Daniels gets a headlock and shifts around to a wristlock and wrench. Serpentico gets up, reaches for ropes but Daniels keeps him away. Serpentico rolls, kips up and wrenches back. Serpentico hammerlocks but Daniels headlocks to a takeover. Serpentico headscissors but Daniels pops out. Serpentico headlocks and grinds Daniels down but Daniels powers out. Serpentico runs Daniels over and things speed up. Daniels arm-drags and has Serpentico down in an armlock. Daniels leans on the arm but Serpentico gets up and whips back. Daniels slides under and arm-drags Serpentico again! Serpentico again works his way up and throws forearms to get free.

Serpentico knees Daniels to a corner then throws body shots. He whips but Daniels reverses. Serpentico goes up and over but runs into a dropkick! Daniels throws forearms and whips Serpentico to back drop him high and hard! Serpentico crawls but Daniels brings him up for an EXPLODER! Daniels drags Serpentico up and underhooks, but Serpentico powers Daniels into a corner! Serpentico rams his shoulders in then CHOPS! He whips Daniels out then back in, then just throws Daniels down! Serpentico goes to the apron to slingshot and STOMP! Cover, TWO! Daniels gets to ropes but Serpentico throws hands. Serpentico CHOPS Daniels against ropes then whips. Daniels kicks back then hits an STO! Daniels throws jabs and whips Serpentico again, for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Daniels says it’s time to finish this, URENAGE and to the corner… BEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, Daniels wins!

Winner: Christopher Daniels, by pinfall

Daniels is back up and is ready to prove he’s as good as ever! Will he and the rest of SCU move up the rankings together?


Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS John Skyler & Brady Pierce!

The Concrete Rose and the Bad Boy team up again, but will The Southern Savior and The Inspiration ruin the reunion?

The teams sort out and we start with Pierce and Kiss. Pierce towers over Kiss as they tie up and Pierce powers Kiss back to the corner. Pierce backs off and Kiss ROCKS him with a right! Kiss whips but Pierce goes up and over! Kiss comes back to spin and mule kick, then boot to the splits! Pierce staggers and Kiss wrenches an arm. Janela tags in and hops up to drop ax handles on an arm. Janela wrenches Pierce but Pierce knees low. Pierce whips Janela but Janela runs him over with an elbow! Janela runs to drop an elbow and he fires up! Janela throws haymakers on Pierce then runs, but into a cheap shot from Skyler! Janela clobbers him for that then dodges Pierce. Janela runs corner to corner for a big corner clothesline! And then goes corner to corner again for Kiss to tag in.

Janela returns to Pierce and blocks his shiny, shiny boots to ROCK him! Janela turns Pierce sideways for Kiss to handspring ax kick! Cover, ONE! Kiss keeps on Pierce with a whip but PIerce reverses. Kiss kicks him away then tags Janela back in. Janela waistlocks but Pierce tags Skyler in before the O’Conner roll. Skyler slingshots in to SPEAR Janela down! Skyler rains down angry rights and fires up. Skyler drags Janela up and tags Pierce. They double whip Janela to the corner, then Pierce whips Skyler in to back elbow! Pierce goes side to side to BOOT Janela in the corner! Janela flops down and Pierce goes up, MOONSAULT but it FLOPS! Skyler panics and reaches out but Janela heads for his corner. Hot tags to Kiss and Skyler! Kiss slides under and dropkicks Skyler down! He adds a back elbow and a whip but Skyler reverses. Kiss boots Skyler then hops up to leap, flying huricanrana!

Skyler flounders into the step-up LEG DROP! Cover but Pierce breaks it up! Pierce whips but Kiss grabs ropes. Kiss dumps Pierce out and tags in Janela! Kiss tumbles out to fake Pierce out, but then flips in to dropkick back! Kiss holds the ropes open for Janela to DIVE through! Direct hit on Pierce, but Skyler grabs Kiss! Kiss gives Skyler the sassy twerk attack! Janela ROCKS Skyler off the ropes then climbs up. Kiss PESCADOS Pierce, Janela MACHO ELBOWS Skyler! Cover, Janela and Kiss win!

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, by pinfall

This duo is 2-0 and it’ll only get better from here! Will there be a spot for the Concrete Rose and the Bad Boy in the AEW World Tag title scene?


The Superbad Squad VS Tony Donati & Faboo Andre!

Jimmy Havoc wasn’t able to help Kip Sabian take the #1 contender’s chip down in that Casino Ladder match, but perhaps they’ll have better luck together in tag team action! Will things be Superbad for the jazzy Donati and the Monarch of Manliness?

The teams don’t have time to sort out before Havoc just attacks Faboo and Donati! Donati goes down so Faboo takes more of the beating, and Kip can’t believe Havoc is doing this two weeks in a row. Havoc drags Faboo up to bump him off buckles and CHOPS! Then he BITES Faboo and ROCKS him with a right! Havoc drags Faboo over to tag in Kip and Kip gets Havoc to calm down. But Kip turns around into a dropkick! Havoc tags back in to bull rush Faboo! Havoc wraps Faboo’s hair on the ropes then CHOPS him down! The ref reprimands but Havoc wrenches and whips Faboo. Faboo dodges and ducks to huricanrana! Faboo runs into the corner but Havoc puts him up. Faboo headstands and springboards to crossbody! Faboo runs back in but misses, and Havoc ROCKS him with another right.

Havoc whips corner to corner and runs in, but Faboo dodges! But Kip clobbers him! Havoc drags Faboo up and tags in Kip. The squad have Faboo in the corner for stomps but the ref counts. Kip lets up at 4 and taunts Donati. This distracts the ref so Havoc can choke Faboo! Havoc tags in and drags Faboo up by his hair. Havoc BITES Faboo again! And then throws him out just because. Havoc and the ref argue, and Penelope Ford gets her cheap shots in! The Superbad Girl counts this as a warm-up for her match later tonight and Havoc puts Faboo in. Havoc tags Kip in and they double whip Faboo. Pop-up to the atomic drop, and then Havoc BOOTS Faboo down! Kip has a cocky cover, TWO! Kip shrugs and ROCKS Faboo again.

Tag to Havoc, Kip snapmares and Havoc holds Faboo in place. PENALTY KICK! It’s wide right this week! Havoc runs in but gives Faboo deuces. And Kip mule kicks Faboo into the fingers! The ref reprimands but it wasn’t really illegal. Havoc covers, TWO! Havoc drags Faboo up and chokes him with his own hair! The ref counts and Havoc puts Faboo down. Faboo gets up and throws hands, but Havoc ROCKS him yet again! Ripcord but no acid rain! Kip tags in but Faboo dodges and leaps to tag in Donati! Donati finally rallies, but right into a kick. But Donati counter punches Kip and whips him to a corner. Kip reverses and runs in, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, ONE as Donati couldn’t hold on.

Havoc rushes over but Donati sends Havoc out hard. Donati hammerlocks and headlocks Kip, for a BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kip survives Donati’s driver but Donati brings Kip over to the corner. Havoc yanks Faboo off the apron to deny the tag! Kip suplexes Donati onto the ropes for DEATHLY HOLLOWS! Tag to Havoc and Havoc runs in, but into an elbow! Donati goes up but Havoc SHORYUKENS! RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Tag to Kip, for a DOUBLE STOMP! Tag back to Havoc and Kip shotgun dropkicks Faboo away. Havoc scoops, SHOTGUN DROPKICK MICHINOKU! Cover, Superbad Squad wins!

Winners: Superbad Squad, by pinfall

The devious duo has moved up to 2-1, but Penelope still has her match. Will the treacherous trio stay on pace together as the weeks go by?


Wardlow w/ MJF VS Mr. Grim!

MJF’s muscle has been mauling opponents one after another, but he now welcomes AEW’s newest recruit. Will this be grim for Mr. Grim? Or does he have his own combination of size and strength that not even Wardlow can overpower?

The bell rings and Wardlow ties up with Grim. Wardlow scoops and slams Grim like nothing! MJF is on his phone while Wardlock kicks Grim around. Grim hits back but Wardlow RAMS Grim into buckles! And ROCKS him with that European Uppercut! Wardlow stomps away on Grim and grinds his boot in. The ref counts and Wardlow lets off to glare at the ref. Wardlow paces as Grim slowly stands. Wardlow pushes Grim around but Grim hits back. Only for Wardlow to CLOBBER him! Wardlow rams into Grim again and again then throws another EuroUpper! Grim staggers but Wardlow puts him back in a corner. Wardlow runs in but Grim move sand Wardlow POSTS himself! Grim corner splashes, then back elbows! Grim goes to whip but Wardlow refuses to be whipped on pure anger!

Wardlow whips but Grim springboards, only to be caught! Wardlow GERMAN SUPLEXES Grim down! MJF says they should wrap this up and Wardlow brings down the straps. Wardlow drags Grim up and fireman’s carries, for the F- NO! Grim powers out and runs in, but only gets buckles! Wardlow RAMS into Grim again! Wardlow hoists Grim up top and choke grips. MJF gives thumbs down, and so does Wardlow! FALLING KNEE! Grim is out, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by knockout

The referee spares Grim from Wardlow’s wrath, and we have the first KO win in AEW. But Wardlow and MJF aren’t satisfied with this. Wardlow fireman’s carries Grim for the F10!! Will Wardlow continue on this warpath all the way to a title?


Colt Cabana VS Lee Johnson!

BOOM BOOM, Colt Cabana was another not so lucky Casino Ladder Match entrant, but you wouldn’t know it from the smile on his face. Will Cabana still be smiling? Or will #BigShotty finally get on the board?

The bell rings and Cabana shakes hands with Johnson. They circle and tie up, and Cabana clamps right onto the wrist. Cabana wrenches, wrenches and wrangles Johnson down. Johnson kips up so Cabana wrenches and snapmares. Johnson kips up again, Cabana wrangles him back down, but Johnson rolls. Cabana wrings Johnson out and Johnson gets to a corner. The ref keeps Cabana back and Johnson gets up. They circle again and tie up. Johnson waistlocks, Cabana smirks and uses a leg to trip Johnson up. Cabana goes to a corner, goes up and around, then whips Johnson to a corner. Johnson goes up and over and rolls, but falls for Cabana’s leg offer. Cabana uses that to bring Johnson down and roll him back into a body scissor clutch! TWO, and Johnson gets to the ropes. Cabana waits for Johnson and the two go again.

Johnson and Cabana tie up with knuckle locks, but Cabana brings a hand down to stand on it. Cabana pulls on the other arm but Johnson endures. Cabana shifts to a double arm stretch, Johnson slips through but Cabana spins him back to a ghost pin! TWO and Cabana body scissors again, TWO! Johnson again falls for the leg offer, cradle capture! TWO, and Johnson CHOPS! Cabana frowns but Johnson shrugs. Johnson didn’t mean anything by it. Cabana runs but into another CHOP! Johnson puts Cabana in a corner but Cabana turns it around to CHOP! Johnson falls off his feet but Cabana brings him up. Cabana whips, Johnson slides around to go up and over and dropkick! Cabana seems shocked by this. He dodges the elbow to hit the FLYING APPLE! Elbow, jabs, flip, flop ‘n’ fly for a Bionic Elbow! Then the BILLY GOAT’S CURSE! Johnson taps, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by submission

BOOM BOOM, Cabana does it again! Cabana is getting back on the winning track, but will he find his way to a title?


Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian VS KiLynn King!

The Superbad Girl lost to the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien but she had a hand to play in her squad’s win earlier tonight. Will Ford be able to get herself going again against AEW’s newest recruit?

The bell rings and Ford circles with King. Ford takes off her engagement ring before tying up with King. King wrenches Ford’s arm and uses her height advantage to hammerlock and headlock. King wrenches back to a wristlock but Ford reverses that to one of her own. King reverses back and waistlocks, but Ford drops down to hook a leg. Ford standing switches but King switches back. Ford elbows then runs but King follows to run Ford over! King brings Ford around and wants us to count along. She suplexes Ford up and King counts to 5 before slamming Ford down! Cover, TWO! King is already frustrated but she runs, only for Kip to swipe at her! Ford clobbers King from behind! Ford gets in King’s face before she hotshots her into the ropes! King sputters but Ford clubs her down.

Ford can’t believe this is her opponent, and she stomps away in the corner! The ref reprimands and Ford lets up. Ford dedicates this rope choke to Kip, and Kip gives her a kiss. The ref counts and Ford lets up at 4 to bring King around. Ford snap suplexes then covers, TWO! Ford is frustrated and she argues with the ref while choking King! Kip says the ref needs to sort this out while Ford clubs King and kicks her to the corner. Ford bumps King off buckles then digs her boot in! The ref counts, Ford lets up and then runs, but into a body shot! Ford clubs King down for that, then stomps her on the chest! King sputters again but Ford puts her in a corner. Ford chokes King more but lets up at 4. Ford puts King in another corner to choke her more! The ref pulls Ford away and Ford “apologizes.”

Ford runs in but into King’s elbow! King boots Ford then hops up to leap and missile dropkick! King runs corner to corner but Ford dodges! Ford runs back in, handsprings and back elbows! Ford runs again, handsprings again, CUTTER! Cover, Ford wins!

Winner: Penelope Ford, by pinfall

Down goes the Queen of Crazy, and the Superbad Squad sweeps the night! Kip liked it so he put a ring on it. But will Ford be able to put a title belt on her waist in the near future?


Best Friends VS Alan Angels & Shawn Dean!

Chuck Taylor and Trent may be #1 Contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships, but they will need to keep proving it! Will they be able to keep the hot streak up against #YaBoi The Southpaw Assassin and The Captain?

The teams sort out and Chuckie T starts with Dean. They tie up, Chuckie hammerlocks and headlocks to then hammerlock again. Dean elbows free and headlocks back but Chuckie powers out. Dean runs Chuckie over then runs. Chuckie gets up, hurdles and arm-drags Dean down to then dropkick him! The Kentucky Gentleman barks at Dean then tags in Trent. Best Friends whip and double elbow Dean down for double elbow drops. Dean hurries and tags Angels in. Angels and Trent circle and tie up. Trent gets the waistlock and slam, then floats over to slap Angels around. Angels gets up in a huff and SLAPS Trent! Trent swings but Angels dodges to kick and kick! Mule kick but the roundhouses misses! Trent SLAPS Angels back! Trent runs but into an enziguri! Angels handsprings up and runs, but into a RIGHT!

Trent stomps about and drags Angels up. Trent puts Angels on the ropes for the Northern Lights! Cover, TWO! Trent keeps his cool, as does Orange Cassidy on the outside. Dean distracts Trent and Angels steps in to BOOT Trent down! Angels puts Trent in the corner and Dean tags in. Dean clubs Trent and throws hands. Trent CHOPS back and throws forearms! Dean knees low, throws uppercuts and runs corner to corner for a shining wizard! Dean adds an enziguri then tags in Angels. Trent is down and Angels gets a boost from Dean, overhead suplex senton! Cover, TWO! Angels drags Trent up and tags in Dean to mug Trent. Dean stomps Trent as Cassidy slowly rallies. Dean stomps Trent then runs in, but Trent dodges to hit the tornado DDT!

Angels tags in and climbs up to leap, into a SAIDO SUPLEX! Trent tags in Chuckie and Chuckie clotheslines Dean out! Chuckie runs at Angels but Angels dodges, only to run into a scooping powerslam! Chuckie runs in but gets buckles. Angels comes in but gets the Sexy Chuckie Knee! Chuckie PESCADOS onto Dean! Chuckie brings Dean around for Trent’s SPEAR! Chuckie goes back to Angels but gets a boot! Angels hops up, ripcords but his huricanrana is caught for a BOMB! Tag to Trent and Best Friends go corner to corner, to HUG! Trent drags Angels up, Chuckie goes up, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Cassidy already heads to the back but the ref tells him to come back. Cassidy celebrates with Best Friends but he wants to keep raising the ref’s hand. Well, either way, celebrations are in order as Dark closes out. Will Best Friends be able to take those titles from Kenny Omega and Hangman Page for something to really celebrate?

My Thoughts:

Another big episode but all about the same as last week’s. All established AEW stars won their matches, so naturally they all stay strong in their respective stories and divisions. The one really fun part of tonight is the building story of Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon both being without a win in AEW. No wins in tag team matches and no wins in singles matches, something’s gotta give. Cutler had a really good match with Nakazawa and Avalon did pretty well against Jungle Boy, so it’s not like they’re awful. This story should move to Dynamite so that the match of Cutler VS Avalon can happen on the Fyter Fest card, and we establish who is truly AEW’s biggest loser. It can even be made into a gag belt for the winner to give to the loser as a way of rubbing it in, and then we go from there.

My Score: 8.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page; JB wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; The BCC wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; Omega wins and retains the title.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • Ruby Soho w/ The Outcasts VS Willow Nightingale; Ruby wins.
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; Cole wins.


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ Ethan Page!

The Young Pillars of AEW are all chasing Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the AEW World Championship, but that means someone has to become #1 contender. Will everyone be living the Jungle Life here in St. Louis? Or will V1 get it down for The Firm?

The bell rings, Hardy and JB shake hands, though Ethan is annoyed by that. Fans duel between “JUNGLE BOY!” and “DELETE!” The “DELETE!” starts to win out, and JB ties up with Hardy. They go around, Hardy puts JB on the ropes, but JB turns it around, and they end up in a corner. Hardy lets off, and he has Ethan stay back, because he can handle this. Fans rally and duel more, the two tie up again, and Hardy waistlocks. JB wrenches free to a wristlock, but Hardy wrenches back. Hardy ELBOW BREAKERS again and again, shouting “DLETE! DELETE!” each time. But JB rolls and wrenches back to wristlock again.

Hardy drops to a knee, but he fights up to wrench and headlock. JB arm-drags free and has a top wristlock. Hardy headscissors to bring JB down, but JB kips free. They go again, Hardy headlocks, but JB powers out. Hardy runs JB over, fans rally and things keep moving. JB blocks the hip toss to body shot, get a leg up and flip through, to then dodge Hardy’s haymaker. JB DROPKICKIS Hardy down and kips up! Fans fire up and JB copies the V1 finger just a moment. JB then builds speed, but Ethan stands in the way! Fans boo but Hardy tells All Ego that it’s okay. But then JB DIVES! Hardy catches him! SIDE EFFECT to the floor!

Fans fire up and Ethan sees Hardy was right, mostly. Darby Allin is watching backstage, keeping his eyes on fellow Young Pillar. We also see Sammy Guevara and wife, Tay Melo, are watching, but also kissing, on the couch. Hardy gets in the ring, the ref checks him, and Ethan takes advantage by TOSSING JB over the barriers! Fans boo but All Ego gets away with things. Hardy wonders what happened, fans rally up for JB while he slowly sits up. Hardy goes out after JB but JB ROCKS Hardy with haymaker after haymaker! JB them hops up onto the barriers to AX HANDLE Hardy down!

Fans fire up with JB as he CLUBS Hardy and puts him in the ring. JB has Hardy on the apron, brings him up, but hardy throws body shots. Hardy shoves JB but JB ROCKS Hardy! Hardy ROCKS JB back! The two brawl on the apron, haymaker for haymaker and forearm for forearm! They go back and forth, fans duel, and it turns into a hockey fight! Hardy wobbles and staggers, JB runs in, but into a SIDE EFFECT to the apron! Fans fire up and Ethan coaches Hardy up. “DELETE! DELETE!” Hardy staggers up and fetches JB while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Hardy RAMS JB into the apron, stalks him around the way, CLUBS him on the back, and then SMACKS him off the apron. Hardy then pushes JB into the ring, crawls to a cover, TWO! JB is hanging tough but Hardy soaks up the cheers and jeers. Hardy bumps JB off buckles, again and again and again, and on all levels! Hardy finally lets off and he leads the fans in saying, “DELETE! DELETE!” But JB kicks back from below! Hardy grabs the legs, to YANK JB into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! JB is still in this, but Hardy drags him up. JB throws body shots, Hardy throws haymakers, they go back and forth again!

Hardy CLUBS away on JB, then grabs the legs. JB is in the ropes, for the ROPE GUILLOTINE! JB sputters, Hardy covers, TWO! Hardy looms over JB, drags him back up, and shoves him to ropes to CLUB him on the back! Hardy then stands on JB’s back and uses the ropes to add pressure. The ref reprimands, Hardy lets off, and Hardy brings JB back up. Hardy puts JB through the ropes now to bend him back against them! The ref counts, Hardy lets off at 4, and the ref warns Hardy. Hardy apologizes and Dynamite returns to single picture. Hardy shoves JB to ropes again, to CLUB him on the back again!

Hardy eggs JB on but fans rally up. Hardy shoves JB, COMEBACKER from JB! Fans fire up again as JB and Hardy rise up. Hardy swings but into counter punches! JB runs, but Hardy CLOBBERS him! Ethan fires up, but Hardy runs into a DROPKICK! JB fires up and so do the fans! JB goes to a corner, climbs up, but Ethan distracts! The ref reprimands, but Hardy ROCKS JB first! Hardy climbs up, brings JB in, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Wait, is that…? IT’S HOOK! The Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil has seen enough of Ethan messing around, and they brawl at the ramp! Hardy goes after Hook, Ethan swings, but HITS HARDY!!

Fans fire up, Hook fires off on Ethan and backs him up the ramp! JB DIVES onto Hardy! Direct hit! JB puts Hardy in and hurries up top, for a leap, into a kick! Hardy reels JB in, TWIST- NO, BACKSLIDE! TWO, and Hardy clinches! SIDE- NO, arm-drag! SUPERKICK! Hardy wobbles, into a COMPLETE SHOT! JB keeps moving, BLINDSIDER LARIAT! Cover, JB wins!

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, by pinfall

Darby seems worried, Sammy is being fed snacks by Tay, because JB is in pole position! But wait, here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion has the mic and fans are torn as he kisses his Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF has his music cut, and he continues towards the ring. MJF tells them, “I know you people aren’t very bright around these parts, but I run the show around here, so shut your mouths.” MJF then tells JB that he didn’t appreciate JB ruining the Re-Bar-Mitzvah. On the sly, kind of a Kanye move on JB’s part. MJF isn’t sure why the fans are booing, though, they’re from St. Louis! Not exactly forward thinkers around here.

But MJF wants to tell JB this. “There was one thing you said that really stuck to my craw. You said that after our match at Double or Nothing 2020, that our career paths were very different. You had the audacity to say that I had it easy? Really? Okay. You had the audacity to say that I got to waltz away up to the top of the card.” Fans boo because they agree with JB. But MJF says JB “had the audacity to say this place was The MJF Show. And let me tell you something.” Fans tell MJF to STFU but he just says, “No. And guess what, Jack. You’re right! My job’s a joke, dude! I barely wrestle, I barely break a sweat, I get to come out here and I get to absolutely obliterate these losers.

“I waltz to the back, I collect a fat check, I get on my fat Learjet back home, the most magical place in the world, known as Long Island, New York. Which we will be going to next week, tickets still available,! Don’t miss it, baby! And then there’s your career after our match, Jack. Let’s be honest, it’s been kind of mid. But I’ll give you credit, I’ll give you credit. You worked your ass off. You scratched and you clawed your way back up the ladder here in AEW by having standout match after standout match, leaving blood, sweat and tears in this ring for these fans.” Fans cheer that because it’s true.

MJF says he’s honest about that. But he doesn’t recall the fans ever saying thanks. Fans chant it now, “Thank You, Jack!” Too late, St. Louis. And MJF doesn’t remember JB being rewarded with that much TV time, either. So y’know what? JB has every right to be mad. But here’s the problem: JB has no right to be made at MJF. JB can’t even be mad at AEW. The only person JB should be mad at is himself. Allow MJF to explain. “After our match at Double or Nothing 2020, when we stole the show, when we went to war in 95 degree weather in Jacksonville, Florida, all to prove we were the future of this sport…

“I walked to the back and I had a foreign funny feeling for the first time in my career. I felt like I had just met my equal inside this ring. For the first time in my career, I had felt like I’d met the man I would be waging war with for the rest of my life. For the first time, I met a man inside this ring that I respected. So I swallowed my pride, I found you in the back that night, and I shook your hand. Do you remember what I said to you that night? I gave you very pertinent advice, Jack. Do you remember what I said?” JB nods and gets a mic of his own.

“Let me see if I can remember the advice that I got from the great MJF. What did you say to me? You told me I had all the skills, and all the potential in the world, blah blah blah. But what did you say? ‘Nice guys always finish last.’ And you told me that if I ever wanted to be as big and successful as you, what’d I have to do? I had to ditch all of my friends and not care about anybody but myself. Is that right? Is that what you told me?” MJF says that is literally what he told JB. And what’d JB do? He continued to hang out with Marko Stunted Growth, Dino Douche, and to make things even worse, Christian Cage! Great call there, by the way.

And all those guys were holding JB back. By the way, don’t think Hook will be any different. JB could’ve listened to MJF, followed him to the top, and they could’ve ran this place. JB could’ve been the world champ by now! This place could’ve been not just the MJF Show, but the Jack Perry Show. But no, JB had to be the good guy for these people? Really? The fans cheer but MJF says the fans might cheer him, but where has it gotten JB? Where has being a good guy gotten him? Three years later, and MJF is the best pro-wrestler in the world! The man with the grandest prize of them all, he is the AEW World Champion!

And Jack…? He’s still just “Jungle Boy.” JB says if he’s being honest, a long, long time ago, he thought that maybe, somehow, someway, JB and MJF were gonna be friends. And to be very honest, in a lot of ways, JB wishes he was more like MJF. He wishes he could talk like MJF. He wishes he had the confidence that MJF has. He wishes that he didn’t care about anyone else but himself. He wishes that he didn’t care about lying and stabbing people in the back to get what he wanted! He wishes that he didn’t care about being the most selfish, narcissistic piece of SH*T in this entire place! Fans cheer the biting sarcasm.

MJF tells the fans to shut up about the POS. But JB says all that ain’t him. If his road to the top is harder than MJF’s because of that, then so be it! JB does it his way! And when JB beats MJF and becomes AEW World Champion, at least JB won’t wake up alone every day and hate what he sees in the mirror. MJF scowls but then laughs. That was really good! Give it up for Jungle Boy! That was actually really good. Congrats, it only took JB four years to learn how to talk! But now listen to MJF. JB is right, there is one thing that JB said that is right. At one point, maybe, just maybe, they could’ve been friends. Partners, even.

“But not anymore, man. Because you turned out to be a massive disappointment. Because you have turned out to be no different than everybody here and everyone watching at home. You’re weak, Jack. Weak in the body, weak in the mind, weak in the soul, weak in the heart, and by the way, I pulled aside that hot piece of ass girlfriend of yours, Anna Jay… And you know what she told me, Jackie Boy? She told me you’re weak between the knees!” JB TACKLES MJF!! JB rains down fists and fans fire up! MJF CLAWS JB’s face! Fans boo but MJF stomps JB into a corner. MJF whips but JB reverses and MJF hits buckle! JB stomps away on MJF now!

Fans are thunderous and JB drags MJF up. MJF whips, but the COMEBACKER hits! JB is all fired up as he stands over MJF, then he stands him up to run and- NO, MJF bails out! Fans boo as the Devil of AEW runs away from Jack Perry. MJF says he’s still champion, and Jack is just Jungle Boy! But will AEW soon be living that Jungle Life?


Alex Marvez is backstage with Kenny Omega and Don Callis.

They’re in the trainer’s room as Omega gets his arm checked. Callis sees Marvez and says to clear the air, there’s drama with everything from last week. Omega knows Callis. Well, okay, given that, it is fair. Callis was the one who grabbed Hangman, Hangman is strong, he broke free and Callis fell over. He feels the fool, but he accepts the fault. But then Callis’ question to Omega is, why would Omega automatically think his “friend” (complete with air quote fingers) was the one who attacked Callis? What is it about their friendship? Well, Hangman’s pushed things before. But Callis says there’s no time to think about that!

Omega is coming off what is perhaps the greatest match in Dynamite history last week, and he’ll do it again tonight against Jeff Cobb. Callis wants Omega to focus on the match while Callis takes care of this drama with Hangman. Callis will apologize! Callis heads off, but will his apology go over well? Will the Best Bout Machine be able to focus on giving Cobb his best?


Matt Menard & Angelo Parker are out on the town with The Acclaimed!

Daddy Magic says, “Here we are! We are going to have a night on the town. We hired a camera guy to document the whole thing.” We’re getting a montage already of the good times Menard, Parker, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn have. They rented a private suite for the St. Louis Blues game! And they have giant scissors! Get it? And this is all on Chris Jericho’s dime! Billy says that means they’re setting themselves up. For what, a good time? YEAH~! They enjoy the game, they get shakes, they get steaks, and the JAS appreciates the Acclaimed. Whatever they want, on the house! But how will the night end?

So it comes down to this: are you in or are you out? Bowens says they will make a decision next Wednesday. Just tell The Ocho thanks, salutations, and see you soon. Menard thinks it went well, and Parker sees the bill. He hopes this goes well…


Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys!

Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta have been ripping into whoever gets in the ring with them, claiming it is all business. Will the Peacock and the Tate Twins think it’s just business here tonight? Or will the BCC start to take over the AEW and ROH Trios Divisions?

OH NO! The BCC doesn’t even wait for their entrance, they attack Castle & The Boys from behind! Fans fire up as Moxley RAMS Castle into steel steps! Yuta does the same to Brent Tate! Claudio throws Brandon Tate into railing! The BCC just mugs the former ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions, and then Claudio puts Brandon in the ring. The bell rings, Castle RAMS Moxley! Moxley hits back, but Claudio UPEPRCUTS Brandon! Claudio puts Brandon up top to TOSS across the way! Yuta still rains down fists on Brent! Claudio CLOBBERS Brandon, kicks him around, and looms over him.

Fans boo as Moxley chokes out Castle while Claudio deadlift CHOKE SLAMS Brandon! And then the arms are tucked, for the RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, the BCC wins!

Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

The Peacock and Tates never stood a chance! The BCC celebrate, have their hands raised, and then Claudio taunts Brandon by doing push-ups because he hasn’t even broken a sweat. But will the BCC continue to dominate even through the Supercard of Honor this Friday?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Marvez is with the Cowboy now and asks him about last week. Hangman rode with one of the Young Bucks in the ambulance to the hospital, so first and foremost, how are they doing? Hangman says they’ve been better. Nick has a separated shoulder, Matt has a partial bicep tear. But they’re going to heal. Then second question: who did this? Is Marvez kidding? The Blackpool guys, the BBC or whatever. Wait, who invited Callis in here? Callis says he deserves that, but after grabbing the wrist, falling over, he’s very embarrassed. But that’s okay, Callis said he will make this right. Callis is sorry, he shouldn’t have gotten in between Hangman and Omega.

Hangman is a great talent, so he is welcome to come around, and Callis sincerely apologizes. Really? But then the BCC attacks Hangman! Callis is stunned but still holding out his hand as the BCC stomp away! Callis says hello, and then Moxley DECKS him! Claudio takes Callis’ sunglasses. Yuta says he looks good. The BCC then head off, and Callis sits up, his eyebrow busted open! What is to become of Omega’s focus now with all this and his match up next?


IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb!

The Cleaner won this title off Will Ospreay at WrestleKingdom 17 back in January, but the Imperial Unit claims Omega’s been ducking him. Will Cobb’s return to stateside help him bring this title back to NJPW and the United Empire? Or will he not be able to stop the God of Pro-Wrestling?

Backstage, Tony Schiavone asks Omega about what happened to Callis & Hangman. What? Omega didn’t even know! And now he has this title match… Omega says he has to focus on that. The long introduction is trimmed down, the belt is raised, and we see if Omega keeps his reign going past three months!

Fans fire up with the bell and chant for “KENNY! KENNY!” Cobb tells Omega there’s no more running, and the two circle. They tie up, Cobb puts Omega on the ropes, but the ref counts. Cobb lets off, and aims his hang loose a la Omega’s finger gun. Omega shrugs that off, shoots in to waistlock then headlock. Cobb powers up and carries Omega but Omega holds on. Cobb powers out, they RAM shoulders, but neither man falls! Omega sighs and dusts himself off. Omega runs, RAMS Cobb, but Cobb is solid! Omega runs, ducks the lariat, but Cobb is too big to scoop! Cobb CLUBS Omega on the back then runs. Omega jumps to RANA!

Cobb bails out, fans start the Terminator Drums! Omega BLASTS Cobb off the apron, runs, then FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp, and fans fire up! Omega clutches the bad ribs but he’s still feeling good as he puts Cobb in. Omega then hurries to slide, run and KOTARO KRUSHER! Omega waits on Cobb, Cobb stands, and Omega scoops! But he falls over! Cobb squishes Omega, then deadlift suplex to run and SLAM! Cobb stomps the bad ribs, then stands Omega up to ROCK him with rights. Cobb puts Omega in a corner, throws body shots, then whips corner to corner hard! Omega bounces off buckles and hits the mat.

Cobb mocks the Terminator Drums, then he stands on Omega’s back! Omega is a surfboard but the ref reprimands. Cobb steps off and Omega bails out to the apron. Cobb kicks Omega off the apron, goes out after him, but Omega CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Cobb CHOPS in return! And RAMS him into barriers! Cobb brings Omega around to CLUB him on the back. Omega CHOPS again! And again! And again! Cobb picks Omega up to POST him! Fans are torn, Cobb breaks the count, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cobb fetches Omega, brings him around, and has the fans look as he makes Omega do the finger gun to his own face. Cobb then HEADBUTTS the bad ribs! Omega staggers, but he comes back to kick and CLUB and ROCK and JAB and fire off! Omega whips but Cobb reverses, and Omega hits the barriers hard! Cobb refreshes the count again, storms up on Omega, and puts him back in. Fans rally but Cobb steps on Omega. Cobb shrugs, KNEES Omega in the side, then stalks him to ropes. Cobb CHOKES Omega on the ropes! The ref counts, Cobb lets off, and Cobb argues that he couldn’t hear. Cobb stands Omega up to kick him in the ribs!

Omega goes to a corner, he throws elbows and haymakers and jabs! Omega JABS and JABS and JABS, but Cobb throat chops! The ref reprimands but Cobb just drags Omega up and brings him around. Omega throws body shots and haymakers! Cobb just takes them! Omega CHOPS, fires up, and CHOPS again! And again! Omega runs but Cobb reels him in to CLUB him in the back! Cobb then picks Omega up for a BEARHUG! Omega endures, Dynamite returns to single picture, and the fans rally up. Omega endures, BELL CLAPS Cobb, then BELL CLAPS again! Omega ROCKS Cobb with forearm after forearm!

Omega BOOTS Cobb to a corner, then goes to the opposite. Cobb runs in but Omega BOOTS him! And then SLAM DUNKS! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Cobb up but he can’t lift for the fireman’s carry! Cobb lifts Omega up, ATHLETIC PLEX! Omega sputters and writhes but Cobb watches from a corner. Cobb runs in to SPLASH! Cobb runs, but Omega follows to- NO, Cobb catches the back body block! Cobb brings Omega around to GERMAN SUPLEX! But Omega lands on his feet!! Omega spins to POLISH HAMMER! Omega spins again, but Cobb JABS! Cobb shakes out his hand, he hit Omega harder than he thought.

Cobb runs, but Omega catches the lariat to a backslide! But Cobb rolls through, only to get a V-TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives being hit at pointblank range! Omega gets up as Cobb goes to ropes, and Omega says BANG! Omega runs side to side, but into a DROPKICK!! Cobb gets air and shocks fans! Cobb drags Omega up to a fireman’s carry, but Omega slips off to full nelson! SNAP DRAGON! Cobb staggers up, into another SNAP DRAGON! Omega grits his teeth, the fans are thunderous, and Omega stalks Cobb. Omega full nelsons again, but Cobb breaks free! Omega BOOTS Cobb, then V-TRIGGERS!

Omega full nelsons, SNAP DRAGON! Cobb is right up!? LARIAT!! St. Louis is electric as both men are down! A standing count starts, both men stir, and we reach 5 of 10. Omega and Cobb find each other, and they stand by pulling each other’s hair. Omega throws a forearm, but Cobb throws it back. Omega CHOPS, but Cobb throws a haymaker! Omega spins to CHOP! Cobb ROCKS Omega! They go back and forth, faster and faster, haymaker for haymaker, until Cobb throws a body shot! Omega staggers to a corner, Cobb FLYING UPPERCUTS! Cobb puts Omega up top, climbs up after him, but Omega ridge hands and HEADBUTTS!

Cobb wobbles, but he comes back with a HEADBUTT! Both men wobble, but Cobb stands up tall. Cobb brings Omega up to stalling SUPERPLEX!! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down! Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but it has to end somehow. Cobb crawls to a cover, TWO, into the GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Cobb is too tired to be shocked. Cobb stands, waits on Omega, and he mocks Omega with the BANG loose! Cobb runs, to steal the V-TRIGGER!! Cobb then hoists Omega up into an Electric Chair Lift!? But Omega slips off!!

Omega tries but the ribs won’t let him lift! Cobb reels Omega in, TOUR OF- NO, Omega slips free! Ripcord V-TRIGGER! V-TRIGGER at the ropes! Omega fires up, fans are with him, and Omega drags Cobb back up. Omega uses the ropes to help with the Electric Chair Lift! ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall (still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion)

The Best Bout Machine pulls off another instant classic! But with all the damage he’s taken, he’s a sitting duck as the BCC are back! Omega sees Moxley, Claudio & Yuta flank the ring. No Bucks, no Hangman, and the BCC creep in. But wait! Bryan Danielson is here! The American Dragon returns for the first time since Revolution, and he slides into the ring. He has his BCC teammates stand down and fans are fired up! “YES! YES! YES!” The BCC back down but they’re confused as to why Bryan is defending Omega. Bryan looks to Omega and Omega is unsure what to make of this, too. Fans chant “NO! NO! NO!” but Bryan offers a hand.

Fans cheer while Omega is surprised. Omega accepts the hand, and Bryan helps Omega stand. But Yuta gets on the apron! Omega rushes at him, Yuta gets away, and now Bryan takes aim!? Omega turns around into a BUSAIKU KNEE!! The American Dragon was just suckering Omega in! And now, LEBELL LOCK! And then BCC stomp away on Omega’s legs! Fans can’t believe it! Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa and security all rush up, but Moxley, Claudio & Yuta take them all down while Bryan continues to make Omega suffer! Bryan even holds on with just one arm as he holds Omega’s nose closed! Omega passes out!

Fans boo as Bryan stands with his Blackpool Combat Club. They celebrate together, then Bryan shouts in Omega’s face, “You are everything that is wrong with professional wrestling!” Bryan has shown his true colors, will the BCC soon own AEW and ROH?


The Gunns speak.

Austin tells FTR, “There’s no doubt that you guys are one of the best tag teams we’ll ever see in this generation. The sad thing about it is, it took you 19 years to get to that point. It took me and Colten two.” Colten says they’ve already held the AEW World Tag Team Championships as many times as FTR have. The Gunns have busted their asses for these titles, and showed up week after week. Meanwhile, FTR took time off to bitch and moan and politic for a title shot. And these guys are heroes to fans? FTR, look deep into their eyes when the Gunns tell you this. “You used to be our heroes. Then we met you. Now we hate you. And we do not respect you.”

“We’ve respected one person our whole lives, that’s our father. And you saw what we did to him.” “What the hell do you think we’re going to do to you?” Next week, AEW Careers VS AEW Titles. And this time, FTR’s tagline will make sense. Because it’ll be #TopGuysOut of the company. Will the Gunns prove they’re not just Ass Boys? Will they prove they’re worthy champions?


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade!

From one title to another, Dynamite gets Freshly Squeezed! But will Cassidy finally be able to beat Andy Williams in 1v1 competition? Or will the Superbad Squad’s burly Butcher bring home the gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we’ll see if The Butcher is… whatever.

But wait! Blade attacks Cassidy from behind! He and Butcher stomp away and the fans boo. The ref reprimands, but Blade brings out a crowbar! The ref tells him no, and that Blade is EJECTED! Fans cheer but Butcher still stomps away on Cassidy! Blade leaves but he takes his time, and the ref stops Butcher from getting his shots in. Butcher backs off, Cassidy crawls to a corner and takes off his denim jacket. Fans rally for Cassidy while the ref checks him. Cassidy still wants to go, and he throws off his shirt. Cassidy stands, raises his shirt, and tells Butcher, “Bring it on!” The bell rings and Butcher runs in, only for Cassidy to dodge!

ORANGE- NO, Butcher swats the punch away! Butcher kicks but Cassidy dodges to Alabama Lift! Butcher is too big, he pushes Cassidy away, but Cassidy comes back with the “devastating” shin kicks! Butcher kicks low, CLUBS and CHOPS Cassidy down! Cassidy gets to a corner, Butcher whips him corner to corner, but Cassidy goes up and out. Butcher runs in but Cassidy bumps him off buckles. Cassidy runs Butcher side to side to bounce him off more buckles! And then again! Cassidy climbs while Butcher staggers, for the CROSSBODY! But Butcher catches him! Butcher pops Cassidy up, to TOSS him onto the corner!

Butcher drags Cassidy off the corner, to GUTBUSTER! Cassidy flops out of the ring but Butcher goes out after him. Butcher stalks Cassidy, kicks him around, grabs Cassidy’s legs, and stomps him! Butcher then deadlifts Cassidy, to SWING him into barriers! And again! And again! Butcher drops Cassidy and goes to the ring while fans boo, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cassidy clutches his ribs, the ref starts the ring count, and Butcher paces around. Cassidy drags himself up, crawls to the ring, and Butcher watches. Cassidy rolls into the ring, and right into stomps! The ref counts, Butcher drags Cassidy from the ropes to stomp his hand! Cassidy clutches the fingers but Butcher whips him hard into the corner! Cassidy falls to the mat, and Butcher drops a HEADBUTT! Butcher stands Cassidy up to CLUB him down! Butcher KNEES Cassidy in the back, and again. Fans rally while Butcher stomps Cassidy, and then Butcher drags Cassidy up for a BEARHUG! Cassidy endures the squeeze!

Cassidy throws down elbows, but Butcher lets go to KNEE him low! Cassidy falls over, but Butcher drags him back up, for a BACKBREAKER! Butcher holds Cassidy in place in a backbreaker rack! Cassidy still endures, and the fans rally behind him. Cassidy throws hands, but Butcher just picks him up for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Butcher soaks up the heat, then runs as Dynamite returns to single picture. Cassidy avoids the leg drop, brother! Cassidy runs in to tilt-o-whirl, but Butcher KNEES the DDT away, then LARIATS Cassidy inside-out! Cover, TWO! Butcher snarls, he grabs both legs and ties them up, TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!

Cassidy endures as Butcher sits deep on the hold! Cassidy reaches out, crawls his way forward, but Butcher brings him back! Cassidy uses that to tuck, roll and swing up to throw hands! Butcher just shifts his grip to deadlift POWER- NO, Cassidy CLAWS Butcher’s face! Butcher lets go, and Cassidy tries to Alabama Lift! Butcher is still too big, and he lifts Cassidy again. Cassidy slips free of the bomb to run in and ORANGE- NO, Butcher dodges! CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! And then, suplex into- STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Cassidy runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls and- NO, Butcher blocks and swings Cassidy around again! But Cassidy DDTs out of it!!

Both men are down, Cassidy crawls to the cover, TWO! Cassidy hurries to the corner, climbs up, and fans rally. Cassidy leaps, DEEP IMPACT! Cover, TWO! Butcher survives but Cassidy grits his teeth. Off comes the elbow pad! Butcher distracts the ref, here comes Blade! CROWBAR TO THE BACK!! Blade runs away, Butcher hits the CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cassidy survives and shocks everyone! And here come Best Friends! Chuck & Trent beat up Blade! They send him into steel steps! They also take the crowbar away. The ref reprimands the Best Friends for being ringside, but Butcher shoves the ref down as he storms out after them!

Trent SMACKS Butcher with the crowbar! Chuck puts Butcher back in, ORANGE PUNCH!! Butcher wobbles, into BEACH BREAK!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Kentucky Gentleman & #JustTrent help Cassidy hold on, cheating the cheaters out of this one! And of course, they HUG!! You GOT to give the people what they want! But will Cassidy continue to give the people top tier title matches like this?


Jade Cargill speaks.

The undefeated AEW TBS Champion stands with Leila Grey, the beat-up Mark Sterling, and Mark’s new assistant. “This Taya girl is a huge problem here at AEW. Not only did we serve her a Cease & Desist, she ignored it!” Leila echoes that Taya ignored it, and Jade shouts, “But not just that! She used MY move, the Jaded, on MY Baddie, but not just that, but on my lawyer! This is truly an outrage!” Leila echoes, “Outrage.” Sterling says it is outrageous that Taya broke Sterling’s nose. But that’s why this week, he brought his assistant and processor.

They know Taya is set for another match on Rampage, and if she uses the Jaded, the chicken wing facebuster, they will send the official court order and SUE her! Ow, his nose… Jade says Taya thinks she’s the only goddess. But understand this: Jade is THE Goddess here in AEW! Because she’s #ThatBitch. Now, Sterling, go get the job done. Will La Wera Loca listen to any of this? Or will Rampage be another outrage?


Juice Robinson speaks.

“Friday night, on Rampage, Rock Hard Juice Robinson against Action Andretti. It’s not gonna be the wrestling match you signed up for, Action. You’re in a fight against somebody who’s real mad. Who’s got tunnel vision on right now for Ricky Starks! Every punch is gonna be for Ricky Starks. You’re gonna be feeling it, Action. You do yourself a favor, Ricky Starks, pull up a chair and you watch the example I make out of Action Andretti. And you need to know that that’s just a small pinprick of the ass kicking that I’m gonna give you in New York City!” The Booster is fired up, but will he be ready for Action?


Ruby Soho w/ The Outcasts VS Willow Nightingale!

The Runaway ran away from all the good will she had built up in AEW, all because she wasn’t number one. She ran back to what was familiar in some old friends who’d been where she’s been, not caring what her new friends thought about that. Will Willow show Ruby that it’s better to be sweet than sour? Or will Ruby show Willow there’s No Future for goodie two shoes?

The bell rings and Ruby bails out. Fans boo but Ruby just swaggers around as she regroups with Saraya & Storm. Saraya has the ref keep Willow back, but fans rally behind Willow. Willow herself looks conflicted since she thought Ruby was better than this. Ruby and Willow tie up, go around, and Willow puts Ruby in the corner. Ruby wants Willow off her, and the ref has Willow back away. Ruby goes out to the apron to talk with Saraya & Storm, but Willow drags her back in! Fans fire up and Willow starts to tell Ruby off, but Ruby SLAPS her! Willow scowls, but Ruby stomps the foot, wrenches, but Willow blocks No Future!

Willow stands Ruby up but Ruby kicks low. Ruby reels Willow in but Willow shoves her away. Ruby rebounds, tilt-o-whirls, but Willow blocks that! Willow swings Ruby for a SIDEWALK SLAM! And then a RUNNING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Willow brings Ruby up. Willow scoops and SLAMS, and she scowls as she scoops and SLAMS again! And then again! And then again! Willow’s rage is bubbling up, and she CHOPS Ruby in a corner! Willow bumps Ruby off buckles, CHOPS again, and the Outcasts protest. Willow fires off on Ruby, the ref has her back off, and Ruby flounders away.

Fans rally behind Willow, but then Ruby asks for mercy. She wants to make up, but then she YANKS Willow into ropes! Ruby CHOKES Willow on the ropes, the ref counts, and Ruby lets off. Ruby and the ref argue, Saraya grabs Willow to fire off knees! Fans boo but Saraya scurries away. Willow staggers into a ROUNDHOUSE! Ruby smirks and fist bumps her buddies. Ruby KICKS Willow in the side, brings her around, and reels her in. Ruby snap suplexes Willow, covers, TWO! Ruby gets in Willow’s face and smothers her! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Ruby CHOKES Willow on the ropes again! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Ruby CHOKES Willow again, mockingly saying they’re best friends. Ruby CLUBS Willow, argues with the ref, and Storm CHOKES Willow! Storm scurries away, and Ruby puts Willow in a corner. Ruby CHOPS Willow, but Willow comes back with body shots! Ruby CLAWS Willow’s face to put her back in the corner. And Ruby CHOPS again! Ruby stalks Willow to another corner, stands her up, and puts some stank on the- NO, Willow blocks the chop to CHOP back! And again! And again! Ruby pulls hair to throw Willow down! The ref reprimands but the damage is done. Ruby catches her breath and clutches her stinging chest.

Ruby kicks Willow around, but Willow just scowls. Willow throws body shots but Ruby CLUBS her on the back. Ruby drags Willow up, ROCKS her, and then taunts her. Willow ROCKS Ruby! Ruby ROCKS Willow! Ruby eggs Willow on, they fire off forearms back and forth, and then Willow fireman’s carries! Ruby CLAWS Willow’s face to get free! Then Ruby throws Willow down by her hair again! Cover, ONE!! Ruby is furious and she clamps on a chinlock. Ruby squeezes tight and brings Willow down to the mat. Saraya tells fans to shut up as they’re rallying for Willow. Willow fights up but Ruby throws her down by her hair again!

Ruby puts Willow on the ropes and CHOKES her again! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Saraya goes after Willow again! But Willow slips free to ROCK Saraya, and POST her! Saraya falls, Storm hurries to help her. Ruby whips, Willow reverses and then runs in, to back body block and clothesline in the corner! Snapmare and BOOT! Willow fires up, the fans are with her, and Willow whips to then SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Ruby again tries to ask for mercy from her old friend. Willow YANKS Ruby up into a fireman’s carry! Ruby slips free and shoves Willow away.

Willow stops from hitting buckles, turns around and dodges Ruby. Ruby elbows back, goes up and headscissors, only for Willow to pop Ruby up into a fireman’s carry! RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!! Ruby survives and Willow is seething! Ruby sits up in a daze, Willow goes to a corner and she climbs up. Fans rally, but Storm distracts! Ruby gets an arm, wrenches, SUPER NO FUTURE! And then another NO FUTURE!! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe it, least of all Ruby! Ruby is furious, and she drags Willow up. Ruby turns Willow around, clinches, but Willow backslides it! TWO!!!

Ruby escapes but Willow runs through the clothesline to POUNCE Ruby into ropes!! Fans are thunderous as Willow brings down the straps! Saraya & Storm are freaking out as Willow gut wrenches Ruby. Saraya distracts the ref so that Storm can drag Ruby to safety! Willow grabs at Storm, only for Ruby to roll her up! Feet on the ropes! And Storm even holds them in place! Ruby wins!!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

The Outcasts were all over this one and Willow is furious! But Storm just CLOBBERS Willow from behind! Fans boo as the Outcasts stomp Willow! Then they bring out the spray paint! Ruby says that’s not good enough, and she goes looking under the table. She brings out a chair! Fans boo more as the stomping continues. Ruby puts Willow in a drop zone, then puts a chair around a leg! Storm rains down fists to keep Willow down, but here come Riho and Skye Blue! They slide in, and they fire fists with the Outcasts! That’s still 3v2 and Skye gets mugged by Ruby and Saraya! Storm BOOTS then DECKS Riho!

Fans boo as The Outcasts keep beating up on the heroic Skye and Riho. Ruby tosses Skye out, Storm drags Riho up, and Saraya has the spray paint! But here comes JAMIE HAYTER! The AEW Women’s World Champion rushes in, she DECKS Saraya, ROCKS Ruby, DECKS Storm, then catches Ruby for the HAYTEBREAKER! Storm stands up, into the ripcord, but Storm dodges! The Outcasts run away and fans fire up! Hayter sees Riho, and helps her stand up. These two are allied against the Outcasts, but these two are going to fight over the title next week! Riho makes the motion that she’ll be champion again, and Hayter nods respect.

Will the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion become the first-ever two-time champion? Or will Riho learn that #HayterHitsHard?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of Juice VS Action, Sammy Guevara is in action against Konosuke Takeshita! Will the Spanish God keep pace with Jungle Boy on this #1 contender’s race? And with Best Friends back from injury, they’re back in action, going up against the House of Black’s Kings of the Black Throne! Will Brody King & Malakai Black soon send Trent & Chuck back onto the injured list? And as mentioned, Taya Valkyrie has her second match in AEW, and she’s up against Marina Shafir! Will La Wera Loca look to solve The Problem before taking on Jade Cargill?


Will Hobbs speaks.

“March 24th, 2023 was proclaimed Powerhouse Hobbs Day. With the Book of Hobbs already proclaimed that I was the man who was gonna crash into Wardlow’s World. Who’s the man that beat Rey Fenix? Who’s the man that beat Penta? Who’s the man that beat the legend, Christopher Daniels himself? Just like the good Book of Hobbs states, this TNT Championship will never, ever leave my waist.” The Powerhouse has spoken, will there ever be a final chapter in his story?


Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia!

With AEW All Access premiering tonight, right after Dynamite, this long awaited return was right on time. Will AEW continue to be all about the boom? Or will Red Death go from Dragonslayer to major buzzkill?

The bell rings and fans chant, “ADAM COLE!” “WELCOME BACK!” Garcia shrugs that off as he talks some trash. He and Cole tie up, go around, and Cole wrenches to a wristlock. Garcia pie faces, wrenches, and wristlocks back. Cole rolls, wrenches and wristlocks again, but Garcia rolls to shoot around and waistlock for the SLAM! Garcia slaps Cole around then “kicks dirt” at him. Fans boo the disrespect but Garcia says things have changed since Cole was last in the ring. Cole keeps cool and he resets with Garcia. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Cole shoots to a waistlock. Garcia reaches back and brings Cole into a headlock.

Cole pops out the back, headlocks in return, but Garcia powers out. Cole runs Garcia over and fans fire up. Things speed up, Garcia drops, but Cole fakes out the hurdle to headlock again. Garcia back suplexes, Cole lands on his feet but he does stumble. Cole still gets up to headlock again. Garcia powers out, Cole goes up and over in the corner, then headlocks for a takeover. Garcia tries the headscissors but Cole shrugs that off. Fans rally, Garcia pulls hair and the ref reprimands. Garcia uses the hair to get the headscissors, and he flexes while fans boo. Cole kips free, but Garcia throat chops! And then lift, PILEDRIVER!!

Cole scrambles out of the ring and Garcia wants this one called. The ref checks Cole while fans boo. Garcia soaks up the heat, fans chant “You’re a Wrestler!” and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Garcia waits on Cole, and Cole is somehow okay to continue. Garcia grows a bit impatient, then says Cole must not be as good as he thinks. Cole slowly sits up as the count climbs, and Garcia wags his finger at the fans. Cole finally crawls to the apron but Garcia goes out after him! Garcia brings Cole back in, but Cole resists the lift to back drop Garcia away! Garcia flounders on the flour while Cole gets in the ring. Garcia drags himself up and to the apron, Cole storms over, and Garcia HOTSHOTS him away! Cole sputters, Garcia rushes in to stomp away! Garcia soaks up more heat as he roars and flexes.

Cole flounders but Garcia stands on his hair. Garcia pulls the arms to also pull the hair! The ref reprimands, Garcia stops at 4, and then he stalks Cole to ropes. Garcia CHOKES Cole while talking trash, then lets off as the ref counts. Garcia stalks Cole to a corner, brings him out, and DECKS him with a haymaker! Cole sits up in a daze while Garcia taunts him. Garcia drags Cole back up and DECKS him again! Garcia talks trash on the fans while Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans boo, Garcia brings Cole back up, but Cole throws body shots. Garcia UPPERCUTS! Cole ROCKS Garcia with a forearm, so Garcia throws a haymaker!

Cole fires off forearms and he backs Garcia down. Cole whips, Garcia reverses but Cole clotheslines! And elbows! And BOOTS! Fans fire up and Cole waits on Garcia. Fireman’s carry, but Garcia throws elbows to get free. Garcia runs, but into the fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Garcia kicks at Cole from below and Cole gets space. Fans rally as both men rise. Cole aims, but Garcia blocks the superkick! Garcia stands to SLAP Cole! Garcia runs, into a BOOT! Cole runs, into a BOOT! Cole PELES but misses! Garcia deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans boo but Garcia roars and Cole writhes.

Garcia aims from a corner with a smug grin. Fans chant, “You’re a Wrestler!” but Garcia ignores that to tune up the band. Cole stands, Garcia rushes in, but Cole SUPERKICKS first! Cole pushes Garcia down to a cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Cole goes to a corner. Cole sits Garcia up, but Garcia stops Cole from bringing the kneepad down. Cole throws hands again and again and Garcia lets go. The kneepad comes down, Cole runs, but Garcia ducks the Boom! To throw HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then REAR NAKED CHOKE! Cole rolls back to a cover, TWO! 52 Fake Out takes out the knees!

Cole goes to a corner, goes up, and Garcia crawls over. Cole leaps, PANAMA- NO, Garcia back drops it! Cole tries to sunset flip it but Garcia has the legs! Step through, DRAGONTAMER!! Cole endures as Garcia sits deep! Cole crawls forward, reaches out, even as Garcia makes it a CALF KILLER! ROPEBREAK!! The ref counts, Garcia lets go quickly, but in frustration. Fans rally behind Cole but that upsets Garcia. Cole goes to a corner, the ref has Garcia stay back so he can check Cole. Garcia just soaks up the heat in the meantime. Cole crawls back out, Garcia reels him back in! Garcia tucks the arms, STRAITJACKET PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Garcia is furious but the fans are thunderous that Cole survives! Cole goes to a corner, Garcia runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cole goes back up, PANAMA SUNRISE!! But Cole isn’t done! Garcia sits up in a daze, Cole runs and BOOM!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

The comeback is complete! Cole’s head was a bull’s eye, but Cole’s head was always in the match. And here comes Britt Baker to celebrate with her man! They even kiss! Gold ‘n’ black streamers fly, will this be a new era for the Undisputed One?

Wait, here comes Chris Jericho! The Ocho, the Wizard, Le Champion storms right to the ring to check on Garcia. Fans sing Judas as Jericho helps Garcia out of the ring. Jericho glares at Cole, then helps Garcia up the ramp and out of those streamers. Jericho is tempted to glance back at Cole but chooses not to. Does the Jericho Appreciation Society have a new pro-wrestler to target in Adam Cole, BAYBAY?

My Thoughts:

A great AEW, and given AEW All Access debuts tonight, it makes good business sense for Cole to main event. It was his big return, he is a big part of the All Access material, and it was a great win in a great match with Garcia. Jericho coming out at the end to try and steal the spotlight for just a moment of course is a sign that Cole is going to feud with Jericho going towards Double or Nothing, and that is going to be great stuff. Good quick promo from Hobbs, and him still mentioning Wardlow, they’re just making sure we all understand this is still gonna circle back to Hobbs VS Wardlow even though there should’ve been a way to cap this off before. Darn you, QT.

Really good match from Ruby VS Willow, but of course the Outcasts get at Willow the whole time. Willow loses but it is technically protected because of the interference, and we get another moment of Riho and Skye Blue making a save. It didn’t work out, so good move to have Hayter go out there. Hayter VS Riho happening next week will be good stuff, probably up until The Outcasts interfere. Then somehow, someway, we’ll finally get Blood & Guts set up for the Women’s Division. And then decent promo from Jade and her faction. Between only booking one women’s match a show and stretching things towards special episodes or PPVs, this is gonna be a build that’s too long, again.

Decent promo from Juice, but it kinda flies in the face of Juice saying he isn’t gonna wrestle in Missouri since he hates Missouri. He should’ve thrown in that he is being forced into this. Juice will definitely win against Action, and maybe Juice beats up on Action so that Ricky Starks shows up to chase Juice off, thereby hyping up their match for next Wednesday in Long Island. Good promo from The Gunns to hype up the tag team title match next week. Obviously since that match is happening after WrestleMania, it would seem FTR isn’t leaving to go back to WWE,  they’re likely going to win to take those titles back.

Really fun montage of The Acclaimed hanging out with Menard & Parker in St. Louis. I do like that The Acclaimed is stringing Menard & Parker along, they’re definitely not joining the JAS. That will upset them and the JAS will want a match where I’m sure the stipulation is, if The Acclaimed loses, they must join the JAS. And then the JAS will lose that and look like dummies. Anyway, great title match from Cassidy VS Butcher. Good overbooking as Blade, Trent and Chuck get involved, and this was a great return moment for Best Friends. Trent & Chuck VS Malakai & Brody on Friday is going to be really good stuff, and maybe Best Friends challenge for the trios titles at some point.

Really good stuff out of this BCC VS Elite story they’re building. The BCC of course beat Castle & The Boys, but they really up the Heel heat with the ambush. And then they beat up Hangman and bust open Callis, which was really surprising. Face Moxley bled all the time, but Heel Moxley makes everyone else bleed. Omega VS Cobb was awesome stuff, but I suppose it’s fine that Omega wins. Bryan making his return was a great surprise, and then what a wild moment with him turning to be on the same page as the rest of the BCC. And right there is this year’s match for Men’s Blood & Guts: the full BCC against the OG Elite, Omega, Hangman & Bucks, and that is gonna be awesome.

And of course, great stuff in the opening. JB VS Hardy was really good, and it tied into The Firm’s story with Hook, which did have the #JungleHook story on the side. MJF and JB had a great promo segment to follow, and I have a feeling MJF is gonna have segments like that with the other Young Pillars before we get the official #1 contender. Sammy VS Konosuke on Rampage is going to be awesome stuff, and I hope Callis comes around to keep on that whole recruiting of Konosuke. I would think Sammy will win because he needs to keep pace with JB, and then Darby will also win a big match on Dynamite or Ramage to do the same. Honestly, this needs to end in a Triple Threat of JB VS Darby VS Sammy to name THE #1 contender, that’d be the best course of action.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/28/23)

QTV gets Dark!



QTV is in Universal Studios!

After helping Will Hobbs hold onto the AEW TNT Championship, QT Marshall & Aaron Solo get back in action! Will this be one for the headlines?


  • AR Fox VS Nick Comoroto; Fox wins.
  • Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue; Skye wins.
  • Evil Uno VS Alexander Moss; Uno wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Steph De Lander; Shafir wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Schaff; Clayton wins.
  • Top Flight VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; Top Flight wins.
  • QT Marshall & Aaron Solo w/ Harley Cameron VS Austin Green & Vary Morales; QT & Solo win.
  • Brady Booker VS Serpentico; Brady wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cole Karter; Konosuke wins.


A good line-up here. Just as I was wondering where Nick Comoroto was, he’s here on Dark to put AR Fox over. For those unfamiliar, Steph De Lander is formerly Persia Pirotta of NXT, though she has a very different look now, I almost didn’t recognize her. Brady Booker, formerly Bodhi Hayward, is back in action, good to see him. And while most of these matches seem pretty straight forward, I feel like Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue is the one that could go either way. Skye’s been building herself up in AEW and ROH but Aminata is impressive in her own right.

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