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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (5/5/20)

Cinco de Mayo gets Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

BOOM BOOM! Cinco De Mayo!

BOOM BOOM Colt Cabana finally has it out with Superbad Kip Sabian! Plus, The Dark Order’s newest member has his AEW Dark in-ring debut!


  • Preston Vance w/ Brodie Lee VS Ryan Pyles; Vance wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS Shawn Dean; Guevara wins.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Colt Cabana; Sabian wins.


Tony Schiavone and Cody Rhodes welcome us back to AEW Dark!

A bittersweet night as this looks to be the last episode The American Nightmare is on commentary for Dark. But at least it is a big episode with three matches, including a Superbad main event!


Preston Vance w/ Brodie Lee VS Ryan Pyles!

Mr. Brodie has dubbed his newest recruit “Number 10,” and now wants to see what he can do in the ring. Will Vance prove it was the right move to #JoinDarkOrder?

The bell rings and Pyles circles with “10.” Pyles rushes in and gets CLOBBERED for it! 10 drags Pyles up to bump off buckles then CHOP! 10 drags Pyles up for a BIG German Suplex! Pyles flounders and Mr. Brodie smiles. Mr. 10 stalks Pyles to a corner and CHOPS him again! And then stalks him to another corner for a whip corner to corner. 10 runs in and rams Pyles with a big forearm smash. 10 throws Pyles out to Mr. Brodie’s side, and then goes out to fetch him. With Brodie watching very closely, 10 CHOPS Pyles even harder! Brodie nods, still pleased with his new prospect. 10 puts Pyles in at 4 and then follows at 5. Pyles chops back but hurts his own hand! 10 DECKS Pyles for it, and makes sure Brodie is still pleased. 10 whips Pyles but Pyles kicks back. Brodie smacks the post with a chair and it scares Pyles. 10 gives Pyles a BIG knee smash! Brodie tells 10 to finish this, and 10 drags Pyles up to whip. SPINE BUSTER and cover, 10 wins!

Winner: Preston Vance, aka Number 10, by pinfall.

Brodie joins Vance in the ring and gives him a congratulatory pat on the back. Vance took care of Pyles in one take, will The Dark Order soon take over AEW?


Sammy Guevara VS Shawn Dean!

The Inner Circle’s “Le Sex Gods” are preparing for a battle with the Best Bout Machine and the BROKEN Brilliance! Will Sammy use The Captain as a tune-up for such a star-studded match?

Before the match, Sammy just has to vlog while taking off his jacket. The bell rings and Dean video bombs to roll up! TWO, but Dean dropkicks Sammy! Sammy staggers into an arm-drag, but gets away to more ropes. Dean whips but Sammy avoids the dropkick this time, to basement BOOT back! Sammy picks up his phone to finish his vlog, and then knee Dean hard in the ribs. Sammy clubs Dean down then brings him up in a fireman’s carry. He shows off with the squats, going deep with it! Sammy then hits the Samoan Drop, and double guns. Cover, TWO! Sammy clubs Dean down and has him at the ropes. Sammy brings Dean up to show off again, but Dean suplexes Sammy instead! Now Dean gets to show off his strength as he holds Sammy up and walks around with him! Dean has Sammy up for a count of 10 before dropping him down! Sammy writhes, Dean salutes and somersaults into a knee drop! Cover, ONE!

Dean keeps his cool and clubs Sammy into a butterfly underhook. Sammy resists and spins out, and HEADBUTTS! Dean staggers onto ropes and Sammy shakes out the cobwebs. Sammy starts swaggering as Britt Baker and Jimmy Havoc lead their half of the crowd in chanting for him. Sammy stands on Dean at the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. The ref reprimands and Sammy “apologizes,” but Sammy kicks the rope to jam Dean’s neck! Dean gasps and sputters but Sammy covers, TWO! Sammy keeps on Dean with stomps! Sammy looms over Dean but Dean pushes back. Sammy stomps Dean down again, then runs and stomps him on the back! Cover, TWO! Sammy keeps his cool and his swagger as he brings Dean around. Dean endures the chinlock and the Gunn Club lead their half of the crowd in a rally.

Dean stands but Sammy wrangles him down! Sammy bridges for a special cravat but Dean endures. Sammy floats back to lean on Dean, but the Gunn Club rallies. Dean fights his way up and fights his way out with elbows. Dean throws forearms but Sammy kicks low. Sammy CHOPS Dean to ropes, then whips. Dean comes back with clotheslines and elbows! Dean whips Sammy but Sammy reverses, only for Dean to slip around to a DDT! And a kip up! Dean fires up while Sammy crawls to a corner. Dean salutes again, runs corner to corner, but misses in the corner! Sammy runs in to KNEE Dean down! Sammy mocks the salute and gives a middle finger. Torture rack to BURNING GTS! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

The Spanish God is on fire towards Dynamite! Will he and Chris Jericho prove the Inner Circle is still better than The Elite?


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Colt Cabana!

This has been a long time coming! It was back in March when Boom Boom Colt Cabana SLAPPED Superbad across the face for having attitude! And now, finally, AEW will see what happens when these two have it out in the ring! Who gets back on track after their TNT Championship Tournament losses?

The bell rings and Sabian gets face to face with Cabana. Sabian pushes Cabana but Cabana pushes back. So Sabian slaps Cabana! Cabana shrugs it off, but Sabian headlocks. Cabana powers out and runs Sabian over with a shoulder! Sabian scrambles up, speeds things up, and dodges and hurdles. He slides under, drops down and hurdles back up. But Cabana fakes Sabian out, to SLAP him back! Sabian bails out in a huff and regroups with Penelope. Cabana heads out the side and lurks up behind the Superbad couple. Tickle tickle! Sabian is upset, but he runs into a CHOP! Cabana puts Sabian in, but he sees the springboard enziguri coming and just steps back. Sabian hits the mat, and Cabana chuckles. Cabana slingshot sunset flips but Sabian slips out. Cabana shouts, “STOP!” and Sabian asks, “What do you mean?!” Cabana gets him with an arm wrench.

Cabana yanks on the arm and clamps onto the shoulder. Sabian endures but Cabana whips. Sabian reverses but Cabana goes up then under. Cabana blocks the boot and smirks as he raises it. Sabian falls back but he pushes Cabana off the toehold. Cabana stops himself short of Sabian’s monkey flip, and grabs a toehold! Cabana turns Sabian over, laces the legs, and sits on the Queen Angelito. Penelope lurks as Cabana pulls on Sabian’s arm. Cabana wrenches the wrist and fingers, then gets Sabian’s other arm. Cabana brings the arms back in a motorcycle stretch! They stand and Sabian reaches for ropes, but Cabana keeps him away. Sabian turns Cabana around but Cabana hip attacks first. Cabana headlocks but Sabian powers out, and things speed up. Sabian tries to use the “STOP!” trick but Cabana just runs Sabian over.

The Gunn Club cheers as Cabana runs corner to corner. Sabian puts Cabana on the apron but Cabana elbows Sabian again and again. Cabana bumps Sabian off the buckles, but Penelope lurks closer again. Cabana is distracted, springboard enziguri hits this time! Sabian scrapes Cabana out but the ref isn’t so easily distracted. Penelope has no openings so Sabian has to get Cabana himself. Sabian bumps Cabana off the apron then puts him in the ring. He wants a kiss from Penelope but she refuses? Why? Is she just not feeling Superbad while Boom Boom is out here? Sabian is upset and stomps away on Cabana! The ref backs Sabian off, and he goes back to Penelope. They’re still a team, right? Yes, but he still needs to focus on Cabana. Sabian runs corner to corner and elbows Cabana, then rolls to come back with an enziguri! Sabian rolls Cabana to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Sabian grows frustrated and he drags Cabana up. Sabian chokes Cabana on the ropes! He lets up at 4 and goes back to a corner.

The ref is busy reprimanding him, and Sabian expects another chance for Penelope, but she doesn’t take it. Sabian goes after Cabana with forearms, but Cabana ROCKS him! Sabian comes back with a forearm but Cabana does, too. They go back and forth, harder and harder! Cabana runs in, Sabian slips out and enziguris again. Sabian springboards to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Cabana ghost pins, TWO!! Sabian CLOBBERS Cabana for that close call! Sabian rains down rights and even chokes Cabana! The ref counts and Sabian stops, and he looks at Penelope again as Cabana gets to a corner. Sabian clubs and stomps Cabana but Cabana throws forearms back. Sabian rocks Cabana, then chokes him! The ref counts, Sabian lets off, and he goes after Cabana as he staggers. Sabian snapmares and stomps Cabana, but the crowd is rallying. Cabana kicks from the mat and pushes Sabian to the apron. Sabian springboards, but into BOOTS!

Cabana gets up and crawls to ropes as Sabian is in a daze. Penelope coaches Sabian up but Sabian walks into CHOPS! And the BIONIC ELBOW! Cabana hops up, leaps over and rolls Sabian up! TWO, but Cabana is right up to throw jab after jab! Flip, flop ‘n’ fly, BIONIC ELBOW! Falling splash, TWO! Sabian goes to the apron and shoulders back in. Sabian slingshots but Cabana lets it flop as he walks away! Cabana dusts off some buckle pads before going corner to corner! BIG APPLE! Then Cabana goes up, and NOW Penelope interferes. She stays between Cabana and Sabian, wanting him to take it easy on her guy. Cabana waits for Penelope to leave, but Sabian LOW BLOWS!! Roll up and bridge, Sabian wins!!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

That was a Superbad win for sure! The Superbad Squad is still a strong duo in AEW, will both of them head to titles together?


AEW previews Dynamite!

Before going for the TNT Championship at Double or Nothing, Cody goes up against the Bad Boy, Joey Janela! Is the American Nightmare biting off more than he can chew before taking on the Murderhawk? And of course, Kenny Omega teams with DAMASCUS Matt Hardy to go against #LeSexGods, Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara! Will the AEW in-ring debut for Matt Hardy be WONDERFUL~?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode of Dark, and this one actually hit the half hour mark. Preston Vance had a good debut as Number 10, and Brodie Lee was really good on the outside. I almost thought he was going to get so upset that he attacks Pyles, but he actually ended up helping 10 win. We haven’t had Uno and Grayson on TV during the pandemic, but I wonder if 10 will rise up the ranks to be a third man for that unit, in terms of taking on enemies of The Dark Order. I could definitely see Uno and Grayson going for tag titles, Brodie wanting the world title, and then Vance being their candidate for the TNT Championship. Guevara of course gets a win here so that he’s strong towards the big tag match tomorrow night. And Cabana VS Sabian was really good. I like the character work that Penelope was hesitant to interfere until she knew she had the best chance of screwing Cabana over. I do hope we get more of this feud, and maybe Cabana gets a female ally against Penelope for a new mixed tag match.

My Score: 8/10

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