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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/13/20)

AEW raises the stakes towards Double or Nothing!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

The fuse has been lit on AEW Dynamite!

Jake the Snake may have crossed a line, but it’s on Cody Rhodes to put him in check! Will AEW Dynamite explode this close to Double or Nothing?


  • Jurassic Express VS Best Friends; Best Friends win.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Britt Baker VS Penelope Ford VS Hikaru Shida VS Kris Statlander; Shida wins.
  • Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful; Omega & Hardy win.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Lee Johnson; MJF wins.
  • Chris Jericho VS Suge D; Jericho wins.
  • Brodie Lee VS Christopher Daniels; Lee wins.


Lance Archer and Jake the Snake Roberts open AEW!

And Archer just attacks Shawn Dean on the way out! The Murderhawk Monster clobbers The Captain into the ring, then out of it! MJF, Shawn Spears and others cheer Archer on the left hand side of the audience while The Snake gets a mic. “I’ve been asked to make an apology about last week’s antics.” As soon as Brandi Rhodes kisses his ass, he’ll apologize. The Snake says that any time someone gets in the ring, this is No Man’s Land for anyone. This ring is their book, and Archer and Snake are the authors of every chapter. That’s just the way it is. So know this: As far as The Snake is concerned, a wife’s place is at home, cooking and cleaning, wiping baby butts, changing diapers, and occasionally, keeping her man warm. Snake’s woman comes to see him after he’s watched Lance’s work, because it gets Snake very excited.

Now to Cody Rhodes. The time is almost up. No longer can Cody run and hide behind his brother. No more excuses, it is time to pay the piper. Cody doesn’t have to worry about Dustin or Brandi. He only has to worry what Archer will do to him. Wait, what is that sound? Cody pulls up in a truck, and is furiously revving his engine. Oh, so he brought a toy this week? Cody busts in with the truck! Archer heads right for Cody and they brawl! LOW BLOW! Cody punches away on Archer’s head against the stone wall! The Gunn Club and their side of the crowd is all fired up as Cody throws off the tie and vest. But Archer clobbers Cody from behind and throws him onto the timekeeper’s table! Snake says, “Welcome to our world!” Archer runs at Cody but only gets post! Cody throws haymakers again and again, then backs off to grab a chair!

Cody puts the chair in the ring, but Archer choke grips! Archer lifts, but Cody lands on the apron! Cody avoids one sweep but not the second! Snake mocks Cody’s pain but Cody grabs Archer by his ponytails! And uses them to choke Archer! Archer elbows free but Cody has the chair! Snake gets clear and Cody throws the chair at Archer’s head! But Archer doesn’t even flinch! Archer BOOTS Cody and puts him in a corner. Archer puts Cody up top, brings him out on the inverted crucifix, but Cody escapes! Cody avoids the claw to springboard! But no cutter and Archer throws him down! Snake wants Archer to fall back for now, because they still have Double or Nothing. Cody and Archer have just raised the stakes on each other, but who will win the jackpot that is the AEW TNT Championship?


AEW profiles the Tag Team Division.

The goal has always been to give the world the best tag team wrestling ever. And over the past year, they have delivered on that promise. Private Party’s shocker over the Young Bucks, the ladder match between Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers, SoCal Uncensored becoming the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions, and so much more. AEW Revolution delivered again in what is quite possibly the best tag team match ever. The Elite VS The Elite, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page VS The Young Bucks, with Omega & Page retaining the AEW World Tag Team Championships. However, the Bucks would be taken out of action when The Inner Circle went after Nick Jackson backstage, “opening the door for other tag teams to step in, and step up.” The Best Friends are one of those teams.

Just this past month, Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta have gone on a hot streak and climbed in the rankings. Their most extreme win was the No Holds Barred Tag Match against Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian. The Best Friends are now among the top contenders in the division. However, while The Dark Order’s Evil Uno and Stu Grayson have been MIA, the Exalted One continues to recruit new members and make their faction stronger than ever. And then, Jurassic Express makes their return. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are undefeated in 2020 and gaining momentum as we speak. Omega and Hangman have many teams aiming for them, because there is always the goal of becoming THE best tag team in AEW. Who will step up and step to the champions at Double or Nothing?


Jurassic Express VS Best Friends!

Jungle Boy already has a match set for DoN against MJF, but perhaps he and Luchasaurus can still make their way up the rankings. Their return was victorious on the newest episode of AEW Dark, but will their streak end against the Kentucky Gentleman and #JustTrent?

Teams sort out and Chuckie T starts against JB. They go around as the crowd goes wild. They tie up, JB puts Chuckie on the ropes, then whips. Chuckie reverses, headlocks but JB powers out. Chuckie leaps over but JB rolls to get the headlock takeover. The crowd cheers as Chuckie gets up and puts JB on the ropes. Chuckie whips, hip tosses but JB lands on his feet to get a takedown. Chuckie drop toeholds and dead lifts JB, but JB wheelbarrows to the victory roll! TWO and Chuckie arm-drags! JB arm-drags back and the two stand off. They shake hands to show there’s still respect, and then tag out to their partners. Trent and Luchasaurus circle now, and they tie up. Luchasaurus powers Trent down, but Trent comes back for more. Luchasaurus powers Trent to a corner again, and now Trent is wary. Trent gets out of the corner and CHOPS Luchasaurus, but it has no effect! Luchasaurus grabs Trent with both hands to toss him into the corner!

Trent dodges again and CHOPS again, but still nothing. He keeps trying, but Luchasaurus CHOPS Trent off his feet! Luchasaurus and Trent get head to head and Trent throws forearms. Luchasaurus ROCKS Trent with a forearm, but Trent comes back with more! Trent CHOPS again and Luchasaurus actually winces. Trent runs, but into a flapjack! Luchasaurus adds the spinning BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Trent up but Trent flounders away. Luchasaurus brings Trent up to CHOP, and then tags to JB. JB CHOPS Trent, too, then wrenches to a wristlock. JB goes up and up, but leaps into a SAIDO! Chuckie shoos Marko away from Orange Cassidy while Trent brings JB over to the corner. Trent hoists JB up top and climbs up to join him. JB fights back but Trent haymakers him back down.

Trent goes up but JB fights him off. The headbutt is double edged, and gives Chuckie a chance to give Trent a boost. JB fights them both off, and then missile dropkicks Trent off Chuckie’s shoulders! Trent inadvertently takes a Jungle Doomsday Device! Chuckie goes after JB but gets a jawbreaker and TAIL WHIP! Luchasaurus helps JB wheelbarrow into the flying complete shot! Chuckie gets out of the ring and Luchasaurus pursues. Luchasaurus brings Chuckie up and JB builds speed, but Trent intercepts with a back elbow! Chuckie hits Luchasaurus low, too, and Trent DIVES! But Luchasaurus catches him! Chuckie saves Trent from the choke slam, and Best Friends both suplex Luchasaurus up and over! And then, they HUG! But JB FLIES onto them both! All four men are down, with the ref, Marko and Cassidy checking on them. The crowd chants “This is Awesome!” as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Luchasaurus drags Trent up in a corner. Luchasaurus CHOPS Trent, then whips him corner to corner. Trent rebounds to SPEAR Luchasaurus down! Both men are down as the crowd rallies up. Trent and Luchasaurus crawl for their corners, and hot tag Chuckie and JB! JB dodges and forearms, but Chuckie forearms back. They go back and forth, faster and faster, and the crowd fires up. JB throws kicks and a SUPER FOREARM! Chuckie forearms back and JB staggers to a corner. JB elbows in return, then ROCKS Chuckie with that right. But the Sexy Chuckie Knee hits back! Chuckie whips JB but JB LARIATS! Trent gives JB the PSYCHO KNEE! But Luchasaurus has the Question Mark Kick for Trent! Luchasaurus fireman’s carries Trent, but Trent slips out to hit a tornado DDT! Marko panics but Cassidy is on the stage? Cassidy is cheering Trent on, but FENIX attacks outta nowhere!! The Firebird reminds Best Friends that Death Triangle is still after them, so Trent chases after Fenix!

But then MJF attacks JB outside the ring! Clearly Maxwell Jacob Friedman wants an insurance policy with Double or Nothing on the horizon. MJF then puts JB in the ring without the ref ever knowing. Chuckie gives JB the AWFUL WAFFLE! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Wardlow blindsides Marko into the barriers! Luchasaurus storms over bu MJF gets his muscle back. So many cheap shots, it’s hard for Best Friends to feel good about their victory. Will Chuckie and Trent refocus now that they’re red hot towards those AEW World Tag titles? Has Fenix guaranteed himself at least one less opponent to worry about in the Casino Ladder Match? Can Jungle Boy recover to get revenge on MJF?


AEW Media catches Jon Moxley as he arrives.

The AEW World Champion is in an even worse mood than usual. Brodie Lee’s henchmen attacked and then literally stole the title belt from him. Moxley pushes past the cameraman to head into the arena. Will the Maniac be even more violent than normal knowing Mr. Brodie is here tonight?


Fatal 4 Way: Britt Baker VS Penelope Ford VS Hikaru Shida VS Kris Statlander!

While this isn’t an official #1 Contender’s match, you have to believe that a match between the top four will go a long way to determining Nyla Rose’s challenger. Will the Native Beast go Double or Nothing against the Dentist, the Superbad Girl, the Samurai or the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien?

The bell rings and Penelope baits Kris in with a boop only to kick her low. Britt goes right after Shida because of their 1v1 match that resulted in a broken, bloody nose. The brawls are on opposite ends of the ring and Penelope is stomping Kris down. Shida turns things around on Britt but Britt grabs hair! Britt throws Shida down while Penelope chokes Kris on ropes. Britt surfboard STOMPS Shida down then puts her on the ropes. Kris pushes Penelope into a corner then goes after Britt. Kris back suplexes but Britt tries to use nose boops to make peace. Instead, Kris and Shida give Britt a DOUBLE backbreaker! Shida and Kris nod, but Penelope runs in to double crossbody them down! But they both kip up and BOOT Penelope down! Britt is after Shida again with forearms and a whip. Shida dodges and whips, then goes for an enziguri but Britt ducks that to drop on the arms! Shida gets clear to kick low.

Shida suplexes Britt but Britt gets out. Britt runs and hits a SLINGBLADE! Kris and Penelope brawl outside but Kris sees Britt going for the Rings of Saturn! Kris drags Britt off the hold by her nose! Britt elbows free but Kris throws big forearms. Kris fireman’s carries but Penelope returns to BOOT! Britt uses that momentum to DDT Kris! But Penelope takes the cover, TWO!! Britt kicks Penelope in return for all that, then goes after Kris. Britt throws forearms then bumps Kris off buckles. Sabian coaches Penelope up while Britt kicks Kris in the corner. Britt digs her sole into Kris’ face, then covers. Shida breaks it up and drags Britt out of the ring. Shida throws Britt into barriers while Penelope mule kicks Kris. Penelope runs and springboards but Kris catches her to an Electric Chair SLAM! Cover but Shida breaks it!

Britt stalks up behind Shida and grabs hair. Shida ROCKS Britt with a right! Shida bumps Britt off buckles then climbs up top. The crowd fires up as Shida brings Britt up top. Britt resists and Kris adds on, TOWER OF PAIN, Superplex and Powerbomb! Kris spots Penelope up top and drags her down, to then SLAM her onto Britt! Shida KNEES Kris down! All four women are on the mat but “This is Awesome!” A standing count begins but AEW has to go to break.

AEW returns and Shida brawls with Kris. Kris gets an edge but Shida blocks a chop, only to get a rolling elbow! Kris scoops Shida and tucks her in, but Britt SUPERKICKS Big Bang Theory over! Shida uses that to victory roll, but Britt METEORAS the cover apart! Britt covers, TWO!! Kris goes after Britt but Britt kicks low and hits a DESTROYER! Britt hurries to get Kris back for a cover but Penelope handsprings in to hit a CUTTER! Penelope hurries to cover, TWO! Shida was a second behind but is fortunate Britt is tougher than that. Shida suplexes but Penelope escapes, and goes Matrix to STUNNER! Britt runs and spins Penelope for the FISHERMAN NECKBREAKER! Kris kicks Britt, scoops and hits a SPINNING FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kris pushes Britt away and runs, but Shida dodges and sweeps the legs! Shida snap suplexes Penelope onto Kris in the corner!

Shida pushes Penelope away and brings Kris up. Shida whips, Kris goes up and over, SUPERKICK from Britt! But Shida throws Britt out with Kris! Penelope hits a BIG Missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! So close and yet so far from victory! Sabian coaches Penelope up as she drags Shida up. Shida breaks free, Penelope throws forearms and runs but Shida follows. Sabian grabs Shida at the ropes! Penelope runs in, but Shida gets free! Penelope avoids clobbering her Superbad fiance, and gives him a kiss instead! Only for Shida to DROPKICK her into Sabian! Roll up, TWO!? Penelope narrowly escapes, but then Shida hits the FALCON ARROW! Cover, Kris breaks it up! Kris drags Penelope up to the Electric Chair, but Penelope fights back to POISON-RANA! Britt drags Kris out to POST her! Penelope handsprings, into a torture rack from Shida! Shida positions Penelope for a BACKBREAKER DROP!

Britt is putting Kris into LOCKJAW, but on the outside of the ring! Nothing counts out there! But Shida gives Penelope the SHINING WIZARD inside the ring, where it does count! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

Britt is still torturing Kris, she doesn’t even care that Shida took the win! Shida is still the #1 Contender, will she take the title from Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing? As for Britt, is this really the behavior of “the face of the AEW Women’s Division”?


AEW hears from Suge D.

“Tonight, tonight, tonight is a good night for a fight.” Sugar Dunkerton has been his name for the better of 16 years. Grinding, scratching, clawing, all for a moment like this. But Chris Jericho has no respect for a name like that, which is why he keeps calling Suge “Pineapple Pete.” At first, Suge was insulted. But ever since Jericho continued calling him Pete, life has been sweet! But seriously, Jericho rolls with an Inner Circle. Suge doesn’t throw shapes, he throws fists. We saw that last week. And tonight, 1v1, no more insults. Will Suge make sure Le Champion remembers the name?


AEW makes it official!

After that big Fatal 4 Way victory, Hikaru Shida IS challenging Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s World Championship! Will the Samurai slay the Native Beast once and for all? Plus, after how Britt treated Kris’ jaw tonight, they will have it out in a 1v1 grudge match! Will Britt rearrange Kris’ teeth all over again? Or will the Greatest Alien take a bite out of her instead?


Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful!

Speaking of that Inner Circle, Santana & Ortiz helped Jericho beat down The Elite’s Best Bout Machine and BROKEN ally! Will PNP’s official return to action go as well for them as that Street Fight? Or will Omega and DAMASCUS get their revenge?

But as Omega makes his entrance, PNP jump him at the ramp! There’s no such thing as a fair fight for the Inner Circle! They throw Omega into the ring and snatch up his AEW World Tag Team Championship. PNP double whip and elbow, then hit a step-stool moonsault! But here comes Hardy! He glares at PNP and they rush him at the ramp. Damascus gets a BITE of Santana’s fingers! And feet! Ortiz has no idea what to do about that, and Hardy bowls Santana down the tunnel. Hardy shouts, “DELETE! DELETE!” and he goes after Ortiz with forearms! Santana slowly returns but Hardy DECKS Ortiz! Santana returns and the ref rings the bell so something can get on record!

Omega recovers as Santana and Ortiz mug Hardy. Santana whips but Hardy reverses to send Santana out. Ortiz walks into Omega’s haymakers while Hardy whips Santana. Santana reverses and sends Hardy into railing! Omega clubs away on Ortiz in a corner and CHOPS! Omega whips corner to corner but Ortiz reverses. Ortiz runs into a boot! Omega goes up and over Ortiz but Ortiz blocks the hip toss. Ortiz hits low, flips back and ducks under to CLAW the back. Rawr. Omega winces and heads for a corner but Ortiz claws him again! Ortiz tags in Santana and PNP double whip. Omega ducks the clothesline to dropkick the legs out! Omega keeps moving, to DOUBLE KOTARO KRUSHER! Tag to Hardy! Hardy drags Santana up and double whips with Omega. CLEANER IN MOTION! They see Ortiz coming and give him a double suplex!

The crowd fires up as Hardy throws haymakers on Santana. Hardy whips but Santana reverses, but Hardy elbows back and hits a neckbreaker! Hardy hits a WONDERFUL~ leg drop! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Santana up and bumps him off Omega’s boot. Tag to Omega and Omega bumps Santana off buckles. Omega CHOPS Santana then clubs away on his back! The ref counts but Omega lets up to whip Santana corner to corner. Santana elbows back but Omega pops Santana up. Santana slips off but Omega elbows him away. Omega decks Ortiz but Santana clotheslines Omega out! Ortiz says PNP are geniuses, but then Omega DECKS him again! Omega gets back in and shoulders Santana away. Ortiz trips Omega up and Omega hits the apron! Ortiz drags Omega up and whips Omega into barriers! PNP has taken control back as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Santana covers Omega, ONE! Omega gets to ropes but Santana brings him up to CHOP! Santana snapmares Omega and grabs the legs to turn him for a Boston Crab! Ortiz tags in and gets Omega in a camel clutch! The ref counts as Omega endures this camel crab combo, but Santana lets up at 4. Ortiz cranks back but Omega endures. Ortiz drops Omega to CLAW him again. Rawr. Ortiz rushes Hardy but Hardy doesn’t flinch. Ortiz claws Omega more, but Omega throws body shots. Ortiz thumbs Omega in the eye then stands on him at the ropes! MJF’s section cheers, and Ortiz swivels the hips. The Gunn Club’s section rallies for Omega and he fights back with forearms! Ortiz pokes Omega’s eyes again! Ortiz trips Omega and tags in Santana. Santana springboards and stomps Omega down, and then taunts Hardy. Hardy shouts at Santana but still can’t do anything for Omega.

Santana puts Omega in a standing cobra twist but Omega endures. Ortiz tags in and PNP double Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Ortiz keeps his cool as he starts the swivel up again. He brings Omega up but Omega breaks free to throw forearms! Ortiz hits back and we have a brawl! Omega ROCKS Ortiz but Ortiz fires off a flurry! Omega gets up to throw many more forearms in return! Ortiz wobbles but claws Omega’s chest! Rawr. SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Ortiz’s ego got the better of him there but both men are down! The crowd rallies up as Omega and Ortiz crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Hardy and Santana! Hardy fires off on Santana and bumps him off buckles over and over and over! “DELETE!” Hardy runs in to corner clothesline but no bulldog. Santana runs into the LARIAT! Ortiz runs into a flurry of fists and gets thrown out! Hardy gives Santana SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Hardy looms over Santana and puts him in a corner.

Hardy whips corner to corner, blocks the boots, and turns Santana around for a draping elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Hardy doesn’t slow down, he goes up the corner to drop an ax handle! “DELETE! DELETE!” Santana flounders up into a kick, but Ortiz rushes in. Hardy dodges, but Santana sends Hardy into Ortiz, and Ortiz dumps Hardy out! Hardy lands on his feet, but Santana DIVES! Direct hit into barriers! Ortiz decks Omega for good measure before Santana puts Hardy back in. Ortiz brings Hardy up but Hardy escapes and shoves Ortiz into Santana! Neckbreaker while Omega PESCADOS onto Santana! Hardy has Omega feed Santana to him, for the TWIST OF FATE! Cover, but Ortiz breaks it! Hardy tags in Omega and the two go after Santana. They double whip corner to corner, then run in. Santana goes up and over but misses the enziguri. Ortiz drags Hardy out to post him! Omega wants the Dragon Suplex but Santana breaks the full nelson.

Santana elbows Omega then brings him over, but Omega reverses. Ortiz saves Santana from buckles with a school boy, and Santana uses that to roll back and CUTTER! Ortiz runs and shotgun dropkicks Omega down! CANNONBALL IN MOTION! Santana drags Omega to a cover, TWO!! Omega stays alive and PNP can’t believe it! Santana drags Omega up and tags Ortiz back in. Ortiz claws Omega more, then drags him into position. Santana is up top, but Omega huricanranas Ortiz to avoid Street Sweeper! Hardy tosses Santana out to the ramp! Omega tags in Hardy and Hardy goes after Ortiz. Ortiz mule kicks then goes to suplex, but Hardy reverses to a floating butterfly hold! The body scissors drag Ortiz down to the mat and Ortiz starts fading! But here comes Sammy Guevara, neck brace and all! And a chair!

The Spanish God is clearly still in bad shape from that golf cart hit ‘n’ run, but he still plans to help PNP by any means necessary. Sammy gets in the ring, but Hardy kicks the chair away. And gives Sammy TWIST OF FATE!! Hardy dodges Ortiz and throws haymakers. He hoists Ortiz up top and ROCKS him. Hardy climbs up but Ortiz resists the suplex. Ortiz shoves Hardy away but Omega V-TRIGGERS! Hardy hits a SUPER TWIST OF FATE!! Cover, Hardy and Omega win!

Winners: Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy, by pinfall

The Elite was able to “DELETE!” the Inner Circle’s plans this night, but the war between these factions is far from over! Will this only be settled when AEW can finally have Blood & Guts?


Taz again tries to interview Darby Allin.

Darby is in the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing, meaning he has a chance at winning another shot at the AEW World Championship. Taz apologizes for last week, bringing up the loss to Cody in the TNT Championship tournament. But Taz can’t help but detail exactly what went wrong, with the Coffin Drop being so hard, Darby slide off Cody and Cody barely having to do more than a basic tilt to pin him. Taz still wants to help Darby, but Darby says Taz doesn’t get it. Darby knows what happened. “Back in the day,” Darby placed third in the Iowa state wrestling tournament. Well, we didn’t know that. But then Darby should’ve known- Darby storms out, still not wanting to hear it. Will Darby have better luck in a match as wild as the Casino Ladder Match?

Excalibur explains the rules of a Casino Ladder Match.

Much like a Casino Battle Royal, two men will start the match at random, and further entrants will be sent out every 90 seconds until all nine have entered. However, that does not mean all nine will even get into the match, as the prized Double or Nothing chip can be won at any time. Therefore, the advantage is in reverse, as the first two men will have the easiest chance to get up a ladder and bring the chip down. Four competitors are known so far in Darby Allin, Rey Fenix, Orange Cassidy and Colt Cabana. Who else joins them in this field of nine?


Backstage interview with Hikaru Shida!

Shida is officially the #1 contender, and is going to face Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing. What are her expectations going into this? Well, it is so great that Shida is even able to challenge the AEW Women’s World Champion right now. The best thing she can do is win, obviously, so she vows to do just that. But Nyla Rose walks over. Nyla doesn’t want to fight, she just wants to congratulate Shida. And now obviously, Shida has been looking for her beloved kendo stick, so Nyla got her a present. It’s her kendo stick! And Nyla SMACKS Shida in the head with it! Nyla doesn’t even give it back! She keeps it as she walks away! But will Shida take both kendo stick and title away from Nyla in 10 days?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Lee Johnson!

After “overhealing” the “career threatening” hangnail, the Salt of the Earth returns to action in the ring! Wardlow already brutalized #BigShotty, but will MJF at least take him seriously?

The bell rings but MJF wants the referee to double check Johnson’s gear. The ref does, and MJF uses that to cheap shot Johnson down! MJF smirks as he drags Johnson up. MJF hits a BIG overhead suplex, then a kip up. The crowd boos as MJF struts and stomps Johnson down. MJF stands on Johnson but lets up at 4. He drags Johnson up to whip and LARIAT! MJF flexes and says he can do it all night. MJF toys with Johnson but the Gunn Club chants “MJ Sucks!” Johnson CHOPS MJF but he SLAPS Johnson down! And then rains down angry fists. MJF throws Johnson out hard then dares Johnson to make himself famous. MJF taunts the crowd as he drags Johnson up into position. He APRON POWERBOMBS Johnson, then mocks his pain. MJF puts Johnson in the ring before taunting the crowd again. MJF returns to Johnson in the ring and continues to toy with him. He drags Johnson up into the underhooks, for a SHOULDER BREAKER, and FUJIWARA! Johnson taps, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by submission

And he’s not done, he wants a mic to speak. “Sorry my peers don’t know how to react to a real professional wrestler.” But Jungle Boy, MJF is “so excited” for their match at Double or Nothing. But MJF says he hasn’t done this in awhile, so he has some ring rust. Johnson agrees, right? Maybe MJF needs a tune-up match. And as luck would have it, Marko Stunt has an open contract for a match. So MJF did everyone a favor and signed his name on the dotted line. So Marko better get ready to have a lot of fun. Because MJF is better than you–Wardlow puts the ring on MJF’s pinkie–and you know it. Is MJF going to get a tune-up or will he get shown up by the littlest dog in the fight?


Chris Jericho w/ The Inner Circle VS Suge D!

Sugar Dunkerton has embraced the sweet life of Pineapple Pete, but either way, he looks to make sure Le Champion never, ever, EEEEEVER, forgets him, again. But with Sammy’s bad neck and PNP feeling down in the dumps, can their charismatic leader help the Inner Circle make a recovery on the road to Double or Nothing?

The bell rings and oddly enough, Jericho is wearing a Pineapple Pete shirt. But whether wearing it ironically or because he really likes the shirt, Jericho doesn’t respect THE Pineapple Pete. He SLAPS Suge right across the face! Suge SLAPS Jericho back! And fires off fast hands! Suge won’t let off and the ref is counting! Suge whips Jericho corner to corner and runs in, for a BIG back elbow! He keeps moving with another whip and another corner to corner elbow! Suge fires up and goes corner to corner a third time, but into the JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

Whether Sugar or Pineapple, this wasn’t so sweet for him. Jericho grabs a mic and says, “Now that the threat of Pineapple Pete has been vanquished, let’s move on to the matter at hand.” Inner Circle VS The Elite, assuming The Elite is still a thing! We haven’t even seen half their guys for about two months now. Jericho’s pretty sure Hangman quit the business so he can go bushwacking in the forests of Carolina, picking berries. Meanwhile, Matt and Nick Jackson sit pouting over how great the Inner Circle is. But the Inner Circle are fair and honorable gentlemen. Super honorable, baby. Say it in Espanol, Sammy. “El Honorable.” Damn right. So the Inner Circle is going to give The Elite one last chance to “get your s*it together” to face them! While the world reacts to COVID, the Inner Circle acts. While the world stands still in history, the Inner Circle is WRITING history! And that is why The Inner Circle has just invented The Stadium Stampede match!

What is a Stadium Stampede, you might ask? Well to put it this way, if you thought that Street Fight was wild, just wait to see what dastardly deeds the Inner Circle can commit inside an entire football stadium that’s 80 THOUSAND seats large! So lick your wounds and massage your bruised egos, Elite. Because the Inner Circle challenges you to the first-ever Stadium Stampede at Double or Nothing! In the meantime, the Inner Circle will stay and wait to hear the response. We’ve got all night. But in comes Vanguard 1! He’s returning the Inner Circle shirt Jericho gave him? The drone has a lot of guts showing up after what he pulled. Jericho had warrants out in seven states! But since he’s here, he must have The Elite’s answer. Do they accept the challenge for the Stadium Stampede? YES! Well alright then! But The Elite has just sealed your fate, you dumb idiots!

But just between Jericho and Vanguard 1, has he thought on the invitation to The Inner Circle? Well, even if he has, it’s too late. The invitation is rescinded, because they have the sixth member! It’s Floyd the bat! And Floyd’s message to The Elite is… SMASH! Jericho and Floyd are killing Vanguard 1 on live television!! The Inner Circle join in and it’s a brutal assault! Hager places the shirt on Vanguard and laughs at the dying drone. Hardy storms out as the Inner Circle stomp what’s left of Vanguard, but they all get clear. Hardy is devastated at what Jericho and his cronies did to Vanguard! Will Hardy be able to put Vanguard back together? Or is Vanguard going the way of Humpty Dumpty?


AEW has huge updates!

After Nyla Rose used Shida’s own kendo stick on her, their match at Double or Nothing is now NO HOLDS BARRED! No disqualifications, no count outs, nothing is going to hold the Native Beast and the Samurai back in their long awaited match-up! And in regards to the TNT Championship, Mike Tyson will be live to present the winner with the brand new belt!

Then for next week’s episode, it is official! Marko Stunt and MJF will have their match as the “tune-up” to MJF taking on Jungle Boy. Then, Arn Anderson and Jake The Snake Roberts will have a face-to-face ahead of their proteges battling for THE TNT Championship. And after the sneak attack, Rey Fenix must face up to Orange Cassidy in a 1v1 match before both go for broke in the Casino Ladder match. Then, whether the belt returns to his possession or not, Jon Moxley looks for payback on “Number 10,” Preston Vance! Will Moxley make The Dark Order regret picking this fight? And finally, Matt Hardy wants payback for Vanguard 1 and goes after Sammy Guevara 1v1 before the Stadium Stampede! Who will get the last bits of momentum before going Double or Nothing?


Brodie Lee VS Christopher Daniels!

The Exalted One’s Dark Order has tormented and taunted SCU for a long time, but now the Fallen Angel finally gets his chance to confront Mr. Brodie head on! Will Daniels make Brodie pay for everything his henchmen have done since day one in AEW?

Brodie tells Dasha something, and she gives a “corrected” introduction. “The self-proclaimed AEW World Champion” is here, as he and his henchmen are in possession of a title belt none of them actually own. Brodie has Preston Vance stay ringside while the others go to the back, and this match finally begins.

Daniels paces but Brodie stands still. They tie up, Daniels waistlocks but Brodie elbows free. Daniels CHOPS, but Brodie doesn’t flinch! Daniels is cornered but he CHOPS back. Brodie knees low then uppercuts! Daniels staggers but Brodie is on him at the ropes. Brodie claws Daniels’ face then whips, but Daniels dodges. Daniels leaps but Brodie catches him for a POWERSLAM! Brodie drags Daniels up to throw out of the ring. The ref warns “Number 10” not to do anything, so Brodie goes out to pursue Daniels himself. Brodie pushes past cameramen to CHOP Daniels at the barriers. Brodie clubs Daniels down in front of the crowd, and stares SCU down before he uppercuts Daniels again. Brodie puts Daniels in the ring then tries to intimidate SCU. Daniels kicks Brodie back! And then DIVES! Direct hit into the barriers! Daniels gets up and ARABIAN PRESSES! Daniels puts Brodie in and hits a slingshot elbow drop! Cover, ONE!

Daniels keeps on Brodie in the corner with forearms and chops! Daniels climbs up and rains down rights, but Brodie stops him short of 10. Brodie shoves and BOOTS Daniels down! Brodie paces and stares at the crowd before he drags Daniels up. He CHOPS Daniels and stalks him along the way. He claws the eyes but the ref reprimands him. Brodie glares at the ref and intimidates him, but goes back to Daniels. Brodie whips and back drops Daniels high and hard! Cover, TWO, but Brodie smothers Daniels before he can get to ropes. Brodie uppercuts Daniels to the corner and grinds his boots in. The ref counts but Brodie glares at him again. Brodie argues with the ref but goes back to stomp Daniels again. Brodie digs his knees into Daniels but lets up at the count. He drags Daniels up to whip, and elbows Daniels down!

Brodie goes out just to stare SCU down. SCU tells Brodie to go back to the ring, and Brodie goes to stand on Daniels’ head. The ref counts, Brodie lets up, and he argues with the ref again. Brodie drags Daniels up and whips him corner to corner. Daniels comes back, into the SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Daniels still lives and Brodie grows annoyed as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Brodie has Daniels stuck in a corner again. Brodie whips but Daniels reverses, but Brodie easily goes out to the apron. Daniels runs in but gets a forearm for it, and then Brodie slingshot sentons back in! Brodie waits for Daniels to stand, before he SUPERKICKS Daniels down! Cover, TWO! Daniels refuses to lose just yet and Brodie non-verbally argues the count. Brodie cools off and drags Daniels back up. He whips and goes to back drop again, but Daniels DDT’s out of it! Both men are down and a standing count begins. SCU and the Gunn Club rally up the crowd on Daniels’ side, and Daniels rallies with forearms! Brodie stays up even after three, and shoves Daniels to a corner. Daniels dodges and enziguris! Then he leaps to huricanrana! Brodie staggers to a corner and Daniels hits a corner forearm! Number 10 slips the chair into the ring before he distracts the ref. SCU goes after 10 for Daniels and the ref is busy telling them to stop.

Brodie aims the chair at Daniels, but Daniels boots it away! And then Daniels gives Brodie the CHAIR SHOT! COMPLETE SHOT, to KOJI KLUTCH! But more henchmen appear and hit the ring! SCU intercepts, and even Colt Cabana helps out! Daniels lets Brodie go while things get crazy, but Brodie gets back up. Brodie waits for Daniels to turn around, before clamping on a choke grip! But Daniels escapes to mule kick and underhook! ANGEL’S WINGS!! Cover, ONE?!? Brodie grins but Daniels is shocked! Daniels tries again, but Brodie blocks. Brodie mule kicks and reels Daniels in, but Daniels slips out of the bomb lift! Daniels goes up and BEST MOONSAULT EVER! Cover, TWO!! Brodie sputters now but Daniels staggers to the far corner. Brodie runs in but Daniels boots! Daniels goes up top and leaps, into a POWERBOMB! Brodie grins again as he takes aim. Daniels stands, and gets the DISCUS!! Cover, Brodie wins!

Winner: Brodie Lee, by pinfall

The Exalted One continues his undefeated streak, but he demands Dasha get it right. The self-proclaimed AEW World Champion has his henchmen present the title to him, but here comes Jon Moxley! Moxley wants Big Platinum back in a bad way, and he DECKS a green henchman first! He throws that one into the railing, and then barges into the ringside area. A purple henchman gets CLOBBERED and TOSSED! Brodie is furious and just tosses another pawn to Moxley! PARADIGM SHIFT! Brodie and Vance get away as Moxley paces. Moxley stomps and punches the one henchman left, but his rage isn’t satisfied. He grabs a mic to say, “I can admire guts. I can admire seizing the opportunity. But I do not suffer disrespect!” Moxley won’t suffer fools, Mr. Brodie Lee. Brodie made a foolish decision and will pay for it dearly, “with interest.”

The AEW World Championship is about a lot more than a piece of metal, and Brodie finds that out at Double or Nothing. There will be a hailstorm of violence, and when the dust settles, Mr. Brodie will find that his AEW career is over before it even started. Will Moxley make an example out of Number 10 that the Dark Order will understand?

My Thoughts:

A really, really good episode with a lot of progress towards Double or Nothing, as there should be this close to the event. The opener was great, with Jake the Snake telling Brandi to kiss his ass, and then the great brawl with Cody and Archer. I wonder if Arn and Snake will throw hands in that face-to-face next week. Also, Mike Tyson presenting the title belt at DoN is pretty cool, and I can’t wait to see the belt itself. The Fatal 4 tonight was great stuff, but of course Shida wins. She was going strong before the pandemic, and was still kept strong during so it just makes sense for her to get this match with Nyla. I was surprised this match gets the No Holds Barred and not Cody VS Archer, but it’s one way to keep Nyla strong even in defeat. Britt VS Kris is going to be a really good match, too, but I definitely see Britt winning there to keep her own roll going.

The tag team match of Best Friends and Jurassic Park got just the right level of over booked, which it needed. Both teams are very strong with win streaks on the line, so controversy had to cost one of them. JB is already having a match with MJF, so Jurassic Park was already crossed off for a tag title match at DoN. Of course, with the news of the Stadium Stampede, Best Friends will have to wait for after DoN anyway. Cassidy VS Fenix next week will be really good, but I hope at least Pentagon shows up. The way the Casino Ladder match is set up to work sounds a bit much, as it is a giveaway the thing won’t end until all nine are in. Otherwise it just seems a waste to even say how many people are going to be in it. MJF of course gets a win tonight, mostly because Lee Johnson hasn’t won since showing up. MJF VS Marko next week will probably be fun, and I really want to see Wardlow VS Luchasaurus at some point.

Omega & Hardy VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful was a great match, and Suge D did great in losing. I just knew that Jericho was going to use “Floyd” the bat at some point tonight, but what a great twist for it to be in the “death” of Vanguard 1. Hardy needed more of a reason than helping out friends and taking on an old rival to be in this, and now he has it. The Stadium Stampede is probably going to be pretty crazy, but I almost thought Blood & Guts was going to happen at DoN at this point. I did love how Jericho framed it, saying that while the world is too afraid to do anything right now, the Inner Circle, and by extension all of AEW, is not. But it’d be sad to learn if Blood & Guts is just dead and buried now. Maybe they can try again next year when the world is free and clear of COVID. And lastly, Brodie VS Daniels was a solid match, and of course Moxley appeared to get some payback. He still doesn’t have his belt but he’ll surely get it back, even if he has to wait until DoN. Brodie’s always been great, but it just seems too soon for him to be THE champion.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Winnipeg gets Elevated!



The Naturally Limitless ride again!

Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee continue as a duo in AEW! Will they be rolling through the tag division on Elevation? And what of Swerve’s warning to Keith?


  • Skye Blue VS TFA (Taryn From Accounting); Skye wins.
  • Jake Hager w/ Angelo Parker VS Adam Knight; Hager wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Zoe Sager; Sakura wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Jason Geiger; Cutler wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Massive Damage, Mo Jabari & Sebastian Wolfe; Hardy, Kassidy & Ethan win.
  • Top Flight VS Michael Allen Richard Clark & Shaun Moore; Top Flight wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Taylor Rising; Athena wins and denies Taylor a title opportunity.
  • Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee VS Levi Night & Jessie V; Dustin & Keith win.
  • Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver; Reynolds & Silver win.


A great line-up, namely in some literally great names showing up. “Massive Damage,” “Taryn From Accounting,”  and of course, Michael Allen Richard Clark. M A R C, he’s a MARK! I almost hope some of these names stick around through ROH.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/17/23)

Will Hobbs is on a Rampage!



Will Rey Fenix rewrite the Book of Hobbs?

“Powerhouse” Hobbs is the AEW TNT Champion with help from QT Marshall, but can he keep it on his own against Rey Fenix?


  • AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QT Marshall VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Hobbs wins and retains the title.
  • Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless; Taya wins.
  • Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz; Menard & Parker win.
  • Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart; Garcia wins.


AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QTV VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Book of Hobbs says he had Aaron Solo steal the belt before QT helped him steal the title! But will karma come back to bite him? Or will Hobbs power through the Firebird?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to for a Rampage!

Fans rally as Hobbs talks some smack on Fenix. Fenix and Hobbs step to each other and Fenix goes head to chest. But Hobbs shoves Fenix down! Fenix kips up, runs in, but gets run over! QT & Solo are amused while Hobbs eggs Fenix on. Hobbs then drags Fenix up with both hands, but Fenix breaks free to get around. Fenix waistlocks but Hobbs breaks free. Hobbs whips, Fenix handsprings over the sweep and fans fire up! Hobbs runs in, Fenix dodges again, and springboards, but he just bounces off Hobbs’ body! Fans boo but Hobbs runs, only for Fenix to dump him out! Fenix then DIVES! Direct hit but Hobbs stays up!

Fenix gets back in the ring, DIVES again, but Hobbs is still up! So Fenix aims, slingshots and QUEBRADAS! Down goes Hobbs! Hobbs gets up and hurries into the ring, but Fenix pursues. Fenix leaps, but into Hobbs’ arms! Hobbs pops Fenix up, and he POWERSLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Fenix is tougher than that but Solo & QT are still amused. Hobbs goes out after Fenix and he RAMS him into barriers! Hobbs talks trash on the fans but the fans boo back. Hobbs drags Fenix around, stomps him, then drags Fenix up again. Hobbs RAMS Fenix into more barriers! Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs goes into the ring.

Hobbs kneels to soak up the heat, and he smirks while Alex checks on Fenix. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, CLUBS him, then throws Fenix into the ring. Hobbs says, “Who’s the champ!?” Solo says, “You the champ!” Hobbs hauls Fenix up, whips him hard into the corner, and Fenix bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Hobbs looms over Fenix, stands on him, and the ref reprimands and counts. Hobbs steps off, whips Fenix hard the other way, and Fenix again bounces off buckles. Fans chant “QT SUCKS!” but QT says to ignore that. Hobbs grins as he watches Fenix writhe. Hobbs looms over Fenix, and CHOPS him in the shoulder!

Hobbs then clamps a big claw into the shoulder! Fenix endures, kicks around, but Hobbs lets off to bring Fenix up. Hobbs suplexes, holds Fenix up, Harley Cameron gets a pic, and Hobbs SLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Hobbs clamps onto Fenix with the shoulder claw again as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix endures, fights up, but Hobbs throws down elbows! Hobbs digs his hand into the shoulder again but Fenix still endures. Hobbs adds on a chinbar, then he CLUBS Fenix down. Fenix goes to the apron, and Hobbs stands on his head! The ref reprimands and counts, Hobbs steps off and Fenix flops to the floor. Hobbs argues with the ref, and QT sucker punches Fenix! Alex protests but the ref missed it all. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, high-fives Harley, and he storms up on Fenix to throw knees. Hobbs POSTS Fenix, and Fenix goes tumbling away! Rampage returns to single picture as Solo laughs at Fenix’s pain.

Hobbs grabs Fenix’s face and shouts at him that this is what he gets for answering the Open Challenge. The ref reprimands, Hobbs lets off and goes into the ring. Fenix drags himself up but Hobbs brings him into the ring. Fenix flops over and Hobbs toys with him. Fans boo but Hobbs taunts Fenix, “You wanna be champ?!” Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs HIP DROPS him down! Hobbs clamps onto the shoulder again, but Fenix fights up. Fenix throws elbows and gets free! Hobbs grabs Fenix but Fenix PELES! And kips up to BOOT, mule kick, and SCREW HIGH KICK! Fenix knuckle locks, CHOPS, and goes up and up!

Fenix jumps around, but Hobbs trips him up! Hobbs YANKS Fenix off the ropes to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and QT is surprised, but Hobbs digs his forearms in for another cover. TWO, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Hobbs kicks Fenix, talks smack, and paces around to soak up the heat. Fans rally and Fenix CHOPS! Hobbs snarls, but he runs into a BOOT! Fenix then dodges to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up and Fenix feeds off that. But Hobbs stops the whips, swings, but Fenix waistlocks! Hobbs is too big to lift, and Hobbs elbows free. Hobbs snarls, whisp Fenix, but Fenix goes up and over! GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Fans are thunderous but QT is freaking out! Fenix covers, TWO!! Hobbs tosses Fenix away with that kick-out, but he staggers up. Into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix crawls his way to a corner. Fans rally, Hobbs rises, and Fenix climbs up! TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK! Hobbs wobbles and fans fire up more! Fenix shakes out the cobwebs, goes up the corner again, and leaps over Hobbs! Hobbs runs back in to POUNCE Fenix into a corner!! Then DEADLIFT SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Fenix survives and no one can believe it! Hobbs is furious, and he hauls Fenix up again.

Hobbs whips, Fenix tiger feints to HEEL KICK! But Hobbs DECKS Fenix! Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fenix drags Hobbs to a drop zone, he goes up the corner, and he FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix doesn’t lose focus. Fenix waits on Hobbs to sit up, and he SUPERKICKS! And then SUPERKICKS! Hobbs wobbles, runs in, but Fenix dodges to SUPERKICK again! Hobbs drops to a knee, Fenix runs in, SOMERSAULT- SPINEBUSTER!! Hobbs rolls Fenix through to get him in the torture rack! TOWN BUSINESS!! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Hobbs, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Alex checks on Fenix, but Hobbs storms up to him. Hobbs brings down the straps, but he says it’s okay. QT turns Alex around for a DIAMOND CUTTER! Fans boo as QT raises Hobbs’ hand in victory. Will QTV help make the Book of Hobbs the story of the year?


Adam Cole speaks.

“March 29th will go down as the most important day in my entire life. Not only will March 29th be the debut of AEW All Access, but even more importantly to me, after nine months, I make my return to AEW. And I know that my opponent is going to give me the fight of my life. And that’s good, because I am looking for a fighter. I’m looking for a technician. I’m looking for someone to push me and remind me who the hell I am. So on March 29th, I show the world how damn good Adam Cole Baybay is, and nobody is gonna stop me.”


Stu Grayson speaks.

“Jon Moxley, up until our match tonight on Dynamite, everybody was asking me the same thing. ‘Stu, are you back? Are you back with AEW?’ And I just didn’t know what to answer. I just didn’t. Until now. Now that I am in the hospital because you and BCC gave a concussion to my brother, Evil Uno. So now I’m thinking, Mox, now I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, now I am back.’ You wanted Stu Grayson, you got him! Next week, I want you, Mox. I want you in a one on one match. And I swear to god, I will break you.” The BCC are #ForgedByCombat, but will the Maniac be ready for someone born and bred for combat?


Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless!

La Wera Loca is now All Elite! She wants after #ThatBitch, Jade Cargill, but will her first match in AEW be ruined by “The Hellion?”

The bell rings, the two approach, and Taya gets around to waistlock and SLAM Ava down. Ava scrambles to a corner, Taya runs in to ELBOW her! And then LARIAT! Fans fire up with Taya as she sits Ava down. Taya goes corner to corner, slaps her thighs then her head, and comes back to METEORA! Taya says that’s why she’s La Wera Loca! Taya CHOPS Ava against the ropes, then CHOPS again! Taya whips, Ava reverses and dodges, but the SPEAR hits all the same! Taya drags Ava up, chicken wings, looks like Jaded but this is THE ROAD TO VALHALLA!! Cover, Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall

Speaking of Jade, she, Leila Grey and Mark Sterling are on the stage. Sterling is taking notes, maybe drafting up a lawsuit. Will Jade have no choice but to take on one crazy Canadian?


Stokely Hathaway is in training.

Matt Hardy tells Stokely that he, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page are gonna get him ready for Hook. Hook’s a wrestling machine, a killing machine. He could break Stokely’s arms, legs, back, and neck. Hook could snuff out your life! Does Stokely want that? No! Then they’re gonna get him ready. Just trust them. The montage shows Stokely is off to a rough start, and a rough middle. And his technique to escape a half nelson is to tickle Isiah. But he seems to take scoop slams well. Hardy thinks they need about four or five more, to really toughen Stokely up. Hook is also a suplex machine. Wait, why’re they doing scoops then!?

Stokely runs up the bleachers, and he gets a cookie for his reward! That’s a good-ass cookie. But will any of this help Stokely against the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz!

Don’t touch that dial and stay on ’em! It’s a battle of Canadians as the duo formerly known as 2Point0 take on some old frenemies from back in the day. Will Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange prove they’re still great sports… enner-tay-ners? Or will there be lights, camera and Bollywood action in Winnipeg?

The teams sort out and Parker starts against Harv Sihra. The two circle, feel things out, but Menard takes a swipe. Harv is distracted and that allows Parker to clobber him from behind! The JAS mug Harv, Gurv runs in but he gets beat down, too! Parker KNEES Gurv out of the ring, then Menard UPPERCUTS Harv. The JAS double whip Harv to ropes, but Harv holds ropes to stop himself. Menard runs in but into an UPPERCUT! Parker runs in but into a LARIAT! Harv UPPERCUTS again, tags Gurv, and the brothers set Parker up for a FLYING UPPERCUT SPINEBUSTER! Parker bails out and fans boo.

Parker is flustered but the fans rally for “BOLLYWOOD! BOLLYWOOD!” Gurv runs and slides out, but Parker slides in! Gurv grabs Parker’s legs, but Parker BOOTS Gurv away. Parker tags Menard before Gurv slides back in, and Parker dodges to set Gurv up for Menard’s LARIAT! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers, then he drags Gurv. Menard bumps Gurv off buckles, CHOPS, but Gurv CHOPS back! Menard ROCKS Gurv, bumps him off buckles and tags in Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv and then Parker brings Gurv up. Parker snap suplexes, stomps, then mockingly applauds at Harv while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Parker “kicks dirt” at Gurv while staring down Harv. Parker drags Gurv up, tags Menard, and the JAS mug Gurv again. Menard throws Gurv out hard, then he taunts Harv. The ref reprimands Menard but Parker stomps away on Gurv! Menard then goes out to bring Gurv up and throw him into barriers! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers before he puts Gurv back in. Menard drags Gurv back, tags in Parker, and they stomp away on Gurv. Then they split the wishbone! Gurv writhes, but Parker keeps him from Harv. Parker stands Gurv up, whips him to ropes, but Gurv kicks back! And LARIATS!

Both men down, the fans rally up, but Parker anchors Gurv with a toehold! Tag to Menard and he drops an elbow! Cover, ONE!! Gurv hangs tough but Menard covers again, TWO! Menard SLAPS Gurv around, CHOKES him in the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Menard mockingly kisses Gurv’s forehead before he tags Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv more, drag him up, but Gurv shoulders into Parker! Slingshot sunset flip! TWO! LAIRAT from Gurv! Both men are down again and fans rally up again! Parker tags Menard, the JAS drags Gurv up, and double suplexes! The JAS is in control as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Gurv turns things around on the JAS! Hot tag to Harv! Harv rallies on the JAS, big elbows and clotheslines all around! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP for Menard, then an atomic drop for Parker! WHEEL KICK takes down Parker! The JAS end up in opposite corners, Harv CHOPS Parker then whips him. Parker reverses, Menard drop toeholds, and they bring back the BOOYAH ELBOW! Gurv returns, but he runs into TWO FOR THE SHOW! The double flapjack onto buckles wipes Gurv out! Menard tags Parker, they drag Harv up, DOUBLE IMPALER DDT!! Cover, the JAS wins!

Winners: Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker, by pinfall

Menard & Parker win the long-awaited sequel from their Cruiserweight days, and they SCISSOR FINGER to call out The Acclaimed! Will Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn have something to say on Dynamite next Wednesday?


AEW shares footage from earlier this week.

Don Callis has a camera crew and a taiko drummer to greet Konosuke Takeshita. Konosuke asks what’s going on while he’s given a bouquet of flowers. Callis says, “Look at the pageantry!” Konosuke says that was pretty cool. Callis says this is what Konosuke gets in Winnipeg and everywhere else, when he’s associated with Don Calls. They shake, and then Callis brings Konosuke in for a hug. This is great, right? Welcome to Winnipeg! Fans applaud, and Konosuke is admittedly flattered. But will all this special treatment convince the Future of Wrestling to join Callis’ stable?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

It is a crossover dream match as Kenny Omega takes on AAA’s El Hijo del Vikingo! The current AAA Mega Champion is an incredible high-flyer and is certainly leading the way of a new generation in lucha libre. But will he make an impression when he takes on the Best Bout Machine?

Plus, on top of Moxley VS Grayson and the No Disqualification match of Hook VS Stokely, Skye Blue is coming after The Outcasts! She takes on Toni Storm 1v1, but will Saraya & Ruby Soho make sure the “entitled rookie” doesn’t make it out of Dynamite in one piece?


The Gunns speak.

Colten Gunn welcomes us to “crappy Winnipeg, but guess what? You get to see The Gunns check into our suite because we are the champs, of course.” Austin is all fired up, but then he tells Top Flight to carry their things. Oh, oops, sorry! They aren’t valets! This is the second best brother tag team in AEW. Colten says Austin’s right! Darius & Dante say okay, that’s funny. Fans of the Young Bucks, right? What? N-No, that’s not what they meant. Oh, then the Lucha Brothers? Uh, no, not them, either. So the Hardy Boyz? NO! The number one brother team is THEM! The Gunns! Oh, really? That’s funny.

Just like them leaving their bags here with Top Flight, but not the belts. Because that’s because they know if the Gunns ever took on Top Flight, Top Flight would “valet” those belts, too. Oh, yeah? Top Flight thinks they’d win? Then how about this? Next week on Dynamite, they put the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line! Then you can try to “valet” them. Top B*TCHES! The Gunns head out, but uh, they still left their bags. Dante & Darius take those away, but will they soon take away the gold?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage next week!

Rampage will be on a different night next week, so mark your calendars for March 25th, 10 PM Eastern!


Excalibur hypes up the main event.

“Three teams in the main event, intent on leaving Winnipeg the AEW World Trios Champions. It was an exciting, brutal match, but it was a match that saw the House of Black retain their titles. In the midst of the melee that occurred after the bell, a war continued to rage between the Jericho Appreciation Society and the House of Black. And as a result, our main event, Daniel Garcia goes one on one with Brody King.” Mark Henry adds it’s time for the main event! But will the Dragonslayer be able to bring down the House of Black’s tattooed titan?

Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart!

The bell rings and then Garcia bails out. Fans boo but Garcia and Jericho soak up the heat. They hug, and Jericho shows off his custom Winnipeg Jets jersey, but then Brody storms out after Garcia. Garcia hurries away, slides into the ring, and Brody gets in the ring. Garcia just bails right back out! Fans boo and Brody paces around, but Jericho applauds the strategy. Brody waits on Garcia, but then storms out after him again. Garcia keeps up the cat ‘n’ mouse game, slides back into the ring, and Brody slides in. Garcia dropkicks the legs out! Garcia fires off fast hands but Brody TOSSES Garcia into a corner! And then SPLASHES!

Brody whips corner to corner, runs in but Garcia dodges. Garcia fires off hands, but Brody DECKS him! Fans rally up, Brody drags Garcia up and CHOPS! Fans rally while Garcia bails out again. Jericho checks Garcia, that chop already made his chest red. Garcia hurries away, but then Julia is there! She stares Garcia down, but Garcia tries to put on the charm with a little dance. Brody storms up behind Garcia, turns him around and CHOPS him again! Garcia falls at Julia’s feet and she smiles. Brody drags Garcia up to RAM him into barriers! Fans rally up, Brody stands Garcia up and CHOPS him again!

Garcia staggers away, face wincing with pain, but Brody throws him into more barriers! Brody confiscates the chair from security, makes Garcia take a seat, and Winnipeg hoots and barks with Brody. Brody runs to CROSSBODY Garcia into the barriers! Fans lose their minds and the ref checks Garcia. Somehow, Garcia is still in this, and Brody drags him up to CHOP again! Garcia staggers away and Brody keeps after him, to RAM him into the steel steps! Fans rally, Brody runs back in, but Garcia drop toeholds Brody into the steps! Brody bounces off the steel and Garcia manages to put his dukes up, as Rampage goes picture in picture.

The ref checks Brody, and he’s somehow okay to continue. Garcia crawls into the ring to let the count handle this. Jericho coaches Garcia while Julia checks Brody. Brody shakes out the cobwebs, Garcia wants the count to go faster, but Brody is in before 10. Garcia stomps away on Brody at the ropes and he fires up now! Garcia drags Brody up, fires off forearms, then digs his knee in. The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4, then stands on Brody to hyper stomp away! Garcia hops off as the ref counts again, and Garcia high-fives Jericho. Garcia goes back to Brody, but Brody CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Garcia BOOTS him down!

Garcia digs his boot in again, lets off as the ref counts, and Garcia does his dance. Garcia runs side to side to BOOT WASH Brody! Garcia says that’s it! He’s beat Brody! But Garcia still has to drag Brody out, only for Brody to kick at him from below! Garcia holds onto a foot until Brody BOOTS him in the face! Garcia staggers to ropes, Brody runs in, but into a drop toehold! Brody hits ropes, and Garcia CHOKES him! Garcia even claws Brody’s face! The ref reprimands, Garcia lets off, and he steps on Brody’s back. And then steps on him again! Brody just gets annoyed as Garcia keeps stepping on him.

Garcia does his dance, turns to step on Brody again, but Brody sits up! Garcia can’t push Brody down, so he KNEES away on his side! Brody just gets mad! Garcia throws haymakers, but those only give Brody power! Rampage returns to single picture, Garcia keeps throwing hands, but Brody roars! Garcia runs, into the BLACK HOLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Brody drags him up! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?! Garcia survives and fans fire up, but Brody snarls. Brody puts Garcia in a corner, CHOPS, and Garcia seems ready to cry. Brody stands Garcia up to CHOP him again! Even Jericho felt that one.

Fans hoot and bark with Brody again, and he goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Brody drags Garcia to the cover, ROPEBREAK! Brody miscalculated and Garcia survives! Brody drags Garcia back to center, but Garcia fights the lift! Fans rally, Garcia CLUBS the legs and he drags Brody down. Garcia fires off knees on the calves and ankles! Then he clamps on a SLEEPER! Brody fights up, but he starts fading! Brody keeps fighting, he has Garcia as a backpack and he RAMS him into buckles! But Garcia holds on! Brody RAMS Garcia again, but Garcia still has the sleeper! So Brody THROWS Garcia off him!

Brody sputters as he goes back to the corner and fans rally behind him. Garcia stands, into the DISCUS LARIAT from Brody!! Brody says this is the end and Julia has an evil little smile. Brody drags Garcia up, crucifix rack, but Garcia fights free! Garcia dodges in the corner, rolls Brody up, TWO!! Brody escapes, but Garcia has the legs! Garcia manages to turn Brody for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho and Winnipeg cheer him on, but Brody endures! Brody fights around, crawls his way over, but Garcia sits deep! Brody still fights, and makes his way to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4.

The ref argues with Garcia, and Jericho CLOBBERS Brody with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Garcia then clamps on a RINGS OF SATURN!! Brody’s arm drops once! Then twice! Then three times! GARCIA WINS!!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by submission

JAS should stand for “Jericho Always Steals (the victory!” Because that’s what Jericho just did for Garcia! The ref questions Jericho, but Jericho defends his innocence. Will the House of Black make sure the sports entertainers pay for these transgressions?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here, even though we had to wait for basketball to finish up before it. Great opener out of the TNT Championship match, and naturally Hobbs retains in his first defense. And of course QT cheats to help Hobbs, even though he shouldn’t even need that. Hobbs’ story is still connected to Wardlow’s, so it won’t be until those two have a rematch that Hobbs loses this title. They’re gonna boost his win-loss record through the “House Rules” house show tour, it seems, as he’s defending this title against Christopher Daniels, despite Daniels needing to also be strong because of his ROH run.

Of course Taya wins her AEW in-ring debut, and of course Jade and Sterling show up to watch in person. I can already predict Sterling is going to draw up a frivolous lawsuit saying Taya can’t use her chicken wing facebuster, Road to Valhalla, because it is exactly the same move as Jade’s chicken wing facebuster, The Jaded. I bet Taya beats Leila in a tune-up that also counts as fighting the lawsuit, and so it’ll come down to who can hit the chicken wing facebuster first to win the TBS Championship. And after 54 wins over her two year career, Jade can lose to someone as well-known and established as Taya without being hurt, and Jade can finally move on to the women’s world title.

Good revisit of Ever-Rise VS Bollywood Boys, and I figured Menard & Parker would win to then also call out The Acclaimed. I bet Caster is working on his diss track for Menard & Parker right now to throw it at them the next time they meet. Decent segment with Callis and Konosuke, and of course Callis pours on the Japanese culture. Konosuke’s choice can still work either way, but fans really like Konosuke so I would think he stays a Face by rejecting the invitation to join up. And while such a story is beneath Omega, I wouldn’t mind if he had a small moment in this story since he was the one who brought Konosuke into AEW to begin with.

Speaking of Omega, great match coming up for him and El Hijo del Vikingo, that is gonna be awesome. Good promo from Gunns and Top Flight, especially with how Top Flight rightfully had three brother teams easily better than Austin & Colten. But Austin & Colten are totally going to cheat to beat Top Flight and retain the titles since their story is with FTR. Great promo from Grayson to call out Moxley, and it sounded very John Wick with that whole, “I’m thinking I’m back!” Moxley VS Grayson is going to be awesome, and will give Hangman a reason to come out and confront Moxley again since there’s still a lot going on there.

The one point of disappointment is that Mark Henry’s role is reduced even further. He didn’t get to welcome us back from break, and his line was trimmed down to just the latter half. But good vignette with narration from Excalibur to make up for it. And great main event, where I should’ve known Jericho would cheat to help Garcia win. Oddly enough, The House of Black will end up the Faces in this story since the JAS will be doing all the Heel tactics, and they could have quite the feud going towards Double or Nothing.

My Score: 8.6/10

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