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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/20/20)

Dynamite’s about to explode!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

AEW heads for Double or Nothing!

A special anniversary is on the horizon, but there’s still so much action tonight! Will AEW World Champion Jon Moxley stay strong against The Dark Order?


  • Jon Moxley VS Preston Vance w/ Brodie Lee; Moxley wins.
  • MJF w/ Wardlow VS Marko Stunt; MJF wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Fenix; Fenix wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Britt Baker VS Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander; Rose & Baker win.
  • Sammy Guevara VS BROKEN Matt Hardy; Hardy wins.


Double or Nothing is coming.

Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer will fight for the AEW TNT Championship, in one of the most anticipated matches of the year. Then, The Elite and The Inner Circle will finally face off in a “super fight unlike any the world has seen before.” Change wrestling, change the world. But are the Elite destined to do that? And finally, in the main event, The Maniac may have run into the man that could end his reign. Jon Moxley is ready to stare into the face of fear, but is he ready to face The Exalted One?


A limousine rides up to the arena.

The Inner Circle arrives in style! AEW’s James Marvez steps up to interview them but Chris Jericho tells him to “shut yer ass.” This is the Inner Circle’s show! And if what they did to Vanguard 1 was bad, just wait to see what happens tonight. What’s going to happen tonight? It’s a surprise, you nincompoop! The Inner Circle heads inside, planning to end the war with The Elite before Double or Nothing! Will it happen? Or will they have no choice but to face the match of their own design?


Jon Moxley VS Preston Vance w/ Brodie Lee!

The real AEW World Champion wants Mr. Brodie to give the belt back, but he’ll have to go through “Number 10” first! Will 10 feel like a zero after Moxley is done with him?

Before the match, Brodie has a mic to say that he would “like to take just a moment of your time to address the viewers at home.” The crowd doesn’t care but Brodie says the adult is speaking. Brodie tells 10 to take a knee. The henchman does as asked, but Brodie insists he do it right. Number 10 sits up right and Brodie continues. “Now I understand to the viewer at home, there might be a bit of a disconnection,” because he as a powerful, supreme athlete in the prime of his career and at the top of his game cannot relate to the viewers at home. But that is where the viewers are wrong. Do we think he does not sweat/ That he does not put pants on the same as we do? He cannot walk on water, and he is no god. Brodie is a man. Brodie is a man that has come into possession of a very, very special belt.

The difference of the old Dark Order and this Dark Order is that Brodie operates at a higher level. At an elite level. The Dark Order are the lions of AEW, “and results speak for themselves.” Brodie inspires his men and they inspire him. And this Saturday, Brodie must win. Not only to satisfy his own hunger and desire, but to pay back the loyalty and respect of his men. Now for Number 10, Preston Vance, he was always special. Brodie has chosen him, and this is 10’s chance to shine. Number 10 is now a “High Knight” of the Dark Order. Rise, and HURT Moxley for Brodie. Vance does as told and goes to the ring. Brodie and the other henchmen leave before Moxley makes his entrance, but will he have to face the consequences soon enough?

The bell rings and Moxley KNEES Vance right down! Moxley puts him in a corner and CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Moxley blocks the boot to hit an EXPLODER! Number 10 rolls to a corner but Moxley is after him with clubbing forearms. Moxley drags 10 up to X-PLEX him down! Number 10 goes to a corner and the crowd fires up. Moxley tells Vance he looks like “a reject from Nitro” before stomping away on him! The ref backs Moxley off as Moxley starts to choke 10! Moxley argues with the ref a bit but 10 clobbers him from behind! Number 10 BOOTS Moxley down to the floor then goes out to pursue him. Number 10 whips Moxley hard into railing! Moxley grits his teeth as Number 10 apron back suplexes him! Number 10 drags Moxley off the apron to bump him off it, then put him back in the ring. Moxley is up and he swings on 10, but 10 ripcord cutters and KNEES Moxley down! Cover, ONE!

Number 10 rains down rights over and over as the crowd boos. Number 10 drops elbows, covers, TWO! Moxley gets to a corner but 10 runs in, only to get an elbow! Moxley CHOPS, CHOPS and runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Number 10 roars and pledges his allegiance to the Dark Order before fireman’s carrying Moxley. Moxley slips out, kicks and DDTs 10 down! Moxley isn’t done yet, he wants to hurt 10 in return! He drags 10 up, reels him in, and Gotch PILEDRIVERS! Suzuki would be proud, especially since Moxley is still going. Moxley wants to know where Brodie is. Is this Brodie’s favorite little buddy? Moxley gives him PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The Exalted One wanted to send a message, but Moxley sent one back! Moxley adds on by bringing chairs into the ring! Moxley grabs a mic as he heads back into the ring. He takes off the Dark Order armbands then puts Vance’s arm inside one of the chairs! Moxley tells him to stop squirming while he talks. “Now I don’t know the strategy behind Mr. Brodie stealing my property.” Message, hostile takeover, sme sort of cult crap, who cares. But in the end, Brodie is punking Moxley out. Moxley isn’t going to go chasing Brodie all around backstage like a geek. Instead, he is going to give Brodie 10 seconds before he breaks 10’s arm. He’s Brodie’s favorite, isn’t he? Is he the special boy? Well the countdown begins.

Brodie speaks via titantron. Brodie says Moxley does not call the shots. Moxley has made his bed, Brodie will put him to sleep in it. If Moxley wanted the belt back, he could’ve just asked. Saturday is about Moxley and Brodie. Brodie means business but Moxley made it personal. We all have to make sacrifices, so for tonight, Brodie is leaving. He, the Beaver Boys and #BigPlatinum have left the building. In that case, “See you Saturday.” CON-CHAIR-TO to the ARM!! Moxley means business, too. But will he get back the belt only to officially lose it to Brodie at Double or Nothing?


MJF w/ Wardlow VS Marko Stunt!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has a Double or Nothing match with Jungle Boy, but he’ll take on #FunSize first, just to prove a point. But is MJF going to look past Stunt and stumble this soon after his “miraculous” return?

AEW returns as Stunt makes his entrance. Wardlow lurks but the ref keeps his eyes on MJF’s muscular sidekick. The bell rings and the crowd is on Marko’s side as they chant his name. MJF wants everyone to calm down as he talks to Marko. MJF gives Marko a free shot, and Marko pumps himself up. Marko tries to scoop but MJF pokes him in the eyes! MJF then scoop slams Marko down, then boasts on the corner. MJF toys with Marko but Marko throws body shots. They don’t do much, and MJF puts on a bearhug! Marko endures and ear claps! MJF squeezes tighter but Marko ear claps again and again! Marko is free, dodges the clotheslines and back hands to sunset flip! MJF stays up with flailing, and then says up yours. MJF drags Marko up and OVERHEAD Suplexes! He shows off with the kip up but the crowd boos. Marko gets to the corner but MJF struts over to rake the eyes!

MJF snapmares Marko and traps an arm. “Stop hitting yourself!” MJF bringing back schoolyard bully jokes as he makes Marko pick his own nose and EAT IT! The ref reprimands MJF as MJF laughs at his own juvenile sense of humor. MJF drags Marko up but Marko SLAPS him! The crowd is fired up but MJF is pissed! Marko shin kicks him then runs, into a LARIAT! MJF rains down rights, not letting Marko punk him out. MJF chokes Marko on the ropes and taunts Jungle Boy, who isn’t present. The ref backs MJF off and Wardlow uses one hand to choke Marko on the rope! MJF comes back but Wardlow gets away with it all. MJF swings Marko by his hair and tosses him! The crowd boos more but MJF just taunts JB via the cameras. MJF drags Marko up to the top rope and throat chops him! Then he climbs up top and tells commentary that “This is Jungle Boy’s future come Double or Nothing!” But Marko fights back, and rakes MJF’s eyes in return!

Marko adjusts, leaps, DRAGON-RANA! MJF hits buckles and Marko runs corner to corner. Marko ducks the clothesline to dropkick! And dropkick! And then miss. MJF drags Marko up, back suplex but Marko lands on his feet! Marko slips out and slingshots back in to roll and KNEE MJF down! Marko baits MJF into falling out of the ring, and then he builds speed, only to slide into the apron skirt. MJF thinks he has Marko, but Marko ducks down, and MJF hammer fists the apron! Marko baits MJF into steel steps! Marko gets back in the ring, builds speed, and DIVES into a forearm! MJF puts Marko in and drags him up for underhooks. SHOULDER BREAKER, into the Salt of the Earth Fujiwara! Marko taps, MJF wins!

Winner: MJF, by submission

Marko gave MJF more of a fight than he wanted, but MJF demands a mic to speak. “Marko, bubelah. You did great, buddy! We’re all so proud of you.” Marko lasted longer than expected, so MJF figures he’d be nice to give Marko a present. MJF thought one of his ring rats could give Marko a little kiss, but then he remembered: Nobody in the world would ever touch Marko’s lips. Wardlow puts the ring back on MJF’s finger, so MJF gives Marko a different kiss. #KisstheRing! MJF DECKS Marko, but here come Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus! MJF and Wardlow bail out, not wanting this fight tonight. Will Jurassic Express make MJF and his muscle pay for how they treated Marko?


AEW returns to Tony Schiavone in the ring.

Tony is here to preside over a very tense face-to-face between the two living legends who are also the coaches and managers of the AEW TNT Championship finalists! Arn Anderson and Jake The Snake Roberts are here and sit at the far ends of the table. Cody Rhodes’ coach, The Enforcer, sits across from the Murderhawk’s advisor, Jake the Snake. There is no question that these are two of the greatest and two Hall of Famers in pro-wrestling. The Snake says this is almost surreal to be here across from Arn. All those years they crossed paths, but never in the ring against each other. Snake is happy the rest of the “dog and pony show” isn’t here. Arn isn’t usually alone, but he better get used to it. People have dreams and people have nightmares. Those may not be real, but Archer is. Archer has destroyed everything put in front of him. Cody has wormed his way around, and even sacrificed his own brother, just so he wouldn’t have to face Archer.

But now, no more excuses or riddles. Cody must come fact to face with the truth. And the truth is, Lance Archer is one mean SOB who will rip Cody’s heart out. By the way, is this Arn’s weekend pass from the home or what? We haven’t seen him around. He’s looking a bit big. Arn says Jake almost made him a believer. This really is surreal. This is a wish list moment here. A dream match of Arn and Jake. Arn has goosebumps! They’re two guys that if they told someone “a piss ant could pull a freight train,” you’d believe them. Because that’s who they are. They’re “credible.” Even at this distance, Arn can see the evil permeate from The Snake. That used to scare a lot of people. Arn heard it and saw it in the locker room. Then add on the snake in the bag, their nerves would be shot. But Arn realized way back then that the bag was a distraction. The real snake is the one in Jake’s eyes and heart. Jake says he’s been to hell and back! One more trip with Arn wouldn’t be so bad.

Arn wants Jake to say that again. Jake says the six feet between them isn’t enough. Any time, any place! The crowd gets riled up, but Arn says tonight is about decorum. One of the things Arn wants to cover is that “Iron” Mike Tyson is coming out of retirement for one night to present the title. BUT, word is through the grapevine is that Tyson gets free reign. He might go into the crowd, on the ceiling, fly in with a helicopter, whatever he wants. And Arn is honored to share the floor with Tyson. But is Snake going to try and use Damien on Tyson? How is that going to turn out? Jake says whatever he throws at Tyson will take Tyson down. Archer has been promised first shot at Tyson, just for fun. And Jake assures us that Archer can do it. Jake was hoping “that bimbo” Brandi was going to present the belt. He’d love to “bump” into her.

Well another tidbit Arn will share now that the snake is out of the bag-no pun intended-is that Cody looked Arn in the eyes and said, “I don’t want to win the TNT Championship because I can get nice table at a restaurant, I get a pay raise, I get the admiration of the fans.” Cody wants to win because he has to. Cody isn’t just the son of Dusty Rhodes, or the brother of Dustin Rhodes. He is a leader of AEW that has turned the business on its head in a year’s time, and made it the product that it is! That is why Cody has to win! He needs to know his leadership is being recognized! Now Jake is getting nervous, since he threatened Arn, too, “because I’m a vicious prick.” The only reason Arn doesn’t just jump this table is because he has some good news! Did everyone know that Jake is doing DDP Yoga? That’s good, because he’ll need to be real limber when Arn spine busters his ass and shoves his head where the sun don’t shine. Jake has had enough! He tosses the table aside, and then shoves Schiavone!

Referees rush down to keep the peace but the crowd wants to “Let Them Fight!” Arn dares Jake to try something, but The Snake just slithers away. Will Jake and Arn throw hands at the same time that their proteges do? Will Mike Tyson make sure Archer doesn’t get the chance to go after him? And who will be the INAUGURAL TNT Champion when it is all said and done?


AEW announces the rest of the Casino Ladder match field!

Well, almost all the rest. We already knew about Colt Cabana, Darby Allin, Rey Fenix and Orange Cassidy. But now, Kip Sabian, Luchasaurus and SCU’s Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian are in! However, that is only eight out of nine! The ninth and final entrant is still a mystery! Who will try their luck against this stacked deck to become #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship?


AEW has another video message from Darby Allin.

Darby is playing cards with three others. One wears a Rey Fenix cut-out, another has an Orange Cassidy, and the third has a Frankie Kazarian one. At the same time, Darby is climbing a ladder. The fourth player is Colt Cabana, and the fifth is Scorpio Sky. Kip Sabian is also in there, but they all lose to Darby. Darby reaches the top as he goes all in against Luchasaurus. But as Darby burns the Joker, he himself is on fire. Is this Darby’s way of saying that no matter the hand he is dealt, he will be the wild card that wins it all?


AEW hears from PAC!

The Bastard laughs it up on his couch while watching Dynamite. “You probably thought, with the whole world in chaos, that you were safe from Death Triangle. You are not.” Pac has been forced to stay at home and weather the storm once before in his career. He vows to never do that again. Fortunately, Pac no longer treads this path. He tells Orange Cassidy, “you cocky little prick,” that maybe tonight he finally gets over himself. Try, or try not, Fenix is the assassin who will kick The Sloth’s head off to send him to his maker! Consider yourself a marked man.


Orange Cassidy VS Fenix!

As Pac implied, Freshly Squeezed was almost freshly decapitated by Fenix last week, and he wants his payback before going for it all in the Casino Ladder Match! But will he get it with Fenix aiming for his head, not the win?

Speaking of, Fenix tries again! But Cassidy was ready for it and easily dodges the ambush. Csasidy goes to the ring and Fenix has to face him head on for once. Fenix warns Cassidy so Cassidy gets serious by taking off the sunglasses! The bell rings. Cassidy ducks the attacks, and then puts his hands in his pockets. Well, he isn’t 100% serious. Fenix shoves Cassidy then runs in but Cassidy dodges. Cassidy dodges the low blow and Fenix kicks buckles! Cassidy ducks the headbutt and again Fenix only gets buckles. Cassidy blocks the boot, gets a takedown, then catapults! Fenix goes up and up and over, but into a shotgun dropkick! Cassidy kips up as Fenix bails out and the crowd is fired up! Fenix is frustrated as he pushes past the cameraman. Cassidy patiently waits, but does egg Fenix on. Fenix returns to the ring and rushes Cassidy, but Cassidy dodges. Things speed up, both men leap over, but Cassidy arm-drags to a cover, TWO! Ghost pin, ONE, and Cassidy sits Fenix up for a thumbs up. Cassidy ghost pins, TWO!

Things speed up again, and Fenix DOUBLE STOMPS Cassidy down! Fenix dusts himself off and scuffs “dirt” on Cassidy before bringing him up. Fenix goes to bomb but Cassidy fights free! Cassidy rebounds, and SUNSET BOMBS! Cover, TWO! Fenix bails out to the ramp and enziguris Cassidy away! Fenix runs and springboards to LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Fenix keeps on Cassidy with an armlock and he cranks on the elbow. He traps both arms to put on a chinlock and Cassidy kicks and flails! Fenix CHOPS Cassidy in the shoulder then clamps the chinlock on again. Cassidy endures so AEW goes picture in picture.

Fenix puts Cassidy in a corner and grinds his boot in deep! The ref counts but Cassidy flops out of the ring! Fenix watches Cassidy sputter as the crowd rallies up. Cassidy stands so Fenix goes out to CHOP him! Fenix brings Cassidy around, to knee and CHOP against the post! Cassidy staggers away but Fenix follows. Fenix lines Cassidy up but Cassidy dodges, and Fenix punches post! Cassidy whips but Fenix reverses to knee low! Fenix puts Cassidy in then goes to the ramp again. Fenix climbs into the ring from that side to loom over Cassidy. He slaps the Sloth around, egging him on. Cassidy gets up but Fenix kicks him back down. Fenix clubs Cassidy then wraps the arm around the ropes! Cassidy screams but the ref counts. Fenix lets up, only to baseball slide Cassidy into the camera! Fenix drags Cassidy back into the ring then asks the crowd to be quiet. Fenix CHOPS Cassidy!

AEW returns to single picture as Fenix argues with the ref. Fenix CHOPS Cassidy but Cassidy CHOPS back! Fenix BOOTS back then hammers away with fists from all sides! The ref reprimands and the crowd boos, but Fenix whips Cassidy corner to corner. Fenix runs in but Cassidy blocks him! Cassidy’s trying again! FURIOUS PALM STRIKES! SUPER FOREARM! The crowd fires up as Cassidy throws off his armbands! Fenix gets out but Cassidy builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit but Cassidy puts Fenix in fast! Cassidy is up top, leaps, and hits a big crossbody! Cassidy keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Cassidy almost had Fenix but heads to a corner. The crowd rallies as he climbs back up. But Fenix SHORYUKENS! Fenix climbs up to join Cassidy but Cassidy fights back. Cassidy shoves and Fenix flips to flop! Cassidy hits a FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Fenix survives and Cassidy can’t believe it!

Cassidy drags Fenix back up and Alabama lifts. Fenix grabs ropes and gets to the apron, but Cassidy buckle bumps him. Cassidy climbs up and drags Fenix up to join him. Fenix fights back with clubbing forearms and underhooks! Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket to block, and then he HEADBUTTS! But Fenix rebounds to SUPER SUNSET BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix and Cassidy go to opposite corners, Fenix runs in for a big forearm! Fenix puts Cassidy up top, reels him in, KINNIKU- NO! Victory roll, TWO!! Fenix rocks Cassidy, somersaults, but into the SUNSET DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Fenix survives again and- Wait, is that Kip Sabian? He’s bringing in a ladder! Superbad is trying to give us a preview of the Casino Ladder match! He sets the ladder up, climbs it, and “applauds” Cassidy. The ref is busy telling Kip to climb down, but Fenix LOW BLOWS Cassidy! And rolls him to hit a CUTTER!! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Superbad gives Cassidy a thumbs up, then a middle finger. But here come SCU! Kaz and Scorpio give Kip a preview by tipping the ladder. They stop short, then say bye, but then actually dump him down! Fenix gets in Kaz’s face but Kaz shoves him back. Jimmy Havoc rushes the ring to go after Scorpio in return for what they did to Kip! It’s a brawl between SCU and Superbad Squad! Kaz throws Kip out but Havoc throws Scorpio out! Havoc leaps and clobbers Scorpio while Kaz and Kip brawl! Fenix aims and springboard TORNILLOS them all down! But that was a rough landing for Fenix, too, and the ref checks on them all. Wait, Cabana is joining in?! SPRINGBOARD ASAI!! Best Friends hurry to reinforce Cassidy, but the brawling continues as Cabana throws hands on Kip and Havoc! Cassidy gets a boost from Trent and Chuckie, to SUPER SWANTON out!!

Cassidy and Best Friends regroup by the ladder, and give the thumbs up. Will Freshly Squeezed win the #1 contender’s chip when the odds are never in one’s favor?


Nyla Rose & Britt Baker VS Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander!

At Double or Nothing, The Native Beast and the Samurai of Stardom will go 1v1 in a No Disqualification match for the AEW Women’s World Championship! At the same time, The Dentist and The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien have a grudge match relating to last week’s Fatal 4 Way. Tonight is about the good, the bad and the gnarly teaming up to take the other side down! Which duo comes away with the momentum heading into their PPV showdowns?

On her way out, Statlander boops the whole crowd and the crowd goes wild! Nyla makes her entrance and she still has Shida’s kendo stick. The tension is strong, and Nyla goes after Shida with the stick again! Shida dodges, the two fight over it, and Britt runs over to help, only to get clothesline’d by the kendo stick! Kris steps on the stick to throw forearms on Nyla! The bell hasn’t rung but Shida and Kris double whip to kick and bulldog Nyla down! Kris adds a somersault senton! Brit runs back in but into double kicks and a whip! Britt holds ropes and bails out, thinking better of this brawl. Shida goes after Nyla and now the match begins!

Tag to Kris and both she and Shida double suplex. Nyla is too big and strong, though, and she fights free. Kris throws forearms over and over to club Nyla onto ropes. Kris dropkicks Nyla hard against the ropes, then runs to go after Britt. But Nyla POUNCES Kris first! Nyla stomps Kris and drags her up to bump off buckles. Nyla stomps away, digs her boots into Kris, but lets up as Kris flops out to the apron. Nyla brings Kris up to bump off buckles then choke on the ropes! The ref reprimands but Nyla CLUBS Kris down! Nyla scoops Kris to slam down and drop a leg! The crowd rallies for Kris and Shida but Nyla brings Kris over to Britt. Britt doesn’t want to tag, she needs more time to prepare. Kris throws forearms on Nyla as AEW goes picture in picture!

Kris whips, Nyla reveres and scoops to sidewalk slam slam! Nyla runs and leaps for a BIG splash! Cover, TWO! Kris survives and Nyla grows frustrated. Nyla drags Kris up and snapmares to neck crank! Kris endures as Nyla leans on her and traps on arm. Nyla puts some stank on her CHOPS, then cranks harder. Kris fights up but Nyla shifts to a dragon sleeper and backbreaker rack. Nyla CLAWS Kris’ stomach and ribs! Kris clubs back on Nyla but Nyla clubs her. Nyla suplexes and holds Kris up for 10 before slamming her down! Cover, TWO! Nyla drags Kris up and Britt still needs time. Nyla headbutts Kris down and GRABS Britt! Does that count as a tag? Britt grabs the tag rope and actually tags in, finally giving Nyla a breather. Britt goes to Kris, but gets caught in a cradle! TWO and Britt fires off furious forearms on Kris for that.

Britt scrapes Kris to ropes and stands on her head. She STOMPS Kris down, then Nyla gets a cheap shot in. The ref reprimands Nyla but Kris fires back on Britt! AEW returns to single picture as Nyla grabs Kris. Kris boots Britt away and PELES Nyla! The crowd rallies up as Kris crawls. Britt grabs a leg but gets an enziguri! Hot tag to Shida! Nyla intercepts but gets a kick and a whip! Shida kicks Britt and whips her into Nyla! Shida runs in to knee sandwich them into the corner! She drags Britt to the apron as the crowd fires up. Britt is stuck there as Shida KNEES her back! Shida goes into the ring and drags Britt back up. She reels Britt in for a suplex but Britt fights it. Shida throws body shots and a BIG forearm! Shida suplexes again for a slam! Cover, TWO! Shida keeps her focus and brings Britt over to tag Kris. Together, Shida and Kris stomp on Britt. Nyla runs in but only gets Britt! Shida and Kris kick Nyla, and double fireman’s carry! They DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY Nyla onto Britt! Kris drags Britt to a cover, TWO!

Kris drags Britt up and scoops, but Britt fights back. Kris clubs Britt, and hits the FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, but Nyla breaks it! Nyla drags Britt to a corner and tags in. Nyla goes after Kris and whips her to a corner. Nyla puts Kris up top but Kris reverses to Electric Chair SLAM Nyla down! Tag to Shida and Shida goes up top! Shida leaps to missile dropkick Nyla down! Shida runs, to SHINING WIZARD!! Cover, TWO!! Nyla survives but Shida fires up! Shida drags Nyla back up, but Nyla blocks the suplex! Nyla snap suplexes Shida back! Both stand but Shida fires off on Nyla with forearms! Nyla hits back but Shida fires off many more forearms. Shida runs, into Nyla’s LARIAT! But Kris tags in and dropkicks Nyla down! The medic is checking on Britt as Kris covers, TWO! Kris drags Nyla up and Shida joins in. Nyla fights back but that’s 2v1. Shida drags Nyla up but Nyla back drop suplexes Shida! Bridging cover, TWO!! Shida narrowly escapes but Nyla keeps on her. Nyla lifts and BEAST BOMBS Shida! Cover, Nyla and Britt win!!

Winners: Nyla Rose & Britt Baker, by pinfall

The AEW Women’s World Champion wins against her contender, but she’s not done with her yet! Nyla brings out a TABLE! This will be legal in the No Disqualification match, and Nyla wants a preview of it tonight! Nyla sets the table up, positions it just right, and drags Shida up. Nyla places Shida on the table then climbs up a corner! But Kris makes the save by anchoring Nyla down! Shida hurries to go after Nyla for herself and brings her up. Shida clubs away on Nyla and brings her up, for a SUPERPLEX through the table!! Kris helps Shida up and out of the ring now that they have their moral victory. But can Shida slay the Native Beast on the record? And what of Britt Baker’s condition? Will she and Kris still be able to have their grudge match at Double or Nothing?


Backstage interview with Jon Moxley!

Moxley broke Number 10, and now he’s after Brodie Lee. “In sports and business, and life, everything is a reduction to violence eventually.” Arguments over moving cars, arguments over fines, and it only gets worse from there. Moxley wants his belt back, Brodie refuses. Moxley threatens to break someone’s arm, Brodie says he can go ahead. “It only gets worse from here.” Double or Nothing is going to get pretty bad as 280 pounds gets dumped on Brodie’s head. Brodie will go to sleep, having lost the match and having lost everything else. He will just be a guy in a nice suit, surrounded by a bunch of creeps in gimp masks repairing his shattered ego. “It was nice knowing ya,” Mr. Brodie.


AEW presents the Shawn Spears News!

“SSN” reports some breaking news! After a mediocre career spanning multiple decades, the injuries sustained in his match against Lance Archer has forced Dustin Rhodes to finally retire and hang up the boots. Spears, for one, concurs. Congratulations, Cody! This is what you were going for, right/ But in all seriousness, Spears understands the difficult time for Dustin. Retirement is a difficult pill to swallow. But 12 years ago, swallowing pills wasn’t so hard, was it? So sad.

But speaking of sad, the fact Spears has NO Double or Nothing match is a travesty! In AEW, wins matter, and Spears is so close to cracking the top five! Who does Spears have to piss off? Or maybe he needs to go into business for himself. Spears challenges Dustin to a match at Double or Nothing as his farewell! He said it publicly, so now the people will want it, “the brass” will have to book and promote it, problem solved! If anyone is looking for Dustin, he’s probably on display at your nearest museum. Dustin has not announced retirement, so SSN is giving us some fake news. But will Spears make this Dustin’s last match by default? Because yes, AEW has officially booked it!


AEW announces other booked matches!

For Double or Nothing’s Buy In, it will be an AEW Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s match! Best Friends have been a hot streak, but so have the newly returned Private Party! Which team puts out the other’s flames to go after Kenny Omega & Hangman Page?

Plus, regardless of who IS TNT Champion, that man will need a contender! Therefore, next week’s Dynamite will have a #1 Contender Battle Royal! Who will be the first challenger to the newest champion in AEW?


Sammy Guevara VS BROKEN Matt Hardy!

Before The Inner Circle and The Elite finally go to war in a very different match than previously intended, the Spanish God will finally throw hands with DAMASCUS! Will Sammy show Hardy that this “fake Latino” is a real winner? Or will Hardy EAT then DELETE him?

AEW returns once more as Hardy makes his WONDERFUL~ entrance. The bell rings and Hardy glares at Sammy as they approach. Sammy dodges the haymakers and eggs Hardy on. Sammy then gets around to waistlock, and he slaps Hardy in the head. Hardy backs Sammy into buckles to elbow out and ROCK him with a right. Hardy BITES Sammy’s hands! Hardy headbutts Sammy over and over to the other corner, then whips him corner to corner. Sammy hits buckle then the mat, but Hardy drags him up to throw him out. The crowd cheers as Hardy stalks Sammy by the steel steps. Hardy bumps Sammy off the apron, then the steps, then more steps. Hardy makes sure to hit all the steps before he drags Sammy up again. He scoops and snake eyes Sammy on the railing! Hardy refreshes the ring count before going after Sammy more. He slams the hands off the apron, then pushes him against the post! The ref reprimands Hardy as he makes Sammy open his eyes and see his pain!

Hardy YANKS Sammy into the post and Sammy staggers with a bad shoulder. Hardy refreshes the count again to go after Sammy with forearms. The crowd chants “DELETE!” as Hardy whips Sammy into railing! Sammy and railing go skidding as fans keep chanting. Hardy puts Sammy back in the ring and chants “DELETE!” with the crowd. Sammy stands, Hardy kicks, Twist of Fate but Sammy handstands out of it!! Sammy mule kicks Hardy back! Sammy rains down elbows and fists but the ref backs him off. Hardy staggers up but Sammy powers him to a corner. Sammy fires off in the corner and digs his fingers in. The ref counts but Sammy lets off at 4. Sammy runs corner to corner and rams his shoulder in! Then enziguris! Hardy staggers and Sammy mocks the Hardy V1 before he springboards. But Hardy catches him for an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO!

Hardy drags Sammy back up but Sammy CHOPS! Hardy ROCKS Sammy with a right then reels him in. He lifts to a crucifix, but Sammy huricanranas out of the bomb! Hardy topples into ropes and then out of the ring. Sammy builds speed to FLY and take Hardy down! Both men are down and the ring count begins as AEW goes picture in picture.

Sammy gets up first and whips Hardy into railing! Hardy clutches a shoulder as he gets back up. The crowd rallies for Hardy as Sammy refreshes the count. Sammy runs in to CLOBBER Hardy at the railing! Sammy grinds Hardy into the post in return for earlier, and YANKS him into the post, too! Hardy goes into the ring but Sammy drags him back out. Sammy grinds Hardy into the post again and shouts at him. Sammy knees low then puts Hardy into the ring. Sammy kicks Hardy while he’s down then covers, TWO! Hardy sits up but Sammy grits his teeth. Sammy brings hardy up but Hardy throws hands! Hardy runs but into a dropkick! Sammy kips up and shows off before he covers again. TWO, and now Sammy grows frustrated. Sammy stalks Hardy to a corner and rams shoulders in! Sammy CHOPS Hardy, then CHOPS again! Hardy turns things around to CHOP away on Sammy in return! Hardy whips, Sammy reverses and Hardy hits buckles hard! Cover, TWO!

Sammy keeps his cool but not by much. He chokes Hardy on the ropes! He lets up at 4, then comes back to bring Hardy around for a scoop and slam! Sammy standing moonsaults but FLOPS as AEW returns to single picture. Hardy counter punches Sammy and bumps him off buckles! And again and again and again! The crowd chants “DELETE!” with each one, and Hardy brings Sammy up. Hardy long darts Sammy off buckles, then runs to LARIAT! Sammy stumbles into a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Sammy up, blocks the boot but not the mule kick! Sammy back suplexes to a Side Effect of his own! Cover, TWO! Hardy crawls but Sammy stalks him. Sammy fireman’s carries but Hardy fights out to TWIST OF FATE! But Sammy flops out of the ring! Hardy pursues and drags Sammy back into the ring. Hardy covers, TWO! Sammy survives but Hardy drags him back up. Sammy denies the Twist of Fate to KNEE Hardy back! And SUPERKICK!

Sammy wants Hardy to get back up and aims from a corner. SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!?! Hardy lives and Sammy is beside himself! Sammy gets to a corner and heads up top. Sammy leaps, SHOOTING STAR! But he has to bail out as Hardy moves! Hardy hits ANOTHER TWIST OF FATE!! Cover, TWO!?! Hardy cannot believe it! The fury inside Damascus builds and Hardy stomps away on Sammy’s legs! Sammy crawls but Hardy keeps after him. The crowd declares “This is Awesome!” as Hardy strips Sammy’s foot of his boot! He BITES the toes!! Sammy screams and the ref counts, but Hardy stops at 4. Hardy goes after Sammy but gets a KNEE!! Cover, TWO?!? Hardy still lives and Sammy has no words. Sammy goes to the corner again, taking off his sock. Sammy springboards, for the CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sammy refuses to believe it, and he refuses to let up! He goes back up top, leaps again, SHOOTING STAR onto knees! Cover, TWO!! Hardy kicks, TWIST OF FATE AGAIN!! Cover, Hardy wins!!

Winner: Matt Hardy, by pinfall

Damascus is VICTORIOUS~! But he is not satisfied with this level of retribution, for he must have VENGEANCE for Vanguard 1! Hardy grabs a chair, brings it to Sammy in the ring, but The Inner Circle is on the titantron! They have Kenny Omega up against the goal post in TIAA Bank Field! Jericho says they destroyed Vanguard, and now they’ll destroy Omega! Jericho swings his bat into Omega’s ribs! But wait! The Young bucks are back! And then LEAP Onto Proud ‘n’ Powerful from the stands! Hager goes after them but he gets SUPERKICKS! Nick Jackson uses a chair on Jericho, then on Santana! And Ortiz! And Hager! Matt clubs on Hager while Nick blocks the bat attack with a chair shot! Hardy arrives and the brawl grows! They fight onto the football field with chairs and bats! But this is 4v3 and the Inner Circle starts getting the advantage!

The Bucks rally back, but who is that in the distance? It’s HANGMAN! And he LARIATS Hager! And Jericho! Hangman Page evens the odds as he beats down Jericho! He throws Jericho into the goal post! Omega recovers, too, and now The Elite has the advantage! The Inner Circle retreats and this will have to wait for Double or Nothing! But even then, Hangman wanders off on his own, not ready to truly be back in the fold. Will Saturday’s Stadium Stampede finally settle things one way or another?

My Thoughts:

A great go-home for AEW! I was pleasantly surprised the world title segment opened the night. Obviously Moxley was going to beat Preston Vance, aka Number 10, but I didn’t think Brodie would sacrifice his new “High Knight” so quickly. Moxley VS Brodie is going to be a really good match, and I’m still thinking Moxley wins. MJF of course beats Marko Stunt tonight because I’m thinking Jungle Boy finds a way to win at Double or Nothing. Luchasaurus being in the Casino Ladder match, I really hope the mystery ninth entry is Wardlow so we can finally get some of that. At the same time, a ladder match being No Disqualification, Wardlow could just attack because he wants to, and that still leaves the mystery spot to someone even more shocking. The segment with Jake the Snake and Arn Anderson was great stuff! Those two can still burn it up on the mic, and I really hope we do get to see them throw down on the outside during the TNT Championship match. Mike Tyson being around, I hope he gets in the mix, too, and then that can go any number of ways.

Darby and Pac gave us great promos again. But at the same time, Pac’s almost gave away that Fenix was going after Cassidy again. Fenix VS Cassidy was a really good match, and the tie-in back to the ladder match was really good. I did not expect Cabana to do an Asai, and I really thought one of those railing crashes was bad. But if Cassidy stands tall now, then that has to mean he isn’t winning. If anything, the mystery man should be someone a big enough name to win and become a challenger to Moxley for the stretch on the way to All In/All Out. Also, already announcing the TNT Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal, I feel like a big Face from the ladder match wins that as redemption. Granted, the first-ever TNT Champion isn’t going to lose right away, especially if it’s Archer. But Archer in a program against Best Friends via Cassidy, or against Scorpio after all of Scorpio’s great vignettes, that would all be great TV through the Summer.

The women’s tag match was really good, but I am worried Britt got hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if her match with Kris has to be changed or canceled, but at the same time I hope that’s not the case. The Buy-In tag match of Best Friends and Private Party sounds great, but I could see that being turned into a main card match if Britt VS Kris has to reschedule. Sammy VS Hardy was a great main event, and Hardy partially avenges Vanguard 1 with his victory. The giant brawl at the end might give away a lot about what happens at Double or Nothing. The Bucks and Hangman made great returns, and we got a great preview of the Stadium Stampede, but I think The Elite standing tall means they’re losing. Not that AEW always follows similar math to the WWE or other promotions, but it’d be almost too much if The Elite had their cake and ate it, too. Maybe the dysfunction is still strong between Hangman and the Bucks and that costs them in the end. At a certain point, Omega and Hangman have to feel that tension, too, and I think that costs them their tag titles once they have new contenders.

My Score: 9.2/10

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