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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (5/1/20)

The Matches That Made: The Singh Brothers!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The Bollywood Boys give us their all-time favorites!

Samir & Sunil Singh return to 205 Live to share their favorite WWE match ever! Plus, their Texas Tornado Tag against Lucha House Party!


  • WrestleMania XII – WWF World Heavyweight Championship IronMan Match: Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels; Michaels wins and becomes the new WWF World Heavyweight Champion.
  • 7/2/19 – Tornado Tag: The Singh Brothers VS Lucha House Party; Lucha House Party wins.


Tom Phillips welcomes us back to 205 Live.

It’s another special episode as the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament continues, and actual champion, Jordan Devlin, is unable to travel. We continue to look back on the superstars that built this division, and that leads us to the greatest tag team on 205 Live, the Singh Brothers! Next year is meant to be WrestleMania Hollywood, but they could make it WrestleMania Bollywood! With that, it’s lights, cameras, and Bollywood action.

The Singh Brothers speak.

“WWE Universe, 205 Live, it is your boys from Bolly-bolly-bolly, Bollywood!” The matches that made Samir & Sunil all start with a standout, Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania 12 in an IronMan Match. Samir was 6, Sunil was 9, and that match was etched in both their minds for how real and emotional it was. Even more so now, being in the industry, it is a match that inspired them to reach where they are. The match not only went the 60 minutes, it went into OVERTIME! That was just an emotional roller coaster. Doing such a thing is hard even for half that time, let alone the entire hour plus. HBK’s iconic zip-line entrance alone was amazing. But the match shaped the Bollywood Boys’ childhoods. It’s why they went to the Hart Dungeon to train and become wrestlers. The match speaks volumes to how passionate both men were, and what pro-wrestling at its best looks like. So please, enjoy the match that propelled the Singh Brothers to where they are today.

WrestleMania XII – WWF World Heavyweight Championship IronMan Match: Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels!

The title is raised as the Hitman defends against the Heartbreak Kid in WrestleMania’s first visit to Hollywood! Hart gives his iconic sunglasses to his son in the crowd and even gets a high-five. With that, Hart returns to the ring and the sixty minutes begin!

Hart and HBK circle and tie up. They go around and HBK puts Hart into a corner. Hart turns it around but lets up at the ref’s count. HBK and Hart circle again as fans are dueling. They tie up, and HBK knees into the waistlock and slam! Hart gets around to switch with HBK but HBK gets free. HBK and Hart circle again, approach and tie up. Hart headlocks but HBK rolls him off! Hart seems a bit surprised by that one, and he circles with HBK again. Another tie up, and Hart headlocks again, only for HBK to throw him again. Fans cheer HBK as Hart works to keep his cool. Hart and HBK circle and tie up again, and HBK wrenches to a wristlock. HBK yanks on the arm and again, then wrenches. Hart wrenches back, headlocks, and holds on as HBK tries to throw him off again! Hart grinds HBK down to the mat but HBK endures. Fans cheer as HBK fights his way up.

HBK tries to power out but Hart holds tight! Hart smirks as he grinds HBK down, but HBK fights up again. HBK pries at the hold but Hart hits a headlock takeover! Cover, TWO! HBK avoids going down a point already, but there’s also a lot of time still. HBK fights his way up, powers up, but Hart hits another takedown! Another cover, TWO! Hart leans on HBK but HBK makes it his own cover, TWO! HBK works back up to his feet, but Hart grinds and wrenches harder. HBK powers out and hip tosses Hart down! Hart boots HBK away and gets the headlock takeover again! HBK headscissors but Hart pops out to get another headlock takeover! HBK keeps his shoulders up and fans cheer the technical exchange. Hart leans on HBK again but HBK bridges to a cover. TWO, and Hart holds onto HBK. HBK fights his way up again and throws body shots. HBK pries free and works the wristlock, and he wrangles Hart down! But Hart gets HBK back with a facelock!

HBK is frustrated as he fights his way back up to his feet. HBK and Hart are in a deadlock but Hart gets another takeover. Cover, ONE, but HBK has endured this headlock for several minutes now. Another cover, ONE, and HBK fights back up. HBK tries a bearhug then body shots to go after Hart. He powers out and things speed up, before HBK hits arm-drag after arm-drag! Fans cheer as HBK now has the armlock! Now Hart must endure as HBK drops knees on the arm. HBK cranks the elbow, then drops a leg on it. HBK digs a knee into the elbow with the wristlock, but Hart fights his way up. Hart pushes HBK back and arm-drags, but HBK arm-drags right back! HBK has the armlock again, but Hart fights his way up now. Hart powers HBK to ropes then whips him off the hold. HBK runs Hart over and things speed up. Hart hits a drop toehold and rear mounts, but HBK scrambles out of the headlock to get a hammerlock! Now Hart is frustrated, and HBK adds on with a knee to the arm.

HBK grabs the far arm now, and moves Hart around. Hart resists but HBK just keeps on the hammerlock. HBK shifts to a standard armlock but Hart fights up. Hart pushes HBK to a corner and digs him into buckles. The ref counts for the break but Hart clubs HBK in the chest! Hart rams and punches, but HBK turns it around to throw heavy forearms! Fans fire up as HBK whips, but Hart reverses! HBK goes up and headscissors Hart out! Hart is furious as he gets up while HBK takes his time to adjust his knee pads. The ring count climbs but Hart takes his time returning.

Because of time constraints, 205 Live has to skip ahead by quite a bit. We return with less than 28 minutes on the clock, but still no points! But Hart is back on the outside, pacing in frustration. Fans boo because it seems they’re also frustrated. Hart goes around the way but HBK is up top! HBK LEAPS and crossbodies Hart to the floor! Both men are down and the ring count climbs. HBK sits up at 5 and gets in the ring first. Hart stirs as the count restarts, and fans rally for him to rise. HBK goes out first to fetch Hart instead. HBK puts Hart in then climbs up top. HBK leaps to crossbody, but Hart turns it to a cover! TWO!! Hart throws hands on HBK as fans fire up. Hart whips, HBK reverses, but Hart blocks the arm-drag to try a backslide! HBK blocks with all the power he has, and then flips all the way over, to inside cradle! TWO, but HBK drops an elbow! HBK whips and body shots Hart to then reel him into a Fisherman Suplex! PERFECT PLEX EVEN! Cover, TWO!!

Hart survives and we reach 25 minutes remaining. HBK whips Hart and grabs Hart for a sleeper hold! Hart starts to fade quickly but he powers HBK into buckles. Hart is free but HBK returns with the sleeper! HBK has Hart on the mat and leans on him! Hart is fading again and the ref checks the arm. It drops once. It drops twice. But it stays up on the third! Hart has his second wind as he fights his way up. Hart powers HBK back but HBK throws him into buckles! HBK gets the sleeper again! Hart slips around to back suplex but HBK lands on his feet! HBK uppercuts then hops up to boot! Hart flops and flounders but HBK is on him with a whip into the corner. HBK runs in but Hart tosses him WAY out! The cameraman was almost part of the crash landing! The ref counts as HBK is down. HBK doesn’t stir until 6, but Jose Lothario keeps creeping closer, slowing the count down.

Hart goes out to fetch HBK now, and scoops him to RAM him into the post! He drops HBK on the floor as fans are divided. Hart drags HBK back up and into the ring, then drags HBK to his feet. Hart headbutts HBK on the back, then brings him back up. Fans rally and duel as Hart headbutts HBK again. Hart puts HBK in a corner to whip corner to corner HARD. Hart climbs up as HBK stirs, and the falling elbow hits HBK in the back! Hart drags HBK up, whips and scoops for a BACKBREAKER! And drops a leg, brother! But Hart doesn’t let up, he drags HBK back up for a haymaker. HBK flounders to a corner but Hart stomps away! The ref counts and Hart backs off, only to come back for more stomps! Hart springboard sit-down onto HBK’s back!

Hart drags HBK back up to whip corner to corner again. HBK tumbles up to the top, and then Hart climbs up behind, SUPER BACK SUPLEX! Fans are thunderous as Hart covers, TWO!! We have no score and we still have 18 minutes in this match! Hart puts on a Camel Clutch to torture the neck and back, but HBK endures. HBK starts powering up as fans rally behind him. HBK gets up and throws body shots! He frees himself, runs and sunset flips, TWO! Hart and HBK get up, and HBK’s bad back slows him down. Hart clubs HBK down and looms over him as he crawls.

205 Live must again skip forward in the match, and we’re now under 5 minutes! Hart has HBK down in the drop zone as he climbs up top. Hart leaps but HBK BOOTS him down! Fans are thunderous as both men are down and a standing count begins! The count reaches 4 as Hart sits up, followed by HBK. HBK dropkicks outta nowhere! Hart ends up in the corner and HBK runs in to forearm smash! HBK whips corner to corner and Hart hits buckles HARD! Both men are down again but they head for each other. HBK whips, Hart reverses but HBK hits flying forearms! Fans cheer as HBK kips up! The adrenaline cancels out the bad back, and HBK stomps Hart! HBK drags Hart up to whip and hit a flying back elbow! He keeps going, scoops Hart for a slam, then heads to the corner. Hart stands and HBK leaps for the double ax handles! Cover, TWO!

We’re under 3 minutes but these two keep going! HBK snap suplexes Hart then heads to a corner. HBK climbs again, for a DIVING ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Hart has so much heart, but HBK wants to break it. HBK whips Hart into a gut wrench SIT OUT POWERBOMB! But no cover, as HBK heads back to the corner. Hart stands again, HBK MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and cover, TWO!! HBK keeps on Hart to wihp, but Hart reverses! HBK boots back, hops up top, and leaps! FLYING HURICANRANA! Cover, TWO!! So close and yet still so far from the first point! HBK scoop slams again as we reach a minute! HBK heads for a corner but he’s starting to fade. Fans are thunderous again as HBK climbs, but Hart gets up again. HBK leaps, but Hart catches the dropkick to a SHARPSHOOTER!! HBK endures and now has to last 30 seconds!! Fans reach that fever pitch as Hart cranks back! HBK endures as we reach 10! The fans count down, and the time is up!! Hart lets go, but what does this mean?!

The referee takes the belt and Gorilla Monsoon gets in the ring. Gorilla talks with the ref as Hart wants to leave still champion. An announcement is made! “The sixty minute time limit has expired. However, this match has been ordered to continue under sudden death rules!” Hart can’t believe it, but “there MUST be a winner!” The Hitman heads back to the ring in anger, but the officials have made it, well, official! Gorilla reasons with Hart and Hart agrees to the terms. The match begins again, and Hart goes right after HBK’s back with forearms! HBK flounders about and Hart knees away and away on HBK’s back! Hart whips HBK for a BIG back drop! HBK hits the mat hard but Hart won’t let him rest long.

Hart drags HBK up and scoops for a backbreaker! And then he puts HBK in the corner to whip corner to corner. HBK goes up and over, and SUPERKICKS!! The Sweet Chin Music came outta nowhere!! Hart is in a daze and HBK is down from exhaustion! Hart and HBK slowly rise as fans rally up again. HBK crawls to a corner while Hart flounders about. Hart stands, to get another SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Cover, HBK WINS!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels, by pinfall (NEW WWF World Heavyweight Champion)

The boyhood dream has come true for Shawn Michaels! Hart couldn’t beat HBK in 60 minutes, and he couldn’t win in overtime. Hart heads off in a huff, but HBK gets to celebrate finally reaching the top of the mountain!


205 Live returns to the Singh Brothers.

The Bollywood Boys now think on a match that made their WWE careers. They easily answer that it’s them against the Lucha House Party. What day was that? July 2nd of 2019! They were in San Antonio, Texas, and it was such an important match, because they had just transitioned back to 205 Live. It was an important test to see if they could physically keep up with LHP. It was also the blow-off of their Summer feud, where there were pinatas involved, and one of their “Boscars” was broken in half. The result wasn’t what they wanted, but their performance was still award-winning! They give credit to LHP for being so good, but for now, sit back and enjoy.


7/2/19 – Tornado Tag: The Singh Brothers VS Lucha House Party!

Things were really heated last Summer between these two Cruiserweight tag team sensations. In the end, the only way to settle it was letting Samir, Sunil, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado off the leash! With all four men fighting at once, who came away the superior Cruiserweight tag team?

The teams put aside their props and jackets to get ready for this match. The bell rings and the Singh Brothers dance with the “curry-sel.” But the Lucha House Party and San Antonio chant “Lucha! Lucha!” And then the brawl breaks out! Lince and Metalik get the edge and throw the Singhs out of the ring. Metalik CHOPS Sunil against the desk, then both he and Lince CHOP the Singhs by the barriers. Kalisto and the pinatas enjoy what they see as the CHOPS continue to fly! Metalik holds both Singhs as Lince climbs the barriers. Lince leaps for big clotheslines! Metalik then puts Sunil in the ring while Lince keeps on Samir. But Sunil hits Metalik back as Metalik returns to the ring. Sunil whips Metalik while Lince bounces Samir off the announce desk. Metalik handsprings but Sunil gets clear, but Sunil walks into the CHOP!

Metalik uses Sunil for balance as he acrobatically arm-drags Sunil away! Sunil gets up but gets a mule kick. Metalik hops up fast but has to hop down as Sunil runs over. Metalik hits him with a swing kick, then a springboard missile dropkick! Lince covers, TWO! LHP whips and double hip tosses Sunil down, then combine for a wheelbarrow back senton! Lince adds a Stone Cold flavored Plank Splash! Cover as Metalik hits Samir away, TWO! Metalik keeps on Samir while Lince stomps Sunil. Samir throws Metalik into barriers and goes after Lince. Lince ends up in a 2v1 against the Singhs and they club him down. The Singhs stomp and CHOP Lince in a corner, then double whip him corner to corner. Lince uppercuts Sunil away then kicks Samir. Lince whips Samir hard into buckles, then springboards for a moonsault DDT! Cover, TWO!

Metalik returns to dropkick Sunil out, then LHP double whip Samir. Lince whips Metalik in to give Samir a clothesline, then Metalik feeds Samir to Lince’s CHOP! Lince rolls Samir into Metalik’s wheelbarrow, and they combine for the bulldog! Metalik covers, TWO! Sunil drags Lince out to ram into the apron! Kalisto coaches up Lince while Samir puts Metalik on the apron. Metalik swing kicks Samir, but Sunil trips him up on the top rope! Metalik falls on his huevos while the Singhs gloat. The Singhs drag Metalik up and double suplex him down. Samir covers, TWO! Sunil drags Metalik up and the Singhs put him back in the corner. Lince comes back and clubs both Singhs from behind! Lince messes Samir’s hair and throws haymakers, but Sunil takes Lince down with a spinning wheel kick!

Samir gloats as he and Sunil go after Metalik again. They stomp a Bollywood mudhole into him, then dropkick Lince back out. Sunil keeps on Lince but Lince hits back. Sunil whips Lince into a post! Lince bounces off and goes flying while Samir stomps Metalik more. The Bollywood dancing returns but then the Singhs snapmare Metalik down. Samir holds Metalik while Lince dances around. Sunil stomps Lince back down before going back to stomp Metalik. Fans rally for the LHP but the curry-sel rides again. The Singhs taunt Kalisto as the only man not in this match. Samir hits Lince back out but Metalik fights back. The Singhs double whip and elbow Metalik then dance around for double elbow drops. Cover, TWO!

Kalisto rallies San Antonio up behind LHP but Samir climbs. Sunil gives Metalik the backbreaker, then Samir adds the top rope elbow drop! Cover, but Lince breaks it in time! Sunil throws Lince out and goes back to Metalik. The Singhs whip but Metalik holds ropes. Metalik throws Samir out then elbows Sunil into a Sling-Dog! Samir runs back in and throws Metalik out. Samir swivels the hips again but he doesn’t see Lince return. Lince waits for Samir to turn around to get the “Lucha! Lucha!” started. Lince rallies with haymakers and a whip. Samir reverses but Lince huricanranas him to a corner! Lince uppercuts Sunil as he returns, then hammers away on Samir! Lince stomps a mudhole into Samir for over 30 stomps! Sunil returns but gets a dropkick!

Lince keeps moving as he hears the “Lucha! Lucha!” echo out. He runs corner to corner but Samir dodges. Lince hops out then up then crossbody onto Samir! Cover, but Sunil breaks it! Sunil goes at Lince but Lince dodges, handspring to Golden Rewind! But Lince isn’t done there, and Metalik returns! The Singhs both end up outside on opposite ends. The LHP build speed, they both FLY! Lince takes out Samir while Metalik takes out Sunil! San Antonio is fired up with LHP as Lince puts Samir in. Metailk puts Sunil in, too, and both take aim again. Double springboards, into SUPERKICKS! Cover on Metalik, TWO! The Singhs are shocked but San Antonio is fired up for LHP!

Samir demands his “Boscar” back. He grabs it from the timekeeper and brings it into the ring. Kalisto protests, and then grabs the trophy! Sunil clocks Kalisto, but gets a SUPERKICK from Lince! Lince SUPERKICKS Samir, then Metalik lifts him, for the Metalik Driver! Both luchadors climb up top, for the tightrope elbow AND Golden Shooting Star! Side-by-side covers, LHP wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, by pinfall

The Golden Lynx and King of the Ropes redeem themselves! But now that they’re on SmackDown, is it only a matter of time before Lucha House Party finally become a championship team?


205 Live returns to Tom Phillips.

Even though Sunil & Samir lost that match, that doesn’t change that they’re the Bollywood award-winning tag team of 205 Live. They’re also friends of The Rock, so there’s that. But tune in again next time to watch and learn about many more matches that made the WWE Cruiserweights who they are today.


My Thoughts:

The Singh Brothers had great picks for their episode tonight. For one, their tornado tag match with Lucha House Party was a great one for them, even in losing. I still feel the WWE Draft gutted 205 Live, but at the same time, LHP wouldn’t have tag title opportunities here. I don’t even know if they’d have a part to play in the NXT Tag Division at this point, so putting LHP on SmackDown might have been the better move after all. As for the Singh Brothers, who knows where they go next, once we get to see them regularly again. As for their classic match choice of Hart VS HBK, I’m only a little disappointed that time constraints kept us from seeing all of it. I might have to find time to go watch that match in its entirety so that I can properly appreciate the roller coaster ride the Singhs were talking about.

My Score: 8.3/10

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