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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (5/22/20)

Will Swerve’s House get a makeover?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Cruiserweights make moves in the shadow of the tournament!

Reeling from the round robin, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott wants to get realigned and reaffirmed! But will his rebound be rejected by Prince Pretty?


  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ever-Rise; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Tyler Breeze; Swerve wins.


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ever-Rise!

It seems NXT wasn’t enough for the Brit-Am One Two to be done with the new Canadian two! Will Matt Martel and Chase Parker get even with the brawlers tonight?

The teams sort out and Burch starts against Martel. They circle, tie up, go around, and Burch puts Martel in the corner. Martel demands the Govenah backs off, and Burch obliges. Burch dares Martel to come back and the two circle again. Parker swipes at Burch and that leaves him open for Martel’s sneak attack! Martel stomps away on Burch then tags in Parker. “How do you like that, you bald freak?” Parker fires off on Burch and punches him to an open corner. Parker chops then pushes Burch against ropes. Burch headlocks but Parker powers out to leap, but Burch catches him out of the air! Burch drags Parker over and tags in Lorcan. They double wrench and double CHOP Parker down! Oney drags Parker up to throw a European Uppercut! And another! And then he CHOPS! Parker punches but Oney CHOPS him again! Oney whips, Parker reverses hard! Parker rains down rights on Oney and goes after him at the ropes.

Tag to Martel and Ever-Rise double whips. But Oney comes back with a EuroUpper! Oney CHOPS Parker down, and Burch grabs Martel! But Martel knows this from NXT and he throws Burch into Oney! Parker stomps Oney down and he clubs Oney in the corner. Parker drags Oney up and tags in Martel. Ever-Rise mugs Oney and Martel mocks this other “bald freak.” Martel drops knees on Oney again and again then tags Parker back in. Parker drags Oney up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Parker keeps on Oney with elbows to the shoulders and neck! Oney ends up in the Ever-Rise corner and Martel tags in. Ever-Rise double whip Oney hard to a corner! Martel throws forearms then snapmares Oney to a chinlock. Oney endures as Martel leans on him. Burch coaches and Oney fights his way up. Martel clubs Oney on the back of the head, then throws forearms to the face. Martel whips, Oney dodges and BLOCKBUSTERS! Hot tags to Burch and Parker!

Burch DECKS Parker, and again! And spins him but gets an elbow! Burch whips, Parker reverses but Burch boots back! Burch hops up to missile dropkick Parker down! Burch hits a corner clothesline and enziguri, then a SNAP GERMAN! And a LARIAT! Cover, but Martel breaks it in time! Burch HEADBUTTS Martel down! Burch drags Parker up and hoists him up top, but Parker avoids London Tower. Tag to Martel and Parker BOOTS Burch! Martel fireman’s carries and Parker goes up top, FLYING BLOCKBUSTER SAMOAN DROP! Cover, Oney breaks it! Oney dropkicks Parker away but Martel goes after Burch. Burch kicks a leg out then throws EuroUpper after EuroUpper. Burch runs but into Martel’s elbow! Martel scoops, but Burch gets a takedown to the CROSSFACE! Oney intercepts Parker, BOSTON CRAB! Deja vu as Ever-Rise taps and the One Two wins!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by submission

The One Two is 2-0 against Martel and Parker! Are they on their way to a second chance at the NXT Tag Team Championships?


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Tyler Breeze!

Swerve may have been too confident when he said that anyone who couldn’t get even one win in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament should just quit. Tony Nese made sure Swerve didn’t have a chance against Jack Gallagher, and that is why Swerve isn’t in the title conversation. Will he shake all that off and start again against Prince Pretty?

The bell rings and Swerve circles with Breeze. They tie up and Swerve gets the wristlock. He wrenches through but Breeze rolls, spins and handsprings to wring Swerve out! Breeze then relaxes on the top rope while Swerve seethes. Swerve stares Breeze down from across the ring and the two reset. They tie up, Swerve powers Breeze back to a corner but Breeze turns it around. Breeze backs off clean but then rushes in! Swerve goes up and over, rolls Breeze back, but his Eddie Gordo kick flops! Swerve is growing even more frustrated now as he resets with Breeze. They tie up again, Swerve puts Breeze back in a corner but Breeze turns things around again. Breeze whips, Swerve reverses and hits a running uppercut! Swerve throws Breeze down then goes up but he stumbles?! Breeze SUPERKICKS Swerve out! Swerve is losing his cool over his own mistakes, but he only refreshes the count to give himself more time. Breeze goes out to cut that time short, and he forearms Swerve down!

Breeze whips Swerve hard into barriers! And then into the ring for haymakers! Breeze grabs the legs and stomps the stomach. Cover, ONE! Breeze drags Swerve up and snap suplexes! Float to cover, ONE! Breeze stomps Swerve again then puts him in a corner. Breeze whips corner to corner hard and Swerve hits buckles to then hit the mat. Prince Pretty paces like a glamorous shark and then he brings Swerve up for clubbing forearms. Swerve is getting mad and he DECKS Breeze with that right! Breeze rolls to the corner but Swerve rushes over. Swerve goes to the apron as Breeze bails out, and Swerve BOOTS Breeze down! The rage is boiling in Swerve as he whips Breeze HARD into barriers! The ring count is climbing as Swerve stalks Breeze and puts him in the ring. Swerve goes to the corner and slingshots in to somersault COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Breeze lives but Swerve snarls.

Swerve glares at Breeze as he looms over him. Swerve drags Breeze up and puts him in a corner. Swerve climbs up but Breeze throws body shots back. The ref counts but Breeze keeps on Swerve. Swerve hits back and leaps over, but Breeze ENZIGURIS! Cover, TWO!! Breeze can’t believe it but Swerve survives! Swerve slaps some sense into himself while he and Breeze rise. Breeze reels Swerve in, but Swerve slips out of the suplex to back suplex back. Breeze lands on his feet and wheelbarrows for the victory roll! TWO and Swerve wheelbarrows to victory roll, but then hook a leg and turn Breeze over. Swerve floats around and dead lifts in the waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Breeze still lives and Swerve is losing his cool.

Swerve glares at Breeze as he aims from the corner. Breeze slowly rises and Swerve heads out, but no House Call! But no Super Model Kick, either! Swerve blocks and spins Breeze, but Breeze catches Swerve! Swerve denies the Side Effect for a hanging neckbreaker! SUPER MODEL KICK OUTTA NOWHERE!! Cover, TWO!?! Swerve survives and shocks Breeze! Breeze staggers up and stalks a stumbling Swerve. Breeze drags Swerve up but Swerve gets to a corner. Breeze CLUBS Swerve and hoists him to the top rope backwards. Breeze tucks Swerve in, but Swerve mule kicks first! Swerve adjusts but Breeze follows, so Swerve drops under! Swerve has the legs and pops Breeze up, CONFIDENCE BOOST DRIVER!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

That’s just what Swerve needed! Will Swerve also get what he wants in another path back to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

My Thoughts:

A good episode, but again I say, WWE gutted this show. While the rematch built upon what we got on Wednesday, the fact we got Lorcan & Burch VS Ever-Rise twice in the same week means the WWE is putting in the minimal effort with this show. I would’ve preferred if this half hour episode was just a half hour match of Swerve VS Breeze. What we got was really good, and I definitely liked the story beats of Swerve struggling to get in the groove. He of course gets his groove back before the end and uses his newest move to win, but he has a long journey back to the title. Regardless of who wins the interim title, the first plan for the tournament winner should be to face Jordan Devlin. Of course, that’s in the hopes of the pandemic and its subsequent shutdowns stopping before the Summer.

But in the end, I really hope that WWE seriously takes into consideration making 205 Live a show that stays based at Full Sail and/or the Performance Center. They can simply have the Cruiserweights of all brands converge on that one location and give us great crossovers every week. Let us see Mustafa Ali back and taking on Swerve or Kushida. Have Jordan Devlin, Travis Banks and other UK Cruiserweights pop in to take on those very same names. Of course, I’ve said this and similar thoughts a lot before so I’m deep into broken record territory by now. It just seems clearer with every week that the WWE didn’t really consider how to do a new Cruiserweight Division before doing it, and this is what we’re getting now: 25 minutes, and half of that is a rematch from NXT.

My Score: 7.9/10

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