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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/6/20)

NXT’s best do battle!



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The landscape of NXT could be changed right here!

The Evil Genius challenges the Queen, and The Experience challenges the Undisputed! Who will stand atop NXT with the gold around their waists?


  • Dominik Dijakovic VS Johnny Gargano; Gargano wins.
  • Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Group B: Jack Gallagher VS Akira Tozawa; Tozawa wins.
  • Xia Li VS Chelsea Green w/ Robert Stone; Green wins.
  • Karrion Kross w/ Scarlet VS Leon Ruff; Kross wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Io Shirai; Shirai wins by disqualification, Flair retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Group A: KUSHIDA VS Jake Atlas; Kushida wins.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Denzel Dejournette; Grimes wins.
  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Velveteen Dream; Cole wins and retains the NXT Championship.


Dominik Dijakovic VS Johnny Gargano!

#AllHeartNoSoul is how Johnny Wrestling lives now. Will Gargano begin remaking NXT in his image? Or will he #FeastHisEyes on a defeat right out of the gate?

The bell rings and Gargano circles with Dijakovic. They approach, Gargano dodges and then throws a jab! Dijakovic backs Gargano down to a corner, but Gargano gets a cheap shot in when the ref steps in! Gargano wrenches, Dijakovic breaks free, and Gargano falls back just from seeing Dijakovic show haymaker. Gargano grabs a leg but Dijakovic pries him off. Dijakovic gut wrenches Gargano up but Gargano escapes and kicks at the leg. Dijakovic blocks the kick to DECK Gargano! Dijakovic stomps Gargano to a corner and shouts, “Is that the best you’ve got, Johnny?” He stomps and clubs Gargano in the corner then stalks Gargano around the way. He CLUBS Gargano down and stomps him to the ropes. Dijakovic drags Gargano up to scoop and KNEE in the side. Dijakovic just TOSSES Gargano, then covers, ONE!

Gargano is in a daze at the ropes but Dijakovic stalks him to a corner. Dijakovic brings Gargano up to CLUB him in the chest. He whips Gargano corner to corner, but Gargano elbows him away. Gargano hops up and leaps over, but his leg jams. Gargano still fights back with forearms, and he chop blocks Dijakovic’s leg! Gargano clamps on, hammers away, then bumps and stomps Dijakovic against buckles. The ref backs Gargano off but Gargano comes back to kick Dijakovic while he’s down. BUZZSAW! Gargano stands on Dijakovic but the ref backs him off. Gargano stalks Dijakovic now, clubs him and elbows him on the neck, then gives him point-blank clotheslines! Dijakovic gets up, and counters Gargano’s spin with a DISCUS! Cover, ONE! Gargano’s toughness is still real despite his delusions of grandeur.

Dijakovic drags Gargano up and shouts, “TIME TO FLY!” He TOSSES Gargano across the ring out of the suplex! Cover, TWO! Dijakovic grits his teeth but Gargano is after his leg again. Dijakovic CLUBS Gargano then stomps him down. Gargano still goes after legs but Dijakovic drags him up to ROCK with a forearm! Dijakovic stomps Gargano around the way then throws big elbows in a corner. Dijakovic bumps Gargano off more buckles, then throws more back elbows. But Candice LeRae rushes out to ringside as Dijakovic gives Gargano a BIG backbreaker! Candice argues with the ref but Dijakovic she better stay back. Dijakovic climbs up but Gargano pushes him down and out! Gargano runs and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Candice goes to her husband’s side while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Gargano leans on Dijakovic in a sleeper hold. Dijakovic fights his way up and elbows Gargano in the ribs. Gargano lets go but comes back with elbows of his own. He bobs ‘n’ weaves and body shots, but Dijakovic BOOTS! And CLOBBERS him with forearms! Gargano staggers into Dijakovic’s strikes! Gargano grabs the leg, kicks away on the thigh, but Dijakovic choke grips with those long arms! But Gargano breaks the grip by spinning Dijakovic, and he avoids the clothesline, only to run into a CYCLONE KICK! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic comes even closer to breaking the inhuman resilience of Johnny Triple Crown. Candice drags Gargano to the ropes but Dijakovic drags them both in! Candice gets out and the ref warns her. Gargano runs and leaps, into Dijakovic’s arms! Dijakovic knees and tosses again, but Gargano school boys with tights! TWO, and Dijakovic avoids the superkick, to torture rack right away! FEAST-

NO! Mule kick and SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Gargano almost had Dijakovic, but the Croatian Colossus has toughed it out against the Limitless One, after all. Candice distracts the ref on the apron, and Gargano goes after a buckle pad! Gargano unties one, but he takes too long and gets caught! The ref stops that, and Dijakovic CHOKE SLAMS Gargano! Cover, TWO!?! Gargano survives again but Dijakovic is not giving up. Dijakovic goes to the corner, climbs up top, but Gargano anchors his foot! Gargano headbutts the ankle and calf, then clubs the knee and thigh! Dijakovic stops, Gargano goes up, sunset flip bomb but Dijakovic lands on his feet! Gargano’s never seen anything like it! But the knee buckles, only for Dijakovic to SUPERKICK Gargano! Dijakovic rams Gargano into the corner, but Gargano still wants that buckle pad!

Dijakovic clubs away and hoists Gargano up. He CLUBS Gargano more, but Gargano resists the bomb! The buckle pad comes loose! Gargano fights and huricanranas Dijakovic into the exposed buckle!! Gargano hits the slingshot DDT! Cover, Gargano wins!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

Gargano uses the #OneFinalBeat to beat Dijakovic! #TJGW, “The Johnny Gargano Way,” succeeds here tonight, because apparently it translates to cheating. Will Mr. & Mrs. Wrestling soon take over all of NXT?


NXT hears from Imperium.

Marcel Barthel says that “Through the last year, Imperium has proven over and over and over again that we are the most dominant force in NXT.” Not British Strong Style. Not the Undisputed Era. He, Fabian Aichner, Alexander Wolfe and WALTER, Imperium. They couldn’t stand watching Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher besmirching the NXT Tag Team Championships. They ended that ridiculous “game show,” and are officially challenging the “Newly-Bros” for the titles. The mat is sacred, but will the titles be consecrated?


Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Group B: Jack Gallagher VS Akira Tozawa!

The Jackal is hungry for gold and the Stamina Monster wants a second taste for himself. Gallagher lost to El Hijo del Fantasma while Tozawa surprised Swerve with a win. What happens as round two of the round robin continues tonight?

The bell rings and Gallagher runs Tozawa immediately! Tozawa avoids the dropkick and runs to tilt-o-whirl into the Iron Octopus! Gallagher stays standing, powers out and headbutts low! Gallagher whips but Tozawa reverses. Tozawa drops down then jumps up, but into Gallagher’s Samoan Drop! Gallagher drops an elbow but misses! Tozawa back kicks, spins, slides under and SNAP GERMANS! Gallagher gets to a corner but Tozawa drags him to a drop zone. Tozawa goes up top but Gallagher gets out of the ring. Tozawa just changes plans and builds speed, only to get a forearm! Gallagher knew the torpedo was coming, and he sits Tozawa up on the apron. Gallagher KICKS and CLUBS Tozawa in the back, then backs off to go up the steps. He stalks Tozawa in the ring, kicks him while he’s down, then dig a knee into the spine! Gallagher pulls back on the arms but Tozawa endures the stretch.

Gallagher wrenches Tozawa’s wrist and bends the fingers. He chinbars but Tozawa fights free. Gallagher knees low then swings, but into a pump handle! He elbows free of that quickly, but Tozawa runs, to huricanrana! Tozawa spins but Gallagher gets under the kick to get a sleeper hold! Tozawa runs and throws Gallagher out through the ropes! Both men are down on the outside but Gallagher hits Tozawa first. Both men go to the apron now and start brawling! Gallagher throws forearms but Tozawa CHOPS! Tozawa CHOPS but Gallagher eggs him on! Tozawa fakes Gallagher out, but Gallagher remembers what comes next, and gets under the jab! Gallagher fireman’s carries but Tozawa turns it into an apron DDT! Tozawa puts Gallagher in the drop zone and goes up top! SUPER SENTON!! Cover, Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall (moves to 2-0; Gallagher drops to 0-2)

The Stamina Monster is just building up speed towards the tournament finals! Will he take the block? Or will Fantasma be an obstacle he cannot overcome?

On-stage interview with Tozawa.

2-0 means he’s in the lead! How does it feel to be the front runner? Two down, just two more to go. Fantasma is the next challenge. They’ve never wrestled before, but Tozawa tells Fantasma that he’s going to lose. Will Tozawa’s declaration become reality?


WWE joins with the Real Heroes Project.

During this time of pandemic and worry, it is the nurses, doctors and other medical professionals on the front lines that should be celebrated. Icons in sports put different names on their uniforms to represent those who help others make it through whatever health fight they’re going through. Thank a hero of your own, because they are #TheRealHeroes.


Xia Li VS Chelsea Green w/ Robert Stone!

While The Queen and the Evil Genius battle for the title later tonight, things are heating up in the rest of the NXT Women’s Division! Will spicy Xia burn the Hot Commodity? Or will the Robert Stone Brand’s Total Package finally deliver?

The bell rings and Green throws her fluffy skirt at Xia before she BOOTS her down! Green stomps Xia into the corner then runs side to side. Xia moves and comes back, but Green evades. Green runs into an elbow, then Xia arm-drags her down! Xia cranks on the arm but Green forearms free. Green runs into a LARIAT! And a boot! And a SUPERKICK! Xia shouts at Green but Aliyah is here! She glares at Xia as Xia whips Green. Green reverses and distracts the ref while Aliyah swipes at Xia! Green sneaks up on Xia but the O’Conner roll is denied! Xia kicks Green down then runs. Aliyah gets in the ring but Xia BOOTS her down! Green underhooks Xia for the I’M PRETTIER!! Cover, Green wins!!

Winner: Chelsea Green, by pinfall

The Bougie just helped the brand finally raise their stock! Robert Stone offers Aliyah a hand, and Aliyah scurries off before Xia comes looking for revenge. Has the brand just grown? Or will Xia’s spice burn it all down to the ground?


The Velveteen Dream speaks.

“Adam Cole, the time has finally come. The minutes. The seconds. We have reached our moment.” Adam Cole, you and The Dream are finally fighting for the NXT Championship. And no, Cole, this is not a dream. This is #DreamOver. But will it be a dream come true for Velveteen tonight?


Karrion Kross w/ Scarlet VS Leon Ruff!

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Time’s up, NXT. He has already made his presence known with his vicious and sudden attack on Tommaso Ciampa. Will Ruff have no choice but to #FallAndPray at the hands of Karrion Kross?

The bell rings and Ruff has his hands up, but Kross gets through that guard with ease! Kross hits a SNAP SAIDO that just crushes poor Ruff! Kross grins as he watches Ruff writhe. Ruff clutches his neck and crawls to ropes, but Kross gets him again, with another SAIDO! Kross looms over Ruff, then hauls him up, into a rear naked choke! The #KrossJacket! Ruff taps, Kross wins!

Winner: Karrion Kross, by submission

Kross doesn’t let go until Ruff is out cold! Scarlet slinks in beside her lethal lover. Is this the beginning of the end for the rest of NXT’s roster?


Backstage interview with Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher.

They heard Imperium’s challenge for the titles. Their response is that Riddle knew that winning the tag titles would put a target on their backs. But for Imperium to have they audacity to ruin the Newly-Bros Show, that’s unforgivable. And then to ask for a title match on top of it? Riddle is game, and Thatcher says that while the Bro knocks ’em out, he’ll tap ’em out. Sounds like we have a tag title match! When will Stallion Riddle and Stallion Thatcher ride into battle against Imperium’s soldiers?


NXT Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Io Shirai!

The Queen ended the Aussie Nightmare’s reign at WrestleMania and is back on the black ‘n’ gold! But an Evil Genius of the Sky is ready to bring Charlotte down into the darkness! Will Shirai dethrone Charlotte in their very first encounter? Or will Shirai be made to bow down like all the rest?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this instant classic finally begins!

Shirai and Charlotte circle and tie up. They go around, and Charlotte gets the headlock. Shirai throws body shots even as Charlotte grinds. Shirai powers out but Charlotte runs her over! Charlotte glares at Shirai and then runs, but she sees the drop down coming. Shirai avoids the stomp and taunts Charlotte. Charlotte boots but Shirai goes Matrix to avoid it! Charlotte grins as Shirai kips up and taunts her again. Things speed up, Charlotte avoids the handsprings but not the dropkick! Shirai kips up again but Charlotte uses the ropes as defense. Charlotte applauds the agility but brings things back to her pace as they circle. She kicks Shirai low then snapmares to a headscissor! Charlotte starts jamming Shirai into the mat and then squeezes tight! Shirai endures and claws at the thighs. Charlotte grabs a hand and pulls on the fingers! Then throws Shirai with the headscissors!

Charlotte shows off her kip up now and then brings Shirai up. Charlotte bounces Shirai off buckles then CHOPS! Shirai staggers but hits back. Charlotte clubs Shirai on the back then whips Shirai. Shirai sunset flips but Charlotte drops a forearm! Charlotte drags Shirai up and eggs her on, so Shirai fires off forearms! Shirai has Charlotte int he corner, and digs her heels in! Shirai lets up at 4 and swings, but into a boot! Charlotte runs and clotheslines Shirai down! Charlotte catches her breath while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Charlotte whips Shirai to a corner. Shirai slips out and enziguris back! Shirai springboards and missile dropkicks Charlotte across the ring! Charlotte ends up in a corner and Shirai runs in, only to get an elbow! Charlotte climbs up but Shirai hurries up to kick her! Shirai joins Charlotte up top, for the SUPER STEINER! Shirai roars and covers, TWO! Charlotte toughs it out but clutches her back. Shirai throws big uppercuts but Charlotte boots back! Charlotte backs off to a corner, but she baits Shirai into a backbreaker and buckle shot! Shirai is down and Charlotte grins again. Charlotte heads up top, and MOONSAULTS! But she flops! Shirai SHOTEIS Charlotte back! She runs to 619 Charlotte in the shoulder! Charlotte ends up in a corner again and Shirai runs in, for METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Shirai can’t believe it!

Shirai drags Charlotte to a drop zone then walks all over her to get to the corner. She hops up and ASAI MOONSAULTS onto knees! Charlotte BOOTS Shirai down! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte is a bit surprised but she shrugs and smiles through it. She drags Shirai up and reels her in. She lifts but Shirai fights off the bomb to huricanrana Charlotte into buckles! Charlotte flops out of the ring but Shirai heads up top. Shirai SUPER ASAIS!! But she misses!! And Charlotte uses a KENDO STICK ATTACK!

Winner: Io Shirai, by disqualification; Charlotte Flair retains the NXT Women’s Championship

The Mad Queen might be back! She drags Shirai to the apron and SLAMS the leg on the apron! And against the post! Shirai’s leg only just recovered, and Charlotte is wrapping it around the post! But here comes RHEA RIPLEY! Rhea pushes Charlotte down, then Electric Chairs Charlotte for an apron snake eyes!! Rhea puts Charlotte in the ring but Charlotte bails out to run away! The Mosh Pit Kid dares Charlotte to cross the line in the sand, but she refuses. Shirai is furious that Rhea came to her rescue, because Shirai prefers to stand alone. Rhea leaves Shirai behind but Shirai hobbles after. What does this mean for the NXT Women’s Championship scene now?


Backstage interview with Rhea.

She finally returns after WrestleMania because she is sick and tired of Charlotte and her “bow down” crap. So Charlotte won at Mania. That’s one night. Rhea wants to see Charlotte do it again. But Shirai reappears and again confronts Rhea. They start pushing each other and then start scrapping! Security and trainers hurry to break it up before it gets any wilder! Will this fight have to be settled before naming Charlotte’s next challenger?


Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, Group A: KUSHIDA VS Jake Atlas!

The Stamina Monster is strong in Group B, but the two undefeated Group A Cruiserweights now meet. Round two of the round robin wraps up with this, who joins Tozawa as the only unbeaten in this tournament?

The bell rings and Kushida circles with Atlas. Kushida goes for the leg but Atlas keeps his distance. Kushida leaps on and body scissors, for a hovering test of strength. But then Kushida quickly hops off and wrenches to a keylock. He spins Atlas all around but Atlas spins and flips out! Atlas whips, Kushida reverses and runs in. Kushida blocks the boots but Atlas goes up and around to arm-drag Kushida away, and runs him over with a shoulder! Atlas eggs Kushida on as things speed up. Kushida hurdles but Atlas leaps over and handstands, only for Kushida to Penalty Kick the arm out! Atlas scrambles out of the ring but Kushida is already up top! SUPER SWANTON! Kushida strikes Atlas down and puts him in the ring. He is after Atlas but Atlas throws body shots. Kushida kicks then whips to hip toss, cartwheel and basement dropkick!

Kushida powers up and SHOTEIS Atlas in the corner! Atlas flounders while checking his jaw. Kushida drags Atlas up but Atlas throws body shots. Atlas throws forearms and boots the Fast Ball away! He waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Then ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO! Kushida stays in this but Atlas isn’t out of ideas. Atlas drags Kushida up but Kushida fires off kicks. Atlas blocks one but Kushida SLAPS him! Kushida runs but Atlas manages to handspring and neckbreaker! But Kushida bails out, so Atlas builds speed. Kushida knows what’s coming and gets out of the way, but Atlas just somersaults and changes direction to DIVE! Direct hit into the railing! Atlas puts Kushida in, heads up top and springboards, into an ARMBAR!! Atlas taps immediately, Kushida wins!

Winner: Kushida, by submission (moves up to 2-0; Atlas drops to 1-1)

The Japanese Lightning Bolt strikes fast and takes the victory! He and Tozawa are both 2-0, are they fated to bring Japanese Strong Style to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

On-stage interview with Kushida.

Atlas put up a great fight but Kushida is still undefeated in the round robin. Kushida’s victory is to honor the great Cruiserweight Champions of the past. He vows to be the next one, “Time will tell.”


Finn Balor returns!

The Prince was attacked on the night he would’ve battled Velveteen Dream for the right to tonight’s NXT Championship! That timing is clearly suspicious, and now Balor vows to expose the culprit(s)! Balor steps to the podium to speak.

“I used to think that the biggest snakes in this place were in the office. But now I’m not so sure.” Balor says that Wrestling 101 is “Attack the guy, get the push.” The music, the lights, the smoke, the lasers, all of it. “But then the bell rings.” And now you’re in a match with The Prince, “and there is nowhere to hide.” Balor says he is a patient man. But to whoever attacked him, that push you’re hoping for won’t be a push at all. It’ll be a squash. Balor doesn’t know who did it? Then who was it that tried to take his spot in the spotlight?


NXT makes a big match for next week!

After Imperium issued the challenge, and after Riddle and Thatcher accepted it, we are getting an NXT Tag Team Championship match! Will Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner add to Imperium’s treasury? Or will they get knocked out and tapped out by the “Newly-Bros”?


Cameron Grimes VS Denzel Dejournette!

The Carolina Caveman returns to the ring! Will the technical savage cause another Cave-In tonight?

The bell rings and Grimes run at Dejournette! Dejournette avoids the double stomps to then OVERHEAD belly2belly Grimes away! Grimes staggers into another overhead! Dejournette rushes in, Grimes dodges him now, CAVE-IN! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Did you blink? Because you might’ve just missed the whole thing! Grimes has another fast victory but he’s not done here. He grabs a mic to say, “Times are changing around here. It’s Grime Time!” Just look at this! Grimes deserves better! He deserves more than what he has! Finn Balor was talking about being at the top means going after him? Well unfortunately someone beat Grimes to it. If Grimes went at Balor, Grimes would stare him right in his face, stare him dead in the eyes and slap the taste right out of Balor’s mouth! But Balor walks right into the ring and stares Grimes dead in the eye first. Balor dares Grimes to do what he just went on about, but Grimes tries to calm Balor down. No, if you’re gonna do something, do it!

Balor keeps Grimes facing him, and then trips him up for DOUBLE STOMPS! And a SLING BLADE! Grimes flounders away, and Balor says there is a snake in the grass. And he vows to not only find the snake, but to chop off its head.


NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Velveteen Dream!

Finally, the #UndisputedDream match for the top title in NXT is here! Will the Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader end the Experience once and for all? Or is it finally Dream’s time to shine in the brightest spotlight NXT has to offer?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this main event a long time in the making begins!

Dream and Cole circle and Dream uses his lanky limbs to keep Cole on the outside. They tie up, Dream pushes Cole to a corner but Cole turns it around. The ref counts and Cole lets up, to push Dream. Dream SLAPS Cole off his feet! Dream throws big forearms but Cole bails out. Dream chases after and clubs Cole down. Then he whips Cole into steel steps! Cole writhes and Dream refreshes the count. Dream drags Cole up and puts him in the ring but walks into a mule kick, and SUPERKICK! Cole brings the knee pad down, runs, but he runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Dream keeps the Last Shot from happening so soon, and he bumps Cole off buckles. Dream throws angry haymakers but the ref warns him. He backs off only to hoist and ROCK Cole up top. Dream then climbs up to join Cole, fireman’s carry, but Cole fights back! Cole holds on to keep from falling, but Dream hotshots him back!

Dream drags Cole up but Cole rakes eyes! Cole hops up and takes aim, for the PANAMA- No! SIDEWINDER! Cover, TWO!! The Dream-DT didn’t do it and Cole is rolling away while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Cole has Dream down in a chinlock. Dream fights his way up and throws big body shots to back Cole down. Dream throws haymaker after haymaker then climbs up to rain them down. The ref counts but Cole slips out to mule kick the legs out! Dream hits the mat but he flounders back to the corner. Cole says Dream is a fraud and a joke, but he walks into a boot! Dream clotheslines and rallies on Cole! He whips and back elbows hard! Dream throws hands in the corner but the ref backs him off. Cole gets out of the corner but Dream goes up and leaps to ax handle! Cover, TWO! Dream rolls to get Cole in the fireman’s carry. Cole clubs and elbows Dream, but Dream SUPERKICKS back! Cover, TWO! Dream keeps his cool as he heads for a corner. He climbs to the top, leaps, but Cole moves! Dream rolls, but runs into a BOOT! And a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!!

Dream survives but writhes among all the lost glitter and rhinestones of his tights. Cole drags Dream up to a fireman’s carry, but Dream elbows free. Dream throws uppercuts and runs, but Cole reels him in. Cole waistlocks, Dream standing switches but Cole breaks free to PELE! Cole brings Dream up, to USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Dream still lives! Cole tells Dream to just stay down, but Dream sits up. Dream ROCKS Cole with a right, but Cole comes back with one of his own. Dream boots from the mat but Cole haymakers. They brawl from the glitter covered mat, and then Cole puts Dream on the apron! Dream stands up but Cole DECKS him! Cole goes out but Dream ROCKS him back! Dream heads up top, leaps, but into a SUPERKICK! But Cole falls down and Dream flounders, to fall on the cover! TWO!! Cole survives but here come the Undisputed Era! Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish storm down the ramp, but Dexter Lumis slithers out from under the ring!? He scares Strong and Fish off and then they brawl!

The ref tells Lumis, Strong and Fish to leave, but Strong runs at Lumis! Lumis tosses Strong up at the ropes, and he collides with the ref!! The ref is down!! Fish CLOBBERS Lumis, just as Dream hits PURPLE RAIN MAKER!! Cover, but there’s no one to count! Dream would be champion twice over by now! Strong and Fish go after Lumis while Dream checks on the ref. Cole crawls to a corner while Dream aims at the Undisputed Era and LEAPS! Down they go! But Dream returns to get a SUPERKICK! And the LAST SHOT!! Cover, the ref slowly counts, but Adam Cole still wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

Cole’s longest reign survives thanks to his friends! The Undisputed Era holds on to the one title they still have, but have they truly ended Velveteen’s dream?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode, and perhaps with the most glitter and sparkles in NXT history. First, Gargano’s new music is good, but his match was Dijakovic was really good. At first I was wondering why Candice didn’t go out with him during the entrance, but it worked out for her to show up later as a distraction. Obviously Gargano wins, the mission of #TJGW taking over has only just begun. Gargano wants to be top champion, but I’m not sure that happens after the main event. Maybe Gargano VS Keith Lee could be a holdover? Charlotte VS Shirai was great, but the disqualification bummed me out a bit. But then Rhea showing up to get back in the mix was a good touch. I hope we get a Triple Threat, not Rhea VS Shirai to then determine Charlotte’s opponent. That way Charlotte can lose without actually losing, and that’d be the easiest way to either make Rhea a two-time champion or Shirai to get her first. I’m hoping Shirai gets her first, she’s waited quite a bit to even get this close.

The Cruiserweight matches were both great. I did not see Tozawa winning again, but mathematically, that does mean it comes down to his match with Fantasma. Either Tozawa is the undefeated 3-0 Group B winner, or Fantasma wins because they’ll both be 2-1 and Fantasma has the head-to-head victory. Kushida is definitely going in 3-0 after getting a good win off Atlas. Drake Maverick can surely put on the best match of his career even in losing to Kushida, but seeing Kushida go into the finals as 3-0 is probably the best thing for Group A. Either Kushida VS Fantasma or Kushida VS Tozawa are going to be great options for the final to me. Grimes’ fast win was a nice vehicle to him putting his foot in his mouth. Balor VS Grimes next week in a battle of double stomps will be really good, but after Balor’s promos revealing he doesn’t know who did it, I’m not sure if even NXT writers know. Maybe the attacker(s) appear during Balor’s match with Grimes.

Killer/Karrion Kross has a strong debut, but the strongest part was the entrance. That was some crazy stuff, and Scarlet lip syncing what may or may not be her singing it on the track was definitely different. Of course Kross wins, but the moment to wait for is Ciampa’s return. Imperium has a good promo, as do Riddle and Thatcher, and their match next week is going to be great stuff. I think Riddle and Thatcher should and will win this match, so that they’ll eventually bring Dunne back into this. Cole VS Dream was really good, but of course the Undisputed Era returns. Lumis’ part was amazing, though. I did not expect him to appear from under the ring. Cole retains because of all the distractions, as is classic Undisputed Era strategy. I suppose Cole will hit the one year mark at this rate now, but I hope fans get to return for that Undisputed Anniversary or whatever they’ll call it. Fans make Cole’s “BAYBAY” way more worth it, and then they’ll make the sabotage of the celebration even greater.

My Score: 9.2/10

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