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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/7/20)

Relive the Rise of Imperium!




Imperium takes over the show!

As the retrospective continues, NXT UK moves into the arrival of the Ring General and his rise to power! Watch the greatest moments in the WWE careers of Walter, Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner!


  • 1/30/19 – Walter VS Jack Starz; Walter wins.
  • 5/22/19 – WWE United Kingdom Championship: Walter VS Pete Dunne; Walter wins and retains the WWE UK Championship.
  • 6/12/19 – Six Man Tag: British Strong Style VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • 1/25/20 – Worlds Collide 8 Man Tag: The Undisputed Era VS Imperium; Imperium wins.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to NXT UK!

A few weeks ago, we began the retrospective of the biggest and best moments in this brand’s young history. Now, we take a look at the rise of one of the most dominant groups in the WWE today, IMPERIUM! We all know January 12, 2019, TakeOver: Blackpool I, was the day WALTER came to NXT UK. And it only took his stare down with Pete Dunne to start us down the path to his ascension. Walter left his mark on the brand in his very first match.

1/30/19 – Walter VS Jack Starz!

The Ring General finally gets some action in NXT UK, and it would seem Johnny Saint has found a lamb for the slaughter. Will Starz be able to stand after facing the almighty Austrian?

Fans sing along with Walter’s theme, the New World Symphony, and then chant his name at the bell. They also let Starz know, “Walter’s gonna kill~ you~!” Starz hits first and fast, but it does nothing to Walter. Starz chops Walter, but then Walter CHOPS Starz! Fans love that! Walter stalks Starz on the outside to then club him down hard! Walter gives Starz a back suplex on the apron! Starz writhes as fans sing again.

Walter puts Starz back in and dares Starz to put up a fight. Walter toys with Starz, who already has a red chest. Starz flails and staggers, but he does throw hands. His forearm is loud but Watler doesn’t flinch. Walter knees Starz hard, then whips him to ropes. Starz slides but gets caught and put in a corner. Starz elbows and dropkicks Walter, but Walter dropkicks Starz! Walter drags Starz up as fans fire up. Walter Bomb! Cover, Walter wins!

Winner: Walter, by pinfall

The Ring General has his first victory in NXT UK, and he made it look easy. It is on wonder Walter now reigns supreme!


Other NXT UK superstars speak on Walter’s arrival.

“From the moment he arrived in NXT UK, Walter seized the spotlight and took no prisoners.” Nina Samuels knew right then and there, there was a new leading man on the brand. Ashton Smith says Walter DESTROYED Starz! Starz got hit so hard, he could unlock Walter’s phone with the fingerprints left on his body. Jack Starz himself says those marks lasted for WEEKS. And he remembers thinking that night, “If that is what he can do on night one, imagine what he can do in the future.” Ashton knew that if anyone was taking the title from Dunne, it was going to be Walter.


5/22/19 – WWE United Kingdom Championship: Walter VS Pete Dunne!

In a rematch from TakeOver: New York, the Bruiserweight comes back for the title he held for roughly two years! But the first time around was rough as it was. How much rougher is the second? The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin the epic sequel!

Fans duel as Walter and Dunne stare down. Walter makes sure his fingers are okay before tying up with Dunne. They push each other around, and Walter puts Dunne in the corner. Walter backs off and they circle again. Dunne gets the arm and goes after those fingers anyway, then wrenches through. Dunne twists the wrist but Walter reverses and whips. Walter wrings Dunne but Dunne reaches up to headscissor. The two separate and fans applaud. Dunne and Walter go around again and tie up. They both go to the mat and Dunne stands on Walter’s left hand! Dunne goes after the right, then gets the left in a Fujiwara armbar. Dunne hammerlocks the arm, but Walter avoids the stomp! Walter wings but Dunne avoids the infamous chop!

Fans applaud again, both men clearly learned a lot from their first match. They circle again, and Walter eggs Dunne on. Dunne headlocks, but Walter pries free. Dunne kicks at Walter’s leg but Walter still gets through to a headlock and takeover. Fans still duel while Dunne works his way back up. Dunne powers out and things speed up. Dunne hurdles but Walter goes for a sleeper! But Dunne blocks and gives Walter a shoulder breaker. Dunne runs but Walter hurdles! Walter’s boot is caught, and into a dragon screw! Walter bails out and fans fire up. Dunne stalks Walter on the outside, but Walter CHOPS Dunne off his feet!

Walter makes sure his leg is okay before going back to Dunne. He brings Dunne around to CHOP again, but the ring count passes 5. Walter swings but Dunne ducks, the chop goes into a post! Dunne refreshes the count and goes after Walter’s hand! He slams it on the steel steps! Walter falls and Dunne brings him back up to Penalty Kick the arm! Dunne refreshes the count again, only to walk into Walter’s BOOT! Fans cheer again while Walter checks his hand. Walter drags Dunne up and throws big European Uppercuts. Now Walter refreshes the count to then shotgun dropkick Dunne into barriers! Walter drags Dunne back up and back to the steel steps! He sets Dunne on them to stand and bend him back! Fans boo this dirty play but Walter wants Dunne to pay.

Walter leaves Dunne and Dunne drags himself up. Walter BOOTS Dunne again! Dunne holds onto the ropes so Walter toys with him. Dunne drags himself back up and fans rally up. Walter comes over to club, but Dunne grabs the arm! And the fingers! Dunne bends them back, but Walter CHOPS Dunne again! But Dunne manages to get back in the ring instead of falling to the floor. Walter kicks Dunne while he’s down, and then kicks him back down. He dares Dunne to get up and fans rally. Dunne sits up but Walter turns him over to ram knees into the back. Cover, TWO! Walter keeps Dunne down with a half camel clutch. Walter pulls Dunne back while fans duel again. Dunne endures and works his way up. Walter knees low then again.

Walter toys with Dunne and Dunne gets angry. Dunne blasts Walter with a forearm! Glasgow cheers for Peter as he tries to whip. Walter reverses but Dunne goes up and over! Dunne enziguris Walter down! Dunne fires up like a wild man, and hops up for a dropkick to the knees! Walter staggers up, blocks the kick but not the jab! Dunne rolls Walter to a kneebar! Dunne grapevines as fans duel. Walter endures and works his way out to turn and club Dunne! Then he German Supelxes! But Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw Walter in the back! Dunne ties Walter up in an Octopus stretch! And he takes off the finger tape! Dunne has the pinkie and pulls! But Walter powers out, only for Dunne to hit a crucifix driver! Cover, TWO!!

Glasgow keeps cheering as both men stand, Dunne stomps the hands! And buzzsaws Walter again! Then pump handles, but Walter pries free to LARIAT! Walter runs, but into another big forearm! Only to come back for an exploder! Cover, TWO!! Walter keeps on Dunne with a Boston Crab! Dunne endures the back pain as fans rally back up. Walter turns Dunne back over but Dunne kicks him. Walter wants a single leg but Dunne kicks him down! Dunne Penalty Kicks and Danielson Stomps Walter out! Then he rolls Water to a hammerlock, and bends the other arm! From finger to elbow, even! Dunne has a unique leg nelson but Walter refuses to quit! Walter uses his long legs for a ropebreak! Dunne lets Walter go and fans duel again. Walter rolls to the apron, but Dunne pursues.

Dunne drags Walter up and brings the hand to a buckle. He tucks it into the buckle pad? And then stands on it! Walter screams but the ref counts, so Dunne lets up at 4. Walter CLUBS Dunne off the top rope, then climbs. Dunne SUPERKICKS the arm! Walter sits down on the top rope and shakes his hands out. Dunne climbs up and CHOPS Walter. Dunne stands up, for a hanging triangle! The ref counts but Walter clubs away! Walter lifts Dunne, but to a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Walter just gets free, and fans are loving this! Dunne and Walter slowly stir and sit up. Fans rally as Dunne stands, and Walter follows. Dunne kicks but Walter CHOPS! Walter shakes his hand and hobbles on one leg as he stalks Dunne. He drags Dunne up to throw forearms but Dunne kicks.

Walter CHOPS again, but Dunne holds ropes to deny the German Suplex. Dunne switches and German Suplexes Walter! But then runs into a big LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives again, and Walter grows frustrated. Walter climbs up as Glasgow says, “This is Awesome!” Walter reaches the top and leaps, into another BIG forearm! Dunne pump handles and lifts, BITTER END! To the triangle hold! Walter resists to a cover, ONE! Dunne has a mounted triangle! And he SNAPS the fingers! But Walter refuses to quit! Wait, is that Fabian Aichner? Aichner is pushing the bottom rope towards Walter’s foot! Walter gets the ropebreak but the ref still sees it was Aichner! Aichner and the ref argue, but that’s so Marcel Barthel can CLOBBER Dunne with the title belt! Walter doesn’t see that, so he doesn’t hesitate hitting the WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

This is the very moment Imperium was born! Barthel and Aichner became the Ring General’s soldiers, and the true dominance began!


Barthel and Aichner speak on forming Imperium.

As many may know, Barthel and Walter wrestled together for years, even before the WWE. The difference between Imperium and everyone else is that what Imperium says is real. Accept and respect their rules! Aichner and Barthel had always been in the same circles, wrestling in the same countries, but they never worked together until coming to the WWE. There was something special there, so it was only logical to become a team. Then the stars aligned with Walter signing with WWE and Alexander Wolfe coming to them. It was just a natural fit.


6/12/19 – Six Man Tag: British Strong Style VS Imperium!

The pillars of NXT UK stand firm against the rising forces! Witness the battle that changed the landscape of the brand forever!

The teams sort out fans cheer for British Strong Style as Pete Dunne starts against Fabian Aichner. The bell rings and Dunne goes right at Aichner with forearms! Dunne stomps Aichner in a corner but the ref backs him off. Aichner blasts Dunne with a clothesline! Aichner stomps away then rains down right hands. He lets up at the ref’s reprimand, but then comes back for more haymakers. Dunne gets up and kicks Aichner. Aichner headlocks but Dunne powers out. Things speed up and Dunne hurdles to drop to then clobber Aichner down! Dunne drags Aichner up to wrench, and tags in Bate! Bate and Dunne double wristlock and stomp Aichner’s arms! Bate keeps on Aichner but Aichner knees and clubs back.

Aichner tags Marcel Barthel in before whipping Bate. Bate dodges both of them to dropkick Barthel and Aichner down in turn. Bate kips up and checks his moustache, but Barthel throat chops Bate to a corner! Barthel stomps Bate in the corner but the ref reprimands him. Barthel backs off at 4, but comes back to cravat Bate to a snapmare. He scrapes Bate’s face then grinds his forearm in. The ref counts again but Barthel lets up at 4. Barthel drives elbows into Bate’s head, then drags him up for a whip. Bate reverses and arm-drags Barthel! Bate wrenches then tags in Seven! Seven fireman’s carries Barthel for the Wasteland Slam, then Bate uses Seven for the knee-board senton! Seven covers, TWO! Fans sing for Seven as he facelocks Barthel.

Barthel slips out to kick Seven down! Barthel brings Seven up for European Uppercuts! He has Seven in the corner and tags Walter in. Fans boo as Walter kicks Seven. Seven gets free of the Imperium corner and he circles with Walter. They tie up and Walter powers Seven to a corner. Walter lets go at 4, but Seven dodges the chop. Seven CHOPS Walter, but Walter doesn’t flinch! Walter shoves Seven to a corner, but he misses his chop again. Seven CHOPS away, then CHOPS Barthel away ash e runs over. Seven goes back to CHOP Walter, but sees Aichner coming. Aichner falls for the feint to get the DDT! Fans fire up with Seven, but Walter CHOPS Seven off his feet! Walter cranks Seven’s neck, then kicks him in the back. Seven still fights back but Walter knees Seven down.

Fans rally up but Walter drags Seven up. Walter scoops and slams Seven then covers, TWO! Fans sing for Seven more but Walter wrenches him to tag in Aichner. Seven fights but Aichner and Walter mug Seven. Fans jeer Aichner as he stomps away on Seven. The ref backs Aichner off and Seven CHOPS Aichner! Aichner still clubs Seven back then back suplexes Seven high and hard! Cover, TWO! Aichner keeps his cool as he drags Seven over. Walter tags in and he mugs Seven now. Seven kicks Walter in the leg then CHOPS him in the chest! Seven CHOPS more but Walter BOOTS Seven down! Walter hits Bate but Dunne gets clear. Walter goes back to Seven and rams shoulder into shoulder. He wrenches and rams Seven again, then eggs him on.

Seven CHOPS Walter over and over, but Walter grabs him by the throat. Seven breaks free to back hand SLAP Walter! He reels Walter in, but gets Walter’s urenage! Cover, TWO! Seven survives but Walter rams his knees into Seven over and over. Walter kicks Seven while he’s down then tags Barthel. Barthel drops a knee on Seven’s head, then kicks his arm against the ropes! Seven writhes while Barthel taunts him in German. Barthel grinds Seven’s head but backs off at the ref’s count. Seven crawls to a corner but Barthel fires off vicious fists and even headbutts. Barthel drags Seven up and over to tag in Aichner. Imperium mugs Seven more, but Seven fights back with hands and chops! Barthel shoves Seven, Aichner gives Seven a SPINEBUSTER, then Barthel adds a Penalty Kick!

Barthel blasts British Strong Style while Aichner covers, TWO! Seven still survives but Aichner puts him right in a chinlock and body scissors. Fans rally up and Seven endures the holds. Seven pushes back for a cover, ONE, and Aichner has to let Seven go. Seven gives Aichner a jawbreaker! Aichner staggers, but Barthel runs in. Seven throws Barthel out but Aichner has his foot! Seven enziguris Aichner away! Both men crawl, hot tags to Walter and Dunne! Fans are thunderous as the Bruiserweight gets to enziguri the Ring General, stomp his hands, and keep on kicking him! Walter is in a corner, Dunne gives him a running enziguri! Dunne hops up and missile dropkicks the legs out!

Fans fire up with Dunne as he whips, but Walter reverses. Walter gets clear of Dunne to CHOP him in the back! Walter wraps a sleeper hold on! But Dunne grabs the ropes! Barthel slaps the arms away, Walter German Suplexes! But Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne buzzsaws Walter in the head! Dunne waits for Walter to stand, dodges him and German Suplexes him on the rebound. But then he runs into a BOOT! Walter German Suplexes Dunne again and this time Dunne lands on the mat! Both men are down but fans rally up. Dunne and Walter crawl for their corners, hot tags to Bate and Aichner! Bate rallies with hands on Aichner! Aichner kick slow but runs into a huricanrana!

Bate runs corner to corner for a big EuroUpper! Then whips Aichner corner to corner, only for Aichner to reverse. Bate boots and knees Aichner away, then hops up for the flying uppercut! Barthel runs in but gets an exploder onto Aichner! Fans rally behind Bate as he lifts Aichner in the fireman’s carry. Time for the Big Strong Boy airplane spin! Barthel gets hit by Aichner before Bate dumps Aichner out. Then Bate grabs Barthel for the swing! But Walter saves Barthel, only to fall for Bop and BANG! Bate dares to try, but Aichner goes after Bate first. Bate fights all of Imperium off with EuroUppers, but gets a pop up into Barthel’s kick! Aichner hits a brain buster! Barthel covers, but Dunne and Seven break it!

Barthel throws Dunne out while Walter throws Seven. Walter stomps Dunne down while Barthel has Bate. Aichner tags in but Bate fights back. Bate boots but Barthel deflects that to ropes. Aichner gives Bate a draping backstabber! Barthel climbs to add double stomps! Aichner covers, TWO!! Bate survives and Glasgow loves it! Aichner is furious but he keeps focus on Bate. Tag to Barthel and they trash talk Bate in their respective languages. But Bate fires off with fast hands! Aichner kicks low and whips Bate, but Bate rebounds for DOUBLE LARIATS! Bate crawls but Walter intercepts, only to get the rolling kick! Hot tag to Seven!

Dunne tags in off Seven, Seven gives Barthel the Seven Stars Lariat! Seven DIVES onto Aichner while Dunne tags Bate. Dunne pump handles, Bitter End on Barthel! Bate climbs, for the corkscrew senton! Walter returns and barrels through Dunne to BOOT Bate! Dunne dropkicks Walter then slingshots out, only to miss. Walter runs at Dunne but Dunne sends him into steel steps! But then Walter back suplexes Dunne onto barriers! Wait, who is that coming down the ramp? He wears a hood and familiar mask… In the ring, Seven CHOPS Aichner. Aichner shoves Seven into the ref! Seven clotheslines Aichner and himself out of the ring! The mystery man enters the ring and targets Bate! It’s ALEXANDER WOLFE!! The German Ax Man POWERBOMBS Bate! Glasgow boos but Wolfe grins. Walter gets the ref in while Barthel covers, Imperium wins!!

Winners: Imperium, Marcel Barthel pinning

Imperium is victorious, and is now four man strong! Wolfe lost his SAnitY, but has gained absolute power alongside Walter, Barthel and Aichner!


1/25/20 – Worlds Collide 8 Man Tag: The Undisputed Era VS Imperium!

The two biggest factions in the NXT family do battle for ultimate supremacy! Adam Cole and the Yanks fired the first shot in Blackpool, but Houston shall forever be the site of a dominant force standing above all others!

The factions sort out and fans are cheering “U S A!” as we begin with Aichner and Kyle. Kyle and Aichner circle and tie up, and Aichner powers Kyle down. Kyle is back up but into a waistlock and slam! Aichner talks trash as he circles with Kyle again. They break, tie up again, and Kyle gets a takedown! Armbar to kneebar to heel hook! Aichner crawls to a ropebreak and Kyle lets go. Aichner gets a cheap shot in then EuroUppers. Kyle forearms back and also kicks. Aichner knees then CHOPS Kyle in a corner. Kyle turns things around to forearm but Aichner CHOPS again! Kyle fires off a flurry of forearms and fans fire up. Kyle whips, Aichner reverses but Kyle boots back. Kyle runs into a spinning powerslam! Tag to Barthel, and Imperium’s elite tag duo coordinate to flapjack EuroUpper! Cover, ONE but Barthel looms over Kyle.

Barthel talks trash then runs but Kyle ducks the Penalty Kick to throw kicks. Barthel blocks them then ducks to uppercut! Barthel runs but into a knee! Tag to Strong, and he gut busters for Kyle to knee drop on Barthel! Cover, TWO! Strong drags Barthel up but Barthel uppercuts him down! Barthel throat chops Strong into Imperium territory and Wolfe tags in. Wolfe snapmares Strong and Barthel hits a basement EuroUpper! Cover, ONE, but Wolfe clubs Strong down. Wolfe puts Strong in a corner and throws body shots. Wolfe throws EuroUppers of his own, then wrenches Strong. Strong forearms and CHOPS back, and tags in Fish. Fish and Strong double suplex Wolfe for the gourd buster! Then they add a kick CHOP combo! Fish covers Wolfe, TWO but barely! Wolfe might be in bad shape as the ref checks on him. The ref puts up an X and medics come over. Fans are bummed as the match has to pause.

Fish waits in his corner as Wolfe is helped away. This 8 Man now becomes 4v3 as Walter steps in for his fallen comrade. Cole tags in, and now we get NXT Champion going against NXT UK Champion! Walter and Cole tie up, and Walter just TOSSES Cole aside! Cole is shocked, but he comes back for more. Walter hip tosses Cole but Cole SLAPS Walter. “How about that?!” Walter puts Cole in a corner but Cole headlocks before that massive chop can come. Walter powers out but Cole kicks him back, then goes to superkick. Walter blocks that but Cole again avoids the chop. Fish runs in to take a forearm and Cole goes after Walter with clubbing forearms and stomps! Tag to Strong and Strong drags Walter up for clubbing forearms of his own.

Walter shoves, Strong forearms again, then runs. Walter HURDLES Strong to then BOOT him down! Walter glares at Cole before going to Strong. Strong is put in Imperium’s corner and Aichner tags in. Aichner stomps away on Strong and then reels him in for a back suplex! Aichner strike a pose but fans boo as he scuffs Strong. Strong throws a forearm but Aichner knees him down. Tag to Barthel and Imperium mugs Strong. Barthel bumps Strong off buckles and stomps a mudhole in! Barthel shouts “NEIN!” but Strong throws body shots. Barthel shoves Strong, Strong kicks back then throws more forearms. Barthel uppercuts, Strong boots and Cole tags in. Strong hops up but Barthel blocks the headscissor, but Cole kicks the legs out! Strong still gets bombed but Barthel is down for Cole to rain down rights!

Cole hammers away even as he adjusts his mount. Cole drags Barthel over to drop elbows and ax handles. Cole brings Barthel up and grinds him in as Fish tags in. Fish and Cole mug Barthel then Kyle tags in. Kyle throws forearms and shots of his own, and even kicks and knees. Tag to Strong and Strong CHOPS while Kyle kicks! CHOP, kick, repeat! The fans fire up but the ref has to keep Walter back. Strong toys with Barthel and mocks the Imperium pose. Tag to Fish and they both bring Barthel up for more knees. Fish snapmares Barthel, slingshots out and in for the senton! Fans duel as Fish tags Cole in. Cole brings Barthel up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cole clamps on with a chinlock and Barthel endures being ground down on the mat. Barthel fights his way up as Aichner coaches him from the corner.

Barthel gets up and throws body shots, only to get a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Cole keeps his eyes on Walter and drags Barthel to tag in Kyle. Kyle goes side to side for a sliding knee! Kyle brings Barthel up for a waistlock slam and then rams elbows and knees into the ribs. Kyle is just picking Barthel apart as he runs to ram another knee in. Fans cheer the dominance, but Kyle boots Walter! Walter is just angry but Kyle makes fun of “Walterstein.” But Kyle gets caught with a Russian Leg Sweep by Barthel! Both men are down now and fans rally up. Hot tag to Walter! And now Walter rallies on the Undisputed Era! He throws Fish out, BOOTS Cole, and Strong gets clear to check on Fish. Kyle realizes he messed up, but he still tries to throw hands with the Austrian Anomaly!

Walter blocks a kick to make it an Ankle Lock! And then a trapped-leg GERMAN! Kyle flounders up to clothesline, but then Walter just CLUBS Kyle down! Walter drags Kyle up but Kyle slips into a GUILLOTINE! Kyle can’t bring Walter down to the mat, and Walter powers out with a suplex! Kyle slips out to waistlock, Walter standing switches, but Strong gets in to help keep Kyle grounded! But Walter gives a tug and Strong just ends up part of the GERMAN SUPLEX! Two men for the price of one! Walter tags Aichner in, and Aichner tags Barthel in. Barthel brings Kyle up as Aichner climbs. Wheelbarrow, FLYING DDT! Then the cover, TWO!! Kyle survives that blitzkrieg but Barthel is back on him. Barthel whips and runs Kyle over with an elbow, covers, TWO! Barthel drags Kyle up while talking trash and then tags in Aichner.

Imperium mugs Kyle, underhook and butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO, but Aichner clamps on with a chinlock. Aichner grinds Kyle down but the Undisputed Era coach Kyle from the corner. Fans rally up and Kyle fights his way up. Kyle throws body shots but Aichner shoves to hit Kyle with the kitchen sink knee. Aichner toys with Kyle then tags in Walter. Imperium mugs Kyle more, and then Walter brings Kyle around to scoop and slam. Walter runs to LEAP onto Kyle! The seated senton all but squashed Kyle, and Kyle crawls into the Imperium corner. Walter clubs Kyle in the chest, but Kyle is gritting his teeth. Kyle is hulking up and throwing hands! Kyle slaps Walter, decks Aichner, but Walter CHOPS! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives the Walter Chop, and fans want more. But Aichner tags in to drag Kyle up for a back suplex.

Kyle slips out and boots back. Kyle sweeps Walter’s leg but Aichner boots Kyle down. Tag to Barthel and Kyle is set upside-down. Imperium meets in the corner, double dropkicks! But there was some mistiming, Barthel hit Aichner more than he did Kyle. Barthel gets Kyle by the foot but Kyle rolls through the Ankle Lock! Barthel hits buckles but Walter tags back in. Walter drags Kyle up but Kyle slips under to tag in Strong! Strong rallies on Imperium, dropkick for Aichner, CHOP for Walter! Dropkick for Barthel and another CHOP for Walter! But Walter CHOPS Strong! Strong stays standing so Walter CHOPS him again! Somehow Strong keeps throwing forearms and CHOPS on Walter! Walter grabs Strong but Strong just keeps throwing CHOPS! Then forearm for forearm for a LARIAT from Walter!

Fans are fired up again as Walter brings Strong up. Strong slips out, STRONG KNEE! Aichner tags in as Strong runs, PSYCHO KICK for Walter! Aichner runs in, Strong sees him coming and spins him around for a butterfly BOMB! Cover, TWO, into STRONG HOLD! Aichner endures as Strong sits deep! Aichner turns it around to kick free. Aichner CHOPS and kicks and EuroUppers Strong to DISCUS! Both men are down but Houston is fired up again. Strong and Aichner go to their corners, tag to Fish and Barthel. Fish rushes Imperium and just throws elbows all over. But Barthel shoves Fish, Aichner SPINE BUSTERS and Barthel PENALTY KICKS! Aichner feeds Fish to Barthel’s AIR RAID! Cover, TWO! Fish survives but Imperium regroups.

Barthel feeds Fish to Aichner, but Fish back drops out of the bomb! Fish BOOTS Barthel and EXPLODERS Aichner onto him! Fish tags in Cole and Houston explodes! Barthel falls for a 52 Fake Out and then Cole heads up top. Cole leaps, but Barthel gets clear of the Sunrise. Cole fireman’s carries but Barthel slips out. Barthel’s boot is caught but Barthel pries free and knees back! Barthel waistlocks but Cole PELES! Fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, but Walter stomps it apart! Strong, Kyle and Fish return to go after Walter! A 3v1 mugging in the corner! The ref backs them all off but the Undisputed Era drag Walter up to throw him out. They don’t stop there, they decide to clear off the announce desk! Fans fire up because they’re anticipating a table! Walter CHOPS away and throws big forearms!

Walter brings Strong around, but Kyle kicks a leg out! Strong is saved and then reDRagon mug Walter. But Walter just fights out again! CHOPS all around and Fish is put into a post. Walter clears off the other announce desk as fans chant his name. Walter puts Kyle on the desk then climbs up to join him. But Fish kicks Walter’s leg! Ax ‘n’ SMASH! OLYMPIC SLAM ONTO THE OTHER DESK!! Strong and Walter crash down and Houston loses its mind! Fans also chant “MAMMA MIA!” since Mauro Ranallo isn’t here. Back in the ring, Cole has Barthel. Suplex, but Barthel fights out. Barthel dodges and Cole gets buckles. Barthel runs to EuroUpper to butterfly suplex! Barthel is up top, flying EuroUpper! Kyle returns but misses Barthel to get an enziguri! And then Barthel tosses Kyle to Aichner’s BRAIN BUSTER! Strong returns, to get a SAIDO! SUPERKICK for Barthel! Aichner flies in, to a SUPERKICK!

Cole drags Barthel up, suplex, LAST SHOT 1.0! Cover, TWO!! That wasn’t the last one as Barthel survives. Cole tags in Strong and Strong drags Barthel up. Strong fireman’s carries for the gut buster drop, Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO!! Strong drags Barthel up, tags in Fish and Fish tags in Kyle. Strong lets reDRagon handle this but Aichner gets in to save Barthel! It’s a brawl and Aichner gets the pop-up double kicks! Barthel is on the apron and he baits Fish in. Barthel hits Kyle but Kyle dragon screws back! Cole distracts the ref so that Fish can sweep the legs! Kyle climbs up and leaps to drop knees on Barthel’s back! HEEL HOOK! Barthel endures, flails, reaches, but CHOPS Kyle! Kyle just cranks harder! Barthel manages to crawl his way over, to the ROPEBREAK! Aichner triangle MOONSAULTS onto Kyle!

Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this incredible international instant classic! Teams regroup on the outside and Aichner helps Barthel in. Fish and Strong go after Aichner and into a corner of the barriers. But Walter rises?! Barthel fights Kyle off with kicks but Cole tags in! Cole drags Barthel away, but Cole ducks the enziguri, and it hits Kyle! Barthel gets away to tag in Walter! Houston erupts as Walter CHOPS Cole! And CHOPS Kyle on the back! Fish runs in but gets a CHOP, too! Cole is back up to SUPERKICK and SUPERKICK! The knee pad comes down, Cole runs, into a CHOP!! Walter decks Kyle and clobbers Strong! Strong gets back up so Walter gives him a WALTER BOMB! Walter heads up top and fans remember seeing this before. WALTER SPLASH!

But Cole is right behind Walter, LAST SHOT 2.0!! Cover, but Barthel breaks it up!! Houston can’t believe what they’re seeing, but they know “This is Awesome!” The factions regroup, 4v3. And it fires off again! Cole spills out but Strong ROCKS Aichner! Barthel gets Kyle out of the way as Walter puts Fish in a sleeper hold! Barthel clobbers Strong and Kyle climbs onto Walter for a sleeper of his own! Fish pries free, TOTAL ANNIHILATION ON WALTER! Who is legal!? Barthel climbs the apron to leap onto Cole! Kyle throws hands on Barthel but is scooped for a slam! Strong lines up his shot to FLY out onto everyone! Fish and Walter are slowly sitting up as Aichner triangle LEAPS onto the rest! Fish goes to the corner to MOONSAULT but FLOPS! Walter SHOTGUN dropkicks, and then brings Fish up, WALTER BOMB!! Cover, IMPERIUM WINS!!

Winners: Imperium, Walter pinning

Even after losing Wolfe, NXT UK’s dominant force overcomes the odds! The mat is sacred, their brand stands tall, and that is undisputed. Is this a sign of how much bigger and stronger the NXT UK brand is becoming? Or is it a sign that the entire NXT franchise is going to take over the world of wrestling entertainment?


Walter speaks.

“I had some time to review the last couple of months. And as a result, I have to say, I’m proud.” Walter is proud of what Imperium as a group has achieved for this sport. And he promises us, this is just the start. Imperium has started regaining the honor of pro-wrestling. Walter is honored to have defended the NXT UK Championship against Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Joe Coffey, and Dave Mastiff. But what separates Imperium from all others is that they do this for the greater good. “Our drive is our passion. We are proud of this great sport.” Finn Balor is the next to step up to Walter. “Fantastic.”

Balor is one of the very best the sport has to offer today. The Prince dares the Ring General to step up to him, but Walter says Balor is the one on borrowed time. That time will end when they meet in the ring. Balor acts like he is bigger than pro-wrestling itself. But now and forever, the mat is sacred.

My Thoughts:

A really good episode to relive some incredible moments from this brand. The Six Man Tag with Wolfe’s NXT UK debut and the Worlds Collide 8 Man were just instant classics. I’m sure that if the world wasn’t on lockdown, Imperium would have the NXT UK Tag Team Championships by now. For now, Aichner & Barthel are competing for the prime NXT Tag Team Championships, but I can’t be sure they beat Matt Riddle & Timothy Thatcher next Wednesday. Though if Imperium did to make up for not having the UK titles, I would love to see Riddle join Dunne in the UK for a stretch. And Walter did a great job in his closing promo to plug Finn Balor back in. Balor is biding his time with the “snake” in NXT but I really do hope they keep Walter VS Balor in mind for whatever TakeOver we’re able to get once the world relaxes.

My Score: 8.4/10

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