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Tiffany’s Dynamite Take: The Road to Double or Nothing: Homestretch – May 20, 2020

Last week, AEW started on the road to Double or Nothing! So how’s this card shaping up?

Last week, AEW started on the road to Double or Nothing! So how’s this card shaping up?

AEW Championship

Well, Jon Moxley vs Brodie Lee became official a couple of weeks, with Lee sending his goons to attack Moxley after the fabulous match with Frankie Kazarian. After being derided personally and professionally, Mox accepted the challenge. Last week, Mox made a statement, literally and figuratively, by absolutely TRASHING some of the Dark Order goons, and making sure Brodie Lee understood that this wasn’t Dean Ambrose, goofy lunatic fringe, this was Jon Moxley, the Baddest Man in the Land, and disrespect would NOT be tolerated.

This week, Brodie Lee cam out and cut a promo on Mox. Still claiming to be AEW Champion, except for that little part where he didn’t BEAT Mox for it.

Mox’s response? Well, 10 learned the shitty part of being a henchman: Getting the trash knocked out of you by the people your cowardly boss is targeting. Oh, 10 got his licks in, but a pissed off Moxley isn’t someone you should be messing with. Mox drove that point home by Gotch Piledriving 10 before hitting the Paradigm Shift.

However, Mox wasn’t done. Deciding to make 10 an example, Mox gave Lee 10 seconds to return the belt, or he’d break the ‘Special Boy’s’ arm. Lee wasn’t inclined to do that, and left 10 to his fate. Mox destroyed 10’s arm anyway. Make better life choices, kid. Mox, for his part, was utterly unapologetic, stating that every devolves into violence and at the end of Double or Nothing, Lee will have nothing but a three piece suit and goons.

TNT Championship

A couple of weeks ago, the growing feud between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer got personal between their managers. Brandi Rhodes called out Jake Roberts on his habit of intimidation, vowing to fight back. Roberts responded by showing that he didn’t need to touch Brandi to get his point across, thanks to Britt Baker and Penelope Ford, and Brandi found herself on the receiving end of Roberts’ intimidating little friend. Last week, Cody responded by driving his VERY nice truck into the building and getting into a brawl with Archer.

This week, the coaches, Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson, faced off. If you’ve ever watched any kind of ring segment involving tables, you know how this went. Roberts and Anderson just about threw down, but were stopped by the refs. I was a little disappointed, but given the health of both men, it was probably best that things didn’t get physical. Saturday will probably be VERY different.

Women’s Championship

Nyla Rose made no secret of her contempt for the rest of the Women’s Division , and though none of the other women were impressed with Rose’s comments, no one was willing to step up just yet. Last week, the top four contenders tore the house down in a wild melee that ended with Hikaru Shida as the #1 Contender. Rose responded by not only stealing Shida’s trademark Kendo Stick, but by beating Shida with it.

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Not to be outdone, Britt Baker, who had missed a chance to stop the final pinfall because she was busy educating Kris Statlander on why even aliens need to visit the dentist, leading to a one on one match at Double or Nothing.

This week, Shida and Statlander took on Baker and Rose in a tag match, which was SOOO good! Rose got the win, but Shida was the last woman standing after a superplex through a table. Look out on Saturday.

Tag Team Championship

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the division hardest hit by the shutdown was the tag team division due to the Tag Team Champions not being able to defend the titles. Last week, Kenny Omega teamed up with Matt Hardy/Damascus took on Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in a wild street fight that ended with Omega being pinned.

Hoping to lock the tag title shot for themselves, and the Inner Circle, Santana and Ortiz took on Omega and Hardy last week. However, Omega and Hardy were able to withstand the assault and win. However, Chris Jericho laid down a challenge to the Elite: Meet them in a Stampede Match, whatever that is, at Double or Nothing. To make the point that he was serious, Jericho then proceed to destroy Vanguard 1, Matt Hardy’s drone, much to Matt’s distress.

We got some clarification on the Stadium Stampede match. It’s going to be a TEN MAN tag match: Inner Circle vs Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Matt Hardy, and the Young Bucks. The ring will be on the 50 Yard Line in the STADIUM and it is Falls Count Anywhere.

Sammy Guevara tried to get some measure of revenge on Matt Hardy for the attempted vehicular homicide that happened during the Street Fight a couple of weeks ago.  However, Hardy was able to pull out the win, and that was when all hell broke loose. Hardy went to attack Guevara with a chair, only to be interrupted by the Inner Circle about to finish off Kenny Omega. However, the rest of the Elite rode to the rescue! The Young Bucks and Page are back! Of course, the issues between Page and the Bucks aren’t settled, but there’s at least a truce until the issues with Inner Circle are settled.

Private Party will take on the Best Friends during the Buy In on Saturday in a #1 Contender’s Match for the AEW Tag Titles.

Lower Card

It was announced on Wednesday that AEW would be putting on their first MitB style match at Double or Nothing with the winner getting a title match. As of Wednesday, May 13, our list of entrants were: Darby Allin, Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy,Rey Fenix, Scorpio Sky, Kip Sabian, Frankie Kazarian, and Luchasaurus. Our final entrant will not be revealed until Double or Nothing.

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Orange Cassidy and Rey Fenix…happened. Fenix got the win thanks to an assist from Kip Sabian, in an ATROCIOUS outfit. If you’ve watched anything WWE with ladders, you know that almost everyone involved came out to brawl.

MJF ramped up his growing feud with Jungle Boy, by attacking Jurassic Boy last week. This week, Marko Stunt took on MJF. MJF basically took his time beating Stunt, though I think Stunt should’ve gotten the win just for the fuck of it. However, his crowing was interrupted by the rest of Jurassic Express.

Pac is back, at least in vignette form. The demented elf cut a promo on Orange Cassidy about how Rey Fenix was going to kick his ass. There was also a mask involved. I’m GUESSING, Pac might be the mystery entrant in the ladder match.

It seems Shawn Spears hasn’t forgotten his issues with the Rhodes family, but has decided to try for lower hanging fruit, namely, Dustin Rhodes and a match has been set for Double or Nothing between the two of them.


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